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SAP Logistics - General Tables LO

A162 - Trading Contract: Invoice Recipient
A190 - Condition Table for Pricing A190
A191 - Condition Table for Pricing A191
A192 - Country/Goods Rec./StCla-Mat
A193 - Condition Table for Pricing A193
A364 - Trading Contract/Vendor/Material
A365 - Trading Contract/Vendor/Material
A366 - Trading Contract Number
ACC_TTET_COM_TAX - TTE: US Tax Document Item for external System + Node ID

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SAP Agency Business (Global Trade) Tables LO-AB

ABART_RAN - Range structure, settlement type
AGENCY_FLOW_NODE - Node structure of the document flow tree
AGENCY_MSG_LIST_ADD_DATA - Agency Business: Additional Data for Message List
BAPIABCON - Control Data Agency Business
BAPIABHEADCTEXT - Agency Business: Header Text For Change Case
BAPIABHEADTEXT - Agency Business: Header Text, Create Case
BAPIABII - Item Data to Be Processed
BAPIABITEMCTEXT - Agency Business: Item Texts, Change Case
BAPIABITEMTEXT - Agency Business: Item Texts, Create Case
BAPIABLISTTEXT - Agency Business: Header Text In Case of Change to List
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SAP Additionals Management Tables LO-ADM

ADDIAM_STAT - Additionals: Status flags as values and symbols
ADDISTATUS - Additionals: Status indicator
BAPI2106A - Request data for an additional
BAPI2106C - Additionals: Order Information for Additionals Vendor
BAPI2106IS - Additional: Status of IDoc processing
BAPI2106POL - Additionals: Request Purchase Order List
BAPI2106STOREDATA - Additionals: Material Data for a Plant
BAPI2106STWB - Additionals Data: Request for Plant Materials
BAPI2106_RQ_IDC - Request data for an additional
BAPIE1WTA01 - Transfer additionals to Integrated Material Maintenance

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SAP Advanced Returns Management Tables LO-ARM

MSR_BAPI_TE_PO2 - MSR: PO BAPI Extension for Replacement and Repair PO
MSR_BAPI_TE_PO_CUST - MSR: PO BAPI Extension for customer
MSR_C_ABGRU - Rejection Reasons
MSR_C_ABGRUT - Multi-step returns - Rejection reason
MSR_C_ARC_PR - Archiving of Supplier Returns
MSR_C_ARC_SR - Archiving of Customers Returns
MSR_C_CODE - Advanced Returns Management - Follow-Up Activities
MSR_C_CODE_T - Multi-step returns - customer specific descriptions
MSR_C_EXT_RO - Settings for external Repair Order
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SAP Batches Tables LO-BM

ALE_BATCHES_RECP - Received Batches
ALE_DWM_EXCL_USR - USER to be excluded in connection with dec. WM
ALE_MCHA_OBJECT - Batches to be distributed from dec. WM
ALV_TREE_CHVW - Field Catalog for Display of Batch Where-Used List
BAPIBATCHATT - BAPI Transfer Structure Batch Attribute
BAPIBATCHATTX - BAPI Checkbox Structure Batch Attribute
BAPIBATCHCTRL - BAPI Transfer Structure Batch Check Parameters
BAPIBATCHKEY - BAPI Transfer Structure Batch Key Field

BAPIBATCHSTATUS - BAPI Transfer Structure Batch Status
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SAP Collaborative Engineering and Project Management Tables LO-CEP

CEP_WF_ACTION - Structure for workflow selection
RECONSTX_FIELDOBJ - Field Name for Object
RECONSTX_HIERARCHY - Hierarchy Information for Structure Comparison/Leveling
RECONSTX_INFOOBJECT - Object Description
RECONSTX_LAYOUT - Layout for Structure Comparison and Structure Leveling
RECONSTX_LAYOUT_PS - Layout for Structure Comparison and Structure Leveling: PS
RECONST_ACT - Order Activity Structure for Project Reporting
RECONST_PROJ - Project Definition Structure for Project Reporting
RECONST_PRPS - WBS Element Structure for Project Reporting
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SAP Configuration management Tables LO-CM

BAPISTRUC_CM_BL_CREATE - For RFC assembly in CM: Create several Baselines
BASELINE_DYNP_FIELDS - Structure for screen
BASELINE_DYNP_FIELDS2 - Structure for screen
CMEXPO_BOM_DOC_KEY_EXT_S - External Key for Document BOM
CMEXPO_BOM_MAT_KEY_EXT_S - External Key for Material BOM
CMEXPO_BOM_POSITION_KEY_S - Key for the BOM items (logical)
CMEXPO_CLASS_KEY_EXT_S - External key for a class
CMEXPO_CLASS_KEY_S - Key for a class
CMEXPO_DOCUMENT_KEY_S - Key for a document
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SAP Commodity Management in Logistik Tables LO-CMM

CMM_S_BAL_CONTEXT - Commodity Management: Application log context
CMM_S_INV_ANTCP_DATA - Anticipated invoice item in material management
CMM_S_INV_ANTCP_IMP - Importing data for final invoice anticipation
CMM_S_INV_ANTCP_ITM - Anticipated invoice item in material management
CMM_S_INV_ANTCP_ITM_LOG_REF - Reference for error table
CMM_S_INV_ANTCP_ITM_RESULT - Anticipated invoice item result in material management
CMM_S_INV_ANTCP_KEY - Goods receipt based anticipated invoice item
CMM_S_INV_ANTCP_PARAM - Parameter for final invoice anticipation
CMM_S_MSG - Commodity Management: System message
CMM_S_MSG_FIELDS - Message fields
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SAP Engineering Change Management Tables LO-ECH

ADMINI - Administrative Data
AENRZ - Additional Fields for Change Master
CCSEQ - Change Sequence Graph
CCSEQ_ACTIVE - (De)activate Change Sequence Graph
CCSEQ_CYCLE - Cycles (Change Sequence Graph)
CCSEQ_NODES - Historical Statuses of Objects (Change Sequence Graph)
CCSEQ_S_AENNR_RANK - Change Numbers with Rank (Change Sequence Graph)
CCSEQ_S_CYCLE_OUTPUT - Cycles in Change Sequence Graph with Additional Fields
CCSEQ_S_CYCLE_UPD - Cycles in Change Sequence Graph with Update Indicator
CCSEQ_S_NODES_OUTPUT - Historical Statuses of Objects in iPPE Product Structure
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SAP Electronic Data Records Tables LO-ELR

AUTDELTTXID - Long Text Objects Not To Be Logged on DBTABLOG
AUTDTELLOG - Customizing for Change Document Creation
AUTDTELLOGT - Text Table for Customizing of Change Document Creation
AUTTABLOG - Customizing for Table Logging
AUTTABLOGT - Text Table for Customizing of Table Logging
AUTTRANSLOG - Customizing, Assignment of Transaction/Objects via AUT02
AUT_ARCH_ADM - Administrative Data for Long Texts in Archiving
AUT_ARCH_HIST - History for Archiving of Long Text Logs
AUT_DBTABLOG_STXH - Header Data of Long Texts in Archiving
AUT_DBTABLOG_STXL_A - Item Data of Long Texts in Archiving (A)
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SAP Service Enablement Tables LO-GEN

EASCMCO_AUTO_IDENT_LABELID - Proxy Structure (generated)
EASCMCO_BASIC_BUSINESS_DOCUMEN - Proxy Structure (generated)
EASCMCO_BUSINESS_DOCUMENT_MES1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
EASCMCO_EXCHANGE_FAULT_DATA - Proxy Structure (generated)
EASCMCO_EXCHANGE_LOG_DATA - Proxy Structure (generated)
EASCMCO_HANDLING_UNIT_ID - Proxy Structure (generated)
EASCMCO_HUERPLOGARACHCONFME_SY - Proxy Structure (generated)
EASCMCO_HUERPLOGARACHREQMES_SY - Proxy Structure (generated)
EASCMCO_HULOGAREACHCONFM_HU - Proxy Structure (generated)
EASCMCO_HULOGAREACHREQM_HU - Proxy Structure (generated)
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SAP Global Trade Tables LO-GT

EAGLT_ACADEMIC_TITLE_CODE - Proxy Structure (generated)
EAGLT_ACCT_BUS_AREA_CODE - Proxy Structure (Generated)
EAGLT_ADDRESS - Proxy Structure (generated)
EAGLT_AMOUNT - Proxy Structure (generated)
EAGLT_ASYNC_TEST - Structure used to test asynchronous services
EAGLT_ATTACHMENT - Proxy Structure (generated)
EAGLT_ATTACHMENT_FOLDER - Proxy Structure (generated)
EAGLT_ATTACH_FLD_CNF_PRF_CD - Proxy Structure (Generated)
EAGLT_ATV_IV_ID - Proxy Structure (Generated)
EAGLT_AV_TRAD_ORD_ID - Proxy Structure (Generated)
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SAP Handling Unit Management Tables LO-HU

HUMO_CUA_EXCLUDE - F Code Exclude Structure (for BAdI)
HUM_CREATE_ATTRIBUTES_S - Attributes required to control HU creation
HUM_CUA_EXCLUDE_S - Structure for Deactivating Function Codes
HUM_HEADER_ATTRIBUTES_S - Attributes of Handling Unit Header
HUM_HU_ERP_BID_QU - HandlingUnitERPByIDQueryMessage_sync
HUM_HU_ERP_BID_RP - HandlingUnitERPByIDResponseMessage_sync
HUM_HU_ERP_CONF_SYNC - Proxy Structure (generated)
HUM_HU_ERP_REQUEST_SYNC - HandlingUnitMessage_sync
HUM_HU_ERP_SBB_QU - Proxy Structure (Generated)
HUM_HU_ERP_SBB_RP - Proxy Structure (Generated)
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SAP Transportation Management Integration Tables LO-INT

SHP_TM_CTRL_KEY_RANGE - Structure for Ranges Table for Ext. TMS Control Key
TCM_LOCL_S_PTY - Party Structure
TMBR_C_CST_DIS - Map Cond.Types in MM to Cond.Types in Agency Business
TMBR_C_SHIP_MAP - TM integration: TM shipper to ERP vendor
TMERP_ORDINT_GEN46 - Generated
TMS_C_CONTROL - Ext. Transport Management: Transfer Control
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SAP Logistics Information System (LIS) Tables LO-LIS

MC02MA0BST - Purchase Order Data
MC02MA1EKO - Purchasing Document Header
MC02MA2EPO - Purchasing Document Item
MC02MA3EKE - Purchasing Document Delivery Schedule
MC02M_0ACC - Extraction Purchasing (Account)
MC02M_0ACCSETUP - Folder: BW Setup for MC02M_0ACC
MC02M_0CGR - Produced Activity: Delivery of Confirmations
MC02M_0CGRSETUP - BW-Rebuild for MC02M_0CGR Storage
MC02M_0HDR - Extraction Purchasing (Header)
MC02M_0HDRSETUP - Storage BW Setup for MC02M_OHDR
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SAP Merchandise and Assortment Planning Tables LO-MAP

MCEKPOWWS_PLAN - IS-R Enhancement to MCEKPO: Additional MAC Fields
MCMSEGWWS_PLAN - IS-R Enhancements to MCMSEG: Additional MAC Fields
MCUSEGWWS_PLAN - IS-R Enhancements to MCUSEG: Additional MAC Fields
MCUSEGWWS_PLAN_RP - MAC Char. Enhancements: Only Changes to Retail Price
MCVBRPWWS_PLAN - IS-R Enhancements to MCVBRP: Additional MAC Fields
MCVBRPWWS_PLAN_VD - MAC Char. Enhancement: Only VD (Invoice)
ROXALN0072 - Degree of Fashion
S202 - MAP: Merchandise Planning Structure
S202BIWS - S202BIWS * MAP: Merchandise Planning Structure
S202E - S202 - Structural Information
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SAP Logistics Basic Data Tables LO-MD

ADDR1_STR - Address Data Category 1
ADDRFC_STR - Communication Type RFC
ADDRML_STR - Communication Type RML
ADFAX_STR - Communication Type Fax
ADPAG_STR - Communication Type Pager Numbers
ADPRT_STR - Communication Type PRT
ADSMTP_STR - Communication Type SMTP
ADSRCT_STR - Language-dependent notes for all address types
ADSRT_STR - Language-Dependent Remarks for All Communication Types
ADSSF_STR - Communication Type SSF
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SAP Merchandise Distribution Tables LO-MDS

CPO_EKET_FIELDS_ATP_TYPE - Create Collective PO: Required Fields from EKET for ATP
CPO_EKET_FIELDS_TYPE - Create Collective PO: Required Fields from EKET
CPO_EKKO_FIELDS_ATP_TYPE - Create Collective PO: Required Fields from EKKO for ATP
CPO_EKKO_FIELDS_TYPE - Create Collective PO: Required Fields from EKKO
CPO_EKPO_FIELDS_ATP_TYPE - Create Collective PO: Required Fields from EKPO for ATP
CPO_EKPO_FIELDS_TYPE - Create Collective PO: Required Fields from EKPO
CPO_ORDER_TYPE_DET_DATA - Create Coll. PO: Import Parameter BAdI for Document Type
CPO_PARAMETER_TYPE - Create Collective PO: Control and Selection Parameter
CPO_PROCUREMENT_DATA_TYPE - Create Collective PO: Procurement Communication Structure
CPO_RUNTIME_DATA_COLLECT_TYPE - Create Collective PO: Runtime Data for Aggregation
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SAP Product Data Management Tables LO-PDM

AXCHARACTERISTIC_VALS - CEP: Structure for Importing Offline Classification Data
CEOBJK - B2E [PDM] Object Key
CEPDBL - B2E [Base] PDoc <-> Master PDoc Mapping
CEPDOC - B2E [PDoc] PDoc -> DMS Mapping
CEPDOCBOMTYPES - Allowed Assignments for Document Structures
CEPDOCDOCTYPES - Allowed Assignments for Document Linkages
CEPFOLDERS - Table of CM folder for CEP scenario
CEPMAILBODY - Table fgor saving the mail body of folders in CEP
CEPMONITOR - Monitoring Table for CEP scenario (status changes)
CEPNOACTIVEFLAG - Document types cannot be selected for transfer/reject
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SAP Forecast Tables LO-PR

IPRVB - Internal Structure for Forecast and Consumption Values
MAPRO - View on Material Master (Forecasting)
PROF - Forecast Errors
PROW - Forecast Values
PROWF - Forecast Values
T439P - Split-up for forecast requirements
T446F - Assignment of Data Elements to Hierarchies
T446H - Hierarchies for LIS Statistics and Planning
VPROWF - Structure for Change Documents; Generated by RSSCD000
EPRWA - Work Area: Forecast - Output of Forecast Module Online
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SAP Retail Information System (RIS) Tables LO-RIS

MCCASH - Cash external: Header data, receipts (only LIS)
MCCASHUSR - User Structure: external POS interface
MCCASHZUSA - Counter fields: external POS interface
MCCLASS - CS: Data Enhancement for Classification Elements
MCCLASSUSR - CS User Exit for Classification Elements
MCCONDIT - Cash external: Conditions (only LIS)
MCCONDIUSR - User exit conditions, external cash data
MCCPAY - Cash external: Means of payment (only LIS)
MCCPAYUSR - User exit means of payment: External cash interface, LIS
MCCPOS - Cash external: Receipt items (LIS)
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SAP ANSI/ISA S95 Interface Tables LO-S95

S95_ALERT - Maintain the S95 Alert Categories
S95_ALERT_TEXT - S95 Alert Description
S95_GEN_SETTINGS - Maintain S95 General Settings
S95_S_PHASE_DETAILS - Structure for Order Phase Data
S95_XI_DEST - Maintain S95 Control Recipe Destination

SAP Supply Chain Planning Interfaces (SCPI) Tables LO-SCI

E1EPC01 - Delivery Item EPC Segment
E1EPC02 - Handling Unit Header EPC Segment
E1EPC03 - Handling Unit Item EPC Segment
E1IDC01 - EPC components
E1IDC02 - EPC components
E1IDC03 - EPC components
ABI_AINARCH - Auto-ID Infrastructure Archiving
ABI_DISP - Display Auto ID Retrived Information
ABI_EPC - EPCs (for table VEKP)
ABI_LOGSYS_STR - Logical systems structure
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SAP Service Parts Management Tables LO-SPM

BORGR_ASN_DATA_CHK_KZ - Take Objects in Sub/Own Object Search into Account
BORGR_ASN_DATA_SELECT_KZ - Selection Indicator for Class CL_ASN_DATA
BORGR_AUTO_WE - Fields for Two-Step Goods Receipt
BORGR_CONTROL - Inb.Del.Tracking: Control Indicator for GN_DELIVERY_CREATE
BORGR_D - Help Structure for Displaying Help for Nodes in the Tree
BORGR_DIALOG_CFG - User-Specific Configuration: Multi-Level Goods Receipt
BORGR_DIALOG_HELP - Help Structure for Displaying Help for Nodes in the Tree
BORGR_DIALOG_PRO - Configuration of Multi-Level Goods Receipt per Profile
BORGR_DIALOG_T - Profile Texts: Configuration of Multi-Level Goods Receipt
BORGR_DUMMY - Help Structure for Displaying Help for Nodes in the Tree
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SAP SAP Retail Store Tables LO-SRS

E1WVI03_EX - Structure of Unit of Measure Segment in Store Inventory IDoc
E1WVI04_EX - Structure of Sales Order Long Text Sgmnt in Store Inv. IDoc
IVIEW_CO_GR - Customer order good receipt IView - Sales orders
IVIEW_CO_GR_DATE - Customer order IView - Last run date
IVIEW_CO_GR_DT - Last run date of application
IVIEW_CO_GR_HEADER - Customer order IView - Header structure
IVIEW_CO_GR_ITEM - Customer Order IView - Item data
IVIEW_NAV_MATL_GROUP - Structure for Material Groups (iView Price Changes)
IVIEW_PRICE_CHANGES - Structure for Price Changes
IVIEW_PROMO_DETAIL - Promotion Details (for iView PromotionDetail)
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SAP Variant Configuration Tables LO-VC

ACST - Analysis of settings in configurator
API_CCHAR - Characteristic Values of All Instances
API_CITEM - All Items in Configuration Structure
API_CITEMDATA - All Items in Configuration Structure
API_EMAKT - API Structure for Instantiated Material Data -Description-
API_EMARA - API Structure for Instantiated Material Data
API_FAILED_CONSISTENCY_STR - Failed Consistency Check Data for Constraints
API_FAILED_PRECOND_STR - Preconditions Not Met
API_FAILED_PRECOND_VAL_STR - Precondition for Characteristic Value Not Met
API_NESTED - Structure for 'Nested KMAT'
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SAP Warranty Claim Processing Tables LO-WTY

A383 - Category/Partner/Material
A384 - Category/Material
A388 - Country/Tax Class.-Customer
A389 - Country/Partner/Tax Class.-Customer
B360 -
B361 - Rel.Vers./Partner Type
B363 -
B364 -
BAPI2222HEADER - Warranty Claim Header Data
BAPI2222HEADERCHANGE - Changeable Warranty Claim Header Data
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