SAP T-Codes

SAP T-Codes Index by L


Index of SAP tables


LAS1 - Sequencing in Background Job
LAS2 - Change Sequence Schedule
LAS3 - Display Sequence Schedule
LAS4 - Change Sequence Sched. Interactively
LAST_SHORTDUMP - Display Last Short Dump
LAUNCH_CRW - Start of Crystal Report Designer


LB01 - Create Transfer Requirement
LB02 - Change transfer requirement
LB03 - Display Transfer Requirement
LB10 - TRs for Storage Type
LB11 - TRs for Material
LB12 - TRs and Posting Change for Mat.Doc.
LB13 - TRs for Requirement
LBK1 - Logbook Application
LBW0 - Interface LIS Information Structures
LBW1 - Update Activation LIS/BW
LBW2 - Version Copier LIS/BW
LBWE - LO Data Ext.: Customizing Cockpit
LBWF - Log for Logistics Extract. Structure
LBWG - Delete Newly Reorg. BW Data LBW...


LC10 - liveCache Assistant
LC11 - Creating the liveCache connection
LCA01 - Read LCA Object Tracing
LCA02 - LCA Object Tracing
LCA03 - Standard liveCache Test
LCA04 - Display the Current LCA Version
LCA13 - liveCache and LCA Objects Analysis
LCA20 - Profiling LCA...

LCO1 - Set Up Warehouse Co/Material Docs.
LCO2 - Set Up Warehouse Co/Transport Orders
LCRCHECK - Test LCR Connection
LCRHTMLGUI - Start LCR GUI in Browser
LCRSERVADDR - Maintain Landscape Directory Server


LD00 - Line Design
LDA2 - Change Takt Time
LDA3 - Display Takt Time
LDAP - LDAP Customizing and Test
LDAPEXTRACT_LOG - Log For Displaying the Extractor Log
LDAPLOG - Analyze LDAP Log
LDAPMAP - Maintain LDAP Attribute Assignment LDA...

LDB1 - Create Line Hierarchy
LDB2 - Change Line Hierarchy
LDB3 - Display Line Hierarchy
LDD1 - Create Line Balance
LDD2 - Change Line Balance
LDD3 - Display Line Balance
LDE1 - Work Instruction for Routing
LDE2 - Work Instruction for Line Hier.
LDGRP - Definition of Ledger Groups (FI-SL)


LEAN - Request long-term VendDecl. (vendor)
LECI - Register Means of Transport/Visitor
LECIFORM - Form Maintenance at Check-in
LECIW - Register Means of Transport/Visitor
LECMOFF - Deactivate Change Management
LEER - Create long-term VenDecl. (customer)
LEMA - Dun long-term vendor decl. (vendor)
LEPA - Activate Determination Log
LEPD - Deletion of INDX Records
LEPS - Display Determination Log


LH01 - Assign Pick-HU to TO
LH03 - Assign Pick-HU to TO Display


LI01 - Create System Inventory Record
LI01N - Create System Inventory Record
LI02 - Change System Inventory Record
LI02N - Change System Inventory Record
LI03 - Display System Inventory Record
LI03N - Display System Inventory Record LI0...

LI11 - Enter Inventory Count
LI11N - Enter Inventory Count
LI12 - Change inventory count
LI12N - Change inventory count
LI13 - Display Inventory Count
LI13N - Display Inventory Count LI1...

LI20 - Clear Inventory Differences WM
LI21 - Clear Inventory Differences in MM-IM
LIBRO_JOURNAL_PE - Journal Ledger, Peru
LICC - Cycle Counting per Quant
LICENSE_ADMIN - License Administration Workbench
LICENSE_ATTRIBUTES - Maintain License Attributes of Roles
LISH - LIS Standard Analyses: Hierarchies
LISK - LIS: Data Collection in R/2
LISTCUBE - List viewer for InfoCubes
LISTSCHEMA - Show InfoCube schema
LITRMS - Send Exposure to TRM


LK01 - Create consumer
LK02 - Change consumer
LK03 - Display consumer


LL01 - Warehouse Activity Monitor
LLDEL - Delete application logs
LLVS - WM Menu


LM00 - Logon RF
LM01 - Dynamic Menu
LM02 - Select by SU -Put Away
LM03 - Put Away - by TO
LM04 - Put Away -System Guided
LM05 - Picking by TO ID LM0...

LM11 - Posting Changes
LM12 - Material Inquiry
LM13 - Put Away Clustered
LM18 - Handling Unit Inquiry
LM19 - Handling Unit - Pack
LM22 - Handling Unit - Unpack
LM24 - Packing HU by Delivery
LM25 - Unpack HU by Delivery
LM26 - Picking by Delivery - W/O sel scree
LM27 - Put Away by Delivery - W/O sel scree
LM30 - Load Control - Load by Shipment
LM31 - Load Control - Load by Delivery
LM32 - Load Control - System Guide Load
LM33 - Load Control - UnLd by Shipment.
LM34 - Load Control - UnLd by Delivery
LM35 - Load Control - Detail by Shipping Un LM3...

LM45 - Pick and Pack
LM46 - Pick and Pack by Delivery
LM47 - nested handling units
LM50 - Count Inventory By System Guided
LM51 - Count Inventory By User Selection
LM55 - Print Storage Bin Labels
LM56 - Select by SU - Interleaving
LM57 - System Guided Putaway - Interleaving
LM58 - Sys. guided dynamic inventory count LM5...

LM60 - User guided dynamic invent. count
LM61 - Goods Issue by Delivery
LM62 - Goods Issue by MS area
LM63 - Goods Issue by Shipment
LM64 - Goods Issue by ALL
LM65 - Goods Issue by Group LM6...

LM71 - Goods Receipt by Delivery
LM72 - Goods Receipt by MS area
LM73 - Goods Receipt by Shipment
LM74 - Goods Receipt by ALL
LM76 - Goods Receipt by HU
LM77 - Queue Assignment LM7...