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KNB1 SAP Customer Master (Company Code) Table and data

KNB1 is a standard SAP Table which is used to store Customer Master (Company Code) data and is available within R/3 SAP systems depending on the version and release level.

Below is the standard documentation available and a few details of the fields which make up this Table. You can view further information about SAP KNB1 Table and the data within it using relevant transactions such as SE11, SE80 or SE16. Also check out the Comments section below to view or add related contributions and example screen shots.

Delivery Class: A - Application table containing master and transaction data

Display/Maintenance via SM30: Yes but with Restrictions

Enhancement category i: Can be enhanced (character-type or numeric)
See here for more information about this and other SAP enhancement categories

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SAP KNB1 Table fields within data Dictionary

FieldData ElementData Typelength (Decimals)Check tableDescriptionConversion Routine
PERNRPERNR_DNUMC8 Personnel Number
.INCLUDESI_KNB1 Customer Master (Company Code)
ERDATERDAT_RFDATS8 Date on which the Record Was Created
ERNAMERNAM_RFCHAR12 Name of Person who Created the Object
SPERRSPERB_BCHAR1 Posting block for company code
LOEVMLOEVM_BCHAR1 Deletion Flag for Master Record (Company Code Level)
ZUAWADZUAWACHAR3 TZUNKey for sorting according to assignment numbers
BUSABBUSABCHAR2 T001SAccounting clerk
AKONTAKONTCHAR10 SKB1Reconciliation Account in General LedgerALPHA
Authorization Group
KNRZEKNRZECHAR10 KNA1Head office account number (in branch accounts)ALPHA
KNRZBKNRZBCHAR10 KNA1Account number of an alternative payerALPHA
ZAMIMDZAMIMCHAR1 Indicator: Payment notice to customer (with cleared items)?
ZAMIVDZAMIVCHAR1 Indicator: payment notice to sales department?
ZAMIRDZAMIRCHAR1 Indicator: payment notice to legal department?
ZAMIBDZAMIBCHAR1 Indicator: Payment notice to the accounting department ?
ZAMIODZAMIOCHAR1 Indicator: payment notice to customer (w/o cleared items)?
ZWELSDZWELSCHAR10 List of the Payment Methods to be Considered
XVERRXVERR_KNB1CHAR1 Indicator: Clearing between customer and vendor ?
ZAHLSDZAHLSCHAR1 T008Block Key for Payment
ZTERMDZTERMCHAR4 Terms of Payment Key
WAKONWAKONCHAR4 Terms of payment key for bill of exchange charges
VZSKZVZSKZCHAR2 T056Interest calculation indicator
ZINDTDZINDTDATS8 Key date of the last interest calculation
ZINRTDZINRTNUMC2 Interest calculation frequency in months
EIKTOEIKTO_DCHAR12 Our account number at customer
ZSABEDZSABE_DCHAR15 User at customer
VRBKZVRBKZCHAR2 Export credit insurance institution number
VLIBBVLIBBCURR13(2) Amount Insured
VRSZLVRSZLDEC3 Insurance lead months
VRSPRVRSPRDEC3 Deductible percentage rate
VRSNRVRSNRCHAR10 Insurance number
VERDTVERDTDATS8 Insurance validity date
PERKZPERKZ_KNB1CHAR1 Collective invoice variant
XDEZVXDEZVCHAR1 Indicator: Local processing?

XAUSZXAUSZCHAR1 T048KIndicator for periodic account statements
WEBTRWEBTRCURR13(2) Bill of exchange limit (in local currency)
DATLZDATLZDATS8 Date of the last interest calculation run
XZVERXZVERCHAR1 Indicator: Record Payment History ?
TOGRUTOGRUCHAR4 T043GTolerance group for the business partner/G/L account
KULTGKULTGDEC3 Probable time until check is paid
HBKIDHBKIDCHAR5 T012Short Key for a House Bank
XPOREXPORECHAR1 Indicator: Pay all items separately ?
Subsidy indicator for determining the reduction rates
ALTKNALTKNCHAR10 Previous Master Record Number
ZGRUPDZGRUPCHAR2 TZGRKey for Payment Grouping
URLIDURLIDCHAR4 T052AShort Key for Known/Negotiated Leave
MGRUPMGRUPCHAR2 T047RKey for dunning notice grouping
LOCKBLOCKBCHAR7 T049LKey of the Lockbox to Which the Customer Is To Pay
UZAWEUZAWECHAR2 T042FPayment Method Supplement
EKVBDEKVBDCHAR10 KNA1Account Number of Buying GroupALPHA
SREGLSREGLCHAR3 T053ASelection Rule for Payment Advices
XEDIPXEDIPCHAR1 Indicator: Send Payment Advices by EDI
FRGRPFRGRPCHAR4 VBWF08Release Approval Group
VRSDGVRSDGCHAR3 T053VReason Code Conversion Version
TLFXSTLFXSCHAR31 Accounting clerk's fax number at the customer/vendor
INTADINTADCHAR130 Internet address of partner company clerk
XKNZBXKNZBCHAR1 Indicator: Alternative payer using account number
GUZTEGUZTECHAR4 Payment Terms Key for Credit Memos
GRICDJ_1AGICD_DCHAR2 J_1AGICDActivity Code for Gross Income Tax
GRIDTJ_1ADTYP_DCHAR2 J_1ADTYPDistribution Type for Employment Tax
WBRSLWBRSLCHAR2 T044GValue Adjustment Key
CONFSCONFS_BCHAR1 Status of Change Authorization (Company Code Level)
UPDATUPDAT_RFDATS8 Date on Which the Changes Were Confirmed
UPTIMUPTIM_RFTIMS6 Time of Last Change Confirmation
NODELNODEL_BCHAR1 Deletion bock for master record (company code level)
TLFNSTLFNSCHAR30 Accounting clerk's telephone number at business partner
CESSION_KZCESSION_KZCHAR2 TCESSIONAccounts Receivable Pledging Indicator
AVSNDAVSNDCHAR1 Indicator: Send Payment Advice by XML
AD_HASHADHASHCHAR10 E-Mail Address for Avis: Hash Value
QLANDQLANDCHAR3 T005QWithholding Tax Country Key
.APPENDAKNB1_PSO IS-PS: Customer Master Record, Additional Data (Co.Code)
GMVKZDGMVKZDCHAR1 Customer is in execution

Key field
Non-key field

KNB1 relationships with other tables

BOSG-Uppermost Hierarchy Segment for BRF
     BKPF-Accounting Document Header
          BSEG-Accounting Document Segment
          BSET-Tax Data Document Segment
          FAGLFREESEL-General Ledger: Custom Selections (Enhanced)
     KNA1-General Data in Customer Master
          KNBK-Customer Master (Bank Details)
          KNB1-Customer Master (Company Code)
               KNB4-Customer Payment History
               KNB5-Customer Master (Dunning Data)
               KNKK-Credit Management Cust. Mstr: Control Area Data
               KNC1-Customer Master (Transaction Figures)
               KNC3-Customer Master (Special G/L Transaction Figures)
     LFA1-Vendor Master (General Section)
          LFBK-Vendor Master (Bank Details)
          LFB1-Vendor Master (Company Code)
               LFB5-Vendor Master (Dunning Data)
               LFC1-Vendor Master (Transaction Figures)
               LFC3-Vendor Master (Transaction Figures) Special Ledger
     SKA1-G/L Account Master Record (Chart of Accounts)
          SKB1-G/L Account Master Record (Company Code)
               SKC1A-G/L Sales Segment Derived from GLDB - Internal
               SKC1C-G/L Account C-Segment from GLT0 -Currency Amounts-

KNA1-General Data in Customer Master
     ADDR1_VAL-Address Data
     KNAS-Customer Master (VAT Registration Nos Gen. Sel.)
     KNKA-Customer Master Credit Management: Central Data
     KNKK-Credit Management Cust. Mstr: Control Area Data
     KNBK-Customer Master (Bank Details)
     KNB1-Customer Master (Company Code)
          KNB4-Customer Payment History
          KNB5-Customer Master (Dunning Data)
          KNC1-Customer Master (Transaction Figures)
          KNC3-Customer Master (Special G/L Transaction Figures)
          BSID-Accounting: Secondary Index for Customers
               ADMI_FILES-Archive Files
               BSIDEXT-Secondary Index & Additions Section (bsega)
               BKPF-Accounting Document Header
                    BSEG-Accounting Document Segment
                         WITH_ITEM-Witholding Tax Info.per W/Tax Type and FI Line Itm
                         GSEG-Offsetting Items for B-Segment in Reporting