Create dynamic SAP Web dynpro screen

Simply create a new Web dynpo application and add this code to the WDDOMODIFYVIEW method of your main view. method WDDOMODIFYVIEW . data : [...]

Cookiechoices cookie only set for specific page not whole website

When i first downloaded the the cookiechoices.js file from the link suggested by google and then installed it onto my site it didn’t r [...]

Unix commends via putty

Create directory  mkdir page-backup create directory called page-backup   Copy all files and sub-directories from one directory to an [...]

Surprising Insights from Behavioral Economics That Can Help You Win Over Your Customers

You’ve probably heard of Dan either through his NY Times bestseller, Predictably Irrational, or through one of his many Ted Talks on behav [...]

html image url contains or something with bmi

I noticed the other week that some of the image SRC links within my website HTML code was being transformed. Basically a spurious http://1.1 [...]

The Complete iOS Developer Course: A review of Rob Percival’s course

As you may or may not have heard SAP and Apple have partner to in their words “Revolutionize work on iPhone”. An  SDK for iOS [...]

ABAP report of pernrs and email output as PDF ABAP

Useful ABAP code example to demonstrate how to display an SAP ALV report and then email the output as a PDF document. The code covers the fo [...]

View SAP Query ABAP program created

When working with SAP queries it is often useful to have a look at the ABAP code it generates. This could be to either use it as a basis for [...]

SAP Security & Authorizations

Course Description “SAP Security & Authorizations“ is a course specially designed for students who are willing to take qual [...]
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