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SAP CA General Application Functions Tables (CA-GTF)

SAP General Application Functions Tables CA-GTF

/BA1/C0_STR_DUMMY_UNIT_TEST - Dummy Structure for Unit Test
/BA1/C0_STR_PROGRAM_NAME - Structure for Generated Programs
/BA1/TC0_GENPRG - Generates Programs for Deep Move Corresponding
ABADRCHARACT_VALUES - Characteristic: Characteristic Value
ABADRD1T - Transfer Structure for Function Module for Reading Text
ABADRDST - Structure of selection table for segment table/level
ABADRFC_DRULE_DETAIL - Derivation Rule Details
ABADRFC_RULE_FIELD - Derivation Rule Field
ABADRFC_RULE_VALUES - Derivation Rule Entry
ABADRFLD - Field Table (Additions to Dictionary Attributes)
ABADRHELP - Derivation Tool: Structure for F1/F4
ABADRIDEP - ABAP/4 Dictionary Interface: Structure for Compound Char.
ABADRIFCA - DDIC Interface: Field Catalog Structure
ABADRMESS - Derivation Tool: Transfer Structure for Message Output
ABADRRFC_KEY - Key Fields for a Strategy
ABADRRFC_RULE - Derivation Rule
ABADRRFC_STEP - Step in a Strategy
ABADRSEL - Selection table with field name
ABADRTRACE_ALV - Field Catalog for Trace ALV
ABADR_BUFFER_DATA_ENTRY - ABADR: Internal Types Processor

ABADR_BUFFER_ENTRY - ABADR: Internal Types Processor
ABADR_BUFFER_ENTRY2 - ABADR: Internal Types Processor
ABADR_BUFFER_TAB_DESC - ABADR: Internal Types Processor
ABADR_COND - ABADR: Internal Structures
ABADR_CONDITION - ABADR: Condition (Internal)
ABADR_DESC - ABADR: Field Description (Internal)
ABADR_ENTRY_VALUE - ABADR: Input Structure (Internal)
ABADR_FDESC - ABADR: Internal Types
ABADR_FIELD - ABADR: Internal Structures
ABADR_FIELD_CHANGE - ABADR: Value Change (Internal)
ABADR_FIELD_SOURCE - ABADR: Internal Structures
ABADR_FIELD_TARGET - ABADR: Internal Structures
ABADR_FIELD_VALUE - ABADR: Field Value Int/Ext (Internal)
ABADR_LIST_DESC - ABADR: List Description (Internal)
ABADR_LIST_LINE - ABADR: Trace for Internal Types
ABADR_NAME - ABADR Name (Internal)
ABADR_OBJREF - ABADR: Object Reference
ABADR_PRINT_NEW - Structure for ALV Output
ABADR_RULE_ENTRY - ABADR: Rule Entry (Internal)
ABADR_SOURCE - ABADR: Source Structure
ABADR_SOURCE_VALUE - ABADR: Source Fields of a Rule Entry (Internal)
ABADR_TABLE_HEADER - ABADR: Internal Structures
ABADR_TARGET - ABADR: Target Structure (Internal)
ABADR_TARGET_REF - ABADR: Internal Types: Trace
ABADR_TARGET_VALUE - ABADR: Target Values of a Rule Entry (Internal)
ABADR_TEXT_LANGU - ABADR: Text/Language (Internal)
ABADR_TRACE_REF - ABADR: Internal Types: Trace
ABADR_TREE_CALLBACK - ABADR: Internal Types: Trace
ABADR_TREE_NODE - ABADR: Internal Types: Trace
ABADR_T_STEP - ABADR: Derivation Step (Internal)
ABADR_VAL_CHANGES - ABADR: Internal Types: Trace

ABARTRACE_ALV - Field Catalog for Trace ALV
APMREPO - Programs for Component and Key Figure in Application Monitor
BAM5RTIME - Runtime analysis
BAM6STRUC1 - Select Structure for Planning Layout
BAMANDIR - Application Analysis: Directory Structure & Object Cats
BAMANENV - Application Analysis: Analysis Environment
BAMAPPLIC - Application Analysis: Applications Included
BAMCLIINFO - Application Analysis: Client Overview
BAMCOANPRT - Application Analysis: CO Individual Analysis
BAMCOFCT - Application Analysis: CO Functions
BAMDOCINFO - Application analysis: Structure for F4 help in doc entry
BAMDYNPANJ - Appl. Analysis: Screen Help Structure for Analysis Job Sched
BAMEXANDIR - Application Analysis: SD: Analysis Directory (Enhanced)
BAMGROUPS - Application Analysis: Analysis Groups
BAMGROUPST - Application Analysis: Analysis Group Descriptions
BAMHELP1 - Application Analysis: Help Structure : Cat L7
BAMKAPPL - Application Analysis: Application for Conditions
BAMKVEWE - Application Analysis: Use of Condition Tables
BAMMMANPRT - Application analysis: MM individual analyses
BAMMMFCT - Application analysis: MM functions
BAMMULTDOC - Application analysis: Entering several documents
BAMOTANPRT - Application analysis: OT individual analyses
BAMOTFCT - Application analysis: OT functions
BAMPPANPRT - Application analysis: PP individual analyses
BAMPPFCT - Application analysis: PP functions
BAMPROGS - list of program names (old)
BAMRTANPRT - Application analysis: RT individual analyses
BAMRTDOCU - Application analysis: Retail key figure documentation
BAMRTFCT - Application analysis: RT functions
BAMRTKEYS - Application Analysis: Results Table: Key Fields
BAMRTKEYST - Application Analysis: Results Table: Key Flds/Totals Ind.
BAMRTRANGE - Application Analysis: Results Table: Area Counter & Sample
BAMRTSMPL - Application Analysis: Results Table: Sample

BAMRTTVALS - Applicatin Analysis: Results Table: Text Values
BAMRTTYPE0 - Application Analysis: Results Table: Cat: Counter
BAMRTTYPE1 - Application Analysis: Results Table: Cat: Key Fields
BAMRTTYPE2 - Application Analysis: Results Table: Cat: Key/Counter/Sample
BAMRTTYPE3 - Application Analysis: Results Table: Cat: Key/Counter/Text
BAMRTTYPE4 - Application Analysis: Results Table: Cat: Raster w/ Min/Max
BAMRTTYPE5 - Application Analysis: Results Table: Cat: Collection
BAMRTTYPE6 - Appl. Analysis: Results Table: Cat: Special Requirements
BAMRTTYPE7 - Application Analysis: Results Table: Cat: Special Hit VBSK
BAMRTTYPE8 - Application Analysis: Results Table: Cat: Several Counters
BAMRTTYPE9 - Appl. Analysis: Results Table: Cat:Key/Counter/Fields/Text
BAMRTTYPEA - Application Analysis: Results Table: Cat: Key/Count./Val./M
BAMSDANPRT - Application Analysis: SD Individual Analyses
BAMSDDOCU - Application Analysis: SD Key Figure Documentation
BAMSDDOCVL - Application Analysis: SD Document Volume
BAMSDFCT - Application Analysis: SD Functions
BAMSSMODOB - Application Analysis: Source Scan: Modified Reports/Includes
BAMSSPROGN - Application Analysis: Source Scan: Program Names
BAMSTATEM - Statement and Location
BAMTABI - Application Analysis: Table Statistics
BAMTABI_30 - Application analysis: table statistics (3.0 version)
BAMTABL - Structure for Table Names
BAMUI - Application Analysis: UI: Main List
BAMUIAS - Application Analysis: Displaying ASTAT Records in ST14
BAMUIAST - Application Analysis: ASTAT Records in ST14
BAMUIDTL - Application Analysis: UI: Detail Lists
BAMUIDTLC - Application Analysis: UI: Detail Lists: Columns
BAMUIDTLCT - Application Analysis: UI Detail Lists, Column Headings
BAMUIKEYS - Application Analysis: UI: Detail List: Key Fields
BAMUIT - Application Analysis: UI: Main List: Texts
BAMUITV - Application Analysis: UI: Main List with Texts
BAMUIVIEW - Application Analysis: UI: Views of the Main List
BAMUIVIEWN - Application Analysis: UI: Nodes within a View
BAMUIVIEWT - Application analysis: UI: Name of views on main list
BAMVIEWSTR - Application analysis: String for display tree in ST14
BAM_MATWRK - Plant and material for individual document analysis
BAM_MKAL_SF - Application analysis: Production versions
BAM_PRODUCTION_VERSIONS - Application analysis: Collective struct. production versions
BAM_RUN_SCHEDULE_HEADER - Application analysis: Transfer structure run sched. headers
BAM_SAFK_SF - Minimal View of SAFK for Logistics Monitor
BAM_TASK_LISTS - Application Analysis: Composite Structure of Work Plans
BAPI_PLL80 - Integration with Logistics: Confirmations
BASDDAYINT - Interval structure in SD Monitor
BASDDIRECT - Structure for table of contents for SD quantity structure
BASDINFTAB - Structure for Analysis Periods in SD Quantity Structure
BASDKAPPL - Structure for applications for message conditions
BASDKNUMV - Structure for interval for KNUMV for KONV analysis
BASDKONV - Structure for KONV in Application Monitor
BASDLIKP - Structure for LIKP Application Monitor
BASDNAST - Structure for NAST analysis
BASDRAST - Structure for Display in SD Monitor
BASDRASTER - Structure for defined raster
BASDSTATUS - Struct. in FGroup BASD for Storing the Data Import Status
BASDVBAK - Structure for VBAK in Application Monitor
BASDVBAP - Structure for item types in order
BASDVBEP - Structure for VBEP in SD Monitor
BASDVBRK - Structure for VBRK Application Monitor
BASDVEPVG - Structure for VEPVG Key Fields
BASDXVGBEL - Structure for reference documents in order
BASDXVSTEL - Structure for TVST-vstel
BAXXAVAILS - Date of available results
BAXXMODOBJ - Description of modified objects
BAXXREPIDS - Ranges structure for report names
BAXXSRCLIN - Line references to reports/includes
BCACT - Athlets
BCCOM - List of Competitors
BCEXC - Player Market
BCRES - Registration of courts
BCSPO - Sport
BCTOU - SAP tournaments
BSVEVENT - Workflow events
BSVOBJSTA - Workflow Events: Object Status
BSVWCOUP1 - System status events
BSVWCOUP2 - Status restrictions
BSVWCOUP3 - User Events for Status Object Types
BSVWCOUP4 - Status for User Events
BSVWCOUP5 - User Events for Status Object Types
BSVWCOUP6 - Status for User Events
BSVWOT2OA - Status Management Events: Status Objects <-> Object Kind
BUKRS_FIS - Structure for Layout of Company Code Table
CRMD_LINK - Transaction - Set - Link
CRMD_ORDERADM_H - Business Transaction
CRMD_ORDERADM_I - Business Transaction Item
CRMT_OBJECT_KEY - One Order: Key Fields
CRMT_ORDERADM_H_EXT - General Header Data - Structure of External Fields
CRMT_ORDERADM_H_INT - General Header Data - Structure of System Fields
CRMT_ORDERADM_I_EXT - Item: Structre of External Fields
CRMT_ORDERADM_I_INT - Item: Structure of System Fields
CRMT_ORDER_EDIT_INFO - Time and User of Last Transaction Processing
CRMT_PARTNER_ADDR_EXT - Address Data of a Partner
CRMT_PARTNER_ADM_INT - Internally Controlled Data for a Partner
CRMT_PARTNER_COMMON_ATTR_EXT - Common Attributes for all Partner Functions
CRMT_PARTNER_EXT - Externally Influenced Partner Data
CRMT_PARTNER_IDENT_EXT - Identification Data for a Partner
CRMT_PARTNER_INT - Internally Controlled Data for a Partner
CRMT_PARTNER_KEY - Internal Identification Key for a Partner (in Function)
CRMT_PARTNER_LINK_INT - GUID Integration of the Partner Set
DFAXD - Fax information extendable sample SAP-WB
DSVWUPDEVT - Structure for Event Data on Creation
EBPP_BAPIAPREF - References to Application Objects with Texts
EBPP_BAPIAPREF_EX - Reference to Application Objects with Texts with Subobjects
EBPP_BAPIAPREF_LONG - References to application objects with texts
EBPP_CONTACTOUT - Output Structure of Contacts
EBPP_CONTACT_DISPLAY - Structure for Displaying a Customer Contact List
EVENT_FIS - Reporting Structure for Log Entries
FDT_EXPR_1921 - FDT/BRF: Expression - Dispatcher
FDT_EXPR_1921A - FDT/BRF: Expression - Dispatcher
FDT_EXPR_1921S - FDT/BRF: Expression - Dispatcher
FDT_EXPR_1921T - FDT/BRF: Expression - Dispatcher
FIN_STR_FSCM_CRDBMEMO - Header of Invoice, Credit Memo Information
FIS_BANK_DETAIL - Bank Detail Data for Display, Change
FIS_CA_LIST - Biller Direct: List of Contract Accounts
FIS_CCARD_DETAIL - SAP Biller Direct Payment Card Data
FIS_COMMFLAGS - FSCM, Biller Direct: Communication Events
FIS_COMMPATH - FSCM, Biller Direct: Communication Method
FIS_COMM_DISP_TYPE - FISCM, Biller Direct: Event-Controlled Communication,Display
FIS_INV_DISPLAYDATA - Biller Direct: The Display Data of the Original Bill
FIS_INV_DOCS - Biller Direct Bills: Selection and Formats
FIS_INV_DOC_CDATA - Bill Data (Character)
FIS_INV_DOC_FORMATS - Bill Formats (Biller Direct)
FIS_INV_DOC_HEADER - Biller Direct Bill Structure (Header Data)
FIS_INV_DOC_ITEMS - Biller Direct Bill Structure (Item Data)
FIS_INV_DOC_PARTNERS - Biller Direct Bill Structure (Partner of the Bill)
FIS_INV_DOC_PATH - Access Path for Bill Detail
FIS_INV_DOC_SIGDATA - Bill Signature (RAW)
FIS_INV_DOC_SIG_FORMATS - Signature for the Bills (Biller Direct)
FIS_INV_MULT_ARCH_DOCS - Biller Direct: Multiple Archived Documents
FIS_INV_NEWFLAGS - Flags for a Bill (Biller Direct)
FIS_REQUESTING_PARTNER - Requester of Bill Details (Biller Direct)
FIS_REQUESTING_PARTNER - Requester of Bill Details (Biller Direct)
FIS_REQUESTING_PARTNER - Requester of Bill Details (Biller Direct)
FMAFMTID38000013 - Derivation rule:Tolerance Profile by user
FMATGRID38000012 - Derivation rule:Activity Group PS for Funds commitment
FMATGRID38000012 - Derivation rule:Activity Group PS for Funds commitment
FMATGRID38000012 - Derivation rule:Activity Group PS for Funds commitment
FMFMOAID38000016 - Derivation rule:Order to Commitment Item/Funds Ctr/Fund/Func
FMFMOAID38000042 - Derivation rule:Cost Center to all
FSCM_STR_COMM_CRDBMEMO - Header of Invoice, Credit Memo Information
GENEBPP_CONTACT_FILTER - Search Criteria for Contacts
GENEBPP_KNB1 - Customer Master (Company Code) Enhancements Internet
GENEBPP_KNB1_ADDSEL - Customer Master (All Company Codes Enhancements Internet)
GEN_EBPP_PROFILE - Profiles for Biller Direct
GMAGMTEC38000052 - Derivation rule:Derive Tolerance Profile for Company Code
GMATGMID38000022 - Derivation rule:Derive Activity Group from Value Type
GMGMDTID38000014 - Derivation rule:GL Account to Sponsered Class
GMGMDTID38000015 - Derivation rule:Cost Center to Sponsored Program
GMGMDTID38000017 - Derivation rule:Internal Order to Sponsered Program
GMGMDTID38000018 - Derivation rule:Cost Element to Sponsored Class
HRCA_CONFIRMATIONS - Integration with Logistics: Data from Order Confirmations
HRCA_CONFKEY - Integration with Logistics: Confirmation Nos and Counters
IKNDVCL - Transfer Structure Development Classes
IKNKOMP - Transfer Structure Component Hierarchy
IKNMTADIR - Transfer Structure Object Info
IKNTA_CUST - Info Customizing Tables
IWP_DP_AP_EV_DIR - Generated Exit Views directory
IWP_DP_AP_GENTAB - Audit Package/gen.table relations
IWP_DP_AP_LS - Audit Package Level Load Status in provisioning layer
IWP_DP_AP_LV_DIR - Generated Views directory
IWP_DP_AP_PV_DIR - Audit Package References
IWP_DP_AP_URI_AS - Audit Package URI Assignment
IWP_DP_AP_URI_ID - Audit Package URI Structure Loadstat
IWP_DP_CURR_REF - CURR and CUKY Ref table and Ref field mapping for legacy tab
IWP_DP_DESCR - Data Descriptor
IWP_DP_RW_RENVTN - Retention Warehouse Optimization Switch Values
IWP_DP_ST_C_STRC - Archiving Object <> Structure
IWP_DP_ST_C_STRCT - Archiving Object <> Structure (Text)
IWP_DP_ST_DATA_LOADER_DATA - Data for Retention Warehouse
IWP_DP_ST_DESCRIPTOR - Header Information of a descriptor
IWP_DP_ST_ECATT_DATA_CONTAINER - eCATT Test Data Container Parameters
IWP_DP_ST_EV_FLDMAP - Field Mapping Between Exit View and Original Table Content
IWP_DP_ST_ORIGIN_RANGE - Origin Range for an Audit Package
IWP_DP_ST_OUTPUT_FIELD - Output Field for Data Provider
IWP_DP_ST_TDC - Testdata Container Use
IWP_DP_ST_VIEW_DEFINITION - View Definition for Descriptor
IWP_DP_ST_VIEW_META - View Metadata for Descriptor
IWP_DP_TAB_DIR - Generated Tables Directory
IWP_DP_URI_DICT - Resource Identifier Dictionary
IWP_S_TDC_APT - Test data container: audit package template
IWP_S_TDC_AUDIT_AREA - Test data container: audit area
IWP_S_TDC_DATA - Tablename and data as reference
IWP_S_TDC_ILMSTORE - Structure for test data container IWP_ILMSTORE
IWP_S_TDC_METADATA - Tablename and metadata as table
IWP_S_TDC_METADATA_TEXT - Tablename and metadata text as table
IWP_S_TDC_STRUCTDESC - Structure name and descriptor
IWP_S_TDC_VAR_CUST_OBJ - TDC variant and object reference
IWP_S_TDC_VAR_ILMSTORE_OBJ - TDC variant and object reference
IWP_S_TDC_VIEW - Test data container: view definition
KEYSUM - Key and Totals Tables for CO Monitor
KEYSUM - Key and Totals Tables for CO Monitor
LA00065712 - SD Monitor: Intersection of Runtime and Variant Parameters
LA00065713 - SD Monitor: Statist. Data of Del.Collect.Proc. by Variant
LA00065714 - SD Monitor: VBSK Analysis (Del.Collective Processing Log)
MMPURUI_VENDOR_POWL_STY_IAV - Structure for Vendors Displayed in POWL IAV
MONIENVRES - Application Monitor: Reserved Fields for Analysis Environmnt
PPMON_MRP - Output Structure for MRP Statistics
PPMON_MRP1 - Output Structure for MRP Statistics
RFISMDBP - FSCM Master Data Busines Partner Enhancements (Input Fields)
RFISMDBPDB - FSCM Master Data BP Enhancements (Database Enhan. Includes)
RFISMDBP_DI - FSCM Master Data Business Partner Enhancements Direct Input
RFISMDCA - FSCM: Master Data Contract Acct Enhancements (Input Fields)
SAPAPMTABI - Structure with Table Info
SAPAPMTABL - Structure for Table Names
SDMONIALER - Key Figures for SD Application Monitor: Alert Level
SDMONICHAR - Key Figures for SD Application Monitor
SDMONICHAT - SD Monitor: Texts for Key Figures
SDMONITRES - Threashold Values for Key Figures of the SD Applic. Monitor
TABADR - Characteristic Derivation: Strategies
TABADREXITS - Derivation: Internal Exits
TABADRH - Characteristic Derivation: Header
TABADRIS - Derivation Tool: Industry Exits
TABADRPCONF - Char. Derivation: Maintaining Personal Configuration Rules
TABADRS - Characteristic Derivation: Steps
TABADRSF - Characteristic Derivation: Steps, Fields
TABADRST - Characteristic Derivation: Steps, Texts
TABADRT - Characteristic Derivation: Strategies, Texts
TABADRX - System Table INDX
TABL_COUNT - Parameters for Function Module SAPAM_XX_COUNT_TABLE_ROWS
TFAX1 - Fax information extendable sample
TFIS010 - FSCM: Bill Transactions
TFISADDRESS - FSCM, Biller Direct: Address Key for Partner
TFISCAT - Log Categories Control Part SAP
TFISCATCOCD - Company Codes without Log
TFISCATCUST - Log Categories: Customer Customizing
TFISCATT - Text Table for Log Categories
TFISCOMMFLAG - FSCM, Biller Direct: Notification Methods
TFIS_COMMEVENT - FSCM, Biller Direct: Communiication Events for Biller Direct
TFIS_COMMEVENTT - Texte for Communication Events in Biller Direct
TFIS_PROFILES - Reference User for Biller Direct
TFIS_PROFILEST - Reference User for Biller Direct
TIMESTAMP_FIS - Time Stamp for Log Entries
UAID38000032 - Derivation Rule:Cost Component Split for COGM by Object Type
UAID38000033 - Derivation Rule:Cost of Goods Manufactured

SAP Appraisal Systems Tables CA-GTF-AP-AP

APPLIST - Parameters for List Display
APP_CAT - Transfer Structure: Appraisals Catalog
BAPIAPMHEAD - BAPI Structure: Appraisal Header
BAPIAPPDATA - BAPI Structure: Appraisal (Rating)
BAPIAPPHEAD - BAPI Structure: Appraisal Header
BAPIAPPMODEL - Structure of Appraisal Model
BAPIAPPRAISAL - BAPI Structure: Appraisals (GetList)
BAPIAPPRAISEE - Structure for Appraisee
BAPIAPPRAISER - Structure for Appraiser
BAPIAPPSEARCH - BAPI Structure: Selection Criteria (GetList)
BAPIEVALUATION - BAPI Structure: Reporting Options (Evaluations)
BAPIPERIODAPP - BAPI Structure: Period Appraised
BAPIPERIODSET - BAPI Structure: Creation Period (GetList)
BAPIPERIODVALID - BAPI Structure: Period Appraised (GetList)
BAPISCALE_QUANTITY - BAPI Structure: Quantity Scale
DYNP_OBJECT - Screen Processing: Object
DYNP_RHPA - Screen Processing: Function Group RHPA (Appraisal)
DYNP_RHPA_REPORT - Screen Processing: Function Group RHPA_REPORTING
DYNP_RHPS - Screen Processing: Function Group RHPS
HRI1043 - Infotype 1043: Fields
HRI1044 - Infotype 1044: Fields
HRI1045 - Infotype 1045: Fields
HRP1043 - DB Table for Infotype 1043
HRP1044 - DB Table for Infotype 1044
HRP1045 - DB Table for Infotype 1045
HRP1047 - DB Table for Infotype 1047
HRP1048 - DB Table for Infotype 1048
HRPAD47 - PAD47 Additional Data
HRPDV_ALV_WORKLOAD - ALV Structure: Workload
HRPDV_APPRAISALS_RECEIVED - ALV Structure: Appraisals Where Appraisee
HRPDV_APPRAISALS_TODO - ALV Structure: Appraisals To Be Processed
HRPDV_APPRAISAL_NOTES - Notes for Appraisals
HRPDV_APPRAISAL_RANKING - ALV Structure: Ranking List of Appraisals
HRPDV_AP_FOLLOW_UP - PA-PD: Functions for Follow-Up Processing (Workflow)
HRPDV_PROCESS_FINAL - Structure: Functions for Follow-Up Processing
HRPDV_PROCESS_PART - Structure: Functions for Processing Subappraisals
HRPDV_S_SELID - Appraisals: Selections ID
HRPE_APPFB - HR-PD: Info needed to calculate multisource results
HRPE_APPORS_ADD - Structure: Additional Appraiser Data
HRPE_APPR - HR-PD: Create Appraisal Model (Relationships)
HRPE_APPRAISALS - Structure: Appraisal
HRPE_APPRAISAL_STATE - ALV Structure: Appraisal Status
HRPE_APPRAISEES - Structure: Appraisee
HRPE_APPRAISORS - Structure: Appraiser
HRPE_APP_PARTIC - Structure: Appraisal - Objects Involved (List Output)
HRPE_APP_STATUS - Structure: Possible Appraisal Statuses
HRPE_PARTIC_VIEW - Structure: Appraiser
HRPE_PERIOD - Time Period (Start Date - End Date)
HRPE_PROCESS - Structure: Follow-Up Processing Functions
HRPE_PROFA - HR-PD: Appraisals -SOBID after OBJID-
HRPE_SEL_CRIT - Appraisals: Detailed Selection Criteria (Appraisal Elements)
HRSEL_PERIOD - Time Period (Start Date - End Date)
HRT1043 - Table Section of Infotype 1043
HRT1045 - Infotype 1045 Table Section
HRT1047 - Table Section of Infotype 1047
HRT1048 - Table Section of Infotype 1048
KIND_STRU - Transfer Structure: Appraisal Type
P1043 - Infotype 1043
P1043_AF - Additional Query Fields
P1043_EXP - Infotype 1043 expanded
P1044 - Infotype 1044: Results Specification
P1044_AF - Additional Query Fields
P1045 - Infotype 1045: Appraisals
P1045_AF - Additional Query Fields
P1045_EXP - Infotype 1045 expanded
P1045_EXT - Infotype 1045 expanded (HRI1044 and screen added)
P1047 - Infotype 1047
P1047_AF - Additional Query Fields
P1047_EXP - Infotype 1047 expanded
P1048 - Infotype 1048: Proficiency Description
P1048_AF - Additional Query Fields
P1048_EXP - Infotype 1048 expanded
PAD47 - Additional Relationship Data for Appraisal Model
PAD47_QUE - Structure for Additional Data in Query
PT1043 - Fields for Table Section of Infotype 1043
PT1045 - Fields for Table Part of Infotype 1045
PT1045_ADD - Additional Data (Table Section of Rating)
PT1045_EXT - Appraisal (infotype 1044 and screen fields added)
PT1047 - Fields for Table Section of Infotype 1047
PT1047_EXT - Extended structure for processing modules
PT1048 - Fields for Table Section of Infotype 1048
T77BF - PA-PD: Form of Appraisal
T77BG - PA-PD: Form of Appraisal (Possible Relationships)
T77FUNC - Functions
T77FUNC_TEXT - Function Texts
T77TF - PA-PD: Form of Appraisal (Name)
VHRT1043 - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
VHRT1045 - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
VHRT1047 - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
VHRT1048 - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000

SAP Appraisal, Valuation, and Survey Tool Tables CA-GTF-AP-PM

HAP_S_ACTION_LOG_EXT - Structure: Extended Action Log
HAP_S_ADMIN_FUNCTION - Administrator Function
HAP_S_ALV_ANALYZE_1 - Analyze Appraisal Documents
HAP_S_ALV_ANALYZE_2 - Analyze Appraisal Documents
HAP_S_ALV_ANALYZE_3 - Analyze Appraisal Documents
HAP_S_ALV_ANALYZE_4 - Analyze Appraisal Documents
HAP_S_ALV_ANALYZE_COL - Displayed Data
HAP_S_ALV_DOC_CREATED - Appraisals Where Appraiser
HAP_S_ALV_DOC_RECEIVED - Appraisals Where Appraisee
HAP_S_ALV_REPORTING_RANK - Appraisal Document Ranking List
HAP_S_APPEE - Appraisee Object Types
HAP_S_APPER - Appraiser Object Types
HAP_S_APPRAISAL_ELEMENT - Appraisal Element (Base Information - Internal Object Types)
HAP_S_APPRAISAL_ELEMENT_XL - Appraisal Element (Foreign and Standard Element), Parent
HAP_S_APPRAISAL_FOREIGN_ID - Foreign Appraisal Element ID
HAP_S_APPRAISAL_ID - Appraisal Document ID
HAP_S_APPRAISAL_INFO - Extended Appraisal Information
HAP_S_ASSIGNED_STATUS - Process Object Status
HAP_S_BASE_CELL - Base Cell (Column + Row)
HAP_S_BODY_CELLS - Body - Cells
HAP_S_BODY_CELL_NOTES - Body - Cell Notes
HAP_S_BODY_CELL_VAL_C_LIKE - Body - Cell Value List (Characters)
HAP_S_BODY_CELL_VAL_DESCR - Body - Cell Value Description
HAP_S_BODY_CELL_VAL_RANGES - Body - Cell Value List (Value Ranges)
HAP_S_BODY_CELL_VAL_VALUES - Body - Cell Value List (Values)
HAP_S_BODY_COLUMNS - Body - Columns
HAP_S_BODY_ELEMENTS - Body - Elements
HAP_S_BODY_ELEMENTS_ADD - Elements to Be Added to Appraisal Document
HAP_S_BODY_ELEMENTS_STRUC_ADD - Elements Which Should Be Added to an Appraisal Document
HAP_S_BODY_ELEMENT_BUTTONS - Body - Pushbutton Elements
HAP_S_BODY_ELEMENT_DESCR - Body - Element Descriptions
HAP_S_BSP_DOC_HEADER - BSP: Tempory Storage of Header Entries
HAP_S_BSP_DOWNLOAD - BSP UI: Download Structure
HAP_S_BSP_ENHANCEMENT - BSP Appraisal Enhancement
HAP_S_BSP_OTHERS - BSP: Further Participants
HAP_S_BSP_VAL_DET - BSP UI Value Determination
HAP_S_BUTTONS - Pushbuttons
HAP_S_C - Category Group and Category
HAP_S_CATALOG_ACT - Appraisal Catalog Action
HAP_S_CATALOG_ACTION - Appraisal Catalog Action
HAP_S_CATALOG_ACTION_ATTR - Attributes for Appraisal Catalog Action
HAP_S_CAT_GROUP_CHANGED - Category Group Changes
HAP_S_CAT_SCREEN_CHANGED - Status of Data Changes on Screen
HAP_S_CAT_TYPE_SELECT - Selected Header Types
HAP_S_COLUMN_NAME - Column Name and ID
HAP_S_COLUMN_ORDER - Column sequence
HAP_S_CONTEXT_ACT_LOG - Context Structure for Action Log
HAP_S_CONTEXT_DOCUMENT - Context Structure for an Appraisal Document
HAP_S_C_GRP_T - Category Group Name
HAP_S_C_RELEVANT_PHASES - Phases Relevant for a Template
HAP_S_C_RET_STRUC - Additional Information About Message Return Handler
HAP_S_C_T - Category name
HAP_S_DB_CHANGED - Appraisal Document - Compare Changes with DB Data
HAP_S_DB_CHANGED_DETAIL - Appraisal Document - Compare Changes with DB Data
HAP_S_DB_CHANGE_ANON - Appraisal Document - DB Changes Anonymous Appraiser
HAP_S_DB_CHANGE_APPEE - Appraisal Document - DB Change Appraisee
HAP_S_DB_CHANGE_APPER - Appraisal Document - DB Change Appraiser
HAP_S_DB_CHANGE_CELL - Appraisal Document - DB Change Cell
HAP_S_DB_CHANGE_ELEMENT - Appraisal Document - DB Change: Element
HAP_S_DB_CHANGE_OTHERS - Appraisal Document - DB Change Further Participants
HAP_S_DB_CHANGE_P_APPER - Appraisal Document - DB Change Part Appraiser
HAP_S_DB_CHANGE_VALUE - Appraisal Document: DB Change of Cell Value
HAP_S_DB_P - Appraisal Document: Reference Appraisal (Attributes)
HAP_S_DB_PT - Appraisal Document: Reference Appraisal
HAP_S_DB_P_COLVAL - Appraisal Document: Reference Appraisal
HAP_S_DB_P_DE - Appraisal Document: Reference Appraisal (Structure + Data)
HAP_S_DB_TAB - Appraisal: Tab Configuration (Attributes)
HAP_S_DB_TAB_T - Appraisal: Tab Configuration
HAP_S_DISPLAY_UI - Transfer Handling for Screen Header
HAP_S_DOCUMENT - Appraisal Document
HAP_S_DOCUMENTS - App. Document List (Prepared for Output)
HAP_S_DOCUMENTS_STATUS - Appraisal Document List (Status Overview)
HAP_S_DOCUMENT_FILL - Appraisal Document List (Def. of Empty Table Fields)
HAP_S_DOCUMENT_HELP - Appraisal Document - Help Structure
HAP_S_DOC_BOR_KEY - Appraisal Document - Business Object Repository Key
HAP_S_DOC_LOCKED - Locked Appraisal Document
HAP_S_DOC_PROCESSING - Appraisal Document: Processing
HAP_S_DYNPRO_CURSOR - Current Cursor Position
HAP_S_DYNP_1000 - Screen: Appraisal Document Main Screen
HAP_S_DYNP_1000_FLW_UP_D - Screen - Follow-Up Cell Values
HAP_S_DYNP_1000_REF_DOC - Screen - Reference Appraisal Basic Data
HAP_S_DYNP_1000_REF_DOC_D - Screen - Reference Appraisal Cell Values
HAP_S_DYNP_1002 - Screen: Appraisal Document - Body (To-Do List Info)
HAP_S_DYNP_2000 - Screen: Appraisal Document - Header (Standard)
HAP_S_DYNP_2010 - Screen: Appraisal Document - Appraiser Dialog Box
HAP_S_DYNP_2010_TB - Screen: Appraisal Document - Appraiser Table Control
HAP_S_DYNP_2020 - Screen: Appraisal Document - Appraisee Dialog Box
HAP_S_DYNP_2020_TB - Screen: Appraisal Document - Appraisee Table Control
HAP_S_DYNP_2030 - Screen: Appraisal Document - Dialog Box Part Appraiser
HAP_S_DYNP_2030_TB - Screen: Appraisal Document - Appraiser Table Control
HAP_S_DYNP_2031_TB - Screen: Appraisal Document - Objects Dialog Box
HAP_S_DYNP_2040 - Screen: Appraisal Document - Dialog Box Further Participants
HAP_S_DYNP_2040_TB - Screen: Appraisal Document - Further Partic. Table Control
HAP_S_DYNP_2200 - Screen: Appraisal Document - Header (Part Appraiser)
HAP_S_DYNP_3000 - Screen: Appraisal Document - Body (Dynamic AppDocument Info)
HAP_S_DYNP_3100_TB - Screen: Appraisal Document - Body (Table Content)
HAP_S_DYNP_3100_TBD - Screen: Appraisal Document - Body (Column Display Info)
HAP_S_DYNP_3100_TBH - Screen: Appraisal Document - Body (Table Header)
HAP_S_DYNP_4000_TODO - Screen: Choose Entry for To-Do List
HAP_S_DYNP_7100 - Screen: Dialog Box Replace Value List
HAP_S_DYNP_ADMIN_STATUS_CHANGE - Administrator: Change Status
HAP_S_DYNP_ADMIN_TREE - Screen: Administrator Function Tree - Node Assignment
HAP_S_DYNP_BSP_START_TB - Start BSP: Parameter Table Control
HAP_S_DYNP_CATEGORY_CREATION - Appraisal Category Generation
HAP_S_DYNP_COLUMN_SETTING - Quick Column Setting
HAP_S_DYNP_COLUMN_SETTING_2 - Quick Replace Column Settings
HAP_S_DYNP_C_4000_TRANSLATE - Screen - Translation Language
HAP_S_DYNP_C_5000_CHOOSE_LANGU - Screen - Choose Language
HAP_S_DYNP_C_5100_TRANSLATE - Screen - Translation (Name and Description)
HAP_S_DYNP_C_8200_UNUSED_ELEM - Screen - Unused Elements
HAP_S_DYNP_C_BSP - Web Templates
HAP_S_DYNP_C_CATEGORY_0630 - Category Screen 0630 - Status
HAP_S_DYNP_C_CATEGORY_0660 - Category Screen 0660 - Workflow Rules
HAP_S_DYNP_C_CATEGORY_0690 - Category Screen 0690 - Workflow Event
HAP_S_DYNP_C_CAT_100 - Screen - Category Texts and Object Types
HAP_S_DYNP_C_CAT_1000 - Screen - Category Main Screen
HAP_S_DYNP_C_CAT_100_APPEE - Screen - Appraisee Type and Description
HAP_S_DYNP_C_CAT_100_APPER - Screen - Appraiser Type and Description
HAP_S_DYNP_C_CAT_100_OTHER - Screen - Further Participant Type and Description
HAP_S_DYNP_C_CAT_100_P_APPER - Screen - Part Appraiser Type and Description
HAP_S_DYNP_C_CAT_110 - Screen - Object Types for Appraiser, Appraisee, and Others
HAP_S_DYNP_C_CAT_200 - Screen - Columns for Category
HAP_S_DYNP_C_CAT_300 - Screen - Roles for Category
HAP_S_DYNP_C_CAT_400 - Screen - Value Types for Category
HAP_S_DYNP_C_CAT_500 - Screen - Enhancements for Category
HAP_S_DYNP_C_CAT_5100 - Screen - Translation of Category Texts
HAP_S_DYNP_C_CAT_GRP_1230 - Category Group Screen 1230 - Status
HAP_S_DYNP_C_CAT_GRP_1260 - Category Group Screen 1260 - Workflow Rules
HAP_S_DYNP_C_CAT_GRP_1290 - Category Group Screen 1290 - Workflow Event
HAP_S_DYNP_C_CAT_GR_1000 - Screen - Category Group (Main Screen)
HAP_S_DYNP_C_CAT_GR_5100 - Screen - Translation of Category Group Name
HAP_S_DYNP_C_CAT_GR_TYPES - Screen - Allowed Object Types
HAP_S_DYNP_C_CAT_INFO - Catalog Documentation Info
HAP_S_DYNP_C_INSERT - Insert Foreign Element
HAP_S_DYNP_C_IT1000 - Screen - Infotype 1000
HAP_S_DYNP_C_IT1001 - Screen - Infotype 1001
HAP_S_DYNP_C_IT1002 - Screen - Infotype 1002
HAP_S_DYNP_C_IT1048 - Screen - Infotype 1048
HAP_S_DYNP_C_IT5020 - Screen - Infotype 5020
HAP_S_DYNP_C_IT5021 - Screen - Infotype 5021
HAP_S_DYNP_C_IT5022 - Screen - Infotype 5022
HAP_S_DYNP_C_IT5022PT - Screen - Table Part Infotype 5022
HAP_S_DYNP_C_IT5022_REF - Screen - Multiple Reference Elements
HAP_S_DYNP_C_IT5023 - Screen - Infotype 5023
HAP_S_DYNP_C_IT5023PT - Screen - Table Part Infotype 5023
HAP_S_DYNP_C_IT5024PT - Screen - Table Part Infotype 5024
HAP_S_DYNP_C_IT5025 - Screen - Infotype 5025
HAP_S_DYNP_C_IT5025PT - Screen - Table Part Infotype 5025
HAP_S_DYNP_C_IT5026PT - Screen - Table Part Infotype 5026
HAP_S_DYNP_C_IT5027PT - Screen Layout - Table Division Infotype 5027
HAP_S_DYNP_C_LINK - Screen - Infotype 5021 - Display Link
HAP_S_DYNP_C_ROW_ACCESS - Screen - Element Access for Main Document
HAP_S_DYNP_DIALOGBOX - Screen - Dialog Box Appearance
HAP_S_DYNP_FOLLOW_UP - Screen: Follow-Up Processing - Header Data
HAP_S_DYNP_FOLLOW_UPD_TB - Screen: Processed Follow-Up Processing
HAP_S_DYNP_FOLLOW_UP_TB - Screen: Overview - Follow-Up Processing
HAP_S_DYNP_HRSOBID - Objects in Table Control
HAP_S_DYNP_REPORT_0100 - Screen: Search Report - Dialog Window Objects
HAP_S_DYNP_REPORT_0100_TB - Screen: Search Report - Object Table Control
HAP_S_DYNP_REPORT_0200_TB - Screen: Search Report - Selection of SubStatus Table Control
HAP_S_DYNP_REPORT_1000 - Screen: Selection/Search Criteria
HAP_S_DYNP_REP_GEN_VAR - Reporting - Generic Variant
HAP_S_DYNP_REP_TREE - Screen: Reporting Tree - Node Assignment
HAP_S_DYNP_SEL_BUTTONS - Search: Button Structure for Screen 1000
HAP_S_DYNP_SEL_FOLLOW_UP - Follow-Up Screen Structure
HAP_S_DYNP_SEL_PARAMETER_HIDE - Search: Parameter Structure for Hiding Entries
HAP_S_DYNP_SEL_TMPL_DETAIL - App.Document Selection: For a Template at Element Level
HAP_S_DYNP_SMARTFORMS - Smart Form Templates
HAP_S_DYNP_TABSTRIP - Screen - Tabstrip
HAP_S_DYNP_TEMPLATE_CREATION - Appraisal Template Generation
HAP_S_DYNP_TRANSLATE - Screen - Translation (Source and Target Language)
HAP_S_DYNP_TREE_NODE - Tree Control: Nodes
HAP_S_DYNP_USERSET_DOCUMENT - User Settings (Document)
HAP_S_DYNP_VARIANT - Screen: Get/Save Variants
HAP_S_DYN_EVENT_BASE - Basis for Dynamic Event
HAP_S_ELEMENT_PAIR - Appraisal Element Pair
HAP_S_EXCEL_DETAIL - Excel Download: Detail Data Structure
HAP_S_EXCEL_FIELD_SELECTION - Excel Download: Selection Structure for Data
HAP_S_EXCEL_HEADER - Excel Download: Column Header Structure
HAP_S_EXCEL_SUBHEADER - Excel Download: Column Subheader Structure
HAP_S_EXIT_AREA_NAME - Enhancement Area with Name
HAP_S_EXIT_RULE - Decision maker
HAP_S_EXIT_VALUE_LIST_O - Value List for Non-Numeric Value Classes
HAP_S_EXIT_VALUE_LIST_R - Value List for Range Values - Quantity Scale
HAP_S_EXIT_VALUE_LIST_S - Value List for Standard Values - (Irregular) Quality Scale
HAP_S_F4_CATEGORY_CREATION - Appraisal Template Creation
HAP_S_F4_CATEGORY_EXIT - Search Help HRHAP00_CATEGORY_EXIT: Input Help Enhancement
HAP_S_F4_CATEGORY_EXIT_VAL_DET - Search Help HRHAP00_CAT_EXIT_VAL_DET: Input Help Enhancement
HAP_S_F4_CG_TYPE - Search Help HRHAP00_CG_TYPE: Input Help Enhancement
HAP_S_F4_ELEMENT_COLUMN - Search Help HRHAP00_TEMPLATE_ROLES: Input Help Enhancement
HAP_S_F4_SCLAS - Search Help HRHAP00_SCLAS: Input Help Enhancement
HAP_S_F4_TEMPLATE - Search Help HRHAP00_TEMPLATE: Enhancement for Input Help
HAP_S_F4_TEMPLATE_CREATION - Appraisal Template Creation
HAP_S_F4_TEMPLATE_ROLE - Search Help HRHAP00_TEMPLATE_ROLES: Input Help Enhancement
HAP_S_F4_TYPE_ALLOW - Search Help HRHAP00_APPRAISER_TYPE: Input Help Enhancement
HAP_S_FCODE_EXIT - Function Code Used to Generate Enhancement
HAP_S_HEADER_ADD_DATA - Header - Additional Data
HAP_S_HEADER_APPRAISEE - Header - Appraisee
HAP_S_HEADER_APPRAISER - Header - Appraiser
HAP_S_HEADER_DATES - Header - Dates
HAP_S_HEADER_DATES_DISPLAY - Header, Date Fields - Display Mode
HAP_S_HEADER_DISPLAY - Header - Display
HAP_S_HEADER_OTHERS - Header - Further Participants
HAP_S_HEADER_PART_APPRAISERS - Header - Part Appraiser
HAP_S_HEADER_STATUS - Header - Status
HAP_S_HEADER_TEXTS - Header - Texts
HAP_S_HRI5022_EXT - Column and Cell Definition for Appraisal Element (Extended)
HAP_S_IF_DOCUMENT_SUPPORT - Document Support Structure
HAP_S_IMPLEMENTATION - Business Add-In Implementation
HAP_S_INFTY_CHANGED - Infotype Changes
HAP_S_IT1001_605 - Relationship A/B605
HAP_S_IT5024_INCONSISTENCY - Inconsistent Entries in IT5024 (Roles/Element Access)
HAP_S_IT5024_ROW_ACCESS - Element Access Authorizations
HAP_S_KEY_APPRAISAL - Key (Appraisal Document)
HAP_S_KEY_PART_AP - Key (Part Appraisal)
HAP_S_LAST_CHANGE - Last Changed On/By
HAP_S_MENU - Dynamic Names in Menu
HAP_S_NAVIGATION - BSP: Web Navigation Structure
HAP_S_NOTE_KEY_CELL - Notes Key (Cell)
HAP_S_NOTE_KEY_HEADER - Hidden Note Header Info (User, Appraisal Status)
HAP_S_NUMBER_OF_USED_COLUMNS - Number of Columns Used per Element
HAP_S_OBJECT - Search: Object Structure
HAP_S_OBJECT_LANGU - Language for Objects and Descriptions
HAP_S_OBJECT_TREE - Object Tree for Appraisal Template
HAP_S_OBJEC_TREE - Tree Control: OBJEC Structure (with Foreign Elements)
HAP_S_OFFLINE - Appraisal Document Offline Lock Table
HAP_S_OFFLINE_LOCKED - Locked Offline Appraisal Documents
HAP_S_OTHER - Further Participant Object Types
HAP_S_OWNER - Structure for Owner ID and Text
HAP_S_P5021_110 - Infotype 5021 (Release 1.10)
HAP_S_P5021_200 - Infotype 5021
HAP_S_P5021_701 - Infotype 5021 (Release 7.01)
HAP_S_P5021_EXP_110 - Infotype 5021 - Extended Structures (Release 1.10)
HAP_S_P5021_EXP_200 - Infotype 5021 - Extended Structures
HAP_S_P5021_EXP_701 - Infotype 5021 - Enhanced Structures (Release 7.01)
HAP_S_P5022_EXT - Infotype 5022 (Extended)
HAP_S_P5024_EXP_110 - Infotype 5024 (Roles) Extended Structure - Older Releases
HAP_S_P5026_EXP_200 - Infotype 5026 Expanded Structure - Older Releases
HAP_S_PARENT - Higher-Level Element Information
HAP_S_PDF_APPRAISEE - Header Section - Appraisee (Offline)
HAP_S_PDF_APPRAISER - Header Section - Appraiser (Offline)
HAP_S_PDF_BUTTONS - Enhanced Button Structure for PDF Processing
HAP_S_PDF_COL_CELL - Cell in Document
HAP_S_PDF_COL_CELL_UPLOAD - Cell in Document (Upload-Relevant Fields)
HAP_S_PDF_DOCUMENT - Offline Document
HAP_S_PDF_DOCUMENT_UPLOAD - Offline Document: Upload-Relevant Fields
HAP_S_PDF_ELEMENTS - Appraisal Elements
HAP_S_PDF_ELEMENTS_UPLOAD - Appraisal Element (Upload-Relevant Fields)
HAP_S_PDF_FIELD - Single Field in PDF Document
HAP_S_PDF_FIELD_UPLOAD - Single Field in PDF Document (Upload-Relevant Fields)
HAP_S_PDF_HEADER - Header Data
HAP_S_PDF_OTHERS - Header Section - Further Participants (Offline)
HAP_S_PDF_PART_APPRAISERS - Header Section - Part Appraisers (Offline)
HAP_S_PDF_TEXTS - Header Section - Texts (Offline)
HAP_S_PREPARE_DOCUMENTS - Prepare Appraisal Documents
HAP_S_PROCESS - Process Interface Structure
HAP_S_PROCESS_DESCRIPTION - Process Element Description
HAP_S_PROCESS_VALIDITY - Process Validity Structure
HAP_S_P_APPER - Appraiser Object Types
HAP_S_REL_COMBINED_KEY - Combined Key for Related Objects
HAP_S_REL_COMBINED_KEY_SHORT - Combined Key for Related Elements
HAP_S_REPORTING - Dynamic Reporting Entry
HAP_S_REP_GENERIC_VALUE - Reporting Variants - Generic Value
HAP_S_RET_STRUC - Additional Information About Message Return Handler
HAP_S_RFC_ASSIGNED_STATUS - RFC: Process Object Status
HAP_S_RFC_PROCESS - RFC: Process Interface Structure
HAP_S_RFC_PROCESS_DESCRIPTION - RFC: Process Element Description
HAP_S_RFC_STATUS_NOTE - RFC: Status Change Note
HAP_S_ROLE - Structure: Role
HAP_S_SELECTED_ELEMENTS - Selected Element (Template Dependent)
HAP_S_SEL_APPER_APPEE_OPTION - App. Doc. Selection: AND/OR Option for Appraiser/Appraisee
HAP_S_SEL_CRITERIA - All Selection Parameters for Appraisal Document Search
HAP_S_SEL_DATES - Appraisal Document Selection: Date Fields
HAP_S_SEL_HEADER - Name Field for Selection Conditions
HAP_S_SEL_OPTION_AND_OR - App. Doc. Selection: AND/OR Option for All Participants
HAP_S_SEL_STATUS - Appraisal Document Selection: Appraisal Document Status
HAP_S_SEL_TMPL_DETAIL - App.Document Selection: For a Template at Element Level
HAP_S_SEL_WITH_OR_WITHOUT - Selection of Objects With or Without Appraisal
HAP_S_STANDARD_ELEMENT - Standard Appraisal Element ID
HAP_S_STATUS_NOTE - Status Change Note
HAP_S_STATUS_SUB - Appraisal Document (Sub-)Status
HAP_S_STAT_NOTE_KEY_HEADER - Hidden Status Change Note: Header Info
HAP_S_T77HAP_EX_T - Enhancement Text
HAP_S_T77S0_F4 - Structure to Get Input Help for T77S0 Parameters
HAP_S_TEMPLATE_LIST - Template Details
HAP_S_TEXT_SUBST - Text Replacement
HAP_S_UI_P_ALL - Appraisal Document: Reference Appraisal Complete
HAP_S_UI_P_COLVAL - Appraisal Document: Reference Appraisal (Cell Values)
HAP_S_UI_P_DE - Appraisal Document: Reference Appraisal (Structure + Data)
HAP_S_USERSET_CATALOG - User Settings (Catalog)
HAP_S_USERSET_DOCUMENT - User Settings (Document)
HAP_S_VAL_DET_BASE - Value Determination Base
HAP_S_VARIANT_DATA - Variant - Data
HAP_S_VARIANT_KEY - Variant - Key
HAP_S_VH_IT1001 - Relationship A/B 711-712
HAP_S_WD_ADD_DATA - Additional Header Data WD UI Representation
HAP_S_WD_APPL_PARAMETERS - Main Document Importing Parameters WD UI Representation
HAP_S_WD_APPRAISEE - Appraisee Data WD UI Representation
HAP_S_WD_APPRAISER - Appraiser Data WD UI Representation
HAP_S_WD_BUTTON_AVAILABILITY - Button Availability WD UI Representation
HAP_S_WD_CELL - Appraisal Cell WD UI Representation
HAP_S_WD_COLUMN - Appraisal Column WD UI Representation
HAP_S_WD_COL_DYN_RND - Help Structure for Dynamically Rendered UI
HAP_S_WD_CONFIGURATION - WD Configuration Elements Structure
HAP_S_WD_DISPLAY - Display Data WD UI Representation
HAP_S_WD_DOCUMENT - Appraisal Document WD UI Representation
HAP_S_WD_DOCUMENTS - Appraisal List WD UI Representation
HAP_S_WD_DYN_ATTR_MAP - Structure for Copying and Saving Dynamic Attributes
HAP_S_WD_ELEMENT - Appraisal Element WD UI Representation
HAP_S_WD_FPM_BUTTONS - Structure to Set Buttons in FPM Toolbar
HAP_S_WD_HEADER - Appraisal Document Header WD UI Representation
HAP_S_WD_LINK - Appraisal Links WD UI Representation
HAP_S_WD_OTHERS - Further Participant Data WD UI Representation
HAP_S_WD_PART_APPRAISER - Add'l Appraiser Data WD UI Representation
HAP_S_WD_PROCESSING - Appraisal Document Processing WD UI Representation
HAP_S_WD_PROCESS_ATTRIBUTES - WD Process Attribute Structure
HAP_S_WD_PROCESS_ELEMENTS - WD Process Elements Structure
HAP_S_WD_STATUS_STEP - Allowed Status Change WD UI Representation
HAP_S_WD_TAB - Tabstrip WD UI Representation
HAP_S_WD_TGL_MAP - Helper Structure for Toggle Links in Appraisal Document
HAP_S_WD_UI_CONFIGURATION - Key/Value Pair for Describing UI Parameters
HAP_S_WD_UI_ELEMENT_CONFIG - Element UI Configuration on ROW_IID Level
HAP_S_WD_VALUE_DESCRIPTION - Value Description WD UI Representation
HAP_S_WD_VA_STRUCTURE - Tab Configuration - Form Structure
HAP_S_WF_TYPE_LINKAGE - Workflows Possibly Triggered by Event
HAP_S_WHERE_USED_TEMPLATE - Where-Used Templates of an Appraisal Element
HAP_S_WIZARD_DOC_PREP - Wizard: Prepare Appraisal Documents
HAP_S_WIZARD_TMPL_1 - Wizard: Simple Template Creation
HAP_S_WIZARD_TMPL_1_D0400 - Wizard: Simple Template Creation (Structure)
HRHAP - Appraisal Document
HRHAP_ACT_LOG - Appraisal Document: Action Log - Additional Data
HRHAP_ANON - Appraisal Document: Anonymous Appraiser Assignments
HRHAP_APPEE - Appraisal Document: Appraisee Assignment
HRHAP_APPER - Appraisal Document: Appraiser Assignment
HRHAP_BASIC - Appraisal Document: Basic Element Data
HRHAP_EL_CONF - UI Configurations for an Appraisal Element
HRHAP_FINAL - Appraisal Document: Cell Values of Final Appraisal Column
HRHAP_FURTHER - App. Document: Cell Values of Additional Particpnts' Column
HRHAP_OBJECT - Appraisal Document: Cell Values of Objective Columns
HRHAP_OFFLINE - Appraisal Document Offline Lock Table
HRHAP_OTHERS - Appraisal Document: Additional Participant Assignment
HRHAP_P - Appraisal Document: Reference Appraisal
HRHAP_PART - Appraisal Document: Cell Values of Part Appraisal Columns
HRHAP_PROCESS - Appraisal Document: Processed Appraisal Functions
HRHAP_P_APPER - Appraisal Document: Part Appraiser Assignment
HRHAP_P_D - Appraisal Document: Reference Appraisal (Structure)
HRHAP_P_E - Appraisal Document: Reference Appraisal (Data)
HRHAP_P_T - Reference Appraisal Names
HRHAP_T - Appraisal Document Name
HRHAP_TAB - Appraisal: WD Tab Configuration
HRHAP_TAB_DATA - Appraisal: Layout Configuration Data
HRHAP_TAB_T - Appraisal: Tab Configuration Name
HRI5020 - Category Assignment for Appraisal Element
HRI5021 - Layout Definition for Appraisal Template
HRI5022 - Column and Cell Definition for Appraisal Element
HRI5024 - Infotype 5024 (Roles): Flat Section
HRI5025 - Appraisal Element Processing
HRI5028 - Process Definition
HRP5020 - DB Table for Infotype 5020
HRP5021 - DB Table for Infotype 5021
HRP5022 - DB Table for Infotype 5022
HRP5023 - DB Table for Infotype 5023
HRP5024 - DB Table for Infotype 5024
HRP5025 - DB Table for Infotype 5025
HRP5026 - DB Table for Infotype 5026
HRP5027 - DB Table for Infotype 5027
HRP5028 - Process Definition
HRPAD605 - Additional Data PAD605
HRT5021 - Table Part Infotype 5021
HRT5022 - Table Part Infotype 5022
HRT5023 - Table Part Infotype 5023
HRT5024 - Table Part Infotype 5024
HRT5025 - Table Part Infotype 5025
HRT5026 - Table Section Infotype 5026
HRT5027 - Table Division Infotype 5027
HRT5028 - Table Division Infotype 5028
P5020 - Infotype 5020: Category Assignment
P5020_AF - Additional Query Fields
P5021 - Infotype 5021
P5021_AF - Additional Query Fields
P5021_EXP - Infotype 5021 - Extended Structures
P5022 - Infotype 5022
P5022_AF - Additional Query Fields
P5022_EXP - Infotype 5022 - Extended Structures
P5023 - Infotype 5023
P5023_AF - Additional Query Fields
P5023_EXP - Infotype 5023 - Extended Structures
P5024 - Infotype 5024
P5024_AF - Additional Query Fields
P5024_EXP - Infotype 5024 - Extended Structures
P5025 - Infotype 5025
P5025_AF - Additional Query Fields
P5025_EXP - Infotype 5025 - Extended Structures
P5026 - Infotype 5026
P5026_AF - Additional Query Fields
P5026_EXP - Infotpye 5026 Expanded Structure
P5026_EXP_200 - Infotype 5026 Expanded Structure - Older Releases
P5027 - Infotype 5027
P5027_AF - Additional Query Fields
P5027_EXP - Infotype 5027 Expanded Structure
P5028 - Infotype 5028
P5028_AF - Additional Query Fields
P5028_EXP - Infotype 5028 Expanded Structure
PAD605 - Contains Appraisal Element
PAD605_QUE - Additional Data in Query
PT5021 - Numbering
PT5022 - Cell Definition for Appraisal Document
PT5023 - Column Access for Appraisal Element
PT5024 - Role Assignment for Appraisal Element
PT5025 - Appraisal Element Processing
PT5026 - Appraisal Element Processing
PT5027 - Status Change Description
PT5028 - Structure for Infotype 5028
T77HAP - Development: Add-On for Appraisal Documents
T77HAP_ASSIGN - External Objectes Assigned to Template Elements
T77HAP_BUT - Status Flow Pushbuttons
T77HAP_BUT_A - Status Flow Pushbuttons - Previous Status
T77HAP_BUT_B - Status Flow Pushbuttons - Subsequent Status
T77HAP_BUT_T - Status Flow Pushbuttons (Texts)
T77HAP_C - Appraisal Category
T77HAP_CG_STATUS - Appraisal Category Group - Allowed Status
T77HAP_CG_TYPE - Appraisal Category Group - Allowed Object Types
T77HAP_CG_WFE - Workflow - Events
T77HAP_CG_WFR - Appraisal Doc. Category Group - Allowed WF Decision Makers
T77HAP_COL - Appraisal Columns
T77HAP_COL_T - Appraisal Column Text
T77HAP_C_APPEE - Appraisal Category - Appraisees
T77HAP_C_APPER - Appraisal Category - Appraisers
T77HAP_C_COL - Appraisal Category - Column Assignment
T77HAP_C_EXIT - Appraisal Category - Enhancement Assignment
T77HAP_C_GRP - Appraisal Category Group
T77HAP_C_GRP_T - Appraisal Category Group - Text Table
T77HAP_C_OTHER - Appraisal Category - Others
T77HAP_C_P_APPER - Appraisal Category - Part Appraisers
T77HAP_C_ROLE - Appraisal Category - Role Assignment
T77HAP_C_STATUS - Appraisal Category - Allowed Status
T77HAP_C_T - Appraisal Category - Text Table
T77HAP_C_VALTY - Appraisal Category - Value Type Assignment
T77HAP_C_WFE - Appraisal Category - Allowed WF Events
T77HAP_C_WFR - Appraisal Category - Allowed WF Decision Maker
T77HAP_EX - Appraisal Document Enhancement
T77HAP_EX_AR - Enhancement Area for Appraisal Documents
T77HAP_EX_AR_T - Text: Enhancement Area for Appraisal Documents
T77HAP_FLT_ADM - Filter Value for BAdI HRHAP00_ADMIN
T77HAP_FLT_ADM_T - Filter Value for BAdI HRHAP00_ADMIN
T77HAP_FLT_CTE_T - Filter Value for BAdI HRHAP00_CATEG_EXMPLE (Text)
T77HAP_FLT_EXI - Filter Value for BAdI HRHAP00_
T77HAP_FLT_EXI_T - Filter Value for BAdI HRHAP00_ (Text)
T77HAP_FLT_SEL_T - Filter Value for BAdI HRHAP00_SELECTION (Text)
T77HAP_FLT_VAE_T - Filter Value for BAdI HRHAP00_TMPL_EXAMPLE (Text)
T77HAP_FLT_VAW_T - Filter Value for BAdI HRHAP00_TMPL_WIZARD (Text)
T77HAP_ROLE - Appraisal Roles
T77HAP_ROLE_T - Appraisal Role - Text Table
T77HAP_SSTATUS - Appraisal Substatus
T77HAP_SSTATUS_T - Appraisal Substatus - Text Table
T77HAP_T - Development: Add-On for Appraisal Documents
T77HAP_VALTY - Appraisal Value Lists
T77HAP_VALTY_T - Appraisal Value Lists Texts
T77HAP_VAL_CLS - Appraisal Value Classes
T77HAP_VAL_CLS_T - Appraisal Value Classes Texts
T77HAP_WFE - Workflow - Events
T77HAP_WFR - Workflow - Decision Makers

SAP Business Application Support Tables CA-GTF-BS

BAPIACAR01 - Posting in Accounting: Billing Document (Customer)
BAPIACCR01 - Posting in Accounting: Billing Doc. (Currency Fields, Item)
BAPIACCRSO - Posting in Accounting: Customer Order/Quotation (Currency)
BAPIACGL01 - Posting in Accounting: Billing Document (Item)
BAPIACHE01 - Posting in Accounting: Billing Document (Header)
BAPIACKEVA - Posting in FI/CO: CO-PA Account Assignment Value Fields
BAPIACPA00 - Posting in Accounting: Partner Billing Doc (Load Receivable)
BAPIACSO00 - Posting in Accounting: Customer Order (Line Item)
BAPICOBL - Coding block for BAPIs
CNVACTIVE - Active conversion package
CNVACTIVE_HIST - CNVACTIVE history , activation and phase change
CNVA_20000_CHECK_S_ACCT_DOC - Consistency Check for Accounting Documents
CNVA_20000_CHECK_S_ARCH_OBJ - Unknown Objects in Archive Tables
CNVA_20000_CHECK_S_AWTYP - Unknown Types in AWTYP Fields
CNVA_20000_CHECK_S_BSEG_ZUONR - Fiscal Year Information in Field BSEG-ZUONR
CNVA_20000_CHECK_S_COD_BUKRS - Charts of Depreciation of Participating Company Codes
CNVA_20000_CHECK_S_COPA - Consistency Check for Participating Operating Concerns
CNVA_20000_CHECK_S_FM_AREAS - Analyze FM Areas
CNVA_20000_CHECK_S_GJAHR_SHIFT - Fiscal Year Shift
CNVA_20000_CHECK_S_IGNOREBUKRS - Ignored Company Codes
CNVA_20000_CHECK_S_INDX_SERIES - Index Series for Replacement Values
CNVA_20000_CHECK_S_NONPARBUKRS - Non-Participating Company Codes
CNVA_20000_CHECK_S_NR_CONFLICT - Number Range Conflict in Non-leading Ledgers
CNVA_20000_CHECK_S_OBJTYP - Unknown Types in OBJTYP Fields
CNVA_20000_CHECK_S_OPT_ARCHIVE - Unknown Objects in Optical Archives
CNVA_20000_CHECK_S_OPVAR_DATA - Posting Period Variant in Table T001B
CNVA_20000_CHECK_S_PARTI_BUKRS - Participating company codes
CNVA_20000_CHECK_S_PERIV - Structure for PERIV
CNVA_20000_CHECK_S_PERIV_FI_AA - Separate Fiscal Year Variants for FI-AA
CNVA_20000_CHECK_S_SHORTFY - Shortened Fiscal Year
CNVBACKUPTAB - Tables to be saved in cluster cnv_backup_clu
CNVCDOPCA_BADIS - CDOP : BADIs Implemented in the system
CNVCDOPCA_BTES - CDOP : Active Customer BTEs in the system
CNVCDOPCA_COMP - CDOP - Results from Remote comparision
CNVCDOPCA_COMP_LTY - Remote comparison
CNVCDOPCA_EXITS - CDOP : User exits Implemented in the system
CNVCDOPCA_OBJS - CDOP : Customer Objects and SAP Mods for Clearing Analysis
CNVCDOPCA_OREF - Objects : Where-User list
CNVCDOPCA_REF - CDOP : Structure for Objects with reference list
CNVCDOPCA_SE30 - CDOP : Results from Runtime Aalysis
CNVCDOPCA_SQLTRA - CDOP : SQL Trace File analysis results
CNVCDOPCA_ST_FLT - Statistics filter
CNVCDOPCA_UEXITS - CDOP : User exits Implemented in the system (Valid table)
CNVCDOPUCIA_ABAPTXT255 - ABAP Text Line with Length 255
CNVCDOPUCIA_ADJ - CDOP : UCIA - Adjustment Times
CNVCDOPUCIA_BDC - CDOP: UCIA-Collect the BDC Program Comparison data
CNVCDOPUCIA_CUST - CDOP : UCIA - Customizing of Severity Levels
CNVCDOPUCIA_C_TX - CDOP : UCIA - Texts for Customizing of Severity Levels
CNVCDOPUCIA_DD02V - ABAP/4 Dictionary: Header of tables with short text for KB
CNVCDOPUCIA_DD02VD - Version display: table header
CNVCDOPUCIA_DD04L - Data elements for KB
CNVCDOPUCIA_DD04VD - Version display: Data element for KB
CNVCDOPUCIA_DD25VD - Version display: View header for KB
CNVCDOPUCIA_DD40V - DD: Interface structure for table types
CNVCDOPUCIA_DD40VD - Version display: table types for KB
CNVCDOPUCIA_DDREFSTRUC - DD: General Reference Structure in ABAP Dictionary for KB
CNVCDOPUCIA_EXT_SUBROUTINECALL - Structure for detecting external subroutine calls
CNVCDOPUCIA_FORM - CDOP: UCIA: Impact on SAP Subroutines called externally
CNVCDOPUCIA_INLD - CDOP : UCIA - Customer Objects copied from SAP Objects
CNVCDOPUCIA_KBSE - CDOP UCIA: Knowledge Base name with filled/unfilled info
CNVCDOPUCIA_KSP8 - CDOP UCIA: Table to store the Obj detail list of KB in SP8
CNVCDOPUCIA_KWBS - CDOP: UCIA: Table to store the Obj detail list of Knw.Base
CNVCDOPUCIA_LIMU - CDOP : UCIA: Subobject table of used SAP objects
CNVCDOPUCIA_OBJS - CDOP : UCIA - Objects in the Customer Namespace
CNVCDOPUCIA_OREF - CDOP : UCIA - References to SAP Objects in Custom Objects
CNVCDOPUCIA_PDEF - CDOP: UCIA: Table to define UCIA Proj is from KB / Ref Sys
CNVCDOPUCIA_PL - CDOP : UCIA - SAP Objects impacted in an Upgrade or Patch
CNVCDOPUCIA_RES - CDOP : UCIA - Result of Remote Comparison of SAP Objects
CNVCDOPUCIA_RFCDES - Destination table for Remote Function Call for KB
CNVCDOPUCIA_TADIR - Directory of Repository Objects for KB
CNVCDOPUCIA_TRKEY - Complete Key of a Transport Object
CNVCDOPUCIA_VERS_UDEFS - Version management user settings for KB
CNVCDOPUCIA_VXABAPT255 - Version Management: Delta for ABAPTEXT for KB
CNVCDOP_ACT_TEXT - Activity text description (language dependent)
CNVCDOP_CUST_NAM - CDOP - Customer Namespaces
CNVCDOP_DISPLAY_LOCK - Structure used for lock object
CNVCDOP_GLOBAL_SETTINGS - Structure for Locking the Global Settings in the CDOP
CNVCDOP_IMG - CDOP - Definition of the IMG for CDOP Projects
CNVCDOP_LOGHNDL - CDOP Application Log number structure
CNVCDOP_PROJDEF - CDOP - Master table for Definition of CDOP Projects
CNVCDOP_SAPNOTES - CDOP : Table containing the Customer's OSS Notes
CNVCDOP_STATE - CDOP : Status of the activities in a Project
CNVCHECKMAPPING - Check functions for relevant mapping entries
CNVCHECKTMPDUPL - Check functions for temporary duplicates
CNVCLU - Conversion: Cluster for temporary data storage
CNVCLUSTER - Transfer parameters for cluster technique
CNVCMIS_DTL_IU_BUFFER - CMIS Upg: buffer line of the Integrated Upgrade
CNVCMIS_DTL_IU_HDR_PLIST - CMIS Upg: structure for exchanging piece list information
CNVCMIS_DTL_IU_RDDPUT49 - CMIS Upg: transports created by the Integrated Upgrade
CNVCMIS_DTL_IU_XPRA - CMIS Upg: information regarding one XPRA program
CNVCMIS_G_CPAGES - Software status of sender and receiver systems
CNVCMIS_G_CVERS - Software status of sender and receiver systems
CNVCMIS_U_10_EXC - CMIS Upg: exceptions in components
CNVCMIS_U_10_REL - SAP LT Client Transfer: Components Knowledgebase
CNVCMIS_U_BCSET - Copied/backup entries from DMC_IU_BCSET
CNVCMIS_U_LANGU - CMIS: Store for process language entries
CNVCMIS_U_PLIST - CMIS Upg: Piece list administration
CNVCONDITIONS - Conversion: WHERE clauses
CNVCONDITIONS_DI - Conversion: WHERE conditions for drop/insert techn.
CNVCONTROL - Conversion: table-related technical control
CNVDERIV - Transfer structure for derivations
CNVDOMS - CNV: Domains required by conversion package
CNVDOMSC - CNV: from conv. pack. domains with conflicts in blending
CNVDOMST - Conversion: Domains and data elements affected
CNVDOMSTC - Conversion: relevant domains with conflicts
CNVDOPARS - Conversion: Parameters for the FORM routines from CNVDOMS
CNVDOPARSC - Conversion: Parameters for FORM routines with conflicts
CNVDOWNLOADTAB - Tables for download
CNVESTDATA - Structure for saving results of runtime analysis
CNVFIELDREF - Assignment of fields to organizational units
CNVFIELDREFPARS - Assignment of fields to organizational units
CNVFIELDS - Conversion: Table fields affected
CNVFIELDSC - Conversion: Table fields with conflicts in blending
CNVFIELDSCU - Conversion: User-defined table fields affected
CNVFIELDST - Conversion: Table fields affected
CNVFIELDSTC - Conversion: affected table fields with conflicts
CNVFIPARS - Conversion: Parameters for conversion of table fields
CNVFIPARSC - Parameters with conflicts for conversion of table fields
CNVFIPARSCU - Conversion: Parameters for user-defined table fields
CNVFIREF_DELTA - Table for delta maintenance of CNVFIELDREF
CNVFORMS - Form Routines
CNVFUNCTION - Assignment of fields to organizational units
CNVIMG - IMG activities
CNVIMGDOC - General documents assigned to an IMG activity
CNVIMGORDER - Order of packages and package activities
CNVIMGORDERNEW - Sequence of packages and package activities
CNVIMGT - IMG activities
CNVINCL - Conversion: of includes required by conversion package
CNVINCLTAB - Conversion: Includes for certain tables
CNVINDEX - Table for index information
CNVJOBPROFILE - Requirement profile by job
CNVKONDITIONEN - Conversion: Auxiliary table for fields of condition tables
CNVMATCHCODES - Conversion: Table for matchcodes
CNVMBTCWBLOGNUMBERS - Structure lognumbers (RFC protocol show)
CNVMBTCWBSUBACT - Subactivities of CWB-activities
CNVMBTCWB_ACT - Unique ID for all activities,information about execution
CNVMBTCWB_ACTPAR - Parameters for Activities
CNVMBTCWB_GENERAL - General fields to be used in RFC interfaces
CNVMBTCWB_IMG - Process plan, order of activities to be executed
CNVMBTCWB_STATE - Status table for execution of all activities and history
CNVMBTCWB_SUBST - Status table for execution of all subactivities and histor
CNVMBTCWB_USR - Structure user table in CWB
CNVMESSAGE - Conversion: package-related control of message output
CNVOBJECTS - Conversion: Objects involved in selective conversion
CNVORDER - Sequence criteria
CNVPACK - Conversion: Conversion packages
CNVPACKDP - Conversion: dependent packages
CNVPACKDPC - Conversion: selected packages
CNVPACKT - Conversion: Conversion packages
CNVPAKSPEZTAB - package-specific tables , control CNV_LOAD
CNVPARAMS - Param. assignment
CNVPARTITIONS - Conversion: divided selection
CNVPERFANALYSE - Results of performance analysis
CNVPERFDATA - Table for database performance
CNVPERFDB - Structure for database performance
CNVPERFDEMAND - Table of performance requirements by scenario
CNVPROGS - Conversion: Programs for converting tables (generated)
CNVREALDATA - Structure for saving results of conversion
CNVRENAME - Conversion: Renaming 1:1
CNVRUNTIMEHELP - Temporary storage of runtime info for terminated programs
CNVSTATE - Conversion: Status of programs
CNVSTATEORDER - Relationships beetwen programs
CNVSTEPS - Conversion: procedure-related functions
CNVSTEPSC - Conversion: Steps with conflicts in blending
CNVSTEPST - Conversion: procedure-related functions
CNVSTEPSTC - Conversion: Steps with conflicts in blending
CNVSTPARS - Conversion: Parameters for procedure-related functions
CNVSTPARSC - Conversion: Param. for STEPS with conflicts in blending
CNVSUBSTATE - Conversion: Status of programs
CNVSUBSTEPS - Conversion: procedure-related functions for cluster tables
CNVSUBSTEPSC - Conversion: Steps for cluster tables with conflicts
CNVSUBSTEPST - Conversion: procedure-related functions for cluster tables
CNVSUBSTEPSTC - Conversion: Steps with conflicts for cluster tables
CNVSUBSTPARS - Conversion: Parameters for procedure-related functions
CNVSUBSTPARSC - Conversion: Param. for SUBSTEPS with conflicts in blending
CNVSYSPROFILE - Table of performance profile for system
CNVSYSTEMS - Systems overview
CNVSYSTSETTINGS - Parameters for system Settings
CNVTABLES - Conversion: Tables for processing by package
CNVTABLESC - Conversion: conflict tables in blending
CNVTABLESCU - Conversion: user-defined tables affected
CNVTABLEST - Conversion: Tables affected
CNVTABLESTC - Conversion: conflict tables in blending
CNVTABLOAD - Conversion: Setting up package-specific tables
CNVTEMP - Conversion: Cluster for temporary data storage
CNVTSACT - Troubleshooting activity definition
CNVTSACTT - Troubleshooting activity definition
CNVTSDEF - Troubleshooting definition
CNVTSH - Troubleshooting process header
CNVTSHT - Troubleshooting process header name
CNVTSREF - Reference between IMG activities and TS processes
CNVUSEDOBJTYPES - Object types required for delimitation
CNVWD - CNV watchdog: Customizing table
CNVWDM - CNV watchdog: sent messages
CNVWDRFC - CNV watchdog: RFC destinations from customer to SAP (OSS)
CNV_00001_API_MAP_RTYPE_PTYPE - Mapping: routine type definition->param. type definitions
CNV_00001_CHANGE_DATA - Structure with information about object creation
CNV_00001_CHBOX_DEF - Definition of a checkbox entry
CNV_00001_CND - Status of partitioning analysis
CNV_00001_CNDRES - Results of partitioning analysis for SELECT statement
CNV_00001_CREATION_DATA - Structure with information about object creation
CNV_00001_CTRLTAB_COMMON - Common part for control tables
CNV_00001_DIST_ANALYZE_RES - Result of table distribution analysis
CNV_00001_FIELD_DESC - Name and value of any field
CNV_00001_FIELD_DESCRIPTION - Field description
CNV_00001_FORMS - Form routines used in conversions
CNV_00001_INDEX_DATA - Description of an index
CNV_00001_LEGEND_ITEM - Item of the legend to show
CNV_00001_MSG - Collector structure for error messages
CNV_00001_MSSCONNDATA - MsSQL connection - copy for smaller releases
CNV_00001_MSSINDINFOCOLL - Collection of index information - copy for smaller releases
CNV_00001_MSSSERIA - MSSQL: Serialization Format of RAT Data - copy for small rel
CNV_00001_NAME_VALUE - Generic structure: name - value pair
CNV_00001_NONTR_FIELDS - Non-transparent fields
CNV_00001_OPTPRG - Optiization tools for CWB
CNV_00001_OPTPRT - Texts for optimization transactions
CNV_00001_ORGFLD - Transfer struct. for field-dependent org. inform. (10030)
CNV_00001_PACKDP - Dependent packages description
CNV_00001_PACK_COLOR - Structure for a mapping of package to color
CNV_00001_PARAMS - Parameter table
CNV_00001_PARAM_ACC_TYPES - Parameter accepted types
CNV_00001_PARS - Parameters of form routines used in conversion
CNV_00001_PAR_FM - CNV: Structure for parameter definitions
CNV_00001_PDOMS - Domains suitable for conversion routine parameters
CNV_00001_PHASE_RUNTIME - Runtime of a phase
CNV_00001_PUSR - Table is no longer required
CNV_00001_ROUTINE_ACC_TYPES - Accepted types of the routine
CNV_00001_ROUTINE_NAME_RANGE - Range of routine name
CNV_00001_ROUTINE_STATEMENT - Form routine statement definition
CNV_00001_ROUTINE_TABLES - Definition of TABLES parameter
CNV_00001_ROUTINE_USECHANGE - Definition of USING / CHANGING parameter
CNV_00001_SAVED_TABLE_METADATA - Metadata of a saved table
CNV_00001_SIMMON - Table for status of selection simulation jobs
CNV_00001_SMAINT_TABFILTER - Filter for displaying tables in settings maintenance
CNV_00001_SMAINT_TABSTATUS - Table status for settings maintenance
CNV_00001_STATUS - Table with possible statuses
CNV_00001_TABLE_PROGRAM - Coding assigned to table name
CNV_00001_TABLE_REF - Structure describing reference to standard table of any type
CNV_00001_TEMP_KEY - Key for temporary stored data
CNV_00001_TS_UPLOAD_DATA - Structure passed as a parameter from troubleshooting
CNV_00001_TYPEDEF - Type definition
CNV_00001_USR - Conversion: Lock and unlock users
CNV_00001_VIEWS - Table for avtivation of DB views
CNV_00001_WHERE_USED - Table and (optionally) field name where routine is used
CNV_00001_XML_ATTRIBUTE - XML Attribute representation
CNV_02300_NOTES - Contains the list of SAP Notes required before migration
CNV_10000_OBJECTLIST - Transfer structure for objects
CNV_10000_OBJLST - Structure for displaying selected objects
CNV_10000_REFOBJECT - Transfer structure for object and reference object
CNV_10020_ACT - Actions - Header data
CNV_10020_ACTAC - Actions complex
CNV_10020_ACTAC_BODY - Data fields of table CNV_10020_ACTAC
CNV_10020_ACTAD - Action chains
CNV_10020_ACTAD_BODY - Data fields of table CNV_10020_ACTAD
CNV_10020_ACTAF_BODY - Data fields of table CNV_10020_ACTAF
CNV_10020_ACTAL - Actions for log
CNV_10020_ACTAL_BODY - Data fields of table CNV_10020_ACTAL
CNV_10020_ACTAM - Actions for specific function modules
CNV_10020_ACTAM_BODY - Data fields of table CNV_10020_ACTAM
CNV_10020_ACTAN - Actions for messages
CNV_10020_ACTAN_BODY - Data fields of table CNV_10020_ACTAN
CNV_10020_ACTAR - Actions for specific form routines
CNV_10020_ACTAR_BODY - Data fields of table CNV_10020_ACTAR
CNV_10020_ACTION_KEY - Main key fields of condition tables
CNV_10020_ACTOC - Actions for offset determination via value search
CNV_10020_ACTOC_BODY - Data fields of table CNV_10020_ACTOC
CNV_10020_ACTOD - Actions for offset determination via determination
CNV_10020_ACTOD_BODY - Data fields of table CNV_10020_ACTOD
CNV_10020_ACTOF - Actions for offset determination via field
CNV_10020_ACTOF_BODY - Data fields of table CNV_10020_ACTOF
CNV_10020_ACTOM - Actions for offset determination via domain search
CNV_10020_ACTOM_BODY - Data fields of table CNV_10020_ACTOM
CNV_10020_ACTOS - Actions for offset shift
CNV_10020_ACTOS_BODY - Data fields of table CNV_10020_ACTOS
CNV_10020_ACTT - Actions - Descriptions
CNV_10020_ADMIN - Administrative data
CNV_10020_ADTFLD - Analysis results for filling percentage of determin. field
CNV_10020_ADTFLD_ALV - Analysis result
CNV_10020_ADTFLD_CMP_ALV - Analysis comparison result
CNV_10020_ADTMIS - Analysis: Filled fields for conv. with empty determin. obj
CNV_10020_ADTMIS_ALV - Analysis: Filled fields for conv. with empty determin. obj.
CNV_10020_AOBJNR - Analysis results for object numbers
CNV_10020_AOBJNR_ALV - Analysis: Object numbers by object type
CNV_10020_ASTATE - Status of the analysis programs
CNV_10020_ASTATE_ALV - Status of the analysis programs
CNV_10020_ASTATE_CMP_ALV - Status of the analysis programs for comparison
CNV_10020_CARD - Required cardinality per path
CNV_10020_CDOBJH - Condition objects: Header data
CNV_10020_CDOBJP - Condition objects: Item data
CNV_10020_CDOBJT - Condition object: Descriptions
CNV_10020_CFOBJH - Concatenated/fragmented objects: Header data
CNV_10020_CFOBJP - Concatenated/fragmented objects: Item data
CNV_10020_CFOBJT - Concatenated/fragmented objects: Descriptions
CNV_10020_CFTAB - Tables for which conflict detection has to be performed
CNV_10020_CLU - Cluster for saving object relationships
CNV_10020_COFR_FIELDS - Concatenated/fragmented fields
CNV_10020_COMPNAMES - Component names
CNV_10020_COMPONENTS - Structure for components
CNV_10020_COMP_KEY - Main key fields of table CNV_10020_COMP
CNV_10020_COND - Conditions - Header data
CNV_10020_CONDCC - Conditions complex
CNV_10020_CONDCC_BODY - Data fields of table CNV_10020_CONDCC
CNV_10020_CONDCF_BODY - Data fields of table CNV_10020_CONDCF
CNV_10020_CONDCM - Conditions for specific function modules
CNV_10020_CONDCM_BODY - Data fields of table CNV_10020_CONDCM
CNV_10020_CONDCR - Conditions for specific form routines
CNV_10020_CONDCR_BODY - Data fields of table CNV_10020_CONDCR
CNV_10020_CONDDD - Conditions for comparison of determination and determ.
CNV_10020_CONDDD_BODY - Data fields of table CNV_10020_CONDDD
CNV_10020_CONDDV - Conditions for comparison of determation and values
CNV_10020_CONDDV_BODY - Data fields of table CNV_10020_CONDDV
CNV_10020_CONDFD - Conditions for comparison of field and determination
CNV_10020_CONDFD_BODY - Data fields of table CNV_10020_CONDFD
CNV_10020_CONDFF - Conditions for comparison of field and field
CNV_10020_CONDFF_BODY - Data fields of table CNV_10020_CONDFF
CNV_10020_CONDFV - Conditions for comparison of field and values
CNV_10020_CONDFV_BODY - Data fields of table CNV_10020_CONDFV
CNV_10020_CONDT - Conditions - Descriptions
CNV_10020_COND_KEY - Main key fields of condition tables
CNV_10020_DCOMP_KEY - Main key fields of table CNV_10020_DCOMP
CNV_10020_DEMO1 - Demo data for non-transparent fields
CNV_10020_DEMO2 - Description of non-transp. fields in table CNV_10020_DEMO1
CNV_10020_DEMO3 - 1. criteria for non-transp. fields in tab. CNV_10020_DEMO1
CNV_10020_DEMO4 - 2. criteria for non-transp. fields in tab. CNV_10020_DEMO1
CNV_10020_DOMOBJ - Relationship between domain/ data element and determin. obj.
CNV_10020_DPPATH - Path dependencies
CNV_10020_DTDEF - Determination definition of elementary relationships
CNV_10020_DTDEFS - Special determination definitions
CNV_10020_DTFLD - Assignment of determination to tables and fields
CNV_10020_DTFLD_LIST - Assignment of determination to tables and fields - var. list
CNV_10020_DTOBJH - Determination objects
CNV_10020_DTOBJP - Assignment of determination objects to domains/data elemen
CNV_10020_DTOBJT - Determination objects: Descriptions
CNV_10020_DTOBJ_F4 - F4 help for determination objects
CNV_10020_DTOST - Source and target determination objects
CNV_10020_DTVAL_S_L - Source determination value with relevance (long)
CNV_10020_DTVAL_S_M - Source determination value with relevance (medium length)
CNV_10020_DTVAL_S_S - Source determination value with relevance (short)
CNV_10020_DTVAL_S_X - Source determination value with relevance (extra long)
CNV_10020_DTVAL_T_L - Target determination value with relevance (long)
CNV_10020_DTVAL_T_M - Target determination value with relevance (medium length)
CNV_10020_DTVAL_T_S - Target determination value with relevance (short)
CNV_10020_DTVAL_T_X - Target determination value with relevance (extra long)
CNV_10020_DT_FIELDS - Required fields for determination
CNV_10020_DT_RESULT - Target structure for determination
CNV_10020_EMEM - Paths without calculation of memory requirements
CNV_10020_EOBART - Object types for which determination is not possible
CNV_10020_EPATH - Paths that should not be suggested
CNV_10020_FCALL - Assignment of evaluation modules to non-transparent fields
CNV_10020_FCCALL - Assignment of evaluation modules to non-transparent fld cmp.
CNV_10020_FIELDCOMP - Fields, components and source package number
CNV_10020_FIELDNAMES - Field names
CNV_10020_FIELD_VALUE - Field to be converted and its value
CNV_10020_FVOBJ - Fixed value objects
CNV_10020_FVOBJT - Fixed value objects: Descriptions
CNV_10020_HITRATE_ALV - Accesses done per block load during partial loading
CNV_10020_ITRDEF - Required rule assignments for nested non-transparent fields
CNV_10020_ITRFOR - Names of the evauation routines of intransparent fields
CNV_10020_ITRICL - Includes for evaluation of non-transparent fields
CNV_10020_ITRLGI - Information about last generation of itr includes
CNV_10020_ITRPAR - Parameters of evauation routines for intransparent fields
CNV_10020_ITRTR - Table numbers + parameters for regeneration of itr includes
CNV_10020_ITRTRC - Fields and components for regeneration of itr includes
CNV_10020_ITR_DEMO - Demo structure for non-transparent fields (recursive)
CNV_10020_ITR_DT_RESULT - Determination result for use in non-transparent fields
CNV_10020_ITR_FIELDS - Required fields for non-transparent field evaluation
CNV_10020_ITR_HEAD - Header data for itr objects
CNV_10020_ITR_INPUT_DATA - Input data for evaluation - passed parameter and its value
CNV_10020_ITR_PATH - Path data required for evaluation of non-transparent fields
CNV_10020_ITR_RESULT - Target structure for non-transparent fields
CNV_10020_ITR_VAKEY1 - Vakey for ITR demo (structure 1)
CNV_10020_ITR_VAKEY2 - Vakey for ITR demo (structure 2)
CNV_10020_ITR_VAKEY3 - Vakey for ITR demo (structure 3)
CNV_10020_LCOMP - Components to be evaluated in addition
CNV_10020_LOBART - Object types to be loaded irrespective of org. analysis
CNV_10020_LOG - Log table for unknown content of intransparent fields
CNV_10020_LOG_ALV - Log monitor
CNV_10020_LOG_BODY - Data fields of table CNV_10020_LOG
CNV_10020_LORS_L - Determination source - target (long)
CNV_10020_LORS_M - Determination source - target (medium length)
CNV_10020_LORS_S - Determination source - target (short)
CNV_10020_LORS_X - Determination source - target (extra long)
CNV_10020_LOR_L - Determination source - target (long)
CNV_10020_LOR_M - Determination source - target (medium length)
CNV_10020_LOR_S - Determination source - target (short)
CNV_10020_LOR_X - Determination source - target (long)
CNV_10020_LPATH - Paths to be loaded irrespective of DTFLD entries
CNV_10020_MEMP - Memory requirements per table and determination paths
CNV_10020_MEMP_ALV - Memory requirements per table and determination paths
CNV_10020_MEMT - Memory requirements per table
CNV_10020_MEMT_ALV - Memory requirements per table
CNV_10020_MESSAGE - Message
CNV_10020_MSG - Message output control
CNV_10020_MSPN_F4 - F4 help for main source package numbers
CNV_10020_OFFLNG - Fragment offset and length
CNV_10020_PARAM - Parameters
CNV_10020_PARAMP - Path parameters
CNV_10020_PARAMT - Parameter table: Descriptions
CNV_10020_PARAM_F4 - F4 help for parameters
CNV_10020_PATH - Determination paths: Header data
CNV_10020_PATHT - Determination paths: Descriptions
CNV_10020_PATH_C - Converter paths - item data
CNV_10020_PATH_M - Multiple paths: Item data
CNV_10020_PATH_S - Single paths: Item data
CNV_10020_PKGINT - Interface packages
CNV_10020_PLTP - Table-dependent overriding of the path parameters (part.ld
CNV_10020_PROXYF - Proxy for long field names
CNV_10020_PROXYT - Proxy for long table names
CNV_10020_PTHDEF - Path definition
CNV_10020_RCOMP - Assignment of rules to non-transp. field components
CNV_10020_RCOMP_BODY - Data fields of table CNV_10020_RCOMP
CNV_10020_RCOMP_KEY - Key fields of table CNV_10020_RCOMP
CNV_10020_RCOMP_LIST - Assignment of rules to non-transp. field comp. - var. list
CNV_10020_RCOMP_NAVI - CNV_10020_RCOMP navigation data
CNV_10020_RCPARM - Parameters of rules assigned to components
CNV_10020_RCPARM_BODY - Data fields of table CNV_10020_RCPARM
CNV_10020_RDPARM - Parameters of rules assigned to determination objects
CNV_10020_RDPARM_BODY - Data fields of table CNV_10020_RDPARM
CNV_10020_RDTOBJ - Assignment of rules to determination object components
CNV_10020_RDTOBJ_BODY - Data fields of table CNV_10020_RDTOBJ
CNV_10020_RDTOBJ_KEY - Key fields of table CNV_10020_RDTOBJ
CNV_10020_RDTOBJ_LIST - Assignment of rules to determination obj. comp. - var. list
CNV_10020_RDTOBJ_NAVI - CNV_10020_RDTOBJ navigation data
CNV_10020_REFOBJ - Dummy structure for referencing and F4/ search helps
CNV_10020_RELV - Delimitation
CNV_10020_RORS_L - Determination source area - target (long)
CNV_10020_RORS_M - Determination source area - target (medium length)
CNV_10020_RORS_S - Determination source area - target (short)
CNV_10020_RORS_X - Determination source area - target (extra long)
CNV_10020_ROR_L - Determination source area - target (long)
CNV_10020_ROR_M - Determination source area - target (medium length)
CNV_10020_ROR_S - Determination source area - target (short)
CNV_10020_ROR_X - Determination source area - target (extra long)
CNV_10020_RULE - Rules - Header data
CNV_10020_RULEP - Rules for components of non-transp. fields/determ. objects
CNV_10020_RULEP_BODY - Data fields of table CNV_10020_RULEP
CNV_10020_RULES_F4 - Rules for F4-help
CNV_10020_RULET - Rules - Descriptions
CNV_10020_RULE_KEY - Main key fields of rule tables
CNV_10020_SCAN - Block limits for partial loading
CNV_10020_SCAN_ALV - Block limits for partial loading
CNV_10020_SPECFF - Special function modules/form routines for determin./contr
CNV_10020_STATE - Status of the determination programs
CNV_10020_STATEH - Status of the determination programs - History
CNV_10020_STATE_ALV - Status of the determination programs
CNV_10020_TABREF - Table references for generation of includes
CNV_10020_TARGETDETOBJ - Target determination objects
CNV_10020_TDTOBJ - Package-specific target determination objects
CNV_10020_TFIELDCOMP - Tables, Fields, components and source package number
CNV_10020_TRACK - Statistics for executed determinations
CNV_10020_TRACK_ALV - Tracking
CNV_10020_TRCPLH - History of executed accesses during partial loading
CNV_10020_TRCPLH_ALV - History of executed accesses during partial loading
CNV_10020_TRCPLS - Statistics for executed accesses during partial loading
CNV_10020_TRCPLS_ALV - Statistics for executed accesses during partial loading
CNV_10020_VLIST - Value lists - Header data
CNV_10020_VLISTP - Value lists
CNV_10020_VLISTP_BODY - Data fields of table CNV_10020_VLISTP
CNV_10020_VLISTT - Value Lists - Descriptions
CNV_10020_VLIST_KEY - Main key fields of table CNV_10020_VLIST
CNV_10030_DTDICL - Includes for direct determination
CNV_10030_ITRFLD - Transfer structure for field-dependent itr information
CNV_10030_ITR_FIELDS - Non-transparent fields relevant for processing
CNV_10030_ORGFLD - Transfer structure for field-dependent org. information
CNV_10030_PACKDP - Dependent packages and dependencies between them
CNV_10030_PARAM - Parameter table
CNV_10030_PARAMT - Parameter table: Descriptions
CNV_10030_PFIELD - Information for program generation at field level
CNV_10030_PTABLE - Information for program generation at table level
CNV_10030_REFOBJ - Dummy structure for referencing and F4/ search helps
CNV_10030_SWITCH - Programs to be modified old <-> new org. package
CNV_10310_KABA03 - Screen fields for function module CNV_10310_POPUP_TO_DECIDE
CNV_10310_KV042 - Variances: function parameters
CNV_10400_ATINN - Identified ATINNs per table
CNV_10400_ATWRT - Found values for identified ATINNs per table
CNV_10400_CONV - Structure for data format - conversion routine relationship
CNV_10400_CONVFUNC - Structure for data format - conversion routine relationship
CNV_10400_CONV_DO_RO - Structure for data format - conversion routine relationship
CNV_10400_DATATYPES - Storage of extracted data types
CNV_10400_DOMAINS - Storage of domains, data elements and table fields
CNV_10400_DOPARS - Conversion: Parameter for conversion routine of a domain
CNV_10400_DTYPES - Storage of data types to be analyzed
CNV_10400_FORMS - Structure for F4 help for FORM routines
CNV_10400_FORMS_F4_STRUC - Structure for F4 help
CNV_10400_HEAD - Last used run parameter for analysis
CNV_10400_HEAD_S - Range area for storing the select option for characteristics
CNV_10400_INCL - Used includes in a CWB conversion package
CNV_10400_MERKDO - Mapping characteristic <-> domain for conversion
CNV_10400_PACKAGE - Structure for CNV_10400 package information
CNV_10400_PACKDP - Structure for storing package dependencies
CNV_10400_SETUP - Settings for characteristic conversion
CNV_10400_TAB - Tables for analysis
CNV_10400_TABUSE - Settings for characteristic conversion
CNV_10400_TODO - DDIC structure for table view
CNV_10500_DATA_0064 - Transfer structure for 064 bytes
CNV_10500_DATA_0256 - Transfer structure for 256 bytes
CNV_10500_DATA_1024 - Transfer structure for 1024 bytes
CNV_10500_DATA_4096 - Transfer structure for 4096 bytes
CNV_10500_DATA_8000 - Transfer structure for 8000 bytes
CNV_10510_FCVMAP - Mappingtable for conversion of foreign currencies
CNV_10510_PARTIF - Participating Interfaces
CNV_10510_S_MAPPING - General mapping structure
CNV_10992CONTROL - Control table for 'Find unknown texts'
CNV_10992_KABA03 - Screen fields for function module CNV_10992_POPUP_TO_DECIDE
CNV_10992_KV042 - Variances: function parameters
CNV_10992_STXH - Schedule existing TDOBJECT in STXH for optimization
CNV_10992_T001 - Company codes (before the conversion)
CNV_10992_TSTRUC - Structure of text object keys for texts
CNV_10992_TSTRUC_O - Structure for creating/changing entries in CNV_10992_TSTRUC
CNV_10994CONTROL - Control table for 'Find unknown change documents'
CNV_10994_BDCP - Schedule existing object classes in BDCP for optimization
CNV_10994_BDCP2 - Schedule existing object classes in BDCP2 for optimization
CNV_10994_CDHDR - Schedule existing object classes in CDHDR for optimization
CNV_10994_D_CHK - Intransparent fields: Check tables for CNV_10994_DATA_CHEC
CNV_10994_KABA03 - Screen fields for function module CNV_10994_POPUP_TO_DECIDE
CNV_10994_KV042 - Variances: function parameters
CNV_10994_OBART - General object number types for J_OBJNR in CNV_10994_TSTRU
CNV_10994_OBJ_XL - Object classes that should run as a separate job
CNV_10994_PCDHDR - Schedule existing object classes in PCHDR for optimization
CNV_10994_T001Y - Valuation levels for LIFO stock valuation (before conv.)
CNV_10994_TSTRU2 - TABKEY with and without MANDT
CNV_10994_TSTRUC - Intransparent fields in change doc. obj.: Structure
CNV_10994_TSTRUC_O - Structure for creating/changing entries in CNV_10994_TSTRUC
CNV_10996_ALVOUT - ALV output of archiving sessions for conversion
CNV_10996_ARCHIV - Archiving sessions for conversion
CNV_10996_ARDEF - Additional tables for AR objects
CNV_10996_CLASS - A.session: Archiving classes and their tables
CNV_10996_DELIM - Delimitation of archiving objects by org. units
CNV_10996_DTFLD - Mapping determination - header tables
CNV_10996_FIELDS - Specific conversion routines
CNV_10996_FIPARS - Parameters for specific conversion routines
CNV_10996_ORGPTH - Possible paths for ORG determination
CNV_10996_PARM_STRUC - DUMMY structure
CNV_10996_REFER - Tables for conversion in an archiving session
CNV_10996_TABLES - Tables of an archiving session
CNV_20000_CBKPF - Data collected from BKPF for item tables coversion in FY
CNV_20000_CCLED - Company code and Ledger Combination Particiaption in New G/L
CNV_20000_ERKRS - Operating concerns involved in fiscal year conversion
CNV_20000_IKPF - Backup copy of IKPF (header for phys. inventory document)
CNV_20000_MAPP - Mapping for the errneous table
CNV_20000_MCDX - Fiscal Year conversion -- data
CNV_20000_NRIV - Back up table for NRIV
CNV_20000_NRIV_M - Customizing table to store NRIV object mapping
CNV_20000_PERIV - Participating fiscal year variants and company codes
CNV_20000_RBKP - Backup copy of RBKP (document header for incoming invoice)
CNV_20000_RESULT - Result of the fiscal year analysis
CNV_20000_RSEG - Backup copy of RSEG (line item for incoming invoice)
CNV_20100FAGL011 - Backup copy - FAGL_011ZC of relevant CoAs
CNV_20100SETLEAF - Backup copy - SETLEAF (0102,0109)
CNV_20100_0000_S - Structure - same as for table CNV_20110_0000_S
CNV_20100_ACC_S - Structure - same as for table CNV_20110_ACC_S
CNV_20100_AVSPO - Mapping for AVIP: AVSPO(old) - AVSPO(new)
CNV_20100_BPRIO - Priority control for B-level
CNV_20100_CCODE - Structure - same as for table CNV_20110_CCODE
CNV_20100_CEFORM - CEFORMF records with rel. org. units + addit. VALUE field
CNV_20100_CFUNC - All conversion routines used in CoA conversion package
CNV_20100_CHART - Structure - same as for table CNV_20110_CHART
CNV_20100_CHECK - Results of check programs
CNV_20100_COES - Duplicate COES keys (target values)
CNV_20100_CONFL - Conflicts on field level (new found account fields)
CNV_20100_CSKA - Backup copy - CSKA
CNV_20100_CSKB - Backup copy - CSKB
CNV_20100_CSKU - Backup copy - Cost Element Texts
CNV_20100_DATAB - Temporary storage of old CSKB-DATAB/DATBI values
CNV_20100_GRIX - Backup copy - GRIX_SEL for relevant org.units
CNV_20100_IC_ACC - Accounts per CoA and (I)tem (C)ategory assignment
CNV_20100_IC_BUK - Accounts per company code to be checked for item category
CNV_20100_IC_CST - Constellat. for source accnt due to (I)tem (C)ategory map.
CNV_20100_IC_POS - Status of postings per account and company code
CNV_20100_IMPL - Implicit merges of accounts / cost elements
CNV_20100_KNUM - KNUMV/KNUMH for org-dependent conversion KONV/KONH
CNV_20100_MASK - Masked entries not converted during the conversion
CNV_20100_REPORT - Dummy structure
CNV_20100_REPPAR - Table is obsolete
CNV_20100_RESULT - Result of determining basic scenarios
CNV_20100_SCEN - Elementary scenarios for chart of accounts conversion
CNV_20100_SCENT - Elementary scenarios for chart of accounts conv. (descript
CNV_20100_SKA1 - CNV backup copy for SKA1
CNV_20100_SKAT - CNV backup copy for implementation of country-spec. CoA - ID
CNV_20100_SKB1 - CNV backup copy for SKB1
CNV_20100_S_ACCT_LINETYPE - Allocation: acct number - item type
CNV_20100_S_ACC_MERGE_GROUPS - Mapping entries for one account merge group
CNV_20100_S_BUKRS - Participating company codes (in ME)
CNV_20100_S_BUKRS_HIER - Extended mapping for participating company codes (in ME)
CNV_20100_S_DOUBLE - Structure for determining duplicate A and B segments
CNV_20100_S_IC_CHECK_ACC - (I)tem(C)ategory check of accts per CoA (package ID neutral)
CNV_20100_S_IC_CHECK_POS - Status of postings per acct and CC (package ID neutral)
CNV_20100_S_IC_CST - Constellat. for source accnt (package ID neutral)
CNV_20100_S_IC_CST_DATA - Constellat. for source accnt (data p. of CNV_20100_S_IC_CST)
CNV_20100_S_IC_CST_KEY - Constellat. for source accnt (key of CNV_20100_S_IC_CST)
CNV_20100_S_IC_T8G17_REF - T8G17 Reference
CNV_20100_S_KSTAR - Secondary cost elements mapping (in ME)
CNV_20100_S_KSTAR_HIER - Extended secondary cost elements mapping (in ME)
CNV_20100_S_KSTAR_TEXT_MAPPING - Structure with information of (new) cost element texts
CNV_20100_S_KTOPL - Chart of Accounts mapping (in ME)
CNV_20100_S_KTOPL_TEXT_MAPPING - Structure with information of (new) chart of accounts texts
CNV_20100_S_MAPPING - account mapping
CNV_20100_S_OTHERS - OTHERS mapping (in ME)
CNV_20100_S_OTHERS_HIER - Extended OTHERS mapping (in ME)
CNV_20100_S_SAKNR - G/L accounts mapping (in ME)
CNV_20100_S_SAKNR_HIER - Extended G/L accounts mapping (in ME)
CNV_20100_S_SAKNR_TEXT_MAPPING - Structure with information of (new) G/L account texts
CNV_20100_S_T002 - Language Keys (Comp. BC-I18)
CNV_20100_S_T004 - Customizing for new chart of accounts (in ME)
CNV_20100_S_T004_INFO - Relevant fields of table T004
CNV_20100_T001 - CNV backup copy for T001
CNV_20100_T001K - CNV backup copy for T001K
CNV_20100_T001W - CNV backup copy for T001W
CNV_20100_T004 - CNV backup copy for T004 (list of charts of accounts)
CNV_20100_T004T - CNV backup copy for mapping tables
CNV_20100_T011 - Balance sheet/p&l structures for conversion
CNV_20100_T030 - CNV backup copy for T030
CNV_20100_T077S - CNV backup copy for T077S
CNV_20100_T801E - Org. derivation (LIB,RNAME) by T801E
CNV_20100_T8G17 - Backup copy - T8G17
CNV_20100_TABCHK - Table fields to be analyzed
CNV_20100_TKA01 - Backup copy - controlling areas
CNV_20100_TKA02 - Backup copy - TKA02
CNV_20100_UPLOAD - Structure for uploading a table
CNV_20110_0000_S - Pre-analysis of mapping for CoA - 0000 sets
CNV_20110_ACC_S - Pre-analysis of mapping for CoA - accounts/cost elements
CNV_20110_CCODE - Pre-analysis of mapping for CoA - company codes
CNV_20110_CCODE_S - Pre-analysis of mapping for CoA - company codes
CNV_20110_CHART - Pre-analysis of mapping for CoA
CNV_20110_CHART_S - Pre-analysis of mapping for CoA
CNV_20110_PACKID - Internal structure package 20110
CNV_20110_SCEN - Elementary scenarios for chart of accounts conversion
CNV_20110_SCENT - Elementary scenarios for chart of accounts conv. (descript.)
CNV_20200_AMDP - Fiscal Year when note 890976 became effective
CNV_20200_CHECK_S_BRANCH_EXIST - Not existing Branches
CNV_20200_CHECK_S_BUKKK_DUPREC - Table line for duplicate Entries during merge
CNV_20200_CHECK_S_BUKRS_DUPREC - Table line for duplicate Entries during merge
CNV_20200_CHK_S_BUKRS_SRC_DUP - Key of source from duplicate record
CNV_20200_DBBLG - Accounting documents in table BKDF in relevant company codes
CNV_20200_RF180 - Copy of RF180 with new AFTLF to determine AFTLF-Mapping
CNV_20200_RLDNR - Company code - ledger (for new general ledger)
CNV_20200_SNAP - Backup table for TFK021_SNAP: Acct Balance: Current Snapshot
CNV_20200_SP_FNC - Lists Priority Routines which support Spec Prio Handling
CNV_20200_SP_S_LEADING_TABLE - Leading Table with description
CNV_20200_SP_S_OVERVIEW - Line of the overview of the special priority handling
CNV_20200_SP_S_TABLE_DESC - Table with description
CNV_20200_SP_TAB - Definition of tables for the Special Priority Handling
CNV_20200_SP_VAL - Control Table for the Special Priority Handling
CNV_20200_S_ACCGRP_HIER_MAPP - Complete Mapping for Securities Account Groups
CNV_20200_S_ACCGRP_MAPPING - Line of a Mapping table for Securities Account Group
CNV_20200_S_ACC_CODE_MAPPING - Line of a Mapping table for Accounting Code
CNV_20200_S_BRANCH_HIER_MAPP - Complete Mapping for Branches
CNV_20200_S_BUKRS - Company Codes
CNV_20200_S_BUKRS_KKBER - structure: company code / credit control area
CNV_20200_S_BUKRS_ZUAWA - Structure with BUKRS - ZUAWA
CNV_20200_S_CJNR_HIER_MAPP - Complete Mapping for Cash journal numbers
CNV_20200_S_CJNR_MAPPING - Line of a Mapping table for Cash Journal Number
CNV_20200_S_CJTRANS_ALL - All customizing for cjtrans
CNV_20200_S_CJTRANS_HIER_MAPP - Complete Mapping for Cash journal business transact. numbers
CNV_20200_S_CJTRANS_INT_MAPP - Internal Cash Journal Business Transaction Number Mapping
CNV_20200_S_CJTRANS_MAPPING - Line of a Mapping table for Cash Journal Bus. Trans. Number
CNV_20200_S_CJTRANS_PUB - Mapping of Cash Journal Business Transactions
CNV_20200_S_CJTRANS_PUB_HIER - Hierarchie of Cash Journal Business Transaction Numbers
CNV_20200_S_CJTRANS_PUB_MAPP - Mapping of Cash Journal Business Transaction Numbers
CNV_20200_S_HBKID_HIER_MAPP - Complete Mapping for House Bank ID's
CNV_20200_S_HBKID_MAPPING - Line of a Mapping table for Short key for a house bank
CNV_20200_S_HKTID_HIER_MAPP - Complete Mapping for House Bank Account ID's
CNV_20200_S_HKTID_MAPPING - Line of a Mapping table for ID for account details
CNV_20200_S_KKBER - Structure: credit control area
CNV_20200_S_LVL_1_MAPPING - Line of a Mapping table for Company Level 1 - (ORG1)
CNV_20200_S_OBJECT - Structure: Number range object
CNV_20200_S_OBJECT_BUKRS - Structure with OBJECT - BUKRS
CNV_20200_S_PC205 - structure - APZNR/BEGDA/ENDDA/BUKRS
CNV_20200_S_PRIORITY_MATRIX - Represents one specialpriority mapping of a certain scenario
CNV_20200_S_RCOMP - Structure: company
CNV_20200_S_RLDEPO_HIER_MAPP - Complete Mapping for Securities Accounts
CNV_20200_S_RLDEPO_MAPPING - Line of a Mapping table for Securities Account
CNV_20200_S_SP_BUKRS_DESCR - Company Code with description
CNV_20200_S_SP_BUKRS_MERGE - Company code merge with description
CNV_20200_S_T014 - structure: credit control area - currency - fiscal year vari
CNV_20200_S_T880 - structure: company - currency
CNV_20200_S_UPLOAD - Structure for uploading a table
CNV_20200_S_ZUAWA_OBJECT - Structure with ZUAWA - OBJECT
CNV_20200_T001 - Original settings of company codes
CNV_20200_T880 - Original list of companies
CNV_20200_TABA - Copy of table TABA (before conversion)
CNV_20200_TABAS - Stores the last runs of corresponding BUKRS per package ID
CNV_20201_DOMS - CNVRENAME-DOMNAME and number rangeobj. of subobjects
CNV_20201_NRIV_A - Number range objects: Indicator for shifting and tracking
CNV_20201_NRIV_N - Target number ranges
CNV_20201_NRIV_O - Source number ranges
CNV_20201_NR_OBJ - Number range objects - characteristics
CNV_20201_OBJ - relevant number range objects for conv. rule maintenance
CNV_20201_ORG - Assignment of the org. units before the conversion
CNV_20201_PRED - Predecessor activities in phase R before number range load
CNV_20201_REF - Subobjects - reference indicator
CNV_20201_RNMB - Conversion rules for number ranges
CNV_20201_S_MAP_BELNR - Mapping for number range objects
CNV_20201_S_NRIV_MAX - Structure NRIV_MAX
CNV_20201_S_OP - Dummy structure for CNV_20201_OPERATOR
CNV_20201_S_SUBOBJ - relevant subobjects
CNV_20201_TAB - Conversion rules (CNVRNMB-CNV_RULE)
CNV_20201_TABT - Conversion rules (CNV_20201_RNMB-CNV_RULE): Texts
CNV_20201_TRACK - Log for number range objects: Old value - new value
CNV_20201_TRACKT - Log for number range obj.: Old_value - New_value (test run)
CNV_20330_TSTRUC - Structure of CO object numbers
CNV_20551CONTROL - Control table for deletion packages (select single)
CNV_20551FLDSUGG - Structure CNV_20551FLDSUGG
CNV_20551HROBJID - HR object IDs (internally numbered) and deletion flag
CNV_20551NEGATIV - Obj. that are not meant to be deleted (for reconciliation)
CNV_20551_ABGL - Rules for reconciliating with a reference table
CNV_20551_ANATAB - Identify HR tables that were not cleaned up (tables)
CNV_20551_AN_RUL - Analysis of intransp. Fields: Rule
CNV_20551_AN_RUP - Analysis of intransp. fields: Rule (params)
CNV_20551_AN_TAB - Analysis of intransp. fields: Table fields
CNV_20551_AN_TAP - Analysis of intransp. fields: Table fields (params)
CNV_20551_AN_TXP - Analysis of intransp. fields: Text (params)
CNV_20551_AN_TXT - Analyis of intransp. fields: Text
CNV_20551_APLNO - Identific. applicant number and relevance for deletion
CNV_20551_CDCLS - Object classes for exact deletion of change documents
CNV_20551_CDCLS1 - Found relevant object classes for detailed deletion
CNV_20551_COMPOS - Merge intransparent fields
CNV_20551_COUNT - Counter for selection for deletion (empty fields)
CNV_20551_CO_BEL - CO_BELNR that are marked for deletion
CNV_20551_DD02L - Structure: DD02L information for the table
CNV_20551_DD03L - Structure: DD03L information for table fields
CNV_20551_DD06L - Structure: DD06L information for the table
CNV_20551_DEFDEL - Default deletion criteria table
CNV_20551_DEFINE - Intransparent fields: Definition
CNV_20551_DELET1 - List of tables with CHECK_MANDT for take-over
CNV_20551_DELTAB - Tables earmarked for dropping
CNV_20551_DEL_PROCEDURE - Deletion Procedure
CNV_20551_DERIV - Object types for Find_Objects - evaluation tables
CNV_20551_DERIV1 - Object types for Find_Objects - fields and check fields
CNV_20551_DERIV2 - Object types for Find_Objects - parameter fields
CNV_20551_DERIV3 - Object types for Find_Objects - evaluation rule
CNV_20551_DOMS - Domname,Rollname,Convfunc,Objecttype,Counter
CNV_20551_DUMMY - Structure for field definitions
CNV_20551_D_CHK - Intransparent fields: Check tables for CNV_20551_DATA_CHEC
CNV_20551_EXCL - Tables which were manually excluded from deletion
CNV_20551_EX_TAB - Tables which were manually excluded from deletion
CNV_20551_HELP_STRUCTURE - Internal structure for upload
CNV_20551_KABA03 - Struct.: Screen fields for function module K_POPUP_TO_DECIDE
CNV_20551_KNUMH - Condition record numbers selected for deletion (Dom. KNUMB
CNV_20551_KNUMVT - Condition numbers selected for deletion (Domain KNUMV)
CNV_20551_KOKRS1 - Controlling areas to be partially deleted
CNV_20551_KOMBI - Combined check routines
CNV_20551_KOMBI1 - Combined check routines - sequence of the object types
CNV_20551_KOND - Table has become obsolete
CNV_20551_KORDOM - Correction table for domains for 20551
CNV_20551_KORREK - Correction of the data element for table fields
CNV_20551_KV042 - Structure: Variances: Function parameters
CNV_20551_MATNR - Material numbers scheduled for deletion
CNV_20551_MBLNR - Material documents selected for deletion
CNV_20551_MESG - Structure: Message collector
CNV_20551_NOCHAN - Tables whose conversion logic must/should not be changed
CNV_20551_NOCONS - Modification of search for deletion criteria
CNV_20551_OBJ - Object types for check routines & Find_Objects
CNV_20551_OBJCVT - Objecttypes for which a re-conversion shall take place
CNV_20551_OBJNR - CO object numbers selected for deletion (internal numbering)
CNV_20551_PARAMS - Intransparent fields: Parameters
CNV_20551_PCLX - Structure information for PCLx-RELID
CNV_20551_PDSNR - PDS No. selected for deletion (sequ. no. for PCD messages)
CNV_20551_PERC - Determine percentage of data to be deleted
CNV_20551_PERNR - Identific. personnel areas and relevance for deletion
CNV_20551_PERSA - Personnel areas (DEL_FLAG=X => relevant for deletion)
CNV_20551_POOL - List of the pool tables and related table pools
CNV_20551_RESULT - Found relevant objects for deletion (statistics)
CNV_20551_RKEOBJ - Numbers for reference objects (CO-PA)
CNV_20551_RLGRAP - Fields for DATEINAME
CNV_20551_SCOB - Objects selected for deletion (org. units, master data)
CNV_20551_SCOB1 - Objects selected for deletion (without parameters)
CNV_20551_SCOB1A - Objects selected for deletion, (50-digit, without parameter)
CNV_20551_SCOB1B - Objects selected for deletion (without parameters)
CNV_20551_SCOB1C - Objects selected for deletion, (50-digit, without parameter)
CNV_20551_SCOB2 - Objects selected for deletion (with 1 parameter)
CNV_20551_SCOB2A - Objects selected for deletion, (50-digit, with 1 parameter)
CNV_20551_SCOB2B - Objects selected for deletion (with 1 parameter)
CNV_20551_SCOB2C - Objects selected for deletion, (50-digit, with 1 parameter)
CNV_20551_SCOB3 - Objects selected for deletion (with 2 parameters)
CNV_20551_SCOB3A - Objects selected for deletion (50-digit, with 2 parameters)
CNV_20551_SCOB3B - Objects selected for deletion (with 2 parameters)
CNV_20551_SCOB3C - Objects selected for deletion (50-digit, with 2 parameters)
CNV_20551_SCOB4 - Objects selected for deletion (with 3 parameters)
CNV_20551_SCOB4A - Objects selected for deletion (50-digit, with 3 parameters)
CNV_20551_SCOB4B - Objects selected for deletion (with 3 parameters)
CNV_20551_SCOB4C - Objects selected for deletion (50-digit, with 3 parameters)
CNV_20551_SEQORD - Table dependency for start sequence
CNV_20551_SMSELKRIT - Example structure for references to SMSELKRIT table fields
CNV_20551_SPRAS - Control table for deletion packages (language)
CNV_20551_STAT - Statistics
CNV_20551_SUGG - Deletion criteria
CNV_20551_TABCVT - Tables for special (re-) processing
CNV_20551_TEMP - List of objects with conflicts (temporary)
CNV_20551_TSSTAT - Status management for CC-Delete TS processes
CNV_20551_TSTRU2 - Intransparent fields: Condition for structure description
CNV_20551_TSTRU2_O - Structure for creating/changing entries in CNV_20551_TSTRU2
CNV_20551_TSTRU2_O0 - Structure for creating/changing entries in CNV_20551_TSTRU2
CNV_20551_TSTRUC - Intransparent fields: Structure description
CNV_20551_TSTRUC_O - Structure for creating/changing entries in CNV_20551_TSTRUC
CNV_20551_UPLOAD - Structure for uploading a table
CNV_20551_VBELN - Sales documents selected for deletion
CNV_20551_VBTYP - Sales document types in tables
CNV_20551_YZ_TAB - other filled tables
CNV_20600_HELP_STRUCTURE - Internal structure for upload
CNV_20600_RNG_BUKRS - Ranges for company codes
CNV_20600_S_BUKRSN_MAPPING - Line of a Mapping table for CoCd's for No. assign. (BUKRSN)
CNV_20600_S_BUKRS_MAPPING - Line of a Mapping table for Company Code
CNV_20600_S_OBJTYPE - Structure with OBJTYPE
CNV_20600_S_TEXT_MAPPING - Structure with information of (new) company code text
CNV_20600_UPLOAD - Structure for uploading a table
CNV_20700_S_MARA - Relevant fields of MARA
CNV_20700_S_MATNR_MAPPING - Line of a Mapping table for Material Number
CNV_20700_S_TEXT_MAPPING - Structure with information of (new) material number texts
CNV_20800_CUST - Special settings for package 20800
CNV_20800_KNVK - CNV backup copy: Customer master contact person
CNV_20800_KTOKD - CNV_20800: empty, only for maintenance view
CNV_20800_MSEG - Table to maintain database for MSEG
CNV_20800_PARAM - Multi-purpose generic parameter table
CNV_20800_STAT - Statistics - feedback from projects
CNV_20800_S_KUNNR_MAPPING - Line of a Mapping table for Customer (KUNNR)
CNV_20800_S_RENAME - Structure for Conversion: Renaming
CNV_20800_T077D - CNV table that states which customer account groups match
CNV_20900_CUST - Special settings for package 20800
CNV_20900_KTOKK - CNV_20900: empty, only for maintenance view
CNV_20900_MSG - Table to maintain database for MSEG
CNV_20900_PARAM - Multi-purpose generic parameter table
CNV_20900_S_LIFNR_MAPPING - Line of a Mapping table for Vendor(LIFNR)
CNV_20900_S_RENAME - Structure for Conversion: Renaming
CNV_20900_T077K - Vendor account groups
CNV_21500_PCL1_B1_PDCIFT_OLD - PCL1(B1) PDCIFT old version
CNV_21500_PCL1_KN_VERSION - Type of KN-VERSION component of PCL1(KN)
CNV_21500_PCL1_PC_VERSION - Type of PC-VERSION component of PCL1(PC)
CNV_21500_PCL1_ZZ_NAMES - Structure of component NAMES of PCL1-ZZ
CNV_21500_PCL2_B2_WSTOLD - PCL2(B2) - old version of PDCWST
CNV_21500_PCL2_CU_DIR2 - Component DIR2 for PCL2(CU)
CNV_21500_PCL2_CU_PC260_OLD - PC260_OLD
CNV_21500_PCL2_CW_HRT - Type of HRT component of PCL2(CW)
CNV_21500_PCL2_CW_RBDIR - Type of RBDIR component of PCL2(CW)
CNV_21500_PCL2_CW_VERSION - Type of CW_VERSION component of PCL2(CW)
CNV_21500_PCL2_CW_WWDIR - Structure of component WWDIR of RELID PCL2-CW
CNV_21500_PCL2_CX_WXDIR - Type of WXDIR component of PCL2(CX)
CNV_21500_PCL2_CX_XWWDIR - Type of XWWDIR component of PCL2(CX)
CNV_21500_PCL2_CY_WYDIR - Type of WYDIR component of PCL2(CY)
CNV_21500_PCL2_GP_ADJMT - Type of ADJMT component of PCL2(GP)
CNV_21500_PCL2_GP_ADRET - Type of ADRET component of PCL2(GP)
CNV_21500_PCL2_GP_BDPAY - Type of BDPAY component of PCL2(GP)
CNV_21500_PCL2_GP_CRTLVS - Type of CRTLVS component of PCL2(GP)
CNV_21500_PCL2_GP_CUMT - Type of CUMT component of PCL2(GP)
CNV_21500_PCL2_GP_STLVS - Type of STLVS component of PCL2(GP)
CNV_21500_PCL2_GP_TRANSFER - Type of TRANSFER component of PCL2(GP)
CNV_21500_PCL2_GP_VERSION - Type of GP-VERSION component of PCL2(GP)
CNV_21500_PCL2_ID_IFACE_RESULT - Structure of component INTERFACE_RESULTS of PCL2-ID
CNV_21500_PCL2_ID_INTERFACE_VE - Structure of component INTERFACE_VER of PCL2-ID
CNV_21500_PCL2_IF_PC20I - Cluster RD/B2: Table AB
CNV_21500_PCL2_IF_VERSION - Structure of component IF_VERSION of PCL2-IF
CNV_21500_PCL2_PS_AS_SOURCE - Structure of component AS-SOURCE of PCL2-PS
CNV_21500_PCL2_PS_FIELDS - Structure of component FIELDS of PCL2-PS
CNV_21500_PCL2_PS_INFTY - Structure of component INFTY of PCL2-PS
CNV_21500_PCL2_PS_PRINT - Structure of component PRINT of PCL2-PS
CNV_21500_PCL2_PS_XREF - Structure of component XREF of PCL2-PS
CNV_21500_PCL2_PT_AS_SOURCE_TX - Structure of component AS-SOURCE-TEXT of PCL2-PT
CNV_21500_PCL2_R1_PRETAX - Structure of component PRETAX of PCL2-R1
CNV_21500_PCL2_TX_PTEXT - Structure of component TEXT-VERSION of RELID PCL1-TX
CNV_21500_PCL2_TX_TEXT_VERSION - Structure of component PTEXT of RELID PCL1-TX
CNV_21500_PCL2_WW_WDATE - Structure of component WDATE of PCL2-WW
CNV_21500_PCL2_WW_WFIRE - Structure of component WFIRE of PCL2-WW
CNV_21500_PCL2_WW_WSV - Structure of component WSV of PCL2-WW
CNV_21500_PCL2_WW_WWPBP - Structure of component WWPBP of PCL2-WW
CNV_21500_PCL2_WX_WSI - Structure of component WSI of PCL2-WX
CNV_21500_PCL2_WY_PBE01EXTRA28 - Helper structure for PCL2-WY
CNV_21500_PCL2_WY_PBE01EXTRA32 - Helper structure for PCL2-WY
CNV_21500_PCL2_WY_W274 - Structure of component W274 of PCL2-WY
CNV_21500_PCL2_WY_WTAX - Structure of component WTAX of PCL2-WY
CNV_21500_PCL2_XC_ALP - Structure of component ALP of PCL2-XC
CNV_21500_PCL2_XC_BT - Structure of component BT of PCL2-XC
CNV_21500_PCL2_XC_C0 - Structure of component C0 of PCL2-XC
CNV_21500_PCL2_XC_C1 - Structure of component CRT of PCL2-XC
CNV_21500_PCL2_XC_CRT - Structure of component CRT of PCL2-XC
CNV_21500_PCL2_XC_LS - Structure of component LS of PCL2-XC
CNV_21500_PCL2_XC_RC_VERSION - Structure of component RC-VERSION of PCL2-XC
CNV_21500_PCL2_XC_ST - Structure of component ST of PCL2-XC
CNV_21500_PCL2_XC_SV - Structure of component SV of PCL2-XC
CNV_21500_PCL2_XC_VERSC - Structure of component VERSC of PCL2-XC
CNV_21500_PCL2_XC_WPBP - Structure of component WPBP of PCL2-XC
CNV_21500_PCL2_ZA_DURCHSCHNITT - Structure of component DURCHSCHNITT of PCL2-ZA
CNV_21500_PCL2_ZD_VORAUS_UMLAG - Structure of component VORAUS_UMLAGE of PCL2-ZD
CNV_21500_PCL2_ZS_VERSION - Type of ZS-VERSION component of PCL2(ZS)
CNV_21500_PCL4_E1_ESDIR - Structure of component ESDIR of PCL4-E1
CNV_21500_PCL4_F1_PFORM - Structure of component PFORM of PCL4-F1
CNV_21500_PCL4_F1_PINFO - Structure of component PINFO of PCL4-F1
CNV_21500_PCL4_U1_AMTF - Structure of component AMTF of PCL4-U1
CNV_21500_PCL4_U1_TAU_RESULT - Structure of component TAU_RESULT of PCL4-U1
CNV_21500_PCL4_U1_TXTF - Structure of component TXTF of PCL4-U1
CNV_21500_PCL5_PS_ORG_VNAME - Structure of component ORG_VNAME of PCL5-PS
CNV_21500_PDC32 - PDC Time Tickets: Times and Quantity
CNV_21500_PDC32_OLD - PDC Time Tickets: Times and Quantity
CNV_21500_PDCIFT - Interface Table for PDC Time Tickets
CNV_21500_PDCWST - PDC Time Tickets
CNV_21500_PDCWST_OLD - PDC Time Tickets
CNV_21500_PDC_APL - Different Payment (for Time Tickets)
CNV_21500_PDC_FUND - Fund Accounting
CNV_21500_PDC_REF - FI Assignment Sizes for HR Objects (for Time Tickets)
CNV_21500_PDC_REF_OLD - FI Assignment Sizes for HR Objects (for Time Tickets)
CNV_21500_PLL_CONF_ACTIV - Incentive Wages: Activities
CNV_21500_PLL_CONF_QUANT - Incentive Wages: Quantities
CNV_21510_CLUSTER_RELID - Structure holding cluster table and relid data
CNV_40300_S_ANKA - ANKA for conversion
CNV_40300_S_ANKA_FIELDS - Relevant fields of ANKA
CNV_40300_S_ANKP_FIELDS - Relevant fields of ANKP
CNV_40300_S_ANLA - Structure with relevant fields of table ANLA
CNV_40300_S_ANLKL_ANLN_MAPPING - Asset classes for single assets (in ME)
CNV_40300_S_ANLKL_MAPPING - Line of a Mapping table for asset classes (ANLKL)
CNV_40300_S_TEXT_MAPPING - Structure with information of (new) asset class texts
CNV_40301_S_KTOGR_MAPPING - Line of a Mapping table for asset account determ. (KTOGR)
CNV_40301_S_T095A - Relevant fields of T095A
CNV_40301_S_TEXT_MAPPING - Structure with information of (new) asset account det. texts
CNV_40301_T095T - OBSOLETE: Former Mapping for descriptions for KTOGR
CNV_40305_ANKA - Backup of ANKA from prior to the conversion
CNV_40305_ANKP - Backup of ANKP from prior to the conversion
CNV_40305_ANKT - CNV backup table for Asset classes: Description
CNV_40305_ANLA - Assets with semantically changing account determination
CNV_40305_POST_A - Aggregated amount to be reposted
CNV_40305_POST_D - Values to be reposted for a given asset
CNV_40305_S_ACCOBJ - Accounting objects for transfer postings
CNV_40305_S_ANKA - Asset class and corresponding asset account determination
CNV_40305_S_ANKP - Asset class, Chart of Dep. and corr. asset account det.
CNV_40305_S_ANLA - Asset Master Record Segment
CNV_40305_S_POST_A - Aggregated amount to be reposted
CNV_40305_S_POST_A_KEY - Aggregated amount to be reposted - Key of CNV_40305_ANLA
CNV_40305_S_POST_A_NONKEY - Aggregated amount to be reposted - Data of CNV_40305_ANLA
CNV_40305_S_POST_D - Values to be reposted for a given asset
CNV_40305_S_POST_D_KEY - Values to be reposted - Key of CNV_40305_POST_D
CNV_40305_S_POST_D_NONKEY - Values to be reposted - Data of CNV_40305_POST_D
CNV_40305_S_TRANSFER - FI-AA field names of accounts for which transfer takes place
CNV_40305_T095 - CNV Backup of T095
CNV_40305_T095B - CNV Backup of T095B
CNV_40305_T095P - CNV Backup of T095P
CNV_40305_T095T - CNV Backup of T095T
CNV_40305_TCUST - Document type per company code (for transfer postings)
CNV_ABL - Assignment of table/field to derivation or selection types
CNV_BACKUP_CLU - Conversion: Cluster for temporary data storage
CNV_CDOP_UCIA_KWBS_OBJLIST - Structure of key for storage of object list in KWBASE
CNV_CDOP_UCIA_KWBS_OBJLIST_SP8 - Structure of key for storage of object list in KWBASE
CNV_CHART_OF_ACC - ChtAccts Conversion: 'Old - New Chart of Accts' assignment
CNV_CHKORDER_AR - Working table for function module cnv_check_seqnum_order
CNV_CHKORDER_BL - Table for block administration of module cnv_check_seqnum_
CNV_CMIS_U_10_SYS_DATA_DTL - CMIS Upg: structure for transport of release info to DTL
CNV_CMIS_U_20_SFW_POSLINE - CMIS Upg: aux structure for SFW
CNV_CMIS_U_20_XPRA_INFO - CMIS Upg: record containing XPRA information
CNV_CMIS_U_20_XPRA_JUMP_INFO - CMIS Upg: record containing release vector
CNV_COA_ACCOUNT - Assign 'old/new' accounts/primary cost elements per ChtAccts
CNV_COA_CCODE - Assign 'old - new chart of accounts' per company code
CNV_COA_COSTELE - Assign 'old/new' secondary cost elements per Cht of Accts.
CNV_COA_LANG - Texts for accounts/cost elements for other languages
CNV_COA_OTHERS - Mapping for other objects 'Old/New'
CNV_COA_T004 - New charts of accounts - Customizing
CNV_DATABASE_PARAMS - Structure for database parameters
CNV_DERIVATION - Derivation paths of org. units for conversions
CNV_DOWNUP - Structure for search help of log IDs
CNV_DOWNUPACTMAP - Mapping from activity to postproc. function (downl/upload)
CNV_DOWNUPCHKSTR - Upload check strings
CNV_DOWNUPCHKSTT - Upload check string texts
CNV_DOWNUPTABDEP - Dependent tables for a table set
CNV_DOWNUPTABSET - Sets of table for a table set
CNV_DOWNUP_DATA - INDX table for upload / download protocoling
CNV_DOWNUP_LOG - Download / upload log
CNV_DOWN_UP_TAB - Tables for upload/download
CNV_EMP_CHK_EXCL - Tables for which no 'empty check' is made
CNV_FIELDSCU_EXTENDED - display cnvfieldscu + textinfo
CNV_FIPARSCU_EXTENDED - cnvfiparscu + checkboxfeld table structure
CNV_FYVARIANT - Fiscal year variant - Company Code relation
CNV_FYVARIANTPRE - Fiscal year variant - Company Code relation
CNV_GEN_RELATIONS - Structure for general relationships
CNV_INCLNA_02300 - Includes with control table contents for packages
CNV_INCL_NAMES - Includes with control table contents for packages
CNV_INDX_CHCKRES - Conversion: Cluster for temporary data storage
CNV_INDX_CHECKS - Check executions for the given package
CNV_INDX_CHECK_KEY - Common check key
CNV_INDX_CHKERRS - INDX check errors and possible actions
CNV_INDX_CONSRES - Consistensy check results for INDX RELIDs
CNV_INDX_ERRMSGS - Error types and corresponding messages
CNV_INDX_FIELDS - INDX conversion: Conv.-relev. RELID component fields
CNV_INDX_FIELDST - HR conversion: Relevant table fields
CNV_INDX_FIPARS - INDX conversion: Parameters for conv. of RELID comp. fields
CNV_INDX_HIERARCHY_NODE - Node in hierarchy
CNV_INDX_IEINCLS - Includes for versions of RELID import/export routines
CNV_INDX_IEVERS - Additional versions of RELID import/export routines
CNV_INDX_IEVPARS - Parameters of RELID import/export routines
CNV_INDX_IEVRULE - Rules for choosng RELID structure variant
CNV_INDX_IEVRULP - Parameters of rules for choosng RELID structure variant
CNV_INDX_INCL - INDX conversion: Includes for INDX RELID conversion
CNV_INDX_MACPARS - (OBSOLETE) HR conversion: Parameters for import/export
CNV_INDX_MACROS - (OBSOLETE) HR conversion: Import and export macros
CNV_INDX_MISMATCHED_VERSION - Description of version mismatch
CNV_INDX_PACKCNF - Configuration of the INDX conversion for the package
CNV_INDX_RELEV_COMP_REF - Reference to component value
CNV_INDX_RELID_RANGE - Range structure for RELID name
CNV_INDX_RFC_STRUCT_CONFIG - Structure configuration for a specific RFC destination
CNV_INDX_STEPS - INDX conversion: process-related functions
CNV_INDX_STEPST - HR conversion: process-related functions
CNV_INDX_STPARS - INDX conversion: Parameters for process-related functions
CNV_INDX_STRRETR - Structure retrievers for INDX tables
CNV_INDX_STRUC - (OBSOLETE) Description of the INDX structures
CNV_INDX_STRVERS - Additional versions of RELID structure retrieval methods
CNV_INDX_TABLES - INDX conversion: Conv.-relev. RELID components
CNV_INDX_TABLEST - HR conversion: Tables to be processed by the package
CNV_INDX_TABLE_RANGE - Range structure for table name
CNV_INDX_TABLE_RELID_STATUS - Table - RELID pair (with status)
CNV_INDX_TYPEMAP - Type mapping for non-basis types
CNV_INTR_FLD_ANA - Analysis of intransp. fields: Table fields
CNV_INTR_FLD_ANB - Analysis of intransp. fields: Table fields (params)
CNV_INTR_FLD_ANR - Analysis of intransp. Fields: Rule
CNV_INTR_FLD_ANS - Analysis of intransp. fields: Rule (params)
CNV_INTR_FLD_ANT - Analyis of intransp. fields: Text
CNV_INTR_FLD_ANU - Analysis of intransp. fields: Text (params)
CNV_INTR_FLD_CHK - Intransparent fields: Table for check program
CNV_INTR_FLD_COM - Merge intransparent fields
CNV_INTR_FLD_DEF - Intransparent fields: Definition
CNV_INTR_FLD_PAR - Intransparent fields: Parameters
CNV_INTR_FLD_STP - Intransparent fields: Condition for structure description
CNV_INTR_FLD_STP_O - Structure for creating/changing entries in CNV_INTR_FLD_STP
CNV_INTR_FLD_STR - Intransparent fields: Structure description
CNV_INTR_FLD_STR_O - Structure for creating/changing entries in CNV_INTR_FLD_STR
CNV_MAPPING_HIST - History of the mapping downloads
CNV_MWB_PERFORMS_GET - Code lines with performs for MWB
CNV_MWB_STEPS_GET - Export structure for FM cnv_mwb_steps_get
CNV_MWB_STPARS_GET - Export structure for FM cnv_mwb_steps_get
CNV_NEW_SEQNUM - Conversion: Structure for new sequence of tables
CNV_OBJEKT_ZUORD - Conversion: Object number assignment
CNV_ORG_TAB - Org. units for conversions
CNV_ORG_TAB_TEXT - Org. units for conversions (descriptions)
CNV_PACK_TREE - Dependent packages in a tree structure
CNV_PRIORITY_VALUES - Structure for priority values
CNV_REDO_LOGS - REDO Logs information
CNV_RELATIONS - Conversion: Structure for sequence of tables
CNV_ROLLBACK_SEG - Rollback segments information
CNV_SAP_PARAMS - Structure for SAP parameters
CNV_SEQNUM - Conversion: Structure for sequence of tables
CNV_UPLOAD - Structure for uploading a table
CNV_USER_DISPLAY - User display structure
CNV_XSTRUCT1024 - A structure for the sequence of bytes
COBLF - Coding block: Tax table structure
DD03V_SOME_FIELDS - selection of table fields of dd03v
DKACB - SAPLKACB screen fields
E1BPACAR01 - Posting in Accounting: Billing Document (Customer)
E1BPACCR01 - Posting in Accounting: Billing Doc. (Currency Fields, Item)
E1BPACCRPO - Posting in FI/CO: Commitments (currency fields)
E1BPACCRSO - Posting in Accounting: Customer Order/Quotation (Currency)
E1BPACGL01 - Posting in Accounting: Billing Document (Item)
E1BPACHE01 - Posting in Accounting: Billing Document (Header)
E1BPACKECR - Posting in Accounting: CO-PA Acct Assignment Characteristics
E1BPACKEVA - Posting in FI/CO: CO-PA Account Assignment Value Fields
E1BPACPA00 - Posting in Accounting: Partner Billing Doc (Load Receivable)
E1BPACSO00 - Posting in Accounting: Customer Order (Line Item)
E1BPACTX01 - Posting to accounting: Tax (item)
EXTRACT_V_T056R - Transfer Structure for BAdI FREFINT_DEFINITION from V_TO56R
REF_INT_DEF_EXP - Structure for Export: T056R
REF_INT_DEF_IMP - Structure for Import: T056R
REF_INT_RATE_EXP - Structure for Export: T056P
REF_INT_RATE_EXP_INV - Structure for Export: T056P (Inverse Date)
REF_INT_RATE_IMP - Structure for Import: T056P
T056P - Reference interest table
T056R - Interest reference definition
TCURE - Expiring Currencies
TCURO - Object Type for Expiring Currencies
TCUROT - Text Table for Objects for Expiring Currencies
TCURU - Superuser for Expiring Currencies
TCURY - Warning Period for Expiring Currencies
TCURY1 - Reasons for Expiring Currencies
TCURY1T - Texts for Expiry Reasons
TCUR_BUKRS - Structure with Company Code
TOTAL_V_T056P - Transfer Structure for BAdI FREF_INT_VALUES from V_T056P
TPRC - Business Process in Expiring Currency
TPRCD - Date for Subsequent Process for Expiring Currencies
TPRCT - Business Process in Expiring Currency (Text Table)

SAP Screen Sequence Control Tables CA-GTF-BS-SQ

R185 - Help Fields for MSTT185
R185D - Work Area for Dialog Control of Screen Sequence
R185F - Help Fields for MSTT185F
R185V - Help Fields for MSTT185V
RV00F - Help Fields for SAPLV00F
SDRVV00F00 - Structure for RVV00F00
T185 - Screen sequence control: Paths between processing locations
T185D - Screen Control: Dialog
T185E - Screen Control Control: Development Support
T185F - Screen Control: Function Codes
T185T - Screen Sequence Control: Dialogs: Texts
T185V - Screen sequence control: Processing location(s)
T185W - Screen Sequence Control: Processing Locations: Texts
TAXITABS - Tab control: Dyn. tab label control table
TAXITABSTXT - Tab control: Tab label for table TAXITABS
TAXI_FCODE_SUBSCRIPTION - Subscribe and convert Taxi Fcodes
TAXI_INACTIVE_FCODES - Inactive function code table record declaration
TAXI_PARAMS - TAXI function module parameter type declaration
TAXI_TABSTRIP - FM int. aux. struct., ident. to tab control
TAXI_TABSTRIP_CAPTIONS - Tab control label record
TKKPA - Screen Sequence Control Path

SAP Contextual Business Navigation OData Backend Adaptation lay. Tables CA-GTF-CBN-ODT

CBESH_ANNO_DISP - Annotation file creation data
CBESH_ANNO_FACET - Facet Table for annotation file data
CBESH_ANNO_KF - Configuration Table for
CBESH_AN_DISPLAY - Annotation file creation data
CBESH_SEM_DEFMAP - Semantic Fields (Default Mapping of Fields to GFC)
CBESH_SEM_FNAMES - Semantic Field Names (Copy of HANA global
CBESH_SO - Semantic Object Names of C'est BON
CBESH_SOESH - Semantic Object Names for Enterprise Search Models
CBESH_SOESH_FM - Field Mapping from Semantic Names to Enterprise Search Model
CBESH_SOESH_FMAP - Field Mapping from Semantic Names to Enterprise Search Model
CBESH_SO_ODATA - OData Services for Semantic Objects
CBESH_S_ANNO_CUST - Structure for Annotation Customizing
CBESH_S_ANNO_KF - Structure of table CBESH_ANNO_KF
CBESH_S_APPLY2 - Apply for uriTemplates
CBESH_S_ASSOC_MATADATA - Association Metadata
CBESH_S_COLLECTION1 - Collection (SubSet 1)
CBESH_S_COLLECTION4 - Collection (Subset 4)
CBESH_S_COLLECTION7 - Collection (Subset 7)
CBESH_S_EDMX_INCLUDE - Structure Edmx:Include
CBESH_S_EDMX_INCLUDE_ANNO - Structure Edmx:IncludeAnnotations
CBESH_S_KEYFACTS_DISP - display structure for key facts in ui
CBESH_S_KF_MAINT - Maintenance of Key Facts
CBESH_S_LABELEMNTS - Labeled Element
CBESH_S_MAINTKF_ALV - ALV field list for maintainance of key facts
CBESH_S_NUM_KF - structure for display numeric key facts
CBESH_S_PROPERTY_VALUE1 - PropertyValue (Subset 1)
CBESH_S_PROPERTY_VALUE2 - PropertyValue (Subset 2)
CBESH_S_PROPERTY_VALUE3 - PropertyValue (Subset 3)
CBESH_S_PROPERTY_VALUE4 - PropertyValue (Subset 4)
CBESH_S_PROPERTY_VALUE6 - PropertyValue (Subset 6)
CBESH_S_PROPERTY_VALUE9 - PropertyValue (Subset 9)
CBESH_S_RECORD1 - Record (Subset 1)
CBESH_S_RECORD2 - Record (Subset 2)
CBESH_S_RECORD3 - Record (Subset 3)
CBESH_S_RECORD5 - Record (Subset 5)
CBESH_S_RECORD8 - Record (Subset 8)
CBESH_S_STATUS_KF - structure for display status key facts
STR_CBN_GW_TECH_NAVI - Step in technical navigation path
STR_CBN_GW_TECH_PAIR - Technical name-value pair

SAP Correspondence Tool Tables CA-GTF-COR

DFKKCOD - Correspondence - Correspondence Data
DFKKCODCLUST - Correspondence - Correspondence Cluster Data
DFKKCOH - Correspondence - Correspondence Header
DFKKCOHARC - SAP ArchiveLink - Object Identifiers
DFKKCOHI - Correspondence - Correspondence History
DFKKCOHINCORR - Correspondence - Data for Inbound Correspondence
DFKKCOH_ARC - FI-CA Correspondence - Correspondence Header
DFKKCOH_PRINT_ERROR - Error Messages during Printing
DFKKCOP - Correspondence - Document Part List
DFKKCORRRFDT - Cluster Table for Correspondence Data
EPRINTPAR_SAVE - Structure for Holding Print Options
FKK2_HIST_0200 - Screen Structure for Screen 0200 FuGr: FKK2_HIST
FKK2_HIST_1000 - Screen Structure for Screen 1000 Function Group: FKK2_HIST
FKK2_HIST_1100_NEW - Screen Structure for Screen 1100 FuGr: FKK2_HIST
FKK2_IN_DYNP_1000 - Screen Structure for Screen 1000 FuGr: FKK2_IN
FKK2_IN_DYNP_2000 - Screen Structure for Screen 2000 FuGr: FKK2_IN
FKKCOHI_EXT - Correspondence History Extended Structure
FKKCOH_INCORR_NOKEY - Inbound Correspondence: Non-Key Fields
FKKCOI - Correspondence - Correspondence Element
FKKCOINFO - Correspondence - Info Structure for Correspondence Creation
FKKCORRR_ABRZO - Ranges Structure for Settlement Period Upper Limit
FKKCORRR_ABRZU - Ranges Structure for Settlement Period Lower Limit
FKKCORRR_BUKRS - Range Structure for Company Codes
FKKCORRR_CREC_GP - Ranges Structure for Business Partner (FI-CA)
FKKCORRR_CREC_ORG_GP - Ranges Structure for Business Partner (FI-CA)
FKKCORRR_LAUFD - Ranges Structure for Run Date in Correspondence
FKKCORRR_LAUFI - Ranges Structure for Run ID in Correspondence
FKKCORRR_SUBAP - Ranges Structure for Subapplication Indicator from FI-CA
FKKCORRR_UNAME - Ranges Structure for User Names in Correspondence
FKKCORRR_VKONT - Ranges Structure for Contract Account Number (FI-CA)
FKKCORRR_VTREF - Ranges Structure for Reference Data from Contract (FI-CA)
FKKCORR_STR_EXPWD_CORRESP - Correspondence Request
FKKCORR_STR_EXP_ADDRKIND_DESC - Description of Address Type
FKKCORR_STR_EXP_ADD_DATA - Additional Data in Form Class
FKKCORR_STR_EXP_ARCHIVE_BP - Include Business Partner Data for Optical Archive Notes
FKKCORR_STR_EXP_AWF_BP - Business Partner Data for Interactive Form
FKKCORR_STR_EXP_AWF_BP_INTACT - Interactive Business Partner Data for Interactive Form
FKKCORR_STR_EXP_BP_INTACT_WD - Interactive BP Data for WEB Dynpro
FKKCORR_STR_EXP_CORRESP - Correspondence Request
FKKCORR_STR_EXP_DOCTART - Lists of Document Parts
FKKCORR_STR_EXP_REC_ADDR_DATA - Correspondence - Data for Address Preparation
FKKCORR_STR_EXP_SEN_ADDR_DESC - Address Description with Name
FKKCORR_STR_EXP_TOA_DARA - TOA-DARA Correspondence Sample Structure (Optical Archive)
FKKR_CDATA - Ranges Structure for Correspondence Types
FKKR_CDATA_463 - Ranges Structure for Correspondence Data in Pre-4.64 Length
FKKR_CDATE - Ranges Structure for Creation Data
FKKR_COCYR - Ranges Structure for Correspondence Year
FKKR_COIDT - Ranges Structure for Date of Issue
FKKR_COKEY - Ranges Structure for Correspondence Key
FKKR_COPER - Ranges Structure for Correspondence Period
FKKR_COPNR - Ranges Structure for Correspondence Number
FKKR_COPRI - Ranges Structure for Output Date
FKKR_CORR_STATUS - Ranges Structure for Correspondence Status
FKKR_COTYP - Ranges Structure for Correspondence Types
FKKR_FORMK - Ranges Structure for Application Forms
FKKR_INCORR_INDATE - Ranges Structure for Receipt Date of Incoming Correspondence
FKKR_TECH_STATUS - Ranges Structure for Technical Status
FKKVK_CORRI - Data Include for Table FKKVK_CORR
FKK_INCOMING_CORR - FI-CA Correspondence - Inbound Correspondence in the History
FKK_STR_CORRSPND_ARCH_DATA - Generic Storage of (Correspondenc Type-) Specific Data
FKK_STR_CORRSPND_ARCH_PARAM - Parameters for Correspondence Archiving
FKK_STR_CORRSPND_PARAM - Parameters for Analyzing and Writing Correspondence
FKK_STR_CORRSPND_PT_DATA - Object-Specific Package Templates CORRSPND - Data Part
FKK_STR_CORR_ADD_ARCHDATA - Application-Specific Data per Data Container in Archive
FKK_STR_CORR_BUFFER_STATUS - Buffer Status of Correspondence Request
FKK_STR_CORR_CALLBADI_GENERATE - Lock Arguments for Generating Program for Dynamic BAdI Call
FKK_STR_CORR_CDKEY - Key Fields of Change Document Object FKK_CORR
FKK_STR_CORR_CLUSTER - Correspondence - Correspondence Cluster Data
FKK_STR_CORR_FKKCOHI_EXTERN - Correspondence: External Correspondence History
FKK_STR_CORR_HISTORY_INCLUDE - Correspondence: Include for Correspondence History
FKK_STR_DFKKCOH_RT - Struct. for Reading/Checking Residence Time Object CORRSPND
FKK_STR_RNG_CORRSPND_COTYP - Area Row - Correspondence Type
FKK_S_CORRSPND_ADDONFIELDS - Additional Fields for Providing Residence Time
FKK_S_CORRSPND_PROJECTION - Business Key Archiving: Correspondence
IFP_STR_ADDRESS - Recipient Addr.
IFP_STR_CLUSTER - Cluster Data
IFP_STR_SENDBACK - Information for Returning
IFP_S_SHLP_ADFORM_VARIABLE - Structure Variable of PDF-Based Form
IFP_S_SHLP_FOLDER - Structure for Folder Selection
IFP_S_SHLP_METHOD_PARAM - Structure Parameter of Method for Data Transfer
RCV_STR_ADDRESS - Address IDs with Address Description
RCV_STR_ADDRESS_PER_SENDTYPE - Address Description per Send Type
RCV_STR_DYN_REC_DET_HDS_RESULT - Target Structure for Dynamic Recipient Determination in HDS
RCV_STR_DYN_REC_DET_HDS_SOURCE - Source Structure for Dynamic Recipient Determination in HDS
RCV_STR_RECEIVER_DETERMINE - Correspondence Recipient
RCV_STR_RECEIVER_FINDING - Control for Correspondence Recipient Administration
RCV_STR_RECEIVER_SIMULATION - Correspondence Recipient Simulation
TFK070A - Correspondence types
TFK070AT - Correspondence - Correspondence Type (Texts)
TFK070B - Correspondence Procedure
TFK070BT - Correspondence - Correspondence Procedures (Texts)
TFK070C - Correspondence Variant
TFK070CORRAPPLK - Correspondence - Structure for Application Search Help
TFK070CORRBUKRS - Correspondence - Structure for Company Code Search Help
TFK070CORRCHGID - Correspondence - Structure for Charges Calculation Search Hp
TFK070D - Correspondence data
TFK070DT - Correspondence data
TFK070E - Correspondence data fields
TFK070F - Correspondence Types - Client-Specific Customizing
TFK070G - Correspondence - Data Archiving Parameters
TFK070H - Correspondence - Client-Specific Settings
TFK070L - Correspondence - Correspondence Activities
TFK070LT - Correspondence - Definition of Correspondence Activities
TFK070M - Correspondence Roles
TFK070MT - Correspondence Role Names
TFK070N - Correspondence - Number of Payment Forms Attached
TFK070O - Corresponence - Function Modules for Master Data Change
TFK070P - Correspondence - Status of Correspondence
TFK070PT - Correspondence - Texts for Correspondence Status
TFK070Q - Correspondence - Master Data Change
TFK070QC - Correspondence - Master Data Change - Object Classes
TFK070QF - Correspondence - Master Data Change - Fields
TFK070S - Local Settings of Correspondence Type
TFK070Z - Correspondence - Application Areas
TFK070ZD - Correspondence - Attributes for Application Areas
TFK070ZT - Correspondence - Application Areas (Texts)
TFK071 - Correspondence Rules for Incomplete Periods
TFKK_CORRSPNDPBP - Parameters for Package Formation
TFKK_CORRSPND_PT - Object-Specific Package Templates CORRSPND
TFKK_CRRSPND_CST - Object-Specific Customizing CORRSPND
TIFP_ADFORM - Interactive Forms
TIFP_ADFORM_EXE - Specify Class and Method for Data Transfer
TIFP_ADFORM_PAR - Parameters for Data Import
TRCV_FILTERID - BAdI Filter Values for Dynamic Recipient Determination
TRCV_FILTERIDT - BAdI Filter Values for Dynamic Recipient Determ. (Texts)
TRCV_FILTERID_CS - Client-Dep. BAdI Filter Values for Dynamic Recipient Determ.
TRCV_FINDING - Recipient Determination: Control
TRCV_RELCHIP - Recipient Determination: Possible Relat. Categories
TRCV_SHLP_ADDR - Table for Search Help for Address Number Selection

SAP Commodity Pricing Engine Tables CA-GTF-CPE

BAPI_CPEDOC_DAT - CPE Formula - Document-Specific Data
BAPI_CPE_ASSEMBLY_DATE_IF - CPE Caller - Interface for Reference Date/Time Information
BAPI_CPE_CALCRULE_IN - CPE Term - Input for Calculation Rule
BAPI_CPE_CALCRULE_IN_ISO - CPE Term - Input for Calculation Rule in ISO Format
BAPI_CPE_CALCRULE_OUT - CPE Term - Result of Calculation Rule
BAPI_CPE_CALCRULE_OUT_ISO - CPE Term - Result of Calculation Rule in ISO Format
BAPI_CPE_CONVERSION_IN - CPE - Input for Conversion Rule
BAPI_CPE_CONVERSION_ISO - CPE - Fields of Conversion Rule in ISO Format
BAPI_CPE_CONVERSION_OUT - CPE - Result of Conversion Rule
BAPI_CPE_CONVIN_DAT - CPE - Input for Conversion Rule - Data Part
BAPI_CPE_CONVIN_NONGUIDKEY - CPE - Input for Conversion Rule - Non GUID Key Part
BAPI_CPE_CTY_CURVE - Commodity Curve
BAPI_CPE_DCS_KEY - CPE Term - Key Derivative Contract Specification Quotations
BAPI_CPE_DEFFORMDOC - CPE Formula - Default in Document
BAPI_CPE_DEFTERMGRP - CPE Term - Default for Grouping and General Data in Document
BAPI_CPE_FORMCONVIN - CPE Formula - Input for Conversion
BAPI_CPE_FORMCONVOUT - CPE Formula - Result of Conversion
BAPI_CPE_FORMDOC - CPE Formula - Grouping and General Result
BAPI_CPE_FORMINPUT - CPE Formula - Changed Input for General Data
BAPI_CPE_FORMINPUT_DAT - CPE Formula - Changed Input for General Data - Data Part
BAPI_CPE_FORMINPUT_ISO - CPE Formula - Changed Input for General Data in ISO Format
BAPI_CPE_FORMIN_GUIDS - CPE Formula - GUIDs for Changed Input
BAPI_CPE_FORMIN_USER - CPE Formula - User-Defined Input Fields
BAPI_CPE_FORMOUT_USER - CPE Formula - User-Defined Result Fields
BAPI_CPE_FORMREF - CPE Formula - Reference Document
BAPI_CPE_FORMROUNDIN - CPE Formula - Input for Rounding
BAPI_CPE_FORMULA_IN - CPE Formula - Input for General Data
BAPI_CPE_FORMULA_OUT - CPE Formula - General Result
BAPI_CPE_FORMULA_OUT_ISO - CPE Formula - General Result in ISO Format
BAPI_CPE_LOG - CPE - Structure for Log Data in Documents
BAPI_CPE_LOG_MSG - CPE - Structure for Log Messages in Documents
BAPI_CPE_PERIODDET_IN - CPE Term - Input for Period Determination Rule
BAPI_CPE_PERIODDET_OUT - CPE Term - Result of Period Determination Rule
BAPI_CPE_PERIODDTIN - CPE Term - Changed Input for Period Determination
BAPI_CPE_PERIODDTIN_GUIDS - CPE Term - GUIDS for Input of Period Determination Rule
BAPI_CPE_PERIODDTOUT - CPE Term - Result of Period Determination
BAPI_CPE_PRICEQUOT - Price Quotation
BAPI_CPE_PRICEQUOT_DAT - Data Part of Price Quotation Table
BAPI_CPE_PRICEQUOT_ISO - Price Quotation in ISO Format
BAPI_CPE_PRICEQUOT_KEY - Key Part of Price Quotation Table without Client
BAPI_CPE_PRICEQUOT_USER - User-Defined Fields for Price Quotation
BAPI_CPE_QUANCONV_IF - CPE Caller - Quantity Conversion Information (Pair Format)
BAPI_CPE_QUANCONV_IF2 - CPE Caller - Quantity Conversion Information (Table Format)
BAPI_CPE_QUANCONV_IN - CPE - Input for Quantity Conversion Rule
BAPI_CPE_QUOTFORECAST - CPE Term - Quotation Forecast
BAPI_CPE_REFDATE_IF - CPE Caller - Reference Date and Time Information
BAPI_CPE_ROUND_IN - CPE - Input for Rounding Rule
BAPI_CPE_SURCHARGE_IN - CPE Term - Input for Surcharge Rule
BAPI_CPE_SURCHARGE_IN_ISO - CPE Term - Input for Surcharge Rule in ISO Format
BAPI_CPE_SURCHARGE_OUT - CPE Term - Result of Surcharge Rule
BAPI_CPE_SURCHARGE_OUT_ISO - CPE Term - Result of Surcharge Rule in ISO Format
BAPI_CPE_TERMALL_OUT_ISO - CPE Term - All Results in ISO Format
BAPI_CPE_TERMCONVIN - CPE Term - Input for Conversion
BAPI_CPE_TERMCONVOUT - CPE Term - Result of Conversion
BAPI_CPE_TERMGROUP_IN_ISO - CPE Term - Input for Grouping in ISO Format
BAPI_CPE_TERMGROUP_OUT - CPE Term - Result of Grouping
BAPI_CPE_TERMGROUP_OUT_ISO - CPE Term - Result of Grouping in ISO Format
BAPI_CPE_TERMGRPOUT - CPE Term - Changed Grouping and General Term Result
BAPI_CPE_TERMGRPOUT_USER - CPE Term - Changed User-Defined Result Fields
BAPI_CPE_TERMINPUT - CPE Term - Changed Input for General Data
BAPI_CPE_TERMINPUT_ISO - CPE Term - Changed Input for General Data in ISO Format
BAPI_CPE_TERMIN_GUIDS - CPE Term - GUIDs for Changed Input
BAPI_CPE_TERMIN_USER - CPE Term - User-Defined Input Fields
BAPI_CPE_TERMOUT - CPE Term - General Result
BAPI_CPE_TERMOUT_USER - CPE Term - Unchanged User-Defined Result Fields
BAPI_CPE_TERMROUNDIN - CPE Term - Input for Rounding
BAPI_CPE_TERMRULE_IN - CPE Term - Input for Term Rule
BAPI_CPE_TERM_IN - CPE Term - Input for General Data
BAPI_CPE_TERM_IN_ISO - CPE Term - Input for General Data in ISO Format
BAPI_CPE_TERM_OUT - CPE Term - General Result
BAPI_CPE_TERM_OUT_ISO - CPE Term - Result of General Data in ISO Format
BAPI_DCS_CUS_KEY - CPE Term - Customizing Key DCS Quotations
CPEC_APPLSETTING - CPE - Application Settings for the Commodity Pricing Engine
CPEC_BLOCKING - CPE Billing Block to be set for Document Items
CPEC_BLOCKING_T - CPE Billing Block - Description
CPEC_CALCRULE - CPE Term - Calculation Rule
CPEC_CALCRULE_T - CPE Term - Description of Calculation Rule
CPEC_CHNGCONTROL - CPE - Control of Reaction to Data Change
CPEC_CNVSRCUSED - CPE - Quantity Conversion Sources used per Document Categ.
CPEC_CONDTYPE - CPE Condition Type - CPE extensions
CPEC_CONVERSION - CPE - Conversion Rule
CPEC_CONVERS_T - CPE - Description of Conversion Rule
CPEC_CONVPLACE - CPE Conversion Place
CPEC_CONVPLACE_T - CPE Conversion Place: Description
CPEC_COVMOVE - Coverage - Movement Reason
CPEC_COVMOVE_T - Coverage - Description of Movement Reason
CPEC_FA_FIELDREL - CPE - FA Field Relationships
CPEC_FA_PRIORITY - Priority of Business Attributes for CPE Formula Assembly
CPEC_FILTER - CPE Caller - Filter for Pricing Fields to Be Sent
CPEC_FORMCONV - CPE Formula - Input for Conversion
CPEC_FORMROUND - CPE Formula - Input for Rounding
CPEC_FORMULA_T - CPE Formula - Description
CPEC_LOGSUBMOD - CPE Sub Module for Log
CPEC_LOGSUBMOD_T - CPE Log Sub Module: Description
CPEC_MAPPING - CPE Caller - Mapping of Business Data
CPEC_PERIODDET - CPE Term - Period Determination Rule
CPEC_PERIODDET_T - CPE Term - Description of Period Determination Rule
CPEC_QTYCNVSRC - CPE - Quantity Conversion Source
CPEC_QTYCNVSRC_T - CPE - Description of Quantity Conversion Source
CPEC_QUANCONV - CPE - Quantity Conversion Rule
CPEC_QUANCONV_T - CPE - Description of Quantity Conversion Rule
CPEC_QUOTGROUP - Quotation Group
CPEC_QUOTGROUP_T - Description of Quotation Group
CPEC_QUOTGRPPOS - CPE Term - Position in Quotation Group
CPEC_QUOTNAME - Quotation Name
CPEC_QUOTNAME_T - Description of Quotation Name
CPEC_QUOTSRC - Quotation Source
CPEC_QUOTSRC_T - Description of Quotation Source
CPEC_QUOTTYPE - Quotation Type
CPEC_QUOTTYPE_T - Description of Quotation Type
CPEC_REFDATEROUT - CPE Term - Reference Date and Time Routine
CPEC_REFDATERT_T - CPE Term - Description of Reference Date and Time Routine
CPEC_RFCDEST - CPE Caller - RFC Destination for CPE Call
CPEC_ROUNDRULE - CPE - Rounding Rule
CPEC_ROUNDRULE_T - CPE - Description of Rounding Rule
CPEC_ROUTINE_T - CPE Routine: Description
CPEC_SETTINGS - CPE - General Settings for the Commodity Pricing Engine
CPEC_SURCHARGE - CPE Term - Surcharge Rule
CPEC_SURCHARGE_T - CPE-Term - Description of Surcharge Rule
CPEC_TERMCONV - CPE Term - Conversion
CPEC_TERMGRP - CPE Term - Grouping of Terms
CPEC_TERMROUND - CPE Term - Rounding
CPEC_TERMRULE - CPE Term - Term Rule
CPEC_TERMRULE_T - CPE Term - Description of Term Rule
CPEC_TERMTYPEFLD - CPE - Field Control Dependent on Term Type
CPEC_TERM_T - CPE Term - Description
CPED_COVDIFFPART - Coverage - Differing Partners
CPED_COVERAGE - Coverage - General Master Data
CPED_COVHISTORY - Coverage - Data History
CPED_DEFFORMDOC - CPE Formula - Default in Document
CPED_DEFTERMGRP - CPE Term - Default for Grouping and General Data in Docume
CPED_FORMCONVIN - CPE Formula - Input for Conversion
CPED_FORMCONVOUT - CPE Formula - Result of Conversion
CPED_FORMDOC - CPE Formula - Grouping and General Result
CPED_FORMINPUT - CPE Formula - Changed Input for General Data
CPED_FORMROUNDIN - CPE Formula - Input for Rounding
CPED_PERIODDTIN - CPE Term - Changed Input Data for Period Determination
CPED_PERIODDTOUT - CPE Term - Result Data of Period Determination
CPED_PRCFIX_DEF - Price Fixation Definition
CPED_PRCQUOT_SIM - CPE - Price Quotation Simulation
CPED_PRICEQUOT - Price Quotation
CPED_TCURR_SIM - CPE - Exchange Rate Simulation
CPED_TERMCONVIN - CPE Term - Input for Conversion
CPED_TERMCONVOUT - CPE Term - Result of Conversion
CPED_TERMGRPOUT - CPE Term - Changed Grouping and General Term Result
CPED_TERMINPUT - CPE Term - Changed Input for General Data
CPED_TERMOUT - CPE Term - General Result
CPED_TERMROUNDIN - CPE Term - Input for Rounding
CPET_ASSEMBLY_DATE_IF - CPE Caller - Interface for Reference Date/Time Information
CPET_BOR_KEY - CPE - Key structure used for Business Object Repository
CPET_CALCOUT_COM - CPE - Communication Structure for Calculation Result UIs
CPET_CALCRULE_COM - CPE - Communication Structure for Calculation Rule UIs
CPET_CALCRULE_IN - CPE Term - Input for Calculation Rule
CPET_CHANGED_CONVIN_KEY - CPE - Communication Structure for Changed Convers. Input Key
CPET_CHANGED_FIELDNAMES - CPE - Names of Changed Fields
CPET_CHANGED_ROUNDIN_KEY - CPE - Communication Structure for Changed Rounding Input Key
CPET_CHANGED_TERMNO_COM - CPE - Communication Structure for Changed Term Numbers
CPET_COND_DET_ANALYSIS - CPE: analysis of condition determination
CPET_COND_DET_RESULT - CPE: condition determination result
CPET_COND_TYPE_F4_COM - CPE - Communication Structure for Condition Type F4 Help
CPET_COND_TYPE_RANGE - CPE Log - Condition Type Range
CPET_CONVERSION_IN - CPE - Input for Conversion Rule
CPET_CONVERSION_OUT - CPE - Result of Conversion Rule
CPET_COVDIFFPART_KEY - Coverage - Key for Differing Partners
CPET_COVDIFFPART_WRK - Coverage - Work Structure for Differing Partners
CPET_COVERAGEGUID - Coverage - Structure for GUID of General Master Data
CPET_COVERAGE_WRK - Coverage - Work Structure for General Master Data
CPET_COVHISTORY_KEY - Coverage - Key for Data History
CPET_COVHISTORY_WRK - Coverage - Work Structure for Data History
CPET_CPEDOC_COM_IN - CPE - Work Structure with All Input Data
CPET_CPEDOC_COM_OUT - CPE - Work Structure with All Output Data
CPET_CPEDOC_COM_WRK - CPE - Work Structure with All Formula Data
CPET_CTY_CURVE - Commodity Curve
CPET_CURR_EXCH_RATES - CPE - Structure for Currency Exchange Rates
CPET_DCS_CUS_KEY - Customizing Key fields for DCS Quotations
CPET_DCS_KEY - Key fields for Derivative Contract Specification Quotations
CPET_DCS_KEY_WRK - Key fields for Derivative Contract Specification Quotations
CPET_DEFCALCRULE_COM - CPE - Communication Structure for Default Calculation Rule
CPET_DEFFORMCONVIN_COM - CPE - Comm. Struct. for Input for Default Formula Conversion
CPET_DEFFORMDOC_FILE - CPE Formula - Default in Document
CPET_DEFFORMDOC_KEY - CPE Formula - Key for Default in Document
CPET_DEFFORMDOC_WRK - CPE Formula - Work Struct. for Default in Document
CPET_DEFFORMROUNDIN_COM - CPE - Comm. Structure for Input for Default Formula Rounding
CPET_DEFFORMULA_COM - CPE - Communication Structure for Default Formula UIs
CPET_DEFPERIODDET_COM - CPE - Comm. Structure for Rule to Determine Default Period
CPET_DEFSURCHARGE_COM - CPE - Communication Structure for Default Surcharge Rule UIs
CPET_DEFTERMCONVIN_COM - CPE - Comm. Structure for Input for Default Term Conversion
CPET_DEFTERMGRP_FILE - CPE Term - Default for Grouping and General Data in Document
CPET_DEFTERMGRP_KEY - CPE Term -Key for Default for Grouping and Gen. Data in Doc.
CPET_DEFTERMGRP_WRK - CPE Term - Work Struct. for Def. for Grp./Gen. Data in Doc.
CPET_DEFTERMROUNDIN_COM - CPE - Communic. Struct. for Input for Default Term Rounding
CPET_DEFTERM_COM - CPE - Communication Structure for Default Term UIs
CPET_DEFTERM_USERFIELDS_COM - CPE - Communication Structure for Default Term User Fields
CPET_DOCFIELDS - CPE: Fields of the Calling Document
CPET_DOCGUID - CPE Caller - Structure for GUID of Document Header
CPET_DOCITEMGUID - CPE Caller - Structure for GUID of Document Item
CPET_DOCUMENT_COM - CPE: Communication Structure with Document Fields
CPET_EXTENSION_COM - CPE - Communication Structure for Extension Data
CPET_EXTENSION_DATA - CPE Extension - Extension Data Part
CPET_EXTENSION_DATA_ACS - CPE Extension - Extension Data Access
CPET_EXTENSION_DATA_KEY - CPE Extension - Extension Data Part Key
CPET_EXTENSION_GROUP_S - CPE Term - Structure including Extension Group
CPET_EXTENSION_WRK - CPE Extension - Work Structure for Extension Data
CPET_F4_FORM - CPE Value Help Structure for CPE Form
CPET_F4_RULE - CPE Value Help Structure for Term Rule
CPET_F4_TERM - Value Help Structure for CPE TermID
CPET_FA_APPLICATION_F4_COM - CPE - Communication Structure for FA Application F4 Help
CPET_FA_ATTRIBUTES_F4_COM - CPE - Communication Structure for FA Attributes F4 Help
CPET_FA_CALLER_DATA - CPE Caller Data for Formula Assembly
CPET_FA_CALLER_DATA_H - CPE Caller - Header Data for Formula Assembly
CPET_FA_CALLER_DATA_I - CPE Caller - Item Data for Formula Assembly
CPET_FA_CT_FIELDS - CPE FA - condition technique fields of an application
CPET_FA_FA_FIELDS - CPE FA - fields for assembly of formula
CPET_FA_PROCEDURE_F4_COM - CPE - Communication Structure for FA Procedure F4 Help
CPET_FE_CALLER_DATA - CPE Caller Data for Formula Evaluation
CPET_FE_CALLER_DATA_H - CPE Caller - Header Data for Formula Evaluation
CPET_FE_CALLER_DATA_I - CPE Caller - Item Data for Formula Evaluation
CPET_FE_CALLER_H_DATA - CPE Caller - Header Data for Formula Evaluation
CPET_FIELD_CONFIG - Structure for field configuration
CPET_FORMCONVINGUID - CPE Formula - Structure for GUID of Input for Conversion
CPET_FORMCONVIN_COM - CPE - Communic. Structure for Input for Formula Conversion
CPET_FORMCONVIN_FILE - CPE Formula - Input for Conversion
CPET_FORMCONVIN_KEY - CPE Formula - Key for Input of General Data
CPET_FORMCONVIN_WRK - CPE Formula - Work Struct. for Input for Conversion
CPET_FORMCONVOUTGUID - CPE Formula - Structure for GUID of Result for Conversion
CPET_FORMCONVOUT_COM - CPE - Communic. Structure for Result of Formula Conversion
CPET_FORMCONVOUT_FILE - CPE Formula - Result of Conversion
CPET_FORMCONVOUT_KEY - CPE Formula - Key for Result of Conversion
CPET_FORMCONVOUT_WRK - CPE Formula - Work Struct. for Result of Conversion
CPET_FORMDOC_FILE - CPE Formula - Grouping and General Result
CPET_FORMDOC_KEY - CPE Formula - Key for Changed Input for Conversion
CPET_FORMDOC_WRK - CPE Formula - Work Struct. for Grouping and General Result
CPET_FORMINPUTGUID - CPE Formula - Structure for GUID of Changed Input
CPET_FORMINPUT_DAT - CPE Formula - Changed Input for General Data - Data Part
CPET_FORMINPUT_FILE - CPE Formula - Changed Input for General Data
CPET_FORMINPUT_KEY - CPE Formula - Key for Grouping and General Result
CPET_FORMINPUT_WRK - CPE Formula - Work Struct. for Changed Input for Gen. Data
CPET_FORMIN_USER - CPE - Name/Value Pair for User Fields in Formula Input
CPET_FORMOUT_USER - CPE - Name/Value Pair for User Fields in Formula Result
CPET_FORMREF - CPE Formula - Reference Document
CPET_FORMROUNDINGUID - CPE Formula - Structure for GUID of Input for Rounding
CPET_FORMROUNDIN_COM - CPE - Comm. Structure for Input for Formula Rounding UIs
CPET_FORMROUNDIN_FILE - CPE Formula - Input for Rounding
CPET_FORMROUNDIN_KEY - CPE Formula - Key for Input for Rounding
CPET_FORMROUNDIN_WRK - CPE Formula - Work Struct. for Input for Rounding
CPET_FORMULA_COM - CPE - Communication Structure for Formula UIs
CPET_FORMULA_COM_OUT - CPE - Communication Structure with Formula Result Fields
CPET_FORMULA_IN - CPE Formula - Input for General Data
CPET_FORMULA_OUT - CPE Formula - General Result
CPET_INPUT_FIELDNAMES - CPE - Names of Displayed Fields and Input Fields
CPET_JAVA_OBJECTS - CPE - Interface for JAVA Objects (Field, Key, Text)
CPET_LOG - CPE - Structure for Log Data in Documents
CPET_LOGICAL_KEY_RANGE - CPE Log - Logical Key Range
CPET_LOG_COM - CPE - Communication Structure for Log Data in Documents
CPET_LOG_FILTER - CPE Log - Filter Criteria
CPET_LOG_MSG - CPE - Structure for Log Messages in Documents
CPET_LOG_MSG_COM - CPE - Communication Structure for Log Messages in Documents
CPET_MODULE_RANGE - CPE Log - Module Range
CPET_MSG_COM - CPE Log - Communication Structure for Messages
CPET_NAMEVALUEATTR_10 - CPE Caller - Name Value Attributes with Length = 10
CPET_NAMEVALUEATTR_40 - CPE Caller - Name Value Attributes with Length = 40
CPET_NAMEVALUEATTR_50 - CPE Caller - Name Value Attributes with Length = 50
CPET_NAMEVALUEPAIRS_10 - CPE Caller - Name Value Pair with Length = 10
CPET_NAMEVALUEPAIRS_255 - CPE Caller - Name Value Pair with Length = 255
CPET_NAMEVALUEPAIRS_40 - CPE Caller - Name Value Pair with Length = 40
CPET_NAMEVALUEPAIRS_50 - CPE Caller - Name Value Pair with Length = 50
CPET_PARTNERGUID - Coverage - Structure for GUID of Business Partner
CPET_PDT_DETAIL - Details of Period Determination
CPET_PDT_PRCQUOT - Price Quotation Data from Period Determination
CPET_PDT_PRCQUOT_ALL - Key, PriceQuotation, Meta Data from Period Determination
CPET_PDT_PRCQUOT_DAT - Price Quotation Data from Period Determination
CPET_PDT_PRCQUOT_KEY - Key of Price Quotation Data from Period Determination
CPET_PDT_PRCQUOT_WRK - Key and Price Quotation Data from Period Determination
CPET_PERIODDET_COM - CPE - Communication Structure for Period Determination Rule
CPET_PERIODDET_IN - CPE Term - Input for Period Determination Rule
CPET_PERIODDET_OUT - CPE Term - Result of Period Determination Rule
CPET_PERIODDTINGUID - CPE Term - Struc. for GUID of Changed Input for Per. Determ.
CPET_PERIODDTIN_FILE - CPE Term - Changed Input Data for Period Determination
CPET_PERIODDTIN_KEY - CPE Term - Key for Changed Input for Period Determination
CPET_PERIODDTIN_WRK - CPE Term - Work Struct. for Changed Input for Period Det.
CPET_PERIODDTOUTGUID - CPE Term - Structure for GUID of Result for Period Determ.
CPET_PERIODDTOUT_FILE - CPE Term - Result Data of Period Determination
CPET_PERIODDTOUT_KEY - CPE Term - Key for Result of Period Determination
CPET_PERIODDTOUT_WRK - CPE Term - Work Struct. for Result of Period Determination
CPET_PERIODOUT_COM - CPE - Communic. Structure for Period Determination Result
CPET_PRCFIX_DEF - Price Fixation Definition
CPET_PRCFIX_DEF_INPUT - Price Fixation Definition Input
CPET_PRCFIX_DEF_OUTPUT - Price Fixation Definition Output
CPET_PRCFIX_EXERCISE_COM - CPE - Communication Structure for Fixation Exercise UIs
CPET_PRCFIX_EXERDETAIL_COM - CPE - Communication Structure for Fixation Exercise
CPET_PRICEQUOTS - CPE - Price Quotations in Test Data Container
CPET_PRICEQUOT_CALC - CPE - Price Quotation Data for Calculation in Evaluation
CPET_PRICEQUOT_DAT - Data Part of Price Quotation Table
CPET_PRICEQUOT_KEY - Key Part of Price Quotation Table
CPET_PRICEQUOT_LIST - Price Quotation in List Format for Consistence Check
CPET_PRICEQUOT_WRK - Work Structure for Price Quotation
CPET_PRIORITY_DET_TESTCASE - CPE: Testcase for priority determination
CPET_PRIO_ASSEMBLY_TESTCASE - Testcase for prioritization and assembly routine
CPET_QCI_QTY - CPE: QCI Quantity Conversion Data
CPET_QUANCONV_IF - CPE Caller - Interface for Quantity Conversion (Pair Format)
CPET_QUANCONV_IF2 - CPE Caller - Interface for Quantity Conversion (TableFormat)
CPET_QUANCONV_IN - CPE - Input for Quantity Conversion Rule
CPET_QUOTFORECAST - Quotation Forecast
CPET_REFDATE_IF - CPE Caller - Interface for Assembly Date/Time Information
CPET_REF_GUID_STRUCT - CPE Extension - Reference Guid Structure
CPET_ROUND_IN - CPE - Input for Rounding Rule
CPET_SURCHARGEOUT_COM - CPE - Communication Structure for Surcharge Result UIs
CPET_SURCHARGE_COM - CPE - Communication Structure for Surcharge Rule UIs
CPET_SURCHARGE_IN - CPE Term - Input for Surcharge Rule
CPET_TCURR_SIM_KEY - CPE - Key Part of Exchange Rate Simulation
CPET_TCURR_SIM_WRK - Work Structure for Exchange Rate Simulation
CPET_TERMALL_OUT - CPE Term - All Results
CPET_TERMCONVINGUID - CPE Term - Structure for GUID of Input for Conversion
CPET_TERMCONVIN_COM - CPE - Comm. Structure for UIs for Term Conversion Input UIs
CPET_TERMCONVIN_FILE - CPE Term - Input for Conversion
CPET_TERMCONVIN_KEY - CPE Term - Key for Input of General Data
CPET_TERMCONVIN_WRK - CPE Term - Work Struct. for Input for Conversion
CPET_TERMCONVOUTGUID - CPE - Structure for Document GUID
CPET_TERMCONVOUT_COM - CPE - Comm. Structure for UIs for Term Conversion Output UIs
CPET_TERMCONVOUT_FILE - CPE Term - Result of Conversion
CPET_TERMCONVOUT_KEY - CPE Term - Key for Changed Grouping and General Term Result
CPET_TERMCONVOUT_WRK - CPE Term - Work Struct. for Result of Conversion
CPET_TERMGRPOUT_FILE - CPE Term - Changed Grouping and General Term Result
CPET_TERMGRPOUT_KEY - CPE Term - Key for Changed Input for Conversion
CPET_TERMGRPOUT_USER - CPE - Name/Value Pair for User Fields in Term Outp. & Group.
CPET_TERMGRPOUT_WRK - CPE Term - Work Struct. for Changed Group./Gen. Term Result
CPET_TERMINPUTGUID - CPE Term - Structure for GUID of Changed Input
CPET_TERMINPUT_FILE - CPE Term - Changed Input for General Data
CPET_TERMINPUT_KEY - CPE Term - Key for General Result
CPET_TERMINPUT_WRK - CPE Term - Work Struct. for Changed Input for General Data
CPET_TERMIN_USER - CPE - Name/Value Pair for User Fields in Term Input
CPET_TERMNO_RANGE - CPE Log - Term Number Range
CPET_TERMNO_S - CPE Term - Structure including Term Number
CPET_TERMOUTPUT - CPE Term - Generic Output Structure during Evaluation
CPET_TERMOUT_COM - CPE - Communication Structure for Term Result UIs
CPET_TERMOUT_FILE - CPE Term - General Result
CPET_TERMOUT_KEY - CPE Term - Key for Result of Conversion
CPET_TERMOUT_USER - CPE - Name/Value Pair for User Fields in Term Result
CPET_TERMOUT_WRK - CPE Term - Work Struct. for General Result
CPET_TERMROUNDINGUID - CPE Term - Structure for GUID of Input for Rounding
CPET_TERMROUNDIN_COM - CPE - Comm. Structure for UIs for Term Rounding Input
CPET_TERMROUNDIN_KEY - CPE Term - Key for Input for Rounding
CPET_TERMROUNDIN_WRK - CPE Term - Work Struct. for Input for Rounding
CPET_TERMRULE_IN - CPE Term - Input for Term Rule
CPET_TERM_COM - CPE - Communication Structure for Term UIs
CPET_TERM_IN - CPE Term - Input for General Data
CPET_TERM_RISK - Risk data of a CPE term
CPET_TERM_USERFIELDS_COM - CPE - Communication Structure for UIs of Term User Fields
CPET_TERM_USEROUT_COM - CPE - Comm. Structure for UIs of User Fields of Term Result
CPET_USER_FIELDS - CPE - Communication Structure for User Field List
CPE_VALUE_HELP - Standard CPE Value Help structure
CPE_VALUE_HELP_CALL_STR - CPE Value Help Caller Structure

SAP Country-Specific Objects Tables CA-GTF-CSC

BAPIBUS1006TAX - BAPI Structure Data Part VAT Identification Number
BAPIBUS1006TAX_COMMON - BAPI Structure Sales Tax ID Number.: General Data
BAPIBUS1006_TAX_CLASS - SAP BP: BAPI Structure for Tax Classification
BUS_TAX - BP: Data Part for Tax Numbers
BUS_TAX_COMMON - BP: Tax Numbers: General Data
BUS_TAX_COMMON_DI - BP: Tax Numbers: General Data
BUS_TAX_KEY - BP: Key Structure for Set of Tax Numbers
BUS_TAX_NUMBER - BP: Getting Business partner given tax number as input
BUS_TAX_NUMBER_KEY - GP: Tax Number as key to get partner details
BUTX_BUTC01 - Screen Structure for View BUTC01, Tax Classification
BUTX_BUTC01_TC - Screen Structure for View BUTC01, Table Control Fields
COMC_CFOP_CODE - Entity table for CFOP codes
COMC_CFOP_CODET - Text table for CFOP codes
COMC_CFOP_REGION - Assignment of departure region to CFOP Version
COMC_CFOP_VER - Entity table for existing CFOP Versions
COMC_CFOP_VERT - Text table for CFOP Versions
COMC_NFITMTYP - Entity table for Nota Fiscal Item types
COMC_NFITMTYPT - Text table table for Nota Fiscal Item types
COMC_R3_FIELDS - Assignment of R/3 material master fields to CFOP tax classif
COMC_TAXJUR_CITY - Tax Jurisdiction codes by City
COMC_TAXJUR_REG - Tax Jurisdiction codes by region
COMC_TAXJUR_REGT - Tax Jurisdiction codes by region
COMC_TAXJUR_ZPCD - Tax Jurisdiction Codes by Range of Postal Codes
COMC_TAXTYP_BR - Entity Table for Nota Fiscal Tax Type
COMC_TAXTYP_BRT - Nota Fiscal Tax Type: Texts
COMC_TAX_LAW_1 - Entity table for ICMS Tax Law Keys
COMC_TAX_LAW_1T - Tax Law ICMS - Texts
COMC_TAX_LAW_2 - Entity table for IPI Tax Law Keys
COMC_TAX_LAW_2T - Text table for IPI Tax Law Keys
COM_LOC_BR_PROD_ATTR - Brazilian product master data Fields
CRMC_R3_USAGE - Entity table for existing R/3 usage indicators
CRMC_R3_USAGE_T - Text table for R/3 usage indicators
CRMC_TAX_JUR - Tax jurisdiction code values
CRMC_TAX_JUR_TXT - Tax jurisdiction code text
CRMC_USAGE_CTY - Definition of CRM usages by countries
CRMC_USAGE_CTY_T - Definition of CRM usages by countries
CRMC_USAGE_MAP - Assignment of R/3 usages to CRM usages
CRMTAX_CUST_ERROR_STRUC - Structure for error message maintenance
CRMTAX_GRID_MSG - Structure for error message maintenance
CRMTAX_ITMTREE - List Tree-Item structure for CRM Tax customizing Validation
CRMTAX_NTREE - List Tree-Node structure for CRM Tax customizing Validation
DFKKBPTAXNUM - Tax Numbers for Business Partner
DMEE_ABA - DMEE Format Tree: General Data
DMEE_AGGR_ABA - DMEE: Aggregation of Nodes
DMEE_COND_ABA - DMEE: Format Tree Node Conditions
DMEE_DEBUG_ABA - DMEE: Temporary Data for Debugging
DMEE_EXIT_INTERFACE_ABA - DMEE: Extended Interface for Exit Module
DMEE_EXIT_INTERFACE_INCOM_ABA - DMEE: Interface for EXIT Modules for Incoming Files
DMEE_FPM_FIELDS_ABA - DMEE : Fields and Values (Accomp. Sheet) for spec. tree type
DMEE_HEAD_ABA - DMEE: Format Tree Header Data
DMEE_INPUT_FILE_ABA - DMEE: Structure for Transferring Line Content
DMEE_INTERNAL_TRAILER_ABA - DMEE: Management of Trailer Update in DMEE-Controller
DMEE_NODE_ABA - DMEE: Format Tree Nodes
DMEE_NODE_IF_ABA - DMEE: Line Type for Interface to Exit Function Module
DMEE_NODE_T_ABA - DMEE: Text Table for Tree Node
DMEE_NXTSG_ABA - DMEE: Supplementary Segments (Incoming DME Files)
DMEE_OUTPUT_FILE_ABA - DMEE: Structure for Transferring Line Content
DMEE_PAR_INCOMING_ABA - DMEE: Control Parameter for DMEE Controller
DMEE_RULES_ABA - DMEE: Assignment Rules (Incoming DME Files)
DMEE_SCREEN_FIELDS_ABA - DMEE: Additional Screen Fields
DMEE_SHEET_ABA - DMEE: Key Fields for Subtotals on Accompanying Sheet
DMEE_SORT_ABA - DMEE: Sort and Key Fields for Format
DMEE_TAB_TYPE_ABA - DMEE: structure for table types
DMEE_TECH_ABA - DMEE: Technical Fields in the Transfer Structures
DMEE_TREE_ITEM_STRUC_ABA - DMEE: Item Structure for Maintaining Format Tree
DMEE_TYPE_ABA - DMEE: Supported Tree Types
DMEE_TYPE_T_ABA - DMEE: Text Table for Tree Types
DMEE_T_ABA - DMEE: Text Table for Tree Definition
DMEE_XML_CHAR_FILE_ABA - DMEE: Structure for Transferring XML Line Content
ESR_DATA_T - POR ID Descriptions
ESR_RULES - POR Procedures
FKKBPTAXNUM_DI - Direct Input Structure: Tax Numbers for Business Partner
FTX_BPTAXNUM_DATA - Tax Number Additional Data Structure for Check Modules
TAXNUMCHK - Rules for checking tax codes
TAXNUMCHKPOS - Rules for Checking Tax Numbers - Positions
VBUT_FRG0010 - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
VBUT_FRG0011 - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
VDFKKBPTAXNUM - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000

SAP Data Transfer Tables CA-GTF-DCM

CFFILE - External file name
CFSEND_TAB - SAP-EIS internal sender structure
CFTR_FIRST - SAP-EIS data transfer: first record
E101EDT - EDT: Parameters
E101EDTHDR - EDT: Header Segment
JBDMKAP - Application Functions in Required/Optional Control
JBDMKTA - Application Fields of Required/Optional Control
JBDMKTB - Required/Optional Control for EDT (SAP Banking)
JBDMKTS - Application-Specific Required/Optional Control
JBIMKTB - Req./Opt.Indicators for all Affected Components
KCDAP - Data Transfer: Application Programs
KCDBN - Data transfer: package of sender structures
KCDBNS - Data transfer: package - sender structures
KCDBNT - Data transfer: sender structure package - texts
KCDDIDEP - Data transfer: structure of the compound characteristic
KCDDIFIE - Data transfer: DDIC information
KCDEDATAR - Flexible Excel Upload: Data Area
KCDEFILE - Flexible Excel Upload: File Name - File_id
KCDEHEAD - Flexible Excel Upload: Header
KCDEKEY - Flexible Excel Upload: Keys
KCDER_H - Flexible Excle Upload: Assignment Header -> Data Area
KCDE_CELLS - Cells in Flat Structure for Flexible Excel Upload
KCDE_DATAR_ATTR - Flexible Excel Upload: Data Area for a File Description
KCDE_HEAD_ATTR - Flexible Excel Upload: Header for File Description
KCDE_KEY_ATTR - Flexible Excel Upload: Key for a File Description
KCDE_R_H_ATTR - Flexible Excle Upload: Assignment Header -> Data Area
KCDIA - External data transfer: general
KCDMSF - Data transfer: rename sender fields for generated rule
KCDPOP - Screen Fields for Dialog Boxes of EDT
KCDPOPUP - Data Transfer: Screen Fields in Popups
KCDRA - Data Transfer Rules: Attributes of Receiver Fields
KCDRF - Data Transfer Rules: Formulas
KCDRM - Data Transfer Rules: Offsets and Lengths of Sender Fields
KCDRS - Data Transfer Rules: Selection Criteria of Sender Fields
KCDRUL - Data Transfer: Texts for General Rules
KCDRV - Data transfer: variables
KCDS_STRUC - Sender structure
KCDVAR - Data transfer: variables
KCDVART - Data Transfer: Texts for Variables
KCD_ALL_TYPES_BIG - Large Receiver Structure for Test Type = 999
KCD_BIG - Test Table for External Data Transfer
KCD_CURDES - External data transfer: target currency
KCD_DOKU_STRUC - Structure for data element documentation
KCD_EIGLVA - External Data Transfer: Export/Import Global Variables
KCD_EXBPOS - Flexible Excel Upload: Area Position
KCD_FDURFC - Transfer of data using RFC
KCD_FDUSTR - External data transfer: model structure for references
KCD_MKAZ - External Data Transfer: Display of Can/Must Control
KCD_PARAMETERS - External Data Transfer: Transfer of Parameters and Values
KCD_PMDEL - External data transfer: delete log messages
KCD_PROT_TABLE - EDT: Structure for collecting log information
KCD_SAFD - External Data Transfer: Sender Str., Output Fields, Default
KCD_SEAF - External Data Transfer: Sender Structure, Output Fields
KCD_SEPTYP - External Data Transfer: Types of Sender Programs
KCD_SEPTYT - External Data Transfer: Texts for Types of Sender Programs
KCD_SMALL - External Data Transfer: Small Receiver Structure
KCD_STDSTRU - External Data Transfer: Fields for ABAP Dictionary Relations
KCD_TYPUBA - External Data Transfer: Type Used By Application (TYPUBA)
KCD_TYVPES - External Data Transfer:Types, Template Programs, Sender Str.
KCD_TYVPEST - External data transfer: types of text
KCD_TYVPES_ADM - Ext. Data Transfer: Creation Date of Entries in KCD_TYVPES
SPROT_X - IS-B: Interface for Error Handling
T241Q - Text table for currency translation type
T241Y - Texts for transfer parameters
T2420 - System control parameters
T242Q - Currency translation type
T242Y - Transfer parameters

SAP Object Dependencies Tables CA-GTF-DEP

API_FUNC - Structure for names of variant functions
API_VTAB_ECM - Structure for ECM data for variant tables
API_VTAB_FIELD - API interface for fields in variant table
AVAIL_FUNCT - Available Functions for Characteristic Asgmt Screen API
BAPICUCH01 - Characteristics List
BAPICUCH02 - Char. List (as Output)
BAPICUCH03 - Char. List: Selected Basic Data (Output)
BAPICUCH04 - Char. List: Display Options Information (Output)
BAPICUCH05 - Char. List: Document Information (Output)
BAPICUISUM - Information on Grouping of Instances
BAPICUIVB - Convert Temp. CUOBJ to DB CUOBJ Incl. Object Instance
BAPICUVL01 - Char. Values (Output)
BAPICUVL02 - Value Assignment (Input)
BAPICUVL03 - Delete Assigned Characteristic Values
BAPICUXPL2 - Status of a Configurable Instance
BAPIDOC01 - Identification of Document
CAPIFLAG - API Flags for Classes and Variants
CAPIPARMS - Interface Parameters for APIs: BOM, ECM, Class, Variant
CATCHWORD - Keywords (Language-Dependent)
CCHV_GLDEP - Class-Specific Global Dependencies for Characteristic Value
CEBW - Dependencies for object in configurator
CFG_ARCH_VCHAR - CHAR Value in Configuration - Archiving
CFG_ARCH_VCOM - Value in Archiving for Configurations - General
CFG_ARCH_VNONCHAR - Value for Configuration not in CHAR Format - Archiving
CHARACTS - Characteristics
CHARDATA - Global Characteristics Data (from Maintenance Environment)
CHARS - Characteristics
CHA_GLDEP - Global Dependencies for Characteristic
CHA_VALDSC - Values of a Characteristic
CHSTAT_DES - Characteristic Status Description
CHSTAT_FLS - Function Indicators for Characteristic Status
CHVAL_GDEP - Global Dependencies for Characteristic Value
CLASS_ID - Class Name
CLAS_GLDEP - Global Dependencies for Class
CLCH_GLDEP - Class-Specific Global Dependencies for Characteristic
CLSTAT_DES - Characteristic Status Description
CLSTAT_FLS - Function Indicator for Class Status
CONF_OUT - Configuration Output
CTCU_02 - Structure for chars group/description
CTCU_03 - Structure for Characteristic Group/Characteristic
CUALLOCHIS - Structure for change overview of allocations
CUAPP - Variant Configuration: Profile of Organizational Areas
CUCVRNT - Variants of Constraints
CUEX - Dependency Storage - Compilation
CUEX_OBJ - Dependency Maintenance - Structure for Compilation Storage
CUEX_STRUC - Structure of dependency runtime format (KNBLK)
CUKB - Administrative Information for Dependency Maintenance
CUKBT - Text Table for Dependency Maintenance Admin. Information
CUKBT_OBJ - Dependencies - Lang.-Dependent Texts for Object Maintenance
CUKB_OBJ - Dependencies - Basis Data for Object Maintenance
CUKC - Structure for Object Dependencies Compilation
CUKDTB - Help Structure for Dependency Data
CUKD_S_COPY_ALLOCATION_LOG - Copied Dependency Assignments
CUKD_S_DELETE_ALLOCATION_LOG - Deleted Dependency Assignments
CUKN - Dependency Storage - Variants/Configuration
CUKN_OBJ - Dependencies - Dependency Storage in Object Maintenance
CUKN_STRUC - Structure of dependency container (KNBLK)
CUKO_02 - Configuration: Display Classification Data
CUKR_01 - Compilations (KNNUM + CODE Line)
CUOB - Assignment of Object to Dependency
CUOB_APPLI - Usage of dependency
CUOB_TAB - Dependency Maintenance - Object Link Table
CUPB_S_PARSI_CHARACT - Characteristic in Dependency Parser
CUPB_S_PARSI_TERM - Term in Dependency Parser
CUPB_S_SOURCE_CODE_ERROR - Messages from the Syntax Check with Defect Item
CUPS_STPO - Componentization: STPO Items
CURSAD1 - Help Structure: Dependency Net Additional Data
CURSADD - Dependency Net Additional Data
CURSCOD - PMS Master Data: Storage of Code to be Evaluated
CURSDNN - PMS master data: discrimination net node
CURSDNS - PMS master data: subsequent discrimination net node
CURSOBJ - PMS Master Data: Conversion of PMS Object Keys
CURSPAT - PMS Master Data: Patterns (of End Points)
CURSSPN - PMS Master Data: Simple Pattern Nodes
CURSSPS - PMS Master Data: Follow-Up to Simple Pattern Node
CURSVAR - Internal Variables of Constraints
CUSL_01 - Input Interface for Accessing Tables
CUTEXT - Variant Configuration Description
CUVA_OBJ - Help Structure for Updating Constraint Variables
CUVBCOD - Update Structure for CURSCOD
CUVBDNN - Update Structure for CURSDNN
CUVBDNS - Update Structure for CURSDNS
CUVBOBJ - Update Structure for CURSOBJ
CUVBPAT - Update Structure for CURSPAT
CUVBSPN - Update Structure for CURSSPN
CUVBSPS - Update Structure for CURSSPS
CUVBVAR - Update Structure for CURSVAR
CUVBVRNT - Update Structure for CUCVRNT
CUVFUN - Variant functions
CUVFUN_ADM - Administrative Data for variant function
CUVFUN_GR - Group for variant functions
CUVFUN_GRT - Texts for variant function groups
CUVFUN_IND - Value assignment alternatives for variant function
CUVFUN_PAR - Parameters of variant function
CUVFUN_ST - Variant function status
CUVFUN_STT - Variant function status description
CUVFUN_TX - Text table for variant functions
CUVFX - Structure for locking variant functions
CUVR_OBJ - Help Structure for Updating Constraint Variables
CUVT - Variant Table
CUVTAB - Variant table basic data
CUVTAB_ADM - Variant table - administrative data
CUVTAB_FLD - Fields of variant table
CUVTAB_GR - Group for variant tables
CUVTAB_GRT - Variant table group descriptions
CUVTAB_IND - Value assignment alternatives for variant table
CUVTAB_ST - Variant table status
CUVTAB_STT - Status description for variant table
CUVTAB_TX - Descriptions for Variant Table
CUVTAB_VALC - CHAR format values for variant table
CUVTAB_VALN - NON-CHAR format variant table values
CUVTLN - Line object of variant table
CUVTX - Structure for locking variant tables
CUXREF - Object Dependency Cross References
CUXR_OBJ - Structure for Updating Cross References of a Dependency
DDB_AW - Configuration Transac. Data: Fact for Simple Characteristic
DDB_C01 - Transaction Data: DDDB_HAS_VAL
DDB_C02 - DDB Change Messages (Configuration)
DDB_C03 - Configuration Transac. Data: General Value Set
DDB_C04 - Value Structure for Reading Characteristic Values from DDB
DDB_C06 - Describes a characteristic value, as in priority tables
DDB_ITP - DDB: General Object Type
DEPDAT - Basic Data of Dependency
DEPDATA - Basic Data of Dependency
DEPDESCR - Dependency Descriptions
DEPSOURCE - Source Code of Object Dependencies
DEP_ALLOCT - Assigned Dependencies
DEP_ALL_LG - Assigned Dependencies
DEP_DATA - Basic Data and Identifiers of Dependency
DEP_DESCR - Dependency Descriptions and Identifiers
DEP_DOC - Documentation and Identifiers for Dependencies
DEP_IDENT - Structure for Basic Data of Dependency
DEP_ORDER - Sort Sequence for Object Dependencies
DEP_SOURCE - Source Code and Identifiers of Object Dependencies
DESCRIPT - Descriptions (Language-Dependent)
E1CUFCM - Master Characteristics for Variant Function
E1CUFIM - Master Value Assignment Alternatives for Variant Function
E1CUV1M - Master characteristics of table line
E1CUVAM - Master value assignment alternatives in variant table
E1CUVCM - Master characteristics in variant table
E1CUVFM - Master Variant Function Basic Data
E1CUVFT - Master Descriptions of Variant Function
E1CUVTM - Master table structure basic data
E1CUVTT - Master descriptions in variant table
GDEP_ALL_D - Delete Assignment of Global Dependencies to Object
GLDEP_ALL - Identifier and Sequence of Global Dependencies
GLDEP_DEL - Delete Global Dependencies for Object
GLDEP_LST - List of Global Dependencies Without Sequence or Type
GLOBL_ALL - Identifier and Sequence of Global Dependencies
IKNOBJ - Objects with Dependencies
INCL_BILD - Structures for Calling with Screen Module
KBD_TREE - Representation of a Pars Tree in ABAP
KBD_XREF - Parser Cross Reference Structure
KNOBJTAB - Buffer Table for Allocation Numbers
LINEROW - Details of Line and Column
OARG_01 - ID of a partial argument for an object
OARG_02 - Information on a Part Argument
OARG_03 - Information on a Part Argument
PARS_TEXT - Line in Source Code of Object Dependency
PARS_TOKEN - Structure of a Token in Dependency Parser
PMS_DNTYP - Type description of DN node in PMS
PMS_PATID - Identification of "Pattern" in PMS
PMS_PAT_ID - Identification of "Pattern" in PMS
PMS_SP_ID - Identification of "Simple Pattern" in PMS
PMS_VARID - Identification of Variable in PMS
RCUD2 - Table Maintenance
RCUD5_F - Transfer structure for function data
RCUD5_T - Transfer structure for variant table data
RCUD7 - Fields for Function Group CUD7
RCUDD_MATCH - Output Interface for Accessing Tables
RCUDD_MATCH_M - Output Interface for Accessing Tables
RCUDD_QUERY - Input Interface for Accessing Tables
RCUDD_QUERY_M - Input Interface for Accessing Tables
RCUDD_VALUES - Values for transferring variant table to database table
RCUFU - I/O fields for program SAPLCUFU
RCUFUN - Structure as Class Object for Functions
RCUIND - Transfer Structure for KRIF Elements
RCUKB1 - API Structure for Basic Data of Dependency
RCUKBT1 - API Structure for Lang-Dependent Dependency Descriptions
RCUKD - Fields for Dependency Maintenance
RCUKDOC1 - API Structure for Dependency Documentation
RCUKN1 - API Structure for Sources of Dependency
RCUOB1 - API Structure for Allocations for Object Dependencies
RCURS - Help Structure: Dependency Maintenance/Processing
RCUSB - Dependency Maintenance - Output Fields for Screen Modules
RCUTB - Transfer Structure: Syntax Check for Characteristics
RCUTU - I/O fields for program SAPLCUFU
RFELD - Field List with Names of the Changed Data Fields
RKNNUM - Editor Format for Object Dependencies
RKNOBJ - Help Structure for Object Dependencies
SCUD2 - Parameters for Table Maintenance Interface Control (CU60)
SEL_COD - Compilation of Selection Conditions (Test)
TCUAU - Authorizations for Maintaining Dependencies
TCUAX - Organizational Areas Control Table
TCUB - Authorizations for Maintaining Dependencies
TCUBT - Authorizations for Maintaining Dependencies
TCUD - Dependency Maintenance - Allowed Dependency Types per Object
TCUG - Dependency Maintenance - Groups
TCUGT - Dependency Groups - Texts
TCUO - Dependencies - Objects
TCUOS - Statuses for Configurable Objects
TCUOT - Dependencies - Object Texts
TCUQD - Configuration Parameter Standard Values
TCUX - Dependency Maintenance - Statuses
TCUXT - Dependency Maintenance Statuses - Texts
TMSX_JUST - Complete TMS justification
TMS_JUST - Justification of DDB Declaration (Configuration)
TMS_REF_T - Table structure for TMS ref. table (table of fact IDs)
UPS_KNO_KEY - Cluster Distribution for Object Dependency Key
UPS_VFU_KEY - Cluster Distribution for Keys for Variant Function Interface
UPS_VTA_KEY - Cluster Distribution for Variant Table Structure Key
UPS_VTM_KEY - Cluster Distribution for Variant Table Content Key
VARFUN_WHERE_USE_RESULT - Result Structure for Where-Used List for Variant Functions
VARTAB_WHERE_USE_RESULT - Result Structure for Where-Used List for Variant Tables
VFUNC_ALT_INP - Value assignment alternatives for variant function
VFUNC_ALT_INPUT - Value assignment alternatives for variant function
VFUNC_BASIC - Header data of variant function
VFUNC_BASIC_DATA - Variant Tables Structure
VFUNC_CHARACT - Characteristics of variant function
VFUNC_DESCR - Description of variant function
VFUNC_DESCRIPT - Descriptions of variant function
VTBASDAT - Basic Data of a Variant Table
VTCHARACT - Characteristics of Several Variant Tables
VTCHARS - Characteristics
VTCH_VAL - API: Maintain Char. Values with Reference to Variant Table
VTCH_VAL_DESCR - API: Maint. Char. Value Descs with Reference to Var. Table
VTDEP_DAT - Basic Data of Dependency in Variant Table Line
VTDEP_DESC - Descriptions of Object Dependencies in Variant Table Lines
VTDEP_DOC - Documentation on Object Dependencies in Variant Table
VTDEP_ORD - Sequence of Object Dependencies in Variant Table Line
VTDEP_SORC - Sources of Object Dependencies in Table Lines
VTDESCR - Table Descriptions (API)
VTDESCRIPT - Table Descriptions (API)
VTENTR - Variant Table Contents
VTENTRIES - Variant Table Contents
VTENTR_LONG - Variant Table Contents
VTLINEID - Identification of Line in Variant Table
VTVALALT - Output Structure for Value Assignment Alternatives (VarTab)
VTVALASSIG - Value Assignment Alternatives

SAP Document Builder Tables CA-GTF-DOB

/IPRO/A_SI_RMCLX0 - IPRO classification: append to structure SI_RMCLX0
/IPRO/BAPIRET2 - Proxy Structure (Generated)
/IPRO/BBPS_CMS_STR255 - Proxy Structure (Generated)
/IPRO/BBP_CMS_IBF_METADATA_GE1 - Proxy Structure (Generated)
/IPRO/BBP_CMS_IBF_METADATA_GET - Proxy Structure (Generated)
/IPRO/CREATE_CONTENT_IN_DOC - Proxy Structure (Generated)
/IPRO/CREATE_CONTENT_OUT_DOC - Proxy Structure (Generated)
/IPRO/DOCUMENT_BUILDER_ARCHIV1 - Proxy Structure (Generated)
/IPRO/DOCUMENT_BUILDER_ARCHIV2 - Proxy Structure (Generated)
/IPRO/DOCUMENT_BUILDER_ARCHIV3 - Proxy Structure (Generated)
/IPRO/DOCUMENT_BUILDER_ARCHIV6 - Proxy Structure (Generated)
/IPRO/DOCUMENT_BUILDER_ARCHIVI - Proxy Structure (Generated)
/IPRO/DOCUMENT_BUILDER_MESSAG1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
/IPRO/DOCUMENT_BUILDER_MESSAG2 - Proxy Structure (generated)
/IPRO/DOCUMENT_BUILDER_MESSAG4 - Proxy Structure (Generated)
/IPRO/DOCUMENT_BUILDER_MESSAG5 - Proxy Structure (Generated)
/IPRO/DOCUMENT_BUILDER_MESSAG6 - Proxy Structure (Generated)
/IPRO/DOCUMENT_BUILDER_MESSAGE - Proxy Structure (generated)
/IPRO/DOC_B_OUT - Proxy Structure (generated)
/IPRO/DOC_B_OUT_ATTACHMENTS - Proxy Structure (generated)
/IPRO/DOC_B_OUT_REFERENCE_ID - Proxy Structure (generated)
/IPRO/DOC_B_XML_IN - Generic XML Inbound Message for Document Builder
/IPRO/DOC_B_XML_IN1 - Generic XML Inbound Message for Document Builder
/IPRO/DOC_B_XML_OUT - Proxy Structure (generated)
/IPRO/ELM_ORDERING - element ordering
/IPRO/EXCHANGE_FAULT_DATA - Proxy Structure (generated)
/IPRO/EXCHANGE_FAULT_DATA1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
/IPRO/EXCHANGE_LOG_DATA - Proxy Structure (generated)
/IPRO/EXCHANGE_LOG_DATA1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
/IPRO/PSSRM_DOCUMENT_DOCB_ATT1 - Proxy Structure (Generated)
/IPRO/PSSRM_DOCUMENT_DOCB_ATTA - Proxy Structure (Generated)
/IPRO/PSSRM_DOCUMENT_TOKEN - Proxy Structure (Generated)
/IPRO/PSSRM_DOCUMENT_TOKENRESP - Proxy Structure (Generated)
/IPRO/PSSRM_S_DOCB_ATTACH - Proxy Structure (Generated)
/IPRO/PSSRM_TT_DOCB_ATTACH - Proxy Structure (Generated)
/IPRO/RETRIEVE_CONTENT_IN_DOC - Proxy Structure (Generated)
/IPRO/RETRIEVE_CONTENT_OUT_DOC - Proxy Structure (Generated)
/IPRO/SCLAUSE_DETAIL - extended details associated for a clause
/IPRO/SCLAUSE_DOC - clause document data
/IPRO/SCLAUSE_SEARCH - clause search
/IPRO/SDOCUMENT_SEARCH - Document Search Parameters
/IPRO/SDOCUMENT_SEARCH_INT - Document Search Parameters
/IPRO/SHM_ELM_ORDERING - element ordering
/IPRO/STR255 - Text string of width 255 for XML string in IBF Metadata
/IPRO/S_ALT_ELMNT - alternative element
/IPRO/S_ALT_ELMNT_WD - Result table for standard element search
/IPRO/S_APPROVAL_AGENTS - Approval agent
/IPRO/S_APPROVER - Structure for Storage of Approvers
/IPRO/S_APPROVER_DISPLAY - Approver display
/IPRO/S_AUTH_USERS - Authorized Users
/IPRO/S_BAL_CONTEXT_CLASSIF - IPRO: BAL context information classification of documents
/IPRO/S_BSP_VALUE_PAIR - Structure used to pass name/value pair to BSP pages
/IPRO/S_BUPA_SH_PAR_EXT - Search Parameters
/IPRO/S_CC_ID_MAP - Structure with details on content control ID mapping
/IPRO/S_CLASSIF_SETUP - Setup of datablades for classification
/IPRO/S_CLASSRES_D - Result table for class search: Documents
/IPRO/S_CLASSRES_T - Result table for class search: Templates
/IPRO/S_CLASSRES_U - Result table for class search: User Templates
/IPRO/S_CLASS_RECORD - Update record for classification
/IPRO/S_CLAUSES_TITLE - For WordML, clause title information
/IPRO/S_CMP_SELECT - structure for presc/guid screen
/IPRO/S_CONDITION - Search condition structure
/IPRO/S_CUSTELM_RECORD - Update record for custom element
/IPRO/S_DBL_MEMORY - Table structure for memory datablade
/IPRO/S_DB_RECORD - Database record for Document Builder
/IPRO/S_DOCUMENTLIST - contains keyfields for xi communication
/IPRO/S_DOCUMENT_BUILDER - IPRO classification: allowed key fields
/IPRO/S_DOCUMENT_ID - Document Header fields
/IPRO/S_DOCUMENT_LIST_ARCHIVE - list of documents to be archived
/IPRO/S_ELEM_APPROVER - Element approver
/IPRO/S_ELMGUIDE - element guide
/IPRO/S_ELMNOTE_RECORD - Update record for element notes
/IPRO/S_ELMNT_CONTEXT - Element Context structure
/IPRO/S_ELMNT_DISP - Display structure for standard elements
/IPRO/S_ELMNT_ID - Structure for element identification
/IPRO/S_ELMNT_ID_LIST - List of element ID line
/IPRO/S_ELMNT_IMG - Structure for element identification
/IPRO/S_ELMNT_LIST_CTRL_CNTXT - control structure for UI elements in element list of cockpit
/IPRO/S_ELMNT_SELECT - Structure for displaying elment and selecting
/IPRO/S_ELM_CLAUSE_MAPPING - Maps DocB elements to WML clauses
/IPRO/S_ELM_DEPENDS - Element dependencies
/IPRO/S_ELM_FILLIN - Element Fill-in
/IPRO/S_ELM_VAR - input structure for report
/IPRO/S_EVENT - An event for the UI framework
/IPRO/S_EXTELMLIST - Elementlist
/IPRO/S_FILLIN - Contains a fillin
/IPRO/S_GEN_DIAG - General diagnostic structure for tree display
/IPRO/S_GUIDE_ID - Structure for guidance identification
/IPRO/S_HEADFOOT_REL_MAP - Relationship data of headers/footers for mapping
/IPRO/S_HELPMETHOD - Help method
/IPRO/S_IMG_DATA - IMG Data values
/IPRO/S_KEY_VALUE_PAIR - Key value pair
/IPRO/S_MATERIAL_DATA - Data that corresponds to material/immaterial changes
/IPRO/S_MATERIAL_HDR - Defined Material Document Header Attributes
/IPRO/S_MSG_SUBJECT - Message subject structure
/IPRO/S_ORG_DATA - Org data
/IPRO/S_OUTPUT - Report output structure
/IPRO/S_OUTPUT_PROP - Properties of an output type
/IPRO/S_PORG - Structure of Purchasing Group
/IPRO/S_PRESC_ID - Structure for prescription identification
/IPRO/S_PRODUCT_CAT_SEARCH - Product Category Search
/IPRO/S_PROPERTY - Element Property Structure
/IPRO/S_REFRN_ID - Structure for reference identification
/IPRO/S_REGSETS - Regulation set data
/IPRO/S_RES_KEYVAL - Key-value for orgs
/IPRO/S_RET_LIST_DOCB_ARCHIVE - error return list for document builder documents
/IPRO/S_RULEID - Rule identification
/IPRO/S_RULE_COMPONENTS - Components of a rule
/IPRO/S_RULE_FIELDS - Screen structure for rule search help
/IPRO/S_SECTNS_TITLE - Section title information
/IPRO/S_SHM_ELMNT_ID - shared memory element id
/IPRO/S_SRM_ATTACH - Attachment structure for SRM
/IPRO/S_STDELMRES - Result table for standard element search
/IPRO/S_STDELMRES_IMG - element search
/IPRO/S_STD_ELEMENT - Structure of standard element in search result
/IPRO/S_STRUCT_TAB_CHECK - To display the conflicts in the TASVC report in IMG
/IPRO/S_SUBVIEW - Subview index
/IPRO/S_SYST_TEMPL - System template list
/IPRO/S_TABDEF - Structure used for table/schedule/report definition
/IPRO/S_TABLE_KEY - structure for keyfield in tables
/IPRO/S_TEMPL - Help structure for system templates
/IPRO/S_TEMPL_RES - Results of template search
/IPRO/S_TMPL_LIST - list of templates where a clause is used
/IPRO/S_TMPL_RECORD - Database record for Document Builder templates
/IPRO/S_TOC_ENTRY - Table of contents entry
/IPRO/S_TXT_SEARCH_SETUP - Full Text Search Setup
/IPRO/S_UI_APPLOG - Application log display for Document Builder
/IPRO/S_UI_ATTACH - Docb UI Attachment Structure
/IPRO/S_UI_COLUMN - Column in a table view
/IPRO/S_UI_ELEMENT - UI Element Table Structure
/IPRO/S_UI_ELMNT_ATTACH - ui element attachments
/IPRO/S_UI_MSGHEADER - Message header for UI
/IPRO/S_UI_OUTPUT - UI Output Structure
/IPRO/S_UI_TABDEF - Table definition
/IPRO/S_UI_TEXTS - Label and tooltips
/IPRO/S_UI_TREENODE - A tree node in the UI
/IPRO/S_UI_VALUE - DocB: Value List Entry
/IPRO/S_UI_VARIABLE - DocB: Variable description
/IPRO/S_USER_ELEMENT - User element structure for BSP page
/IPRO/S_USRELMRES - Result table for user element full-text search
/IPRO/S_USRELM_RECORD - Update record for user elements
/IPRO/S_USRTMPL_RECORD - Database record for Document Builder user templates
/IPRO/S_VAR - variable structure for selection fields in reports
/IPRO/S_VARB_CHANGE - Describes a change to a Document Builder variable
/IPRO/S_VARB_ID - Structure for variable identification
/IPRO/S_VARB_TYPE - Variable type
/IPRO/S_VAR_DISP - Structure to display variables in report
/IPRO/S_VAR_PAIR - Variable/value pair
/IPRO/S_VAR_SELECT - Structure for variable display and select
/IPRO/S_VAR_TYPE - Variable type information
/IPRO/S_VERSION2 - Version
/IPRO/S_WFL_APPROVAL_PREVIEW - Display of Approval Preview
/IPRO/S_WFL_APPROVER - Structure for Storage of Approvers
/IPRO/S_WFL_REVIEWER - Structure for Storing Reviewers
/IPRO/S_WFL_VIRTUAL_NODES - Virtual Nodes of a Dynamic Approval
/IPRO/S_WF_USERS - Defined WorkFlow Users for a Element Category
/IPRO/S_WSCREATE_PARAM - Parameter structure for creating in Workspace
/IPRO/S_XSD_ELEMENT - Element of a XSD definition
/IPRO/S_XSI_ELEMENT - Element of a XSI instance
/IPRO/TABLE_OF_BBPS_CMS_STR255 - Proxy Structure (Generated)
/IPRO/TACTION - Authorization Actions
/IPRO/TACTION_T - Text Authorization Actions
/IPRO/TALTCLAUSE - table for alternative clauses
/IPRO/TATTACH - Document Builder Attachments
/IPRO/TATTRSTR - Structure Type for Attributes Used in Duet
/IPRO/TA_ATTAB - Attributes in xml document for an application
/IPRO/TA_ATTAB_T - Attributes in xml document for an application
/IPRO/TA_CONFIG - Config data table
/IPRO/TA_DID - DataID table
/IPRO/TA_DID_T - DataID text table
/IPRO/TCHOICE - Table determines which doc selections are in a doc group
/IPRO/TCLASSCODE - Table for classcode
/IPRO/TCLSDESC - Table for classcode text table
/IPRO/TCMODIF - Content Modification content table
/IPRO/TCMODIF_T - Text table for TCMODIF
/IPRO/TCONFIG - Document Builder Configuration Parameters
/IPRO/TCONF_T - Text table for config parameters
/IPRO/TCONF_VALU - Value table for config parameters
/IPRO/TCONTENT - Content Types
/IPRO/TCONTENT_T - Defines text for different contents in Document Builder
/IPRO/TCPV4 - CPV4 Codes
/IPRO/TCPV4_T - CPV4 Codes
/IPRO/TCPV_SUP - CPV Supplemental Codes
/IPRO/TCPV_SUP_T - CPV Supplemental Codes
/IPRO/TCUSTELM - Document Builder Custom Elements
/IPRO/TDOCDATA - XML Document Data
/IPRO/TDOCEXPIRE - Document Expiration Thresholds
/IPRO/TDOCGRP - A collection of one or more doc types and part of struc rule
/IPRO/TDOCGRP_T - Contains document types text for TDOCGRP
/IPRO/TDOCMNT - Document Builder Documents
/IPRO/TDOCPUR - Purchasing organizations that can acess the document
/IPRO/TDOCSL - Document Selection
/IPRO/TDOCSL_ELM - Association between doc selection and elements
/IPRO/TDOCSL_RGS - Association table between TDOCSL and TRGSET
/IPRO/TDOCST - Document Status Table
/IPRO/TDOCST_T - Document Status Text Table
/IPRO/TDOCTYP - Contains data for document type
/IPRO/TDOCTYP_T - Text table for document type
/IPRO/TDOCUSR - Users that can access the document
/IPRO/TEDHIST - Contains edit history data
/IPRO/TELMLIST - Where-used table for document elements
/IPRO/TELMNT - Element table
/IPRO/TELMNT_CAT - Element category
/IPRO/TELMORDER - Element order table
/IPRO/TELMSTAT - Element Status Descriptions
/IPRO/TELMSTAT_T - Element Status Descriptions
/IPRO/TELMTYP - Element types are configurable in this table
/IPRO/TELMTYP_T - Element types text table
/IPRO/TELM_CATT - text table for element category
/IPRO/TELM_FMT - Maintain relationship between elements and formats
/IPRO/TELM_GUIDE - Association table between elements and guidance
/IPRO/TELM_PRESC - Association between elements and prescriptions
/IPRO/TELM_PROP - Association between elements and properties
/IPRO/TELM_VAR - Association between elements and variables -- fill-in vars
/IPRO/TFILLIN - Association btwn TELM_VAR and TDOCSL
/IPRO/TFMT_SECT - Defines document format sections
/IPRO/TFORMAT - Document format table
/IPRO/TFORMAT_T - Document format text table
/IPRO/TLOCAL_TXT - Text for User and Custom Elements / Auxiliary Documents
/IPRO/TLOCAT - Table of unique comb of doc type, format, and section
/IPRO/TLOCAT_T - Location text table
/IPRO/TNOTE - DocB Element Note Table
/IPRO/TORDER - Table for defining orders
/IPRO/TORDER_T - Text table associated with TORDER
/IPRO/TOUTDEF - Defines output types for Document Builder
/IPRO/TOUTPUT - Further defines output in Document Builder
/IPRO/TOVERLY - Table for ADS overlays of document headers and footers
/IPRO/TOVERLY_T - Text table associated with TOVERLY for doc headers & footers
/IPRO/TOVERLY_WM - Table for ADS overlays with wml
/IPRO/TOWNER - Maintains types of fillin variable owners
/IPRO/TOWNER_T - Text table for /IPRO/TOWNER
/IPRO/TPROP - Property table
/IPRO/TPROP_T - Property text table
/IPRO/TRGSET - Regulation Set table
/IPRO/TRGSET_CMP - Table of Reg Set components (Ref, Presc, Guidance)
/IPRO/TRGSET_T - Regulation Set text table
/IPRO/TRGSTHST - Regualtion Set History table
/IPRO/TRGSTHST_T - Text table for TRGSTHST that records hist of reg set updates
/IPRO/TRULES - Element Rules Description
/IPRO/TRULES_T - Rules Text
/IPRO/TSTRUCT - table of config defined structures
/IPRO/TSTYL - Contains style rules for document assembly
/IPRO/TSTYLDAT - Style data table
/IPRO/TSTYLVAR - Defines XSLFO style attribute variables
/IPRO/TSTYL_T - Text table for TSTYL
/IPRO/TTEMPL - Document Builder Templates
/IPRO/TTEMPSTAT - Template Status Table
/IPRO/TTEMPST_T - Template Status Text Table
/IPRO/TTEMPTXT - Temporary text storage
/IPRO/TTEXT - Table holding text for elemnts, reg set compnents & doc styl
/IPRO/TTEXTTYP - Table of text types
/IPRO/TTEXT_T - Text table associated with TTEXT
/IPRO/TTMPLDATA - Table for storing template data in XML format
/IPRO/TTMPL_CAT - Template Categories
/IPRO/TTMPL_CATT - Template Categories text table
/IPRO/TTMP_WF - table to store WF data for tmpl triggered by clause chng
/IPRO/TTXTFMT - Defines document text formats
/IPRO/TTXTFMT_T - Text table associated with TTXTFMT defining doc text formats
/IPRO/TUACT - user actions
/IPRO/TUACT_T - User actions text
/IPRO/TUPDATELOG - update report table to store the log
/IPRO/TUR_LOG - Update Report Log for Batch Processing
/IPRO/TUSRELM - User element table
/IPRO/TUSRSTYDAT - Data table for user style
/IPRO/TUSRSTYL - This table defines a user style
/IPRO/TUSRTMPL - Table of user template data
/IPRO/TVARCHANGE - Log of variable changes
/IPRO/TVAR_CMP - Variable table
/IPRO/TVAR_CMP_T - Text table associated with TVAR_CMP
/IPRO/TVAR_REF - Association between variables and references
/IPRO/TWF_APPR - Workflow Assignments for Template Categories
/IPRO/TWF_DATA - application data for workflow
/IPRO/TWF_USER - list of workflow user
/IPRO/TXML_STR - XML Strings for IBF Metadata
/IPRO/T_CL_DOC - Classification: shadow table for /IPRO/TDOCMNT
/IPRO/T_CL_TMPL - Classification: shadow table for /IPRO/TTEMPL
/IPRO/T_CL_UTMPL - Classification: shadow table for /IPRO/TUSRTMPL
/IPRO/T_TMPL_SRC - Reference for template search
/IPRO/WF_AGENTS - Workflow agents

SAP Data Retention Tool Tables CA-GTF-DRT

CDE_CODE - CDE code for generated reports
CDE_PKG_STR - Structure to Store Package Names
CDE_TAB_NAME - Table Name
DARTEOL_LOG - Lock object for log file
ERROR_CODE_STR - Error code structure for Generic CDE
EXCL_CDE - Customizing Table to Exclude Tables/Packages in Generic CDE
ILM_CDE_APPL_S_CDE_DATA - Data for Generating a CDE Segment (Customizing)
ILM_CDE_APPL_S_CDE_RAOB - CDE Registration of Archiving Object
ILM_CDE_APPL_S_CDE_RAOB_TABLE - CDE Registration of Tables of Archiving Object
ILM_CDE_APPL_S_CDE_SEGMENT - Structure of a CDE Segment
ILM_SN_META_FCAT - Structure for Virtual Field Catalog for SN Objects
LOG_MESSAGE - Log details
STRUC_ADRNR - defined for table parameter of function module GET_TABLE_T_S
TXA_C_BUKRS - Settings for company codes
TXBC_C_STRC - Segments
TXBC_C_STRCT - Segment Description
TXBC_METADATA - Meta Data for ILM Segments
TXI_A074 - Plant/Customs Area/Material
TXI_AD01C_CTT - Apportionment reason text
TXI_ADRC - Addresses (central address admin.)
TXI_AFRU - Order completion confirmations
TXI_AFVC - Operation within an order
TXI_AKKP - Documentary Payment Guarantee: Fin.Doc.Master - Header Dat
TXI_ANKA - Asset classes: general
TXI_ANKT - Asset classes: Description
TXI_ARCH_OBJ - Archiving object includíng tables
TXI_AT30 - Formula Table for Investment Mathematics
TXI_AT40 - Calculation Categories of Cash Flow Calculator
TXI_AT40T - Calculation Category Texts for the Cash Flow Calculator
TXI_AUFK - Order master data
TXI_BNKA - Bank master record
TXI_BP001 - Treasury Attributes Organization
TXI_BSID - Accounting: Secondary Index for Customers
TXI_BSIK - Accounting: Secondary Index for Vendors
TXI_BSIS - Accounting: Secondary Index for G/L Accounts
TXI_BUT000 - BP: General data I
TXI_BUT0BK - BP: Bank details
TXI_BWPOS - Valuations for Open Items
TXI_CEPC - Profit Center Master Data Table
TXI_CEPCT - Texts for Profit Center Master Data
TXI_CKMLMV007 - Name formation (structure table)
TXI_COKEY - CO key sub-numbers
TXI_CONTROL - Control Record for ILM archives
TXI_COTPL - CO-ABC Template Master Data
TXI_CSKA - Cost Elements (Data Dependent on Chart of Accounts)
TXI_CSKB - Cost Elements (Data Dependent on Controlling Area)
TXI_CSKU - Cost Element Texts
TXI_CSLA - Activity master
TXI_CSLT - Activity type texts
TXI_C_STRC - Segments
TXI_C_STRCT - Segment Description
TXI_DD07T - DD: Texts for Domain Fixed Values (Language-Dependent)
TXI_DD07V - fixed domain values
TXI_FM01 - Financial Management Areas
TXI_FMFPO - FIFM: Commitment Item
TXI_FMFPOT - Texts for a Financia Management Item
TXI_GLT0 - G/L account master record transaction figures
TXI_INDEXD - Index definition (security index)
TXI_KBLK - Document Header: Manual Document Entry
TXI_KBLP - Document Item: Manual Document Entry
TXI_KNA1 - General Data in Customer Master
TXI_KNB1 - Customer Master (Company Code)
TXI_KNC1 - Customer master (transaction figures)
TXI_KNKK - Customer master credit management: Control area data
TXI_KNVV - Customer Master Sales Data
TXI_KONP - Conditions (Item)
TXI_LFB1 - Vendor Master (Company Code)
TXI_LFBK - Vendor Master (Bank Details)
TXI_LFC1 - Vendor master (transaction figures)
TXI_LOG_PAR - Selection parameters of extraction
TXI_MAFU - Foreign Trade: Additional Information for Material/Code No
TXI_MAPE - Material Master: Export Control File
TXI_MARA - General Material Data
TXI_MARC - Plant Data for Material
TXI_MARM - Units of Measure for Material
TXI_MATVAL - Material valuation
TXI_MBEW - Material Valuation
TXI_MBEWH - Material Valuation: History
TXI_METADATA - Meta Data for ILM Segments
TXI_METADATA_TEXT - Meta Data for ILM Segments Texts
TXI_MGEF - Hazardous materials
TXI_OIB01 - Definition of Conversion Groups
TXI_PKHD - Control Cycle
TXI_PRDKZT - Language-dependent texts for SLED period indicator
TXI_PREQ - Requirement Priorities
TXI_PREQTX_T - Requirement Priorities - Text Table
TXI_PROJ - Project definition
TXI_PRPS - WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) Element Master Data
TXI_PTRV_DOC_HD - Transfer Travel -> FI/CO: Header of TRV int. document
TXI_PTRV_DOC_IT - Transfer Travel -> FI/CO: Lines of TRV interm. document
TXI_PTRV_DOC_TAX - Transfer Travel -> FI/CO: Tax lines of TRV document
TXI_PTRV_HEAD - General Trip Data
TXI_PTRV_PERIO - Period Data of a Trip
TXI_PTRV_ROT_AWKEY - Assignment of Trip Results to Posting Doc. Number and Line
TXI_PURG - Requirement Urgencies
TXI_PURGTX_T - Requirement Urgencies - Text Tables
TXI_RDPR - Rounding profile
TXI_RDTX - Short text describing the rounding profile
TXI_RELATION - Relational Data ILM
TXI_RFCDES - Destination Table for Remote Function Call
TXI_RFCDOC - Description of Possible RFC Connections (->RFCDES)
TXI_SADR - Address Management: Company Data
TXI_SANO1 - Address-object relationship
TXI_SNUM - BOM Explosion Number
TXI_STRUCTURE - Archive Object single Structure
TXI_SYST - System Settings
TXI_T000 - Clients
TXI_T001 - Company Codes
TXI_T001K - Valuation area
TXI_T001L - Storage Locations
TXI_T001O - Cross-System Company Codes
TXI_T001S - Accounting Clerks
TXI_T001W - Plants/Branches
TXI_T002 - Language Keys (Component BC-I18)
TXI_T002T - Texts for language key
TXI_T003 - Document Types
TXI_T003O - Order Types
TXI_T003P - Order Type Descriptions
TXI_T003T - Document Type Texts
TXI_T004 - Directory of Charts of Accounts
TXI_T004R - Rules index for sample accounts
TXI_T004T - Chart of Account Names
TXI_T004V - Field Status Variant
TXI_T005 - Countries
TXI_T005A - Address routines
TXI_T005E - County
TXI_T005F - County: Texts
TXI_T005G - City
TXI_T005H - City: Texts
TXI_T005N - Name formats
TXI_T005Q - Country Keys for Withholding Tax Calculation
TXI_T005S - Taxes: Region (Province) Key
TXI_T005T - Country Names
TXI_T005U - Taxes: Region Key: Texts
TXI_T006 - Units of Measurement
TXI_T006A - Assign Internal to Language-Dependent Unit
TXI_T006B - Assignment of commercial to internal unit of measurement
TXI_T006C - Assignment of external technical to internal unit of measure
TXI_T006D - Dimensions
TXI_T006D_OIB - Add-On Extension for Dimensions
TXI_T006E - System for Units of Measurement (Components, Mapping)
TXI_T006EE - Systems for Units of Measurement (Entities)
TXI_T006ET - Systems for Units of Measurement (Entities -> Texts)
TXI_T006I - ISO codes for units of measurement
TXI_T006J - ISO Codes for Unit of Measure Texts
TXI_T006M - Units of Measure Groups
TXI_T006T - Dimension Texts
TXI_T006_OIB - Units of Measurement, Additional Definitions
TXI_T007A - Tax Keys
TXI_T007F - Taxes on Sales/Purchases Groups
TXI_T007S - Tax Code Names
TXI_T008 - Blocking Reasons for Automatic Payment Transcations
TXI_T008T - Blocking Reason Names in Automatic Payment Trans.
TXI_T009 - Fiscal year variants
TXI_T009B - Fiscal year variant periods
TXI_T009T - Fiscal year variant names
TXI_T010O - Posting Period Variants
TXI_T011 - Financial Statement Versions
TXI_T014 - Credit control areas
TXI_T014T - Credit control area names
TXI_T015L - SCB Ratios
TXI_T016 - Industries
TXI_T016T - Industry Names
TXI_T022 - FI-SL Activity: Fixed Data
TXI_T022F - Format Table (Grouping of the Sender Tables)
TXI_T022T - FI-SL Activities: Text
TXI_T023 - Mat. groups
TXI_T023T - Material Group Descriptions
TXI_T024 - Purchasing Groups
TXI_T024A - Planner Group
TXI_T024B - Credit management: Credit representative groups
TXI_T024D - MRP controllers
TXI_T024E - Purchasing Organizations
TXI_T024F - Production scheduler
TXI_T024I - Maintenance planner groups
TXI_T024L - Laboratory/office for material
TXI_T025 - Valuation Classes
TXI_T025K - Account Category Reference
TXI_T025L - Account Category Reference Description
TXI_T025T - Valuation Class Descriptions
TXI_T027A - Shipping Instructions, Purchasing
TXI_T027B - Texts: Shipping Instructions
TXI_T027C - Codes for Compliance with Shipping Instructions
TXI_T027D - Compliance with Shipping Instructions: Texts
TXI_T030 - Standard Accounts Table
TXI_T030A - Transaction Keys and Assignment to Groups
TXI_T030R - Rules for Determination of Standard Accounts
TXI_T030S - Accts for Foreign Currency Assets Exchange Rate Differences
TXI_T030W - Transaction Key Names
TXI_T033 - FI Depreciation Area
TXI_T035 - Planning groups
TXI_T036 - Planning levels
TXI_T037 - Planning Types
TXI_T037R - Texts for T037S
TXI_T037S - Account Assignment References acc. to Transaction Type
TXI_T038P - Cash Management: Groupings (Checking Table)
TXI_T040 - Dunning keys
TXI_T040A - Dunning key names
TXI_T040S - Blocking reasons for dunning notices
TXI_T041C - Reasons for Reverse Posting
TXI_T042F - Payment method supplements
TXI_T042H - Text table for additional payment methods
TXI_T042Z - Payment Methods for Automatic Payment
TXI_T042ZD - Screen Control when Creating Payments in Country
TXI_T043G - Tolerances for Groups of Customers/Vendors
TXI_T043S - Tolerances for Groups of G/L Accounts
TXI_T044G - Valuation Adjustment Key
TXI_T044I - FI Valuation: Determine Base Value
TXI_T047A - Account Level Dunning Control
TXI_T047M - Dunning areas
TXI_T047R - Grouping rules for dunning notices
TXI_T048 - Correspondence Types
TXI_T048K - Indicator for Periodic Account Statements
TXI_T049L - Lockboxes at our House Banks
TXI_T052 - Terms of Payment
TXI_T052A - Known/Negotiated Leave
TXI_T052U - Own Explanations for Terms of Payment
TXI_T053A - Selection Rules for Payment Advices
TXI_T053R - Classification of Payment Differences
TXI_T053S - Classification of Payment Differences (Texts)
TXI_T053V - Reason Code Conversion Version
TXI_T056 - Interest settlement
TXI_T056P - Reference interest table
TXI_T056R - Interest reference definition
TXI_T059A - Type of Recipient For Vendors
TXI_T059B - Withholding Tax Classes for Vendors: Names
TXI_T059C - Types of Recipient: Vendors per Withholding Tax Type
TXI_T059E - Income Types
TXI_T059M - Minority Indicators
TXI_T059P - Withholding tax types
TXI_T059Q - Withholding Tax
TXI_T059R - Recipient Code
TXI_T059T - Texts for Minority Indicators
TXI_T059U - Text Table: Withholding Tax Types
TXI_T059Z - Withholding tax code (enhanced functions)
TXI_T059Z_WITHCD2 - Entity Table: Additional Official Withholding Tax Code
TXI_T074T - Special G/L Indicator Names
TXI_T074U - Special G/L Indicator Properties
TXI_T077D - Customer account groups
TXI_T077K - Vendor account groups
TXI_T077S - G/L account groups
TXI_T077X - Account Group Names (Table T077D)
TXI_T077Y - Account Group Names (Table T077K)
TXI_T082A - Field string asset master record maintenance
TXI_T083L - Leasing types
TXI_T085 - Investment support measures
TXI_T085S - Description of individual investment support measures
TXI_T087 - Evaluation groups
TXI_T087G - Evaluation group 8 places
TXI_T087I - Reason for investment
TXI_T087J - Text for TXI_T087J
TXI_T087K - Reason for investment protecting the environment
TXI_T087S - Test table for evaluation group 8 places
TXI_T087T - Description of Evaluation Groups
TXI_T087U - Asset group number / asset group
TXI_T090 - Depreciation calculation keys
TXI_T090C - External depreciation keys
TXI_T090L - Unit-of-production method of depreciation
TXI_T090M - Table for maximum depreciation amounts
TXI_T090NA - Depreciation Keys
TXI_T090NAZ - Depreciation Keys - Method Assignment
TXI_T090ND - Declining-Balance Method
TXI_T090NH - Maximum Amount Method
TXI_T090NH_METH - Maximum Amount Method
TXI_T090NP - Period Control Method
TXI_T090NR - Base Method
TXI_T090NS - Multilevel Method
TXI_T090NSG - Multi-Level Method - Start of Validity
TXI_T090P - Dep. calc. key percentage records
TXI_T090R - Period control rules for transactions
TXI_T090S - Names For Internal Calculation Keys
TXI_T090T - Names For External Depreciation Keys
TXI_T090V - Name for period control in transactions
TXI_T090Z - Period control for transactions
TXI_T091 - Cut-off value key
TXI_T091P - Cut-off val. percent. rates
TXI_T091T - Names for Cut-Off Value Keys
TXI_T092 - Property classification key
TXI_T092T - Description of the Property Classification Key
TXI_T093 - Real and derived depreciation areas
TXI_T093B - Company code-related depreciation area specifications
TXI_T093B_RSL - Company Code-Related Depreciation Area Specifications
TXI_T093C - Company codes in Asset Accounting
TXI_T093G - Cross-System Depreciation Areas
TXI_T093T - Names for real and derived depreciation areas
TXI_T094A - Index series for replacement values
TXI_T095 - Balance sheet accounts for depreciation areas
TXI_T095A - Account allocation
TXI_T095T - Name for account groups
TXI_T096 - Chart of depreciation
TXI_T096T - Chart of depreciation texts
TXI_T097 - Property indicator
TXI_T097T - Description of the Property Indicator
TXI_T098 - Basis manual property evaluation
TXI_T100A - Message IDs for T100
TXI_T100T - Table T100A text
TXI_T130A - Material master field selection
TXI_T134 - Material Types
TXI_T134M - Control of Qty/Value Update
TXI_T134T - Material Type Descriptions
TXI_T137 - Industries for materials
TXI_T141 - Material Status from Materials Management/PPC View
TXI_T142 - Storage Conditions for Materials
TXI_T143 - Temperature Conditions for Storing Materials
TXI_T144 - Container Requirements for Storing Materials
TXI_T148 - Special Stock Indicator
TXI_T148T - Special Stock Descriptions
TXI_T149 - Valuation type/valuation class
TXI_T149C - Global Valuation Categories
TXI_T149D - Global Valuation Types
TXI_T149T - Global Valuation Category Descriptions
TXI_T151 - Customers: Customer Groups
TXI_T151T - Customers: Customer groups: Texts
TXI_T156 - Movement Type
TXI_T156HT - Main Text for Movement Type
TXI_T156SC - Mvt Type: Qty/Value Posting: Customer Table; as of Rel. 4.
TXI_T156T - Movement Type Text
TXI_T156X - Trans./Event Key Modification
TXI_T157D - Reason for Movement
TXI_T157E - Text Table: Reason for Movement
TXI_T158V - Inv. Mngmt - General: Transaction/Event Types Allowed
TXI_T158W - Long Text for Transaction/Event Type
TXI_T159C - Value table for counting cycles in cycle counting
TXI_T159Q - Inventory Management Print Function: Value Table for KZDRU
TXI_T160S - Selection Parameters for Purchasing Lists
TXI_T161 - Purchasing Document Types
TXI_T161SN - Assignment of Serial Number Profile to Item Category
TXI_T161T - Texts for Purchasing Document Types
TXI_T162 - Field Selection, Purchasing Document
TXI_T163 - Item Categories in Purchasing Document
TXI_T163B - Purchase Order History Categories
TXI_T163C - Texts for Purchase Order History Categories
TXI_T163E - Confirmation Categories
TXI_T163F - Confirmation Categories: Descriptions
TXI_T163I - Texts for Account Assignment Categories
TXI_T163K - Account Assignment Categories in Purchasing Document
TXI_T163L - Confirmation Control Keys
TXI_T163M - Confirmation Control Keys: Description
TXI_T163P - Release Creation Profile
TXI_T163S - Description for Release Creation Profile
TXI_T163Y - Texts for Item Categories
TXI_T165M - Reasons for Cancellation: Short Descriptions
TXI_T165R - Reason for Cancellation
TXI_T167B - Name of the formula
TXI_T167F - Formulas for Service Lines
TXI_T169L - Vendor-Specific Parameters for Invoice Verification
TXI_T16CC - DCM Reason for Change
TXI_T16CT - DCM Text for Reason for Change
TXI_T16FB - Release Indicator: Purchasing Document
TXI_T16FE - Descriptions of Release Indicators: Purchasing Documents
TXI_T16FG - Release Groups
TXI_T16FH - Descriptions of Release Groups
TXI_T16FS - Release Strategies
TXI_T16FT - Descriptions of Release Strategies
TXI_T171 - Customers: Sales Districts
TXI_T171T - Customers: Sales districts: Texts
TXI_T176 - Sales Documents: Customer Order Types
TXI_T176T - Sales Documents: Customer Order Types: Texts
TXI_T178 - Conditions: Groups for Materials
TXI_T179 - Materials: Product Hierarchies
TXI_T179T - Materials: Product hierarchies: Texts
TXI_T188 - Conditions: Groups for Customer Classifications
TXI_T188T - Conditions: Groups for Customer Classes: Texts
TXI_T189 - Conditions: Price List Categories
TXI_T190S - Product Allocation: Definition Procedure
TXI_T300 - WM Warehouse Numbers
TXI_T300T - Warehouse Number Descriptions
TXI_T301 - WM Storage Types
TXI_T301T - Storage Type Descriptions
TXI_T333 - WM Movement Types
TXI_T333T - Texts for WM Movement Types
TXI_T352R - Maintenance Revisions
TXI_T353I - Maintenance activity types
TXI_T353I_T - Maintenance activity type description
TXI_T357 - Plant Section
TXI_T357M - Machine operating condition
TXI_T357M_T - Operating condition texts
TXI_T371G - IB: Installed Base - Structure Reference Category
TXI_T371G_T - IB: Text Tables for T371G
TXI_T377P - Serial Number Management Profiles
TXI_T377P_T - Texts for Serial Number Management Profiles
TXI_T399I - Planning plant parameters
TXI_T405 - Purchasing Value Key
TXI_T411 - Task list usage
TXI_T411T - Language-dependent texts for T411: Task list usages
TXI_T413 - Spare Part Indicator
TXI_T413T - Spare part indicator description
TXI_T415S - BOM status
TXI_T415T - BOM Status Texts
TXI_T416 - BOM Usage - Item Statuses
TXI_T416T - BOM Usage Texts
TXI_T417 - Material Provision Indicator
TXI_T417T - Materials provided indicator texts
TXI_T418 - FS item categories
TXI_T418F - Variable-Size Item Formulas
TXI_T418G - Formula Name
TXI_T418T - Item Category Texts
TXI_T421 - Grades
TXI_T421T - Language-dependent texts for T421: Wage groups
TXI_T423 - Wage group qualification
TXI_T423T - Language-dependent texts for T423: Qualifications/Wage grp.
TXI_T425 - Setup Group Key
TXI_T425T - Language-dependent texts for T425: Setup group keys
TXI_T426 - Setup group categories
TXI_T426T - Language-dependent texts for T426: Setup group categories
TXI_T428 - Setup type key
TXI_T428T - Language-dependent texts for T428: Setup type key
TXI_T429 - Standard Times Calculation Type
TXI_T429T - Lang.-depend. texts for Tab. T429: Types of std. val. determ
TXI_T430 - Operation/Activity control key
TXI_T430T - Language-dependent text table for the control key T430
TXI_T433 - Milestone indicator
TXI_T433T - Milestone texts
TXI_T434G - Stock determination group
TXI_T434R - Stock determination rule
TXI_T435 - Standard texts for routing/ref. op set items
TXI_T435T - Language-dependent texts for T435: Standard text key
TXI_T437V - Distribution key in MRP
TXI_T437W - MRP distribution key (texts)
TXI_T439P - Split-up for forecast requirements
TXI_T441R - Values Table for Checking Rule
TXI_T441W - Checking Rule Texts
TXI_T476 - Parameterization of the Configuration Editor
TXI_T482 - Table of scheduling types
TXI_T482T - Texts for scheduling types
TXI_T499P - Reduction strategies - texts
TXI_T499Q - Reduction strategies
TXI_T499S - Location
TXI_T500L - Personnel Country Grouping
TXI_T5D4E - DEUEV Nationality Keys
TXI_T604 - Foreign Trade: Commodity Code / Import Code Number
TXI_T604A - Preference: Tariff alternation
TXI_T604B - Preference: Preference Zone Description
TXI_T604C - Preference: Preference Procedure Code
TXI_T604D - Preference: Description of Preference Procedure Code
TXI_T604F - Import Processing: Control Code
TXI_T604G - Preference: Preference Zone
TXI_T604N - Import Processing: Control Code Description
TXI_T604P - Preference: Preference Zone/Rule
TXI_T604R - Preference: Preference Rule / Percentages
TXI_T604S - Preference: Determine Preference Zone in Export
TXI_T604T - Foreign Trade: Commodity Code/Import Code No. Description
TXI_T604V - Preference: Preference Determination / Procedure
TXI_T605 - Foreign Trade: Business Transaction Type
TXI_T605T - Foreign Trade: Business Transaction Type - Descriptions
TXI_T609A - Foreign Trade: Declarations to Authorities - Exclusion Ind
TXI_T609AT - Foreign Trade: Decl. to Auth.: Exclusion Ind. - Descriptions
TXI_T609B - FT: Incompleteness: Doc.Pric.Procedure - Header and Item
TXI_T609G - Foreign Trade: PRODCOM/GP Number (Production Statistics)
TXI_T609GP - Foreign Trade: PRODCOM/GP Number (Prod.Stat.) - Descriptions
TXI_T610A - Import Processing: Anti-dumping Code
TXI_T610AT - Import Processing: Anti-dumping Code Descriptions
TXI_T610C - Import Processing: CAS Number for Pharmaceutical Products
TXI_T610CT - Import Processing: CAS No. for Pharmaceut.Products - Descr.
TXI_T610D - Import Processing: Pharmaceutical Products Code
TXI_T610K - Import Processing: Customs Quota Codes
TXI_T610KP - Foreign Trade: Import Processing: Quota or Ceiling Number
TXI_T610KPT - Foreign Trade: Import Processing: Quota or Ceiling Number
TXI_T610KT - Import Processing: Customs Quota Code Descriptions
TXI_T610NA - Import Processing: Verification Documents
TXI_T610NAT - Import Processing: Verification Document Descriptions
TXI_T610O - Foreign Trade: Authorities
TXI_T610OT - Foreign Trade: Authorities - Descriptions
TXI_T610PA - Foreign Trade: Preference Type
TXI_T610PAT - Foreign Trade: Preference Type - Description
TXI_T610VA - Foreign Trade: Preliminary Import Docs / Export Docs
TXI_T610VAT - Foreign Trade: Preliminary Imp. Docs/Exp.Docs - Descriptions
TXI_T612B - FT/Customs: Electr. Procedure: Type of means of transport
TXI_T612BT - FT/Customs: Elect. Procedure: Type of Means of Transport - D
TXI_T615 - Foreign Trade: Customs Offices
TXI_T615T - Foreign Trade: Customs Offices - Descriptions
TXI_T616 - Foreign Trade: Procedure
TXI_T616T - Foreign Trade: Procedures - Descriptions
TXI_T616U - Foreign Trade: Import/Export Procedure Conversion
TXI_T618 - Foreign Trade: Modes of Transport
TXI_T618G - EU Market: EU Market Products Group
TXI_T618GT - EU Market: EU Market Products Group - Descriptions
TXI_T618M - CAP: Number of CAP products list
TXI_T618MT - EU Market: EU Market Products List No. - Descriptions
TXI_T618T - Foreign Trade: Mode of Transport Descriptions
TXI_T681 - Conditions: Structures
TXI_T681A - Conditions: Applications
TXI_T681B - Conditions: Applications: Texts
TXI_T681T - Conditions: Fast Entry: Texts
TXI_T681V - Conditions: Usages
TXI_T681W - Conditions: Usage: Texts
TXI_T683 - Pricing procedures
TXI_T683U - Conditions: Procedure (Text)
TXI_T685 - Conditions: Types
TXI_T685T - Conditions: Types: Texts
TXI_T686A - Conditions: Exclusion Indicator
TXI_T686B - Conditions: Exclusion Indicator: Texts
TXI_T686C - Contact Person: Responsibilities in Sales and Distribution
TXI_T686D - Contact Person: Responsibilities in SD: Texts
TXI_T687 - Account Determination: Account Key
TXI_T691A - Credit management risk categories
TXI_T691B - "Credit Management Groups"
TXI_T691D - Credit groups for document types
TXI_T691K - Forms of payment guarantee
TXI_T691M - Payment guarantee procedure
TXI_T691N - Description of payment guarantee procedure
TXI_T691P - Customer payment guarantee procedure
TXI_T691R - Document payment guarantee procedure
TXI_T691T - Credit management risk classes text
TXI_T6WP1 - Check table, supply source entry
TXI_T6WP3 - Check Table for Labelling Type
TXI_T6WP4 - Check Table for Label Shape
TXI_T6WSA - Categories of seasonal materials
TXI_T6WSP - Check Table for Season Indicator
TXI_T6WST - Texts to describe season indicators
TXI_T702E - Vehicle Types
TXI_T702G - Statutory trip types
TXI_T702K - Service provider
TXI_T702L - Name of Service Provider
TXI_T702N - Trip Provision Variants
TXI_T702O - Trip country/Trip region/Trip country group
TXI_T702R - Trip Activity Types
TXI_T702W - Vehicle Classes
TXI_T702X - Enterprise-specific Trip Types
TXI_T706B1 - Trip Expense Types
TXI_T706B4 - Trip Expense Types: Assignment of Wage Types
TXI_T706B5 - Names for Travel Expense Types
TXI_T706G - Names for statutory trip types
TXI_T706R - Names for trip activity types
TXI_T706S - Trip Schema
TXI_T706X - Names for enterprise-specific trip types
TXI_T777O - Object Types
TXI_T778O - Object Types
TXI_T778P - Plan Versions
TXI_T820 - Planning Parameters
TXI_T820T - Planning Parameter Descriptions
TXI_T821S - Distribution keys
TXI_T822 - Planning Parameter Classes
TXI_T856 - Transaction Types
TXI_T856T - Transaction type texts
TXI_T856X - Transaction type groups
TXI_T880 - Global Company Data (for KONS Ledger)
TXI_T881 - FI-SL Ledger
TXI_T881T - FI-SL Ledger text
TXI_T882G - Company code - ledger assignment
TXI_T889 - FI-SL Document Types
TXI_T894 - FI-SL and FI-LC Versions
TXI_T8G01 - Splitting method
TXI_T8J6B - JIB/JIBE Class Text
TXI_T8J6C - JIB/JIBE Subclass
TXI_T8J6D - JIB/JIBE Subclass Text
TXI_T8JET - Equity Type Description
TXI_T8JF - Equity group
TXI_T8JFT - Equity group description
TXI_T8JJ - Recovery Indicator
TXI_T8JJT - Recovery Indicator Description
TXI_T8JV - Joint venture
TXI_T8JVT - Joint Venture Description
TXI_TA21P - Travel Service Providers
TXI_TABW - Asset transaction types
TXI_TABWA - Transaction types/dep. areas
TXI_TABWG - Transaction type groups
TXI_TABWH - Name for asset transaction type groups
TXI_TABWK - Trans. types for posting prop. values and depreciation
TXI_TABWQ - Asset hist. sheet group
TXI_TABWR - Name of asset hist. sheet group
TXI_TABWT - Asset transaction types texts
TXI_TABWU - Special Treatment of Retirements
TXI_TAI05 - CI Program Types
TXI_TAIF5 - Scale of investment objects
TXI_TAMLAY0 - Tab pages in master data: Tab layouts
TXI_TAPRF - Cap. inv. measure profile for AuC and dep. simulation
TXI_TAPRFT - Text tab. for investment profile
TXI_TBDLS - Logical system
TXI_TBDLST - Text for logical system
TXI_TBMOT - Accounting indicators
TXI_TBMOTX - Accounting indicator description
TXI_TBO00 - Object type control parameters
TXI_TBO01 - Object type control parameters
TXI_TBP1C - Budget/Plan Profile
TXI_TBP1T - Budget / Plan Profile Texts
TXI_TBRC - Industry Code (Customer Master)
TXI_TBRCT - Industry code text (customer master)
TXI_TBRG - Authorization groups
TXI_TBRGT - Description of the authorization groups
TXI_TBSG - Purchasing Documents: Reasons for Ordering
TXI_TBSGT - Purchasing Documents: Reasons for Ordering: Texts
TXI_TBSL - Posting keys
TXI_TBSLT - Posting Key Names
TXI_TC04 - Applic-Specific Criteria for Alternative Determination
TXI_TC26 - Capacity cat.
TXI_TC26T - Capacity category text
TXI_TC29 - Distribution key for capacity load
TXI_TC29L - Description of distribution keys
TXI_TC29T - Descriptions of distribution functions
TXI_TC29V - "Distribution Functions"
TXI_TC52 - Control Recipe Destination
TXI_TCA01 - Task list types
TXI_TCA02 - Language-dependent texts for TCA01: Task list types
TXI_TCA07 - Sequence categories
TXI_TCA08 - Language-dependent texts for sequence categories
TXI_TCA09 - Task list applications
TXI_TCA54 - Key for reference dates used in offset scheduling
TXI_TCA55 - Language-dependent texts for reference dates in offset schd.
TXI_TCA9T - Language-dependent table for TCA09: Task list applications
TXI_TCESSION - Accounts Receivable Pledging
TXI_TCHW2 - Units of Measurement for Batch-Specific Units of Measure
TXI_TCJ04 - Person in Responsible for Project
TXI_TCJ05 - Project applicant
TXI_TCJ1 - "Project Types"
TXI_TCJ1T - "Project Types"
TXI_TCJ41 - Default Values for Work Breakdown Structure
TXI_TCJ4T - Supplies Texts for Project Profiles
TXI_TCK03 - Costing Variants
TXI_TCK05 - Valuation Variants in Costing
TXI_TCK06 - Valuation Variants in Costing - Texts
TXI_TCK08 - Indicator for Relevancy to Costing
TXI_TCK09 - Text Table for Relevancy to Costing
TXI_TCK14 - Overhead Groups
TXI_TCK15 - Descriptions for Overhead Groups
TXI_TCKH4 - Cost Component Structure for Cost of Goods Manufactured
TXI_TCKMLPR_EB - Customizing for Bal. Sheet Valuation: Define Valuation Areas
TXI_TCLA - Class Types
TXI_TCLAT - Class Type Texts
TXI_TCMF3 - Areas of Responsibility
TXI_TCMF4 - Names of Responsibility Areas
TXI_TCMF6 - Error Management IDs (SAP)
TXI_TCMF8 - Name of Error Management IDs (SAP)
TXI_TCMG - Characteristics Groups
TXI_TCMGT - Characteristics Group Descriptions
TXI_TCMS - Characteristic Status
TXI_TCMST - Characteristic Status Descriptions
TXI_TCN00 - Key Word ID for PS User Fields
TXI_TCN07 - Priority
TXI_TCN41 - Network Defaults
TXI_TCN4T - Language-dependent Texts for TCN41: Network Profiles
TXI_TCN51 - Version profile for PS versions
TXI_TCN54 - Simualtion control
TXI_TCN7T - Text table for priorities (TCN07)
TXI_TCNRFP - Reference Point for BOM transfer
TXI_TCNRFPT - Language Dependent Description of Reference Point
TXI_TCNRPIP - Reference Point for Request Relationship Between iPPE and PS
TXI_TCNRPTIP - Language-Dependent Description of iPPE Reference Point
TXI_TCO43 - PP-SFC order profile
TXI_TCO43T - Description of Production Scheduling Profile
TXI_TCSTR - Communication strategy
TXI_TCSTRT - Description of communication strategies
TXI_TCTH - Settings for hierarchy graphic (schedule maint.)
TXI_TCURC - Currency Codes
TXI_TCURL - Leading Currency
TXI_TCURT - Currency Code Names.
TXI_TCURV - Exchange rate types for currency translation
TXI_TCURW - Usage of Exchange Rate Types
TXI_TCVPROF - Currency and Valuation Profiles
TXI_TCXPS - Control parameters for WBS scheduling
TXI_TD21 - Reasons for generating incoming payments immediately
TXI_TDO9 - Heritable Building Right Indicator for Collateral Objects
TXI_TDZW - IS-IS: Payment terms with adjustment days
TXI_TEE000 - Easy Execution Profile
TXI_TFACD - Factory calendar definition
TXI_TFACT - Factory calendar texts
TXI_TFDIR - Function Module
TXI_TFKB - Functional areas
TXI_TFKBT - Name of the functional areas
TXI_TFPLA - Billing Plan Type
TXI_TFPLB - Billing Plan Type: Description
TXI_TFPLT - Date Type for Billing Plan Type
TXI_TFPLU - Date Type in Billing Plan: Description
TXI_TFPM042F - Payment medium formats: General attributes
TXI_TFPM042FZ - Payment medium formats: Supplements
TXI_TFTIT - Function Module Short Text
TXI_TGSB - Business Areas
TXI_TGSBT - Business Area Names
TXI_TGSB_CUS - Additional Settings for Business Area Financial Statements
TXI_THIT - Customer Hierarchy Types
TXI_TIA01 - Settlement variants
TXI_TINC - Customers: Incoterms
TXI_TINCT - Customers: Incoterms: Texts
TXI_TIV01 - External usage types of rental unit
TXI_TIV03 - Country-specific tenancy law
TXI_TIV05 - Definition of incidental expenses keys
TXI_TIV07 - Apportionment unit ID
TXI_TIV08 - Area types
TXI_TIV10 - Bus. entity location
TXI_TIV12 - Parts of building
TXI_TIV13 - Internal usage types for rental unit
TXI_TIV16 - Maintenance district
TXI_TIV18 - Security deposit types
TXI_TIV20 - Rep.list of rents master data
TXI_TIV22 - Representative list of rents location classes
TXI_TIV23 - Fixtures/Fittings Categories
TXI_TIV26 - Real Estate Contract Type (Entities)
TXI_TIV27 - Value Table for Lease-Out Adjustment Type
TXI_TIV31 - Occupancy obligation
TXI_TIV32 - Elevator installation types for rental units-no longer used
TXI_TIV34 - Water mains connection types
TXI_TIV35 - Regional locations
TXI_TIV36 - Main Usage Types
TXI_TIV37 - Floor
TXI_TIV38 - Location on Floor
TXI_TIV39 - Reason for notice
TXI_TIV41 - Lease-out notice rejection reason
TXI_TIV43 - Reasons for reduced percentage rate increase
TXI_TIV44 - Transport connections
TXI_TIV45 - District Location
TXI_TIV56 - Property types
TXI_TIV57 - Quality of property location
TXI_TIV58 - Property ground type
TXI_TIV59 - Overall condition of property
TXI_TIV5A - Classification of real estate objects
TXI_TIV63 - Reasons for input tax option
TXI_TIV83 - Condition of a real estate object
TXI_TIV98 - Default values for business entities
TXI_TIV9I - RE: Owner POR Data (Switzerland)
TXI_TIVAR01 - RE: REse@rch - Object Category
TXI_TIVB3 - Usage Types acc. to Development plan
TXI_TIVC4 - Usage Type acc. to Area Usage Plan
TXI_TIVC6 - Account Determination Key 4 for Lease-Out Accnt Determ.
TXI_TIVCN05 - RE Contract: Relationship between Contract and Objects
TXI_TIVCN08 - Account Determination Key 2 for General Contract AcctDet.
TXI_TIVCORRGRP - Definition of Correspondence Group
TXI_TIVG1 - Municipality Key
TXI_TIVG2 - Local Subdistrict
TXI_TIVM7 - RA: Reminder Procedure for Rent Adjustment
TXI_TIVP1 - Acquisition From Where (Application, Rental Agreement)
TXI_TIVP2 - Acquisition Reason (Application, Rental Agreement)
TXI_TIVP3 - Partner Acquisition: Why?
TXI_TIVWB02 - WB: Nutzungskategorien
TXI_TJ01 - Business Transactions
TXI_TJ01T - Texts for Business Transactions
TXI_TJ01V - Responsible for business processes
TXI_TJ02 - System Status
TXI_TJ02V - Responsible for system status
TXI_TJ03 - Object Types
TXI_TJ03T - Texts for Object Types
TXI_TJ05 - Permitted Transactions per Object Type
TXI_TJ20 - Status profiles
TXI_TJ20T - Texts for status schema
TXI_TKA00 - Control parameters for controlling areas
TXI_TKA01 - Controlling Areas
TXI_TKA02 - Controlling area assignment
TXI_TKA05 - Cost Center Types
TXI_TKA09 - Basic Settings for Versions
TXI_TKA10 - Master Data Table, Price Indicators
TXI_TKA12 - Switching Structure for Cost Component Splitting
TXI_TKA30 - Automatic account assignment
TXI_TKAVG - Transaction groups
TXI_TKB1A - Settlement Profile
TXI_TKB1B - Text Table for Settlement Keys
TXI_TKB5A - Allocation structure
TXI_TKB5B - Text Table for allocation Structure
TXI_TKKAA - Check Table for Results Analysis Key of RA for Orders
TXI_TKKAD - Text Table for Results Analysis Keys of Order Results Anal
TXI_TKKAK - Calculate Capitalization Value of Capital Investment Measu
TXI_TKKAL - Entity Table for RA Versions for Assets Under Construction
TXI_TKKAP - Results Analysis Versions for Results Analysis
TXI_TKKAT - Text Table for Results Analysis Versions
TXI_TKKH1 - Origin in CO Object
TXI_TKKH2 - Text Table for Origin in CO Object
TXI_TKO03 - Order status
TXI_TKO04 - Order Status Descriptions
TXI_TKO08 - Processing groups for orders
TXI_TKO09 - Allocation Group Descriptions
TXI_TKT05 - Cost center type texts
TXI_TKUKL - Customers: Customer Classifications
TXI_TKV01 - Variance Keys: Cost Centers/Costing
TXI_TKV02 - Variance Key Name
TXI_TKVS - CO Versions
TXI_TKVST - CO Version Texts
TXI_TKZSL - Overhead Key
TXI_TLGR - Routes: Loading Groups
TXI_TLGRT - Routes: Loading Groups: Texts
TXI_TLHIT - Vendor Hierarchy Category
TXI_TLOG - Logistics Handling Group for Workload Calculation
TXI_TMAM - Internal Comment on Quotation
TXI_TMAMT - Internal Comment on Quotation: Descriptive Text
TXI_TMBW1 - Source of Supply Keys
TXI_TMCB - Update groups
TXI_TMFG - Material freight groups
TXI_TMFGT - Material freight groups: Descriptions
TXI_TMFPF - Distribution Profile of Material in DC
TXI_TMKE - Group for Calculation Schema (Purchasing Organization)
TXI_TMKW1 - Taxes: Plant (Purchasing)
TXI_TMPPF - Control Profile for Manufacturer Part Number Management
TXI_TMQ2 - Quota Arrangement Rules
TXI_TMSI1 - Sub-Item Category in Purchasing
TXI_TMSI1T - Description of Subitem Category
TXI_TMSI2 - Processing Key for Sub-Items
TXI_TMVF - Availability Check Control
TXI_TNLS - Nielsen ID
TXI_TNTP - International Article Number (EAN) Categories
TXI_TOJTB - Business object repository: Basic data
TXI_TOJTT - Texts Basic Data
TXI_TP02 - Business partner: Salutation
TXI_TP04 - Business Partner: Marital Property Regime
TXI_TP05 - Business partner: Employee group
TXI_TP06 - Business Partner: Rating
TXI_TP07 - Business Partner: Credit Rating Institute
TXI_TP13 - Business Partner: Partner Grouping (Target Group)
TXI_TPAR - Business Partner: Functions
TXI_TPART - Business Partner Functions: Texts
TXI_TPI01 - Interest Calculation Profile
TXI_TPI01T - Interest Calculation Profile
TXI_TPOOL - Master Record, LIFO Pools
TXI_TPRIO - Customers: Delivery Priorities
TXI_TPRIT - Customers: Delivery Priority: Texts
TXI_TPTM - Materials: Item Category Groups in Material Master
TXI_TPVD - Product Proposal: Definition of Customer Procedure
TXI_TPVV - Product Proposal: Definition of Transaction Procedure
TXI_TPZ12 - Business partner: Application category
TXI_TPZ3 - BP: Business Partner - Role Category
TXI_TQ05 - QM certificate categories for procurement
TXI_TQ05T - QM: text table for certificate types
TXI_TQ08 - Control of QM in procurement
TXI_TQ08T - QM: text for QM procurement keys
TXI_TQ30 - Inspection Types
TXI_TQ30T - Texts for inspection types
TXI_TREV - Field Status Variant for Funds Reservation
TXI_TRUG - Reason for variances in completion confirmations
TXI_TRUGT - Text describing the reason for a variance in a confirmation
TXI_TSAB - Contact persons: standard departments
TXI_TSAC - Communication Methods (Business Address Services)
TXI_TSACT - Communication Method Description (Business Address Services)
TXI_TSAD7 - Address Groups (Business Address Services)
TXI_TSAD7T - Description of Address Groups (Business Address Services)
TXI_TSAD8 - Groups of Persons (Business Address Services)
TXI_TSAD8T - Name of Group of Persons (Business Address Services)
TXI_TSADV - International Versions of Addresses
TXI_TSADVT - Name of international versions of addresses
TXI_TSAPD - Pager Services (Business Address Services)
TXI_TSAPDT - Pager Service Description (Business Address Services)
TXI_TSKM - Material Taxes
TXI_TSKMT - Taxes: Materials: Texts
TXI_TSP03 - Spool: Printer declaration
TXI_TSPA - Organizational Unit: Sales Divisions
TXI_TSPAT - Organizational Unit: Sales Divisions: Texts
TXI_TSTC - SAP Transaction Codes
TXI_TSTCT - Transaction Code Texts
TXI_TTGR - Delivery Scheduling: Transportation Groups
TXI_TTGRT - Shipping Scheduling: Transportation Groups: Texts
TXI_TTSTRSD - Working Times in SD/WS
TXI_TTXD - Description of Tax Jurisdiction Code Structure
TXI_TTXG - Text Processing: Text ID Groups
TXI_TTXIT - Texts on text IDs
TXI_TTXJ - Check Table for Tax Jurisdiction
TXI_TTXJT - Text Table for Tax Jurisdiction
TXI_TTYP - Object Types for Accounting
TXI_TTYPT - Object Type Names for Accounting
TXI_TVAG - Sales Documents: Rejection Reasons
TXI_TVAK - Sales Document Types
TXI_TVAKT - Sales Document Types: Texts
TXI_TVAP - Sales Document: Item Categories
TXI_TVAPT - Sales document item categories: Texts
TXI_TVAST - Sales Document Blocking Reasons: Texts
TXI_TVAU - Sales Documents: Order Reasons
TXI_TVAUT - Sales Documents: Order Reasons: Texts
TXI_TVBO - Sales Rebate Groups
TXI_TVBPROC - Business Transaction for ATP
TXI_TVBUR - Organizational Unit: Sales Offices
TXI_TVBVK - Organizational Unit: Sales Groups per Sales Office
TXI_TVCAA - Payment Cards: Checking Groups - Sales Document
TXI_TVDC - Delivery Times:Categories
TXI_TVEGR - Material Group: Packaging Materials
TXI_TVEGRT - Material Group: Packaging Materials: Designations
TXI_TVFK - Billing: Document Types
TXI_TVFKT - Billing: Document Types: Texts
TXI_TVFM - Foreign Trade: Material Pricing Groups in Export
TXI_TVFMT - Foreign Trade: Mat. Pricing Groups in Export - Description
TXI_TVFS - Billing: Reasons for Blocking
TXI_TVFST - Billing : Blocking Reason Texts
TXI_TVGF - Legal Status (Customer Master)
TXI_TVGRPS - Group referencing requirement: Procedures
TXI_TVHB - Sales Document: Screen Sequence Group
TXI_TVHF - Sales Document: Field Selection Groups
TXI_TVK0 - Attribute 10 (customer master)
TXI_TVK1 - Attribute 1 (customer master)
TXI_TVK2 - Attribute 2 (customer master)
TXI_TVK3 - Attribute 3 (customer master)
TXI_TVK4 - Attribute 4 (customer master)
TXI_TVK5 - Attribute 5 (customer master)
TXI_TVK6 - Attribute 6 (customer master)
TXI_TVK7 - Attribute 7 (customer master)
TXI_TVK8 - Attribute 8 (customer master)
TXI_TVK9 - Attribute 9 (customer master)
TXI_TVKBZ - Org.Unit: Sales Office: Assignment to Organizational Unit
TXI_TVKD - Customer Pricing Procedures
TXI_TVKGG - Customer Condition Groups (Customer Master)
TXI_TVKGR - Organizational Unit: Sales Groups
TXI_TVKK - Sales Activity Types
TXI_TVKM - Materials: Account Assignment Groups
TXI_TVKN - Routes: Transportation Connection Points
TXI_TVKNT - Routes: Transportation connection points: Texts
TXI_TVKO - Organizational Unit: Sales Organizations
TXI_TVKOT - Organizational Unit: Sales Organizations: Texts
TXI_TVKOV - Org. Unit: Distribution Channels per Sales Organization
TXI_TVKT - Customers: Account Assignment Groups
TXI_TVKTT - Customers: Account Determination Groups: Texts
TXI_TVKV - Pricing Procedures: Transaction
TXI_TVKWZ - Org.Unit: Allowed Plants per Sales Organization
TXI_TVLK - Delivery: Types
TXI_TVLKT - Delivery: Types: Texts
TXI_TVLV - Check table for release orders: Usage ID
TXI_TVM1 - Material Pricing Group 1
TXI_TVM2 - Material Pricing Group 2
TXI_TVM3 - Material Pricing Group 3
TXI_TVM4 - Material Pricing Group 4
TXI_TVM5 - Material Pricing Group 5
TXI_TVMS - Materials: Status in Sales and Distribution
TXI_TVOID - Check void reason codes
TXI_TVOIT - Check void reason code texts
TXI_TVPA - Partner: Partner Types (Entities)
TXI_TVPAT - Business partners: Control in sales documents
TXI_TVPG - Partner Function Groups
TXI_TVPR - Commission Groups
TXI_TVPT - Sales documents: Item categories
TXI_TVRG - Rule table for indirect date determination for contracts
TXI_TVRGT - Rules for Indirect Date Determination: Descriptions
TXI_TVRMAS - Repairs Procedure: Procedures
TXI_TVRMAVK - Repair Procedure: Actions
TXI_TVRO - Routes
TXI_TVROT - Routes: Texts
TXI_TVSB - Shipping Conditions
TXI_TVSBT - Shipping Conditions: Texts
TXI_TVSD - Customers: Statistics groups
TXI_TVSDT - Customers: Statistics groups: Texts
TXI_TVSF - SD: Statistics Groups for Document Types and Item Categories
TXI_TVST - Organizational Unit: Shipping Points
TXI_TVSTT - Organizational Unit: Shipping Points: Texts
TXI_TVSU - Material Substitution: Reasons
TXI_TVTA - Organizational Unit: Sales Area(s)
TXI_TVTB - Billing Plan: Date Description
TXI_TVTBT - Sales Documents: Order Reasons: Texts
TXI_TVTG - Reasons for Date Deviation
TXI_TVTGT - Descriptions for Reasons for Date Deviation
TXI_TVTR - Routes: Modes of Transport
TXI_TVTRT - Routes: Method of Transportation Texts
TXI_TVTW - Organizational Unit: Distribution Channels
TXI_TVTWT - Organizational Unit: Distribution Channels: Texts
TXI_TVTY - Packaging Material Types
TXI_TVTZ - Deadline functions
TXI_TVTZT - Description for Purpose of Date
TXI_TVUV - Incompletion Control: Procedures
TXI_TVV1 - Customer Group 1
TXI_TVV2 - Customer Group 2
TXI_TVV3 - Customer Group 3
TXI_TVV4 - Customer Group 4
TXI_TVV5 - Customer Group 5
TXI_TVVD - Contract Data Profile
TXI_TVVFS - Variant Matching Procedure: Procedures
TXI_TVZP - Planning Delivery Schedule Instructions
TXI_TW01 - Classification of bonds
TXI_TW02 - Type of shareholding
TXI_TW03 - Details about structure of shareholding
TXI_TW05 - Insurance branch
TXI_TW07 - SCB group
TXI_TW08 - Fin.acctng group
TXI_TW11 - Balance sheet indicator
TXI_TW14 - Table for storing offer reasons
TXI_TW18 - Customizing table for SCB indicator
TXI_TW18T - Text table for TW18 SCB indicators
TXI_TW20 - Security category
TXI_TW21 - Funds category
TXI_TW50 - Table for possible deposit types
TXI_TWEA - IS-R Labeling: Check Table Material Groups
TXI_TWEK - IS-R Labeling: Check Table Customer/Plant Groups
TXI_TWEW - External Material Groups
TXI_TWFPF - Plant Profiles for Merchandise Distribution
TXI_TWMEG - Unit of measure group
TXI_TWPR - Profile for Value-Based Inventory Management
TXI_TWPT - Price band categories
TXI_TWSG - Service level IS-R (Info for assortment list)
TXI_TWSPR - Check Table for Basic Material Field
TXI_TWUP - Profiles for Revaluation at Retail
TXI_TWX1 - Class data sec. index numbers
TXI_TXW_C_RELA - Relations of tables and domains
TXI_TZ11 - Stock indicator
TXI_TZAF - Product categories
TXI_TZAFT - Product categories text
TXI_TZB03 - Flow categories
TXI_TZB09 - Posting control table
TXI_TZB0A - Definition of flow types
TXI_TZB0C - Flow category texts
TXI_TZB0T - Flow types text table
TXI_TZB10 - Flow type groups check table
TXI_TZC37 - Financial Assets Management status definition
TXI_TZFB - Calculation base value table
TXI_TZFBT - Text table for TZFB Calculation base
TXI_TZGR - Grouping rules for automatic payments
TXI_TZK01 - Condition types
TXI_TZK04 - Condition Groups
TXI_TZK06 - Documentation key for condition type-dependent documentation
TXI_TZK07 - Condition type-dependent detailed description skopo
TXI_TZK0A - Condition type texts (Table TZK01)
TXI_TZPA - Financial Assets Management product types
TXI_TZPAB - Financial Assets Management product types
TXI_TZPAT - Financial Assets Management product type texts
TXI_TZUN - Rules for 'Allocation' Field Layout
TXI_VALW - Delivery Plan: Definition of Route Schedule
TXI_VALWT - Delivery Plan: Description of Route Schedule
TXI_VBWF01 - Company Code-Dependent Release Data
TXI_VBWF08 - Release Groups
TXI_VIAK03 - Settlement Unit Master Record
TXI_VIAK07 - Calculation unit option rate
TXI_VIAK25 - Cost collector for SU (per settlement period)
TXI_VIBEAM - Allocate assets to correction items
TXI_VIBEBE - Correction items for input tax treatment
TXI_VIBEOS - Option/composite rates for correction items
TXI_VIBEPP - Flow data - Planned items for real estate management
TXI_VICN01 - Real Estate Contract: Contra
TXI_VIGBUCH - Land register
TXI_VIMI01 - Rental unit - Master data
TXI_VIMI11 - Applications - Real Estate Management
TXI_VIMI33 - Offers for a rental unit (-> VIMIMV)
TXI_VIMIMV - Lease-Out
TXI_VIOB01 - Business entities
TXI_VIOB02 - Property master data
TXI_VIOB03 - Real estate building master
TXI_VIOB05 - Building option rate
TXI_VIOB06 - Property option rate
TXI_VIOB07 - Business entity option rate
TXI_VIOB40 - Time-dependent areas of real estate obj.: Newest entry
TXI_VIOB41 - History of time-dependent areas of real estate objects
TXI_VITAXA - Line items for correction items
TXI_VITAXD - Tax proportions per real estate account assignment
TXI_VIZNRN - Assignment: Real Estate numbers <-> IMKEY <-> INTRENO
TXI_VTIDERI - Master Data Listed Options and Futures
TXI_VWPAKTI - Stock, subscription rights, investment certificates
TXI_VWPANLA - Asset master for securities
TXI_VZZKOPO - Table conditionn items
TXI_WITH_CTNCOKEY - Withholding tax certificate numbering: Concepts
TXI_WRFT_DMAIN - Date Maintenance
TXI_WRFT_DMAINT - Dates, Text Table
TXW_A074 - Foreign Trade Add. Information: Plant/Customs Area/Material
TXW_ABZUG - Deductions due to free entertainment
TXW_ACCCAT - Account assignment categories
TXW_ACCDET - Account determination
TXW_ACCTYP - Account types
TXW_ACTIV - Activity master
TXW_AD_HD - AM Asset document header
TXW_AD_POS - AM Asset document item
TXW_AEND - Status/Changed by
TXW_AFRU - Order Confirmations
TXW_AFVC - Operation within an order
TXW_ALLOCS - Allocation structures
TXW_ALV_CHK - Outputstructure for Checksum report
TXW_ANLA - Asset master data
TXW_ANLB - Depreciation terms
TXW_ANLC - Asset-value fields
TXW_ANLE - Asset Origin by Line Item
TXW_ANLK - Asset Origin by Cost Element
TXW_ANLP - Asset Periodic Values
TXW_ANLZ - Time-dependent asset allocations
TXW_ASSBVI - Base value indicator for depreciation calculation
TXW_ASSCLA - Asset classes
TXW_ASSCOF - Cut-off value percentage rates
TXW_ASSCOM - Changeover method
TXW_ASSDCM - Depreciation calculation method
TXW_ASSDEP - Real and derived depreciation areas
TXW_ASSDTP - Depreciation type
TXW_ASSEDP - External depreciation keys
TXW_ASSIDP - Depreciation calculation keys (internal)
TXW_ASSINV - Investment support measures
TXW_ASSMAX - Maximum depreciation amounts
TXW_ASSODC - Ordinary depreciation classification
TXW_ASSPER - Period control for transactions (asset accounting)
TXW_ASSPRC - Depreciation calculation key percentage records
TXW_ASSTRA - Asset transaction types
TXW_ASSUPR - Unit-of-production method of depreciation
TXW_AS_HD - AM Asset document header
TXW_AS_POS - AM Asset document item
TXW_AS_PRV - AM Asset line items proportionate values
TXW_BANK - Bank master
TXW_BBACC - G/L account balances
TXW_BBCUS - Customer balances
TXW_BBVEN - Vendor balances
TXW_BELEG - Travel Expense Specifications According to Indiv. Receipt
TXW_BELER - Trip reimbursement amounts for individual receipts
TXW_BITYPE - Billing types
TXW_BI_HD - SD Billing document header
TXW_BI_POS - SD Billing document item
TXW_BSAK_WITH - Internal View on table BSAK for DART
TXW_BSBW - Document Valuation Fields
TXW_BSEC - One-Time Account Data Document Segment
TXW_BSET - Tax data document segment
TXW_BUF_BI - Billing document buffer for DART
TXW_BUF_CO - Buffer table for CO document headers
TXW_BUF_FI - Buffer table for FI document headers
TXW_BUF_MM - Buffer table for MM documents
TXW_BUF_SD - Sales document buffer for DART
TXW_BUSA - Business areas
TXW_BWPOS - Valuations for Open Items
TXW_B_ABZUG - buffer structure for PTK04
TXW_B_AEND - buffer structure for PTK11
TXW_B_BELEG - buffer structure for PTK03
TXW_B_BELER - buffer structure for PTK20
TXW_B_EDITOR - buffer structure for PTP71
TXW_B_EXBEL - buffer structure for PTK33
TXW_B_FITV_HINZ_WERB_B - buffer structur for table FITV_HINZ_WERB_B
TXW_B_FITV_HINZ_WERB_S - Buffer Structure for table FITV_HINZ_WERB_S
TXW_B_KMVER - buffer structure for PTK10
TXW_B_KONTI - buffer structure for PTK17
TXW_B_KOSTB - buffer structure for PTK07
TXW_B_KOSTK - buffer structure for PTK18
TXW_B_KOSTR - buffer structure for PTK14
TXW_B_KOSTZ - buffer structure for PTK16
TXW_B_PAUFA - buffer structure for PTK21
TXW_B_PTRV_BEIHILFE - buffer structure for table PTRV_BEIHILFE
TXW_B_PTRV_BEIH_BEL - buffer structure for table PTRV_BEIH_BEL
TXW_B_PTRV_BEIH_TAG - buffer structure for table PTRV_BEIH_TAG
TXW_B_PTRV_BEIH_WEG - buffer structure for table PTRV_BEIH_WEG
TXW_B_PTRV_COMM_AMT - buffer structure for table PTRV_COMM_AMT
TXW_B_PTRV_COMM_ITM - buffer structure for table PTRV_COMM_ITM
TXW_B_PTRV_COMP - buffer structure for table PTRV_COMP
TXW_B_PTRV_DOC_HD - buffer structure for table PTRV_DOC_HD
TXW_B_PTRV_DOC_IT - buffer structure for table PTRV_DOC_IT
TXW_B_PTRV_DOC_TAX - buffer structure for table PTRV_DOC_TAX
TXW_B_PTRV_HEAD - buffer structure for PTRV_HEAD
TXW_B_PTRV_PERIO - buffer structure for table PTRV_PERIO
TXW_B_PTRV_ROT_AWKEY - buffer structure for table PTRV_ROT_AWKEY
TXW_B_ROT - buffer structure for PTK30
TXW_B_RUW - buffer structure for PTK27
TXW_B_STATU - buffer structure for PTK12
TXW_B_T702L - buffer structure for T702L
TXW_B_T706B4 - buffer structure for T706B4
TXW_B_T706B4_ALTERN - buffer structure for table T706B4_ALTERN
TXW_B_T706B5 - buffer structure for T706B5
TXW_B_T706G - buffer structure for T706G
TXW_B_T706R - buffer structure for T706R
TXW_B_T706T_ABWH - buffer structure for table T706T_ABWH
TXW_B_T706X - buffer structure for T706X
TXW_B_T706_LGART - buffer structure for table T706_LGART
TXW_B_UEBPA - buffer structure for PTK25
TXW_B_USER - buffer structure for PTK99
TXW_B_V0SPLIT - buffer structure for PTP70
TXW_B_VPFPA - buffer structure for PTK23
TXW_B_VPFPS - buffer structure for PTK22
TXW_B_VSCH - buffer structure for PTK08
TXW_B_ZIEL - buffer structure for PTK05
TXW_B_ZWECK - buffer structure for PTK09
TXW_CCKEY - Cost center key table
TXW_CCTRAR - Credit control areas
TXW_CCTYPE - Cost center types
TXW_CD_ANLA - Change documents of object class "ANLA" (asset)
TXW_CD_BELEG - Change documents of object class "BELEG" (FI document)
TXW_CD_DEBI - Change documents of object class "DEBI" (customer)
TXW_CD_GEN - Change documents segments: general fields
TXW_CD_KRED - Change documents of object class "KRED" (vendor)
TXW_CD_MATERIAL - Change documents of object class "MATERIAL"
TXW_CD_SACH - Change documents of object class "SACH" (G/L account)
TXW_CHKSUM - Checksum data
TXW_CHKSUM4 - Checksum data
TXW_CHVOID - Check void reason codes
TXW_CITY - Cities
TXW_CLIENT - Clients (SAP system)
TXW_CNTRY - Countries
TXW_CO2HD - CO Document header (secondary postings)
TXW_CO2POS - CO Document position (secondary postings)
TXW_COA - Chart of accounts
TXW_COAREA - Controlling areas
TXW_COELTP - Cost element category
TXW_COHIER - CO Standard cost center hierarchy
TXW_COMMON - Common (Global) fields
TXW_COMPC - Company code master
TXW_CONCAT - Condition category
TXW_CONCLA - Condition class
TXW_CONCLT - Calculation type for condition
TXW_CONDAP - Conditions: Applications
TXW_CONDPR - Pricing conditions (billing documents)
TXW_CONTYP - Condition types
TXW_COOBCL - Object class (Controlling)
TXW_COOBTP - Object types (Controlling)
TXW_COSTC - Cost center master
TXW_COSTEL - Cost elements
TXW_COUNTRYCODE - company and country code
TXW_COUNTY - Counties
TXW_CO_COST_TOTALS - CO Object: Cost Totals
TXW_CO_HD - CO Document header
TXW_CO_POS - CO Document item
TXW_CO_SHD - CO Document header (secondary postings)
TXW_CO_SPOS - CO Document position (secondary postings)
TXW_CSKB - Cost Elements (Data Dependent on Controlling Area)
TXW_CURR - Currency codes
TXW_CUSCM - Customer master credit management: Control area data
TXW_CUST - Customer master
TXW_CUST_E1 - Customer master (extension)
TXW_C_BUKRS - Settings for company codes
TXW_C_GLO - Global settings (fields from structure TXW_GLOBAL)
TXW_C_REF - Reference for currency/amount fields
TXW_C_RELA - Relations of tables and domains
TXW_C_SKIP_SEG - Customizing skip segments
TXW_C_SOEX - Source tables and export structures
TXW_C_STRC - Segment structures
TXW_C_STRC_WA - Transport structure for TXW_C_STRC
TXW_C_V0 - Data view: Header
TXW_C_V0T - Data view: Description
TXW_C_V1 - Data view: Data segments
TXW_C_V2 - Data view: Join conditions
TXW_C_V2S - Data view: Standard join conditions
TXW_C_V3 - Data view: View fields
TXW_C_V4 - Data view: Selection conditions
TXW_C_VOL - Data file directory sets
TXW_C_VOLD - Data file directories
TXW_C_VOLT - Data file directory set descriptions
TXW_DATA - Data record
TXW_DATA4 - Data record
TXW_DIR - Data file log (replaced by txw_dir2, use of guids)
TXW_DIR2 - Data file log
TXW_DIRAL - Data file log - ArchiveLink (obsolete after rel 99)
TXW_DIRAL2 - Data file log - ArchiveLink
TXW_DIRIDX - Segment index directory
TXW_DIRSEG - Data file segment directory (replaced by txw_dirsg2: uuids)
TXW_DIRSEG4 - Data file segment directory (replaced by txw_dirsg2: uuids)
TXW_DIRSG2 - Data file segment directory
TXW_DIRSG24 - Data file segment directory ( 4 - digit segdata)
TXW_DIRVF2 - Copy dir2 table
TXW_DL_HD - SD Delivery document header
TXW_DL_POS - SD Delivery document item
TXW_DOCTYP - Document types
TXW_DOMVAL - Domain Values
TXW_EDITOR - Travel Mgmt. General Purpose Text Editor
TXW_EGROUP - Equity group master (Joint Venture Accounting)
TXW_EIKP - Foreign Trade: Export/Import Header Data
TXW_EIPO - Foreign Trade: Export/Import: Item Data
TXW_ETYPE - Equity types (Joint Venture Accounting)
TXW_EXBEL - Supplemented individual receipt
TXW_F107V - Work Fields for SAPF107V
TXW_FCAREA - Functional areas
TXW_FGLAB - G/L account balances (flexible G/L)
TXW_FIELD_CAT - Field catalog
TXW_FIELD_LIST - Field list for select statement in dart extraction
TXW_FITV_HINZ_WERB_B - Add. Amounts and Income-Related Expenses for Receipts
TXW_FITV_HINZ_WERB_S - Add. Amounts and Income-Related Expenses
TXW_FI_HD - FI Document header
TXW_FI_NGL_POS - New GL Document item
TXW_FI_OP - FI open item
TXW_FI_POS - FI Document item
TXW_FI_TXPOS - Key for Withholding Tax line items
TXW_FSZH - DART: file size settings header
TXW_FSZR - DART: file size estimator settings records
TXW_FSZT - DART: file size settings description
TXW_GLACC - G/L account master
TXW_GLCOMP - Global company
TXW_GLOBAL - Fields for global settings
TXW_IBU - DART: IBU add-on extraction function modules
TXW_INCOT - Customers: Incoterms: Texts
TXW_INDEX - Temporary table for data segment index
TXW_INDEX_01 - Temporary table for data segment index
TXW_INDEX_02 - Temporary table for data segment index
TXW_INDEX_03 - Temporary table for data segment index
TXW_INDEX_04 - Temporary table for data segment index
TXW_INDEX_05 - Temporary table for data segment index
TXW_ITMCAT - Item categories
TXW_IUNIT - Quantity units
TXW_JIBCLS - JIB/JIBE class (Joint Venture Accounting)
TXW_JIBSCL - JIB/JIBE subclass (Joint Venture Accounting)
TXW_JVTYPE - Purchasing document category
TXW_KMVER - Leg of trip
TXW_KNAS - Customer master (VAT registration numbers general section)
TXW_KNC3 - Customer (special G/L transaction figures)
TXW_KNVV - Customer Master Sales Data
TXW_KONP - Foreign Trade: Additional data for DART/Conditions (Item)
TXW_KONTI - Trip Costs Assignment Specification
TXW_KONV_KEY - Selection buffer for pricing conditions (TXW_CONDPR)
TXW_KOSTB - Trip Costs Assignment Specification for Indiv. Receipt
TXW_KOSTK - Cost distribution for miles/kms distribution
TXW_KOSTR - Travel Expense Assignment Specification for Entire Trip
TXW_KOSTZ - Trip Costs Assignment Specification for Trip Destination
TXW_LFAS - Vendor master (VAT registration numbers general section)
TXW_LFC3 - Vendor (special G/L transaction figures)
TXW_LIKP_VBELN - delivery documents key table
TXW_LOCK1 - Lock object for INDX (Tax Data retention)
TXW_LOCK2 - Lock object for data file
TXW_MAFU - Foreign Trade: Additional Information for Material/Code No.
TXW_MAPE - Material Master: Export Control File
TXW_MAT - Material master
TXW_MATCAT - Material category
TXW_MATCPI - Consumption posting indicator
TXW_MATGRP - Material groups
TXW_MATPCI - Price control indicator
TXW_MATPHR - Materials: Product hierarchies
TXW_MATRCI - Receipt indicator
TXW_MATTAX - Material taxes
TXW_MATTOT - Material valuation totals
TXW_MATTYP - Material types
TXW_MATVAL - Material valuation
TXW_MAUNIT - Units of measure for materials
TXW_META - Meta data
TXW_META4 - Meta data
TXW_MGEF - Hazardous materials descriptions
TXW_MGSHP - Material Pricing Group: Shipping Materials
TXW_MININD - Minority indicators
TXW_MINOR - Minority indicators
TXW_MLAN - Tax Classification for Material
TXW_MMPREF_PRO_01 - Foreign Trade: Logging table for archiving object MMPREF
TXW_MMPREF_PRO_01_B - For. Trade: Log table - Preference - Information from rules
TXW_MMPREF_PRO_02 - Foreign Trade: Log table - Main component - Information
TXW_MMPREF_PRO_03 - Foreign Trade: Log table - Component - Information
TXW_MM_HD - MM Document header
TXW_MM_POH - MM Purchase order header
TXW_MM_POP - MM Purchase order item
TXW_MM_POS - MM Document item
TXW_MM_PR - MM Purchase Requisition
TXW_MOVERS - Reason for movement
TXW_MOVIND - Movement indicator
TXW_MOVTYP - Movement types
TXW_MPGRP - Material pricing group for export/import
TXW_NOTE - Note with plain text
TXW_ORDCAT - Order category
TXW_ORDER - Internal order master
TXW_ORDERKEY - Order key table
TXW_ORDTYP - Order type descriptions
TXW_PAUFA - Trip reimbursement amounts for travel costs
TXW_PAYMET - Payment methods
TXW_PAYR - FI Payment transfer medium file
TXW_PAYTM - Payment terms
TXW_PCHIER - CO Standard profit center hierarchy
TXW_PCKEY - Profit center key table
TXW_PLANT - Plant master
TXW_POKEY - Purchase order key table
TXW_POSTKY - Posting keys
TXW_PRCTR - Profit center master
TXW_PRJTYP - Project types
TXW_PROJ - Projects
TXW_PROPID - Property indicators
TXW_PRPCLK - Property classification key
TXW_PRPROF - Project profiles
TXW_PRTNTP - Business partner types
TXW_PSBPPR - Budget/plan profile
TXW_PSCIPR - Capital investment measure profile
TXW_PSCVCI - Calculate capitalization value of capital investment measure
TXW_PSICPR - Interest calculation profile
TXW_PSRAK - Results analysis key of results analysis
TXW_PSRAV - Results analysis versions for results analysis
TXW_PSSTPR - Settlement profile
TXW_PTP00 - TE key for trip data
TXW_PTRV_BEIHILFE - Subsidies for Trips Home for Entire Separation Allowance
TXW_PTRV_BEIH_BEL - Assignment of Receipts to a Subsidy for Trips Home
TXW_PTRV_BEIH_TAG - Assignment of Days to a Subsidy for Trips Home
TXW_PTRV_BEIH_WEG - Assignment of Trip Segments to a Subsidy for Trips Home
TXW_PTRV_COMM_AMT - Detail Data: Transfer to FM When Trip Saved
TXW_PTRV_COMM_ITM - Header Data: Transfer to FM When Trip Saved
TXW_PTRV_COMP - Comparison Calculation Results PS
TXW_PTRV_DOC_HD - Transfer Travel -> FI/CO: Header of TRV int. document
TXW_PTRV_DOC_IT - Transfer Travel -> FI/CO: Lines of TRV interm. document
TXW_PTRV_DOC_TAX - Transfer Travel -> FI/CO: Tax lines of TRV document
TXW_PTRV_HEAD - General Trip Data
TXW_PTRV_PERIO - Period Data of a Trip
TXW_PTRV_ROT_AWKEY - Assignment of Trip Results to Posting Doc. Number and Line
TXW_PTRV_TRIP_CHAIN - Table of all Trip Destinations f. Processing Recurring Dest.
TXW_PURDCT - Purchasing document types
TXW_PURDTP - Purchasing document category
TXW_PURGRP - Purchasing groups
TXW_PURORG - Purchase organizations
TXW_PURREQ - Purchase order requisition
TXW_PYMSP - Payment method supplements
TXW_QUERY - Query fields and values
TXW_RARTOPT - Option rate calculation type
TXW_RC_POS - FI/CO Reconciliation item
TXW_RECICD - Recipient codes
TXW_RECID - Recovery indicators (Joint Venture Accounting)
TXW_REGION - Regions
TXW_RELA - Relations of tables and domains
TXW_RETURNS - returns key table
TXW_RE_GENKEY - RE: Generic object key
TXW_RE_ROTYPE - DART RE-FX: Rental Object Type
TXW_RF011F - Financial statement item - functional area
TXW_RF011P - Items in the Financial Statement
TXW_RF011Q - Financial Statement Item Texts
TXW_RF011V - Item Change after Balance Change
TXW_RF011Z - Assignment of Balance Sheet Line Item to Account
TXW_ROT - Trip accounting results for HR Payroll, FI, DME
TXW_RSNPY - Classification of payment differences (reason codes)
TXW_RUW - Travel Expense Transfer
TXW_R_INCL - Range for txw_c_strc-exp_struct
TXW_R_STAT - Status/Trace for TXW-data retrieval from archives
TXW_SADDR - Address management
TXW_SBUKRS - Selection criteria for company code
TXW_SDITCA - Sales document item categories
TXW_SDOCTP - Sales document types
TXW_SDORDR - Sales Documents: Order reasons
TXW_SD_HD - SD Sales document header
TXW_SD_POS - SD Sales document item
TXW_SD_PRT - SD Partner
TXW_SEGIDX - Segment index record
TXW_SEGLIST_INT - Segment list (with additional fields)
TXW_SEG_CAT - Segment catalog
TXW_SEL - Selection criteria (company code, period)
TXW_SEL4 - Selection criteria (company code, period)
TXW_SELPAR - Flags from selection screen
TXW_SELVAL - Values from selection screen
TXW_SEL_FIELDS - Field selection
TXW_SEL_TABLES - Select tables
TXW_SEL_VIEW - Select view
TXW_SEXPST - Selection criteria for export structure
TXW_SORG - Sales organization
TXW_SPERIO - Selection criteria for fiscal period
TXW_SSTOCK - Special stock descriptions
TXW_STATU - Trip status
TXW_STOREL - Storage location
TXW_STRC_VAL_AREA - Valuation Area
TXW_S_ANEA - Retrieve ANEA from archive
TXW_S_ANEK - Retrieve ANEP from archive
TXW_S_ANEP - Retrieve ANEP from archive
TXW_S_BKPF - Retrieve BKPF from archive
TXW_S_BSEG - Retrieve BSEG from archive
TXW_S_COBK - Retrieve COBK from archive
TXW_S_COEP - Retrieve COEP from archive
TXW_S_COFI - Retrieve COFIS from archive
TXW_S_EKKO - Retrieve EKKO from archive
TXW_S_EKPO - Retrieve EKPO from archive
TXW_S_GLT0 - Retrieve archived GLT0 data
TXW_S_KNC1 - Retrieve archived Customer master data
TXW_S_LFC1 - Retrieve archived Vendor master (transaction figures) data
TXW_S_LIKP - Retrieve LIKP from archive
TXW_S_LIPS - Retrieve LIPS from archive
TXW_S_MKPF - Retrieve MKPF from archive
TXW_S_MSEG - Retrieve MSEG from archive
TXW_S_UUID - Structure for UUID interfaces
TXW_S_VBAK - Retrieve VBAK from archive
TXW_S_VBAP - Retrieve VBAP from archive
TXW_S_VBPA - Retrieve VBPA from archive
TXW_S_VBRK - Retrieve VBRK from archive
TXW_S_VBRP - Retrieve VBRP from archive
TXW_S_XTRCT_BROWSE - Data Extract Browser: Output Structure
TXW_S_XTRCT_CONTROL_TOTALS - Extract Browser: Checksum Data
TXW_S_XTRCT_FILE_OUT - Extract Browser: File List
TXW_T003A - Document Types for Posting with Clearing
TXW_T003M - Transaction/Event Types for SAPMM07M/SAPMM07I
TXW_T003O - Order Types
TXW_T007B - Tax Processing in Accounting
TXW_T007F - Taxes on Sales/Purchases Groups Names
TXW_T009 - Fiscal year variants
TXW_T009B - Fiscal year variant periods
TXW_T011 - Financial Statement Versions
TXW_T016 - Industries Descriptions
TXW_T025K - Account Category Reference Description
TXW_T030 - Standard Accounts Table
TXW_T030K - Tax Accounts Determination
TXW_T030R - Rules for Determination of Standard Accounts
TXW_T030W - Transaction Key Names
TXW_T037S - Account Assignment References acc. to Transaction Type
TXW_T040 - Dunning keys descriptions
TXW_T044G - Valuation Adjustment Key
TXW_T044I - FI Valuation: Determine Base Value
TXW_T056R - Interest reference definition
TXW_T059Q - Withholding Tax Code Descriptions
TXW_T074U - Special G/L Indicator Properties Descriptions
TXW_T077D - Customer account groups descriptions
TXW_T087G - Evaluation group 8 places descriptions
TXW_T090NA - Depreciation keys (new)
TXW_T090NAZ - Depreciation key - method assignments (new)
TXW_T090ND - Declining-balance depreciation method (new)
TXW_T090NH - Maximum depreciation amounts (new)
TXW_T090NP - Period control method (new)
TXW_T090NR - Depreciation calculation method (new)
TXW_T090NS - Depreciation level method (new)
TXW_T090NSG - Depreciation level method - begin of validity (new)
TXW_T090R - Period control rules for transactions descriptions
TXW_T093B_RSL - Company code specific depreciation area settings (new)
TXW_T093C - Company codes in Asset Accounting
TXW_T096 - Chart of depreciation description
TXW_T134M - Control of Qty/Value Update
TXW_T149D - Global Valuation Types
TXW_T151 - Customers: Customer Groups Descriptions
TXW_T156SC - Mvt Type: Qty/Value Posting: Customer Table; as of Rel. 4.
TXW_T156X - Trans./Event Key Modification
TXW_T157D - Reason for Movement Description
TXW_T171 - Customers: Sales Districts Descriptions
TXW_T176 - Sales Documents: Customer Order Types Descriptions
TXW_T188 - Conditions: Groups for Customer Classifications Descriptions
TXW_T604 - Foreign Trade: Commodity Code / Import Code Number
TXW_T604A - Foreign Trade: Preference/Tariff alternation
TXW_T604B - Foreign Trade: Preference Zone Description
TXW_T604C - Preference: Preference Procedure Code
TXW_T604P - Preference: Preference Zone/Rule
TXW_T604R - Preference: Preference Rule / Percentages
TXW_T604S - Preference: Determine Preference Zone in Export
TXW_T604V - Preference: Preference Determination / Procedure
TXW_T605 - Foreign Trade: Business Transaction Type
TXW_T609A - Foreign Trade: Declarations to Authorities - Exclusion Ind
TXW_T610O - Foreign Trade: Authorities
TXW_T612B - FT/Customs: Electr. Procedure: Type of means of transport
TXW_T615 - Foreign Trade: Customs Offices
TXW_T616 - Foreign Trade: Procedure
TXW_T616U - Foreign Trade: Import/Export Procedure Conversion
TXW_T618 - Foreign Trade: Modes of Transport
TXW_T681A - Conditions: Applications
TXW_T681V - Conditions: Usages
TXW_T683 - Pricing procedures
TXW_T685 - Conditions: Types Descriptions
TXW_T691M - Payment guarantee procedure description
TXW_T702L - Name of Service Provider
TXW_T706B4 - Travel Expense Types: Assignment of Wage Types
TXW_T706B4_ALTERN - Travel Expense Type: Alternative Assignment of Wage Types
TXW_T706B5 - Names for Travel Expense Types
TXW_T706G - Names for statutory trip types
TXW_T706R - Names for trip activity types
TXW_T706T_ABWH - Texts for Absence Types (PS Separation Allowance)
TXW_T706X - Names for enterprise-specific trip types
TXW_T706_LGART - Wage Type Assignmt Table for Clearing Add.Amts/Inc.Rel Exp.
TXW_T778O - Object Types Descriptions
TXW_T820 - Planning Parameters Descriptions
TXW_T821S - Distribution keys
TXW_T856 - Transaction Types Description
TXW_T881 - FI-SL Ledger Descriptions
TXW_T8JJ - Recovery Indicator Descriptions
TXW_TABNM - names of generated DB tables for view output
TXW_TABWA - Transaction types/dep. areas
TXW_TABWG - Transaction type groups
TXW_TABWK - Trans. types for posting prop. values and depreciation
TXW_TABWU - Special Treatment of Retirements
TXW_TACTIV - Transaction activities
TXW_TAXCOD - Tax codes
TXW_TBDLS - Logical system description
TXW_TBO00 - Object type control parameters descriptions
TXW_TBRC - Industry Code (Customer Master) Description
TXW_TBRG - Authorization groups description
TXW_TCURV - Exchange rate types for currency translation descriptions
TXW_TFACD - Factory calendar definition description
TXW_TIV01 - DART RE/RE-FX: External usage types of rental unit
TXW_TIV05 - DART RE: Definition of Service Charge Keys
TXW_TIV08 - Area Types
TXW_TIV26 - DART RE/RE-FX: Contract Type
TXW_TIVBDMEAS - DART RE-FX: Measurement Types
TXW_TIVITOPTMETH - DART RE-FX: Method for Option Rate Determination
TXW_TIVITTCTYPE - DART RE-FX: Type of Correction Object
TXW_TJ01 - Business Transactions
TXW_TJ20 - Status profiles descriptions
TXW_TKA00 - Control parameters for controlling areas
TXW_TKA02 - Controlling area assignment
TXW_TKA09 - Basic Settings for Versions
TXW_TKA10 - Master Data Table, Price Indicators
TXW_TKA12 - Switching Structure for Cost Component Splitting
TXW_TKA30 - Automatic account assignment
TXW_TKVS - CO Versions Descriptions
TXW_TPAR - Business partner functions
TXW_TPARMS - Selection flags for transaction data sources
TXW_TRANST - Transaction texts
TXW_TRATYP - Transaction types
TXW_TREVTP - Inv. Mngmt - General: Transaction/Event Types Allowed
TXW_TSKM - Material Taxes Description
TXW_TSPA - Organizational Unit: Sales Divisions Descriptions
TXW_TTXY - External sales and use tax interface
TXW_TTYP - Object Types for Accounting Description
TXW_TVKT - Customers: Account Assignment Groups Descriptions
TXW_TVSB - Shipping Conditions Descriptions
TXW_TVSD - Customers: Statistics groups descriptions
TXW_TVST - Organizational Unit: Shipping Points
TXW_TVTW - Organizational Unit: Distribution Channels
TXW_TW07 - SCB group
TXW_TW08 - Fin.acctng group
TXW_TW11 - Balance sheet indicator
TXW_TW18 - SCB indicator description
TXW_TW50 - Table for possible deposit types
TXW_TWD01 - Treasury: Securities Account Master Data
TXW_TXJCD - Tax jurisdiction codes
TXW_TZAF - Product categories
TXW_TZB03 - Flow categories
TXW_TZB0A - flow types
TXW_TZBA - Holding
TXW_TZK01 - Condition types
TXW_TZPA - Product Types
TXW_UEBPA - Trip reimbursement amounts for per-diem accommodations
TXW_USER - Field string/Table for USER Screen
TXW_VACCGR - Vendor account groups
TXW_VALCAT - Global valuation categories
TXW_VALCLA - Valuation classes
TXW_VALGRP - Evaluation groups
TXW_VALTYP - Global valuation types
TXW_VARIA - Contents of Variant of TXW-archive retrieval
TXW_VBAK_VBELN - sales documents key table
TXW_VBKD - Sales Document: Business Data
TXW_VB_PARAMS - Parameters for DART Viewbuilder
TXW_VC_LOCK - Locktable view output
TXW_VDF - Fields for DART transactions
TXW_VDT_DESC - View Data Description
TXW_VDT_SOURCEFILE - Source Files for Segments
TXW_VEIAV - INTRASTAT Receipt/Dispatch
TXW_VENDOR - Vendor master
TXW_VENDRT - Type of recipient for vendors
TXW_VENTUR - Joint venture master (Joint Venture Accounting)
TXW_VIAK25 - Cost collector for SU (per settlement period)
TXW_VIBDBE - DART RE-FX: Business Entity
TXW_VIBDOBJASS - DART RE-FX: Object Assignment
TXW_VIBDRO - DART RE-FX: Rental Object
TXW_VIBEBE - Correction items for input tax treatment
TXW_VIBEPP - Flow data - Items for real estate management
TXW_VICN01 - Real Estate Contract: Contract Data
TXW_VICNCN - DART RE-FX: Real Estate Contract
TXW_VIITOPTRATE - DART RE-FX: Option Rate per Object and Period
TXW_VIITTAXDSBASE - DART RE-FX: Tax Document Items to Be Broken Down
TXW_VIITTAXDSITEM - DART RE-FX: Distributed Tax Document Items
TXW_VIITTC - DART RE-FX: Tax Correction Object
TXW_VIITTCCALCRES - DART RE-FX: Tax Correction Calculation
TXW_VIMI01 - Rental unit - Master data
TXW_VIMIMV - Lease-Out
TXW_VIOB01 - Business entities
TXW_VIOB02 - Property master data
TXW_VIOB03 - Real estate building master
TXW_VIOB40 - Time-dependent areas of real estate obj.
TXW_VIOBOPTRATE - Option Rate real estate objects (Classic)
TXW_VIOBOV - Assignment Table for Real Estate to Standard Objects
TXW_VISCCC - DART RE-FX: Cost collector for SU (per settlement period)
TXW_VITAXD_BASE - Tax Shares per Real Estate Account Assignment - Base
TXW_VITAXD_DIST - Tax Shares per Real Estate Account Assignment - Distribution
TXW_VLAREA - Valuation area
TXW_VNDBNK - Vendor master (bank details)
TXW_VPFPA - Travel Expense Deduction Amounts for Meals
TXW_VPFPS - Trip reimbursement amounts for meals
TXW_VSCH - Trip advance
TXW_VWLOG - View query log (replaced by txw_vwlog2: uuids)
TXW_VWLOG2 - View query log
TXW_VWLOG2_U - Data view query log
TXW_VWLOGAL2 - View query log - ArchiveLink
TXW_VWLVF2 - Copy of VWLG2
TXW_VWPANLA - Asset master for securities
TXW_VWPDEPO - Sec.acct position
TXW_VW_INFO - Taxview structure information
TXW_VW_META - internal: View meta data
TXW_VW_SEL - internal: extract selection criterias
TXW_VZGPO - Partner/role object relationship
TXW_V_FLDS - Data view fields and values
TXW_V_SELC - Selection conditions for tax view data
TXW_WBS - WBS-Element master
TXW_WBSKEY - WBS key table
TXW_WHTTYP - Withholding tax types
TXW_WITHITEM - Witholding tax info per W/tax type and FI line item
TXW_XFILES - Reference structure for multiple file selection
TXW_ZIEL - Stopover
TXW_ZWECK - Additional trip information
TXX_ADMI_EXTR - DART-Administration --- Extract_Data---
TXX_ADMI_PAR - DART-Administration ---Segment-Management---
TXX_ADMI_RES - DART-Administration ---Resource Management ---
TXX_ADMI_SEGMENT - Segments for an Extract Log
TXX_ADMI_SEGS - DART-Administration ---Segment-Management---
TXX_ADMI_VW - DART Administration: Tax View File
TXX_ADMI_VW_U - DART Administration: Tax View Relationships
TXX_ALV_RES - Display Structure: Resources
TXX_ALV_VWLOG - Display Structure: Data View
TXX_APPL - Value Table: Applications
TXX_APPLT - Value Table: Applications
TXX_ARCH_OBJ - Archiving Object Assignment ILM
TXX_COMP_STRU - DART Provision - Modules
TXX_CON - Control Information: SAP Segments
TXX_CONTROL - Control Record for ILM archives
TXX_C_CON - Control Information: Customer-Specific Segments
TXX_C_DATASETS - Assignment of Segments to Datasets
TXX_C_DSET_NAMES - Datasets - Value Table
TXX_C_DSET_NAMET - Datasets - Text Table
TXX_C_GLO - Basic Settings
TXX_C_REF - Reference for Currency and Quantity Fields
TXX_C_RELA - Relationships Between Segments
TXX_C_SEL_FL_D - Customizing: Display Selection Indicators
TXX_C_SOEX - Reference Tables for Segments
TXX_C_STRC - Segments for Data Extraction
TXX_C_STRCT - Segment Description
TXX_C_V0 - View: Header Area
TXX_C_V0T - View: Description
TXX_C_V1 - View: Data Segments
TXX_C_V2 - View: Join Conditions
TXX_C_V3 - View: View Fields
TXX_C_VOL - View File: Directory Set
TXX_C_VOLT - View File: Directory Set Description
TXX_EXTR_RUNS - Extract Run
TXX_EXTR_TEMPL - DART-Administration --- Extract_Data---
TXX_JOIN_CONDITIONS - View: Join Conditions
TXX_LOCK1 - Lock Object for INDX (Control Data Retention)
TXX_LOG_EXTR - Transfer Structure: DARTX Display
TXX_LOG_PAR - DARTX Selection Parameter
TXX_LOG_RES - DARTX Resource Selection
TXX_LOG_SEGS - DARTX Selected Segments
TXX_LOG_VW - Communication Structure View: Administration Data
TXX_RAOB - Registered Archiving Object
TXX_RAOB_TABLES - Table classification of registered Archiving Object
TXX_SEGLIST - Segment List
TXX_SEGLIST_INT - Segment List (with Additional Fields)
TXX_SEGLST - Segment List (To Be Deleted)
TXX_SEGS - Segments
TXX_SEG_CAT - DARTX Segment Catalog
TXX_SEL_FIELDS - Field Selection
TXX_SEL_FLAGS - Selection Parameters
TXX_SEL_TABLES - Select Tables
TXX_SEL_VIEW - Associated Data Detector: Select Views
TXX_STRCT_ADK - ADK Text Segment List
TXX_STRC_ADK - ADK Segment List
TXX_STRUCTURE - Archive Object single Structure
TXX_SX_PAR - Export Structure for Selection Parameters
TXX_S_ARCHOBJ - Archiving object includíng tables
TXX_T006 - DART TEST for T006 Extract
TXX_T100 - DART TEST for T100 Extract
TXX_T_DATES - Selection Parameters
TXX_V1_VIEWPRAEF - View Prefix
TXX_VB_PARAMS - Parameters for DARTX View Builder
TXX_VC_LOCK - Lock Table - Generated Tables
TXX_VDF - Fields for DARTX Transactions
TXX_VDT_DESC - View Data Description
TXX_VDT_SOURCE - Data Source for Segments
TXX_VW_META - Internal: View Metadata

SAP Engineering Change Management Tables CA-GTF-ECM

AEDT - Engineering Change Management: Alternative Dates
AEDTB - Engineering Change Mgmt: Alternative Dates - Document Table
AEDTS - AEDT - Extras
AEDT_API01 - Interface structure for changing table AEDT using API
AEEF - ECM: effectivity
AEEFB - ECM: effectivity - document table
AEEFS - AEEF - Extras
AEEF_API01 - Interface for changing table AEFF using API
AEHI - Change hierarchy
AEHIB - Change documents for AEN1
AENR - Change Master
AENRB - Change Master Document Table
AENRCNV - Data for Converting Change Numbers
AENRS - AENR - Details
AENR_API01 - Interface for processing table AENR using API
AENR_API02 - Interface for displaying table AENR using API
AENR_EXP - ECM: General change master record export structure
AENV - ECH: Object Types for Change Master
AENVB - Object Types for Change Master - Document Table
AENVC - Structure AENV + Texts for CAD Interface
AENVS - AENV - Details
AENV_API01 - Fields of table AENV that can be changed externally via API
AEOI - ECH: Object Management Records for Change Master
AEOIB - Object Indexes for Change Master - Document Table
AEOIS - AEOI - Details
AEOIT - Log of Change Objects
AEOI_API01 - Interface for processing table AEOI using API
AEPF - ECM: effectivity
AEPFB - ECM: maintenance values - document structure
AEPFS - AEPF - Extras
AEPLST - Identical object in explosion (item)
AEPREC - Identical object in explosion (header)
AEZU - ECH: Assign Material to Effectivity Profile
BAPIECMOBJADM - Object Mgmt Records
BAPIECMORDSELDATE - Find Engineering Change Order by End Date
BAPIECMORDSELORDER - Find Engineering Change Order by Name
BAPIECMORDSELUSER - Find Engineering Change Order by User
BAPI_ECMORD_FIELDS - BAPIs for Engineering Change Order: Individual Fields
BAPI_ECMREQ_DESCR - Engineering Change Request: Descriptions
BAPI_ECMREQ_DETAIL - Engineering Change Request: Basic Data
BAPI_ECMREQ_FIELDS - BAPIs for Engineering Change Order: Individual Fields
BAPI_ECMREQ_HIERAR - Engineering Change Request: Hierarchy
BAPI_ECMVAL_COMPLETE - Validity: Data for Event
BAPI_ECMVAL_CONTEXT - Validity: Context
BAPI_ECMVAL_ORDCTXT - Validity: Context with Successors and E-Mails for ECO
BAPI_ECMVAL_WF_ADDRESS - E-Mail Address for Engineering Change Order and Context
BAPI_ECM_ORDER_ADMIN - Engineering Change Order: Administrative Data
BAPI_ECM_ORDER_DESCR - Engineering Change Management: BAPI Structure for ECO Descs
BAPI_ECM_ORDER_DETAIL - Engineering Change Management: BAPI Structure for ECO
BAPI_ECM_PARAMETER - BAPI Format Parameter Effectivity
BAPI_ECM_STATUS - Engineering Change Management: BAPI Structure for Status
BAPI_ECM_VALIDITY - Validity for Instance
CCAENNR - Change Number Structure
CCAEOIM - Structure AEOI for updating from IDoc
CCAERL - Change master obj. mgmt records for revision level
CCAERLM - Structure AERL for booking from IDoc
CCALE_AEOI - ALE: Object Management Records
CCALE_AERL - ALE: Revision Level
CCALE_STSMA - ALE: Status Profile
CCAPI - Fields for Engineering Change Management APIs
CCCI_AENR - Change master: customer error
CCCI_AEOI - Object Management Records for Change Master: Customer Fields
CCCN_XFACE - Interface Structure for Function Group CCCN
CCDECO - Decouple Fields in Development Class CC
CCDOK - Engineering Change Mgmt: Document Identification Structure
CCDOKUSTRU - Engin. Change Mgmt Structure for Docu Data Elements
CCEFFE - Effectivity fields
CCEFFE1 - Effectivity fields
CCHIST_REQ - ECM: Structure for History Requirement Control
CCIN - Engineering Change Management - Data Interface
CCPLE - EC Management: Task List to Equipment Link
CCPLM - EC Management: Task List to Material Link
CCPLN - EC Management: Task List Links
CCPR_STRU_EFFE - Structure for parameter effectivity
CCPVS_KEYS - Engineering Change Management: ID structure for PVS
CCRVL_EXP - Structure for Exporting the Revision Level of an Object
CCSTD - Engin. Change Mgmt : Identification Structure BOM via Doc.
CCSTE - EC Management : BOM to Equipment Link
CCSTK - Engineering Change Mgmt: BOM ID Structure via Sales Order
CCSTL - EC Management : BOM Links
CCSTM - EC Management : BOM to Material Link
CCSTP - ECM: identification structure for BOM via WBS element
CCSTRU12 - Structure for Interpreting AENR-TECHV (12 Byte)
CCSTS - Engineering Change Mgmt: Standard BOM ID Structure
CCSTT - Engineering Change Mgmt: BOM ID Structure via Func. Location
CCS_AENR - ECH: Structure - display change number
CCS_AEOI - ECH: Structure - display object management record
CCS_AEOI_EXT - Display Object Management Record: Extended Structure
CCTHEAD - Structure of text header in ECM
CCTLINE - Structure of the lines of text in ECM
CCTSD01 - Outline of transaction control data for customer enhancemnts
CCVALID - Block Argument for Changing Effectivity
COMM_IL_ECMCHG - Engineering Change Management: Change Graph
COMM_IL_ECMCHG_H - Change Graph for History Table
COMT_IL_ATTR_ECMCHG - Attributes of Change Graph
COMT_IL_DATA_ECMCHG - Change Graph for Read API
COMT_IL_ECMCGRAPH_ATTR - Attributes of Change Graph
COMT_IL_ECMCHG_MAINTAIN - Engineering Change Management: Change Graph
COMT_IL_UPDDATA_ECMCHG - Application Buffer for Change Graph Relationship Type
COM_OBJ_LOCK - Lock on an Object
CSDATA - BOM Help Fields
DSP_ECMMAS_KEY - Object key ECMMAS for distribution packet
E1AEDTM - Data element for change master
E1AEEFH - Variable fields (_HI) for effectivity
E1AEEFL - Variable fields (_LO) for effectivity
E1AEEFM - Effectivity fields
E1AEEFO - Variable fields (_OT) for effectivity
E1AENRH - Change master record: long text for change number (header)
E1AENRL - Change master record: long text for change number (line)
E1AENRM - Change master record
E1AENVM - Object types for change master
E1AEOIH - Object management record: detail long text (header)
E1AEOIL - Object management record: detail long text (line)
E1AEOIM - Object management records for change master
E1AEPFL - Variable fields (_LO) for effectivity (maintenance)
E1AEPFM - Effectivity fields (maintenance)
E1AERLM - Change master obj. mgmt records for revision level
ECMADMC - Administrative Information About Creation
ECMADMM - Administrative Information About Change
ECMADMR - Administrative Information About Release
ECMCGRAPH - Internal Change Graph
ECMDATE - Include Date Specification and Parameter Effectivity
ECMDATEINT - Time Interval
ECMEVAL_LOCVAL - Engineering Change Management: Local Validity for Object
ECMEVAL_RESULT - Result of Validity Evaluation
ECMOBJDATEINT - Time Interval for Object
ECMPRE_BSP_ATTR - PC UI Attributes for Predecessor Change Number
ECMPRE_UI_ATTR - UI Attributes for Predecessor Change Number
ECMUNDO_BAL_CONTEXT - Additional Fields for Application Log
ECMVAL_ORD_CTXT - Keys for Order and Context
ECM_ADM - Administrative Data
ECM_ADM_DATA - General Administrative Data
ECM_BSP_ATTR - PC UI Attributes for Change Number
ECM_COST - Estimated-Costs Table
ECM_CTXT - Context
ECM_CTXTH - Context Hierarchy for Change Type
ECM_CTXTT - Context Description
ECM_CTXT_EXT - Validity: Context with Possible Statuses for ECO
ECM_DATA - General Engineering Change Management Master Data
ECM_GROUP - Group Assignment for Change Number
ECM_GUID_RANGE - Range Structure for GUIDs
ECM_HIE - Change Hierarchy
ECM_KND - Change Type
ECM_KNDT - Change Type Descriptions
ECM_OBJADM - Object Mgmt Records
ECM_OBJTYPES - Subscription of Application to Engineering Change Management
ECM_OBJ_VAL - Validity for Engineering Change Order
ECM_ORD - Change Order
ECM_ORDER_DATA - General Data for Engineering Change Order
ECM_ORG - Organizational Unit
ECM_ORGPHS_DATA - Organizational Unit Data Set - Phase
ECM_PHS - Phases
ECM_PHST - Phase Description
ECM_PRM - Parameter Effectivity
ECM_PRM_DEF - Parameter Definition
ECM_PRM_EXT - Parameter Effectivity: External Format
ECM_REQ - Data for Engineering Change Request
ECM_REQUEST_DATA - General Data for Engineering Change Request
ECM_SEL - Selection Structure for Engineering Change Management
ECM_STXT - Descriptions
ECM_S_EASY_DATA - ECM Easy Mode: Data
ECM_TASK_DATA - Data for Change Task
ECM_TSK - Change Task
ECM_UI_ATTR - UI Attributes for Change Number
ECM_VAL - Validity
ECM_VALH - Validity - Full History
ECM_VAL_EXT - Validity for Instance
ECR_OBJECT - Transfer Structure for Objects in Change Order
GENOBJ - Generic Object Services
RC29A - ECM: EATAB Engineering Change Management
RC29A1 - Functions for Engin. Change Mgmt Status Management
RC29A2 - ETATAB Effectivity
SECMNR - Structure with External Key for Engineering Change Order
SECMOBJGUID - Structure with GUID Field
T419S - Change Master Status
T419T - Change Master Status Texts
TCC01 - ECH: Object types
TCC02 - ECH: Object Type Texts
TCC03 - Engineering Change Management: Objects
TCC04 - Engineering Change Management: Object Type Texts
TCC05 - Transaction-Specific Initial Values for EC Management
TCC07 - Field Selection for Engineering Change Management
TCC08 - Engineering Change Management: Control Data
TCC09 - ECH: Revision Level Sequence
TCC10 - Engineering change management: release key
TCC10T - Description for release key
TCC11 - Change Types
TCC12 - Change Type Texts
TCC13 - ECM: change types (object management record)
TCC14 - Object Change Type Texts
TCC15 - ECM profile
TCC16 - Profile description
TCC17 - Object type profile data
TCC18 - ECH: Object types for profile
TCC19 - Object type description
TCC20 - ECM: digital signature network - change master
TCC20T - ECM: description of digital signature network - chg. master
TCC21 - ECM: digital signature network - object management record
TCC21T - ECM: description of digital signature network - object
TCC22 - ECH: Effectivity Profile
TCC22T - ECM: Descriptions for Effectivity Profile
TCCAVRG - Change Mgmt: Execute Transactions Automatically (Header)
TCCAVRGOBJ - Change Mgmt: Execute Transactions Automatically (Object)
TCCEP - Effectivity parameters
TCCEPT - Effectivity parameters - texts
TCCER - Links Between Effectivity Types and Parameters
TCCERT - Descriptions of Links Between Effect. Types and Parameters
TCCET - Effectivity types
TCCETT - Effectivity types - texts
TCCPR - User-specific values for engineering change management
TCCS01 - ECH (System): Deactivate Basic Functions
TECHSNR - Effectivity - technical status (TECHS) - temp. / new
TECN - Effectivity object: change numbers
TECS - Master Effectivity Object
TECT - Description of Effectivity Object
TSADMECMHIE - Administrative Structure for ECM Hierarchy Data
TSADMECMHIEX - Administrative Structure for ECM Hierarchy Data
TSADMGROUP - Administrative Structure for Groups and Their Instances
TSADMGROUPX - Administrative Structure with Instances for ECM_GROUP
TSADMOBJ - Structure for General Object Services
TSADMORD - Administrative Structure for Order Instances and Keys
TSADMREQ - Administrative Structure for Engineering Change Requests
TSADMTSK - Administrative Structure for Task Instances and Keys
TSCHGLVL - Identifying Data of a Change State
TSCNTRL - Control Parameters
TSCNTRLOBJ - Control Parameters
TSCOSTADM - Administration of Cost Estimation
TSECMCOSTX - Structure for Estimated Costs
TSECMGROUPX - Extended Data Structure for ECM_GROUP
TSECMGROUP_INFO - Data for Work Scope
TSECMGUIDMATCH - Structure for the Matching of GUIDs
TSECMHIER - Structure for Setting Up a Hierarchy of Instances
TSECMOBJADMX - Administrative Structure for Object Management Records
TSECMSTSMARULE - Status Transition Rule for Status Profile
TSECMSTXTX - Buffer Structure for Short Text
TSECM_ORDER_STACK - Stack Structure for Changing Engineering Change Orders
TSECM_REQUEST_STACK - Stack Structure for Changing Engineering Change Orders
TSECM_TASK_STACK - Stack Structure for Changing Change Tasks
TSESTAT - Status
TSGENOBJX - Administrative Structure for GENOBJ and Status
TSGUID - GUID Structure
TSJSTATX - JSTAT with Corresponding Status Texts
TSLANGUTEXT - Structure for Language-Dependent Long Text
TSLTXCHGLVL - Structure for Change State Long Text
TSOBJADMAPPL - Object Management Records for Display in Applications
TSOBTYPALV - Grid Control Data for Object Type
TSSETSTA - Structure for User Status That Sets System Status by BTA
TSSTACHGLVL - Status of a Change State
TSSTAOBJ - Data on Status of an Object
TSSTATSOBJ - Status for Status Profile
TSSTATUSSTSMA - Status for Status Profile
TSSTSMAVRGNG - Business Transactions for a Status Profile
TSVRGNGISTAT - Internal Status for Business Transaction
TSVRGSTAOBJ - Internal Status for Business Transaction
UPS_ECM_KEY - Object Key ECMMAS for Distribution Packet
VAEDT - Change document structure; generated by RSSCD000
VAEEF - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
VAENV - Change document structure; generated by RSSCD000
VAEOI - Change document structure; generated by RSSCD000
VECM_ADM - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
VECM_GROUP - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
VECM_HIE - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
VECM_OBJADM - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
VECM_ORD - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
VECM_REQ - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
VECM_STXT - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
VECM_TSK - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
VECM_VAL - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000

SAP Easy Enhancement Workbench Tables CA-GTF-EEW

AXTD_MIGRATION - Active migration
AXTD_MIGRATIONE - Extension in a migration
AXTD_MIGRATIONR - References in a migration
AXTS_ALL_TYPES_PER_FIELD - All Datatypes and Behaviors per enhancement field
AXTS_APPEND_FIELD_DETAILS - Append field details
AXTS_BADI_IMPLEMENTATION - Badi implementation
AXTS_BEHAVIOR_NAME_VALUE - Behavior Name and Description
AXTS_BOL_KEY_STRUC - Key structure for BOL objects
AXTS_BOL_OBJECT_WITH_PARENT - BOL Object and parent object
AXTS_BO_DETAIL - Extensible BO Detail information
AXTS_BO_PART_DESCRIPTION - The description of BO and Part
AXTS_CATALOGUE_ELEMENT - Catalogue element
AXTS_CAT_OBJ_DTL - Structure of Catalog Object Details
AXTS_CODE_CONTEXT - Context field for code generator
AXTS_COMP_USAGE - Comp Usage Structure
AXTS_CONNECT_CTXN - Connect Context Node Structure
AXTS_CONTEXT_NODE_PARAM - Structure of context node for generation template
AXTS_CTXN_BINDING - Context Node binding structure
AXTS_CUST_INCL_FIELD_DETAILS - Customer include fields details
AXTS_DATASOURCE_FIELD_DETAILS - Datasource field details
AXTS_DATATYPE_NAME_VALUE - Datatype Name and Description
AXTS_DATA_ELEMENT_TEXTS - Data element texts - Multi - Language support
AXTS_DBTABLE_FIELD_DETAILS - Database table field details
AXTS_DDFIXVALUE - Runtime field fixed values
AXTS_DOMAIN_VALUES - Domain values
AXTS_DYNAMIC_STRUCTURE - Dynamic structure used in Table entry generator
AXTS_ELEMENT - One element in the collection
AXTS_EXCEPTION - Exception Structure
AXTS_EXTENSION_CHECK_FILTER - Filter for extension checks
AXTS_EXT_BO_PART - Structure with extensible BO and Part
AXTS_EXT_BO_PART_BOL - List of Ext BO parts with BOL objects
AXTS_EXT_TRKORR - Extensions ID and Transport Request
AXTS_FIELD_CONFIG_PROPERTIES - Field details for ui config generation
AXTS_FIELD_MIGRATION - Manual Field Migration Structure
AXTS_FIELD_TYPE - Field Type (Datatype, Behavior)
AXTS_FORM_CONFIG_LINE - Line of form configuration
AXTS_FPM_CONFIG_LIST - Specification of configuration for FPM
AXTS_GEN_ARTIFACT - Generation Artifact
AXTS_GEN_OBJECT - Generated Object Structure
AXTS_GEN_STRUC_PARAMETER - Dep. relevanant parameters of Appends,CI,Struct.,DB table
AXTS_GRAPH_HANDLED - Structure of graph instances and a flag if handled
AXTS_HIER_UNITTEST_CHILD1_WORK - Unit test table for business api hierarchy tests (Child1)
AXTS_HIER_UNITTEST_CHILD21_WRK - Unit test table for business api hierarchy tests (Child2.1)
AXTS_HIER_UNITTEST_CHILD2_WORK - Unit test table for business api hierarchy tests (Child2)
AXTS_HIER_UNIT_TEST_CHILD1 - Unit test table for business api hierarchy tests (Child1)
AXTS_HIER_UNIT_TEST_CHILD2 - Unit test table for business api hierarchy tests (Child2)
AXTS_HIER_UNIT_TEST_CHILD21 - Unit test table for business api hierarchy tests (Child2.1)
AXTS_HIER_UNIT_TEST_ROOT - Unit test table for business api hierarchy tests (Root)
AXTS_HIER_UNIT_TEST_ROOT_WORK - Unit test table for business api hierarchy tests (Root)
AXTS_INBOUND_PLUG - Inbound Plug Structure
AXTS_INTERFACE_VIEW - Interface View Structure
AXTS_LOGICAL_KEY_FIELDS - Structure for optimized logical key access
AXTS_MAPPING_DETAILS - Details for mapping
AXTS_METHOD - Structure for Method generation
AXTS_METHOD_DEF - Method Definition
AXTS_METHOD_PARAM - Method Parameter
AXTS_MODEL_IL - Additional GenIL relations
AXTS_NAME2STRINGVALUE - Name to string value
AXTS_NAME_CLASS - Structure with Instance name and class name
AXTS_NAME_DETERMINATION - Name determination
AXTS_NAME_OBJECT_REF - Name Object Reference
AXTS_NAME_TEXT - Name Text Description Structure
AXTS_NAVLINK - Navigation Link Structure
AXTS_OBJECTS_IL - Additional objects
AXTS_OBJ_DEPENDENCIES - Store for generation object dependencies modeled in AXTOBJ
AXTS_OUTBOUND_PLUG - Outbound Plug Structure
AXTS_PARAM - Parameter structure
AXTS_PARAMETERS - Parameters of an element hierarchically represented
AXTS_PARAMETER_TEXTS - Parameters of an element hierarchically represented
AXTS_PICKLIST - Picklist entry
AXTS_POPUP_CONTEXT - Structure for UI Popup
AXTS_PREDECESSOR - A predecessor element
AXTS_REP_VIEWSET - ViewSet Repository Structure
AXTS_REP_WINDOW - Window RT Repository
AXTS_RT_REP_ACTION - Action Structure for RT Repository
AXTS_RULE_FIELD_LIST - Field list for rules
AXTS_RUNTIME_UNIT_TEST_ATTR - Structure for all runtime unit tests
AXTS_RUNTIME_UNIT_TEST_DATA - Structure for runtime unit tests with data
AXTS_RUNTIME_UNIT_TEST_DATA_11 - Structure for runtime unit tests with data
AXTS_RUNTIME_UNIT_TEST_EMPTY - Structure for runtime unit tests with data
AXTS_RUNTIME_UNIT_TEST_EXTRACT - Structure for runtime unit tests with data
AXTS_RUNTIME_UNIT_TEST_FAIL - Structure for runtime unit tests with data
AXTS_RUNTIME_UNIT_TEST_PLACE - Place handler unit test structure
AXTS_STRUCTURE_FIELD_DETAILS - Structure field details
AXTS_TABLEEXT_DEF - Header definition of a table extension
AXTS_TABLE_HISTORY - Structure for table history
AXTS_TABLE_INDEX - DB table index definition
AXTS_TABLE_TYPE_SEC_INDEX - Structure to define secondary indices for table types
AXTS_TARGET_NAV - Target Navigation Structure
AXTS_TEXT - Translateable text
AXTS_TMPL_VERSION - Code Template Version
AXTS_TYPE_GENERATION_SEQUENCE - Type generation sequence
AXTS_UI_BACK_PLUGS - List of back navigation outbound plugs
AXTS_UI_BUTTON - Structure UI Button
AXTS_UI_CONF_OVP - OVP UI Configuration Context
AXTS_UI_CONTEXT_NODE - Structure for UI Context Node
AXTS_UI_OCA - Structure of UI OCA
AXTS_UI_USAGE_BINDING - Binding of usages
AXTS_UNIT_HANDLED - Table of generation unit and flag if they've been processed
AXTS_UNIT_LIST - Generation units and processing data
AXTS_UNIT_PARAMETERS - Collection for parameters in a generation unit
AXTS_VIEW - View Structure
AXTS_VIEWS - List of views
AXTS_VIEW_AREA - View Area Structure
AXTT_SELECTION_PARAMETER - Selection Parameters for Complex Searches
AXT_ADVQUERY_UI - Structure context of extension (Business Object)
AXT_BEHAVIOR - Extensibility Field Behavior
AXT_BEHAVIOR_T - Extensibility Field Behavior Texttable
AXT_BOL_RULE - OBSOLETE (to be deleted)
AXT_BO_EXTTYPE - BO Extension Type
AXT_BO_PART_KEY - To Be Deleted
AXT_BO_PART_UI - BO Part Structure
AXT_BUFFER_LOAD_INFO - Load information for buffer
AXT_CAT_DICT - Catalogue object dictionnary entry
AXT_CAT_DICT_KEY - Catalogue object dictionnary entry key
AXT_CAT_MAIN - Catalogue of an generation collection
AXT_CAT_OBJECT - Catalogue object
AXT_CAT_OBJ_DTL - Catalogue object detail
AXT_CAT_OBJ_LINK - OBSOLETE Catalogue objects links
AXT_CAT_OBJ_TEXT - Catalogue object text
AXT_CAT_ST - Status of catalogue objects
AXT_CAT_TRANS - Catalogue transport
AXT_COMPONENT_VIEW - Structure of component and view name
AXT_CONTEXT_KEY - Key of business object
AXT_CONTEXT_UI - Structure context of extension (Business Object)
AXT_CT_CHARC_UNB - Check table for char data type
AXT_CT_CHART_UNB - Check table for char data type
AXT_CT_CHAR_UNB - Check table for char data type without text table
AXT_CUST_UI_COMP - Customer UI components
AXT_DATATYPE - Extensibility Field Datatypes
AXT_DATATYPE_T - Extensibility Field Datatypes Texttable
AXT_DYN_PROPERTY_KEY - Dynamic Property Key
AXT_DYN_PROPERTY_UI - Additional property for field
AXT_EXTENSION_FIELD_INFO - Field extension creation attributes
AXT_EXTENSION_ST - Extension Status
AXT_EXTINCLUDE_FIELDS - Field information of an extension include
AXT_EXTTYPE_CTXT - AXT Object Type Context
AXT_EXTTYPE_FLAG - Relevance flags of extensions
AXT_EXTTYPE_OBJ - AXT Object Type per Extension Type
AXT_EXTTYPE_OBJP - AXT Object Parameter
AXT_EXT_GEN - To be generated extension
AXT_EXT_KEY - Key for the Extension
AXT_EXT_LOCK_MESSAGES - Structure of extension with lock status and lock messages
AXT_EXT_PART - Extension Part
AXT_EXT_PART_DTL - Extension Part Detail
AXT_EXT_PART_KEY - Key structure of extension part
AXT_EXT_PART_TXT - Extension Part Text
AXT_EXT_PART_UI - Extension part structure
AXT_FIELDEXT_DEFINITION - Field extension creation attributes
AXT_FIELDEXT_KEY - Key for the field extension
AXT_FIELDEXT_TEXT - Structure of field extension text
AXT_FIELDEXT_TEXT_KEY - Key structure for field extension texts
AXT_FIELDEXT_UI - Field Extension for BOL (UI Framework)
AXT_FIELD_KEY - Key structure of table field
AXT_FIELD_PICKLIST_DEFINITION - Definition Field Extension with Picklist
AXT_FIELD_SOURCE_TARGET - Source and target field
AXT_FIELD_TEXT - Field extension creation attributes
AXT_FIELD_UI - Structure of table field
AXT_GIL_MODEL - Extension Interaction Layer Model
AXT_GIL_OBJ - Extension Interaction Layer Objects
AXT_GIL_OBJ_METH - Object Method GenIL Table
AXT_LOG_OBJTYPE - AXT Logical Object Type
AXT_LOG_OBJT_PRT - AXT Logical Object Type
AXT_MODEL_IL - Extensibilty GenIl Model
AXT_NR_DEF - AXT Generation Numberrange
AXT_NUMBERRANGE - Number Ranges for Extensibility
AXT_OBJECTS_IL - Extensibility GenIL objects
AXT_OBJTYPE_COMP_VIEW - Structure for determine the Enhancement BO
AXT_OBJ_NAME_RES - Object name reservation for extensions
AXT_PARAMSET - Parameterset
AXT_PICKLIST_DEFINITION - Picklist definition
AXT_PICKLIST_KEY - Key for picklist
AXT_PICKLIST_TEXT - Structure of Picklist
AXT_PICKLIST_TEXT_KEY - Key structure for picklist text
AXT_PLACE_LOCK_D - Dummy table for AXT place lock
AXT_REG_APPGRP - Application Group
AXT_REG_APPGRP_T - Application Group
AXT_REG_BO - Extensible Business Object
AXT_REG_BO_DTL - Generation details of extensibility
AXT_REG_BO_FLAG - Flag customizing
AXT_REG_BO_GEN - Further Generation Objects extensibility
AXT_REG_BO_PART - Part of an extensible Business Object
AXT_REG_BO_PARTT - Part of an extensible Business Object
AXT_REG_BO_P_BOL - Assignment of BOL Objects to parts
AXT_REG_BO_SRCH - Extensible Searches per BO Part
AXT_REG_BO_T - Extensible Business Object
AXT_REG_BO_UI - Extensible UI elements
AXT_REG_GRP_ELEM - Application Group Element
AXT_REG_GRP_MAPT - Text table for mappings
AXT_REG_GRP_MP_P - Mapping parts
AXT_REG_MODEL - Model of the extensibility registry
AXT_REG_NAV_OBJ - Navigational objects
AXT_REG_NAV_OBJT - Navigational objects
AXT_REG_PLACE - Technical places of Field Extensibility
AXT_REG_P_BOL - BOL object assignment for places
AXT_REG_RELATION - Binding objects to AET
AXT_REG_REL_OTYP - AET Relation object type
AXT_REG_SPLACE - Technical search places of Extensibility
AXT_REG_SPLACEUI - Extensible UI elements
AXT_REG_SPLACE_T - Technical search places of Extensibility
AXT_REG_SP_BOL - Technical search places of Extensibility
AXT_REG_SUPP_UI - Supported UI Frameworks for an BO
AXT_REG_TPLACE - Technical place for table extensibility
AXT_REG_TP_BOL - BOL Object assignments for table places
AXT_REG_UI_OBJ_C - UI object type mapping to enhencible BO Customer Table
AXT_REG_UI_OBJ_S - UI object type mapping to enhencible BO SAP Table
AXT_RELATION - Repository relations
AXT_RULE_KEY - AXT Rule Key Structure
AXT_RULE_PARAM - AXT Rule Parameter Runtime
AXT_RUN_BO_PART - Ext. runtime access: Field registration for BO and PARTS
AXT_RUN_BO_PARTT - Ext. runtime access: Table registration for BO and Parts
AXT_RUN_FIELDDEF - Extensibility runtime field definition
AXT_RUN_FIELDUSE - Extensibility runtime fields
AXT_RUN_FLAG - Enabled flags for fields
AXT_RUN_MAPPING - Extensibility mapping information
AXT_RUN_RULE - Rule Runtime
AXT_RUN_SEARCH - Extensibility runtime search info
AXT_RUN_TABLE_UI - UI extension parameters for table extension
AXT_RUN_TAB_DEF - Extensibility tables runtime Metadata
AXT_RUN_TEXT - Text table for extensible objects
AXT_RUT_CT_CHAR - Check table for char data type without text table
AXT_RUT_CT_CHARC - Check table for char data type
AXT_RUT_CT_CHART - Check table for char data type
AXT_SYSTAB - Extensibility Tool System Table
AXT_S_BOL_IDS - BOL Object and relation for a parent object
AXT_S_BO_PART_SETTING - BO Part setting with flags
AXT_S_DESIGN_ENTRY - Design layer entry of extension field
AXT_S_EXT_BO_DESCR - Ext. BO with description
AXT_S_EXT_PART_DTL - Details of an extension part
AXT_S_EXT_PART_TXT - Language dependent text
AXT_S_EXT_TYPE_FLAGS - Ext. type specific flag settings
AXT_S_FIELDNAMEVALUE - Value for a Fieldname
AXT_S_FIELD_TYPE - ABAP field type
AXT_S_FLAG - List of flags with control list
AXT_S_FLAG_LIST - List of flags with rea-only indicator
AXT_S_FLAG_SETTING - Setting for flag
AXT_S_GEN_DTL - Generation parameter
AXT_S_GEN_OBJECT - Generation object definition
AXT_S_LOCATION - BOL object location
AXT_S_LOG_OBJ_PART - Part of a logical object
AXT_S_MAPPING - List of maintained mappings
AXT_S_REG_BO - Extensible object with description
AXT_S_REG_BO_PART - Extensible object part
AXT_S_REG_BO_PART_REF - Reference to part handlers for a BO
AXT_S_REG_CONTEXT_FIELD - Field in registry context
AXT_S_REG_INHERITANCE_LEVEL - Entry for inheritance path table
AXT_S_REG_MAPPING - Data flow mapping
AXT_S_SEARCH - Definition of search
AXT_S_VALUES - Values for value help
AXT_TABLEEXT_KEY - Key for the Table Extension
AXT_TABLEEXT_TEXT - Table Extension Text Structure
AXT_TABLEEXT_TEXT_KEY - Table Extension Text Key Structure
AXT_TABLEEXT_TEXT_UI - Table Extensibility Text Structure
AXT_TABLEEXT_UI - Table Extension for BOL
AXT_TABLES_SEL_PARAM - Selection Parameter
AXT_TABLE_TMPL - Extensibility Template for new tables
AXT_TAB_NRRANGE - Number Ranges for Extensibility Logical Object Type
AXT_TECHNICAL_FIELD_DATA - Technical field data for generation BADI
AXT_VIEW_TITLES - Default titles for views
EEW_APPLGRP - Application Group
EEW_APPLGRP_SUBOBJ - Application Group Subobjects
EEW_EXTENSION_FIELD_STRUC - contains Extension Field name, value, type triple
EEW_OOW_DATA - Object-Oriented Wizard Subscreen Data
EEW_OOW_EXT_OBJ - Objects To Be Extended
EEW_OOW_FLD_DEF - Field Definition
EEW_PLACEGP - Place Group
EEW_PRXCTRL - Control Flags for Fields of a Structure
EEW_REF_APPLGRP - Reference Application Group / Column in Wizard
EEW_REF_USEFLAG - Reference Use Flag / Column in Wizard
EEW_SYSTEMS - Systems for Generic Wizard
EEW_USEFL - Use Flags
EEW_WZCF_APPLGRP - Application Group
EEW_WZCF_APPLGRT - Application Group Text Table
EEW_WZCF_OBJDEF - Object Definition
EEW_WZCF_PLACE - Extension Place
EEW_WZCF_PLACEGP - Extension Places Group
EEW_WZCF_PLACEGT - Extension Places Group
EEW_WZCF_PLACELN - Link Subobjects to Extension Place
EEW_WZCF_SYSTEMS - Application Group Systems
EEW_WZCF_USE - Use for Extension Fields
EEW_WZCF_USEDEF - Applications Assignment
EEW_WZCONFIG_GEN - Additional Attributes for EEW Extension Types
EEW_WZCONFIG_GEN_ATTRIBUTES - Additional Attributes for EEW Extension Types
EEW_XI_CONTAINER - XI Data Container
WCF_BSP_BUTTON - Standard WCF BSP Button
WCF_BSP_VIEWTYPE - Standard View Type Table

SAP EEW Generator Tables CA-GTF-EEW-GEN

COMS_GOX_CODELINE - Structure for Coding source text
COMS_GOX_CODELINE_72 - Structure for Coding source text length 72
COMS_GOX_DEF_DETAIL - Structure for Generic Object Extension (Details)
COMS_GOX_DEF_FIELD - Structure for Generic Object Extension (Fields)
COMS_GOX_DEF_HEADER - Structure for Generic Object Extension (Header)
COMS_GOX_DEF_TEXT - Kurztexte für Objekte
COMS_GOX_DOMA - Object Extension: Domain
COMS_GOX_DTEL - Object Extension: Data Element
COMS_GOX_FIELDINFO - Detail Info to define a Table
COMS_GOX_FIELDTEXTS - Object Extension: Object Text
COMS_GOX_HEADER - Structure for Generic Object Extension (Header)
COMS_GOX_OBJ_FUNC_REL - Assignment Between Object Type and Called Function
COMS_GOX_OBJ_FUNC_TXT - Object Type Description for Generic Object Extension
COMS_GOX_TABFIELD - Object Extension: Description of a Table Field
COMS_GOX_TABLE - Object Extension: Description of a Table
COMS_GOX_TABLEINFO - structure to define tables DDIF_TABL_PUT
COMS_GOX_TABLE_ENTRY_DETAILS - Structure for Generation of Table Entries (Details)
COMS_GOX_TABLE_ENTRY_FIELDS - Structure for the Generation of Table Entries (Values)
COMS_GOX_TABLE_ENTRY_HEADER - Structure for the Generation of Table Entries (Header)
COMS_GOX_TABLE_ENTRY_LINES - Structure for the Generation of Table Entries (Lines)
COMS_GOX_TABLE_KEY_FIELDS - Structure for Generation of Table Entries (Keys)
COMS_GOX_TABLE_KEY_SELECT - Structure for Generation of Table Entries (Keys)
COMS_GOX_TRANS_OBJECT - Transport Structure
COMS_GOX_TRANS_TABKEY - Structure for Table Entries
COMS_GOX_WHERE_CONDITION - "Where" Conditions for Selection
GOX_FIELDNAMES - Table for Fields in Structure "Details"
GOX_OBJ_FUNC_REL - Assignment Between Object Type and Called Function
GOX_OBJ_FUNC_TXT - Object Type Description for Generic Object Extension
GOX_TR_OBJECTS - List of generated objects for transport
GOX_TR_TABKEY - Table Keys for GOX Objects

SAP EEW Services Tables CA-GTF-EEW-SRV

EEW_BUSDEF_CONTAINER - EEW Business Object Definition Container
OXT_BUSOBJ_EXTTYP - Business Object and Extension Type
OXT_CHGTAG - OXT Entity Change Data
OXT_CUS_DEVCLASS - Packages and Systems
OXT_CUS_EXT - Customer Extension Header
OXT_CUS_EXTVER - Customer Extension Versions
OXT_CUS_PPROC - Postprocessing Activities
OXT_CUS_PRJ - Object Extension Projects
OXT_CUS_PRJUSR - Project User Assignment
OXT_CUS_TRANS - EEW Project Transports
OXT_ER_BUSOBJ - OXT Business Objects
OXT_ER_BUSOBJT - Text Table for OXT Business Objects
OXT_ER_EXTACT - Action for Extension Type
OXT_ER_EXTACTT - Long Texts for Extension Action
OXT_ER_EXTTYP - OXT Business Object Extension
OXT_ER_EXTTYPREL - OXT Business Object Extension
OXT_ER_EXTTYPT - Text Table for OXT Business Object Extension
OXT_ER_GOBJDEF - Description Template for Objects to be Generated
OXT_ER_GOBJDEFT - Long Text for Objects to be Generated
OXT_ER_GOBJDTL - Generated Object Substitution Details
OXT_ER_GOBJRPL - OXT Generator Substitutions
OXT_ER_KNOWLEDGE - Applications Knowledge Base
OXT_ER_PPROC - OXT Postprocessing Definition
OXT_ER_SUBOBJ - OXT Business Object Subobject
OXT_ER_TASKDEF - OXT Extension Type Task Definition
OXT_ER_TASKSEQ - OXT Extension Type Task Sequence
OXT_ER_TTYP_PP - PostProcessing: Definition per Task Type
OXT_FIELDNAME_INFO - Field Name Information
OXT_GENOBJDEF - OXT Object Template Description
OXT_GENOBJDEFT - Description of Objects to be Generated
OXT_GENOBJDTL - Generated Object Substitution Details
OXT_GENOBJRPL - OXT Generator Substitutions
OXT_GENTABHDR - OXT Object Template Description
OXT_GENTABLIN - OXT Object Template Description
OXT_GOBJDEF - Generated Object Description
OXT_GOBJRPL - Substitution Description
OXT_PARAMETER - Parameter List
OXT_PARAMHDR - OXT Parameter Set
OXT_PARAMLIN - OXT Parameter Set Row
OXT_RT_BUSOBJ - Business Object Runtime Structure
OXT_RT_DEVCLASS - Packages of an EEW Project
OXT_RT_EXT - Extension Runtime Structure
OXT_RT_EXTACT - Extension Action Runtime Structure
OXT_RT_EXTTYP - Extension Type Runtime Structure
OXT_RT_PRJ - Project Runtime Structure
OXT_RT_SUBOBJ - Subobject Runtime Structure
OXT_RT_TF_PPROC - Postprocessing Information
OXT_RT_TRANSPORT - EEW Project Transports
OXT_RUNTIME_INFO - Task Runtime Info
OXT_SYSTAB - OXT Tool System Table
OXT_SYSTYPES - System Types for EEW
OXT_SYSTYPEST - Text Table for EEW Systems
OXT_TASKINFO - Task Information
OXT_TASKLINK - Interlinkage OXT_CUS_EXT -> OXT_TASKLIST (local+global)
OXT_TASKLIST - OXT Tasklist (local)
OXT_TRANSOBJ_KEYS - Transported Object Keys

SAP EEW Interface Tables CA-GTF-EEW-WB

OXT_PICTURE - Repository for OXT Pictures

SAP Environment, Health and Safety: Master Data Tables CA-GTF-EHS

BASS_ADMGUID - EHS: Structure for General Administration Information
BASS_KEYGUID - EHS: Structure for Standard Key Fields in Master Data
CCDUTCARR - Provisions for Carriage
CCDUTDGREL - Product Release
CCDUTPACK - Packaging Code Approvals
CCDUTSPROV - Special Provisions
CCDUTTRAPPR - Transport Restrictions
CCUNC111 - Stowage Categories
CCUNC112 - Stowage Category Descriptions
CCUNC113 - Categories of Instruction for Enclosure
CCUNC114 - Descriptions for Categories of Instruction for Enclosure
CCUNC115 - Instructions for Enclosure
CCUNC116 - Descriptions for Instructions for Enclosure
CCUNC117 - Regulatory Basis for Transport Restrictions
CCUNC118 - Descriptions for Regulatory Basis for Transport Restrictions
CCUNC121 - Packaging Codes (Enhanced Data Model)
CCUNC122 - Packaging Code Descriptions
DGTM2 - DG: Dangerous Goods Master (App. Table)
DGTMD - DG: Dangerous Goods Master
EHS_TCGUETYNA - EHS: Descriptions for User Exit Categories in User Exit Mgmt
EHS_TDG151B - EHS: Base Mode-of-Transport Categories
EHS_TDG151B_DESC - EHS: Descriptions for Base Mode-of-Transport Categories
ESTPH - EHS: Phrase Header
ESTPJ - EHS: Phrase set - phrase header assignment
ESTPO - EHS: Original Phrase
ESTPP - EHS: Phrase Item
ESTPS - EHS: Phrase Set
ESTPT - EHS: Language-Dependent Description for Phrase Sets
HSMC_011 - EHS: Storage Hazard Type
HSMC_012 - EHS: Text Table for Storage Hazard Type
HSMC_013 - EHS: Hazard Rating
HSMC_014 - EHS: Text Table for Hazard Rating
HSMC_015 - EHS: Assignment Storage Hazard Type to Country/Region
HSMC_017 - EHS: Definition of Text Types for Hazardous Substance Master
HSMC_018 - EHS: Text Table for Text Types in Hazardous Substance Master
HSMC_019 - EHS: Definition of Numeric Types in Hazardous Subs. Master
HSMC_020 - EHS: Text Table for Numeric Types in Hazardous Subs. Master
HSMS_DNDATA - EHS: Data Structure for Haz. Subs. Addit. Data 2 (Num. Type)
HSMS_DTDATA - EHS: Data Structure for Haz. Subs. Addit. Data 1 (Num. Type)
HSMS_KEY - EHS: Logical Key for Hazardous Substance
HSMS_MDDATA - EHS: Data Structure for Hazardous Substance Basic Data
HSMS_STOKEYS - EHS: Data Structure for Hazard Ratings 1 ... n
HSMT_DN - EHS: Hazardous Substance Addit. Data 2 (Numeric Type)
HSMT_DT - EHS: Hazardous Substance Addit. Data 1 (Text Type)
HSMT_MD - EHS: Hazardous Substance Basic Data
RCBDUCARR - EHS: Application Data for Table CCDUTCARR
RCBDUDGREL - EHS: Application Data for Table CCDUTDGREL
RCBDUPACK - EHS: Application Data for Table CCDUTPACK
RCBDUTRAPPR - EHS: Application Data for Table CCDUTTRAPPR
RCGUADM - EHS: Structure for General Administration Information
RCGUKEY - EHS: Structure for key info of master data
RDGDBKEY - EHS: Logical Database Key to RDGKEY
RDGKEY - DG: Include for Logical Key
RDGM2 - DG: Structure for appendix table for DGTMD
RDGM3 - DG: Structure for Dangerous Goods Master Table DGTM2
RDGM4_EXC_QUANT - DG: Structure for Dangerous Goods Master Table DGTM2
RDGM6_DGREL_TRANSIND - Structure for Transport Indicators in Product Release
RDGMDAPPDATA - EHS: Application Data for Table DGTMD
RDGUADM - DG: Structure for General Administration Information
TCG11 - EHS: Value Assignment Type
TCG12 - EHS: Language-Dependent Description for Value Assignmt Type
TCG26 - EHS: Identification Listings
TCG27 - EHS: Language-Dependent Desc. for Identification Listing
TCG41 - EHS: Value Assignment Text Type
TCG42 - EHS: Language-Dependent Desc. for Value Assignment Text Type
TCG56 - EHS: Data Origin
TCG61 - EHS: Phrase Library
TCG62 - EHS: Language-dependent labels for phrase libraries
TCG63 - EHS: Phrase Group
TCG64 - EHS: Language-Dependent Description for Phrase Group
TCG65 - EHS: Phrase language (languages supported by phrase library)
TCG66 - EHS: Value Assignment Type Class Characteristic
TCG67 - EHS: Phrase Item Status
TCG68 - EHS: Language-Dependent Description for Phrase Item Status
TCG81 - EHS: Regulatory List
TCG82 - EHS: Language-Dependent Description for Regulatory List
TCG89 - EHS: Validity Area Category
TCG90 - EHS: Language-Dependent Desc. for Validity Area Categories
TCG91 - EHS: Validity Area
TCG92 - EHS: Language-Dependent Description for Validity Area
TCG93 - EHS: Validity Area - Country - Region - VA - Assignment
TCGENV - EHS: General Environment Parameters
TCGENVEXT - EHS: Customizing - Conditions for Parameters
TCGENVNA - EHS: Language-Dependent Desc. for Environment Parameters
TCGOBJ - EHS: Table of Possible Object Types
TCGUEEN - EHS: User Exit Parameters in User Exit Management
TCGUEFU - EHS: User Exits in User Exit Management with FM Assignment
TCGUENA - EHS: Language-Dependent User Exit Names in User Exit Mgmt
TCGUEPA - EHS: Assignment User Exit Function Module to Parameter
TCGUEPANA - EHS: Language-Dependent Desc. of User Exit FM Parameters
TCGUETY - EHS: User Exit Categories in User Exit Management
TDG103 - Indicators for Transport
TDG104 - Description of Transport Indicators
TDG105 - Assign Transport Indicators to Dangerous Goods Regulation
TDG107 - DG Indicator: Display Old Indicators in DG Supplement
TDG15 - Water Pollution Classes
TDG153 - EHS: Collective Mode-of-Transport Categories
TDG16 - DG: Label for water pollution class
TDG29 - DG: Labels for Printing
TDG30 - DG: Text table for printing labels
TDG35 - DG: VbF Classes
TDG36 - DG: Description for VbF classes
TDG37 - DG: Storage Hazard Classes
TDG38 - DG: Description for Storage Hazard Classes
TDG73 - DG: Identification Number Type
TDG74 - DG: Description of Identification Number Type
TDG91 - Text Pattern Profiles
TDG92 - Description for Text Pattern Profiles
THM003 - DG: Specify Transport Type
THM004 - DG: Short Description for Transport Type
THM009 - Dangerous Goods Classes
THM010 - DG: Description of Dangerous Goods Classes
THM011 - Classification Code
THM012 - Description for Classification Code
THM017 - DG Danger Label
THM018 - DG: Short Description for Danger Label
THM019 - EHS: Transport Symbol Groups
THM020 - EHS: Transport Symbol Group Descriptions
THM031 - DG: Hazard Identification Numbers
THM032 - DG: Short Description for Hazard Identification Number
THM039 - DG: Processing Status for Dangerous Goods Basic Data
THM040 - DG: Short Description of Processing Status for DG Basic Data
THM063 - DG: Dangerous Goods Regulation
THM073 - DG: Packaging Code Specific to Dangerous Goods Regulations
THM074 - Descr. for packaging code specific to DG regulations
THM075 - DG: Packaging Regulation
THM076 - DG: Packaging Regulation Description
THM091 - DG: Dynamic Key
THM092 - DG: Description of Dynamic Key
THM097 - DG: Mixed Loading Rules
THM098 - DG: Description of Mixed Loading Rules
THM099 - DG: Segregation
THM100 - DG: Description of Segregation
THM101 - DG: Regulation-Dependent Mixed Loading Groups
THM102 - DG: Description of Regulation-Dependent Mixed Loading Groups
THM103 - DG: Enterprise-Specific Mixed Loading Groups
THM104 - DG: Description of Company-Specific Mixed Loading Group
THM151 - DG: Mode-of-Transport Category
THM152 - DG: Mode-of-Transport Category
THM157 - DG: Profiles for Dangerous Goods User-Defined Texts
THM158 - DG: Description of Profiles
THM159 - DG: Not Dangerous Goods Full/Empty Transport
THM160 - DG: Description Not Dangerous Goods Full/Empty Transport

SAP Data Access in Agreement with German Tax Law Tables CA-GTF-GDP

ITSELECTIONS - Free Text Structure for Selection Criteria
TPCDATE - Periods for Authorization Check
TPCDATEN - Periods for Authorization Check
TPCPROG - Programs for Authorization Check
TPCPROGS - Check Table for Authorization Check Programs
TPCUSER - User for Authorization Check
TPCUSERN - User for Authorization Check

SAP Generic Project Planning Tables CA-GTF-GPL

CGPLT_OPT_INDX - Project Planning: User-Specific Options
CGPLT_REPID_DYNNR_LINE - Project Planning: Program and Screen Number
CGPLT_TAB_TITLE - Project Planning: Title of Tab Stribs for Options
CGPLT_USER_OPTIONS_LINE - Project Planning: User Settings
CGPL_APPLICATION - Project Planning - Applications
CGPL_APPL_OBJECT_TYPE - Info Structure for Application Objects
CGPL_ARCH_IDX - Project Planning: Index of Archived Projects
CGPL_ASGTYPES - Project Planning: Assignment Type Supported by Application
CGPL_ATTR_INCL - Project Planning: Projects and Activities Include Structure
CGPL_AUTHORITY - Project Planning - Authorization Flags
CGPL_CM_SETTINGS - General Project Planning: Settings for Document Management
CGPL_CODING_MASK - CGPL Project Planning: External Number Formatting
CGPL_CODING_MSKT - Number Formatting Description
CGPL_CODING_SECT - Number Formatting Sections
CGPL_DISPLAY_PROPERTIES - Object Characteristics for Display in Structure Tree
CGPL_FIELD_VALUE - Project Planning - Field Value for Transfer to MS Project
CGPL_GUID_STRUC - Proj. Planning: Struct. of 16-Charact. GUID and Object Ref.
CGPL_HIERARCHY - Project Planning: Activities and Projects Hierarchy Table
CGPL_HIERARCHY_NODE - Project Planning: Hierarchy Nodes
CGPL_MAPPING - Mapping of SAP App. Field to MS Project
CGPL_MAPPING_D - Dialog Structure: Mapping of SAP App. Field to MS Project
CGPL_MAPPING_FIELD - Mapping of SAP Field with MS Project Attribute
CGPL_MESSAGE_CONTEXT - Structure for Message Context in Application Log
CGPL_OBJECTTEXT - Project Planning - Object Type Text
CGPL_OBJECT_GUID - Project Planning: Struct. with Project and Task GUID Fields
CGPL_OBJECT_ID - Project Planning: Structure with GUID Field
CGPL_OBJECT_RELATION - Object Relationship - Lower-Level Objects
CGPL_OBJHIER - Project Planning - Object Type Hierarchy Relationship
CGPL_OBJTYPES - Project Planning Object Types
CGPL_OBJTYPES_S - Project Planning - Structure via CGPL_OBJECT_TYPE
CGPL_OBJTYP_PROP - Project Planning: Customizable Characterist. of Object Types
CGPL_PREFETCH_OBJECT - Structure for Prefetch of Assignment Objects
CGPL_PRIO - Project Planning - Priorities
CGPL_PRIOTX - Priority Texts
CGPL_PROJECT - Project Planning: Attribute Table for Project Headers
CGPL_PROJECTPOS_STRUC - Project Planning: Projects with Item
CGPL_PROJECT_CD - Project Planning: Change Document Structure for CGPL_PROJECT
CGPL_PROJECT_ENQ - Project Planning - Lock Key Project
CGPL_PROJECT_NODE - Project Attribute Including Hierarchy Information
CGPL_PROJECT_STRUC - Project Planning: Projects
CGPL_R3_ATTRIBUT - R/3 Interface: Attributes of R/3 Shadow Objects
CGPL_R3_ATTRIBUT_INCL - R/3 Interface: Include Structure of R/3 Attributes
CGPL_RELATION - Project Planning: Relationships
CGPL_SAPSCRIPT_COM - Project planning:Communication structure SAPScript- Handling
CGPL_SCHEDULE_ATTRIBUTES - Project Planning: Attributes for Scheduling
CGPL_SCHEDULE_NODE - Project Planning: Node Structure for Scheduling
CGPL_SCHEDULING_MESSAGE - Message for Node Scheduling
CGPL_STAT_TXT - Auxiliary Structure for Status Display
CGPL_SWITCH_OBJTYPE - Project Planning: Exchange of Object Types when Copying
CGPL_TASK - Project Planning: Attribute Table for Activities
CGPL_TASKPOS_STRUC - Project Planning: Activities with Item
CGPL_TASK_CD - Project Planning: Change Document Structure for CGPL_TASK
CGPL_TASK_NODE - Task Attribute Including Hierarchy Information
CGPL_TEXT - Proj. Planning of Lang. Depend. Short Text for Proj./Tasks
CGPL_TEXT_CD - Project Planning: Change Document Structure for CGPL_TEXT
CGPL_TREEITEM - Project Planning - Element in Tree Control
CGPL_TREEITEM_UPD - Project Planning - Element in Tree Control (Update)
CGPL_TS_ENTITY_DELTA - Delta table for reloading of CGPL objects
CGPL_USROPT - Project Planning - Classes for User Settings
CGPL_VISUAL_OBJECT - Interface Reference to Display Object
CGPL_WORKLIST_ITEM - Item in Worklist

SAP Interaction Center WebClient Tables CA-GTF-IC

CRMC_CIC_BROADT - Broadcast Component Profile Maintenance Text
CRMC_IC_ACENTRY - Activity Clipboard Entry Definition
CRMC_IC_ACENTR_T - Activity Clipboard Entries of a Profile
CRMC_IC_ACPROF - Activity Clipboard Profle
CRMC_IC_ACPROFE - Activity Clipboard Entries of a Profile
CRMC_IC_ACPROFF - Activity Clipboard Filters for Profile Entries
CRMC_IC_ACPROF_T - Activity Clipboard Profle
CRMC_IC_ACTPROF - Activity Clipboard Profle
CRMC_IC_ACTPROFS - Activity Clipboard Additional Sources Definitions
CRMC_IC_ACTPROFW - Activity Clipboard Wrapper Definitions
CRMC_IC_ACTPRO_T - Activity Clipboard Technical Defintions Profile
CRMC_IC_ACTSRC - Activity Clipboard Additional Sources Definitions
CRMC_IC_ACTWRAP - Activity Clipboard Wrapper Definitions
CRMC_IC_AITEMBTN - WorkSpaceBar Action Item Layout Button definition table
CRMC_IC_ALERT - Alert table
CRMC_IC_ALERT_T - Text table for Alerts
CRMC_IC_ALPROF - Alert profile table
CRMC_IC_ALPROF_T - Text table for alert profile
CRMC_IC_AL_EVENT - Triggering and terminating events for alerts
CRMC_IC_AL_KEY - Table that maps alert ids to alert profiles
CRMC_IC_AL_PARAM - Alert parameters and values
CRMC_IC_AL_PLHDR - Alert message placeholders
CRMC_IC_BOL_BOR - BOL to BOR Mapping for Launch Transactions
CRMC_IC_CCPRO - IC MCM Com Mgmt Software System Profile
CRMC_IC_CCPRO_T - IC MCM Com Mgmt Software System Profile Description
CRMC_IC_CHATCUST - Chat customizing table
CRMC_IC_CHAT_T - Chat customizing text table
CRMC_IC_CHTBTN - WorkSpaceBar ChatLayout Button definition table
CRMC_IC_EMAIL - Email client customizing table
CRMC_IC_EMAIL_T - Email client customizing text table
CRMC_IC_EMLBTN - WorkSpaceBar EmailLayout Button definition table
CRMC_IC_EVENT - IC Event table
CRMC_IC_EVENT_T - IC Event Text Table
CRMC_IC_FROMGRP - DefaultFromGroup
CRMC_IC_GENBTN - WorkSpaceBar GenericLayout Button definition table
CRMC_IC_HBTPRF_T - Text table for heartbeat profile
CRMC_IC_HBT_PROF - IC WebClient Heartbeat Profile
CRMC_IC_KSPROF - IC WebClient Knowledge Search Agent Profile
CRMC_IC_KSPROFAP - Applications for Knowledge Search IC Functional Profile
CRMC_IC_KSPROFD - Security Profile of Knowledge Base for Knowledge Search
CRMC_IC_KSPROFKB - Knowledge Bases for Knowledge Search IC Agent Profile
CRMC_IC_KSPROF_T - IC WebClient Knowledge Search Agent Profile
CRMC_IC_LTX_ID - Launch Transaction Definition
CRMC_IC_LTX_ID_T - Launch Transaction Definition Texts
CRMC_IC_LTX_PE - Launch Transaction Data Flow Definition
CRMC_IC_LTX_PI - Launch Transaction Data Flow Definition
CRMC_IC_LTX_PI_F - Launch Transaction Data Flow Definition
CRMC_IC_NBENTRY - Navigation Bar Entry Definition
CRMC_IC_NBENTR_T - Navigation Bar Entry Definition Texts
CRMC_IC_NBEVIEWS - Target Views and View Sets
CRMC_IC_NBGROUP - Navigation Bar Entry Groups
CRMC_IC_NBGRP_T - Navigation Bar Entry Grouping - Texts
CRMC_IC_NBPERS - Personalized Navigation Bar Profile Settings
CRMC_IC_NBPROF - Navigation Bar Profile
CRMC_IC_NBPROFE - Navigation Bar Entries of a Profile
CRMC_IC_NBPROF_T - Navigation Bar Profile
CRMC_IC_PARA_A - Parameter to Profile Assignment
CRMC_IC_PARA_D - Parameter Definition
CRMC_IC_PARA_D_T - Parameter Definition
CRMC_IC_PARA_P - Parameter Profile
CRMC_IC_PARA_P_T - Parameter Profile
CRMC_IC_PMASTER - IC WebClient Profile Master
CRMC_IC_PMAST_T - IC WebClient Profile Master
CRMC_IC_PROF - IC WebClient Profile Definition
CRMC_IC_PROFS - IC WebClient Profile Definition
CRMC_IC_PROF_T - IC profile text
CRMC_IC_PROLAY - WorkSpaceBar Profile Layout definition table
CRMC_IC_PROLAY_T - WorkSpaceBar Profile Text definition table
CRMC_IC_RESPNGRP - ResponseGroup
CRMC_IC_SCRIPTS - CRM IC Interactive Scripting Scripts
CRMC_IC_SCRIPT_E - CRM IC Interactive Scripting and events
CRMC_IC_SCRIPT_L - CRM IC Interactive Scripting Languages used
CRMC_IC_SCRIPT_P - CRM IC Interactive Scripting Profiles
CRMC_IC_TELBTN - WorkSpaceBar TelephonyLayout Button definition table
CRMC_IC_WSBBTN - WorkSpaceBar Buttons definition table
CRMC_IC_WSBBTN_T - WorkSpaceBar Buttons Text definition table
CRMD_IC_INIT - Table for initial Views and Actionbox IDs
CRMD_IC_NBPERS - Personalized Navigation Bar Profile Settings
CRMS_IC_ACFILTER - Activity Clipboard Possible Filters
CRMS_IC_LTX - Launch Transaction Technical Definitions
CRMS_IC_LTX_T - Launch Transaction Technical Definitions
CRMS_IC_OTR - IC: OTR aliases used for IC Java components
CRMT_IC_KS_KB - List of Knowledge Bases
CRMT_IC_LTX_ID_DESC - Launch transaction ID and description
CRMT_IC_NAVBAR_GROUP_DATA - Navigation Bar Group data
CRMT_IC_PROFILE_DESCRIPTION - IC WebClient Profile Value and Description for F4 Dialog
CRMT_IC_PROFILE_NO_DESCRIPTION - IC WebClient Profile Value and Description for F4 Dialog
CRM_IC_BOL_SRCH - Search Help for BOL
CRM_IC_SEARCH - Search Help for Navigationbar
CRM_IC_TEXT_TAB - Table for IC WebClient Text Object
HRI1261 - Infotype 1261 fields - Interaction Center
HRP1261 - DB Table for Infotype 1261
P1261 - Infotype 1261: IC WebClient Profile
P1261_AF - Additional Query Fields

SAP Activity Clipboard Tables CA-GTF-IC-ACC

CRMC_IC_BORADM - Administration of system settings for Business Objects
CRMC_IC_BORADM_T - Text Table for the table CRMC_IC_BORADM
CRMC_IC_LTX_UPA - Parameter Definition of URL based Launch Transactions
CRMC_IC_LTX_UPAT - Parameter Definition of URL based Launch Transactions
CRMC_IC_LTX_URL - Definition of URL based Launch Transactions
CRMC_IC_LTX_URLT - Definition of URL based Launch Transactions
CRMT_IC_ACB_COLUMN - Column data for the Activity Clipboard
CRMT_IC_ACB_LINE - Activity Clipboard line
CRMT_IC_ACENTRY - Activity Clipboard Entry
CRMT_IC_ACTION_DEF - IC Transaction Launcher Definition
CRMT_IC_ACTION_DF_FIELD - Detail definition of a data flow parameter field
CRMT_IC_ACTION_DF_PARAM - Detail definition of a data flow parameter
CRMT_IC_ATTRIBUTE_DATA - IC event parameter
CRMT_IC_BDC_CONTEXT_META - Object id (role) and object type of a BDC entry
CRMT_IC_BDC_LINK_INFO - Object link information
CRMT_IC_BORIDENT - Object Relationship Service: BOR Object Identifier
CRMT_IC_BOR_WRAPPER - Property structure for BOL object
CRMT_IC_CONTAINER_PARAM - Definition of a Container Parameter With Description
CRMT_IC_EWBPROCLX - Generic Front Office Process Class ID
CRMT_IC_ITS_ACTION_DATA - Data structure for ITS communication and data flow
CRMT_IC_LTX_ATTRIBUTE - Attribute structure of data sources
CRMT_IC_LTX_DF_DEFINITION - Launch Transaction Data Flow Definition
CRMT_IC_LTX_PARAMS_BY_ID - Launch Transaction Parameters by ID
CRMT_IC_LTX_SOURCES_TREE_ITEM - Item structure for data source tree
CRMT_IC_LTX_SOURCES_TREE_NODE - Node structure for data source tree
CRMT_IC_LTX_URL_DATA - Runtime URL Definition
CRMT_IC_LTX_WIZARD_0200 - Launch Transaction Wizard - Screen 200
CRMT_IC_LTX_WIZARD_0300 - Launch Transaction Wizard - Screen 300
CRMT_IC_LTX_WIZARD_DATA - Launch Transaction Wizard Data
CRMT_IC_MESSAGE_DATA - Message Structure
CRMT_IC_NAME_VALUE - Name value pair
CRMT_UI_LTX_URL_PORTAL - Integration of URL Based Launch Transactions into Portal
CRMT_UI_OBN_CALL - Parameters of Object Based Navigation (Enterprise Portal)
CRMT_UI_SWCONT - Instance Structure
CRM_IC_CONTAINER_PARAM - Definition of a Container Parameter With Description
CRM_IC_ITS_UTIL_BORID - Logical system, type and key of a BOR object
CRM_IC_NAME_VALUE - IC name value structure
ICT_ACTIVE_LTX - IC WebClient Active Launch Transactions

SAP Alert Tables CA-GTF-IC-ALT

CRMC_IC_COMM_MOD - Table CRMC IC Communication Mode
CRMC_IC_COM_MD_T - Customizing text table for CRMC_IC_COMM_MOD
CRMT_IC_ALERT - Structure to store alert attributes
CRMT_IC_ALERT_FOR_EVENT - all alerts defined for an event
CRMT_IC_ALERT_MESSAGE - Structure for alert message entries
CRMT_IC_ALERT_MSG_HISTORY - Alert message history
CRMT_IC_AM_PARAMS - Alert parameter name and value pair
CRMT_IC_AM_PLACEHOLDER - Id and property of alert placeholder
CRMT_IC_TRIGGERED_ALERT - The triggered alert and the event that caused it

SAP Broadcast Messaging Tables CA-GTF-IC-BRO

CRMC_CIC_BROAD - Profile Table for Broadcast Component
CRMD_BM_MES - CRM broadcast messaging runtime table for messages
CRMD_BM_MESADD - broadcast messaging table for additional fields
CRMD_BM_MESCONT - broadcast message table for message content
CRMD_BM_MESEXP - broadcast messaging table for expire timestamp
CRMD_BM_MESEXTRA - broadcast messaging table for extra data
CRMGS_CIC_BR_DLISTS - CRM - CIC - Broadcasting Component - user distribution lists
CRMGS_CIC_BR_UNAME - CRM - CIC - Broadcasting Component - Users names
CRMT_BM_KEY_VALUE_LINE - CRM Broadcast Messaging key value line
CRMT_BM_MESSAGE - broadcast message
CRMT_BM_MESSAGE_ADD - broadcast messaging additional fields
CRMT_BM_MESSAGE_BASE - basic broadcast message data
CRMT_BM_MESSAGE_CONT - broadcast messaging content
CRMT_BM_MESSAGE_CORE - broadcast messaging core information
CRMT_BM_MESSAGE_EXTRA - broadcast messaging extra information
CRMT_BM_MESSAGE_ID - broadcast mssaging ID
CRMT_BM_QUEUE - broadcast queue struture
CRMT_BM_SEND_LOG - CRM IC Broadcast Messaging Send Log Line
CRMT_BROADCAST_MESSAGE - The broadcast message
CRMT_CIC_BR_DL - CRM - CIC - Broadcasting Component - Distribution Lists
CRMT_IC_BM_PROF_LIST_LINE - Structure of single row of the internal profile table
CRMT_IC_BM_SCHEMA_LINE - Fomat schema for broadcase message
CRM_CIC_BM_PROF - Table for storing default profile of supervisor
CRM_CIC_BROAD - profile for broadcast components
ICORGSTRUCPROF - CIC organizational structure profiles

SAP Communication Channel Tables CA-GTF-IC-CHA

CCS_SPHQASSN - CCS SAPphone queue assignment
CCS_SPHQUEUET - CCS SAPphone queue text
CRMC_BCB_CC - Communication Management Software Connections
CRMC_IC_CCLNK - IC MCM Com Mgmt Software Link Profile & System
CRMC_IC_CHPSTDET - Chat postings detail
CRMC_IC_CHPSTHDR - Chat postings header table
CRMC_IC_CHTRAHDR - Chat transcript header table
CRMM_IC_CCSYS - IC MCM Com Mgmt Software System
CRMM_IC_CCSYSCH - IC MCM Com Mgmt Software System Channels
CRMM_IC_CCSYSQ - IC MCM Com Mgmt Software System Queues
CRMM_IC_CCSYSQ_T - IC MCM Com Mgmt Software System Queues Description
CRMM_IC_CCSYS_T - IC MCM Com Mgmt Software System Description
CRMS_IC_EMAIL_MIME_STRUC - SAP CRM E-Mail: Display of a MIME Body Part
CRMS_IC_EMAIL_RECIPIENT_DATA - E-Mail Addresses with Additional Information
CRMS_IC_MCM_APPLICATION_IDS - Application Id for each channel
CRMS_IC_MCM_ASYN_SHMA_TB_LINE - Asynchronous Inbox Search SHMA Table Line Structure
CRMS_IC_MCM_CHAT_SESSION - MCM interaction id - session id map
CRMS_IC_MCM_IM_IAD - MCM IM properties
CRMS_IC_MCM_INT_SESSION_MAP - MCM interaction id - session id map
CRMS_IC_MCM_MAIL_ATTACHMENT - transfer structure for mail attachment
CRMS_IC_MCM_PROXY_MSG - MCM session proxy message
CRMS_IC_MCM_PROXY_MSG_X - MCM session proxy message
CRMS_IC_SPH_SAM_WFCR - Wait for Call Results
CRMT_BCB_PRESENCE_QUEUE - Structure for the agent presence information
CRMT_IC_MAIL - mail headers and body
CRMT_IC_MCM_CCSYS_QUEUE - IC MCM Com Mgmt Software System Queue
CRM_BCB_MAIL_INTERNET_ADDR - transfer structure for internet addresses
CRM_BCB_MAIL_MIME_PART - Transfer structure for mail attachements
CRM_CCS_CALLS - CRM CMS Simulator - Phone Call
CRM_CCS_CHAT_SES - CRM CMS Simulator - Chat Session
CRM_CCS_HEADER - Contact Center Simulator Header structure
CRM_CCS_MESSAGE - CRM CMS Simulator - Message
CRM_CCS_POSTING - CRM CMS Simulator - Chat Posting
CRM_CCS_TEXT_ELEMENT - CRM CMS Simulator - Text Element
CRM_CCS_USER - CRM CMS Simulator - User
CRM_CCS_USER_PROPS - CRM CMS Simulator - User Properties
CRM_ICI_ACTION_ITEM - ICI specification: description of an action item
CRM_ICI_ADDRESS - ICI specification: description of a user address
CRM_ICI_CHAT_POSTING - ICI specification: description of a chat posting
CRM_ICI_CHAT_SESSION - ICI specification: description of a chat session
CRM_ICI_COMPAREDTRACE_S - Tree position to Entry Level
CRM_ICI_FRONTEND_TRACE_S - SAM Events Trace Structure
CRM_ICI_ITEM - complex type: item
CRM_ICI_MESSAGE - ICI spezification: complex structure for message
CRM_ICI_METHOD_TRACEUNIT_S - ICI Trace method with trace unit
CRM_ICI_PHONE_CALL - ICI specification: complex type phone call
CRM_ICI_PRESENCE_GROUP - Presence group info
CRM_ICI_PRESENCE_QUEUE - Presence Queue Info
CRM_ICI_ROUTING_ATTRIBUTE - ICI specification: complex type for routing attributes
CRM_ICI_SAM_PROPERTIES_S - SAM Properties Structure
CRM_ICI_SESSMANAGER_ATTB_S - Session Manager Attributes
CRM_ICI_SYSTEM - CRM ICI system reponse on 'exchangeProductInformation'
CRM_ICI_TEXT_ELEMENT - text element from ICI specification
CRM_ICI_TRACE - structure for temporary storage of a trace in ICI
CRM_ICI_TRACES - storage for SOAP traces in ICI
CRM_ICI_TRACES_H - storage for SOAP traces in ICI: session level attributes
CRM_ICI_TRACEXML_S - Trace XML analysis structure
CRM_ICI_TRACE_KEY - Key for saving traces on data base
CRM_ICI_TST_CAT - User dependent parameter for ICI/BCB test environment
CRM_ICI_USER - complex type from ICI specification: User
ICI_CCS_ACTION - CCS Simulator - Action Item
ICI_CCS_ACTION_ITEM - complex type from ICI specification: Action Item
ICI_CCS_ACTION_SESSION - ICI specification: description of a chat session
ICI_CCS_ADDRESS - ICI specification: description of a user address
ICI_CCS_AGENT_S - Agent Details
ICI_CCS_ATTRIBUTE - Attributes specific for ActionItem considered during routing
ICI_CCS_CALLS - CCS Simulator - Phone Call
ICI_CCS_CHAT_POSTING - ICI specification: description of a chat posting
ICI_CCS_CHAT_SES - CCS Simulator - Chat Session
ICI_CCS_CHAT_SESSION - ICI specification: description of a chat session
ICI_CCS_CONTAINERS_S - Structure for table of registered containers
ICI_CCS_HEADER - Contact Center Simulator Header structure
ICI_CCS_INFO - Stores CCS info shared by Soap processing and RFC Call
ICI_CCS_ITEM - complex type: item
ICI_CCS_ITEMS_S - CCSUI - structure for table of existing items
ICI_CCS_MESSAGE - CCS Simulator - Message
ICI_CCS_MESSAGE_S - complex type from ICI specification: message
ICI_CCS_MONIDATA - CCS Monitoring - basic data
ICI_CCS_MONI_SIMTB_S - structure for table of simulation data
ICI_CCS_MONI_SUB - CCS Monitoring - subscriptions
ICI_CCS_MONI_SUB_S - Structure for monitoring subscription entry
ICI_CCS_PARAM - CCS Properties
ICI_CCS_PHONE_CALL - complex type from ICI specification: phone call
ICI_CCS_POSTING - CCS Simulator - Chat Posting
ICI_CCS_PRESENCE_QUEUEINFO - ICI Presence Queue Information
ICI_CCS_SMUM_XMLTB - XML Table structure used for retreive and output XML doc
ICI_CCS_SYSTEM - CRM ICI system reponse on 'exchangeProductInformation'
ICI_CCS_TEXT_ELEMENT - text element from ICI specification
ICI_CCS_USER - CCS Simulator - User
ICI_CCS_USER_S - complex type from ICI specification: User
ICT_CHAT_POSTINGS - IL: Chat Transcript Postings Structure
ICT_CHAT_TRANS - IL: Chat Transcript Header Structure

SAP Framework Tables CA-GTF-IC-FRW

BSPXPC_CC_CBOA - Commands-Business Object Association
BSPXPC_CC_CMD - Command list
BSPXPC_CC_CMD_TX - Command Description
BSPXPC_CC_CP - Command-Parameters
BSPXPC_CC_CP_TX - Command-Parameters Texts
BSPXPC_CC_PRF_TX - Command Center Profile Description
BSPXPC_CC_PROF - Command Center Profile
BSPXPC_NBGRP_M - Navigation Bar Group to Filter Mode Assignment
BSPXPC_NBGRP_P - Navigation Bar Group Position
BSPXPT_CCENTER_PARAM_VALUE - Command Center Parameter Values
BSPXPT_CONTEXT_OBJ_STACK_LINE - Context Stack Line of specific Root Object
BSPXPT_PARAM_LIST_COL - Pass the ccenter serach result with parameter
BSPXPT_PERSISTENT_OBJECT - Persistent object information
CRMC_IC_CUST_TXT - Language dependent texts used in Customizing XML profiles
CRMC_IC_EVENTS - Repository of IC Events
CRMC_IC_EVENTS_T - Repository of IC Events
CRMC_IC_EVENT_AP - Eventing Framework Applications
CRMC_IC_EV_GROUP - Event Groups
CRMC_IC_EV_GRP_T - IC Event Groups
CRMC_IC_EV_GR_EV - Event Assignment to Group
CRMC_IC_EV_PARAM - Event Parameters
CRMC_IC_EV_PARAT - Event Parameters
CRMC_IC_XMLSTORE - XML storage for IC applications
CRMC_IC_XMLSTORT - XML storage for IC applications
CRMC_IC_XMLSTORX - XML storage for IC applications
CRMC_IC_XMLSTRTX - XML storage for IC applications
CRMD_IC_XMLCOM - Component ID for XML storage for IC application
CRMD_IC_XMLSTORE - XML storage for IC applications
CRMD_IC_XMLSTORT - XML storage for IC applications
CRMD_IC_XMLSTORX - XML storage for IC applications
CRMD_IC_XMLSTRTX - XML storage for IC applications
CRMD_IC_XMLTEMP - Temporary table for keeping flag on converted data.
CRMM_IC_GFS - IC Global Framework Settings
CRMS_IC_APP_COMP - IC Application components and classes
CRMS_IC_COMPS - Mapping between component names and ABAP implementation
CRMS_IC_JCONFIG - Java server configuration information
CRMS_IC_RFCLOCAL - IC: table of users who uses a local ICServer instance
CRMT_IC_CONFIGPROF_INDEX - Configuration profile to index association
CRMT_IC_CONFIGPROF_INDEX_ORG - Index to organization association
CRMT_IC_EVENT_LISTENER - IC application event subscription for one listener
CRMT_IC_EVENT_PARAM - IC event parameter
CRMT_IC_EVENT_SUBSCR_ENTRY - IC event subscription entry
CRMT_IC_EXTERNAL_SERVER - External server definition
CRMT_IC_F4_INPUTFIELDS - Input fields for f4 help
CRMT_IC_F4_LISTFIELDS - List fields for f4 help
CRMT_IC_JERROR - Java error info
CRMT_IC_MESSAGE_UI_DATA - Message structure
CRMT_IC_ORG_UNIT - Structure to keep org unit information
CRMT_IC_PARAVALU_XSTR - Parameter Value Combination
CRMT_IC_PROFILE_SLCT - IC profile selection
CRMT_IC_SERVER_MAPPING - ABAP Server to java server mapping
CRMT_IC_SYSPROPS_SCREEN_FIELDS - System Properties Screen Fields
CRMT_IC_SYSTEM_PROPERTIES - System properties of the
CRM_IC_UI_SVY_API_PARAMETER - Transfer Structure for Name Value Pairs
CRM_IC_XMLSTORE_STRUCTURE - Structure for XML store table with no String element.

SAP Messaging Tables CA-GTF-IC-FRW-MES

FORGET - Proxy Structure (generated)
FORGET_RESPONSE - Proxy Structure (generated)
NOTIFY - Proxy Structure (generated)
NOTIFY_RESPONSE - Proxy Structure (generated)
SAM_MESSAGE_CONTENT - serializable SAM Message Content

SAP UI Framework Tables CA-GTF-IC-FRW-UI

CRM_IC_F4_SYS_PROPS - System properties for F4 help access

SAP Navigation Bar Tables CA-GTF-IC-NVG

CRMT_IC_NAVBARVIEWSET_ITABLINE - line tab for navigationlink-viewset lists
CRMT_IC_NAVBAR_ITABLINE - table line structure for navbar_itab
CRMT_IC_NAVBAR_UI - Definition of navigation bar entry for UI presentation

SAP Software Agent Framework Tables CA-GTF-IC-SAF

CRMC_SAF_APP - SAF: Definitions of applications
CRMC_SAF_APP_CKB - SAF: Link to app and compilation-related kb definition
CRMC_SAF_APP_IS - SAF: Links between application and information security
CRMC_SAF_APP_KB - SAF: Link between application and knowledge bases
CRMC_SAF_APP_LE - SAF: Link between application and learning engines
CRMC_SAF_APP_QKB - SAF: Link to application and query-related kb definition
CRMC_SAF_APP_QS - SAF: Link to search service configuration
CRMC_SAF_APP_RFC - SAF: Definitions of RFC destinations
CRMC_SAF_APP_T - SAF: Description for applications
CRMC_SAF_APP_WP - SAF: Links between application and work packages
CRMC_SAF_APP_XSL - SAF: XSL Transformation
CRMC_SAF_APP_X_T - SAF: XSL Transformation
CRMC_SAF_CHAN - channel (medium) for feedback
CRMC_SAF_CHAN_T - Channel (Medium)for feedback
CRMC_SAF_DEP_ATT - SAF: Customizing table for attribute dependencies
CRMC_SAF_DT - SAF: Check configuration for diagnosis tool
CRMC_SAF_DT_CK - SAF: Check configuration for diagnosis tool
CRMC_SAF_DT_PR - SAF: Process definitions for diagnosis tool
CRMC_SAF_DT_PR_T - SAF: Descriptions of processes for diagnosis checks
CRMC_SAF_DT_T - SAF: Descriptions for diagnosis checks
CRMC_SAF_FB - SAF: Feedback definitions for knowledge bases
CRMC_SAF_FB_T - SAF: Feedback text descriptions for knowledge bases
CRMC_SAF_INX - SAF: Search index
CRMC_SAF_INX_ATT - SAF: Customize attributes to be indexed
CRMC_SAF_JOB - SAF: Batch job schedule for compilation and clustering
CRMC_SAF_KB - SAF: Customizing table for knowledge base repository
CRMC_SAF_KB_T - SAF: Description of knowledge bases
CRMC_SAF_KB_TAB - SAF: Customizing table for knowledge base repository
CRMC_SAF_LE - SAF: Customizing table for learning parameters
CRMC_SAF_LE_T - SAF: Description of learning engines
CRMC_SAF_METHODS - SAF: Relation between methods and bol objects
CRMC_SAF_MODELS - SAF: Generic Interface Layer Model
CRMC_SAF_OBJECTS - SAF: Generic Interface Layer Objects
CRMC_SAF_PSNL - SAF: Personalization
CRMC_SAF_SE - SAF: Trex search engine settings
CRMC_SAF_SE_EXT - SAF: Customizing table for generic search engine extension
CRMC_SAF_SE_NAME - SAF: Search engine names with pre-delivered SAP entries
CRMC_SAF_WP - SAF: Work Package
CRMC_SAF_WP_ACT - SAF: Actions for work package
CRMC_SAF_WP_RULE - SAF: Rules for work package
CRMC_SAF_WP_T - SAF: Text table for work package
CRMD_EI_DOC - EI: Document table
CRMD_EI_DOC_CLU - EI: kb id - cluster id table
CRMD_EI_FEAT - EI: feature table
CRMD_EI_FEAT_CLU - EI: table to store feature cluster relationship
CRMD_EI_LANG_SAP - SAF: Knowldge base entity information for SAP data sources
CRMD_EI_LE_ATT - EI - LE - Persistent Attributes of Learning Engines
CRMD_EI_LE_CORP - EI - LE - Table for Correlation Values
CRMD_EI_LE_CORPB - EI - LE - Table for Correlation Values
CRMD_EI_LE_CORS - EI - LE - Table for Correlation Values
CRMD_EI_LE_CORSB - EI - LE - Table for Correlation Values
CRMD_EI_LE_ESET - EI - LE - Entity Sets - Training Data for Learning
CRMD_EI_LOG_CMP - EI: Log for knowledge base compilation
CRMD_EI_LOG_GEN - SAF: Log for knowledge base generation
CRMD_EI_SOL_CART - EI: Persist user selected solution out of SDB
CRMD_EI_S_PSNL - SAF: Personalization
CRMD_SAF_BOR - bol-bor information for saf search and knowledge service
CRMD_SAF_DT_SUB - SAF: Check subscribers for diagnosis tool
CRMD_SAF_KB_STAT - SAF: Knowledge entity access statistics
CRMD_SAF_SMETHOD - Trex language and search method relation
CRMS_EISDB_KNOWDOC - Structure for BO EISDB webservice
CRMT_CMG_SEARCH_SAF - for case search using SAF
CRMT_EI_ADMIN - SAF: Administration information
CRMT_EI_ATTR_DEF - SAF: Attribute Definitions
CRMT_EI_BO_COMMON - SAF: Structure of Knowledge sources for SDB
CRMT_EI_CONFIG_RUN - solution search required configuration data at runtime
CRMT_EI_DEP_ATT - SAF: Structure for attribute dependencies
CRMT_EI_DEP_ATT_CUST - SAF: Structure for attribute dependencies
CRMT_EI_DEP_KB - SAF: Structure for knowledge base dependencies
CRMT_EI_DESCRIPTOR - hold SDB descriptor
CRMT_EI_DOC_CLUSTER - EI document and cluster relationship
CRMT_EI_ENQUEUE_KB - SAF: Enqueue/dequeue structure for kb header
CRMT_EI_ENQUEUE_KB_BO - SAF: Enqueue/dequeue structure of knowledge base's bos
CRMT_EI_ENQUEUE_KB_LANG - SAF: Enqueue/dequeue structure for kb language tables
CRMT_EI_FDBK_PAIR - Feedback code and description
CRMT_EI_FEAT - Feature table
CRMT_EI_FEATURE_ATTS - EI - Attributes of a Feature
CRMT_EI_FEATURE_STRUCT - structure of feature
CRMT_EI_FEAT_CLU - feature cluster relationship
CRMT_EI_FEAT_CLU_QUERY - feature cluster relationship
CRMT_EI_FEAT_RANK - Ranked feature
CRMT_EI_FEAT_TST - EI - Feature cluster relationship
CRMT_EI_FEEDBACK - SPICe solution cart unit
CRMT_EI_FEEDBACK_DISPLAY - for feedback UI purpose
CRMT_EI_FEEDBACK_LIST - for UI display solution cart
CRMT_EI_FEEDBACK_SEARCH - structure to hold feedback id for BOL, max 20
CRMT_EI_INDEX_LANGISO - Index prefix and language
CRMT_EI_KB - SAF: Structure of knowledge base repository customizing
CRMT_EI_KBNAME_DESC - SAF: Knowledge Base Name and Description
CRMT_EI_KBNAME_LANG - SAF: simeple structure that contains KB_NAME and LANG_ISO
CRMT_EI_KBNAME_LANGISO - SAF: Simeple structure that contains KB_NAME and LANG_ISO
CRMT_EI_KB_ATTR - SAF: searcch service attribute input structure
CRMT_EI_KB_ATTR_NAME_VALUE - SAF: Name value pair for knowledge repository's attributes
CRMT_EI_KB_ATTR_NAME_VALUES - SAF: Name values for knowledge repository's attributes
CRMT_EI_KB_ATTR_VALUE_TEXT - SAF: Searcch service attribute input structure
CRMT_EI_KB_ATT_RFC - SAF: Attribute structure used for RFC calls
CRMT_EI_KB_COMMON - SAF: Structure of knowldge base entity for Solution Database
CRMT_EI_KB_DETAIL2 - SAF: Structure of knowldge base entity detail
CRMT_EI_KB_HEADER - SAF: Structure of knowldge base entity for Solution Database
CRMT_EI_KB_ID_LANG - SAF: Simple structure contains only kb_ids and language
CRMT_EI_KB_LANGISO_CLNT - SAF: simple structure contains KB_NAME, LANG_ISO and CLIENT
CRMT_EI_KB_NAMEVALUE - SAF: Attribute name-value for SAP generic knowledge base
CRMT_EI_KB_NEXT_BATCH_SEARCH - SAF: Structure for knowldge base search query
CRMT_EI_KB_SAP_ATTR - SAF: Attribute information for SAP generic knowledge base
CRMT_EI_KB_SAP_CONNECT - SAF: Structure of generic SAP knowldge base entity
CRMT_EI_KB_SAP_HEADER - SAF: Structure of generic SAP knowldge base entity
CRMT_EI_LANGU_TEXT - SAF - Structure contains language keys and text descriptions
CRMT_EI_LANG_SDB - SAF: Knowldge Base Entity for Solution Database
CRMT_EI_LE_ATT - EI - LE - Local Structure for Persistent Attributes
CRMT_EI_LE_CORMAT - EI - LE - IT Correlation Matrix
CRMT_EI_LE_CORMDB - EI - LE - DB Correlation Matrix
CRMT_EI_LE_CUST - EI - LE - Structure for Customizing Data
CRMT_EI_LE_ENTSET - EI - LE - Entity Set
CRMT_EI_LE_ENTSET_KEY - EI - LE - Entity Set Key
CRMT_EI_LOG_CMP - EI: Structure for compilation log
CRMT_EI_LOG_CMP_BUF - Compilation Log + Delete Flag
CRMT_EI_LOG_CMP_QUERY - EI: Structure for compilation log
CRMT_EI_LOG_CMP_VIEW - EI: Structure for compilation log view
CRMT_EI_LOG_GEN - SAF: Structure for generation log
CRMT_EI_LOG_GEN_BUF - Compilation Log + Delete Flag
CRMT_EI_LOG_GEN_QUERY - EI: Structure for compilation log
CRMT_EI_LOG_GEN_VIEW - EI: Structure for generation log
CRMT_EI_MSG_UI_DATA - EI Message UI data
CRMT_EI_REC_CLU_QUERY - feature cluster relationship
CRMT_EI_REC_FEAT_QUERY - feature cluster relationship
CRMT_EI_RUNTIME_ROOT - runtime root object hold temporary data
CRMT_EI_RUN_LINK - keep runtime link information
CRMT_EI_SAF_INX - Index customization structure
CRMT_EI_SEARCH_ATTR - EI searcch service attribute input structure
CRMT_EI_SEARCH_INPUT - EI search service input structure
CRMT_EI_SEARCH_QS - for search service settings from saf_qs table
CRMT_EI_SEARCH_RESULT - EI: return result from EI search service
CRMT_EI_SEARCH_SE - index and search engine settings for search service
CRMT_EI_SELECTEDFEATURES - final selected features and intial features
CRMT_EI_SOLCART - for persisting solution cart content
CRMT_EI_SOLUTIONSEARCH - EI solution search query structure for GUI
CRMT_EI_TIMESTAMP - SAF - Timestamp consisting of date and time
CRMT_EI_WZ_KB_SAP - SAF: Structure for wizard user interface
CRMT_FDBK_MAP - mapping structure for global data access
CRMT_IC_SOLUTION_CARTUNIT - SPICe solution cart unit
CRMT_SAF_APPQSKB - application-kb relation for multi-index search
CRMT_SAF_ATTACHMENT - attachment structure for SAF knowledge base
CRMT_SAF_CHECK_MESSAGE - SAF: Diagnosis message
CRMT_SAF_DIAGNOSIS - SAF: Diagnosis results
CRMT_SAF_FEATURE - SAF: Refinement features
CRMT_SAF_INX - Index customization structure
CRMT_SAF_IS_KB_STRATEGY - SAF: Application, KB and infomration security strategy
CRMT_SAF_IS_OPERATION - SAF: searcch service attribute input structure
CRMT_SAF_KBATTRRETURN - hold the available attributes to be returned from search
CRMT_SAF_NAMEVALUE - SAF: Attribute name-value pairs
CRMT_SAF_PROBE_NODE - SAF: Check information for diagnosis check
CRMT_SAF_PROBE_PARA - SAF: Chark parameters for diagnosis check
CRMT_SAF_PROBE_STEP - SAF: Step definition for diagnosis check
CRMT_SAF_SE_CODE - SAF: Returned code and message for search engine
CRMT_SAF_SE_INDEX_ATT - SAF: Attribute names returned with search results
CRMT_SAF_SE_KB_MAP - SAF: Search engine, knowledge base and index mapping
CRMT_SAF_SE_NAMEVALUE - SAF: Name value pair for attribute search
CRMT_SAF_SE_RESULT - SAF: Results returned from search engine
CRMT_SAF_SE_RET_ATT - SAF: Returned attributes from search engines
CRMT_SAF_SE_SORT - SAF: Sorting attributes for search engines
CRMT_SAF_SE_STATUS - SAF: Status of search index
CRMT_SAF_SE_TEXT_QUERY - SAF: Text qyery structure for generic search engine
CRMT_SAF_WP - SAF: Work package header
CRMT_SAF_WP_ACTION - SAF: Actions for work package
CRMT_SAF_WP_RULE - SAF: Matching rules for work package
EIC_SAF_KB_BOR - knowledge base and BOR definition
SAFT_SE_JOB_VIEW - SAF: Search Engine Job Display
SAFT_SE_SCHEDULE - Search Engine Task Schedule

SAP Scripting Tables CA-GTF-IC-SCR

CRMD_IC_FAVCAT - Favorite Categories
CRMD_IC_FAVCATT - Favorite Category Text Table
CRMD_IC_FAVORS - Table for maintaining my Favorites
CRMD_IC_GPSCR - Table of Group Relation with Script
CRMD_IC_ISECAT - Categories (Interactive Script Editor)
CRMD_IC_ISECATDS - Categories (Interactive Script Editor)
CRMD_IC_LABELS - Interactive Script labels
CRMD_IC_LBLDSC - Label descriptions (Interactive Script Editor)
CRMD_IC_SCRATTR - Script/Survey attributes (Interactive Script Editor)
CRMD_IC_SCRDSC - Interactive Script description
CRMD_IC_SCRGPT - Text table for script groups: change from tmp later
CRMD_IC_SCRGRP - Script Groups: Change from Tmp later
CRMD_IC_SCRUF - Interactive Scripting fields
CRMD_IC_SCRUFDSC - Interactive Scripting field description
CRMD_IC_SCRUFITD - Interactive Scripting field item descriptions
CRMD_IC_SCRUFITM - Interactive Scripting field possible values
CRMS_IC_ISE_REQUEST - Structure of Script Object Request
CRMS_IC_ISE_TREX - structure for exception in scripting transport
CRMS_IC_LBLDSC - Label descriptions (Interactive Script Editor)
CRMS_IC_OBJDSC - Descriptions (Interactive Script Editor)
CRMS_IC_POSSIBLE_VALUES - Possible values for Scripting input parameters
CRMS_IC_REP_CATEGORIES - Get list of Interactive Scripting objects and attributes
CRMS_IC_REP_STRUCTURE - Get list of Interactive Scripting objects and attributes
CRMS_IC_SCRGRP - Script group structure
CRMS_IC_SCRIPT_AND_EVENTS - CRM IC Interactive Scripting and events
CRMS_IC_SCRIPT_REFERENCE - IC WebClient Script Reference
CRMS_IC_SCRIPT_T - script with profile assignment
CRMS_IC_SURVEY_BUTTONS - Buttons contained in surveys referenced in a script
CRMS_ISE_PROF - structure of profile
CRMS_TRANSLATION_LINE - Translation line for Interactive Script Editor
CRMT_ICWC_BW_SCR_DECO - Mapping Structure for IC WebClient Interactive Scripting
CRMT_IC_BOUNDTO_LINE - CRM IC: Key value pair of BDC data
CRMT_IC_SCRIPT_CUST_LINE - CRM IC Interactive Scripting customizing line
CRMT_IC_SCRIPT_KEY_VALUE - CRM IC Interactive Scripting key value pair
CRMT_IC_SCRUF - CRM IC fields stucture
CRM_IC_SCRIPTS - All data about Interactive Scripts (Except XML content)
CRM_IC_SCRUFDSC - Unbound fields (Interactive Scripting)
CRM_IC_SCRUFITD - Unbound fields (Interactive Scripting)
CRM_IC_SCR_LABELS - Labels (Interactive Script Editor)
CRM_IC_SCR_UBFIELDS - Unbound fields (Interactive Scripting)
LANGUAGES - Languages

SAP Master Data Framework Tables CA-GTF-MDF

CHANGE_MANAGEMENT_DATA - Proxy Structure (Generated)
CME_S_GUID_RANGE - Range Structure for GUIDs
COM_DML_S_LINK_HANDLER - Changed Assignments (Gen. Link-Handler)
DML_API_S_TEXT - Text of object
DML_DELIVERY - MDF: Management Table for Delivery of Application Data
DML_DELIVERY_DAT - MDF Cluster Table for Delivery of Application Data
DML_DOCKEY_MV_DS - Structure for Maintaining the Attribute DML_DO
DML_DOCKEY_MV_S - Structure for Maintaining the Attribute DML_DO
DML_DOC_KEY_MV_DS - Structure for Maintaining the Attribute DML_DO
DML_DOC_KEY_MV_S - Structure for Maintaining the Attribute DML_DO
DML_ECM_COUNT_MV_DS - Structure for Maintaining the Attribute DML_EC
DML_ECM_COUNT_MV_S - Structure for Maintaining the Attribute DML_EC
DML_ECM_DEL_MV_DS - Structure for Maintaining the Attribute DML_EC
DML_ECM_DEL_MV_S - Structure for Maintaining the Attribute DML_EC
DML_FAVORITES - Favorites for MDF Objects
DML_GROUP_TEXT - MDF Groups, Descriptions
DML_INACTIVE_DAT - MDF Cluster Table for Inactive States
DML_LH0100000000 - MDF: Differentiation Key (Type 0100000000)
DML_LH_FRG_REG - Product-Set Assignment (Gen. Link-Handler)
DML_LH_FRG_REGH - Product-Set Assignment History (Gen. Link-Handler)
DML_LINE_ID_MV_DS - Structure for Maintaining the Attribute DML_LI
DML_LINE_ID_MV_S - Structure for Maintaining the Attribute DML_LI
DML_OBJECT_MV_DS - Structure for Maintaining the Attribute DML_OB
DML_OBJECT_MV_S - Structure for Maintaining the Attribute DML_OB
DML_OBJTYPE - MDF Object Types
DML_OBJTYPE_TEXT - MDF Object Types: Descriptive Texts
DML_OWNERTYP_TXT - MDF Owners: Descriptive Texts
DML_RELTYPE - MDF: Properties of Relationship Types
DML_RS_GROUP - Group of Range Structure
DML_RS_GUID - Range Structure for GUID
DML_RS_OWNERID - Range Structure for Owners (External)
DML_RS_SSTRING - Range Structure for Short Strings
DML_RS_USER - Users of Range Structure
DML_RS_VERSION - Version of Range Structure
DML_SERVICE - MDF Object Types: Settings for Services
DML_SETTYPE - MDF: Properties of Set Types
DML_ST_TEXT - DML Text Object
DML_ST_TEXTH - DML Text Object
DML_ST_TEXTH_MV - Structure for Maintaining Set Type DML_ST_TEXT
DML_ST_TEXT_DATA_UI - Structure for Maintaining Set Type DML_ST_TEXT
DML_ST_TEXT_MAINTAIN - Structure for Maintaining Set Type DML_ST_TEXT
DML_ST_TEXT_MAINT_UI - Structure for Maintaining Set Type DML_ST_TEXT
DML_ST_TEXT_MR_DATA - Structure for Maintaining Set Type DML_ST_TEXT
DML_ST_TEXT_MV - Structure for Maintaining Set Type DML_ST_TEXT
DML_ST_TEXT_MV - Structure for Maintaining Set Type DML_ST_TEXT
DML_ST_TEXT_X - Structure with Update Flags for Set Type DML_ST_TEXT
DML_S_ADMIN - Administrative Data
DML_S_API_COMPLEX_OBJ - Structure of Complex Objects
DML_S_API_DOC_DATA - Document Link
DML_S_API_ECM - Data for Change State
DML_S_API_HEADER - Header Data
DML_S_API_HEADER_H - Header Data
DML_S_API_KEY_FIELDS - Internal and External Key Fields
DML_S_API_OBJ_DATA - Object Data
DML_S_API_OBJ_DATA_H - Object Data
DML_S_API_RELATION - Relationship
DML_S_API_RELATION_H - Relationship
DML_S_API_SETTYPE_LIST - List of Set Types for Object Type
DML_S_API_TEXT - Text of object
DML_S_API_TEXT_H - Text of object
DML_S_API_TEXT_KEY - Text of object
DML_S_APPROVAL - Object Changes in Approval Procedure
DML_S_BADI_FILTER_RELTYPE - Filter Fields for BAdI for Checking Relationships
DML_S_BADI_FILTER_SETTYPE - Filter Fields for BAdI for Checking Set Types
DML_S_CHANGES - List of Changes
DML_S_CUST_SETTYPE - DML Customizing Set Types
DML_S_DATASET_INFO - Metadata for Data Segment
DML_S_DATASET_PROP - Characteristics of a Data Segment
DML_S_DB_PROXY_FILTER - BAdI Filter for Database Uncoupling
DML_S_DELIVERY_DATA - MDF Delivery: Object Data
DML_S_DELIVERY_TXT - Texts for Delivered Data
DML_S_DELTA - Object Delta
DML_S_DEL_DATA - Data Part
DML_S_DEL_LH_KEY - Link-Handler Key
DML_S_DEL_RELATION - Relationship
DML_S_DOC_COMPARE - Compare Documents
DML_S_DOC_DATA - Document Link
DML_S_DOC_KEY - Owner of Document Link
DML_S_ECM - Fields for Engineering Change Management
DML_S_ECM_DATA - Data for Change State
DML_S_ECM_RESULT - Results of Change Graph Evaluation
DML_S_FAVORITES - Table Type for Favorites
DML_S_FIELD_INFO - Metadata for Field
DML_S_GROUP_TEXT - MDF: Group Descriptions
DML_S_INACT_CLUST_REL - Relationships
DML_S_INACT_INFO - Information on Inactive State
DML_S_INACT_MESSAGE - Message Structure of Release
DML_S_INACT_OBJECT - Relationship Active Object <-> Inactive State
DML_S_INACT_SETMOD - Changed Set Row
DML_S_KEY - MDF Header Table
DML_S_KEYTYPE_INFO - Metadata for Key Type
DML_S_LH_DATA_MULTOBJ - Link Handler Data with Object Key
DML_S_LH_INFO - Link-Handler Data
DML_S_LH_KEY - Link-Handler Key
DML_S_LH_KEY_DEFE_0100000000 - MDF: External Key Definition (Type 0100000000)
DML_S_LH_KEY_DEFI_0100000000 - MDF: Internal Key Definition (Type 0100000000)
DML_S_LH_KEY_TYPE_0100000000 - MDF: Differentiation Key (Type 0100000000)
DML_S_LOCK - Parameters for Lock Object
DML_S_LOCK_EXT - Parameters for Lock Object
DML_S_MASS_ATTR_DATA - Structure for Attribute Data in Mass Processing
DML_S_MODEL_INFO - Metadata for Object Type Model
DML_S_NAME_VALUE - MDF: Generic Data Repository
DML_S_OBJECT_KEY - Object Type and Object GUID
DML_S_OBJTYPE - MDF Object Types
DML_S_OBJTYPE_PROP - Attributes of an Object Type
DML_S_OBJTYPE_TEXT - MDF Object Types: Descriptive Texts
DML_S_OBJ_HEADER - Header Data
DML_S_OBJ_KEY - Object Type and Object Version GUID
DML_S_OBJ_TEXT - Object Key and Texts
DML_S_OWNERTYPE_TEXT - DML Owners: Descriptions
DML_S_OWNERTYP_TXT - MDF Owners: Descriptive Texts
DML_S_QUERY - Parameter of a Query
DML_S_RELATION - Relationship
DML_S_RELATION_H - Relationship
DML_S_RELATION_INFO - Metadata for Relationship
DML_S_RELATION_KEY - Relationship: MDF Include in Relationship Data
DML_S_RELATION_LIST - List of Relationship Types for Object Type
DML_S_RELATION_LIST_DELTA - List of Relationship Types for Object Type
DML_S_RELATION_PROP - Characteristics of a Relationship
DML_S_RELS_COMPARE - Result of Comparison for Relationships
DML_S_RELTYPE - MDF: Properties of Relationship Types
DML_S_REL_COMPARE - Comparison of Relationship Attributes
DML_S_SEARCH - Search Criteria
DML_S_SEARCH_RELATION - Search via Relationships
DML_S_SEARCH_SET - Search via Set Types
DML_S_SERVICE - MDF Object Types: Settings for Services
DML_S_SET - Set-Type List
DML_S_SETS_COMPARE - Result of Comparison for Set Types
DML_S_SETTYPE - MDF: Properties of Set Types
DML_S_SET_COMPARE - Comparison of Set Attributes
DML_S_SET_DATA - Set Type with Data
DML_S_SET_DATA_MULTOBJ - Set Type with Data with Object Key
DML_S_SET_DELTA - Set-Type List
DML_S_SET_ECM - Change State Information in Set Types
DML_S_STATUS_COMPARE - Result of Comparison for Status
DML_S_STATUS_DESCR - Status description
DML_S_STATUS_KEY - Key for Status Object
DML_S_SUBTYPE_INFO - Metadata for Subobject Type
DML_S_TEXT - Text of object
DML_S_TEXTTYPEOBJ - MDF Text Types for MDF Object Type
DML_S_TEXTTYPE_INFO - Metadata for Text Type
DML_S_TEXTTYPE_TEXT - Descriptions for DML Text Types
DML_S_TEXTTYPE_TXT - MDF Text Types: Descriptive Texts
DML_S_TEXT_COMPARE - Result of Comparison for Texts
DML_S_TEXT_CONTROL - Text Types to Be Processed
DML_S_TEXT_CONTROL_DELTA - Text Types to Be Processed
DML_S_TEXT_CRITERIA - Text Types to Be Processed
DML_S_TEXT_H - Text of object
DML_S_TEXT_KEY - MDF Text Object: Key Fields
DML_S_TEXT_LOCALE - Regional Language
DML_S_TEXT_LONGTEXT - SAPscript: Text Lines
DML_S_VALUE_INFO - Metadata for Field Value
DML_S_WHERE_USED - Results of Where-Used List
DML_TEXTTYPEOBJ - MDF Text Types for MDF Object Type
DML_TEXTTYPE_TXT - MDF Text Types: Descriptive Texts
DML_TEXT_COUNTER_MV_DS - Structure for Maintaining the Attribute DML_TE
DML_TEXT_COUNTER_MV_S - Structure for Maintaining the Attribute DML_TE
DML_TEXT_COUNTRY_MV_DS - Structure for Maintaining the Attribute DML_TE
DML_TEXT_COUNTRY_MV_S - Structure for Maintaining the Attribute DML_TE
DML_TEXT_ELEMENT_MV_DS - Structure for Maintaining the Attribute DML_TE
DML_TEXT_ELEMENT_MV_S - Structure for Maintaining the Attribute DML_TE
DML_TEXT_LANGU_MV_DS - Structure for Maintaining the Attribute DML_TE
DML_TEXT_LANGU_MV_S - Structure for Maintaining the Attribute DML_TE
DML_TEXT_LONG_MV_DS - Structure for Maintaining the Attribute DML_TE
DML_TEXT_LONG_MV_S - Structure for Maintaining the Attribute DML_TE
DML_TEXT_POSITION_MV_DS - Structure for Maintaining the Attribute DML_TE
DML_TEXT_POSITION_MV_S - Structure for Maintaining the Attribute DML_TE
DML_TEXT_SHORT_CAPS_MV_DS - Structure for Maintaining the Attribute DML_TE
DML_TEXT_SHORT_CAPS_MV_S - Structure for Maintaining the Attribute DML_TE
DML_TEXT_SHORT_MV_DS - Structure for Maintaining the Attribute DML_TE
DML_TEXT_SHORT_MV_S - Structure for Maintaining the Attribute DML_TE
DML_TEXT_SUBELEMENT_MV_DS - Structure for Maintaining the Attribute DML_TE
DML_TEXT_SUBELEMENT_MV_S - Structure for Maintaining the Attribute DML_TE
DML_TEXT_SUBOBJECT_MV_DS - Structure for Maintaining the Attribute DML_TE
DML_TEXT_SUBOBJECT_MV_S - Structure for Maintaining the Attribute DML_TE
DML_TEXT_TYPE_MV_DS - Structure for Maintaining the Attribute DML_TE
DML_TEXT_TYPE_MV_S - Structure for Maintaining the Attribute DML_TE
DML_TRANS_TABLE_ENTRIES_S - Table Entries for Generated Object Type for Transport
ECMDATE_PERIOD - Proxy Structure (Generated)
MDFADMINISTRATION - Proxy Structure (Generated)
MDFATTRIBUTE_DATA - Proxy Structure (Generated)
MDFATTRIBUTE_ID - Proxy Structure (Generated)
MDFCOMPLEX_OBJECT - Proxy Structure (Generated)
MDFDESCRIPTION - Proxy Structure (Generated)
MDFEXTERNAL_ID - Proxy Structure (Generated)
MDFHEADER_DATA - Proxy Structure (Generated)
MDFLONG_TEXT - Proxy Structure (Generated)
MDFOBJECT - Proxy Structure (Generated)
MDFOBJECT_DATA - Proxy Structure (Generated)
MDFOBJECT_DATA_SET_DATA - Proxy Structure (Generated)
MDFOBJECT_ID - Proxy Structure (Generated)
MDFOBJECT_RELATION - Proxy Structure (Generated)
MDFSHORT_TEXT - Proxy Structure (Generated)
MDFTEXT_LINE - Proxy Structure (Generated)

SAP Mathematical Functions Tables CA-GTF-MF

QF00 - Interface fields for function groups QFnn

SAP Cross-Application Mass Maintenance Tables CA-GTF-MS

CNMASS_CHANGES - Mass Maintenance: Field Changes to Be Carried Out
CNMASS_CHANGES_INCLUDE - Mass Maintenance: Field Changes to Be Carried Out
D1000_FIELDS - Fields for Screen 1000
D1100_FIELDS - Fields for Screen 1100
D1110_FIELDS - Fields for Screen 1110
D1120_FIELDS - Fields for Screen 1120
MASSAENAME - Defined Application Exits
MASSALETAB - Different Assignment of Tables to ALE Segments
MASSAPPEX - Application Exits for an Object
MASSAPPLOG - Interface for Application Log for Mass Maintenance
MASSBUS2105DESCR - Description for BUS2105
MASSCHANGESINCLUDE - Mass Maintenance: Field Changes to Be Carried Out
MASSCONTHEAD_S - Header Data Customer Contract
MASSDFIES - Interface Structure for Func.Mod. MC_POPUP_TO_SELECT_FIELDS
MASSDIALOG - Fields for Screens
MASSDTEST - Object for Testing MASS/MASSD
MASSDUMMY - Dummy Structure if No Real One Exists
MASSD_ATTRIBUTE_DESCRIPTION - Attribute Description for Change Table
MASSD_F4_ATT - Mass Data Dialog; F4 Transfer Structure
MASSD_F4_FIELDS - Mass Data Dialog: F4 Fields for Field Selection
MASSFIND - Select Search Term
MASSFLDLST - Fields Allowed for Mass Maintenance
MASSFLDPRP - Field Attributes for Display
MASSFLGSHO - Indicator if Indicators from MASSVARIANTFLAGS Are Offered
MASSFORM - Entry of Formulas for Mass Maintenance
MASSFREEPAR - Structure for Free Parameters
MASSFREESEL - Structure for Free Selections
MASSFUNC - Mass Maintenance: Functions for Updating the Database
MASSFVIEW - List of Fields for Mass Maintenance
MASSGENCHANGE - Generic Table Contents
MASSMLTSRT - Position of Fields in a List
MASSMSG - Message for Mass Maintenance
MASSMSGCFG - User-Specific Message Configuration
MASSMSGLST - Display Messages
MASSNAME - Texts for Mass Change Objects
MASSQUOTHEAD_S - Header Data Customer Quotation
MASSRUNS - This Table Is Always Empty
MASSSAVINF - Information for Saving Mass Changes
MASSSCREEN - Input Template for Mass Maintenance
MASSSDHEAD_S - Sales order header data
MASSSEARCHFIELDS - Search Structure Fields
MASSTAB - Tables for an Object
MASSTABINFOS - Mass change: Information about changeable tables
MASSTABLESTAB - Tables Involved in Mass Maintenance
MASSTABLIST - Table list
MASSTABS - Display of Table Information
MASSTINC - Include Structure for Mass Maintenance Tables
MASSUSRPRF - Material Master User Settings: Screen Reference "User"
MASSVAR - Data Structure for Mass Maintenance Variants
MASSVARABAP - Variants: ABAP FORM Routines
MASSVARABAP_S - System Variants: ABAP FORM Routines
MASSVARDAT - Data for Variants
MASSVARDB - Variants for Mass Maintenance
MASSVARFLG - Indicator for Mass Maintenance Variants
MASSVARIANT - Variants: Basic Information
MASSVARIANT_S - System Variants: Basic Information
MASSVARLST - Display of Variants
MASSVARNEWPARA - Variants: Reference for New Segments
MASSVARNEWPARA_S - System Variants: Reference for New Segments
MASSVARNEWVALUES - Variants: New Field Values
MASSVARNEWVAL_S - System Variants: New Field Values
MASSVARRANGE - Variants: Selection Options (Ranges)
MASSVARRANGE_S - System Variants: Selection Options (Ranges)
MASSVARTABLESTAB - Variants: Reference for New Segments
MASSVARTAB_S - System Variants: Reference for New Segments
MASSVARTR - Mass Maintenance Variants in Transportable Form
MASSVARTRD - Input Structure for Variant Transport
MASSXFELD - Structure with an XFELD
MASS_CHANGES_WA - Mass Maintenance: Field Changes to Be Carried Out
MASS_NEWENTRIES_WA - Line Info: New Entries
MASS_TABLEREAD - Transfer Field Values
MASS_TEXTINFOS - Mass Maintenance: Text Table Information
MASS_VARIANT - Variants for Mass Maintenance (Transfer Structure)
MASS_VIEWDATA - Data for Field Display (Obsolete)
MASS_WA_TABDATA - Line for Table with Change Infos
MGLINES - Line Information for Lists
MGLISTPOS - Position of Fields in a List
MGLTFIELDS - Transfer of Fields for List Output
MGLTPERM - Permutation Information for List Display
REOML - Display of Messages

SAP People Centric UI Framework Tables CA-GTF-PCF

CRMC_ACC_RESULT - Results of Automatic Accessibility Checks for PC UI
CRMC_DESIGCOM - Designer: Communication Parameters
CRMC_EMBEDSCRTYP - Embedded Screen Element Type
CRMC_GSSC - Assignment Between GDD and Field Group
CRMC_GSS_EVENTC - Assignment of Toolbar Events to GSS
CRMC_GSS_LEADC - Definition of Leading Structure of GSS
CRMC_LAYOUT - Layout table for structureedit element
CRMC_LAYOUTC - Layout table for structureedit element
CRMC_MATRIX_LINE - Line Type for matrix layout table
CRMC_PRT_CUSTOM - Customizing for Portals
CRMC_PRT_LABEL - Table for maintenance of text labels
CRMC_PRT_LABELC - Table for maintenance of text labels
CRMC_PRT_LABEL_T - Text table for label database table
CRMC_PRT_LABLC_T - Text table for label database table
CRMC_PRT_LNK_USG - Link Type for Object Links
CRMC_PRT_MO - CRM Method for Object Type (Navigation)
CRMC_PRT_MTD - CRM Method for Navigation
CRMC_PRT_MTD_T - Text Table for Method Table
CRMC_PRT_OTYPE - CRM Object Type for Navigation
CRMC_PRT_OTYPE_T - Text Table for Object Type Table
CRMC_PRT_ROLE_MO - Assignment of CRM Object Method to Role
CRMC_PRT_ROLE_RL - Assignment of CRM Role to Portal Role
CRMC_TERMINOLOGY - Recording of Terminology from Accessibility Check
CRMC_USABILITY - Source HTML from BSP Applications For Usability Test
CRMC_USR_CNTXT - Context for CRM Portal Users
CRMD_PERS_LIST - Generic Storage for Personalization Data
CRMPRTALRTSACTV - CRM Portal: Alert Structure for Follow-Up Activities
CRMS_BSP_FRAME_GENERIC_DDL - Generic structure for DDL entry
CRMS_BSP_LIST_ATTRIBUTE - Name/value pair representing attributes of a list object
CRMS_BSP_LIST_OBJECT - Structure containing an object and its attributes
CRMS_BSP_TLB_MENU_LIST - the list of submenus
CRMS_BSP_TLB_STRUCT - The hierarchy of toolbar menu
CRMS_CONS_FIELDGRP_WARNINGS - Field Group Warnings During URL Consistency Check
CRMS_FIELDGROUP - Field Group Structure for URL Consistency Check
CRMS_ID_PORTAL_CONTEXT_MULTI - Portal Context with Specified Method
CRMS_ID_PORTAL_CONTEXT_MULTI_K - Portal Context Identifed via Key, with Specified Method
CRMS_MTD_SEL_URL - URL with Method (MethodSelectionUrl)
CRMS_MULTI_CRM_NAV_LINK - Input Data for Method-Free CRM Object Link
CRMS_MULTI_NAV_LINK - BOR/CRM Object Type Without Method, Selection, no Table!
CRMS_PRT_PARAMETER_SET_ENTRY - Parameter Set URL Parameter Entry
CRMS_PRT_RMO_DAT - Data for Implementing an Object Method
CRMS_PRT_ROLE_MO - Structure of Assignment of CRM Object Method to Role
CRMS_PRT_TEXT_LABEL - Labels for a text key
CRMS_ROLES - Single and Portal Roles that Belong Together
CRMS_ROLES_CHECK_SERVICES - Checked Services for Single/Portal Roles
CRMS_ROLES_INDEXED - Single and Portal Roles that Belong Together
CRMS_URL_CONSISTENCY - Structure for URL Consistency Check Result
CRMS_USER - User Data for Comparing Between Portal and Backend
CRMS_USER_ROLES - User Data for Comparing Between Portal and Backend
CRMT_APPLOBJT_CD - Change Document Structure CRMC_APPL_OBJT
CRMT_APPL_OBJT_CD - Change Document Structure CRMC_APPL_OBJT
CRMT_BAB_AFTER_SAVE_PARAMETERS - Parameter for After_Save Method in BAB
CRMT_BSP_ADSEARCH_SHUFFLER - Shuffler structure for Advanced Search
CRMT_BSP_ANALYZE - Analyze Values
CRMT_BSP_APPLOG - Structure for application log interface
CRMT_BSP_APPLOG_DISPLAY - Structure for BSP application log display
CRMT_BSP_BAB_APPLREC - Final and Temporary Application ID
CRMT_BSP_BAB_BLUEPRINT - Interface Blueprint Application Builder
CRMT_BSP_BAB_DESIGNER - Designer URL for Screen Item
CRMT_BSP_BAB_F4DATA - CRM: Business Application Builder - F4 Values
CRMT_BSP_BAB_PARAM - Parameter for BAB Call
CRMT_BSP_BAB_RODATA - CRM: Business Application Builder - Read Only Data
CRMT_BSP_CALENDAR_SEARCH - Default search structure for Calendar Controller
CRMT_BSP_CAMPA_TREE_DB_LINE - Local Copy of Marketing Plan Hierarchy Structure
CRMT_BSP_CAMPA_TREE_LINE - Local Copy of Marketing Plan Hierarchy Structure
CRMT_BSP_CONTAINER_ATTR - Generic container attribute.
CRMT_BSP_CONTAINER_ATTR_P - Private generic container attribute.
CRMT_BSP_CONTAINER_DB_ATTR - Generic data container attribute as represented in the DB.
CRMT_BSP_CONTAINER_INFO - Generic CRM data container information.
CRMT_BSP_CONTAINER_INTERFACE - Interface for Container
CRMT_BSP_CONTEXT_ATTR - CRM Context attribute
CRMT_BSP_DATA_LINK - data to render a link
CRMT_BSP_DDLB - Data for DDLBs With Link to Data Container
CRMT_BSP_DESIG_DFIES_S - Designer Integration: Extract of DFIES Fields Required
CRMT_BSP_DISPLAY_TABLE - Structure Tabletype Display Table Variant for complete table
CRMT_BSP_EMBEDDED_SCRTYP_DAT - Embedded Screen Element Type - Data
CRMT_BSP_EMBEDDED_SCRTYP_KEY - Embedded Screen Element Type - Header
CRMT_BSP_FIELDGROUP_FIELD - Relationship Between a Field Group and a Field
CRMT_BSP_FIELDGRP_MAPPING - Field group mapping.
CRMT_BSP_FILE_UPLOAD - File Upload : File Data
CRMT_BSP_GSS_EVENTMAP - Assignment of a Toolbar Event on each Structure of a GSS
CRMT_BSP_GSS_FIELDMAP - Assignment of Fields of a Screen Structure to a GSS
CRMT_BSP_GSS_FIELDREF - Relationship Between a Screen Structure and a Field
CRMT_BSP_LINK - Sturcture for Link information
CRMT_BSP_LIST_DB_ITEM - DB structure containing a list entry and its attributes
CRMT_BSP_LIST_OBJECT_DB_ITEM - DB structure containing an object and its attributes
CRMT_BSP_LONG_LINK - Link with Title (Long)
CRMT_BSP_MAIN_ATTR - Pager Variables
CRMT_BSP_MULTI_ENTRY - Generic Container: Entry in a Multi-Group
CRMT_BSP_MULTI_SEQ - Subcontroller Sequence
CRMT_BSP_NAMED_CONTAINER_REF - Named reference to a generic data container.
CRMT_BSP_NAME_VALUE - Transfer Structure for Name/Value Pairs
CRMT_BSP_RANGE - Range Structure for Search
CRMT_BSP_REPLACE_OBJECTKEY - Object Key That Needs to Be Replaced
CRMT_BSP_SEARCH_MULTI_VAL - Contains Multivalues for Search
CRMT_BSP_STRUCT_KEY_ASSI - Assignment: Object Key <-> Screen Structure
CRMT_BSP_SYMESG - CRM: SY-MESS Variables and Message Text
CRMT_BSP_TABSTRIPCONTROL - Control structure for BSP TabStrips
CRMT_BSP_TOOLBAR_SETUP - Toolbar Configuration
CRMT_BSP_TRACE_DATA - Display Structure for PC UI Trace Data
CRMT_BSP_TREE_INCL - Include Structure: Display Tables in Tree Table View
CRMT_BSP_URL_PARAM - URL parameter name and value.
CRMT_BSP_VALUE - Value / operand
CRMT_BSP_VALUELIST_FIELD_CAT - Field Catalog for Simple Input Help Transfer Structure
CRMT_BSP_XBAB_RODATA - CRM: Business Application Builder - Read Only Data
CRMT_CS_LAYOUT - Change Structure for CRMT_CS_LAYOUT
CRMT_DROPDOWNLISTBOX_DATA - Data for drop down list boxes
CRMT_DYN_EXTENDED_DATA - Structure for extended data in CRM Dynamic Advanced Search
CRMT_DYN_LAYOUT - Layout structure for dynamic structureedit element
CRMT_DYN_STREDIT_LAYOUT_DATA - Data part: Layout structure for BSP element dynStructureEdit
CRMT_EXTENDED2_DATA - Strukur Datenübergabe DropDownListBox
CRMT_EXTENDED_DATA - structure for transport of extended data to crm tags
CRMT_IM_LANGU - Languages
CRMT_IM_TEXT_TYPE - Preview controller ; structure for text type dropdownlistbox
CRMT_LAYOUT_KEY - Layout Table for structureedit Element - Key
CRMT_LAYOUT_TRPART - Layout Table for structureedit Element - Transport Key
CRMT_METHOD - Structure for Object Type Methods
CRMT_MULTI_NAV_LINK - BOR/CRM Object Type Without Method, Selection List for User
CRMT_OBJKEYDEP_DDLB_DATA - Data for Dropdown List Box Depending on Object Key
CRMT_PRT_DESC_MAP_ENTRY - Key-value pair, value contains an ID and a description.
CRMT_PRT_MAP_ENTRY - One key-value pair.
CRMT_PRT_URL_FIELD - Structure for Field Description as Object Link
CRMT_RESULTLIST_ERROR - Structure for error table in resultlist Tag
CRMT_ROLES_OF_USER - Table of Roles
CRMT_STRUCTUREEDIT_LAYOUT2 - Layout structure for BSP element 'structureEdit'
CRMT_STRUCTUREEDIT_LAYOUT_DATA - data part: Layout structure for BSP element 'structureEdit'
CRMT_STRUCTUREEDIT_LAYOUT_KEY - Key part: Layout structure for BSP element 'structureEdit'
CRMT_TABLEVIEW_SORTFLAG - Structure to set the sort indicator for list columns
CRMT_URL_MULTI_REMOTE - URL (for RFCs), Several URLs Identified by Key, with Method
CRMT_URL_PARAMETER - Name-Value Pair that Represents a URL Parameter
CRMT_URL_PARAMETER_REMOTE - Name/Value Pair that Represents a URL Parameter (RFC)
CRMT_URL_REMOTE_MTD - URL (for RFCs) with Method Information
CRM_BSP_CNT - Generic CRM data container.
CRM_BSP_CNT_ATTR - Generic CRM data container attribute.
CRM_BSP_COLUMN - Element in Column List
CRM_BSP_F4_FIELD_DEFAULT - Transfer Structure for Name-Value Pairs
CRM_BSP_F4_MAPPING - Transfer Table for Mapping Strings
CRM_BSP_FIELDGROUP - Structure for Fieldgroup
CRM_BSP_LINK_CACHE - Object Key for Personalization
CRM_BSP_LINK_CACHE_EXP - Expanded Object Key for Personalization
CRM_BSP_LINK_RESULTLIST - Link Structure for Resultlist
CRM_BSP_LIST_OBJ - CRM PCUI List Objects and Attributes
CRM_BSP_PERS_OBJ - Object Key for Personalization
CRM_BSP_PERS_OBJ_EXP - Expanded Object Key for Personalization
CRM_BSP_SIMPLE_F4_HELP - Transfer Structure for Simple F4 Help
CRM_BSP_STATE - CRM PCUI application state.
PCFT_BSP_EXAMPLE_BOOK - Blueprint for Database Table SBOOK
PCFT_BSP_EXAMPLE_BOOK_DET - Blueprint for Database Table SBOOK
PCFT_BSP_EXAMPLE_DATA - Fields for Popin
PCFT_BSP_EXAMPLE_FLIGHT - Blueprint Structure for Database Table SFLIGHT
PCFT_BSP_EXAMPLE_ODC1_DET - Structure for ODC 1, Detail Tab
PCFT_BSP_EXAMPLE_ODC1_MAI4 - Grouped screen structure.
PCFT_BSP_EXAMPLE_RESULT - Structure for Search Results for Examples
PCFT_BSP_EXAMPLE_RESULT_TREE - Tree Structure for Search Results for Examples
PCFT_BSP_EXAMPLE_SEARCH - Structure for Search Results for Examples
PCFT_BSP_EXAMPLE_SEARCH_APP - Structure for Search Application: Airline
PCFT_BSP_EXAMPLE_SEARCH_MULTIV - Structure for Search Application: Airline
PCFT_BSP_EXAMPLE_SPFLI - Blueprint Structure for Database Table SPFLI
PCFT_BSP_ODCTREE_HTML - Actions: Long Text for an Action
PCFT_BSP_ODCTREE_TREE - ODCTREE: Tree Structure for Tree in ODC
PCFT_BSP_TEST_LIST_CONTENT - PCF: Test for List Controller
PCFT_BSP_TEST_LIST_STATUS - PCF: List Controller Test - Status
PCFT_BSP_TEST_VSPL - Structure for VSP Search Controller
SMB_UEI_DEFECT_HISTORY_MTR_LT - Defect History Material
SMB_UEI_DEFECT_HISTORY_VEND_LT - Defect history Vendor
SMB_UIE_ACCP_HIST_LT - Acceptance Rate History for vendors
SMB_UIE_ACCP_MATR_LT - Acceptance History for Material
SMB_UIE_ACCP_RATE_LT - Total Acceptance Rate
SMB_UIE_ACCP_VEND_LT - Acceptance History Vendor
SMB_UIE_ACCUM_BAL_LT - Accumulated balance for vendors
SMB_UIE_ARATE_LT - Acceptance Rate
SMB_UIE_AVL_LIQ_BNK_BAL_LT - Available Liquidity (Bank Account Balances)
SMB_UIE_AVL_LIQ_MEMO_RCD_LT - Available Liquidity (Memo Records)
SMB_UIE_BANK_ACC_BAL_LT - structure for showin pln amt,curr desc,cmpcode,glacc,hsbnk
SMB_UIE_BUK_LT - Company code, description
SMB_UIE_CM_BNK_BAL_LT - CM Bank Balance Info
SMB_UIE_COMP_CODE_CURRENCY_LT - List of Company codes and its currency
SMB_UIE_CREDIT_MEMO_BAL_LT - Credit Memo for Open Items
SMB_UIE_C_LEVEL_CHART_LT - struc for kpi line chart details
SMB_UIE_C_LEVEL_KPI_CARD_LT - structure for details of all kpis
SMB_UIE_C_LEVEL_KPI_LT - structure for details of all kpis
SMB_UIE_C_LEVEL_SALES_LT - stuc for 12 months ,year n sum n salesorg
SMB_UIE_C_LEVEL_SALORG_LT - structure for sales org information for score card
SMB_UIE_DEFECT_HISTORY_MTR_LT - Defect History Material
SMB_UIE_DEFECT_HISTORY_VEND_LT - Defect history Vendor
SMB_UIE_DEFECT_TOP_MATERIAL_LT - struct for fiels material and accp rate calculated
SMB_UIE_DEFECT_TOP_VENDORS_LT - structure for displayin the vendors n their acceptance rate
SMB_UIE_DELIVERY_TIME_LT - Mean aDelivery and Planned Delivery Time
SMB_UIE_DIST_SOLD_TO_LT - Sold-to-party count for given district.
SMB_UIE_DLVRY_QTY_REL_LT - Delivery Quantity Reliability
SMB_UIE_EKGRP_LT - Structure for Purchasing Group
SMB_UIE_EKORG_LT - Structure for Purchasing Organization
SMB_UIE_EXCEP_MSG_LT - Different kind of Exception Messages
SMB_UIE_INV_SALES_PRODH_LT - Invoiced Sales by product hierarchy
SMB_UIE_KTOKD_LT - Account Group
SMB_UIE_KTOKD_RANGE_LT - Accounts Gruop Structure
SMB_UIE_MATERIALS_LT - Material and inspection lots
SMB_UIE_MATERIAL_GRP_LT - Material Group Descriptions
SMB_UIE_MAT_LT - AR Material List
SMB_UIE_MONTHS_LT - Previous six months
SMB_UIE_MONTH_LT - Month and text name of the month
SMB_UIE_MRP_PLANT_PRODSCHED_LT - MRP Cont, Plant, Prod Sched for Time Horizon
SMB_UIE_MTRL_LT - Material Acceptance History
SMB_UIE_MTS_ARBPL_LT - Structure for Hierarchy
SMB_UIE_MTS_CAPACITY_OVW_LT - Structure for MTS Shop floor Capacity Overview
SMB_UIE_MTS_CAPACITY_UTIL_LT - Structure for MTS Shop floor Capacity Utilization
SMB_UIE_MTS_CPT_OVW_WCH_LT - Structure for MTS Shop floor Capacity Ovw at WC Hier level
SMB_UIE_MTS_CPT_OVW_WC_LT - Structure for MTS Shop floor Capacity Ovw at WC level
SMB_UIE_MTS_CPT_UTIL_WCH_LT - Structure for MTS Shop floor Capacity Util at WC Hier level
SMB_UIE_MTS_CPT_UTIL_WC_LT - Structure for MTS Shop floor Capacity Util at WC level
SMB_UIE_MTS_ORD_OVW_LT - Structure for MTS Shop floor Order overview workarea
SMB_UIE_MTS_PERSRESP_LT - Person responsible for work center UI information
SMB_UIE_MTS_PRODSCHED_LT - Production scheduler UI information
SMB_UIE_MTS_SHPFLR_ORD_OVW_LT - Structure for MTS Shop floor Order overview
SMB_UIE_MTS_VERAN_LT - Structure for Person Responsible
SMB_UIE_MTS_WERKS_LT - Structure for Plant
SMB_UIE_MTS_WRKCTRHIER_LT - Work center hierarchy UI information
SMB_UIE_MTS_WRKCTR_LT - Structure for work centers without hierarchy
SMB_UIE_OPEN_ITEMS_VENDORS_LT - structure for vendors with only fields compcode,fiscyr,trans
SMB_UIE_OPEN_ITEM_CUST_LT - Open Items Customer
SMB_UIE_PM_STATS_LT - Purchase Management: KPI/Stats
SMB_UIE_POC_PLANT_LT - Plant with short texts
SMB_UIE_PRODH_LT - Product Hierarchy
SMB_UIE_PRODH_RANGE_LT - Range Structure for Product Hierarchy
SMB_UIE_PROHD_SALES_LT - Product Hierarchy and Sales
SMB_UIE_PROJ_STATUS_CNT_LT - Services Project - Count of WBS-Elements by Comb.Status
SMB_UIE_QM_GOODS_JOINED_LT - QM Goods Receipt Local Structure
SMB_UIE_QM_GOODS_RCPT_LT - Structure for QM Goods Receipt
SMB_UIE_QM_HISTORY_LT - Structure for QM History Overview
SMB_UIE_QM_MONTHS_LT - Months range table
SMB_UIE_QTY_ANALYSIS_LT - Quantity Analysis
SMB_UIE_RANGE_CO_CODE_LT - Range for company code
SMB_UIE_RANGE_MATNR_LT - Range for material number
SMB_UIE_RECORDED_TIME_LT - Recorded and Planned hours
SMB_UIE_SERV_PROJ_COSTS_LT - Purchase Management: KPI/Stats
SMB_UIE_SERV_PROJ_WBS_COSTS_LT - Services Project - Cost Overview by Project WBS-element
SMB_UIE_STOCK_OVERVIEW_LT - Stock Overview Information
SMB_UIE_TIME_HZN_LT - Structure to hold number of ords in different time horizon
SMB_UIE_TRAVEL_EXP_PER_MNTH_LT - Travel Expenses For Each Months
SMB_UIE_TRAVEL_EXP_PER_YEAR_LT - Travel Expenses for a Year
SMB_UIE_VENDORS_LT - Vendor and inspection lot
SMB_UIE_VEND_LT - Vendor name and number
SMB_UIE_VEND_POVAL_LT - PO values for the vendor
TOOLBAR_GROUP - save the all the event group tables of a toolbar

SAP People Centric UI Framework Customizing Tables CA-GTF-PCF-CUS

CMRT_VIEWGRP_DAT - Selection Group - Data
CRMC_ACCESS - Application Set Screen Structure Field Group Access Method
CRMC_APPL_ALIAS - Mapping - Old Application -> New Application
CRMC_APPL_NAME - Text Table for Application Name
CRMC_APPL_NAMEC - Text Table for Application Name
CRMC_APPL_OBJT - Assign Object Type to Application
CRMC_APPL_VIEW - Characteristics of BLVIEW
CRMC_APPL_VIEWC - Characteristics of BLVIEW
CRMC_BLUEPRINT - Application Scenario - Screen Area
CRMC_BLUEPRNTC - Complete Use of Layout (Cust.)
CRMC_BL_APPL - Application Scenario
CRMC_BL_APPSET - Application Set
CRMC_BL_APPSET_T - Application Set Texts
CRMC_BL_BY - Search criteria
CRMC_BL_BY_T - Texts for By-Shuffler Content
CRMC_BL_CONTXT - CRM: Current Blueprint Context for an Application
CRMC_BL_DBXCHG - CRM: Table for Generic Data Exchange
CRMC_BL_DTXCHG - CRM: Table for Generic Data Exchange
CRMC_BL_FAVORITE - Application Scenario: User Favorites
CRMC_BL_QUERY - Application Scenario - Standard Query
CRMC_BL_QUERY_T - Application Scenario Standard Query (Text)
CRMC_BL_QUE_VALS - Application Scenario - User Query - Field Values
CRMC_BL_SCRTYP - Screen Element Type
CRMC_BL_SCRTYP_DAT - Screen Element Type - Data
CRMC_BL_SCRTYP_T - Screen Element Type: Text Table
CRMC_BL_SCRVR - Application Scenario: Screen Area Variants
CRMC_BL_SCRVR_T - Bluepring: Screen Variant per Application Scenaro (Texts)
CRMC_BL_SEARCC - Definition of Search Combinations (Show - By) (Cust.)
CRMC_BL_SEARCH - Search Combination
CRMC_BL_SHOW - Search Display Field
CRMC_BL_SHOW_T - Texts for Show - Shuffler Content
CRMC_BL_SOURCE - Data Source for Search Queries
CRMC_BL_SOURCE_T - Data Source for Search Queries (Text)
CRMC_BL_VARIANTS - Application Scenario - User Query
CRMC_BL_VARIAN_T - Application Scenario User Query (Texts)
CRMC_BL_VAR_VALS - Application Scenario - User Query - Field Values
CRMC_BL_VIEW_T - Views for UI Display (Texts)
CRMC_BSP_EVENT - Navigation Event
CRMC_BSP_EVENT_R - Redefintion of Events from CRMC_BSP_EVENT
CRMC_BSP_EVENT_T - Definition of Events for BSP Applications
CRMC_BSP_MSGS - Screen Field Navigation for Application Log Messages
CRMC_BSP_MSG_GRP - Message Groups
CRMC_BSP_PROCC - Process (Cust.)
CRMC_BSP_PROCE - Entity Process
CRMC_BSP_PROC_T - Text Table for Process
CRMC_BSP_SESMGTC - CRM PCUI Session Management customizing.
CRMC_EVENTAPP - Assignment of Application Set to Event
CRMC_EVENTGRE_T - Event Group (Texts)
CRMC_F4MAPREC - Field Assignment for Resetting Values in F4 Help
CRMC_F4MAPRECC - Field Assignment for Resetting Values in F4 Help
CRMC_F4MAPSND - Field Assignment for Search Preassignment in F4 Help
CRMC_F4MAPSNDC - Field Assignment for Search Preassignment in F4 Help
CRMC_F4MULTIDEFC - Field Assgnmnt for Copying During Multiple Selection (Cust.)
CRMC_F4_MULTIDEF - Field Assignment for Copying During Multiple Selection (SAP)
CRMC_FIELDGRE - Screen Structure Field Group
CRMC_FIELDGRP - Screen Structure Field Group Field
CRMC_FIELDGRPC - Field Group (Cust.)
CRMC_FLD_LABEL - Table for Label
CRMC_FLD_LABELC - Customising table for field labels
CRMC_LISTCOLC - Customizing List (Column Sequence)
CRMC_MULTIGRP - Multigroup Table
CRMC_MULTIGRPC - Multigroup Table (Cust)
CRMC_MULTIGRPE - Multigroup Entity Table
CRMC_MULTIGRPE_T - Text Table for Multigroup Entity Table
CRMC_MULTIVALUEC - Settings for advanced search feature
CRMC_PERSLST_EXT - Enhanced Personalization Data for Result List
CRMC_REGTABGRC - Tab Group (Cust.)
CRMC_REGTABGRP_T - Text Table for Tab Page Group
CRMC_RGTABAPP - Assignment: Application Set - Tabstrip
CRMC_RGTABGRE - Tabstrip Control
CRMC_SEARCAPP - Assignment: Application Set - Search Group
CRMC_SEARCH_PERS - Personalization of user specific default query.
CRMC_SEPARATOR - Search Separator
CRMC_SERCHGRE - Search Group
CRMC_STEPAPP - Application Set: GDP Step Group Assignment
CRMC_STEPGRC - GDP Step Group (Cust.)
CRMC_STEPGRE_T - Text Table for the GDP StepGroup
CRMC_TLBARAPP - Assignment: Application Set - Toolbar
CRMC_TOOLBARGC - Toolbar Group (Cust.)
CRMC_TOOLBARGR_T - Text Table for Toolbar Group
CRMC_TXT_LABEL - Text Redefinition
CRMC_TXT_LABELC - Interface Element Type
CRMC_VERSION - Characteristics of Version
CRMC_VERSIONC - Characteristics of Version
CRMC_VIEWGRE - Tab Selection Group
CRMC_VIEWGRE_T - Entity ViewSwitch Group (Texts)
CRMC_VIEWGRP - Tab Selection
CRMC_VIEWGRPC - Selection Group (Cust.)
CRMC_VSETAPP - Application Set: View Set Group Assignment
CRMC_VSETGRC - View Set Group (Cust.)
CRMC_VSETGRE - Entity View Set Group
CRMC_VSETGRE_T - Text Table for View Set Group
CRMC_VSETGRP - Viewset Group
CRMC_VSET_PERS - Personalization Data View Set Group
CRMT_ACCESS_CD - Change Document Structure CRMC_ACCESS
CRMT_ACCESS_DAT - Model Access and Context Methods for Screen Structure - Key
CRMT_ACCESS_I - Model Access Classes + Additional Fields
CRMT_ACCESS_KEY - Model Access and Context Methods for Screen Structure - Key
CRMT_APPL_OBJT_KEY - Assignment: Application - Object Type - Key
CRMT_APPL_VIEW_DAT - Characteristics of BLVIEW
CRMT_BLUEPRINT_CD_KEY - Table BLUEPRINT - Key for CopyData Utility
CRMT_BLUEPRINT_I - Blueprint Entry + Internal Entries
CRMT_BL_APPL_CD - Change Document Structure CRMC_BL_APPL
CRMT_BL_APPL_DAT - Application Scenario - Data
CRMT_BL_APPL_I - Application Entity + Additional Data
CRMT_BL_APPL_KEY - Application Scenario - Key
CRMT_BL_APPL_T_CD - Change Document Structure CRMC_BL_APPL_T
CRMT_BL_APPSET_CD - Change Document Structure CRMC_BL_APPSET_CD
CRMT_BL_APPSET_DAT - Application Set Data
CRMT_BL_APPSET_KEY - Application Set - Key
CRMT_BL_APPSET_T_CD - Change Document Structure CRMC_BL_APPSET_T
CRMT_BL_BY_KEY - By - Shuffler Content - Key
CRMT_BL_QUERY_KEY - Storage of Delivery Queries
CRMT_BL_SCRTYP_DAT - Screen Element Type - Data
CRMT_BL_SCRTYP_KEY - Screen Element Type - Header
CRMT_BL_SCRVR_KEY - Blueprint: Screen Variant per Application Scenario (Key)
CRMT_BL_SEARCH_DAT - Definition of Search Combinations (Show - By) - Data
CRMT_BL_SEARCH_KEY - Definition of Search Combinations (Show - By) - Key
CRMT_BL_SHOW_KEY - Definition of Show - Shuffler Content - Key
CRMT_BL_SHUFFLER_SHOW - structure for show dropdown (Shuffler)
CRMT_BL_SOURCE_I - Data Source for Search Queries + Additional Data
CRMT_BL_SOURCE_KEY - Data Source for Search Queries - Key
CRMT_BL_VARIANTS_KEY - Storage of User Queries (Variants) - Key
CRMT_BL_VARIANTS_T - Structure for data transport of table CRMC_BL_VARIAN_T
CRMT_BL_VIEW_CD - Change Document Structure CRMC_BL_VIEW
CRMT_BL_VIEW_KEY - Views for UI Display - Key
CRMT_BL_VIEW_T_CD - Change Document Structure CRMC_BL_VIEW_T
CRMT_BSP_APPL_VIEW_TT - Structure for Characteristics of BLview + Text
CRMT_BSP_BAB_EVENT_SET - List of Events in Multi ODC
CRMT_BSP_BAB_MULTIODC_EDIT - Display if Multi ODC to Be Edited
CRMT_BSP_BLUEPRINT - Structure Blueprint Table + Controller + Controller ID
CRMT_BSP_BLUEPRINT_ATTR - Blueprint Table Attributes
CRMT_BSP_BLUEPRINT_KEY - Key Fields for Blueprint Table
CRMT_BSP_BL_STABDEP - Structure for Dependency Relationships between Table Entries
CRMT_BSP_CALENDAR - Structure with calendar specific fields
CRMT_BSP_CT_APPL_UI - Navigation structure
CRMT_BSP_CT_BARTAB_UI - Bar tabstrip
CRMT_BSP_CT_FIELDS_SEL_UI - Moving field wizard
CRMT_BSP_CT_MF_UI_2000 - Moving field source screen
CRMT_BSP_CT_MF_UI_2100 - Moving field destination screen
CRMT_BSP_CT_NODE_UI - Information of node in the structure
CRMT_BSP_CU_CHECK_KEYFLDS - Key Fields of all Blueprint Entities
CRMT_BSP_CU_CHECK_OPTFLAG - Options for Checking Blueprint Tables
CRMT_BSP_CU_CHECK_OPTIONS - Options for Checking Blueprint Tables
CRMT_BSP_CU_CHECK_STABNAM - CRM Blueprint Check: Table Set Name
CRMT_BSP_CU_SYMSG - SY-MESG Variables (Type, Class, Number, Variables 1-4)
CRMT_BSP_CU_SYMSGT - SY-MESG Variables and Message Text
CRMT_BSP_EVENT_CD - Change Document Structure CRMC_BSP_EVENT
CRMT_BSP_EVENT_DAT - Definition of Events for BSP Applications - Data
CRMT_BSP_EVENT_I - BSP Event Entity + Additional Fields
CRMT_BSP_EVENT_KEY - Definition of Events for BSP Applications - Key
CRMT_BSP_EVENT_R_KEY - Definition of Events for BSP Applications - Key
CRMT_BSP_EVENT_T_CD - Change Document Structure CRM_BSP_EVENT_T
CRMT_BSP_FIELDATTRIBUTE - Field Characteristics
CRMT_BSP_FIELDGRP_EXT - Structures for Detail Element
CRMT_BSP_MSGS_DAT - Field Navigation for Application Log - Attribute
CRMT_BSP_MSGS_KEY - Field Navigation for Application Log - Key
CRMT_BSP_MULTIGRP_DAT - Data Part of Multigroup Table
CRMT_BSP_MULTIGRP_KEY - Multigroups - Key
CRMT_BSP_PROCESS_DAT - Entity Process: Data
CRMT_BSP_PROCESS_KEY - Entity Process: Key
CRMT_BSP_RESLIST_PARAM - Interface BSP Extension ResultList for Print Function
CRMT_BSP_SHUFFLER - Structure for Shuffler Table
CRMT_BSP_SO_APPL - Ranges Structure for Application
CRMT_BSP_SO_BLVIEW - Ranges Structure for Application
CRMT_BSP_STEPAPP_KEY - GDP Step Group for Application Set: Key
CRMT_BSP_STEPGRE_I - GDP Step Group + Additional Fields
CRMT_BSP_STEPGRP_I - GDP Step + Additional Fields
CRMT_BSP_STEPGRP_M - GDP Step: Model Access
CRMT_BSP_VSETAPP_KEY - View Sets for Application Set: Key
CRMT_BSP_VSETGRE_DAT - Entity: View Set Group Data
CRMT_BSP_VSETGRE_I - Entity Viewset + Additional Fields
CRMT_BSP_VSETGRE_KEY - Entity View Set Group: Key
CRMT_BSP_VSETGRP_DAT - View Set Group: Data
CRMT_BSP_VSETGRP_KEY - Viewset Group - Key
CRMT_BSP_VSETGRP_M - View Set and Process Attributes - Model Access
CRMT_BSP_VSETGRP_PROC - View Set Group and Process Attributes
CRMT_BSP_VSETGRP_PROC_I - View Set, Process Attributes and Add. Fields
CRMT_BSP_VSET_PERS - Access to Personalization Data Viewset Group
CRMT_BSP_XBAB_BLUEPRINT - Interface Blueprint Application Builder
CRMT_EVENTAPP_KEY - Assignment: Application Set-Event - Key
CRMT_EVENTGRE_CD - Change Document Structure CRMC_EVENTGRE
CRMT_EVENTGRE_I - Event Group + Some Additional Information
CRMT_EVENTGRE_KEY - Event Group - Key
CRMT_EVENTGRE_T_CD - Change Document Structure CRMC_EVENTGRE_T
CRMT_F4MAPREC_DAT - Field Assignment for Resetting in F4 Help - Data
CRMT_F4MAPREC_KEY - Field Assignment for Resetting in F4 Help - Key
CRMT_F4MAPSND_DAT - Field Assignment for Preassignment of F4 Help - Data
CRMT_F4MAPSND_KEY - Field Assignment for Preassignment of F4 Help - Key
CRMT_F4MULTIDEF - Fields to be defaulted in Multiple Selection F4 help
CRMT_F4_MULTIDEF - Key Fields for Field Assignment During Multiple Selection
CRMT_FIELDGRE_CD - Change Document Structure CRMC_FIELDGRE
CRMT_FIELDGRE_DAT - Screen Structure Field Group
CRMT_FIELDGRE_I - Field Group Entity + Internal Fields
CRMT_FIELDGRE_KEY - Entity Field Group - Key
CRMT_FIELDGRP_CD - Change Document Structure CRMC_FIELDGRP
CRMT_FIELDGRP_DAT - Field Group - Data
CRMT_FIELDGRP_I - Field Group Item + Internal Fields
CRMT_FIELDGRP_KEY - Field Group - Key
CRMT_FIELDGRP_TABLE - Table of fieldgroup entry for main fieldgroup
CRMT_FIELDGRP_T_CD - Change Document Structure CRMC_FIELDGRP_T
CRMT_FLD_LABELC_CD - Change Document Structure CRMC_FLD_LABELC
CRMT_FLD_LABEL_CD - Change Document Structure CRMC_FLD_LABEL
CRMT_MULTIGRE_I - Multi-Group Entity + Add. Fields
CRMT_MULTIGRP_CD - Change Document Structure CRMC_MULTIGRP
CRMT_MULTIGRP_I - Multi-Group Item + Add. Fields
CRMT_MULTIGRP_KEY - Key Part of Entity Table for Multigroups
CRMT_RGTABAPP_KEY - Tab Strips for Application Set - Key
CRMT_RGTABGRE_CD - Change Document Structure CRMC_RGTABGRE
CRMT_RGTABGRE_I - Tabstrip Entity + Additional Fields
CRMT_RGTABGRE_KEY - Entity Tab Group - Key
CRMT_RGTABGRP_I - Tabstrip Item + Additional Fields
CRMT_SCRTYPE_I - Screen Element Type Entity + Additional Fields
CRMT_SEARCAPP_KEY - Search Groups for Application Set - Key
CRMT_SEARCHGRE_I - Search Group Entity + Additional Fields
CRMT_SEARCHGRP_I - Search Group Item + Additional Fields
CRMT_SEARCH_BY_I - By Value Entity + Additional Fields
CRMT_SEARCH_SH_I - Show Value Entity + Additional Fields
CRMT_SERCHGRE_KEY - Entity Search Group - Key
CRMT_TLBARAPP_KEY - Toolbars for Application Set - Key
CRMT_TLBARGRE_CD - Change Document Structure CRMC_TLBARGRE
CRMT_TLBARGRE_I - Toolbar Entity + Additional Fields
CRMT_TLBARGRE_KEY - Entity Toolbar Group - Key
CRMT_TLBARGRP_I - Toolbar Item + Additional Fields
CRMT_TOOLBARGR_DAT - Toolbar Group - Data
CRMT_TOOLBARGR_KEY - Toolbar Group - Key
CRMT_TXT_DATA - Data part for UI Text definition
CRMT_TXT_KEY - Key for UI Text definition
CRMT_TXT_LABELC_CD - Change Document Structure CRMC_TXT_LABELC
CRMT_TXT_LABEL_CD - Change Document Structure CRMC_TXT_LABEL
CRMT_VERSION_DAT - Attributes of Version
CRMT_VIEWGRE_CD - Change Document Structure CRMC_VIEWGRE
CRMT_VIEWGRE_I - ViewSwitch Entity + Additional Fields
CRMT_VIEWGRE_KEY - ViewSwitch Group - Key
CRMT_VIEWGRE_T_CD - Change Document Structure CRMC_VIEWGRE_T
CRMT_VIEWGRP_CD - Change Document Structure CRMC_VIEWGRP
CRMT_VIEWGRP_KEY - Selection group
CRMT_XFIELDGROUP - Extended Fieldgroup

SAP Addresses Tables CA-GTF-PCF-SRV-ADR

CRMT_ADDRESS_VERSION - Row Type for List of International Address Versions
CRMT_BSP_ADCP_STRUC_VD - Include Structure for Version-Dependent ADCP Attributes
CRMT_BSP_ADDRESS - Dialog Structure for Addresses
CRMT_BSP_ADDRESS_2 - Address Structure for Second Address Controller
CRMT_BSP_ADDRESS_ADRC_STRUC - Include Structure with ADRC Attributes and Descriptions
CRMT_BSP_ADDRESS_ADRP_STRUC - Include Structure with ADRP Attributes Incl. Descriptions
CRMT_BSP_ADDRESS_COMM - Include Structure for the Communication Data of an Address
CRMT_BSP_ADDRESS_COMM_DIALOG - Dialog Structure for Overview of Communication Data
CRMT_BSP_ADDRESS_COMPLETE - Complete Address Structure
CRMT_BSP_ADDRESS_DIALOG - Dialog-Relevant Information
CRMT_BSP_ADDRESS_DROPDOWN - Structure for Dropdown List Boxes
CRMT_BSP_ADDRESS_FISEL - Structure for Field Selection
CRMT_BSP_ADDRESS_LAYOUT - Structure for Address Layout in People-Centric UI
CRMT_BSP_ADDRESS_PRFCOMM - PC UI Dialog Structure for Preferred Telephone Type
CRMT_BSP_ADDRESS_VD - Dialog Structure for Version-Dependent Address Attributes
CRMT_BSP_ADDR_KEY - Address Key with Object Key and Context
CRMT_BSP_ADFAX - Dialog Structure for Fax Numbers
CRMT_BSP_ADMOB - Dialog Structure for Mobile Telephone Numbers
CRMT_BSP_ADNM_STRUC_VD - Include Structure with Version-Dependent Name Attributes
CRMT_BSP_ADPAG - Dialog Structure for Pager Numbers
CRMT_BSP_ADPRT - Dialog Structure for Printer
CRMT_BSP_ADRC_STRUC_VD - Include Structure with Version-Dependent ADRC Attributes
CRMT_BSP_ADRFC - Dialog Structure for RFC Addresses
CRMT_BSP_ADRML - Dialog Structure for RML Addresses
CRMT_BSP_ADRP_STRUC_VD - Include Structure with Version-Dependent ADRP Attributes
CRMT_BSP_ADSMTP - Dialog Structure for E-Mail Addresses
CRMT_BSP_ADSSF - Dialog Structure for SSF Addresses
CRMT_BSP_ADTEL - Dialog Structure for Telephone Numbers
CRMT_BSP_ADTLX - Dialog Structure for Telex Numbers
CRMT_BSP_ADURI - Dialog Structure for URI Addresses
CRMT_BSP_AD_HANDLE_REFNUM - Internal Translation Structure Handle -> Sequential Number
CRMT_BSP_AD_REFNUM_HANDLE - Internal Translation Structure Sequential Number -> Handle
CRMT_BSP_COM_JUR - BSP Structure for the TXJCD Popup
CRMT_BSP_FLGDEFAULT_TD - Structure for Time-Dependent Maintenance of Default Flag
CRMT_FIELD_ENTRY - Structure for Field Value Pairs

SAP Application Manager Tables CA-GTF-PCF-SRV-SAM

COMT_BSP_SAM_APP_INST - SAM: Object Type/Instance
COMT_BSP_STATUS_ACTIVE - BSP UI: Structure for Active Status
COMT_BSP_STATUS_CHANGE - BSP UI: Structure for Action to Change a Status Object
COMT_BSP_STATUS_DATA - BSP UI: Collected Status Info
COMT_BSP_STATUS_DDLB - BSP UI: Structure for Dropdown List Box
COMT_BSP_STATUS_HISTORY - BSP UI: Structure for Historical Status
COMT_BSP_STATUS_PROFILE - BSP UI: Structure for User Profile
COMT_BSP_STATUS_TEXT - BSP UI: Text for a Status (Internal)
COMT_BSP_STATUS_TEXT_INT - BSP UI: Text for a Status (Internal)
COMT_BSP_STATUS_UNSET_INT - BSP UI: User Data for Resetting Status
COMT_BSP_WORKITEM - BSP UI: Work Items for Object

SAP Dialog People-Centric UI for Business Partner Tables CA-GTF-PCU-BP

BANKA_STRUCT - structure for bank record.
BAPIINDUSTRYDETAILS - BAPI Structure for Industry details
BSP_BURS_RELTYP_AND_PARTNERS - Relationship Category and Relationship Partner
COMT_BPS_INCL_SCRULE_D - Structure of Rule Class "D" - Daily Periods
COMT_BSP_ADDR3_FIND - Contact Person Search: Address
COMT_BSP_BP_ADDRESS - BSP: Structure of (Standard) Address Object
COMT_BSP_BP_ADDRESS_KEY - Key for Address Controller
COMT_BSP_BP_ADDRESS_USAGE - BSP: Business Partner Address Usage
COMT_BSP_BP_ADDRESS_X - BSP: Structure of (Standard) Address Object
COMT_BSP_BP_ADDR_DUPLICATE - BSP: Display Structure for Duplicates
COMT_BSP_BP_ADDR_ICOM - Address-Independent Communication Data
COMT_BSP_BP_ADDR_KEY - BSP: Address Key for Account
COMT_BSP_BP_BANK_F4_DISP - Structure for Bank Move F4 display
COMT_BSP_BP_BANK_LIST - Structure for Displaying Business Partner Bank Data
COMT_BSP_BP_BANK_LISTEXT - Structure to be included in the Bank List
COMT_BSP_BP_BANK_MOVE - Structure for Move bank details
COMT_BSP_BP_BANK_MST - Structure for Bank Master
COMT_BSP_BP_CONTACT - BSP: Contact Person for Interface Layer
COMT_BSP_BP_CONTACT_OBJ_BP - BSP: CONTACT Structure (with Standard Address)
COMT_BSP_BP_CONTACT_X - BSP: Contact Person for Interface Layer
COMT_BSP_BP_CONTACT_X_BP - BSP: Change Flags for CONTACT Structure (without Address)
COMT_BSP_BP_COP_ADDRESS - People-Centric UI: Contact Person Address
COMT_BSP_BP_COP_ADDRESS_COMM - Contact Person: Address with Communication Data
COMT_BSP_BP_DROPDOWN_RELATION - Business Partner BSP: Drop-Down Values Search
COMT_BSP_BP_EMPLOYEE_CP_DATA - Data of central person
COMT_BSP_BP_EMPLOYEE_DATA - Data of central person
COMT_BSP_BP_EMPLOYEE_HR_DATA - HR fields of an employee
COMT_BSP_BP_EMPLOYEE_MANAGER - HR fields of an employee
COMT_BSP_BP_EMPLOYEE_REL_DATA - Employee Relationship Data
COMT_BSP_BP_EMPLOYEE_REL_ORG - Data of Organization x
COMT_BSP_BP_EMPLOYEE_REL_PERS - Person Data of Relation
COMT_BSP_BP_GENERAL_DATA - Business Partner: General Data for Account Mngmt.
COMT_BSP_BP_HIST_SEL_DATE - History Status Selection for Identifiers
COMT_BSP_BP_IDENTIFICATION - Identification Numbers
COMT_BSP_BP_ID_HIST_SEL - History Status Selection for Identifiers
COMT_BSP_BP_INDUSTRYSECTOR - Structure for Industry sector in PC-UI
COMT_BSP_BP_INDUSTRYSECTOR_ALL - Structure for Industry sector in PC-UI
COMT_BSP_BP_INDUSTRYSECTOR_STD - Structure for Industry sector in PC-UI
COMT_BSP_BP_INDU_ALL_SEARCH - Structure for Industry sector in PC-UI
COMT_BSP_BP_INDU_STD_SEARCH - Structure for Industry sector in PC-UI
COMT_BSP_BP_PCARDS_LIST - List of payments cards of a business partner
COMT_BSP_BP_PCARDS_MASTER - Payment Card Master Details
COMT_BSP_BP_PCARDS_POPUP - Screen Structure for Payment Card Popup
COMT_BSP_BP_PCARD_BLOCK - Blocking Details
COMT_BSP_BP_PCARD_DETAIL - Payment Card Connection Details
COMT_BSP_BP_PCARD_LIST - List of payments cards of a business partner
COMT_BSP_BP_PCARD_MASTER - Payment Card Master Details
COMT_BSP_BP_PCARD_MST_DET - Payment Card Master Details
COMT_BSP_BP_PCARD_POPUP - Screen Structure for Payment Card Popup
COMT_BSP_BP_RELATION - BSP: Business Partner Relationship Screen Structure
COMT_BSP_BP_RELATION_ENTRY - BSP: Business Partner Relationship Drop-Down List Structure
COMT_BSP_BP_ROLES - Screen structure for Roles
COMT_BSP_BP_SEAREQ_ADDRESS - Business Partner: Search Structure for Address Data
COMT_BSP_BP_SEAREQ_AMSEARCH - Search All Business Partners (Employees Too)
COMT_BSP_BP_SEAREQ_BUS1006 - Business Partner: Search for Address
COMT_BSP_BP_SEAREQ_BUS1006005 - Business Partner: Search for Account Management
COMT_BSP_BP_SEAREQ_COMM - Business Partner: Search Criteria for Communication
COMT_BSP_BP_SEAREQ_COMM_X - Update Bar: Communication Data
COMT_BSP_BP_SEAREQ_DIVERSE - Various Search Criteria
COMT_BSP_BP_SEAREQ_EMPLOYEE - Search structure for the employees
COMT_BSP_BP_SEAREQ_ID - Business Partner: Search with ID
COMT_BSP_BP_SEAREQ_INCL - Search Structure Account Central Part
COMT_BSP_BP_SEAREQ_PERSON - Business Partner: Search for Persons
COMT_BSP_BP_SEARES_ADDITONAL - Business Partner: Search Result additional fields
COMT_BSP_BP_SEARES_AMSEARCH - Search Result of all Business Partners (Employees Too)
COMT_BSP_BP_SEARES_BP - Central Part Search Result
COMT_BSP_BP_SEARES_BUS1006 - Business Partner: Result of Search for Account Mngmt.
COMT_BSP_BP_SEARES_BUS1006005 - Business Partner: Result of Search for Account Mngmt.
COMT_BSP_BP_SEARES_CONTACT - CRM BSP: Contact Partner Search (Response)
COMT_BSP_BP_SEARES_EMPLOYEE - Result structure of employee search
COMT_BSP_BP_SEARES_INCL - Search Structure Account Central Part
COMT_BSP_BP_SEARES_INCL_X - Update Structure Central Part
COMT_BSP_BP_SEARES_PERSON - Central Part Search Result
COMT_BSP_BP_SEARES_PERS_IMPL - Implicit Result for Search for Persons
COMT_BSP_BP_TAX_NATPERS - Structure for Natural Person
COMT_BSP_BP_TAX_NUMBERS - Structure for Tax numbers.
COMT_BSP_BP_TEMPLATE - Template Assignments
COMT_BSP_BUS1006002_CENTRAL - SAP BP, CP Rel.: BAPI Structure for Central Data
COMT_BSP_BU_RELTYP_INFO - Information About Relationship Type
COMT_BSP_COP_ADDRESS - Additional Address Data for Relation
COMT_BSP_DROPDOWN_RELATION - Business Partner BSP: Drop-Down Values Search
COMT_BSP_EMPLOYEE_OBJECT_KEY - Relationship Category and Relationship Partner
COMT_BSP_EMPLOYEE_RELATION - BSP: Screen Structure Employee with Standard Address
COMT_BSP_EMPLOYEE_REL_FIND - Search Parameter for a Person's Address in the Company
COMT_BSP_RELATION_COM_HIER - Commom data for Relationship hierarchy.
COMT_BSP_RELATION_EMP_HIER - Structure for Employee data
COMT_BSP_RELATION_EMP_PARTNER - Employee data with partner info
COMT_BSP_RELATION_HIER - Hierarchical Display of Relationships
COMT_BSP_RELATION_SHR_HIER - Shareholder hierarchy data
COMT_BSP_RULE_LINE - Rule Line with All Rule Types
COMT_BSP_RULE_STRUCTURE - Structure of Rule Table
COMT_BSP_SCRULE_D - Daily Periodic Appointments
COMT_BSP_SCRULE_M - Periodic Monthly Appointments
COMT_BSP_SCRULE_M1 - Structure for 1st Month Rule (Every 3 Months on the 3rd Day)
COMT_BSP_SCRULE_M3 - Rule for the M3 Rule ("On the First Monday Every 3 Weeks")
COMT_BSP_SCRULE_T - Other Appointments
COMT_BSP_SCRULE_TEXT - Rule in Text Format
COMT_BSP_SCRULE_T_ADD - Additional Calling Hours
COMT_BSP_SCRULE_T_EXCLUDE - Calling Hours - Exceptions
COMT_BSP_SCRULE_W - Regular Weekly Appointments
COMT_BSP_SEARCH_CONTROL - Business Partner: Control Search (Central Part)
COMT_BSP_SEAREQ_BP - General Business Partner Search
COMT_BSP_SEAREQ_CONTACT - CRM BSP: Contact Partner Search (Request)
COMT_BSP_SEAREQ_EMPLOYEE - Employee Search Structure
COMT_BSP_SEARES_BP - Central Part Search Result
COMT_BSP_SEARES_BP_POPUP - Central Part Search Result - Popup
COMT_BSP_SEARES_BP_X - Update Structure
COMT_BSP_SEARES_CONTACT - CRM BSP: Contact Partner Search (Response)
COMT_BSP_SEARES_CONTACT_X - BSP Update Bar Contact Person
COMT_BSP_SEARES_EMPLOYEE - BSP: Employee Search Result
COMT_BSP_SHAREHOLDER_RELATION - Screen Structure for Shareholder Relationship
COMT_BSP_TAX_NATPERS - Structure for Natural Person
COMT_BSP_TIMERULE_TEXT - Daily Periodic Appointments
COMT_BSP_TIME_DISP - Structure for Time Display (hh:mm)
COMT_BSP_TIME_HEADER - Header Data Date Rule
COMT_BSP_TIME_PARAMETER - BSP Date Rule: Maintenance Parameters
COMT_BSP_TIME_RULESINC - Rules for Regular Appointments
COMT_BSP_TIME_RULE_TREE - Appointment Rules in Tree Structure
COMT_SCRULE_M - Regular Monthly Appointments
COMT_SCRULE_T - Dates for Regular Appointments
COMT_SCRULE_W - Regular Weekly Appointments
CRMT_BSP_STATUS_ACTIVE - BSP UI: Structure for Active Status
CRMT_BSP_STATUS_DATA - BSP UI: Collected Status Info
CRMT_BSP_STATUS_DDLB - BSP UI: Structure for Dropdown List Box
CRMT_BSP_STATUS_PROFILE - BSP UI: Structure for User Profile
CRMT_BSP_TEMPLATE_DROPDOWN - Structure for Dropdown List Boxes

SAP Dialog People-Centric UI for Products Tables CA-GTF-PCU-PRO

COMC_ALTID_BSP - Assignment of an ID Profile to BSP F4 Help
COMC_PCHS_DTL - Product-Category Hierarchy Set-Type Details...
COMC_PR_MAPPING - Mapping Table for CRM Product Structures
COMC_PR_MAP_KEY - Table Keys that Are Mapped to Each Other
COMC_SETTYPE_BSP - Set-Type Customizing for BSP Application
COMC_SETVIEW_BSP - Set Types and View Assignment for Set Types in BSP
COMC_SET_BSP_CNT - Event Controlling for Set Types in BSP
COMS_PR_ACE_ACTION_GUID - Actions of a GUID Object
COMS_PR_ACE_ACTION_POOL - Fields for Available Actions
COMT_BSP_IL_PRDIB_S_FCAT - Product: Field Catalog for BSP for Beziehung PRDIB
COMT_BSP_MINITP_INFO - Minitemplate Information
COMT_BSP_MSGS - People Centric UI Product- Settypegeneration Messages
COMT_BSP_MSGS_CD - People Centric UI Product- Settypegeneration Messages
COMT_BSP_OBJ_ADVSRCH_GENERAL - General Advanced Search for COM
COMT_BSP_PRD_ADVSRCH_GENERAL - General Advanced Search for COM
COMT_BSP_PRD_CATEGORY_KEY - Key for Categories
COMT_BSP_PRD_COMP_LIST - BSP structure for Component List
COMT_BSP_PRD_COMP_LIST_OBJECT - BSP structure for Ibase Component type Object
COMT_BSP_PRD_COMP_LIST_PRODUCT - BSP structure for Ibase Component type Product
COMT_BSP_PRD_COMP_LIST_TEXT - BSP structure for Ibase Component type Text
COMT_BSP_PRD_DISPLAY_MODE - Display Mode of BSP Applications for the Product Master
COMT_BSP_PRD_HIER_CAT_KEY - Key for Hierarchies and Categories
COMT_BSP_PRD_IL_KEY - Key for Interlinkages
COMT_BSP_PRD_NAVIGATION_INFO - Fields for Dynamic Navigation Targets in the PC-UI
COMT_BSP_PRD_OBJECT_FAMILY - Input Help DDIC Structure for Object Family
COMT_BSP_PRD_ODC_ATTRHIST - BSP Attribute history structure
COMT_BSP_PRD_ODC_BUPAHIST - Business partner history
COMT_BSP_PRD_ODC_CATGR - Tab "Categories" ODC1
COMT_BSP_PRD_ODC_IL_D_ACCESS - Tab "Is Accessory Of" (Interlinkage) ODC1
COMT_BSP_PRD_ODC_IL_D_SERVI - Tab "Service For" (Interlinkage) ODC1
COMT_BSP_PRD_ODC_IL_D_SPARE - Tab "Has Spare Parts" (Interlinakge) ODC1
COMT_BSP_PRD_ODC_KONFI - Tab "Configuration" ODC2
COMT_BSP_PRD_ODC_KONFI1 - Tab "Configuration" ODC1
COMT_BSP_PRD_ODC_PTEXT - Tab "Product Descriptions" ODC1
COMT_BSP_PRD_ODC_VAR_CONFIG - Tab "Configuration" ODC1 in Variants
COMT_BSP_PRD_SHORT_TEXT_KEY - Key for Product Descriptions
COMT_BSP_PRD_TAX_F4 - DDIC Structure for Tax Value Table in PC-UI
COMT_BSP_PRD_TAX_TARIF_CODE_F4 - PC-UI Value Table for Tax Rate Code
COMT_BSP_PRD_UNIT - Units of Measure for Product: Data Fields
COMT_BSP_PRD_UOM_KEY - Key for Units of Measure
COMT_BSP_PR_LANGU_F4 - Language Key for F4 Help
COMT_PRD_BSP_CLIENT_F4IF - Search Help Structure for Client
COMT_PRODUCT_BSP_CATSET_DTL - Product-Category Hierarchy Set-Type Details...
COMT_PRODUCT_BSP_PCHS_DTL - Product-Category Hierarchy Set-Type Details
COMT_PRODUCT_BSP_SETTYPE - Structure for Customizing Table Set Types in BSP
COMT_PRODUCT_BSP_SET_BSP_CNT - Structure for Control Table Set Types in BSP
COMT_PRODUCT_FAVORITES_IVIEW - Structure for Table Structure of Product Favorites iView
COMT_PRODUCT_IDENTIFICATION - Structure for Identifying Product
COMT_PRODUCT_MATERIAL_DETAIL - Detail List for Material Data in Portal
COMT_PRODUCT_MATERIAL_SALES - Detail List for Material Data in Portal
COMT_PRODUCT_RESULT - Complete Detail List for Material and Service Data in BSP
COMT_PRODUCT_SERVICE_DETAIL - Detail List for Service Data in Portal
COMT_PRODUCT_SERVICE_SALES - Detail List for Service Data in Portal
COMT_PR_FIELD_VIEW_LIST - Structure for sorting the settypes on the correct views
COMT_SETVIEW_BSP_WITH_ORG_UNIT - Extended Structure for COMC_SETVIEW_BSP for Buffer Problem
COMT_UNIT_OF_DIMENSION_MV_DS - Structure for maintaining attribute COMT_UNIT_OF_DIMENSION
COMT_VOLUME_UNIT_MV_DS - Structure for maintaining attribute COMT_VOLUME_UNIT
COMT_WEIGHT_UNIT_MV_DS - Structure for maintaining attribute COMT_WEIGHT_UNIT

SAP Configurable Parameters and Formulas Tables CA-GTF-PR-CPF

CPFC_CUSSTRUC - CPF Custom Structure
CPFC_CUSSTRUCC - CPF Custom Structure Component
CPFC_CUSSTRUCC_T - CPF Custom Structure Component - Description
CPFC_CUSSTRUC_T - CPF Custom Structure - Description
CPFC_DS_ROUTINE - CPF Data Source Routine
CPFC_DS_ROUTPAR - CPF Data Source Routine Parameters
CPFC_DS_ROUT_T - CPF Data Source Routine - Description
CPFC_FORMULAMAP - CPF Formula Parameter Mapping
CPFC_FORMULAPAR - CPF Formula Parameters
CPFC_FORMULATASK - CPF Usage Tasks for Formula
CPFC_FORMULA_T - CPF Formula - Description
CPFC_PARAMCAT - CPF Parameter Catalog
CPFC_PARAMCAT_T - CPF Parameter Catalog - Description
CPFC_ROUTINEPAR - CPF Routine Parameters
CPFC_ROUTINE_T - CPF Routine - Description
CPFC_USAGETASK_T - CPF Usage Task - Description
CPFC_USAGE_T - CPF Usage - Description
CPFD_FORMULA - CPF formula in document
CPFD_FORMULAPAR - CPF Formula parameters in document
CPFD_SCALE - CPF Scale Header
CPFS_BADI_SCALE_EVAL_ROUTINE - CPF BADI Filter Values for Scale Evaluation Routine
CPFS_BRFPLUS_APPL_ADD - CPF additional screen fields for BRFplus Application
CPFS_ELEMENTARY_DATA_TYPE_DESC - CPF Elementary Data Type Description
CPFS_FIELD_DESCR - CPF field extensions for CPF maintenance views
CPFS_FORMULA_TASK_ADD - CPF additional screen fields for formula task
CPFS_MESSAGE - CPF Message: BAPIRET2 + CPF context
CPFS_MESSAGE_BAL - CPF - BAL message with CPF context
CPFS_MESSAGE_INSTANCE - Message Instance for Documents
CPFS_NUM_SCALE_LINE - CPF Scale Line with numeric values
CPFS_OBJ_FORMULA - CPF formula object by CPF GUID
CPFS_OBJ_SCALE - CPF Scale with Values
CPFS_OBJ_SCALE_LINE - CPF Scale Line with values
CPFS_PARAMETER - CPF parameter value
CPFS_PARAMETER_DATATYPE - CPF parameter data type
CPFS_PARAMETER_FUNC - CPF SHLP of Parameters of BRF Plus Functions or Routines
CPFS_PRICE_BASE - CPF price base (amount or quantity)
CPFS_REF_DATA_CATEGORY - CPF Data Category of Referenced Data Type
CPFS_SHLP_FUNC_PARAMETER - CPF SHLP of Parameters of BRF Plus Functions or Routines
CPFS_SHLP_SCALE_EVAL_ROUTINE - CPF SHLP of Scale Evaluation Routines
KONPTOCPFGUID - Linking of master data condition to CPF
KONVTOCPFGUID - Linking of document condition to CPF
PRCS_CONTEXT_DATA - Pricing Context Data
PRCS_CPE_CONTEXT - Pricing CPE Context
PRCS_CPF_CONTEXT - Pricing CPF Context
PRCS_CPF_DTSRC_PARAMETER - Parameter and Value
PRCS_CPF_GUID - Structure for CPF GUID
PRCS_CPF_MESSAGE_LINE - CPF Message for Pricing
PRCS_CPF_MSG_INSTANCE - Message Instances for Pricing Items
PRCS_PRICING_CPF_CONTEXT - Pricing context data for CPF

SAP Cross-Application Objects in Project System Tables CA-GTF-PS

BAPI_2002_SHORT_TEXT_RANGE - BAPI Interface Structure for Ranges of Network Short Texts
BAPI_CORU_ACTIV - Activity confirmations
BAPI_CORU_PARAM - Individual parameters for BAPI'S on confirmations
BAPI_CORU_RETURN - Return information for APIs
BAPI_METH_MESSAGE - Message table for BAPIs (Project System)
BAPI_NETWORK_ACTIVITY_EXP - BAPI structure for network activities (export)
BAPI_NETWORK_EXP - BAPI structure network (export)
BAPI_NETWORK_LIST - BAPI structure for a list of networks
BAPI_NETWORK_LIST_EXP - Network and Description
BAPI_NETWORK_RELATION_EXP - BAPI structure for network relationships (export)
BAPI_PP_ORDERRANGE - BAPI Interface Structure for Ranges of Customer Master ID
E1BP_CORU_ACTIV - Activity confirmations
E1BP_CORU_RETURN - Return information for APIs
E1CONF_ACT10 - Header segment
HIERARCHY - Display of Hierarchies as Variable Lists
NETWORK_ORGANIZATION - Organization information of a network
PERSON - Standard Selection of Persons for Manpower Planning
T512T_ABA - Wage/Salary Types Interface Structure ABA ( MSM )
TCN02 - Key for the Relationship Type (TCN2T)
TCN2T - Text Table for TCN02

SAP Cross Application Objects Public Sector Management Tables CA-GTF-PSM

BAPIFMACT - Funds Management Actual Data
FMAVC001 - FM Availability Control Interface
FMDC_ACTIV - Actual FM Component Active
FMDC_BUDGET_PERIOD_TEXT - Decoupling Interface Budget Period and Text
FMDC_FUNDSCENTER_TEXT - Funds Center and Text Decoupling Interface
FMDC_FUND_TEXT - Fund and Text Decoupling Interface
FMDC_MASTERDATA - Decoupling Interface for FM Master Data
FMDC_RANGE_BUDGET_PERIOD - Decoupling Interface Range for Budget Period
FMDC_RANGE_FUND - Decoupling Interface Range for Funds
FMDC_RANGE_FUNDSCENTER - Decoupling Interface Range for Funds Centers
FMMASTERDATA_WITH_TEXT - Public Services Master Data with Text for Reporting
IFM_FYC_DERIV_FIELDS_HR - Interface HR and FM Fiscal Year Change
KBAP001 - Funds Management/Position Management Interface

SAP Print Workbench Tables CA-GTF-PWB

EFCL - Print Worbench: Form Classes
EFCLD - Screen Struc. for EFCL
EFCLDOCUKEY - Documentation for Form Classes
EFCLSTR - Form Class Structure
EFCLSTRT - Form Class Structure (Text Table)
EFCLT - Form Classes (Text Table)
EFCLX - Secondary Tables for Form Class Levels
EFCLXT - Language-Dependent Text Table: EFCLX
EFCLXV - View Structure: EFCLX
EFGADDRFORM - Address Format
EFGADDRFORMT - Address Format
EFGDLHD - Print Workbench: Control Structure for Upload/Download
EFGDOWNLOAD - Print Workbench: Structure for Up/Download
EFGGEN - Reference Fields for Development Class EEBA
EFGH_EFRM - Help Table for Search Help
EFGH_EFRM2 - Help Table for Search Help
EFGLEVEL - Structure for Form Level
EFGOSTTXTINFO - Print Workbench: Information about Original Text
EFGPD - Print Workbench: Screen Struc. for EFG_PRINT
EFGPOD - Screen Struc. for Print Options
EFGSELLIST - Selection List Structure
EFGSENDTYPES_EXT - External Send Types
EFGSENDTYPES_EXX - External Send Types (Text Table)
EFGSTTXTINFO - Version Information Standard Text
EFGSTTXTLINE - Standard Text for Complete Line
EFGSTTXTOLINES - Print Workbench: Lines of Translated Texts
EFGTRANSLADM - Translation-Relevant Settings in Print Workbench
EFGTRANSLADMLANG - Languages for Translation (Lines)
EFGTRANSLADMTYP - Translation Settings in Print Workbench
EFGTRLISTID - ID Structure for Print Workbench Translation Worklists
EFG_ADMINL - Creation and Change Data
EFG_COLLECTION - Entries in Collection
EFG_COLLECTIONT - Entries in Collection
EFG_CORR_PARAMS - Structure for Print Parameters in Correspondence
EFG_COUNTER - Counting Structure for Form Levels
EFG_FLIGHT_DATA - Data by Data Dispatch
EFG_FORM - Information for Form Routines of an Include
EFG_FORMLOG - Logs for Generating Application Forms
EFG_FORMX - X String Data for Application Form
EFG_FORM_CC - Aux. Table for Client Copy
EFG_PRINTPARAMS - Print Parameters for Print Workbench
EFG_RANGES - Structure: Select Options
EFG_SPOOL_BUFF - Spool IDs Saved with Identifier
EFG_STRN_ADINTF - Form Interface
EFG_STRN_COLLECTION_INFO - Information of Calling Collection
EFG_STRN_COLL_CONTROL - Control Structure for Collections
EFG_STRN_DOCUMENT - Document to be Sent via Business Communication Service (BCS)
EFG_STRN_FLIGHT_COVER - Cover Page for Flight Plan
EFG_STRN_FORM - Application Form
EFG_STRN_FORMX - Form Including Form Class
EFG_STRN_FORM_FULL - Application Form and Subcomponents
EFG_STRN_PDF_RESULT - Return Information from PDF Call
EFG_STRN_PRINTDATA_EXPANDED - Print Data (Extended -> Generated Print Program)
EFG_STRN_PROGBUFFER - Buffer for Program Lines
EFG_STRN_SEL_PER_FCLASS - Selection for Form Class
EFG_STRN_SF_RESULT - Result of Smart Form Call
EFG_STRN_STATUS_FORM - Status of an Application Form
EFG_STRN_TDFORM_LANGU - SAPscript Form per Language
EFG_STRN_UPNDOWNLOAD - Structure for Up/Download of Application Forms
EFG_STR_ADOBE_DYN - Screen Structure for Interactive Forms
EFG_STR_BREAKPOINT - Print Workbench Breakpoint
EFG_STR_COLLATTRIBUTES - Attributes of Entry in Collection
EFG_STR_COLL_ALV - Line of Collection
EFG_STR_COLL_DYN - Screen Structure for Collection
EFG_STR_COLL_DYN_GLOB - Global Screen Info
EFG_STR_DYN_FCL_DDTYPEGEN - Automatic Generation of Names
EFG_STR_DYN_FORMINSERT - Create with Template
EFG_STR_DYN_TDTEXTINSERT - Add Text from Template
EFG_STR_ERRORFORM - Inactive Forms of Forms that can be Activated
EFG_STR_FLIGHT_COVER - Cover Page for Flight Notification
EFG_STR_FORMACTIVATION - Lock Argument for Form Activation
EFG_STR_FORMCLASS_MASS - Form Class for Mass Processing
EFG_STR_FORMKEY - Key of Application Form
EFG_STR_FORMLEVEL_ROUTINES - Routines for Form Level
EFG_STR_FORMLOG - Fields of Generation Log
EFG_STR_FORM_MASS - Structure for Form Overview
EFG_STR_GENDATA - Transport of General Data
EFG_STR_MSG - System Message
EFG_STR_OCL_CRITERIA - Criteria for OCL Logic
EFG_STR_PWB_DUMMY - Print Workbench Dummy
EFG_STR_RNG_IDENTIFIER - Ranges Structure for Spool ID
EFG_STR_RNG_SPOOLIDS - Ranges Structure for Spool ID
EFG_STR_RNG_TIMESTAMP - Ranges Structure for Spool ID
EFG_STR_SEL_STATE - Status of Selection Dialog
EFG_STR_TRANSPORT - Structure for Communication with Transport Screen
EFG_STR_TRANSPORT_OPTIONS - Options for Writing Transport Requests
EFG_STR_TREE_ITEM - Item in Tree plus U_ALL
EFG_STR_UD_HEADER - Header Record for Up/Download
EFG_STR_XSF - All XSF Information
EFG_TEXT_COPY - Table Control in Screen saplefgf(951)
EFG_TLINE - Lines of a Text
EFG_TVARS - Table with Text Variables
EFHIERD - Screen Struct. - Hierarchy Dialog Box
EFRM - Print Workbench: Application Forms
EFRMD - Scr. Fields: Application Forms
EFRMGENETAB - Log Table for Generations
EFRMGENTRDIR - Print Workbench: TRDIR Entry in Form Class Library in Gener.
EFRMLAN - Language for Application Form
EFRMSTR - Application Form Structure
EFRMSTRTE - Text Table for Texts in Application Form Hierarchy
EFRMSTTE - Print Workbench: Maintain Standard Texts
EFRMSTTED - Screen Structure for EFRMSTTE
EFRMTE - Text Table for EFRM
EFRMTRANSTAB - Link Between Transaction and Form Class
EFRMTRLST - Worklists for Application Form Translation
EFRMTRLSTD - Screen Fields in Worklist
EFRMTRLSTSTR - Lines of a Translation List
EFRMX - Form Structure: 1:1 Levels
EFRMXV - Form Structure: View Structure
EPRINTACT - Print Action Record
EPRINTACTD - Screen Structure: Print Action Records
EPRINTACTF - Flyers/Standard Texts for Print Action Records
EPRINTACTL - Table Control Structure
EPRINTACTOBJECTS - Possible Objects and Keys for Creating Print Action Records
EPRINTACTR - Structure for List Output
EPRINTACTT - Table of Links Between Object Types and Form Classes
EPRINTPARAMS - Print Option of Print Workbench
ESENDCONTROL - Dispatch Control
ESENDCONTROLSTR - Dispatch Control Line Items
ESENDCONTROLT - Dispatch Control (Text Table)
RFGEN - General Fields for Interfaces to EFG Function Modules

SAP Qualifications and Requirements Tables CA-GTF-QR

ALTERNATIVE_COMPETENCIES - Alternative Qualifications
ALTQ_STRU - Structure for PD Alternative Qualifications
ALTQ_STRUI - Structure for Creating/Deleting Alternative Qualifications
BAPIJOBREQUIRE_TAB - BAPI Structure Qualifications (Profile table)
BAPIPDOTYPEQ - BAPI Structure Qualification Type
BAPIPDOTYPEQ_ALTQ - BAPI Structure Alternative Qualification Types
BAPIPDOTYPE_1002 - BAPI Structure Object Description (Infotype 1002)
BAPIPDOTYPE_1048 - BAPI Structure Proficiency Description (Infotype 1048)
BAPIPDOTYPE_Q_1025 - BAPI Structure Depreciation Meter, Validity of Qual. Type
BAPIPDOTYPE_Q_TAB - BAPI Structure Qualification Types (List)
BAPIQUALIDIR - Import Parameters for BAPI Function Modules
BAPIQUALIFIC - BAPI Structure Qualifications (Selection Fields)
BAPIQUALIFIC_TAB - BAPI Structure Qualifications (Profile table)
BAPIQUALI_DIR - BAPI Structure: Qualifications Catalog
COMPETENCY_NAME - Name of Qualification
COMPETENCY_VALIDATE_DEPRECIATE - Validity/Depreciation Meter Value of Qualification
DYNP_LANGU - Structure With Information on Object and Language
DYNP_OTHER - Screen fields: 'Other'
DYNP_PCRIT - HR-PD: Criteria to be Included in Planning
DYNP_RHP0 - Screen Processing: Function Group RHP0 - Settings
DYNP_RHPD_SEARCH - Screen Processing: Function Group RHPD_SEARCH
DYNP_RHPE - Screen processing: Function Group RHPE
DYNP_RHPP - Screen Processing: Function Group RHPP (Selection Screen)
DYNP_RHPPH - Screen Processing: Function Group RHPP (Header Data)
HRCCE_ALV_COLL_PEOPLE - PA-PD: CE Persons Found (Find Objects for...)
HRCCE_HRPDV_ALV_QUALI_MAINTAIN - PA-PD: Qualifications Maintained per Organizational Unit
HRCCE_HRPDV_ALV_QUALI_PRO_ORGE - PA_PDV: Qualifications Found per Organizational Unit
HRCCE_HRPDV_PROFILE_COMPARISON - Structure for Profile Matchup CE
HRI1025 - Infotype 1025 Fields
HRI1033 - Structure for Scale Infotype
HRI1038 - Infotype 1038 fields
HRI1055 - Fields for Infotype 1055 - Qualifications Management
HRP1033 - DB table for infotype 1033
HRP1038 - Infotype 1038 DB table
HRP1055 - DB Table for Infotype 1055
HRPAD31 - Additional data PAD31
HRPAD44 - PAD44 Additional Data
HRPDV_ADMIN - PA-PD: Administration Data
HRPDV_ALV_QUALI_MAINTAIN - PA-PD: Qualifications Maintained per Organizational Unit
HRPDV_ALV_QUALI_PRO_ORGEH - PA_PDV: Qualifications Found per Organizational Unit
HRPDV_EXPIRED_Q - ALV Structure for Outputting Expired Qualifications
HRPDV_PERSQ_PROF - ALV Structure for Training Proposals
HRPDV_PROFILE_COMPARISON - Structure for Profile Matchup
HRPDV_PROFILE_PERSONS - Profiles of Persons
HRPDV_PROFILE_POSITIONS - Requirements Profiles of Jobs, Positions, etc.
HRPDV_SP_RANKING_LIST - Ranking List of Potential Successors for a Position
HRPDV_SUCCESSOR_VIEW - ALV Structure for the Succession Overview
HRPDV_USET_VARIANT - Variant Structure for Personalization Objects
HRPE_ALV_COLL_PEOPLE - PA-PD: Persons Found (Find Objects for...)
HRPE_OBJEC - HR-PD: Object Information
HRPE_PLANING_CRITERIA - HR-PD: Criteria to be Included in Planning
HRPE_PROF2 - HR-PD: Value Range of Scale
HRPE_PROFC - HR-PD: Proficiencies on a Scale
HRPE_PROFQ - HR PE: Profile - Qualifications Profile - With All Data
HRPE_PROFQB - Qualification Bundle Profile with Weighting
HRPE_PROFX - HR-PE: Profile -SOBID to SOBID- with Texts and RELAT
HRPE_PROQQ - HR PE: Profile - Qualification Profile - w/o Class., Scale..
HRPE_PROZT - HR-PD: Relationship SOBID to SOBID w/ Status and Percentage
HRPE_QHALF - HR-PD: Qualification With Data on Deprec. Meter Infotype
HRPE_QKSCA - HR PE: Classification with Pertinent Scale
HRPE_QUALI - HR-PD: Qualification (Beg, End) w/ Classification and Scale
HRPE_QUALIFIC - Qualifications (Profile Table)
HRPE_QUAPR - HR-PD: Find Persons for Qualifications (Object with Profic.)
HRPE_RELAQ - HR-PD: Target Object - Qualifications
HRPE_RELAS - HR-PD: Target Object (SOBID) of a Relationship
HRPE_RELAT - HR PE: Target Object (OBJID) of Relationship
HRPE_RELPD - HR-PD: Relationship OBJID to OBJID (With Relationship Name)
HRPE_RELTQ - HR PE: Relationship - Qualifications - With Name
HRPE_RELTS - HR-PD: Target Object (SOBID) With Name
HRPE_RELTT - HR PE: Target Object (OBJID) with Name
HRPE_REQUIREMENTRANGE - Structure: Requirements Table
HRPE_TXOBJ - HR-PD: Object (OBJID) Plus Name
HRPE_TXSBJ - HR PE: Object (SOBID) with Name
HRPE_VACAN - HR-PD: Display Vacancy w/ start/end date + occupied flag
HRVTXTKEY3 - HRMS-TEM: Key for Note (with ITXNR)
HRVTXTKEY6 - HRMS-PD: Key for Note on Relationship A044
P1001_WITH_STEXT - Structure p1001 with One Additional Field: Stext
P1025 - Infotype 1025: Validity
P1025_AF - Additional Query Fields
P1033 - Infotype 1033: Scales
P1033_AF - Additional Query Fields
P1038 - Infotype 1038: External key
P1038_AF - Additional Query Fields
P1055 - Infotype 1055: Qualification Management
P1055_AF - Additional Query Fields
P77QP - Screen Fields for T77QP (Variable Detail Selection of..)
PAD31 - Additional Data for Relationships with Quals/Reqmts
PAD31_QUE - Structure for Additional Data in Query
PAD44 - Add. Data on Relationships With Careers/Development Measures
PAD44_QUE - Structure for Additional Data in Query
PEFOUNDCP - Careers Found in Career and Succession Planning
PEFOUNDOBJ - Objects Found in Career and Succession Planning
PERSQ_PROF - Object: Qualifications Profile Table
PESTATIONS - Career Items or PD Measure Items
PROFICIENCY_DESCRIPTIONS - Proficiency Descriptions
Q1025 - Screen Fields for Infotype 1025 (Decay Meter/Validity)
Q1055 - Screen Fields Infotype 1055 (Qualification Management)
QCAT_STRU - Transfer Structure of Qualification Catalog
QCL_SCALE - Structure for Classification and Scale
QUALI_PROF - Qualifications Profile
RANGE_APSTA - Range Definition for Applicant Status
RHPE_CCE_CP_P_STRUC - Structure containing all assignments of central persons
RHPE_RANK - Ranking List Structure: Pers., Req., Req. Type, Suitability
RHPE_RANK_ALV - Ranked Lists Structure:Pers,Require,RequireType,Suitab.(ALV)
RHQCOPY1_S_ALV - Structure for ALV Output RHQCOPY1
SCALE_STRU - Table Structure for Scales Pertaining to a Qualification
T777Q - Proficiency Texts
T778Q - Characteristic Values
T77CS - Suitability Ranges for Career and Succession Planning
T77PH - HR-PD: Profile Maintenance - Header Data
T77PP - HR-PD: Profile Maintenance - Sub-profile Names
T77PP_HEAD - PA-PD: Profile - Header
T77PP_HEAD_TEXT - PA-PD: Profile - Header (Name)
T77PP_PART - PA-PD: Profile - Subprofiles
T77PP_PART_TEXT - PA-PD: Profile - Subprofiles (Names)
T77PP_VIEW - PA-PD: Profile - View
T77PP_VIEW_TEXT - PA-PD: Profile - View (Name)
T77PR_V_H - PA-PD: Profile - Assign Views to Headers
T77PR_V_H_P - PA-PD: Profile - Assign Views to Headers to Subprofiles
T77QC_VIEW - View of Qualifications Catalog
T77QC_VIEW_ID - View of Qualifications Catalog
T77QC_VIEW_TEXT - View of Qualifications Catalog (Name)
T77QP - HR-PD: Selection Criteria for Employees and Applicants
T77SK - HR-PD: Scales
T77SN - HR-PD: Quantity Scale Proficiencies
T77SP - HR-PD: Quality Scale Proficiencies
T77SP_DESCR - PA-PD: Proficiency Descriptions for a Quality Scale
T77SP_DESCRIPT - PA-PD: Proficiency Descriptions for a Quality Scale (Text)
T77TG - HR-PD: Profile Maintenance - Sub-profiles
T77TH - HR-PD: Profile Maintenance - Header Data Names
T77TN - HR-PD: Proficiency Texts for Quantity Scale
T77TP - HR-PD: Proficiency Texts for Quality Scale
T77TS - HR-PD: Scale Names
USET_DYNPRO - Screen Structure: User Settings

SAP Records and Case Management Tables CA-GTF-RCM

BAPIPROPTBDESCR - BAPIPROPTB with Description for Name
PMPS_FILE_TYPE - Structure for File Type
RENCHKF01 - Rendering: File Name of Last Check-Out
RENCHKO01 - Rendering: Check-Out Data for a Physical Information Obj.
RENCONT01 - Rendering: Table for Document Contents (import/export)
RENDOCL01 - Rendering: Instances of Logical Information Objects
RENDOCP01 - Rendering: Instances of Physical Information Objects
RENIDXST01 - Rendering: Status Table for Indexing Documents
RENLOIOT01 - Rendering: Descriptions of Logical Information Objects
RENLOPR01 - Rendering: Attribute Values of Logical Information Objects
RENLORE01 - Rendering: Outgoing Relationships of Logical Information Obj
RENLORI01 - Rendering: Incoming Relationships of Logical Information Obj
RENPHF01 - Rendering: Files of Physical Information Objects
RENPHHR01 - Rendering: Outgoing Hyperlinks from Physical Objects
RENPHNM01 - Rendering: Use of Target Anchors in Physical Object
RENPHPR01 - Rendering: Attributes of Physical Information Objects
RENPHRE01 - Rendering: Outgoing Relationships of Physical Info Object
RENPHRI01 - Rendering: Incoming Relationships of Physical Info Object
RMPSAPDIR_T - Template for Area-Specific POID Directory
RMPSAPDIR_T_CLNT - Template for Area-Specific POID Directory (Client)
RMPSAPREL_T - Template for Area-Specific POID - POID Relation
RMPSAPREL_T_CLNT - Template for Area-Specific POID-POID Relation (Client)
RMPSARCHATTR - Temporary Storage of Scanned Document Attributes
RMPSATTRIBUTES - Properties of Case Attributes
RMPSATTRPROFA - Case: Customizing of Additional Attribute Characteristics
RMPSATTR_REFGEN - Reference Generation Profile
RMPSATTR_RULNAM - Rule Names for the Generation of Case Indicators
RMPSBPFIELDMAP - Mapping IP Attributes to Fields of Business Partner
RMPSCASETYPE - Additional Characteristics of Case Types
RMPSC_TRF_ENTITY - DoD: Transfer - export/import configuration - entities
RMPSC_TRF_HEAD - DoD: Transfer - export/import configuration - header
RMPSC_TRF_HEADT - DoD: Transfer - export/import configuration - header text
RMPSC_TRF_PPATH - DoD: Transfer -exp./imp. config - template XML parent paths
RMPSC_TRF_PROP - DoD: Transfer - export/import configuration - properties
RMPSC_TRF_ST - DoD: Transfer - export/import configuration - ST templates
RMPSC_TRF_VALUE - DoD: Transfer - export/import configuration - values
RMPSC_TRF_XSD - DoD: Transfer - export/import configuration - XML schemas
RMPSC_TRF_XSL - DoD: Transfer - export/import config. - style sheets
RMPSDISPOSITION - Characteristics of Case Circulars
RMPSDOC_CATEGORY - Document Category
RMPSDOC_CATTEXT - Text table for Document Type
RMPSDOC_EXT - Extension Under Document Types
RMPSDOC_SOA_CHANGE_IN - ServiceDocumentChange INBOUND (Proxy ->ServiceMapping)
RMPSDOC_SOA_CHANGE_OUT - ServiceDocumentChange OUTBOUND (ServiceMapping->Proxy)
RMPSDOC_SOA_CREATE_IN - ServiceDocumentCreate INBOUND (Proxy ->ServiceMapping)
RMPSDOC_SOA_CREATE_OUT - ServiceDocumentCreate OUTBOUND (ServiceMapping->Proxy)
RMPSDOC_SOA_FIND_IN - ServiceDocumentFind INBOUND (Proxy ->ServiceMapping)
RMPSDOC_SOA_FIND_OUT - ServiceDocumentRead OUTBOUND (ServiceMapping->Proxy)
RMPSDOC_SOA_READ_IN - ServiceDocumentRead INBOUND (Proxy ->ServiceMapping)
RMPSDOC_SOA_READ_OUT - ServiceDocumentRead OUTBOUND (ServiceMapping->Proxy)
RMPSDOD_DISPOSAL_DATA - contains disposal related attributes data
RMPSDOD_EVNTTYPE - Disposal Events
RMPSDOD_EVNTTYPT - Text Table Event Types for Disposal
RMPSDOD_PRLSTG - Dod : Parallel Stage Information
RMPSDOD_RBASEHIS - TNA: Historical Data Disposal Schedules
RMPSDOD_RULEBASE - Disposal Rulebase
RMPSDOD_RULEBAST - Text Table XML Categories
RMPSD_TRF_EX - Export Run
RMPSD_TRF_EX_IT - Export Run - Item List
RMPSD_TRF_IM - Import Run
RMPSD_TRF_IM_HI - Import Run - Hierarchy Work List
RMPSD_TRF_IM_ID - Import Run - Identifier Look Up
RMPSD_TRF_IM_IT - Import Run - Item Work List
RMPSD_TRF_IM_RL - Import Run - Relation Work List
RMPSEXTMAILATT - RMPS: External mail attributes
RMPSEXTMAILATT_T - RMPS: External mail attributes texts
RMPSE_SOA_DOC - Define Document Types for Services
RMPSE_SOA_REC - Define Record Types for Services
RMPSE_SOA_STATUS - Mapping of SRM Status to Status defined Externally
RMPSGENSPHIST - History Table for Generic SP Objects
RMPSGENSPHISTCHG - Changeable Fields of History Table for Generic SP
RMPSGENSPHISTS - Additional Information for History Table GSP
RMPSINTMAILATT - RMPS: Internal mail attributes
RMPSINTMAILATT_T - RMPS: Internal mail attributes texts
RMPSI_TRF_TPL_EC - DoD: Transfer - exp./imp. config - templ. entity components
RMPSI_TRF_TPL_EN - DoD: Transfer - exp./imp. config - template entities
RMPSI_TRF_TPL_H - DoD: Transfer - export/import config. - template header
RMPSI_TRF_TPL_HT - DoD: Transfer - export/import config. - template header text
RMPSI_TRF_TPL_PP - DoD: Transfer -exp./imp. config - template XML parent paths
RMPSI_TRF_TPL_PR - DoD: Transfer - export/import config. - template properties
RMPSI_TRF_TPL_XE - DoD: Transfer - exp./imp. config - templ. external entities
RMPSLANGISO6392B - Language Key 3-digit (ISO 639-2/B)
RMPSLANGISO639_T - Text Table for 3-digit Language Key (ISO 639-2/B)
RMPSMAP2DLATTRIB - Mapping Metadata: Definition of Download Format Such as X500
RMPSPATHFIELDS - Process Route Fields for Public Services
RMPSPATHORGTYPE - Customizing of Object Types Addressed in Process Route
RMPSPATHORGTYPET - Text Table for Possible Processors in Workflow
RMPSPBATTDESCR - PBRM : Attribute and Corresponding Description
RMPSPBATTPROFIL - PBRM : Atrributes for a Profile
RMPSPBATTR - PBRM : Table for Attributes
RMPSPBATTRT - PBRM : Table for Attributes
RMPSPBCASESUBCOMP - PBRM : Case Subcomponents BSP structure
RMPSPBFUNC - PBRM : Structure for function codes and associated class
RMPSPBFUNCTION - Available Functions in Case
RMPSPBFUNCTIONT - PBRM: Text table for function codes
RMPSPBPROFILE - PBRM : Table For Portal Profiles
RMPSPEDEFCSTYP - Assignment of Default Records/Cases to Incoming Documents
RMPSPEDEFSPS - Assignment of Default Records/Cases to Incoming Documents
RMPSPEINDOCTYP - Basic Customizing of Incoming Objects
RMPSPLPOI - Output Structure for Current Location
RMPSPOIDCR - Content Table for POID Content Repository
RMPSPOIDCR_CLNT - Content Table for POID Content Repository (Client)
RMPSPOSTTYPE - Document- ,Incoming Post, Record Types
RMPSPOSTTYPE_T - Text Table for Document- ,Incoming Post, Record Types
RMPSPROTETYPES - Types of Log Entries
RMPSPROTETYPES_T - Description for Types of Log Entries
RMPSPRO_DP_BATCH - PRO: POID that cannot be changed
RMPSPRO_DP_DEST - TNA Disposal: Export Destination
RMPSPRO_DP_DESTT - PRO Disposal: Export Destination Text Table
RMPSPRO_DP_REP1 - PRO Disposal Process: Disposal Transaction
RMPSPRO_DP_REP2 - PRO Disposal Item Table Disposal Transaction
RMPSPRO_DP_REP3 - PRO Table for Linked Record Disposal
RMPSPRO_DUPCHECK - PRO: Duplicate Check (Client Independant)
RMPSPRO_DUPCHECT - TNA: Duplicate Documemnt Check Text Table (Client-independan
RMPSPRO_DUP_CHK - TNA Duplicate Document Check (Client Dependant)
RMPSPRO_EVNTTYPE - Disposal Events
RMPSPRO_EVNTTYPT - Text Table Event Types for Disposal
RMPSPRO_FOLDHIST - History Table for Used Folder
RMPSPRO_MULTISTG - Multistage Disposal
RMPSPRO_PERIOD - Disposal Period (structure yyy|mm)
RMPSPRO_RBASEHIS - Historical Data Disposal Schedules
RMPSPRO_RBASMHIS - Historical Data: Multistage Disposal Rules
RMPSPRO_RECTYPE - TNA: Document Type (client-independent)
RMPSPRO_RECTYPT - TNA: Document Type Text Table (client-independent)
RMPSPRO_REC_CUST - TNA: Disposal document type (client-dependent)
RMPSPRO_RULEBASE - Disposal Rulebase
RMPSPRO_RULEBAST - Text Table XML Categories
RMPSPRO_SELTYP - Selection Type for Declaration
RMPSPRO_SELTYP_T - Description of Selection Type
RMPSPRO_S_RB_PRLSTG_ALV - Structure for parallel stage ALV
RMPSPRO_TEXT_KEY - Include Structure Text Key
RMPSPTHCUST - Field Display Customizing in the Process Route
RMPSPTHCUST_T - Column Headers for Process Route Display
RMPSP_DESC - Descriptors
RMPSP_DESCT - Text Table for Descriptors
RMPSP_DPAEXEMPT - Releases from Data Access According to DPA
RMPSP_DPAEXEMPTT - Text Table Releases from Data Access According to DPA
RMPSP_DSP - Physical Disposal
RMPSP_DSP_SELOPT_TRANS - Structure: Transaction ID Selection Options
RMPSP_DSP_S_DATA - Data Fields: Physical Disposal
RMPSP_DSP_S_PARAMETER - Data Fields: Physical Disposal
RMPSP_EIREXEMPT - Releases from Data Access According to EIR
RMPSP_EIREXEMPTT - Text Table Releases from Data Access According to EIR
RMPSP_FOIEXEMPT - Releases from Data Access According to FOI
RMPSP_FOIEXEMPTT - Text Table Releases from Data Access According to FOI
RMPSP_MDT_DPEC - Mandate: Exempt Category
RMPSP_MDT_DPECT - Mandate: Exempt Category
RMPSP_MDT_PDA - Mandate: Data Aquisition Purpose
RMPSP_MDT_PDAT - Mandate: Data Aquisition Purpose
RMPSP_PARTCUTOF - Rules for Automatic Closing of a Part
RMPSP_PARTCUTOFT - Rules for Automatic Closing of Sub-Document
RMPSP_SC_CHANGE - Rules for Changing Authorization Level
RMPSP_SC_CHANGET - Change to Authorization Level
RMPSP_STR_ATTRIB - Structure for F4 help for report RMPSP_GEN_ATTRIB
RMPSP_S_AUTH_KEY - Authorization Key with Text
RMPSP_S_DESCRIPTOR - PRO: Descriptor with Short Text
RMPSP_S_FOI_DETDAT_EXPORT - Pro Export FOI Release Date and Details
RMPSP_T_MEDIA - Medium Types
RMPSP_T_MEDIAT - Medium Type Descriptions
RMPSP_T_MEDIATY - Media Format Types
RMPSP_T_MEDIATYT - Media Format Description
RMPSP_T_ORG - Organization
RMPSREC_SOA_ASSIGN_IN - ServiceRecordAssign INBOUND (Proxy ->ServiceMapping)
RMPSREC_SOA_ASSIGN_OUT - ServiceRecordAssign OUTBOUND (ServiceMapping->Proxy)
RMPSREC_SOA_CHANGE_IN - ServiceRecordChange INBOUND (Proxy ->ServiceMapping)
RMPSREC_SOA_CHANGE_OUT - ServiceRecordChange OUTBOUND (ServiceMapping->Proxy)
RMPSREC_SOA_CREATE_IN - ServiceRecordCreate INBOUND (Proxy ->ServiceMapping)
RMPSREC_SOA_CREATE_OUT - ServiceRecordCreate OUTBOUND (ServiceMapping->Proxy)
RMPSREC_SOA_FIND_IN - ServiceRecordFind INBOUND (Proxy ->ServiceMapping)
RMPSREC_SOA_FIND_OUT - ServiceRecordFind OUTBOUND (ServiceMapping->Proxy)
RMPSREC_SOA_GET_CONTENT_IN - ServiceRecordGetContent INBOUND (Proxy ->ServiceMapping)
RMPSREC_SOA_GET_CONTENT_OUT - ServiceRecordGetContent OUTBOUND (ServiceMapping->Proxy)
RMPSREC_SOA_READ_IN - ServiceRecordRead INBOUND (Proxy ->ServiceMapping)
RMPSREC_SOA_READ_OUT - ServiceRecordRead OUTBOUND (ServiceMapping->Proxy)
RMPSREFGENPROF - Profile for Indicator Generation in RMPS
RMPSREFGENPROFA - Attributes in Profile for Indicator Generation
RMPSREFGENPROFR - Generation Rules in Profile for Indicator Generation RMPS
RMPSREFGENPROFT - Text Table for Profiles for Indicator Generation RMPS
RMPSSIGSTATE - Persistence of Signature Status
RMPSS_TRF_EX - Screen Fields for Main Export Workbench Screen
RMPSS_TRF_EX_ADMINDATA - Fields of the Administrative Data of an Export Stack
RMPSS_TRF_EX_BUF - Buffer Table of Export Stacks
RMPSS_TRF_EX_IT - Export Run - Item List Structure
RMPSS_TRF_EX_IT_BUF - Buffer Table of Export Items
RMPSS_TRF_EX_SEARCH - Screen Fields for Export Workbench Search Screen
RMPSS_TRF_IM - Screen Fields for Main Export Workbench Screen
RMPSS_TRF_IM_ADMINDATA - Fields of the Administrative Data of an Import Stack
RMPSS_TRF_IM_BUF - Buffer Table of Export Stacks
RMPSS_TRF_IM_HI - Export Run - Item List Structure
RMPSS_TRF_IM_HI_BUF - Buffer Table of Hierarchies
RMPSS_TRF_IM_ID - Export Run - Item List Structure
RMPSS_TRF_IM_ID_BUF - Buffer Table of Import Identifiers
RMPSS_TRF_IM_IT - Import Run - Item List Structure
RMPSS_TRF_IM_IT_BUF - Buffer Table of Import Items
RMPSS_TRF_IM_RL - Import Run - Relationship Structure
RMPSS_TRF_IM_RL_BUF - Buffer Table of Relationships
RMPSS_TRF_PRX_CASE - Proxy for case
RMPSS_TRF_PRX_CASE_ATTR - Proxy for case attributes
RMPSS_TRF_PRX_CONTENT - Proxy for content
RMPSS_TRF_PRX_CONTEXT - Proxy for context
RMPSS_TRF_PRX_DOC - Proxy for document
RMPSS_TRF_PRX_DOC_ATTR - Proxy for document attributes
RMPSS_TRF_PRX_HIERARCHY - Proxy for hierarchy
RMPSS_TRF_PRX_PHYSICAL - Proxy for physical document
RMPSS_TRF_PRX_PHYSICAL_ATTR - Proxy for attributes of physical document
RMPSS_TRF_PRX_POST - Proxy for incoming post item
RMPSS_TRF_PRX_POST_ATTR - Proxy for attribute of incoming post item
RMPSS_TRF_PRX_RELATION - Proxy for POID relations
RMPSS_TRF_TRANSFER_MODEL_OBJC - References to the instances of the transfer models
RMPSTNA_EVNTTYPE - Disposal Events
RMPSTNA_EVNTTYPT - Text Table Event Types for Disposal
RMPSTNA_RBASEHIS - TNA: Historical Data Disposal Schedules
RMPSTNA_RULEBASE - TNA: Schedules for the Disposal According to PRO Standard
RMPSTNA_RULEBAST - Text Table XML Categories
RMPSTNA_S_RBASEHIS_ALV - TNA: Structure for ALV grid
RMPSTNA_S_RULEBASE_ALV - TNA: Sructure for rulebase
RMPSU_ATTRIBUTE_STR - SAPGUI Attribute Template: Visible Attributes Structure
RMPSU_ATTR_TEMP_STR - Attribute Template
RMPSU_EVENT_MAIL - Mail recipient information for RMPS Event Notification
RMPSU_REND_LINKS_STR - Rendition Links
RMPSU_T_DP_AUTH - Disposal Authority
RMPSU_T_DP_AUTHT - Disposal Authority
RMPSU_VITAL - DoD: Vital Records
RMPSU_VITALPER - Periodicities for Vital Record Check
RMPSU_VITALPERT - Periodicity for Vital Record Check
RMPSU_VITAL_OUT - Output Structure: Check for Vital Records
RMPSXML_ACTVTY - Activities for the XML Import/Export
RMPSXML_ACTVTYT - Text Table for XML Activity Types
RMPSXML_CATEGORS - Categories for Complex XML Attributes/Linkage to Class
RMPSXML_CATEGORT - Text Table XML Categories
RMPSXML_FCAT2 - Linkage of Attribute Names and XML Categories
RMPSXML_FIELDCAT - Linkage of Attribute Names and XML Categories
RMPSXML_NMSPACE - Linkage XML Schema Identifier and XML Namespaces
RMPSXML_NMSPACET - Text Table XML Namespaces
RMPSXML_XSLT - Linkage Between Element Type/Activity and XSLT Program
RMPSXML_XSLT_NS - XML Export: Linkage SPID and XML Namespace with XSLT
RMPS_A2RM_SCENA - Scenarios
RMPS_A2RM_SCENAT - Scenarios (Text Table)
RMPS_ACL_ALLOC - Administration of Access Control Lists (ACLs)
RMPS_ACL_AUTH - Authorizations that can be assigned to ACLs
RMPS_ACL_AUTHT - Authorizations that can be assigned to ACLs
RMPS_ACL_CHECK - Authorizations and Element Types
RMPS_ACL_INACT - For Use in Inactive ACL Distribution Lists
RMPS_ACL_S_DIALOG - Dialog Structure for Display of Access Control Lists
RMPS_ACL_S_DIALOG_TC - Dialog Structure for Display of Access Control Lists
RMPS_ACL_S_DROPDOWN_ADMIN - ACL: Administration Dropdown List
RMPS_ACL_S_STATUS - Dialog Structure for Status Admin. of Distribution Lists
RMPS_AI_ACTIOC - Possible Activities
RMPS_AI_ACT_STR - Activities
RMPS_AI_ELEMENC - Possible Elements
RMPS_AI_HISTORY - Last Folders Used
RMPS_AI_LOCATION - Source System for Scenario Assignment
RMPS_AI_NAV_STR - Structure to return POIDs and parent POIDs for navigation
RMPS_AI_SCEN - Scenario Definitions
RMPS_AI_SCENARIC - Obsolete: Possible Scenarios
RMPS_AI_SCENT - Text Table for Scenario Definitions
RMPS_AI_SCEN_AC - Scenario Activities
RMPS_AI_SCEN_ACT - Text Table for Scenario Activities
RMPS_AI_SCEN_EL - Scenario Elements
RMPS_AI_SCEN_ELT - Text Table for Scenario Element
RMPS_AI_SCEN_STR - Elements and IDs
RMPS_AI_SESS - Save Session
RMPS_AI_SESS_DOC - Documents for Saving Session
RMPS_AI_SESS_STR - Document IDs and status
RMPS_AI_SESS_STT - Text Table for Session Status Documents
RMPS_AI_STATUC - Possible Statuses
RMPS_ATTR_META_DATA - structure for meta data
RMPS_ATTR_PROFA - RMPS: Attribute Customizing for Case
RMPS_ATTR_PROFA_ADD - RMPS: Additional Attribute Characteristics for Case
RMPS_AUDIT_CUST - Audit: Output Control
RMPS_AUT_LEVEL - Organizational Levels for Authorization Check
RMPS_AUT_LEVELT - Organizational Levels for Authorization Check
RMPS_AUT_UNIT - Organizational Objects for Authorization Check
RMPS_AUT_UNITT - Text: Organizational Object for Authorization Check
RMPS_BAPIPROP - Attribute Value Table with ID
RMPS_CASE_ATTR - DOMEA Attributes for Case
RMPS_CASE_KYWORD - Case: Key Words
RMPS_CASE_MATR - Multiple Attributes Case
RMPS_CASE_MATR_DELTA - Multi-Value Attributes
RMPS_CASE_NOT_DOMEA - Case attributes which are not in the DOMEA structure
RMPS_CASE_PROTOCOL - Uniform Case Log (Case + Case Record + Process Route)
RMPS_CLASS_DISPLAY - Display of Information on a TNA Class
RMPS_CUTOFF_CUST - DoD: Set Cut-Off Period for Rule Type 'Time'
RMPS_DESK_MOD - Work Areas Available
RMPS_DESK_TAFD - Assignment Folder to Desk
RMPS_DESK_TAIF - Assignment Item to Folder
RMPS_DESK_TDESKC - Desk - Additional Characteristics
RMPS_DESK_TFLD - Folder for Tasks in Organizer
RMPS_DESK_TFLDT - Folder Text for Tasks in Organizer
RMPS_DESK_TITEM - Items in Tree
RMPS_DESK_TITEMT - Items in Tree
RMPS_DESK_WORKITEM_LIST - Desk: Displayable Attributes of Work Item List
RMPS_DISELEMS - Retention Elements (Data Record Descriptions)
RMPS_DISPORTION - Disposal Portion
RMPS_DISPOSALTY - Type of RMS-ID (disposal, fileplan, ...)
RMPS_DISUNIT - Retention Unit, Record Segment
RMPS_DLI_ATTR - DLI Attributes
RMPS_DOCUMENT_CREATE_IN - PublicSectorDocumentSUITECreateRequest_sync
RMPS_DOCUMENT_CREATE_OUT - PublicSectorDocumentSUITECreateConfirmation_sync
RMPS_DOCUMENT_FIND_IN - PublicSectorDocumentSUITESimpleByElementsQuery_sync
RMPS_DOCUMENT_FIND_OUT - PublicSectorDocumentSUITESimpleByElementsResponse_sync
RMPS_DOCUMENT_READ_IN - PublicSectorDocumentSUITEByIDQuery_sync
RMPS_DOCUMENT_READ_OUT - PublicSectorDocumentSUITEByIDResponse_sync
RMPS_DOCUMENT_UPDATE_IN - PublicSectorDocumentSUITEUpdateRequest_sync
RMPS_DOCUMENT_UPDATE_OUT - PublicSectorDocumentSUITEUpdateConfirmation_sync
RMPS_DOC_FORMAT - Customizing table for Format and version of Scanned Image
RMPS_DOD_CASE_ATTR - DoD Attributes for Case (Folder)
RMPS_DOD_CUTOFF_CONFIRM_ALV - Confirmation of Cutoff Date
RMPS_DOD_DISPOSAL - DoD: Disposal Attributes
RMPS_DOD_DISPOSAL_ALV - ALV Structure for Disposal
RMPS_DOD_DISPOSAL_DYNP_REPORT - Screen Structure: DoD Disposal Reporting
RMPS_DOD_DISPOSAL_REPORT_S_SEL - Screen Structure: DoD Disposal Reporting
RMPS_DOD_DISP_ALV - ALV Structure for Disposal
RMPS_DOD_DOCSTRG - DOD Categories Used for Transfer to Offline Store
RMPS_DOD_PROPS - DOD specific Attributes
RMPS_DOD_S_PRLSTAGE_ALV - Dod :Structure for parallel stage ALV
RMPS_DOD_TRANSACTION_ALV - PRO: Disposal Transaction Reporting
RMPS_DOD_T_CATTR - DoD Attributes for Folder (Case)
RMPS_DOMEA_CM - DOMEA Content Model: Structure with all DOMEA Attributes
RMPS_DP_STAGE - Disposal Stages
RMPS_DROPDOWN_HANDLE - ALV DropDown Handle and Contents
RMPS_DSPSL_TYPE - Disposal type (entity table)
RMPS_DSPSL_TYPET - Disposal types (text table)
RMPS_DSP_S_ALL - Physical Disposal
RMPS_EDESK - Structure for Electronic Desk
RMPS_ELEMENT_LIST - Element List (Recursive,Starting from Several Start Objects)
RMPS_ELIST_SELECTION - Selected Objects in Element List
RMPS_EMAIL_DIALOG - Dialog Structure for Attachment Display SP POST
RMPS_ERRORNEOUS_MAIL_DATA - Event Transfer Data for Undeliverable Mail
RMPS_EXPORT_INTERFACES - Summary Export Interface
RMPS_FILE_TYPE - Structure for File Type
RMPS_FOLDERTYPE - Additional Folder Types in Fileplan
RMPS_FREEZE_CODE - Freeze Codes : Reasons for freezing record/record Folder
RMPS_FREZE_CODET - Text Table for Freeze Codes
RMPS_GENSPHIST_ALV - Display Structure for ALV Display of History Table
RMPS_GENSPHIST_SELECTION - Fields for Selection Dialog Box
RMPS_GENSP_PROPTYPE - Transfer Structure for Attribute Characteristics
RMPS_LINK_ELEMENT - Current Location Element
RMPS_LINK_ELEMENT_BOR - Current Link Element
RMPS_LINK_TAB_ELEM - Element in Buffered Table of Links
RMPS_MENUT - Menu Name (Text)
RMPS_MENU_CTRL - Menu Customizing
RMPS_MENU_CUST - Menu and Toolbar Text Customization
RMPS_MENU_CUSTT - Menu and Toolbar Text Customization Text Table
RMPS_MENU_PROF - Menu Profile
RMPS_MENU_PROFT - Menu Profile Text Table
RMPS_MOPERATION_OPERATIONS - Operations as Part of a Mass Operation
RMPS_MOPERATION_RUN_RUNS - Runs of Individual Operations in a Mass Operation
RMPS_MPG_EML_ATT - RMPS: Mapping of email post item attr to E-mail attr
RMPS_OCSP_HEADER - Digital Signature Header: Mixed Data for each Verfctn Run
RMPS_OCSP_HISTORY - SAP List Viewer Structure for Displaying Signature History
RMPS_OCSP_ITEM - Digital Signature Item: Signatory Details for Each Ver. Run
RMPS_OCSP_QUEUE - Digital Signature: OCSP Signature Worklist (List)
RMPS_OI_DOC_TYPE - PSRM Structure to pass table to ActiveX control
RMPS_OI_SCENARIO - Scenarios for Upload
RMPS_OPERATION - Characteristics of a Recursive Operation
RMPS_OPERATION_LOG_CONFIG - Configuration of Log for Recursive Operations
RMPS_OPERATION_LOG_OBJCONT - Log: Context for an Object of a Recursive Operation
RMPS_OPERATION_RUN - Run of a Recursive Operation
RMPS_OPERATION_RUN_OBJECTS - Objects Involved in Run of Recursive Operation
RMPS_OPERATION_RUN_RESULTS - Result from Run of Recursive Operation
RMPS_OPOSTAT - Status of Objects in Recursive Operations
RMPS_OPOSTAT_T - Description of Status of Objects in Recursive Operations
RMPS_PERS_S_DIALOG_TC - Dialog Structure: Personalization Description with TC Text
RMPS_POSTATTR - Attributes of Incoming Post Item
RMPS_POST_BOR - Incoming Post Information for BOR Access
RMPS_POST_CONTENT - Structure with Attributes and Contents of Incoming Post Item
RMPS_PROP_NAME - Attribute Name
RMPS_PROP_NAMES - Names for attribute properties
RMPS_PROTOCOL - Log Display (Reporting)
RMPS_PROTOCOL_DISP - Audit: Log Display
RMPS_PRO_CASE_ATTR - PRO Attributes for Case (Folder)
RMPS_PRO_CM - Attributes in PRO Content Models
RMPS_PRO_CM_COPY - Attributes in PRO Content Models
RMPS_PRO_DISCLOSABILITY - Pro: Attributes for Disclosing Information
RMPS_PRO_DISPOSAL - Pro: Attributes for Disposal
RMPS_PRO_DISPOSAL_ALV - ALV Structure for Disposal
RMPS_PRO_DISPOSAL_DYNP_REPORT - Screen Structure PRO Disposal Reporting
RMPS_PRO_DISPOSAL_S_PROPERTIES - Structure for Attributes of a Disposal Transaction
RMPS_PRO_DISPOSAL_TRANS_OBJ - ALV Structure for Disposal
RMPS_PRO_DUPCHECK - Pro: Customizing Settings for Document Duplicate Check
RMPS_PRO_FOI_D - FOI - Exemption
RMPS_PRO_FOI_E - FOI - Exemption
RMPS_PRO_MANDATE - Purpose of Processing the Information
RMPS_PRO_NAMING - Pro: Attributes for Name Assignment (Class, Folder, Part)
RMPS_PRO_RECTYPE - Pro: Customizing Settings for Document Type
RMPS_PRO_REPORTING - Data Structure: Reporting Fields
RMPS_PRO_S_DECLARE_DETAILS - Detailed Information for Declare
RMPS_PRO_S_FOLDERSEL_OUTPUT - Output Structure for Folder Selection Dialog
RMPS_PRO_S_NEXT_STATES - Status details
RMPS_PRO_S_PRIV_FOLDER_CONTENT - Content of Private Objects Folder
RMPS_PRO_S_RESULT_FOLDER - Select Result Structure Folder
RMPS_PRO_S_RESULT_SUBELEMENT - Results Structure for Folder Selection
RMPS_PRO_S_SPS_LIST - Details for Element Type
RMPS_PRO_TRANSACTION_ALV - PRO: Disposal Transaction Reporting
RMPS_PRO_T_CATTR - PRO Attributes for Folder (Case)
RMPS_PRO_VIRTUAL - PRO: Virtual Attributes
RMPS_PRO_XML_PROTOCOL_OUT - Output Structure Log Data XML
RMPS_RECORD_CREATE_IN - RecordFolderSUITECreateRequest_sync
RMPS_RECORD_CREATE_OUT - RecordFolderSUITECreateConfirmation_sync
RMPS_RECORD_FIND_IN - RecordFolderSUITESimpleByElementsQuery_sync
RMPS_RECORD_FIND_OUT - RecordFolderSUITESimpleByElementsResponse_sync
RMPS_RECORD_GET_CONTENT_IN - RecordFolderSUITEBusinessFolderBusinessObjectReferenceByIDQu
RMPS_RECORD_GET_CONTENT_OUT - RecordFolderSUITEBusinessFolderBusinessObjectReferenceByIDRe
RMPS_RECORD_READ_OUT - RecordFolderSUITEByIDResponse_sync
RMPS_RECORD_REFERENCE_IN - RecordFolderSUITEBusinessFolderBusinessObjectReferenceUpdate
RMPS_RECORD_REFERENCE_OUT - RecordFolderSUITEBusinessFolderBusinessObjectReferenceUpdate
RMPS_RECORD_UPDATE_IN - RecordFolderSUITEUpdateRequest_sync
RMPS_RECORD_UPDATE_OUT - RecordFolderSUITEUpdateConfirmation_sync
RMPS_REC_LIST_T - List of Record
RMPS_REFGEN_PROFILE_A - Attribute in Profile for Indicator Generation
RMPS_REFGEN_PROFILE_R - Generation Rules in Profile for Indicator Generation
RMPS_REFGEN_PROFILE_S - Reference Generation Profile
RMPS_REPLISTATTR - Output Attributes Records Directory
RMPS_REPORTING_STAT - Reporting: Output Table
RMPS_RESUB - Resubmission - Additional Fields Public Sector
RMPS_RESUBMISSION_SEARCH - Search Fields for Resubmissions
RMPS_RESUB_ADDFLD - Additional Fields for Resubmission on Screen
RMPS_RESUB_ALL - Resubmission - All Fields
RMPS_RESUB_FLD - Resubmission - Additional Fields Public Sector
RMPS_RESUB_PAT - Permitted Resubmission Template
RMPS_RESUB_PATSY - Resubmission Template
RMPS_RESUB_PATT - Text Table: Resubmission Template
RMPS_RETDURPW - Residence Time of Storage Items in Years
RMPS_ROLE_DESK_TC - Structure for assigning allowable desks to roles.
RMPS_SCREEN_RESUB - Screen Fields: Resubmissions
RMPS_SEL_ATTRIBUTES - Selection Attributes (Records Directory...)
RMPS_SIGNER_DETAIL - Signature Detailed Information of SFF Interface
RMPS_SIGNER_DETAIL_OCSP - Signature Detail Information of SSF Interface OCSP Verifcat.
RMPS_SOA_ALLOWED_TYPES - Allowed Elements for Model Nodes (Flat)
RMPS_SOA_ELEMENT_TYPES - Allowed Elements for Model Nodes (Flat)
RMPS_SOA_MODEL_NODES - Allowed Element Types for Model Nodes in a Recrod
RMPS_SOA_PROP - Property Value and Value Type
RMPS_SOA_PROPTYPE - Property Name and SOA Type
RMPS_SPPOST_DIALOG - Dialog Structure for Attachment Display SP POST
RMPS_SPS_INFO - Information on a RM Element Type
RMPS_SP_POST_CHECKED_SIG - Structure for Storing Results of Signature Check
RMPS_SP_STD_INFO - Standard Information on a RM Object
RMPS_SP_STD_INFO_DISPLAY - Display of Standard Information for a RM Object
RMPS_STORDUR - Storage Catalog
RMPS_STORDURT - Storage Catalog: Description
RMPS_STOR_PLACE - Storage Location
RMPS_STOR_PLACET - Storage Location - Text Table
RMPS_S_A2RM_AC - Customizing
RMPS_S_ATTR_DATAEL_F4 - F4: Structure Data Element with Text
RMPS_S_ATTR_GEN - Generate Attributes
RMPS_S_ATTR_NAMES - DOD Disposal : Event Attributes
RMPS_S_ATTR_TC_WIZZARD - Generate Attributes: TC Wizard
RMPS_S_ATTR_WIZZARD - Dialog Structure: Attribute Wizard
RMPS_S_AUT - Structure: Authorization Check Attribute (Key and Text)
RMPS_S_BUTTON - Structure for Application Toolbar
RMPS_S_CASE_ATTR - Public Sector: Attributes for Case
RMPS_S_CASE_PDIR_ID - poid directory id of cases
RMPS_S_COMPONENT_AND_DDFIELDS - DoD: Transfer - transformation component and table ddfields
RMPS_S_COPY_CASETYP - Case Type Data for Copying Function
RMPS_S_COPY_MODEL - Record Model Data for Copying Function
RMPS_S_COPY_SP - Service Provider Data for Copying Function
RMPS_S_COPY_SPS - Element Type Data for Copying Function
RMPS_S_CUSTCOL - Struct. Process Route Columns with Language-Dependent Header
RMPS_S_DIAL_AUT - Dialog: Authorization Check Attribute TC
RMPS_S_DISELEMS - Retention Elements (Data Record Descriptions)
RMPS_S_DISPORTION - Disposal Portion Structure
RMPS_S_DISPOSAL_CASE_ATTR - Public Sector: Attributes for Case
RMPS_S_DISUNIT - Retention Unit, Record Segment
RMPS_S_DOC_CATGRY_ATTR - List of attributes corresponding to a document category
RMPS_S_EMAIL_DOC_TYPE - Document Types of the attachments
RMPS_S_FIELDCUSTOM - Customizing Fields for the Process Route
RMPS_S_GENSPSTRINGVALUE - Structure with String Fields for History Table
RMPS_S_ID_AND_TEXT - Identifier and text
RMPS_S_MAILDOCTYPE - Document Types E-Mail Processing
RMPS_S_PERSDESC - Descriptors: Structure for Personalization
RMPS_S_RECEIVER_DETAILS - Mail receiver details
RMPS_S_REC_WITH_PROPERTIES - Records and Properties
RMPS_S_RESUB - Resubmissions (new)
RMPS_S_STORAGE_PERIOD - Maintenance of Storage Periods
RMPS_S_TRF_CFG - DoD: Transfer - Configuration ID and description
RMPS_S_TRF_ENTITY - DoD: Transfer - entity (data)
RMPS_S_TRF_ENTITY_DATA - DoD: Transfer - entity - data fields
RMPS_S_TRF_ENTITY_MAP - DoD: Transfer - entity mapping
RMPS_S_TRF_ENTITY_MAP_PAR_PATH - DoD: Transfer -entity map and xml parent path
RMPS_S_TRF_ENTITY_MAP_PPATH_WD - DoD: Transfer - entity map and xml parent path - webdynpro
RMPS_S_TRF_ENTITY_MAP_ST_TPL - DoD: Transfer - entity map and ST template as table
RMPS_S_TRF_ENTITY_MAP_ST_TPLID - DoD: Transfer - entity map and ST template ID
RMPS_S_TRF_ENTITY_MAP_XML - DoD: Transfer - entity map and XML as rawstring
RMPS_S_TRF_ENTITY_MAP_XSD - DoD: Transfer - entity map and XSD as rawstring
RMPS_S_TRF_ENTITY_MAP_XSL - DoD: Transfer - entity map and XSL as rawstring
RMPS_S_TRF_HEAD - DoD: Transfer - header
RMPS_S_TRF_PROP - DoD: Transfer - properties with entity field
RMPS_S_TRF_PROP_DATA - DoD: Transfer - properties - data fields
RMPS_S_TRF_PROP_KEY - DoD: Transfer - properties - key fields
RMPS_S_TRF_PROP_WD - DoD: Transfer - properties - for WD
RMPS_S_TRF_RM_PROP_ID_AND_COMP - DoD: Transfer - RM property ID and transformation comp. name
RMPS_S_TRF_TPL_COMPONENT - DoD: Transfer - template entity component
RMPS_S_TRF_TPL_COMPONENT_DATA - DoD: Transfer - template entity component data
RMPS_S_TRF_TPL_ENTITY_COMP - DoD: Transfer - template entity and component
RMPS_S_TRF_TPL_EXTERNAL_ENTITY - DoD: Transfer - template external entity (data)
RMPS_S_TRF_TPL_HEAD - DoD: Transfer - template header
RMPS_S_TRF_VALUE - DoD: Transfer - values
RMPS_S_TRF_VALUE_WD - DoD: Transfer - values - for WD
RMPS_S_TRF_XML_LOOKUP - structure of lookup table used in schema reader
RMPS_S_TRF_XML_PARENT_PATH - DoD: Transfer - XML parent path (for OVS)
RMPS_S_XMLCHR - Structure for Document Upload
RMPS_S_XML_COMP_INFO - Info About Components of Element
RMPS_TNA_DISPOSAL_ALV - ALV Structure for Disposal
RMPS_TOOLBAR - Toolbar Customizing Table
RMPS_TOOLBART - Toolbar Customizing Text Table
RMPS_TREE_COLUMNS_PROPERTIES - Column Properties of Tree Table
RMPS_TREE_MODEL_NODES - Object Table for Initialization of Tree Model
RMPS_TRF_EXPORT_ALV - ALV Structure for PSRM Export Stacks
RMPS_TRF_IMPORT_ALV - ALV Structure for PSRM Import Stacks
RMPS_T_ANCHORS - Definition of Anchor for Folder Model
RMPS_T_CASE_ATTR - DOMEA Attributes for Cases
RMPS_T_CASE_MATR - Multiple Attributes Case
RMPS_T_RESUB - Resubmissions (new)
RMPS_T_RESUB_TYP - Processor-Types
RMPS_USERS - Output Structure for User Authorization
RMPS_VALUE_LIST - Generic Value List
RMPS_WHEREABOUTS_DISPLAY - Display of Current Location for a DOMEA Object
RMPS_WIZARD - Attributes in Content Models
RMPS_XML_BPARTNER - XML Input Structure for Business Partners
RMPS_XML_DP_ID - Data Object Disposal Schedule for XSL Transformation
RMPS_XML_DP_ID_MULTISTAGE - Data Object Disposal Schedule for XSL Transformation
RMPS_XML_DP_TCODE - XML Data Object Disposal Transaction for XSL Transformation
RPDCHKF01 - DMWB: File Name of Last Check Out
RPDCHKF02 - DMWB: File Name of Last Check Out
RPDCHKF03 - DMWB: File Name of Last Check Out
RPDCHKF04 - DMWB: File Name of Last Check Out
RPDCHKF05 - DMWB: File Name of Last Check Out
RPDCHKF06 - DMWB: File Name of Last Check Out
RPDCHKO01 - DMWB: Check-Out Data for a Physical Information Obj.
RPDCHKO02 - DMWB: Check-Out Data for a Physical Information Obj.
RPDCHKO03 - DMWB: Check-Out Data for a Physical Information Obj.
RPDCHKO04 - DMWB: Check-Out Data for a Physical Information Obj.
RPDCHKO05 - DMWB: Check-Out Data for a Physical Information Obj.
RPDCHKO06 - DMWB: Check-Out Data for a Physical Information Obj.
RPDCONT01 - DMWB: Table for Document Contents (Import/Export)
RPDCONT02 - DMWB: Table for Document Contents (Import/Export)
RPDCONT03 - DMWB: Table for Document Contents (Import/Export)
RPDCONT04 - DMWB: Table for Document Contents (Import/Export)
RPDCONT05 - DMWB: Table for Document Contents (Import/Export)
RPDCONT06 - DMWB: Table for Document Contents (Import/Export)
RPDDOCL01 - DMWB: Instances of Logical Information Objects
RPDDOCL05 - DMWB: Instances of Logical Information Objects
RPDDOCL06 - DMWB: Instances of Logical Information Objects
RPDDOCP01 - DMWB: Instances of Physical Information Objects
RPDDOCP05 - DMWB: Instances of Physical Information Objects
RPDDOCP06 - DMWB: Instances of Physical Information Objects
RPDIDXST01 - DMWB: Status Table for Indexing Documents
RPDIDXST02 - DMWB: Status Table for Indexing Documents
RPDIDXST03 - DMWB: Status Table for Indexing Documents
RPDIDXST04 - DMWB: Status Table for Indexing Documents
RPDIDXST05 - DMWB: Status Table for Indexing Documents
RPDIDXST06 - DMWB: Status Table for Indexing Documents
RPDLOIOT01 - DMWB: Descriptions of Logical Information Objects
RPDLOIOT02 - DMWB: Descriptions of Logical Information Objects
RPDLOIOT03 - DMWB: Descriptions of Logical Information Objects
RPDLOIOT04 - DMWB: Descriptions of Logical Information Objects
RPDLOIOT05 - DMWB: Descriptions of Logical Information Objects
RPDLOIOT06 - DMWB: Descriptions of Logical Information Objects
RPDLOPR01 - DMWB: Attribute Values of Logical Information Objects
RPDLOPR02 - DMWB: Attribute Values of Logical Information Objects
RPDLOPR03 - DMWB: Attribute Values of Logical Information Objects
RPDLOPR04 - DMWB: Attribute Values of Logical Information Objects
RPDLOPR05 - DMWB: Attribute Values of Logical Information Objects
RPDLOPR06 - DMWB: Attribute Values of Logical Information Objects
RPDLORE01 - DMWB: Outgoing Relations of Logical Information Objects
RPDLORE02 - DMWB: Outgoing Relations of Logical Info Objects
RPDLORE03 - DMWB: Outgoing Relations of Logical Info Objects
RPDLORE04 - DMWB: Outgoing Relations of Logical Info Objects
RPDLORE05 - DMWB: Outgoing Relations of Logical Information Objects
RPDLORE06 - DMWB: Outgoing Relations of Logical Information Objects
RPDLORI01 - DMWB: Incoming Relations of Logical Info Objects
RPDLORI02 - DMWB: Incoming Relations of Logical Info Objects
RPDLORI03 - DMWB: Incoming Relations of Logical Info Objects
RPDLORI04 - DMWB: Incoming Relations of Logical Info Objects
RPDLORI05 - DMWB: Incoming Relations of Logical Info Objects
RPDLORI06 - DMWB: Incoming Relations of Logical Info Objects
RPDPHF01 - DMWB: Files of Physical Information Objects
RPDPHF02 - DMWB: Files of Physical Information Objects
RPDPHF03 - DMWB: Files of Physical Information Objects
RPDPHF04 - DMWB: Files of Physical Information Objects
RPDPHF05 - DMWB: Files of Physical Information Objects
RPDPHF06 - DMWB: Files of Physical Information Objects
RPDPHHR01 - DMWB: Outgoing Hyperlinks From Physical Objects
RPDPHHR02 - DMWB: Outgoing Hyperlinks From Physical Objects
RPDPHHR03 - DMWB: Outgoing Hyperlinks From Physical Objects
RPDPHHR04 - DMWB: Outgoing Hyperlinks From Physical Objects
RPDPHHR05 - DMWB: Outgoing Hyperlinks From Physical Objects
RPDPHHR06 - DMWB: Outgoing Hyperlinks From Physical Objects
RPDPHNM01 - DMWB: Use of Target Anchors in Physical Objects
RPDPHNM02 - DMWB: Use of Target Anchors in Physical Objects
RPDPHNM03 - DMWB: Use of Target Anchors in Physical Objects
RPDPHNM04 - DMWB: Use of Target Anchors in Physical Objects
RPDPHNM05 - DMWB: Use of Target Anchors in Physical Objects
RPDPHNM06 - DMWB: Use of Target Anchors in Physical Objects