5312 SAP OSS Note - Variables to be used for printer cover pages

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Note 5312 Details:

When does this problem occur

Customer wants to enhance printer cover pages.

List of useable variables.
Customer wants to access values from the user address (like department,
room number) on the title page of a print job.

Cause of the problem and Pre-requisites

No online help, because the list is implemented in the C coding.

Solution instructions

The following is a list of available cover pages text variables:

ANZAHL number of copies. (normal = 1)

ABTEILUNG department

ANGELEGT date and time of creation of spool request

BENUTZER user, who requested the output

DB name and server of database

DRUCKAUFTRAG number of output request (starting with 1
JOBNO for each spool request)

DRUCKER name of output device (from output request)
PRINTER (long device name (30 chars) as of release 4.5B)

DRUCKERSPRACHE printer language (configured in transaction SPAD)

DRUCKERTYP device type of output device

DSN 1st part of name of spool request

ERZEUGT date and time of request for output

EIGNER user, who created spool request (and wrote data)

EMPFAENGER user, who shall receive the paper


GEDRUCKT date and time of output processing

JOBSEITENZAHL number of pages in the output request
JOBPAGES (correct count)

LAUNCHED_UTC date and time of request for output in UTC

LETZTESEITE last page of output request (correct value
JOBLAST with kernel containing "spool patch collection 14")

MANDANT client of the output request

ORIGDEST name of the output device (from spool request
may be different to DEST if job is redirected)
Only short names supported here.


PJENDPAGE End page of the output request (0=default,
may be larger than PAGES!!!)

PJSTRTPAGE Start page of the output request (0=default)

PJTELENUM Fax number of the output request

PRIO priority

RECHNER computer, which does the output formatting

RQCLIENT client of the spool request

SAPREL R/3 release number

SEITENZAHL Number of pages of the spool request

SHORTNAME Short name for output device (as of release 4.5B)

SPOOLID spool request number

SPRACHE language of the document

STARTSEITE first page of output (1=default)

SUFFIX1 2nd part of name of spool request

SUFFIX2 3rd part of name of spool request
SYSTEM system name

TITEL title of spool request.

USR Variables of USR03 table (see printing documentation
for details. Please note that as of Release 4.6C, report
RSPOUSR03 has to be executed before these variables can
be used).

These variables can be used on the title page only.

In order to use these variables, copy an existing device type and add
the desired variable in the cover page action of format X_PAPER,



Description of problem

USR03, titlepage, rspovar

Solution instructions

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