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SAP BC Documentation Tools Tables (BC-DOC)

SAP Documentation Tools Tables BC-DOC-DTL

ATTRIBUTES - Int. structure for adding attributes w/o format
AVSELECT_1 - Selection criteria for limiting work list
AVSELECT_2 - Global assignment
AVSELECT_3 - Data basis selection
AVSTATE - Specifying documents by processing status
DOCALTLANG - Alternative language for displaying document
DOCCLASS - Document class + text
DOCDZ - Data element supplements
DOCEXTSCRE - Doc. tools: Document enhancement - Screen fields
DOCRFC - RFC destination selection
DOCST - Work Fields for Documentation Statistics
DOCU_EXIST - Object Name and Exists Flag
DOC_RFC - selection rfcdes maintenance
DOKALTLANG - Assignment of alternative languages for document display
DOKCLASSES - Document class
DOKCLSSTD1 - Document length class-dependent
DOKHL - Documentation: Headers
DOKIL - Index for Documentation Table DOKH
DOKSAVESTD - Structure for F4 Help status

DOKSH - Documentation Statistics History
DOKSI - Documentation Statistics History Index
DOKTL - Documentation - text lines
DOKTYPSTD - Documentation type
DOKUS_LINKPOS - Position of Hyperlinks in HTML Tables
DOK_CLS - Docu Classes
DOSSH - Documentation: Short Text Statistics History
DOSSI - Documentation: Short Text Statistics History Index
DOSSO - Documentation: Short Text Statistics - Object-Specific
EDITEXCL - Excludes reference for Edit_Text
EDITSTRUC - Interface references
EDIT_STRUC - Structure of parameter interface edit_text_..2
ENVI - Documentation objects for a specific environment
FEXCLUDES - Menu options not displayed
HELP_LNKS - Links to be converted
HLP_EXEDAT - Executable and Command line data for Winhelp call.
MOD_LOG - Status list of converted modifications
RSDC9 - Work Fields for SAP Documentation Print Form
RSDCA - Fields for DOCF1P F1 form simulation
RSDCD - Internal Table for Documentation Statistics
RSDCS - Key for Selected Documentation Objects
RSDCU - Work Fields for SAP Documentation
RSDCX - Exceptions Table for Short Text Statistics
RSDD2 - Internal Structure: Short Text Maintenance
RSTAB - Loop Version
SDOC_DLIST - List of Saved Worklists
SDOC_SETTINGS - SDOC: Settings for Documentation
SEARCHTAB - Internal Admin. of the Search Screen Structure
T9COM - Components
T9DEV - Assignment of Components to Development Classes
T9PRO - Products
TBEKR - Application Area - Package Assignment
TBER - Application area
TBERX - Texts for R/3 Application Areas (Table TBER)
TCHLP - Help: Assignment of Books to Packages

TCSTC - Documentation: Copy of TSTCT
TDOCU - Control Table for the Document Manager
TDOKU - Documentation: Class Table
THLDYNS - Standard Erhi on Listtynps override table
THLPG - Help: Assignment of Books to Packages
THLPM - Change Table for THLPG
THLPX - Documentation: Transactions Without Links to Books
THSTC - Documentation: Copy of TSTCT
TK11 - Relevant packages for Release 1.1
TLSYS - Language Versions in the System
TMETA - Obsolete: METAL File Management
TODOK - Objects without Documentation
TRANS_ERR - List of Docu Errors in Transport Objects
TSDDC - Packages with Documentation Priorities
TSDDD - Assignment: Technical Writer/Translator->Package
TSDOC - User Parameters for Documentation
TSDUM - Conversion Table for Text Symbols in Online Documentation
TSKTX - Parameters for Short Text Utilities
TSOS - Import Log Records
TSST1 - Statistic Editing Status Assignment Pers. Resp. DEVCLASS
TSST2 - Editing status functions
TSST3 - Editing Status Values
TUCHK - Table for Extended ABAP Checks
TUCHK1 - Starting points for the reengineering analysis jobs
TUCHK2 - ABAP Checks
TUCHK3 - Information on the CHECK Index
TXSUP - For WinWord and External DTP
TXSUP2 - For WinWord and External DTP
WORDT_2 - Internal Table for Terminology Check

SAP F1 Help Tables BC-DOC-HLP

ADIRKEYPLS - Tadir_key plus 20-character access key
ADIR_KEY - TADIR key for releasing source
AM61K - Work fields SAPLDATD - F4 Calendar display
DCUAST - Interface between ABAP and kernel help
DDYN - Interface Between ABAPhelp and Help Processor
DPOV - Screen help
DPOV610 - Screen help
DSELC - Screen selection from process logic
DVAL - Screen values in process logic
DYCBOX - Combobox output control structure

DYNPFLD - Screen fields for help modules
DYNPREAD - Fields of the current screen (with values)
ERG001 - Statistics ergonomics version for Q teams
F4COLS - Column selection in F4
F4SETTING - F4 mode description structure
F4SETTINGS - Screen structure describing the F4 behaviour
F4TMP - Temporary HELP data
F4UHLP - Table for user-related help
GCTAB - Table with lines of chosen values
HELPVAL - Restrict Value Range - Transfer Table
HELP_GLOSA - help_glosa
HELP_INFO - Transfer Values for the Help Processor
HELP_I_PAA - im/expar
HELP_I_PRA - help
HELP_LINKA - help_linka
HELP_STFA - help_stf
HELP_STF_A - help_stf (copy)
HELP_TINF - Technical Information for Help
HELP_VALUE - Structure or Function Module HELP_VALUE_GET_FOR_TABLE
HELP_VTAB - Transfer table for help functions
HLPCAPTION - Online help: Structure of description text
HLPEXT - Online help: Enhancement line structure
HLPFCODE - Online help: Function code
HLPFIELDS - Online help: Interface fields
HLPINDX - System Table INDX
HLPINDXKEY - Key for storing data in INDX
HLPLINE - Online help: RTF line structure
HLPLINEC - Online help: RTF line structure
HLPLINK - Online help: Link structure
HLPRESOL - Enhancement Sequence - Help Processor
HLPRESOLC - Client-Dependent Context Chains
HLPRESOLS - Default Context Chain
HLPSETTING - User-specific settings for online help
HLPSTAT_F1 - Access F1 statistics
HLP_PARSA - hlp_parsa
HVSELOPT - Help view selection option fields
IHELP - Screen Help Fields for the Help Processor
IWBHLPALV - Display Structure for SAP Library
IWB_BF_SID - Combination of Active BFs and System ID
IWB_SID_E18 - Combination of LOIOs of the SAP Library and System ID
IWR_31_PRM - IWR: System Parameters (Only for Cust. Solution for 3.1)
IWR_IFACE - SIWR: Interface Fields
MCO_TAB - Transfer structure for matchcode objects
MCSELOPT - Fields of matchcode selection options
MSG_LINE - Structure for maintaining a contextual short problem
MSG_TXT - Structure for maintaining a contextual short problem
MYHLP - Individual values chosen by user
PHELP - Interface between Help-Processor and C-Basis
PHELP_PBAG - Help processor: Property set for help field
SADM2D - Display: SAP Library (for area)
SBAON_CCHK - Component Check Table
SHELPTYPE - Help Types Delivered by SAP
SHELPTYPET - Text Table: Help Types Delivered by SAP
SHFDDESC - Help: Check Table Field Descriptions
SHKEYVAL - Transfer structure for help view selection
SHKONTEXT - Dialog context data for SAPhelp
SHLPADM1 - Administration: Display of the SAP Library
SHLPADM2T - Text Table for Administration Online Help
SHLPADMP - Transfer Log for Online Help
SHLPOBJ - Object description for help system output
SHLPUSRVAL - User Settings for SAP Library (Display)
SHLPUVALT - User Values for Online Help with Short Text
SHMCFELDER - Structure for MC-ID field output
SHSTRUC - Structure definitions for table VALUE
SHTXDESC - Help: Text Table Field Descriptions for the Check Table
SHVALUE - Value table for help system
SKWPLTF - Operating Systems of Application and Presentation Servers
SKWPLTFT - Operating System Names
SLIBADM - Display Structure for SAP Library: User Values
SLIBU - Display Structure for SAP Library: User Values
SLIBUVAL - User Settings for SAP Library (Display)
SREF - Dummy structure with fields for purely formal DDIC refs.
THELP - SAP User Settings for the Help Processor
THELPI - Index for Generating Secondary Language Access
THEXC - Exception Goto destinations for F1 Help customer entries
THEXS - Exception Goto destinations for F1 Help
THLPC - Customizing packages for help
THLPF - Assignment: Field - Field-specific Supplement
THLPV - Interface to Extended Help
TMEDS - SAPfind structure and text for IMG menu entries
TTCDS - Assignment: Transaction code for DSYS structure
TTCGR - Assign transaction code to graphics

SAP SAP Knowledge Warehouse Tables BC-DOC-IWB

DOCEPSS - EPSS document
DOKUS_LINK - Position of Hyperlinks in HTML Tables
EPSSA1 - EPSS Services: Definition Table for Application
EPSSA2 - EPPS Methods of Applications for SAPEVENT
EPSSAPPL - EPSS Applications
EPSSC1 - EPSS Splitter Segment Configuration
EPSSC2 - EPSS Splitter Segment Parameter
EPSSCHRFRM - HTML Tags that Do Not End a Table
EPSSDOC - EPSS document structure
EPSSGL - Global EPSS Settings
EPSSU1 - EPSS Configuration Parameters for User
EPSS_DYNP - EPSS: Screen Fields
EPSS_PERS - EPSS Personalized Data
EPSS_TBC1 - EPSS Toolbar Configuration
EPSS_TBC1T - EPSS Toolbar Configuration Texts
EPSS_TBC2 - EPSS Toolbar Methods/Classes of Applications

SAP Replacing standard texts with industry specific texts Tables BC-DOC-RIT

BRACNTL - Industry control table
BRALOG - Industry log for import/activation of industries
BRAN - Industry table
BRAN1 - Assignment of Industry Text Editor to Package
BRANINT - Structure for internal processing industry sectors
BRANITAB1 - Industries Available For Each Language
BRANT - Industry text table
BRATEXT - Industry texts
CRATEXT - Industry Texts
DRATEXT - Industry texts
INDHEAD - Short Text Conversion: Generation Data
INDLAPR - Short Text Conversion: Languages for Worklist
INDPROT - Short Text Conversion: Log
INDTABS - Short Text Conversion: Table Attributes
INDTEX2 - Short Text Conversion: Industry Sector Texts
INDTEXT - Industry texts
NOIND - Tables Excluded from Conversion
SBM132 - Industry short text proposal pool
SBM132ENQ - Industry short text proposal pool
SBRNTTTTAB - SBRN Test Environment
SBRN_EXCL - SBRN: Special Tables
SBRN_WORDS - Internal structure for replacement terms from table TSKTW
SBRO_TAB_T - Table name structure for language-dependent table selection
TSKTF - Absolute file path for industry tables
TSKTU - Industry Short Text Search Strings
TSKTV - Industry Short Text Found Strings
TSKTW - Industry short text replacements

SAP Terminology/Glossary Tables BC-DOC-TER

GLOSSARY - Glossary Table
GLOSSARY0 - Temporary Index Table -- Required for Language Transport
GLOSSARY1 - Table with Glossary Entries
GLOSSARY2 - Glossary Text Table
GLOSSARY3 - Glossary Table
GLOSSARY4 - Table for Glossary Migration (To Be Deleted)
GLOSSARYA - Application Keys Relevant for Glossary
GLOS_ATTR - Transfer Structure for Glossary Entry Attributes
GLOS_COMP - Transfer Structure for Component Hierarchy
GLOS_ENTRY - Transfer Structure for Glossary Entries
GLOS_SEL - Reference Structure Range Table for Glossary
GLOS_SET - Terminology: Reference structure for glossary editor
RTERM - Internal Structure
RTERMHIST - History table structure of TERM
STERM_ADDC - Customer-Defined Components for Terminology Maintenance
STERM_ADDT - Customer Components for Terminology Maintenance - Text Table
STERM_API_ADD_COMP - Structure for Additional Components
STERM_API_COMP - Components for STERM
STERM_API_TERM - Structure of Term for API
STERM_API_TERMS - Structure of Term for API for Large Downloads
STERM_API_TERM_LANG - Structure of Term for API
STERM_ATTR - Transfer Structure for Glossary Entry Attributes
STERM_COMM - Table with Comment Entries for Terms
STERM_COMP - Additional Components for Term Entry
STERM_COMP_WEB - Customer-Defined Components for Terminology Maintenance
STERM_CONC - Transfer Structure for Concept IDs
STERM_COUN_LANG - Assignment of Languages to Country
STERM_DWN1 - MultiTerm Download: Field Label
STERM_DWN2 - MultiTerm Download: Attribute Values
STERM_EXTD - Enhancement Information: Add-On and Customer
STERM_HEAD - Header Table for STERM (SAPterm): Concept Attributes
STERM_INDX - INDX-Style Tables for Saving Possible Entry Tables
STERM_ITS1 - Transfer Structure for SAPterm in Web
STERM_KEY - Key Structure for SAPterm
STERM_LANGU - Transfer Structure for Several Target Languages
STERM_LINK - Link Between Concept and Associated Terms
STERM_LOG - Recording of STERM Errors
STERM_MTRM - Transfer Structure in MultiTerm
STERM_MULT - Control Table for Data Transfer from MultiTerm
STERM_PRJ_DATA - Terminology Project: Project Data
STERM_PRJ_HEAD - Terminology Project: Header Data
STERM_PRJ_SNAP - Terminology: Statistics Data
STERM_PRJ_TGROUP - Assignment of Project to Translator Group
STERM_PROPOSALS - Suggested Terms
STERM_QCHECK - Transfer Structure for SAPterm
STERM_Q_CHECK - Table for Terminology Check
STERM_Q_CHECK_H - Header Table for Terminology Check
STERM_Q_MAIL - Recipient for E-Mail Notification
STERM_Q_OVERVIEW - Term Q-Check Overview
STERM_REF - References to Term Entries
STERM_RQST - Log of Unsuccessful Search Queries in SAPterm
STERM_SEL - Reference Structure Range Table for Glossary
STERM_STAT - Structure for Transferring Statistical Data from SAPterm
STERM_SYS - Distributed Terminology Maintenance:
STERM_SYSTEMID - Systems for Input Help
STERM_SYSTEMID_T - Text Table for Systems for Input Help
STERM_TERM - Transfer Structure for SAPterm
STERM_TERM_CAT - Terminology Category for BusinessObjects Terminology
STERM_TERM_GLOS - Transfer Structure for SAPterm
STERM_TEXT - Terminology Text Table
STERM_TGROUP - Translation Group
STERM_TRAL - Interface to Translation Tools
STERM_TRANSL - Assignment of Source Languages
STERM_TRA_ALERT - Table for Resetting Target Languages
STERM_TRA_ALTEXT - Table for Resetting Target Languages
STERM_TRL - SAPterm - Desired Languages for Maintenance in a Component
STERM_TXLI - Transfer Structure for Text Strings
STERM_TXTC - Terminology Text Table (Canonical Form)
STERM_USAGE - Where-Used List for Entries
STERM_USED - Transfer Structure for Terminology Where-Used List
STERM_USER - User-Specific Settings in SAPterm
STERM_VERW - Administration Information for SAPterm
STERM_XTND - Enhancement Information: Add-On and Customer
STERM_XTNT - Enhancement Information - Text Table
TBSP1 - Test Terminology Database
TER10 - Terminology Database Print Area
TER11 - Terminology Protocol
TER12 - Reductions of Terminology Entries
TER13 - List of Stop Words for Terminology
TER14 - Search objects
TER15 - Spell check table
TER16 - Assign Package to Terminology Maintenance Unit
TER17 - Additional info
TERM - Terminology Table
TERM1 - TERM Application Hierarchy
TERM2 - Node and Scroll Texts
TERM3 - Glossary Terms
TERM4 - Non-Application-Specific Header Entries
TERM5 - Non-Application-Specific Inverse Header Table
TERM6 - Header for Individual Entries
TERM7 - Link Table for Terminology Entries
TERM8 - Link Management
TERM9 - Terminology Authorizations
TERMATTR - Attribute structure of terminology data base
TERMATTRF1 - Structure for creating F1 Help for entry mask
TERMB - Authorizations for Transaction TERM
TERMC1 - Terminology entries, definitions
TERMC2 - Glossary terms, definitions
TERMC3 - Terminology entries, cross-references
TERMP - Parameters of Transaction TERM
TERMTASK - SAPterm: Transfer terms
TERMTRANS - Transfer structure for translations from SAPterm
TERMU - Terminology Data Base Users
TRM_CONTXT - Transfer Structure for Terminology Context
TRM_KEYWRD - Transfer Structure for Index Entries in Terminology Database
VGLOSSARY2 - Change document structure; generated by RSSCD000

SAP Translation Tools Tables BC-DOC-TTL

APP_FCTR - Application ID Node Number
COMT_TEXT_ERROR - Error Message
COMT_TEXT_FIELD_VALUE_REC - Structure with Field/Value for Communication
COMT_TEXT_TEXTDATA - Transfer and Copy Structure for Texts
DELDYNPS - List of Table Screens
DEVC_APP - Development Class Within the Application Hierarchy
DEVC_APX - Changes Within the Translation Hierarchy (DEVC_APP)
DITAT_D_CCNAME - Content container names
DITAT_D_COLLDEF - Collection definitions
DITAT_D_DELTA - Physical objects delta registry
DITAT_D_FIPR - Physical objects fingerprint pairs
DITAT_D_GRAPH - Auto-created graphs
DITAT_D_LOHD - Logical objects header data
DITAT_D_POFLHD - Physical objects fixed-length header data
DITAT_D_POTCMNT - Translator comments
DITAT_D_POVLHD - Physical objects variable-length header data
DITAT_D_PRED - Physical objects predecessors
DITAT_D_PROJ - Project assignments
DITAT_D_PROJNAME - Project names
DITAT_D_SOHD - Structural object header data
DITAT_D_STATE - State variables
DITAT_D_TBMTL - Transfer table for a buildable map's target languages
DITAT_D_TMCNT - Transfer table for a (buildable) map's content
DITAT_D_TMFD - Transfer table for a (buildable) map's file definitions
DITAT_D_TMFDR - Transfer table for a (buildable) map's children of file defs
DITAT_D_TMHD - Transfer table for a (buildable) map's header data
DITAT_D_TMTRLTR - Transfer table for a (buildable) map's translators
DITAT_D_TPRJBM - Transfer table for a project's buildable maps
DITAT_D_TPRJDL - Transfer table for a project's deadlines
DITAT_D_TPRJHD - Transfer table for a project's header data
DITAT_D_TTX - Physical objects TTXs
DITAT_D_TXT - Physical objects texts
DITAT_S_BMAP - Data of a buildable map
DITAT_S_CC_VERS_COMP - Content container version check
DITAT_S_DEEPREF - Deep reference
DITAT_S_DELTA - Delta data (PHIO, language and revision)
DITAT_S_EXCEPTION - Entry from an exception stack
DITAT_S_FILEDEF - File definition
DITAT_S_LLOCK - Lock structure for logical objects
DITAT_S_MAP - Data of a map
DITAT_S_ORGMETADATA - Metadata of an original object
DITAT_S_PLOCK - Lock structure for physical objects
DITAT_S_PROJECT - Data of a project
DITAT_S_PTRNMETADATA - Metadata for putting a translation
DITAT_S_SDTLOCK - Lock structure for structural data transport
DITAT_S_SLOCK - Lock structure for structural object data
DITAT_S_TRNMETADATA - Metadata of a translation
DOCUERRORS - Error list for transfer of errors in long texts
DOCU_LIST - Checked Document Links in CHECK_DOCU_EXTENDED
DOC_LINE - Documentation: Text line with format specification
DOC_TEXTS - Text lines for doc.modules
DOKCR_NEW - Structure for Determining Links in a Document
DXLFT_COMMENT - Holds translator comments on text level
DXLFT_DELTA_REG - Holds write timestamp per area/object/language
DXLFT_DEV_CMNT - XLIFF Developer Comments
DXLFT_FIPR - Long Text Fingerprints
DXLFT_TTX_SNIP - TTX snippets of translation units
DYNPFIELDS - Screens with Critical Input/Output Fields with Type LANG
DYNPS - Screens with Critical Input/Output Fields with Type LANG
ERRORSLIST - Error list for transfer of errors in long texts
FIELDLIST - Table fields with attributes
IWB3CONT1 - KEN: Document Contents Table (Import/Export)
LANGGRU - Translation Object Groups
LANGGRUT - Short text for table LANGGRU
LANGOBJ - SE63 objects that can be translated
LANGOBJT - Texts for table LANGOBJ
LANGTR1 - Assignment: Language - translator - development class
LANGTR2 - Translation exclusions
LANGUMS - Conversion R3trans - SE63 - Objects
LANGUSR - Obsolete table -> do not use
LANGZUG - Assignment of groups to objects
LANGZUS - Assignment: Language - group - date
LANG_FTTEC - Technical attributes - pseudo continuous text
LANG_LEXPT - Local Supplement for Exceptions: Translation
LANG_LOCK - Table to lock runtime-intensive program sections
LANG_MANDT - Obsolete table; do not use
LANG_PEXPT - Translation exception
LCOLOBJ - Object List
LNGTAUTO - Language Transports: Current Request in SE63
LNGTCOLL - Language Transports: Directory of Collective Transports
LNGTCONF - Language Transports: Parameters for Automatic Recording
LNGTREQU - Language Transports: All Requests Used in SE63
LNGTSE63 - Language Transports: Current Request in SE63
LNGTUSER - Language Transports: Directory of Indiv. Autom. Transports
LOBJDEF - Def. of translation-dependent objects
LSELCONDS - Selection conditions for translation (by type)
LTABEXITS - Technical data for object types (translation)
LTCONV - Conversion table, object type - TADIR object
LTFILL - Language tool fill
LTRAN_AUTO - TRM: Automatic distribution result display structure
LTRAN_SHOW - Accounting information display structure
LTYPESTECH - Technical data for object types (translation)
LWRKKEY - Key for Worklists
LWRKLID - Work list ID for individual translator work lists
LWRKLOCK - Lock Structure for Translation
LWRKOBJ - Object lists for worklists
LWRKOTR - Object lists for worklists
LWRKSTAOTR - Translation statistics
LWRKSTASOU - SLLS: Source Languages for OTR Translation Statistics
LWRKSTAT - Translation statistics
LWRKTRANS - Translator performance
LXEAUTH - Translation Environment: Authorizations
LXELOGS - LXE log events
LXEPPAT_ST_LANG_PAIR - Structure of Language Pair
LXEPROF - Translation Authorization Profiles
LXEPROFV - Values for Translation Authorization Profiles
LXESEQUENCE - sequence value
LXES_CHANGEDTEXTS - Translation object's changed texts
LXES_DELETEDTEXTS - Translation object's deleted texts
LXES_LOGEVENTS - Collection of logged events
LXES_NEWTEXTS - Translation object's new texts
LXETEXTKEYREC - Internal Line Type for Translation Environment
LXETXT0005 - Text Table
LXETXT0010 - Text Table
LXETXT0015 - Text Table
LXETXT0020 - Text Table
LXETXT0030 - Text Table
LXETXT0040 - Text Table
LXETXT0050 - Text Table
LXETXT0060 - Text Table
LXETXT0080 - Text Table
LXETXT0255 - Text Table
LXETXTCNT1 - Text Table
LXEWRKOB_REMO_STY - Structure of Worklist with Remote Translation Area
LXEWRKOB_STY - Structure of Worklist
LXE_ADD_ATTR_COMPLETE - Attribute Name and Attribute Value
LXE_ADD_ATTR_DEFS - Properties of Additional Object Attributes
LXE_ARRAY_OF_NW_KTP_COLLECTION - Proxy Structure (Generated)
LXE_ARRAY_OF_NW_KTP_MAPPING - Proxy Structure (Generated)
LXE_ARRAY_OF_NW_KTP_OBJECT_ATT - Proxy Structure (Generated)
LXE_ARRAY_OF_STRING - Proxy Structure (Generated)
LXE_ATTGRT - Object Group Texts
LXE_ATTOB - Attributes of Translation Objects
LXE_ATTOBR - Attributes of Translation Objects
LXE_ATTOBRT - Attributes of Translation Objects
LXE_ATTOBT - Texts for Object Attributes
LXE_ATTR_DEF - Definition of Additional Object Attributes
LXE_ATTR_NAME - Attribute Name
LXE_ATTR_PROP - Properties of Additional Object Attributes
LXE_ATTR_VAL - Attribute Value
LXE_AV - Translation Evaluations
LXE_BTC_H - Analysis batch job parameters
LXE_BTC_OB - Object Type Selection for Background Job
LXE_BUNDLE_ATTRIBUTES - List of all Bundles
LXE_BUNDLE_LINE - Line in a Bundle
LXE_CHKF - LXE: Outgoing Hyperlinks from Physical Objects
LXE_CHKO - LXE: Files of Physical Information Objects
LXE_COL71 - Transport Objects
LXE_COLCO - Collections
LXE_COLL - List of all Collections with their Attributes
LXE_COLLFC - Functions to be Executed on Events in Collection Environment
LXE_COLLS - Collections
LXE_COLLS2 - Collections
LXE_COLLS3 - Collections
LXE_COLLS4 - Collections
LXE_COLLS5 - Collections
LXE_COLLS6 - Collections
LXE_COLLSM - System Table INDX
LXE_COLLT - Text Table for LXE_COLL
LXE_COLLTL - Target Languages for a Collection
LXE_COLLX - Collections
LXE_COLLX_S - Structure for transferring extended collection data
LXE_COLL_S - Structure for Displaying Collections
LXE_COLMC - Collections
LXE_COLML - Object Types
LXE_COLMT - Object Types
LXE_COLOB - Object Lists
LXE_COLOB2 - Object Lists
LXE_COLOBX - Object List Structure
LXE_COLOB_ATTR - Object List: Additional Object Attributes
LXE_COLOB_ATTRS - Additional Object Attributes
LXE_COLOB_EX - Object Lists
LXE_COLTA - Transports
LXE_COLTB - Object Types
LXE_COLTY - Object Types
LXE_COMPDTSDESTROY_IN - Proxy Structure (generated)
LXE_COMPDTSDESTROY_OUT - Proxy Structure (generated)
LXE_COMPDTSINITIALIZE_IN - Proxy Structure (generated)
LXE_COMPDTSINITIALIZE_OUT - Proxy Structure (generated)
LXE_COMPDTSTRANSLATE_TEXT_IN - Proxy Structure (generated)
LXE_COMPDTSTRANSLATE_TEXT_OUT - Proxy Structure (generated)
LXE_CONT1 - SDOK: Table for Document Contents (Import/Export)
LXE_COPY - Objects
LXE_COPYL - Objects
LXE_COPYL2 - Objects
LXE_COPYO - Objects
LXE_CO_2 - Collection Groups
LXE_CO_2H - Header Data for Collection Groups
LXE_CO_GR - Assignments
LXE_CO_LK - Locks
LXE_CSN - Object Lists
LXE_CSN_BK - Notes
LXE_CSN_BYD_FP - ByD Assignment of Product Version to Language Depth
LXE_CSN_HD - Notes
LXE_CSN_HD2 - Notes
LXE_CSN_NOTE - Structure of Notes Translation From Notes System
LXE_CSN_NOTE_TRSL - Structure of Notes Translation From Notes System
LXE_CSN_PROD_LD - Assignment of Product - Product Version - Language Depth
LXE_CTXTL - Check Long Texts (Segment)
LXE_CTXTS - Check Short Texts (Line)
LXE_CUST - Translation Areas
LXE_CUSTFC - Functions to be Executed on Events in Translation Area
LXE_CUSTMNR - Translation Areas
LXE_CUSTMNR2 - Translation Areas
LXE_CUSTNAME - Translation Area Names
LXE_CUSTNUMMER - Translation Areas (Number/Name)
LXE_DELTAS - Translation
LXE_DELTAS24 - Translation
LXE_DEMO - Demonstration Table
LXE_DEMOT - Demonstration Table
LXE_DEMO_FLAG - DEMS object flag
LXE_DEVC - Package
LXE_DIST_O - Distribution Parameters
LXE_DIS_O - Object Type Selection for Automatic Distribution
LXE_DOMA - Domains
LXE_DOMAIN_EX - Dummy Table (Reference)
LXE_DOMANAM_S - Contains a domain name
LXE_DOMAT - Texts for Domains
LXE_DOMA_2 - Package Assignment to Domains
LXE_DOMA_P - Domains
LXE_DUMSTRG_STRUC - Dummy Type for String
LXE_DUMTA2 - Dummy Structure for Splitting Strings
LXE_DUMTA3 - Dummy Structure for Versioning
LXE_DUMTA4 - Dummy Type for Internal Table
LXE_DUMTAB - Dummy Type for Internal Table
LXE_DUMTBS - Dummy Type for Internal Table
LXE_DURA - Problem Messages
LXE_ECHO - Proxy Structure (generated)
LXE_ECHO_IN - Proxy Structure (Generated)
LXE_ECHO_IN1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
LXE_ECHO_OUT - Proxy Structure (Generated)
LXE_ECHO_OUT1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
LXE_ECHO_RESPONSE - Proxy Structure (generated)
LXE_ETSTAT - Status Handling for External Tools via the Shared Memory
LXE_FIBS_STRUCT - (LXE) Text Structure: FIBS Texts
LXE_FIPR - Check Sum
LXE_GENFL - Translation
LXE_GET_COLLECTIONS - Proxy Structure (generated)
LXE_GET_COLLECTIONS_IN - Proxy Structure (Generated)
LXE_GET_COLLECTIONS_IN1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
LXE_GET_COLLECTIONS_OUT - Proxy Structure (Generated)
LXE_GET_COLLECTIONS_OUT1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
LXE_GET_COLLECTIONS_RESPONSE - Proxy Structure (generated)
LXE_GET_HTMLPREVIEW - Proxy Structure (generated)
LXE_GET_HTMLPREVIEW_IN - Proxy Structure (generated)
LXE_GET_HTMLPREVIEW_OUT - Proxy Structure (generated)
LXE_GET_HTMLPREVIEW_RESPONSE - Proxy Structure (generated)
LXE_GET_MAPPING - Proxy Structure (generated)
LXE_GET_MAPPING_IN - Proxy Structure (Generated)
LXE_GET_MAPPING_IN1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
LXE_GET_MAPPING_OUT - Proxy Structure (Generated)
LXE_GET_MAPPING_OUT1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
LXE_GET_MAPPING_RESPONSE - Proxy Structure (generated)
LXE_GET_PREVIEW_LINK - Proxy Structure (generated)
LXE_GET_PREVIEW_LINK_IN - Proxy Structure (generated)
LXE_GET_PREVIEW_LINK_OUT - Proxy Structure (generated)
LXE_GET_PREVIEW_LINK_RESPONSE - Proxy Structure (generated)
LXE_GET_VISIBLE_COLLECTIONS - Proxy Structure (generated)
LXE_GET_VISIBLE_COLLECTIONS_I1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
LXE_GET_VISIBLE_COLLECTIONS_IN - Proxy Structure (Generated)
LXE_GET_VISIBLE_COLLECTIONS_O1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
LXE_GET_VISIBLE_COLLECTIONS_OU - Proxy Structure (Generated)
LXE_GET_VISIBLE_COLLECTIONS_RE - Proxy Structure (generated)
LXE_GRAPH - Translation Graph Header Data
LXE_GRAPH2 - Translation graph
LXE_IDXSTA - LXE: Attributes of Physical Information Objects
LXE_IDX_LOG - Logging data for indexing (per Trsl. Object Package)
LXE_IDX_LOG_HEAD - Header Data for a Index Run
LXE_INEWS - (LXE) SE63 InfoNews Control Table
LXE_INEWST - (LXE) SE63 InfoNews Control Table (Texts)
LXE_KEY_ST - Status
LXE_KEY_STATUS - Textkey with status
LXE_KEY_VALUE - Properties
LXE_KTP_CHOL_ERR - Error Table for Original Language Switch
LXE_KTP_COLL - Collections
LXE_KTP_GUID_MAP - GUID Mapping Table for Change of Original Language
LXE_KTP_OBJ_ATTRIBUTES - KTP Translation Integration: Transfer Structure
LXE_KTP_REL_DEP - Switch table for release dependent KTP translation logic
LXE_KWT_COPY_LOG - TTX copy log (obsolete)
LXE_KWT_TTX_REP - Dummy Table for Table References in DMWB
LXE_KW_TRANSL - KW folders defined for translation
LXE_LANG - Translation Environment: Target Languages and Attributes 1
LXE_LANGS - Languages
LXE_LANGTR1 - Assignment Language - Translator - Collection
LXE_LANGTR2 - Translation exclusions
LXE_LANGUA - Languages in Which Data is Available
LXE_LANG_PAIR - Language Pair
LXE_LANG_PRESETS - Default Settings per Language
LXE_LANG_S - Structure for Displaying Languages in Collections
LXE_LA_CL - Translation Environment: Target Languages and Attributes 2
LXE_LA_DR - Secondary Status Selection for Languages
LXE_LA_MS - Correspondence between ISO Language and MS Language
LXE_LA_OB - Assignment: Language - Object Type
LXE_LEXPT - Translation exception
LXE_LGRU - Translation Object Groups
LXE_LIST - Local Lists
LXE_LIST2 - Local Lists
LXE_LIST_D - Local Lists
LXE_LIST_SR - Local Lists
LXE_LIST_SR2 - Local Lists
LXE_LIST_SX - Local Lists
LXE_LIST_SX2 - Local Lists
LXE_LOG - SE63 - Recording of Processed Objects
LXE_LOG_DATA_TRP - Export/import log
LXE_LOG_TC - SE63 - Recording of SP corrections
LXE_LOIO - LXE: Instances of Logical Information Objects
LXE_LOIOT - LXE: Incoming Relationships of Physical Information Objects
LXE_LONG - Structure for translation long texts
LXE_LONG_BIN - Structure for binary long texts
LXE_LOPR - LXE: Descriptions of Logical Information Objects
LXE_LORE - LXE: Attribute Values of Logical Information Objects
LXE_LORI - LXE: Outgoing Relationships of Logical Information Objects
LXE_LTYPES - Locked Table Objects (Assignment to Specific Object)
LXE_LZUS - Assignment: Language - Object Group - Date
LXE_MAIL - Mail addresses
LXE_MASTER - Tree Control: Structure TREEV_ITEM + TEXT Field of Length 72
LXE_MSG - Error Messages
LXE_MT_SUPPORT - Configuration Table for Machine Translation
LXE_NONABAP_ATTR - System-dependent attributes of non-ABAP translation
LXE_NW_KTP_COLLECTION - Proxy Structure (Generated)
LXE_NW_KTP_COLLECTION1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
LXE_NW_KTP_COL_ATTRIBUTES - Structure for Raw Data for Collection
LXE_NW_KTP_MAPPING - Proxy Structure (Generated)
LXE_NW_KTP_MAPPING1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
LXE_NW_KTP_OBJECT - Proxy Structure (Generated)
LXE_NW_KTP_OBJECT1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
LXE_NW_KTP_OBJECT_ATTRIBUTES - Proxy Structure (Generated)
LXE_NW_KTP_OBJECT_ATTRIBUTES1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
LXE_NW_KTP_TRANSLATION_EXCEPTI - Proxy Structure (generated)
LXE_NW_KTP_TRANSLATION_MANAGER - Proxy Structure (Generated)
LXE_OBJCTS - Objects
LXE_OBJECT_FULL - Full text information (short texts)
LXE_OBJL - Number
LXE_OBJTYPE_S - Object type
LXE_OBJ_EXP_HEAD - Object export header
LXE_OBJ_EXP_LANG - Object export header (languages)
LXE_OBJ_EXP_LOG - Object export log
LXE_OBJ_EXP_OBJ - Object export header (objects)
LXE_PARAM_BDL - Translation
LXE_PARAM_J - Translation
LXE_PARAM_KTP - Translation
LXE_PARAM_NW - Translation
LXE_PARAM_P4 - Translation
LXE_PARAM_S2X - Translation
LXE_PARAM_XI - Translation
LXE_PARAM_ZTYPE - Translation
LXE_PC2_AP - Header Data for PC* Objects
LXE_PC2_AP_S - Data
LXE_PC2_HD - Header Data for PC* Objects
LXE_PC2_HS - Hash
LXE_PC2_KEY - Header Data for PC* Objects
LXE_PC2_XI_HD - Header Data for PC* Objects
LXE_PCT_TY - Dummy Table for PCT Translation
LXE_PCX_HD - PCX Objects: Header Data
LXE_PCX_HD_A - PCX Objects: Header Data
LXE_PCX_HD_B - PCX Objects: Header Data
LXE_PCX_HD_C - PCX Objects: Header Data
LXE_PCX_HD_D - PCX Objects: Header Data
LXE_PCX_HD_F - PCX Objects: Header Data
LXE_PCX_HD_G - PCX Objects: Header Data
LXE_PCX_HD_H - PCX Objects: Header Data
LXE_PCX_HD_L - PCX Objects: Header Data
LXE_PCX_HD_M - PCX Objects: Header Data
LXE_PCX_HD_R - PCX Objects: Header Data
LXE_PCX_HD_S - PCX Objects: Header Data
LXE_PCX_HD_T - PCX Objects: Header Data
LXE_PCX_HD_U - PCX Objects: Header Data
LXE_PCX_S1 - Text Pairs
LXE_PCX_S1B - Text Pairs
LXE_PCX_S2 - Text Proposals
LXE_PCX_S3 - Texts
LXE_PCX_SX - Text Structure
LXE_PCX_SXL - Text Structure
LXE_PCX_TX - PCX Objects: Texts
LXE_PCX_TX_A - PCX Objects: Texts
LXE_PCX_TX_B - PCX Objects: Texts
LXE_PCX_TX_C - PCX Objects: Texts
LXE_PCX_TX_D - PCX Objects: Texts
LXE_PCX_TX_F - PCX Objects: Texts
LXE_PCX_TX_G - PCX Objects: Texts
LXE_PCX_TX_H - PCX Objects: Texts
LXE_PCX_TX_L - PCX Objects: Texts
LXE_PCX_TX_M - PCX Objects: Texts
LXE_PCX_TX_R - PCX Objects: Texts
LXE_PCX_TX_S - PCX Objects: Texts
LXE_PCX_TX_T - Texts for PCX Objects
LXE_PCX_TX_U - PCX Objects: Texts
LXE_PCX_TX_XML - PCX Objects: Texts
LXE_PCX_TX_XML_CHANGE - Texts for PCX Objects
LXE_PCY_HD - PCY Objects: Header Data
LXE_PCY_HD_A - PCY Objects: Header Data
LXE_PCY_HD_B - PCY Objects: Header Data
LXE_PCY_HD_D - PCY Objects: Header Data
LXE_PCY_HD_F - PCY Objects: Header Data
LXE_PCY_HD_G - PCY Objects: Header Data
LXE_PCY_HD_I - PCY Objects: Header Data
LXE_PCY_HD_L - PCY Objects: Header Data
LXE_PCY_HD_M - PCY Objects: Header Data
LXE_PCY_HD_T - PCY Objects: Header Data
LXE_PCY_S1 - Text Pairs
LXE_PCY_S3 - Texts
LXE_PCY_TX - PCY Objects: Texts
LXE_PCY_TX_A - PCY Objects: Texts
LXE_PCY_TX_B - PCY Objects: Texts
LXE_PCY_TX_D - PCY Objects: Texts
LXE_PCY_TX_F - PCY Objects: Texts
LXE_PCY_TX_G - PCY Objects: Texts
LXE_PCY_TX_I - PCY Objects: Texts
LXE_PCY_TX_L - PCY Objects: Texts
LXE_PCY_TX_M - Texts for PCY Objects
LXE_PCY_TX_T - Texts for PCY Objects
LXE_PCY_TX_XML - PCY Objects: Texts
LXE_PCY_VN - Version Numbers of PCY Objects
LXE_PCY_VN_A - Version Numbers of PCY Objects
LXE_PCY_VN_B - Version Numbers of PCY Objects
LXE_PCY_VN_D - Version Numbers of PCY Objects
LXE_PCY_VN_F - Version Numbers of PCY Objects
LXE_PCY_VN_G - Version Numbers of PCY Objects
LXE_PCY_VN_I - Version Numbers of PCY Objects
LXE_PCY_VN_L - Version Numbers of PCY Objects
LXE_PCY_VN_M - Version Numbers of PCY Objects
LXE_PCY_VN_T - Version Numbers of PCY Objects
LXE_PCZ - Transfer Structure for PCZ Objects
LXE_PCZ_BI - Binary Data for PCZ Objects
LXE_PCZ_BI_A - Binary Data for PCZ Objects
LXE_PCZ_BI_F - Binary Data for PCZ Objects
LXE_PCZ_BI_H - Binary Data for PCZ Objects
LXE_PCZ_BI_I - Binary Data for PCZ Objects
LXE_PCZ_BI_S - Binary Data for PCZ Objects
LXE_PCZ_BI_Z - Binary Data for PCZ Objects
LXE_PCZ_HD - PCZ Objects: Header Data
LXE_PCZ_HD_A - PCZ Objects: Header Data
LXE_PCZ_HD_F - PCZ Objects: Header Data
LXE_PCZ_HD_H - PCZ Objects: Header Data
LXE_PCZ_HD_I - Header Data of PCZ Objects
LXE_PCZ_HD_S - Header Data of PCZ Objects
LXE_PCZ_HD_Z - PCZ Objects: Header Data
LXE_PCZ_S1 - Text Pairs
LXE_PCZ_ST - Status of a PCZ Object
LXE_PCZ_TT - Binary Data for PCZ Objects
LXE_PCZ_TT_A - Binary Data for PCZ Objects
LXE_PCZ_TT_F - Binary Data for PCZ Objects
LXE_PCZ_TT_H - Binary Data for PCZ Objects
LXE_PCZ_TT_I - Binary Data for PCZ Objects
LXE_PCZ_TT_S - Binary Data for PCZ Objects
LXE_PCZ_TT_Z - Binary Data for PCZ Objects
LXE_PCZ_TX - PCZ Objects: Texts
LXE_PCZ_TX_A - PCZ Objects: Texts
LXE_PCZ_TX_F - PCZ Objects: Texts
LXE_PCZ_TX_H - PCZ Objects: Texts
LXE_PCZ_TX_I - Texts of PCZ Objects
LXE_PCZ_TX_S - Texts of PCZ Objects
LXE_PCZ_TX_XML - PCZ Objects: Texts
LXE_PCZ_TX_Z - PCZ Objects: Texts
LXE_PCZ_VN - Version Numbers of PCZ Objects
LXE_PCZ_VN_A - Version Numbers of PCZ Objects
LXE_PCZ_VN_F - Version Numbers of PCZ Objects
LXE_PCZ_VN_H - Version Numbers of PCZ Objects
LXE_PCZ_VN_I - Version Numbers of PCZ Objects
LXE_PCZ_VN_S - Version Numbers of PCZ Objects
LXE_PCZ_VN_Z - Version Numbers of PCZ Objects
LXE_PC_AD - Header Data for PC* Objects
LXE_PC_AD_S - Object
LXE_PC_AP - PC* Objects: Texts
LXE_PC_AP_XML - PC* Objects: Texts
LXE_PC_EXCHANGE - Exchange Structure
LXE_PC_EXCHANGEX - Exchange Structure
LXE_PC_FIP - Check Sum
LXE_PC_FIP_ONE - Checksum for Single Object
LXE_PC_HD - PC* Objects: Header Data
LXE_PC_INI - Binary Data for Object Types
LXE_PC_INI_IMPORT_ERROR - Simple Object Type - Error Structure
LXE_PC_S_CONTENT - Text Key and Content for Segmented Texts
LXE_PC_TTX - Binary Data for Objects
LXE_PC_TTXH - Binary Data for Objects
LXE_PC_TTX_A - Binary Data for Objects
LXE_PC_TTX_B - Binary Data for Objects
LXE_PC_TTX_C - Binary Data for Objects
LXE_PC_TTX_D - Binary Data for Objects
LXE_PC_TTX_E - Binary Data for Objects
LXE_PC_TTX_F - Binary Data for Objects
LXE_PC_TTX_G - Binary Data for Objects
LXE_PC_TTX_H - Binary Data for Objects
LXE_PC_TTX_I - Binary Data for Objects
LXE_PC_TTX_L - Binary Data for Objects
LXE_PC_TTX_M - Binary Data for Objects
LXE_PC_TTX_N - Binary Data for Objects
LXE_PC_TTX_O - Binary Data for Objects
LXE_PC_TTX_P - Binary Data for Objects
LXE_PC_TTX_Q - Binary Data for Objects
LXE_PC_TTX_R - Binary Data for Objects
LXE_PC_TTX_S - Binary Data for Objects
LXE_PC_TTX_T - Binary Data for Objects
LXE_PC_TTX_U - Binary Data for Objects
LXE_PC_TTX_V - Binary Data for Objects
LXE_PC_TTX_W - Binary Data for Objects
LXE_PC_TTX_X - Binary Data for Objects
LXE_PC_TTX_Y - Binary Data for Objects
LXE_PC_TTX_Z - Binary Data for Objects
LXE_PERF_LOG - LXE Performance Tracing Table
LXE_PERF_LOG_AGG - Aggregated Performance Log Data
LXE_PERMISSION_S - Structure holding a Translation System API permission
LXE_PEXPT - Translation exception
LXE_PHF - LXE: Incoming Relationships of Physical Information Objects
LXE_PHHR - LXE: Usage of Target Anchors in Physical Objects
LXE_PHIO - LXE: Instances of Physical Information Objects
LXE_PHNM - LXE: Outgoing Relationships of Physical Information Objects
LXE_PHPR - LXE: Checkout Data for a Physical Information Object
LXE_PHRE - LXE: Status Table for Indexing of Documents: IWB1
LXE_PHRI - LXE: File Name of the Last Checkout
LXE_POPO - Problem Messages
LXE_PP - Proposals
LXE_PP3R_PROP_FLAT - Proposal as a Flat Structure (for RFC)
LXE_PP3R_PROP_FLAT_TEXT - Proposal as a Flat Structure (for RFC)
LXE_PPAT_JOB - PPAT Background Jobs
LXE_PPA__1 - Proposal Pool Abbreviations
LXE_PPX__1 - Proposal Pool Exceptions
LXE_PP_ABB - Abbreviations
LXE_PP_IMP - Proposal Pool Transports (Import Logs)
LXE_PP_IMPL - Proposal Pool Implementation
LXE_PP_MAP - Conversion During Remote Copy
LXE_PP_TEXT - Proposal Pool Texts
LXE_PP___1 - Proposal Pool
LXE_PP___2 - Proposal Pool
LXE_PP___3 - Proposal Pool
LXE_PP___4 - Proposal Pool
LXE_PRICE - Translation Price (Translation Accounting)
LXE_PROJ_DATA - Project Data
LXE_PROJ_HEAD - Project Headers
LXE_READ_OBJECT_ATTRIBUTES - Proxy Structure (generated)
LXE_READ_OBJECT_ATTRIBUTES_IN - Proxy Structure (Generated)
LXE_READ_OBJECT_ATTRIBUTES_IN1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
LXE_READ_OBJECT_ATTRIBUTES_OU1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
LXE_READ_OBJECT_ATTRIBUTES_OUT - Proxy Structure (Generated)
LXE_READ_OBJECT_ATTRIBUTES_RES - Proxy Structure (generated)
LXE_READ_OBJECT_LIST - Proxy Structure (generated)
LXE_READ_OBJECT_LIST_IN - Proxy Structure (Generated)
LXE_READ_OBJECT_LIST_IN1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
LXE_READ_OBJECT_LIST_OUT - Proxy Structure (Generated)
LXE_READ_OBJECT_LIST_OUT1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
LXE_READ_OBJECT_LIST_RESPONSE - Proxy Structure (generated)
LXE_READ_SINGLE_OBJECT - Proxy Structure (generated)
LXE_READ_SINGLE_OBJECT_IN - Proxy Structure (Generated)
LXE_READ_SINGLE_OBJECT_IN1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
LXE_READ_SINGLE_OBJECT_OUT - Proxy Structure (Generated)
LXE_READ_SINGLE_OBJECT_OUT1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
LXE_READ_SINGLE_OBJECT_RESPONS - Proxy Structure (generated)
LXE_READ_VISIBLE_OBJECT_LIST - Proxy Structure (generated)
LXE_READ_VISIBLE_OBJECT_LIST_1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
LXE_READ_VISIBLE_OBJECT_LIST_2 - Proxy Structure (generated)
LXE_READ_VISIBLE_OBJECT_LIST_I - Proxy Structure (Generated)
LXE_READ_VISIBLE_OBJECT_LIST_O - Proxy Structure (Generated)
LXE_READ_VISIBLE_OBJECT_LIST_R - Proxy Structure (generated)
LXE_REMRKS - LXE Comments for Translation
LXE_REMRKS_LTE - LXE Translation Comments (Long Text Editor)
LXE_REMRKS_STE - LXE Comments for Translation (STE)
LXE_RESET_TRANSLATION_FLAG - Proxy Structure (generated)
LXE_RESET_TRANSLATION_FLAG_IN - Proxy Structure (Generated)
LXE_RESET_TRANSLATION_FLAG_IN1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
LXE_RESET_TRANSLATION_FLAG_OU1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
LXE_RESET_TRANSLATION_FLAG_OUT - Proxy Structure (Generated)
LXE_RESET_TRANSLATION_FLAG_RES - Proxy Structure (generated)
LXE_RETURN_STATUS - Return Codes for Defective Text Tables
LXE_RFC_LONG - RFC structure
LXE_RFC_PP - RFC structure
LXE_RFC_PP_TEXT - RFC structure
LXE_RFC_SHORT - RFC structure
LXE_RTXTL - Read Structure: Long Texts (Segment)
LXE_RTXTS - Read Structure: Short Texts (Line)
LXE_S2X_EXCHANGEX - Exchange Structure
LXE_SC_S_ERROR_SUGGESTIONS - SpellChecker: error as key, table with suggestions
LXE_SC_S_STRING - String-Feld für Spellchecker
LXE_SE63_SHTXT_SEARCH_STRUCT - (LXE) Search Structure for Short Texts
LXE_SETTINGS_SC - User settings for spellchecker in SE63
LXE_SLLS_DATA_INTERFACE - Transfer Structure for Translation Statistics - New Tools
LXE_SLLS_OWT - Weighting for Object Types
LXE_SLLS_PREFS - Translation Statistics - User Settings
LXE_SLLS_RFC_STATS_DATA - Transfer Structure for Translation Statistics
LXE_SLLS_STATS_ATTR_TREE_DATA - Internal Data Structure for Translation Statistics
LXE_SLLS_STATS_SEL - Reference Structure Ranges Table for Statistics - New Tools
LXE_SLLS_STATS_TREE_DATA - Internal Data Structure for Translation Statistics
LXE_SND_IX - LXE Send Attachment Attributes
LXE_SND_RL - List of Recipient Names
LXE_SPN_NO_2TR - Note to be Translated
LXE_STAT - Accumulated Statistics
LXE_STRUC_DISPLAY_TERMO - Display structure for TerMo
LXE_STY_FILE_TAB - Structure With File Names and Binary File Content
LXE_SW_LOCK - Set Lock
LXE_SXMAN_COLLECTIONS - Structure for Transferring Collection Names to SXMan
LXE_SXMAN_COLLECTIONS2 - Structure for Transfering Collection Names to SXMan
LXE_SXMAN_COLLNAMES - Structure for Transferring Collection Names to SXMan
LXE_SXMAN_LANG - Structure for Transferring Languages to SXMan
LXE_SXMAN_OBJ - Structure for Transferring Object Names to SXMan
LXE_SXMAN_OBJO_OBJN - Assignment of Old Object Names to New Object Names
LXE_SXMAN_RELEASES - Structure for Transferring Releases to SXMan
LXE_SXMAN_REPOSITORIES - Structure for Transferring Repository System Names
LXE_SXMAN_VENDORS - Structure for Transferring Vendors to SXMan
LXE_SYST - Translation Systems
LXE_S_BIN_STAT_EXT - Translation status of NAT binary text
LXE_S_COLL - Collection key (area independent)
LXE_S_COLLNAMES - Collection Names
LXE_S_COLLX - Extended collection information (area independent)
LXE_S_COLL_GRAPH - Collection to graph assignment (area independent)
LXE_S_COLL_LANG_UNAMES - Collection, language and user names
LXE_S_COLOB_MIN - Reduced object list structure
LXE_S_CSN_THEAD - ITF Header With Language
LXE_S_EXCEPTION - Entry from an exception stack
LXE_S_FIPR_PAIR - Fingerprints
LXE_S_GEN_DATA_TRANS - Data transfer (field and value)
LXE_S_GRAPH_LINE - Line of a graph
LXE_S_IDX_COLOB_EXT - Translation Object + Languages + Texts
LXE_S_IDX_KEY_VALUE - Simple Key Value Structure
LXE_S_IDX_LANG_TEXT - Structure with languages and texts to translation object
LXE_S_IDX_LOG - Logging for indexing translation objects
LXE_S_ITF - ITF Structure With Language
LXE_S_KEY_DEVCOMMENT - Textkey and developer comments
LXE_S_KEY_VALUE - Attribute
LXE_S_KEY_VALUE_BIN - Attributes
LXE_S_KWT_TTX_COPY - Structure for KW TTX copy
LXE_S_LANG_UNAMES - Language and user names
LXE_S_LANG_USER - Language and user
LXE_S_LTEXT - Long Text With Language (For Notes)
LXE_S_OBJECT_SC - Object with attributes (Solution Composer)
LXE_S_OBJNAME - Structure for Transfering Object Names to SXMan
LXE_S_OBJ_ERROR - Object error
LXE_S_OBJ_REMRKS_ST - Translators remarks on short text objects
LXE_S_OBJ_REMRKS_ST_EXT - Translators remarks on short text objects in area 'E'
LXE_S_PCY_VN - Version information on PCY object
LXE_S_PCZ_VN - Version information on PCZ objects
LXE_S_REMRKS_STE - Short text comment
LXE_S_RFC_LONG_GEN - Transport Structure
LXE_S_SETTINGS_SC - user specific spellchecker settings in SE63
LXE_S_SLLS_ATTR_DEF - Statistics for Specified Selection of Attributes
LXE_S_STEXT - Short Text With Language (For Notes)
LXE_S_STEXT_STAT_EXT - Translation status of short text in NAT area
LXE_S_TCNT - Units
LXE_S_TEXTEXT_LANG_OUT - Output Language Status
LXE_S_TEXTEXT_OBJ_OUT - Output Object Status
LXE_S_TEXTEXT_OBJ_WITH_LOG_OUT - Output Object Status with Log
LXE_S_TEXTKEY_VALUE - Text key value pair
LXE_S_TEXTTYPE - Text Type With Description
LXE_S_TEXT_KEY_VALUE - Text Attribute
LXE_S_TEXT_REMRKS - Translators remarks on texts
LXE_S_TEXT_REMRKS_EXT - Translators remarks on text in area of type 'E'
LXE_S_TEXT_STAT_EXT - Translation status of NAT long and special texts
LXE_S_TEXT_WITH_DOMAIN - Text with Domain
LXE_S_TRANSSTAT_EXT - Translation status of a NAT object entry
LXE_S_TRANSSTAT_PC1 - Translation status of PC1 object
LXE_S_TSAPI_LOCK - Holds a locked operation and the reason for the lock
LXE_S_TSAPI_XTEXT - Exchange structure for short text of generation 1
LXE_S_TSAPI_YTEXT - Exchange structure for long texts of generation 1
LXE_S_TSAPI_ZTEXT - Exchange structure for special texts of generation 1
LXE_S_TS_API_AUTH - Describes a TSAPI authorization for an area
LXE_S_TXT_KEY_DIALOG - Simple tree
LXE_S_WL - Worklists
LXE_S_XTEXT_TRL - Short Texts
LXE_S_XT_TEXTKEY_TEXTTYPE - Text key and type
LXE_S_XT_XTEXT - Short Texts
LXE_S_XT_YTEXT - Long Texts
LXE_S_XT_ZBIN - Special Texts (Binary)
LXE_S_XT_ZTEXT - Special Texts
LXE_S_X_TEXT_STAT - Translation status of PC1 short text
LXE_S_YNAT_TTX - Contains a TTX for YNAT texts
LXE_S_YTEXT_TRL - Long Texts
LXE_S_Y_TEXT_STAT - Translation status of a long text
LXE_S_ZBIN_TRL - Special Texts (Binary)
LXE_S_ZBIN_TTX - Contains a TTX for binary Z-texts
LXE_S_ZTEXT_TRL - Special Texts
LXE_S_ZTEXT_TTX - Contains a TTX for textual Z-texts
LXE_S_Z_TEXT_STAT - Translation status of a special text
LXE_T002 - Languages in the Translation Environment
LXE_T002T - Languages in the Translation Environment
LXE_T002X - Languages in the Translation Environment
LXE_TABKEYS - Table Keys for Transport Connection
LXE_TABLC255 - Line Structure
LXE_TABLE_INFO_STRUCTURE - Structure Properites of the Object's 'Table'
LXE_TABLE_SEL_KEY - Selection Parameters for Object TABL (New Environment)
LXE_TAB_FIELDS - Table Fields
LXE_TAB_TEST - Test Table
LXE_TADIR - Object Attributes for Objects in Translation
LXE_TADIR4 - Object Attributes
LXE_TADIR5 - Object Attributes
LXE_TAGCOMP_ERROR_S - Structure for Tag Consistency Check with Errors Highlighted
LXE_TAGCOMP_S - Structure for Tag Consistency Check
LXE_TAMO_ABORT - Table to Deactivate Hard Termination After TAMO Errors
LXE_TAMO_ERROR - Configuration Table for Trados Analysis Errors
LXE_TAMO_POST - Structure for Function Module TMW_TMS_ANALYZE_POST
LXE_TAREA_LOCK - Lock operations for translation areas
LXE_TAXX - Table Segmentation
LXE_TCS_TTX_REG - Holds information on invalid TTXs
LXE_TC_SW_COMP - Allowed SW components for SP translation corrections
LXE_TDC_GWHOST - Overwrite gwhost for TDControl registered server connection
LXE_TDC_VERSION - Version and Path for Compatible TDControl.exe
LXE_TDEVC - Collections
LXE_TD_ALIGN - Table for Deactivating Alignment per Object Type (or ALL)
LXE_TD_EXCLUDES - (Obsolete)(Long Text) Object Types and Lang. for External LT
LXE_TD_FILEEXT - Table with TD File Name Extensions per Object Type
LXE_TD_INCLUDES - Decision Table for Object Type Switch for Ext. Translation
LXE_TD_REMO_CFG - Configuration Data: Remote Translation
LXE_TD_REMO_CFG_STY - Structure: Configuration of TD Remote Objects
LXE_TD_SWITCH - Config.: Use Decision Table or Not
LXE_TEAM - Translator Team
LXE_TECH - Attributes
LXE_TERMCHECK_STRUC - Structure for Terminology Check
LXE_TEXTS_EXPORT - Text Pairs for Export
LXE_TEXT_FULL - Full text information
LXE_TEXT_TABL - Line Structure
LXE_TEXT_TABLC - Line Structure
LXE_TEXT_TABLC255 - Line Structure
LXE_TEXT_TABLX - Line Structure
LXE_TEXT_TAGTAB132L - Line Structure for Tag Table
LXE_TGROUP - Translator Group
LXE_THREAD - Background Run
LXE_TLANG - Translation Environment: Target Language
LXE_TM - Translation
LXE_TM9 - Translation
LXE_TMP_ST - Local Temporary Storage
LXE_TMWARE_ALIAS - Configuration Data for TMWare
LXE_TMWARE_CFG - Configuration Data for TMWare
LXE_TMWARE_CFG_DISP - Display for TMWare Configuations
LXE_TMWARE_LCID - Table for Assignment of Languages to TMWare's Locale IDs
LXE_TMWARE_TEXTKEY - Text Keys of a Translation Object in TMWare
LXE_TMWARE_TWB_SETTINGS - Structure for the Project Settings File
LXE_TRADOS - Structure for Translations from the Trados Memory
LXE_TRADOSS - Structure for Translations from the Trados Memory
LXE_TRDELTA - Dates for Delta Transports of Translations
LXE_TREE - Tree Structure
LXE_TREE2 - Tree Structure
LXE_TREE_X - Tree Structure
LXE_TREE_X_ITM - Tree Control: Structure TREEV_ITEM + TEXT Field of Length 72
LXE_TRLANG - Translation Recording: Request / Target Language
LXE_TRP_OBJ_X - List of transport objects handled by the generic interface
LXE_TRRQST - SE63 Transport Recording: Request/Target Language (Obsolete)
LXE_TSI_NWDI_DEVCONF - Description of a Development Configuration
LXE_TSI_NWDI_OBJINF - Object Reference to an NWDI Object
LXE_TSI_NWDI_WS - Workspace Keys
LXE_TSI_XI_OBJINF - Reference to an Object in the XI Repository
LXE_TSI_XI_TXT - Text Entry from XI
LXE_TSI_XI_WS - Workspace / SC Description (XI)
LXE_TTX - Binary Data for Objects
LXE_TT_ERROR_LINE - Line of Errors
LXE_TT_LOG_ERROR_LINE - Structure for Error Output (SLXT)
LXE_UGROUP - (LXE) User Group / Name Assignment
LXE_UPSETS - User Presets (General / Short Texts / Long Texts /Worklists)
LXE_USER - Assignments
LXE_USER_PRESETS - Default Settings for Translation Engine
LXE_US_CO - Assignments
LXE_US_COL - Assignments
LXE_WL - Translation Environment: Target Languages and Attributes 1
LXE_WL2 - Translation Environment: Target Languages and Attributes 1
LXE_WL_STRUCT - (LXE) Worklist Structure
LXE_WRITE_OBJECT - Proxy Structure (generated)
LXE_WRITE_OBJECT_IN - Proxy Structure (Generated)
LXE_WRITE_OBJECT_IN1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
LXE_WRITE_OBJECT_OUT - Proxy Structure (Generated)
LXE_WRITE_OBJECT_OUT1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
LXE_WRITE_OBJECT_RESPONSE - Proxy Structure (generated)
LXE_WRKKEY - Key for Worklists
LXE_WRKLID - Personal Worklists
LXE_WRKLOCK - Lock Structure for Translation
LXE_WRKOB - Objects in Worklists
LXE_WRKOB1 - Objects in Worklists
LXE_WRKOBD - Objects in Worklists
LXE_WRKOBK - Objects in Worklists
LXE_WRKOBO - Objects in Worklists
LXE_WRKOBS - Objects in Worklists
LXE_WRKOBX - Objects in Worklists
LXE_WRKOBY - Objects in Worklists
LXE_WRKOBZ - Objects in Worklists
LXE_WRK_1 - Number
LXE_WRK_1B - Header Data
LXE_WRK_2 - Analysis
LXE_WRK_3 - Analysis
LXE_WRK_4 - Analysis
LXE_WRK_GR - Analysis
LXE_WRK_LA - Analysis
LXE_WRK_LOG - Worklist Run Log
LXE_WRK_LOG_DBG - Worklist Run Log
LXE_WRK_OL - Analysis
LXE_WRK_TY - Analysis
LXE_WSPROXY - Maintenance of Web Service Client for SLXE
LXE_WTXTL - Write Structure: Long Texts (Segment)
LXE_WTXTS - Write Structure: Short Texts (Line)
LXE_XSTRING_FULL - Full text information (binary)
LXE_XSTRING_S - Structure containing a single XSTRING
LXE_XTAB - Binary String
LXE_XTRANSSWITCH - Switch XTranslate On/Off per Graph
LXE_XT_ATTRIBUTE - Registered Attributes
LXE_XT_HEADER - Object Headers
LXE_XT_HEAD_LANG - Language Headers
LXE_XT_OBJ_ATTR - Object Attributes
LXE_XT_OBJ_MAP - Object Mapping
LXE_XT_TKEY_MAP - Textkey Mapping
LXE_XT_TXTTYPE_T - Text Type Descriptions
LXE_XT_TXT_ATTR - Text Attributes
LXE_XT_XTEXT - Short Texts
LXE_XT_YTEXT - Long Texts
LXE_XT_ZBIN - Special Texts (Binary)
LXE_XT_ZHEAD - Special Texts Headers
LXE_XT_ZTEXT - Special Texts
MLTTSTLOGP - MLT Test Cases: Log Positions
MLTTSTTEM1 - MLT Test Cases: Template for Small Table
MLTTSTTEM2 - MLT Test Cases: Template for Medium-Size Tables
MLTTSTTEM3 - MLT Test Cases: Template for Large Tables
MLTTSTWRK1 - MLT Test Cases: Work Area for Small Table
MLTTSTWRK2 - MLT Test Cases: Work Area for Medium-Size Table
MLTTSTWRK3 - MLT Test Cases: Work Area for Large Table
MSAGLIST - Mask for listing messages
NOTRA - Tables Excluded from Translation Process
NR3SELS - Selection Table Extended By a Field
NR3TEXT - Translation: PC Components Texts
NR3XTEXT - Translation: PC Components Texts
PCT_TAB - Conversion Table for PCT Objects
RSNTR - Table not Taken into Account for Language Entries
RSTAT - Structure for Short Text Translation
RSTAT1 - Structure for Short Text Translation
SE61_ERR - SE61: Error Display Structure
SKTYREMK - Remarks Relating to Translation Objects
SLLS_DATA - Transfer Structure for Translation Statistics
SLLS_HEAD - Header Data for Translation Statistics
SLLS_STATSDATA - Raw Data From Evaluation for Translation Statistics
SLLS_STATS_ATTR - Raw Data From Worklist for Translation Stats (Attributes)
SLLS_STATS_ATTRV - Raw Data From Worklist for Translation Stats (Attributes)
SLLS_TMSTATSTAB - Translation Memory Statistics
SLLS_TRSTATSDATA - Structure for Translation Memory Statistics
STASOU_S - Display Structure: Optional Source Language Selection (SLLS)
STEDIT - Structure for Editing Short Texts
STRJ_WRK1 - Administration of Worklists for SLAT
SXLFT_LANG_MODIFICATION_TS - Holds the last modification timestamp of texts in a language
SXLFT_LTEXT - Key and serialized long text with fingerprint
SXLFT_PREFIX2URI - Mapping from a prefix to a namespace URI
SXLFT_STEXT - Key and short text
SXLFT_TEXTKEY_TRANSUNIT - Textkey and corresponding trans-unit
SXLFT_TTX_ATTRIBUTE - An attribute in an TTX element
SXLFT_TTX_SNIPPET - Key, source- and target-fingerprint and TTX snippet
SXLFT_TTX_SNIPPET_FIPR - Key, source- and target-fingerprint and TTX snippet
SXLFT_URI2PREFIX - Mapping from a namespace URI to a prefix
SXLFT_XLIFF_ATTRIBUTE - Attribute of an XLIFF element
SXLFT_XLIFF_NSDECL - Namespace declaration of XLIFF element
SXLF_NAMESPACE_MAPPING - Namespace URI to prefix mapping
T002 - Language Keys (Component BC-I18)
T002C - Customizing Data for T002
T002T - Language Key Texts
TABDYNPS - List of Table Screens
TABLIN - Table Lines for Short Text Translation
TABLIST - Tables with attributes
TAMO_STATUS - Translation Monitoring Status
TE071 - Transport Object Plus Development Class and Original Lang.
TGRAPH - Translation Graphs: General
TGRAPHDEVC - Translation Graphs: General
TGRAPHFUNC - Function Part: Translation Graphs
TGRAPHKEY - Key: Translation Graph Without Development Class
TMAS_D_DD - Document data
TMAS_D_DFP - Documents for processing
TMAS_D_DFP7 - Documents for processing by Trados 2007
TMAS_D_DIP - Documents in process
TMAS_D_DIP7 - Documents in process by Trados 2007
TMAS_D_JOB - Job table
TMAS_D_RERR - Analysis result error table
TMAS_D_RHD - Analysis result header data
TMAS_D_RT2007 - Trados 2007 analysis results
TMAS_D_TMHOST - TM Host ID to Host Mapping
TMAS_D_TMMEM - TM Memory ID to Memory Name Mapping
TMAS_D_TMUSER - TM User ID to User Mapping
TMAS_D_UDSD - User-defined string document data
TMAS_D_UDXD - User-defined xstring document data
TMAS_OLA_D_AER - Accumulated results of failed analyses
TMAS_OLA_D_ASR7 - Accumulated results of successful analyses
TMAS_OLA_D_BGJOB - Background jobs of analysis jobs
TMAS_OLA_D_ER - Results of failed analyses
TMAS_OLA_D_GRAPH - Analysis graphs
TMAS_OLA_D_JOB - Analysis jobs
TMAS_OLA_D_LANG - Analysis languages
TMAS_OLA_D_OBJ - Analysis objects
TMAS_OLA_D_OBJL - Analysis object lists
TMAS_OLA_D_OBJT - Analysis object types
TMAS_OLA_D_SR7 - Results of successful analyses
TMAS_OLA_S_AER - Accumulated results of failed analyses
TMAS_OLA_S_ASR7 - Accumulated results of successful analyses
TMAS_OLA_S_DRKEY - Detailed results key
TMAS_OLA_S_ER - Failed analysis result
TMAS_OLA_S_JACC - Job accumulation lock structure
TMAS_OLA_S_JINI - Job initialization lock structure
TMAS_OLA_S_SR7 - Result of a successful analysis
TMAS_S_CATRESULT_T2007 - Analysis category results of Trados 2007
TMAS_S_DOC_T2007 - Document for analysis with Trados 2007
TMAS_S_ERROR - Analysis error
TMAS_S_KEYSTRING - Key/string pair
TMAS_S_KEYXSTRING - Key/xstring pair
TMAS_S_QUEUE_COUNTER - Analysis queue counter
TMAS_S_QUEUE_COUNTER_T2007 - Analysis queue counter
TMAS_S_RESULT_T2007 - Trados 2007 Document Analysis Result
TMCHAR - Table fields relevant to translation
TMW_ASTATS - Translation Memory Middleware Analysis Statistics
TMW_ASTATS_S - Analysis Statistics Segments
TMW_ASTATS_SPO - Analysis Statistics Segments Post-Edit
TMW_ASTATS_SPR - Analysis Statistics Segments Pre-Edit
TMW_ASTATS_W - Analysis Statistics Words
TMW_ASTATS_WPO - Analysis Statistics Words Post-Edit
TMW_ASTATS_WPR - Analysis Statistics Words Pre-Edit
TMW_CSTATS - Translation Memory Middleware Cleanup Statistics
TMW_OBJINFO - Translation Middleware Object Information
TMW_PRE_STATS - Translation Memory Middleware Pretranslation Statistics
TMW_PSTATS - Translation Memory Middleware Pretranslation Statistics
TMW_SSTATS - TMW Analysis Statistics with Status
TMW_SSTATS_PO - TMW Analysis Statistics with Status
TMW_SSTATS_PR - TMW Analysis Statistics with Status
TMW_STATS_ANALYZE - Translation Memory Middleware Analysis Statistics
TMW_STATS_CLEANUP - Translation Memory Middleware Cleanup Statistics
TMW_STATS_PRE - Translation Memory Middleware Pretranslation Statistics
TMW_STATS_SW_ANALYZE - Translation Memory Middleware Analysis Statistics
TMW_STATS_SW_CLEANUP - Translation Memory Middleware Cleanup Statistics
TMW_STATS_SW_PRE - Translation Memory Middleware Pretranslation Statistics
TMW_STATS_TM_EXPORT - Translation Middleware Translation Memory Import
TMW_STATS_TM_IMPORT - Translation Middleware Translation Memory Import
TMW_STATS_XTRANSLATE - Translation Memory Middleware Xtranslate Statistics
TMW_TMINFO - Translation Memory Information
TMW_TMINFO_ADMIN - Translation Memory Information
TMW_TMSANA - Translation Memory System Statistics
TMW_TMSINFO - Translation Memory System Information
TMW_TMSSTATS - Translation Memory System Statistics
TMW_TMS_ANALYSIS - Translation Memory System Statistics Ouput Structure
TMW_TMS_ANALYSIS_DELTA - TM System Statistics Ouput Structure with Delta Values
TMW_TMS_ANALYSIS_FLAT - Schema for Interface to Consolidation System
TMW_XSTATS - Translation Memory Middleware Xtranslate Statistics
TPMONI - Translation Performance Monitor
TPMONI_UNITS - Translation Performance Monitor data
TPM_ANALYSIS - Translation Performance Monitor Output structure
TPM_ANALYSIS_EXT - Translation Performance Monitor Output structure
TPM_COUNTER - Translation performance monitor object counter
TPM_DATA - Translation performance monitor data
TPM_DIR - Translation performance monitor header
TPM_DIRT - Text table for translation performance monitor header
TPM_LINES - Translation Performance Monitor Line Statistics
TPM_SLANG - TPMO Source Language
TPM_TLANG - TPMO Target Language
TPM_VERSION - Translation Performance Monitor
TPM_WORDS - Translation Performance Monitor Word Statistics
TRACOLH - Request list of transport collector (header)
TRACOLR - Restart control, work list generator
TRACOLSYST - Parameters for transport collector
TRACOLT - Texts for work list builder
TRANSL132 - Template for reading translation memory
TRANSL20 - Template for reading translation memory
TRANSL255 - Template for reading translation memory
TRANSL60 - Template for reading translation memory
TRANSL80 - Template for reading translation memory
TRANSLMSAG - Error list template for tables
TRANSLTXT - Text structure, translation
TRCOLSYS - Program for collecting transports, source systems
TRELTABS - Log: Tables Relevant for Translation
TRM020 - Storage for Proposal Pool Texts <= 20 Characters
TRM040 - Storage for Proposal Pool Texts <= 40 Characters
TRM060 - Storage for Proposal Pool Texts <= 60 Characters)
TRM080 - Storage for Proposal Pool Texts <= 80 characters
TRM255 - Storage for Proposal Pool Texts <= 255 characters
TRMABB - Abbreviations Table of Proposal Pool
TRMAUT - Table for Storing the Parameters for Automatic Distribution
TRMAUT_S - TRM: Automatic distribution parameter display structure
TRMBIG - TRM: Text search result transfer structure
TRMCOM - Remark Table for the Proposal Pool
TRMDEVCS - Development Classes in Proposal Pool Environment
TRMFDIR - TRM Table for Storing the Directory for Reorganization, etc.
TRMFRFC - Repository for fuzzy search-dependent systems
TRMFUZ - TRM: Structure for Transferring Fuzzy Search Results Lists
TRMFUZ_S - TRM: Structure for overview of fuzzy indices
TRMIDX - Log Entries for TRM Processing Runs
TRMIDX_S - TRM-IDX: Table TRMIDX display structure
TRMINT - Link Table of Proposal Pool
TRMMAPP - User values storage table
TRMOBJTS - Object Types in Proposal Pool Environment
TRMOIX - TRM: Object identifier - object assignments
TRMOVIEW - Display structure for overview in STMA
TRMSTA - TRM: TRM statistics table
TRMSTA_S - TRM statistics: Table TRMSTA display structure
TRMSTMA - Values of Settings for Screens in Transaction STMA
TRMTRA - Link Table of Proposal Pool
TRMTREEITM - Translation Memory: General Tree Structure
TRMWRK - Administration of Worklists for the Proposal Pool
TRMWUL - TRM: TRM entry where-used list
TRNL_AUTH - Translation Authorizations
TRNL_AUTHT - Texts for Translation Authorizations
TRNL_AV - Translation Evaluations
TRNL_BTC_H - Analysis batch job parameters
TRNL_DC_2 - Package Lists
TRNL_DC_2H - Header Data for Groups of Development Classes
TRNL_DIS_O - Group Selection for Automatic Distribution
TRNL_E071 - local extras for translation transport analysis
TRNL_FB - Function Modules for Determining Transports
TRNL_FB_DC - Function modules to ge DCs
TRNL_LANG - Translation Environment: Target Languages and Attributes 1
TRNL_LA_CL - Translation Environment: Target Languages and Attributes 2
TRNL_LA_DR - Derived Status Selection for Translation
TRNL_OL - Translation Object Lists
TRNL_OTR - Settings for OTR
TRNL_OTR_S - Settings for OTR
TRNL_PROF - Translation Authorization Profiles
TRNL_PROFV - Values for Translation Authorization Profiles
TRNL_SSYS - Source Systems for Worklist Runs
TRNL_TR - Transport groups
TRNL_USER - Translators
TRNL_WL - Worklists of Translation (Header Data)
TRNL_WLI - Worklists: Control Entries
TRNL_WLII - Worklists: Control Entries 2
TRNL_WLIII - Worklists: Control Entries 3
TRNL_WLIV - Worklist Control Entries 4
TSDDT - Assignment: Translator -> Package
TSKT2 - Statistics on the proposals pool
TSKT9 - Check Table for the Target Language
TSKTL - Translation Environment Settings: Long Text Editor
TSKTY - Translation environment presettings: Editor
TSKTZ - Translation environment presettings: Worklist
TSLLT - SLLT (translation accounting) settings
TSTPH - SAP Relesae for Translation Statistics
TTABSPLIT - Control data for splitting special tables
TTOBJECTS - Transport Objects According to Relevance for Translation
TTOBJHIER - Transport Objects According to Relevance for Translation
TTRAL - Lock table - objects for SE63 translation tool locked
VALUEREC - Internal Line Type for Translation Environment
WORD_COUNT - Word count
WRK_LANGU - Lock Concept Language Structure