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IMPR SAP Investment Program Positions Table and data

IMPR is a standard SAP Table which is used to store Investment Program Positions data and is available within R/3 SAP systems depending on the version and release level.

Below is the standard documentation available and a few details of the fields which make up this Table. You can view further information about SAP IMPR Table and the data within it using relevant transactions such as SE11, SE80 or SE16. Also check out the Comments section below to view or add related contributions and example screen shots.

Delivery Class: A - Application table containing master and transaction data

Display/Maintenance via SM30: Yes but with Restrictions

Enhancement category i: Can be enhanced (character-type or numeric)
See here for more information about this and other SAP enhancement categories

Text table = IMPU

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SAP IMPR Table fields within data Dictionary

FieldData ElementData Typelength (Decimals)Check tableDescriptionConversion Routine
GJAHRIM_GNJHRNUMC4 Approval year of the investment programGJAHR
POSIDIM_POSIDCHAR24 Identification for an investment program positionPOSID
BIJHRIM_BIJHRNUMC4 Valid to fiscal yearGJAHR
PRNAMIM_PRNAMCHAR8 IMTPInvestment program name
PPRIOIMA_PRIORCHAR1 TCN07Priority of the appropriation request
IZWEKIZWEKCHAR2 T087IReason for investment
OBJNRIM_OBJNRCHAR22 ONR00CO object number for inv. prog. position
VERNRIM_VERNRNUMC8 TCJ04Person responsible
VERNAIM_VERNACHAR25 Name of person responsible
ERNAMERNAMCHAR12 Name of Person who Created the Object
ERDATERDATDATS8 Date on Which Record Was Created
AENAMAENAMCHAR12 Name of Person Who Changed Object
AEDATUPDATDATS8 Date on which object was last changed
ERGSOIM_ERGSOCHAR10 IM: Balance sheet item (credit)
BEBERBEBERCHAR3 T357Plant section
LEFNRIM_LEFNRNUMC8 IMPRPosition number left brother (in hierarchy)POSNR

XAKTBIM_XAKTBCHAR1 Budget distrib. of overall values only from prog.position
LOGSYVIM_LOGSYVCHAR10 TBDLSLogical system of the sub-tree of the investment programALPHA
SIZECLIM_SIZECLCHAR2 TAIF5Scale of investment objectsALPHA
LAND1IMA_LAND1CHAR3 T005Country for Which Approp. Request Is Planned
OWAERSIM_OWAERSCUKY5 TCURCObject Currency of the Investment Program Item
.INCLUDEIMA_USRFLD Structure for include for user fields -IM-
USR01IMA_USR01CHAR20 User field 2 (20 characters)
USR02IMA_USR02CHAR10 TAIF9User field 3 (10 characters)
USR03IMA_USR03CHAR10 TAIF9User field 4 (10 characters)
USE04IMA_USE04UNIT3 T006User field 5 for unit for quantity field 5 - IMCUNIT
USR05IMA_USR05QUAN13(3) User field 6 for quantity - IM
USE05IMA_USE05UNIT3 T006User field 6 for unit of quantity field 6 -IM-CUNIT
USR06IMA_USR06CURR13(3) User field 7 for values - IM
USE06IMA_USE06CUKY5 TCURCUser field 7 for currency for user field 7
USR07IMA_USR07CURR13(3) User field 8 for values - IM
USE07IMA_USE07CUKY5 TCURCUser field 8 for currency for user field 8
USR09IMA_USR09DATS8 User field 10 as date for IM
USR12IMA_USR12ACCP6 User field 13 for period and fiscal year
USR13IMA_USR13ACCP6 User field 14 for period and fiscal year
RHIERIM_RHIERCHAR1 Role of Position within Investment Program Hierarchy
.APPENDFERC_IMPR Append structure for Regulatory Reporting

Key field
Non-key field

IMPR relationships with other tables

STREENODE-Description of a Hierarchy Node
     RAIPATTR-Attributes for item, measure or appropriation req.
     RIPASW-Values for Reporting for Programs
     BPGE_IM-Budgeting/planning: total values
     BPJA_IM-Budgeting/planning: annual values
     RAIMACT-Actual values
     IMTP-Investment programs
          IMPR-Investment Program Positions
               AUFKV-Table Generated for View AUFKV
               PROJ-Project definition
                    PRPS-PSP (project structure plan) element master data
               IMAK-Appropriation requests - general data
                    RIMAKPGES-Appropriation request: Percentage distribution (t)
                    RAIPWI-Key figs for preinvestment analysis per plan ver.
                    RAIPPASC-Data for partner determination procedure
                    AUFKV_REQ-Order for appropriation request
                    PROJ_REQ-Project definition for appropriation request
                         PRPS_REQ-WBS element for appropriation request

ARKOPF-Archiving run header data
     VSKOPF-Version: Header - general data for a
          RSTHIE-BRST structure of the hierarchy table
               PSDYRH-LDB PSJ: Dummy structure under RSTHIE
          PROJ-Project definition
               PSDYPD-LDB PSJ: Dummy structure under PROJ
          VBAK-Sales Document: Header Data
               VBUK-Sales Doc.: Header Status and Administrative Data
               VBKD-Sales Document: Business Data
               VBAP-Sales Document: Item Data
                    VBUP-Sales Document: Item Status
                    VBKDPO-Sales document: Business item data (POSNR > 0)
                         FPLA-Billing plan
                              FPLT-Billing Plan: Dates
                    PSDYVB-LDB PSJ: Dummy structure under VBAP
               PSDYVK-LDB PSJ: Dummy structure under VBAK
          PRPS_R-Project Hierarchy Reporting Structure
               PRTE-Scheduling Data for Project Item
               PSMLST-Milestone I/O Table
               PSTX-PS Texts (Header)
               PLAF-Planned order
               PSMERK (PSMERK_PRPS)-Characteristics for Summarization for WBS Elements
                    KBED04-Capacity Requirement Recs for Planned Orders (LDB)
                    RESB04-Reservation/dependent reqs for plan order (LDB)
               PSDYPR-LDB PSJ: Dummy structure under PRPS_R
          AUFK-Order master data
               AFKO-Order Header Data PP Orders
                    AFPO-Order Item
                    AFFL-Work order sequence
                         ACT01-Activity for LDB 01
                              AFAB01-Network Relationship (for LDB) - 01
                              MLSTD-Milestone I/O Table
                              PSTX1-PS Texts (Header) for Activity (1)
                              AFFH01-Order PRT Data (for LDB) - 01
                              KBED01-Capacity Requirement Records (for LDB) - 01
                                   KBEZ-Additional data for table KBED (for ind.req/split)
                                        KPER-Additional data for KBEZ (person split in days)
                                   AFRU02-Order Confirmations (for LDB) -02
                              RESB01-Reservation/Dependent Requirement for LDB-01
                                   PSDYOK-LDB PSJ: Dummy structure under RESB01
                              AFRU01-Order Confirmations (for LDB) - 01
                              PSMERK (PSMERK_ACT)-Charactersitics for Summarization for Activity
                              PSDYNV-LDB PSJ: Dummy structure under ACT01
               AFIH-Maintenance order header
               PSDYNP-LDB PSJ: Dummy structure under AUFK
          IMTP-Investment programs
               IMPR-Investment Program Positions
                    PSDYIP-LDB PSJ: Dummy structure under IMPR
               PSDYPG-LDB PSJ: Dummy structure under IMTP
          PEGOB-Peg (master data of the CO object)
               PEGQTY-Assigned pegging object quantities
               PSDYPEG-LDB PSJ: Dummy Structure Under PEGOB
          ELM_PS-Additional data for hierarchy nodes (LDB PSJ)
               JSTO-Status object information
                    PSTAT-Condensed status display
                    JCDO-Change Documents for Status Object (Table JSTO)
                    JEST-Individual Status per Object
                         JCDS-Change docs. for system/user status (table JEST)
               ONR00-General Object Number
                    RPSCO1-Summarization Table for Project Reporting
                    RPSQT-Summarization table for project reporting (quants)
                    EVOP (EV_PARAM)-Object parameters for earned value analysis
                    EVPOC_RPSQT (EV_POC)-Earned value analysis: percentage of completion
                    EVVAL_RPSCO (EV_VAL)-Earned value analysis: earned value
                    COBRA-Settlement Rule for Order Settlement
                         COBRB-Distribution rules for sett. rule for order sett.
                    BPHI1-Cross-hierarchy data Control
                    BPTR1-Object Data Control
                         BPGE1-Totals record total value Control
                              BPVG1-Table Generated for View BPVG1
                              BKHS1-Header - Unit Costing (Control + Totals)
                                   HEAD10-SAPscript: Text Header
                                        LINE10-SAPscript: Text Lines
                                   BKHT1-Texts for CKHS
                                   BKIS1-Individual calculation/verification item gen.
                                        BKIT1-Texts for CKIS
                                   BKIP1-Periodic Values for Unit Costing Item
                         BPJA1-Totals record for total year value Control
                              BPVJ1-Table Generated for View BPVJ1
                              BKHS2-Header - Unit Costing (Control + Totals)
                                   HEAD20-SAPscript: Text Header
                                        LINE20-SAPscript: Text Lines
                                   BKHT2-Texts for CKHS
                                   BKIS2-Individual calculation/verification item gen.
                                        BKIT2-Texts for CKIS
                                   BKIP2-Periodic Values for Unit Costing Item
                         BPPE1-Totals Record for Period Values Control
                              BPVP1-Table Generated for View BPVP1
                         BPIG1-Budget Object Index (Overall Budget)
                         BPIJ1-Budget Object Index (Annual Budget)
                    COKA1-CO Object: Cost Element Control Data
                    COKP1-CO Object: Primary Planning Control Data
                         HEAD11-SAPscript: Text Header
                              LINE11-SAPscript: Text Lines
                         CKHS1-Header - Unit Costing (Control + Totals)
                              CKHT1-Texts for CKHS
                              HEAD12-SAPscript: Text Header
                                   LINE12-SAPscript: Text Lines
                              CKIS1-Individual calculation/verification item gen.
                                   CKIT1-Texts for CKIS
                              CKIP1-Periodic Values for Unit Costing Item
                    COSP1-CO Object: Cost Totals for External Postings
                         COVP11-CO object: Line items with doc. header (by period)
                              COEPD11-CO object: Unvaluated ln. item settlement w/status
                                   COEPBR11-CO Object: Valuated Line Item Settlement
                         COVJ11-CO object: Line items with doc header (by year)
                         COVO1-CO Object: Open Items for Line Items (w/o doc.Hdr)
                    COSPD1-CO object: External cost totals - calculated
                    COSPP-Transfer of Order in the COSP Table to the Project
                    COKS1-CO Object: Control Data for Secondary Planning
                         HEAD13-SAPscript: Text Header
                              LINE13-SAPscript: Text Lines
                    COSS1-CO Object: Cost Totals for Internal Postings
                         COVP12-CO object: Line items with doc. header (by period)
                              COEPD12-CO object: Unvaluated ln. item settlement w/status
                                   COEPBR12-CO Object: Valuated Line Item Settlement
                         COVJ12-CO object: Line items with doc header (by year)
                         COVO12-CO object: Fxd price agreement commitment ln items
                    COSSD1-CO object: Internal cost totals - calculated
                    COSSP-Transfer of the Order COSS Table to the Project
                    COKR1-CO Object: Control Data for Statistical Key Figs
                         HEAD14-SAPscript: Text Header
                              LINE14-SAPscript: Text Lines
                    COSR1-CO Object: Statistical Key Figure Totals
                         COVPR1-CO object: Stat. key figure line items by period
                         COVJR1-CO object: Line items stat. key figures (by year)
                    COSL1-CO Object: Activity Type Totals
                         COVPL1-CO object: Activity type line items by period
                         COVJL1-CO object: Line items for acty types (by year)
                    COSLD-CO object: Activity type sums - calculated
                    COSB1-CO Object: Total Variances/Results Analyses
                         COVPB1-CO object: Variance/accrual line items by period
                    COSBD1-CO object: Sums of variance/accrual - calculated
                    ANIA1-Depr. simulation for invest. projects
                         ANIB1-Invest. projects: Depr. simulation analysis report
                    ANLI1-Link table for capital investment measure -> AuC
                    FMSU1-FM totals records for financial data
                         COVFP1-CO object: Financial data line items with doc. hdr
                    TPI031-CO Objects: Date of Last Interest Run
               EKKO-Purchasing Document Header
                    EKPO-Purchasing Document Item
                         EKET-Scheduling Agreement Schedule Lines
                         EKKN-Account Assignment in Purchasing Document
                         EKBE-Purchasing Document History
               EBAN-Purchase requisition
                    EBKN-Purchase Requisition Account Assignment
               FPLA (FPLAPS)-Billing plan for PSP network plan
                    FPLT (FPLTPS)-Billing plan for PSP/network (dates)
               LIKP-SD Document: Delivery Header Data
                    LIPS-SD document: Delivery: Item data
               PSMERK-Characteristics for summarization wo.classificatn
               DRAD-Document-object link