1272921 SAP OSS Note - Workflow Container: Merge initializes def-extension

SAP OSS Note 1272921 version 0003 contains details of a know issue related to Workflow Container: Merge initializes def-extension. This includes any associated symptoms and instructions on how to fix it, see below for full details. Also check out the comments section to view/add related contributions, questions or screen shots, based on real life experience of this oss note and problem.

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Note 1272921 Details:

When does this problem occur

A task is based on a class method (for example, CL_SWF_FORMABSENC CREATE). The taks is the first step in a workflow. You start the w
orkflow for the first time using SWUS. It runs without errors. You then start the workflow a second time, without leaving SWUS, and the workflow receives the status ERROR.

WL821 Work item ... Object... Method ...cannot be executed
W8899: Call of method...of class....failed:
Incorrect type for parameter

Description of problem

Cause of the problem and Pre-requisites

The result parameter of the method has an object-value. When the result is transferred to the task container, the method MERGE is called. For the delta handling, the value for the object-value element is requested. The element is then initialized. However, it is located in the def-extension of the task container.

The def-extension is reused during the next workflow start. The content has changed, which causes the error.

The problem occurs only for object-type elements.

Solution instructions

You must execute the delta handling on a copy. This is already implemented for all other elements. Only for object-type elements, a copy is not yet used. This error is corrected with the correction.

Implement the correction instructions.

Note 1272921 Correction instructions:

NOTE: Only source text changes are displayed here

*$ CORRECTION INSTRUCTIONS 0120031469 0000732061 $*
*$ Prerequisite corr. inst. 0120031469 0000709797 Note 0001272921 $*
*$ VALID FOR : $*
*$ Software Component SAP_BASIS SAP Basis component $*
*$ Release 710 To SAPKB71007 $*
*$ Release 711 To SAPKB71102 $*
IF -props O swfcn_p_obj_ref.
* --- do not call it if element is null. This can
* initialize the def. extension - OSS note 01272921
if -props Z swfcn_p_is_null.
*>>>> END OF DELETION <<<<<<<
clear l_old_value_ref.
if -props Z swfcn_p_is_null.
*>>>> END OF INSERTION <<<<<<

Effected Objects:







Solution instructions

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