SAP Vendor Master Tables

There are a number of tables related to SAP vendor master table data with the main ones being LFA1, LFBK, LFB1. You can see these below and how they are related to each other and to other tables within your SAP system.

LFA1-Vendor Master table (General Section)

      ADDR1_VAL-Address Data

      LFAS-Vendor Master (General Part EU Tax Number)

      LFBK-Vendor Master (Bank Details)

      LFB1-Vendor Master (Company Code)

            LFB5-Vendor Master (Dunning Data)

            LFC1-Vendor Master (Transaction Figures)

            LFC3-Vendor Master (Transaction Figures) Special Ledger

            BSIK-Accounting: Secondary Index for Vendors

                  ADMI_FILES-Archive Files

                  BSIKEXT-Secondary Index & Additions Section (BSEGA)

                  BKPF-Accounting Document Header

                        BSEG-Accounting Document Segment

                              WITH_ITEM-Witholding Tax Info.per W/Tax Type and FI Line Itm

                              GSEG-Offsetting Items for B-Segment in Reporting

ABAP Select statement to get data from SAP vendor master tables

REPORT  zvendorsel.

TYPES: BEGIN OF t_lfab1,
  lifnr TYPE lfa1-lifnr,
  land1 TYPE lfa1-land1,
  name1 TYPE lfa1-name1,
  ort01 TYPE lfa1-ort01,
  bukrs TYPE lfb1-bukrs,
  pernr TYPE lfb1-pernr,
  erdat TYPE lfb1-erdat,
 END OF t_lfab1.
DATA: it_lfab1 TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF t_lfab1.

  FROM lfa1 AS a INNER JOIN lfb1 AS b
    ON b~lifnr = a~lifnr

Tcodes to Create Maintain Vendor master data in SAP

Below are the main transaction codes used to create, display and maintain SAP Vendor master data within the SAP tables detailed above.
FK01 – Create new Vendor in SAP

FK02 – Change Vendor data

FK03 – Display Vendor data

FK04 – Display Changes in Vendor Master