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/ACCGO/04000022 -
/ACCGO/04000025 -
/ACCGO/04000026 -
/ACCGO/04000027 -
/ACCGO/04000028 -
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AACCOBJ - Display Active Acct Assgnmt Elements
AAEP1 - Procedure for Single Records: AA
AAEP2 - Procedure for Final Results: AA
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B1B2 - Create Magnetic Media files
BA01 - Table T005BU
BA10 - Subsystem Configuration
BA11 - Config. Transceiver / Upload Files
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C000 - Overhead Cost Controlling
C201 - Create Master Recipe
C202 - Change Master Recipe
C203 - Display Master Recipe
C210 - Delete Costing Ind. for Operations
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D45RL_OI_5 - Event Handling; on_close_event
D620AW_BOOD - Demonstration: 00 Transactions
D620AW_BOOS - Sample Solution: 00 Transactions
D620AW_ENMD - Demonstr.: Screen Enhncmt w.BusAd-In
D620AW_ENMS00 - Exercise: Screen Ehncmt w.Bus.Add-In
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E1DY - Create/Rep. Dynamic Schedule Records
E25M - Extend Budget Billing Plan
E25T - Select BillOrder/Uninvoiced BillDocs
E2DY - Change/Display Dyn. Schedule Records
E2EIE_CC_TC_MNT_IMG - Transaction for Maintaining IMG
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F-01 - Enter Sample Document
F-02 - Enter G/L Account Posting
F-03 - Clear G/L Account
F-04 - Post with Clearing
F-05 - Post Foreign Currency Valuation
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GA11 - Create FI-SL Actual Assessment
GA11N - Create FI-SL Actual Assessment
GA12 - Change FI-SL Actual Assessment
GA12N - Change FI-SL Actual Assessment
GA13 - Display FI-SL actual assessment
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HAP_TAB_CONF - Start Tab and Process Configuration
HB01 - Create Business entity
HB02 - Change Business entity
HB03 - Display Business entity
...All SAP T-Codes starting with H

I009 - Location/AccAsst No. Range (ILOA)
I18N - Internationalization
IA00 -
IA01 - Create Equipment Task List
IA02 - Change Equipment Task List
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J&00 - IS-M: Views/Clusters for Cond.Tech
J&S0 - IS-M: Create Output
J&S1 - IS-M: Create Output w/Reference
J&S2 - IS-M: Change Output
J&S3 - IS-M: Display Output
...All SAP T-Codes starting with J

KA01 - Create Cost Element
KA02 - Change Cost Element
KA02CORE - Maintain Cost Elements
KA03 - Display Cost Element
KA03CORE - Display Cost Elements
...All SAP T-Codes starting with K

LAS1 - Sequencing in Background Job
LAS2 - Change Sequence Schedule
LAS3 - Display Sequence Schedule
LAS4 - Change Sequence Sched. Interactively
...All SAP T-Codes starting with L

M-01 - Create Vendor
M-02 - Create goods vendor
M-03 - Create payment recipient
M-04 - Create invoicing party
M-05 - Create carrier
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N10B - IS-H*MED: Maintain work station org.
N10C - IS-H*MED: Maint. asnmt WrkCntr-TMkr
N10D - IS-H*MED: Maint. plan.object classes
N10E - IS-H*MED: Maint. svc-based resources
N10F - IS-H*MED: Displ. svc-based resources
...All SAP T-Codes starting with N

O000 - C RM-MAT Menu - Classification
O005 - C CL Characteristic Default Settings
O020 - Record Layout for BTCI (Classes)
O021 - Class Data Transfer
O023 - Display Class Maintenance Data File
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P0000_M10_CL0_PBS - Generate Qualifications/Qual. Groups
P0000_M10_CL1_PBS - Convert Certf./Lic. to Qualification
P0000_M10_CL2_PBS - Out-of-Field Report
P0000_M10_CL3_PBS - Select Certificates/Licenses
P0000_M10_CL4_PBS - Check Qualif./Certif. Consistency
...All SAP T-Codes starting with P

Q000 - Quality management
QA00 - Quality inspection
QA01 - Create Inspection Lot
QA01A - Create Inspection Lot
QA02 - Change Inspection Lot
...All SAP T-Codes starting with Q

R2RMM126 - Misc. Mass Update for Matl Master
R2RMM140 - Monitor Changed Planned Prices
R2RMM142 - Effect of recently changed price
R3A1 - Customizing Events
RAAOE - Launch Analysis Office Excel WB
...All SAP T-Codes starting with R

S-32 - _
S-33 - Display table
S00 - Short Message
S000 - System Menu
S000_OLD -
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T001L_FIORI - Storage location for Fiori
T007MIG - T007 Migrator to VG_CUST NL
T108 - Change tactical standard planning
T109 - Change tactical spring/summer plng
T110 - Change tactical fall/winter planning
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UAAT - Change Log
UAATR - Reorganize Change Log
UABATIMP - Create Batch Import Variant for PDCE
UACGS1 - Assignment Price Type and Variant
UACGS2 - Additional Business Transaction Cat.
...All SAP T-Codes starting with U

V - Quickstart RKCOWUSL
V+01 - Create Sales Call
V+02 - Create Telephone Call
V+03 - Create Sales Letter
V+11 - Create Direct Mailing
...All SAP T-Codes starting with V

W10E - SAP Retail: Goods Receipt
W10F - Store retailing
W10M - SAP Retail
W10T - SAP Retail main menu replcng S000
W3CUSX - Customizing Parameters for MiniApps
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XAAM - Number range maintenance: FR_DRU_AM
XAEU - Number range maintenance: FT_DRU_EUR
XAKK - Maintain Number Range: RV_AKKRED
XATD - Number range maintenance: FT_DRU_T
XATR - Number range maintenance: FT_DRU_ATR
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Y23_UP - PPM: Initiate Cost Upload
YAB968000031000 -
YAB968000071000 -
YAB968000080001 -
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