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SAP Quality Management Tables QM

BCT_EVENTS - Events for BW Initial Data Upload
BDC_STRUC - Structure of field for changing the BDC mode
BEW_QPRS - Extraction Structure: Physical Sample Record Attributes
BEW_T351X - Extraction Structure: Maintenance Package Text
BSSP_S_DEFECT_CODE - Structure for MM Top 10 defects per material
BSSP_S_DEFECT_CODE_MATERIAL - Structure for MM Top 10 defective materials
BWE_PLMK_T - QM-BW: Text Extraction Structure for Planning Characteristic
BWE_PLPO_T - QM-BW: Extraction Structure for Planning Process Text
BWE_QALS - QM-BW Inspection Lot Extraction Structure
BWE_QALS_2 - QM-BW Extraction Structure Inspection Lot (With QSTABI)

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SAP Print Form Tables QM-ADB

OPS_QM06_HEADER1_PDF - header for qm_query
OPS_QM06_LTEXT_PDF - Structure for longtexts
OPS_RQDSES20_TEXT_PDF - Structure for TEXT
OPS_RQGAAM31_CLASSED_RES_PDF - Structure for the Classed results
OPS_RQGAAM31_ERR0R_FOR_LOT_PDF - Structure for Error for Lot Details
OPS_RQGAAM31_SINGLE_VAL_PDF - Structure for the Single Values
OPS_RQGAAM31_STR_USAGE_DECISIN - Structure for the Usage Decission
QMCERT_PDF - Structure for Reminder Certificate Receipt, RQCPRM10
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SAP Quality Certificates Tables QM-CA

E1CCI01 - QM: Characteristic
E1EDLIN - Edifact Segment LIN ( Position )
E1MEA01 - QM: Inspection Data, Measured Values, and Measurement Specs
E1MIME - Mime File Line
QCEM - Mapping of Inspection Characteristic Identifiers
QCEP - Partner-Related Settings for Characteristic Mapping
QCERT_DATA - Certificate Data for IDoc Creation
QCPR - QM quality certificates in procurement
QCPRD - QM: Certificates in procurement - dialog fields
QCPRP - Update table QCPR

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SAP Enterprise Services in Quality Management Tables QM-ES

BAPI_ES_TASK_MAINT_CHA - Maint. Task List: Inspection Characteristics
BAPI_ES_TASK_MAINT_CHA_X - Maint. Task List: Inspection Characteristics (Checkbox Str.)
BAPI_ES_TASK_MAINT_CHV - Maint. Task List: Inspection Characteristic Values
BAPI_ES_TASK_MAINT_CHV_X - Maint. Task List: Inspection Characteristic Values (Checkbox
BAPI_ES_TASK_MAINT_COM - Maint. Task List: Component Allocations
BAPI_ES_TASK_MAINT_COM_X - Maint. Task List: Component Allocations (Checkbox Structure)
BAPI_ES_TASK_MAINT_HDR - Maint. Task List: Header Data
BAPI_ES_TASK_MAINT_MAP - Maint. Task List: Structure of Mapping Tables
BAPI_ES_TASK_MAINT_MTK - Maint. Task List: Material-Routing Assignment
BAPI_ES_TASK_MAINT_MTK_X - Maint. Task List: Material-Routing Assignment (Checkbox Str:
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SAP Quality Inspection Tables QM-IM

BAPI2045AS - Active system status of an inspection lot for selection
BAPI2045AT - Allowed operations in the inspection lot
BAPI2045CI - Customer fields for the includes CI_QALS
BAPI2045D1 - Insp. specifications-insp. lot characs.
BAPI2045D2 - Inspection Result - Characteristic Level
BAPI2045D3 - Inspection Result - Sample Level
BAPI2045D4 - Insp. result-single value level
BAPI2045D5 - Insp. specs.-insp. points
BAPI2045D_IL0 - General Data for Inspection Lot

BAPI2045D_IL1 - Task List Assignment for Inspection Lot
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SAP Quality Planning Tables QM-PT

BAPI1001004_DEL - Inspection Types to be Deleted
BAPI1001004_MATPLNT - Import Parameter for Replicate BAPI of BUS1001004
BAPI1001004_QMAT - Insp. Setup for Material (QMAT) ALE Distribution with BAPI
BAPIQMAT - BAPI Parameter for QMAT Distribution
BIPQPMK - Master inspection characteristic (batch-input structure)
E1BP1001004_QMAT - Insp. Setup for Material (QMAT) ALE Distribution with BAPI
ESO_S_ERP_QPMK - Master Inspection Char. attributes for enterprise search
ESO_S_ERP_QPMT - Master Inspection Characteristics description for ES
ESO_S_ERP_QPMZ - Master Inspection Characteristics assignement table for ES
ESO_S_ILOA - PM Object Loc. and Account Assignment for Enterprise Search
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SAP Active Quality Control Tables QM-QC

QDDYN - Help structure for dynamic modification criteria from TQ39
QDEB - Allwd. Relationships: Sampling Procedures/Dynamic Mod. Rules
QDEBT - Allowed combinations of procedures/dynamic mod. rules: texts
QDMKR - Internal structure for the "allowed relationships" check
QDPA - Sampling scheme-instructions
QDPAB - Document table for sampling scheme-instructions
QDPAD - Online table for sampling scheme-instructions
QDPK - Sampling scheme header
QDPKT - Sampling scheme: texts
QDPP - Sampling scheme item
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SAP Quality Notifications Tables QM-QN

BAPI10011E - Structure for Business Object MATERIAL(QM/PM/CS) IMPORT PARA
BAPI10011I - Structure for Business Object MATERIAL(QM/PM/CS) IMPORT PARA
BAPI10011T - Structure for Business Object MATERIAL (QM/PM/CS) TABLE_PARA
BAPI100601 - Structure for business object CONTACT PERSON
BAPI2078 - BAPI: Quality notification header
BAPI20781 - BAPI: Quality notification list
BAPI20781T - Structure for business object Q-NOTIFICATION - Material list
BAPI20782 - BAPI: Communication structure for quality notification list
BAPI20783E - BAPI Number of Existing Quality Notifications
BAPI20783I - BAPI Determine Existing Quality Notifications
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