ABAP OO Class Methods

IF_IFW_CON SAP Interface - Constants for invoice forecasting worklist

IF_IFW_CON is a standard SAP interface, see below for any documentation including details of methods, attributes, events etc. Interfaces are defined much the same as a class using the same transactions but act a bit like a template (in none OO terms). For example, a class would implement the interface and then inherit all of the methods etc from it. This provides a mechanism for unrelated objects to use a set of common behaviours and functionality.

You may have seen this already without knowing what it was, within SAP have you ever seen the method name prefixed by the name of an interface such as IF_IFW_CON~METHOD_NAME . This means that the class has implemented an interface and that this method has been inherited from it.

For further relevant information about this interface enter IF_IFW_CON into the relevant SAP transactions such as SE24, SE80. Also see the Resource section below to view other useful tips, screenshots, links and general information related to this SAP interface and its methods. Or even add your own for future reference

Methods of IF_IFW_CON

A method is a coding block that performs a certain procedure (i.e. ABAP functionality) on an object within the overall SAP class. In simple terms if the object is an SAP database table a method could be the procedure to add a record or to delete a record. If you are new to OO in many respects, the implementation of a method is similar to a function module and can be called in a very similar way using CALL METHOD.

Instead of "CALL FUNCTION", Methods are referenced using the following syntax: CALL METHOD CL_ABAP_CHAR_UTILITIES=>methodname EXPORTING/IMPORTING...

IF_IFW_CON Attributes

List of attributes within class IF_IFW_CON. These can be referenced using the following syntax IF_IFW_CON=>. Although depending on where you are inserting the ABAP code you do need to check if the attribute is public or private.

NameDescriptionInitial Value
C_BILL_MM_DIFF Differential MM invoice '6 '
C_BILL_MM_FIN Final MM invoice '7 '
C_BILL_MM_NO_DI MM invoice (w/o diff. invoicing) '1 '
C_BILL_MM_PROV Provisional MM invoice '5 '
C_BILL_SCEN_IC_PUR Cross-company replenishment '1'
C_BILL_SCEN_IC_SALES Intercompany sales '2'
C_BILL_SCEN_SALES Customer sales ' '
C_CLOSED Closed '4'
C_CPE_CURR_FUTURE Currency period completely in the future '13'
C_CPE_CURR_PARTIAL Currency term partially evaluated '12'
C_CPE_FIN Formula finally evaluated '01'
C_CPE_PARTIAL Formula partially evaluated '03'
C_CPE_PROV Formula provisionally evaluated '02'
C_CPE_QUOT_FUTURE Quotation period completely in the future '08'
C_CPE_QUOT_PARTIAL Quotation term partially evaluated '07'
C_CPE_SUCC_YELLOW Formula evaluated Successfully, but Some Data in Future '07'
C_CPE_TERM_FIN Term finally evaluated '01'
C_CPE_TERM_FIN_CEILING Term finally evaluated (Ceiling) '03'
C_CPE_TERM_FIN_FLOOR Term finally evaluated (Floor) '02'
C_CPE_TERM_MISSING_INPUT Not evaluated (Input data missing) '00'
C_CPE_TERM_PROV Term provisionally evaluated '04'
C_CPE_TERM_PROV_CEILING Term provisionally evaluated (Ceiling) '06'
C_CPE_TERM_PROV_FLOOR Term provisionally evaluated (Floor) '05'
C_DELETE Delete indicator 'D'
C_FC_DONE Forecast up-to-date '2'
C_FC_ERR Forecast error '3'
C_FC_OLD Forecast obsolete '1'
C_IFW_RELEVANCY Item Relevancy Type '01'
C_INSERT Insert indicator 'I'
C_INVDD_DET_CPE Invoice due date from CPE '1'
C_INVDD_DET_PPE Invoice due date from PPE '2'
C_INVDD_RULE_PPE_CPE First PPE, second CPE '03'
C_INV_DIFF Differential invoice '2'
C_INV_DL Delivery-based forecast '03'
C_INV_DL_D SD logistics delta invoice '06'
C_INV_FIN Final invoice '3'
C_INV_GR Goods-receipt-based forecast '01'

C_INV_GR_D MM logistics delta invoice '05'
C_INV_MM MM logistics invoice '02'
C_INV_NO_DI Invoice without differential invoicing ' '
C_INV_PROV Provisional invoice '1'
C_INV_SD SD billing document '04'
C_LOG_CONTEXTTAB Structure for IFW message context 'IFW_BAL_CONTEXT'
C_LOG_OBJECT IFW application log object 'IFW'
C_LOG_SUBOBJ IFW application log forecasting run 'RUN'
C_NO Checkbox ' '
C_NOT_RELEVANT not IFW-relevant '3'
C_NOT_SPECIFIED Item relevancy not specified ''
C_NO_FC Created ' '
C_PAYDD_DET_PPE Payment due date from PPE '1'
C_PPE_INVDD_FIN Final invoice due date '0301'
C_PPE_INVDD_PROV Provisional invoice due date '0300'
C_PPE_PAYDD_FIN Final payment due date '0303'
C_PPE_PAYDD_PROV Provisional payment due date '0302'
C_REF_DL Type of invoice reference object '02'
C_REF_GR Type of invoice reference object '01'
C_RELEVANT IFW-relevant '2'
C_RUN_PROG IFW forecasting report 'IFW_FORECAST'
C_TC Root Document Type '01'
C_TRADING_CONTRACT TC as Root Document '01'
C_UI_STATUS_DISPLAY UI Status Display '1'
C_UI_STATUS_EDIT UI Status Edit '2'
C_UNCHANGED Indicator: Unchanged ' '
C_UPDATE Update indicator 'U'
C_YES Checkbox 'X'

Events of the Class IF_IFW_CON

Events are created within your class using special event handler methods. These must be registered at runtime for the event and can then be triggered using the ABAP syntax: RAISE EVENT EXPOTING...