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SAP message number 353 within class G_COBL_CORE - Communication error during validation of coding block

Messsage Text for 353(G_COBL_CORE)

Communication error during validation of coding block

What causes this issue?
When validating the coding block in Accounting a communication error occurred.
You attempted to validate the entries in the coding block in a
different system with the RFC destination V1 .
This validation is, however, not yet possible. The error from the RFC
call is:
V3 V4

System Response
Your entries could not be validated. If you have entered invalid values in the coding block, this can lead to the document not being posted to Accounting before the entries were corrected.

How to fix the issue?
If you are certain that you made no incorrect entries in the coding block, you can continue processing the document. If the document is posted and the coding block then does contain incorrect values, these can possibly be corrected in Accounting during the IDOC inbound processing.
To analyze the communication error check the RFC destination V1 in transaction SM59.
If there are no errors with the connection to RFC destination V1 , check the ALE Customizing. For the method CheckAccountAssignment of the object BUS6001 AccountingServices the receiver for company code V2 must be maintained correctly.

ABAP Code to add this mesage to own reports
MESSAGE W353(G_COBL_CORE). "warning message
MESSAGE E353(G_COBL_CORE). "Error message
--> See here for more options

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