SAP Transaction Codes

SAP transaction codes / tcodes are used to execute abap programs within an SAP system

SAP tcodes (transaction codes) are an easy way of executing SAP programs and reports. These programs are written using ABAP code and essentially make up an SAP system interface and functionality. I.e. almost every time you perform a specific action within SAP, such as executing a tcode, clicking on a link, running a report or even creating a report you are executing an SAP program.

As well as the programs that make up the SAP development environment there are thousands of programs/tcodes which have already been created by SAP which perform a multitude of very useful functionality. Also see SAP ABAP reports which are also written using ABAP but offers the user a large amount of reporting functionality.

Popular SAP Transaction Codes

SAP object navigator

SAP directory structure

BAPI Explorer to view SAP bapis

OLE Processing

table maintenance for SAP databases

Batch input processing

Maintain Output Determination

IDoc and EDI

Index list of t-codes available in SAP beginning with the following character