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SAP Customer Relationship Management Tables CRM

CRMT_BAPIMTCS_CM_HEAD - Relation Table for Simple Objects
CRMT_BAPIMTCS_CM_ITEM - Relation Table for Simple Objects
CRMT_IPM_FI_PAYMENT_ATTRIBUTES - Relation Table for Simple Objects
CRMT_IPM_TS_FI_PAYMENT - Relation Table for Simple Objects
CRMT_SALES_CONS_MAT - Relation Table for Simple Objects
CRMT_SERVICEPLANOTHERS - Transfer Structure: Expenses - R/3 Standard Cost Estimate
CRM_OSP_ST_ACCOUNT_CUST - Account Customization Details
CRM_OSP_ST_ACTIVITY_CUST - Activity Customization Details
CRM_OSP_ST_CONTACT_CUST - Contact Customization Details
CRM_OSP_ST_CUST_IV - Customization Details Input
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SAP Access Control Engine Tables CRM-ACE

CRMS_ACE2_GRP_TABLE_FIELDS - Defines the non key fields for ACE group tables
CRMS_ACE2_GRP_TABLE_KEYS - Defines the key fields for ACE group tables
CRMS_ACE2_GRP_TABLE_LINE - Defines a line of super-type dependent ACE-Group table
CRMS_ACE_ACEGROUP_ACTIONS - Structure for a ACE group with their actions
CRMS_ACE_ACL_TABLE_FIELDS - Defines the non key fields for ACL tables
CRMS_ACE_ACL_TABLE_KEYS - Defines the key fields for ACL tables
CRMS_ACE_ACL_TABLE_LINE - Defines a line of super-type dependent ACL table
CRMS_ACE_ACTION_GUID - Actions of a GUID object
CRMS_ACE_ACTION_ID - Structure for ACE action IDs

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SAP Account Planner Tables CRM-ACP

CRMC_ACCPL_AUTHG - CRM Customizing Account Planner: Authorization Group
CRMC_ACCPL_AUTHT - CRM Customizing Account Planner:Authorization Group Texts
CRMC_ACCPL_LSTPR - CRM Marketing Planner:PPR flag and Listing Procedures
CRMC_ACC_PL_BASI - Planning basis for Account Planning
CRMC_ACC_PL_BW - Account Planning: Activate SAP BW Update
CRMC_ACC_PL_CGDT - Cust. Account Planning: Determine Condition Generaton Type
CRMC_ACC_PL_CGRP - Condition Maintenance Group: Account Planning
CRMC_ACC_PL_CM - Account Planning : Customizing Table for CM File Structure
CRMC_ACC_PL_COND - Account Planning: Structure for Customizing Condition Maint.
CRMC_ACC_PL_GAFL - Account Planner - Generic Actions Filters
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SAP CRM Analytics Tables CRM-ANA

CRMBWATXT - Interface: Generic Transfer of Texts
CRMBWIDSSAMPLE - Assignment of DataSources to Samples
CRMBW_MEASURET - Texts for BW InfoObject 0MEASURE "Key Figure"
CRMBW_MEASURE_ATTR - BW Attributes for InfoObjects "Key Figure" (0MEASURE)
CRMBW_OPPGUID_TEXT - Opportunity Guid Texts (BW Extraction)
CRMC_IBASE_BW - Controlling Parameters for IBase Extraction
CRMC_RJCTRS_S - Reasons for Rejection
CRMT_BW_ELM_CC_C - BP List: Complex Structure for DataSource 0CRM_ELM_CC
CRMT_BW_ELM_I_C - BP List: Complex Structure for DataSource 0CRM_ELM_I
CRMT_BW_SRV_IBASE_ATTR - BW Extraction Structure for CRM IBase Master Data
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SAP Audit Management (CRM Connection) Tables CRM-AUD

SAP Billing Tables CRM-BE

CRMT_BSP_BEA_CRP_DSP - External Display of Collective Run Log (People-Centric UI)
CRMT_BSP_BEA_DFL_DSP - Display Structure: Document Flow of Billing Document
CRMT_BSP_BEA_MKT_DSP - Display Structure: Marketing Data
CRMT_BSP_BEA_TXT_DSP - UI Display for Texts
CRMT_MAINT_INFO - Maintenance Data ('Created' or 'Last Changed')
CRMT_UBB_BEA_UBBD_BDI_REF - Reference to BDI for UBB Settlement Data Containers
CRMT_UBB_BEA_UBBD_KP - Key Part of UBBD Container
CRMT_UBB_BEA_UBB_COMF - Fixed Communication Share of UBB Settlement Data Container
CRMT_UBB_BEA_UBB_DYN - Dynamic Part of UBB Settlement Data Container
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SAP Basic Functions Tables CRM-BF

CRMCUEITEM - CUE: item data from table CRMD_ORDERADM_I
CRMC_CM_DOC_OT - Assigning Document Type to Object Type
CRMT_BAPIPARNR3_ADD - Assigning Document Type to Object Type
CRMXIF_ACTIVE_SWITCH - IF Business Transaction: Tax Flag Inbound Processing
CRMXIF_ACTIVITY - IF Business Transaction: Activity
CRMXIF_ACTIVITY_I - IF Business Transaction: Activity Journal Item
CRMXIF_ACTIVITY_I_F - IF Business Transaction: Activity Journal Item X-Flags
CRMXIF_ACTIVITY_I_X - IF Business Transaction: Activity Journal Item
CRMXIF_ACTIVITY_X - IF Business Transaction: Activity
CRMXIF_ACT_OUTCOME - IF Business Transaction: Activity Outcome

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SAP Business Transactions Tables CRM-BTX

CRMA_BILLING - Structure for change documents: Billing set
CRMA_CANCEL - Structure for change documents: Cancellation set
CRMA_ORDERADM_H - Structure for change documents: Business transaction
CRMA_ORDERADM_I - Structure for change documents: Business transaction item
CRMA_PRICING - Structure for Change Documents: Pricing Parameter Set
CRMA_PRICING_I - Structure for Change Documents: Pricing Result
CRMA_SALES - Structure for change documents: Sales set
CRMC_BO_RANGES - Groups of object types
CRMC_CANCPROC - Cancellation Procedure
CRMC_CANCPROC_T - Description for cancellation procedure
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SAP CRM Cross-Application Components Tables CRM-CA

SAP Channel Management Tables CRM-CHM

CRMC_CHM_QUALIF - Channel Management: Qualificaitons
CRMC_CHM_RFQ_PRO - Channel Management: Transaction Type for RFQ
CRMM_CHM_RESP - Responsibilities
CRMM_CHM_RESP_AS - Responsibility assignment
CRMM_CHM_RESP_T - Responsibility Descriptions
CRMS_BSP_SUMMARY_CHM_CP_CLASS - Summary Page - Partner Classification List
CRMS_BSP_SUMMARY_CHM_QUALCERT - Summary Page - Qualifications / Certifications
CRMS_BSP_SUMMARY_CHM_QUALIFIC - Summary Page - Qualifications and Certifications list
CRMS_BSP_SUMMARY_CHM_RELPARTN - Summary Page - Related Channel Partner
CRMS_BSP_SUMMARY_CHM_RESPPARTN - Summary Page - Participation Status channel commerce
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SAP Interaction Center WinClient Tables CRM-CIC

CRMC_AGENTPROF - Agentprofile for product proposal
CRMC_ASSG - Sequence of rules - call list generation, assignment
CRMC_ASSG_PR - Profile - call list generation, assignment
CRMC_ASSG_PR_T - Profile descriptions - call list generation, assignment
CRMC_ASSG_R - Rule ID - call list generation, assignment
CRMC_ASSG_R_T - Rule descriptions - call list generation, assignment
CRMC_CIC_ACTMAIN - CIC Transaction comp. configuration
CRMC_CIC_ACTMAIT - CIC Activity maintenance configuration text
CRMC_CIC_AM - Alert Modeler profile
CRMC_CIC_AM_MM - Meta Model (XML template) name
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SAP Case Management Tables CRM-CMG

CRMC_ALLOBJ_CMG - Case Management: Interaction Layer Objects
CRMC_CMG_CLASS - Assignment Table: Case Type to Classification Catalog
CRMC_CMG_COPY - Control Table for Copying Cases
CRMC_CMG_DOCTEMP - Case Man.:Assgnmnt of Doc.Template Profiles to Case Types
CRMC_CMG_DOCTYPE - Case Management: Assignment of Document Type to Model Node
CRMC_CMG_FOLTEMP - Case Man.: Assignment of Folder Templates to Document Nodes
CRMC_CMG_MY - CRM Case Management: Locator "My"
CRMC_CMG_PRO_PRF - Assignment: Process - Profile for Alternative Identifiers
CRMC_CMG_SPS - Case: Assignment Table Process - Element Type
CRMC_CMG_TYPE - Default Values for a CRM Case Type

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SAP CRM Entitlement Management Tables CRM-EM

SAP Financial Contract Accounting Tables CRM-FCA

SAP Handheld Tables CRM-HH

CRMC_HH_ACT - CRM Handheld: Activity Attributes
CRMC_HH_ACT_BA - CRM Handheld: basic attributes of activities
CRMC_HH_COMPLAIN - CRM Handheld: complaints attributes
CRMC_HH_MD_BP - CRM Handheld: Business Partner Attributes
CRMC_HH_MD_BP_RL - CRM Handheld: Business Partner Relationships
CRMC_HH_MD_BP_RO - CRM Handheld: Business Partner Roles
CRMC_HH_MD_PR - CRM Handheld: Product Attributes
CRMC_HH_OPPT - CRM Handheld: Opportunity Attributes
CRMC_HH_ORDER - CRM Handheld: Sales Order History Attributes
CRMC_HH_ORDER_H - CRM Handheld: Sales Order History Attributes
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SAP Automotive Tables CRM-IA

CRMT_ISAM_CATEGORIES - Vehicle related category information
CRMC_CIC_SUBSC_T - Customizing Table for Dynamic Subscreen Language Dependent
CRMC_FUELTYPE - Ind.object fuel type
CRMC_FUELTYPE_T - Ind.obejct fuel type text table
CRMC_IOBJ_CIC_D - Customizing Table for Dynamic Tabstrip-Detail
CRMC_IOBJ_CIC_M - Customizing Table for Dynamic Tabstrip-Main
CRMT_IOBJ_BPSEARCH_ISAM - Vehicle Parameters for Business Partner Search
CRMT_IOBJ_CIC_BP_ERROR_S - BP Relationship Where an Error Has Occurred in Processing
CRMT_IOBJ_CIC_COMP_LIST_UI - Communication structure for maintaining comp.list of Ind.Obj
CRMT_IOBJ_CIC_COMP_UI - Structure for Component List
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SAP Interaction Center WebClient Tables CRM-IC

CRMC_ALLPPGROUP - Appointment Category Groups
CRMC_ALLTDAR - Allowed Business Appointment Categories
CRMC_ALLTDAR_T - Text table 'Allowed Business Categories'
CRMC_BU2IL_MODEL - Gen. IL Model Business Parnter - Enhancements
CRMC_BU2IL_OBJ - Gen. IL Object Business Partner - Enhancements
CRMC_COM_CHAN - Obsolete
CRMC_ICBPLTXTS - IC Profile 'Business Partner Longtexts'
CRMC_ICBPLTXTS_T - Text table IC-Profile Business Partner Longtexts
CRMC_ICMSYSPROPS - System Properties for IC Manager Applications
CRMC_ICPLAPPS - IC Profile 'Planned Business Appointments'
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SAP Incentive and Commission Management Tables CRM-ICM

CRMC_ICM_ACTVTY - CRM Incentives: Map transact activity to ICM trigger method
CRMC_ICM_APPL_T - BW-ICM Transfer Application Text Table
CRMC_ICM_BW_MAP - BW-ICM: Mapping between BW and ICM Fields
CRMC_ICM_BW_QRY - Logical definintion of BW query
CRMC_ICM_CBTYP - CRM Incentives: supported key figures per trans. category
CRMC_ICM_CBTYP_T - CRM Incentives: supported key figures per trans. category
CRMC_ICM_CRMAPPL - BW-ICM Transfer Application
CRMC_ICM_DTELMAP - Mapping table for ICM-CRM data elements
CRMC_ICM_PFTRC - CRM Incentives: PartFunct & TrIgCategory dependent params.
CRMC_ICM_PFUNC - CRM Incentives: Partner function dependent parameters
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SAP Financial Services Tables CRM-IFS

CRMC_FS_CAT_DOC - Assign Process Category to Document Type
CRMC_FS_CA_PFCT - Assignment: One Order Partner Function to Case Partn. Funct.
CRMC_FS_PFCT_CA - * Obsolete, Do Not Use *
CRMC_FS_PFCT_CAN - Assignment: One Order Partner Function to Case Partn. Funct.
CRMC_FS_TMP_DOC - Assignment of Selection Criterion to CRM Object ID
CRMT_FS_DOC - Documents with Status and Attributes
CRMT_FS_DOC_STAT - Document Type and Status
CRMC_1OFP_001 - Special Processing Assignment: Item
CRMC_1OFP_002 - Special Processing Assignemnt: Header
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SAP High Tech Tables CRM-IHT

CRMT_IOBJ_NAV_OUT_ISHT_S - Output Structure for the Ind. Obj Navigator with ISHT fields
CRMC_CSDR_ATTR - Value table for Design Registration attrtbutes.
CRMC_CSDR_ATTR_T - Text table for Design Registration attrtbutes.
CRMC_CSDR_FENTRY - Design Registration Fast entry Customizing.
CRMC_CSDR_PCTYPE - Customizing table for Design Reg.relevant prod Catalog type.
CRMC_CSDR_PRDREM - CMS Design Registration: Status mapping of registrations.
CRMC_CSDR_PRJ_H - CRMC_OPPORT_H Extension for Design Registration Project
CRMC_CUSTSTAT - Design Registration Project Status at customer
CRMC_CUSTSTAT_T - Design Registration Project Status at customer text
CRMD_CSDR_ATTR - Value table for Design Registration attrtbutes.
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SAP Media Tables CRM-IM

CRMC_MPS_MONITOR - IS-M-MPS: Monitoring Control for Subscriptions
CRMT_MPS_ASSIGNMENT - IS-M-MPS: Encoded Assignment Number
CRMT_MPS_FI_PAYMENT_ATTR - IS-M-MPS: Structure for Payments in Financial Accounting
CRMC_IPM_AVLSTAT - IPM: Status for Rights Availability Analysis
CRMC_IPM_AVLTECH - IPM: Technical Settings for Rights Availability Analysis
CRMC_IPM_BW_CUMI - IPM: Cumulated_I Mapping for BW Extraction
CRMC_IPM_BW_DS - IPM: DataSources for IPM-Specific BW Settings
CRMC_IPM_BW_DTYP - IPM: Date Type Mapping for BW Extraction
CRMC_IPM_BW_PART - IPM: Partner Mapping for BW Extraction
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SAP Internet Pricing and Configurator Tables CRM-IPC

SAP Pharmaceuticals Tables CRM-IPH

CRMT_PH_FRG10_BW - Ph BP Frag.10 Extract structure
CRMT_PH_FRG21_BW - Ph BP Frag. 21 Extract structure
CRMT_PH_FRG30_BW - Ph BP Frag.30 Extract structure
CRMPHAC_APPL - Maintenance of active Pharma extensions as BDT Applications
CRMPHAC_BP_GRP - Business Partner Groups
CRMPHAC_BP_GRP_T - Business Partner Group Description
CRMPHAC_BP_SGR - Business Partner Subgroup
CRMPHAC_BP_SGR_T - Business Partner Subgroup Description
CRMPHAC_BP_SPT - CRM Pharma BP : Qualification/Activity Categories
CRMPHAC_BP_SPT_T - CRM Pharma. BP : Specification Values
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SAP Public Sector Tables CRM-IPS

CRMST_GRM_CASE_OBJ_LINK - Grantor: Structure for linking objects to a case.
CRMT_BSP_GRW_SEARCH - CRM Grantor manual webrequest creation
CRMT_BSP_GWR_RESLIST_BUFFER - Grantor WebRequest - result list buffer
CRMT_BSP_GWR_SEARCH - CRM Grantor manual webrequest creation
CRMT_BSP_GWR_SEARCH_E - CRM Grantor manual webrequest creation
CRMT_GRM_PSM_PROXY_DOC_FLOW - CRM Service:Recipient Document Flow for Backend Integration
CRMT_GRM_PSM_PROXY_EF_DOC_H - CRM Grantor Management: Earmarked funds header
CRMT_GRM_PSM_PROXY_EF_DOC_I - CRM Grantor management: Earmarked funds item
CRMT_GRM_PSM_PROXY_FMAA_DRV_IN - CRM Grantor management: Input for FMAA derivation
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SAP Internet Sales Tables CRM-ISA

CRMC_ADDR_FORMAT - Internet Sales: Address Format
CRMC_CNTRIES_GRP - Internet Sales: Country Grouping for Address Maintenance
CRMC_CNTRY_GRP - Internet Sales: Country Groupings
CRMC_CNTRY_GRP_T - Internet Sales: Country Grouping Texts
CRMC_ECO_BP_HIER - Business Partner Hierarchy for E-Commerce Applications
CRMC_ISALES_F4 - Steuerungstabelle fuer die F4-Hilfe
CRMC_ISA_AGR_D - Internet Sales: Web Descriptions for ISA UA Roles
CRMC_ISA_AGR_TXT - Texts for ISA UA Roles
CRMC_ISA_BPROLES - Internet Sales User Management: Business Partner Roles
CRMC_ISA_BTG - Billing Type Group
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SAP Internet Service Tables CRM-ISE

CRMC_ICSS_BP_FCT - ICSS BP functions for product registration
CRMC_ICSS_CAT - ICSS: Product Catalog Usage
CRMC_ICSS_IO_ATR - ICSS: Attribute settings for prod. registration
CRMC_ICSS_MAIL - ICSS: Customizing E-Mail Addresses
CRMC_ICSS_OBJFAM - ICSS: Object families for Ibase Component creation
CRMC_ICSS_REG - ICSS: Customizing Registration
CRMC_SERVICE_IPT - Internet Transaction Type
CRMC_SERVICT_IPT - Internet Transaction Types Service Request: Texts
CRMT_0100_SERVICE_REQUEST_IAC1 - CRM: Service Req. Screen Struct. 0100 Simple Trans.(Rel.1.2)
CRMT_DITSSL - Structure for Details and Long Texts for a Solution
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SAP Telecommunications Tables CRM-IT

CRMC_BUAG_REF - Reference Business Agreements
CRMC_IST_BW_DATE - IS-T: Additional Date Types for BW
CRMC_IST_BW_FCT - IS-T: Additional Partner Functions for BW
CRMC_IST_BW_PFT - IS-T: Partner Functions for BW
CRMC_IST_DLPRF - Profile for the Dealer Portal Application
CRMC_IST_DLPRF_T - Profile Text for the Dealer Portal Application
CRMC_IST_GENERAL - IS-T: General Settings
CRMC_IST_TP_PRC - IS-T Telco Processes
CRMC_IST_TP_PRCV - IS-T UI Assignment Telco Process-->Telco Process View
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SAP Utilities Industry Tables CRM-IU

CRM_ISU_ENV_VIEW_CONFIG - IS-U Data Environment View: Configuration Structure
CRM_ISU_ERMS_KEY - Key Words used in ERMS for Utility (FG Service FG_UTIL_BO)
CRM_ISU_FCS_RANGES - Structure: Select Options
CRM_ISU_PROP_ACTIONS_VIEW_CONF - IS-U Proposed Actions View: Configuration Structure
CRM_IUMD_ACCOUNT_QUERY - Attribute Structure for Generic Query Service IUMD_GEN_QUERY
CRM_IUMD_ADDR_FIELDS - Help Structure for Generic Address Fields
CRM_IUMD_ADDR_FIELDS_ALL - Help Structure for Generic Address Fields
CRM_IUMD_ADDR_FIELDS_ALL1 - Help Structure for Generic Address Fields
CRM_IUMD_BUAG_QUERY - Attribute Structure for Query IsuMdDepBuAgQuery
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SAP CRM Leasing Tables CRM-LAM

CRMC_FS_1O_PRINT - Customizing for 1o Printing in PC-UI
CRMC_FS_1O_PRNTT - Text Table: Customizing for 1o Printing in PC-UI
CRMC_FS_BOM_TD - Product Bundle Explosion
CRMC_LEAS_PROCTC - Transaction Types: Leasing for Total Commitment
CRMT_BSP_FSQ_CAG_RE_DET_UI - FSQ Collateral Agreement and Real Estate
CRMT_BSP_FSQ_CAG_RE_LST_UI - FSQ Collateral Agreement and Real Estate
CRMT_BSP_FSQ_CAG_RE_PRT_UI - FSQ Collateral Agreement and Real Estate - Business Partners
CRMT_BSP_FSQ_COND_DATA - Item Data (Conditions)
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SAP Localization Tables CRM-LOC

CRMC_ACTCODE - Localization Activity Code for Gross Income Tax
CRMC_ACTCODET - Text Table-Localization Activity Code for Gross Income Tax
CRMC_BUPA_BUSTYP - Business Partner: Business Type (Korea)
CRMC_BUPA_INDTYP - Business Partner: Industry Type (Korea)
CRMC_CFOP_DETERM - Determination table for CFOP
CRMC_DISTTYPE - Localization Distribution Type for Em-ployment Tax
CRMC_DISTTYPET - Text Table: Localization Distribution Type for Employment tx
CRMC_NFDET - Sales Document Item Category table
CRMC_TAXCAT - Argentina: Tax Type Value table donwloaded from J_1AFITP
CRMC_TAXCATT - Text Table: Localization Tax Type Value table
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SAP Master Data Tables CRM-MD

CRMC_ACGRPBP - Account Assignment Groups for Business Partner
CRMC_ACGRPBP_T - Business Partner Account Assignment Group
CRMC_ACGRPPROD - Account Assignment Groups: Product
CRMC_ACGRPPROD_T - Account Assignment Groups: Product - Relationship
CRMSE_ACADEMIC_TITLE_CODE - Proxy Structure (Generated)
CRMSE_ADDRESS - Proxy Structure (Generated)
CRMSE_ADDRESS_COMMUNICATION - Proxy Structure (Generated)
CRMSE_ADDRESS_EMAIL - Proxy Structure (Generated)
CRMSE_ADDRESS_FACSIMILE - Proxy Structure (Generated)
CRMSE_ADDRESS_MOBILE_PHONE - Proxy Structure (Generated)
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SAP Adaptor Tables CRM-MEP

SAP Marketing Tables CRM-MKT

CRMC_KPI_DIST - Time Distribution Types for Planning
CRMC_KPI_DISTT - Time Distribution Types for Planning - Text Table
CRMC_KPI_PR_SET - Planning Profile Additional Settings
CRMC_KPI_PTYPE - Period Types for KPI Planning
CRMC_KPI_PTYPET - Period Types for KPI Planning Text Table
CRMC_KPI_TH_CHN - Time Horizon Change Types for Planning
CRMC_KPI_TH_CHNT - Time Horizon Change Types for Planning- Text Table
CRMD_MKTCA_BATCH - Breakpoints for Batch Operation in Campaign Automation
CRMD_MKTCA_DEBUG - Breakpoints for Batch Operation in Campaign Automation
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SAP Mobile Sales Tables CRM-MSA

CRMC_MAP_PROCT - Business Transaction Type - Mobile Sales Trans. Type-Mapping
CRMC_MSAACTPARTN - Mapping which partner function to map to CRM Mobile
CRMPHA_GET_FU - Function for Determining PATH_ID
CRMT_BAPIDLVDOCS - Delivery Items/Quantities Known in CRM
CRMT_BAPIRMA - Fields for the return process
CRMT_BAPISCHDL2_ADD - Additional Communication Fields for Data Exchange
CRMT_BAPISCHDL_ADD - Additional Communication Fields for Data Exchange
CRMT_BAPISDHD1_ADD - Additional Data for Transfer to R/3
CRMT_BAPISDITM_ADD - Additional Item Data for Data Exchange
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SAP Mobile Service Tables CRM-MSE

CRMT_ACTION_MESS - CS Order Operation
CRMT_AFRU_DMBDOC - Extended Data for CS Time Confirmation Distribution MBDOC
CRMT_AFRU_MESS - CS Time Confirmation
CRMT_AFRU_RMBDOC - Extended Data for CS TimeConfirmation Request/Response MBDOC
CRMT_AUFM_MESS - CS Order Goods Movement
CRMT_CS_ADDITIONAL_DATA - CRM Customer Service Equipment Master Data - Additional Data
CRMT_CS_ADDITIONAL_DATA_EQUZ - Enhanced Data for CS Equipment Distribution MBDOC EQUZ
CRMT_CS_DATA - CRM Mobile Service upgrade general data
CRMT_DOCFIL_MESS - CS Attachment/Document
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SAP Business Object Layer Tables CRM-MT

SAP Middleware Tables CRM-MW

CRMMAPBAPI - Mapping of application BAPI structure to CHAR-BAPI-structure
CRMT_BAP01 - Copy of CRMT_BAPIMTCS_CM_ITEM ( Usage only in Adapter Framew
CRM_KNVV01 - Copy of CRM_KNVV ( Usage only in Adapter Framework )

SAP People-Centric CRM (CRM Portal Content) Tables CRM-PCC

CRMS_FACTSHEET_ACC_ADDR_PRNT - Line of address for printing form
CRMT_BUPA_CENTRALDATAPERS_DESC - Description of field values
CRMT_BUPA_COM_SEARCH_RESULT - Transfer Structure: iView for Search
CRMT_BUPA_CONTACT_DETAIL - Contact Person: Detailed Data
CRMT_BUPA_RELATIONS - Relationships of Organization
CRMT_BUPA_RELATIONTYPES - Available Relationship Types
CRMT_BUPA_SEARCH_RESULT - Transfer Structure: iView for Search
CRMT_ISU_PCT_BUHI - Business Partner Tree Hierarchy GUID
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SAP Rebate Processing Tables CRM-RB

CRMC_REBATE_ITEM - Transaction Item Type - Rebate - Control Parameters
CRMT_0500_ALV_REBATE_UI - Rebate Agreement Item Hierarchy Data - Grid Control
CRMT_0500_REBATE_UI - Rebate Agreement - Rebate Item Hierarchy
CRMT_7010_REBATE_UI - CRM Rebate Agreement Identification + Currency
CRMT_7030_REBATE_UI - CRM Rebate Item Data: Detail
CRMT_7170_REBATE_UI - CRM Rebate: Transaction Data Contract Data
CRMT_7200_REBATE_UI - Data: Rebate Header and Activity
CRMT_7210_REBATE_UI - Header Data Detail Administration
CRMT_7550_ALV_REBATE_UI - ALV Structure for Item Overview List (Rebates)
CRMT_7550_REBATE_UI - Structure for Item Overview List (Rebates)
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SAP Groupware Integration Tables CRM-RPL

CRMRPLGWSITES - WFM-Site Header table
CRM_RPL_GW_B_ATTENDEE - WFM_GWO - Attendee: data, control and flag part
CRM_RPL_GW_B_OBJECT - WFM_GWO - object: data, control and flag part
CRM_RPL_GW_B_PERIODIC_RULE - WFM_GWO - periodic rule: data, control and flag part
CRM_RPL_GW_C_ATTENDEE - WFM_GWO control part - attendee
CRM_RPL_GW_C_OBJECT - WFM_GWO control part - object
CRM_RPL_GW_C_PERIODIC_RULE - WFM_GWO control part - periodic rule
CRM_RPL_GW_D_ATTENDEE - WFM_GWO data part - attendee
CRM_RPL_GW_D_OBJECT - WFM_GWO data part - object
CRM_RPL_GW_D_PERIODIC_RULE - WFM_GWO data part - periodic rule
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SAP CRM Technology Tables CRM-TEC

CRM_CC_ACTION - Holds all actions that have to be performed
CRM_CC_ACTSCE - Related actions to scenario
CRM_CC_ALIST - CRM CC: action list row type
CRM_CC_ALIST_NEW - CRM CC: action list row type
CRM_CC_DEST - CRM CC: RFC Destination - Local copy
CRM_CC_EXITS - CRM CC: Directory of exits
CRM_CC_PLIST - CRM CC: parameter list row type