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/VSO/M_SHIPMENT_HEADER1 SAP Include VSO CommStr. SHIPMENT HEADERDATA (Meth. SetShipment) Structure and data

/VSO/M_SHIPMENT_HEADER1 is an SAP Structure so does not store data like a database table does but can be used to process "Include VSO CommStr. SHIPMENT HEADERDATA (Meth. SetShipment)" Information within sap ABAP programs. This is done by declaring abap internal tables, work areas or database tables based on this Structure. These can then be used to store and process the required data appropriately.


Below is the documentation avaialable and full details of the fields which make up this Structure.

You can view further information about this via relevant transactions such as SE11 or SE80. Also check out the Comments section below to view or add related contributions and example screen shots.

Display/Maintenance via SM30: Yes but with Restrictions

Enhancement category i: Can be enhanced (character-type)
See here for more information about this and other SAP enhancement categories

SAP /VSO/M_SHIPMENT_HEADER1 Structure fields within data Dictionary

Component Type
Data Typelength (Decimals)Check tableDescriptionConversion Routine
CHANGE/VSO/M_CHANGECHAR1 Control Display/Change for External OCX (VSO)
LANGUAGE/VSO/M_LANG_OUTPUTCHAR2 Language of the Tool for VSO (acc. to ISO 639)
OPT_MOD/VSO/M_OPT_MODNUMC2 Optimization Model for Vehicle Space Optimization
REST_SEP/VSO/M_REST_SEPCHAR1 Pack Remaining Material Separately (VSO)
WEIGHT_CHK/VSO/M_WEIGHT_CHKCHAR1 Weight Check (Vehicle Space Optimization)
CONTACT_COEF_CHK/VSO/M_CONTACT_COEF_CHKCHAR1 Contact Coefficient Check in Vehicle Space Optimization
CONTACT_COEF/VSO/M_CONTACT_COEFNUMC3 Contact Coefficient in Percent (VSO)
UNLOAD_SEQ_CHK/VSO/M_UNLOAD_SEQ_CHKCHAR1 Follow Unloading Sequence for Loading (VSO)
CALC_LAYER_CHK/VSO/M_CALC_LAYER_CHKCHAR1 Calculate Layer Pattern of Packaging Material (VSO)
MAX_ITER/VSO/M_MAX_ITERNUMC5 Maximum Number of Iterations of VSO
MAX_ITER_WO_IMPR/VSO/M_MAX_ITER_WO_IMPRNUMC4 Maximum Number of Iterations without Improvement (VSO)
MAX_SECONDS/VSO/M_MAX_SECONDSNUMC3 Maximum Calculation Time of VSO in Seconds
NO_GRAPHIC_CHK/VSO/M_NO_GRAPHIC_CHKCHAR1 Supression of the Graphic of Vehicle Space Optimization
LMH_CHK/VSO/M_LMH_CHKNUMC1 Load-Related Calculation Type of Vehicle Space Optimization
DW_FORK/VSO/M_DW_FORKCHAR1 Fork Lift Uses Double Fork Width (VSO)
MEASURE_UNIT/VSO/M_MEASURE_UNUMC1 Determination of the Unit of Measure System of VSO
Unit of Measure for Legs (Length, Width, Height) for VSOCUNIT
ABM_CONV_Z/VSO/M_ABM_CONV_ZNUMC8 Numerator for Converting Measure (VSO)
ABM_CONV_N/VSO/M_ABM_CONV_NNUMC8 Denominator for Converting Measure (VSO)
GEW_UNIT/VSO/M_GEWEIUNIT3 Weight Unit for Vehicle Space Optimization
GEW_CONV_Z/VSO/M_GEW_CONV_ZNUMC8 Numerator for Converting Weights (VSO)
GEW_CONV_N/VSO/M_GEW_CONV_NNUMC8 Denominator for Converting Weights (VSO)

Key field
Non-key field