SAP CRM Tables within the data dictionary and their relationships

There is so much CRM information stored in hundreds of thousands of SAP CRM tables! But how do you know what is stored in where? Well, the simple answer is that experience plays a big part but can provide you with a helping hand to speed the process, providing easy to find SAP information of all these CRM database tables. 

This allows you to be able to perform a simple keyword search (i.e. table name/title) and view the details of each table on one page including details such as Table name, Title, Delivery class, Text table if appropriate, Field list, Key field indicator, Data element, Data type, Length, Check table, Field description, Includes, full details about each field/data element/domain 

CRMD_ORDER_INDEX Index of order contracts includes link to Business partner
CRMD_ORDERADM_H – Business Transaction header (tcode CRMD_ORDER) 
CRMD_ORDERADM_I – Business Transaction Item (tcode CRMD_ORDER) 
CRMD_LINK – Transaction Set Link 
CRMD_CUSTOMER_H – Transaction – Customer Extension 
CRMD_CUSTOMER_I – Transaction Item – Customer Extension 
CRMD_PRICING – Business Transaction Pricing Parameter Set 
CRMD_PARTNER – Partners 
CRM_JEST – Individual Object Status 
CRMRFCPAR – Definitions for RFC Connections 
CRMCONSUM – Possible Users of R/3 Adapter Functionality 
CRMC_BLUEPRINT – SAP Application Scenario – Screen Area Table 
CRMPAROLTP – CRM table to store OLTP Parameters 
CRMPRLS – Name of the Logical System for Download 

Read data for all main SAP CRM tables

You can select data from the CRM tables just like any other table but generally, the easiest way to read this data I via the standard CRM function modules such as CRM_ORDER_READ. One trick worth remembering is that there is also a standard SAP report also called CRM_ORDER_READ which you can execute via SE38/SE80/SA38 etc and pass a transaction/customer id. It will then select all the data from the CRM tables for that customer/transaction and display it as an output. 


Generally, if you replace the ET_ with CRMD_ you should find the actually SAP database table i.e. ET_ACTIVITY_H becomes CRMD_ACTIVITY_H etc… 

Maybe you are investigating the possibility of moving to a new CRM system, or looking to reassure yourself that you have the best one with SAP. If so you can also check an interesting article on how to choose a CRM at Software For Projects, Which details what a CRM system is and some of the aspects you should consider when choosing the right software for your company.

Add data to SAP CRM tables

Again when updating SAP CRM data you can use the standard methods such as adding data manually via SM30 to a database table or using ABAP code to add data inserted within an SAP program or report. 

But within SAP CRM you should use the CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN function module to update the data rather than doing it manually. There are also may function modules that update individual subsets of CRM data that can be used instead of CRM_OTDER_MAINTAIN. 

SAP Tables related to other Module areas

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