SAP T-Codes

SAP T-Codes Index by M


Index of SAP T-Codes Objects


M-01 - Create Vendor
M-02 - Create goods vendor
M-03 - Create payment recipient
M-04 - Create invoicing party
M-05 - Create carrier
M-06 - Create ordering address M-0...

M-12 - Create hierarchy nodes
M-51 - Create vendor
M-52 - Create goods vendor
M-53 - Create payment recipient
M-54 - Create invoicing party
M-55 - Create carrier
M-56 - Create ordering address M-5...

M-62 - Create hierarchy nodes


M/03 - Create Conditions Table (Purchasing)
M/04 - Change Conditions Table (Purchasing)
M/05 - Displ. Conditions Table (Purchasing)
M/06 - Condition Type: (Purchasing)
M/07 - Access: Maintain (Price Purchasing)
M/08 - Conditions: Schema for Purchasing M/0...

M/10 - Condition Type: Services
M/11 - Access: Maintain (Price Services)
M/12 - Conditions: Schema for Services
M/13 - Create Condition Table (Service)
M/14 - Change Condition Table (Services)
M/15 - Display Condition Table (Services) M/1...

M/25 - Condition type: Short txt for cust.
M/32 - Maint. Message Determ. Schema: RFQ
M/36 - Maintain Message Determ. Schema: PO
M/42 - Maintain Message Schema: Del. Sched.
M/48 - Maintain Access Sequences: RFQ
M/50 - Maintain Access Sequences: PO
M/52 - Maint. Access Sequences: Outl. Agmt.
M/54 - Maint. Access Sequences: Del. Sched.
M/56 - Messages: Create Cond. Table: RFQ
M/57 - Messages: Change Condition Table
M/58 - Messages: Display CondTab: RFQ M/5...

M/60 - Messages: Change CondTab: Pur. Order
M/61 - Messages: Disp. CondTab: Pur. Order
M/62 - Messages: Create CondTab: Del. Schd.
M/63 - Messages: Change CondTab: Del. Schd.
M/64 - Messages: Disp. CondTab: Del. Sched.
M/65 - Messages: Create CondTab: O. Agmt. M/6...

M/70 - Messages: Create CondTab.: Entry Sh.
M/71 - Messages: Change CondTab.: Entry Sh.
M/72 - Messages: Disp. CondTab.: Entry Sh.
M/73 - Maintain Access Sequences: Entry
M/74 - Maintain Access Sequences: Entry
M/75 - Maintain Messages: Serv. Entry Sheet M/7...

M/N1 - Maintain accesses (fr.gds - purch.)
M/N2 - Create free goods table
M/N3 - Display free goods table
M/N4 - Free goods types - purchasing
M/N5 - Free goods: Procedure for purchasing
M/N6 - Free goods pricing procedure M/N...


M703 - Output: Create Conditions Table
M704 - Output: Change Condition Table
M705 - Output: Display Conditions Table
M706 - Maintain Output Types: Inv. Mgmt
M708 - Output Determination: Procedure
M710 - Output Determ.: Access Sequences


M802 - Message Requirements (IV)
M804 - Message Processing Program (IV)
M806 - Message Types (Invoice Verification)
M808 - Message Schema (Inv. Verification)
M810 - Message Access Sequence (Inv. Ver.)
M811 - Create Message Condition Table (IV)
M812 - Change Message Condition Table (IV)
M813 - Display Message Condition Table (IV)


MACI - MA Control: Screen Configuration
MAHD1 - Load Alternative Historical Data
MAHD2 - Change Alternative Historical Data
MAHD3 - Display Alternative Historical Data
MAHD4 - Delete Alternative Historical Data
MAL1 - Create material via ALE
MAL2 - Change material via ALE
MAP1 - Create contact person
MAP2 - Change contact person
MAP3 - Display contact person
MAPREVACC - Mapping Revenue Account
MARCR - Process mass alllocation rules
MARS - Send Aggregated Bills
MAS1 - MA Control: Applications
MAS2 - MA Control: Field Groups
MAS23 - MA Control: Data Sets
MAS3 - MA Control: Views
MAS4 - MA Control: Sections
MAS5 - MA Control: Screens MAS...

MATERIAL_INFO - Material Information
MATGRP01 - Create Article Hierarchy
MATGRP02 - Change Article Hierarchy
MATGRP03 - Display Article Hierarchy
MATGRP04 - Delete Article Hierarchy
MATGRP05 - Activate Article Hierarchy MAT...

MA_DD_REPORT - Start a Drilldown Report
MA_ST_TH - Critical Stock Values - Mass Maint.
MA_WM_IDOCMO_P - Personalization: IDoc Monitor


MB00 - Inventory Management
MB01 - Post Goods Receipt for PO
MB02 - Change Material Document
MB03 - Display Material Document
MB04 - Subsequ.Adj.of 'Mat.Provided'Consmp.
MB05 - Subseq. Adjustmt: Act.Ingredient Mat MB0...

MB11 - Goods Movement
MB1A - Goods Withdrawal
MB1B - Transfer Posting
MB1C - Other Goods Receipts
MB21 - Create Reservation
MB22 - Change Reservation
MB23 - Display Reservation
MB24 - Reservation List
MB25 - Reservation List
MB26 - Picking list MB2...

MB31 - Goods Receipt for Production Order
MB51 - Material Doc. List
MB52 - List of Warehouse Stocks on Hand
MB53 - Display Plant Stock Availability
MB54 - Consignment Stocks
MB55 - Display Quantity String
MB56 - Analyze batch where-used list MB5...

MB90 - Output Processing for Mat. Documents
MB9A - Analyze archived mat. documents
MBAD - Delete Material Documents
MBAL - Material Documents: Read Archive
MBAR - Archive Material Documents
MBAV - Manage Material Document Archive
MBBM - Batch Input: Post Material Document
MBBR - Batch Input: Create Reservation
MBBS - Display valuated special stock
MBC1 - Create MM Batch Search Strategy
MBC2 - Change MM Batch Determ. Strategy
MBC3 - Display MM Batch Determ. Strategy
MBGR - Displ. Material Docs. by Mvt. Reason
MBLB - Stocks at Subcontractor
MBMENUS - Process MM-IM Inconsistencies
MBN1 - Free goods - Create (Purchasing)
MBN2 - Free goods - Change (Purchasing)
MBN3 - Free goods - Display (Purchasing)
MBNK - Number Ranges, Material Document
MBNL - Subsequent Delivery f. Material Doc.
MBOGUI - Business Object Maintenance
MBPM - Manage Held Data
MBRL - Return Delivery for Matl Document
MBSF - Release Blocked Stock via Mat. Doc.
MBSI - Find Inventory Sampling
MBSL - Copy Material Document
MBSM - Display Cancelled Material Docs.
MBST - Cancel Material Document
MBSU - Place in Stor.for Mat.Doc: Init.Scrn MBS...

MBVR - Management Program: Reservations
MBW1 - Special stocks via WWW
MBWO - Error Correction: Subs. Value Calc.
MBXA - Printout of XAB Documents


MC$0 - PURCHIS: PurchGrp PurchVal Selection
MC$2 - PURCHIS: PurchGrp Freqs. Selection
MC$4 - PURCHIS: Vendor PurchVal Selection
MC$6 - PURCHIS: Vendor DelRelblty Selection
MC$8 - PURCHIS: Vendor QtyRelblty Selection
MC$: - PURCHIS: Vendor Freqs. Selection MC$...

MC(A - SIS: Customer,Inc.Orders - Selection
MC(B - SIS: Variant Configuration
MC(E - SIS: Material,Inc.Orders - Selection
MC(I - SIS: SalesOrg. Inc.Orders Selection
MC(M - SIS: Sales Office, Inc.Orders Selec.
MC(Q - SIS: Employee, Inc.Orders Selection MC(...

MC+2 - SIS: SalesOrg.Invoiced Sales, Selec.
MC+6 - SIS: SalesOrg.Credit Memos Selection
MC+A - SIS: Customer Returns, Selection
MC+E - SIS: Customer, Sales - Selection
MC+I - SIS: Customer Credit Memos - Selec.
MC+M - SIS: Material Returns, Selection MC+...

MC-0 - SIS: Shipping Point Returns, Selec.
MC-A - SIS: Sales Office Returns, Selection
MC-E - SIS: Sales Office - Sales Selection
MC-I - SIS: Sales Office Credit Memos Selec
MC-M - SIS: Employee - Returns, Selection
MC-Q - SIS: Employee - Sales, Selection MC-...

MC.1 - INVCO: Plant Anal. Selection: Stock
MC.2 - INVCO: Plant Anal.Selection, Rec/Iss
MC.3 - INVCO: Plant Anal.Selection,Turnover
MC.4 - INVCO: Plant Anal.Selection,Coverage
MC.5 - INVCO: SLoc Anal. Selection, Stock
MC.6 - INVCO: SLoc Anal. Selection: Rec/Iss MC....

MC/1 - Create Exception: EWS/INVCO
MC/2 - Maintain exception: EWS/INVCO
MC/3 - Display exception: EWS/INVCO
MC/4 - Create groups exception: INVCO
MC/5 - Change groups exception: INVCO
MC/6 - Display exception: INVCO MC/...

MC00 - Logistics Information System (LIS)
MC01 - Key Figure Retrieval Via Info Sets
MC02 - Key Fig.Retrieval Using Text Strings
MC03 - Key Fig Retrieval via Classification
MC04 - Create Info Set
MC05 - Change Info Set MC0...

MC1! - RIS: Maintain Requirements
MC1$ - RIS: Display Formulas
MC1% - External Data: Maintain Requirements
MC1& - External Data: Display Requirements
MC1( - External Data: Display Formulas
MC1+ - RIS: Display Requirements MC1...

MC20 - Display Field Catalog
MC21 - Create Info Structure
MC22 - Change Info Structure
MC23 - Display Info Structure
MC24 - Create Update
MC25 - Change Update MC2...

MC30 - Update Log
MC31 - Create Planning
MC35 - Create Rough-Cut Planning Profile
MC36 - Change Rough-Cut Planning Profile
MC37 - Display Rough-Cut Planning Profile
MC38 - Number range maintenance: MC_ERKO MC3...

MC40 - INVCO: ABC Analysis of Usage Values
MC41 - INVCO: ABC Analysis of Reqmt Values
MC42 - INVCO: Range of Coverage by Usg.Val.
MC43 - INVCO: Range Of Coverage By Reqmts
MC44 - INVCO:Analysis of Inventory Turnover
MC45 - INVCO: Analysis of Usage Values MC4...

MC50 - INVCO: Analysis of Dead Stock
MC59 - Revise Planning Hierarchy
MC60 - Maintain SOP Plant
MC61 - Create Planning Hierarchy
MC62 - Change Planning Hierarchy
MC63 - Display Planning Hierarchy
MC64 - Create Event
MC65 - Change Event MC6...

MC70 - Maintain Capacity Planning (SOP)
MC71 - Evaluation: Product Group Hierarchy
MC72 - Evaluation: Product Group Usage
MC73 - Evaluation: Material Usage, Prod.Grp
MC74 - Transfer Mat. to Demand Management
MC75 - Transfer PG to Demand Management MC7...

MC80 - Delete and activate versions
MC81 - Sales and Operations Planning
MC82 - Sales and Operations Planning
MC83 - Sales and Operations Planning
MC84 - Create Product Group
MC85 - Display Product Group MC8...

MC90 - Dm.Mgmt.: Mat.from any IS
MC91 - Initial Graphic: Product Groups
MC92 - Initial: Product Groups, Hierarchies
MC93 - Create Flexible LIS Planning
MC94 - Change Flexible LIS Planning
MC95 - Display Flexible LIS Planning MC9...

MC:1 - Create exception: EWS/RIS
MC:2 - Maintain exception: EWS/RIS
MC:3 - Display exception: EWS/RIS
MC:4 - Create exception group: RIS
MC:5 - Change groups exception: RIS
MC:6 - Display exception: RIS MC:...

MC=1 - Create exception: EWS/SFIS
MC=2 - Maintain exception: EWS/SFIS
MC=3 - Display exception: EWS/SFIS
MC=4 - Create groups exception: SFIS
MC=5 - Change groups exception: SFIS
MC=6 - Display exception: SFIS MC=...

MC?0 - WFIS: Schedule Jobs - Exceptions
MC?1 - WFIS: Create Exception
MC?2 - WFIS: Maintain Exception
MC?3 - WFIS: Display Exception
MC?4 - WFIS: Create Exception Group
MC?5 - WFIS: Change Exception Group MC?...

MCA7 - INVCO: Execute Evaluation
MCAA - WFIS: Maintain Requirements
MCAB - WFIS: Display Requirements
MCAC - WFIS: Maintain Formulas
MCAD - WFIS: Display Formulas
MCAE - WFIS: Activate Updating MCA...

MCB% - INVCO: Set up stats. for parm. anal.
MCB& - INVCO: Set up statis. for stck/reqt
MCB) - INVCO: Long-Term Stock Selection
MCB0 - Maintaining Transactn Key BW Transf.
MCB1 - Inventory Controlling
MCB2 - INVCO: Create Evaluation Structure MCB...

MCC1 - Inventory Controlling
MCC2 - Inventory Information System
MCC3 - Set Up INVCO Info Structs. from Docs
MCC4 - Set Up INVCO Info Structs.from Stock
MCD - MI:Process Mobile Component
MCD7 - PURCHIS: Create Eval. Structure
MCD8 - PURCHIS: Change Eval. Structure
MCD9 - PURCHIS: Display Eval. Structure
MCDA - PURCHIS: Create Evaluation
MCDB - PURCHIS: Change Evaluation MCD...

MCE+ - PURCHIS: Reporting - Subseq. Settlmt
MCE0 - Purchasing Information System
MCE1 - PURCHIS: PurchGrp Analysis Selection
MCE2 - PURCHIS: Update Diagnosis Purch.Doc.
MCE3 - PURCHIS: Vendor Analysis Selection
MCE5 - PURCHIS: MatGrp Analysis Selection MCE...

MCF9 - PURCHIS: Quantity Grid - Maintain
MCFA - PURCHIS: Grid for Dates - Maintain
MCFB - PURCHIS: Display Pattern, QtyRel
MCFC - PURCHIS: Display Pattern On Schedule
MCG1 - Rough-Cut Planning Profiles
MCG2 - Var. standard anal. def. sett. IS-R
MCG3 - Call Self-Defined Analyses: Retail
MCGC - RIS: Season: Mvmts + Stk - Selection
MCGD - RIS: POS: Sales - Selection
MCGE - RIS: POS: Matl Aggr. POS - Selection MCG...

MCH+ - RIS: Display Evaluation Structure
MCH0 - Retail Information System
MCH01 - Mass Maintenance of Maint. Plans
MCH02 - Log of Mass Changes
MCH03 - Delete Variant
MCH1 - RIS: Execute Evaluation MCH...

MCI0 - Plant Maintenance Information System
MCI1 - PMIS: Object Class Analysis
MCI2 - PMIS: Manufacturer Analysis
MCI3 - PMIS: Location Analysis
MCI4 - PMIS: Planner Group Analysis
MCI5 - PMIS: Object Damage Analysis MCI...

MCJ1 - PMIS: Create Evaluation
MCJ2 - PMIS: Change Evaluation
MCJ3 - PMIS: Display Evaluation
MCJ4 - PMIS: Execute Evaluation
MCJ5 - PMIS: Create Evaluation Structure
MCJ6 - PMIS: Change Evaluation Structure MCJ...

MCK0 - Plant Maintenance Information System
MCK1 - Create Hierarchy
MCK2 - Change hierarchy
MCK3 - Display hierarchy
MCK4 - Change SAP OIW Hierarchy
MCK5 - Display SAP OIW Hierarchy MCK...

MCL1 - WMS: Stck Placemt.+Remov. Selection
MCL5 - WMS: Flow of Quantities Selection
MCL9 - WM: Material Plcmt/Removal:Selection
MCLD - WM: Material Flow - Selection
MCLH - WM: Movement Types - Selection
MCLIMAN - MultiClient Manager MCL...

MCM% - RIS: Create Selection Version
MCM+ - WFIS: Create Selection Version
MCM- - WFIS: Change Selection Version
MCM/ - WFIS: Display Selection Version
MCM0 - INVCO: Change selection version
MCM1 - SIS: Create selection version MCM...

MCNB - BW: Initialize Stock Balances
MCNR - Number Range Maintenance: MCLIS
MCO1 - RIS: OTB - Selection
MCO2 - OTB: Copy Planning Type
MCO4 - Create OTB Planning
MCO5 - Change OTB Planning
MCO6 - Display OTB Planning
MCO7 - Create OTB Planning MCO...

MCP0 - Shop Floor Information System
MCP1 - SFIS: Operation Analysis Selection
MCP3 - SFIS: Material Analysis Selection
MCP5 - SFIS: Material Analysis Selection
MCP6 - Goods rcpt analysis: repetitive mfg
MCP7 - SFIS: Work Center Analysis Selection MCP...

MCQ. - SFIS: Kanban analysis selection
MCQA - Call Up QM Standard Analyses
MCR1 - SFIS: Create Evaluation
MCR2 - SFIS: Change Evaluation
MCR3 - SFIS: Display Evaluation
MCR4 - SFIS: Execute Evaluation
MCR7 - SFIS: Create Evaluation Structure
MCR8 - SFIS: Change Evaluation Structure MCR...

MCS$ - Info Structure Data: Process Archive
MCS% - Info Structure Data: Manage Archive
MCS& - Info Structure Data: Reload Archive
MCS/ - Mass Generation: Info Struct./Update
MCS1 - Standard Analyses; General Logistics
MCS2 - Routine LIS Settings MCS...

MCT0 - Initial SIS Screen
MCT1 - Standard SDIS Analyses
MCT2 - Initial SIS Screen
MCTA - SIS: Customer Analysis - Selection
MCTC - SIS: Material Analysis - Selection
MCTE - SIS: Sales Org. Analysis - Selection MCT...

MCU0 - Transportation Info System (TIS)
MCU1 - Create LIS Unit
MCU2 - Delete LIS Unit
MCU3 - Call Standard Analyses: Transportatn
MCUA - TIS: Shpt analysis
MCUB - TIS: Shipment Analysis: Routes MCU...

MCV0 - Purchasing Information System
MCV1 - QMIS: Vendor analysis - insp. lot
MCV3 - QMIS: Material analysis - insp. lot
MCV5 - Call Up Price List w.Stepped Display
MCV6 - Call Up Indiv. Customer Prices List
MCV7 - Call Up List of Price Groups MCV...

MCW1 - PURCHIS: Evaluate Payment Header
MCW2 - PURCHIS: Evaluate Payment Item
MCW3 - PURCHIS: Evaluate VBD Header
MCW4 - PURCHIS: Evaluate VBD Item
MCW5 - Payment: Simulate Updating
MCW6 - LIS Setup for Agency Documents MCW...

MCX1 - QMIS: Create Evaluation
MCX2 - QMIS: Change Evaluation
MCX3 - QMIS: Display Evaluation
MCX4 - QMIS: Execute Evaluation
MCX7 - QIS: Create Evaluation Structure
MCX8 - QIS: Change Evaluation Structure MCX...

MCY1 - Create Exception EWS/LIS
MCY2 - Maintain Exception EWS/LIS
MCY3 - Display Exception (EWS/LIS)
MCY4 - Create Group Exception
MCY5 - Change Group Exception
MCY6 - Display Exception MCY...

MCZ1 - Create LIS Inbound Interface
MCZ2 - Change LIS Inbound Interface
MCZ3 - Display LIS Inbound Interface


MD00 - MRP : external procurement
MD01 - MRP Run
MD01N - MRP Live
MD02 - MRP - Single-item, Multi-level -
MD03 - MRP-Individual Planning-Single Level
MD04 - Display Stock/Requirements Situation MD0...

MD11 - Create Planned Order
MD12 - Change Planned Order
MD13 - Display Planned Order
MD14 - Individual Conversion of Plnned Ord.
MD15 - Collective Conversion Of Plnd Ordrs.
MD16 - Collective Display of Planned Orders MD1...

MD20 - Create Planning File Entry
MD21 - Display Planning File Entry
MD25 - Create Planning Calendar
MD26 - Change Planning Calendar
MD27 - Display Planning Calendar
MD40 - MPS
MD41 - MPS - Single-item, Multi-level -
MD42 - MPS - Single-item, Single-level -
MD43 - MPS - Single-item, Interactive -
MD44 - MPS Evaluation
MD45 - MRP List Evaluation MD4...

MD50 - Sales order planning
MD51 - Individual project planning
MD61 - Create Planned Indep. Requirements
MD62 - Change Planned Indep. Requirements
MD63 - Display Planned Indep. Requirements
MD64 - Create Planned Indep.Requirements
MD65 - Change Standard Indep.Requirements
MD66 - Display Standard Indep.Requirements MD6...

MD70 - Copy Total Forecast
MD71 - 'Copy Reference Changes'
MD72 - Evaluation; Charac.Plnng Techniques
MD73 - Display Total Indep. Requirements
MD74 - Reorganization: Adapt Indep.Reqmts
MD75 - Reorganization: Delete Indep.Reqmts MD7...

MD81 - Create Customer Indep. Requirements
MD82 - Change customer indep. requirement
MD83 - Display Customer Indep. Requirements
MD85 - List Customer Indep. Requirements
MD90 - Maintain Number Range for MRP
MD91 - Maintain No. Range for Planned Order
MD92 - Maint.No.Range for Reserv/Dep.Reqmt
MD93 - Maintain Number Range: MDSM
MD94 - Number range maint.: Total reqs
MDAB - Planning File - Set Up BATCH
MDAC - Execute Action for Planned Order
MDB - SPI Metadata Browser
MDBA - BAPI planned order processing
MDBGVR - Maintain ApplicationID-GRPVAR
MDBS - MPS - total planning run
MDBT - MRP Run In Batch
MDBTVR - Create variant for tab MDB...

MDC6 - Start of MD06 via Report
MDC7 - Start MD07 by using report
MDDISPONENT - MRP Controller Workflow
MDDO - Evaluation Report RoCs Online
MDDS - Evaluation Report Ranges of Coverage
MDEX - MRP Data Extractor
MDF_ATTRSET - Maintain Set Types and Attributes
MDGCPDEL - Delete Change Pointer
MDGDT - Configuration Workbench
MDGIMG - Master Data Governance Customizing
MDGM_METADATA_INV - Invalidate Metadata
MDGM_MODEL_DETAILS - Data Model Mapping
MDGM_TEXT_DELETE - Delete mapping data for descriptions MDG...

MDHI - Master Data and Hierarchy
MDL1 - Create Production Lot
MDL2 - Change Production Lot
MDL3 - Display Production Lot
MDLD - Print MRP List
MDM1 - Mail To Vendor
MDM2 - Mail to Vendor
MDM3 - Mail to Customer
MDM4 - Mail to MRP Controller
MDM5 - Workflow: Mail to MRP Controller
MDMC - Send Customers (MDM) MDM...

MDP0 - Independent Requirements
MDP1 - Create combination structure
MDP2 - Change combination structure
MDP3 - Display combination structure
MDP4 - Maintain combinations
MDP6 - Modeling MDP...

MDRD1 - Determine Delivery Relationship
MDRD2 - Change Delivery Relationship
MDRD3 - Display Delivery Relationship
MDRD4 - Delete Delivery Relationship
MDRE - Checking Plnng File In BCKGRND Mode
MDRP - Distribution Resource Planning MDR...

MDSA - Display Serial Numbers
MDSP - Change BOM Explosion Numbers
MDS_COMPARE_TOOL - Compare Tool for Master Data Sync.
MDS_CONSISTENCY_TOOL - Consistency check Tool for MDS
MDS_LINKS - Get the Mapped Cust/Vend/BP
MDS_LOAD_COCKPIT - Synchronization Cockpit MDS...

MDUM - Convert Planned Orders into PReqs
MDUP - Maintain Project New Key Assignment
MDUS - Assign New Key to WBS Elements
MDVP - Collective Availability Check PAUF
MDW1 - Access MRP control program
MDXTEST - MDX Test Panel
MD_MRP_FORCE_CLASSIC - Include Material in Classic MRP


ME00 -
ME01 - Maintain Source List
ME03 - Display Source List
ME04 - Changes to Source List
ME05 - Generate Source List
ME06 - Analyze Source List ME0...

ME11 - Create Purchasing Info Record
ME12 - Change Purchasing Info Record
ME13 - Display Purchasing Info Record
ME14 - Changes to Purchasing Info Record
ME15 - Flag Purch. Info Rec. for Deletion
ME16 - Purchasing Info Recs. for Deletion ME1...

ME21 - Create Purchase Order
ME21N - Create Purchase Order
ME22 - Change Purchase Order
ME22N - Change Purchase Order
ME23 - Display Purchase Order
ME23N - Display Purchase Order ME2...

ME308 - Send Contracts with Conditions
ME31 - Create Outline Agreement
ME31K - Create Contract
ME31L - Create Scheduling Agreement
ME32 - Change Outline Agreement
ME32K - Change Contract ME3...

ME41 - Create Request For Quotation
ME42 - Change Request For Quotation
ME43 - Display Request For Quotation
ME44 - Maintain RFQ Supplement
ME45 - Release RFQ
ME47 - Create Quotation ME4...

ME51 - Create Purchase Requisition
ME51N - Create Purchase Requisition
ME52 - Change Purchase Requisition
ME52N - Change Purchase Requisition
ME52NB - Buyer Approval: Purchase Requisition
ME53 - Display Purchase Requisition ME5...

ME60 - Screenpainter Test
ME61 - Maintain Vendor Evaluation
ME62 - Display Vendor Evaluation
ME63 - Evaluation of Automatic Subcriteria
ME64 - Evaluation Comparison
ME65 - Evaluation Lists ME6...

ME80 - Purchasing Reporting
ME80A - Purchasing Reporting: RFQs
ME80AN - General Analyses (A)
ME80F - Purchasing Reporting: POs
ME80FN - General Analyses (F)
ME80R - Purchasing Reporting: Outline Agmts. ME8...

ME91 - Purchasing Docs.: Urging/Reminding
ME91A - Urge Submission of Quotations
ME91E - Sch. Agmt. Schedules: Urging/Remind.
ME91F - Purchase Orders: Urging/Reminders
ME92 - Monitor Order Acknowledgment
ME92F - Monitor Order Acknowledgment ME9...

MEAN - Delivery Addresses
MEB0 - Reversal of Settlement Runs
MEB1 - Create Reb. Arrangs. (Subseq. Sett.)
MEB2 - Change Reb. Arrangs. (Subseq. Sett.)
MEB3 - Displ. Reb. Arrangs. (Subseq. Sett.)
MEB4 - Settlement re Vendor Rebate Arrs.
MEB5 - List of Vendor Rebate Arrangements MEB...

MECCM - Send Purchasing Data to Catalog
MECCP_ME2K - For Requisition Account Assignment
MEDL - Price Change: Contract
MEER - Mass Act: Create Electronic Bill
MEI1 - Automatic Purchasing Document Change
MEI2 - Automatic Document Change
MEI3 - Recompilation of Document Index
MEI4 - Compile Worklist for Document Index
MEI5 - Delete Worklist for Document Index
MEI6 - Delete purchasing document index MEI...

MEK1 - Create Conditions (Purchasing)
MEK2 - Change Conditions (Purchasing)
MEK3 - Display Conditions (Purchasing)
MEK31 - Condition Maintenance: Change
MEK32 - Condition Maintenance: Change
MEK33 - Condition Maintenance: Change MEK...

MEL0 - Service Entry Sheet
MELB - Purch. Transactions by Tracking No.
MEM1 - Replacement for Purchase Order Item
MEMASSCONTRACT - Mass Changing of Contracts
MEMASSIN - Mass-Changing of Purch. Info Records
MEMASSPO - Mass Change of Purchase Orders
MEMASSRQ - Mass-Changing of Purch. Requisitions
MEMASSSA - Mass Changing of Sched. Agreements MEM...

MEN - Start Menu for SAP B2B Procurement
MENU_MIGRATION - Menu Migration into New Hierarchy
MEPA - Order Price Simulation/Price Info
MEPB - Price Info/Vendor Negotiations
MEPO - Purchase Order
MEQ1 - Maintain Quota Arrangement
MEQ3 - Display Quota Arrangement
MEQ4 - Changes to Quota Arrangement
MEQ6 - Analyze Quota Arrangement
MEQ7 - Reorganize Quota Arrangement
MEQ8 - Monitor Quota Arrangements MEQ...

MER4 - Settlement re Customer Rebate Arrs.
MER5 - List of Customer Rebate Arrangements
MER6 - Busn. Vols., Cust. Reb. Arrangements
MER7 - Extension of Cust. Reb. Arrangements
MER8 - Det. Statement: Cust. Rebate Arrs.
MER9 - Statement: Customer Reb. Arr. Stats. MER...

MES11 - Sustainability Info Records
METAL - Transaction Starter Purchasing
MEU0 - Assign User to User Group
MEU2 - Perform Busn. Volume Comp.: Rebate
MEU3 - Display Busn. Volume Comp.: Rebate
MEU4 - Display Busn. Volume Comp.: Rebate
MEU5 - Display Busn. Volume Comp.: Rebate
MEW0 - Procurement Transaction
MEW1 - Create Requirement Request
MEW10 - Service Entry in Web
MEW2 - Status Display: Requirement Requests
MEW3 - Collective Release of Purchase Reqs.
MEW5 - Collective Release of Purchase Order MEW...

MEX3 - Display Purchasing Document
ME_EXT_REL_PR - Requisition for External Release
ME_RTRACE - Client Trace Settings
ME_SWP_ALERT - Display MRP Alerts (Web)
ME_SWP_CO - Display Purchasing Pricing (Web)
ME_SWP_IV - Display Settlement Status (Web)
ME_SWP_PDI - Display Purchase Document Info (Web) ME_...


MF00 - Run Schedules
MF02 - Change Run Schedule Header
MF03 - Display Run Schedule Header
MF12 - Display Document Log (With ALV)
MF20 - REM Cost Controlling
MF22 - Versions: Overview
MF23 - Linking Versions Graphically
MF26 - Display Reporting Point Quantity
MF27 - Update Stats for Planned Quantities
MF30 - Create PrelimCostEst - ProdCostColl.
MF36 - C RM-MAT MD Create Planning IDs
MF37 - C RM-MAT MD Linking Versions
MF3A - Document Archiving
MF3D - Delete Archived Document
MF3E - Evaluate Archived Document MF3...

MF41 - Reverse Backflush (With ALV)
MF42 - Collective Backflush
MF42N - New Collective Entry
MF45 - Reprocessing Components: Rep.Manuf.
MF46 - Collective Reprocessing, Backflush
MF47 - Open Reprocessing Records / Pr.Line MF4...

MF50 - Planning Table - Change
MF51 - Print Production Quantities
MF52 - Planning Table - Display
MF53 - Maintaining Variants-Production List
MF57 - Planning Table - By MRP Lists
MF60 - Pull List
MF63 - Staging Situation
MF65 - Stock Transfer for Reservation
MF68 - Log for Pull List
MF70 - Aggregate Collective Backflush
MFBF - Backflushing In Repetitive Mfg
MFHU - Backflushing In Repetitive Mfg
MFI2 - Actual Overhead: Run Schedule Header
MFN1 - Actual Reval.: PrCstCol. Ind.Pro.
MFN2 - Actual Reval.: PrCstCol. Col.Pro.
MFP1 - REM: Plan HUs - General
MFP11 - REM: Plan HUs Without Order
MFP12 - REM: Plan HUs for Order
MFP13 - Rep. Manuf.: Plan HUs for Delivery
MFP14 - Rep. Man.: Plan HUs for Purch. Order
MFP2 - REM: Pack HUs - General MFP...

MFS0 - LFP: Change Master Plan


MGMT - Device Configuration
MGMT_ADMIN - Device Configuration
MGMT_AUTHORITY - Edit Authorizations
MGMT_CUSTOMIZING - Screen Control for Device Config.
MGMT_DEV_IDTXT - Assign Text to Device ID
MGMT_PARA - Assign Configuration Parameters MGM...

MGVEXTOBJ - Maintain Mass Maintenance Objects
MGV_CORRECT - Checks + Corrects Quantity Structure
MGV_MAPALE - Mapping externa/internal number ALE
MGV_OMSL - Maintain TMCNV for long material no.
MGW0 - Create Components for Set Material
MGW1 - Display Components for Set Material
MGW2 - Create Components for Display Matl
MGW3 - Display Components for Display Matl
MGW4 - Create Components for Prepack Matl
MGW5 - Display Components for Prepack Matl MGW...


MI00 - Physical Inventory
MI01 - Create Physical Inventory Document
MI02 - Change Physical Inventory Document
MI03 - Display Physical Inventory Document
MI04 - Enter Inventory Count with Document
MI05 - Change Inventory Count MI0...

MI10 - Create List of Differences w/o Doc.
MI11 - Recount Physical Inventory Document
MI12 - Display changes
MI20 - Print List of Differences
MI21 - Print physical inventory document
MI22 - Display Phys. Inv. Docs. f. Material
MI23 - Disp. Phys. Inv. Data for Material
MI24 - Physical Inventory List
MI31 - Batch Input: Create Phys. Inv. Doc.
MI32 - Batch Input: Block Material
MI33 - Batch Input: Freeze Book Inv.Balance
MI34 - Batch Input: Enter Count
MI35 - Batch Input: Post Zero Stock Balance
MI37 - Batch Input: Post Differences MI3...

MI40 - Batch Input: Doc., Count and Diff.
MI9A - Analyze archived phy. inv. docs
MIAD - Delete Phys. Inv. Documents
MIAL - Inventory Documents: Read Archive
MIAR - Archive Phys. Inv. Documents
MIAV - Manage Phys. Inv. Doc. Archive
MIBC - ABC Analysis for Cycle Counting
MICN - Btch Inpt:Ph.Inv.Docs.for Cycle Ctng
MIDO - Physical Inventory Overview
MIE1 - Batch Input: Phys.Inv.Doc. Sales Ord
MIGO - Goods Movement
MIGO_GI - Goods Movement
MIGO_GO - Goods Movement
MIGO_GR - Goods Movement
MIGO_GS - Subseq. Adjust. of Material Provided
MIGO_TR - Transfer Posting MIG...

MIK1 - Batch Input: Ph.Inv.Doc.Vendor Cons.
MILL_00 - IS Mill Products
MILL_CUT - Cutting Stck Trans. and Confirmation
MILL_CUT_CO - Cutting Confirmation
MILL_CUT_LBA - Confirmation DNP Processing
MILL_CUT_TR - Cutting Stock Transfer
MILL_OC - Create Order Combination MIL...

MIM1 - Batch Input: Create Ph.Inv.Docs RTP
MIMD - Tansfer PDC Physical Inventory Data
MIO1 - Batch Input: Ph.Inv.Doc.:Stck w.Subc
MIQ1 - Batch Input: PhInvDoc. Project Stock
MIR4 - Call MIRO - Change Status
MIR5 - Display List of Invoice Documents
MIR6 - Invoice Overview
MIR7 - Park Invoice
MIRA - Fast Invoice Entry
MIRCMR - Material Reconciliation MIR...

MIS1 - Create Sample-Based Phys. Inv. - ERP
MIS2 - Change Inventory Sampling
MIS3 - Display Inventory Sampling
MIS4 - Create Inventory Sampling - R/2
MIS5 - Create Inventory Sampling - Other
MISS - Extract: Check Solution Paths MIS...

MIV1 - Batch I.:PhInDoc Cust.
MIW1 - Batch I.;PhInDoc f. Consigt at Cust.
MI_ALBACK - Back Up CCMS Alerts for MI
MI_ALMON - Alert Monitor for MI Alerts
MI_CLOGMON - Client Log Analysis
MI_CONFIG_CLIENTS - Configuration of MI Client
MI_MCD - MI:Process Mobile Component
MI_MSD - MI:Process Mobile Component MI_...


MK01 - Create vendor (Purchasing)
MK02 - Change vendor (Purchasing)
MK03 - Display vendor (Purchasing)
MK04 - Change Vendor (Purchasing)
MK05 - Block Vendor (Purchasing)
MK06 - Mark vendor for deletion (purch.) MK0...

MK12 - Change vendor (Purchasing), planned
MK14 - Planned vendor change (Purchasing)
MK18 - Activate planned vendor changes (Pu)
MK19 - Display vendor (purchasing), future
MKH1 - Maintain vendor hierarchy
MKH1N - Display/Maintain Vendor Hierarchy
MKH2 - Display vendor hierarchy
MKH2N - Display Vendor Hierarchy
MKH3 - Activate vendor master (online)
MKH4 - Activate vendors (batch input) MKH...

MKK - Mass Contract Invoicing
MKOP - Call Up Material Master-Copier
MKS11 - Vendor Sustainability Records
MKVG - Settlement and Condition Groups
MKVZ - List of Vendors: Purchasing
MKVZE - Currency Change: Vendor Master Rec.


ML01 - Create Standard Service Catalog
ML02 - Maintain Standard Service Catalog
ML03 - Display Standard Service Catalog
ML05 - Purchasing Object for Service
ML10 - Create Model Service Specifications
ML100 - Calculate Taxes at Service Level
ML11 - Change Model Service Specifications
ML12 - Display Model Service Specifications
ML15 - List of Model Service Specifications
ML20 - Create Conditions
ML30 - Create Vendor Conditions
ML31 - Change Vendor Conditions
ML32 - Display Vendor Conditions
ML33 - Create Vendor Conditions
ML34 - Change Vendor Conditions
ML35 - Display Vendor Conditions ML3...

ML40 - Change Vendor Conditions
ML41 - Display Vendor Conditions
ML42 - Create Service Conditions
ML43 - Change Vendor Conditions
ML44 - Display Vendor Conditions
ML45 - Display Service Conditions ML4...

ML50 - Display Conditions
ML51 - Create Conditions
ML52 - Change Conditions
ML53 - Create Conditions
ML60CK - Release Procedure Checks
ML81 - Maintain Service Entry Sheet
ML81N - Service Entry Sheet
ML82 - Display Service Entry Sheet
ML83 - Message Processing: Service Entry
ML84 - List of Service Entry Sheets
ML85 - Collective Release of Entry Sheets ML8...

ML90 - Field Selection for Services
ML91 - Stand. Values f. Ext.Services Mgmt.
ML92 - Entry Sheets for Service
ML93 - Purchasing Object for Service
ML94 - External Services Mgmt.: Direct Call
ML95 - List Display: Contracts for Service ML9...

MLCCSPD - Cost Components for Price
MLRP - Periodic Invoicing Plans
MLS5 - Import Standard Service Type
MLS6 - Report for Standard Service Catalog
MLV1 - Conditions: Services
MLV2 - Create Total Price (PRS)
MLV3 - Create Total Price (PRS)
MLV4 - Create Total Price (PRS)
MLV5 - Change Currency (Contracts)
MLV6 - Create Other MLV...


MM00 -
MM01 - Create Material &
MM02 - Change Material &
MM03 - Display Material &
MM04 - Display Material Change Documents
MM06 - Flag Material for Deletion MM0...

MM11 - Schedule Creation of Material &
MM12 - Schedule Changing of Material &
MM13 - Activate Planned Changes
MM14 - Display Planned Changes
MM15 - Display Changes (Migration)
MM16 - Schedule Material for Deletion MM1...

MM41 - Create Material &
MM42 - Change Material &
MM43 - Display Material &
MM44 - Display Change Documents
MM46 - Mass Maintenance: Retail Matl Master
MM50 - List Extendable Materials
MM60 - Materials List
MM70 - Sel. Materials Flagged for Deletion
MM71 - Reorganize Materials
MM72 - Display Archive of Materials
MM73 - Special Stocks: Preparation
MM74 - Archive Special Stocks
MM75 - Display Archive of Special Stocks MM7...

MM90 - Analyze ALE Appl. Log for MatMaster
MM91 - Delete ALE Appl. Log for Matl Master
MMAM - Change Material Type
MMB1 - Create Semifinished Product &
MMBE - Stock Overview
MMBE_OLD - Stock Overview
MMCL - Stock Overview by Characteristic
MMD1 - Create MRP Profile
MMD2 - Change MRP Profile
MMD3 - Display MRP Profile
MMD6 - Delete MRP Profile
MMD7 - Display MRP Profile Usage
MMDE - Delete All Materials MMD...

MMF1 - Create Finished Product &
MMG1 - Create Returnable Packaging &
MMH1 - Create Trading Goods &
MMI1 - Create Operating Supplies &
MMK1 - Create Configurable Material &
MML1 - Create Empties &
MMLS - Logistic Switch (Not Released)
MMM1 - Create Message: Material Master
MMN1 - Create Non-Stock Material &
MMNR - Define Material Master Number Ranges
MMP1 - Create Maintenance Assembly &
MMPI - Initialize Period
MMPURPAME21N - Create Purchase Order from Portal
MMPURPAMEPO - Call MEPO from Portal
MMPURPAMIGO - Call MIGO from Portal MMP...

MMR1 - Create Raw Material &
MMRV - Allow Posting to Previous Period
MMS1 - Create Service &
MMSC - Enter Storage Locations Collectively
MMSC_MASS - Maintain Storage Locations Coll.
MMSRVAC03 - Display Service Master from Portal
MMSRVCRTSES - Create SES from Portal
MMSRVENTRY - Call transaction ML81N from Portal MMS...

MMU1 - Create Non-Valuated Material &
MMV1 - Create Packaging &
MMVD - Change Decentr. for Decentr.Shipping
MMVH - Create Centrally: Decentral.Shipping
MMVV - Change Centr. for Decentr. Shipping
MMW1 - Create Competitor Product &
MMZ1 - Create Material, General (Old MM01)
MMZ2 - Change Material (Old MM02)
MMZ3 - Display Material (Old MM03)


MN01 - Create Message: RFQ
MN02 - Change Message: RFQ
MN03 - Display Message: RFQ
MN04 - Create Message: PO
MN05 - Change Message: PO
MN06 - Display Message: PO MN0...

MN10 - Create Message: Schd. Agmt. Schedule
MN11 - Change Message: Schd. Agmt. Schedule
MN12 - Displ. Message: Schd. Agmt. Schedule
MN13 - Create Message: Service Entry Sheet
MN14 - Change Message: Service Entry Sheet
MN15 - Display Message: Service Entry Sheet MN1...

MN21 - Create Condition: Inventory Mgmt
MN22 - Change Condition: Inventory Mgmt
MN23 - Display Condition: Inventory Mgmt
MN24 - Create Message: Shipping Notif.
MN25 - Change Message: Shipping Notif.
MN26 - Display Message: Shipping Notif. MN2...

MNKR - Number range maintenance: W_EREIGNIS
MNTB - Table Maintenance for PSO48
MNTF - Table Maintenance for PSO49


MOALL - Delete Agent Allocation
MOBCAT - Generate Mobile Catalog
MOKA - CAP: Calculation Restitution
MOKS - CAP: Calculation Simulation
MOVE_HIER_CONFIG - Transfer Hierarchy configuration


MP00 - Material Forecast Menu
MP01 - Maintain AMPL Records
MP02 - Display AMPL Records
MP11 - Create message for direct production
MP12 - Change Message for direct production
MP13 - Display message - direct production
MP30 - Execute Material Forecast
MP31 - Change Material Forecast
MP32 - Display Material Forecast
MP33 - Reprocess material forecast
MP38 - Total Forecast Run
MP39 - Print MP3...

MP80 - Create Forecast Profile
MP81 - Change Forecast Profile
MP82 - Delete Forecast Profile
MP83 - Display Forecast Profile
MP90 - Maintain No. Range: Forecast Param.
MP91 - Maintain No. Range: Forecast Values
MPAD - Delete archived materials from AMPL
MPAMSGTEMPL - Maintain Message Template
MPAR - Archive final issue materials
MPAV - Manage archive for maufacturer parts
MPA_REPLY_CUST - MPA Reply Handling MPA...

MPBT - Total Forecast In BATCH Mode
MPCR - Transaction for Mass Creation Of MP
MPD - Maintenance Program Definition
MPDR - Print in BATCH Mode
MPE1 - Create buyer
MPE2 - Change buyer
MPE3 - Display buyer
MPLT - Test Appl. for Interface to iPPE WB
MPN01 - MPN Conversion Reconcilation
MPND - Field Synchronization, Interch.Parts
MPN_V_V2 - MPN and SuS Rescheduling
MPOCCMONALERT - Write Extracts for CC Monitor
MPOCCPOSALERT - Write Extracts for Line Items
MPOILVALERT - Write Extracts for IAA Monitor
MPOORDALERT - Write Extracts for ORDMonitor
MPOORDPOSALERT - Extracts of Critical Line Items ORD
MPO_ADMIN - Administration of Rule Maintenance MPO...

MPR1 - Forecast Adopted from External Data
MPR2 - Deletion of Forecast Data
MPSD_CA_CE_001 - Maintain table for grouping reason


MR00 - Invoice Verification
MR01 - Process Incoming Invoice
MR02 - Process Blocked Invoices
MR03 - Display Inv. Verification Document
MR08 - Cancel Invoice Document
MR11 - GR/IR account maintenance
MR11SHOW - Account Maint.Docu.Display-Reversal
MR11_OLD - Old GR/IR account maintenance
MR21 - Price Change
MR22 - Material Debit/Credit
MR32 - Change Material Layer (LIFO)
MR33 - Display Material Layer (LIFO)
MR34 - Change FIFO Data
MR35 - Display FIFO Data
MR39 - Display Documents (LIFO)
MR41 - Park Invoice
MR42 - Change Parked Invoice
MR43 - Display Parked Invoice
MR44 - Post Parked Document
MR51 - Material Line Items
MR8M - Cancel Invoice Document
MR90 - Messages for Invoice Documents
MR91 - Messages for Invoice Documents
MRA1 - Archive Invoice Documents
MRA2 - Delete Archived Invoice Documents
MRA3 - Display Archived Invoice Documents
MRA4 - Manage Invoice Document Archive
MRBE - Valuation
MRBP - Invoice Verification in Background
MRBR - Release Blocked Invoices
MRBWNEU - Recompilation
MRCHVW - Batch mgmt with reconciliation
MRDC - Automatic Delivery Cost Settlement
MRER - Auto. ERS Automotive
MRF1 - Execute FIFO Valuation
MRF2 - Diplay Documents (FIFO)
MRF3 - FIFO Valuation: Create Doc. Extract
MRF4 - FIFO: Select Materials
MRF5 - FIFO: Delete Valuation Data
MRHG - Enter Credit Memo
MRHR - Enter Invoice
MRIS - Settle Invoicing Plan
MRKO - Settle Consignment/Pipeline Liabs.
MRL1 - Perform LIFO Valuation: Single Matl
MRL2 - Perform LIFO Valuation: Pools
MRL3 - LIFO Lowest Value Comparison
MRL4 - Display LIFO Valuation: Single Matl
MRL5 - Display LIFO Valuation: Pools
MRL6 - Select Materials MRL...

MRM0 - Logistics Invoice Verification
MRM1 - Create Message: Invoice Verification
MRM2 - Change Message: Invoice Verification
MRM3 - Display Message: Inv. Verification
MRM4 - Number Ranges, Invoice Verification
MRN0 - Deter. Lowest Value: Market Prices
MRN1 - Deter. Lowest Value: Rge of Coverage
MRN1_TS - Determine Lowest Value: Rge of Cov.
MRN2 - Determ. Lowest Value: Mvmt Rate
MRN3 - Loss-Free Valuation
MRN8 - Lowest Value: Price Variances MRN...

MRO2 - Configuration: IV Lists
MRRL - Evaluated Receipt Settlement
MRRS - Evaluated Receipt Settlement
MRTRSC01 - RMS-MRTRS : RFC Destination of GR
MRTRSC02 - RMS-MRTRS : Master Recipe Generation
MRTRS_START - RMS-MRTRS : Start MR Transformation
MRY0 - Coll. Maint. of Phys. Inv. Prices
MRY1 - Calculate Average Receipt Price
MRY2 - Transfer Physical Inventory Prices
MRY3 - Display Valuation Alternative
MRY4 - Transfer ML Prices
MRY_SCMA - Execute via Schedule Manager MRY...

MR_BEWART - Material Reconciliation
MR_FORM - Reconciliation: Formula
MR_PARAM - Reconciliation: Formula Parameter


MS00 - Long-term planning
MS01 - Long-Term Planning: Total Planning
MS02 - Long-term plng: single-itm, mult-lvl
MS03 - Long-term plng: singl-itm, singl-lvl
MS04 - Planning Scenario: Stock/Reqmts List
MS05 - Long-term planning: display MRP list MS0...

MS11 - LTP: Create planned order
MS12 - LTP: Change planned order
MS13 - LTP: Display planned order
MS20 - Planning File Entry: Long-Term Plnng
MS21 - Planning File Entry: Long-Term Plnng
MS22 - Set Up Plg File Entries for Scenario
MS23 - Delete Plng File Entries of Scenario
MS29 - Calculate Sim. Initial Stock
MS31 - Create planning scenario
MS32 - Change planning scenario
MS33 - Display planning scenario
MS44 - Flexible Evaluation Long-Term Plnng
MS47 - Evaluation LTP for Product Group
MS50 - Make-to-order planning (LTP)
MS51 - Project planning (LTP)
MS64 - Create Simulation Version
MS65 - Requirements Situation
MS66 - Copy Simulative Dependent Reqmts
MS70 - Evaluation Plng Scenario for PURCHIS
MS71 - Copy info structure version to LTP
MSAB - LTP: set up plnng file entries BATCH
MSAC - LTP: delete plnng file entries BATCH
MSAM_ACTBPRO - Activate Business Process for MSAM
MSAM_DESTSD - RFC destinations for delta replicat.
MSAM_EQTEMP - Template Equipment Profile
MSAM_GENERAL - General settings for Data Movement MSA...

MSBT - Long-term plng:plng background job
MSC1 - Create Batch
MSC1N - Create Batch
MSC2 - Change Batch
MSC2N - Change Batch
MSC3 - Display Batch
MSC3N - Display Batch MSC...

MSDO - LTP Evaluation Report RoC Online
MSDS - LTP Evaluation Report Coverages
MSE7 - EKS Simulation: Material Selection
MSEX - LTP Data Extractor
MSG_TEST - Test Message
MSINA - Maintain Backlog Entry in Extract
MSJ1 - Mass Maintenance in the Background
MSK1 - Create Vendor Consignment Goods
MSK2 - Change Vendor Consignment Goods
MSK3 - Display Vendor Consignment Goods
MSK4 - Display Vdr Consignment Change Docs
MSK5 - Vdr Consignment: Activate Fut. Price
MSL1 - Display Mass Maintenance Logs
MSL2 - Delete Mass Maintenance Logs
MSLD - Print MRP List; Long-Term Planning
MSRV1 - List for Service
MSRV2 - Service List for Requisition
MSRV3 - Service List for Purchase Order
MSRV4 - Service List for RFQ
MSRV5 - Service List for Contract
MSRV6 - Service List for Entry Sheet MSR...

MST0 - Mass changes
MSTRVAR - Transport Variants
MSTRVAR_S - Transport System Variants
MSW1 - Reset Warnings (in the Foreground)
MSW2 - Reset Warnings (in the Background)


MTBEC1 - Customizing


MU01 - Mass upload
MUSS - _


MVD_CUST - Cutosmizing: Material Versions LS1A


MWB - Start DMC Interface
MWB1 - Creating Prop./Prod. Unit Valuation
MWB2 - Changing Prop./Prod. Unit Valuation
MWB3 - Displaying Prop/Prod Unit Valuation
MWBC - Consistency Chck f. Prop./Prod. Unit
MWBDISP - MWB: Display Transaction MWB...

MWCH - Change Procurement IAC


MY01 - C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc.
MY03 - C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc.
MY04 - C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc.
MY05 - C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc.
MY06 - C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc.
MY07 - C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc. MY0...

MY10 - C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc.
MY11 - C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc.
MY12 - C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc.
MY13 - C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc.
MYB3 - Bus. Volume Comparison Type Purchas.
MYB4 - Bus.Vol. Tolerance Group Purchasing
MYB5 - User Settings, Subsequent Settlement


M_LA - Purchasing: Condition List
M_LB - Change Condition List
M_LC - Display Condition List
M_LD - Execute Condition List
M_LQH - Define Liquidity Item Hierarchies

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