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ABAP read table with OR condition in SAP

​So is it possible to add an OR condition to the key values of the read statement? The simple answer is no, but you can replicate this functionality using one of two methods. Method 1 – Using multiple ABAP READ statements within nested IF statements The first method would be to use multiple READ statements […]

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ABAP Glossary

Each entry in the glossary contains a reference to the application component to which it belongs. You can use this path in the R/3 Library to find further information. For example, for more information about ABAP Dictionary. look under ABAP Workbench (application component BC-DWB) ABAP Dictionary ABAP Workbench (BC-DWB)Central and redundancy-free storage facility for all […]

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Create dynamic SAP Web dynpro screen

Simply create a new Web dynpo application and add this code to the WDDOMODIFYVIEW method of your main view. method WDDOMODIFYVIEW . data : lr_textview type ref to cl_wd_text_view. Data: lr_uicontainer type ref to cl_wd_uielement_container, lr_rowhead type ref to cl_wd_row_head_data, lr_button type ref to cl_wd_button, lr_inputfield type ref to cl_wd_input_field, lr_flowdata type ref to cl_wd_flow_data, ld_childid […]

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