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SAP Basis Components Tables BC

MANDT_CC - Parameters for multiple client copies
RFC_URL - Parameters for multiple LS and RFC creation
/SSF/BDLFLDS - Service Software Framework: Copy of important SDCC fields
/SSF/BDL_DATKEY_INTERNCOPY - /SSF/ internal copy of BDL_DATKEY, do not use!
/SSF/DHEAD - Service Software Framework: Analysis/download control header
/SSF/DTAB - Service Software Framework:Packed analysis data for Download
/SSF/LOG - Service Software Framework: Messagelog
/SSF/PTAB - Service Software Framework: Packed data table (PTAB)
/XFT/DIO_CMS_001_CUST_01 - Customizing: Content Storage
/XFT/DIO_CMS_002_COPY_LIST - Copy List

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SAP ABAP Runtime Environment Tables BC-ABA

APSRV - Assignment of application servers to groups
ARCH - Database Table <-> Archiving Object
ASGRP - Assignment of SAP instances to DB instances
D020S - System table D020S (screen sources)
D342L - Table for long CUA objects
D345T - Table for Long GUI Objects (Texts)
D346T - Table for Long GUI Objects (Texts)
D347T - GUI Title
DBTABPRT - Table of log records for table tupel changes
DDLOADD - R3load-data table for migration
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SAP Business Management Tables BC-BMT

LDA_ATTR_L - HR-LDAP Attribute
LDA_ATTR_S - HR-LDAP Attribute
LDA_ATTR_X - HR-LDAP Attribute
LDA_KEY - HR LDAP: Log Table Key
LDA_RDN_S - HR-LDAP: Attribute for Determining the RDN
SGLX_PARAMETER - Agent Determination Rule Parameter
TLDA_LOG - HR LDAP: Non-Exportable Data Records
TLDA_MSG - HR LDAP: Error Messages for Data in Table TLDA_LOG
SCPL_VERS - Workflow pattern version

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SAP Business Server Pages Tables BC-BSP

AUBIDS - eRhein Auctionhouse: bid history table
AUCATEGORY - Category masquerading list
AUODESC - Auction Offer Description Cluter Database Table
AUOFFER - Auction Offer Table
AUUSER - User Table for the eRhine Auction House
BSAUTHORS - Table of Authors
BSBOOK - Bookshop - Table of Books
BSCATALOG - Bookshop Catalog of All Available Books
BSPARTICLE - Goods Table BSP Bookshop
BSPBASKET - BSP Bookshop Shopping Basket
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SAP BW Service API Tables BC-BW

AQBWCAT - InfoSource Catalog (SAP Query) Customer
AQBWCAT_SAP - InfoSource Catalog (SAP Query) Used by SAP
AQBWFCAT - InfoSource Catalog (SAP Query) Customer
AQBWFCAT_SAP - Field catalog for InfoSources (SAP Query) used by SAP
AQBWSCREEN - Screen Field for Function Group AQBW
BWE_KNA1T_CONS2 - Extract Structure for Consumer Texts for BW
E1RSEIN - InfoIDoc: Error segment
E1RSHFD - Interface: Hierarchy nodes that cannot be posted to
E1RSHFT - Data transfer Idoc: Name of node that cannot be posted to

E1RSHIE - Data transfer Idoc: Hierarchy header information
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SAP Use Subcomponents Tables BC-CCM

ADMI_APPLI - Application archive file information table
ADMI_AR_PEXT - Created Archive Routing Path Extension
ADMI_EXAMP - Archiving object EXAMPLE archive file info table
ADMI_FILEN - Archive File: Key, Number of Objects, phys. Name with Path
ADMI_FILES - Archive Files of Archive Sessions
ADMI_FILE_DAVLNK - Link Between the Archive File and the WebDAV Ressource
ADMI_FILE_RULES - IRM Rules Applied for Archive Files
ADMI_FILST - Archive Files: Header Information, Jobs, and Status
ADMI_HOME_PATH - History of Home Paths for Archiving Object
ADMI_JOBS - Archive Jobs
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SAP Business Configuration Tools: Runtime Tables BC-CFG

CC2SNAMTAB - Control Block Structure Table Fields for C2 Server
CC2SWHERETAB - Structure for dynamic selection conditions (WHERETAB)
CC2S_BUFFER - Structure for Buffer Table
CC2S_BUFFER_DATA - Semantic Key + Data Reference in C2 Server
CC2S_C2GUID_TYPE - Structure with Guids for Customizing
CC2S_CLNT - C2 Server (Internal): Client for C2 Tables
CC2S_CONSTRAINTS - C2-Server: Constraints
CC2S_CONSTRAINTS_ERROR_TYPE - C2 Server: Error of Constraints Data
CC2S_CONSTRAINTS_OBJECT_TYPE - C2 Srerver: Object Definition of Constraints
CC2S_CONSTRAINTS_RANGE_TYPE - C2 Server: Structure for Constraint Rangfes
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SAP Component Integration / Installation Windows Components Tables BC-CI

CALIB - Calibration of redlinings
ECLSTAMPS - Table of All Existing Stamps for ECL Viewer
ECLSTCATS - Categories of Redlining Stamps for 2D ECL Viewer
ECLUSERS - Linking Users and Stamps of the ECL Viewer
METLINE - Meta Data of Documents: Attribute - Value Pair
IACVERSTAB - Information about IAC versions
ITSHTRC - ITS language resource
ITSHTRCOBJ - ITS language resource
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SAP Client/Server Technology Tables BC-CST

BNRIV2 - Display number range buffer
COMM_ADM - Map commm_adm Kernel Structure
COMM_ADM_DISP - Map commm_adm Kernel Structure
COMM_ADM_NEW - Map commm_adm Kernel Structure
CPICCONN - Structure of CPIC conect buffer
CST_RSM51000_ALV01_ALV - Structure for RSM51000_ALV
CST_RSM51000_ALV02_ALV - Structure for Environment Variable of Server
CST_RSM54000_ALV - Structure for Output from RSM54000
CST_RSM56000_ALV - Structure for RSM56000
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SAP Change & Transport System Tables BC-CTS

BC325V00 - Sample Table for BC325
BC325V10 - Sample Table for BC325
BC325X00 - Sample Table for BC325
BC325X01 - Sample Table for BC325
BC325X02 - Sample Table for BC325
BC325X03 - Sample Table for BC325
BC325X04 - Sample Table for BC325
BC325X05 - Sample Table for BC325
BC325X06 - Sample Table for BC325
BC325X07 - Sample Table for BC325
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SAP Customizing Tools (Techniques) Tables BC-CUS

CMP_ADMIN - Creation and Change Date, Generic Comparison Tool
CMP_RAW_DATA - Data to be Compared, Generic Comparison Tool
CTM_AA_VA - Additional Attributes and Values
CTM_ADMIN - Creation and Change Data for Context Management
CTM_ATT_PR - Attribute Priority
CTM_AV_PR - Attribute Value Priority
CTM_COOB - Product and Comparison Object
CTM_COPR - Komponent and Priority
CTM_COTB - Context Object Type
CTM_CO_RE - Component Release Structure
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SAP Database Interface, Database Platforms Tables BC-DB

ADA_VIEW_DB_CONNECTION_DETAIL - MaxDB: View Data of DB Connections
DB6ADMACTREF - DB6: action reference entry
DB6ADMCMD - DB6: Command Line
DB6ADMCON - DB6: Connection administration entry
DB6ADMINT - DB6: internal part of table buffer administration entry
DB6ADMLOCK - DB6: Action lock
DB6ADMLOG - DB6: Common message layout
DB6ADMRES - DB6: Result Line
DB6ADMSYS - DB6: System administration entry
DB6AUDITDT - DB6: Audit log for maintenance actions
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SAP Documentation Tools Tables BC-DOC

ATTRIBUTES - Int. structure for adding attributes w/o format
AVSELECT_1 - Selection criteria for limiting work list
AVSELECT_2 - Global assignment
AVSELECT_3 - Data basis selection
AVSTATE - Specifying documents by processing status
DOCALTLANG - Alternative language for displaying document
DOCCLASS - Document class + text
DOCDZ - Data element supplements
DOCEXTSCRE - Doc. tools: Document enhancement - Screen fields
DOCRFC - RFC destination selection
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SAP ABAP Workbench, Java IDE and Infrastructure Tables BC-DWB

ADIRACCESS - Table to store keys for TADIR objects
BAPISBDTIN - BO SBOOK - Data for Creating a Booking
BAPISBLIST - BO SBOOK - Key Fields and Additional Information
BAPISBOAGN - BAPI Structure for BO FlightBooking - Agency Data
BAPISBODAT - BAPI Structure for FlightBooking BO - Booking Data
BAPISBOKEY - BAPI Structure for FlightBooking Business Object - Keys
BAPISBONEW - BAPI Structure for FlightBooking BO - New Booking Data
BAPISBOPRI - BAPI Structure for FlightBooking Business Object - Price
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CM10_APPLY_ACLREQUEST - Proxy Structure (generated)
CM10_APPLY_ACLRESPONSE - Proxy Structure (generated)
CM10_APPLY_POLICY_REQUEST - Proxy Structure (generated)
CM10_APPLY_POLICY_RESPONSE - Proxy Structure (generated)
CM10_CANCEL_CHECK_OUT_REQUEST - Proxy Structure (generated)
CM10_CANCEL_CHECK_OUT_RESPONSE - Proxy Structure (generated)
CM10_CHECK_IN_REQUEST - Proxy Structure (generated)
CM10_CHECK_IN_RESPONSE - Proxy Structure (generated)
CM10_CHECK_OUT_REQUEST - Proxy Structure (generated)
CM10_CHECK_OUT_RESPONSE - Proxy Structure (generated)
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SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Search Tables BC-EIM

CDC_ACTIV_CLIENT - Client-specific activation of recording
CDC_LOGTAB_ID - Table subject to recording
CDC_OWNERTAB - Owner of a change recording
CDC_S_RECORDING_STATUS - recording status of the respective table
CDC_S_RETURN_CODE_BY_TABLE - DB Table and ReturnCode
CDC_S_TABLE_OBJECTS - CDC table objects
CDC_S_TRIGGER_OBJECTS - CDC trigger objects
CDC_TABLE - Table subject to recording
CDC_TRIGGER - Table subject to recording
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SAP Enterprise Service Infrastructure Tables BC-ESI

SRDEBUG - Remote Debugging Control
ABAPDUMP_KEY - ABAP/4 Snapshot for Runtime Errors
ABAPDUMP_MAIN - ABAP/4 Snapshot for Runtime Errors
ABAPDUMP_QUERY - ABAP/4 Snapshot for Runtime Errors
ASP_FIELD_LINE - Aspect and Associated Fields
CDS_PROPERTY_STR - Connection Data Property
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SAP Frontend Services - Use subcomponents (see SAP Note 1322184) Tables BC-FES

ALSHUFFCAT_WAO - Shuffler Selections Description (Web Add-On)
ALSHUFFDAT_WAO - Shuffler Selection Data (Web Add-On)
ALSHUFFMSG_WAO - Info about Shuffler Text and General Settings (Web Add-On)
ALV_S_FILT_WAO - Filter Criteria (for LVC and for KKBLO)
ALV_S_LAYO_WAO - ALV Control: Layout Structure (Web Add-On)
ALV_S_SORT_WAO - Sorting Criteria (for Both LVC and KKBLO) (Web Add-On)
FLOW_ALV_WAO - Interface Structure for FM Flow_logic_mini_alv_call (WAO)
LVC_S_COL2_WAO - ALV Control: Numeric Column ID (Web Add-On)
LVC_S_DATA_WAO - ALV control: Data transfer structure
LVC_S_FC2_WAO - ALV Control: Field Catalog II (Web Add-On)
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SAP Guided Procedure Tables BC-GP

CAF_EU_GP_MANAGER_STRUC - Structure That Contains Info About the Manager of a Person
EUP_BSP_CFG_PROP - Stores the configuration properties for the input value ctx.
EUP_BSP_CONF_PROP - Structure for a bsp co configuration property.
EUP_BSP_IV_CTX - Temp table to hold the input value context.
EUP_BSP_OV_CTX - Table for bsp co output data. Used by j2ee to get the output
EUP_BSP_RSL_STS - The result states associated with the bsp output context.
EUP_BSP_ST_RESULT_STATE - Structure for a bsp co result state.
EUP_FORM_ATTACHMENT - Hold an attachment to be sent along with an Interactive Form
EUP_MESSAGE_TEMPLATE_FIELD - Name, value pair used for generating interactive forms.
EUP_PROCESS_ROLE_INSTANCE - Process role instance.
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SAP Help Infrastructure for ABAP Tables BC-HLP

HCSKW_APPL - Application (for Assignment to KW Documents)
HCSKW_APPLASS - KW Document: Assignment to Applications
HCSKW_CLOS - Relations of KW Documents (Closure)
HCSKW_COMPASS - KW Document: Assignment to Components
HCSKW_DIR - Directory for Static KW Help
HCSKW_DOC - KW Document (LOIO, Static Help)
HCSKW_REFLOIO - Conversion Relations Between KW Documents
HCSKW_REL - Relations of KW Documents (Direct)
HCSKW_RELH - Relations of KW Documents (Only Temporary)
HCSKW_STRUCASS - KW Document: Assignment to Structures
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SAP Internationalization (I18N) Tables BC-I18

BIDT_S_ALL - structure for bidi flags testing
BIDT_S_FLAT - flat structure for testing bidi flags
BIDT_S_FLAT_FK - flat structure for testing bidi flags
BIDT_T_ALL - table for testing bidi flags
BIDT_T_CHBIDI - bidi flags test
BIDT_T_CHLTR - bidi flags tests
BIDT_T_DECLTR - bidi flags tests
BIDT_T_DECN - bidi flags tests
BIDT_T_INTLTR - bidi flags tests
BIDT_T_INTN - bidi flags tests
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SAP Archiving Connector ABAP Tables BC-ILM

ARCHLNK_AL_INDEX - Assignment of BOR Key to ArchiveLink Attachment Doc_ID
ARCHLNK_AUDITING - License Audit for ARCHLNK Proxies from AL and DL
ARCHLNK_DL_IND - ILM: Attributes for Finding ArchiveLink Print Lists in RW
ARCHLNK_S_DATA - Assignment of BOR Key to Document Storage
ARCHLNK_S_DOC_LINE - Row Type for AL Documents
ARCHLNK_S_TOA_TEMP_EOL - Row Type for AL Documents from External System
ARCHLNK_TOAAR - Copied TOAAR from Legacy Systems to be Decommissioned
ARCHLNK_TOAXY - Link Table for ArchiveLink Stores from EOL Systems
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SAP Installation Tools Tables BC-INS

BCINSTSTEP - SAP Installation: Step List
INSTCHECK - Installation: Check Table for Installation Settings
INSTCHKTAB - SAP Installation: Table for Check Routines for RRR
INSTCHKTBT - SAP Installation: Texts for RRR Check Routines
INSTCNTL - SAP Installation: Control Table for Basis Customizing
INSTCNTLJ - Background Jobs During the Installation
INSTCNTLT - SAP Installation: Texts for Control Table
INSTJBSTAT - Installation: Job Status Structure
INSTJOBS - SAP Installation: Job Definitions
INSTLOG - SAP Installation
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SAP Middleware Tables BC-MID

BAPI_BFLT - Filter for ALE connection using BAPIs
BAPI_BLINK - ALE connection using BAPI
BAPI_CATT_ALE1 - Structure for ALE CATT Session
BAPI_CATT_ALE2 - Structure for ALE CATT Session
BAPI_CATT_ALE3 - Structure for ALE CATT Session
BAPI_CATT_ALE4 - Structure for ALE CATT Session
BAPI_EDIDC - ALE: BAPI Structure for eCATT
BAPI_EDIDOCNUM - BAPI Structure for CATT Session
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SAP SAP NetWeaver Mobile - Use subcomponents Tables BC-MOB

BWAFAPPLI - WAF: Links to Installation Files for WAF Applications
BWAFAPPVER - Version Management of WAF Applications
BWAFCCMS - WAF: General Log from PDA
BWAFCCMSCOMPO - Components from Client for CCMS
BWAFCONT - WAF: Transfer Structure for Synchronization Container
BWAFCONT2 - WAF: Transfer Structure for Synchronization Container - old
BWAFDEPL - Mobile Engine
BWAFDEVTYP - WAF: Device Classes for Controlling Installation
BWAFINSLOG - WAF: Installation Log from PDA
BWAFLOGLIN - WAF: Line of Log Entry
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SAP Musing Tools Tables BC-MUS

IQXDYNPCHN - Dynpro chain for report transactions
IQXDYNPSEL - Selections for report transactions
IQXFILDESCX - Extended filter value
IQXFILTER - InfoSet Query API: Filter Entry
IQXQUCAT - Catalog entry for Query
IQXRISET - Catalog entry for report infoset
IQXRSSCR - Extension of structure RSSCR
WDKACTGRPSTATS - Action group optimization statistics
WDKACTION - Action Definition
WDKACTIONGROUP - Actiongroup <=> Action Assignment
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SAP NWA Development Tools (Generators, Plug-Ins...) Tables BC-NWA

ACG_GEN_DEV_REQ - Devclass and request number
ACG_GEN_DEV_REQ1 - Devclass and request number
ACG_GEN_IN_UTIL - Input parameter for ABAP Code Generator
NWA_CG_CIMCLASS - CIM Class Information
NWA_CG_OPRESULT - Operation Status
NWA_CG_RESULT - Generated objects
NWA_CG_SLD - SLD Parameters
SABAPCG_SLDCRED - SLD Customization for ABAP Code Generator
SABAPCG_SLD_CRED - SLD Customization for ABAP Code Generator

SAP System Administration Assistant Tables BC-RRR

INTSAA - System Administration Assistant structure (internal
INTSWO - Keyword assignment (internal)
ISAAC - System Administration Assistant: Determining components
ISAACONTA - System Administration Assistant: Internal struct. for alerts
LTRAN - General structure for language import
SAAADMW - Transferred Table Structure Syst. Adm. Asst./Adm. Workplace
SAAADMWD - Transferred Table Structure Syst. Adm. Asst./Adm. Workplace
SAACOMP - Valid components for System Administration Assistant
SAACOMPT - Valid components for System Administration Assistant
SAACONT - Container for Structure of System Administration Assistant
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SAP Security Tables BC-SEC

CABSEARCH - Search Help for Address Book
CERTATTRS - Attributes of X.509 Certificates
CERT_MIGRATION - Struture for USREXTID->CertMap Migration
CRLUILOCK - Lock structure for CRL UI
CRPROFILELIST - Search Help for Certificate Profiles
CRREVOKED_CERT - Revoked certificate list in CRL
DEFSTATE - Definition of Transition from One Status to Another
EXTID_INFO - External ID description
EXTID_LINE - Lines in a table with external identification
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SAP Basis Services / Communication Interfaces Tables BC-SRV

BWE_ADDR1 - Extractor Structure for BW (BWE_ADDRK1 + BWE_ADRC)
BWE_ADDR2 - Extractor Structure for BW (BWE_ADDRK2 + BWE_ADRC + BWE_ADRP
BWE_ADDRK1 - Key Fields for BW Extraction Structure (Type 1)
BWE_ADDRK2 - Key Fields for BW Extraction Structure (Type 2)
BWE_ADRC - Extractor Structure for BW
BWE_ADRP - Extractor Structure for BW
CFSEGMNT - Data transfer: Segment to be converted
CLAL_CLASS - Structure for class name and class texts
CLAL_OBJ - Classified object
CLAL_OBJT - Classifiable objects and their descriptions
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TREXS_PARAMETER_VALUE - Parameters and its values
TRXABAPGET_WPTABLE_REQUEST - Proxy Structure (Generated)
TRXABAPGET_WPTABLE_RESPONSE - Proxy Structure (Generated)
TRXABAPREAD_RAW_SYSLOG_REQUEST - Proxy Structure (Generated)
TRXABAPREAD_RAW_SYSLOG_RESPONS - Proxy Structure (Generated)
TRXABAPREAD_SYSLOG_REQUEST - Proxy Structure (Generated)
TRXABAPREAD_SYSLOG_RESPONSE - Proxy Structure (Generated)
TRXACCESS_CHECK_REQUEST - Proxy Structure (Generated)
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SAP Test Organizer Tables BC-TWB

CATT_PARAM - CATT Parameters
COMP_DEST - Assign logical component to RFC destination
CSS_PRIO - CSS Priority
CSS_USR - CSS User File
DSYAP - Test tool: Test plan directory
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SAP Upgrade - General Tables BC-UPG

ADDONCHECK - Relationship Between Enterprise Add-Ons + Check F. Modules
ADDONUP - Structure for All Add-On Products in the Upgrade
ANONYMIZATION - Defines Anonymizing Table Fields
ANONYMIZATIOND - Status Table for Deanonymization
ANONYMUNDO - RFC Structure for Undoing Anonymization
AVERS - Information About Updates of R/3 Add-On Products
AVMOVES - Add-On Moves (Corresponds to IS_MOVES.LST)
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SAP Virtual Machine Container Tables BC-VMC

CPT_ACTION - PT Action (Common Performance Trace)
CPT_ALLOC_ID - ID Allocator in CPT (Common Performance Trace)
CPT_CORRELATOR - Correlator in CPT (Common Performance Trace)
CPT_CORR_DEF - Definition of Correlator in CPT (Common Performance Trace)
CPT_LAYER - CPT Layer (Common Performance Trace)
CPT_METRIC - Unit of Measure in CPT (Common Performance Trace)
CPT_METRIC_DEF - Unit of Measure Definition in CPT (Common Performance Trace)
CPT_MODULE - CPT Module (Common Performance Trace)
CPT_ORIGIN - CPT Origin (Common Performance Trace)
CPT_PROVIDER - CPT Provider (Common Performance Trace)
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SAP Web Dynpro Tables BC-WD

WRCTAB3 - Download Structure
WRC_255 - Contains HTML for WWW client
WRC_CHAN - Transfer structure
WRC_CUST - Set Values for Recording Web Dynpro
WRC_DATA - Definition Table for Recording Objects
WRC_DATUSR - Definition Table for Recording Objects
WRC_DEFINE - Definition Table for Recording Objects
WRC_DEFUSR - Definition Table for Recording Objects
WRC_STR - String for Recording Objects
WRC_STRU - Table Structure for Recordings
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SAP Exchange Infrastructure Tables BC-XI

SFLBO - Flight Booking Order
SFLBOPOS - Flight Booking Order Item
SXIDAG_BOOKING_ID - Proxy Structure (Generated)
SXIDAG_BOOKING_ID_LIST - Proxy Structure (Generated)
SXIDAG_BOOKING_ORDER_LIST - Proxy Structure (Generated)
SXIDAG_BOOKING_ORDER_REQUEST - Booking order request (only for use in XI Demo)
SXIDAG_BOOKING_ORDER_REQ_MT - Booking order request (only for use in XI Demo)
SXIDAG_BOOK_ORDER - Proxy Structure (Generated)
SXIDAG_BOOK_ORDER_CONFIRM - Proxy Structure (Generated)
SXIDAG_BOOK_ORDER_CONFIRM_MT - Proxy Structure (Generated)
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