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SAP Web Channel: Applications Tables WEC-APP

COMC_WEC_BP_CPG - Checkout Profile Groups
COMC_WEC_BP_CPGT - Checkout Profile Groups Text Table
COMD_WEC_BP_CP - Checkout Profile
COMD_WEC_BP_CPD - Default Checkout Profile
COMS_WEC_BP_CHKOUTPRO_DATA - CheckOut Profile Data for a Business Partner
COMS_WEC_BP_CHKOUTPRO_MODIFY - Checkout Profile Modify Structure
COMS_WEC_BP_CHKOUTPRO_READ - Checkout Profile Read Structure
COMS_WEC_CREDIT_CARD_DETAILS - Web Channel: Customer Credit Card Details
WECS_PAYMENT_DATA - WEC Payment Data structure
WECS_SD_DOCFLOW_ENTRY - SD document flow

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SAP Web Channel Framework Tables WEC-FRW

COM_WECT_WCMCONT - Content table for COM_WEC_WCM
COM_WECWCMCHKF - COM_WECWCM: Outgoing hyperlinks from physical objects
COM_WECWCMCHKO - COM_WECWCM: Files of Physical Information Objects
COM_WECWCMIDXSTA - COM_WECWCM: Attributes of Outgoing Relationships for PHIOs
COM_WECWCMLOIO - COM_WECWCM: Logical information object instances
COM_WECWCMLOIOT - COM_WECWCM: Incoming Relationships of Logical Information Ob
COM_WECWCMLOPR - COM_WECWCM: Logical information object descriptions
COM_WECWCMLORE - COM_WECWCM: Attributes of Outgoing Relationships for LOIOs
COM_WECWCMLOREPR - COM_WECWCM: Attributes of Incoming Relationships for LOIOs
COM_WECWCMLORI - COM_WECWCM: Outgoing Relationships of Logical Information Ob
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SAP Web Channel Industry-Specific Components Tables WEC-IS

CRM_S_ATP_CHECK - ATP simulation data
CRM_S_INSTORE_ITEMS - Items for instore delivery or pickup
CRM_S_SDOC_PRT_HEAD_AD_HANDLE - Address Handles for Sold-to and Ship-to Parties
CRM_S_SDOC_PRT_HEAD_DETAIL - Header Details for Print
CRM_S_SDOC_PRT_INTERFACE - Header Details for Print
CRM_S_SDOC_PRT_ITEM_DETAIL - Items Detail for PDF Print
CRM_WECTI_ISALES_RETURN - Internet Sales: Return Structure

SAP Web Channel Builder Tables WEC-WCB

COMS_WCB_CONFIG_APPROVERS - Approvers for WCB Configurations
COMS_WCB_CONFIG_DETAILS - WCB Configuration Details
COMS_WCB_NOTIFICATION_DETAILS - Approval Notification Details

COM_WCB_CFG_WF - WCB Configuration Approval Status Details
COM_WCB_S_OBJECT_GUID - Structure for WCB technical Guids
COM_WCB_WRKFLOWS - WCB Configuration Approval Workflows