SAP T-Codes

SAP T-Codes Index by W


Index of SAP T-Codes Objects


W10E - SAP Retail: Goods Receipt
W10F - Store retailing
W10M - SAP Retail
W10T - SAP Retail main menu replcng S000


W3CUSX - Customizing Parameters for MiniApps
W3DEVMINI - Device Assignment for MiniApps
W3DEVTRAN - Device Assignment for Transactions
W3WEBAPP - MiniApp Maintenance
W3_SEARCH - Search in Internet Server Objects


W4E5 - Maintain No. Ranges 5-Fig. Wt EANs
W4EM - Maintain No. Ranges for Weight EANs
W4EN - Maintain Number Ranges for EANs
W4EO - SAN Maintenance
W4EQ - Maintain EAN Prefixes
W4ES - Maintain Number Range Categories W4E...


WA/1 - Create Mess. Cond. Tbl, Alloc Notif.
WA/2 - Ch. Mess. Cond. Tbl, Alloc. Notif.
WA/3 - Displ. Mess. Cond. Tbl, Alloc Notif.
WA/4 - Maint. Access Seq. (Mess.) Alloc Tbl
WA/6 - Maintain Mess. Schema, Alloc Tbl
WA/7 - Assign Doc. Type/Schema, Alloc Tbl WA/...

WA00 - Allocation Main Menu
WA01 - Create Allocation Table
WA02 - Change Allocation Table
WA03 - Display Allocation Table
WA04 - Alloc Tbl Processing: Plant Reply
WA05 - Alloc Tbl FDG: Generate POs WA0...

WA10 - Generation for PO and OAPAC
WA11 - Message Bundling, Allocation Table
WA12 - Create Reminders/Accept Plnd Qties
WA14 - Reply, Plant
WA15A - Mess.Deter., Alloc Tbl: Creat.Cond.R
WA15B - Mess.Deter.,Alloc Tbl: Chng Cond.Rec WA1...

WA21 - Create Allocation Rule
WA22 - Change Allocation Rule
WA23 - Display Allocation Rule
WA30 - Allocation Tables for Objects
WA31 - Allocation Table List
WA35 - Allocation Instruction
WA40 - Adjust Alloc Tbl After Entering GR
WA50 - Generate Allocation Rule
WA51 - Reassign Gen. Alloc Rules/Plant
WA52 - Alloc Rule Lists
WA53 - Create Selection Variants
WA54 - Generate Alloc Rule / Test RIS-L
WA56 - Generate Allocation Rule (SAP BW) WA5...

WA60 - Create Selection Variant for PO
WA61 - Create Sel. Var. for Del. Generation
WAA01 - WA Create (Auth-Apprvd Waste Genrtr)
WAA02 - WA Change (Auth-Apprvd Waste Genrtr)
WAA03 - WA Display (Auth-Apprvd Waste Gnrtr)
WAA04 - WA Extend (Auth.-Appr. Waste Gener.)
WAA10 - WA Create (Auth-Apprvd Waste Dispsr)
WAA11 - WA Change (Auth-Apprvd Waste Dispsr) WAA...

WABCM1 - Reconstruction of Credit Mgmt Data
WAB_CANCEL - Cancel Agency Documents
WAB_CANCEL_DISP - Dispatcher: Mass Cancellation
WAB_CLOSE - Complete Agency Documents
WAB_PRICING - Mass Pricing for Agency Documents
WAB_RELEASE - Release Agency Documents WAB...

WACB01 - Define Document Types
WACBA - Archive Posting Lists
WACBL - Restore Posting Lists
WACBLR - Delete Posting Lists from Archive
WACCIA - Archive Customer Settlements
WACCIR - Delete Archived Customer Settlements WAC...

WADC - Number Range Maintenance: EWA_DISWAY
WADI - Number Range Maintenance: EWA_WAA130
WAE01 - Create Entry Document
WAE02 - Change Entry Document
WAE03 - Display Entry Document
WAE10 - Easy Entry
WAEA - Number Range Maintenance: EWA_ENTNAM
WAFS - Send Merchandise Category to AFS
WAGE - Number Range Maintenance: EWA_WAA100
WAHD1 - Load Alternative Historical Data
WAHD2 - Change Alternative Historical Data
WAHD3 - Display Alternative Historical Data
WAHD4 - Delete Alternative Historical Data
WAHDC - AHD/PDF Customizing
WAK0 - Promotion management
WAK1 - Create promotion
WAK10 - Send reply f. promo. for each plant
WAK11 - Display promotion for each plant
WAK12 - Maintain promotion items
WAK13 - Promotion Change Documents WAK...

WAM01 - Create Disposal Documents
WAM02 - Edit Disposal Documents
WAM03 - Display Disposal Documents
WAM04 - Find Disposal Documents
WAM05 - Disposal Documents List Display
WAMC - Number Range Maintenance: EWA_MNANOC WAM...

WANP - Number Range Maintenance: W_PARTNER
WAO_QA32WP - QA32 -Call from Workplace/MiniApp
WAO_QM10WP - QM10 - Call from Workplace/MiniApp
WAO_QM13WP - QM13 - Call from Workplace/MiniApp
WAO_QPQA32 - QM iView Selection Variant Insp.Lot
WAO_QPQM10 - QM iView Selection Variant Notificat
WAO_QPQM13 - QM iView Selection Variant Task WAO...

WAP1 - Edit Appointments Worklist
WAP2 - Change Appointments
WAP3 - Display Appointments
WAP4 - Appointments: Overview
WAP5 - Appointment, Departure
WAP6 - Change Appointment(Indiv. Maintnce) WAP...

WAR - Worklist for Manual Corrections
WAREP001 - Update Report for Quantity Update
WAREPL - Material Replacement
WASM100 - WA: Create Generator
WASM101 - WA: Change Generator
WASM102 - WA: Display Generator
WASM109 - WA: Extend Generator
WASS100 - WA Control: Applications
WASS101 - WA Control: Field Groups WAS...

WATR - Number Range Maintenance: EWA_WAA160
WATREE - Call Master Data


WB/0 - Assignment partner / mess. promotion
WB/1 - Sub. cond.,cr. tab, promo announ.
WB/2 - Sub.cond.,change tbl, promo ann.
WB/3 - Sub. cond., disp. tab, promo ann.
WB/4 - Maintain sequence (mes.) promotion
WB/5 - Maintain message types,promotion WB/...

WB00 - Subsequent settlement
WB01 - Create plant
WB02 - Change plant
WB03 - Display plant
WB06 - Archiving flag, plant
WB07 - Change plant/customer assignment WB0...

WB20 - Global Trade
WB21 - Trading contract: Create
WB21_CS - Trading contract: Create Settlement
WB22 - Trading contract: Change
WB23 - Trading contract: Display
WB24 - Trading contract: Coll. status proc. WB2...

WB30 - Mass maintenance MG to plant
WB31 - Trading Contract: Fincl Documents
WB35 - Layout overview
WB40 - List analysis for classes
WB50 - Plant group, create alloc tbl
WB51 - Plant group, change alloc tbl
WB52 - Plant group, display alloc table
WB53 - Plant group, delete alloc tbl
WB54 - PG Maintain allocTbl, plant to class
WB55 - PG AllocTbl, maintain class to class WB5...

WB60 - Plant group, create promotions
WB61 - Plant group, change promotions
WB62 - Plant group, display promotions
WB63 - Plant group, delete promotions
WB64 - PG Promotion, maint. plants to class
WB65 - PG Promotion, maint. class to class WB6...

WB70 - Create assortment class
WB71 - Change assortment class
WB72 - Display assortment class
WB73 - Delete assortment class
WB74 - Maintain assortments to classes
WB75 - Maintain classes to classes WB7...

WB80 - Create plant group Other
WB81 - Change plant group Other
WB82 - Display plant group Other
WB83 - Delete plant group Other
WB84 - PG Other, maint. plant to classes
WB85 - PG Other, maint. class to classes WB8...

WBB0 - Assortment list applicatiom menu
WBBA - Assortment List: Analyze Dates
WBBR - Reorganize Assort. List Versions
WBBS - Display Assortment List Versions
WBBS_ALV - Display Assort. List Versions
WBBV_HPR - Assortment List: Version Management WBB...

WBF1 - IS-R: Stock Overview, Empties
WBF2 - Display GI/GR Diff. for Stck Trans.
WBG1 - Maintenance
WBGT_SLG2_INDEX - Delete Log Global Trade Management
WBL1 - Create posting list manually
WBL2 - Change posting list
WBL3 - Display posting list
WBL4 - Release blocked posting lists
WBLFDETSIM - VBD Determination Simulation
WBLMC - Mass Change to Posting Lists WBL...

WBOLI - Condition Overview
WBRP - Repricing of Trading Contract
WBRP_DIS - Dispatcher: Re-pricing of Trad.Cont.
WBRR - Mass Release of Trading Contracts
WBRR_DIS - Dispatcher: Mass Release of TradCont
WBST - SAP Retail: Inventory Management
WBSXPD - Progress Tracking:WBS
WBTE - Export plant data (file transfer)
WBTI - Import plants (file transfer)
WBUDG01 - Activate Budget Type
WBUDG02 - Transport Budget Type
WBUDG03 - Reorganize Budget Type
WBVK - Subsequent settlement
WBWF - Trading Contract: Workflw Workbench
WB_NEW_WINDOW - Workbench: Opens new window


WC01 - Edit Characteristic
WC02 - Number Range for SP Calculation
WC03 - Number range, allocation rule
WC04 - Number ranges, Promotions
WC05 - Number ranges, allocation table
WC06 - Number Ranges Status Tracking WC0...

WC10 - Batch Worklist for Pricing
WC11 - Batch Changes, Assortments
WC12 - Batch Settlement for Arrangements
WC13 - Batch List Output for Arrangements
WC14 - Batch Vendor Bus. Volume for Arrngmt
WC15 - Batch Detailed Stmnt for Arrangement WC1...

WC20 - Batch Stat. Recom. on Individ. Lev.
WC21 - Batch Reorg Data in LIS
WC22 - Batch List Rtl Changes for Material
WC23 - Batch IV, Immediate Cyclic Check
WC24 - Batch POS Outbound
WC25 - Batch Assortment List/Shelf-Edge Lab WC2...

WC30 - Batch, Promotion Message Bundling
WC31 - Batch Preparation of Adv. Tax Return
WC32 - Batch POS Outb. Ini
WC33 - Assortment List: Initial. & FullVers
WC34 - Batch repeat terminated upload
WC35 - Batch repeat incorrect upload WC3...

WC40 - Number range markdown planning
WC41 - Batch worklist for doc. index
WC50 - Matchcodes for Assortments
WC60 - Number ranges, layout
WC61 - Number Ranges for Replenishment Run
WC62 - Market-Basket Pr. Calc. Numbr Ranges
WC63 - Number Range for SP Calculation
WC64 - Catalog code number ranges
WCA1 - Output control by customer
WCAA - WCM: Archiving: WCM_WAPI
WCAE - WCM: Archiving: WCM_WAP
WCAY - WCM: Archiving: WCM_WCD
WCBDELWORKLIST - Delete Billing Worklist
WCBDISPLOG - Display Log Subsequent Billing
WCBINDEX - Subsequent Billing
WCB_SLG2_CC - Delete Condition Contract Log
WCB_SLG2_INDEX - Delete Subsequent Billing Log
WCB_SPPFP - Selection/Processing of Actions WCB...

WCC - Technical SAP Customizing
WCC1 - Maintain Conflict Rules
WCC2 - Assistant for Model Selection
WCC3 - Generate Basic Settings
WCC4 - WCM: No. Range Maintenance: WCNWAP
WCC5 - WCM: No. Range Maintenance: WCNWAPI WCC...

WCFA - WCM: WCA (Field Selection)
WCFC_CDS_MAINT - Central Data Source Maintenance
WCFC_MSG_FLD_MAPPING - Define Message Field mappings
WCFE - WCM: WAP (Field Selection)
WCFI - WCM: Application (Field Selection)
WCFV - WCM: Lineup (Field Selection) WCF...

WCHAIN1 - Create Transportation Chain
WCHAIN2 - Change Transportation Chain
WCHAIN3 - Display Transportation Chain
WCI1 - WCM: Check - WCCO
WCI2 - WCM: Check - WCCOR
WCI3 - WCM: Check - WCCO <-> WCCOR
WCI4 - WCM: Check - WCCA
WCL1 - WCM: Change WCD Template
WCL2 - WCM: Display WCD Template
WCL3 - WCM: Change Operational WCD
WCL4 - WCM: Display Operational WCD
WCL5 - WCM: Change WC Applications
WCL6 - WCM: Display WC Applications WCL...

WCM - Work Clearance Management
WCM1 - Define CM area of responsibility
WCM2 - Display worksheet for CM
WCM3 - Display CM area of responsibility
WCM4 - Delete CM area of responsibility?
WCMA - RIS: OTB - Selection WCM...

WCOC - Contract Monitoring
WCOCO - Process Condition Contract
WCOCOAGBU - Chargeback Overview
WCOCOALL - Condition Contracts
WCOCO_ACTION - Perform Business Transaction for CCs
WCOCO_PO_ADJUST - Autom. Doc. Adjustm. Purchase Orders WCO...

WCPC - Customizing Internet product catalog
WCR1 - WCM: Create WCD Template for WCD
WCR2 - WCM: Create WCD Template for WAPI
WCR3 - WCM: Create Op. WCD for WAPI
WCR4 - WCM: Create Op. WCD for WCD
WCR5 - WCM: Create WCA for Order
WCR6 - WCM: Create WCA for WAP WCR...

WCSO - SAP Retail Store: Consumer Order
WCSOC - Change Order
WCSOD - Deliver Sales Order
WCSOS - SAP Retail Store: Cons. Order Status
WCSO_ENTRY - SAP Retail Store Sales Order
WCT1 - WCM: Create WCD Template
WCT2 - WCM: Change WCD Template
WCT3 - WCM: Display WCD Template
WCT6 - WCM: Create Operational WCD
WCT7 - WCM: Change Operational WCD
WCT8 - WCM: Display Operational WCD WCT...

WCU1 - Maintain customer
WCU2 - SAP Retail Store: Customer Mainten.
WCUM - Maintain customer
WCUSPOWL - Complaints Workbench for Customers
WCV1 - WCM: Create Operational Lineup
WCV2 - WCM: Change Operational Lineup
WCV3 - WCM: Display Operational Lineup
WCV4 - WCM: Create Lineup Template
WCV5 - WCM: Change Lineup Template
WCV6 - WCM: Display Lineup Template WCV...

WCW1 - WCM: 'DLFL' Status Conversion
WCWB01 - Process Complaints for Agency Docs
WCWB02 - Process Complaints
WCWB03 - Complaints for Agency Documents
WCWB04 - List Complaints Data
WCWB05 - Display Complaint WCW...


WDBI - Assort. List: Full Vers. and Init.
WDBI_ALV - Assort. List: Full Vers. and Init.
WDBI_HPR - Full Version and Initial: HPR
WDBI_HPR_ALV - Full Version and Initial: HPR
WDBM - Assortment List: Manual Request
WDBM_ALV - Assort. List.: Manual Request WDB...

WDFR - Create Perishables Planning
WDFR2 - Change Perishables Planning
WDFR3 - Display Perishables Planning
WDH1 - Maintain plant hierarchy (SD)
WDH2 - Display customer hierarchy (SD)
WDIS - Materials Planning for SAP Retail
WDKQ_ACTION_REG - WDKQ InfoSet POWL type action maint.
WDKQ_DEREGISTER - Deregister InfoSet Query @ POWL
WDKQ_MAIN - Maintain Reporting POWL
WDKQ_REGISTER - Register InfoSet Query @ POWL
WDKQ_SELCRIT - Maintain selection critieria
WDKR - Create customers from vendors WDK...

WDLS - Delete Error Messages
WDL_COPY - IDoc Copy Management
WDL_COPY_FILL - IDoc Copy Management Customizing
WDRD1 - Determine Delivery Relationship
WDRD2 - Change Delivery Relationship
WDRD3 - Display Delivery Relationship
WDRD4 - Delete Delivery Relationship
WDR_ACF_GEN_CERT - Generate Certificate for Whitelist
WDR_ACF_WLIST - Administration of ACF Security List WDR...

WDSD_WB - DSD Master Data Workbench
WDSR - Reorg of download status tracking
WDSR2 - Mass Reorganization
WDTS - Delete Status Information
WDYID - Display Web Dynpro Application
WD_TRACE_TOOL - Web Dynpro Trace Tool


WE02 - Display IDoc
WE05 - IDoc Lists
WE06 - Active IDoc monitoring
WE07 - IDoc statistics
WE08 - Status File Interface
WE09 - Search for IDocs by Content WE0...

WE10 - Search for IDocs by Content
WE11 - Delete IDocs
WE12 - Test Modified Inbound File
WE14 - Test Outbound Processing
WE15 - Test Outbound Processing from MC
WE16 - Test Inbound File WE1...

WE20 - Partner Profiles
WE20BGRFC - Settings for Inb. Proc. Using bgRFC
WE21 - Port definition
WE23 - Verification of IDoc processing
WE24 - DefaultValuesForOutboundParameters
WE27 - DefaultValues for Inbound Parameters WE2...

WE30 - IDoc Type Development
WE31 - Development IDoc Segment
WE32 - Development IDoc View
WE34 - Object for Display of XML IDocs
WE35 - Mapping of IDoc Types
WE36 - Mapping of Segments WE3...

WE40 - IDoc Administration
WE41 - Process codes, outbound
WE42 - Process codes, inbound
WE43 - Funct.module: Status record display
WE44 - Partner Types and Checks
WE45 - Forward (inbound) (V3, EDILOGADR) WE4...

WE50 - System process codes: Texts
WE51 - System process codes: Change texts
WE54 - FMs for changing file names
WE55 - Function Module for Path Names
WE56 - IDoc Administration
WE57 - Assignment Messages for Appl. Objs WE5...

WE60 - Documentation for IDoc types
WE61 - Documentation for IDoc record types
WE62 - Documentation for segments
WE63 - Documentation
WE64 - Documentation message types
WE70 - Conversion: Basic types
WE71 - Conversion: Extensions
WE72 - Conversion: IDoc types
WE73 - Conversion: Logical messages
WE81 - Logical message types
WE82 - Assign Messages for IDoc Type
WE84 - Assignment of IDoc and appl. fields
WE85 - Create Rule Names
WE85_EOIO - Rule Name Creation IDOC EOIO
WE85_INBOUND - Rule Name Creation for Inbound Proc. WE8...

WEADM - ALE Debugging Control
WEBGUI - Start Browser with WebGUI
WEBU - Printing Labels via Assortment List
WEB_EVALS_CREATED - Created Evaluations
WEB_EVALS_RECEIVED - Received Evaluations
WEB_EVALS_TODOLIST - Evaluations to Be Edited
WEB_EVAL_CREATE - Create Evaluation WEB...

WECO - System Process Codes
WECP - Status CPIC Interface
WECRYPTDISPLAY - Fields for Encrypted Display
WEDI - EDI Basis
WEINBQUEUE - IDoc Inbound Queue
WEKF - Purchase order SAP Retail
WEL0 - Forward (inbound) (EDILOGADR)
WEL1 - EDI: Interface Invoice for EDILOGADR
WELI - Maintain Status Groups
WENA - Messages on Basis of Changes
WENOLINKS - Deactivate Link
WEOUTQUEUE - IDoc Outbound Queue
WEQDEL - Delete Inbound IDoc Queue
WER_RULE_CONFIG - Rule Configuration Application
WER_RULE_PROC_TEST - Test program for processing rules
WESF - Filter Definition
WESIMG - IMG Retail Enterprise Services
WESLOG - Analyze Application Log
WESLOGDEL - Delete Application Log
WESO - Special Request for Labels
WESOUT - Generate Outbound Messages WES...

WETI - IS-R Labeling
WEV1 - Create planned retail markup
WEV2 - Change planned retail markup
WEV3 - Display planned retail markup
WEV5 - Create pl.retail markup (price list)
WEV6 - Change pl.retail markup (price list)
WEV7 - Disp. pl. retail markup (price list) WEV...

WEWU - EMU conversions in retail


WF00 - Workflow: Choose Processes
WF01 - Workflow: Process
WF02 - Workflow: Rule Editor
WF03 - Workflow: Display Process
WF04 - Workflow: Process in Background
WF05 - Workflow: Queue WF0...

WF10 - Collective Purchase Order
WF10A - Collective PO Without Tabstrips
WF20 - Change Distribution
WF30 - Merchandise Distribution: Monitor
WF40 - Delete Distribution
WF50 - Adjust Distribution
WF50A - Adjust Distribution
WF51 - Modify Distribution (in Background)
WF60 - Create Outbound Deliveries
WF61 - Create Outbound Deliveries (Bkgd)
WF70 - Create Distribution Orders
WF80 - Merchandise Distribution Log
WF80_DEL - Display Delivery Generation Logs
WF90 - Delete Merch. Distrib. Applic. Log
WF90_DEL - Delete Delivery Generation Logs
WFA12 - Maintain WFM locks
WFA_BREAKRULESET - Configuration for Break Rule Set
WFA_CALC_BATCHES - Define Calculation Batches
WFA_CTI_MAP - Define CTI Queue and Indicators
WFA_DBRK - Set Daybreaker
WFA_FORECASTING_TOOL - Forecasting Tool WFA...

WFCS01 - Run Sales Forecast
WFCS02 - Delete Sales Forecast
WFCS03 - Display Data for Sales Forecast
WFCS04 - Sales Forecast: Consumption from MRP
WFCSL01 - Sales Forecast: Display Logs
WFCSL02 - Delete Sales Forecast Logs WFC...

WFDHR_RANGE - Number range maintenance: HRWFD
WFD_HCM_DOC_NR - Number range maintenance: WFD_HCM_NR
WFIL - Store Order for SAP Retail
WFL1 - Document flow, vendor billing docs
WFL2 - Document flow, posting lists
WFL3 - Document Flow, Remuneration Lists
WFL4 - Document flow, settlement requests
WFL5 - Document Flow, Request Lists
WFMCVSTART - WFMC: Call View and View Cluster
WFM_BREAKRULESET - configuration for break rule set
WFM_DBRK - Set Daybreaker
WFM_ERMS_CONFIG - WFM Erms Import Configuration
WFM_SIS - WFM Scheduling Dummy
WFM_WKRL_DEF - WFM: Define Work Rules WFM...

WFRE - Distribution of Returns
WFWS - Maintain WebFlow Services (WSDL)
WF_CNT_MAINTENANCE - Diagnosis + Comparison of Container
WF_CPL - WebFlow Service Task Linkages
WF_EXTSRV - Maintain WebFlow Services
WF_HANDCUST - Customizing for Service Handler
WF_NEW_MAN - Customizing for WS01200136
WF_START - Start Workflow WF_...


WG21 - Create material groups
WG22 - Change material groups
WG23 - Delete material groups
WG24 - Display material groups
WG26 - Create assignments
WG27 - Change assignment WG2...

WGCL - Classification system, Retail
WGDS_CONFIRM - Send confirmation
WGDS_CONFIRM_MANAGER - Confirmation manager
WGDS_CONF_MSG_MNGR - Sending Trade Item Errors and Status
WGDS_PROCESS_CUST - Defines application/event to execute
WGDS_PROC_ITEMS_MASS - Mass Process Trade Items in Parallel
WGDS_STORAGE_CUST - GDS storage customizing WGD...

WGRC1 - Vendor Assignment
WGRC2 - Resources
WGRC3 - Occupation Plan
WGRC4 - Postprocessing Monitor
WGRC5 - Inactive Vendors
WGRC6 - Delete WGR...

WGSE - Sending material group hierarchy
WGUS - Where-used list MG hierarchy


WI00 - Physical Inventory for SAP Retail
WIND_CUS - IMG Document Index Update
WIZ_DEFINE - Define a Wizard
WIZ_DEFINE_SHOW - Define a Wizard - Display
WIZ_MODUL - Wizard Module
WIZ_MODUL_SHOW - Wizard Module - Display
WI_EXECUTE - Execute Work Item
WI_EXECUTE_EWT - Execute Work Item (EWT)
WI_EXE_STARTER - Start Work Item Execution


WJB3 - Test: Import Assortment List IDoc
WJB5 - Display Assortment List


WK00 - Subsequent settlement
WKA01 - Change paym. block and paym. method
WKA02 - Document flow of purchase orders
WKA03 - Check Expiry Dates of Certificates
WKK1 - Create Market-Basket Price Calc.
WKK2 - Change Market-Basket Price Calc.
WKK3 - Display Market-Basket Price Calc.
WKK4 - MB Price Calc. Price Activation
WKON - Conditions/Arrangements SAP Retail
WKUN - Customer
WKX1 - Execute Object Method (SWOOBJID)


WL00 - Vendor Master
WLA1 - Read Remuneration Lists from Archive
WLA2 - Read posting lists from the archive
WLA3 - Read settlm req. lists from archive
WLA4 - Read settlement req. from archive
WLA5 - Archived Remuneration List Items
WLA6 - Archived payment document items WLA...

WLB1 - Investment Buying Reqrmnt Determntn
WLB13 - Automatic Load Building
WLB2 - Investment buying analysis
WLB3 - Autom. opt. PO-based load building
WLB4 - Results List for Load Building
WLB5 - Manual Load Building WLB...

WLCH - Communicating Layout Changes
WLCM - Delete LayoutListConds. for Assort.
WLCN - Delete Listing Conditions from LM
WLCPAR - External Parallel Processing
WLCPARC - Settings f. Ext. Parallel Processing
WLF1 - Create vendor billing document
WLF1D - Create Expenses Settlement
WLF1K - Create Customer Settlements
WLF1KO - Create Customer Settlements
WLF1KO_DISP - Dispatcher: Create Customer Settleme
WLF1K_DISP - Dispatcher: Create Customer Settleme WLF...

WLI1 - List Output Single Documents
WLI2 - List Output Agency Documents
WLI3 - List Output List Documents
WLI4 - List of Listing Documents for Items
WLI5 - Agency Business Document Monitor
WLM - Worklist Monitor
WLMCO_OM_OPA - Worklist Monitor for CO-OM
WLMCO_PC_OBJ - Worklist Monitor for COC
WLMCO_PC_OBJ_COSTOBJ - WL Monitor - Cost Objects
WLMCO_PC_OBJ_MTO - WL Monitor for Sales Order Item
WLMCO_PC_OBJ_PRODORD - WL Monitor - Mfg Orders & PCC WLM...

WLN1 - Messages from vendor billing docs
WLN10 - Messages Customer Settlement
WLN11 - Messages Expenses Settlement
WLN12 - Mess. Remun. List Customer Settlmnt
WLN13 - Message Remuneration List Cost Settl
WLN14 - Message Output Agency Documents WLN...

WLOR - Reorganization of Layout Objects
WLP1 - Profit simulation single requests
WLP2 - Profit Simulation Request Lists
WLR1 - Create Remuneration List
WLR2 - Change Remuneration List
WLR3 - Display Remuneration List
WLRA - Rel. payment docs for Remuner. lists
WLRB - Rel. Invoices for Remuneration Lists
WLRMC - Mass Change to Remuneration Lists WLR...

WLS1 - Go to vendor billing docs archive
WLS2 - Go to posting list archive
WLS3 - Go to Remuneration List Archive
WLS4 - Go to settlement request archive
WLS5 - Go to settlem. request list archive
WLS6 - Goto AS for Customer Settlement WLS...

WLWB - Layout Workbench
WLWBN - Layout Workbench


WM00 - Material
WMATGRP01 - Create Article Hierarchy
WMATGRP02 - Change Article Hierarchy
WMATGRP03 - Display Article Hierarchy
WMATGRP04 - Delete Article Hierarchy
WMATGRP05 - Activate Article Hierarchy
WMATGRP06 - Copy Article Hierarchy WMA...

WMB1 - Create Competitor Price Entry
WMB2 - Change Competitor Price Entry
WMB3 - Display Competitor Price Entry
WMB4 - Create Competitor Price Entry w/ Ref
WMBE - Stock Overview: Value-only Material
WMF0 - Season management menu
WMF1 - Create Markdown Plan
WMF2 - Change Markdown Plan
WMF3 - Display Markdown Plan
WMF4 - Delete Markdown Plan
WMF5 - Price Activation Markdown Plan WMF...

WMN1 - Aggregation and Sorting Sequence
WMN2 - Maintain usage (sort, summarization)
WMN5 - Maintain, Assign User Groups
WMN9 - Subsequent Settlement Control
WMNB - Create Worklist (Subseq. Settlement)
WMNE - Process Worklist WMN...

WMPA - Markdown Profile Assignment
WMPA_REORG - Reorganize Profile Assignments
WMR1 - Create Markdown Rule
WMR2 - Change Markdown Rule
WMR3 - Display Markdown Rule
WMR4 - Delete Markdown Rule
WMSBA - Material Where-Used List


WOB0 - Store
WOB1 - Plant profiles
WOC1 - Screen layout Plant profile
WOC2 - Screen struc. Pl.fnc
WOC3 - Call view blocking reasons
WOC4 - Call view Copy rule
WOC5 - Call view Define copy rule
WOC6 - Transact-dep. screen selection Plant WOC...

WOF0 - Store
WOG2 - Maintain groups
WOG3 - Plant groups
WOL1 - Call view layout
WOL2 - Maintain Layout Module
WOL5 - View sales area
WOL6 - Maintain area shares
WOL7 - Layout Module Maintenance
WOM_CALL_MB5T - Prepare the parameters to call MB5T
WON1 - General Settings for Replenishment
WOO1 - Layout Number Ranges for ALE Inbound
WOOS - Order view
WOPD - Assortment List: Display Log
WOPS - Partner Schema Assignment, Vendor
WORKINGAREA - Administrtation using work areas
WORO1 - Call Shelf Management Profile View
WOS1 - Call view layout display
WOS2 - Display Layout Modules
WOS5 - View sales area display
WOS6 - Display area shares
WOS7 - Display Layout Modules
WOSCR01 - Cash Balancing - Account Grouping WOS...

WOTB1 - WB: OTB Procurement
WOTB2 - OTB Monitor
WOTB3 - OTB Transfer
WOTB4 - OTB: Reorganize Budgets
WOTB6 - OTB Procurement: Special Release


WP00 - Sales and Operations Planning
WP3R - Follow-Up Processes for Portal Roles
WPC1 - Prepare product catalog IDocs
WPC2 - Prepare item IDocs
WPC3 - Prepare catalog change IDocs
WPC4 - Prepare item change IDocs
WPC5 - Convert product catalog
WPCA - Carry out settlement run WPC...

WPDC - SRS - PDC Processing
WPDTC - Planned Delivery Time Calculation
WPED - Sales Audit Editor
WPER - POS interface monitor
WPER2 - POS: Analysis/Auxiliary Reports
WPER_ALV - POS Interface Monitor
WPHF - Analysis report
WPIA - Repeat upload POS IDOCs
WPIE - Inbound modified IDocs
WPLG - Space Management
WPLGN - Space Management
WPMA - POS Download: Manual Request
WPMI - POS download: initialization
WPMIND - Settings Retail Event RFC Inbound
WPMLOG - Log Inbound Services Retail Event
WPMLOG1 - Log Retail Event Replication Request
WPMLOG2 - Log Retail Event Offer Activation WPM...

WPO1 - Close Back Orders
WPOHF1 - WB: PO Manager
WPOHF2C - Create Order List Item
WPOHF2D - Display Order List Item
WPOHF2DS - Display Order List Item
WPOHF2X - Change Order List Item WPO...

WPPERS_CALL - Edit User Settings
WPPERS_TEST - Test User Settings
WPRI - PRICAT on the Internet
WPRI6 - Templ.for Non-R/3 Fields at CatItem
WPRI7 - Templ. for Non-R/3 Fields at QtyItem
WPS1 - Revision Planning
WPS2 - Create Order as Report
WPSRL1 - Realloc.: Maintain Conversion rules
WPSRL2 - Realloc.: Display Conversion rules
WPST - Start Downloads
WPSTLH1 - Task List Hierarchy: Create WPS...

WPUF - Simulation inb. proc. FI/CO document
WPUK - POS simulation
WPUS - Simulation: Inbound Processing
WPUW - Goods movements simulation
WP_N203 - IS-H*MED: Report Start N203
WP_NA30N - Report Start NA30N
WP_NA40 - Report Start NA40
WP_NG09 - Work Station: Display Ins.Providers
WP_NK01 - Report Start NK01
WP_NK06 - Report Start NK06 WP_...


WQ00 - Value and Quota Scales Appl. Menu
WQ01 - Create Value Scale
WQ02 - Change Value Scale
WQ03 - Display Value Scale
WQ04 - Delete Value Scale
WQ05 - Reconcile with Characteristic WQ0...

WQ11 - Create Quota Scale
WQ12 - Change Quota Scale
WQ13 - Display Quota Scale
WQ14 - Delete quota scale
WQ15 - Matching quota scl f. plant/mat. cl.
WQ21 - Automatically Generate Quota Scales


WR30 - Replenishment: Generate wghtng prof.
WR31 - Replen: Create frcst wghtng profiles
WR60 - Replenishment: Parameter Overview
WR94 - Replenishment: Change planning
WR95 - Replenishment: Create planning
WRA1 - Delete Reclassification Version
WRA2 - Display Reclassification Version
WRA3 - Change Reclassification Version
WRA4 - Create Reclassification Version
WRAV - Update Reclassification Version
WRBDL - Detailed Stock List
WRBDL2 - Detailed Stock List
WRC1 - Delete MG reclassification
WRC2 - Display MG reclassification
WRC3 - Change MG reclassification
WRC4 - Create MG reclassification
WRCK - Store Replenishment: Check Program
WRCR - Retail Reclassification WRC...

WRDL - Replenishment run reorganization
WREGION - Regions
WRFAPC01 - Operational APC: Create
WRFAPC02 - Operational APC: Change
WRFAPC03 - Operational APC: Display
WRFAPC11 - Release Planned Materials
WRFAPC12 - Release Purchasing List Items
WRFAPC14 - Delete Purchasing Lists WRF...

WRL1 - Create payment list document
WRL2 - Create payment list request
WRL3 - Display payment list request
WRL4 - Mass release of settlem. req. lists
WRLI - Issue Inbnd IDoc List StlmntRqstList
WRLK - Correct. Workbench for StlmntRqstLst WRL...

WRMA_1 - Revaluation Run RMA
WRMA_C1 - RMA settings valid for the client
WRMA_CHECK - Check RMA configuration (ERP)
WRMA_DIAG_R3 - Diagnosis Support On/Off
WRMA_M1 - RMA: Maintenance of plant parameter WRM...

WRN1 - Number range maintenance: WFWFACTORS
WROUTE - Maintain Move Times
WRP0 - Replenishment
WRP1 - Replenishment: Procurement
WRPFMM - Replenishment: Forecast (MM-IM)
WRPFSOP - Replenishment: Forecast (Replen.-IM)
WRSO - Store Replen.: Follow-On Doc. Gener.
WRSR - Store Replen.: Requirem. Calculation
WRST - Transfer Master Data for Matl Maint.
WRSTA - Materials Listing
WR_MEK2 - calls transaction wrapper for mek2
WR_MEK3 - calls transaction wrapper for mek3
WR_VK12 - calls transaction wrapper for vk12
WR_VK13 - calls transaction wrapper for vk13


WS-1 - Call: price band cat. maintenance
WS-2 - Price point groups
WS00 - Assortment
WS01000045 - Employment and Salary Verification
WS01000060 - Leave of Absence Request
WS01000090 - W-2 Reprint
WS01000109 - Cancel Leave Request
WS01000109M - Dummy for Authorization for Canc. WF WS0...

WS11 - Send assortment modules
WS12 - Send listing conditions
WS12400005 - Cancel Leave Request
WS12400005M - Dummy for Authorization for Canc. WF
WS13 - Send assortments
WS20000081 - Leave Request
WS20000081M - Approve Leave Request
WSAD - Space Management: No of Error Logs
WSADMIN - Web Service Administration
WSAF001 - SAF Configuration Maintenance
WSAF002 - DSX File Maintenance
WSAF003 - Calender Effects Maintenance
WSAF004 - Promo. Cat. Maintenance for Predict. WSA...

WSC1 - Customizing season codes
WSC2 - Customizing annual season
WSC3 - Customizing markdown types
WSC4 - Maintain data variants
WSCLASS - Web Service Classification
WSCLASS_MAP_FIELDS - fields maping for import classficat. WSC...

WSDOCU_SERVER - Maintain documentation server for ER
WSD_CBP - Close-By Plants Application
WSD_KEYWORD - Keyword maintenance
WSD_KW_NRANGE - Number range maintenance: WSD_KW
WSD_REFMAT - Definition reference materials
WSE1 - Group-Wide Discontinuation
WSE2 - Vendor/material discontinuation
WSE3 - Material Discontinuation (Dist. Ch.)
WSE4 - Material/Plant Discontinuation
WSE5 - Error log, discontinuation
WSE6 - Mat. Discontinuation for Assortment WSE...

WSFP_LOG_ALL_IN - Inbound Processing, All Logs
WSFP_LOG_CHG_OUT - Change Messages Log
WSFP_LOG_INIT_OUT - Initial Data Transfer
WSFP_LOG_INTERNAL - For Internal Use Only
WSFP_LOG_MAN_OUT - Manual Selection WSF...

WSGM - SAP Retail Store: Full Menu
WSGM_GM_HI - Mobile Goods Movement
WSGM_GR_HI_WO - Mobile Goods Receipt Without Ref
WSGM_GR_HI_WR - Mobile Goods Receipt With Reference
WSHOPMIGR - Migration: Store to Shop
WSHT - SAP Retail Store: Time Recording
WSICF_PREFIX - Path Prefix in ICF for WSDs
WSIDPADMIN - Idempotent Service Administration
WSII_ENTRY - SAP Retail Store II: Entry
WSIL_HI - Mobile Inventory Lookup
WSIN - Initialize Selection Variant
WSINTCHECK - Get/Check WS Configurations WSI...

WSK1 - Assortments IS-R, copy store astmts
WSK2 - Delete store assortments IS-R
WSK3 - Assortment copy, batch input
WSK4 - Delete Batch Input Assortment
WSL0 - Consistency check for reference mat.
WSL1 - Assortments, selection lists
WSL10 - Materials in Assortment
WSL11 - WSL11
WSL2 - Check listing rules
WSL3 - Material listed in plant before? WSL...

WSM3 - Recompil. of Listing acc. Material
WSM4 - Relist after ch. plant/ mat. grp mas
WSM4A - Relist After Changes to Assortments
WSM4B - Relist After Changes to Plants
WSM4L - Automatic Relisting of Layout Data
WSM6 - Delete Individual Listing, Material WSM...

WSN1 - Number range main.: WSORT
WSN2 - Number range maintenance: WSORTIMENT
WSO1 - IS-R Listing Create Module
WSO2 - Assortments IS-R, maintain module
WSO3 - Assortments IS-R, display module
WSO4 - Assortments IS-R, delete module
WSO5 - Astmts IS-R, maint. module-> store
WSO7 - IS-R Astmts, Display module-> store WSO...

WSP3 - Delete individual listing
WSP4 - Create indiv. listing, mat. - plant
WSP5 - Change ind. listing, mat. - plant
WSP6 - Delete ind. listing, mat. - plant
WSP7 - Mat. grp mat. listing in plant
WSPARAM - Enterprise Registry Parameters(New) WSP...

WSR1 - Archiving worklist for assortments
WSR2 - Deletion assortment and listing
WSR3 - Reset assortment and listing
WSR4 - Archiving Assortments
WSRESTRICT - Restrictions of services publication
WSRS_HI_MENU - Mobile Menu WSR...

WSS1 - General settings for Assortments
WSSPROFILE - Edit Web Services Security Profile
WSSS - Set Stock Situation
WSSW - SAP Retail Store: Display Plant
WSTA - SAP Retail Store: Orders
WSTASKCHECK - Get/Check WS Configurations
WSTA_R_DLV_DISP - Store Workbench: Display Store Order
WSTA_R_PDC_DATA - MRP Data - Outbound
WSTA_R_PDC_STRUCT - Structural Data - Outbound
WSTE - SAP Retail Store: Goods Receipt WST...

WSUBST_CONTAB - Edit Substitution Assignments
WSUBST_SWITCH_REORG - Reorganization of Switchover Info
WSUBST_WORKLIST - Edit Substitution Worklist
WSUP - Space Management Using Plan Data
WSUP1 - No. of Duplicate Listing Conditions
WSUP2 - WSOF Migration Tool WSU...

WSV1 - SD listing/exclusion per order type
WSV2 - Create value contract module
WSVD_ENTRY - SRS Vendor Master: Entry
WSVD_SAPGUI - Maintenance Auth. for Local Vendors
WSVD_VNDR_WLIST - Worklist for Local Vendors


WTAD - Additionals
WTAD_ADDI_AL - Analysis of Procedure for Additional
WTAD_APPL_LOG - Application Log for Additionals
WTAD_ARCHR - Read Archived Additionals
WTAD_FMCU_CHANGE - Proc. for Add./Customer Maintenance
WTAD_FMCU_DISP - Display Proc. for Additionals/Cust. WTA...

WTCA - Change Analysis for Additionals
WTEW - Trading Execution Workbench
WTEW_CATT - Trading Execution Workbench for CATT
WTMG - Conversion of Withholding Tax Data
WTNR - w/tax certificate number range
WTOG - define output group
WTR1 - Request for Additionals IDoc
WTR2 - Request Additionals IDoc for Promo
WTRA1 - Maintain Runtime Customizing Table
WTRA2 - Runtime Measurement: Delete Logs
WTRA3 - Runtime Measurement: Display Logs
WTY - Warranty Claim
WTYAP - Action profile maintenance
WTYAUT - Authorization
WTYCL - Create Credit Memo Lists
WTYDBSHOW - Warranty Claim: Table Display
WTYMP - Mass Change Warranty Claim WTY...


WUFWUF - Customizing Transformation Workbench
WUI - Start the WebClient UI
WUI_DBG - Start the WebClient UI (Debug mode)
WUI_SSO - Start the WebClient UI
WUI_SSO_DBG - Start WebClient UI (SSO & Dbg Mode)
WUSL - Where-Used List
WUSLTABL - Table Display


WV31 - Create PhysDocs (Unrstrctd-Use Stck)
WVA1 - Create planned mark-up
WVA2 - Change planned mark-up
WVA3 - Display planned mark-up
WVA5 - Create planned markup (price list)
WVA6 - Change planned markup (price list)
WVA7 - Display planned markup (price list) WVA...

WVB0 - Recompile doc. index (pricing docs)
WVEB - Valuation SAP Retail
WVER - Shipping for SAP Retail
WVFB - Inbound store order processing
WVFD - Process phys. inventory doc. further
WVFI - Simulation: Store Physical Inventory
WVKF - Sales Order (extended copy)
WVM0 - Replenishment
WVM1 - Execute customer replenishment
WVM2 - Transfer stock/sales figures
WVM3 - Display material data transferred
WVM4 - Display PROACT data received
WVM6 - Customer replen.: Parameter overview WVM...

WVN0 - Generate pricing worklist
WVN1 - Pricing worklist for material
WVN2 - Pricing worklist for organization
WVTU - Sales Support for SAP Retail


WW10 - IAC product catalog
WW20 - IAC Online Store
WW30 - SD part for IAC MM-SD link
WW31 - IAC Product Catalog for EBP
WWCD - Product catalog:Display change docs.
WWFL - Agency Business:Workflow Workbench
WWG1 - Main Material Group Hierarchy Menu
WWG2 - Main Material Group Menu
WWM1 - Create product catalog
WWM2 - Change product catalog
WWM3 - Display product catalog
WWM4 - Copy product catalog
WWM5 - Delete product catalog
WWMI - Product catalog area menu WWM...

WWN1 - Create cond.table Subs.Sett-SettlRun
WWN2 - Chng Cond Table. Subs.Settl-SettlRun
WWN3 - Displ.Cond.Table Subs.Settl.-SettRun
WWN4 - Mssg Access Seq. Subs.Sett. SettlRun
WWN6 - Message Schema (Sub.Settl. -SettRun)
WWN9 - Mssg Procc.Progr. Subs.Settl.SettRun WWN...

WWP1 - Online Planning in the Planning WB
WWP2 - Settings for Planning Workbench
WWP3 - Order Cancelation in Planning WB
WWP4 - Load Building in Replenishment WB
WWR1 - Create cond. tab. messages Agen.Bus.
WWR2 - Change messages Agency Bus
WWR3 - Display messages AgencyBus
WWR4 - Message access sequence Agency Busi.
WWR5 - Message types, Agency Business
WWR6 - Message schema (Agency Business) WWR...

WWS1 - Create CondTab. Subseq.Settlement
WWS2 - Change CondTab. Subseq. Settlement
WWS3 - Display CondTab Subseq. Settlement
WWS4 - Mssg AccessSeq. Subseq. Settlement
WWS6 - Message Schema (Subseq. Settlement)
WWS9 - Message Proc. Progr.Subseq.Settlemnt WWS...

WWT1 - Message Cond.Tab. Create Trading
WWT2 - Message Cond.Tab. Change Trading
WWT3 - Message Cond. Tab. Display Trading
WWT5 - Trading Contract Message Types
WWTA - Messages Trading: Create CondRecord
WWTB - Messages Trading: Change CondRecords WWT...

WWVT - Merchandise Distribution
WWY1 - Web Transaction Tutorial 1
WWY2 - Web Transaction Tutorial 2
WWY3 - Web Transaction Tutorial 3
WWY4 - Web Transaction Tutorial 4
WWY5 - Web Transaction Tutorial 5
WWY6 - Web Transaction Tutorial 6 WWY...


WXP0 - Retail Planning
WXP01 - Retail Planning Current Settings
WXP02 - Create/Change Manual Planning
WXP03 - Display Manual Planning
WXP04 - Create Retail Planning Layout (Lib)
WXP05 - Change Retail Planning Layout (Lib) WXP...


WYC1 - Price Marking Agreement
WYL2 - Generate vert. model master + addr.
WYN1 - Create Message: Warranty
WYN2 - Change Message: Warranty
WYN3 - Display Message: Warranty
WYP1 - Create Condition
WYP2 - Change Condition
WYP3 - Display Condition
WYRL - Vendor for returns


WZFT01 - FT: Wizard - Declara. to Auth. (MM)
WZFT02 - FT: Wizard - Declara. to Auth. (SD)
WZFT03 - FT Wizard: Data Service - Upload
WZFT04 - FT: Data Service Wizard - Distribute
WZR0 - Vendor Billing
WZR1 - Create settlement request
WZR2 - Change settlement request
WZR3 - Display settlement request
WZR4 - Cancel settlement request
WZR5 - Reopen Payment Document WZR...


W_FRM_CUST_MAT - Display Material Settings
W_FRM_CUST_PLANT - Display Plant Settings
W_GROUP_MAINTAIN - Maintain Vendor-Group Assignment
W_INBOUND_GROUPS - Maintain Groups
W_PARA - Maintain Variants f. Paral. Process.
W_PRICAT_ART_BACKGR - Automatic Copy
W_PRICAT_ASSIGN_001 - Assignment ILN Vendor Pur. Group
W_PRICAT_ASSIGN_002 - Assignment ILN Mat.Gr. SAP Mat. Gr.
W_PRICAT_ASSIGN_003 - Assignment SAP Mat. Gr. - Purch.Gr.
W_PRICAT_ASSIGN_004 - Vendor/ Material Group Processor W_P...

W_SLS_PROFILES_MAINT - SLS - Maintain Profiles
W_SYNC - Select, Process Price Catalog

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