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S079 SAP STRPS: Movements + Stock Table and data

S079 is a standard SAP Table which is used to store STRPS: Movements + Stock data and is available within R/3 SAP systems depending on the version and release level.

Below is the standard documentation available and a few details of the fields which make up this Table. You can view further information about SAP S079 Table and the data within it using relevant transactions such as SE11, SE80 or SE16. Also check out the Comments section below to view or add related contributions and example screen shots.

Delivery Class: A - Application table containing master and transaction data

Display/Maintenance via SM30: Yes but with Restrictions

Enhancement category i: Cannot Be Enhanced
See here for more information about this and other SAP enhancement categories

SAP S079 Table fields within data Dictionary

FieldData ElementData Typelength (Decimals)Check tableDescriptionConversion Routine
SSOURSSOURCHAR4 Statistic(s) origin
Version number in the information structure
SPMONSPMONNUMC6 Period to analyze - monthPERI
SPTAGSPTAGDATS8 Period to analyze - current date
SPWOCSPWOCNUMC6 Period to analyze - weekPERI
SPBUPSPBUPNUMC6 Period to analyze - posting periodPERI
EKORGEKORGCHAR4 T024EPurchasing Organization
VTWEGVTWEGCHAR2 TVTWDistribution Channel
BZIRKBZIRKCHAR6 T171Sales district
BTRKZVLFKZCHAR1 Plant category
WGRU2MCW_WGRU2CHAR18 Material group hierarchy 2
WGRU1MCW_WGRU1CHAR18 Material group hierarchy 1
MATKLMATKLCHAR9 T023Material Group
Fiscal Year Variant
VWDATVWDATNUMC10 Pointer to administrative data
UMSMNGMCW_UMSMNGQUAN15(3) Sales quantity in base unit of measure
UMSGVOMCW_UMSGVOCURR19(2) Sales at retail
UMSGVPMCW_UMSGVPCURR19(2) Sales at retail with tax
PRSNLSMCW_PRSNLSCURR19(2) Sales deviation during sales
AUMMNGMCW_AUMMNGQUAN15(3) Promotion sales quantity in BUn
AUMGEOMCW_AUMGEOCURR19(2) Promotion sales at cost
AUMGVOMCW_AUMGVOCURR19(2) Promotion sales at retail
AUMGVPMCW_AUMGVPCURR19(2) Promotion sales at retail with tax

WESMNGMCW_WESMNGQUAN15(3) Goods receipt (vendor) quantity in BUn
WESGEOMCW_WESGEOCURR19(2) Goods receipt (vendor) at cost
WESGVOMCW_WESGVOCURR19(2) Goods receipt (vendor) at retail
WESGVPMCW_WESGVPCURR19(2) Goods receipt (vendor) at retail with tax
WESANZMCW_WESANZINT410 Goods receipt (vendor) number of transactions
RTEMNGMCW_RTEMNGQUAN15(3) Returns to vendor quantity in base unit of measure
RTEGEOMCW_RTEGEOCURR19(2) Returns to vendor at cost
RTEGVOMCW_RTEGVOCURR19(2) Returns to vendor at retail
RTEGVPMCW_RTEGVPCURR19(2) Returns to vendor at retail with tax
RTEANZMCW_RTEANZINT410 Returns to vendor, no. of transactions
KMEMNGMCW_KMEMNGQUAN15(3) Goods receipt (distribution center) quantity in BUn
KMEGEOMCW_KMEGEOCURR19(2) Goods receipt (DC) at cost
KMEGVOMCW_KMEGVOCURR19(2) Goods receipt (DC) at retail
KMEGVPMCW_KMEGVPCURR19(2) Goods receipt (dist. center) at retail with tax
KMEANZMCW_KMEANZINT410 Goods receipt (distribution center), no. of transactions
KMAMNGMCW_KMAMNGQUAN15(3) Goods issue (distribution center) quantity in BUn
KMAGEOMCW_KMAGEOCURR19(2) Goods issue (DC) at cost
KMAGVOMCW_KMAGVOCURR19(2) Goods issue (DC) at retail
KMAGVPMCW_KMAGVPCURR19(2) Goods issue (dist. center) at retail with tax
KMAANZMCW_KMAANZINT410 Goods issue (distribution center), no. of transactions
ULEMNGMCW_ULEMNGQUAN15(3) Goods clearing: receipts quantity in BUn
ULEGEOMCW_ULEGEOCURR19(2) Goods clearing: receipts at cost
ULEGVOMCW_ULEGVOCURR19(2) Goods clearing: receipts at retail
ULEGVPMCW_ULEGVPCURR19(2) Goods clearing: receipts at retail with tax
ULEANZMCW_ULEANZINT410 Goods clearing: receipts, no. of transactions
ULAMNGMCW_ULAMNGQUAN15(3) Goods clearing: issues quantity in BUn
ULAGEOMCW_ULAGEOCURR19(2) Goods clearing: issues at cost
ULAGVOMCW_ULAGVOCURR19(2) Goods clearing: issues at retail
ULAGVPMCW_ULAGVPCURR19(2) Goods clearing: issues at retail with tax
ULAANZMCW_ULAANZINT410 Goods clearing: issues, no. of transactions
AUEMNGMCW_AUEMNGQUAN15(3) Material transfer: receipts quantity BUn
AUEGEOMCW_AUEGEOCURR19(2) Material transfer: receipts at cost
AUEGVOMCW_AUEGVOCURR19(2) Material transfer: receipts at retail
AUEGVPMCW_AUEGVPCURR19(2) Material transfer: receipts at retail with tax
AUEANZMCW_AUEANZINT410 Material transfer: receipts, no. transactions
AUAMNGMCW_AUAMNGQUAN15(3) Material transfer: issues quantity BUn
AUAGEOMCW_AUAGEOCURR19(2) Material transfer: issues at cost
AUAGVOMCW_AUAGVOCURR19(2) Material transfer: issues at retail
AUAGVPMCW_AUAGVPCURR19(2) Material transfer: issues at retail with tax
AUAANZMCW_AUAANZINT410 Material transfer: issues, no. of transactions
BKIPMGMCW_BKIPMGQUAN15(3) Stock adjustment inventory difference plus (quantity)
BKIPEOMCW_BKIPEOCURR19(2) Stock adjustment inventory difference plus (cost)
BKIPVOMCW_BKIPVOCURR19(2) Stock adjustment inventory difference plus (retail)
BKIPVPMCW_BKIPVPCURR19(2) Stock adjustment inventory difference plus (at retail w/tax)
BKIPAZMCW_BKIPAZINT410 Stock adjustment inv. difference plus (no. of transactions)
BKIMMGMCW_BKIMMGQUAN15(3) Stock adjustment inventory difference minus (quantity)
BKIMEOMCW_BKIMEOCURR19(2) Stock adjustment inventory difference minus (cost)
BKIMVOMCW_BKIMVOCURR19(2) Stock adjustment inventory difference minus (retail)
BKIMVPMCW_BKIMVPCURR19(2) Stock adjustment inventory difference minus (retail w/tax)

BKIMAZMCW_BKIMAZINT410 Stock adjustment inv. difference minus (no. of transactions)
BKSPMGMCW_BKSPMGQUAN15(3) Stock adjustment miscellaneous plus (quantity)
BKSPEOMCW_BKSPEOCURR19(2) Stock adjustment miscellaneous plus (cost)
BKSPVOMCW_BKSPVOCURR19(2) Stock adjustment miscellaneous plus (retail)
BKSPVPMCW_BKSPVPCURR19(2) Stock adjustment miscellaneous plus (retail with tax)
BKSPAZMCW_BKSPAZINT410 Stock adjustment miscellaneous plus (no. of transactions)
BKSMMGMCW_BKSMMGQUAN15(3) Stock adjustment miscellaneous minus (quantity)
BKSMEOMCW_BKSMEOCURR19(2) Stock adjustment miscellaneous minus (cost)
BKSMVOMCW_BKSMVOCURR19(2) Stock adjustment miscellaneous minus (retail)
BKSMVPMCW_BKSMVPCURR19(2) Stock adjustment miscellaneous minus (retail with tax)
BKSMAZMCW_BKSMAZINT410 Stock adjustment miscellaneous minus (no. of transactions)
BVLMNGMCW_BVLMNGQUAN15(3) Order volume quantity Retail
BVLGEOMCW_BVLGEOCURR19(2) Order volume at cost
BVLGVOMCW_BVLGVOCURR19(2) Order volume at retail
BVLGVPMCW_BVLGVPCURR19(2) Order volume at retail with tax
BVLANZMCW_BVLANZINT410 Order volume, number of transactions
UBPEPMMCW_UBPEPMQUAN15(3) Revaluation at cost, plus, quantity
UBPGEOMCW_UBPGEOCURR19(2) Revaluation at cost, plus
UBPEAZMCW_UBPEAZINT410 Revaluation at cost plus, no. of transactions
UBMEPMMCW_UBMEPMQUAN15(3) Revaluation at cost minus, quantity
UBMGEOMCW_UBMGEOCURR19(2) Revaluation at cost, minus
UBMEAZMCW_UBMEAZINT410 Revaluation at cost minus, no. of transactions
UBPVPMMCW_UBPVPMQUAN15(3) Revaluation at retail, plus, quantity
UBPGVOMCW_UBPGVOCURR19(2) Revaluation at retail, plus
UBPGVPMCW_UBPGVPCURR19(2) Revaluation at retail, plus, at retail with tax
UBPVAZMCW_UBPVAZINT410 Revaluation at retail, plus, no. of transactions
UBMVPMMCW_UBMVPMQUAN15(3) Revaluation at retail, minus, quantity
UBMGVOMCW_UBMGVOCURR19(2) Revaluation at retail, minus
UBMGVPMCW_UBMGVPCURR19(2) Revaluation at retail, minus, at retail with tax
UBMVAZMCW_UBMVAZINT410 Revaluation at retail, minus, no. of transactions
BSTMNGMCW_BSTMNGQUAN15(3) Stock quantity in base unit of measure
BSTGVOMCW_BSTGVOCURR19(2) Stock at retail
BSTGVPMCW_BSTGVPCURR19(2) Stock at retail with tax
WESMAOMCW_WESMAODEC6(2) Goods receipt margin (vendor+GR(DC))
WESMAMMCW_WESMAMDEC6(2) Goods receipt margin with tax (vendor+GR(DC))
UMSMAMMCW_UMSMAMDEC6(2) Sales margin with tax
AUMMAOMCW_AUMMAODEC6(2) Promotion sales margin

AUMMAMMCW_AUMMAMDEC6(2) Promotion sales margin with tax
BVLMAOMCW_BVLMAODEC6(2) Order volume margin
BVLMAMMCW_BVLMAMDEC6(2) Order volume margin with tax
BSTMAMMCW_BSTMAMDEC6(2) Stock margin including tax
ZUGMNGMCW_ZUGMNGQUAN15(3) Receipts quantity in BUn
ZUGGEOMCW_ZUGGEOCURR19(2) Receipts at cost
ZUGGVOMCW_ZUGGVOCURR19(2) Receipts at retail
ZUGGVPMCW_ZUGGVPCURR19(2) Receipts at retail with tax
ABGMNGMCW_ABGMNGQUAN15(3) Issues quantity in BUn
ABGGEOMCW_ABGGEOCURR19(2) Issues at cost
ABGGVOMCW_ABGGVOCURR19(2) Issues at retail
ABGGVPMCW_ABGGVPCURR19(2) Issues at retail with tax
RWMENGMCW_RWMENGDEC7 Range of coverage in days (quantity)
RWWERTMCW_RWWERTDEC7 Range of coverage in days (value)
UHMENGMCW_UHMENGDEC6(2) Inventory turn (quantity)
UHWERTMCW_UHWERTDEC6(2) Inventory turn (value)
JUMENGMCW_JUMENGDEC6(2) Annual inventory turn (quantity)
JUWERTMCW_JUWERTDEC6(2) Annual inventory turn (value)
GMROIOMCW_GMROIODEC6(2) Gross margin return on inventory investment
GMROIMMCW_GMROIMDEC6(2) Gross margin return on inventory investment with tax

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