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SAP FI Travel Management Tables (FI-TV)

SAP Travel Management Tables FI-TV

BIW_0TV_EXPTYPE_ATTR - Extract Structure for Datasource 0TV_EXPTYPE_ATTR
BIW_0TV_P_LOCID_ATTR - Extract Structure for Datasource 0TV_P_LOCID_ATTR
BIW_FI_TV_01 - Extract Structure for InfoSource 0FI_TV_01
BIW_FI_TV_02 - Extract Structure for Infosource 0FI_TV_02
BIW_FI_TV_CAR - Structure for Rental Car Bookings
BIW_FI_TV_CAR_R46B - Structure for Car Rental Bookings: Enhancement for 4.6B
BIW_FI_TV_FLIGHT - Structure for Flight Bookings
BIW_FI_TV_FLIGHT_FARE - Structure for Flights and Rate Components
BIW_FI_TV_FLIGHT_R46B - Structure for Flight Bookings: Enhancement for 4.6B
BIW_FI_TV_HEAD - Structure for General Trip Data for BW
BIW_FI_TV_HOTEL - Structure for Hotel Bookings
BIW_FI_TV_HOTEL_R46B - Structure for Hotel Bookings: Enhancement for 4.6B
BIW_FI_TV_ITEM - Structure for Request Items
BIW_FI_TV_PERIO - Structure for Period Trip Data for BW
BIW_FI_TV_PLAN - Structure for Travel Plan
BIW_FI_TV_RETURNS - Structure for Return Flights
BIW_FI_TV_SHDR - Structure for Trip Totals for BW
BIW_FI_TV_SREC - Structure for Individual Receipts for BW
BIW_FI_TV_TICKET - Structure for Flight Tickets
BIW_FI_TV_TICKET_R46B - Structure for Flight Tickets: Enhancement for 4.6B

BWE_T706B5 - Extract Structure for Texts for Travel Expense Types
BWE_T706G - Extract Structure for Texts for Legal Trip Types
BWE_T706N - Extract Structure for Texts for Trip Provision Variants
BWE_T706O - Extraction Structure for Texts for Trip Countries
BWE_T706R - Extraction Structure for Texts for Trip Activity Types
BWE_T706T - Extraction Structure for Texts for Trip Schema
BWE_T706X - Extraction Structure for Text for Enterprise-Spec.Trip Types
BWE_TA20B1 - Extraction Structure for Texts for User Group Planning
BWE_TA20C1 - Extraction Structure for Texts for Service Categories
BWE_TA20R1 - Extraction Structure for Texts for Activity Type Planning
BWE_TA21CAR1 - Extraction Structure for Texts for Car Rental Rates
BWE_TA21L1 - Extraction Structure for Texts for IATA Locations
BWE_TA21P - Extraction Structure for Texts for Providers
BWE_TA21R1 - Extraction Structure for Travel Planning Regions
CCCCREDIT_CARD_TRANSACTION_ME1 - Proxy Structure (Generated)
CCCCREDIT_CARD_TRANSACTION_MES - Credit card transaction message
CCCCREDIT_CARD_TRANSACTION_NOT - Credit card transaction notification message
CCCEXCHANGE_RATE - Proxy Structure (Generated)
CCC_CAR_INFO - Rental Car Info for Credit Card Transaction
CCC_CREDIT_CARD_TRANSACTION_DE - Credit Card Transaction Detail Information
CCC_CREDIT_CARD_TRANSACTION_ME - A BusinessDocumentMessageHeader consists of business informa
CCC_EXCHANGE_FAULT_DATA - Proxy Struktur (generiert)
CCC_EXCHANGE_LOG_DATA - Proxy Struktur (generiert)
CCC_FLIGHT_INFO - Flight Info for Credit Card Transaction
CCC_ODOMETER_READING - Proxy Structure (generated)
CCC_RECEIPT_ADDITIONAL_INFO - Receipt Additional Information for Credit Card Transactions
CCC_SERVICE_ESTABLISHMENT_INFO - Service Establishment Information for the Credit Card Transa
CCC_TRAIN_INFO - Train Info for Credit Card Transaction
FITP_S_FFID_MAP - Mapping for FFID
FITP_S_FLIGHT_DATE - Flight Date structure
FITP_S_FLIGHT_LOCATION - Flight Location structure
FITP_S_HOTEL_PROVIDER_HELP - Help structure for hotel inout fields
FITP_S_SEATMAP_TYPE - Fligth seatmap types
FITP_S_SP_FLIGHT_SELECTION - Flight Selection for Standard price
FITV_ATTA_STY - Attachments
FITV_BAPIRET2_INFO - Info about a BapiRet2 return table
FITV_CALENDAR_SEMANTIC - Travel: Calendar Semantic Description

FITV_CAR_AVAILABILITY_RESP - Car Availability response
FITV_CAR_AVAILABILITY_RESP_ME1 - Car Availability Response Message
FITV_CAR_AVAILABILITY_RESP_MES - Car Availability Response Message
FITV_CAR_AVAIL_QUERY_ME1 - Car Availability Query Message
FITV_CAR_AVAIL_QUERY_MES - Car Availability Query Message
FITV_CAR_BOOKING - Proxy Structure (Generated)
FITV_CAR_BOOKING_CANCEL_ME1 - Car Booking Cancellation Request Message
FITV_CAR_BOOKING_CANCEL_MES - Car Booking Cancellation request Message
FITV_CAR_BOOKING_CONFIRM_ME1 - Car Booking Confirmation Message
FITV_CAR_BOOKING_CONFIRM_MES - Car Booking Confirmation Message
FITV_CAR_BOOKING_CONFIRM_RESP - Car Booking Confirmation
FITV_CAR_BOOKING_REQUEST_ME1 - Car Booking Request Message
FITV_CAR_BOOKING_REQUEST_MES - Car Booking Request Message
FITV_CAR_BOOK_CANCEL_CONF_ME1 - Car Booking Cancellation Confirmation Message
FITV_CAR_BOOK_CANCEL_CONF_MES - Car Booking Cancellation Confirmation Message
FITV_CAR_LOCATION_QUERY - Proxy Structure (Generated)
FITV_CAR_LOCATION_QUERY_ME1 - Proxy Structure (Generated)
FITV_CAR_LOCATION_QUERY_MES - Car Location Query Message
FITV_CAR_LOCATION_RESP - Proxy Structure (Generated)
FITV_CAR_LOCATION_RESP_ME1 - Proxy Structure (Generated)
FITV_CAR_LOCATION_RESP_MES - Car Location Response message
FITV_CAR_LOCATION_STATION - Car office station
FITV_CAR_PREFERENCES - Car preferences
FITV_CAR_RENTAL_RATES - Rates for car rental
FITV_FPM_CTX_CAP - FloorplanmanagerContent Assistant Pattern context properties
FITV_FPM_CTX_HEADER - Floorplanmanager header context properties
FITV_FPM_CTX_MCA - Floorplanmanager Main Content Area context properties
FITV_FPM_CTX_POPUP - Floorplanmanager popup context properties
FITV_FPM_CTX_ROADMAP - Floorplanmanager roadmap context properties
FITV_FPM_CTX_STEP - Floorplanmanager roadmap step context properties
FITV_FPM_CTX_SUBROADMAP - Floorplanmanager sub-roadmap context properties
FITV_FPM_DEBUG_MESSAGE - Debug message of floorplanmanager
FITV_FPM_EMPLOYEE_INFO - Employee info for Floorplanmanager
FITV_FPM_FC_USAGE - Floorplanmanager Faceless Component usage info

FITV_FPM_MESSAGE_NODE - Assign WD context node to BapiRet2 parameter
FITV_FPM_NAVIGATION_BUTTON - Floorplanmanager properties of navigation buttons
FITV_FPM_NAVIGATION_TARGET - Navigation target of the floorplanmanager
FITV_FPM_VC_INFO - Visual component info for floorplanmanager
FITV_FPM_VC_USAGE - Floorplanmanager Visual Component usage info
FITV_GEO_ADDRESS - Travel: Address for Route Planning
FITV_HOTEL_GET_RATES_QUERY_MES - Hotel Get Rates Query Message
FITV_HOTEL_GET_RATES_QUERY_MSG - Hotel Get Rates Query Message
FITV_HOTEL_GET_RATES_RESPONSE - Proxy Structure (Generated)
FITV_HOTEL_GET_RATES_RESP_MES - Hotel Get Rates Response Message
FITV_HOTEL_GET_RATES_RESP_MESS - Hotel Get Rates Response Message
FITV_HOTEL_GET_RATES_RESP_MSG - Get List of Rates for a Hotel
FITV_HOTEL_GET_TMP_BOOKIDQUERY - Hotel Get Temporary Booking ID Query Message
FITV_HOTEL_GET_TMP_BOOKID_RESP - Hotel Get Temporary Booking ID Response Message
FITV_HOTEL_TEMP_BOOKID_RESPON - Proxy Structure (Generated)
FITV_HOTEL_TEMP_BOOKID_RES_MSG - Hotel Get Temporary Booking ID Response Message
FITV_HOTEL_TEMP_BOOK_ID_QUERY - Get Temporary Booking ID (if necessary at all, this step is
FITV_HOTEL_TMP_BOOKIDQUERY_MSG - Hotel Get Temporary Booking ID Query Message
FITV_HOTEL_TMP_BOOKID_RESPONSE - Get Temporary Booking ID (Provider-Specific)
FITV_RAIL_AUTHENTIFICATION - Logon data for a rail system
FITV_RAIL_CONNECTION1 - A RailConnection describes the begin and end location and da
FITV_RAIL_ORDER1 - A RailOrder describes a rail reservation and the correspondi
FITV_RAIL_ORDER_DETAILS_QUERY - Query for details of rail order(s) in a rail company system
FITV_RAIL_ORDER_DETAILS_RESP - Response with order details in a rail company system which h
FITV_RAIL_ORDER_DET_QUERY_MES - Message type for querying details of rail order(s) in a rail
FITV_RAIL_ORDER_DET_QUERY_MES1 - Message for query of details of rail order(s) in a rail comp
FITV_RAIL_ORDER_DET_RESP_MES - Message type for response with order details in a rail compa
FITV_RAIL_ORDER_DET_RESP_MES1 - Message for response of order details in a rail company syst
FITV_RAIL_ORDER_LIST_QUERY - Query for orders in a rail company system which have been cr
FITV_RAIL_ORDER_LIST_QUERY_ME1 - Message for query of orders in a rail company system which h
FITV_RAIL_ORDER_LIST_QUERY_MES - Message type for querying orders in a rail company system wh
FITV_RAIL_ORDER_LIST_RESP - Response with orders in a rail company system which have bee
FITV_RAIL_ORDER_LIST_RESPONSE1 - Proxy Struktur (generiert)
FITV_RAIL_ORDER_LIST_RESP_ME1 - Message for response of orders in a rail company system whic
FITV_RAIL_ORDER_LIST_RESP_MES - Message type for response with orders in a rail company syst
FITV_RAIL_ORDER_PAYMENT_TRANS1 - A RailOrderPaymentTransaction contains data about the paymen
FITV_RAIL_SEGMENT1 - A RailSegment describes the begin and end location and date/
FITV_RAIL_SERVICE1 - A RailService contains the information about tickets, resera
FITV_RAIL_SERVICE_CANCELLATIO1 - A RailServiceCancellation contains the information about a c
FITV_REJECT - Rejected Trips
FITV_WD_UI_FIELD_CONTROL - Field Control for Web Dynpro ui-elements
FITV_WEB_ADDRESS - Address data used in web application
FITV_WEB_ADDRESS_FIELDS - Address fields for travel web applications
FITV_WEB_EES - Express Expense Sheet for UI Presentation
FITV_WEB_GEOCHOICE - Geo coder result for web
FTPS_S_FLIGHT_CPI - Customer Provider ID data structure for Flight
FTPS_S_FLIGHT_CPI_CHECK - Customer Provider ID data structure for Flight
FTPS_WEB_EXT_PROV_PARAMS - Access parameters for external portal content providers
FTPS_WEB_LEONARDO - Additional access parameters for Leonardo ( Hotel-Images )
FTPS_WEB_PREDEF_ADR - Predefined Addresses / Customizing
FTPS_WEB_PREDEF_ADR_NAME - Predefined Addresses with Name
FTPS_WEB_PROV_PARAMS - Access Parameters for External Content of Front End
FTRA_AWKEY_RANGES - Ranges: Structure for Reference Key
FTRA_PAYMENT_HISTORY_FI - Payment History: Travel Expenses FI
FTRA_PAYMENT_HISTORY_KEY - Payment History: Travel Expenses FI - Key for Recpt. Determ.
FTRA_XXXXX - Structure for Report Parameters in Development Class FTRA
LCCADDRESS1 - Proxy Struktur (generiert)
LCCADDRESS_COMMUNICATION1 - Proxy Struktur (generiert)
LCCADDRESS_EMAIL1 - Proxy Struktur (generiert)
LCCADDRESS_FACSIMILE1 - Proxy Struktur (generiert)
LCCADDRESS_MOBILE_PHONE1 - Proxy Struktur (generiert)
LCCADDRESS_OFFICE1 - Proxy Struktur (generiert)
LCCADDRESS_PHYSICAL_ADDRESS1 - Proxy Struktur (generiert)
LCCADDRESS_TELEPHONE1 - Proxy Struktur (generiert)
LCCADDRESS_WEB1 - Proxy Struktur (generiert)
LCCAMOUNT1 - Proxy Struktur (generiert)
LCCBANK - Bank details
LCCBANK_ACCOUNT_INTERNAL_ID - Proprietary bank account identifier (used for internal commu
LCCBANK_INTERNAL_ID - Proprietary bank identifier (used for internal communication
LCCBUSINESS_DOCUMENT_MESSAGE_3 - A BusinessDocumentMessageHeader consists of business informa
LCCBUSINESS_DOCUMENT_MESSAGE_6 - BusinessDocumentMessageHeaderParty Is General Information
LCCBUSINESS_TRANSACTION_DOCUM4 - Proxy Struktur (generiert)
LCCCONTACT_PERSON1 - Proxy Struktur (generiert)
LCCCONTACT_PERSON_INTERNAL_ID1 - Proxy Struktur (generiert)
LCCCORPORATE_PROGRAM_ID - Identifier for membership of corporate program
LCCCUSTOMER_NOTIFICATION - CustomerNotification - Possible Types: EMAIL, PHONE, FAX or
LCCDATE_PERIOD - Proxy Struktur (generiert)
LCCDATE_TIME_PERIOD - Proxy Struktur (generiert)
LCCDESCRIPTION1 - Proxy Struktur (generiert)
LCCEMAIL_ADDRESS1 - Proxy Struktur (generiert)
LCCEVENT_DURING_STAY - Events at a Certain Time and Location
LCCFLIGHT_AVAILABILITY_QUERY_1 - Proxy Struktur (generiert)
LCCFLIGHT_AVAILABILITY_QUERY_2 - Proxy Struktur (generiert)
LCCFLIGHT_AVAILABILITY_QUERY_3 - Flight availability query
LCCFLIGHT_AVAILABILITY_QUERY_4 - Query Message of a flight availability query
LCCFLIGHT_AVAILABILITY_QUERY_5 - Proxy Struktur (generiert)
LCCFLIGHT_AVAILABILITY_QUERY_6 - Proxy Struktur (generiert)
LCCFLIGHT_AVAILABILITY_QUERY_M - Flight availability query message
LCCFLIGHT_AVAILABILITY_QUERY_Q - Proxy Struktur (generiert)
LCCFLIGHT_AVAILABILITY_RESPON1 - Flight availability response message
LCCFLIGHT_AVAILABILITY_RESPON2 - Response message of a flight availability query
LCCFLIGHT_AVAILABILITY_RESPONS - Response to a flight availability query
LCCFLIGHT_BOOKING_CANCELLATIO1 - Flight booking cancellation confirmation message
LCCFLIGHT_BOOKING_CANCELLATION - Confimation message of a flight booking cancellation
LCCFLIGHT_BOOKING_CANCEL_REQU1 - Flight Booking Cancel Request Message
LCCFLIGHT_BOOKING_CANCEL_REQU2 - Request message of a flight booking cancellation
LCCFLIGHT_BOOKING_CANCEL_REQUE - Flight booking (view for FlightCancellationRequest)
LCCFLIGHT_BOOKING_CONFIRMATIO1 - Flight Booking Confirmation Message
LCCFLIGHT_BOOKING_CONFIRMATIO2 - Confirmation message of a flight booking
LCCFLIGHT_BOOKING_CONFIRMATION - Flight booking (view for confirmation of a flight booking)
LCCFLIGHT_BOOKING_DETAIL_QUER1 - Flight booking detail query message
LCCFLIGHT_BOOKING_DETAIL_QUER2 - Query message of a flight booking detail
LCCFLIGHT_BOOKING_DETAIL_QUERY - Flight booking (view for retrieving details about a flight b
LCCFLIGHT_BOOKING_DETAIL_RESP1 - Flight booking detail response message
LCCFLIGHT_BOOKING_DETAIL_RESPO - Response message of a flight booking detail
LCCFLIGHT_BOOKING_PAYMENT_FORM - Form of payment for a flight reservation
LCCFLIGHT_BOOKING_REQUEST - Flight booking (view for request a reservation of a flight b
LCCFLIGHT_BOOKING_REQUEST_MES1 - Flight booking request message
LCCFLIGHT_BOOKING_REQUEST_MESS - Request message of a flight booking
LCCFLIGHT_CANCELLATION - Cancellation of a flight booking
LCCFLIGHT_COST - Cost of a flight booking
LCCFLIGHT_COST_ELEMENT - Cost element of a flight booking
LCCFLIGHT_ITINERARY_OPTION - Option of a Flight itinerary
LCCFLIGHT_RESTRICTION - Restrictions applicable for a flight or flight ticket
LCCFLIGHT_SEGMENT_ARRIVAL - Proxy Struktur (generiert)
LCCFLIGHT_SEGMENT_DEPARTURE - Proxy Struktur (generiert)
LCCFLIGHT_TERM - Term & condition valid for a flight booking
LCCFLIGHT_TICKET - Document that enables passengers to use flight services
LCCGEO_COORDINATES1 - Proxy Struktur (generiert)
LCCHOTEL - Proxy Structure (Generated)
LCCHOTEL_AMENITY - Further Amenities and Equipment of the Hotel
LCCHOTEL_AMENITY_AMENITY_TYPE - Proxy Structure (Generated)
LCCHOTEL_AVAILABILITY_QUERY_M1 - Hotel availability query message
LCCHOTEL_AVAILABILITY_QUERY_ME - Hotel availability query
LCCHOTEL_AVAILABILITY_RESPONS1 - Hotel availability response message
LCCHOTEL_AVAILABILITY_RESPONS2 - Hotel availability list
LCCHOTEL_AVAILABILITY_RESPONSE - Hotel availability response
LCCHOTEL_BOOKING - Hotel booking
LCCHOTEL_BOOKING_CANCELLATION2 - Hotel Booking Cancellation Request Message
LCCHOTEL_BOOKING_CANCELLATION3 - Hotel Booking Cancellation Confirmation Message
LCCHOTEL_BOOKING_CONFIRMATION - Hotel booking confirmation
LCCHOTEL_BOOKING_CONFIRMATION1 - Hotel booking confirmation message
LCCHOTEL_BOOKING_PAYMENT_FORM - Form of payment for booking
LCCHOTEL_BOOKING_REQUEST_MESS1 - Hotel booking request message
LCCHOTEL_BOOKING_SYNCHRONISAT1 - Response for Hotel Booking Synchronization
LCCHOTEL_BOOKING_SYNCHRONISAT2 - Query for Hotel Booking Synchronization
LCCHOTEL_BOOKING_SYNCHRONISAT3 - Query for Hotel Booking Synchronization
LCCHOTEL_BOOKING_SYNCHRONISAT4 - Hotel Booking Synchronization Response Message
LCCHOTEL_BOOKING_SYNCHRONISAT5 - Hotel Booking Synchronization Query Message
LCCHOTEL_BOOKING_SYNCHRONISATI - Response for Hotel Booking Synchronization
LCCHOTEL_CANCELLATION - Cancellation of Hotel Booking
LCCHOTEL_CANCELLATION_POLICY - Hotel cancellation policy
LCCHOTEL_CHAIN - Hotel chain
LCCHOTEL_CHAIN_ID - ID of hotel chain
LCCHOTEL_DETAIL_RESPONSE - Details for Requested Hotel
LCCHOTEL_DETAIL_RESPONSE_MESS1 - Hotel Detail Response Message
LCCHOTEL_DETAIL_RESPONSE_MESSA - Details for Requested Hotel
LCCHOTEL_DISCOUNT - Discount in percent or amount
LCCHOTEL_DISCOUNT_INFORMATION - Hotel Discount Information: GREEN_RATE = Discount Rate, RE
LCCHOTEL_EQUIPMENT - HotelEquipment (H = Hotel, R = Room, C = Category, T = Type)
LCCHOTEL_LOCATION - Location of hotel
LCCHOTEL_PICTURE - HotelPicture (A = Hotel outdoors, B = Bar, H = Hallway, R
LCCHOTEL_ROOM - Details for hotel room
LCCHOTEL_ROOM_RATE_ROOM_ID - Proxy Structure (generated)
LCCHOTEL_VICINITY - Points of interest around the hotel
LCCLOCATION_STANDARD_ID1 - Proxy Struktur (generiert)
LCCLOG1 - Proxy Struktur (generiert)
LCCLOG_ITEM1 - protocol message issued by an application
LCCLOYALITY_CARD1 - Card issued by a service provider to offer special services
LCCMEASURE1 - Measure ist eine physikalische Maßangabe mit der dazu gehöri
LCCNAME - Name is a word or word combination with which an object
LCCNOTE - Proxy Struktur (generiert)
LCCPARTY_STANDARD_ID1 - Proxy Struktur (generiert)
LCCPARTY_TAX_ID1 - Proxy Struktur (generiert)
LCCPAYMENT_CARD1 - Proxy Struktur (generiert)
LCCPERSON_NAME1 - Proxy Struktur (generiert)
LCCPERSON_NAME_AFFIX1 - Proxy Struktur (generiert)
LCCPERSON_NAME_FAMILY1 - Proxy Struktur (generiert)
LCCPHONE_NUMBER1 - Proxy Struktur (generiert)
LCCPRODUCT_TAX - Proxy Struktur (generiert)
LCCREGION_CODE1 - Proxy Struktur (generiert)
LCCTAX_JURISDICTION_CODE1 - Proxy Struktur (generiert)
LCCTIME_PERIOD - Proxy Struktur (generiert)
LCCTRAVELLER1 - Person being on a trip
LCC_HOTEL_QUALIFIER_ICON - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_ACADEMIC_TITLE_CODE - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_ACCTBUSINESS_AREA_CODE - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_ADDRESS - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_BANK_INTERNAL_ID - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_BUDGET_PERIOD_ID - Proxy Structure (generated)
PTRMF_BUSINESS_DOCUMENT_MESSA1 - Contact person of a party that is responsible for sending or
PTRMF_BUSINESS_DOCUMENT_MESSA2 - General information about a party that is responsible for se
PTRMF_BUSINESS_DOCUMENT_MESSA4 - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_BUSINESS_SCOPE - Environment from which a message is sent
PTRMF_BUSINESS_SCOPE_ID - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_BUSINESS_SCOPE_INSTANCE1 - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_BUSINESS_SCOPE_TYPE_COD1 - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_BUS_DOC_MSG_HR - Business information from the perspective of the sender appl
PTRMF_CARRENTAL_PREF_NOTE - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_CLOSED_DATE_PERIOD - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_COMMADDRESS_USAGE_CODE - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_COMMMEDIUM_TYPE_CODE - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_COMMUNICATION - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_COMPANY_ID - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_CONTACT_PERSON_INTERNAL1 - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_CONTROLLING_AREA_ID - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_COST_CENTRE_ID - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_CUSTLOY_PROGRAMP_CODE - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_CUSTLOY_PROGRAM_CODE - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_DESCRIPTION - Natural Language Text
PTRMF_EMAIL - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_EMAIL_URI - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_EMPLOYEE_ID - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_EMREIMBEXPREPRGRP_CODE - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_EXCHANGE_FAULT_DATA - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_EXCHANGE_LOG_DATA - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_EXPARREXTINPTRAN_CNF_MSG - Message datatype for ExpenseArrangementExternalInputTransmit
PTRMF_EXPARREXTINPTRAN_REQ_MSG - Message datatype for ExpenseArrangementExternalInputTransmit
PTRMF_EXPENSE_ARRANGEMENT_EX11 - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_EXPENSE_ARRANGEMENT_EX12 - ExpnArrgmtExtInptTransmReqExpnArrgmtCostDistributonInfo
PTRMF_EXPENSE_ARRANGEMENT_EX13 - ExpnArrgmtExtInptTransmReqExpnArrgmtCostDistributon
PTRMF_EXPENSE_ARRANGEMENT_EX14 - ExpnArrgmtExtInptTransmReqExpnArrgmtAssgmtSet
PTRMF_EXPENSE_ARRANGEMENT_EX16 - Proxy Structure (generated)
PTRMF_EXPENSE_ARRANGEMENT_EX17 - ExpnArrgmtExtInptTransmReqCommData
PTRMF_EXPENSE_ARRANGEMENT_EX19 - ExpnArrgmtExtInptTransmReqAdminvDets
PTRMF_EXPENSE_ARRANGEMENT_EXT4 - Proxy Structure (generated)
PTRMF_EXPENSE_ARRANGEMENT_EXT5 - ExpnArrgmtExtInptTransmReqPosAssgmt
PTRMF_EXPENSE_ARRANGEMENT_EXT6 - ExpnArrgmtExtInptTransmReqPrsnlDets
PTRMF_EXPENSE_ARRANGEMENT_EXT8 - ExpnArrgmtExtInptTransmReqPaytCardDets
PTRMF_EXPN_ARRGMT_EXT_INPT_TR3 - ExpnArrgmtExtInptTransmReqTelUsge
PTRMF_EXPN_ARRGMT_EXT_INPT_TR4 - ExpnArrgmtExtInptTransmReqTel
PTRMF_EXPN_ARRGMT_EXT_INPT_TRA - Proxy Structure (generated)
PTRMF_EXPRPTMILCMPER_TYPE_CODE - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_EXPRPT_GRP_CODE - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_EXPTYPEEXPRPTR_GRP_CODE - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_FAMILY_NAME_PREFIX_CODE1 - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_FORM_OF_ADDRESS - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_FORM_OF_ADDRESS_CODE - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_FUNDSMANAGT_FUNCAREA_ID - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_FUNDSMANAGT_FUND_ID - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_FUNDSMANGT_CENTRE_ID - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_GEO_COORDINATES - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_GRANT_ID - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_INDUSTRIAL_SECTOR_CODE - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_INTERNAL_ORDER_ID - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_LOCATION_STANDARD_ID - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_LOG - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_LOG_ITEM - protocol message issued by an application
PTRMF_LOG_ITEM_CATEGORY_CODE - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_MARITAL_STATUS_CODE - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_MEASURE - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_MEDICAL_CARE_NOTE - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_MEDIUM_DESCRIPTION - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_MEDIUM_NAME - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_MILREIMB_VEH_CLASS_CODE - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_MILREIMB_VEH_TYPE_CODE - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_NOSC_RESPONSE_PROCESSING - Proxy Structure (generated)
PTRMF_OBJECT_ID - Proxy Structure (generated)
PTRMF_OFFICE - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_PARTY_INTERNAL_ID - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_PARTY_STANDARD_ID - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_PAYMENT_CARD_ID - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_PAYROLL_GROUP_CODE - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_PERSONNELEVENT_TYPE_CODE - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_PERSONNEL_AREA_ID - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_PERSONNEL_SUB_AREA_ID - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_PERSON_DISABILITY_NOTE - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_PERSON_NAME - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_PERSON_NAME_FORMAT_CODE1 - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_PERSON_NAME_SUPPLEMENT_1 - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_PHONE_NUMBER - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_PHYSICAL_ADDRESS - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_POSITION_ID - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_PRJWORKBDWNSTRUC_ELEM_ID - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_REGIONCODE_CTX_EL - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_REGION_CODE - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_RSP_PROCESSING_COND - Proxy Structure (generated)
PTRMF_SEGMENT_ID - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_SHORT_DESCRIPTION - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_SOCIAL_INSURANCE_ID - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_SPDREIMBEXPREPT_GRP_CODE - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_TAX_JURISDICTION_CODE - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_TPACARRNARR_CRTD_NOT_MSG - Message datatype for TravelPlanningArrangementCarRentalArran
PTRMF_TPACLP_CRTD_NOT_MSG - Message datatype for TravelPlanningArrangementCustomerLoyalt
PTRMF_TPAEE_ELEADDRASSG - IDT for TrvlPlngArrgmtERPEmplByElmtnsRspEmplEmplymtAddrAssgm
PTRMF_TPAEE_ELEADDRASSGADDR - IDT for TrvlPlngArrgmtERPEmplByElmtnsRspEmplEmplymtAddrAssgm
PTRMF_TPAEE_ELECOMMDATAASSG - IDT TrvlPlngArrgmtERPEmplByElmtnsRspEmplEmplymtCommDataAssgm
PTRMF_TPAEE_ELECOMMDATATEL - IDT for TrvlPlngArrgmtERPEmplByElmtnsRspEmplEmplymtCommDataT
PTRMF_TPAEE_ELECOMMDATATELUSG - IDT for TrvlPlngArrgmtERPEmplByElmtnsRspEmplEmplymtCommDataT
PTRMF_TPAEE_ELEEE - IDT for TrvlPlngArrgmtERPEmplByElmtnsRspTrvlPlngArrgmtEmpl
PTRMF_TPAEE_ELEEEEMPL - IDT TrvlPlngArrgmtERPEmplByElmtnsRspTrvlPlngArrgmtEmplEmplym
PTRMF_TPAEE_ELEEEEMPLWA - IDT TrvlPlngArrgmtERPEmplByElmtnsRspEmplEmplymtWrkAgrmt
PTRMF_TPAEE_ELEEEWAORGASSG - TrvlPlngArrgmtERPEmplByElmtnsRspEmpWrkAgrmtOrgAssgmt
PTRMF_TPAEE_ELEEXPARR - IDT TrvlPlngArrgmtERPEmplByElmtnsRspEmplEmplymtExpnArrgmt
PTRMF_TPAEE_ELEEXPARRASSGMTSET - IDT TrvlPlngArrgmtERPEmplByElmtnsRspEmplExpnArrgmtAssgmtSet
PTRMF_TPAEE_ELEORGASSGPOS - IDT TrvlPlngArrgmtERPEmplByElmtnsRspEmpOrgAssgmtPosAssgmtPos
PTRMF_TPAEE_ELEPERSSBAR - IDT TrvlPlngArrgmtERPEmplByElmtnsRspEmplPersSubArea
PTRMF_TPAEE_ELEPERSSBARASSG - IDT TrvlPlngArrgmtERPEmplByElmtnsRspEmplPersSubAreaAssgmt
PTRMF_TPAEE_ELEQRYSEL - IDT TrvlPlngArrgmtEmplByElmtnsQrySel
PTRMF_TPAEE_ELEQRYSELWATYCDINT - IDT TrvlPlngArrgmtEmplByElmtnsQrySelWrkAgrmtTypeCodeIntvl
PTRMF_TPAEE_ELETPA - IDT for TrvlPlngArrgmtERPEmplByElmtnsRspTrvlPlngArrgmt
PTRMF_TPAEE_ELETPACLP - IDT TrvlPlngArrgmtERPEmplByElmtnsRspCustLtyProg
PTRMF_TPAEE_ELETPAEMPLCOMMON - IDT TrvlPlngArrgmtERPEmplByElmtnsRspTrvlPlngArrgmtEmplCom
PTRMF_TPAEE_ELETPAEMPLNATION - IDT TrvlPlngArrgmtERPEmplByElmtnsRspTrvlPlngArrgmtEmplNtny
PTRMF_TPAEE_ELETPAFLIGHTARR - IDT TrvlPlngArrgmtERPEmplByElmtnsRspTrvlPlngArrgmtFlightArrg
PTRMF_TPAEE_ELETPAHTELARR - IDT TrvlPlngArrgmtERPEmplByElmtnsRspTrvlPlngArrgmtHtelArrgmt
PTRMF_TPAEE_ELETPATRNARRGMT - IDT TrvlPlngArrgmtERPEmplByElmtnsRspTrvlPlngArrgmtTrnArrgmt
PTRMF_TPAEE_ELQRYSLWAADCACDINT - IDT TrvlPlngArrgmtEmplByElmtnsQryWrkAgrmtAdmivnCatCodeIntvl
PTRMF_TPAEE_NOT_MSG - Message datatype for TravelPlanningArrangementEmployeeNotifi
PTRMF_TPAFLTARR_CRTD_NOT_MSG - Message datatype for TravelPlanningArrangementFlightArrangem
PTRMF_TPAHOTELARR_CRTD_NOT_MSG - Message datatype for TravelPlanningArrangementHotelArrangeme
PTRMF_TPATRAINARR_CRTD_NOT_MSG - Message datatype for TravelPlanningArrangementTrainArrangeme
PTRMF_TRAVEL_PLANNING_ARRANG10 - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_TRAVEL_PLANNING_ARRANG12 - TrvlPlngArrgmtEmplNotifOrglAssgmtPosAssgmt
PTRMF_TRAVEL_PLANNING_ARRANG13 - TrvlPlngArrgmtEmplNotifOrglAssgmt
PTRMF_TRAVEL_PLANNING_ARRANG14 - TrvlPlngArrgmtEmplNotifNatlty
PTRMF_TRAVEL_PLANNING_ARRANG15 - TrvlPlngArrgmtEmplNotifHtelArrgmt
PTRMF_TRAVEL_PLANNING_ARRANG16 - TrvlPlngArrgmtEmplNotifFlghtArrgmt
PTRMF_TRAVEL_PLANNING_ARRANG18 - TrvlPlngArrgmtEmplNotifEmplymt
PTRMF_TRAVEL_PLANNING_ARRANG19 - TrvlPlngArrgmtEmplNotifEmplPaytCardAssgmt
PTRMF_TRAVEL_PLANNING_ARRANG20 - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_TRAVEL_PLANNING_ARRANG22 - TrvlPlngArrgmtEmplNotifCustLoyltyProg
PTRMF_TRAVEL_PLANNING_ARRANG23 - TrvlPlngArrgmtEmplNotifCostOrRevnDistr
PTRMF_TRAVEL_PLANNING_ARRANG24 - TrvlPlngArrgmtEmplNotifCommDataAssgmt
PTRMF_TRAVEL_PLANNING_ARRANG25 - Proxy Structure (generated)
PTRMF_TRAVEL_PLANNING_ARRANG27 - TrvlPlngArrgmtEmplNotifCarRntlArrgmt
PTRMF_TRAVEL_PLANNING_ARRANG28 - TrvlPlngArrgmtEmplNotifAssgmtSet
PTRMF_TRAVEL_PLANNING_ARRANG29 - TrvlPlngArrgmtEmplNotifAddrAssgmt
PTRMF_TRAVEL_PLANNING_ARRANG30 - Proxy Structure (generated)
PTRMF_TRAVEL_PLANNING_ARRANG31 - Proxy Structure (generated)
PTRMF_TRAVEL_PLANNING_ARRANG33 - Proxy Structure (generated)
PTRMF_TRAVEL_PLANNING_ARRANG34 - TrvlPlngArrgmtEmplNotifPersSubAreaAssgmt
PTRMF_TRAVEL_PLANNING_ARRANG35 - Proxy Structure (generated)
PTRMF_TRAVEL_PLANNING_ARRANG38 - TrvlPlngArrgmtEmplNotifTrnArrgmt
PTRMF_TRAVEL_PLANNING_ARRANG39 - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_TRAVEL_PLANNING_ARRANGE1 - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_TRAVEL_PLANNING_ARRANGE2 - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_TRAVEL_PLANNING_ARRANGE3 - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_TRAVEL_PLANNING_ARRANGE4 - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_TRAVEL_PLANNING_ARRANGE5 - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_TRAVEL_PLANNING_ARRANGE6 - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_TRAVEL_PLANNING_ARRANGE7 - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_TRAVEL_PLANNING_ARRANGE8 - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_TRAVEL_PLANNING_ARRANGE9 - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_TRAVEL_PLANNING_ARRANGEM - Proxy Structure (generated)
PTRMF_TRIPSERPROVCODE_CTX_EL - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_TRIP_SERV_PROVIDER_CODE - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_TRVL_PLNG_ARRGMT_EMPL_12 - TrvlPlngArrgmtEmplNotifEml
PTRMF_TRVL_PLNG_ARRGMT_EMPL_22 - Proxy Structure (generated)
PTRMF_TRVL_PLNG_ARRGMT_EMPL_24 - Proxy Structure (generated)
PTRMF_TRVL_PLNG_ARRGMT_EMPL_25 - Proxy Structure (generated)
PTRMF_TRVL_PLNG_ARRGMT_EMPL_N2 - TrvlPlngArrgmtEmplNotifTelUsge
PTRMF_TRVL_PLNG_ARRGMT_ERPEMP1 - IDT TrvlPlngArrgmtERPEmplByElmtnsRspEmplEmplymtCommDataEml
PTRMF_TRVL_PLNG_ARRGMT_ERPEMP2 - IDT for TrvlPlngArrgmtERPEmplByElmtnsRsp_sEmplEmplymtCommDat
PTRMF_UPPEROPEN_DATE_PERIOD - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_UUID - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_WAADMINIST_CATEGORY_CODE - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_WEB - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRMF_WITHOUT_LASTRETURNED_QUE - Proxy Structure (generated)
PTRMF_WORK_AGREEMENT_ID - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRM_BASIC_BUSDOC_MSG_HEADER - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRM_BUSDOC_MSG_ID - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRM_CANCEL_SUBSTITUTE_CON - Cancel Substitute Confirmation
PTRM_CANCEL_SUBSTITUTE_CON_MSG - Cancel Substitute Confirmation Message
PTRM_CANCEL_SUBSTITUTE_REQ - Substitute Arrangement
PTRM_CANCEL_SUBSTITUTE_REQ_MSG - Cancel Substitute Request Message
PTRM_CREATE_SUBSTITUTE_CONF - Create Substitute Confirmation
PTRM_CREATE_SUBSTITUTE_CON_MSG - Create Substitute Confirmation Message
PTRM_CREATE_SUBSTITUTE_REQ - Substitute Arrangement
PTRM_CREATE_SUBSTITUTE_REQ_MSG - Create Substitute Request Message
PTRM_DATE_PERIOD - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRM_DATE_TIME - Proxy Data Element (Generated)
PTRM_EMPLOYEE_ID - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRM_EXCHANGE_FAULT_DATA - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRM_EXCHANGE_LOG_DATA - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRM_EXPENSE_ARRANGEMENT - ExpnArrgmtSimplByEmplRsp_sExpnArrgmt
PTRM_EXPENSE_ARRANGEMENT_ID - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRM_EXPENSE_ARRANGEMENT_QUERY - Find Expense Arrangement Query - Selection with Expense Repo
PTRM_EXPENSE_ARRNGMNT_RESPONSE - Find Expense Arrangement Response
PTRM_EXP_ARRNGMNT_CANCEL - Expense Arrangement
PTRM_EXP_ARRNGMNT_CREATE - Expense Arrangement
PTRM_EXP_FOR_APPROVAL - Expense for Approval
PTRM_FIND_EXP_ARRNGMT_RES_MSG - Expense Arrangement Response Message
PTRM_FIND_EXP_ARRNGM_QUERY_MSG - Expense Arrangement Query Message - Selection by Expense Rep
PTRM_FIND_SUBSTITUTE_QUERY_MSG - Expense Reporter Substitute Query Message - Selection by Exp
PTRM_FIND_SUBSTITUTE_RES_MSG - Expense Reporter Substitute Response Message
PTRM_IMG_ADRCAT_STY - Address Categories
PTRM_IMG_CUSTPROGAGMT_STY - Customer Programs Usage Agreements
PTRM_IMG_DEFMAXMNTHTL_STY - Max amount for hotel accommodation structure
PTRM_IMG_HTLCAT_STY - Enterprise-Specific Hotel Catalog
PTRM_IMG_PREDEFADR_STY - IMG Predefined Address Structure
PTRM_IMG_PROVSPEC_CUSTPROG_STY - Provider-Specific Customer Programs
PTRM_IMG_TSPCP_STY - Travel Service Providers on Customer Program
PTRM_IMG_V_T706B2_EX - Extend structure for view V_T706B2
PTRM_IMG_V_T706B2_EX_SEL - Extend structure with element index for view V_T706B2
PTRM_KEY_FIGURES_CC - Structure for key figures cost center
PTRM_LOG - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRM_LOG_ITEM - Log message issued by an application
PTRM_LOG_ITEM_CATEGORY_CODE - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRM_PARTY_STANDARD_ID - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRM_PLAN_FOR_APPROVAL - Travel Plan for Approval
PTRM_POWL_ASSIGNER - Assigner's name
PTRM_POWL_EMPLINFO_STY - Employee Information
PTRM_POWL_SUBS_R - Substitution rules maintanence for approver POWL
PTRM_POWL_SUBS_RULE - Substitution rule
PTRM_POWL_WDEVENT_DATA - WD event data for travel POWL list
PTRM_POWL_WDEVENT_DATA_APPR - WD event data for travel Approver POWL list
PTRM_POWL_WEB_CCC_SELECTION - Credit Card Docs from Doc Buffer
PTRM_POWL_WEB_TRIPS_EXT - Trips with personal number and name
PTRM_REQ_FOR_APPROVAL - Travel Request for Approval
PTRM_SE_EMP - structure of empid and waids
PTRM_SE_EMP_INFO - Selection structure
PTRM_SE_EXPARREXTINPTRAN_CNF - Message type for ExpenseArrangementExternalInputTransmitCo
PTRM_SE_EXPARREXTINPTRAN_REQ - Message Type for ExpenseArrangmentExternalInputTransmitReq
PTRM_SE_TPACARRNARR_CRTD_NOT - Message Type for TravelPlanningArrangementCarRentalArrange
PTRM_SE_TPACLP_CRTD_NOT - Message Type for TravelPlanningArrangementCustomerLoyaltyP
PTRM_SE_TPAEE_NOT - Message Type for TravelPlanningArrangementEmployeeNotifica
PTRM_SE_TPAERPEE_ELMNTS_QU - TravelPlanningArrangementERPEmployeeByElementsQuery
PTRM_SE_TPAERPEE_ELMNTS_RP - TravelPlanningArrangementERPEmployeeByElementsResponseMessag
PTRM_SE_TPAFLTARR_CRTD_NOT - Message Type for TravelPlanningArrangementFlightArrangemen
PTRM_SE_TPAHOTELARR_CRTD_NOT - Message Type for TravelPlanningArrangementHotelArrangement
PTRM_SE_TPATRAINARR_CRTD_NOT - Message Type for TravelPlanningArrangementTrainArrangement
PTRM_SE_TPA_CRT - structure for Travel planning Arrangement
PTRM_SE_TPA_EE_ELMNT_EMP_DATA - Employee information
PTRM_SE_TPA_EE_ELMNT_SEL - Sel structure
PTRM_SE_WRK_INFO - Selection structure
PTRM_SUBSTITUTE_ASSIGNMENT - ExpnArrgmtExpnRpterSubstitByExpnArrgmtRsp_sExpnRpterSubstit
PTRM_SUBSTITUTE_QUERY - Find Substitute Query - Selection by Expense Reporter ID
PTRM_SUBSTITUTE_RESPONSE - Find Substitute Response
PTRM_TRIPS_FOR_APPROVAL_EXTEND - Trips for approval: extended fields
PTRM_TRIPS_GENERAL_INFO_APPR - General infomation of trips for approval
PTRM_UUID - Proxy Data Element (Generated)
PTRM_WEB_FORM_COSTDIST - Cost Assignment with Corrected CURRENCY Reference Table
PTRM_WEB_PERNR_GRP_INFO - Encapsulation of hr group info to be accessible via JCO
PTRM_WEB_PERNR_NAME - Assignment of Names to Personnel Numbers
PTRM_WEB_PREF_INFOTYPE_PDF - PDF Form: Personal Preferences, Infotypes 471 - 475
PTRM_WEB_SSC_TRIP - Structure of trip in SSC Interaction Center
PTRM_WORK_AGREEMENT_ID - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PTRS_PLAN - Dropdown list structure for Replay Trip (Duet)
PTRS_PLAN_DATA - Dropdown list structure for Replay Trip (Duet)
PTRS_RFC_ADDITIONAL_QUERY - Info: New hotel and/or car query necessary
PTRS_RFC_CAR_RESERVE_INPUT - Input data for car reservation
PTRS_RFC_HOTEL_LIST - Availability list of hotels ( GDS )
PTRS_RFC_HOTEL_RESERVE_INPUT - Input data for hotel reservation
PTRS_RFC_TRVFSEL_TRIP_CA - Allowed Fields in the Cost Assignment of the Trip
PTRS_SUBSTITUTE - Travel Substitute Assignment
PTRV_CCSECMIGR075 - Statistic Migration Credit Card Encryption (ALV Func.Module)
PTRV_EXP_FOR_APPROVAL - Travel Expenses to Be Approved
PTRV_PERNRPREFS - Personalization at Employee Level
PTRV_PLAN_FOR_APPROVAL - Travel Plan to Be Approved
PTRV_REQ_FOR_APPROVAL - Travel Request to Be Approved
PTRV_RFC_CAR_RESERVE_INPUT - Input data for car reservation
PTRV_RFC_HOTEL_LIST - Availability list of hotels
PTRV_RFC_HOTEL_RESERVE_INPUT - Input data for hotel reservation
PTRV_RFC_TRVFSEL_TRIP_CA - Allowed Fields in the Cost Assignment of the Trip
PTRV_SUBSTITUTE - ESA Fast Track - Expense Reporter Substitute (Travel Proxy)
PTRV_SYNC_OUT - Synchronization Table for Trips in Microsoft Outlook
PTRV_TRIPS_FOR_APPROVAL - Trips to Be Approved
PTRV_UTIL_ERROR_FIELD - Field for Message Handling
PTRV_WEB_COSTDIST_RECE_PDF - Adobe Form - Cost Assignment of Trip Receipt
PTRV_WEB_COUNTRY_REGION_SEARCH - structure for search help on country/region for web UI
PTRV_WEB_EES_FORM_PDF - Express Expense Sheet for PDF
PTRV_WEB_EES_HEADER_PDF - Express Expense Sheet Header Data for PDF
PTRV_WEB_EES_TRIPS_PERIOD_PDF - PDF - Timeframe of All Trips
PTRV_WEB_FORM_CONTACT - Data for Form Header of a Travel Form Processor
PTRV_WEB_FORM_EDITOR_ADDRESS - Editors, Addresses in Adobe Forms
PTRV_WEB_FORM_HEADER - Data for Header of Travel Form
PTRV_WEB_FORM_HEADER_EMPLOYEE - Data for Header of Travel Form
PTRV_WEB_FORM_HEADER_EMPLOYER - Data for Header of Travel Form
PTRV_WEB_FORM_P0001_P0002 - Data for Header of Travel Form from P0001/2
PTRV_WEB_FORM_P0006 - Data for Header of Travel Form from P0006
PTRV_WEB_FORM_P0009 - Data for Header of Travel Form from P0009
PTRV_WEB_FORM_P0017 - Data for Header of Travel Form from P0017
PTRV_WEB_FORM_P0032 - Data for Header of Travel Form from P0032
PTRV_WEB_FORM_P0709 - Data for Form Header of a Travel Form from P0709
PTRV_WEB_MIME_URL - URLS for access to Business Document Store MIME Objects
PTRV_WEB_PERNRPREFS - Structure of Personalization at Employee Level
PTRV_WEB_PERSONALIZATION - Structure of Personalization
PTRV_WEB_PREDEF_CATEGORIES - Categories of Predefined Addresses
PTRV_WEB_REASON_SEARCH_HELP - Structure for Completion of Reason from PERNR
PTRV_WEB_TRIPS_DOCUMENTS - Number of trip documents
PTRV_WEB_TRIPS_EXT - Read Current Trips of an Employee
PTRV_WEB_USERPREFS - Structure of Personalization at User Level
RPRAPA00_ALV1 - ALV output structure for File display
RPRAPA00_ALV2 - ALV Output structure for Error table
RPRAPA00_ALV3 - ALV output structure for accountable without PERNRs
T706_WEB_DOCU - Documentation for a Web Application
T706_WEB_DOCUTXT - Documentation for a Web Application
TA23ADR - Predefined Addresses in Travel Management
TA23ADR1 - Name of Predefined Addresses in Travel Management
TA23ADRCAT - Categories of Predefined Addresses
TA23ADRCAT1 - Names of Categories of Predefined Addresses
TA23EXT - Access Parameters for External Content of Front End

SAP Travel Expenses Tables FI-TV-COS

/GBTRV/S_TEA_ATTACHMENT - Travel Expense Approval: Attachment
/GBTRV/S_TEA_DECISION - Travel Expense Approval: Decision Structure
/GBTRV/S_TEA_DECISION_ORDER - Travel Expense Approval: Decisions Order
/GBTRV/S_TEA_DECISION_SETTINGS - Travel Expense Approval: Decision Settings
/GBTRV/S_TEA_GET_WORKITEM - Travel Expense Approval: Get Workitem Strucure
/GBTRV/S_TEA_GET_WORKLIST - Travel Expense Approval: Get Worklist Structure
/GBTRV/S_TEA_POLICY_VIOLATION - Travel Expense Approval: Policy Violation
/GBTRV/S_TEA_READ_OPTION - Travel Expense Approval: Read Option
/GBTRV/S_TEA_RECEIPT - Travel Expense Approval: Receipt
/GBTRV/S_TEA_WI_TASK_TYPE - Travel Expense Approval: Workitem Task type structure
/GBTRV/S_TEA_WORKITEM - Travel Expense Approval: Workitem Structure
/GBTRV/S_TEA_WORKLIST - Travel Expense Approval: Worklist Structure
/GBTRV/S_TERB_BDD_CUSTOMIZING - Travel Expense Report: BAdI Customizing
/GBTRV/S_TERB_BDD_EXPENSETYPE - TER: BAdI Filter Manual / Credit Card expense types
/GBTRV/S_TERB_CREDITCARDCOMP - Customizing - Credit Card Companies
/GBTRV/S_TERB_CURRENCY - Customizing- Currency
/GBTRV/S_TERB_CUSTOMIZING - Customizing data
/GBTRV/S_TERB_EXPENSETYPE - TER Collection: Customizing - Expense Types
/GBTRV/S_TERB_GET_TRIP_CNTRL - "Get trip" control
/GBTRV/S_TERB_OBL - Structure for idempotency (exactly once) of HTTP request
/GBTRV/S_TERB_PICKLIST - TER Collection: Customizing - Picklist
/GBTRV/S_TERB_RECEIPTS_ADD - Create receipts
/GBTRV/S_TERB_SELECT_OPTION - Select Options for Queries
/GBTRV/S_TERB_TRIP - Trip data
/GBTRV/S_TERB_TRIPATTACHMENT - TER Collection: Trip - Attachment
/GBTRV/S_TERB_TRV_CUSTOMIZING - Travel Customizing data
/GBTRV/S_TER_CA - TER Collection: Cost Assignment
/GBTRV/S_TER_CA_MILE - TER Collection: Segment Cost Assignment
/GBTRV/S_TER_CA_MILE_OUT - Output structure for Mileage Cost Assignment
/GBTRV/S_TER_CA_RECEIPT - TER Collection: Receipt Cost Assignment
/GBTRV/S_TER_CA_RECEIPT_OUT - Output structure for Receipt Cost Assignment
/GBTRV/S_TER_CA_TRIP - TER Collection: Trip Cost Assignment
/GBTRV/S_TER_CA_TRIP_OUT - Output structure for Trip Cost Assignment
/GBTRV/S_TER_CONTROL - TER: ODC Control Structure
/GBTRV/S_TER_COUNTRY - TER Collection: Customizing - Country
/GBTRV/S_TER_CREDITCARDATTR - TER Collection: Customizing - CreditCardAttribution
/GBTRV/S_TER_CREDITCARDCOMP - TER Collection: Customizing - CreditCardCompany
/GBTRV/S_TER_CREDITCARDITEM - TER Collection: Trip - CreditCardItem
/GBTRV/S_TER_CURRENCY - TER Collection: Customizing - Currency
/GBTRV/S_TER_CUSTOMIZING - TER Collection: Customizing (Header)
/GBTRV/S_TER_DEDU - TER Collection: Deduction
/GBTRV/S_TER_DEFAULTS - TER Collection: Customizing - Defaults
/GBTRV/S_TER_EMPLOYEEINFO - TER Collection: Customizing - EmployeeInfo
/GBTRV/S_TER_EXPENSETYPE - TER Collection: Customizing - Expense Type
/GBTRV/S_TER_EXPENSETYPE_FC - TER Collection: Customizing - Expense Type - Field Control
/GBTRV/S_TER_EXPTYPE_MAXAMOUNT - TER Collection: Customizing - ExpenseTypeMaxAmounts
/GBTRV/S_TER_EXPTYPE_SERVPROV - TER Collection: Customizing -ExpenseTypeServiceProvider
/GBTRV/S_TER_FIELDSELECTION - TER Collection: Customizing -FieldSelectionGeneral
/GBTRV/S_TER_FIELDSEL_MILE - TER Collection: Customizing - FieldSelectionMileage
/GBTRV/S_TER_FIELDSEL_RECE - TER Collection: Customizing - FieldSelectionReceipt
/GBTRV/S_TER_FIELDSEL_TRIP - TER Collection: Customizing - FieldSelectionTrip
/GBTRV/S_TER_MILEAGE - TER Collection: Trip - Mileage
/GBTRV/S_TER_PICKLIST - TER Collection: Customizing - Picklist
/GBTRV/S_TER_PROVIDER - TER Collection: Customizing - ProviderCode
/GBTRV/S_TER_RECEIPT - TER Collection: Trip - Receipt
/GBTRV/S_TER_SCHEMA - TER Collection: Customizing - Schema
/GBTRV/S_TER_SERVICEPROVIDER - TER Collection: Customizing - ServiceProvider
/GBTRV/S_TER_TAXCODE - TER Collection: Customizing -Taxcode
/GBTRV/S_TER_TAXJURCODE - TER Collection: Customizing - TaxJurisdictionCode
/GBTRV/S_TER_TEMPLATE - TER Collection: Customizing - TemplateName & TemplateText
/GBTRV/S_TER_TRIP - TER Collection: Trip
/GBTRV/S_TER_TRIPACTIVITYTYPE - TER Collection: Customizing - TripActivityType
/GBTRV/S_TER_TRIPATTACHMENT - TER Collection: Trip - Attachment
/GBTRV/S_TER_TRIPTYPEENTR - TER Collection: Customizing - TripTypeEnterprise
/GBTRV/S_TER_TRIPTYPESTAT - TER Collection: Customizing -TripTypeStatuatory
/GBTRV/S_TER_TRIP_ACTIONRESULT - TER Collection: Trip Action result
/GBTRV/S_TER_TRIP_LOCK - Structure of the lock object of a client request
/GBTRV/S_TER_VEHICLECLASS - TER Collection: Customizing - VehicleClass
/GBTRV/S_TER_VEHICLETYPE - TER Collection: Customizing - VehicleType
/MIVE/S_TRC_ATTACHMENT_ATTR - Attachment attribute
/MIVE/S_TRC_CUSTOMIZING - Mobile Travel Expense: Customizing
/MIVE/S_TRC_GET_CUSTOMIZING - Mobile Travel Expense: Get customizing
/MIVE/S_TRC_OBL - Used in class /LMAE/CL_MTE_OBL for Object linking
/MIVE/S_TRC_RECEIPT - Mobile Travel Expense: Receipt
/MIVE/S_TRC_RECEIPT_LOCK - Structure for the lock object of a client request
AIRLINE_FIELD_CONTROL - Field Control for Airline
AIR_ARRIVAL_FIELD_CONTROL - Field Control for Arrival Airport
AIR_CABIN_CLASS_FIELD_CONTROL - Field Control for Cabin Class
AIR_DEPARTURE_FIELD_CONTROL - Field Control for Departure Airport
AIR_TICKET_NR_FIELD_CONTROL - Field Control for Ticket Number
BAPIJURCODE - Receipt number and Jur. Codes for BAPI_TRIP_CREATE_FROM_DATA
BAPIPSREF_DESCRIPTION - Designations of Cost Assignment of Trip
BAPIRECPAYOT - Structure for Service Provider for BAPI
BAPITR706B - Table T706B; Structure for BAPI interface
BAPITR706E - Vehicle types; Structure for BAPI interface
BAPITR706G - Statutory Trip Types; Structure for BAPI Interface
BAPITR706O - Table T706O; Structure for BAPI interface
BAPITR706R - Trip activity types; Structure for BAPI interface
BAPITR706S - Trip Schema: BAPI Structure
BAPITR706W - Vehicle classes; Structure for BAPI interface
BAPITR706X - Enterprise-specific trip types; Structure for BAPI interface
BAPITRADDI - Additional receipt info; Structure for BAPI interface
BAPITRCURR - Currency Table; Structure for BAPI Interface
BAPITRFORM - Trav.expense form as ASCII table; Structure for BAPI interf.
BAPITRMAIN - Header data for a trip; Structure for BAPI interface
BAPITRSTAO - Trip status (get); Structure for BAPI interface
BAPITRTEXT - Additional trip information; Structure for BAPI interface
BAPITRVCCE - Import error in credit card clearing; Interface HR-CCC
BAPITRVCDF - Data file for interface HR CCC
BAPITRVCOM - Cost distribution miles/kms; Structure for BAPI interface
BAPITRVCOR - Cost distrib.indiv.receipt; Structure for BAPI interface
BAPITRVCOS - Cost distribution stopovers; Structure for BAPI interface
BAPITRVCTC - Credit card transactions in buffer; Interface HR-CCC
BAPITRVCTT - Cred.card transactions in trips; HR-CCC interface
BAPITRVDED - Deductions for a trip; Structure for BAPI interface
BAPITRVDEF - Travel Expenses Default Values; Structure for BAPI Interface
BAPITRVEMP - Employee information; Structure for BAPI interface
BAPITRVFSEL - Travel Field Selection Control
BAPITRVFSELCOST - Cost Assignment Field Selection Control
BAPITRVFSEL_RECEIPT_CA - Receipt Cost Assignment
BAPITRVFSEL_STOPOVER_CA - Stopover cost assignment
BAPITRVFSEL_TRIP_CA - Cost Assignment for Trip
BAPITRVHIS - Entries in Table AEND, Structure for BAPI Interface
BAPITRVMIL - Miles/Kms distribution; Structure for BAPI interface
BAPITRVPD - Per Diem/Flat Rate (Reimbursement) Amounts for a Trip
BAPITRVREC - Trip Costs Receipt (INPUT); Structure for BAPI Interface
BAPITRVREO - Trip Costs Receipt (OUTPUT); Structure for BAPI Interface
BAPITRVSCH - Advances for a Trip, Structure for BAPI Interface
BAPITRVSP - Travel Service Providers
BAPITRVSPCAT - Travel Service Providers - Categories
BAPITRVSTO - Trip stopovers; Structure for BAPI interface
BAPITRVSUM - Totals of a trip; Structure for BAPI interface
BAPITRWEEK - Table for weekly report (PR04); Structure for BAPI interface
BAPI_MY_TRIPS - Current Trip Overview; Structure for BAPI Interface
BAPI_PTK50 - TE-Version trip data with TE key for BAPI
BAPI_PTK51 - Trip status with TE key for BAPI
BAPI_PTK52 - Status/Changer with TE key for BAPI
BAPI_PTK53 - Trip Costs Assignment Specification with TE Key for BAPI
BAPI_PTK54 - Trip Costs Accounting Results with TE Key for BAPI
BAPI_PTK55 - Structure of ITAB V0SPLIT with TE key for BAPI
BAPI_PTP02 - Structure of Travel Expenses Table PTRV_HEAD
BAPI_PTP42 - Structure of transp. table PTRV_PERIO
BAPI_T706S_RECEIPT - Transfer Structure: Mobile for Trip Schemas: Expense Assignm
BEGIN_OF_TRIP - Start of Leg of Trip
BELEG_EXBEL - Travel Expense Specifications According to Indiv. Receipt
BORDER_CROSSING_OUT - Border Crossing During Domestic Departure
BORDER_CROSSING_RET - Border Crossing During Domestic Return
BREAK_DE_FIELD_CONTROL - Field Control for Breakfast Deduction
BREAK_DE_TIME_FIELD_CONTROL - Field Control for Breakfast Deduction Time of Day
BUSPA_F4_TAB - Structure for Participants in Entertainment Receipt
BUS_PURPO_FIELD_CONTROL - Field Control for Individual Receipt Reason
CAR_ODOMETER_FIELD_CONTROL - Field Control for Odometer Mileage
CCHEADER - Structure of data header of credit card file
CCOMP_FIELD_CONTROL - Field Control for Credit Card Company of Individual Receipt
CDOC_FIELD_CONTROL - Field Control for Document Number of Individual Receipt
CITY_FIELD_CONTROL - Field Control for City
CODE_TABLE_WPI - Legend for Codes
COMMENCEMENT_OF_WORK - Time Work Commences
CTXT_FIELD_CONTROL - Field Control for Document Description of Individual Receipt
DATE_CHANGE_OF_DEDUCTION - Date of change in deduction table (e.g. Italy Banking sect.)
DATE_WITH_FIELDNAME - Date with Indication of Associated Date Field
DINNE_DE_FIELD_CONTROL - Field Control for Dinner Deduction
DINNE_DE_TIME_FIELD_CONTROL - Field Control for Dinner Deduction Time of Day
E1BP_PTK50 - TE-Version trip data with TE key for BAPI
E1BP_PTK51 - Trip status with TE key for BAPI
E1BP_PTK52 - Status/Changer with TE key for BAPI
E1BP_PTK53 - Trip Costs Assignment Specification with TE Key for BAPI
E1BP_PTK54 - Trip Costs Accounting Results with TE Key for BAPI
E1BP_PTK55 - Structure of ITAB V0SPLIT with TE key for BAPI
E1BP_PTP02 - Structure of Travel Expenses Table PTRV_HEAD
E1BP_PTP42 - Structure of transp. table PTRV_PERIO
E1HRTR0 - HR-TRV: Transfer FI/CO - header
E1HRTR1 - HR-TRV: Transfer FI/CO - selection param. for program run
E1HRTR2 - HR-TRV: Transfer FI/CO - person-specific data
E1HRTR3 - HR-TRV: Transfer FI/CO - Travel Information
E1HRTR4 - HR-TRV: Transfer FI/CO - line item
E1HRTR5 - HR-TRV: Transfer FI/CO - PSREF data
E1HRTR6 - HR-TRV: Transfer payroll: Structure PTRV_HEAD
E1HRTR7 - HR-TRV: Transfer payroll: Structure PTRV_PEROD
E1HRTR8 - HR TRV: Transfer to payroll: TE version
E1HRTR9 - HR TRV: Transfer to payroll: Structure STATU
E1HRTRA - HR TRV: Transfer to payroll: Table AEND
E1HRTRB - HR TRV: Transfer to payroll: Table KONTI
E1HRTRC - HR TRV: Transfer to payroll: Table ROT
E1HRTRD - HR TRV: Transfer to payroll: Table V0SPLIT
E1HRTV0 - HR-TRV: Transfer FI/CO - header
E2HRTR0 - HR-TRV: Transfer FI/CO - header
E2HRTR1 - HR-TRV: Transfer FI/CO - selection param. for program run
E2HRTR3 - HR-TRV: Transfer FI/CO - travel information
E2HRTR4 - HR-TRV: Transfer FI/CO - line item
E2HRTR5 - HR-TRV: Transfer FI/CO - PSREF data
E2HRTV0 - HR-TRV: Transfer FI/CO - header
E3HRTR0 - HR-TRV: Transfer FI/CO - header
E3HRTR1 - HR-TRV: Transfer FI/CO - selection param. for program run
E3HRTR3 - HR-TRV: Transfer FI/CO - travel information
E3HRTR4 - HR-TRV: Transfer FI/CO - line item
E3HRTR5 - HR-TRV: Transfer FI/CO - PSREF data
E3HRTV0 - HR-TRV: Transfer FI/CO - header
END_OF_TRIP - End of Leg of Trip
END_OF_WORK - Time Work Ends
EXP_TYPE_FIELD_CONTROL - Field Control for Travel Expense Type
FITV_ACCOUNT - Cost Assignment
FITV_BORKEY - Key Object EmployeeTrip
FITV_EXP_HEAD - Travel Request Overview
FITV_FIELD_CONTROL - Field Control for Single Fields (Attaching in Structures)
FITV_HINZ_WERB_B - Additional Amounts and Income-Related Expenses for Receipts
FITV_HINZ_WERB_S - Additional Amounts and Income-Related Expenses
FITV_MEAL_ACCOM - Additional Amounts for Meals in Accommodations Receipts
FITV_MY_TRIPS - Trip Overview in MiniApp
FITV_NOT_CH_TR - Key Fields of Temp. Non-Changeable Trips/Duty Allocation
FITV_RANGES_C1 - Ranges Table for Structure with Char1
FITV_RECEIPT - Documents
FITV_REQ_HEAD - Travel Request Overview
FITV_S_TA_PERS - Structure for Travel Approval Personalization
FLIGHT_ARRIVAL - Domestic Departure Landing in Destination Country: Date/Time
FLIGHT_DEPARTURE - Return Trip Departure by Air in Foreign Country: Date/Time
FRACTION_LINE - Type for Displaying Fraction as Flat Structure
FROM_MOBILE_FIELD_CONTROL - Field Control for From Mobile Indicator
FTPS_PS_FIELDS - PS: Append Structure for Public Sector
FTPT_REQ_CAT - Type of Transport/Accomm. and Est.Cost of Travel Request
FTPT_REQ_CAT_ATTRIBUTES - Key of Table Category Travel Request
FTPT_REQ_CAT_KEY - Key of Table Category Travel Request
GET_EMP_TRAV - structure for employee numbers with trips
GUEST_TAB - Structure for Participants in Entertainment Receipt
HCMT_BSP_PA_XX_R0017 - UI Structure for INFTY 0017 -- XX version
HEAD_PERIO - General Information and Period Data of a Trip
HOUSE_NUM_FIELD_CONTROL - Field Control for House Number
KOSTR_STAMM - Percent Distribution of Travel Expen.-Master Account Assign.
LAST_CHANGE - Time Last Change Was Made
LAST_SETTLEMENT - Date/Time of Trip Accounting
LUCOUPN_FIELD_CONTROL - Field Control for Meals Coupon Deduction
LUNCH_DE_FIELD_CONTROL - Field Control for Lunch Deduction
LUNCH_DE_TIME_FIELD_CONTROL - Field Control for Lunch Deduction Time of Day
MTREESNODECH_T706Z - Hierarchy of Field Control Simple Tree
NAME_FIELD_CONTROL - Field Control for Name 1
NIGHT_DE_FIELD_CONTROL - Field Control for Overnight Deduction
OVERVIEW_TRIP_DAYS_PER_MONTH - Overview of Travel Days per Month
P0017 - HR master record: Infotype 0017 (Travel Privileges)
P0017_AF - Additional Query Fields
PA0017 - HR master record: Infotype 0017 (Travel Privileges)
PAPER_RECEIPT_FIELD_CONTROL - Field Control for Paper Receipt ID of Individual Receipt
PATRVOA - Key to archive objects for travel documents
PAY_AMOUNT_FIELD_CONTROL - Field Control for Payment Amount of Individual Receipt
PAY_CURR_FIELD_CONTROL - Field Control for Payment Currency of Individual Receipt
PME14 - Field String for Feature: Travel Management
PME90 - Field String for Travel Info System
PMEFO - Field String for Feature: Travel Management
PMEFX - Field String for Feature: Travel Management
POINT_IN_TIME - Point in Time
POST_CODE_FIELD_CONTROL - Field Control for Postal Code of City
PS0017 - HR master record: Infotype 0017 (Travel Privileges)
PSREF_FIELD - Selection Fields for CO Object Types in Cost Assignment
PTK01 - TE version trip data
PTK03 - Travel Expense Specifications According to Indiv. Receipt
PTK04 - Deductions Due to Gratuitous Entertainment
PTK05 - Stopover
PTK05_N - Stopover
PTK07 - Trip Costs Assignment Specification for Indiv. Receipt
PTK08 - Trip Advance
PTK09 - Additional Trip Information
PTK10 - Leg of trip
PTK11 - Status/Changed by
PTK12 - Trip status
PTK13 - Travel Expense Assignment Specification for Entire Trip
PTK14 - Travel Expense Assignment Specification for Entire Trip
PTK15 - Trip Costs Assignment Specification for Indiv. Receipt
PTK16 - Trip Costs Assignment Specification for Trip Destination
PTK17 - Trip Costs Assignment Specification
PTK18 - Cost Distribution for Mileage Distribution
PTK20 - Trip reimbursement amounts for individual receipts
PTK21 - Trip Reimbursement Amounts for Travel Costs
PTK22 - Trip Reimbursement Amounts for Meals
PTK23 - Travel Expense Deduction Amounts for Meals
PTK24 - On-debiting results
PTK25 - Trip Reimbursement Amounts for Per Diem Accommodations
PTK27 - Travel Expense Transfer
PTK30 - Travel Expenses Results for HR Payroll, FI, DME
PTK32 - Weekly report
PTK33 - Supplemented individual receipt
PTK34 - Existing Credit Card Receipts
PTK34_INBEL - Structure For Table INBEL Of TC Cluster
PTK34_LETZT - Structure For Table LETZT Of TC Cluster
PTK34_NEW - Existing Credit Card Receipts - Extension
PTK34_OLD - Existing Credit Card Receipts
PTK34_TRANS - Structure For Table TRANS Of TC Cluster
PTK35 - Credit Card Accounting Runs (TA Cluster)
PTK35_ALL - Structure For Credit Card Accounting Runs (With Text)
PTK40 - TS key for trip data
PTK41 - TS version for trip data
PTK43 - Miles/Km Cumulation
PTK44 - Directory of archived trips
PTK50 - TE-Version trip data with TE key for BAPI
PTK51 - Trip status with TE key for BAPI
PTK52 - Status/Changer with TE key for BAPI
PTK53 - Trip Costs Assignment Specification with TE Key for BAPI
PTK54 - Trip Costs Accounting Results with TE Key for BAPI
PTK55 - Structure of ITAB V0SPLIT with TE key for BAPI
PTK99 - Field string/Table for USER Screen
PTKPS_CAR_SCHEME - Structure of Results Table for PS Great Britain
PTKPS_IJ_MAX - Structure for internal program Table IJ_MAX (PS FR)
PTKXX - Field documentation structure for HR Travel
PTKXXPS_KI4 - Help Struc. for Field Documentation in FI-TV Public Sector
PTKXXPS_KZREA - Structure for Field Documentation in Travel Mgt Public Secto
PTK_BUKRS - Structure for Company Code in Travel Management
PTK_BUKRS_GLOB - Structure for Company Code in Travel Management
PTK_COST_DIST - Assignment Values for HR Travel Objects
PTK_COST_DIST_RE - Assignment Values for HR Objects
PTK_FM_ADDON - Enhancement of Funds Management
PTK_INTCA - Structure for ISO Country Codes in Travel Management
PTK_RCUR_DEST - Address Entry For Recurring Trip Destinations
PTK_VAT_REFUND_DATA - VAT Refund Data for Transfer to FI
PTP00 - TE key for trip data
PTP02 - Structure of Travel Expenses Table PTRV_HEAD
PTP02_ITAB - Structure of int. table t_head
PTP04 - TE-VER Key for Trip Data for Versioning
PTP09 - Text for Trip/Period (P.Sect.)
PTP1000 - Structure of Screen SAPMP56T 1000
PTP40 - Key for Travel Expenses Table PTRV_PERIO
PTP40_PLAN - Key for Travel Expenses Table PTRV_PERIO
PTP40_PS_COMP - Key for Travel Expenses Table PTRV_PERIO
PTP42 - Structure of transp. table PTRV_PERIO
PTP60 - Key for Travel Expenses Table PTRV_HEAD
PTP61 - Framework data for period
PTP62 - Trips to New Place of Work (Business Trips, Sep. Allowance)
PTP63 - Structure for passenger table
PTP65 - Results of Comparison Accounting
PTP66 - Structure of return trip table
PTP67 - Specifications for Rent Benefits (Separ. Allowance; PS)
PTP68 - Aux. structure for dynpro fields
PTP69 - Structure for table of absences from place of work (PS)
PTP70 - Structure of ITAB V0SPLIT
PTP70_VINFO_NO - Structure of Field V0-VINFO for Norwegian Accounting
PTP71 - Travel Management General Purpose Text Editor
PTP80 - Trip Statistics - Key Fields
PTP81 - Trip Statistics - Cost Assignment
PTPCP - Structure for Comparison Calculation Data
PTPDE - Structure for internal table ZIELE (for TRV accounting)
PTPFL - Structure of Flight Time Fields for Trip Costs Dialog
PTPHD - Structure of Travel Expenses Table PTRV_HEAD
PTPPD - Structure of transp. table PTRV_PERIO
PTPRW - Structure for Internal Read and Security Function Modules
PTPSD - Statistic Data of a Trip
PTPS_TG0002 - Structure for SA Selection Screen D0002
PTP_ABS_ALL - Absence History PS (Structure Def. for Table)
PTP_ABS_DET - Special Absence History PS (Structure Def. Table)
PTP_ABS_HOME - History of All Absences Incl. Home (PS)
PTP_ABS_PARALL_TRIP - Absence: Parallel Business Trips
PTP_ABWH_WOHN - Screen Fields for Absence from Residence (SA Daily Return)
PTP_BEIH_INTERVALL - Interval of the Trips Home of Separation Allowance
PTP_BELNR_VAT_DETAILS - VAT Details Including Document Number
PTP_ENT_UNTK - Retention of Chargeable Accommodations During Absence
PTP_F4_KEEPMAX - User Profile for Personal F4 Help
PTP_REASSIGN_FM - Structure for Converting FM Data in Trip
PTP_TGDYN - Screen Fields for Separation Allowance Subscreens/Popups
PTP_TGKAL - Struct. Definition for Selected Days in Calendar Dialog Box
PTP_TOGGLE_STATUS - Control of Data Areas in Travel Management
PTP_VARIOUS_FIELDS - General User Profiles in Travel Management
PTRA_EDIT - Help Structure for Control of Documentation Function
PTRA_WEB_BAPITRVSUM - Totals of a Trip
PTRA_WEB_FORM_CONTROL - Control Bar for Travel Expense Form (Adobe)
PTRA_WEB_PDF_REQ_CAT - PDF: Estimated Costs of Travel Request
PTRA_WEB_PDF_REQ_EST - PDF: Estimated Costs of Travel Request
PTRA_WEB_PDF_TITLE_HEADINGS - Special Titles: Public Sector and Private Enterprise
PTRA_WEB_PS_FORM_HEADINGS - Special Headings for Public Sector
PTRM_WEB_GUESTS_FILE_UPLOAD - File Upload for Participants in Expense Item
PTRVPS_COMP_VALUES - Values to Compare with the Values from the Reduction Rule
PTRVPS_DECIDE_PARAMETER - Change of Stat.Trip Type: Decision Based On These Parameters
PTRV_702B - Assignment Credit Card Clearing Mobile Engine
PTRV_706B4 - Validation Table: Service Provider per Expense Type
PTRV_ADMIN - Travel Management: Administrative Data for Personnel Numbers
PTRV_ADVANCES - Trip Advances; Structure for Offline Travel Management
PTRV_ANRECH_PDR - Control Deduction Meals Per Diem Par. Business Trips
PTRV_APPR - Trip Approval
PTRV_APPR_UNDO - Undo Function for Trip Approval/Rejection
PTRV_ARCHIVE - Administrative Table for Archived Trip Data
PTRV_ARCH_HEAD - Prearchiving FI-TV: Entries from PTRV_HEAD (Temporary)
PTRV_ARCH_PERIO - Prearchiving FI-TV: Entries from PTRV_PERIO (Temporary)
PTRV_AUTOHIDE - Structure for Autohide Functions
PTRV_BEIHILFE - Subsidies for Trips Home for Entire Separation Allowance
PTRV_BEIH_BEL - Assignment of Receipts to a Subsidy for Trips Home
PTRV_BEIH_TAG - Assignment of Days to a Subsidy for Trips Home
PTRV_BEIH_WEG - Assignment of Trip Segments to a Subsidy for Trips Home
PTRV_BEREI_KZ - Definition of a Special Enterprise Trip Type for PS
PTRV_BTRGSUM - Table for Treatment for Amount Accumulation
PTRV_BUKRS_SO - SELECT-OPTIONS Structure for Company Code
PTRV_BZ - Transfer Travel -> FI/CO: Structure of posting items BZ
PTRV_CARDHOLDER - VISA VCF4 Cardholder Record Type
PTRV_CARD_ACCOUNT - VISA VCF4 Card Account Structure
PTRV_CCC - Error Receipts for Credit Card Clearing
PTRV_CCCHEADER - Structure of data header of credit card file
PTRV_CCCMAIN - Main Structure for Travel Credit Card Clearing
PTRV_CCCMAININ - Structure for Transaction Lines in Credit Card Clearing
PTRV_CCCSUM - Totals Lines for Credit Card Clearing
PTRV_CCC_DISPLAY_ALL - Structure to Display Credit Card Information
PTRV_CCC_RUNS - Assign Personnel Number to Credit Card Clearing Run
PTRV_CHANGE - Change to Trip
PTRV_CITY_CD - Structure for Transparent Table T706_CITY_CD_D
PTRV_CITY_CODE_ERROR - Structure for Community Code Number Consistency Check
PTRV_COMM_AMT - Detail Data: Transfer to FM When Trip Saved
PTRV_COMM_ITM - Header Data: Transfer to FM When Trip Saved
PTRV_COMP - Comparison Calculation Results PS
PTRV_COSTDIST_RESULTS - Trip Results - Cost Assignment
PTRV_COSTDIST_RESULTS_PERCENT - Trip Results - Cost Assignment Total Trip in Percent
PTRV_COSTDIST_RESULTS_TEXT - Trip Results - Cost Assignment as Text
PTRV_COUNT - Number of function calls in posting run management
PTRV_C_PROJECTS - Assignment Values for C Projects
PTRV_DB_CARDHOLDER - Database Structure for VISA VCF4 Cardholder Record Type
PTRV_DB_CARD_ACCOUNT - Database Structure for VISA VCF4 Card Account Structure
PTRV_DELETE_LOG - Log Table for Deleted Trips
PTRV_DOC_HD - Transfer Travel -> FI/CO: Header of TRV int. document
PTRV_DOC_IT - Transfer Travel -> FI/CO: Lines of TRV interm. document
PTRV_DOC_MESS - Transfer Travel -> FI/CO: CO Replacements of TRV Receipt
PTRV_DOC_TAX - Transfer Travel -> FI/CO: Tax lines of TRV document
PTRV_EMP_INFO - Employee Information
PTRV_EP - Transfer Travel -> FI/CO: Structure of line items
PTRV_EPK - Transfer Travel -> FI/CO: Structure of LIs with acct assign.
PTRV_EPK_NEW - Transfer Travel -> FI/CO: Structure of LIs with acct assign.
PTRV_EXPORT_CC_DATA - Data Enrichment for Export to Credit Card Provider
PTRV_FRACTION_PDR_DZ - Type f.Fraction Evals of Parallel BusTrips, DutyAlloc(PS AT)
PTRV_FRACTION_TYPE - Type Fraction: Meals Settlement for Public Sector Austria
PTRV_F_CLM - Columns for Which Suppression in Form Block is Allowed
PTRV_F_CLM_TXT - Columns that may be suppressed in form block (sp)
PTRV_F_COLDEP - Display Forms for Texts
PTRV_F_COLDEPS - Display Formats for Texts (Language-Dependent)
PTRV_F_FBLK - Form Blocks of the Trip Costs Form
PTRV_F_FBLK_TXT - Form Blocks of the Trip Costs Form
PTRV_F_SORTKEY - Sort Key for Individual Receipt Block
PTRV_F_SORTKEY_T - Sort Key for Individual Receipt Block
PTRV_HEAD - General Trip Data
PTRV_HIST - Last Changes to Trip; For Offline Travel Management
PTRV_INPUT_DEST - Address Data Entered as Part of Trip Chain
PTRV_KMSUM - Table for Use of Miles/Kms Accumulation
PTRV_KOSTL_SO - SELECT-OPTIONS Structure for Cost Center
PTRV_ME_CCC_RUN - Assign Personnel Number to Credit Card Clearing Run
PTRV_NOT_CH_TR - Storage of New Data from Temporarily Unchangable Trips
PTRV_NR_PD_NR_OV - Number of Meals Per Diems/Accomm. Per Diems per Destination
PTRV_PAYHIST_FI_HEADER - Payment History - Header Data (Document View)
PTRV_PAYHIST_FI_ITEM - Payment History Trip - Item data (Document View)
PTRV_PAYMENT_HISTORY_FI - Payment History: Travel Expenses FI
PTRV_PAYMENT_HISTORY_FI_HEADER - Trip Payment History - Header Data (Trip View)
PTRV_PAYMENT_HISTORY_FI_ITEM - Trip Payment History - Item Data (Trip View)
PTRV_PDVRS_SO - SELECT OPTIONS Structure for Trip Version
PTRV_PERIO - Period Data of a Trip
PTRV_PERIO_SO - SELECT OPTIONS Structure for Trip Periods
PTRV_PERNR_SO - SELECT-OPTIONS Structure for Personnel Numbers
PTRV_PHELP - Transfer Structure for Saving Personal Help
PTRV_POST_RESULT - Results List of Checks for Posting Interface
PTRV_PSREF - Assignment Values for Travel/HR Objects
PTRV_PUBSEC_PER_DATE - Public Sector Indicator Valid as per Given Date
PTRV_REASGN_FM - Conversion of FM Data in Trip (e.g. Fiscal Year Change)
PTRV_RECDETAIL - Participant(s) in Entertainment Receipts
PTRV_RECEIPTS - Travel Expenses Receipt (INPUT) incl. Tax Jurisdiction Code
PTRV_RECEIPT_ADDINFO - Additional Receipt Info BAPITRADDI Incl. Service Provider
PTRV_RECEIPT_GUEST - Table of Guests for Entertainment Receipts
PTRV_RECEIPT_OUT - Travel Expenses Receipt (OUTPUT)
PTRV_REDUCLEISTE - Field List for Control of Reduction of Separation Allowance
PTRV_REDUCTION - Decision Fields: Change of Statutory Trip Type for Reduction
PTRV_REINR_SO - SELECT-OPTIONS Structure for Trip Numbers
PTRV_ROT_AWKEY - Assignment of Trip Results to Posting Doc. Number and Line
PTRV_ROT_EP - Assignment of ROT lines to EP lines
PTRV_RPRPOSTD - Log of Posting Program RPRPOSTD
PTRV_SADD - Trip Statistics - Add. Receipt Data
PTRV_SBACKLOG - Trip Statistics - Batch/Backlog Processing
PTRV_SCOM - Travel Statistic - Request/Plan/Settlement Cost Comparison
PTRV_SCOS - Trip Statistics - Cost Assignment
PTRV_SELECT_CPROJECTS - F4 Structure for cProject
PTRV_SERVICE_CODE - Country-Dependent List of Goods and Services
PTRV_SHDR - Trip Statistics - Trip Amounts
PTRV_SPKZL_SO - SELECT-OPTIONS Structure for Travel Expense Type
PTRV_SREC - Trip Statistics - Receipts
PTRV_SRV_CODE - Country-Dependent Field Control for Receipt Data
PTRV_STATS_DOCU - Fields for Documentation of Trip Statistics
PTRV_STATS_P0001 - Trip Statistics - Organizational Assignment
PTRV_SUB_SERVICE_CODE - Country-Dependent List of Goods and Services
PTRV_T702K - Service Provider
PTRV_T706B1 - Travel Expense Types
PTRV_T706B5_TEXT - Expense Codes and Long Texts in List Boxes
PTRV_T706B_MAX - Maximum Receipt Amounts
PTRV_T706D - Default Values for Trip Provision Variant
PTRV_T706O - Countries (With Names and Currencies)
PTRV_T706Z_DNPR - Field Control Screens
PTRV_T706Z_DNPRT - Field Control Screens
PTRV_T706Z_FLDS - Field Names for Field Control
PTRV_TAX_DATE_PD_OV - Taxation Date: Meals/Accommodations Per Diem per Destination
PTRV_TAX_FINLAND - Structure ALV List for Finnish Tax Report
PTRV_TG_KZ - Structure for Table with valid SA Schema
PTRV_TRIPCHN_46C - Table of all Trip Destinations f. Processing Recurring Dest.
PTRV_TRIPS - Trip Overview
PTRV_TRIP_BREAK - Structure for Data of Trip Break
PTRV_TRIP_CHAIN - Table of all Trip Destinations f. Processing Recurring Dest.
PTRV_TRIP_DELETE - Trips Deleted in SAP System for Offline Travel Manager
PTRV_TRVCT_B - Accounting Control for Receipts
PTRV_TRVCT_F - Accounting Control for Travel Costs
PTRV_TRVCT_P - Accounting Control for Public Sector
PTRV_TRVCT_R - General Accounting Control
PTRV_TRVCT_U - Accounting Control for Accommodations
PTRV_TRVCT_V - Accounting Control for Meals
PTRV_TRVCT_XX - Structure for Field Documentation in T702N
PTRV_TRVCT_XX_KI4 - Structure for Field Documentation in T702N; Enhancement KI4
PTRV_TRVFD - Dialog Control Through Characteristic TRVFD
PTRV_TRVFD_PER_DATE - Return Field of Characteristic TRVFD Valid on Date
PTRV_TRVFE - Control of Travel Expense Form Through Characteristic TRVFE
PTRV_TRVFE_PER_DATE - Return Field of Characteristic TRVFE That Is Valid at Date
PTRV_TRVFP - Control of Travel Planning Form Through Characteristic TRVFP
PTRV_TRVFP_PER_DATE - Return Field of Characteristic TRVFP That Is Valid at Date
PTRV_TRVFR - Control of Travel Request Form Through Characteristic TRVFR
PTRV_TRVFR_PER_DATE - Return Field of Characteristic TRVFR That Is Valid at Date
PTRV_TRVPA - Settlement Control Through Characteristic TRVPA
PTRV_TRVPA_PER_DATE - Return Structure Characteristic TRVPA per Date
PTRV_TTXJ_CA - Tax Location (Canada)
PTRV_TXT_TMPL - Names of Reference Texts for Entering Trips
PTRV_TXT_TMPL_LINES - Standard Texts for Entering Trips
PTRV_USERPREFS - User Profiles in Travel Management
PTRV_UTIL_ABZUG - Deductions Due to Gratuitous Entertainment
PTRV_UTIL_BELEG - Travel Expense Defaults Based on Indiv. Receipt for Dialog
PTRV_UTIL_BELEG_FORM - Travel Expense Spec. Based on Individual Receipt for Form
PTRV_UTIL_BELEG_TO_SPLIT - Documents to be Itemized
PTRV_UTIL_CCC_BUF - Documents in Credit Card Buffer
PTRV_UTIL_CCC_TRANS_REC - Documents Taken from Credit Card Buffer
PTRV_UTIL_EDITOR_DEFAULT - Structure for Default Values Text Information
PTRV_UTIL_FIELD_CONTROL - Single Field Control for Dialog
PTRV_UTIL_FIELD_CONVERSION - Structure for Field Conversion WEB-UTIL Structures
PTRV_UTIL_FIELD_LIST - Field for Message Handling
PTRV_UTIL_HEADER_PERIO_KEY - Key Fields for Header Data and Period Data
PTRV_UTIL_MERGE - Merging CCC, Planning and Mobile Receipts
PTRV_UTIL_PAUFA - Trip Reimbursement Amounts for Travel Costs
PTRV_UTIL_RECALC - Trip to be Recalculated
PTRV_UTIL_REQUEST_ESTC - Estimated Costs in Travel Request
PTRV_UTIL_SUM - Grand Totals of Per Diem Settlement
PTRV_UTIL_T706S_UI_FUNCTIONS - Possible Functions in User Interface
PTRV_UTIL_T706WWW - Structure for HTML Links and File Paths
PTRV_UTIL_TEMP_TRIPNUMBER - Mapping of Preliminary and New Trip Number (e.g. in EES)
PTRV_UTIL_TRIPS - Read Current Trips of an Employee
PTRV_UTIL_UEBPA - Trip Reimbursement Amounts for Per Diem Accommodations
PTRV_UTIL_VPFPS_VPFPA - Trip Reimbursement Amounts for Meals
PTRV_UTIL_VPFPS_VPFPA_H - Travel Reimbursement Amounts for Maximum Rate Settlement
PTRV_UTIL_VPFPS_VPFPA_P - Trip Reimbursement Amounts for Meals
PTRV_UTIL_VSCH - Trip Advance
PTRV_UTIL_ZIEL - Destinations of Trip
PTRV_VALID_CURRENCY - Valid Currencies
PTRV_VATDETAIL - Supplier Data for VAT Refund in Travel Management
PTRV_VAT_DEFLT - Country- and Expense Type-Dependent Defaults f. Receipt Data
PTRV_VAT_FLDS - Country-Dependent Field Control for Receipt Data
PTRV_VAT_POSTING - Data Entry and Posting of VAT Amount per Country of Receipt
PTRV_VCF4_SUPPLIER - VISA VCF4 Supplier Structure
PTRV_VERSION - History Table
PTRV_VERSION_DESCRPTION - Status Texts for Version History Table (PTRV_VERSION)
PTRV_VERSION_EXT - Version History Table with Texts
PTRV_WAF - Structure for Data Exchange with Offline Tool
PTRV_WAFGUID - Logging for Synchronization GUID (DUPRECS)
PTRV_WAF_CONFLCT - Offline Travel Management: Conflict Processing
PTRV_WAF_RESTART - Restart File for Mobile Solution with Overlapping Trips
PTRV_WAF_TRIP - Trip Number for Offline Travel Manager
PTRV_WAF_TRIP_LIST - Offline Travel Manager: List of Changed Trips
PTRV_WAGETYPE_CHECK - Output Structure for Wage Type Check Report
PTRV_WEB_706B4 - Check Table Service Provider by Expense Type/Web Interface
PTRV_WEB_ACCOM_PER_DIEMS - Trip Reimbursement Amounts for Overnights
PTRV_WEB_ACCOM_PER_DIEMS_TLS - Trip Reimbursement Amounts for Overnights, Totals Line
PTRV_WEB_ADD_AMT_INC_REL_EXP - Additional Amounts and Incidental Costs for Settlement
PTRV_WEB_ADD_DEST - Additional Destinations
PTRV_WEB_ADVANCES_DESCRIPTION - Designations of Trip Advances
PTRV_WEB_ADVANCES_EXT - Advances for the Trips for External Representation
PTRV_WEB_ADVANCES_FORM - Trip Advances for the Travel Expense Statement
PTRV_WEB_ADVANCES_INT - Advances for the Trip
PTRV_WEB_ADVANCES_SUMS - Total Advances in Payment Currency
PTRV_WEB_ALTERNATIVE_TEXTS - Alternative Labels for Fields on User Interface
PTRV_WEB_BAPITR706G - Statutory Trip Types; Structure for BAPI Interface
PTRV_WEB_BAPITR706R - Trip Activity Types; Structure for Web Interface
PTRV_WEB_BAPITRCURR - Currency Table; Structure for BAPI Interface
PTRV_WEB_BUSINESS_AREA - Business Area with Long Text
PTRV_WEB_CAR_BRAND - Personal Help Values for Car Brand
PTRV_WEB_CCC_SELECTION_DESCRPT - Designations of Credit Card Documents from Document Buffer
PTRV_WEB_CCC_SELECTION_EXT - Selection of Credit Card Docs from Doc Buffer Ext Represent.
PTRV_WEB_CCC_SELECTION_INT - Selection of Credit Card Documents from Document Buffer
PTRV_WEB_COMPANY_CODE - Company Code with Long Text and Additional Info
PTRV_WEB_COSTCENTER - Personal Help Values for Cost Center
PTRV_WEB_COSTDIST_DESTIN - Transfer of Cost Distribution of a Destination
PTRV_WEB_COSTDIST_EXT - Cost Distribution of Trip for External Presentation
PTRV_WEB_COSTDIST_INT - Cost Distribution of Trip
PTRV_WEB_COSTDIST_ITIN_DESCRPT - Names for Cost Assignment of a Destination of the Trip
PTRV_WEB_COSTDIST_ITIN_EXT - Cost Assignment of a Trip Destination for External Display
PTRV_WEB_COSTDIST_ITIN_INT - Cost Assignment of a Trip Destination
PTRV_WEB_COSTDIST_MILE_DESCRPT - Names for Cost Distribution of One Leg of Trip
PTRV_WEB_COSTDIST_MILE_EXT - Cost Assignment of a Leg of Trip for External Display
PTRV_WEB_COSTDIST_MILE_INT - Cost Assignment of a Leg of Trip
PTRV_WEB_COSTDIST_RECE_DESCRPT - Names for Cost Distribution of a Receipt of the Trip
PTRV_WEB_COSTDIST_RECE_EXT - Cost Assignment of a Trip Receipt for External Display
PTRV_WEB_COSTDIST_RECE_INT - Cost Assignment of a Trip Receipt
PTRV_WEB_COSTDIST_TRIP_DESCRPT - Names for Cost Distribution of the Trip
PTRV_WEB_COSTDIST_TRIP_EXT - Cost Assignment of Trip for External Display
PTRV_WEB_COSTDIST_TRIP_INT - Cost Distribution of Trip
PTRV_WEB_COSTOBJECT - Personal Help Values for Cost Object
PTRV_WEB_COST_AREA - Personal Help Values for Company Area
PTRV_WEB_COUNTRY - Personal Help Values for Country
PTRV_WEB_CUSTOMIZING_TEXT - Editor Text Controlled by Table T706Z1
PTRV_WEB_DEDUCTIONS_DESCRPTION - Designation of Deductions for Gratuitous Service During Trip
PTRV_WEB_DEDUCTIONS_EXT - Deductions for Gratuitous Service During Trip for Ext. Displ
PTRV_WEB_DEDUCTIONS_INT - Deductions for Gratuitous Service During Trip
PTRV_WEB_DESCRIPT - Personal Help Values for Description
PTRV_WEB_EDITOR_LINE - Line Type for Editor in Web Structures
PTRV_WEB_EES_DESCRPT - Designations of Express Expense Sheet
PTRV_WEB_EES_EXT - Express Expense Sheet for External Presentation
PTRV_WEB_EES_INT - Express Expense Sheet
PTRV_WEB_EES_MESSAGE - BAPI Return Information with Personnel No. and Trip No.
PTRV_WEB_EMP_INFO - Information on Employee/Web Interface
PTRV_WEB_FIELD_CONTROL - Single Field Control for Dialog
PTRV_WEB_FISTL - Personal Help Values for Funds Center
PTRV_WEB_FKBER - Personal Help Values for Functional Area
PTRV_WEB_GENERAL_DATA_DESCRPTN - Designations of General Trip Data
PTRV_WEB_GENERAL_DATA_EXT - General Trip Data for External Display
PTRV_WEB_GENERAL_DATA_PS - Period Data of Trip for Public Sector
PTRV_WEB_GRANT - Personal Help Values for Grant
PTRV_WEB_HISTORY - History of Database Updates of Trip
PTRV_WEB_INTERFACE_BAPIPSREF - Assignment Factors for HR Objects; Copy of PSREF for BAPIs
PTRV_WEB_ITEMIZATION_SUMS - Receipt Itemization Totals
PTRV_WEB_ITINERARY_DESCRIPTION - Designations of Trip Destinations
PTRV_WEB_ITINERARY_EXT - Trip Destinations for External Display
PTRV_WEB_ITINERARY_INT - Destinations of Trip
PTRV_WEB_LINKS_EXT - HTML Links and File Paths for External Display
PTRV_WEB_LOCATION - Personal Help Values for Location
PTRV_WEB_MEALS_PER_DIEMS - Trip Reimbursement Amounts for Meals
PTRV_WEB_MEALS_PER_DIEMS_TLS - Travel Reimbursement Amounts for Meals, Totals Line
PTRV_WEB_MERGE_DESCRPT - Description for Merging CCC, Planning and Mobile Receipts
PTRV_WEB_MERGE_EXT - Merging CCC, Planning and Mobile Receipts
PTRV_WEB_MERGE_INT - Merging CCC, Planning and Mobile Receipts
PTRV_WEB_MILEAGE_DESCRIPTION - Designations for Legs of Trip
PTRV_WEB_MILEAGE_DETAIL_PDF - Adobe Form: Additional Information for a Trip Segment
PTRV_WEB_MILEAGE_EXT - Legs of Trip for External Display
PTRV_WEB_MIL_ADD_INFO_FORM - Additional Information for Leg of Trip
PTRV_WEB_NETWORK - Personal Help Values for Network
PTRV_WEB_NUMBER_PLATE - Personal Help Values for License Plate
PTRV_WEB_ORDER - Personal Help Values for Orders
PTRV_WEB_PARTNER - Personal Help Values for Partners
PTRV_WEB_PERIO_DATA_PS - Extended Period Data of Trip for Separation Allowance
PTRV_WEB_PLACE - Personal Help Values for Places
PTRV_WEB_PRIVATE_EXPENSES - Private Expenses to be Itemized
PTRV_WEB_RCUR_DEST - Destination with Address
PTRV_WEB_RECALC - Trip to be Recalculated
PTRV_WEB_RECEIPTS_DESCRIPTION - Designations of Trip Receipts
PTRV_WEB_RECEIPTS_EXT - Trip Receipts for External Representation
PTRV_WEB_RECEIPTS_EXT_2 - Trip Receipts for External Representation
PTRV_WEB_RECEIPTS_FORM - Trip Receipts for the Travel Expense Statement
PTRV_WEB_RECEIPTS_FORM_TLS - Trip Receipts for the Travel Expense Statement, Total Line
PTRV_WEB_RECEIP_TO_SPLIT_EXT_2 - Receipts to Be Split
PTRV_WEB_RECEIP_TO_SPLIT_INT_2 - Receipts to Be Split
PTRV_WEB_REC_ADD_INFO_FORM - Additional Receipt Information for Travel Expense Statement
PTRV_WEB_REC_VIOLATIONS_FORM - Receipt Violations for Travel Expense Statement
PTRV_WEB_REQUEST_CATEGORIES - Structure for Types of Transport/Accommodations of Request
PTRV_WEB_REQUEST_ESTC_DESCRIPT - Name of Estimated Costs in Request
PTRV_WEB_REQUEST_ESTC_EXT - Estimated Costs in Request for External Representation
PTRV_WEB_REQUEST_ESTC_INT - Estimated Costs in Travel Request
PTRV_WEB_REQUEST_TAC_DESCRIPT - Name of Types of Transportation and Accommodations
PTRV_WEB_REQUEST_TAC_EXT - Types of Transport/Accommodations (External Representation)
PTRV_WEB_REQUEST_TAC_INT - Types of Transportation and Accommodations in Travel Request
PTRV_WEB_RESULTS - Trip Review for External Display
PTRV_WEB_RESULTS_EXT - Trip Results for External Display
PTRV_WEB_RES_RECS_MAX_AMT_TLS - Rect Settlement, Comp. Against Daily Max. Rate, Totals Line
PTRV_WEB_RES_RECS_VS_MAX_AMT - Receipt Settlement with Comparison Against a Daily Max. Rate
PTRV_WEB_RKUNDE - Personal Help Values for Reasons
PTRV_WEB_SALESORDER - Personal Help Values for Sales Orders
PTRV_WEB_SEPALLOW_EXT - List of Separation Allowances
PTRV_WEB_STATUS - Approval Status When Trip Is Saved
PTRV_WEB_SUM - Grand Totals of Per Diem Settlement
PTRV_WEB_T702K - Service Provider/Customizing Complete
PTRV_WEB_T706B1 - Travel Expense Types/Customizing Complete
PTRV_WEB_T706B4 - Check Table Service Provider per Expense Type/Custom. Compl.
PTRV_WEB_T706B_MAX - Receipt Maximum Amounts/Customizing Complete
PTRV_WEB_T706D - Default Values for Trip Provision Variant/Customizing Compl.
PTRV_WEB_T706E - Vehicle Types/Customizing Complete
PTRV_WEB_T706G - Statutory Trip Type/Customizing Complete
PTRV_WEB_T706O - Countries (w/ Description and Natl Currency)/Custom. Compl.
PTRV_WEB_T706R - Trip Activity Types/Customizing Complete
PTRV_WEB_T706S - Trip Schema/Customizing Complete
PTRV_WEB_T706W - Vehicle Classes/Customizing Complete
PTRV_WEB_T706X - Enterprise-Specific Trip Type/Customizing Complete
PTRV_WEB_TAX_FIELDS - Fields for Controlling Taxation of Per Diems
PTRV_WEB_TCURR - Currency Table/Customizing Complete
PTRV_WEB_TOTALS - Settlement Results for a Trip
PTRV_WEB_TRAVEL_FLAT_RATES - Travel Reimbursement Amounts for Mileage
PTRV_WEB_TRAVEL_FLAT_RATES_TLS - Travel Reimbursement Amounts for Mileage, Totals Line
PTRV_WEB_TRIPS_DESCRIPTION - Designations of Trip Data
PTRV_WEB_TRIP_NUMBER - Personal Help Values for Trip Number
PTRV_WEB_TRIP_PURPOSE - Personal Help Values for Purpose
PTRV_WEB_TRIP_RECEIPT_AMOUNT - Personal Help Values for Trip Receipt Amount
PTRV_WEB_TRVFSEL - Field Selection Control Trip/Customizing Complete
PTRV_WEB_TRVFSEL_TRIP - Allowed Fields in the Cost Assignment of the Trip
PTRV_WEB_TRVSP - Travel Service Providers/Customizing Complete
PTRV_WEB_TRVSPCAT - Travel Service Providers - Categories/Customizing Complete
PTRV_WEB_TRVTAX - Tax Code/Customizing Complete
PTRV_WEB_TTXJ_CA - Tax Jurisdiction (Canada)/Customizing Complete
PTRV_WEB_TXT_TMPL - Names of Standard Texts for Trip Entry/Customizing Complete
PTRV_WEB_TXT_TMPL_LINES - Standard Texts with Trip Entry/Customizing Complete
PTRV_WEB_UI_FUNCTIONS - Possible Functions in User Interface
PTRV_WEB_VORNR - Personal Help Values for Activity
PTRV_WEB_VPFPS_VPFPA - Trip Reimbursement Amounts for Meals
PTRV_WEB_WBSELEMENT - Personal Help Values for WBS Element
PTRV_WEB_WBS_ELEMENT_PRPMP_EA - Input Help for WBS Elements with Search Help PRPMP
PTRV_WORKLIST_CPROJECTS - Worklist (cProjects)
PTRV_ZIELE_TYP - Type Fraction: Meals Settlement for Public Sector Austria
PTRV_ZWEP - Transfer Travel -> FI/CO: Interim Items
RECEIPT_ITEM_FIELD_CONTROL - Field Control for Number of Invoice Item
RECEIPT_NO_FIELD_CONTROL - Field Control for Invoice Number of Original Receipt
RECEIPT_OK_FIELD_CONTROL - Field Control for Confirmation Flag of Individual Receipt
REC_AMOUNT_FIELD_CONTROL - Field Control for Amount of Individual Receipt
REC_CURR_FIELD_CONTROL - Field Control for Currency of Individual Receipt
REC_DATE_FIELD_CONTROL - Field Control for Date of Individual Receipt
REC_RATE_FIELD_CONTROL - Field Control for Exchange Rate of Individual Receipt
REC_SHARE_ABS_FIELD_CONTROL - Field Control for Absolute Cost Apportionmt of Ind. Receipt
REC_SHARE_FIELD_CONTROL - Field Control for Percent Cost Apportionment of Ind. Receipt
RPRDTAD0_ALV1 - Structure for alv display
RPRDTAD0_ALV2 - structure for alv display
RPRDTAD0_ALV3 - structure for alv display
RPRDTAD0_ALV4 - structure for alv display
RPRDTAD0_ALV5 - Additional BAL Output Columns for HR Components
RPRDTAD0_ALV6 - Additional BAL Output Columns for HR Components
RPRDTAD0_ALV7 - Structure for alv display (Overpayment list & Cash pay Out)
RPRDTAD0_ALV8 - Structure for alv display
RPRPAY00_ALV1 - Structure for Master Pernr Table in RPRPAY00
RPRPAY00_ALV2 - Structure for Slave Pernr Table of RPRPAY00
RPRPAY00_ALV3 - ALV Structure for Period Table of RPRPAY00
RPRTEC00_ALV1 - Header Structure for RPRTEC00
RPRTEC00_ALV2 - Item Structure for RPRTEC00
RPRXXXXX - Structure for report parameter RPR*
RPRXXXXX_PRFI - Structure for Report Parameter PRFI
RPR_T706Z1_PROTOCOL - Protocol Structure for Copying T706Z1 Travel
SAPMP56T_PD_ALV1 - ALV Structure for sapmp56t_pd
SHORTTXT_FIELD_CONTROL - Field Control for Short Text of Individual Receipt
SPLIT_OF_DESTINATION - Assignment of Costs of a Particular Destination
SPLIT_OF_MILEAGE - Assignment of Costs of a Particular Leg of Trip
SPLIT_OF_RECEIPT - Assignment of Costs of a Particular Expense Receipt
SPLIT_OF_TRIP - Assignment of Costs of Entire Trip
STREET_FIELD_CONTROL - Field Control for Street
STXT_FIELD_CONTROL - Field Control for Document Description of Individual Receipt
SUPP_CITY_FIELD_CONTROL - Field Control for Vendor's City
SUPP_COUNTRY_FIELD_CONTROL - Field Control for Vendor's Country
SUPP_NAME_FIELD_CONTROL - Field Control for Name of Vendor
SUPP_PHONE_FIELD_CONTROL - Field Control for Vendor's Telephone Number
SUPP_POSTAL_CODE_FIELD_CONTROL - Field Control for Vendor's Postal Code
SUPP_PROVINCE_FIELD_CONTROL - Field Control for Vendor's District (US: Country)
SUPP_STREET_FIELD_CONTROL - Field Control for Vendor's Street
T702A - Employee Grouping for Travel Expense Type
T702B - Credit Card Clearing Assignment Table
T702C - Name for Employee Grouping for Travel Expense Type
T702E - Vehicle Types
T702G - Statutory trip types
T702H - Caculation Guide Lines: Meals PD/Max.Amounts Scaled by Time
T702I - Statutory Reimbursement Groups for Meals/Accommodations
T702J - Enterprise-spec.Reimbursement Groups for Meals/Accomm.
T702K - Service provider
T702L - Name of Service Provider
T702N - Trip Provision Variants
T702O - Trip country/Trip region/Trip country group
T702P - Reimbursement Groups for Travel Costs/Add.Flat Rate Types
T702Q - Name: Reimburs.Group for Travel Costs/Add.Flat Rate Types
T702R - Trip Activity Types
T702V - Calc.Guide Lines for Scaling Meals PD/Max.Amounts by Hours
T702W - Vehicle Classes
T702X - Enterprise-specific Trip Types
T702Y - Employee Groupings for Travel Management
T702_ACCTTYPET - Description of American Express Account Types
T702_ACCT_TYPE - AMEX: Account Types
T702_BEREI_REL - Assignment of Trip Types Enterprise-Specific (PS AT)
T702_BKZ - Country and Industry Specific Indicator (Public Sector)
T702_SIC - List of MCC Codes
T702_SIC_ATR - Assignment of MCC to Transaction Key of Credit Card Company
T702_SIC_T - Description of Merchant Category Code
T702_VCF4_D - Assignment of Detail Info. to Trans. Keys of Card Companies
T702_VCF4_ER - Enhanced Data Record Types
T706A - Trip Provision Deduction Amount/Percentage
T706B - Travel Expense Types
T706B1 - Travel Expense Types
T706B2 - Travel Expense Types: Default Value/Maximum Amounts
T706B3 - Travel Expense Type Grouping
T706B4 - Travel Expense Types: Assignment of Wage Types
T706B4_ALTERN - Travel Expense Type: Alternative Assignment of Wage Types
T706B5 - Names for Travel Expense Types
T706B6 - Default Values When Difference Values Are Exceeded
T706B6_T - Default Values When Difference Values Are Exceeded
T706C - Names for Travel Expense Types
T706D - Default Values for Dialog
T706E - Names for vehicle types
T706ESS1 - FI-TV: Customizing Table Intranet Scenario
T706ESS2 - Travel Expenses Customizing for ESS Scenario
T706ESS3 - Mapping table for docu in Excel sheet
T706F - Trip Provision: Flat Rates for Travel Costs
T706F1 - Cumulation Procedure Dependent on Vehicle Type/Class
T706F2 - Amount Accumulation Depending on Vehicle Type/Class
T706FORM_BCKGRND - Form background
T706FORM_BLKATTR - Form block attributes
T706FORM_BLKHDLS - Form block titles
T706FORM_BLK_HDL - Form block titles
T706FORM_CLMATTR - Suppressable columns per block
T706FORM_FIXTXT - Fixed texts
T706FORM_FIXTXTS - Fixed texts (language-dependent)
T706FORM_FLDS - Information in fixed positions
T706FORM_TRVFO - Structure for Return Value Feature
T706FORM_VAR - Form variant
T706FORM_VARFLD - Variable fields
T706FORM_VARFLDS - Variable fields (language-dependent)
T706FORM_VAR_TXT - Form variant (language-dependent)
T706G - Names for statutory trip types
T706H - Trip Provision:Per-diem/Maximum Amount for Meals by Time
T706I - Name for statutory reimbursement group for meals/accomm.
T706J - Name for enterprise-specific for meals/acc.
T706K - Initial Account Assignment for FI
T706L - Assignment of Trip Country - Country Group - Region
T706M - Input Tax for International Per Diems
T706N - Names for trip provision variants
T706O - Names for Trip Country/Trip Country Group/Trip Region
T706P - Date Interval for Miles/Kms Accumulation
T706Q - Names for period indicator for miles/kms accumulation
T706R - Names for trip activity types
T706S - Trip Schema
T706S_ADDFIELDS - Further Fields for T706S RFC Structure
T706S_RECEIPT - Trip Schemas: Assignment of Travel Expense Types
T706T - Names for trip schema
T706T_ABWH - Texts for Absence Types (PS Separation Allowance)
T706U - Trip Provision: Per Diem for Accommodations
T706V - Trip Provision: Meals Per-diem/Maximum Amount by Hours
T706W - Names for vehicle classes
T706WWW - HTML Links and File Paths
T706WWW_TXT - Text Table HTML Links and File Paths
T706X - Names for enterprise-specific trip types
T706Y - Names for Employee Groupings for Travel Management
T706Z - Single Field Control for Dialog
T706Z1 - Single Field Control for Dialog
T706Z1_CB - Checkboxes for Field Control T706Z1
T706Z1_TXT - Text table: Individual Field Control for Dialog
T706ZNODE - Structure for Simple Tree T706Z
T706ZNODE_CH - Hierarchy of Field Control Simple Tree
T706_ABWH - Absence Types from Place of Work (PS; Separation Allowance)
T706_CCOMP - Credit Card Companies
T706_CCOMP_TXT - Name of Credit Card Company
T706_CITYCD_CHG - Replacement/Combination of Community Code Numbers, Date-Dep.
T706_CITY_CD_46C - Table for Specifying the City Code/Community Code Number
T706_CITY_CD_D - Definition: City Codes / Community Code No., Date-Dependent
T706_CITY_CD_D_2 - Definition: City Codes / Community Code No., Date-Dependent
T706_CITY_CODE - Table for Specifying the City Code/Community Code Number
T706_CONST - PA parameters: Travel Management
T706_CONSTTEXT - Names of Accounting Constants for Travel Expenses
T706_COST_CP - Cost Comparison on Trip Level: Maximum Difference
T706_COST_CP_R - Cost Comparison at Trip Level: Default Values
T706_COST_CP_R_T - Cost Comparison at Trip Level: Default Values
T706_DEFAULTTEXT - Names of Reference Texts for Entering Trips
T706_LGART - Wage Type Assignmt Table for Clearing Add.Amts/Inc.Rel Exp.
T706_REQ_CAT - Types of Transport/Accomm. and Est.Cost of Travel Request
T706_REQ_CATTEXT - Name for Types of Transp/Accomm. and Est.Cost of Travel Req.
T706_SRV_CODE - VAT Refund Codes
T706_SRV_CODE_T - Country-Dependent Field Control for Receipt Data
T706_SUB_SRV_C - Subcodes for Goods and Services
T706_SUB_SRV_C_T - Subcodes for Goods and Services
T706_TEXTNAMES - Names of Reference Texts for Entering Trips
T706_VAT_DEFLT - Country- and Expense Type-Dependent Defaults f. Receipt Data
T706_VAT_FLDS - Country-Dependent Field Control for Receipt Data
T706_VAT_POSTING - Data Entry and Posting of VAT Amount per Country of Receipt
TABZUG_RFC - HR TRIP: Structure for RFC interface
TBELEG_30 - HR TRIP: Structure for RFC interface
TBELEG_RFC - HR TRIP: Structure for RFC interface
TBEREI_30 - HR TRIP: Structure for RFC interface
TCURRY_RFC - HR TRIP: Structure for RFC interface
TFZART_RFC - HR TRIP: Structure for RFC interface
TIME_WITH_FIELDNAME - Date with Indication of Associated Date Field
TKMVER_30 - HR TRIP: Structure for RFC interface
TKMVER_RFC - HR TRIP: Structure for RFC interface
TKOSTB_RFC - HR TRIP: Structure for RFC interface
TKOSTR_RFC - HR TRIP: Structure for RFC interface
TKOSTZ_RFC - HR TRIP: Structure for RFC interface
TKZREA_30 - HR TRIP: Structure for RFC interface
TKZTKT_RFC - HR TRIP: Structure for RFC interface
TLAND1_30 - HR TRIP: Structure for RFC interface
TLAND1_RFC - HR TRIP: Structure for RFC interface
TMESSG_RFC - HR TRIP: Structure for RFC interface
TP0001_30 - HR TRIP: Structure for RFC interface
TP0001_RFC - HR TRIP: Structure for RFC interface
TP0017_30 - HR TRIP: Structure for RFC interface
TP0017_RFC - HR TRIP: Structure for RFC interface
TPERNR_RFC - HR TRIP: Structure for RFC interface
TPKWKL_30 - HR TRIP: Structure for RFC interface
TREISE_30 - HR TRIP: Structure for RFC interface
TREISE_RFC - HR TRIP: Structure for RFC interface
TRIPS_ACTIVITIES - Possible Activities for PTRV_TRIPS
TRIP_AMNTS - Trip Amounts
TRIP_DAYS_PER_MONTH - Travel Days per Month
TRIP_PHASE_STATUS - Status of Trip Creation/Processing as Request, Plan, Acctg
TRIP_PROV_VARIANT_PER_DATE - Trip Provision Variant Valid on Date
TRVSTA_DIS - List of eval. fields for receipt detail display, RPRSTA01
TRV_PERSDATA - FI-TV: Person-Specific Data for Personnel No.
TSPKZL_RFC - HR TRIP: Structure for RFC interface
TSPTXT_RFC - HR TRIP: Structure for RFC interface
TSTOPS_30 - HR TRIP: Structure for RFC interface
TSTOPS_RFC - HR TRIP: Structure for RFC interface
TTEXTE_RFC - HR TRIP: Structure for RFC interface
TVORSC_RFC - HR TRIP: Structure for RFC interface
TVORSL_RFC - HR TRIP: Structure for RFC interface
VAT_AMOUNT_FIELD_CONTROL - Field Control for Tax Amount in Receipt Currency
VAT_REG_NO_FIELD_CONTROL - Field Control for VAT Registration Number
VAT_REG_NO_NAT_FIELD_CONTROL - Field Control for Tax Number 1
VAT_SERVICE_CODE_FIELD_CONTROL - Field Control for VAT Refund Code
VAT_SERVICE_DESC_FIELD_CONTROL - Field Control for Description of VAT Refund Code

SAP Travel Planning Tables FI-TV-PL

ADD_REMARK_REQUEST - Proxy Structure (generated)
ADD_REMARK_RESPONSE - Proxy Structure (generated)
ALL_OFFICES - Sales Office ID
AMI_ADDRESS_TYPE - Address definition
AMI_ADDRESS_TYPE1 - Address definition
AMI_AGENCY_TYPE - Rental car company agency definition.
AMI_AIRLINE_PREFERENCE - Airline preference definition
AMI_AIR_CABIN_TYPE - Air cabin definition
AMI_AIR_FARE_TYPE - Air Fare definition. "AirFareType" inher
AMI_AIR_LOCATION_TYPE - Air location definition. "AirLocationTyp
AMI_AIR_SEGMENT_LIST_TYPE - Flight segment definition
AMI_AIR_SEGMENT_TYPE - Flight leg definition
AMI_AIR_TYPE - Air booking definition
AMI_ALLOWED_SITE_CODE_TYPE - Allowed community definition
AMI_APPROVE_TRIP_REQUEST - Proxy Structure (generated)
AMI_APPROVE_TRIP_RESPONSE - Proxy Structure (generated)
AMI_AUTHENTIFICATION_TYPE - Authentification definition
AMI_BOOKING_RECORD_TYPE - Booking record (i.e. PNR) definition
AMI_CAR_FARE_TYPE - Car fare definition. "CarFareType" inher
AMI_CAR_INFO_TYPE - Car/Vehicule definition
AMI_CAR_LOCATION_TYPE - Car location definition. "CarLocationTyp
AMI_CAR_LOWEST_FARE_TYPE - Car lowest fare definition
AMI_CAR_PREFERENCE - Car preference definition
AMI_CAR_TYPE - Car booking definition
AMI_CHECK_IN_OUT_PREFERENCE - Check-in or check-out preference definition
AMI_CODE_NAME_TYPE - Match all types that have code and name
AMI_COMMON_PREFERENCE - Common preference definition
AMI_COMMON_TRIP_REQUEST - Proxy Structure (generated)
AMI_COMMON_TRIP_RESPONSE - Proxy Structure (generated)
AMI_COMPANY_INFO_TYPE - Company/Provider Definition
AMI_CONTACT_TYPE - Contact definition
AMI_CONTACT_TYPE1 - Contact definition. Inherits from "Identity
AMI_CORPORATE_INFO_TYPE - Corporate information definition
AMI_CORPORATE_INFO_TYPE1 - Corporate information definition
AMI_CREATE_PROFILE_REQUEST - Proxy Structure (generated)
AMI_CREATE_PROFILE_RESPONSE - Proxy Structure (generated)
AMI_CREDIT_CARD_TYPE - Credit card definition
AMI_CUSTOM_FIELD_TYPE - Custom field definition
AMI_CUSTOM_INFO_TYPE - Custom information definition
AMI_DELETE_PROFILE_REQUEST - Proxy Structure (generated)
AMI_DELETE_PROFILE_REQUEST_TYP - Request for profile deletion
AMI_DELETE_PROFILE_RESPONSE - Proxy Structure (generated)
AMI_DELETE_TRIP_REQUEST - Proxy Structure (generated)
AMI_DELETE_TRIP_RESPONSE - Proxy Structure (generated)
AMI_DELIVERY_INFO_TYPE - Delivery Information
AMI_DIRECT_BILL_ADDRESS_TYPE - Direct billing address definition
AMI_DISCOUNT_CARD_TYPE - Discount card definition
AMI_ELIGIBILITY_TYPE - Eligibility definition (LH specific info
AMI_ERROR_TYPE - Error definition
AMI_ERROR_TYPE1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
AMI_EXTERNAL_SYSTEM_INFO_TYPE - External expense system definition
AMI_EXTERNAL_TRAVEL_APPROVER - Travel approver details definition
AMI_FARE_TYPE - Fare definition
AMI_FEE_TYPE - Fee definition
AMI_FLIGHT_INFO_TYPE - Flight definition
AMI_FREE_FLOW_TEXT_TYPE - Free Flow Text Definition
AMI_GEO_CODE_INFO_TYPE - Geographic coordinate definition
AMI_GET_LIST_TO_APPROVE_REQ - Proxy Structure (generated)
AMI_GET_LIST_TO_APPROVE_RES - Proxy Structure (generated)
AMI_GET_TRIP_LIST_RESPONSE - Proxy Structure (generated)
AMI_GET_TRIP_PLAN_LIST - Proxy Structure (generated)
AMI_GET_TRIP_PLAN_REQUEST - Proxy Structure (generated)
AMI_GET_TRIP_PLAN_RESPONSE - Proxy Structure (generated)
AMI_GET_TRIP_TO_APPROVE_REQ - Proxy Structure (generated)
AMI_GET_TRIP_TO_APPROVE_RES - Proxy Structure (generated)
AMI_GET_TRIP_TO_CANCEL_REQ - Proxy Structure (generated)
AMI_GET_TRIP_TO_CANCEL_RES - Proxy Structure (generated)
AMI_HOTEL_FARE_TYPE - Hotel fare definition. Inherits from "Fa
AMI_HOTEL_INFO_TYPE - Hotel Segment Definition. Only applicable f
AMI_HOTEL_LOCATION_TYPE - Hotel location definition
AMI_HOTEL_PREFERENCE - Proxy Structure (generated)
AMI_HOTEL_TYPE - Hotel booking definition
AMI_HOTEL_VENDOR_TYPE - Hotel Definition
AMI_IDENTIFICATION_DOCUMENT_TY - Identification document definition
AMI_IDENTITY_TYPE - Identity definition
AMI_IDENTITY_TYPE1 - Identity definition
AMI_INDIVIDUAL_INFO - Individual information definition
AMI_ITINERARY_INFO_TYPE - Itinerary definition
AMI_JUSTIFICATION_INFO_TYPE - Justification information
AMI_LOCATION_TYPE - Location definition
AMI_LOGIN_INFO_TYPE - Login definition
AMI_LOGIN_INFO_TYPE1 - Login definition
AMI_LOYALTY_TYPE - Custom loyalty definition
AMI_NOMINATED_ROLE_TYPE - Nominated role definition
AMI_ONBOARD_SERVICE_TYPE - On board service definition
AMI_OPENING_HOURS_TYPE - Opening hour definition
AMI_ORIGINAL_FOTYPE - Original Ticket definition
AMI_OTHER_FARE_TYPE - Proxy Structure (generated)
AMI_OTHER_SERVICE_PREFERENCE - Other travel service preference definiti
AMI_PAYMENT_INFO_TYPE - Payment Definition
AMI_PAYMENT_INFO_TYPE1 - Payment definition
AMI_PERMISSION_INFO_TYPE - Permission definition. Applicable to the
AMI_PHONE_INFO_TYPE - Phone definition
AMI_PROFILE_IDENTIFICATION_TYP - Traveller profile identification definit
AMI_PROFILE_INFO_TYPE - Traveller profile information definition
AMI_PROFILE_REQUEST_TYPE - Request for profile creation or update
AMI_RAIL_DISCOUNT_CARD_TYPE - Rail discount card definition. Inherits fro
AMI_RAIL_DISCOUNT_ITINERARY_TY - Rail discount itinerary definition
AMI_RAIL_PREFERENCE - Rail/Train preference definition
AMI_RBDTYPE - RBD (i.e. class of service) definition
AMI_REJECT_TRIP_REQUEST - Proxy Structure (generated)
AMI_REJECT_TRIP_RESPONSE - Proxy Structure (generated)
AMI_ROLE_INFO_TYPE - Proxy Structure (generated)
AMI_ROOM_TYPE_INFO_TYPE - Room Type Definition
AMI_SAVE_PROFILE_TYPE - Proxy Structure (generated)
AMI_SEARCH_CRITERIA_TYPE - Search criteria definition
AMI_SEGMENT_TYPE - Segment Definition, Applicable for Air, Web fare, Car, Hotel
AMI_SELL_INFO_TYPE - Sell information Definition
AMI_SERVICE_PAYMENT_TYPE - Service payment definition
AMI_SSRINFO_TYPE - Special Service Request Definition
AMI_TAX_TYPE - Tax definition
AMI_THIRD_PARTY_INFO_TYPE - Third Party Information
AMI_TICKETING_ELEMENT_TYPE - Ticketing element definition
AMI_TICKETING_TYPE - Proxy Structure (generated)
AMI_TICKET_TIME_LIMIT_TYPE - Proxy Structure (generated)
AMI_TRAIN_FARE_TYPE - Train fare definition. "TrainFareType" inhe
AMI_TRAIN_LOCATION_TYPE - Train Location Definition. "TrainLocationTy
AMI_TRAIN_SEAT_INFO_TYPE - Train seat definition
AMI_TRAIN_SEGMENT_LIST_TYPE - Train connection definition
AMI_TRAIN_SEGMENT_TYPE - Train segment definition
AMI_TRAIN_TICKETING_TYPE - Proxy Structure (generated)
AMI_TRAIN_TYPE - Train booking definition
AMI_TRAVELLER_INFO_TYPE - Traveller definition
AMI_TRAVEL_APPROVER_TYPE - Travel approver definition
AMI_TRAVEL_PREFERENCE_TYPE - Travel preference definition
AMI_TRIP_FARE_TYPE - Trip fare definition. "TripFareType" inh
AMI_TRIP_INFO_TYPE - Trip definition
AMI_TRIP_LISTFOR_APPROVAL_TYPE - Proxy Structure (generated)
AMI_TRIP_PERMISSION_INFO_TYPE - Trip permission definition. Only applica
AMI_TRIP_PLAN_IN_ERROR_TYPE - Proxy Structure (generated)
AMI_TRIP_PLAN_LIST_TYPE - Proxy Structure (generated)
AMI_TRIP_PLAN_TYPE - Trip Plan element
AMI_TRIP_REASON_TYPE - Trip reason deifinition. "TripReasonType
AMI_UNUSED_TICKET_FARE_TYPE - Unused ticket fare definition.
AMI_UNUSED_TICKET_TYPE - Unused ticket definition
AMI_UPDATE_PROFILE_REQUEST - Proxy Structure (generated)
AMI_UPDATE_PROFILE_RESPONSE - Proxy Structure (generated)
AMI_WEB_BOOKING_PREFERENCE - Web booking preference definition
CANCEL_TRIP_PLAN_REQUEST - Proxy Structure (generated)
CANCEL_TRIP_PLAN_RESPONSE - Proxy Structure (generated)
CLASCO_GT_ERP_TRAVEL_ITINERAR1 - An identifier used to uniquely reference a itinerary
CLASCO_GT_ERP_TRAVEL_ITINERAR2 - Proxy Structure (generated)
CLASCO_GT_ERP_TRAVEL_ITINERAR3 - Proxy Structure (generated)
CLASCO_GT_ERP_TRAVEL_ITINERAR4 - Proxy Structure (generated)
CLASCO_GT_ERP_TRAVEL_ITINERAR5 - Proxy Structure (generated)
CLASCO_GT_ERP_TRAVEL_ITINERARY - An identifier used to uniquely reference a itinerary
E1FTPS_ADVISORIES_OUT - Additional Information on Airfare Rate
E1FTPS_FARE_COMP_OUT - Rate components
E1FTPS_FLIGHT_FCMP_OUT - Rate Details by Flight Segment
E1FTPS_PNR_ADDRESS_OUT - Output of Addresses in PNR
E1FTPS_PNR_FARE_COMP_OUT - Airfare Rate Components
E1FTPS_PNR_FLIGHT_FCMP_OUT - Rate Details by Flight Segment
E1FTPS_PNR_FLIGHT_RES_OUT - Output of Flight Reservations in PNR
E1FTPS_PNR_FOP_OUT - Output of 'Form of Payments' in PNR
E1FTPS_PNR_FREQ_FLYER_OUT - Output of Frequent Flyer Programs in PNR
E1FTPS_PNR_MAIN - General PNR Data
E1FTPS_PNR_NAME_OUT - Output of Name Elements in PNR
E1FTPS_PNR_OSI_OUT - Output of 'Other Supplementary Information' in PNR
E1FTPS_PNR_PHONE_OUT - Output of Telephone Data in PNR
E1FTPS_PNR_REMARKS_OUT - Output of Remarks in PNR
E1FTPS_PNR_SEG_ASSOC_OUT - Output of Link Between PNR No. and Segment No.
E1FTPS_PNR_SSR_OUT - Output of 'Special Service Request' in PNR
E1FTPS_PNR_SYNC - Syncronization of External Travel Planning - General Data
E1FTPS_PNR_TKT_OUT - Output of Ticket Data in PNR
E1FTPS_PNR_TRIPINFO - Travel Information in PNR
E1FTPS_PNR_TST_OUT - Airfare information
E1TRPL_RAIL_PORTAL_CANCEL - Rail Portal: Cancellation of a Service
E1TRPL_RAIL_PORTAL_CC_TRANS - Rail Portal: Credit Card Transaction
E1TRPL_RAIL_PORTAL_CONNECT - Rail Portal: Connection (Train Connection)
E1TRPL_RAIL_PORTAL_ORDER - Rail Portal: Request Data
E1TRPL_RAIL_PORTAL_SEGMENT - Rail Portal Segment (Train Segment)
E1TRPL_RAIL_PORTAL_SERVICE - Rail Portal: Service (Ticket, Seat Reservation etc.)
ERRORS_TYPE_ERROR - Proxy Structure (generated)
FITP_ADDR3_VAL - Return Structure for the Address of a Person in a Company
FITP_DOCU - Structure for Program Fields to be Documented
FITP_FLIGHT_AVAIL_AIRLINE - Flight Availability Input
FITP_FLIGHT_AVAIL_CABIN - Flight Availability Input
FITP_FLIGHT_AVAIL_CLASS - Flight Availability Input
FITP_FLIGHT_AVAIL_CONNECT - Flight Availability Input
FITP_FLIGHT_AVAIL_FOR_SELL - Flight Availability Input
FITP_FLIGHT_AVAIL_IN - Flight Availability Input
FITP_FLIGHT_AVAIL_OUT - Flight Availability Output
FITP_FLIGHT_AVAIL_SEQUENCE - Flight Availability Input
FITP_FLIGHT_SELL - Flight Reservation
FITP_FLIGHT_SELL2 - Flight Reservation
FITP_GEN_FLIGHT_AVAIL_IN - Flight Availability Input
FITP_HR_MASTER_DATA - HR Master Record: Infotype 0001 (Org. Assignment)
FITP_USADDR3 - Assignment of User Name to Address Fields
FITP_USER - User-Dependent Information
FITP_USER_DATA - User-Dependent Information
FITS_DYNPROTEXT_C - Dynpro Fields for Customizing Views
FTPS_1G_CAR_AVAIL_OUT - Galileo Car Avail Out
FTPS_1G_FARE_NOTE_IN - Fare Note in
FTPS_1G_FARE_NOTE_OUT - Fare Note out
FTPS_1G_OPTION_IN - Galileo Option in
FTPS_1G_PNR_ADDRESS - Address Element
FTPS_ADDRESS - Address and Geocoordinates
FTPS_API - API basic fields
FTPS_APIS_DATA - Structure for APIS DATA (Advanced Passenger Info Service)
FTPS_API_AIRPORT_CODE - Airport code structure
FTPS_API_AIR_CAR_SEG - AIR : Structure to describe CAR information for Automated
FTPS_API_AIR_FARE_DATA - AIR : Price Data Description
FTPS_API_AIR_FARE_ELEMENT - AIR : Description of Airfare Elements
FTPS_API_AIR_FARE_SEG_DATA - AIR : Description of Airfare
FTPS_API_AIR_FARE_SUPP - AIR : Fare Data line description
FTPS_API_AIR_FLIGHT_SEG - AIR : Flight Information
FTPS_API_AIR_FOP - Record for FORM of Payment
FTPS_API_AIR_FQTV_DATA - Frequent Flyer information stored in AIR
FTPS_API_AIR_GENERAL_DATA - Decription of High level data for AIR/IMR records
FTPS_API_AIR_HOTEL_DIRECT - AIR : Structure to describe Flight information for Automated
FTPS_API_AIR_HOTEL_SEG - AIR : Structure to describe Hotel information for Automated
FTPS_API_AIR_MANUAL_SEG - AIR : Structure to describe Manual Segment information
FTPS_API_AIR_RECLOC_LIST - List of national system record locator returned in AIR/IMR
FTPS_API_AIR_SEAT_DATA - AIR : Seating Information
FTPS_API_AIR_SECOND_DATA - AIR : Additional Information
FTPS_API_AIR_SSR_DATA - Frequent Flyer information stored in AIR
FTPS_API_AIR_SURFACE_SEG - AIR : Structure to describe Flight information
FTPS_API_AIR_TAX_DATA - AIR : Tax line description
FTPS_API_AIR_TKT_DATA - AIR : Ticket Information
FTPS_API_AIR_TRAIN_SEGMENT - AIR : Structure to describe Flight information
FTPS_API_CAR_AVAIL_APPEND_OUT - Car availability append structure
FTPS_API_CAR_AVAIL_IN - Rental car availability: input
FTPS_API_CAR_AVAIL_OUT - Rental Car Availability: Output
FTPS_API_CAR_CATEGORY_RULE - Car rental category rule
FTPS_API_CAR_LOC_INDEX - Rental car location index
FTPS_API_CAR_LOC_LIST - Rental car location list
FTPS_API_CAR_MODIFY - Rental car availability: input
FTPS_API_CAR_PRICE_LIST - Rental car price list
FTPS_API_CAR_PRICE_LIST2 - Car availability append structure
FTPS_API_CAR_RULE - Rental car rule
FTPS_API_CAR_SELL_IN - Rental Car Sales Input
FTPS_API_CAR_SEL_OPT - Car rental availability option
FTPS_API_CAR_VENDOR_OUT - Rental car vendor output
FTPS_API_CATEGORY_LIST - List of Fare Note Categories
FTPS_API_CC_ADDRESS - Credit card address for verification
FTPS_API_CHARGE_CC_IN - Structure to store input parameters for CC
FTPS_API_CLASS_LIST - List of classes for segment sell
FTPS_API_CONTRACTNUMBER - Structure list for contract number
FTPS_API_DETL_FILE_DESC - File Information
FTPS_API_FARE_FAREOPTIONS - Pricing option parameters when requesting low fare search
FTPS_API_FARE_FAREOPTIONS2 - Pricing option parameters when requesting low fare search
FTPS_API_FARE_FARESBYROUT - Fare that applies to the routing
FTPS_API_FARE_FARESBYSEGM - Info on fares that applies to the segment
FTPS_API_FARE_FLGTNUMDTAIL - Pertaining information to the flight number.
FTPS_API_FARE_ITIN_OPTION - Optional itinerary parameters
FTPS_API_FARE_ITIN_OPTION2 - Optional itinerary parameters
FTPS_API_FARE_MSGERR_LIST - Contains the textuel error condition message via free flow.
FTPS_API_FARE_OFFFARES - Fare that applies to the itinerary, organized by psger types
FTPS_API_FARE_PENALTIES - Penalties that were applied to the quoted fare.
FTPS_API_FARE_PXTYP_TOFARE - Low fare search options related to the passenger
FTPS_API_FARE_RECOMMEND - Includes total fare, flight itinerary and fare specifics.
FTPS_API_FARE_RES_CNTRLID - all information pertaining to the res control id.
FTPS_API_FARE_ROUTINGOPT - Rout.opt. that can be specif. for each seg. in the itinerary
FTPS_API_FARE_ROUTINGOPT2 - Rout.opt. that can be specif. for each seg. in the itinerary
FTPS_API_FARE_SEARCH2_IN - Main input structure for Low Fare Search API
FTPS_API_FARE_SEARCHERROR - Contains error message response
FTPS_API_FARE_SEARCH_IN - Main input structure for Low Fare Search API
FTPS_API_FARE_SEARCH_OUT - Output structure, a max of 4 recommendations can be returned
FTPS_API_FARE_SUGGROUTING - Information pertaining to the flight itinerary
FTPS_API_FARE_SUGGSEGMENT - info pertaining to the flight segm that make up this routing
FTPS_API_FARE_SUGGSEGMENT2 - info pertaining to the flight segm that make up this routing
FTPS_API_FARE_SUGGSEGMENT3 - info pertaining to the flight segm that make up this routing
FTPS_API_FARE_TAX - For the actual tax amounts for the given taxcategory
FTPS_API_FARE_TAXOPTIONS - Diff options when requesting tax options
FTPS_API_FLIGHT2_ADDPRDINFODTL - Info for additional flight and gate information
FTPS_API_FLIGHT2_APPL_ERR_INFO - info relatedo to an app. error, text, type & resp. agency
FTPS_API_FLIGHT2_AVAIL_IN - Flight Availability Input 2
FTPS_API_FLIGHT2_AVAIL_OUT - Flight Availability Output 2
FTPS_API_FLIGHT2_AVAIL_TRV_DTL - List of travel product and city info response
FTPS_API_FLIGHT2_CABINDETAILS - cabin type to reduce the availability
FTPS_API_FLIGHT2_CONNECTIONDTL - info related to connection city and time between flights
FTPS_API_FLIGHT2_FREE_TXT - Text message pertaining to the request
FTPS_API_FLIGHT2_PRD_INFO_DTL - Status, class, and modifiers for a generic product.
FTPS_API_FLIGHT2_PREF_AIRLINE - Preferences for airline, flightnum, op.suffix, class of serv
FTPS_API_FLIGHT2_SEQ_NUMBER - List of seq. code for the availability information
FTPS_API_FLIGHT2_TRV_PRD_INFO - List of flight options for an input request.
FTPS_API_FLIGHT_AVAIL_IN - Flight availability input
FTPS_API_FLIGHT_AVAIL_OUT - Flight Availability Output
FTPS_API_FLIGHT_CATEGORY - List of flight category codes
FTPS_API_FLIGHT_CLASS_OUT - Flight class output
FTPS_API_FLIGHT_LEG_ASSOC - Flight leg connection
FTPS_API_FLIGHT_LEG_DETAIL - Flight leg detail
FTPS_API_FLIGHT_LEG_MEAL - Flight leg meal
FTPS_API_FLIGHT_LEG_SERV - Flight leg service
FTPS_API_FLIGHT_LIST_IN - Flight Availability List: Input
FTPS_API_FLIGHT_PRICE_IN - Flight price input
FTPS_API_FLIGHT_PRICE_SET - Flight price input
FTPS_API_FLIGHT_PRICE_TAX - Flight price list
FTPS_API_FLIGHT_REBOOK_IN - List of flight status with segment number
FTPS_API_FLIGHT_STATUS_IN - List of flight status with segment number
FTPS_API_HOTEL_AVAIL_IN - Hotel availability input
FTPS_API_HOTEL_AVAIL_OPT - Hotel availability option
FTPS_API_HOTEL_AVAIL_OUT - Hotel availability output
FTPS_API_HOTEL_LINE_OUT - Hotel line output
FTPS_API_HOTEL_MODIFY - Hotel availability input
FTPS_API_HOTEL_MULTI_AVAIL - Hotel multi availability
FTPS_API_HOTEL_MULTI_RATE - Hotel multi rate
FTPS_API_HOTEL_RATE_EXTRA - Hotel rate extra
FTPS_API_HOTEL_SELL_OPTIONS - Hotel sell options
FTPS_API_HOTEL_SINGL_RATE - Hotel single rate ?????????????
FTPS_API_ID_COUPLE - 2 parameters used to associate internal table lines
FTPS_API_IMR_FLIGHT - Flight Description
FTPS_API_LOGFILE_DETAIL - Log file content
FTPS_API_MULTI_AIRPORT - contains information pertaining to the ATA/IATA airprot/city
FTPS_API_NEST_NUM_LIST - Redefinition of Numeric List
FTPS_API_NEST_TATTOO_LIST - Redefinition of numeric for list
FTPS_API_NEST_TEXT_OUTPUT - Nested list of text
FTPS_API_NUMERIC - Redefinition of Numeric List
FTPS_API_NUMERIC_LIST - Redefinition of Numeric List
FTPS_API_OFFICE_LIST - List of office Ids
FTPS_API_OFFICE_QUEUE - Travel agency queue
FTPS_API_OPTION_IN - Structure for input option list
FTPS_API_OPTION_OUT - Miscellaneous structure for output data
FTPS_API_OUTPUT_TEXT_LEV2 - Output text level 2
FTPS_API_PASSENGER_LIST - List of passenger's numbers from the PNR name section.
FTPS_API_PASSENGER_TYPES - Passenger type code to request in the low fare search
FTPS_API_PNR_ACK_DATA - PNR receipt message
FTPS_API_PNR_CAR - PNR car rental
FTPS_API_PNR_CAR_RATE_INFO - PNR car rental rate info
FTPS_API_PNR_CAR_RATE_QUOTE - PNR car rental rate quote
FTPS_API_PNR_FQTV - PNR Frequent Flyer
FTPS_API_PNR_LIST - List of Booking Records (PNR)
FTPS_API_PNR_TK_ELEM - PNR Flight Ticket Line
FTPS_API_PRICE_CAT_INFO - Category information data
FTPS_API_PRICE_COMP_OUT - Price Component Output
FTPS_API_PRICE_COMP_OUT2 - Price Component Output
FTPS_API_PRICE_DATA_OUT2 - Price Data Output
FTPS_API_PRICE_ERROR - Line to describe the list of errors
FTPS_API_PRICE_EXCHANGE - Exchange rates coming from Amadeus
FTPS_API_PRICE_FARE_LINE - Fare information returned as display
FTPS_API_PRICE_FARE_LINE2 - Fare information returned as display
FTPS_API_PRICE_ITIN_OUT - Valuated Trip Plan Output
FTPS_API_PRICE_ITIN_OUT2 - Valuated Trip Plan Output
FTPS_API_PRICE_NEGO_LIST - Nego list parameters
FTPS_API_PRICE_NOTE_HEAD - Description of header for Fare Notes
FTPS_API_PRICE_PAX_CODES - Indicator for Passenger Type and Discount
FTPS_API_PRICE_PAX_OUT - Name of Passenger - Output
FTPS_API_PRICE_PSGR_LINE - Fare information returned as display
FTPS_API_PRICE_PSGR_LINE2 - Fare information returned as display
FTPS_API_PRICE_SEG_IN - Valuated Segment Output
FTPS_API_PRICE_SEG_LIST - List of Segments Associated to Price Criteria
FTPS_API_PRICE_SEG_OUT - Valuated Segment Output
FTPS_API_PRICE_TAX_OUT - Description of Amadeus Tax information
FTPS_API_RAIL_BABS_ELEM - Structure to describe BABS element
FTPS_API_RAIL_BABS_IN - Structure for BABS input
FTPS_API_RAIL_BABS_OUT - Structure for BABS output
FTPS_API_RAIL_CONNECTION_IN - Rail - Connection Station
FTPS_API_RAIL_CONNECT_IN - Rail - Connection Station
FTPS_API_RAIL_EPA_ABTEIL - Struct. used for compartment description
FTPS_API_RAIL_EPA_ANTW - Structure for train reply in EPA
FTPS_API_RAIL_EPA_IN - Structure used in input for EPA transaction
FTPS_API_RAIL_EPA_KONT - Structure for KONT element in the EPA Definition
FTPS_API_RAIL_EPA_LAGE - Struct. which describe the seat location in German & French
FTPS_API_RAIL_EPA_OUT - Structure used in output for EPA transaction
FTPS_API_RAIL_EVA_IN - Input Request for Train Schedule
FTPS_API_RAIL_EVA_OFFSET - Structure to describe offset table
FTPS_API_RAIL_EVA_OUT - Rail - Output Data
FTPS_API_RAIL_EVA_TRAIN - Rail - Availability Departure and Arrival Data
FTPS_API_RAIL_FAU_ERM_LAND - Input structure for K_ERM_LAND element
FTPS_API_RAIL_FAU_ERM_SATZ - Input structure for K_ERM_SATZ element
FTPS_API_RAIL_FAU_IN - Input structure to format pricing entry
FTPS_API_RAIL_FAU_OUT - Output structure to format pricing entry
FTPS_API_RAIL_FAU_WEG_TEXT - Structure for K_WEG_TEXT element
FTPS_API_RAIL_FIN_IN - Structure to format pricing entry
FTPS_API_RAIL_FIN_OUT - Structure to format pricing response
FTPS_API_RAIL_FIN_TEXT - Desciptive text for Start/fin
FTPS_API_RAIL_FIN_VIA - Name of Arrival or Interchange Station
FTPS_API_RAIL_STATION_OUT - Rail - Availability List of Stations
FTPS_API_RAIL_TRAIN_ATTRBT - Rail - Availability Attributes
FTPS_API_RAIL_VIA_STATION_IN - Entry of Interchange Stations
FTPS_API_RAIL_VIA_STAT_IN - Entry of Interchange Stations
FTPS_API_RAIL_VPC_HEADER - Connection Information with START (VPC)
FTPS_API_RETRIEVE_NAME_IN - Input structure when retrieving by name
FTPS_API_SAVE_IN - Save Parameter in
FTPS_API_SEAT_MAP - Seat Map : Entry Parameters
FTPS_API_SEAT_MAP_DET - Seat Map details per category
FTPS_API_SEAT_MAP_IN - Seat Map : Further Entry Parameters
FTPS_API_SEAT_MAP_OUT - Seat Map : Output Parameters
FTPS_API_STRING - Redefinition of Data Type String
FTPS_API_STRING_LIST - Index List for Data Type STRING
FTPS_API_STRING_NODE - Index List for Data Type String Node
FTPS_API_TST_SEG_DETAIL - Ticket Segment Information
FTPS_API_USER_ID - API USer identification
FTPS_AUTH - Authorization for Travel Planning
FTPS_BIBE_AUFTRAG - Deutsche Bahn BIBE: Order
FTPS_BIBE_AUSKUNFT - Deutsche Bahn BIBE: Information
FTPS_BIBE_DETAILS_RESPONSE - Deutsche Bahn BIBE: Response Structure Detail Order Search
FTPS_BIBE_DETAILS_RESULT - Deutsche Bahn BIBE: Result Structure Detail Order Search
FTPS_BIBE_GELDBETRAG - Deutsche Bahn BIBE: Monetary Amount
FTPS_BIBE_KREDITKARTENTRANS - Deutsche Bahn BIBE: Credit Card Transaction
FTPS_BIBE_LEISTUNG - Deutsche Bahn BIBE: Service
FTPS_BIBE_RECHNUNGSBETRAG - Deutsche Bahn BIBE: Invoice Amount
FTPS_BIBE_RELATION - Deutsche Bahn BIBE: Relation
FTPS_BIBE_RESERVIERUNGINFO - Deutsche Bahn BIBE: Reservation Info
FTPS_BIBE_STORNO - Deutsche Bahn BIBE: Cancellation
FTPS_BIBE_TICKETINFO - Deutsche Bahn BIBE: Ticket Information
FTPS_BIBE_VERBINDUNG - Deutsche Bahn BIBE: Relation
FTPS_BIBE_ZUGABSCHNITT - Deutsche Bahn BIBE: Train Segment
FTPS_CAR - Rental Car Price List
FTPS_CARLOCATION_CHECK - Car Rental Branch Offices - Check Indicator
FTPS_CAR_AVAIL_IN - Rental Car Availability: Input
FTPS_CAR_AVAIL_INFO_OUT - Rental Car Availability: Output
FTPS_CAR_AVAIL_OUT - Rental Car Price List
FTPS_CAR_AVAIL_PROVIDER_OUT - Rental Car Vendor Output
FTPS_CAR_CARD_GUID - Encryption of Credit Card Data for Rental Cars
FTPS_CAR_CHECK - Rental Car Check Indicator
FTPS_CAR_CUSTOMERID - Customer Program Rental Car
FTPS_CAR_DELETE - Entry Parameter for Car Rental Cancelation
FTPS_CAR_EXT_PLAN - External Planning Car
FTPS_CAR_FARE - Rental Car Rate
FTPS_CAR_LIST - Rental Car Description
FTPS_CAR_LIST_HEADER - Header Data of Rental Car List
FTPS_CAR_LOC - Description of Rental Car Locations
FTPS_CAR_LOCATION - Car Rental Branch Offices
FTPS_CAR_NEGO_FARES - Rental Car Nego Fares
FTPS_CAR_PROVIDER - Rental Car Vendor Output
FTPS_CAR_PROV_AVAIL_IN - Entry Parameter for Car Rental Provider Availability
FTPS_CAR_PROV_INFO - Data for Car Rental Company
FTPS_CAR_RULE - Car Rental Rate Rule
FTPS_CAR_RULE_ADD_INFO - Additional Room Information
FTPS_CAR_SELL_IN - Entry Parameter: Car Rental Reservation
FTPS_CAT_RES_SYSTEM - Category-Specific Reservation System
FTPS_CC_INFO - Credit Card Entry in Screen
FTPS_CC_INFO2 - Credit Card Entry in Screen
FTPS_CHEAPEST_FARE - Lowest-Cost Alternative Airfare Rate
FTPS_COMMUNICATION - Communication Method
FTPS_CONNECTION_PARAMETER - Connection parameter for reservation systems
FTPS_CONTACT_DATA_DYNPRO - Contact Data for Booking Data Screen
FTPS_CREDIT_CARD - Credit Card in Travel Planning
FTPS_CTRL_PARAM_CAT_RES_SYS - Control Parameters for Determination of Categ-Spec Res. Sys
FTPS_DIRECT_HOTEL - Structure Fields needed for Direct Hotel Providers
FTPS_EXCEEDING_FARE - Excess Amount over Lowest Offer
FTPS_FARE - Airfare Rate Amount/Currency
FTPS_FARE_COMP - Rate component
FTPS_FARE_COMP_OUT - Rate component
FTPS_FLIGHT_DELETE - Entry Parameter for Flight Cancelation
FTPS_FLIGHT_FCMP - Rate Details by Flight Segment
FTPS_FLIGHT_FCMP_OUT - Rate Details by Flight Segment
FTPS_FLIGHT_LF_OPTIONS - Transfer Options for Best-Price Determination in a Screen
FTPS_FLIGHT_LIST - List of Available Flights (Portal RFC Interface)
FTPS_FLIGHT_LOWFARE_LIST - List of Proposed Low-Fare Flights (Portal RFC Interface)
FTPS_FLIGHT_RES - Flight Reservation
FTPS_FLIGHT_SEL_CHECK_OUTPUT - Check Flight Selection Output
FTPS_FLIGHT_TST_EXTERNAL_PL - External Planning Enhancement Structure
FTPS_FOID - Identification Possibility
FTPS_FREQ_FLYER - Frequent Flyer Program
FTPS_HAFAS - Interface parameters for HAFAS API
FTPS_HAFAS_ATTRIBUTES - Attributes for HAFAS connections
FTPS_HAFAS_CONNECTION - Single Connection of a Trip
FTPS_HAFAS_IN_REQ - Request Input Structure
FTPS_HAFAS_IN_STATION - Input Start-, Destination-, Via Stations
FTPS_HAFAS_OUT_REQ - Request Output Structure
FTPS_HAFAS_PRODUCT - Products of a Connection
FTPS_HAFAS_STATION - Train Stations for Import from HAFAS
FTPS_HAFAS_TRIP - Train Connection
FTPS_HOTEL_APPEND_HRS - Append Structure HRS Connection for FTPT_HOTEL
FTPS_HOTEL_AVAIL_IN - Entry Parameters for Hotel Availability
FTPS_HOTEL_AVAIL_OUT - Hotel Availability: Hotel
FTPS_HOTEL_CARD_GUID - Encryptiong of Credit Card Data for Hotels
FTPS_HOTEL_CHECK - Hotel Check Indicator
FTPS_HOTEL_DELETE - Entry Parameter for Hotel/Room Cancelation
FTPS_HOTEL_DETAILS_IN - Entry Parameter: Hotel/Room Reservation
FTPS_HOTEL_LIST - Hotel Description
FTPS_HOTEL_LIST_GENERIC - Generische Hotel und Zimmerliste ( GDS & Direktres. System )
FTPS_HOTEL_LIST_HEADER - Header Data of Hotel List (Portal RFC Interface)
FTPS_HOTEL_SELL_IN - Entry Parameter: Hotel/Room Reservation
FTPS_HRS_AV_PRICE - HRS Average Room Price
FTPS_HRS_B_DETAIL - HRS Booking Detail
FTPS_HRS_DISTANCE - HRS Hotel Distance to Special Points of Interest
FTPS_HRS_GEO_POS - HRS Hotel Geo Position
FTPS_HRS_HOTEL_INFO - HRS Additional Hotel Information
FTPS_HRS_HOTEL_SEARCH_IN - Input Parameters for Hotel Availability HRS
FTPS_HRS_NR_OF_ROOMS - HRS Hotel Number Of Rooms
FTPS_HRS_PROP_ROW - HRS Properties Row Type
FTPS_HRS_PROP_SUBROW - HRS Properties Subrow Type
FTPS_HRS_RES_REQUEST - HRS Reservation Request
FTPS_IMR_CAR_SEG - AIR : Structure to describe CAR information for Automated
FTPS_IMR_DETAILS - IMR - Detail Information
FTPS_IMR_FARE_DATA - AIR : Price Data Description
FTPS_IMR_FARE_ELEMENTS - IMR: Passenger Information for Price Determination
FTPS_IMR_FLIGHT - AIR : Flight Information
FTPS_IMR_FQTV - IMR: Customer Programs
FTPS_IMR_HOTEL_DIRECT - AIR : Structure to describe Flight information for Automated
FTPS_IMR_HOTEL_SEG - AIR : Structure to describe Hotel information for Automated
FTPS_IMR_KEY - Key for Information Management record
FTPS_IMR_MANUAL_SEG - AIR : Structure to describe Manual Segment information
FTPS_IMR_PSGRS - Passenger Names
FTPS_IMR_SEATS - IMR: Seating Information
FTPS_IMR_SSRS - IMR: Information on Special Service Requirements
FTPS_IMR_SURFACE_SEG - AIR : Structure to describe Flight information
FTPS_IMR_TKT - IMR : Ticket Information
FTPS_IMR_TRAIN_SEG - AIR : Structure to describe Flight information
FTPS_ITEM_CHECK - Indicator for Check of Travel Reservation Request (Portal)
FTPS_ITEM_STATUS - ITEM STATUS for External Access: Portal Integration
FTPS_JRES_RAIL_AVAIL_FARE_IN_2 - JRes Rail priced availability request
FTPS_JRES_RAIL_BANK_ACCOUNTS_2 - JRes Rail payment bank account information
FTPS_JRES_RAIL_BOOKING_2 - JRes Rail booking parameters
FTPS_JRES_RAIL_CANCEL_ALL_2 - JRes Parameters for requesting full cancel. of rail booking
FTPS_JRES_RAIL_CONNECTIONS_2 - JRes Rail connection parameters
FTPS_JRES_RAIL_CONNECT_IN_2 - JRes Rail reservation system connection parameters - input
FTPS_JRES_RAIL_CONNECT_OUT_2 - JRes Rail reservation system connection parameters - output
FTPS_JRES_RAIL_CREDIT_CARDS_2 - JRes Rail payment credit card information
FTPS_JRES_RAIL_DISCOUNTS_2 - JRes Rail booking discount parameters
FTPS_JRES_RAIL_OPTIONS_2 - JRes Options table for general use
FTPS_JRES_RAIL_PAYMENTS_2 - JRes Rail payment information
FTPS_JRES_RAIL_PREFERENCES_2 - JRes Rail booking preferences
FTPS_JRES_RAIL_PRICES_2 - JRes Rail booking prices
FTPS_JRES_RAIL_PRICES_3 - JRes Rail booking prices - Enhanced
FTPS_JRES_RAIL_PROVIDER_INFO_2 - JRes Rail provider specific information
FTPS_JRES_RAIL_RETRIEVE_2 - JRes Rail booking retrieval information
FTPS_JRES_RAIL_SEATS_2 - JRes Rail seat information with traveller association
FTPS_JRES_RAIL_SEGMENTS_2 - JRes Rail connection segment (train) information
FTPS_JRES_RAIL_SEGMENTS_3 - JRes Rail connection segment (train) information - Enhanced
FTPS_JRES_RAIL_SEGMENTS_4 - JRes Rail connection segment (train) info w/o seat details
FTPS_JRES_RAIL_SELL_FARE_IN_2 - JRes Rail fare booking input parameters
FTPS_JRES_RAIL_SELL_FARE_OUT_2 - JRes Rail fare booking output parameters
FTPS_JRES_RAIL_TAX_INFO_2 - JRes Rail booking tax information
FTPS_JRES_RAIL_TRAVELLERS_2 - JRes Rail traveller information
FTPS_JRES_RAIL_TRAVELLERS_3 - JRes Rail traveller information including address
FTPS_JRES_RAIL_VIA_POINTS_2 - JRes Rail booking via points
FTPS_LCC_PROVIDER - Low-Cost Carrier
FTPS_LCC_TICKET - Booking Data for Low-Cost Carrier
FTPS_LF_REASON_CODE_Z - Reason Codes and Texts
FTPS_LOCATION - Dynpro fields for IATA location
FTPS_LOYALITY_CARD - Travel Service Provider Frequent Traveler Card
FTPS_OS_PROPOSAL - Default Values for Other Travel Service
FTPS_OS_STATUS - Possible Status of Other Service
FTPS_OTA_ADDRESS - Preference Synchronization: Address Data
FTPS_OTA_AFFILIATIONS - Preference Synchronization: Company ID
FTPS_OTA_AIRLINELOYALTYRPH - Preference Synchronization: Flight Customer Loyalty Program
FTPS_OTA_AIRLINEPREF - Preference Synchronization: Flight Preferences
FTPS_OTA_AIRSSR - Preference Synchronization: Flight Preferences
FTPS_OTA_COMMONPREF - Preference Synchronization: Language Preferences
FTPS_OTA_CONTROLPARAMETER - Control Parameter For Preference Synchronization
FTPS_OTA_COSTCENTER - Preference Synchronization: Cost Center
FTPS_OTA_CREDITCARD - Preference Synchronization: Credit Cards
FTPS_OTA_CUSTLOYALTY - Preference Synchronization: Customer Loyalty Program
FTPS_OTA_CUSTOMER - Preference Synchronization: Customer Data
FTPS_OTA_DIRECTBILL - Preference Synchronization: Invoice Address
FTPS_OTA_EMAIL - Preference Synchronization: Email
FTPS_OTA_HOTELCOMPANYCODE - Preference Synchronization: Hotel Chain Preference
FTPS_OTA_HOTELLOYALTYRPH - Preference Synchronization: Hotel Customer Loyalty Program
FTPS_OTA_HOTELPREF - Preference Synchronization: Hotel Preferences
FTPS_OTA_OTHERSRVCPREF - Preference Synchronization: Further Service Preferences
FTPS_OTA_RESPONSE - Response Parameters For Preference Synchronization
FTPS_OTA_SUCCESSMSG - Preference Synchronization: Success Message
FTPS_OTA_TELEPHONEINFO - Preference Synchronization: Telephone Information
FTPS_OTA_UNIQUEID - Identification Parameter for Preference Synchronization
FTPS_OTA_VEHICLECOMPANYCODE - Preference Synchronization: Rental Car Provider
FTPS_OTA_VEHICLELOYALTYRPH - Preference Synchron.: Rental Car Customer Loyalty Program
FTPS_OTA_VEHICLERENTALPREF - Preference Synchronization: Rental Car Preferences
FTPS_OTA_WARNINGERROR - Error Parameter for Preference Synchronization
FTPS_OTHER_SERVICES - Customizing for Other Travel Services (see V_TA23OS)
FTPS_PERNR_UPD - Control Parameters For GDS Profile Synchronization
FTPS_PLAN - Key to travel plan table
FTPS_PNR - Generic PNR (Passenger Name Record)
FTPS_PNR_ADDRESS - Address Character String in PNR
FTPS_PNR_ADDRESS_OUT - Output of Addresses in PNR
FTPS_PNR_CAR_RATE - Rental Car Rate
FTPS_PNR_FLIGHT_RES_OUT - Output of Flight Reservations in PNR
FTPS_PNR_FLIGHT_TST_OUT - Output of Flight Reservations in PNR
FTPS_PNR_FOP - 'Form of Payment' in PNR
FTPS_PNR_FOP_OUT - Output of 'Form of Payments' in PNR
FTPS_PNR_FREQ_FLYER_OUT - Output of Frequent Flyer Programs in PNR
FTPS_PNR_INTERF_ADDRESS - Output of Addresses in PNR
FTPS_PNR_INTERF_FLIGHT - Output of Flight Reservations in PNR
FTPS_PNR_INTERF_FOP - Output of 'Form of Payments' in PNR
FTPS_PNR_INTERF_FREQ_FLYER - Output of Frequent Flyer Programs in PNR
FTPS_PNR_INTERF_NAME - Output of Name Elements in PNR
FTPS_PNR_INTERF_OSI - Output of 'Other Supplementary Information' in PNR
FTPS_PNR_INTERF_PHONE - Output of Telephone Data in PNR
FTPS_PNR_INTERF_REMARKS - Output of Remarks in PNR
FTPS_PNR_INTERF_SEG_ASSOC - Output of Link Between PNR No. and Segment No.
FTPS_PNR_INTERF_SSR - Output of 'Special Service Request' in PNR
FTPS_PNR_INTERF_TKT - Output of Ticket Data in PNR
FTPS_PNR_INTERF_TST - Output of Flight Reservations in PNR
FTPS_PNR_MAIN - General PNR Data
FTPS_PNR_NAME - Name Element in PNR
FTPS_PNR_NAME_OUT - Output of Name Elements in PNR
FTPS_PNR_OSI - 'Other Supplementary Information' in PNR
FTPS_PNR_OSI_OUT - Output of 'Other Supplementary Information' in PNR
FTPS_PNR_PHONE - Telephone Data in PNR
FTPS_PNR_PHONE_OUT - Output of Telephone Data in PNR
FTPS_PNR_REMARKS_OUT - Output of Remarks in PNR
FTPS_PNR_SEAT - PNR Seat Details
FTPS_PNR_SEG_ASSOC_OUT - Output of Link Between PNR No. and Segment No.
FTPS_PNR_SERVICE_REMARKS_OUT - Service-Specific Remarks
FTPS_PNR_SSR - 'Special Service Request' in PNR
FTPS_PNR_SSR2 - 'Special Service Request' in PNR
FTPS_PNR_SSR_OUT - Output of 'Special Service Request' in PNR
FTPS_PNR_SYNCHRO - Syncronization of External Travel Planning - General Data
FTPS_PNR_TKT - PNR Ticket Data
FTPS_PNR_TKT_OUT - Output of Ticket Data in PNR
FTPS_PNR_TRIPINFO - Travel Information in PNR
FTPS_QUEUE_LIST - List of PNRs in a Queue
FTPS_RAIL_TRAVELLER - Information About (Additional) Train Passengers
FTPS_REQUEST - Adobe form: Travel Plan Requests
FTPS_REQUEST_EXPENSES_ADDITION - Settlement Fields in Request Structure
FTPS_REQUEST_SERVICE_ADDITION - Additional Data for Other Travel Services in Travel Request
FTPS_REQ_ACCOUNT - Adobe form: Travel Request Cost Assignment
FTPS_REQ_ADVANCE - Adobe form: Travel Request Advance
FTPS_REQ_DOC_DELIVERY - Delivery of Requested Travel Service Documents
FTPS_REQ_REASON - Reason for Travel Request
FTPS_RFC_FLIGHT_DETAIL - Structure for Portal Flight Detail
FTPS_RFC_FLIGHT_INPUT - Flight Input for External Access (Portal Integration)
FTPS_RFC_FLIGHT_MULTIPLE_LINE - Flight Input: Multiple Flight for External Access (Portal)
FTPS_RFC_LOCATION - Assignment of IATA Code to Name (Language-Dependent)
FTPS_ROOM_ADD_INFO - Additional Room Information
FTPS_ROOM_AVAIL_IN - Room Availability Entry Parameter
FTPS_ROOM_AVAIL_INFO_OUT - Hotel Availability: Additional Room Information
FTPS_ROOM_AVAIL_OUT - Hotel Availability: Room List
FTPS_ROOM_LIST - Hotel Room Data
FTPS_ROOM_LIST_HEADER - Header Data of Room List (Portal RFC Interface)
FTPS_SEATMAP_ELEMENTS - Elements of Flight Seat Map
FTPS_SEATMAP_IN - Seat Map : Entry Parameters
FTPS_SEATMAP_LIST_OUT - Seat Map: Description and Availability of Seats
FTPS_SEATMAP_SUM_OUT - Seat Map: Summary Information
FTPS_SERVICE_PROVIDER - Travel Service Providers
FTPS_SYNC_DESTINATIONS - Synchronized Trip Destinations from External Planning
FTPS_TEXT - Information text
FTPS_TEXT_TAB - Selection Text Table
FTPS_TRAIN_EXTERNAL_PL - External Planning Enhancement Structure
FTPS_TRAVELLER - Traveler Data
FTPS_WEB_ADDRESS - Travel Web Interface: Addresses
FTPS_WEB_ADDRESS_NUM - Addresses with Line Number
FTPS_WEB_ADDRESS_WITH_KEY - Travel Web Interface: Addresses
FTPS_WEB_ALTERNATIVE_LOC - Alternative Location Related to Request (Flight Query)
FTPS_WEB_ALTERNATIVE_LOC - Alternative Location Related to Request (Flight Query)
FTPS_WEB_CARDPROVIDER - Credit Card Companies
FTPS_WEB_CAR_DATES - Car Date (Portal RFC Interface)
FTPS_WEB_CAR_DROPOFF - (Portal RFC Interface)
FTPS_WEB_CAR_HEADER - Car Title (Portal RFC Interface)
FTPS_WEB_CAR_LIST - List of Rental Cars (Portal RFC Interface)
FTPS_WEB_CAR_LIST_HEADER - Header Data for Rental Car List
FTPS_WEB_CAR_LOCATION_LIST - Rental Car Provider Locations (Portal RFC Interface)
FTPS_WEB_CAR_PICKUP - (Portal RFC-Interface)
FTPS_WEB_CAR_RULE - Rental Car Rate Rule (Portal)
FTPS_WEB_CAR_SERVICE - (Portal RFC Interface)
FTPS_WEB_COMPACT_FARE_NOTES - Compact flight fare notes (with multiple TST support)
FTPS_WEB_CREDIT_CARD - Travel Profile: Credit Cards
FTPS_WEB_CUSTOM_ADDRESS - Structure for Address Info of Adjustment (Infotypes)
FTPS_WEB_CUSTOM_COMMUNICATION - Structure for Telephone Info of Adjustment (Infotypes)
FTPS_WEB_CUSTOM_PROG - Travel Profile: Customer Programs
FTPS_WEB_DOMAIN - Structure for All Domain Information
FTPS_WEB_FLIGHT_ARRIVAL - Flight Arrival (Portal RFC Interface)
FTPS_WEB_FLIGHT_CHECK_OUTPUT - Check Flight Selection Output
FTPS_WEB_FLIGHT_CHECK_RESULT - Check Result for Flight Availability
FTPS_WEB_FLIGHT_DEPARTURE - Flight Departure (Portal RFC Interface)
FTPS_WEB_FLIGHT_DETAIL - Flight Portrays Exact Structure
FTPS_WEB_FLIGHT_FARE - Airfare Rates (Portal RFC Interface)
FTPS_WEB_FLIGHT_FARE_COMP - Fare Basis (Portal RFC Interface)
FTPS_WEB_FLIGHT_FARE_DETAIL - Airfare Rate Details (Portal RFC Interface)
FTPS_WEB_FLIGHT_FARE_INPUT - Structure with All Parameters for Flight Availability
FTPS_WEB_FLIGHT_FARE_NOTE - Airfare Rate Information (Portal RFC Interface)
FTPS_WEB_FLIGHT_FCMP - Assignment of Flights to Fare Bases (Portal RFC Interface)
FTPS_WEB_FLIGHT_HEADER - Flight Title (Portal RFC Interface)
FTPS_WEB_FLIGHT_INPUT - Structure with All Parameters for Flight Availability
FTPS_WEB_FLIGHT_LF_LIST_FARE - Flight Best-Price: Fare Group Fare Data
FTPS_WEB_FLIGHT_LF_LIST_FLIGHT - Flight Best-Price: Flight Segment Data
FTPS_WEB_FLIGHT_LF_LIST_GROUP - Flight Best-Price: Fare Group
FTPS_WEB_FLIGHT_LF_LIST_RECOM - Flight Best-Price: Recommendation Data
FTPS_WEB_FLIGHT_LIST - List of Available Flights (Portal RFC Interface)
FTPS_WEB_FLIGHT_LIST_HEADER - Flight Availability Title
FTPS_WEB_FLIGHT_LIST_KEY - Key for List of Available Flights (Portal RFC Interface)
FTPS_WEB_FLIGHT_LIST_KEY - Key for List of Available Flights (Portal RFC Interface)
FTPS_WEB_FLIGHT_LOWFARE_LIST - List of Proposed Low-Fare Flights (Portal RFC Interface)
FTPS_WEB_FLIGHT_PREF_INPUT - Structure for Flight Preferences (PS0471 Infotype)
FTPS_WEB_FLIGHT_PREF_OUTPUT - Initial Structure for Flight Preferences
FTPS_WEB_FLIGHT_RES_INPUT - Flight Availability Selection for Reservation
FTPS_WEB_FLIGHT_SERVICE - Flight (Portal RFC Interface)
FTPS_WEB_FLIGHT_TST - Complete Ticket Information (Portal RFC Interface)
FTPS_WEB_FLIGHT_TSTK - Ticket Information (Portal RFC Interface)
FTPS_WEB_FOID - Information about Form of Identification, PNR for ETIX
FTPS_WEB_GEOCHOICE - Selection of Addresses for Geocoding
FTPS_WEB_GEOCODING - Travel Web Interface: Geocoding
FTPS_WEB_GEOCODING_HEX - Geocoding as in TA21L
FTPS_WEB_GEOCODING_NUM - Geocoding with Line Number
FTPS_WEB_HOTEL_ACCESS - Hotel data access possibilities
FTPS_WEB_HOTEL_DATES - Hotel Date (Portal RFC Interface)
FTPS_WEB_HOTEL_HEADER - Hotel Title (Portal RFC Interface)
FTPS_WEB_HOTEL_HRS_DETAIL - HRS Hotel Details: Detail Information (Portal RFC Interface)
FTPS_WEB_HOTEL_HRS_DG - HRS Hotel Details: Detail Group+Name (Portal RFC Interface)
FTPS_WEB_HOTEL_HRS_EVENT - Events Hotel Location with Stay (Portal RFC Interface)
FTPS_WEB_HOTEL_HRS_IMAGE - HRS Hotel List: Hotel Photo URLs (Portal RFC Interface)
FTPS_WEB_HOTEL_HRS_LIST - HRS Hotel List (Portal RFC Interface)
FTPS_WEB_HOTEL_HRS_NOTIF - HRS: Possible Notification Type with Booking etc.
FTPS_WEB_HOTEL_HRS_PRICE - HRS Hotel List: Price Data (Portal RFC Interface)
FTPS_WEB_HOTEL_INFO_CAT_OUT - Hotel Information - Meaning of Category
FTPS_WEB_HOTEL_LIST - List of Available Hotels (Portal RFC Interface)
FTPS_WEB_HOTEL_LIST_HEADER - Header Data of Hotel List (Portal RFC Interface)
FTPS_WEB_HOTEL_SERVICE - Hotel (Portal RFC Interface)
FTPS_WEB_INFTYPE_AUTH - Read/Write authorizations for Infotypes
FTPS_WEB_ITEM - Structures for Item Table
FTPS_WEB_ITEM_SERVICE - Item Service (Portal RFC Interface)
FTPS_WEB_ITEM_SERVICE_PDF - Adobe Form - Item Service (Portal RFC Interface)
FTPS_WEB_LOCATION - Assignment of IATA Code to Name (Language-Dependent)
FTPS_WEB_MEALS_F4 - Meal Codes
FTPS_WEB_OTHER_SERVICE - Structure "Other Service" for Web RFC and Itinerary
FTPS_WEB_PLAN - Plan Planning Data (Portal RFC Interface)
FTPS_WEB_PLAN_CONTROL - Control Parameters for Travel Planning
FTPS_WEB_PLAN_KEY - (RFC Portal Interface)
FTPS_WEB_PLAN_OUT - Trip Planning Data (Portal RFC Interface)
FTPS_WEB_PLAN_OUT_PDF - Adobe Form - Travel Planning Data
FTPS_WEB_PLAN_SERVICES - Services offered by the Travel Planning application
FTPS_WEB_PLAN_STATUS - Agency Status Travel Plan
FTPS_WEB_RAIL_ACCESS - Rail data access possibilities
FTPS_WEB_RAIL_AVAIL_HEADER - Header Data of Rail Availability List
FTPS_WEB_RAIL_CONNECTION - Rail: Connection Data
FTPS_WEB_RAIL_SEAT_REQ - Rail Seat Request
FTPS_WEB_RAIL_SEGMENT - Rail: Connection Segment Data
FTPS_WEB_REASON_CODE - Reason Codes and Texts
FTPS_WEB_REQUEST_SERVICE - Travel Request: Travel Service Requests for Web UI
FTPS_WEB_REQ_DOC_DELIVERY_OUT - Delivery of Requested Travel Service Documents -> Web UI
FTPS_WEB_REQ_HEAD - Req_head Planning Data (Portal RFC-Interface)
FTPS_WEB_ROOM_LIST - List of Available Rooms (Portal RFC Interface)
FTPS_WEB_ROOM_LIST_HEADER - Header Data of Room List (Portal RFC Interface)
FTPS_WEB_SEATMAP_COLLEAGUES - Seat Reservation by Coworker
FTPS_WEB_SEATMAP_INPUT - Seat Map Input Parameters
FTPS_WEB_SERVICE_COMMON - Service Common Data (Portal RFC-Interface)
FTPS_WEB_SERVICE_KEY - (Portal RFC-Interface)
FTPS_WEB_TA23APIS - Parameters for Advanced Passenger Information Service (APIS)
FTPS_WEB_TIME_WINDOW - Time Window Regarding Request (e.g. for Flight Query)
FTPS_WEB_TRAIN_HEADER - (Portal RFC-Interface)
FTPS_WEB_TRAIN_NVS_DATA - (Portal RFC Interface) Train Data Specific to NVS
FTPS_WEB_TRAIN_PORTAL_DATA - (Portal RFC Interface) Train Data Specific to Rail Portal
FTPS_WEB_VARIANT - Planning Data Variant (Portal RFC-Interface)
FTPS_XI_HOTEL_RATE - Hotel/room rate - Provider specific
FTPT_CAR - Travel Request Item - Car Rental Service
FTPT_CAR_PREF - Rental car service preferences of a travel plan
FTPT_CSX_PROFILE - Relationship SAP Human Resources Number - Amadeua Profile
FTPT_FARE_COMP - Rate components
FTPT_FLIGHT - Travel Request Item - Flight Service
FTPT_FLIGHT_FARE - Assignment table: flights <-> rate components
FTPT_FLIGHT_FCMP - Assignment table: flights <-> rate components
FTPT_FLIGHT_LEG - Leg of flight
FTPT_FLIGHT_PREF - Flight service preferences of a travel plan
FTPT_FLIGHT_TST - Ticket information
FTPT_FLIGHT_TSTK - Ticket Information
FTPT_HOTEL - Travel Request Item - Hotel Service
FTPT_HOTEL_COORD - Hotel Coordinates
FTPT_HOTEL_PREF - Hotel service preferences of a travel plan
FTPT_IMR - IMR - General Information
FTPT_IMR_CAR - IMR - Car Rental
FTPT_IMR_DETAIL - IMR - Detail Information
FTPT_IMR_FAREDAT - IMR - Price Data Description
FTPT_IMR_FAREELM - IMR: Passenger Information for Price Determination
FTPT_IMR_FELMSEG - IMR: Table for Assignment of Ticket to Flight Segment
FTPT_IMR_FOP - IMR : Information on Payment Method
FTPT_IMR_FOPSEG - IMR: Assignment Table Payment Method to Flight Segments
FTPT_IMR_FQTV - IMR: Customer Programs
FTPT_IMR_FQTVSEG - IMR: Assignment Table Customer Programs to Flight Segments
FTPT_IMR_FSP - IMR: Assignment Table Passengers-Segments-TST
FTPT_IMR_HTL_DIR - IMR - Hotel (Direct Access)
FTPT_IMR_MANUAL - IMR - Manually Created Segments
FTPT_IMR_RECLOC - IMR - Booking Rate
FTPT_IMR_SEATS - IMR: Seating Information
FTPT_IMR_SEATSEG - IMR: Table for Assignment of Seats to Flight Segments
FTPT_IMR_SSRS - IMR: Information on Special Service Requirements
FTPT_IMR_SSRSEG - IMR: Assignment Table Special Serv.Request to Flight Segment
FTPT_IMR_SURFACE - IMR - Other Segments of Trip as Flights
FTPT_IMR_TKT - IMR : Ticket Information
FTPT_IMR_TKTSEG - IMR: Table for Assignment of Ticket to Flight Segment
FTPT_ITEM - Travel Service Request Item
FTPT_LOG_GDS - Cluster for GDS Log Data
FTPT_OTHER - Travel Reservation Request Item - Other Service
FTPT_PLAN - General Plan Data
FTPT_PLANHISTORY - General Plan Data
FTPT_PNR - Elements of passenger name records of travel plan variant
FTPT_PNR_ADDRESS - PNR delivery / billing addresses
FTPT_PNR_NAME - Name element of PNR
FTPT_PNR_OSI - Other PNR service information
FTPT_PNR_PHONE - PNR telephone references
FTPT_PNR_SSR - Special PNR service requests
FTPT_QT_ALTERN - Quicktrip Trip Alternative
FTPT_QT_BPROFILE - Quicktrip Reservation Profile
FTPT_QT_CAR - Quicktrip Travel Request Item - Flight Service
FTPT_QT_FLIGHT - Quicktrip Travel Request Item - Flight Service
FTPT_QT_HOTEL - Quicktrip Travel Request Item - Flight Service
FTPT_QT_ITEM - Quicktrip Travel Service Request Item
FTPT_QT_QTRIP - Quicktrip Trip
FTPT_REQUEST - Travel Plan Requests
FTPT_REQ_ACCOUNT - Travel Request Cost Assignment
FTPT_REQ_ADVANCE - Travel Request Advance
FTPT_REQ_HEAD - Framework Data of Travel Request
FTPT_REQ_REASON - Reason for Travel Request
FTPT_SERVICE - General Services
FTPT_SYNC_DATA - Data Synchronization: SAP - External System
FTPT_TM_MEMO - Memo table for Travel Management
FTPT_TRAIN - Travel Request Item - Train Service
FTPT_TRAIN_PREF - Train service preferences of a travel plan
FTPT_VARIANT - Table of Travel Plan Variants
FTPT_VAR_INFO - Info texts for travel plan variants
GPARTIAL_TRAVELER_ELEMENT_DATA - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTADDRESS_TYPE - Provides address information.
GTADD_ELEMENT_TYPE - Limited to schema elements that have no child elements and t
GTADD_SUBTREE_TYPE - Limited to schema subtrees that are at the level of Profile/
GTAGENCY_INFO_TYPE - Agency Arranger Info Data
GTAGENT_INFO_TYPE - Agent Information Data
GTAGENT_NAME_TYPE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTAIRLINE_CABIN_PREF_TYPE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTAIRLINE_MEAL_PREF_TYPE - Food and beverage preferences to be used with this collectio
GTAIRLINE_PREF_TYPE - Identifies a collection of preferences for airline travel.
GTAIRLINE_SEAT_INFO_TYPE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTAIRLINE_SEAT_PREF_TYPE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTAIRLINE_UPGRADE_PREF_TYPE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTAIRPORT_INFO_TYPE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTAIRPORT_PREF_TYPE - Departure airport preferences, using IATA airport codes.
GTAIR_CABIN_INFO_TYPE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTAIR_MEAL_INFO_TYPE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTASSOCIATED_FILTERS_TYPE - Filters Associated to a Profile
GTASSOCIATED_PROFILES_TYPE - Profiles Associated to a Profile
GTASSOCIATED_TEMPLATE_TYPE - Template Associated to a Profile
GTAUTHORIZATION - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTBRANDING_TYPE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTBUSINESS_SYSTEM_IDENTITY - Agent BackOffice information
GTCANCEL_INPUT - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTCANCEL_OUTPUT - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTCANCEL_RS_CHOICE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTCANCEL_RS_UNIQUE_ID - An identifier used to uniquely reference a itinerary
GTCANCEL_UNIQUE_ID - An identifier used to uniquely reference a itinerary
GTCARD_HOLDER_NAME_TYPE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTCOMMON_MESSAGE - This attribute group defines attributes that are commona c
GTCONSENT_TYPE - ***SABRE ADDED*** These are Consent data element
GTCONTACT_INFO_TYPE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTCONTACT_NAME_TYPE - Corporation contact name type data
GTCORPORATE_INFO_TYPE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTCORPORATE_PROFILE_TYPE - Data for corporate profiles (all types of corporate)
GTCUSTOMER_REFERENCE_INFO_TYPE - Customer Reference Info Data that includes info like DK Numb
GTCUSTOMER_TYPE - Contains basic data on the customer's identity, location, re
GTCUSTOM_DEFINED_DATA_TYPE - Customer Defined data type data
GTCUST_LOYALTY_TYPE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTDATA_SOURCE_INFO_TYPE - *** SABRE ADDED *** Information about Data Source of the dat
GTDELETE_ELEMENT_TYPE - Limited to schema elements that have no child elements and t
GTDELETE_LOGIN_TYPE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTDELETE_PROFILE_TYPE - Root element for profile content.
GTDELETE_SUBTREE_TYPE - Limited to schema subtrees that are at the level of Profile/
GTDISCOUNTS_INFO_TYPE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTDISCOUNTS_TYPE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTDOCUMENT_TYPE - Provides information on a specific documents
GTEMAIL_TYPE - Electronic email addresses, in IETF specified format.
GTEMAIL_TYPE_SEQUENCE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTEMERGENCY_CONTACT_PERSON - Name of an individual and appropriate contact information.
GTEMPLOYEE_INFO_TYPE - Employment identification; using an employee ID number, titl
GTEMPLOYMENT_INFO_TYPE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTERRORS - A collection of errors that occurred during the processing o
GTERRORS_TYPE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTERROR_MESSAGE_TYPE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTFEE_INFO_TYPE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTGDSTYPE - Gds data associated with an Agency
GTGROUND_TRANSPORTATION_PREF - Ground Transportation information
GTHOTEL_PREF_TYPE - These are the hotel preference elements used on an instance
GTHOTEL_RATE_INFO_TYPE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTICANCEL_TPA_EXTENSIONS - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITINERARY_ADDRESS - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITINERARY_AIRLINE_REF - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITINERARY_AIR_PRICING_INFO - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITINERARY_AIR_TAX - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITINERARY_AIR_TAXES - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITINERARY_AIR_TOTAL_FARE - The total price that the passenger would pay (includes fare,
GTITINERARY_APPROXIMATE_TOTAL - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITINERARY_ARRIVAL_AIRPORT - Departure point of flight segment.
GTITINERARY_ARRIVAL_LOCATION - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITINERARY_BASE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITINERARY_BASIC_PROPERTY - Basic hotel property information.
GTITINERARY_CONF_ID - A confirmation number by which this reservation can be uniqu
GTITINERARY_CONTACT_NUMBER - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITINERARY_CONTACT_NUMBERS - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITINERARY_CUSTOMER - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITINERARY_CUSTOMER_INFOS - Information for all customers associated with this itinerary
GTITINERARY_CUSTOMER_INFOTYPE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITINERARY_DEPARTURE_AIRPORT - Departure point of flight segment.
GTITINERARY_DEPARTURE_LOCATION - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITINERARY_EMPLOYEE_INFO - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITINERARY_EQUIPMENT - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITINERARY_ERROR - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITINERARY_ERRORS - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITINERARY_FARE_CLASS - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITINERARY_GETTHER_TRIP_ID - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITINERARY_GUEST_COUNT - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITINERARY_GUEST_COUNTS - Number of guests associated with this reservation.
GTITINERARY_ITEM_EQUIPMENT - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITINERARY_ITEM_TYPE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITINERARY_ITEM_TYPE_AIR - Flight reservation information.
GTITINERARY_ITEM_TYPE_HOTEL - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITINERARY_ITEM_TYPE_RAIL - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITINERARY_ITEM_TYPE_VEHICLE - Vehicle rental information.
GTITINERARY_ITINERARY_INFO - Itinerary reservation information.
GTITINERARY_ITINERARY_PRICING - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITINERARY_ITINERARY_REF - Controlling system's reference to this itinerary.
GTITINERARY_ITINERARY_STATUS - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITINERARY_ITIN_TOTAL_FARE - Total price of all the rail segments in the itinerary
GTITINERARY_LOWER_FARE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITINERARY_MARKETING_AIRLINE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITINERARY_NUMBER_IN_PARTY - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITINERARY_OPERATING_AIRLINE - The operating airline of the flight if it is a codeshare f
GTITINERARY_PERSON_NAME - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITINERARY_PICK_UP_LOCATION - Code and optional string to describe a location point.
GTITINERARY_PRICED_EQUIP - The VehicleEquipmentPricedType complex type identifies the d
GTITINERARY_PRICED_EQUIPS - A collection of special equipment that is part of this reser
GTITINERARY_PRICED_ITINERARY - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITINERARY_PRICE_QUOTE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITINERARY_RAIL_LOWER_FARE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITINERARY_RAIL_PRICE_INFO - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITINERARY_RAIL_TAX - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITINERARY_RAIL_TAXES - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITINERARY_RAIL_TOTAL_FARE - The total price that the passenger would pay (includes fare,
GTITINERARY_RATE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITINERARY_RATES - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITINERARY_READ_INPUT - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITINERARY_READ_OUTPUT - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITINERARY_RENTAL_RATE - Information on the rates associated with this vehicle. Rate
GTITINERARY_RESERVATION - Hotel reservation information.
GTITINERARY_RESERVATION_ITEMS - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITINERARY_RETURN_LOCATION - Code and optional string to describe a location point.
GTITINERARY_ROOM_RATE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITINERARY_ROOM_RATES - Reservation rate(s).
GTITINERARY_ROOM_TYPE - Summary version of the RoomTypeType, initially created for t
GTITINERARY_ROOM_TYPES - Room type for reservation.
GTITINERARY_SEAT_FARE - Seat Price of the inventory.
GTITINERARY_SITE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITINERARY_TICKETING - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITINERARY_TIME_SPAN - Date and time of check-in and check-out.
GTITINERARY_TOTAL_FARE - Total price of the itinerary
GTITINERARY_TRAIN - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITINERARY_TRAVEL_ITINERARY - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITINERARY_TRAVEL_POLICY - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITINERARY_UNIQUE_ID - An identifier used to uniquely reference a itinerary
GTITINERARY_UPDATED_BY - Element to capture creation and last update data.
GTITINERARY_VEHICLE_CHARGES - Information on the charges associated with this vehicle. Su
GTITINERARY_VEHICLE_VENDOR - Identifies the vendor associated with this information
GTITINERARY_VEH_RENTAL_CORE - The VehicleRentalCoreType complex type identifies the data t
GTITINERARY_VENDOR - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITINERARY_WARNING - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITINERARY_WARNINGS - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITIN_AIR_BASE_FARE - Price of the inventory excluding taxes and fees.
GTITIN_AIR_CONNECT_INDICATOR - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITIN_AIR_PRICE_TPA_EXTENSION - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITIN_AIR_TPA_EXTENSIONS - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITIN_CHARGES_TPA_EXTENSIONS - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITIN_CUSTOMER_IDENTIFIER - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITIN_CUSTOMER_TPA_EXTENSION - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITIN_HOTEL_TPA_EXTENSIONS - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITIN_ITININFO_TPA_EXTENSION - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITIN_ITIN_REF_TPA_EXTENSION - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITIN_POLICY_AIR - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITIN_POLICY_HOTEL - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITIN_POLICY_RAIL - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITIN_POLICY_VEHICLE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITIN_PRICE_TPA_EXTENSIONS - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITIN_RAIL_BASE_FARE - Price of the inventory excluding taxes and fees.
GTITIN_RAIL_CONNECT_INDICATOR - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITIN_RAIL_TPA_EXTENSIONS - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITIN_TRAVEL_ITINERARY_ERROR - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITIN_TRAVEL_ITINERARY_ERRORS - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITIN_TRAVEL_ITINERARY_INFO - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITIN_TRAVEL_ITIN_ERROR_INFO - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITIN_UPDATEDBY_TPA_EXTENSION - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTITIN_VEHICLE_TPA_EXTENSIONS - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTLOCATOR_COUNT - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTLOCATOR_ERROR_INFO - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTLOCATOR_INPUT_SITE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTLOCATOR_ITINERARY_REF - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTLOCATOR_ITIN_TPA_EXTENSION - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTLOCATOR_NEXT_START_TIME - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTLOCATOR_OUTPUT_SITE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTLOCATOR_POS - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTLOCATOR_READ_ERROR - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTLOCATOR_READ_ERRORS - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTLOCATOR_READ_INPUT - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTLOCATOR_READ_OUTPUT - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTLOCATOR_READ_SOURCE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTLOCATOR_READ_START_TIME - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTLOCATOR_SOURCE_TPA_EXTENSION - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTLOCATOR_TRAVEL_ITINERARY - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTLOCAT_ITINREF_TPA_EXTENSION - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTLOCAT_READ_RQ_TPA_EXTENSION - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTLOCAT_READ_RS_TPA_EXTENSION - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTLOGIN_TYPE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTMODIFY_ELEMENT_TYPE - Limited to schema elements that have no child elements and t
GTMODIFY_SUBTREE_TYPE - Limited to schema subtrees that are at the level of Profile/
GTNOTIFICATION_PREFERENCE_TYPE - ***SABRE ADDED*** This is notification preference element
GTOSITYPE - Other Service Info Data
GTPARSED_PHONE_NUMBER_TYPE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTPARTIAL_AIRLINE_PREF - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTPARTIAL_AIRLINE_PREF_TYPE - Identifies a collection of preferences for airline travel.
GTPARTIAL_HOTEL_PREF_CHOICE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTPARTIAL_HOTEL_PREF_TYPE - These are the hotel preference elements used on an instance
GTPARTIAL_UPDATES_TYPE - subtree to support partial updates
GTPARTIAL_UPDATES_TYPE_ADD - *** SABRE ADDED *** Partial Add data to a profile
GTPARTIAL_UPDATES_TYPE_DELETE - *** SABRE ADDED *** partial Delete of a profile
GTPARTIAL_UPDATES_TYPE_MODIFY - *** SABRE ADDED *** Partial Modify data to a profile
GTPARTIAL_UPDATE_ELEMENTS - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTPARTIAL_UPDATE_ELEMENTS_DATA - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTPARTIAL_UPDATE_PROFIL - Root element for partial Traveler profile content.
GTPARTIAL_UPDATE_PROFILE_TYPE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTPARTIAL_UPDATE_TRAVELER - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTPARTIAL_VEHICLE_RENTAL - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTPARTIAL_VEHICLE_RENTAL_PREF - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTPAYMENT_CARD_TYPE - Identification about a specific credit card
GTPAYMENT_CARD_TYPE_ISSUER - Issuer of the card.
GTPAYMENT_FORM_TYPE - Ways of providing funds for travel by the individual.
GTPA_MARKETING_PREFERENCE_TYPE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTPERSON_NAME_TYPE - This provides name information for a person.
GTPNRMOVE_INFO_TYPE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTPREFERRED_AGGREGATOR_TYPE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTPREFERRED_AIRLINES_TYPE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTPREFERRED_GROUND_TRANSPORT - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTPREFERRED_HOTEL_TYPE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTPREFERRED_RAIL_VENDORS_TYPE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTPREFERRED_VEHICLE_VENDORS - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTPREF_COLLECTIONS_TYPE - Needs of the traveler related to travel experiences.
GTPRIORITY_REMARKS_TYPE - Priority Lines for a Profile
GTPROFILE_INFO_TYPE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTPROFILE_TYPE - Root element for profile content.
GTPROFILE_UPLOAD_INPUT - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTPROFILE_UPLOAD_OUTPUT - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTPROFILE_UPLOAD_RSTYPE - Root element for profile content.
GTPSYCHOGRAPHIC_CATEGORY_TYPE - PsychographicCategoryType Data
GTPSYCHOGRAPHIC_DATA_TYPE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTPURCHASE_CHOICE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTPURCHASE_INPUT - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTPURCHASE_OUTPUT - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTPURCHASE_RESPONSE_ID - An identifier used to uniquely reference a itinerary
GTPURCHASE_TPA_EXTENSIONS - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTPURCHASE_UNIQUE_ID - An identifier used to uniquely reference a itinerary
GTQUEUE_ASSIGNMENTS_TYPE - Queue Assignment Information
GTRAIL_CABIN_INFO_TYPE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTRAIL_CABIN_PREF_TYPE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTRAIL_MEAL_INFO_TYPE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTRAIL_MEAL_PREF_TYPE - Food and beverage preferences to be used with this collectio
GTRAIL_PREF_TYPE - Identifies a collection of preferences for airline travel.
GTRAIL_SEAT_INFO_TYPE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTRAIL_SEAT_PREF_TYPE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTRAIL_STATION_INFO_TYPE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTRAIL_STATION_PREF_TYPE - Rail preferences, using IATA airport codes.
GTRAIL_UPGRADE_PREF_TYPE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTRELATED_INDIVIDUAL_TYPE - Other traveler profiles associated with an specific individu
GTREMARK_TYPE - Remarks for a Profile
GTRESPONSE_INFO_TYPE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTRESPONSE_MESSAGE_TYPE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTSABRE_SECURITY_ATTRIBUT - SabreSecurityEntityAttribute Data
GTSABRE_TRAVEL_POLICY_TYPE - Sabre Travel Policy Policies Information
GTSECURITY_INFO_TYPE - ** SABRE ADDED ** Security Information associated with a Log
GTSSRTYPE - Special Service Request Data
GTSUCCESS_TYPE - Standard way to indicate successful processing of an OTA mes
GTTAX_INFO_TYPE - Tax Information associated to a profile
GTTELEPHONE_TYPE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTTEMPLATE_GROUP_NAME_TYPE - Template Group Name info
GTTPA_EXTENSIONS_TYPE - A placeholder in the schema to allow for additional elements
GTTRANSACTIONAL_DATA_TYPE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTTRAVELER_PROFILE_TYPE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTTRAVEL_AGENT_PROFILE_TYPE - Individual Travel Arranger
GTTRAVEL_POLICY_TYPE - Travel Policy Information
GTUPLOAD_DELETE_RSTYPE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTUPLOAD_DELETE_TYPE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTUPLOAD_RSTYPE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTUPLOAD_TYPE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTVEHICLE_RATE_INFO_TYPE - Proxy Structure (generated)
GTVEHICLE_RENTAL_PREF_TYPE - Vehicle rental preferences can be specified for customers or
GTWARNINGS_TYPE - Standard way to indicate successful processing of an OTA mes
GTWARNING_MESSAGE_TYPE - Proxy Structure (generated)
HCMT_BSP_PA_XX_R0470 - Screen structure IT0470 for User Interface
HCMT_BSP_PA_XX_R0471 - Screen Structure for IT0471
HCMT_BSP_PA_XX_R0472 - Screen Structure for Hotel Preferences (0472)
HCMT_BSP_PA_XX_R0473 - Screen Structure for Car Preferences (0473)
HCMT_BSP_PA_XX_R0474 - Screen Structure for Train Preferences (0474)
HCMT_BSP_PA_XX_R0475 - Screen structure IT0475 for User Interface
NODE_STRUCTURE - Node Structure for Simple Tree Control
P0468 - HR master record for infotype 0468
P0468_AF - Additional query fields
P0469 - HR master record for infotype 0469
P0469_AF - Additional query fields
P0470 - HR master record for infotype 0470
P0470_AF - Additional query fields
P0471 - HR master record for infotype 0471
P0471_AF - Additional query fields
P0471_TEXT - Dynpro text fields for flight preferences
P0472 - HR master record for infotype 0472
P0472_AF - Additional query fields
P0472_TEXT - Dynpro text fields for hotel preferences
P0473 - HR master record for infotype 0473
P0473_AF - Additional query fields
P0473_TEXT - Dynpro text fields for car rental preference
P0474 - HR Master Record for Infotype 0474
P0474_AF - Additional query fields
P0475 - HR master record for infotype 0475
P0475_AF - Additional query fields
P0475_TEXT - Dynpro text fields for customer program
PA0468 - HR master record for infotype 0468
PA0469 - HR master record for infotype 0469
PA0470 - HR master record infotype 0470 (travel profiles)
PA0471 - HR master record infotype 0471 (flight preferences)
PA0472 - HR master record infotype 0472 (hotel preferences)
PA0473 - HR master record infotype 0473 (rental car preferences)
PA0474 - HR master record infotype 0474 (train preferences)
PA0475 - HR master record infotype 0475 (customer programs)
PMETP - Structure for Travel Planning Feature
PS0468 - Not specified
PS0469 - Not specified
PS0470 - HR Master Record Infotype 0470 (Travel Profiles)
PS0471 - HR Master Record Infotype 0471 (Flight Preferences)
PS0472 - HR Master Record Infotype 0472 (Hotel Preferences)
PS0473 - HR Master Record Infotype 0473 (Rental Car Preferences)
PS0474 - HR Master Record Infotype 0474 (Train Preferences)
PS0474_2 - Extension for Infotyp 0474 (Train Preferences)
PS0475 - HR Master Record Infotype 0475 (Customer Programs)
PTRP_WEB_TA20R1 - Trip activity type - Travel Planning
STATUSAGENCY - Display the Status of a Travel Plan
STATUSAGENCYT - Display the Status Texts
TA20A - API Server Access Parameters
TA20B - Control Variant for Travel Planning
TA20B1 - Control Variants - Travel Planning (Language-Dependent)
TA20BA - Access Parameters of User Groups per Reservation System
TA20BH - Displayable Hotel Rates of User Groups
TA20BPR - Provider-Specific Reservation Systems
TA20BUILDING - Buildings
TA20C - Enterprise-Specific Travel Service Categories
TA20C1 - Enterprise-Spec. Travel Service Categories (Language-Dep.)
TA20CORPID - Company Specific Contract for Negotiated Airfares
TA20CORPID1 - Company Specific Contract for Negotiated Airfares
TA20DB - Access Parameters for Deutsche Bahn via API
TA20FINALMESSAGE - Strategic Settings for Travel Planning
TA20GDS_CODES - Assignment of SAP Codes to GDS Codes
TA20HH - Maximum Rates for Hotel Stay
TA20HH1 - Maximum Rates for Hotel Stay
TA20IH_MAIL - Internal Mail
TA20K - Reasons
TA20K1 - Reasons (Language-Dependent)
TA20LB - Trees (Current Settings for Travel Planning)
TA20LB1 - Trees (Current Settings for Travel Planning, Lang.-Depend.)
TA20LBEZ - Tree Structure (Current Settings for Travel Planning)
TA20LE - Tree Node (Current Settings for Travel Planning)
TA20LE1 - Tree Node (Language-Dependent)
TA20LOGGDS - Logical Global Reservation System
TA20LOGGDS_TEXT - Logical Global Reservation System
TA20LT - Current Settings for Travel Planning Control Variants
TA20LT1 - Current Settings for Control Variant (Language-Dependent)
TA20NC - Negotiated rental car rates (corporate nego rates)
TA20NC1 - Negotiated rental car rates (language-dependent)
TA20NCR - Negotiated Car Rental Rates
TA20NCR1 - Negotiated Car Rental Rates (Language-Dependent)
TA20NEGOF - Negotiated Flight Fares (Corporate Nego Fares)
TA20NEGOF1 - Negotiated Flight Fares (Language-Dependent)
TA20NF - Negotiated Flight Fares (Corporate Nego Fares)
TA20NF1 - Negotiated flight fares (language-dependent)
TA20NH - Negotiated hotel rates (corporate nego rates)
TA20NH1 - Negotiated hotel rates (language-dependent)
TA20NHC - Negotiated Hotel Rates
TA20NHC1 - Negotiated Hotel Rates (Language-Dependent)
TA20NHS - Negotiated Hotel Rates (Nego Rates) with Catalog Hotel
TA20NRADD - Additional Info for Negotiated Rates and Discounts
TA20NRC - Discount Agreement for Rental Car Usage
TA20NREX - Exceptions to Negotiated Rates
TA20NRF - Discount Agreement for Flights
TA20NRH - Discount Agreement for Hotel Accommodations
TA20NRHS - Discount Agreement for Hotels (Individual Hotel)
TA20O - Sales offices
TA20O1 - Sales offices (language-dependent)
TA20OFFICE - Reservation System-Specific Sales Offices
TA20OFFICE_AS0 - Assignment of Fulfillment Sales Offices
TA20OFFICE_FIND - Access Parameters per Group ID - Sales Office Determination
TA20OFFICE_FIND1 - Specify Access Parameters per Group ID
TA20OFFICE_TEXT - Sales Offices (Language-Dependent)
TA20OZ - Resubmission (queue) of sales offices
TA20P - Travel profiles
TA20P1 - Travel Profiles (Language-Dependent)
TA20PF - Travel Profiles - Methods of Payment
TA20PHC - Assignment Table of Hotel Catalog Items for Travel Profiles
TA20PI - Trip Rule
TA20PI1 - Trip Rule (Language-Dependent)
TA20PIC - Car Rental Trip Rule
TA20PIF - Flight Trip Rule
TA20PIH - Hotel Trip Rule
TA20PPI - Assignment Table of Trip Rules for Travel Profiles
TA20PPP - Priority of Trip Rules
TA20PPP1 - Priorities of Trip Rules (Language-Dependent)
TA20PPT - Assignment Table of Trip Rules for Travel Profiles
TA20PPZ - Message handling: chosen priority with top priority
TA20PPZ1 - Message handling (language-dependent)
TA20PS - Class Rule
TA20PS1 - Class Rule (Language-Dependent)
TA20PSC - Class Rule for a Trip Rule (Car Rental)
TA20PSF - Class Rule for a Trip Rule (Flight)
TA20PSH - Class Rule for a Trip Rule (Hotel)
TA20PST - Class Rule for a Trip Rule (Train)
TA20PVP - Setting for Lowest Fare Availability Search
TA20Q - Define Queues of Sales Offices
TA20Q_ASG - Processing Types of Fulfillment Sales Offices
TA20Q_CAT - Define Queue Categories of Sales Office
TA20R - Trip activity type - Travel Planning
TA20R1 - Trip activity type - Travel Planning (language-dependent)
TA20REBF - Discount Agreement for Flights
TA20RMRK - Company-Specific PNR Elements
TA20ROUTE - Routes for Airfares and Discounts
TA20ROUTING - Routes for Airfares and Discounts
TA20RTG - Route Segments for Routings for Airfares and Discounts
TA20RTG_G - Geographical Description of a Route Segment
TA20RTG_P - Route Segment Provider
TA20RTG_R - Booking Classes for Route Segment
TA20SUBSCRPT - Define Access Parameters for Reservation System
TA20SUBSCRPT_ASG - Logon to External Reservation System per Sales Office
TA20SWITCH - Global Control Parameters
TA20WIZARD - Strategic Settings for Travel Planning
TA20WIZZ - Names
TA20WWW - WWW Link Catalog for Information Sources
TA20WWW1 - WWW LInk Catalog for Information Sources (Language-Depend.)
TA20_SWITCH - Global Control Parameters
TA21CA - Rental Car Classes
TA21CA1 - Rental Car Classes (Language-Dependent)
TA21CAR - Rental Car Rate
TA21CAR1 - Car Rental Rates (Language-Dependent)
TA21CAZ - Assignment car rental classes - booking specifications
TA21H - Hotel Rates
TA21H1 - Hotel Rates (Language-Dependent)
TA21HO - Room category
TA21HO1 - Room category (language-dependent)
TA21HOZ - Assignment Room Category - Class Rule
TA21L - IATA Locations
TA21L1 - IATA Locations (Language-Dependent)
TA21OA - Office Activity
TA21P - Travel Service Providers
TA21PF - Provider-Specific Customer Programs
TA21PFA - Assignment of Customer Programs to Additional Providers
TA21PH - Customer-Specific Hotel Catalog
TA21PHC - Hotel Codes of a Catalog Hotel in Reservation System
TA21R - Regions
TA21R1 - Regions (Language-Dependent)
TA21RH - Region Hierarchy
TA21RZC - Assignment: Country-Subdividing Region to Location
TA21RZL - Assignment: Region of Several Countries to Country
TA22A - Assignment table expense code - service category
TA22B - Assignment trip schema - travel plan type
TA22C - IATA RBD assignment
TA22CE - RBD assignment of airline exceptions
TA22CEXC - RBD Assignment of Airline Exceptions
TA22EQU - Equipment Types
TA22PRFR - Pricing Functionality Restrictions
TA22RSA - START: Train Attributes
TA22RSA1 - START: Train Attributes (Lang.-Dependent)
TA22RSF - START: Error Messages
TA22RSF1 - START: Error Messages (Language-Dependent)
TA22RSS - START: Train Stations
TA22RSSY - START: Train Station Synonyms
TA22ST - Amadeus: status flight/car rental/hotel
TA23A - Payer of Travel Services
TA23A - Payer of Travel Services
TA23APIS1 - APIS ( Advanced Passenger Information System ) - sprachabh.
TA23APIS1 - APIS ( Advanced Passenger Information System ) - sprachabh.
TA23BIBE - Parameters for Access to Deutsche Bahn Through BIBE Portal
TA23C - Enterprise-Specific F4 Help for IATA Locations
TA23CEXC - RBD assignment of airline exceptions
TA23CORPID_ASG - Validity of Enterprise-Specific Airfare Contracts
TA23CT - Amadeus Profile
TA23CT1 - Amadeus Profile Text Table
TA23DEC - Situations for GDS-Specific Decisions
TA23DEC1 - Situations for GDS-Specific Decisions
TA23DEC_VAL - Situations for GDS-Specific Decisions
TA23DEC_VAL1 - Situations for GDS-Specific Decisions
TA23FILTER_CTRL - Control Parameter (Flight Availability Query)
TA23GDS_DECVAL - GDS-Specific Decisions
TA23GKT - MCR (Major Customer Rate German Railway)
TA23HOTELS - Hotel Data
TA23HRS - HRS Access Parameters
TA23IGS - Access URLs for the Internet Graphics Server
TA23L_C - Assign Locations to IATA Locations (Car Rental)
TA23L_F - Assign Locations to IATA Locations (Flight)
TA23L_H - Assign Locations to IATA Locations (Hotel)
TA23OA - Office activity
TA23OA1 - Sales Office Activitiy (Language Independent)
TA23OFFICE_ADR - Sales Office Addresses
TA23OS - Field Control for Travel Res. Request Item: Other Services
TA23OS1 - Field Control Travel Req. Item: Other Services (Lang.-Depen)
TA23PAF - Airline Programs for Corporate Customers
TA23PAF1 - Airline Programs for Corporate Customers
TA23PAF_ASG - Permissibility of Airline Programs for Corporate Customers
TA23PAF_CONN - Assignment of Airline Programs Corporate Cust. - Route/Class
TA23PF - Payment Method
TA23PIC - Car Rental Trip Rule (Filter before Availability Query)
TA23PIF - Flight Trip Rule (Filter before Availability Query)
TA23PIFT - Trip Rule for Mandatory Combined Display of Flights/Rail
TA23PIH - Hotel Trip Rule (Filter before Availability Query)
TA23PIT - Flight Trip Rule
TA23PROFILE_SYNC - Assignment Parameters for Preference Synchronization
TA23PROT - Log for Sabre Interface
TA23P_FOID - Travel Service Providers
TA23R - Assign TVTTA - Trip Activity Type
TA23ROUTE1 - Routes for Airfares and Discounts
TA23ROUTING1 - Routes for Airfares and Discounts
TA23RTG1 - Route Segments for Routings for Airfares and Discounts
TA23SUBSCRPT_ASG - Logon to External Reservation System per Sales Office
TA23TRVCC_FIND - Payment Method Modifier
TA23TRVCC_FIND1 - Payment Method Modifier (Language Dependent)
TA23TRVCD_ASG - Modifier Car Rental Rates
TA23TRVCD_FIND - Groupings for Negotiated Car Rental Rates
TA23TRVCD_FIND1 - Groupings for Negotiated Car Rental Rates (Language-Dep.)
TA23TVGKT_FIND1 - MCR Modifier (Language Dependent)
TA23TVTTA_FIND - Grouping For Eligibility of Activity Types
TA23TVTTA_FIND1 - Activity Type Modifier
TA23WIZZ - Names
TA23XI - Sales Office Determination: Categories with XI Integration
TA23_PAPTF - Additional Airport for Availability Query
TABLE_1W - Format for passing data between Abap fctn and Sabre C fctn
TAX_SERVICE_DATA_TYPE - Used for tax split per service
TPUS2 - User-Dependent Information
TPUSG - User-Dependent Information
TPUSR - User-Dependent Information
TRVCC - Structure for Characteristic TRVCC
TRVCD - Structure for Characteristic TRVCC
TRVOF - Structure for Feature TRVOF
TRVTC - Structure for Feature TRVOF
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_INPUT - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_INPUT_AI - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_INPUT_NA - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_INPUT_PO - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_INPUT_RE - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_INPUT_SO - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_INPUT_SU - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT10 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT11 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT12 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT13 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT14 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT15 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT16 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT17 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT18 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT19 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT20 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT21 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT22 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT23 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT24 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT25 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT26 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT27 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT28 - Holds a base fare, tax, total and currency information on a
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT29 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT30 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT31 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT32 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT33 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT34 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT35 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT36 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT37 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT38 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT39 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT40 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT41 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT42 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT43 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT44 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT45 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT46 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT47 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT48 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT_1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT_2 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT_3 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT_4 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT_5 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT_6 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT_7 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT_8 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT_9 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT_A - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT_B - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT_C - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT_D - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT_E - Holds a base fare, tax, total and currency information on a
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT_F - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT_I - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT_M - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT_N - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT_O - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT_P - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT_R - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT_S - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT_T - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT_V - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSDISPLAY_PRICE_QUOTE_OUTPUT_W - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSGET_SESSION_CREATE_INPUT - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSGET_SESSION_CREATE_INPUT_POS - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSGET_SESSION_CREATE_INPUT_SOU - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSGET_SESSION_CREATE_OUTPUT - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSGET_SESSION_CREATE_OUTPUT_E1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSGET_SESSION_CREATE_OUTPUT_E2 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSGET_SESSION_CREATE_OUTPUT_ER - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSGET_SESSION_CREATE_OUTPUT_SU - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSGET_SESSION_CREATE_OUTPUT_W1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSGET_SESSION_CREATE_OUTPUT_WA - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_ADDITIONAL_RATE - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_ADDRESS3 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_ADDRESS4 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_ADDRESS5 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_AIR - Flight reservation information.
TSITEM_TYPE_APPROXIMATE_TOTAL - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_ARRIVAL_AIRPORT - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_ARRIVAL_AIRPORT1 - Departure point of flight segment.
TSITEM_TYPE_ARRIVAL_LOCATION - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_BASE - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_BASIC_PROPERTY_INT - Basic hotel property information.
TSITEM_TYPE_BSGRECORD - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_CANCEL_PENALTY - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_CHARGE_DETAILS - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_CODESHARE_RECORD - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_COLLECTION_INFO1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_COMMISSION - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_COMMISSION1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_CONF_ID - A confirmation number by which this reservation can be uniqu
TSITEM_TYPE_CONTACT_NUMBER3 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_CONTACT_NUMBER4 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_CONTACT_NUMBER5 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_CONTACT_NUMBERS3 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_CONTACT_NUMBERS4 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_CONTACT_NUMBERS5 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_CORPORATE_ID - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_CRIB - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_CUST_LOYALTY2 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_CUST_LOYALTY3 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_DELIVERY_INFO - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_DEPARTURE_AIRPOR1 - Departure point of flight segment.
TSITEM_TYPE_DEPARTURE_AIRPORT - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_DEPARTURE_LOCATION - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_DROP_OFF - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_EQUIPMENT2 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_EQUIPMENT3 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_EXTRA_GUEST - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_FAX2 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_FAX3 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_GUARANTEE - The guarantee information to hold a reservation
TSITEM_TYPE_GUARANTEES_ACCEPTE - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_GUARANTEE_ACCEPTE1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_GUEST_COUNT - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_GUEST_COUNTS - Number of guests associated with this reservation.
TSITEM_TYPE_HOTEL - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_IDNUMBER - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_INVOICE_REMARKS - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_MARKETING_AIRLINE - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_MARKETING_AIRLINE1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_MARKETING_CODESHAR - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_MARRIAGE_GRP - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_MEAL - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_MILEAGE - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_MILEAGE_KILOMETERS - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_NUMBER_IN_PARTY - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_OFF_LOC_SERVICE - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_OPEN_AIR - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_OPERATING_AIRLINE1 - The operating airline of the flight if it is a codeshare f
TSITEM_TYPE_OPERATING_AIRLINE2 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_PAYMENT_CARD - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_PICK_UP_LOCATION - Code and optional string to describe a location point.
TSITEM_TYPE_POS2 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_POS3 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_PRICED_EQUIP - The VehicleEquipmentPricedType complex type identifies the d
TSITEM_TYPE_PRICED_EQUIPS - A collection of special equipment that is part of this reser
TSITEM_TYPE_PRICED_OFF_LOC_SE - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_RAIL - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_RATE1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_RATE2 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_RATES - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_RATE_DISTANCE - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_RATE_QUALIFIER - The RateQualifierCoreType complex type defines the rate info
TSITEM_TYPE_REMARKS - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_RENTAL_RATE - Information on the rates associated with this vehicle. Rate
TSITEM_TYPE_REQUESTOR_ID2 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_REQUESTOR_ID3 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_RETURN_LOCATION - Code and optional string to describe a location point.
TSITEM_TYPE_ROLL_AWAY - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_ROOM_RATE - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_ROOM_RATES - Reservation rate(s).
TSITEM_TYPE_ROOM_TYPE - Summary version of the RoomTypeType, initially created for t
TSITEM_TYPE_ROOM_TYPES - Room type for reservation.
TSITEM_TYPE_SEAT - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_SEATS - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_SERVICE_INFORMATI - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_SNCFINFORMATION - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_SOURCE - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_SOURCE1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_SPECIAL_PREFS - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_STATE_COUNTY_PROV2 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_STATE_COUNTY_PROV3 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_SUPPLIER_REF - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_TELEPHONE - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_TICKET_CONTROL_NUM - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_TIME_SPAN - Date and time of check-in and check-out.
TSITEM_TYPE_TRAIN - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_VEHICLE - Vehicle rental information.
TSITEM_TYPE_VEHICLE_CHARGE - The VehicleChargeType complex type defines information on a
TSITEM_TYPE_VEHICLE_CHARGES - Information on the charges associated with this vehicle. Su
TSITEM_TYPE_VEH_RENTAL_CORE - The VehicleRentalCoreType complex type identifies the data t
TSITEM_TYPE_VEH_SEGMENT_INFO - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_VENDOR2 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSITEM_TYPE_VENDOR3 - Identifies the vendor associated with this information
TSITEM_TYPE_VOUCHER - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQACCESS_INPUT - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQACCESS_INPUT_BOOKING_CHANNE - Specifies the booking channel type and whether it is the pri
TSQACCESS_INPUT_COMPANY_NAME - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQACCESS_INPUT_COMPANY_NAME1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQACCESS_INPUT_DIRECTION - This element allows a user to move forward or backward in a
TSQACCESS_INPUT_LIST - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQACCESS_INPUT_MDRSUBSET - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQACCESS_INPUT_MESSAGING_DETA - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQACCESS_INPUT_NAVIGATION - This element allows a user to navigate through a queue. Cann
TSQACCESS_INPUT_POS - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQACCESS_INPUT_POSITION - Used to identify geospatial postion of the requesting entity
TSQACCESS_INPUT_QUEUE_IDENTIFI - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQACCESS_INPUT_REQUESTOR_ID - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQACCESS_INPUT_SELECTION - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQACCESS_INPUT_SOURCE - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQACCESS_INPUT_TPA_EXTENSIONS - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQACCESS_OUTPUT - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQACCESS_OUTPUT_ERROR - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQACCESS_OUTPUT_ERRORS - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQACCESS_OUTPUT_ERROR_INFO - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQACCESS_OUTPUT_LINE - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQACCESS_OUTPUT_PARAGRAPH - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQACCESS_OUTPUT_POS - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQACCESS_OUTPUT_SOURCE - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQACCESS_OUTPUT_TPA_EXTENSION - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQACCESS_OUTPUT_UNIQUE_ID - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQACCESS_OUTPUT_WARNING - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQACCESS_OUTPUT_WARNINGS - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQCOUNT_INPUT - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQCOUNT_INPUT_MDRSUBSET - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQCOUNT_INPUT_MESSAGING_DETAI - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQCOUNT_INPUT_POS - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQCOUNT_INPUT_QUEUE_IDENTIFIE - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQCOUNT_INPUT_RANGE - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQCOUNT_INPUT_SOURCE - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQCOUNT_INPUT_TPA_EXTENSIONS - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQCOUNT_OUTPUT - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQCOUNT_OUTPUT_ERROR - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQCOUNT_OUTPUT_ERRORS - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQCOUNT_OUTPUT_ERROR_INFO - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQCOUNT_OUTPUT_NUM_OF_PNRS - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQCOUNT_OUTPUT_POS - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQCOUNT_OUTPUT_QINFO - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQCOUNT_OUTPUT_QUEUE_IDENTIFI - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQCOUNT_OUTPUT_SOURCE - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQCOUNT_OUTPUT_TOTALS - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQCOUNT_OUTPUT_TPA_EXTENSIONS - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQCOUNT_OUTPUT_WARNING - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQCOUNT_OUTPUT_WARNINGS - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQPLACE_INPUT - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQPLACE_INPUT_INSTRUCTION_CO1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQPLACE_INPUT_INSTRUCTION_COD - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQPLACE_INPUT_MDRSUBSET - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQPLACE_INPUT_MESSAGING_DETAI - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQPLACE_INPUT_MULTI_QPLACE - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQPLACE_INPUT_POS - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQPLACE_INPUT_QINFO - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQPLACE_INPUT_QUEUE_IDENTIFI1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQPLACE_INPUT_QUEUE_IDENTIFIE - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQPLACE_INPUT_SOURCE - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQPLACE_INPUT_TPA_EXTENSIONS - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQPLACE_INPUT_UNIQUE_ID - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQPLACE_OUTPUT - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQPLACE_OUTPUT_ERROR - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQPLACE_OUTPUT_ERRORS - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQPLACE_OUTPUT_ERROR_INFO - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQPLACE_OUTPUT_PARAGRAPH - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQPLACE_OUTPUT_QINFO - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQPLACE_OUTPUT_QUEUE_IDENTIFI - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQPLACE_OUTPUT_TPA_EXTENSIONS - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQPLACE_OUTPUT_UNIQUE_ID - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQPLACE_OUTPUT_WARNING - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQPLACE_OUTPUT_WARNINGS - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSSABRE_COMMAND_LLSINPUT - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSSABRE_COMMAND_LLSINPUT_REQUE - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSSABRE_COMMAND_LLSOUTPUT - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSSABRE_COMMAND_LLSOUTPUT_ERR1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSSABRE_COMMAND_LLSOUTPUT_ERR2 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSSABRE_COMMAND_LLSOUTPUT_ERR3 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSSABRE_COMMAND_LLSOUTPUT_ERRO - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSSABRE_COMMAND_LLSOUTPUT_XML - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSSESSION_CLOSE_INPUT - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSSESSION_CLOSE_INPUT_POS - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSSESSION_CLOSE_INPUT_SOURCE - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSSESSION_CLOSE_OUTPUT - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSSESSION_CLOSE_OUTPUT_ERROR - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSSESSION_CLOSE_OUTPUT_ERRORS - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSSESSION_CLOSE_OUTPUT_ERROR_I - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSSESSION_CLOSE_OUTPUT_SUCCESS - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSSESSION_CLOSE_OUTPUT_WARNIN1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSSESSION_CLOSE_OUTPUT_WARNING - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_INPUT - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_INPUT0 - "Code" is used to specify SDS transaction code definitions s
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_INPUT1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_INPUT2 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_INPUT3 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_INPUT4 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUT100 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUT101 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUT102 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUT103 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUT104 - Price of the inventory excluding taxes and fees.
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUT105 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUT106 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUT107 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUT108 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUT109 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUT110 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUT111 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUT112 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUT113 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP10 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP11 - The total price that the passenger would pay (includes fare,
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP12 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP13 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP14 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP15 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP16 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP17 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP18 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP19 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP20 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP21 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP22 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP23 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP24 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP25 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP26 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP27 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP28 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP29 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP30 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP31 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP32 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP33 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP34 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP35 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP36 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP37 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP38 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP39 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP40 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP41 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP42 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP43 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP44 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP45 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP46 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP47 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP48 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP49 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP50 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP51 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP52 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP53 - Per passenger type code pricing for this itinerary. Set if f
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP54 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP55 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP56 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP57 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP58 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP59 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP60 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP61 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP62 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP63 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP64 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP65 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP66 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP67 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP68 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP69 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP70 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP71 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP72 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP73 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP74 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP75 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP76 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP77 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP78 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP79 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP80 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP81 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP82 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP83 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP84 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP85 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP86 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP87 - Price of the inventory excluding taxes and fees in the payab
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP88 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP89 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP90 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP91 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP92 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP93 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP94 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP95 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP96 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP97 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP98 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTP99 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTPU0 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTPU1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTPU2 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTPU3 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTPU4 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTPU5 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTPU6 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTPU7 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTPU8 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTPU9 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSTRAVEL_ITINERARY_READ_OUTPUT - Proxy Structure (generated)
TVGKT - Structure for Characteristic TVGKT
TVTTA - Structure for Characteristic TVTTA