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SAP BC Customizing Tools (Techniques) Tables (BC-CUS)

SAP Customizing Tools (Techniques) Tables BC-CUS-TOL

CMP_ADMIN - Creation and Change Date, Generic Comparison Tool
CMP_RAW_DATA - Data to be Compared, Generic Comparison Tool
CTM_AA_VA - Additional Attributes and Values
CTM_ADMIN - Creation and Change Data for Context Management
CTM_ATT_PR - Attribute Priority
CTM_AV_PR - Attribute Value Priority
CTM_COOB - Product and Comparison Object
CTM_COPR - Komponent and Priority
CTM_COTB - Context Object Type
CTM_CO_RE - Component Release Structure
CTM_LCORE - Logical Object Component Data
CTM_LO - Logical Object + Flag
CTM_LPRVE - Logical Object Product Data
CTM_MESS - Transfer Structure for Messages
CTM_PHCO - Physical Object Copy Structure
CTM_PHO - Physical Objects
CTM_PRPR - Product and Priority
CTM_PR_VE - Product - Product Version
CTM_PVOR - Product Version and Sequence
CTM_SO100 - Screen Fields for Screen 100 Function Group SCTM1

CTM_SO200 - Screen Fields Screen 200 Function Group SCTM1
CTM_SO300 - Screen Fields Screen 300 Function Group SCTM1
CTM_SOADMIN - Screen Fields Screen 210 Function Group SCTM1
CTM_VPV - Version and Previous Version
TCMP - Header Table, Generic Comparison Tool
TCMP_DAT - Comparison Data, Generic Comparison Tool
TCMP_SUTY - Subobject Types, Generic Comparison Tool
TCMP_TYPE - Comparison Types, Generic Comparison Tool
TCTM_ATTR - Table of Attributes for Context Management
TCTM_ATTRT - Context Management Attribute Names
TCTM_AT_PR - Context Object Type Attribute Prorities
TCTM_AV_PR - Context Management Attribute Valuee Priorities
TCTM_COTY - Central Context Management Context Object Types
TCTM_COTYT - Context Object Type Names
TCTM_LCVAL - Validity Limits and Component Priorities
TCTM_LOOB - Central Context Management Logical Objects
TCTM_LPVAL - Validity Limits and Product Priorities
TCTM_PAAT - Additional Attributes for Physical Objects
TCTM_PCR - Component and Release Values for Physical Objects
TCTM_PHOB - Physical Objects in Central Context Management
TCTM_PPV - Product and Product Version Values for Physical Objects

SAP Table History Tables BC-CUS-TOL-ALO

PRV_LOG_CP - Table Logging: Codepages and Migration Times
SDBTLGKEYX - Database Table Logging: Binary Table Key
SDBTLGKEYZ - Database Table Logging: Additional Info from Archive
STPRSLKEY - Table Logging: Selection Row in logkey
TLOGTEST - Test Table Logging
TLOGTESTT - Test Table Logging and Maintenance
TLOG_HEADER - Change Log Header Data
TLOG_SELECT - View/Table Selection for Logs

SAP Business Configuration API (SAP-internal) Tables BC-CUS-TOL-API

BCFG_CONTAINER - Representation of CL_BCFG_CONFIG_CONTAINER for remote FuBas
BCFG_D_CONT_LANG - contains language vector by container id
BCFG_EXCEPTION - Structure to transport exceptions and messages
BCFG_FIELD_MAPPING - container for mapping of view fields and table fields
BCFG_LOCK_OBJECT - Structure to lock an object in BCFG Framework
BCFG_S_ERR_DETAIL - Names the items affected by a (failed) container operation
BCFG_S_OBJECT_MAPPING - Mapping infos for config objects

SAP Business Configuration Sets Tables BC-CUS-TOL-BCD

IMG_BCSET - BC Sets: Cust. Activity with BC Set Flag
SCPRACIN - BC Sets: Activation Information of Single BC Set

SCPRACPM - BC Sets: Activation Logs (Messages)
SCPRACPP - BC Sets: Activation Logs (BC Set Names)
SCPRACPR - BC Sets: Activation Logs (Activated Data Records)
SCPRACTERP - BC Sets: BC Set Activation Error Log
SCPRACTERR - BC Sets: BC Set Activation Error Messages
SCPRACTINF - BC Sets, Activation Log: Transfer Parameters
SCPRACTLINK_S_TAB_OF_IMGACT - BC Sets: Structure of FM scpr_actlink_if_get_tab_of_act
SCPRACTOPT - BC Sets: Activation Options
SCPRACTP - BC Set: Activated in local system
SCPRACTR - BC Set: Active records in Local System
SCPRACTREE - Activation Log Display Structure (Tree)
SCPRACTST - BC Sets: Activation Status
SCPRACTV - BC Sets: Activated in local system (old)
SCPRACTW - BC Set: Active Values in Local System
SCPRACTX - BC Set: Activated in local system
SCPRACTXL - BC Sets: Language-Dependent Activation Links for Variable
SCPRAFTIMP - BC Sets: After Import Method Data
SCPRARFC - Activation ID - RFC Destination Assignment
SCPRATTR - BC Set: Attributes
SCPRBCCLI - BC Sets: BC Set with Clients
SCPRBCSTROBJ - BC Set with Transport Objects and Keys
SCPRBRFC - BC Set - RFC Destination Assignment
SCPRCCSV - BC Set: Values
SCPRCHKFLD - BC Sets: Checked Fields of Tables with Justification
SCPRCHKITM - BC Sets: Checked Subobjects with Reason
SCPRCHKOBJ - BC Sets: Checked Object with Reason
SCPRCHKTAB - BC Sets: Checked Tables with Reason
SCPRCLI - BC Sets: Client Structure
SCPRCOBJ - BC Set: Manually maintained cust. object tables
SCPRCSVV - BC Sets: Proposed Variable Values for Cross-System-Viewer
SCPRDATA - BC Set: Values
SCPRDATAC - BC Set: Values
SCPRDOCEXT - BC Set: External Structure for the BC Set Documentation
SCPRDOCU - BC Set: BC Set key document keys
SCPRDYNPRO - BC Set: Work fields for maintenance screens
SCPRENTY - BC Set: Organizational units
SCPREXCPT - BC Set: Control Table for Exceptions
SCPRFAVO - BC Sets: Favorites
SCPRFEAT - BC Set: Features in Exception Handling

SCPRFEATT - BC Set: Short Texts for Features in Exception Handling
SCPRFLAG - BC Sets: Specially flagged BC Sets
SCPRFLDACT - BC Sets: Table Field Activation Information
SCPRFLDV - BC Set: Replace Field Text in Variable Fields
SCPRFLDVTC - BC Set: Table Control Variable Field Texts Auxil. Structure
SCPRGENERALERROR - Structure for General BC Set Error
SCPRKEYS - BC Sets: Key at Database Table Level
SCPRLANGUAGE - BC Sets: Structure for System Languages
SCPRMRPH - BC Sets in SFW: Migration Report Log Header
SCPRMRPM - BC Sets in SFW: Migration Report Messages
SCPROBJACT - Transfer Structure: Table, Cust.Obj., IMG Act. plus Texts
SCPRODATA - Transfer structure for compressed table data
SCPRODATA2 - Transfer structure for compressed table data
SCPROFLD - Transfer structure for tables and fields
SCPROPROF - BC Set lists transfer structure
SCPROPROF1 - Favorites Transfer Structure
SCPROPROF2 - BC Set lists transfer structure
SCPROTABL - Transfer structure for table names
SCPRPBUF - Buffer logs for output
SCPRPPRL - BC Sets: Hierarchical BC Sets
SCPRRECA - BC Set: BC Set record attributes
SCPRRECORD2 - BC Sets: Field Descriptions
SCPRRECORD_COMP_STRUCT - Structure for Comparison of BC Set against the Database
SCPRSACALV - BC Sets: Structure for Switch BC Set Activation Logs
SCPRSACTBC - BC Sets: Assignment of Switch BC Sets to Activation Process
SCPRSACTID - BC Sets: Activation Processes Switch BC Sets
SCPRSACTOPT - BC Sets: Switch BC Sets Activation Options
SCPRSALD - BC Sets: Client-Dependent Switch Activation Links
SCPRSALI - BC Sets: Client-Independent Switch Activation Links
SCPRSATTR - Switch BC Set: Attributes
SCPRSETUP1 - BC Sets: System Settings
SCPRSETUP2 - BC Sets: User Settings
SCPRSEXACT - BC Sets: Exception Handling in Switch BC Set Activation
SCPRSEXPANDEDKEY - Recert SBCSets: Expanded tablekeys of rows for special cases
SCPRSKEYS - BC Sets: Key at Database Table Level
SCPRSMLD - BC Sets: Client-Dependent Switch Modification Links
SCPRSMLI - BC Sets: Client-Independent Switch Modification Links
SCPRSPREDREL - Predecessor relations for switched BS-Sets with conflicts
SCPRSRECA - Switch BC Set: BC Set Data Record Attributes
SCPRSREVERT - Revert SBCSets: Contents of tables before BCSet activation
SCPRSREVERTD - Revert SBCSets: Contents of tables before BCSet activation
SCPRSREVERTI - Revert SBCSets: Contents of tables before BCSet activation
SCPRSREVERTOWNER - Revert SBCSets: Which rows were touched by which BCSet
SCPRSREVERTOWNRD - Revert SBCSets: Which rows were touched by which BCSet
SCPRSREVERTOWNRI - Revert SBCSets: Which rows were touched by which BCSet
SCPRSTAM - BC Set: Master data exception table
SCPRSTAT - BC Sets: Background view activation update status
SCPRSTEXT - Switch BC Set: Short Texts
SCPRSTRANSP - Switch BC Sets: Transport Recording Tables
SCPRSTRANSPT - Switch BC Sets: Transport Recording Tables
SCPRSVALL - Switch BC Set: Values (Language-Dependent)
SCPRSVALS - Switch BC Set: Values
SCPRTABFLD - BC Sets: Tables with Fields
SCPRTABL - BC Sets: Table Name and Type
SCPRTEMP - BC Sets: Save temporary table data in DB
SCPRTEXT - BC Set: Short texts
SCPRUSRC - BC Set: Last User SW Componet Entered
SCPRUSRV - BC Set: Last variable entered per user (activ.)
SCPRVALL - BC Set: Values (language-dependent)
SCPRVALLCOMP - Comparison of BC Set with Tables of Language-Dependent Data
SCPRVALL_COMPS - BC Sets: Compare the Language-Dependent BC Set Values
SCPRVALS - BC Set: Values
SCPRVALSCOMP - Comparison of BC Set with Tables of Language-Indep. Data
SCPRVALS_COMPS - BC Sets: Compare (Language-Independent) BC Set Values
SCPRVALUE2 - BC Set: Values
SCPRVARI - Transfer Parameter of not-copied BCSET fields
SCPRVARL - BC Sets: Variables with Language Information
SCPRVVAR - BC Set: Assignment activity, view --> view variant
SCPRWFIELD - Aux. str. for tabstrip with table fields and attributes
SCPRWTABL - Table names for gen.TableControl, cf. SCPROTABL
SCPRXACT - Ranges structure for activities in BC Sets
SCPRXACTID - Activation ID Ranges Structure
SCPRXCAT - Ranges Structure for BC Set Categories
SCPRXCLCAS - Ranges Structure for Cascading BC Set Data
SCPRXCLDEP - Ranges Structure for Client-Dependent BC Set Data
SCPRXDAT - Ranges structure for last-changed date
SCPRXDEVCL - Ranges Structure for BC Set Packages
SCPRXFLD - BC Set table ranges structure
SCPRXLANG - BC Set transfer ranges definition
SCPRXMOD - Ranges structure for last-changed by
SCPRXOBJ - Ranges structure for activities in BC Sets
SCPRXOTYPE - Cust. object type transfer ranges definition
SCPRXPROF - BC Set transfer ranges definition
SCPRXREF - BC Set: Ranges Definition to Pass Ref. Obj. Names
SCPRXRTYPE - BC Set: Ranges Definition for Passing Ref. Obj. Types
SCPRXSWITCH - Ranges Structure for BC Set Switches
SCPRXTAB - BC Set: Tables unsuitable for BC Sets
SCPRXTABL - BC Set table ranges structure
SCPRXTEXT - BC Set short text ranges structure
SCPRXTIME - Ranges Structure for Time of Last Change
SCPRXVAL - BC Set table ranges structure
SCPRXVERS - BC Set version ranges structure
SCPR_ACTX - BC Set: Assign old, new values to activation variables
SCPR_BCSET - BC Sets: BC Set Name for Interfaces to Other Tools
SCPR_DESCR - BC Set: Table field descriptions
SCPR_OVAL - BC Set: Data recs of objects with transp. Value repository
SCPR_PARNT - BC Sets: BC Set Name with Name of Hierarchical Parent
SCPR_RECRD - BC Set: A data record with its field descriptions
SCPR_RVAL - BC Set: A data record with transparent value repository
SCPR_SBCS - Switch BC Sets: Switch BC Set ID Structure
SCPR_S_PREDRELATION - Predecessor-Successor relationship between switch BCSets
SCPR_S_SBCSET_LEVEL - Mapping of a switched BC-Set and a sort-level
SCPR_VALL - Structure of Table SCPRVALS
SCPR_VALS - Structure of Table SCPRVALS
SCPR_VALS - Structure of Table SCPRVALS

SAP Cross-System Tools Tables BC-CUS-TOL-CST

CMPF4TABN - Table Name F4 Help Structure
CMPLIST - Numerical Comp. Result of Views/Tables (will be deleted)
CMPOBJ - Customizing Comparison: Object Description
CMPPARAM - Customizing Comparison: Parameter Settings
CMPWL - Customizing Comparison: Worklist Items
CMPWLE - Customizing Comparison: Exception List (SAP)
CMPWLEC - Customizing Comparison: Exception List (Customer)
CMPWLH - Customizing Comparison: Worklist Header
CMPWLIMP - Customizing Comparison: Worklist Imports
CMPWLK - Customizing Comparison: Keys of Worklist Items
CMP_EXCEPT - Comparison Tools Exception Table (will be deleted)
CMP_RUNS - Comparisons (will be deleted)
E071KC - Change & Transport System: Key Entries of Requests/Tasks
E071K_30 - Change & Transport System: Key Entries of Requests/Tasks
MCDISPLAY - Layout of Multiclient Status Display
MCOBJECTS - Multiple Client Analysis: Object List
MCSTATLIST - Multiple Client Analysis: Status List
NTAB_CMP - Nametab of View or Table for Nametab Comparison
NTAB_CMP30 - Nametab of View or Table for Nametab Comparison
NTAB_HDR - Nametab of View or Table: Header
NTAB_HDR30 - Nametab of View or Table: Header
NTAB_IDX - Nametab of View or Table: Index of Two Nametabs
SCDTCMPDEF - Technical Deschription of the Logical Components
SCDTCMPDEF - Technical Deschription of the Logical Components
SCDTCOMP - Supported Components
SCDTCOMPRL - Components, Releases and RFC Destinations Supported
SCDTCOMPST - Component and Release Input Structure
SCDTHIST - History Data
SCDTIM - Releases for Interval-Handling
SCDTINSTAN - Instances
SCDTKSTC - Filter for Lock Entries (Table SCDTLKEY)
SCDTLKEY - Locked Objects - Key
SCDTLOCK - Locked Objects
SCDTLOGCMP - Logical Components
SCDTLOGCMT - Logical Components
SCDTLSTC - Lock Entries (Table SCDTLOCK)
SCDTMAPFLD - Cross-System Customizing Object: Table/Field Mapping
SCDTMAPMOD - Obsolete. Replaced by SCDTMAPFLD
SCDTOBJECT - Cross-System Customizing Object
SCDTOBJMAP - Cross-System Customizing Object: Mapping Type
SCDTOBJOIN - Table Joins
SCDTOBJSEL - Cross-System Customizing Object
SCDTOBJSYN - Display Objects, Releases and Source System
SCDTOBJTAB - Display Object Names and Object Type
SCDTSOURCE - Cross-System Customizing Object: Source Tables
SCDTSYNC - Synchronization Settings
SCDTTARGET - Cross-System Customizing Object: Target Tables
SCDT_E071K_TRIGG - Distribution Polling Trigger Buffer
SCDT_E071_TRIGG - Distribution Polling Trigger Buffer
SCDT_MAPPING_PERS - Personalize Access to Transaction SCDT_MAPPING
SCDT_MAPPING_PERS - Personalize Access to Transaction SCDT_MAPPING
SMSYHWDATA - Hardware Info
SMSYHWINFO - Hardware Info
T000_RFC - T000 Subset for Comparison Tool and Remote Client Copy
TPRFCDST - RSC Dest. Table Rows
TYPEOBJC - Rows of an Object List
VIEW_CMP - View/Table Keys with Comparison Flag
VIMDESC3 - Control Block Structure for View Maintenance
VIMDESCC - Control Block Structure for View Maintenance
VIMNAMTAB3 - Control Block Structure for View Fields in View Maintenance
VIMNAMTABC - Control Block Structure for View Fields in View Maintenance
VIMSELLIS3 - Selection Range for View Maintenance
VIMSELLISC - Selection Range for View Maintenance

SAP Hierarchy Storage Tables BC-CUS-TOL-HMT

CDTTREE_APPL - Alternate Change Document Structure - replacing SXTTREE_APPL
COMP_TYPES - Hierarchy Tool: Comparison Type Check Table
HIER_ADMIN - Creation data and change data for gen. hierarchy storage
HIER_CTREE - List of structures contained
HIER_DISP1 - List of deactivated link types for each node type
HIER_EXUSE - Enhancement ID Where-Used List Structure
HIER_FAVOR - Structure maintenance favorites list
HIER_FILTS - Save filters of unread nodes
HIER_IFA - For change documents only: Copy of HIER_IFACE structure
HIER_IFACE - Hierarchy Maintenance Tool Node Passing Interface
HIER_INACT - List of the inactive nodes in a structure
HIER_LATRA - Language transport interface structure
HIER_LINK - Hierarchy Tool: Link between new and old node_key
HIER_MESS - Transfer structure for messages
HIER_MOD01 - Disable icons in hierarchy display
HIER_MOD02 - Freely-defined information display in the structure
HIER_MOD03 - Nodes for which the flag "MOREINFO" is to be set
HIER_MOD04 - Column headers for information to be shown
HIER_NODED - Node table data part Include
HIER_NODEK - Include Key for Structure Item Table
HIER_NODES - List of nodes
HIER_NREF - Assignment of Reference Types to a Node Type
HIER_NTYPE - List of node types
HIER_REF - List of references to nodes
HIER_REFD - Link table data part include
HIER_REFK - Link table key include
HIER_REFTY - List of link types
HIER_REF_I - Links with icon names
HIER_S0100 - Screen fields for screen 0100 function group SHI1
HIER_S0110 - Screen fields for SAPLSHI4 screen 110
HIER_S0200 - Fields for screen 200 ( node titlee and references )
HIER_S0205 - Fields for screen 205 function group SHI6
HIER_S0260 - Node link table structure
HIER_SFW_ASSIGNMENT_ID - Assignment ID in Hierarchy Tool
HIER_SFW_DATA - Switch Assignment Data
HIER_SFW_NODE_INDEX - Node Index for Search Function
HIER_SFW_NODE_KEY_MAP - Mapping between Structure and SFW Nodes per Client
HIER_SFW_STATUS - Switch Status
HIER_SRCTX - Internal Text Table for Node Text Searches
HIER_STRUC - Hierarchy maintenance structure ID transfer structure
HIER_STYLE - Node Style
HIER_STYPE - List of structure types
HIER_S_COM - Assign links to application components
HIER_TEXTD - Text table data part include
HIER_TEXTK - Text table key include
HIER_TEXTS - Text for nodes of general structure storage
HIER_TRANS - Structure text transfer to translation structure
HIER_TRANX - Structure text transfer to translation structure
HIER_TRF4 - Structure maintenance initial screen F4 help structure
HIER_TXT - For change documents only: Copy of HIER_TEXTS structure
HIER_TYPES - Structure with reference fields for function modules
INDX_HIER - INDX-type table for buffering structures
INDX_HSRCH - Text buffering table for searching in structures
PNODES_TWB - Hierarchy Tool: Parent nodes for test plans
SHIE_PROP - SHIE_PROPN domain value table
SHIE_PROPT - Text table for table SHIE_PROP
STEMPSTC - Templates: Statistics
STREECNTM - Toolbar button context menu
STREECNTXT - Context menu
STREEIDMAP - Node ID Mapping
STREEITM - Hierarchy Maintenance Tool Tree Control Item
STREEITMC - Hierarchy Maintenance Tool Tree Control Item
STREEITMG - Hierarchy Maintenance Tool Tree Control Item
STREEPROP - Hierarchy maintenance display attribute
STREETOOLB - Tree Control Toolbar Buttons
SXHIER_IFA - Change Document Structure; generated by RSSCD000
SXHIER_REF - Change Document Structure: Generated by RSSCD000
SXHIER_TXT - Change Document Structure; generated by RSSCD000
SXTTREEP - Change Document Structure; generated by RSSCD000
TARCH01 - Node Table for General Structure Storage
TARCH01R - General Structure Storage References
TARCH01T - General Structure Storage Node Names
TNODE01 - Node Table for General Structure Storage
TNODE01R - General Structure Storage References
TNODE01T - General Structure Storage Node Names
TNODEE - Definition of attributes of a node type
TNODEH - List of valid node types
TNODERTYPE - Node type: Assignable link types
TNODES - Node type: Valid sub-node types
TNODET - Name of valid node types
TREENAMESP - Namespace name
TRTYPEH - List of valid link types
TRTYPET - Name of valid link types
TTREE - Definition table for structures
TTREED - Hierarchy Tool: Double Nodes
TTREEF - User-specific list of favorites of structure maintenance
TTREEI - List of Active Nodes for a Structure
TTREELOADS - Generation data for structure buffering (nodes/links)
TTREELOADT - Generation data for structure buffering (texts)
TTREEN - List of node types to be displayed for a structure
TTREEP - Parameter for view: Maintenance by application only
TTREES - Read sequence for namespace identifier
TTREESRCH - Generation data for structure buffering (nodes/links)
TTREET - Name of a structure
TTREETYPE - List of valid structure types
TTREETYPEN - List of valid node types per structure type
TTREETYPET - Name of valid structure types
TTREE_APPL - Application-defined additional structure data
TTREE_CHADOC - Alternate TTREE Structure for Change Documents
TTREE_EXT - Structure enhancement ID
TTREE_EXTT - Table TTREE_EXT text table
TTREE_FLNK - Link between old and new nodes in filter
TTREE_FLP - Hierarchy tool: Link between filter, log. and phys. str.
TTREE_GEN - Application-defined additional structure data
TTREE_JOB - Hierarchy Tool: Background Jobs
TTREE_SFW_NODES - Assignment of SFW Switches to Hierarchy Tool Nodes
TTREV - Versions: Header Data
TTREVI - List of Active Nodes for a Structure
TTREVN - Versions: Copy of TTREEN
TTREVP - Versions: Copy of TTREEP
TTREVS - Versions: Copy of TTREES
TTREVT - Versions: Copy of TTREET
TTREVTHEAD - Versions: Header Data Texts
TTREVTROLE - Version Management: Comparison Result Texts
TTREVT_COM - Comparison: Header Table TTREV_COMP Texts
TTREV_APPL - Versions: Copy of TTREE_APPL
TTREV_COMP - Versions: Structure/Hierarchy Comparisons
TTREV_DNUM - Version Management: Number of Deleted Header Data Records
TTREV_FLNK - Versions: Copy of TTREE_FLNK
TTREV_HCHI - Header table for structure versions
TTREV_HEAD - Header table for structure versions
TTREV_NODE - Hierarchy Tool: Structure Versioning Node Table
TTREV_REF - Hierarchy tool: Versioning of Links
TTREV_ROLE - Version Management: Comparison Results
TTREV_RTYP - Hierarchy Tool: Link Types
TTREV_TEXT - Hierarchy Tool: Node Text Versioning
TTREV_VLNK - Hierarchy Tool: Link Original/Version

SAP Implementation Guide Tables BC-CUS-TOL-IMG

ADDIT_DATA - Structure for passing supplementary data in SO70
ADMINDATA - Administration Data
ADMINDATA2 - OBJRES1 Management Data
ATRES - Attribute_restriction_table
ATVAL - Attribute_value_table
BCSETT - BC Set Error Case Description Text Table
CASE_NO - BC Set-Compatibility Check: Table of Cases
CHGRP - SAPfind: character groups
CT001 - Screen fields for logical interactive import interface
CT002 - Screen fields for logical interactive import interface
CT003 - Parameter structure for logical imports
CT004 - Screen fields for Customizing imports: Dialog interface
CT010 - Screen fields for logical import: LCT_ERROR_POPUP
CTIMPEXC - Logical import: exception table
CTIMPORT - Logical customizing transports: Imports performed
CTIMPTAB - Logical customizing transports: imported tables
CTOBJDEP - Dependencies between objects
CTOBJKDEP - Dependencies between objects (with foreign key info)
CTOBJLEV - Dependency level of Customizing objects
CTTABOBJ - Assignment of tables to objects
CTTABSEL - Tables chosen
CUSAB - IMG attribute table: Industry sector settings
CUSAC - IMG attribute table: Customer data
CUSAC1 - Customer attribute 1
CUSAC1T - Check table for customer attribute 1
CUSAC2 - Customer attribute 2
CUSAC2T - Check table for customer attribute 2
CUSAC3 - Customer attribute 3
CUSAC3T - Check table for customer attribute 3
CUSADP - Default project and other standard settings in Customizing
CUSADP40 - Default project and other standard settings in Customizing
CUSAH - IMG attribute table: SAP data
CUSAH_IC - Transfer of activity attributes to IC
CUSAL - IMG attribute table: Country settings
CUSAL_IC - Transfer of country assignment of activities to IC
CUSAMEN - Assignment of activity to menu
CUSAMENT - Texts: Assignment of activity to menu
CUSASTRUC - IMG attributes: Fields for screens
CUSAT_IC - Transfer of activity texts to IC
CUS_ACTEXT - Customizing Activity - Assigned Enhancement Object
CUS_ACTH - Customizing Activity - Header Data
CUS_ACTOBJ - Customizing Activity - Object List
CUS_ACTOBT - Customizing Activity - Object List
CUS_ACTT - Customizing Activity Text Table
CUS_ATRCOU - Country Assignment for Activities
CUS_ATRH - Customizing Attributes - Header Data
CUS_ATRT - Text Table for Customizing Attributes
CUS_ATRVCO - Customizing Attributes: Variants for ACH Assignment
CUS_ATRVSE - Attribute Variant Sequence
CUS_COMPAT - Compatibility of IMG Objects with IMG Activity
CUS_IFACE1 - IMG Activity Interface Structure
CUS_IFACE2 - IMG Activity Interface Structure
CUS_IMGACH - IMG Activities
CUS_IMGACT - Text Table for IMG Activity
DELM - SAPfind: delimiter & special character
DOKCR - List of links between documentation objects
DOKCRL - Structure for passing object link lists
DOKCRL_KEY - Key for Object Lists with Transfer Structure
DSFHT - Hypertext: Do not use this table
DSYAA - No longer used from 3.0 onwards
DSYAC - Test plan tool: Test catalog directory
DSYAD - Structures: Display Structure Without Text
DSYADEF - Last position in structure display
DSYAH - Structures: Header Data
DSYAI - Structures: Structure Short Text
DSYAM - Structures: Modifications Catalog
DSYAMRK - SO70 bookmarks table
DSYAR - SO70 bookmark function structure
DSYAS - Structures: Maintenance Structure Without Text
DSYAT - Structures: Texts for Maintenance Structure
DSYAV - Structures: Directory of Views on Books
DSYAW - Structures: Short text for views on a book
DSYAX - Structures: Parameters for Views on a Book
DSYA_TEXTS - DSYAT translation table transfer structure
DSYBA - Project Document Type Directory
DSYBB - Project Document Types
DSYCHA - Hypertext: structure for stack table
DSYCR - List of Links Between Documentation Modules
DSYCUR - Hypertext: field string for current hypertext object
DSYDHD - Hypertext: Header Information for Objects in Link List
DSYDL - Title of display version of the outline
DSYDS - Display version of the outline (w/o module title)
DSYFBS - Structure for function module interfaces
DSYGH - DSYS: Parent-Child Table - Title
DSYGI - DSYS: Grouping Administration
DSYGL - DSYS Parent-child Table - Grouping Lines
DSYH01HE1 - Transfer Values to Standard F4 Help
DSYH04HE1 - Pass Help Values to Standard F4 Module
DSYHIS - Hypertext: structure for tracking history
DSYLI - List of available link types
DSYLT - List of link type names
DSYMAR - Hypertext: structure for bookmark table
DSYOH - Hypertext: Version Management Structure
DSYOI - DSYS Grouping - Aspect, Status, Version, Processed by
DSYOL - SAPfind - DSYS, Module Key
DSYOT - SAPfind DSYS: Chapter Title
DSYSCR - Hypertext: fields for the screens
DSYSH - DSYS: Header Entries
DSYSI - DSYS Modules: Master Language/Version
DSYSI_2 - Extension of the structure DSYSI for text print
DSYSL - DSYS: Text Lines
DSYSOBJ - Table for Transferring Module Class/Name
DSYST - DSYS: Title Entries
DSYSX - Where-used list
EXCEPT1 - IMG Activity-Specific BC Set Error Exception Table
EXCEPT1T - Exception Justification Text
EXCEPT2 - Object-Specific BC Set Error Case Exception Table
EXCEPT2T - Exception Justification Text
EXCLMENUE - Exclude Functions from Menu
FINI - Index Table for SAPfind
FINK - Text Key -> Pointer (SAPfind)
FINP - Pointer -> Text Key (SAPfind)
FINS - SAPfind: Assignment of Texts - Keywords For Search Interface
FINT - Title of the Indexed Texts (SAPfind)
FINV - SAPfind: Pointer, Text Key and Title Administration
FIST - SEARCHTERM entry - interface
FRAMESTRNG - Frame Viewer String Length
FTAB - Internal table for selected sessions
GRIDDISP - Grid Display Structure
GRIDLINE1 - ALV Grid Row Type
HITAB - Structure for Internal Hierarchy Tables
HLP_DOC - Structure for displaying proj. doc. in project analysis (F4)
HLP_PRO - Structure For Displaying Projects In Project Analysis (F4)
HLP_RES - Structure For Displaying Resources In Project Analysis (F4)
HLP_SEL - Structure For Displaying Selection In Project Analysis (F4)
HLP_STA - Structure For Displaying Status In Project Analysis (F4)
HLP_VIW - Project analysis view display structure (F4)
IHANDLESTR - Status Handle Structure
IKEYSTRU - Keywords
IKEYSTRUC - Dats structure for keywords with text
IMGACTRES1 - IMG Activity Results Table
IMGACT_RES - IMG Activity Results Table
IMGCROSS - Structure for IMG Reference
IMGREF - Cross ref. of IMG activities with table intersections
IMG_BC_SET - BC Set-Compatibility Check Repository Structure
INDXBCSET - INDX-Type Table to Save Check Results
INOTESTRUC - Data Structure for Note Types with Text
IOBJSTRUC - Restriction List for Development Objects in a Project
IOBJSTRUC2 - Development Object Types for a Project
IPRIOSTRUC - Data Structure for Priorities with Text
IPROJOBJS - Gets the Use of Development Objects in Projects
IRESSTRUC - Resources
ISTAADMIN - Status: Creation and change data
ISTADATAPR - General Project Management Data Part Status
ISTADATATW - Status: Data part for Test Workbench
ISTAT - Status: Fields for screens
ISTATIFACE - Status: Interface for function modules
ISTATPROT - Status Maintenance Log Key Structure
ISTATSTRUC - Status Structure with Text
ISTATVAL - Status: Possible status values
ITCUSPT - Interface for function module
ITSTATDP - Project doc. assignment to project and activity
ITSTATDS - Project analysis transfer structure (note types)
ITSTATH - FM interface of IMG status information
ITSTATHIER - IMG Hierarchy in Project Analysis
ITSTATHT - FM interface of IMG status information with text
ITSTATLIST - Project Analysis
ITSTATRS - Project analysis transfer structure (Ressource)
ITSTATSLS - Project analysis transfer structure (Selection field)
ITSTATSS - Project analysis transfer structure (Status)
ITSTATVIEW - Project analysis: Assignment Project - View
ITSTATVS - Project analysis transfer structure (Views)
KEYS - Delivery Table for Textkeys per Class
KEYWDSTRUC - Keywords in Project
MENTAB - Structure for Transferring the Menus
MESSTRUC - Message ID Structure before Status Distribution in SolMan
NOTE_ITEM - Note type Tree Control item
NOTE_IT_U - Note type Tree Control item
OBJH_IC - Transfer of object attributes to IC
OBJRES1 - Object Check Results Table
OBJRES2 - BC Set-Compatibility Check Repository Structure
OBJSUBT_IC - Transfer of subobjects to IC
OBJSUB_IC - Transfer of subobject attributes to IC
OBJ_RES - Object Check Results Table
PDSYS - Text Key for DSYS Indexing
PRCOMPANYSTRUC - Partner Company Data
PRKWSTATUSS - Status of KW Documents in a Project
PRMILESTONESTRUC - Project Milestones
PROJEVAL - Project analysis structure
PROJSTRUC - Transfer Structure for Projects
PROJTABSTRIPATTR - Tab Attributes in Projects
PROJTABSTRIPS - Tabs in Projects
PRORGUNITSSTRUC - Organizational Units Affected in a Project
PSCR - Key for Indexing SAPscript Texts
PSHL - Text key for indexed objects in SAPfile
PTAB - Internal Pointer Table
RDCLP - Results of Retrievals (Clipboard)
RDSCX - DSYS: Table for Chapters with Table Index
RDSLK - Summary of DSYS Modules, not language dependent
RDSOL - Sequential Grouping
RDSOT - Parent-Child-Table for Grouping incl. Title
RESSTRUC - Project Team Members
RSAPLSCR - Screen Fields for Reports RSAPLxxx
RSFBB - SAPfind: Screen Table for Diverse Transactions
RSFIN - SAPfind: screen - table
RSFSD - Structures for Shell Screens
RSFSH - Structure Table for Shells
RSFSO - SAPfind: Screen Structures with SAPoffice Domains
RSFST - Screen Fields for Grouping Maintenance
SACT_LIST - Project Analysis Results List
SBEA_KEY - Structure for Project Start
SBEP_KEY - Structure for Planned Project Start
SCANT - Display of a Scanned SAPscript Text
SCDTTABFLD - Display Table and Field Names
SCENARIOS - BC Set Use Scenarios
SCHL_AT - Object Maintenance: IMG and Customizing Activities
SCHL_CA - Object Maintenance: Customizing Activities
SCI1SCR - Fields for screens in group SAPLSCI1
SCLAS_KEY - Structure for Project Classes
SCT1PAR - Parameters for function group SCT1
SCUS_HIER - Replacements table for hierarchies
SCUS_HIERT - Text table for table SCUS_HIER
SDON_KEY - Structure for Project Completion
SDSYS - Screen Fields DSYS
SDUA_KEY - Structure for Project Duration
SDUP_KEY - Structure for Planned Project Duration
SENA_KEY - Structure for Project End
SFDA_KEY - Structure for the Creation Time in a Project
SFDG - DSYS: Postscript File Lines
SFHH - SAPfind: Header Data
SFHI - SAPfind: Administration, Source Language, Versions
SFHIK - Text Key for SAPfind for Indexing
SFHIM - SAPfind: Master Lang. and Version
SFHOT - SAPfind: Active Structures
SFHX - Hypertext: Do not use this table
SFIA - Attribute Table for SAPfind
SFIAT - Attribute Text Table
SFICD - Class Description Table for SAPfind
SFICL - Class Table for SAPfind
SFICT - SAPfind: Language-dependent Class Description
SFIID - Log. ID for Pointer Access
SFINO - SAPfind: Pointer Administration/Assignment (annually)
SFITH - SAPfind: Terms for CUA Access to FIND
SFIWN - Negative Word Table (Transparent)
SFIWP - Positive Word List (Transparent)
SFLAN - Language table (for T002 from 3.0C on)
SFLAW - Release Notes: Statutory Changes
SFLAWT - Release notes: Texts for law changes
SFLAW_HLP - Help about statutory changes
SFREAC - Assign Release notes to application components
SFRECOU - Country assignment for release notes
SFREIM - Links: Release Notes - IMG
SFRELN - SAPfind: Attributes of the Release Notes
SFRETREE - Structure ID for complete release information list
SFSYSP - SAPfind: system profile parameter attributes
SFTCODE - Transfer Structure for OUTLINE_LIST_TCODES
SFTCODE_1 - Transfer Structure for OUTLINE_LIST_TCODES
SFUS_KEY - Structure for User who Created Project Data
SHIESCR - Screen fields for group SAPLSHIE
SIM1_TYPES - Structure for interface parameters
SIMGSCR - Fields for Group SIMG screens
SIPRSCR - Fields for Group SAPLSIPR screens
SKEW_KEY - Structure for Project Keywords
SLDA_KEY - Structure for the Change Time in a Project
SLUS_KEY - Structure for User who Changed Project Data
SMEM_KEY - Structure for Memo Field
SMENF - Activity in Company: Entity Table
SMENFT - Activity in Company: Text Table
SNOT_KEY - Structure for Project Doc. Type
SNOT_LIST - List of Doc Types
SPGENATTR - Generic Attributes for Implementation Projects
SPKEY - Implementation Projects: Keywords
SPNOT - Implementation Projects: Documentation Types
SPRELEASE - Possible Project Management Release
SPRELEASET - Possible Project Management Release Text Table
SPRES - Implementation Projects: Ressources
SPROATTR - Project Attributes
SPROHEAD - Project Header for Remote Access
SPROIDANDTEXT - ID and Text Structure
SPROJSOLLANDSCAPE - Production Solution Landscape
SPROJ_KEY - Search Interface for Projects in Analysis
SPROKEYWORDSTRUC - Keywords in Project
SPROMESSTRUC - Message ID Structure before Status Distribution in SolMan
SPRORESSTRUC - Project Team Members
SPRORFC - Subprojects of a Project
SPROROLE - Role of project team members
SPROUPGRADE_T - Logical Components and Product Versions in Upgrade Project
SPRSOLINDUSTRIESS - Industries for Solution Manager
SPR_ADM - Project Management Authorization Functions
SPR_ADMT - Project Management Authorization Function Texts
SRANGE - Standard Key for Range Assignments
SRED_KEY - Structure for Remaining Project Duration
SREP_KEY - Structure for Person Responsible for Project
SRES_KEY - Structure for Project Team Members
SRMATTRASSIGN - Roadmap Attribute: Basis Assignments
SSTA_KEY - Structure for Project Status
STATSTRUC - Project Status
STIT_KEY - Structure for Project Titles
SVIEW_KEY - Structure for Project View
T005_HELP - F4 help structure for country table T005
TCUSGENINF - General information display: Assignment of structures
TCUSGLOB40 - Global settings for Rel. 4.0 Customizing
TCUSGLOBAL - Global Switches for Customizing
TCUSINF - Customizing hot news list
TCUSINFT - Customizing hot news title
TCUSINFU - List of hot news already read by user
TCUSNOTES - Old activity -> new activity assignment
TCUSP - Customizing: Implementation project profile
TCUSP40 - Customizing: Implementation project profile
TCUSP40HLP - Structure for possible entries help for TCUSP40
TCUSP40T - Customizing: Implementation project profile
TCUSPT - Customizing: Implementation project profile
TCUSPXREF - Relevant projects for where-used list
TCUSPXREF4 - Relevant projects for where-used list
TCUSP_HELP - F4 help structure for TCUSP
TCUSQ - Customizing: Assignment of note type to project
TCUSR - Assignment of view to project
TCUSR40 - Assignment of view to project
TCUSS - Customizing: Implementation project - name
TCUSU - User-specific customizing name
TCUS_WF - Data transfer: Workflow with multi-use of object
TCUS_XREF - Cross reference for objects in IMG projects
TCUS_XREF4 - Cross reference for objects in IMG projects
TDCLD - Hypertext: control table
TDCLT - Hypertext: text on control table
TDEVOBJCL - Assignment of Development Objects to a Project Class
TDEVOBJP - Object List of Program Objects in a Project
TDOKUIMG - Node Table for General Structure Storage
TDOKUIMGR - General Structure Storage References
TDOKUIMGT - General Structure Storage Node Names
TDSGH - Hypertext: Do not use this table
TDSGL - Hypertext: Do not use this table
TDSIU - SAPfind - IMG Users
TDSOB - Hypertext: Do not use this table
TDSOF - Hypertext: Do not use this table
TDSOT - Hypertext: Do not use this table
TDSYH - Hypertext: Do not use this table
TDSYI - Hypertext: Do not use this table
TDSYL - Hypertext: Do not use this table
TDSYT - Hypertext: Do not use this table
TENABP - Assignment of Projects to Enablement Map Nodes
TEXTSTRUC - Text Structure
TFIA - Attribute Table for SAPfind
TFIAT - Attribute Text Table
TFIC - Class Table for SAPfind
TFICT - SAPfind: Language-dependent Class Description
TFIT - SAPfind: Terms for CUA access in FIND (search interfaces)
TFITH - SAPfind: Terms for CUA Access to FIND
TFITT - SAPfind: Terms for CUA Access - Language-Specific Texts
TIMG1 - Status Fields for Customizing Transaction
TIMG2 - Resource Allocation for IMG Transaction
TIMG3 - Status Definition for Status Administration
TIMG4 - Status Field Descriptions
TIMGIR - IMG and activity text IR link table
TIMGLOIO - LOIO buffer for HTML generation
TKEYCL - Project Class Keyword Assignment
TKEYEPR - Project Management Keywords
TKEYP - Project Keywords
TKEYTP - Project Keywords
TKEYTPR - Project Management: Keyword texts
TMPOBJRES1 - Temporary BC Set Check Report Data
TNODEIMG - Node table for the new IMG
TNODEIMGR - References for the new IMG
TNODEIMGT - General Structure Storage Node Names
TNODEPR - Node Table for General Structure Storage
TNODEPRR - General Structure Storage References
TNODEPRT - General Structure Storage Node Names
TNODERELN - Node Table for General Structure Storage
TNODERELNR - General Structure Storage References
TNODERELNT - General Structure Storage Node Names
TNONOCL - Project class node type note type assignment
TNOTATW - Note: Attribute table
TNOTECL - Project class note type assignment
TNOTEED - Valid editors for creating notes
TNOTEEPR - Project management note types
TNOTEEV - Documentation Types in Analysis
TNOTEFPR - Assignment of file extensions to doc. types
TNOTEP - Project note type
TNOTESAV - Note document temporary save
TNOTETEM - Templates for notes
TNOTETPR - Project management: Note type text
TNOTFPR - Notes: Project link
TNOTFTW - Test Workbench status: Connection to test package
TOBJECTP - Objects assigned to a project
TPHASEP - Project phases
TPHASETP - Project phases text table
TPRCLASS - Project Management Project Classes
TPRCLASST - Project Class Table Text Table
TPRIOCL - Project Class Priority Assignment
TPRIOEPR - Project Management Priorities
TPRIOP - Project Priorities
TPRIOTPR - Project Management: Priorities Text
TPROJDIST - Assigned Subprojects
TPROJECTF - Project Management Favorites List
TPROJECTT - Project Table Text Table
TPROJMILESTONE - Project Milestones
TPROJSTAT - Status of Projects
TPROJ_GEN - Project Additional Data Table
TPRORGUNITS - Organizational Units Affected in a Project
TREEROAD - Roadmap definition table
TRESEPR - Project Management Resources
TRESSCL - Project Class Resource Assignment
TRESSP - Project Resources
TRESTP - Project Resources Text
TRESTPR - Project Management: Resources Text
TROADMAP - Entity table for Roadmap nodes
TROADMAPIR - Assignment of Info Repository objects to the R/3 Roadmap
TROADMAPT - Text table for Roadmap nodes
TROADMAPVM - Assignment of R/3 Roadmap nodes to R/3 ProcModel packages
TRSLT - Indexing Results Display
TSFGH - Hypertext: Do not use this table
TSFGL - Hypertext: Do not use this table
TSFHO - Import/export table SFHO structure
TSFST - Storage for Search Terms
TSHCL - List of Shell Classes
TSTAACTW - TWB Status Management: Possible Actions of a Status
TSTAFPR - Test Workbench status: Connection to test package
TSTAFTW - Test Workbench Status Mgt: Connection to Test Package
TSTAHPR - Status: Project Status Information
TSTAHTEV - Analysis Status Comment
TSTAHTPR - Project Management: Status Comments
TSTAHTTW - TWB Status Management: Comment Rows
TSTAHTW - TWB Status Management: Status Information
TSTAKEEV - Analysis Status Keywords
TSTAKEPR - Status: Status Keywords
TSTAPRTW - TWB Status Management: Link Status to Problem Message
TSTAREEV - Analysis Status Resources
TSTAREPR - Status: Employee Assignment to a Status
TSTAREPRR - Status: Replace Team Members for a Status
TSTASETW - TWB Status Management: Status Values
TSTASTTW - TWB Status Management: Status Value Texts
TSTATACT - IMG status activities
TSTATC - Selection specifications for a project
TSTATCE - Selection specifications
TSTATCL - Status Assignment to a Project Class
TSTATCP - Assignment of selection to project and activity
TSTATCS - Selection assignment for status object
TSTATCT - Selection field text
TSTATEPR - Project Management Status Values
TSTATH - Status fields for an activity in a project
TSTATH4 - Status information for Test Workbench
TSTATHT - Texts for an activity in a project
TSTATHT4 - Texts for an activity in a project
TSTATIMG - Assignment of activity data for project, activity, view
TSTATP - Status Assignment to a Project
TSTATPP - Problem numbers for project and activity
TSTATR - Project Resources
TSTATRE - Resource specifications
TSTATRP - Resource assignment to project and activity
TSTATRS - Resource assignment for a status object
TSTATRT - Resources text
TSTATR_HLP - Resources Help structure
TSTATS - Status specifications for a project
TSTATSE - Status specifications
TSTATST - Status specification text
TSTATTPR - Project Management: Status Text
TSTAT_ACT - Function module 'STAT_TRANSMISSION' structure
TTABP - Tabs Used in Project
TTABSTRIPCL - Tabs in Solution Manager
TTXFORMAT - Customizing Table for Text Format (RTF, DOC....)
TVARH - Header entries for screen variants
TVARIND - Save screen variants
TWSAL - Amount of Work: Contains all Created Amounts (SAPfind)
TWSET - Amount of Work: for SAPfind; Paths, Markers etc.
VIEWDEF - View Definiton Check Result Structure
VIEWPLINFO - View Piece List Check Results Structure
VISSUE_REL - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
VISSUE_RELATION - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
VISSUE_S_RELATION - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
VORINDX - Procedure model data buffer
VORMT - Texts for Assignment to the Procedure Model
VORMZ - Assignment to the Procedure Model
VORMZ_HELP - F4 help structure for procedure model
VTSTAKEPR - Change document structure; generated by RSSCD000
VTSTAPRTW - Change document structure; generated by RSSCD000
VTSTAREPR - Change document structure; generated by RSSCD000
VTSTAREPRR - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
VTSTATCP - Change document structure; generated by RSSCD000
VTSTATPP - Change document structure; generated by RSSCD000
VTSTATRP - Change document structure; generated by RSSCD000
VVARIANTS - View variants and their parent view
WORDT - Word Table

SAP Business Navigator Tables BC-CUS-TOL-NAV

APPL_COMPS - Application components
BMADMINFO - Administration data
BMALIGN - Alignment of a Structure Node
BMCBUSSCEN - Collaborative Business Scenario: All Attributes
BMCNTXT20 - Context of model object with 20 char. ID
BMCNTXTC - Context: Model object with assignment type
BMCOMP - Application component: All attributes
BMCONTEXT - Model Object Context
BMDEVCL - Package
BMDIAGNODE - Process Modeling: Diagram Information on Nodes
BMEXTINFO - Enhancement ID
BMFUNCTION - Function/process: All attributes
BMGROUP - Visualization group: All attributes
BMIMGOBJ - Assignment of model objects to IMG activities
BMLMDF34C - Documentation Assignments
BMLOG_CTXT - Application Log: Node Data
BMLOG_EXTN - Application Log: External Number
BMMSG - Message
BMNODALIGN - Alignment Information
BMNODECBS - Relation of Structure Nodes to C-Business Map
BMNODEMAP - Mapping Between Node IDs
BMOBJDATA - Attributes for Object Assignment (RFC Interface)
BMOBJDEVC - Object for transport check
BMOBJECT - Process model object: general attributes
BMOBJIDS - Numbers for Business Navigator Objects
BMOBJIDSG - Object IDs and GUIDs
BMOBJSEL - Objects with Object Types and Selection Data
BMOBJ_TC - Object attribute (table control fields)
BMOCCNODE - Information on Occurrence
BMPARAM0 - Flag Structure for Read Modules
BMPARAM1 - Parameter for Where-Used Lists
BMREFATTR - Attributes of Assigned Object
BMREF_ITEM - Nodes for Object Assignment
BMREF_TC - Object assignments (table control fields)
BMSEL - Selection criteria
BMSTNODE - Node Attributes and Node Text
BMSTREE - Process Modeling: Structure - General Attributes
BMTC01 - Object Assignments (General TC Fields)
BMTNODE01 - Structure repository for process model objects: Node table
BMTNODE01R - Structure repository for process model objects: References
BMTNODE01T - Structure Repository for Process Model Objects: Node Names
BMTRPARAM - Transport Control Parameters
BMTTYPOBJ - Objects with TTYP
BMVARIANT - Variant: All attributes
BMVCLVF4 - Possible-entries help: View variants, view cluster variants
DAICDT - Link Definitions
DAICPT - Analyzer Link Points
DAICT - Link Characteristics
DAIMT - Analyzer Model
DAIODT - Analyzer Object Definitions
DAIOMK - Object Definition-Model Assignment
DAIOT - Analyzer Objects
DAITDT - Analyzer Text Definitions
DF01 - Screen fields for object or structure maintenance
DF03L - Events
DF03T - Event descriptions
DF04L - Software Modules/Functions
DF04T - Function description
DF06L - Information flow
DF06T - Information Flow Names
DF07L - Object Types
DF07T - Object Type Names
DF08L - ALE Messages
DF08T - Message Names
DF10L - ALE Message Flows
DF10T - Message Flow Names
DF11L - Scenario Processes
DF11T - Scenario Names
DF12L - Organizational Units
DF12T - Organization Unit Names
DF13L - Enterprise areas
DF13T - Enterprise Area Names
DF14A - Application Components: Data for SAP Applications
DF14L - Application Components
DF14T - Business Application Component Names
DF15L - Communication Relationships
DF15T - Communications Flow Names
DF16L - Groups
DF16T - Group names
DF17L - Any BE object with no specific attributes
DF17T - Event descriptions
DF18L - Collaborative Business Scenario
DF18T - Collaborative Business Scenario: Description
DF30S - Object Relationships
DF30S_KEY - Object Assignments (Object Key Fields)
DF30S_TC - Object use relationships (TC fields)
DF31S - Component dependencies
DF32S - Assignment of IMG chapters to functions
DF33S - Customizing assignment to modeling
DF33S_IC - Relevant fields for LiveModel from SB04
DF34S - Documentation assignments
DF35S - Assignment of Customizing to modeling objects
DF35S_EXCL - DF35S with deselcted DF36S entries
DF36S - Deselected assignments of Customizing to modeling objects
DF40D - Diagam Management Information
DF41S - Nodes
DF42S - Links
DF43S - Link points
DF50D - Variant diagram radio button
DF50L - Variants
DF50O - Variant objects
DF50T - Variant descriptions
DF52A - Filter Action Log
DF52L - Filter
DF52T - Filter names
DF53S - Active variant on variant node
DF54S - Active nodes for a variant
DF55L - Variants
DF55T - Variant name
DF62S - ID mapping table LM/BE
DF63S - Business Browser Web Server
DFBNT - Business Navigator WEB Textpool
DFCTL - Function model - control flags
DFDOC - Links from R/3 Reference Model objects to mail folder
DFMLH - Links from R/3 Reference Model objects to mail folder
DFMLO - Links from R/3 Reference Model objects to mail folder
DFPARAM - Display parameter for hierarchy
DFPRX - Number prefixes
DFTEXT - EFM: internal structure for import from R/3 Analyzer
DFTNODE01 - Structure repository for process model objects: Node table
DFTNODE01R - Structure repository for process model objects: References
DFTNODE01T - Structure Repository for Process Model Objects: Node Names
DFUSR - Include Structure for FSTUSER and LSTUSER
DIS_05L - Enterpr. function model - internal table: function hierarchy
HIER_OCC - List of Occurrence Filters for Nodes
IDF40D - Diagram header
IDF50D - Diagram variants header
RBM_OBJECT - Structure of Output List for Report RBM_OBJECT_LIST
RSUF1 - Interface for enterprise function model transactions
RSUF2 - Screen fields for enterprise function model maintenance
RSUFO - Lock Object Structure for EFM Objects
SDFMSCR - Fields for Business Navigator Screens
TFM01 - Process
TFM02 - Process Long Name
TFM03 - Basic Function
TFM04 - Function Long Name
TFM05 - Process-Function Assignment
TFM06 - Process-Function-Entity Assignment
TFM07 - Event Type
TFM08 - Event Type Long Name
TFM09 - Process-Function-Event Type Assignment
TFM10 - Entity-Event Type Assignment
TFM11 - Relationships Between Functions
TFM12 - Function Relationships of a Hierarchy Type
TFM13 - EFM Function Hierarchies
TFM14 - Hierarchy - Short and Long Name
TFM16 - Function-Entity Assignment
TFM18 - Assignment of functions to IMG chapters
TFM18X - Assignment of IMG chapters to functions
TSTATF - Customizing project related data for Function

SAP Customizing Project Management (IMG) Tables BC-CUS-TOL-PAD

CUSDEFAULT - User Default Settings in Customizing
SPROCHKF - Project documentation: File name of last checkout
SPROCHKO - Project documentation: Physical info object checkout data
SPROCONT1 - SDOK: Table for document contents (import/export)
SPROIDXSTA - Project documentation: Document index status table
SPROLOIO - Project documentation: Logical information object instances
SPROLOIOT - Project documentation: Logical info object descriptions
SPROLOPR - Project documentation: Logical info object attribute values
SPROLORE - Project doc: Logical info object outgoing relationships
SPROLORI - Project doc: Physical info object incoming relationships
SPROPHF - Project documentation: Physical info object files
SPROPHHR - Project doc: Outgoing hyperlinks from physical info objects
SPROPHIO - Project documentation: Physical info object instances
SPROPHNM - Project doc: Use of target anchors in physical info objects
SPROPHPR - Project documentation: Physiscal info object attributes
SPROPHRE - Project doc: Outgoing relationships of physical info objects
SPROPHRI - Project doc: Physical info object incoming relationships
TPR_INDEX - List of nodes sorted by project
TPR_VINDX - List of IMG Activities in a Project View
TPR_XREF_D - Index for Where-Used List
TPR_XREF_P - Projects: Constraint on Where-Used List

SAP Table Maintenance Tool Tables BC-CUS-TOL-TME

ATCKONTEXT - Table Control Context Hash Codes
FIELDDIFTB - Memory table Field_dif
FIELD_DIF - Manual Fieldtab Changes
FIELD_TAB - Internal field table structure
OCCHECKKEY - Key field values of a table or view
OCSELINT - Organizational criterion selection condition
OCSELLIST - Selection Range for View Maintenance
OCSELVALUE - Organizational criterion selection condition
OCUS - Interface Field Definition for Function Pool OCUS
ORGCRACT - Organizational criteria activation
ORGCRATT - Organization criteria attribute
ORGCRATT_T - Organization criteria
ORGCRFLD - Organization criteria attribute
ORGCRIT - Organization criteria
ORGCRIT_T - Organization criteria
ORGCRTAB - Used to Generate Organizational Criteria
ORGCR_T - Generate to Pass Org. Crit. Long Text
QUERY_TAB - Structure of Query Table
REPL_TAB - Structure for Replace Function
RSTABLE - Table Lock Structure
SDMECLS - DME: Class Definition of a Maintenance Object
SDMECLSAGH - DME: Attribute Group Definition Header Info
SDMECLSAGI - DME: Attribute Group Definition Object List
SDMECLSATR - DME: Maintenance Object Attribute
SDMECLSKEY - DME: Maintenance Object Class Key
SDMECLSREL - DME: Relationships Between Maintenance Objects
SDMECOMTDT - DME: CO Method Type Short Descriptions
SDMEDB0100 - DME - MDB: Fields for Screen 0100
SDMEDPCH - DME: Dialog Pool Component Header
SDMEDPCHT - DME: Text Table for Dialog Pool Component Header
SDMEDPDA - DME: Dialog Pool Component 'Dialog' (Area)
SDMEDPDC - DME: Dialog Pool Component 'Dialog' (Components)
SDMEDPDCT - DME: Dialog Pool Component 'Dialog' (Component Texts)
SDMEDPDF - DME: Dialog Pool Component 'Dialog' (Frames)
SDMEDPDH - DME: Dialog Pool Component 'Dialog' (Header)
SDMEDPDJ - DME: OBSOLETE Dialog Pool Component 'Dialog' (Join)
SDMEDPDTC - DME: Dialog Pool Component 'Dialog' (Tree Node Columns)
SDMEDPDTT - DME:OBSOLETE Dlg.Pool Component 'Dialog' (Tree Node Titles)
SDMEDPFF - DME: Dialog Pool Component 'Form' (Fields)
SDMEDPFFT - DME: Dialog Pool Component 'Form' (Field Texts)
SDMEDPFGT - DME: Dialog Pool Component 'Form' (Group Texts)
SDMEDPFH - DME: Dialog Pool Component 'Form' (Header)
SDMEDPHDR - DME: Dialog Pool Header Data
SDMEDPHDRT - DME: Dialog Pool Header Data Text Table
SDMEDPMF1 - DME: Dialog Pool Metadefinition 'Frame Layouts'
SDMEDPMF1T - DME: Dialog Pool Metadefinition Texts for 'Frame Layouts'
SDMEDPMF2 - DME: Dialog Pool Metadefinition 'Position Frame Layouts'
SDMEDPMF2T - DME: Dialog Pool Metadef. Texts for 'Pos. Frame Layouts'
SDMEDPSC - DME: Dialog Pool Component 'Selection' (Conditions)
SDMEDPSH - DME: Dialog Pool Component 'Selection' (Header)
SDMEDPTF - DME: Dialog Pool Component 'Table Control' (Fields)
SDMEDPTFT - DME: Dialog Pool Component 'Table Control' (Field Texts)
SDMEDPTH - DME: Dialog Pool Component 'Table Control' (Header)
SDMEDPVF - DME: OBSOLETE Dialog Pool Component 'View' (Fields)
SDMEDPVH - DME: Dialog Pool Component 'View' (Header)
SDMEDPVO - DME: Dialog Pool Component 'View' (Objects)
SDMEOATTR - DME: Attribute Definition
SDMETR_UIT - DME: Structure to Update Tree Items
SDME_S0001 - DME: Fields for Screen 0001
SDME_S0060 - DME: Fields for Dialog Editor Screen 0600
SDME_S9020 - DME: Fields for Screen 9020
SDME_SDPDA - DME: Dialog Pool Component Dialog, Area with Text and ...
SDME_SDPDC - DME: Dialog Pool Component Dialog, Components with Text
SDME_SDPDN - DME: Dialog Pool Components Dialog, Navigation
SDME_SDPFF - DME: Dialog Pool Component Single Screen, Fields with Text
SDME_SDPTF - DME: Dialog Pool Component Table Control, Fields with Text
SDME_SEV - DME: Structure for Grid Control for View in Easy Mode
SDME_SEV2 - DME: Structure for Grid Control for View in Easy Mode
SDME_SEVT - DME: Structure for Grid Control for View in Easy Mode
SDME_SFTXT - DME: Texts for Table Fields
SDME_SFX - DME: Auxiliary Field Information
SDME_SGRHD - DME: Structure for Header Grid
SDME_START - DME: Start Screen Fields
SDME_STLBX - DME: Toolbox Row in Grid
SDME_SVF - DME: View Field Proposal List
SDME_TITEM - DME: Item in Tree Control
SDME_TITUP - DME: Info for Update of Items in Tree Control
SELCONSTR - Structure to Display Selection Conditions
SELCONSTR1 - Structure to Display Selection Conditions
STC1BUTTON - Button List for Generic Table Control
STC1FIELDDAT - Structure for Describing a Field with Contents
STC1_PAR - General Table Control Parameters
SV54I_RES - Rresult import flag comparison
SV54I_UF - Flags dialogs for IMPFLAG
SV54I_USED - Dialog used in Variants, Viewclusters
TCSEARCH - Search Structure
TQLOG - Operator for View Maintenance Query (Obsolete)
TQLOT - Logical operators for view maintenance query (texts)
TQOP - Compare Operators for View Maintenance Query
TQOPT - Compare operators for view maintenance query (texts)
TVDIR - View Directory
TVDIR_TC - Supplement for TVDIR for conversion to table control 3.0B
TVIMF - User routines called from view maintenance
TVIMV - extended table maintenance: Selection variants
TVIMVT - extended table maintenance: Selection variant texts
VCLDIR - Viewcluster directory
VCLDIRT - Viewcluster directory text table
VCLMF - User routines called from view maintenance
VCLOBJECTS - View cluster maintenance: Subobjects
VCLSTRUC - Viewcluster: Structure table
VCLSTRUCT - Viewcluster structure text table
VCLSTRUDEP - Viewcluster: Dependencies between object fields
VCLTREEC - View Cluster Tree Control
VIEW_01 - Subset depencency for view cluster
VIEW_CL01 - Prototype for the definition of view clusters
VIMDESC - Control block structure for view maintenance
VIMDYNFLDS - Screen fields for view maintenance
VIMEXCLFLD - extended table maintenance: fields to be excluded
VIMEXCLFUN - Table of inactive CUA functions for view maintenance
VIMFLAGTAB - Flag structure for view maintenance tool: Flags for views
VIMGENCB - Control vector for generating the view maintenance tool
VIMKEYS - For View Key in RAW Format
VIMMODIX - Extended table maint.: Index for entries to be changed
VIMMODRES - Extended table maint.: Result of external editing
VIMNAMTAB - Control block structure for view fields in view maintenance
VIMSELLIST - Selection range for view maintenance
VIMSHORTSL - extended table maint.: Selection conditions short form
VIMSTATUS - Processing status vector for view maintenance
VIMTBFLAGS - Flag structure for view maint. tool: Flags for tables
VIMVIEWTAB - ext. table maint.: changeable tables for view
VIMWHERETB - Structure for dynamic selection conditions (WHERETAB)
VIM_T000 - Part of table T000