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T702N SAP Trip Provision Variants Table and data

T702N is a standard SAP Table which is used to store Trip Provision Variants data and is available within R/3 SAP systems depending on the version and release level.

Below is the standard documentation available and a few details of the fields which make up this Table. You can view further information about SAP T702N Table and the data within it using relevant transactions such as SE11, SE80 or SE16. Also check out the Comments section below to view or add related contributions and example screen shots.

Delivery Class: C - Customizing table, Maintenance only by customer and not updated by SAP import

Display/Maintenance via SM30: Allowed

Enhancement category i: Not classified
See here for more information about this and other SAP enhancement categories

Text table = T706N

SAP T702N Table fields within data Dictionary

FieldData ElementData Typelength (Decimals)Check tableDescriptionConversion Routine
MOREIMOREICHAR2 Trip Provision Variant
.INCLUDEPTRV_TRVCT_B Accounting Control for Receipts
B01PTRV_TRVCT_B_01CHAR1 Dialog control for receipt accounting
B02PTRV_TRVCT_B_02CHAR1 Date indicator of receipt accounting
B03PTRV_TRVCT_B_03CHAR1 Dom./International indic. for deducts in receipt acctg
B04PTRV_TRVCT_B_04CHAR1 Statutory trip type for deductions in receipt accounting
B05PTRV_TRVCT_B_05CHAR1 Trip activity type for deducts in receipt accounting
B06PTRV_TRVCT_B_06CHAR1 Reimburs. group M/A statutory for deducts in receipt acctg
B07PTRV_TRVCT_B_07CHAR1 Reimbursement group M/A enterpr. for deducts in receipt actg
B08PTRV_TRVCT_B_08CHAR1 Deduction of unrecorded breakfasts in accommodations receipt
B09PTRV_TRVCT_B_09CHAR1 Statutory trip type for receipt max. rates and def.values
B10PTRV_TRVCT_B_10CHAR1 Trip type enterpr. for receipt max.rates and def.values
B11PTRV_TRVCT_B_11CHAR1 Trip activity type for receipt max.rates and def.values
B12PTRV_TRVCT_B_12CHAR1 Trip country/country grp for receipt max.rates and def.value
B13PTRV_TRVCT_B_13CHAR1 Reimbursement group accommodations, meals - statutory
B14PTRV_TRVCT_B_14CHAR1 Reimbursement group M/A enterprise specific
B15PTRV_TRVCT_B_15CHAR1 Proposed Value for Exchange Rate for Receipts
B16PTRV_TRVCT_B_16CHAR1 Receipt accounting item 16 (reserved)
B17PTRV_TRVCT_B_17CHAR1 Receipt accounting item 17 (reserved)
B18PTRV_TRVCT_B_18CHAR1 Receipt accounting item 18 (reserved)
B19PTRV_TRVCT_B_19CHAR1 Receipt accounting item 19 (reserved)
B20PTRV_TRVCT_B_20CHAR1 Receipt accounting item 20 (reserved)
B21PTRV_TRVCT_B_21CHAR1 Receipt accounting item 21 (reserved)
B22PTRV_TRVCT_B_22CHAR1 Receipt accounting item 22 (reserved)
B23PTRV_TRVCT_B_23CHAR1 Receipt accounting item 23 (reserved)
B24PTRV_TRVCT_B_24CHAR1 Receipt accounting item 24 (reserved)
B25PTRV_TRVCT_B_25CHAR1 Receipt accounting item 25 (reserved)
B26PTRV_TRVCT_B_26CHAR1 Receipt accounting item 26 (reserved)

B27PTRV_TRVCT_B_27CHAR1 Receipt accounting item 27 (reserved)
B28PTRV_TRVCT_B_28CHAR1 Receipt accounting item 28 (reserved)
B29PTRV_TRVCT_B_29CHAR1 Receipt accounting item 29 (reserved)
B30PTRV_TRVCT_B_30CHAR1 Receipt accounting item 30 (reserved)
.INCLUDEPTRV_TRVCT_V Accounting Control for Meals
V01PTRV_TRVCT_V_01CHAR1 Individual Receipt (M Receipt) + Per Diem Settlement Dialog
V02PTRV_TRVCT_V_02CHAR1 Date for reading meals per diems
V03PTRV_TRVCT_V_03CHAR1 Domestic/Internat. indicator for deductions in meals accntng
V04PTRV_TRVCT_V_04CHAR1 Statutory trip type for deductions in meals accounting
V05PTRV_TRVCT_V_05CHAR1 Trip activity type for deductions in meals accounting
V06PTRV_TRVCT_V_06CHAR1 Reimbursement group M/A statutory for deducts in meals acctg
V07PTRV_TRVCT_V_07CHAR1 Reimbursement group M/A enterpr. for deducts in meals acctg
V08PTRV_TRVCT_V_08CHAR1 Statutory trip type for meals per diems accounting
V09PTRV_TRVCT_V_09CHAR1 Trip activity type for meals per diem accounting
V10PTRV_TRVCT_V_10CHAR1 Reimbursement group M/A statutory for meals per diems acctng
V11PTRV_TRVCT_V_11CHAR1 Reimbursement group M/A enterpr. for meals per diems acctng
V12PTRV_TRVCT_V_12CHAR1 Day Scaling for Reimbursement by Number of Trip Hours
V13PTRV_TRVCT_V_13CHAR1 Compare additional amounts and income-rel.expenses
V14PTRV_TRVCT_V_14CHAR1 Meals Receipt (M Receipt) + Per Diem Settlement in Dialog
V15PTRV_TRVCT_V_15CHAR1 Minimum garantie for breakfast, French accounting
V16PTRV_TRVCT_V_16CHAR1 Reimbursement of differences for mixed accounting in Spain
V17PTRV_TRVCT_V_17CHAR1 Subdivision of trip duration (domestic trips)
V18PTRV_TRVCT_V_18CHAR1 Valuation of trip duration (domestic trips)
V19PTRV_TRVCT_V_19CHAR1 Subdivision of trip duration (international trips)
V20PTRV_TRVCT_V_20CHAR1 Valuation of trip duration (international trips)
V21PTRV_TRVCT_V_21CHAR1 Special Deduction Calculation
V22PTRV_TRVCT_V_22CHAR1 Reimbursement of Meals Per Diem on Days with Meals Receipts
V23PTRV_TRVCT_V_23CHAR1 Calculation of Company-Specific Deduction
V24PTRV_TRVCT_V_24CHAR1 Exact-to-the-Minute Reading
V25PTRV_TRVCT_V_25CHAR1 Activate Pocket Money Settlement
V26PTRV_TRVCT_V_26CHAR1 Meals accounting item 26 (reserved)
V27PTRV_TRVCT_V_27CHAR1 Meals accounting item 27 (reserved)
V28PTRV_TRVCT_V_28CHAR1 Meals accounting item 28 (reserved)
V29PTRV_TRVCT_V_29CHAR1 Meals accounting item 299(reserved)
V30PTRV_TRVCT_V_30CHAR1 Meals accounting item 30 (reserved)
.INCLUDEPTRV_TRVCT_U Accounting Control for Accommodations
U01PTRV_TRVCT_U_01CHAR1 Individual Receipt + Per Diem Settlement in Dialog
U02PTRV_TRVCT_U_02CHAR1 Date for reading accommodations per diems
U03PTRV_TRVCT_U_03CHAR1 Domestic/Internat. indicator for deductions in accomm.acctng
U04PTRV_TRVCT_U_04CHAR1 Statutory trip type for deductions in accommodations acctng
U05PTRV_TRVCT_U_05CHAR1 Trip activity type for deductions in accommodations acctng
U06PTRV_TRVCT_U_06CHAR1 Reimbursement group M/A statutory for deducts in accom.acctg
U07PTRV_TRVCT_U_07CHAR1 Reimburs.grp M/A enter.for deductions in accomm. accounting
U08PTRV_TRVCT_U_08CHAR1 Statutory trip type for accommodations per diem accounting
U09PTRV_TRVCT_U_09CHAR1 Trip activity type for accommodations per diem accounting
U10PTRV_TRVCT_U_10CHAR1 Reimbursement group M/A statutory for accomm.per diem acctng
U11PTRV_TRVCT_U_11CHAR1 Reimbursement group M/A enterpr. for accomm.per diem accntng
U12PTRV_TRVCT_U_12CHAR1 Generate Accommod. Deductions Auto.via Acc. Rcpt for SAP-EP
U13PTRV_TRVCT_U_13CHAR1 Accommodations accounting item 13 (reserved)

U14PTRV_TRVCT_U_14CHAR1 Accommodations accounting item 14 (reserved)
U15PTRV_TRVCT_U_15CHAR1 Per diem valuation of the recorded overnight stays
U16PTRV_TRVCT_U_16CHAR1 Reimbursement of Differences for Mixed Accounting in Spain
U17PTRV_TRVCT_U_17CHAR1 Accommodations accounting item 17 (reserved)
U18PTRV_TRVCT_U_18CHAR1 Accommodations accounting item 18 (reserved)
U19PTRV_TRVCT_U_19CHAR1 Accommodations accounting item 19 (reserved)
U20PTRV_TRVCT_U_20CHAR1 Accommodations accounting item 20 (reserved)
U21PTRV_TRVCT_U_21CHAR1 Accommodations accounting item 21 (reserved)
U22PTRV_TRVCT_U_22CHAR1 Accommodations accounting item 22 (reserved)
U23PTRV_TRVCT_U_23CHAR1 Accommodations accounting item 23 (reserved)
U24PTRV_TRVCT_U_24CHAR1 Accommodations accounting item 24 (reserved)
U25PTRV_TRVCT_U_25CHAR1 Accommodations accounting item 25 (reserved)
U26PTRV_TRVCT_U_26CHAR1 Accommodations accounting item 26 (reserved)
U27PTRV_TRVCT_U_27CHAR1 Accommodations accounting item 27 (reserved)
U28PTRV_TRVCT_U_28CHAR1 Accommodations accounting, item 28 (reserved)
U29PTRV_TRVCT_U_29CHAR1 Accommodations accounting, item 29 (reserved)
U30PTRV_TRVCT_U_30CHAR1 Accommodations accounting, item 30 (reserved)
.INCLUDEPTRV_TRVCT_F Accounting Control for Travel Costs
F01PTRV_TRVCT_F_01CHAR1 Individual Receipt + Per Diem Settlement in Dialog
F02PTRV_TRVCT_F_02CHAR1 Date for reading travel flat rates
F03PTRV_TRVCT_F_03CHAR1 Miles/Km Cumulation
F04PTRV_TRVCT_F_04CHAR1 Travel costs item 04 (reserved)
F05PTRV_TRVCT_F_05CHAR1 Miles/Kms cumulation: exceeding of cumulation limit
F06PTRV_TRVCT_F_06CHAR1 Consider main destination for reading travel flat rate
F07PTRV_TRVCT_F_07CHAR1 Travel costs item 7 (reserved)
F08PTRV_TRVCT_F_08CHAR1 Statutory trip type for travel costs reimbursement
F09PTRV_TRVCT_F_09CHAR1 Trip activity type for travel costs reimbursement
F10PTRV_TRVCT_F_10CHAR1 Travel costs item 10 (reserved)
F11PTRV_TRVCT_F_11CHAR1 Trip area for travel costs reimbursement
F12PTRV_TRVCT_F_12CHAR1 Specification of vehicle type for miles/kms cumulation
F13PTRV_TRVCT_F_13CHAR1 Specification of vehicle class for miles/kms cumulation
F14PTRV_TRVCT_F_14CHAR1 Specification of trip area for miles/kms cumulation
F15PTRV_TRVCT_F_15CHAR1 Clear Additional Amounts and Income-Related Expenses
F16PTRV_TRVCT_F_16CHAR1 Travel costs item 16 (reserved)
F17PTRV_TRVCT_F_17CHAR1 Travel costs item 17 (reserved)
F18PTRV_TRVCT_F_18CHAR1 Travel costs item 18 (reserved)
F19PTRV_TRVCT_F_19CHAR1 Travel costs item 19 (reserved)
F20PTRV_TRVCT_F_20CHAR1 Travel costs item 20 (reserved)
F21PTRV_TRVCT_F_21CHAR1 Travel costs item 21 (reserved)

F22PTRV_TRVCT_F_22CHAR1 Travel costs item 22 (reserved)
F23PTRV_TRVCT_F_23CHAR1 Travel costs item 23 (reserved)
F24PTRV_TRVCT_F_24CHAR1 Travel costs item 24 (reserved)
F25PTRV_TRVCT_F_25CHAR1 Travel costs item 25 (reserved)
F26PTRV_TRVCT_F_26CHAR1 Travel costs item 26 (reserved)
F27PTRV_TRVCT_F_27CHAR1 Travel costs item 27 (reserved)
F28PTRV_TRVCT_F_28CHAR1 Travel costs item 28 (reserved)
F29PTRV_TRVCT_F_29CHAR1 Travel costs item 29 (reserved)
F30PTRV_TRVCT_F_30CHAR1 Travel costs item 30 (reserved)
.INCLUDEPTRV_TRVCT_R General Accounting Control
R01PTRV_TRVCT_R_01CHAR1 Posting of receipts paid by company
R02PTRV_TRVCT_R_02CHAR1 Posting of Advances
R03PTRV_TRVCT_R_03CHAR1 Trip Country Groups for Per Diem/Flat Rate Settlement
R04PTRV_TRVCT_R_04CHAR1 Date for reading master account assignment
R05PTRV_TRVCT_R_05CHAR1 Currency translation for per diem/flat rate amounts
R06PTRV_TRVCT_R_06CHAR1 Remaining accounting variants item 6 (reserved)
R07PTRV_TRVCT_R_07CHAR1 Posting of Cash Advances
R08PTRV_TRVCT_R_08CHAR1 Sign of advance for storage in ROT
R09PTRV_TRVCT_R_09CHAR1 Sign of cash advance for storage in ROT
R10PTRV_TRVCT_R_10CHAR1 Remaining accounting variants, position 10 (reserved)
R11PTRV_TRVCT_R_11CHAR1 Validation: Multiple Trips on One Day
R12PTRV_TRVCT_R_12CHAR1 Create statistics data for Travel Management
R13PTRV_TRVCT_R_13CHAR1 Messages during master account assignment check
R14PTRV_TRVCT_R_14CHAR1 Transaction TRIP: Edit request, plan and expense report
R15PTRV_TRVCT_R_15CHAR1 Data Area Behavior, 1st Level in Travel Manager
R16PTRV_TRVCT_R_16CHAR1 Time Sheet Integration (CATSXT)
R17PTRV_TRVCT_R_17CHAR1 Date for Determining Vendors when Transferring Data to FI
R18PTRV_TRVCT_R_18CHAR1 Procedure for Trips to Same Destination
R19PTRV_TRVCT_R_19CHAR1 Offline Travel Manager Active
R20PTRV_TRVCT_R_20CHAR1 Transaction To Change Accounting From WF or PRAP
R21PTRV_TRVCT_R_21CHAR1 Determine FI Clearing Date
R22PTRV_TRVCT_R_22CHAR1 Integration: Travel Management - CATS Approval
R23PTRV_TRVCT_R_23CHAR1 Posting of Receipts to be Reimbursed to Employee
R24PTRV_TRVCT_R_24CHAR1 ADOBE Form Deactivation
R25PTRV_TRVCT_R_25CHAR1 Default Value: Posting Date for Funds Management
R26PTRV_TRVCT_R_26CHAR1 Version Creation
R27PTRV_TRVCT_R_27CHAR1 Archiving
R28PTRV_TRVCT_R_28CHAR1 Cost Comparison
R29PTRV_TRVCT_R_29CHAR1 Selection of Travel Requests and Plans in Web Dynpro ABAP
R30PTRV_TRVCT_R_30CHAR1 Remaining accounting variants item 30 (reserved)
.INCLUDEPTRV_TRVCT_P Accounting Control for Public Sector
P01PTRV_TRVCT_P_01CHAR1 Industry sector ID
P02PTRV_TRVCT_P_02CHAR1 Regional privision indicator
P03PTRV_TRVCT_P_03CHAR1 Organizational provision indicator
P04PTRV_TRVCT_P_04CHAR1 Comparison Calculation: Accom. Receipts With Accom. per Diem
P05PTRV_TRVCT_P_05CHAR1 Comparison Calculation: Meals Receipts With Meals per Diem
P06PTRV_TRVCT_P_06CHAR1 Separation Allowance Accounting
P07PTRV_TRVCT_P_07CHAR1 Comparison Calculation Travel Costs and Trip Segments
P08PTRV_TRVCT_P_08CHAR1 Public Sector item 8 (reserved)
P09PTRV_TRVCT_P_09CHAR1 Clearing of Additional Amounts and Income-rel. Expenses
P10PTRV_TRVCT_P_10CHAR1 Border crossing/return trip
P11PTRV_TRVCT_P_11CHAR1 Border Crossing Trip Out
P12PTRV_TRVCT_P_12CHAR1 Activate Travel Request Versions
P13PTRV_TRVCT_P_13CHAR1 Include Deductions with Taxation of Meals per Diem
P14PTRV_TRVCT_P_14CHAR1 Reduction of Meals per Diem with Subsidies for Trips Home
P15PTRV_TRVCT_P_15CHAR1 Time-Based Reduction of Separation Allowance
P16PTRV_TRVCT_P_16CHAR1 Inclusion of M Deductions with Separation Allowance per Diem
P17PTRV_TRVCT_P_17CHAR1 Deduction Meals Per Diem w/ Full-Day Parallel Business Trips
P18PTRV_TRVCT_P_18CHAR1 Deduction Meals Per Diem w/ Part-Day Parallel Business Trips
P19PTRV_TRVCT_P_19CHAR1 Include Own Share with Daily Return
P20PTRV_TRVCT_P_20CHAR1 Apply Separation Allowance Spouse with External Stay
P21PTRV_TRVCT_P_21CHAR1 Trip to Start Work and Return from Work with Fictitious ES
P22PTRV_TRVCT_P_22CHAR1 Comparison Calculation Between DR and ES
P23PTRV_TRVCT_P_23CHAR1 Separation Allowance for Travel w/ Fictitious External Stay
P24PTRV_TRVCT_P_24CHAR1 Public Sector item 24 (reserved)
P25PTRV_TRVCT_P_25CHAR1 Public Sector item 25 (reserved)
P26PTRV_TRVCT_P_26CHAR1 Public Sector item 26 (reserved)
P27PTRV_TRVCT_P_27CHAR1 Public Sector item 27 (reserved)
P28PTRV_TRVCT_P_28CHAR1 Public Sector item 28 (reserved)
P29PTRV_TRVCT_P_29CHAR1 Public Sector item 29 (reserved)
P30PTRV_TRVCT_P_30CHAR1 Public Sector item 30 (reserved)

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