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SAP Financial Accounting Tables FI

A395 - Arg.: Country/Fisc.Type
A396 - Arg.: Country/Fisc.Type/Material
A397 - Arg.: Tax relevant classification
ABKPF - FI Document Header (Including Archive Information)
ABUZ - Help Structure for Line Items to be Generated Automatically
AC400T001B -
ACAMVEC - Accounting: Amount Data
ACCBSET - Document Segment for Tax Data Plus Additional Fields RWIN

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SAP Asset Accounting Tables FI-AA

AAACC_EXCL - Exception Table for Account Assignment Settings in FI-AA
AAACC_OBJ - Account Assignment Settings in Asset Accounting
AAACC_OBJ_ERR - Types of Error During Check of Acct Assignment in FI-AA
ACCIT_AMADDACC - All Account Assignment Objects in Asset Accounting
ALSMEX_TABLINE - Rows for Table with Excel Data
ALV_ASSIGN_LDGRP_AREAS - Assignment of Ledger Group to Areas for ALV Display
ANEPI_AMNTS - Help Structure for Determining Proportional Values
ANLC_LARGE - ANLC with Longer Ammount Fields
ANLZACCOUNT - Additional Account Assignment Objects in Asset Accounting
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SAP Down Payment Chains Tables FI-AF

/SAPPCE/ARCHIVE_INDEX - Structure to display Indexed archive objects
/SAPPCE/DOWNPAYCHAIN - Structure for alv display of down payment chain
/SAPPCE/DPC_CI_TDPC01 - DPC: BAdI structure for additional contract fields
/SAPPCE/DPC_S_CT - Down Payment Chain: Title of Customer Tabs
/SAPPCE/DPC_S_GLACCOUNT - Down Payment Chain: GL Account row item
/SAPPCE/DPC_S_HEADER - Down Payment Chain: Document header
/SAPPCE/DPC_S_PARTNER - Down Payment Chain: Creditor/Customer row item
/SAPPCE/DPC_TABS - Sequence and Title of Customer Tabs in Down Payment Chain
/SAPPCE/KWF1_ALV_SUMMARY - DPC: Output Structure of Tax Transfer Program (Summary)
/SAPPCE/KWF1_REPORTING - DPC: Output Structure of Tax Report (Deferred Tax)

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SAP Accounts Payable Tables FI-AP

ACCIT_WT - Withholding tax information for FI Interface
ACC_INT_STRUC - Structure for internal accumulation table
ACWT_ITEM - Table Control Structure for Withholding Tax
BAPI3008 - Structure for the vendor account Business Object
BAPI3008_1 - Key for the vendor account Business Object
BAPI3008_2 - Transfer structure 1008/Creditor/Line item
BAPI3008_3 - Transfer structure 1008/Creditor/GetKeydateBalance
BAPI3008_7 - Transfer structure 1008/GetBalances
BAPI3008_8 - Transfer structure 1007/GetDetail/Special Balances
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SAP Accounts Receivable Tables FI-AR

CRIF_AR_DUE_ITEMS - Customer Overdue Receivables as MiniApp
CRMD_CCM_LINK - Link from payment item to claim chargeback recovery in CRM
CRMS_CCM_CCR_MODIFY_BKPF - Payment header attributes for CRM
CRMS_CCM_CCR_MODIFY_BSEG - Payment item attributes for CRM
CRMS_CCM_CCR_MODIFY_ID - Payment Item and Chargeback Recovery Identification
CRMS_CCM_CCR_RESPONSE - Response structure for CRM
LWM_CFS_CCHART - FinFactSheet - Custom Chart
LWM_CFS_CCHARTT - FinFactSheet - Text table for Custom Chart
LWM_CFS_CRLOCAL - FinFactSheet - Local usage of SAP Credit Management

LWM_CFS_DCCRMODE - FinFactSheet - Creation Mode for Dispute Cases
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SAP Bank Accounting Tables FI-BL

BSEGC - Document: Data on Payment Card Payments
BSEGC_KEY - Key: Financial Accounting document segment
CCADDRESS - Payment Cards: Address Data for External Transmission
CCENQ - Payment cards: Primary table for lock object EFCCENQ
CCFCCR - Display Payment Card Transactions: Additional Information
CCINT - Payment cards: Fields for FI interface
CCLIN - Payment cards: Grouping of items
CCRCTEXT - Payment cards: Texts on the results of the checks
CCSET - Payment Cards: Interface for Settlement
CCSETEXD_H - Payment cards: Additional header data
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SAP Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable Tables FI-CA

ALV_EXCLUSION_LIST - BR: A list of deleted payment methods
AMNT_DIFF - Amount Difference for Posted Payment
ARCH_FKKKO - FI-CA doc: Header-oriented doc index for archive
ARCH_FKKOP - FI-CA doc: Header-oriented doc index for archive
ARJ_1A101 - ARGENTINA: Legal rep.historical data for the daily reports
AUTDEB_ES_GENTOT - Spain:FI-CA: General Total Record
AUTDEB_ES_INDVREC - Spain:FI-CA: Compulsory Individual Record
AUTDEB_ES_ISSHDR - Spain:FI-CA: Issuer Header
AUTDEB_ES_ISSTOT - Spain:FI-CA: Issuer Total Record
AUTDEB_ES_SUBHDR - Spain:FI-CA: Submitter Header
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SAP Generic Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable Tables FI-CAX

BAPI_AUX_INV - Work Fields
BAPI_EXTDOC_A - Additional Items in External Billing Document
BAPI_EXTDOC_H - Headers in External Billing Documents
BAPI_EXTDOC_I - Items in External Billing system
BAPI_EXTDOC_T - Tax items in External Billing System
BAPI_EXT_ADJUSTED_DOC - External Billing Document to be Adjusted
BAPI_EXT_REVERSAL_DOC - External Reversal Billing Document
BAPI_EXT_REVERSED_DOC - External Billing Document to be Reversed
BAPI_IS_AUX - Work Fields
BAPI_NEW_ADJUSTMENTDOC - Adjustment Billing Document
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SAP Funds Management Tables FI-FM

ACPE - Actual periods
AVA_CHECK - Availability Control - Currency Parameters
BIFMFR50A - Batch input structure rec. A budget planning data
BIFMFSA - Batch-Input-Structure Rec. A Funds Ctr in FM Area
BIFMFSB - Batch-Input-Structure Rec. A Funds Ctr in FM Area
BIFMFSC - Batch-Input-Structure Rec. C Long Texts for Fnds Ctr in FMA
BIFMFSD - Batch-Input-Structure Rec. A Funds Ctr in FM Area
BIFMIMEX - Interface for UNIX file - Import/Export data
BIFMPPA - Batch Input Structure Rec. A CI in Chart/FMA (Loc.Auth)
BIFMPPAOLD - Old Structure Rec. A Comm.Item in Chrt/FM Area
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SAP General Ledger Accounting Tables FI-GL

ACCHD_SUB - Accounting Document Header: Fields That Can Be Substituted
ACCIT_REFERENCE - FI/CO Document: Additional Reference Information
ACCIT_SUB - Modifiable Fields and Key in FI/CO Doc.: Item Information
ACC_DOCUMENT - Accounting document
ACC_DOCUMENT_SUBST - FI/CO Document: Fields Permitted for Substitution
ACC_PCR_DATA - Accounting: Document Data for Posting Correction Request
ACC_PCR_KEY - Accounting: Key for Posting Correction Requests
ASLDEP - Structure for Data Transfer to DMEE (EC Sales List)
ASLDPARAM - Parameters for DMEE (EC Sales List)
ASL_DE_PARAM - Additional Parameters for EC Sales List - Germany
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SAP Lease Accounting Tables FI-LA

ACE_FILA_ACEDSASSGMT_LDB - Structure in Logical DB Nodes ACEDSASSGMT for Applictn FILA
ACE_FILA_ACEDSOH_LDB - Structure in Logical DB Nodes ACEDSOH for Application FILA
ACE_FILA_ACEDSOI_LDB - Structure in Logical DB Nodes ACEDSOI for Application FILA
ACE_FILA_ACEDSOP_LDB - Structure in Logical DB Nodes ACEDSOP for Application FILA
ACE_FILA_ACEOBJ_LDB - Structure in Logical DB Nodes ACEOBJ for Application FILA
ACE_FILA_ACEPSOH_LDB - Structure in Logical DB Nodes ACEPSOH for Application FILA
ACE_FILA_ACEPSOIT_LDB - Structure in Logical DB Nodes ACEPSOIT for Application FILA
ACE_FILA_ACEPSOI_LDB - Structure in Logical DB Nodes ACEPSOI for Application FILA
BAPI_TE_ACC_LEAS_BILL - BAPI Enhancement Data for Billing
E1FSL_FC_IL_HEAD - FSL: Fuel Card Collective Invoice Header
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SAP Consolidation Tables FI-LC

EWULC01 - FI-LC: LC ledger
EWULC02 - FI-LC: Ledgers for conversion
EWULC03 - FI-LC: Companies for conversion
EWULC04 - FI-LC: Settings for euro conversion adjustments
EWULCTAB - F1 Help structure for FI-LC reconciliation programs
FAGL_S_RGC880B0_LIST - Output Structure for Program RGC880B0
FILC - FI-LC: Database Structure for Reporting
FILCA - FI-LC: Actual journal entry table with 2 object tables
FILCC - FI-LC: Transaction-related fields for table FILCT
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SAP Localization Tables FI-LOC

A151 - Dest. Ctry/Comm. code
A291 -
A292 -
A293 -
A341 -
A342 -
A343 -
A344 -
A346 -
A347 -
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SAP Mobile Productivity Applications Tables FI-MOB

MIB_S_TRAVEL_REQUEST - MPAPPS: TR: Travel Request Structure
MIB_S_TRAVEL_REQUEST_CONF - MPAPPS: TR: Travel Request Configuration Structure
MIB_S_TRAVEL_REQUEST_CONF_COUN - MPAPPS: TR: Travel Request Configuration Country Structure
MIB_S_TRAVEL_REQUEST_CONF_EMPL - MPAPPS: TR: Travel Request Configuration employee data Struc
MIB_S_TRAVEL_REQUEST_CONF_IN - MPAPPS: TR: Date, Time & Timezone Structure
MIB_S_TRAVEL_REQUEST_CONF_OUT - MPAPPS: TR: User , Date, Time & Timezone Structure

SAP Retail Ledger Tables FI-RL

PCRRETAILA - Actual line item table
PCRRETAILB - Generated Transfer Structure for Table PCRRETAILT
PCRRETAILC - Object Table 2
PCRRETAILO - Object Table 1
PCRRETAILP - Plan line items table
PCRRETAILT - Totals Table
PCRR_AS_AREA - Check table for PCRRETAILT: Assortment Area RASAREA_7
PCRR_AS_AREAT - Check table for PCRRETAILT: Assortment Area RASAREA_7
ROXP1E0001 - Check table for PCRRETAILT: Assortment Area RASAREA_7
ROXP1E0002 - Check table for PCRRETAILT: Assortment Area RASAREA_7
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SAP Special Purpose Ledger Tables FI-SL

BERGRP_TAB - Structure for Displaying Report Groups
CCR1H - Transfer Fields CCA to Report Writer
EXTRACT_KEY - Report Writer: Extract Key
EXTR_DATA - Report Writer: Extract Characteristics
FAGL_GISOURCE_PI - NewGL: Additional Fields for TT Extraction Structure
FAGL_S_RFRLTF00_LIST - ALV Structure for Report RGRLTF00
FAGL_S_RGRDCL00_LIB_LIST - Report Writer: Library Catalog, Structure for ALV Display
FAGL_S_RGRDCR00_LIST - ALV Structure for Report - RGRDCR00
FAGL_S_RGRDCS00_LIST - Structure for rgrdcsoo_alv
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SAP Travel Management Tables FI-TV

BIW_0TV_EXPTYPE_ATTR - Extract Structure for Datasource 0TV_EXPTYPE_ATTR
BIW_0TV_P_LOCID_ATTR - Extract Structure for Datasource 0TV_P_LOCID_ATTR
BIW_FI_TV_01 - Extract Structure for InfoSource 0FI_TV_01
BIW_FI_TV_02 - Extract Structure for Infosource 0FI_TV_02
BIW_FI_TV_CAR - Structure for Rental Car Bookings
BIW_FI_TV_CAR_R46B - Structure for Car Rental Bookings: Enhancement for 4.6B
BIW_FI_TV_FLIGHT - Structure for Flight Bookings
BIW_FI_TV_FLIGHT_FARE - Structure for Flights and Rate Components
BIW_FI_TV_FLIGHT_R46B - Structure for Flight Bookings: Enhancement for 4.6B
BIW_FI_TV_HEAD - Structure for General Trip Data for BW
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SAP Financials Tables FIN

ACCSYSTEM01 - Settings for Company on Accounting System
ACCSYSTEM02 - Number Range Object for Accounting System and Company
ACCSYSTEM03 - Derivations for Accounting System
ACCSYSTEM0C - Accounting Systems
ACCSYSTEM0T - Texts of Accounting Systems
FINBSNDID0C - Identification for Sender System and Object Type
FINBTATYPE0C - Business Transaction Categories
FINBTATYPE0T - Business Transaction Categories
FINCHOFACCT0C - Charts of Accounts
FINCHOFACCT0T - Texts of Document Types
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SAP Business Analytics Tables FIN-BA

TCOCOF4 - F4 Values for Customizing
TCOCOMAP - Mapping Fields: Remote <--> SEM
TCOCOMAP2 - Mapping Fields: Remote <--> SEM
TCOCOMAPTYPES - Mapping: Type Remote System <--> Object Type SEM
TCOCORFC - RFC Destinations for Concurrent Costing
TIPPE_EDGEFIELDS - Import iPPE: Assignment Link Fields
TIPPE_EDGES - Import iPPE: Assignment Links
TIPPE_EDGES2 - Import iPPE: Assignment Links
TIPPE_TYPEFIELD2 - Import iPPE: Assignment Type Fields
TIPPE_TYPEFIELDS - Import iPPE: Assignment Type Fields
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SAP Business Accounting Tables FIN-BAC

UAV0PRICE001 - Price Table with Period Dependency
UAV0PRICE001H - Price History Table with Period Dependency
UAV0PRICE002 - Price Table with Date Dependency
UAV0PRICE002H - Price History Table with Date Dependency
UAV0PRICE003 - Price Table with Period Dependency
UAV0PRICE003H - Price History Table with Period Dependency
UAV0PRICE004 - Price Table with Date Dependency
UAV0PRICE004H - Price History Table with Date Dependency
UAVADMIN - Flexible Control of Valuation
UAV_CURR_TABLE_EXTENSIONS - Additional Columns for Currency Translation Service
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SAP Management of Internal Controls Tables FIN-CGV

E1P1800 - InfoType 1800: Industry
E1P1801 - InfoType 1801: Account Assignment
E1P1802 - InfoType 1802: Relevance
E1P1803 - InfoType 1803: Roles
E1P1804 - HR: Infotype 1804
E1P1805 - InfoType 1805: Control Objective Category
E1P1806 - InfoType 1806: Details
E1P1810 - Infotype 1810: Risk Control Type
E1P1811 - Infotype 1811: Settings: Process
E1P1812 - Infotype 1812: Settings: Process Group
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SAP Financials Basis Tables FIN-FB

ACCACCOUNT0C - G/L account
ACCACCOUNT0T - G/L account
ACCACCOUNT11 - G/L account
ACCACCOUNTEXIT - Callback exits for G/L account by acc. system configuration
ACCACCOUNT_ATTR - Extraction Structure for G/L Account - Attributes
ACCACCOUNT_TEXT - Extraction Structure for G/L Account - Texts
ACCACCTGROUP00 - Account Group
ACCACCTGROUP0C - Account Group
ACCACCTGROUP0T - Account Group
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SAP Financial Supply Chain Management Tables FIN-FSCM

BNK_BANK_ACCOUNT_STATEMENT_NO1 - Bank account statement message
BNK_BANK_ACCOUNT_STATE_POST_M - Post Mapping Structure of BankAccountStatementNotification_I
BNK_BATCH_ITEM - Batch Payment Items
BNK_BTCH_STPAYLD - Batch status payload
BNK_BTCH_STREF - Status reference
BNK_BTCH_TIMEOUT - Batch timeout
BNK_BTC_COLL_UI - Collector runs (for UI)
BNK_BTC_HEADER_UI - Batch Header (for UI)
BNK_BTC_INCMNG_MSG_UI - Incoming external status Message ( for UI layer)
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SAP Strategic Enterprise Management Tables FIN-SEM

CRMT_EMPLOYEE_IDS - HR Employee Number
CRMT_HRPERSONEE_S - Relationship: HR Employee / Central Person
HRALETMP - HR: Storage of Future Master Data Changes
HRPERSONEE - Linking Employee / Central Person
PCLHR - Store of Temporary Data from HR
SEMBW2_ACADEMIC_TITLE_CODE - Proxy Structure (generated)
SEMBW2_ADDRESS - Proxy Structure (generated)
SEMBW2_AMOUNT - Proxy Structure (generated)
SEMBW2_BINARY_OBJECT - A BinaryObject is a finite data stream of any number of char
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