28869 SAP OSS Note - Printout of changes although field not print-relevant

SAP OSS Note 28869 version 0006 contains details of a know issue related to Printout of changes although field not print-relevant . This includes any associated symptoms and instructions on how to fix it, see below for full details. Also check out the comments section to view/add related contributions, questions or screen shots, based on real life experience of this oss note and problem.

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Note 28869 Details:

When does this problem occur

When a field (item or header) is changed in a purchasing document, a

change message is generated although the field is non-print-relev

ant in the case of changes.

Cause of the problem and Pre-requisites

When you change a purchasing document an output determination is always

carried out and where necessary, a message record is produced.

 If there are changes, they are not checked to see if they are relevant

to printing. As a result a message record is created for non-p

rint relevant changes (Table T166C), for example changes to confirmation

numbers, non-print relevant texts or account assignment data.

 The changes are only checked to see if they are relevant to printing in

the print program.

No check is usually carried out as to the exact time of the change for

reasons of performance because

1. The output determination must be carried out each time. Only after

this it is known whether or not the message created is a change


2. The message type (or possibly the medium) have to be interpreted as
internal mails are probably created;

3. The Customizing, for example the print control for texts must be


4. Customer specific solutions in the print program are not possible.

Solution instructions

None: modification necessary.

Description of problem

ME90, ME22, ME52, T166C, ME9F, ME9E, ME9L, ME9K, ME9A, ME22N, ME42,

purchase order, inquiry, contract, scheduling agreement, outline a

greement, schedule lines, SAPFM06P, MEDRUCK

Solution instructions

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If note 28869 does not exist on your system you will receive the message "Unable to find SAP Note that meets specified criteria"
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If this is the case you will need to download the note to you SAP system also using transaction SNOTE. For further details see Download note using SNOTE. Even if it does exist you may still want to check if you have downloaded the latest version of the note.

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