16534 SAP OSS Note - Job terminates due to SPOOL_INTERNAL_ERROR

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Note 16534 Details:

When does this problem occur

Batch job terminates due to errors in the spooler

SysLog F82: Invalid writer count
No handle for an open TemSe object
Some error in TemSe management
Runtime error "SPOOL_INTERNAL_ERROR" occurred
Transaction termination 00671

Cause of the problem and Pre-requisites

Spooler consistency check RSPO0043 or RSPO1043 is used in the productive

system with a "lock-delete duration" that is too low.

The problem can arise both during online checks in the SPAD and in the


To date, there has been no other definitive cause.

Important: RSPO0043 is obsolete. Use only RSPO1043 for the spooler TemSe
consistency check.

The spooler consistency check RSPO1043 deletes the write locks on spool

requests that are older than a certain duration. This duration

 (the "age" of the write locks) is specified as the parameter

"Release locks after... minutes".
The standard value for RSPO1043 is 10080 minutes, that is, seven days.
The problem cannot occur with this standard value since there a

re normally no batch jobs that have a runtime up to seven days.

(Although RSPO0043 has a standard value of thirty minutes, it should no
longer be used, see above.)

Solution instructions

Select the parameter "Release locks after... minutes" so that it is

large enough so that no write locks of spool requests of current b

atch jobs are affected during the daily execution of RSPO1043.

(The corrections specified in this note set 10080 as the default for
write locks in RSPO0043.)

Description of problem

Spool, RSPO0043, RSPO1043


|Manual Pre-Implement. |



|Software Component SAP_BASIS SAP Basis compo...|

| Release 710 Until SAPKB71009 |

| Release 711 Until SAPKB71104 |


  • Use transaction SE11 to create the structure BTC_SPOOLID_LINE with the
    description 'TBTC_SPOOLID line'. Copy the components of the table
    description TBTC_SPOOLID.

  • Use transaction SE11 to create the table type BTC_SPOOLID with the
    description 'Table type for TBTC_SPOOLID' and the line type BTC_S

  • Use transaction SE11 to create the table type BTCLISTID_TAB with the
    description 'Table type for BTCLISTID' and the line type BTCLISTID.

Solution instructions

Please import the corrections attached to this OSS note into your SAP system using SNOTE.

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If note 16534 does not exist on your system you will receive the message "Unable to find SAP Note that meets specified criteria"
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