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AACCOBJ - Display Active Acct Assgnmt Elements
AAEP1 - Procedure for Single Records: AA
AAEP2 - Procedure for Final Results: AA
AARC - Archiving Asset Accounting
AARDB1 - RDB: Archive Single Records
AARDB2 - Delete Archived Single Records
AART - Reading of Archive Data
AASRPDEL - Reorganization Single Records Proc.
AATENV1 - Create Data Collection
AATENV2 - Create Test Cases
AATENV3 - Execute Test Cases
AAVN - Recalculate base insurable value


AB01 - Create asset transactions
AB01L - Create asset transactions
AB02 - Change asset document
AB03 - Display Asset Document
AB08 - Reverse Line Items
ABAA - Unplanned depreciation
ABAAL - Unplanned depreciation
ABAD - Asset Retire. frm Sale w/ Customer
ABAD0 - Derivation: Initial Screen
ABAD_OLD - Asset Retire. frm Sale w/ Customer
ABAKL - Last Retirement on Group Asset ABA...

ABB1 - Correction of Asset Accounts
ABCO - Adjustment Posting to Areas
ABCOL - Adjustment Posting to Areas
ABDBG_TRACE - Debugger Trace
ABF1 - Post Document
ABF1L - Post Document in Ledger Group
ABGF - Credit Memo in Year after Invoice
ABGFL - Credit Memo in Year after Invoice
ABGL - Enter Credit Memo in Year of Invoice
ABGLL - Enter Credit Memo in Year of Invoice
ABIF - Investment support
ABIFL - Investment Support
ABMA - Manual depreciation
ABMAL - Manual Depreciation
ABMR - Manual transfer of reserves
ABMRL - Manual transfer of reserves
ABMW - Reverse asset trans. using doc. no.
ABNA - Post-capitalization
ABNAL - Post-Capitalization
ABNAN - Post-Capitalization
ABNC - Enter post-capitalization
ABNE - Subsequent Revenue
ABNEL - Subsequent Revenue ABN...

ABSE61 - SE61 for ABAP, ABEN and DYNP Objects
ABSO - Miscellaneous Transactions
ABSOL - Miscellaneous Transactions
ABSO_OLD - Miscellaneous Transactions
ABST - Reconciliation Analysis FI-AA
ABST2 - Reconciliation Analysis FI-AA ABS...

ABT1 - Intercompany Asset Transfer
ABT1N - Intercompany Asset Transfer
ABUB - Transfer between areas
ABUBN - Transfer between areas
ABUM - Transfer From
ABUML - Transfer within Company Code
ABUMN - Transfer within Company Code
ABUZSM - Maintain Line Item Schema ABU...

ABZE - Acquisition from in-house production
ABZEL - Acquisition from In-House Production
ABZK - Acquisition from purchase w. vendor
ABZO - Asset acquis. autom. offset. posting
ABZOL - Acquis. w/Autom. Offsetting Entry
ABZON - Acquis. w/Autom. Offsetting Entry ABZ...


AC00 - Service Master
AC01 - Service Master
AC02 - Service Master
AC03 - Service Master
AC04 - Service Master
AC05 - List Processing: Service Master AC0...

AC10 - Class Hierarchy with Services
ACACACT - Calculate and Post Accruals
ACACAD - ACE Account Assignment
ACACADCONT01 - Accrl Acct Detmn: Mntn Entry Area 01
ACACADCONT02 - Acct Determntn: Mntn Entries Area 02
ACACADMETA01 - Acct Determntn: Define Rule Area 01
ACACADMETA02 - Acct Determntn: Define Rule Area 02 ACA...

ACB1 - Compact Account Balance Display
ACBD - Display Shared Buffer: ATP Check
ACC01 - Account Maintenance FI-AA
ACCESS_SEQ_CRM_FG - Access Sequences for Free Goods
ACCESS_SEQ_CRM_PD - Access Sequences for Product Determ.
ACCMAP - Convert Depreciation Areas
ACCR - Personal Menu Volker Hofmann
ACCR01 - Create Accrual/Deferral Document ACC...

ACEACM - Accrual Methods
ACEADET - Accrual Engine: Acct Determination
ACEADETCUST - Accrual Engine: Acct Determination
ACEADETCUST_D - Accrual Engine: Acct Determn Display
ACEADETCUST_DISP - Accrual Engine: Acct Determn Display
ACEADET_D - Accrual Engine: Change Acct Detrmntn ACE...

ACF_WHITELIST_SETUP - Install ACF Security List
ACLA - Define Archiving Classes
ACNR - No. Range Maintenance: Ext. Service
ACO1 - Activities for Authorization Check
ACO2 - Authorization Check Object Types
ACO3 - Allowed Activities per Object Type
ACO4 - Change Documents for ACO Objects
ACOMPXPD - Progress Tracking Evaluations
ACO_ADMIN_OTYPE - Object Category for Auth. Admin. ACO...

ACPTOOL - for admin cock pit sanity check tool
ACSET - Maint.Acct Types for Acct Asgmt Obj.
ACTEXP_APPR - Approve Working Times and Trips
ACTEXP_APPR_LITE - Approve Working Times and Trips


AD08 - Enter G/L Account Posting
AD0M - New A&D functionality
AD1T - Clear down payment requests
AD20 - Search help maintenance (for IMG)
AD21 - Matchcode maintenance (for IMG)
AD31 - Plan data handling
AD32 - Costs-to-complete evaluation
AD3P - Plan data handling profile
AD3V - Version type and text maintenance
AD43 - Assessment Preprocessor with rollup
AD4P - Customize assessment: stat.key figs.
ADAA - Activity Allocation Conversion
ADA_COCKPIT_LVC - liveCache im DBA Cockpit
ADA_COCKPIT_VOL - liveCache Volumes in DBA Cockpit
ADBOS01 - SD-SRV Reporting: Quantity Flow
ADBOS02 - SD-SRV Reporting: BOS w. Hierarchy
ADBOS03 - SD-SRV Reporting: BOS w/o Hierarchy
ADBT - ORF: Stock Calculation (Batch)
ADCO99 - Closure of SM Orders
ADCPL1 - Maintain CMC FFFC Parameters
ADCPL10 - Display CMC UserStatus Setup
ADCPL2 - Display CMC FFFC Parameters
ADCPL3 - Maintain CMC Settings
ADCPL4 - Display CMC Settings ADC...

ADEX - Order-material transfer posting
ADFSHM01 - Flight Scheduling: Aircraft Types
ADFSHM010 - Flight Scheduling: Flight Status
ADFSHM011 - Flight Scheduling: Flight Route
ADFSHM012 - Flight Scheduling: Terminals
ADFSHM013 - Flight Scheduling: Maintain profiles
ADFSHM014 - Maintain fields fields for profile ADF...

ADIP - SPEC 2000: Initial Provisioning
ADJNR - Number range maintenance: ADJNR
ADPMPS - PM/PS Integration
ADPMPS2 - PM/PS Integration
ADPRCP - Copy Partner Profiles for SPEC 2000
ADPT - Component Maintenance Cockpit
ADRE - ORF: Results Report
ADRF - ORF: Stock Calculation
ADS2KARCH - SPEC2000 IP Data Archiving
ADS2KIPUPL_CUST - SPEC2000 IP Upload: Gen. Customizing
ADS2KIP_PROF - User Profile
ADS2KSTAT - Update IP status after creating mast
ADS2KUPL - SPEC2000 Initial Provisioning Upload
ADS2KUPL1 - Resume Upload ADS...

ADTBOS01 - Maintenance: SD-SRV Valid Reports
AD_SPC_MOI - Customizing: Model ID Codes
AD_SPC_S1S - Customizing: Doc. Type f. Stock Inq.


AEAN - Trigger Group Message Determination
AEUB - Limit transaction types


AFAB - Post depreciation
AFABN - Post Depreciation
AFAF - Assets with errors
AFAMA - View Maint. for Deprec. Key Method
AFAMD - View Maint. Declining-Bal. Method
AFAMH - Maintain Maximum Amount Method AFA...

AFBN - Include New Depreciation Area
AFBP - Create depreciation posting log
AFO_AP_EXP_MMIG - FO Int.: Exposure Pos - Migration
AFO_AP_EXP_MUPD - FO Int.: Exposure Pos - Mass Process
AFO_AP_GT_CRE_UPD - Create/Update FO for Generic Trans.
AFO_AP_LOAN_MMIG - FO Integration: Loans - Migration
AFO_AP_LOAN_MUPD - FO Integration: Loans - Mass Proc.
AFO_AP_POS1_MMIG - FO Int.: Class SA - Migration AFO...

AFWA - Create/Maintain Analysis Structures
AFWBM - Edit Master Data for Benchmark
AFWBMPH - Assign Benchmark to PH Nodes
AFWFL - AFWCH: Filter Maintenance
AFWFLT - AFWCH: Filter Maintenance
AFWKF_AA - Key Figures and Eval. Procedures AFW...

AFX_ACT_SNUM - Number Range Maint.: AFX_ACT Object
AFX_CUST_CHECK - Check: Archiving Customizing
AFX_CUST_DEPL - Distribute Global Ctrl Customizing
AFX_GLOBAL_CTRL - Control Archiving: Check Table
AFX_GLOBAL_CUST - Archiving Control: Settings
AFX_GLOBAL_PBP - Archiving Ctrl: Package Form. Procs AFX...


AIAB - AuC Assignment of Dist. Rule
AIAO - C AM Maint. list vers. gen. line itm
AIAZ - Display Dist. Rule Allocation
AIBU - Transfer Asset under Const.
AIDMM - Create Material Master Data IDocs
AIDNR - Create EPC Number Range IDocs
AIDNR_MASTER - Define EPC Serial Number Ranges
AIIO - C AM Maintain List Version AuC
AISF - FX Exposure
AISFSS - Single Value Analysis: FX Exposure
AISGENKF - Key Figure Analysis
AISGENKF_LAYOUT_DEF - SVA: Define Key Figure Layout
AISPL - Einzelwertanalyse: Gewinn & Verlust
AISS - Single Val. Analysis - Sensitivities AIS...


AJAB - Year-End Closing
AJRW - Fiscal Year Change


AKAB - List purchasing arrangements
AKE1 - Create Condition
AKE10 - Transfer Prices: Display Overhead
AKE2 - Change Condition
AKE3 - Display Condition
AKE4 - Copy Condition
AKE5 - PCA Transfer Prices: Create Prices AKE...

AKKO - Promotion pur. pr. conditions
AKOF - C FI Maintain Table TAKOF
AKVA - List sales arrangements
AKVK - Promotion sales price conditions


AL08 - Users Logged On
AL11 - Display SAP Directories
AL11_OLD - Display SAP Directories
AL12 - Display Table Buffer (Exp. Session)
AL13 - Display Shared Memory (Expert Mode)
AL15 - Customize SAPOSCOL destination
ALLOC_BATCH_RUN - To run Allocation in the batch mode
ALM99 - JBALMCTRL Control Tables
ALM_01 - ALM: Assign CF Type to CF Indicator
ALM_ME_DEBUG - MAM Debugging Settings
ALM_ME_GENERAL - Smartsync Settings
ALM_ME_INVENTORY - Inventory Management Profile
ALM_ME_NOTIF - Notification Processing Profile ALM...

ALO1 - Determine ASH/DOREX Relationships
ALRTCATDEF - Editing Alert Categories
ALRTCATDEF_SEL - Define Alert Category
ALRTDISP - Display Alerts
ALRTINBOX - Alert Inbox
ALRTMON - Alert Monitor
ALRTPERS - Personalize Alert Delivery ALR...

ALVIEWER - ArchiveLink Viewer in the Web


AM04 - Changes to Asset Classes
AM05 - Lock Asset Class
AMADEUS - Amadeus Direct
AMC_LOG_ADMIN - Administration of ABAP Messaging Cha
AMC_LOG_PROCESSING - Selection of AMC Log Entries
AMC_SHOW_LOG_LIST - Show List of activated AMC Logs
AMEN - ABAP Tools Menu
AMRP - Send Stock/Requirements List


ANA_STRUCT_GEN - OLTP Metadata Repository
ANA_STRUCT_GEN_ALM - OLTP Metadata Repository
ANA_VAR - Table Analysis: Analysis Variants
ANHAL - Maintain Cutoff Value Key
ANK0 - Ch.-of-Depr.-Dep. Asset Class Data
ANK1 - Ch.-of-Depr.-Dep. Control Specif.
ANK2 - Ch.-of-Depr.-Dep. Allocations
ANK3 - Ch.-of-Depr.-Dep. Net Worth Valuat.
ANK4 - Ch.-of-Depr.-Dep. Insurance Data
ANKA - Directory of asset classes ANK...

ANNETTE - Check Archiving Documentation
ANSICHT - Maintain Asset Views
ANSICHT00 - Assignment Trans.Group - Asset View
ANST_SEARCH_TOOL - Automated Note Search Tool
ANVEST - Maintain Investment Support Measures
ANZARCH - Display Reloaded Structures


AO11 - Assign number range
AO21 - Screen layout for deprec. areas
AO25 - Unit-of-prod. depreciation
AO31 - Specify Depreciation Area
AO32 - Assign net worth tax area
AO33 - Net worth tax field selection
AO41 - Add to insurance specifications
AO42 - Insurance field selection
AO51 - Leasing field selection
AO52 - Add to leasing entries
AO61 - Assign user fields
AO67 - Define Transaction Type
AO68 - Define Transaction Type
AO69 - Account assignmt. KTNAIB
AO71 - Document type for posting deprec.
AO72 - Specify posting procedure
AO73 - Define Transaction Type
AO73_INV - Define Transaction Type
AO74 - Define Transaction Type
AO75 - Define Transaction Type AO7...

AO80 - Define Transaction Type
AO81 - Define Transaction Type
AO82 - Define Transaction Type
AO83 - Define Transaction Type
AO84 - Define Transaction Type
AO85 - Account assignmt Acquisitions AO8...

AO90 - Account assignmt Acquisitions
AO90_ACI - Maint. Technical Clearing Account
AO90_OLD - Account assignmt Acquisitions
AO91 - Specify field group authorization
AO92 - Logical field groups
AO93 - Ord. Depreciation Acct Assignment AO9...

AOBJ - Archiving object definition
AOBJ_DOCU - Display Archiving Object Docu.
AOBK - Depreciation areas/Reduction rules
AOBV - Maint. of rules for delivery costs
AOCO - Cost center check (across
AOLA - Master Data Tab
AOLAPOST - Tabstrip Posting Transactions
AOLK - Tab Layout for Asset Master Data


APB_CALL_IS_QUERIES - Call Infoset Queries
APB_ISR_CUST - ISR Scenario Customizing
APB_LPD_CALL_B_I_TXN - Call Transaction via Batch Input
APB_LPD_CALL_ISQ - Launch an Infoset Query
APB_LPD_CALL_RW_REP - Start Report Writer Reports APB...

APER_RESET - Reset Periodic Posting Run
APOLLO - Apollo Bypass
APPCHANGE - Reporting Options for Appraisals
APPCREATE - Create Appraisal
APPDELETE - Delete Appraisal
APPDISPLAY - Display Appraisal
APPSEARCH - Reporting Options for Appraisals
APPTAKEBACK - Reset Appraisal Status to 'Active' APP...


AR01 - Call Asset List
AR02 - Call Up Asset History Sheet
AR03 - Call Up Depreciation List
AR04 - Call Up Depreciation + Interest List
AR05 - Call Up Asset Acquisition List
AR06 - Call Up Asset Retirement List AR0...

AR10 - Call Up Insurance List
AR11 - Investment Grants
AR11N - Investment Grants
AR12 - Call Up Asset Directory
AR13 - Call Up Prim. Cost Plan. Dep./Int.
AR14 - Call Up Manual Depreciation List AR1...

AR20 - Retirement comparison
AR21 - Mid-quarter Alert Report
AR22 - Analysis of retirment revenue
AR23 - Italy: Asset register
AR24 - Italy: Assets at 3rd party
AR25 - Depreciation posted AR2...

AR30 - Display Worklist
AR31 - Edit Worklist
AR32 - Call Create Worklist
AR32N - Call Create Worklist
ARAL - Display Application Log
ARCHGUIDE - Data Archiving Guide
ARCH_PROT - Archiving Logs
ARCU_COIT1 - Residence Times for CO Line Items
ARKO - KOBRA: Archiving
ARMO - Schedule Monitor: Asset Accounting
ARQ0 - FIAA - Ad hoc reports
ARRAY_CREATE - Generate Column Group
ART0 - FIAA - Information System
ARTE - Replace Articles in Layout Modules
AR_CUST - Archiving Engine - Configurator
AR_ENGINE - Archiving Engine
AR_FACTORY - Archiving Factory
AR_HDS - Assignment of Residence Times
AR_MIGRATION - Archiving engine migration launchpad AR_...


AS01 - Create Asset Master Record
AS02 - Change Asset Master Record
AS03 - Display Asset Master Record
AS04 - Asset Changes
AS05 - Block Asset Master Record
AS06 - Delete Asset Record/Mark for Delet. AS0...

AS100 - Legacy Data Transfer using Excel
AS11 - Create Asset Subnumber
AS11_FMIM - Create AuC Subnumber
AS21 - Create Group Asset
AS22 - Change Group Asset
AS23 - Display Group Asset
AS24 - Create Group Asset Subnumber
AS25 - Block group asset
AS26 - Mark group asset for deletion AS2...

AS81 - Create Old Group Assets Data
AS82 - Change old group asset
AS83 - Display old group asset
AS84 - Create legacy group asset subnumber
AS91 - Create Old Asset
AS92 - Change Old Asset
AS93 - Display Old Asset
AS94 - Create Legacy Asset Subnumber
ASACT - Activate Application Stat. Types
ASCC - Assets on My Cost Center - GUI Vers.
ASCC_GUI - Assets on My Cost Center
ASEM - My assets
ASEM_GUI - My Assets - GUI Version
ASIM - Simulation of asset posting
ASKB - Periodic Asset Postings
ASKBN - Periodic APC Posting Run
ASMN - Asset Master Menu
ASOKEY - Definition of SAP Function OPENKEY
AS_ADMIN - SAP AS: Administration
AS_AFB - Archive File Browser


AT01 - Create Asset Master Record (old)
AT02 - Change Asset Master Record (old)
AT03 - Display Asset Master Record (old)
AT11 - Create Asset Subnumber (Old)
AT21 - Create Group Asset (old)
AT22 - Change Group Asset (old)
AT23 - Display Group Asset (old)
AT24 - Create Group Asset Sub-Number (old)
AT81 - Create Old Group Asset (old)
AT82 - Change Old Group Asset (old)
AT83 - Display Old Group Asset (old)
AT84 - Display Old Group Asset Sub-No.(old)
AT91 - Create Old Asset (old)
AT92 - Change Old Asset (old)
AT93 - Display Old Asset (old)
AT94 - Create Old Asset Sub-Number (old)
ATC - ATC Administration
ATC_A - ATC Administration
ATC_F - ATC for FA
ATP01 - Cancel/Delete Prod. Avail. Req.
ATPC01 - Maintain number range for PAR
ATPS - ATP Check: Send Customizing
ATRA - ABAP Objects Runtime Analysis
ATRANSGRP - Transaction Group Maintenance
ATRA_E2E - ABAP Obj. Runtime Analysis for E2E


AUFW - Maintain Revaluation Measures
AUN0 - FI-AA Asset Summary
AUN1 - FI-AA Asset Summary
AUN10 - FI-AA Asset Summary
AUN11 - FI-AA Asset Summary
AUN2 - FI-AA Asset Summary
AUN3 - FI-AA Asset Summary AUN...

AUT01 - Configuration of Logging
AUT02 - Configuration of Navigation Help
AUT03 - Display Configuration
AUT04 - Configuration of Long Text Logs
AUT05 - Deletion of Long Texts
AUT10 - Evaluation of Audit Trail AUT...

AUVA - FI-AA Incomplete Assets


AW01 - Asset Explorer
AW01N - Asset Explorer
AW01_AFAR - Asset Explorer
AW01_OLD - Asset Master Rec: Display Val.Fields
AWUW - Assignment LIS except/BOR event


AXPD - Progress Tracking Evaluations
AXTEXT - Extensibility Extension Types Reg.
AXTOBJ - Extensibility Generation Registry
AXTREG - Extensibility Registry
AXTSHOW - Display and analyze Enhancements
AXTSYS - Extensibility Tool System Info
AXT_EXT_GEN_SESSION - Extension Generation by Session ID AXT...

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