ERP Magazine dedicated to SAP technical insights and innovations


ERP Magazine is a bi-monthly publication focusing on ERP/SAP software technical insights and innovations, for both new and advanced learners. In every issue, leading authors and consultants from a diverse set of companies present their ideas and/or achievements in a clear fashion. We cover Workflow, Web Dynpro, HANA, Fiori and Mobility topics. This bundle (Includes Previous Issue as Bonus i.e the complete bundle to date) contains:

  • Developing a Simple, User-Friendly SAPUI5 App in WebIDE Using Object List Items and Expression Binding
  • Use the New NetWeaver 7.52 Console Output Function in ADT 
  • Demystifying the New UNION Command in Open SQL
  • Make Your Own Modern-Style Fuzzy-Search-Based Field Value Help with Transaction SE11 – a Guide for SAP HANA Developers
  • Debugging SAPUI5 Applications with Ease – A Guide for Fiori Developers
  • Writing Conditional CASE.. ENDCASE Expressions within CDS Views – A Guide for HANA Developers
  • Mastering the New CEIL and FLOOR Functions in ABAP
  • Creating Your First Very Simple OData SAP Gateway Service
  • Using the New “Group By” Clause for Internal Table Control-Level Processing – Get Ready for the New Generation of ABAP Programming
  • Use the New “FOR” Loop for Populating Rows in Internal Tables – Modernize Your ABAP Code and Stand Out from the Crowd 
  • Learn to Create Navigation Lists in Web Dynpro for ABAP Applications
  • Extract the Last N Characters from a String of Any Length Using a Single Line of Code – A Regular Expressions Exercise
  • Adding Custom Fixed Values to Standard Domains without a Modification Key

Previous ERP Magazine Issue (Included in this Bundle)

  • Taking Quick Input from Users with a Standard Function Module 
  • ALV Row Coloring: A Primer for SAP Developers 
  • A Simple Regular Expression Exercise 
  • Learn to Use Advanced Open SQL Features in SAP Reports for the HANA environment
  • Using Debugger Standard Functions for Skipping as well as moving Back within Code 
  • A Little-Known Problem of the “FOR ALL ENTRIES IN” Construct 
  • Specifying Exporting and Returning Parameters for Functional Methods in SAP NetWeaver 7.50 
  • Debugging Applications after Modal Dialog Displayed 
  • Four Easy Coding Steps to Execute a Program in Background
  • Learn to Determine Employee Locking Programmatically
  • Learn to Find Whether a Payroll Area Is Locked for Maintenance
  • How to Read Fixed Values of a Domain in Your Programs
  • Distinctions between the Two Behaviors of the SUBMIT Statement 
  • Use the Two Variants of the CALL TRANSACTION Statement with Ease
  • Setting Default Ranges for Selection Options upon Declaration
  • Learn How to Determine if a Posting Date lies in an Open or Closed Period