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SAP Personnel Time Management Tables PT

ACCU_CONTENT - Personnel Times Table
AFRUHR - Order Confirmations for HR
ASSHR - Assignment of HR to AFRU/ASSOB
ASSOB - Assignment Objects
ATTABS_ATTRIBUTES_STRUC - Structure of Attributes of Attendances/Absences
ATTABS_TYPE_STRUC - Structure of Attributes of Attendances/Absences
AUTO_OVERT - Automatic Overtime
BAPIABW - Absence Quotas
BAPIABWKON - Remaining Absence Quotas
BAPIP2001 - HR Time Record: Absences Infotype (2001)

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SAP Time Statement Form Tables PT-EV

HRF_TIM_ALL - Individual Results for Day: Time Statement Form
HRF_TIM_B2 - Data Tables from Cluster B2
HRF_TIM_C1_WITH_TXT - Cost Center Information with Text
HRF_WEEKBAL - Weekly Totals in Form
HRXSS_TIM_DATE_SEL - ESS Communication Structure: Time Statement Nodes
HRXSS_TIM_DATE_SEL_VC - ESS Communication Structure for Time Statement
HRXSS_TIM_DATE_SEL_VC_VCDATA - ESS Communication Structure: VCDATA Subnodes Time Statement
HRXSS_TIM_PER_PERIODS - Row Type: Period Table: Time Statement Form
HRXSS_TIM_PER_SEL - ESS Communication Structure: TIM_PER_SEL Node
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SAP Integration with Other Applications Tables PT-IN

E1WCHDR - Work Center Header Segment
E1WC_ABS_QUOTA - Work Center - Personnel Absence Quotas
E1WC_APP_ABSENCE - Work Center - Approved Absence
E1WC_ENTITLEMENT - Work Center - Personnel-Entitlements Segment
E1WC_PERSONNEL - Work Center Personnel Segment
E1WC_QUALIFICATION - Qualification Segment to be used in Wrk Ctr IDOC
E1ZCATS - Transfer Time Reporting Transaction to CATS
PLEAVE_ABSENCE - Leave Entitlement and Leave Absence Structure
PSHWC - Work Center Search Help Structute

SAP Information System Tables PT-IS

HRTIM00BW_IS_ACT_TIME - BW Extract Structure: Actual Personnel Times

HRTIM00BW_IS_KTART_TEXT - BW Extract Structure: Quota Type Texts
HRTIM00BW_IS_PLAN_TIME - BW Extract Structure: Planned Personnel Times
HRTIM00BW_IS_QUOTA_DETAILS - BW Extract Structure: Quota Details
HRTIM00BW_IS_QUO_TYPE_TEXT - BW Extract Structure: Att./Abs. Category Text

SAP Mobile Productivity Applications Tables PT-MOB

MIBALLOWED_PROPERTY_VALUE_ELEM - Proxy Structure (generated)
MIBATTACHMENT - Proxy Structure (generated)
MIBBASIC_BUSINESS_DOCUMENT_MES - Proxy Structure (generated)
MIBBUSINESS_TRANSACTION_DOCUM3 - Proxy Structure (generated)
MIBCLOSED_DATE_PERIOD - Proxy Structure (generated)
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SAP Time Data Recording and Administration Tables PT-RC

DETAIL_ONLY_ABSENCE_DIS - Display Details on Absence Fields
DETAIL_ONLY_ABSENCE_MNT - Absence fields for detail maintenance
DETAIL_ONLY_ABS_ATT_DIS - Display Details on Attendance/Absence Fields
DETAIL_ONLY_COSTINFO_TEXTS_DIS - Display Details on PSREF Field Texts for Time Entry
DETAIL_ONLY_GENERAL_DIS - Display Details Only on General Fields for Time Entry

DETAIL_ONLY_SUBSTITUTION_MNT - Detail Maintenance on Substitutions Fields
DETAIL_ONLY_TECHNICAL_INFO_DIS - Display Details on Technical Fields of Time Entry
DETAIL_ONLY_TECH_ABS_ATT_DIS - Display Details on Technical Fields of Attendance/Absence
DETAIL_ONLY_TECH_ATTQUOTA_DIS - Display Details on Technical Fields of Attendance Quota
DETAIL_ONLY_TECH_EXTERN_IF_DIS - Display Details on Technical Fields for External Interface
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SAP Enterprise Services - Personnel Time Management Tables PT-SOA

TIM_SE_EETMEACCERPFADM_EL_QU - MT EmployeeTimeAccountERPForAdministratorByElementsQuery
TIM_SE_EETMEACCERPFADM_EL_RP - MT EmployeeTimeAccountERPForAdministratorByElementsResponse
TIM_SE_EETMEAGRERP_PWTP_EE_QU - MT EmployeeTimeAgreementERPPlannedWorkingTimeProvisionsByEmp
TIM_SE_EETMEAGRERP_PWTP_EE_RP - MT EmployeeTimeAgreementERPPlannedWorkingTimeProvisionsByEmp
TIM_SE_EETMEAGRERP_PWTP_EL_QU - MT EmployeeTimeAgreementERPPlannedWorkingTimeProvisionsByEle
TIM_SE_EETMEAGRERP_PWTP_EL_RP - MT EmployeeTimeAgreementERPPlannedWorkingTimeProvisionsByEle
TIM_SE_EETMEAGRERP_PWTP_IN - MT EmployeeTimeAgreementERPPlannedWorkingTimeProvisionsInfor
TIM_SE_EETMECALERP_WTS_EE_QU - MT for EmployeeTimeCalendarERPWorkingTimeSpecificationsByEmp
TIM_SE_EETMECALERP_WTS_EE_RP - MT for EmployeeTimeCalendarERPWorkingTimeSpecificationsByEmp
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SAP Shift Planning Tables PT-SP

APPTYPEAVAIL - Availability for Appointments in SCAPPTYPE
GENAVAIL - Structure of Results List from GENERALAVAILABILITY FuncMod
HRI1039 - Infotype 1039: Fields
HRI1040 - Infotype 1040: Fields
HRI1046 - Requirements Attributes
HRI1049 - Requirements Attributes: Tables Infotype
HRP1039 - Database Table for Infotype 1039
HRP1040 - Database Table for Infotype 1040
HRP1046 - Database Table for Infotype 1046
HRP1049 - Database Tables for Infotype 1049
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SAP Tools Tables PT-TL

HRDCT_S_B2VERSION - HCM Declustering B2 Version
HRDCT_S_P2B2KEY - HCM Time Management declustering B2 Key
HRDCT_S_PCL2B2KEY - PCL2 Key Structure for B2
HRDCT_S_PTM_TIME_RESULTS - HCM Declustering - Time Evaluation Results
P2B2_AB - HCM Declustering B2 - Absences
P2B2_ABWKONTI - HCM Declustering B2 - Absence Quotas (Table ABWKONTI)
P2B2_ALP - HCM Declustering B2 - Alternative Payment Table ALP
P2B2_ANWES - HCM Declustering B2 - Attendances (Table ANWES)
P2B2_ANWKONTI - HCM Declustering B2 - Attendance Quotas (Table ANWKONTI)
P2B2_AT - HCM Declustering B2 - Table for AT
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