848399 SAP OSS Note - Measurement docs: Problems after you implement Note 806624

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Note 848399 Details:

When does this problem occur

When you process a measurement document, you notice the following proble

  • In Transaction IK11, IK02, IK03, you call the function "Last measurement

  • document..." and the system issues error message IR 021 (Measuring point & has no measurement documents).
  • You do one of the following:

  • Replace a counter

  • Externally set the overall counter reading to zero

  • Enter a counter difference of zero

  • However, the system then displays the counter reading incorrectly when y

ou enter a document in chronological order.
  • You enter a subsequent document with a counter that counts forwards, but

  • the counter reading for this document is smaller than that of the previous document. Despite this error, the system does no
    error message IR 032 (Counter reading smaller than in previous document
  • You have a counter that counts backwards. After entering the initial doc

  • ument, you enter a document whose total counter reading is smaller than that of the initial document. Despite this, the syst
    issues error message IR 033 (Counter reading larger than in previous
    document &).
  • You can enter several documents for the same time. The counter design
    forbids this.

  • There are data inconsistencies with the counters if the document that ch

  • ronologically precedes a counter has one of the following:
  • A counter reading (CNTRR) of zero

  • A difference (CDIFF) of zero

  • And if you then entered subsequent documents.

In principle, the problems occur if you determine the (chronologically)
last measurement document for a measuring point.

Description of problem

Measuring point, measurement document, difference, counter reading, over

all counter reading,

Replace counter, set external overall counter reading


IR021, IR032, IR033, IP10, IP30, maintenance plan, performance-based mai

ntenance planning, planned date, dates, MHIS, MHIO, NPLDA, TOTAC

Cause of the problem and Pre-requisites


The problem is caused by Note 806624.

Note 806624 is available in the following Support Packages:
  • Release 4.6C Support Packages 49 and 50

  • Release 4.7 (R/3 Enterprise) Support Packages 23 and 24

  • Release ECC500 (Enterprise 2004) Support Package 7

  • DIMP 4.6C2 CRT 17

  • You implemented the correction from Note 806624 or installed a relevant
    Support Package.

  • The (chronologically) preceding document shows a counter reading or diff

  • erence of zero.

Solution instructions

A correction is available in this note or with the relevant Support Pack

  • For Release 4.6C: Support Package 51

  • For Release 4.7 (R/3 Enterprise): Support Package 25

  • Release ECC500 (Enterprise 2004): Support Package 8

  • DIMP 4.6C2: CRT 18

After you have implemented the standard correction from this note, impor

t the ZIMRG_ANALYSE analysis report from Note 855079 into your system. Before you use the report, read the documentation, wh
available in the header of the report.

If the report finds potential conflicts for counter measurement document

s created in your production system as of January 2005, open a message with high priority under the component PM-EQM-SF-MPC.

Add the following information to the message:
  • When you implemented the correction from Note 806624 in your production

  • If you use maintenance plans in your production system

Passwords for Installing Support Packages

If you want to install one of the above Support Packages affected by the

error, you require the following passwords:
  • For SAPKH46C49: 8A2A91C9D9

  • For SAPKH46C50: 8A2A91C8D0

  • For SAPKH47023: 8A2BE2CFD3

  • For SAPKH47024: 8A2BE2CFD4

  • For SAPKH50007: 8B2CE2CDD7

Solution instructions

Please import the corrections attached to this OSS note into your SAP system using SNOTE.

You can also view the full details of this OSS note and download it to your SAP system ready for implementation using transaction code SNOTE. Once it has been downloaded you can read the full details, check out any installation instructions including manual changes and see if there are any pre-requisites.

You can also check if a new version of note 848399 has been released as well as see if the note is valid for your current SAP system landscape.

Check if SAP OSS note 848399 has already been downloaded and is valid

To check if this note has already been download, what status it has and if it is valid for your system first execute t-code SNOTE and click on the SAP Note Browser icon
Icon used to execute SAP Note Browser report within SNOTE

From here you can just enter the note number 848399 and press execute. If the note already exists it's details will be displayed. See here for full step by step instructions on how to check if an SAP note has been downloaded and is valid for your system.

If note 848399 does not exist on your system you will receive the message "Unable to find SAP Note that meets specified criteria"
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If this is the case you will need to download the note to you SAP system also using transaction SNOTE. For further details see Download note using SNOTE. Even if it does exist you may still want to check if you have downloaded the latest version of the note.

Alternatively you can find full details of this note on the SAP service market place(SNumber / Service market place login will be required)