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AFVV SAP DB structure of the quantities/dates/values in the operation Table and data

AFVV is a standard SAP Table which is used to store DB structure of the quantities/dates/values in the operation data and is available within R/3 SAP systems depending on the version and release level.

Below is the standard documentation available and a few details of the fields which make up this Table. You can view further information about SAP AFVV Table and the data within it using relevant transactions such as SE11, SE80 or SE16. Also check out the Comments section below to view or add related contributions and example screen shots.

Delivery Class: A - Application table containing master and transaction data

Display/Maintenance via SM30: Yes but with Restrictions

Enhancement category i: Can be enhanced (character-type or numeric)
See here for more information about this and other SAP enhancement categories

SAP AFVV Table fields within data Dictionary

FieldData ElementData Typelength (Decimals)Check tableDescriptionConversion Routine
AUFPLCO_AUFPLNUMC10 Routing number of operations in the order
APLZLCO_APLZLNUMC8 AFVCGeneral counter for order
.INCLUDEAFVVI Include structure of the operation quantities/dates/values
MEINHVORMEUNIT3 T006Unit of Measure for Activity/OperationCUNIT
UMRENCP_UMRENDEC5 Denominator for converting rtg and op units of measure
UMREZCP_UMREZDEC5 Numerator for converting task list and oper. un. of measure
BMSCHBMSCHQUAN13(3) Base Quantity
ZEIERDZEIERUNIT3 T006Unit for the break timeCUNIT
VGE01VGWRTEHUNIT3 T006Unit of measure for the standard valueCUNIT
VGW01VGWRTQUAN9(3) Standard Value
VGE02VGWRTEHUNIT3 T006Unit of measure for the standard valueCUNIT
VGW02VGWRTQUAN9(3) Standard Value
VGE03VGWRTEHUNIT3 T006Unit of measure for the standard valueCUNIT
VGW03VGWRTQUAN9(3) Standard Value
VGE04VGWRTEHUNIT3 T006Unit of measure for the standard valueCUNIT
VGW04VGWRTQUAN9(3) Standard Value
VGE05VGWRTEHUNIT3 T006Unit of measure for the standard valueCUNIT
VGW05VGWRTQUAN9(3) Standard Value
VGE06VGWRTEHUNIT3 T006Unit of measure for the standard valueCUNIT
VGW06VGWRTQUAN9(3) Standard Value
ZEIMUDZEIMUUNIT3 T006Unit for the minimum overlap timeCUNIT
ZMINUDZMINUQUAN9(3) Minimum overlap time
MINWEMINWEIQUAN13(3) Minimum Send-Ahead Quantity
ZEIMBDZEIMBUNIT3 T006Unit for the minimum processing timeCUNIT
ZMINBDZMINBQUAN9(3) Minimum processing time
ZEILMDZEILMUNIT3 T006Unit for the maximum wait timeCUNIT
ZLMAXDZLMAXQUAN9(3) Maximum wait time
ZEILPDZEILPUNIT3 T006Unit for the required wait timeCUNIT
ZLPRODZLPROQUAN9(3) Minimum wait time
ZEIWNDZEIWNUNIT3 T006Unit for the standard queue timeCUNIT
ZWNORDZWNORQUAN9(3) Standard queue time
ZEIWMDZEIWMUNIT3 T006Unit for the minumum queue timeCUNIT
ZWMINDZWMINQUAN9(3) Minimum queue time
ZEITNDZEITNUNIT3 T006Unit for the standard move timeCUNIT
ZTNORDZTNORQUAN9(3) Standard move time
ZEITMDZEITMUNIT3 T006Unit for the minimum move timeCUNIT
ZTMINDZTMINQUAN9(3) Minimum move time

PLIFZPLIFZDEC3 Planned Delivery Time in Days
DAUNODAUNORQUAN5(1) Normal duration of the activity
DAUNEDAUNOREUNIT3 T006Normal duration/unitCUNIT
DAUMIDAUMINQUAN5(1) Minimum activity duration
DAUMEDAUMINEUNIT3 T006Unit for the minimum durationCUNIT
EINSAEINSCHRACHAR1 Constraint on the basic start date for the activity
EINSEEINSCHRECHAR1 Constraint on the finish date of the activity
ARBEIARBEITQUAN7(1) Work involved in the activity
MGVRGMGVRGQUAN13(3) Operation Quantity
ASVRGASVRGQUAN13(3) Operation scrap
LMNGALMNGAQUAN13(3) Total Yield Confirmed
XMNGAXMNGAQUAN13(3) Total scrap quantity confirmed
GMNGAGMNGAQUAN13(3) Confirmed yield in order unit of measure
ISM01CO_RUMNGQUAN13(3) Previously confirmed activity
ISM02CO_RUMNGQUAN13(3) Previously confirmed activity
ISM03CO_RUMNGQUAN13(3) Previously confirmed activity
ISM04CO_RUMNGQUAN13(3) Previously confirmed activity
ISM05CO_RUMNGQUAN13(3) Previously confirmed activity
ISM06CO_RUMNGQUAN13(3) Previously confirmed activity
ISMNWCO_ISMNWQUAN13(3) Actual work
FSAVDFSAVDDATS8 Earliest scheduled start: Execution (date)
FSAVZFSAVZTIMS6 Earliest scheduled start: Execution (time)
FSSBDFSSBDDATS8 Earliest scheduled start: Processing (date)
FSSBZFSSBZTIMS6 Earliest scheduled start: Processing (time)
FSSADFSSADDATS8 Earliest scheduled start: Teardown (date)
FSSAZFSSAZTIMS6 Earliest scheduled start: Teardown (time)
FSEDDFSEDDDATS8 Earliest scheduled finish: Execution (date)
FSEDZFSEDZTIMS6 Earliest scheduled finish: Execution (time)
FSSLDFSSLDDATS8 Earliest scheduled start: Wait (date)
FSSLZFSSLZTIMS6 Earliest scheduled start: Wait (time)
FSELDFSELDDATS8 Earliest scheduled finish: Wait (date)
FSELZFSELZTIMS6 Earliest scheduled finish: Wait (time)
SSAVDSSAVDDATS8 Latest scheduled start: Execution (date)
SSAVZSSAVZTIMS6 Latest scheduled start: Execution (time)
SSSBDSSSBDDATS8 Latest scheduled start: Processing (date)
SSSBZSSSBZTIMS6 Latest scheduled start: Processing (time)
SSSADSSSADDATS8 Latest scheduled start: Teardown (date)
SSSAZSSSAZTIMS6 Latest scheduled start: Teardown (time)

SSEDDSSEDDDATS8 Latest scheduled finish: Execution (date)
SSEDZSSEDZTIMS6 Latest scheduled finish: Execution (time)
SSSLDSSSLDDATS8 Latest scheduled start: Wait time (date)
SSSLZSSSLZTIMS6 Latest scheduled start: Wait time
SSELDSSELDDATS8 Latest scheduled finish: Wait time (date)
SSELZSSELZTIMS6 Latest scheduled finish: Wait time
ISAVDISAVDDATS8 Actual operation start (date)
IEAVDIEAVDDATS8 Actual finish of operation (date)
ISDDISDDDATS8 Actual start: Execution (date)
ISDZISDZTIMS6 Actual start: Execution/setup (time)
IERDIERDDATS8 Actual finish: Setup (date)
IERZIERZTIMS6 Actual finish: Setup (time)
ISBDISBDDATS8 Actual start: Processing (date)
ISBZISBZTIMS6 Actual start: Processing (time)
IEBDIEBDDATS8 Actual finish: Processing (date)
IEBZIEBZTIMS6 Actual processing finish (time)
ISADISADDATS8 Actual start: Teardown (date)
ISAZISAZTIMS6 Actual start: Teardown (time)
IEDDIEDDDATS8 Actual finish: Execution (date)
IEDZIEDZTIMS6 Actual finish: Execution (time)
PEDDCO_PEDDDATS8 Forecast finish date of operation from confirmation
PEDZCO_PEDZTIMS6 Forecast finish time of operation from confirmation
NTANFVORGABESTDDATS8 Constraint for activity start (Basic)
NTANZVORGABESTZTIMS6 Constraint for activity start time (Basic)
NTENDVORGABEEND2DATS8 Constraint for Finish of Activity (Basic)
NTENZVORGABEENZTIMS6 Basic finish time of the activity
EWSTDEWSTARTDDATS8 Forecasted start date for the activity
EWSTZEWSTARTZTIMS6 Forecast start time of the activity
EWENDEWENDEDDATS8 Forecast finish date
EWENZEWENDEZTIMS6 Forecast finish time for the activity
EWDANEWDANQUAN5(1) Normal duration (from forecast) of activity
EWDNEEWDNEUNIT3 T006Unit for forecast normal durationCUNIT
EWDAMEWDAMQUAN5(1) Minimum duration (from forecast) for activity
EWDMEEWDMEUNIT3 T006Unit for forecast minimum durationCUNIT
EWSTEPS_RESTECHAR1 Forecast date constraint on activity finish
EWSTAPS_RESTACHAR1 Forecast date constraint on activity start
WARTZWARTEZEITFLTP16(16) Queue time used for scheduling

WRTZEWTRZEUNIT3 Unit of measure for queue timeCUNIT
RUESTRUESTFLTP16(16) Setup time
RSTZERSTZEUNIT3 Unit of measure for setup timeCUNIT
BEARZBEARZEITFLTP16(16) Processing time
BEAZEBEAZEUNIT3 Unit of measure for processing timeCUNIT
ARUZEARUZEUNIT3 Unit of measure for teardownCUNIT
LIEGZLIEGEZEITFLTP16(16) Wait time used for scheduling
LIGZELIGZEUNIT3 Unit of measure for wait timeCUNIT
TRANZTRANSZEITFLTP16(16) Move time used for scheduling
TRAZETRAZEUNIT3 Unit of measure for move timeCUNIT
ISERHISERHQUAN9(3) Confirmed break time
OFM01CO_SCHAETZQUAN9(3) Forecast value used to update the standard value
OFM02CO_SCHAETZQUAN9(3) Forecast value used to update the standard value
OFM03CO_SCHAETZQUAN9(3) Forecast value used to update the standard value
OFM04CO_SCHAETZQUAN9(3) Forecast value used to update the standard value
OFM05CO_SCHAETZQUAN9(3) Forecast value used to update the standard value
OFM06CO_SCHAETZQUAN9(3) Forecast value used to update the standard value
OFMNWOFMNWQUAN7(1) Forecasted work (actual + remaining)
BZOFFBCP_OBZOFFBCHAR2 TCA54Reference date for start of sub-operation
EHOFFBCP_OEHOFFBUNIT3 T006Unit for offset to startCUNIT
OFFSTBCP_OOFFSTBQUAN5 Offset to sub-operation start
OFFSTECP_OOFFSTEQUAN5 Offset to sub-operation finish
BZOFFECP_OBZOFFECHAR2 TCA54Reference date for finish of sub-operation
EHOFFECP_OEHOFFEUNIT3 T006Unit for offset to finishCUNIT
FPAVDFPAVDDATS8 Earliest scheduled start date (forecast)
FPAVZFPAVZTIMS6 Earliest scheduled start time (forecast)
FPEDDFPEDDDATS8 Earliest scheduled finish date (forecast)
FPEDZFPEDZTIMS6 Earliest scheduled finish time (forecast)
SPAVDSPAVDDATS8 Latest scheduled start date (forecast)
SPAVZSPAVZTIMS6 Latest scheduled start time (forecast)
SPEDDSPEDDDATS8 Latest scheduled finish date (forecast)
SPEDZSPEDZTIMS6 Latest scheduled finish time (forecast)
BEAZPBEAZEPUNIT3 Unit of processing time (Forecast)CUNIT
PUFGPPPUFF_GESMDEC3 Total float (from forecast)
PUFFPPPUFF_FREIDEC3 Free float (from forecast)
BEARPPBEARZEITFLTP16(16) Processing time (forecast)
EPANFEPANFDATS8 Dispatched start date for operation
EPANZEPANZTIMS6 Dispatched start time for operation
EPENDEPENDDATS8 Dispatched finish date
EPENZEPENZTIMS6 Dispatched finish time
PDAUPDAUQUAN5(1) Forecasted duration of activity from confirmation
PDAEPDAEUNIT3 T006Unit of the forecasted duration from the confirmationCUNIT
KNOTEKNOTECHAR10 TVKNTransportation Connection Points
VSTGAVSTGACHAR4 TVTGDeadline deviation reason
Time UnitCUNIT
QRASTMENGQRASTMENGQUAN13(3) Quantity Between Two Inspections
Grid Unit of MeasureCUNIT
AUFKTAFAKTDEC3 Execution Factor
RMNGARMNGAQUAN13(3) Total confirmed rework quantity
Unit of measure for the activity to be confirmedCUNIT
Unit of measure for the activity to be confirmedCUNIT
Unit of measure for the activity to be confirmedCUNIT
Unit of measure for the activity to be confirmedCUNIT
Unit of measure for the activity to be confirmedCUNIT
Unit of measure for the activity to be confirmedCUNIT
RWFAKRWFAKDEC5(3) Rework factor (is not used yet)
IPRZ1CO_IPRZSQUAN13(3) Confirmed quantity/work for business process
Unit of measurement for conf. quantity for business processCUNIT
IPRK1RU_IPRZKCHAR1 No remaining quantity expected for business process
TAKTLD_TAKTNUMC4 takt within a line segment
OPRZ1OPRZ1QUAN13(3) Remaining quantity for business process
Unit for remaining quantity of business processCUNIT
PSPM_INDICATORPSPM_INDICATORCHAR1 Indicates PMCS date influence activity scheduling

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