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SAP QM Quality Inspection Tables (QM-IM)

SAP Quality Inspection Tables QM-IM

BAPI2045AS - Active system status of an inspection lot for selection
BAPI2045AT - Allowed operations in the inspection lot
BAPI2045CI - Customer fields for the includes CI_QALS
BAPI2045D1 - Insp. specifications-insp. lot characs.
BAPI2045D2 - Inspection Result - Characteristic Level
BAPI2045D3 - Inspection Result - Sample Level
BAPI2045D4 - Insp. result-single value level
BAPI2045D5 - Insp. specs.-insp. points
BAPI2045D_IL0 - General Data for Inspection Lot
BAPI2045D_IL1 - Task List Assignment for Inspection Lot
BAPI2045D_IL2 - Stock Data for Inspection Lot
BAPI2045D_IL3 - Account assignment data for inspection lot
BAPI2045D_IL4 - Usage decision for the inspection lot
BAPI2045L1 - Inspection lot list
BAPI2045L2 - List of inspection lot operations
BAPI2045L3 - List of insp. lot characs.
BAPI2045L4 - Inspection points list
BAPI2045LA - Language key (Non-ISO and ISO)
BAPI2045MD - References between inspection lots and material documents
BAPI2045S1 - Other fields

BAPI2045SS - Inspection lot system status
BAPI2045UD - Data for making the usage decision
BAPI2045UD_RETURN - Return structure after the usage decision is made
BAPI2045US - Inspection lot user status
CONSHOW - Toolbox display
F4VALUES_TQ32C - F4 Help for Control of Insp. Lot Dependent on Origin
MBQSS - Interface between QM and goods receipt posting
MBQSSK - Interface structure for insp. lot account assignment
MBQSSZ - Assignment table for the item number
OPS_RQMQMM0_ALV - Output Structure for Report RQMQMM0
OPS_RQSTA001_GSTRUCT_PDF - Structure for QM:Storage List for Global Variables
OPS_RQSTA002_GSTRUCT_PDF - Structure for QM:Sample Removal List for Global Variables
OPS_RQSTA002_QSTQNPRINT_PDF - Structure for Storage Data for PDF form (QST_REMOVALLIST)
QAINSPCHAR_LONGTEXT - Structure to access inspection characteristic longtext
QAINSPLOT_LONGTEXT - Structure to access inspection lot longtext
QALS - Inspection lot record
QALSVB - QALS structure and update indicator
QALS_ADDON - PLM ADDON for Inspection Lot
QALS_CUST - Customer fields for the includes CI_QALS
QALS_QAPO_01 - Toolbox worklist
QALS_SEL - Work area for selection list
QALT - Partial lot
QALTEA - I/O table for partial lots
QALTM - Quantity structure for partial lot for automatic goods rec.
QALTM1 - Quantity structure for manual goods receipt for order
QALTPPMVRMS - Insp.Specs/Valuation - MS for Insp. Point, Part. Lot, Sample
QALTPPSRMS - Confirmation Data for Insp. Point, Partial Lot, MS Sample
QALTS - Selection table of partial lots in production
QALTSEL - Structure for F4 Help for Partial Lot Number
QALT_TKEY - Key for partial lots
QALT_UD - Partial lot with usage decison
QAMVRMS - Insp. Specifications/Valuation for Multiple Specifications
QAMVRMS_ALV - ALV Structure for Display of Multiple Specifications
QAOBJMS - Multiple Specifications - Objects
QAOPERATION - Relation between Keyfields of PP and QM
QAPMVRMS - Insp. Specs/Valuation for MS for Insp. Point, Sample
QAPP - Inspection point
QAPPD - Structure for QAPP
QAPPHIST - Inspection point: inspection interval control
QAPPKEY - Inspection point key

QAPPPRO - Sample number
QAPPS - Selection table for inspection points
QAPPUSR - Inspection point: user fields for lists
QAPPV - Update table for inspection point
QAPPVE - Inspection point valuation (function module memory)
QAPPW - Data dictionary fields for inspection during production
QAPP_ID - Inspection Point - Identification Field
QAPSRMS - Confirmation Data for Insp. Point or Sample of Mult. Spec.
QASRMS - Confirmation Data for Multiple Specification Sample
QAVEVB - QAVE structure + Update control
QECA - Catalog Entries
QENQAVO - External operation data for blocking an operation
QETBCELLS - Toolbox field description
QETBPROT - Toolbox log
QETB_LOCK - Lock arguments for save operation in QM toolbox
QEWU - Logon for Results Recording on Web
QEWW - General Work Structure for Results Recording
QEWWC - Assignment of Selected Set Codes to Characteristics
QHUPRZ - QM Table Control Row: HU - Assignment of Phys. Samples
QLOT_DS - Digital Signature for Inspection Lots
QLOT_DS_LOG_RR - Log Structure: Digital Signature for Inspection Lots
QLOT_DS_LOG_UD - Log Structure: Digital Signature for Inspection Lots
QLXI_BUSINESS_TRANSACTION_DOC1 - Proxy Struktur (generiert)
QLXI_EMAIL_URI - Proxy Structure (generated)
QLXI_EXCHANGE_FAULT_DATA - Proxy Struktur (generiert)
QLXI_EXCHANGE_LOG_DATA - Proxy Struktur (generiert)
QLXI_LOCATION_INTERNAL_ID - Proxy Struktur (generiert)
QLXI_LOG - Proxy Struktur (generiert)
QLXI_LOG_ITEM - protocol message issued by an application
QLXI_QUALITY_INSPECTION_CANCE1 - Information about a Quality Inspection in Quality Inspection
QLXI_QUALITY_INSPECTION_CANCE2 - Message for Cancellation of a Quality Inspection in Quality
QLXI_QUALITY_INSPECTION_CANCE3 - Message for Confirmation of Successful Cancellation
QLXI_QUALITY_INSPECTION_CANCE4 - Information to Confirm Cancellation of Quality Inspection
QLXI_QUALITY_INSPECTION_CANCE5 - Data to Confirm Cancellation of a Quality Inspection
QLXI_QUALITY_INSPECTION_CANCEL - Data to Activate Cancellation of Quality Inspection
QLXI_QUALITY_INSPECTION_CHANG1 - Message for Confirmation of Successful Change to Quality Ins
QLXI_QUALITY_INSPECTION_CHANGE - Message for Change of Quality Inspection
QLXI_QUALITY_INSPECTION_CONFI1 - Proxy Structure (Generated)
QLXI_QUALITY_INSPECTION_CONFIR - Data to Confirm a Created or Modified Quality Inspection
QLXI_QUALITY_INSPECTION_CREAT1 - Proxy Structure (Generated)

QLXI_QUALITY_INSPECTION_CREATE - Message with Information About Creation of Quality Insp.
QLXI_QUALITY_INSPECTION_DECIS1 - Proxy Structure (Generated)
QLXI_QUALITY_INSPECTION_REQUE1 - Information for Creation or Change to Quality Inspection
QLXI_QUALITY_INSPECTION_REQUES - Proxy Structure (Generated)
QLXI_QUALITY_INSPECTION_RESUL1 - Information about Results of Quality Inspection
QLXI_QUALITY_INSPECTION_RESUL2 - Message with Information About Results of Quality Inspection
QLXI_QUALITY_INSPECTION_RESULT - Proxy Structure (Generated)
QLXI_QUALITY_INSPECTION_SAMPL3 - Proxy Structure (Generated)
QLXI_QUALITY_INSPECTION_STATU1 - Information about Current Status of Quality Inspection
QLXI_QUALITY_INSPECTION_STATU3 - Message with Information About Current Status of Qty Notif.
QLXI_QUALITY_INSPECTION_STATUS - Proxy Structure (Generated)
QLXI_QUALITY_INSPECTION_SUBSE2 - Proxy Structure (Generated)
QMBHU - HUM interface between QM and delivery
QMEMORY_MS - Memory Line for Multiple Specifications
QMEM_QAMVRMS - Enhanced QAMVRMS for Memory
QMEM_QAOBJMS - Enhanced QAOBJMS for Memory
QMEM_QASRMS - Enhanced QASRMS for Memory
QMEM_VAL - Valuation (Traffic Light) of an Object
QMEM_VORG - Operation and Update Indicator
QMHUW - QM managment table for HUM item/insp. lot
QMHU_LOT - Assignment structure: Inspection lot HUM item
QMSEG_KEY - Material Document Structure
QMS_TS_MSOBJECT - Multiple Specifications Object
QOPERS_SAMPLE_SIZE - Sample Size for Operation
QPLDOC_INSPLOT - Document Link to Inspection Lot
QPLEXT_INSP_DECISION - Inspection Decision Data
QPLEXT_INSP_HEADER - External Inspection Document
QPLEXT_INSP_SAMPLE - External Sample Data
QPLEXT_PROP_CODE - Assign Properties
QPML - PM objects for QM
QPMO - PM objects for QM (for follow-up action)
QSMPL_LIST - List of samples to be transferred to toolbox
QST007 - Structure for Report RQSTA007 (Testing Schedule Items List)
QST010000 - QSTABI: Header Data Stabi Samples (QST01, Var. Screens)
QST010100 - QSTABI: Creation of Initial Sample (QST01, Screen 0100)
QST010150 - QSTABI: Changing of Initial Sample (QST01, Screen 0150)
QST010200 - QSTABI:Definition of Storage Conditions (QST01, Screen 0200)
QST010250 - QSTABI: Changing of Storage Conditns (QST01, Screen 0250 ao)
QST010300 - QSTABI: Confirmation of Initial Sample (QST01, Screen 0300)
QST010700 - QM StabiStudy: Create Testing Schedule (Screen QST01, 0700)
QST010900 - QSTABI: Assignment of Bill of Material (QST01, Screen 0900)
QST021000 - Screen Fields SAPLQST02, Screen 1000
QST02TYPELIST - Structure for Display of Inspection Type List for an Origin
QSTA004 - QM:Structure f. ALV f. List Display of Task List w. Packages
QSTA006 - Display Structure: Reporting for TestSchedItems and Dates
QSTEXM0020 - Fields of the Reference Object Screen for Stability Study
QSTEXM0030 - Screen Fields SAPLQSTEXM, Screen 30
QSTEXM0040 - Screen Fields: Subscreen of Badi IWO1_SUBSCREEN_0170
QSTH_CHAR - QMStabi: All Chars for all Insp. Lots of a Storage Condition
QSTH_DISPLAY - QMStabi: Display Structure for Stability History -Char. Data
QSTH_DIS_HEADER - QMStabi: Display Structure for Stability History-Header Data
QSTH_DIS_ICON - QM Stabi: Display Structure for Stability History - Icons
QSTH_DIS_RESULT - QM Stabi: Display Structure for Stability History - Results
QSTH_DIS_TABS - QMStabi: Display Structure for Stability History - Tab Pages
QSTH_LOT - QM Stability Study: Insp. Lots for Storage Condition
QSTH_RESULT - QMStabi: Results for Characteristic for a Storage Condition
QSTH_STABI_CON - QM Stability Study: Storage Conditions
QSTLOT - QMStabi: Inspection Lots for Storage Condition of StabiStudy
QSTQMEL0001 - Additional Errors for Notification (Stability Study)
QSTQNPRINT - Form Printing: Extended Sample Data w. Short Txts StabiStudy
QSTQPRSTXT - Supplement Phys. Sample with Status, User Status, and Texts
QTLSS - Selection table of partial lots in production
QTLSVB - QTLS structure and update indicator
RMQEA - Screen fields for inspection lot processing
RMQED - Function module interface for inspection lot processing
RQMCF - Structure for spec. transfer from config./specification
RQMCODES - Structure with relevant codes
RQMEM - Structure of the memory table in QM
RQMHU - QM: Prepared Handling Unit Information
RQMQMELSTABI - QM Stabi:Structure f. Notif.List f. Display of Stabi History
RQREO - QM archiving, communication structure
T156Q - Movement Type: Material-Independent Control
TESTEQUITR - Output Fields in the List for Test Equipment Tracking
TQ07A_TL - QM: Function modules for follow-up actions incl. partial lot
TQ30 - Inspection types
TQ30T - Texts for inspection types
TQ31 - Inspection Lot Origins
TQ31T - Descriptions of Inspection Lot Origins
TQ32 - Assignment of inspection type to origin
TQ32C - Lot creation allowed values for the origin
TQ32C_T - Texts for lot creation indicator
TQ33 - Relevant fields for origin
TQ34 - Default values for inspection type
TQ43 - Storage Conditions
TQ43T - Description of Storage Conditions
TQ45 - Primary Packaging (Stability Study)
TQ45T - Descriptions of Primary Packaging (Stability Study)
TQ79 - Table with inspection point/user field combinations
TQ79D - Help fields for TQ79
TQ79T - Key words for inspeciton point user fields
TQ79_F4_VALUES - Inspection Point:Value List for User-Defined F4 Help
TQHU1 - QM control of HU postings (from QM view)
TQHU2 - QM assignment of packing object for inspection lot origin
TQMS1 - Types for Multiple Specification Objects
TQMS1T - Texts for Types of Multiple Specification Objects
TQMS2 - Objects for Multiple Specifications
TQMS2T - Texts for Objects of Multiple Specifications
VQAMVRMS - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
VQASRMS - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000

SAP Results Recording Tables QM-IM-RR

BAPI2045L5 - Worklist for Handheld Device
BAPIQMSTI0 - Original values (qualitative)
BAPIQMSTI1 - Evaluation header data
BAPIQMSTI2 - Material data
BAPIQMSTI3 - Vendor data
BAPIQMSTI4 - Characteristic header data
BAPIQMSTI5 - Quantitative characteristic
BAPIQMSTI6 - Qualitative characteristic
BAPIQMSTI71 - Summarized Quantitative Results for Characteristic
BAPIQMSTI72 - QM-STI: Summarized Qualitative Results
BAPIQMSTI8 - Additional data for original values
BAPIQMSTI9 - Original values (quantitative)
BAPIQMSTIA - Evaluation steps
OPS_RQEEAS20_STR_PDF - Inspection Instruction
OPS_RQEEAS20_TSTR2_PDF - Inspection Instruction
OPS_RQEEAS20_TSTR3_PDF - Inspection Instruction
OPS_RQEEAS20_TSTR4_PDF - Inspection Instruction
OPS_RQEEAS20_TSTR5_PDF - Inspection Instruction
OPS_RQEEAS20_TSTR_PDF - Inspection Instruction
OPS_TSTR1_PDF - ion Inspection Ins
OPTIPOS - Optimized Positioning of Results in TC fields
QABWR - Interface table with data for valuation procedures
QABWR_EX - Export structure for valuation procedure
QAEEA - Interface table for input data
QAERR - Interface table for error message list for characteristic
QAES - Sample unit table
QAESR - Sample unit table
QAICA - Inspection catalog data for download to QM subsystem
QAILS - Requirement for downloading an inspLot operation header rec.
QAIMR - Structure for Uploading Charac. Results from QM Subsystem
QAIMR1 - Upload characteristic results from QM subsystem (version 1)
QAIMR3 - Structure for Uploading Charac. Results from QM Subsystem
QAIMR_O1 - Structure for Uploading Charac. Results from QM Subsystem
QAIMV - Characteristic specs. for download to complex QM subsystems
QAIMVUSR - Customer reserves character. specs for complex QM subsystems
QAIMV_O1 - Characteristic Specs. for Download to Complex QM Subsystems
QAIPP - Compl. confirmation of insp. pt. results from a QM subsystem
QAIPP_O1 - Confirmation of Inspection Point Results from a QM Subsystem
QAISE - Structure for uploading single values from QM subsystem
QAISE3 - Structure for uploading single values from QM subsystem
QAISE_O1 - Structure for Uploading Single Values from QM Subsystem
QAISR - Structure for uploading sample results from QM subsystem
QAISR1 - Structure for uploading sample results from QM subsystem
QAISR3 - Structure for uploading sample results from QM subsystem
QAISR_O1 - Structure for Uploading Sample Results from QM Subsystem
QAIST - Structure for transferring status changes (UD, cancellation)
QAIVC - Insp. lot operation header data for download to QM subsystem
QAIVC_O1 - Insp. Lot Operation Header Data for Download to QM Subsystem
QAIVE - Confirmation of usage decision from a QM subsystem
QAKEY - Interface table for key fields sample no., indiv.result no.
QAKL - Results table for value classes
QAKLR - Results record for the results value class
QAMKR - Specifications and results for the characteristic
QAMR - Characteristic results during inspection processing
QAMRR - Inspection characteristic results
QAMSV - Specifications for inspection characteristics
QAMV - Characteristic specifications for inspection processing
QAPO - Inspection operation records
QAPRO - Internal table for managing partial sample data
QAPSP - Partial samples for the inspection operation
QAQEE - Fields for inspection results recording
QAQEE1 - Fields for Inspection Results Recording
QAREL - Assignment table for dependent characteristics
QASE - Results table for the sample unit
QASER - Results record for the sample unit
QASPR - Result and specification record for the sample
QASR - Sample results for inspection characteristics
QASRR - Results record for the sample
QASV - Sample specifications for inspection processing
QASVR - Specification record for the sample
QECCHAR_RESULT - Summarized Result
QECHNGKEY - Change Type Keys for QE Subjects (Framework)
QECSAMPLE_REF - Reference to Sample Result
QECSINGLE_RESULT - Single result
QEC_RESULT - Characteristic Structure for Copy Insp. Results Function
QEIFTQ15T - Inspection catalog type data for download to QM subsystem
QEIFTQ32T - Inspection lot origin data for download to QM subsystem
QEIF_TQ30T - Insp. type data for downlowd to QM subsystem
QELOS - Information: Inspection Lot with Subcomponent
QELSINFO - Information for Inspection Lot
QEMKINFO - Information for Inspection Characteristic
QEOBJKEY - Object Key for Communication (Framework)
QEPOINFO - Information: Inspection Point Level
QEPPUNKT - Information: Inspection Point Level
QEREC - Receiver of protocol mail
QERGATTRIBUT - Ranges for Attribute in Results Recording
QETLINFO - Information: Partial Lot Level
QETREEINFO - QM: Inspection Lot Information in Tree
QETREEINFO_ADD_FIELDS_CHA - QM: Inspection Lot Information in Tree - Characteristic
QETREEINFO_ADD_FIELDS_IP - QM: Inspection Lot Information in Tree - Inspection Point
QETREEINFO_ADD_FIELDS_OPR - QM: Inspection Lot Information in Tree - Operation
QETREEINFO_ADD_FIELDS_PL - QM: Inspection Lot Information in Tree - Partial Lot
QEVORGANG - Information: Inspection Operation Level
QEWL - QM Handheld: Worklist for Transfer
QEWLA - QM Handheld: Structure QEWLD + ALV Data
QEWLD - QM Handheld: Structure QEWL + Dialog Data
QEWLL - QM Handheld: Include Structure for Inspection Lot Data
QEWLV - QM Handheld: Structure QEWL + Update Indicator
QFAAB - Defect item: basis table definition
QFAAI - Defect item table for defects recording
QFAAI_DET - Include structure for defect item detail
QFAAI_PRF - Insp. point supplement for defect item
QFCATDEF - Defects recording: catalog selection for inspection charac.
QFCNTRL - Screen control string for detail window in defects record.
QFCNTRL_DYN_FIELDS - Screen fields: Field sequence identical to QFCNTRL_FIELDS
QFCNTRL_FIELDS - Screen control bar for fields
QFCNTRL_LINES - Screen control bar for empty lines
QFEARTTXT - Report categories
QFFED - Screen fields for defects recording
QFHDE - Cross-notification reference objects
QFHDE_1 - Cross-notification reference objects
QFKPR - Header record for defects recording
QFMEL - Qual.notification header - interface for defects record.
QFMKR - Interface structure for characteristic (defects recording)
QFMMA - Screen fields for task (defects recording)
QFMUR - Screen fields for cause (defects recording)
QFOB - Assignment objects for defects recording
QFOBE - Dialog-specific objects for defects recording (selection)
QFOBJ - Interface structure for defect record objects
QFOBJM - Interface structure for defect record objects with charac.
QFOBJ_CNT1 - Control structure for defect record objects
QFOBJ_CNTR - Control structure for defect record objects
QFOBL - Defect assignment work area
QFOBM - Notification-specific objects for defects recording
QFOBT - Texts for the assignment objects for defects recording
QFOM - Quality notification number for defect record object
QFQALS - Logical lock object for defects recording
QFSCREEN - Field control: Defects recording
QFSER - Serial numbers
QFSERHD - Header for serial numbers
QFVGR - Interface - operations for defects recording
QIERR - Error messages that occurred during download
QIERR_O1 - Error Messages That Occurred During Download
QIMTH - Evaluation methods QM STI interface
QIMTHT - Texts for evaluation methods: QM STI interface
QINPPROC_REQ - Input Processing Specifications
QIPARAM1 - FB parameter GET_ALL_DATA_VALUE as table for import
QISTP - Evaluation steps
QISTPT - Texts for evaluation steps
QISUB - Subsytems for recording measured value data in QM
QISUBT - Text table subsystems for recording measured val. data in QM
QIWL - Transfer table for QM subsystems
QIWLR - Structure for transfer table for QM subsystems
QMICON - Field container for icons within QM
QMIFE - Structure for uploading defect items from QM subsystem
QMIFED - Structure for uploading defect items from QM subsystem
QMIFE_1 - Structure for uploading defect items from QM subsystem
QMITEM - QM: Tree Control Item
QMNODE - QM: Tree Control Node
QMNUMFE - Interface
QMSTISTAB - Supress tab QM STI interface
QMUITEM - QM: Tree Control Node Update
QMUNODE - QM: Tree Control Node Update
QPKTBEN - Inspection Point-User Field- Combination
QSERIAL - Serial number with information on results confirmation
QSMPL_LIST2 - Work Items for Mobile Results Recording
TQ12 - Ind. external numbering for test units in results recording
TQ12T - Texts for the ind. for ext. numbering of units to be insp.
TQ70 - Control table for results recording
TQ70C - Function codes for navigation from the char.overview screen
TQ70E - Screen-based processing tables
TQ70F - Navigation during results recording
TQ70S - Characteristic overview screen for results recording
TQ73 - Origin of results data
TQ73T - Texts for origin of results data
TQ74 - Recording configuration
TQ74T - Recording configuration
TQ76 - Processing status of inspection characteristics
TQ76T - Texts for the processing status of insp. characteristics
TQ77 - Attributes for the Inspection Characteristic
TQ77T - Text Tables for Attributes
TQ78 - Status-dependent processing table for insp. characteristics
TQ78T - Texts for the status-specific proc. table for insp. char.
TQ84 - Confirmation profile
TQ84T - Text table for confirmation profile
TQ86 - Report category for defects recording
TQ86A - Assignment report category for work center
TQ86T - Text table for report category
TQ90 - QM Handheld: Applications
TQ90T - QM Handheld: Application Texts
TQEC30 - Settings for Copy Inspection Results Function/Operation UD
TQEC_MAPPING - Process of Charac. Mapping When Copying Inspection Results
TQEC_MAPPINGT - Text Table - Process of Charac. Mapping When Copying Results
TQEC_SELECTION - Data Selection Procedure for Copy Insp. Results Function
TQEC_SELECTIONT - Text Table for Process of Data Selection for Copy of Results

SAP Sample Management Tables QM-IM-SM

LQPRS - List Output Structure for Physical Samples
QDRSF - QM: Formula Parameter Sample Calculation
QPR6 - Selection Screen Structure for QPR6 (new PSD with reference)
QPR7 - Selection Screen Fields for QPR7 (Storage Maintenance)
QPRN - Sample drawing of phys. samples
QPRS - Master record for phys. samples
QPRSA - Archiving Structure for Physical Samples
QPRSLIS - Structure for List Output of Physical Samples
QPRSX - Print structure for phys. samps. in the samp. drawing instr.
QPRS_ADDON - PLM ADDON for Sample Master Record
QPRS_CUST - Customer Fields for the Includes CI_QPRS
QPRS_PRINT - Physical sample: Structure for label printing
QPRVK - Sample-drawing procedure
QPRVKT - Header for sample drawing procedure texts
QPRVP - Sample-drawing items
QPRVPT - Items for sample drawing procedure texts
QSAMPLE_DS - Digital Signature for Samples
QSAMPLE_DS_LOG - Log Structure Digital Signature for Samples
QSAMPTAB - Internal structure: Partial samples in inspection lot
RQPRS - Screen fields for processing the sample master record
TQ40 - Definition of sample types
TQ40T - Text table for sample type
TQ41 - Storage locations for physical samples
TQ41T - Texts for storage locations
TQ42 - Physical sample containers
TQ42T - Texts for phys. sample containers
TQ44 - Phys. sample types
TQ44T - Descriptions of Physical-Sample Categories
TQ46 - Screen Control Key for Physical-Sample Type
TQ46T - Descriptions of Screen Control Keys for Phys.-Sample Type
TQREOS - QM: Archiving Parameter(s) for Physical Samples

SAP Inspection Lot Completion Tables QM-IM-UD

QALS_BAL_AUTO_VE - QM: Application Log for Automatic Usage Decision
QALS_BAL_WIED_PRUEF - QM: Application Log for Recurring Inspection
QALS_D01 - Display fields for QM reporting
QALS_D02 - Structure for RQEEAL10
QALTPOVE - Usage Decision for Operation of Partial Lot
QAMB - QM: Link Between Inspection Lot and Material Document
QAPPS_D01 - Structure for QA22
QAPP_D01 - QAPP for ALV Display
QAVE - Inspection processing: Usage decision
QAVE_TKEY - TEXT key for texts for usage decision record
QAVO - Usage Decision for Operation
QBEFU - View for Stock Posting from the Usage Decision
QLIST_PLMK - Transport Structure for Displaying Characteristics in Plan
RQAPP - QM: Processed inspection point information
RQAUTOUD - structure for automatic UD
RQEVA - QM: Usage Decision and Stock Postings
RQEVAUTH - Authorization Indicator for Posting Stock for Usage Decision
RQEVB - Quantity fields for stock postings
RQEVP - Protocol for Follow-Up Actions and/or Stock Postings
TQ06 - Procedure for Calculating the Quality Score
TQ06T - Language-specific texts for Table TQ06
TQ07M - QM: Inventory postings with usage decision