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SAP LO Merchandise Distribution Tables (LO-MDS)

SAP Merchandise Distribution Tables LO-MDS

CPO_EKET_FIELDS_ATP_TYPE - Create Collective PO: Required Fields from EKET for ATP
CPO_EKET_FIELDS_TYPE - Create Collective PO: Required Fields from EKET
CPO_EKKO_FIELDS_ATP_TYPE - Create Collective PO: Required Fields from EKKO for ATP
CPO_EKKO_FIELDS_TYPE - Create Collective PO: Required Fields from EKKO
CPO_EKPO_FIELDS_ATP_TYPE - Create Collective PO: Required Fields from EKPO for ATP
CPO_EKPO_FIELDS_TYPE - Create Collective PO: Required Fields from EKPO
CPO_ORDER_TYPE_DET_DATA - Create Coll. PO: Import Parameter BAdI for Document Type
CPO_PARAMETER_TYPE - Create Collective PO: Control and Selection Parameter
CPO_PROCUREMENT_DATA_TYPE - Create Collective PO: Procurement Communication Structure
CPO_RUNTIME_DATA_COLLECT_TYPE - Create Collective PO: Runtime Data for Aggregation
CPO_RUNTIME_DATA_CRPO_TYPE - Create Collective PO: Runtime Data for PO Generation
CPO_RUNTIME_DATA_OVERVIEW - Create Collective PO: Overview Data for Runtime Analysis
CPO_RUNTIME_DATA_SEL_TYPE - Create Collective PO: Runtime Data for Document Selection
CPO_RUNTIME_DATA_TASK_TYPE - Create Collective PO: Runtime Data for Task Level
CPO_RUNTIME_DATA_TYPE - Create Collective PO: Runtime Analysis Data
CPO_RUNTIME_DATA_UPDATE_TYPE - Create Collective PO: Runtime Data for Document Update
CPO_RUNTIME_DOC_DATA_TYPE - Create Collective PO: Runtime Analysis of Data Quantities
CPO_SELLING_DOC_ATP_DATA_TYPE - Create Coll. PO: Com.Structure Issue Doc.Check Procur.Succes
CPO_SELLING_DOC_DATA_TYPE - Create Collective PO: Communication Structure in Issue Doc.
CPO_SELLING_DOC_DISP_DATA_TYPE - Create Coll. PO: CommStruct. for Issue Doc., Display Data

CPO_SELLING_DOC_SUBITEMS_TYPE - Create Collective PO: Subitems for Processing
FRET - Assignment of Procurement to Issue Docs in Mdse Distribution
FRETB - Reference Table for Multiple Procurement
FRET_ENQUEUE - Structure for Locking FRET at Material/Recipient Level
FRM_ADD_VBFS_TYPE - Data Part for Application Log for SLS
FRM_ADD_VBLS_TYPE - Data Part for Application Log for SLS
FRM_ASS_DL_ADD_TYPE - Additional Data for Delivery Generation for Distribution
FRM_ASS_DL_TYPE - Interface Structure for Delivery Generation for Distribution
FRM_EKETVB_T - Order Delivery Schedule: Open Delivery Quantity
FRM_EKPOVB_T - Order Items: Open Delivery Quantities
FRM_FRET_FULL_KEY_TYPE - Key Structure for Distribution Data
FRM_FRET_SERVICE_TYPE - Structure for Distribution Transfer to SLS
FRM_GR_EKPO_EXTENDED_TYPE - Extended EKPO Structure for Goods Receipt Checks
FRM_LIPSVB_EXTENDED_T - Extended Structure for SLS Use in Shipping
FRM_MESSAGE_TYPE - Interface Structure for Message Transfer
FRM_PROCUREMENT_KEY_TYPE - Key for Procurement Part for Merchandise Distributions
FRM_VBAPVB_T - Sales Order Items with Open Delivery Quantities
FRM_WTADAB_EXTENDED_T - Extended Service Structure for Use in FRM
FRM_WTADAB_KEY - Structure: Key for Reading WTADAB via Index 002
KMPMG_WA_TYP - Component Quantities for Subitems in a Purchase Order
MDS_ABNNR_RANGE_TYPE - Range Type for Recipients
MDS_MATKL_RANGE_TYPE - Range Type for Material Group
MDS_MATNR_RANGE_TYPE - Range Type for Material
MDS_PLANT_RANGE_TYPE - Range Type for Plants
MDS_SELLING_KEY_TYPE - Merchandise Distribution: Key Structure for Issue Document
MDS_TMP - Merchandise Distribution: Cluster Table for Temporary Data
PRESET_DATA_WA_TYP - GI Structure for Delivery Generation
REPL_TRANSACTION_ENQUEUE_TYPE - Replenishment: Structure for Parallel Processing Lock
REPL_TRANS_ENQUEUE_TYPE - Replenishment: Structure for Parallel Processing Lock
RFRMMSEG - Extended Document Items for FRM at Goods Receipt
RFRMRDOCQ - Procured Quantities for Issue Documents
RFRMSCRFLD - Structure with Fields for Screen Display in FRM
RFRM_FRET_DISPLAY - Merchandise Distribution: Distribution Data for Display
RFRM_IPRO_WA_T - Structure for Internal Selection Log
RFRM_PROCUREMENT_PART - Merchandise Distribution: Data at Procurement Document Level
SLS_MEPO_ITEM_TYPE - SLS in MEPO: Structure for Item Data
SLS_MEPO_SCHEDULE_TYPE - SLS in MEPO: Structure for Schedule Line Data
STY_WMD_ADJUST_EXEC_LGORT - Distribution at WM Level; Derived from Storage Location

STY_WMD_ADJUST_EXEC_WM - Adjust and Execute Distribution: Storage Location Level
STY_WMD_FRETWM - Merchandise Distr.: Addnl Data for Execution in External WM
STY_WMD_LIFEX_UC - Assign Shipping Notification IDoc to UC
STY_WMD_VENDOR_PO_TO_LIPS - Assign Purchasing Documents to Delivery Items
TFMA - Adjustment Profiles per Processing Method
TFMAT - Adjustment Profiles per Processing Method
TMFPF - Distribution Profile of Material in DC
TMFPFT - Distribution Profile of Material Master - Texts
TWFPF - Plant Profiles for Merchandise Distribution
TWFPFG - Plant Profiles for Merchandise Distribution - Bus. Processes
TWFPFT - Plant Profiles for Merchandise Distribution - Texts
WFR22_HEADER - Screen Header
WFR22_ITEM - Screen Table Entries
WFR22_MAIN - Structure for Transfer to User Exit: Main Item
WFR22_SUB - Structure for Transfer to User Exit: Sub-Item
WFRM_PO_WA_TYP - Structure of Internal Table for Warehouse Orders
WFRM_SO_WA_TYP - Interface Structure for BAdI (Same as WFRM_DL_COMWA_T)
WMD_ADJ_EXEC_PRO - Adjust and Execute Distribution: Profiles
WMD_ADJ_EXEC_WM - Adjust and Execute Distribution at WM Level
WRF_CPO_POS_QUANTITIES - Return of Posted Quantity Values
WRF_CPO_POS_QUANTITY_STY - Return of Posted Quantity Values
WRF_CPO_PROCUREMENT_DATA_TYPE - Enhancement for Seasonal Procurement
WRF_CPO_RENUMBER_POS_OUT_STY - Output Structure for Numbering
WRF_CPO_SELLING_DOC_DATA_TYPE - Enhancement for Grouping - Seasonal Procurement
WRF_INDEX_PO_PROCDATA_STY - Structure: Transfer of an Index Table with Ref. to a PO
WRF_PO_INDEX_STY - Auxiliary Structure for Transferring the Index Table
WVERALV_MARC - Structure for Stock Display Returns with ALV
WVERALV_MARD - Structure for Stock Display Returns with ALV
WVERALV_MSEG - Structure for Transfer Posting Log with ALV
WVERRET_SHOW - Structure for Displaying Returns Distribution

SAP Allocation Tables LO-MDS-AL

ATMTRX_DETAIL - Recipient Matrix in Allocation Table: Detailed Information
ATMTRX_WERTE - Recipient Matrix in Allocation Table: Node Values
AUBF - Document Flow SAP Retail (Allocation Table, Promotions...)
AUBFDYN - Doc. flow SAP Retail - dynamic part (alloc tbl / promo)
AUBFSTR - Structure for XAUBF and YAUBF
AUBSI - Worklist for PO (Follow-on Document Generation)
AUFG - Allocation Table Sub-Item, Store Group
AUFI - Allocation Table, Document Sub-item, Stores

AUKAI - Worklist for Sales Orders (FBG)
AUKAIS - E / A Fields Sales Order Data Index Allocation Table
AUKEY - Key fields, allocation table document access
AUKO - Allocation Table Document Header
AULW - Delivery Phases
AUPO - Allocation Table Document Item
AUSB - Plant Status Table
AUST - Structure for follow-on document creation, alloc. tbl
AUST_NO_DISPLAY - AUST fields that are not to be displayed in list
AUUMI - Worklist for Stock Transport Orders (Follow-on Doc. Gen.)
AUVDI - Worklist for Deliveries (Follow-on Doc. Generation)
AUVT - Shipping-Specific Data of Plants for Delivery Generation
AUVW - Delivery Phase for Distribution Center
AUVZ - Distribution Center
AUWEI - Index, Adjust Alloc Tbl After Entering Doc.
B019 - Messages: Sales Organization/Distribution Channel
BAPI2085_C - Interface structure, alloc tbl reply, delivery phases
BAPI2085_D - Interface structure, alloc tbl delivery phases
BAPI2085_H - Interface structure, alloc tbl header data
BAPI2085_I - Interface structure, alloc tbl items
BAPI2085_R - Interface structure, alloc tbl reply, item
BAPI2085_S - Interface structure, alloc tbl selection criteria
BAPI2085_TH - Interface structure, alloc tbl header text
BAPI2085_TI - Interface structure, alloc tbl header text
CAUFG - Structure for Change Document: Generated by RSSCD000
CAUFI - Structure for Change Document: Generated by RSSCD000
CAULW - Structure for Change Document: Generated by RSSCD000
CAUPO - Structure for Change Document: Generated by RSSCD000
CAUVW - Structure for Change Document: Generated by RSSCD000
CAUVZ - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
CPLI_INTERFACE - Allocation table Line Item Copy
E1WALNOT01 - Allocation: Allocation Table Notification Identification
E1WALNOT02 - Allocation: Allocation Table Notification Header
E1WALNOT03 - Allocation: Allocation Table Notification Header Texts
E1WALNOT04 - Allocation: Allocation Table Notification Item
E1WALNOT05 - Allocation: Allocation Table Notification Item Texts
E1WALNOT06 - Allocation: Allocation Table Notification Delivery Phases
E1WALREQ01 - Allocation Table: Report Requested Quantities Identification
E1WALREQ02 - Allocation Table: Report Requested Quantities, Item
E1WALREQ03 - Allocation Table: Report Requested Quantities, Del. Phases
EMFIN - Recipient determin.
EMFINP - Parameters for Recipient Determination
EMFINT - Texts for Recipient Determination
FBG_EKKO - Follow-On Doc. Generation: PO Header Data Structure
FBG_POSTAB - Worklist for follow-on docs to be generated for alloc tbls
FBG_VBSK - Follow-On Doc. Generation: Delivery Header Data Structure
GENERATIONRESULT - Follow-On Document Generation: Results Table Structure
LIST_ALLOC_RULE_HEAD_STY - Header for Allocation Rule List
LIST_ALLOC_RULE_ITEM_STY - Item in Allocation Rule List
LIST_PERIOD_PLANT_STY - Listing Period (Allocation Listing)
MARD_LABST - matnr, werks, diskz, labst
MTRX_FCODE - General FCODE Structure
PLM_RWSNSTV - Structure for ALV Display in Program RWSNASTV
POSTAB - Structure of the Post Tab for ALV
POSTAB_SUBMI_STY - Update Allocation Table for SLS Purchase Orders
PRE01_STY - Help structure for mass access to material
RAT_ARTICLE_SELECTION - Structure for Material Selection
RAT_SHIP_TO_PARTY - Structure for Recipient Determination (incl. Supply Source)
RAT_VAUPO - Default Data for Allocation Table Items
RAUWEI - Structure, Index, adjust alloc tbl following doc entry
REFEKPO - Structure for Creating Alloc Tbls Referencing POs/Contracts
REFLIPS - Structure for creating alloc tbl with ship. notif. ref.
REF_AKTION_BTR - Read promotion / create alloc tbl for promotional PO
REF_AKTION_DET_QTY_EXIT - Transfer structure calling user exit EXIT_SAPLWRWB_003
REF_AKTION_POS - Read promotion / create alloc tbl for promotional PO
REF_AKTION_UPD - Change promotion / create alloc tbl for promotional PO
REF_KONTRAKT_POS - Contract Data for Allocation Tables Referencing Contracts
REF_MAT - Structure for Creating Alloc Tbls with Material Mass Sel.
REF_MAT_SEL - Structure for Selection Fields for Material Mass Selection
RM01A - Entry/input field for allocation table document
RM02A - Entry/input fields for allocation table sub-item
RULES_AT_HEAD_STY - Header-Structure Allocation Rules Generate ALV Display
RULES_AT_ITEM_STY - Generate ALV for AT Rule
RW00A - Structure of allocation table header
RW014A - Export para. structure for notes from FM "AR_finden"
RW015A - Import/export alloc. tbl header for FM "Aufteiler ..."
RW016A - Import/export alloc. tbl items for FM 'Aufteiler ...'
RW017A - Import/export alloc. tbl DC for FM 'Aufteiler...'
RW018A - Import/export Alloc. tbl store grps for FM 'Aufteiler ...'
RW019A - Import/export alloc. tbl plants for FM 'Aufteiler ...'
RW01A - Structure of alloc. tbl item
RW020A - Import/export alloc. tbl del phases for FM 'Aufteiler ...'
RW021A - AUBS structure for FM 'Aufteiler bearbeiten ...'
RW022A - AUBS structure for FM 'Aufteiler bearbeiten ...'
RW023A - Structure for other fields required with docu.
RW024A - Structure for AUVT for FM "Edit alloc tbl..."
RW02A - Structure of delivery phases
RW03A - Structure of store groups
RW04A - Structure of stores
RW05A - Entry/input values popup char. values / structure CAWNT
RW06A - Dynpro AR Header + items / stock allocation IS-R
RW07A - Popup fields: display char. of class
RW08A - Keys: alloc. tbl sub-structures down to store
RW09A - Structure for plant status
RW10A - Text for Plant Status and Other Fixed Values
RW11A - Entry/output fields DC
RW12A - Work area for dynpro store view in standard stock split
RW13A - Entry/input fields Delivery phases DC
RW14A - Structure of delivery phases
RW15A - Structure of plant status
RW16A - I/O fields Alloc Table Shipping Data
RW17A - Allocation table log
RW19A - I/O fields for allocation table shipping data index
RW20A - I/O fields Allocation table PO data index
RW21A - I/O fields Allocation table stock transfer index
RW25A - Admin. organizational data for plant (Alloc tbl/Output)
RW26A - Error message administration (Alloc tbl/Output)
RW27A - NAST-OBJKY creation for alloc tbl output determin. (single)
RW28A - Transfer area Output determination Allocation table
RW29A - NAST-OBJKY creation for output determin., alloc tbl (grp)
RW30A - Key data for allocation instruction (sorting)
RW31A - I/O fields; listing in allocation table
RW32A - I/O fields; selection list in popup
RW33A - Table for fields to be displayed on list
RWALLOC_CHANGE_PO - Purchase Orders to be Changed if Allocation Table is Changed
RWASTRA_RANGE - Range Table (Various Formats)
RWAVI_ALLOCTABLE - Form Alloc. Table Notif.: Allocation Table Data Complete
RWAVI_ART - Allocation table notification form; material data
RWAVI_ART_ALL - Form Allocation Table Notification: Article Data, Enhanced
RWAVI_AUFK - Allocation table notification; alloc tbl header data
RWAVI_KOPF - Alloc tbl notif. form: Heading
RWAVI_LW - Form AllocTbl Notif.: Delivery Phases
RWAVI_STEU - Form: alloc tbl notification - creation control
RWAVI_WERK - Alloc tbl notification: plant data
RWBETRIEB - Structure for FM interfaces FUGR WGEN
RWFILIALEN - Import parameter structure for FM wmod_get_var_qty....
RWFIL_GRPS - Plant group structure (int. no., ext. no.)
RWRMW_MATKL - Structure with material group
RWRMW_MATNR - Structure with material
RWRMW_MERCHANDISE_GROUPS - Material Groups (Level >=0)
RWRW001 - Replies per plant - selection -
RWRW002 - Replies per plant - allocation table items screen
RWRW004 - Replies per plant - delivery phases per item/plant
RWSBELN - Structure for exp.parameters FM wauf_search_allocation_rules
RWSCREENHELP - Structure for Help on Fields on Selection Screens
SALESORDER_HEADER_DATA - Follow-On Doc. Gen.: Structure for Sales Order Header Data
SPLITT_FOR - Structure with splitting criteria (FDG for alloc tbl)
SPLITT_FOR_STRUC - Structure with splitting criteria (FDG for alloc tbl)
SPLITT_TAB_STRUC - Table structure for executing split in alloc tbl FDG
SVKO - Allocation Rule / IS-R Allocation
SVPOS - Allocation Rule Items / SAP IS-R Allocation
SVUP - Allocation Rule Sub-Item (Stores)
T160AT - Message Control Allocation Table
T620 - Allocation Table Document Types
T620T - Texts for Alloc. Tbl Doc. Types
T621 - Item Categories for Allocation Tables
T621T - Texts for Alloc. Tbl Item categories
T622 - Allocation Rule Document Types
T622T - Texts for Allocation Rule Document Types
T623 - Transaction Control, Standard Distribution
T624 - Control Table, Allocation Rule Determination
T625 - Field Relationship for Info Structure
T625S - Key Figure Category
T625T - Texts for Field Rel. for Info Structure
T626 - Allocation Table Notification Categories
T626T - Texts for Allocation Table Notification Categories
T627 - Allocation Strategy: Allocation Table
T627T - Texts for Allocation Strategies
T628 - Split Criteria for Alloc Tbl Follow-on Document Generation
T628T - Texts for Split Criteria Indicators
T629 - Allocation Table Rejection Reasons
T629T - Alloc Tbl: Blocking Reasons: Texts
T630 - Distribution of Over/Underdeliveries in Allocation Tables
T630T - Texts for Table T630 (Allocation of Over/Underdelivery)
VALUE_COMB - Selected Elements of a Matrix
VAR_ITEMS - Variants Structure
WEKEY - Key fields, GR document access - allocation table
WRFT_62A - General Settings for Allocation Table Application
WRFT_AT620 - Enhancement: Allocation Table Document Types w/Master Data
WRF_ASPO_EKET_SYNC_STY - Order Delivery Scheduling Data (Changeable)
WRF_ASPO_EKKO_DATA_STY - Header Data of Purchase Order (Not Changeable)
WRF_ASPO_EKPO_DATA_STY - Item Data of Purchase Order (Not Changeable)
WRF_ASPO_EKPO_SYNC_STY - Purchase Order Item Data (Changeable)
WRF_ASPO_SYNC_DATA_STY - Changeable Data in PO Items and Schedule Lines
WRF_AT_ABELN_STTY - Range Structure for Allocation Table Number
WRF_AT_ABELP_STTY - Range Structure for Item Number of Allocation Table
WRF_AT_AEDAT_STTY - Range Structure for Creation Date
WRF_AT_AKTNR_STTY - Range Structure for Promotion Number
WRF_AT_ATTYP_STTY - Range Structure for Material Category
WRF_AT_AUREL_STTY - Range Structure for Relevant to Allocation Table Indicator
WRF_AT_BSAKZ_STTY - Range Structure for Control Indicator of Purchasing Document
WRF_AT_DELPHASE_CONSTRAINT_STY - Fast Entry Restrictions: Delivery Phase
WRF_AT_EBELN_STTY - Range Structure for Purchasing Document Number
WRF_AT_EKGRP_STTY - Range Structure for Purchasing Group
WRF_AT_EKORG_STTY - Range Structure for Purchasing Organization
WRF_AT_ERNAM_STTY - Range Structure for Name of Creator
WRF_AT_FCODE_STY - General FCODE Structure
WRF_AT_FILNR_INFO_STY - Structure: Store Number and Info Field
WRF_AT_GEN_REFER - Allocation Table: References to Generated Allocation Tables
WRF_AT_LIFNR_STTY - Range Structure for Vendor Number
WRF_AT_LIST_HEADER - Header Data for Allocation Table List
WRF_AT_LIST_HEADER_ALV - Header Data for Allocation Table List for ALV
WRF_AT_LIST_ITEM - Item Data for Allocation Table List
WRF_AT_LIST_ITEM_ALV - Item Data for Allocation Table List for ALV
WRF_AT_LOEKZ_STTY - Range Structure for Deletion Indicator in Purchasing Doc.
WRF_AT_MATKL_STTY - Range Structure for Material Group
WRF_AT_MATNR_INFO_STY - Structure: Material Number and Info Field
WRF_AT_MTART_STTY - Range Structure for Material Category
WRF_AT_MTRX_LABEL_STY - Title and Names of Matrix
WRF_AT_RESWK_STTY - Range Structure for Number of Issuing Plant
WRF_AT_RETPO_STTY - Range Structure for Returns Item
WRF_AT_SCHED_STY - AT Data for Scheduling
WRF_AT_SITE_CONSTRAINT_STY - Constraint Parameters for Fast Change at Allocation Table
WRF_AT_STAPO_STTY - Range Structure for Item Is Statistical Indicator
WRF_AT_STATU_STTY - Range Structure for Status of Purchasing Document
WRF_AT_WERKS_STTY - Range Structure for Plant Number
WRF_AUPO_SCHED_STY - AT - Item Data for Scheduling (Obsolete)
WRF_EKKO_OK_STY - Allocation Table Generation: Purchase Orders for Processing
WRF_MATGRP_AT - Hierarchy ID, Level, Nodes
WRF_PO_DATA_STY - Allocation Table Generation: Item Data from PDLI and APC
WRF_RANGE_EINDT_STY - Range Structure for Item Delivery Date
WRF_RANGE_MATNR_STY - Range Structure for Material Number
WRF_REFERENCES_STY - Allocation Table Generation: Allocation Table Ref. to PO
WRF_SELCRIT_S - Structure: SAP BW Selection Criteria
WRF_SPLITT_TAB_STY - Generate Allocation Table: Split Criteria
WSD_ALLOCATION_MESSAGE_STY - Structure for Allocation table error messages
WXAUF_DET_ORDER_QTY - Transfer Structure, User Exit Determin., Reduced Order Qty

SAP Collective Purchase Order Tables LO-MDS-CPO

TPARA_VARIANTS - Parallel Processing Variants Retail
TPARA_VARIANTS_T - Parallel Processing Variants Retail - Texts
WRF_CPO_DATA_STY - Data structure for temporary storage of purchase orders
WRF_CPO_GROUP_CRITERIA_STY - Grouping criteria for the collective purchase order
WRF_CPO_RENUMBER_STY - Structuring for Numbering Module
WRF_CPO_SLS_STY - Transfer structure for creating SLS subitems
WRF_POS_ADDIFRMCUST_STY - Transfer structure for SLS data
WRF_POS_RENUMBER_STY - Transfer structure for renumbering