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SAP BC Business Management Tables (BC-BMT)

SAP Business Management Tables BC-BMT

LDA_ATTR_L - HR-LDAP Attribute
LDA_ATTR_S - HR-LDAP Attribute
LDA_ATTR_X - HR-LDAP Attribute
LDA_KEY - HR LDAP: Log Table Key
LDA_RDN_S - HR-LDAP: Attribute for Determining the RDN
SGLX_PARAMETER - Agent Determination Rule Parameter
TLDA_LOG - HR LDAP: Non-Exportable Data Records
TLDA_MSG - HR LDAP: Error Messages for Data in Table TLDA_LOG

SAP Please use subcomponents Tables BC-BMT-BPM

SCPL_VERS - Workflow pattern version

SAP Local Event Infrastructure Tables BC-BMT-BPM-LEI

SLEI_ACT_LNKG - Structure for Linkage activation
SLEI_APP_LOG_CONTEXT - LEI application log context
SLEI_BINDING - LEI binding - Cross client
SLEI_BINDING_C - LEI binding - Client specific
SLEI_CD_TST - Test of Event Triggering via Change Documents
SLEI_CHANGE_DATA - LEI change data
SLEI_CHANGE_DATA_EX - LEI extended change data
SLEI_COND - LEI condition structure
SLEI_CONDITION - LEI conditions - Cross client
SLEI_CONDITION_C - LEI conditions - Client specific

SLEI_GEN_S_OPERATION - Event Interface Operation: Generation Info
SLEI_LINK - LEI linkage, bindings, filter conditions
SLEI_LINK_C - LEI linkage, condition, binding - UI specific
SLEI_LNKG - LEI Linkages - Cross client
SLEI_LNKG_C - LEI Linkages - Client specific
SLEI_LNKG_ERR_S - Linkage consistency check - error structure
SLEI_TRC_CTX - LEI Trace: Application Context Structure
SLEI_TRC_DAT - LEI Trace: Data Entries
SLEI_TRC_EXT - LEI Trace: Enhancement Structure for Trace Filter
SLEI_TRC_OPT - LEI Trace: Select-Option Fields for Trace Runtime
SLEI_TRC_SEL - LEI Trace: Selection Conditions for Trace Start

SAP Life and Work Events Tables BC-BMT-LWE

LWE_S_STATUS - Runtime Status of a Life and Work Event
LWE_S_WFDID - Structure Workflow Definition ID

SAP Organizational Management Tables BC-BMT-OM

AFT_IMAGE - After-Image for Creating Events when Updating Database
BAL_HR_EXT - Additional BAL Output Columns for HR Components
BAPIHR1000 - HR: Infotype 1000 Object/Description
BAPIHR1001 - HR: Infotype 1001 Relationships
BAPIHR1002 - HR: Infotype 1002 Description
BAPIHR1016 - HR: Infotype 1016 Standard Profiles
BAPIHR1017 - HR: Infotype 1017 PD Profiles
BAPIHR1028 - HR: Infotype 1028 Address
BAPIHR1032 - HR: Infotype 1032 Mail Address
BAPIHRADD2 - HR: Infotype 1001 with Additional Data PADD2
BAPIHRADXN - HR: Infotype 1001 with Additional Data PADXN
BAPIHRINF - HR: Transported Infotypes and Subtypes for an Object
BAPIHROBJ - Header for an HR Object (Master Data or Organizational Data)
BAPIHRRCV - Receiving Systems for HR Objects
BAPIHRSDAT - General Transfer Structure for Infotype Records
BAPIOORIG - HR: Original System for an HR Object
BAPIORGMAS - Field Parameters for BAPIs for ORGMASTER Object
BAPI_LAISO - Language Key
BAPI_OBJEC - Objec Structure for BAPIs
BEF_IMAGE - Before-Image for Creating Events when Updating Database
BORPAR - SAP OrgObject Structure (Input and Output Parameters)
BORRELINFO - Relationship Information of BOR Objects
DELREPS - Reports Designated for Deletion

E1BPHR1000 - HR: Infotype 1000 Object/Description
E1BPHR1001 - HR: Infotype 1001 Relationships
E1BPHR1002 - HR: Infotype 1002 Description
E1BPHR1016 - HR: Infotype 1016 Standard Profiles
E1BPHR1017 - HR: Infotype 1017 PD Profiles
E1BPHR1028 - HR: Infotype 1028 Address
E1BPHR1032 - HR: Infotype 1032 Mail Address
E1BPHRADD2 - HR: Infotype 1001 with Additional Data PADD2
E1BPHRADXN - HR: Infotype 1001 with Additional Data PADXN
E1BPHRINF - HR: Transported Infotypes and Subtypes for an Object
E1BPHROBJ - Header for an HR Object (Master Data or Organizational Data)
E1P1000 - HR: Infotype 1000 Object/Description
E1P1001 - HR: Infotype 1001 Relationships
E1P1002 - HR: Infotype 1002 Description
E1P1016 - HR: Infotype 1016 Standard Profiles
E1P1017 - HR: Infotype 1017 PD Profiles
E1P1028 - HR: Infotype 1028 Address
E1P1032 - HR: Infotype 1032 Mail Address
E1P1061 - HR: Infotype 1061 (URL)
E1P1222 - HR: Infotype 1222 General Attribute Maintenance
E1PAD007 - HR: Infotype 1001 with Additional Data PAD007
E1PADD2 - HR: Infotype 1001 with Additional Data PADD2
E1PADXN - HR: Infotype 1001 with Additional Data PADXN
E1PITYP - HR: Transported Infotypes and Subtypes for an Object
E1PLOGI - Header for an HR Object (Master Data or Organizational Data)
E1PORIG - HR: Original System for an HR Object
E2P1000 - HR: Infotype 1000 Object/Description
E2P1001 - HR: Infotype 1001 Relationships
E2P1002 - HR: Infotype 1002 Description
E2P1016 - HR: Infotype 1016 Standard Profiles
E2P1017 - HR: Infotype 1017 PD Profiles
E2P1028 - HR: Infotype 1028 Address
E2P1032 - HR: Infotype 1032 Mail Address
E2PADD2 - HR: Infotype 1001 with Additional Data PADD2
E2PADXN - HR: Infotype 1001 with Additional Data PADXN
E2PITYP - HR: Transported Infotypes and Subtypes for an Object
E2PLOGI - Header for an HR Object (Master Data or Organizational Data)
E3P1000 - HR: Infotype 1000 Object/Description
E3P1001 - HR: Infotype 1001 Relationships

E3P1002 - HR: Infotype 1002 Description
E3P1016 - HR: Infotype 1016 Standard Profiles
E3P1017 - HR: Infotype 1017 PD Profiles
E3P1028 - HR: Infotype 1028 Address
E3P1032 - HR: Infotype 1032 Mail Address
E3PADD2 - HR: Infotype 1001 with Additional Data PADD2
E3PADXN - HR: Infotype 1001 with Additional Data PADXN
E3PITYP - HR: Transported Infotypes and Subtypes for an Object
E3PLOGI - Header for an HR Object (Master Data or Organizational Data)
ESSOPTIONS - Customer/User Options in ESS
ESSOPTTEXT - Texts on Customer/User Options in ESS
EXCELPIVOT - Pivot table structure for MS Excel
EXT_OBJECT - Object which Defines Existence
FSEAN_S - OM: Node Information for Launchpad
GDSET - Transfer Data: Structure Condition
GDSTR - General Structure Description
HRADATA - Additional Data Structure
HRALE_ERR - Structure for Transferring Error Messages
HRALVHISTO - ALV structure when objects' historical records are removed
HRATTRTPL - Template for Attribute Indices
HRAUTH - HR: Authorization main switch
HRAUTHPROF - Transfer Structure RH_AUTHORITY_BUILD: Profile Table
HRBAS_ALLOWED_FCODE - Allowed Function Code
HRBAS_ALLOWED_SUBTY - Allowed Subtype per Object Type and Infotype
HRBAS_BADI_IMPLEMENTED - Structure for BADI Implementation
HRBAS_CDOC_CONTEXT - Context for event handler of Change Documents
HRBAS_CDOC_ID_1001 - CDOC_ID: Specific for All Infotype 1001
HRBAS_CDOC_ID_NNNN - CDOC_ID: Default for All Infotypes
HRBAS_CDOC_INFTY_KEY - Keys of Changed Infotypes
HRBAS_CDOC_OBJECTID - Object ID for HR Change Documents
HRBAS_CDOC_REG_EVENT_HANDLER - Registered Event Handler
HRBAS_F4_HELP_AVAILABILITY - Availability of F4 Help for Field
HRBAS_F4_HELP_DATA - Input Help Data for Field
HRBAS_F4_HELP_DOMVAL_DATA - Structure for Input Help for Domain Fixed Values
HRBAS_F4_HELP_DOMVAL_INT - Structure for Input Help for Domain Fixed Values (Internal)
HRBAS_GENERATE_INDX - Structure for creating the INDX table
HRBAS_MESSAGE - HR Infotype Data: Message
HRBAS_OUTPUT - Output Table Analysis
HRBAS_PERNR_USER - Assigned Person to User
HRBAS_PROF_FILTER - Structure for Profile Filters
HRBAS_REALORG - Structure for Linked Organizational Units
HRBAS_ROLESANDPROFL - Structure for User Roles and Profiles
HRBAS_STRUC_SEARCH - F1 and F4 Help for the Structure Search
HRBAS_UPDATE_MODE - Which Posting Functions Are to Be Deactivated/Activated?
HRBAS_UPDATE_MODE_BUFDB - Switch for (Internal) Posting Functions
HRBAS_USER - User Table
HRBAS_USERLIST_FLAG - Structure for Deleted Users
HRBUFFER - Infotype Buffer
HRC1002 - Customer Clipboard for Standard Infotype 'Description'
HRC1206 - Customer Clipboard for Work Item Text for Standard Task
HRC1212 - Customer Enhancement IT 1212 Events (with Binding)
HRCDOC_IT1001_REF - Reference to Infotype 1001 with Additional Data
HRCDOC_PDINFTY_REF - Change Documents: Structure for Reference to PD Infotypes
HRCDOC_VALUES_REF - Change Documents: Structure for Transfer of Data References
HRCHECK - Description Table for Structure Condition
HRCHECK1 - Structure for ALV Tree in Program RHCHECK1
HRCOND - Description of Condition Line
HRCONT_TXT - Structure Texts for Container Definition
HRCOPLPT - Texts for Report RHCOPLPT
HRCUST - HR: Reference Structure Customizing (T77S0)
HRDATES - Structure for Selection of FM HR_POPUP_BEGDA_ENDDA
HRDBTAB - Update Table
HRDIALOG - Dialog Table
HRDI_DYN - Structure from vdata and opera
HRDSVIEWCP - HRDSYS: Changed View Entries
HRE1P1001 - HR: Infotype 1001 Relationships
HREALO - Object
HREVENTS - Event Transfer Structure for Determining Events
HREVT - Event
HREXPATH - HR: Expansion Path Entry for Seach Object
HRF4INFTY - HR: Input Help List Infotype
HRF4LIST - HR: F4 - Structure for Output List
HRF4NOREL - HR: F4 for OBJID - Without Relationship
HRF4ODISP - HR: Display Structure for SAP Office Hit List
HRF4OLIST - HR: SAP Office Hit List
HRF4PARAM - HR: Parameter F4 for OBJID (Bridge to Search Help)
HRF4RELAT - Infotype 1001: Relationships
HRF4SCLAS - HR: F4 Help Structure for displaying target object type
HRF4_FOT - HR: Help Structure for External Objects FILL_OBJID_TAB
HRFUNC_BC - General Data for Selection by Function Module (Basis)
HRGUIDKEY - HR: Object Key with GUID
HRGUIDKEYX - HR: Object Key with GUID16
HRH1222 - Infotype 1222: Reserved for Enhancements
HRHCTADMIN - Administrative Data Index Generation
HRHCTEXTD - PD Object (Object Type/Object ID/Texts/Validity Period)
HRHCTGENER - Reference Fields Index Generation
HRHCTOBJC - PD Object (Object Type/Object ID)
HRHCTREFER - Catalog Administration Reference Fields
HRHNODES - HR: Hierarchy Node Structure
HRHUT - Reference Structure for Function Group RHUT
HRHUTTXTAB - Reference Structure for Text Tables in Function Group PDPC
HRHUTVMASK - Validity Flags
HRHYPVIEW - Authorization Hyperview
HRI1000 - Infotype 1000 Fields
HRI1001 - Internal Structure Description for External Relationships
HRI1016 - Pointer
HRI1028 - Infotype 1028 Fields
HRI1032 - Infotype 1032 Fields
HRI1061 - Fields of Infotype 1061
HRI1201 - Infotype 1201 Fields
HRI1205 - Infotype 1205 Fields
HRI1206 - Infotype 1206 Fields
HRI1208 - Infotype 1208 Fields
HRI1212 - Fields for Infotype 1212 Event Binding
HRI1213 - Fields for Infotype 1213 Rule Binding
HRI1215 - Infotype 1215 Fields
HRI1216 - Infotype 1216 Fields
HRI1217 - Infotype 1217 Fields
HRI1218 - Data Part for Infotype 1240
HRI1220 - Infotype 1220 Fields
HRI1221 - Infotype 1221 Fields
HRI1223 - (Reserved for Generic Attributes)
HRI1230 - Fields for Infotype 1230
HRI1240 - Data Part for Infotype 1240
HRI6200 - Fields for Infotype 6200
HRIADATANR - Additional Data Numbers
HRIADMIN - Infotype Administration Data
HRIEXOB - Transfer Structure for External Objects
HRIKEY - Extended Key Definition of PD Infotypes
HRIKEYL - Language-Dependent Key Definition of PD Infotypes
HRINBOXADM - HR-WF: Internal Administration Structure for the Inbox
HRINFADMIN - Infotype Administration Data
HRINFKEY - Key Structure for Infotype Structures PNNNN
HRINFKEYL - Key Structure for Language-Dependent IT Structures PNNNN
HRINNNN - General PD Infotype Structure
HRINTE30 - Personnel Numbers to be Processed per Integration
HRIP1001 - Infotype-Specific Fields of IT1001
HRIPKEY - Key Structure for Infotype Structures PNNNN
HRIPKEYL - Key Structure for Language-Dependent IT Structures PNNNN
HRIS1002 - Data Fields for Standard Infotype 1002 Description
HRIS1206 - Data Fields for Standard Infotype 1206 Work Item Text
HRIS1212 - Data Fields for Standard Infotype 1212 Events with Binding
HRITABNR - References to Table Extensions
HRIXXXX - Fields for Infotype XXXX
HRIYYYY - Infotype YYYY Fields
HRKS1002 - Key Fields for Standard Infotype 1002 Description
HRKS1206 - Key Fields for Standard Infotype 1206 Work Item Text
HRKS1212 - Key Fields for Standard Infotype 1212 Events with Binding
HRLISTPARM - Internal Structure for Function Group RHWH (Current Info)
HRMDORIGIN - HR Master Data Distribution: Original Systems
HRMDRGIN - HR Master Data: Registry for Serialization in ALE Inbound
HRMDRGOUT - HR Master Data: Registry for Serialization in ALE Outbound
HRNADATANR - Newly Created Physical Additional Data Pointer in the Update
HRNTABNR - Newly Created Physical Table Pointer in the Update
HROBJBUPAS - Relationship between HR object and business partner
HROBJINFTY - HR: Object with Infotype and Subtype
HROBJMSG - Structure tree_objec With Information and Message
HROBJORIG - HR: Original System for an HR Object
HROBJSDATA - HR-CA: Internal Structure for Creating IDOCs
HROBJSERCOUNT - HR Master Data: Serialization Counter
HROBJSERIN - HR Master Data: Registry by Sending System in ALE Inbound
HROBJSEROUT - HR Master Data: Registry by Receiver System in ALE Outbound
HROEXIST - Status-Dependent Existence Intervals of Object
HROMACTION - Structure for Personnel Action with Reason
HROMDYBASE - Screen Fields for HR-OM
HROMGENDAT - Store generic data in buffer
HROMGENRED - Generic Data for Detail Screen
HROMGENRET - Store generic data in buffer
HROMGRIDST - Structure for Grid Columns
HROMOVPROT - HR: Structure of Log Tree for Transferring HR Objects
HRORGTASK - Work Item ID with Task, Origin and Flag
HRORIGDISP - HR: Line Type for Listing Original Systems
HROTJID - Transfer Structure for Field OTJID
HROTJID_RANGE - Range for Selection Using OTJID
HROTSUBTY - Structure with Object Type, Subtype, Target Object Type
HROTYPE - Structure with Object Type
HRP1000 - Infotype 1000 DB Table
HRP1001 - Infotype 1001 DB Table
HRP1001_ARCH - Infotype 1001: Inverse Relationship After Archiving
HRP1002 - Infotype 1002 DB Table
HRP1016 - Infotype 1016 DB Table
HRP1017 - Infotype 1016 DB Table
HRP1028 - Infotype 1028 DB Table
HRP1032 - Infotype 1032 DB Table
HRP1061 - DB Table for Infotype 1061
HRP1201 - Infotype 1201 DB Table
HRP1205 - Infotype 1205 DB Table
HRP1206 - Infotype 1206 DB Table
HRP1208 - Infotype 1208 DB Table
HRP1210 - Infotype 1210 DB Table
HRP1211 - Infotype 1211 DB Table
HRP1212 - Infotype 1212 DB Table
HRP1213 - Infotype 1213 DB Table
HRP1214 - Infotype 1214 DB Table
HRP1215 - Infotype 1215 DB Table
HRP1216 - Infotype 1216 DB Table
HRP1217 - Infotype 1217 DB Table
HRP1218 - DB Table for Infotype 1218
HRP1220 - DB Table for Infotype 1220 Activity Profile
HRP1221 - DB Table for Infotype 1221 Excluded Activities
HRP1222 - Infotype 1222: General attribute maintenance
HRP1223 - (Reserved for Generic Attributes)
HRP1230 - DB Table for Infotype 1230
HRP1240 - DB Table for Infotype 1240
HRP6200 - DB Table for Infotype 6200
HRPAD007 - Additional Data PAD007
HRPADBLIST - Additional Data Databases
HRPADD2 - Additional Data PADD2
HRPADD3 - Additional Data PADD3
HRPADNLIST - Additional Data Number List
HRPADNN - General Additional Data Table
HRPADXN - Additional Data PADXN
HRPERIONDX - Periods with index
HRPERSON_S - Structure of central person
HRPEVENTS - Events Used in the WF Environment (WF)
HRPLOGI - HR: Header for an HR Object
HRPOINTER - Reference
HRPP0C - Report Parameters for Report Category PP0C
HRPP0D - Report Parameters for Report Category PP0D
HRPP0E - Report Parameters for Report Category PP0E
HRPROFL - Periods of a Structural Profile
HRPXXXX - DB Table for Infotype XXXX
HRPYYYY - DB Table for Infotype YYYY
HRP_ARCHOBJ_DATA_S - HCM Data Protection : PD Abstract Class
HRP_ARCHOBJ_KEY_S - HCM Data Protection: PD Archiving
HRP_ARCH_INFTY1001_S - HCM Data Protection: PD Abstract Class
HRP_ARCH_INFTYBUFFER_S - HCM Data Protection: PD Abstract Class
HRP_ARCH_INFTYDATA_S - HCM Data Archiving: PD Data Nugget
HRP_ARCH_INFTYS_S - HCM Data Protection: PD Archiving
HRP_ARCH_OBJCDATA_S - HCM Data Protection: PD Archiving Abs Class
HRRELAT - Relationship for New DB
HRRELLI - HR: Related Objects (Source Object - Target Object)
HRREPOTREE - Report Tree Transfer Structure
HRRHAD_MSG - Transfer Structure for Return Code and Message
HRRHAP - Function Group RHAP Parameter Structure
HRRHAS - Import Parameters for Function Modules in FM Group RHAS
HRRHDB - Function Group RHDB Parameter Structure
HRRHNI - Interface Structure for FUGR RHNI
HRROOTOB - Root Objects
HRROOTOD - Root Objects
HRS1000 - Standard Infotype 1000 (SAP) Object Existence
HRS1002 - Standard Infotype 1002 Verbal Description
HRS1200 - Standard Infotype 1200 (SAP) Rule Assignment for Task
HRS1201 - Standard Infotype 1201 (SAP) Object Method
HRS1202 - Standard Infotype 1202 (SAP) Secondary Object Method
HRS1203 - Standard Infotype 1203 (SAP) Executable Functions
HRS1205 - Standard Infotype 1205 Workflow Definition
HRS1206 - Standard Infotype 1206 (SAP) Work Item Text
HRS1210 - Standard Infotype 1210 (SAP) Container Definition
HRS1211 - Standard Infotype 1211 (SAP) Container Definition Texts
HRS1212 - Standard Infotype 1212 (SAP) Events with Binding Definition
HRS1213 - Standard Infotype 1213 (SAP) Binding Task - Rule
HRS1214 - Standard Infotype 1214 (SAP) Other Bindings for Task
HRS1216 - Standard Infotype 1216 (SAP) Assigned Reference Function
HRS1220 - Standard Infotype 1220 (SAP) Transaction Code
HRS1221 - Standard Infotype 1221 (SAP) Set/Get Parameter for Transact.
HRSACTOR - Rule Fields
HRSAPPHONE - Radio Buttons for SAP Phone
HRSCMPERR - Substitution not Written to the Component System
HRSCOMPDEV - Assignment of Component and Dev. Class for Standard Objects
HRSCONT - Container Data for Workflow Container (Definition)
HRSCRIT - Selection Critera for HRPnnnn Infotypes
HRSET - Object for New DB
HRSETOBJ - Structure for Object Transfer to Object Table
HRSETTAB - Object Table Description
HRSEVENTS - Events Used in the WF Environment
HRSEVTERM - Closing Events Used in the WF Environment
HRSFCODES - Table Structure for Excluding F Codes
HRSIMMAP - Map Structure for WF Simulation
HRSIMOBJEC - Organizational Units and Positions for Simulation
HRSIMPROT - Log Table for Workflow Simulation
HRSIMSUB - Org. Units With Subordinate O and S
HRSOBID - Extended Object
HRSOBJECT - Index for Standard Objects
HRSTASK - Fields for Standard Task, Rule, and Workflow Template
HRSTRUC - Hierarchy Table for New DB
HRS_OBJEC - OBJEC Structure for Standard Objects
HRS_TRANSL - PD: Translation / Languages
HRT1002 - Table Part Infotype 1002
HRT1016 - Table Part Infotype 1016
HRT1017 - Table Part Infotype 1017
HRT1061 - Table Division for Infotype 1061
HRT1210 - Table Part Infotype 1210
HRT1211 - Table Part Infotype 1211
HRT1212 - Table Part Infotype 1212
HRT1213 - Table Part Infotype 1213
HRT1214 - Table Part Infotype 1214
HRT1218 - Table Part Infotype 1214
HRT1220 - Table Part Infotype 1220 Activity Profile
HRT1221 - Table Part Infotype 1221 Excluded Activities
HRT1222 - Table Section Infotype 1222: General Attribute Maintenance
HRT1230 - Table Section Infotype 1230
HRTASK_EVT - Assignment of Tasks and Events
HRTBUFFER - Buffer for Table Part of Table Infotype
HRTDBTAB - General DB Table Table Part for Table Infotype
HRTRACEV - Trace Authorization View
HRTRACEV2 - Trace Authorization Hyperview
HRTREX_ATTRIBUTE - Contains HR Attributes for Search Using TREX
HRTSKCLS - Task with Classification
HRTXTKEY0 - HRMS: Key for a Note (Minimal)
HRTXTKEYR - HRMS-TEM: Key for Note on Relationship
HRTYYYY - Table Part Infotype YYYY
HRUS_D2 - User Substituted by User
HRVIEW - Authorization View
HRWFADMODE - Structure for Setting Work Item Administrator Mode
HRWFAP_PAR - Parameters for Application Function Module - IDoc Inbound
HRWFINFO_L - Structure for Transfer of Results FM Org_Info_and_Task
HRWFNAME - Superstructure for Field Name for Structures RS_TREE_...
HRWFSUBST - Substitution Details
HRWFUSER_V - Transfer Structure to FM Org_Info_and_Task
HRWFWI_L - Transfer Structure: Selected Work Item List
HRWITSKCNT - Number of Work Items per Task
HRWL_SUBST - Substitution Table Workflow Inbox for the Worklist Server
ILFCOD - Transfer Structure for Logical Code
INFTYSUB - Infotypes with Subtypes
LINECOLOR - Indicates lines for OM_GRID to be colored
MSGOM - PD: Help Text for Lists in Organizational Management
OBJEC - Work Area for Database PCH
OMACOL - HR-OM: Column Group Attributes
OMACOLHID - Hidden columns
OMACOLINF - HR-OM: User-specific specification of array type
OMADDDATA - OM Framework: Additional Parameter for Request/Service
OMAQFDESC - Field Description of Query Fields for OM Column Concept
OMARRAYCOL - Technical Information on Columns
OMATTBUFFER_LOG - Generic Attributes: Structure for Buffer Log
OMATTINHOB - Gen. Attribute Maintenance: Additional Info. on Inheritance
OMATTRCHECK - Generic Attributes: Structure for Check Log
OMATTRDEFX - Generic Attributes: Dialog Characteristics
OMATTREF - Generic Attributes: Scenario with Instance
OMATTRLOG - Generic Attribute Maintenance: Application Log
OMATTRPROP - General Attribute Maintenance: Transfer Struc. for Attribute
OMATTRREPL - Generic Attributes: Replace Values (List)
OMATTRREPS - Data Record for Replacing Attribute Values
OMATTRTEXT - General Attribute Maintenance: Attribute with Text (for F4)
OMATTRTREE - Generic Attributes: Structure for Path Buffering
OMATTVALDY - General Attribute Maintenance: Screen Fields
OMATTVALRT - General Attribute Maintenance: Transfer Structure for Values
OMATTVALRTS - Gen. Attrib. Maintenance: Attributes(Inherited-SingleValues)
OMATTVALRTX - General Attribute Maintenance: Attributes of Set of Objects
OMATTVALUE - Transfer Structure for Container
OMBEHAV_S - OM Drag & Drop Behavior
OMCELL - OM: Cells in Grid
OMCELL_S - OM Definition of a Cell (Tree/Grid)
OMCLASSDEF - Org. Management: Class Definition With Display Area
OMCLASSSER - Org. Management: Services of a Class
OMCOLHEAD - OM: Column headers from T77COLT overwritten
OMCOLINFO - Column information for selected node keys
OMCOLINF_S - HR-OM: User-specific specification of array type
OMCOLORD_S - HR_OM: Sequence of columns
OMCOLOTYPE - Link Between Name of Column and Displayed Object Type
OMCOLUMNS - Columns in OM Grid
OMCONTCB_S - OM: Column with Content FM which belongs to it
OMCOPYINFO - OM: Additional Data on Copying Objects
OMCORRCOLS - HR-OM: Corresponding Column Name in Grid
OMDDMAT_S - OM Drag & Drop Cell Behavior
OMDETINT - Org. Management: Class Detail Interface
OMEVENTREG - Org. Management: Event Registry
OMEXPATH_S - Maintainable Relationship of an Evaluation Path
OMFAVKEY - Org. Management: Key texts of Favorites
OMFCDEF - Definition of Function Codes with Texts
OMFCODE - OM: Function code
OMFCTRANS - Field Name and Column Key Assignment
OMFRAMEWRK - Screen Fields for OM Framework
OMFUZZYTIM - Org. Management: Period Data
OMGENDATA - Org. Management: Generic Data Container (Name, Value)
OMGRIDCOL - Information on Column Display in Grid Control
OMGRIDSORT - ALV Control: Sort Order
OMINITEVCB - OM: Initial Event Callbacks for Workplace and Obj. Manager
OMJUMPTAR - OM: Target for Generic Tree Objects
OMLOCDEF - Org. Management: Locator Definition
OMLOCINT - Org. Management: Class Locator Interface
OMNFSTATUS - Org. Management: Most Recent Status of a Service
OMNODEST_S - OM: Assignment (Node, Search Tool)
OMOBJINFO - Column information for selected node keys
OMOBJSTR_S - Object with relationship
OMOMAEVENT - Org. Management: Object manager events
OMOVERINT - Org. Management: Class Overview Interface
OMROWCOLKY - Link Between Object Key and Row/Column Display
OMROWCON - Content of Columns Listed By Line Number
OMSAVESTAT - Org. Management: Most Recent Status of a Service
OMSCENTEXT - General Attribute Maintenance: Scenario with Text
OMSEAATT - Org. Management: Search Attributes (name, value) of Obj. Man
OMSEAFAV - Org. Management: Search variant
OMSEAOMF - Org. Management: Search Tool OMF Favorites
OMSEARCHFA - Org. Management: Search Tool Favorites
OMSEARCHRE - Org. Management: Object Types Allowed For a Service
OMSEARCHTI - Org. Management: Search Tool Interface Definition
OMSEARCHTO - Org. Management: Search Tool For an Object Type Per Service
OMSHOWDATE - HR-OM: Date input for Drag & Drop
OMSPAGPA - Org. Management: SPA/GPA parameter used
OMSTAFCODE - OM: Status Funciton Code
OMSTATINT - Organizational Management: Class Status Interface
OMSTYLE_S - OM: Definition of Styles for OM Tree
OMUCOT - HR-OM: Assignment between User Command and Object Type
ORGTREECOL - HR-CA Tree framework column definition
P1000 - Infotype 1000: Object Name
P1000_AF - Additional Query Fields
P1001 - Infotype 1001: Relationships
P1001_AF - Additional Query Fields
P1001_OLD - Infotype 1001 with ADATA Old Length (Rel. 2.2/3.0/3.1)
P1002 - Infotype 1002: Description
P1002_AF - Additional Query Fields
P1002_EXP - Infotype 1002 Expanded
P1016 - Infotype 1016: Standard Authorization Profiles
P1016_AF - Additional Query Fields
P1016_EXP - Infotype 1016 Expanded
P1017 - Infotype 1017: PD Authorization Profiles
P1017_AF - Additional Query Fields
P1017_EXP - Infotype 1017 Expanded
P1028 - Infotype 1028: Address
P1028_AF - Additional Query Fields
P1032 - Infotype 1032: Mail Addresses
P1032_AF - Additional Query Fields
P1061 - Infotype 1061
P1061_AF - Additional Query Fields
P1061_EXP - Infotype 1061 Expanded Structure
P1061_URL - Infotype 1061
P1201 - Infotype 1201: Object Methods
P1201_AF - Additional Query Fields
P1205 - Infotype 1205: WF Process to be Executed
P1205_AF - Additional Query Fields
P1206 - Infotype 1206: WF Work Item Text
P1206_AF - Additional Query Fields
P1208 - Infotype 1208: Assignment of SAP Organizational Objects
P1208_AF - Additional Query Fields
P1210 - Infotype 1210
P1210_AF - Additional Query Fields
P1210_EXP - Infotype 1210 Expanded
P1211 - Infotype 1211
P1211_AF - Additional Query Fields
P1211_EXP - Infotype 1211 Expanded
P1212 - Infotype 1212
P1212_AF - Additional Query Fields
P1212_EXP - Infotype 1212 Expanded
P1213 - Infotype 1213
P1213_AF - Additional Query Fields
P1213_EXP - Infotype 1213 Expanded
P1214 - Infotype 1214
P1214_AF - Additional Query Fields
P1214_EXP - Infotype 1214 Expanded
P1215 - Infotype 1215: WF Process Dependent on Organizational Unit
P1216 - Infotype 1216: Assigned Reference Function
P1216_AF - Additional Query Fields
P1217 - Infotype 1217: WF Classification and Lock Indicator
P1217_AF - Additional Query Fields
P1218 - Infotyp 1218
P1218_AF - Additional Query Fields
P1218_EXP - Infotyp 1218 Expanded
P1220 - Infotype 1220: Activity Classes
P1220_AF - Additional Query Fields
P1220_EXP - Infotype 1220 Expanded
P1221 - Infotype 1221: Excluded Activities
P1221_AF - Additional Query Fields
P1221_EXP - Infotype 1221 Expanded
P1222 - Infotype 1222: General attribute maintenance
P1222_AF - Additional Query Fields
P1222_EXP - Infotype 1222 Expanded Structure
P1223 - (Reserved for Generic Attributes)
P1230 - Infotype 1230: Clerk Determination
P1240 - Infotype 1240: Existence Dependency
P1240_AF - Additional Query Fields
P1250_AF - Additional Query Fields
P1251_AF - Additional Query Fields
P1252_AF - Additional Query Fields
P1253_AF - Additional Query Fields
P1254_AF - Additional Query Fields
P1280 - Work Item Basic Data
P1281 - Work Item Schedule Data
P1282 - Event Type Linkage
P1283 - Work Item Return Data
P6200 - Infotype 6200: Planned Operations
P6200_AF - Additional Query Fields
P778AT - Screen Fields for T778A
P77SX - Screen Fields for PD User Interface Control
PAD007 - Additional Data for 1001 Subtype 007 (Condition for GUM)
PADD2 - Additional Data for Relationships: 210 Specified Substitute
PADD2_QUE - Structure for Additional Data in Query
PADD3 - Additional Data Relationship 270 Describes (User Menu)
PADRO - Additional Data for Use of Rules
PADRO_QUE - Structure for Additional Data in Query
PADXN - Additional Data for Relationships: 283 Message Type
PADXN_QUE - Structure for Additional Data in Query
PCHDY - Selection Parameters for Database PCH
PD1203 - Addition to HRS1203
PDACT_HIDE - Internal Act_hide Structure for SEUT Display
PDCO1 - RHCOPY10 Screen and Work Fields
PDCOP - RHCOPY10 Screen Fields
PDDATASET - Structure for Data Transfer of PD Data
PDEXI - RHEXIST0 Screen Fields
PDMSG - PD: Structure for Function Module RH_DOCU_IN_LIST
PDNAV - RHNAVIG0 Screen Fields
PDORG_SAPO - Relate Structure for PD Object with SAP Org.Object
PDOWFD_VER - Versions of WF Definitions of WF Task
PDPERNRUSR - Structure: Users per Personnel Number
PDRHCI - Screen Fields for Infotype Copier
PDRHCT - Input and Screen Fields for Function Group RHCT
PDRHGB - Input and Screen Fields for Function Group RHGB
PDRHGC - Structure for Function Group RHGC Screens
PDRHUM - Structure for Screen Fields
PDSEL - Definition of Conditions for Accessing Objects
PDSTATE - Status Texts
PDSTR - RHSTRU00 Screen Fields
PDTASK - Texts for Task Editing
PDTASK_REL - Relate Structure for Task with Agent
PDTASK_TYP - Selection List for Task Type
PDWFCTASK - Screen Fields for Customer Enhancements of Standard Objects
PDWISTAT - Transfer Structure for Work Item Status
PEOPLE - OM Structure for Overview People List
PEOPLE_KEY - OM: Overview Structure for Buffer_key of People List
PFNDY - SAPFH5AN Screen Fields
PGEN_QUE - General Structure for Data 1000/1001 in PCH Queries
PHQ_CTAB - RFC Transfer Table for HQ Without Structure
PINFDY - Structure for RHINFAW0 Screen Fields
PKEY1 - Common Key for External Objects
PKEYS - Default Key for Related Objects
PLOG - Planning and Organization File
PLOGDB - Update Table for Planning and Organizational File
PLOGI - Table Index HRP*
PLOGI_DEL - Transport PD Objects to be Deleted
PM0D1 - SAPMH5A0 Screen Fields
PM0DY - PD: SAPMH5A0 Screen Fields
PMSDY - PD: SAPMH5AS Screen Fields
PNNNN - Special Fields for Different Infotypes
PNNNN_EXP - HR Work Area for Expanded Table Infotypes
PP00 - Parameter String for Program Class PP00
PP0B - Parameter String for Program Class PP0B
PP0C - Parameter String for Program Class PP0C
PP0D - Parameter String for Program Class PP0D
PP0E - Parameter String for Program Class PP0E
PP0G - Parameter String for Program Class PP0D
PP0I - Parameter String for Program Class PP0I
PP0L - Parameter String for Program Group PP0L
PP0O - Create Organizational Structure
PP0P - Parameter String for Program Class PP0P
PP0U - Parameter String for Program Group PP0U
PPCPD - Personnel Cost Plan: Admin.Structure for Payroll Results
PPCSH - Help Fields for Personnel Cost Planning
PPENQ - Lock Key
PPHDR - Common Key for PD Infotypes
PPHDX - PD Screen Fields
PPKEY - PPKEY: PD Key Structure
PPLOG - PD Infotype Record
PPMAC - Selection of Matchcode Procedure
PPPAR - PD Parameter String
PPPAR_EXEP - Cooper structure flag
PPPCH - System Parameter for Database PCH
PPSEL - Transfer Selection Parameters for Object ID
PRHGR - Function Group RHGR : General Data
PT1002 - Fields for Table Part of Infotype 1002
PT1016 - Fields for Table Part of Infotype 1016
PT1017 - Fields for Table Part of Infotype 1017
PT1061 - Fields for Table Division of Infotype 1061
PT1210 - Fields for Table Part of Infotype 1210 Container
PT1211 - Fields for Table Part of Infotype 1211 Container
PT1212 - Fields for Table Part of Infotype 1212 Event Binding
PT1213 - Fields for Table Part of Infotype 1213 Rule Binding
PT1214 - Fields for Table Part of Infotype 1214 Other Binding
PT1218 - Fields for Table Part of Infotype 1218
PT1220 - Fields for Table Part of Infotype 1220 Activity Profile
PT1221 - Fields for Table Part of Infotype 1221 Excluded Activities
PT1222 - General Attribute Maintenance
PT1230 - Fields for Table Section Infotype 1230
PTXXXX - Fields for table infotype XXXX
PTYYYY - Fields for Table Part of Infotype YYYY
PUN_OM_ITFLDS - Structure with F4-Help for Position title
PXXXX_AF - Additional Query Fields
PXXXX_EXP - Infotype XXXX expanded structures
PYYYY - Infotype YYYY
Q1000 - Screen Field Infotype 1000 (Object Name)
Q1001 - Screen Field Infotype 1001 (Relationships w/o Application)
Q1002 - Screen Field Infotype 1002 (Description)
Q1208 - Fields for Displaying Infotype 1208
Q1217 - Screen Fields Infotype 1217
Q777IBO - IPA: Texts for Table T777IBO
Q778P - Screen Fields for Table T778P (Plan Versions)
Q779W - IPA: Texts for Table T779W
Q779X - IPA: Texts for Table T779X
Q77FLC - IPA: Texts for Table T77FLC
Q77NT - IPA: Texts for Table T77NT
Q78NR - Display Structure for Table T78NR
RANGEENAME - Range for Formatted Name
RAPERSONID - Range for Central Person
RHAGENT_INFO - ALV Display Structure for Function Module RH_AGENT_INFO
RHALECPSALV - Structure for Report Display
RHBAUS00_TS_OUTPUT - Output Type
RHBAUS00_TS_PRFL - Profiles
RHBAUS00_TS_USR_PRFL - User Profile
RHCAADMIN - PD: Structure for Catalog Administration
RHCAOBJECT - PD: Object (Without Plan Version)
RHCAORDER - PD: Catalog Index
RHCATOBJEC - PD: Object (Without Plan Version) With Description
RHDBST00_ALV_S - Field Catalog RHDBST00
RHDM0 - Table Structure for Dynamic Menu
RHDM1 - Menu Display
RHLRHW - Fields for SAPLRHW* Function Modules
RHMC0 - Screen Fields for Function Group RHMC
RHMC1 - Data on Restrictions
RHMC2 - Object Table for PLOG Search Function
RHOBJECTS - Structure for Org.Objects
RHOBJEXTRD - Transfer Structure for External Objects with Rh_Read_Object
RHOBJ_NAME - Org.Management Object Name
RHWFD1 - Screen Fields for SAPLRHWS 500
RHWFINTFAC - Fields for WF ORG Interface
RHWFTSKATT - Task Attributes
RHWF_METH - Secondary Method for Standard Task
RHWIAG - Structure Work Item and Agent
RHWI_ID - Structure for Work Item IDs
RNGE_OBJID - HR: Ranges Structure Object ID
RNGE_ORIGS - HR: Ranges Structure of Original System
RNGE_OTYPE - HR: Range Structure for Object Type
RNGE_PLVAR - HR: Range Structure for Plan Version
SEL_INFTY - Infotypes with Subtypes for Object Type
SETGD - Transfer Data for Structure Condition
STRUC - Structure Information for Database PCH
SWHACTOR - Rule Resolution Result
SWWHRINDEX - Time Stamp for Indices in OrgManagement Workflow Environment
SWWUSERWI - Current Work Items Assigned to a User
T582C - Include Screens for Infotypes
T772S - Subtypes of Infotype 1002 with SAPscript
T777A - Building Addresses
T777BIRTH - Exrend relationship maintenance until birthday
T777D - Infotypes - Dialog/Database Assignment
T777DITCLASS - HRBAS Infotype Logic and Infotype Container Classes
T777DITOPER - HRBAS: Infotype Operations
T777DIT_GEN_BL - Generic Business Logic
T777E - Allowed Relationships
T777F - Function Code Assignment to Planning Status
T777GUID1 - HR: Global Object ID for HR Objects
T777H - Object Type Hierarchy
T777I - Infotypes per Object Type
T777IBO - Allowed Business Object Types per Object Type/Infotype/Subt.
T777IFPROPC - HRBAS: Infotype Field Properties
T777IFPROPS - HRBAS: Infotype Field Properties
T777M - Definition of Actions
T777O - Object Type Texts
T777P - Plan Versions
T777R - Request - Server - Table
T777S - Planning Status
T777SESTREX - Search Engine Service/TREX for PDOTYPES
T777T - Infotypes
T777U - Subtype Texts
T777V - Relationship Texts
T777Z - Infotype Time Constraint
T778A - Evaluation Paths
T778L - Languages Supported in HR-PD
T778M - Actions
T778O - Object Types
T778P - Plan Versions
T778S - Planning Status
T778T - Infotypes
T778U - Subtypes
T778V - Relationships
T7791 - Assignment to SAP Organizational Object Type
T779O - Object Types Allowed for Rule Resolution
T779W - HR-CA: Event Linkage
T779X - HR-CA: Event Linkage for Customer
T77ACOL - Column Framework: Columns in a Column Group
T77ACOLC - Column Framework: Columns in a Column Group
T77ACOLINI - Intial Settings for Array Type Column
T77AD - DB Tables for Additional Data
T77ALECOMB - HR: Distributable Relationship Between Orig. and Replication
T77ALERELA - HR: Distributable Relationship Direction
T77ALESIN - HR Master Data Distribution: Serialization in ALE Inbound
T77ALESOUT - HR Master Data Distribution: Serialization in ALE Outbound
T77ALE_FILTER1 - HR Master Data Distribution:Filter 1
T77ALE_FILTER1T - HR Master Data Distribution: Fileter 1 - Description
T77ALE_FILTER2 - HR Master Data Distribution:Filter 2
T77ALE_FILTER2T - HR Master Data Distribution: Filter 2 - Description
T77AP - Aspects
T77AR - Additional Data on Relationships
T77ARCH - Archiving Subobjects
T77ARCHLINE - Definition of Archiving Subobjects
T77ARCH_T - Archiving Subobjects
T77ARRAYTP - Column Framework: Definition of Column Groups
T77ARRAYTT - Text Table for t77arraytp
T77AS - Aspects
T77AT - Evaluation Path Texts
T77AU - Bottom-Up
T77AW - Definition of Evaluation Paths
T77CD - Infotypes - Customer-Specific Settings
T77CDOC - Management of Change Doc. Object Class for Infotypes
T77CDOC_CUST - Activate Change Documents
T77CNODORD - Scenario-Specific Definition of Nodes in Search Range
T77CNODO_T - Text Table for Table T77CNODORD
T77CNOD_EX - Excluding Nodes from Search Range
T77CO - User Interface
T77COL - Column Framework: Definition of Columns
T77COLHEAD - Column Framework: Composite Definition for Column Headers
T77COLHTYP - Column Framework: Defining Column Header Types
T77COLH_C - HR-OM: Customer-Specific Overwriting of Column Headers
T77COLOTYP - Column Framework: Column-Object Type Assignment
T77COLT - HR-OM: Texts on Column Definition for Structures
T77CSEATGB - Scenario-Specific Definition of Search Range
T77CSEATTO - Text Table for T77CSEAT_O
T77CSEAT_E - Exclude Search Tools from Search Range
T77CSEAT_O - Scenario-Specific Definition of Search Range
T77EO - External Object Types
T77EV - External Relationships
T77FC - PD Function Codes
T77FD - PD Function Code Texts
T77FL - Logical Function Codes
T77FLC - Allowed Logical Function Codes per Object-/Info-/Subtype
T77FLT - Name: Logical Function Code
T77FNODORD - Scenario-Specific Definition of Nodes in Search Range
T77FNODORT - Text Table for T77FNODORD
T77FOBJMAN - Definition of Object Manager Scenario
T77FRIEND - Column Framework: Definition of Coherence Relationships
T77FRIENDT - HR-OM: Text on Column Groupings
T77FSEAA - Definition of Interaction Tools
T77FSEAN - Description of Search Node in Search Range
T77FSEANT - Text table for T77FSEAN
T77FSEAS - Definition of Search Tools
T77FSEAST - Text table for T77FSEAS
T77FSEAT - Scenario-Specific Definition of Search Range
T77FSEATGB - Scenario-Specific Definition of Search Range
T77FSEATT - Text Table for T77FSEAT
T77HIERATC - Column Framework: Hierarchical Column Groups
T77HIERATP - Column Framework: Hierarchical Column Groups
T77ID - Infotypes: Enhancements to T777D
T77ITEX - Hierarchy Framework: Copy Object: Exclude Infotypes
T77ITEX_C - Hierarchy Framework: Copy Object: Exclude Infotypes
T77IV - Number Assignment
T77LA - Address Types with Long Addresses
T77MB - Action Texts
T77MC - Restrictions Related to Object Type in Search Function
T77MT - Cross-Module Texts
T77NI - Country-Specific Infotypes
T77NT - HRMS-TEM: Notes for Infotypes
T77OA - Object Types and Infotypes per Aspect
T77OBJDEF - OM: Definition of Interface Objects
T77OBJSER - Definition of Service of an Interface Object
T77OC - Catalogs
T77OCTABST - Adjust Tab Page Texts Customer-Specifically
T77OCTABUS - Scenario-Specific Tab Page Usage
T77OD - Catalog Definition
T77OF - Editing Functions for Catalogs
T77OMATDIR - General Attribute Maintenance: Change Information
T77OMATGT - Attributes of General Tree-Overview Object
T77OMATGTC - Attributes of General Tree-Overview Object
T77OMATTDB - General Attribute Maintenance: Help Indices for Attributes
T77OMATTIX - General Attribute Maintenance: Index Analysis
T77OMATTOT - Gen. Attribute Maintenance:Attributes per Obj.Type/Scenario
T77OMATTR - General Attribute Maintenance: Definition of Attributes
T77OMATTRT - General Attribute Maintenance: Text Tables for Attributes
T77OMATTSC - General Attribute Maintenance: Application Scenarios
T77OMATTST - General Attribute Maintenance: Texts on Scenarios
T77OMATTUS - General Attribute Maintenance: Attributes per Scenario
T77OMAT_ST - Structure for Scenario Subtypes with Texts
T77OMBUFEV - Times in OM Buffer
T77OMFRAM - Hierarchy Framework Scenario: Scenario Attributes
T77OMFRAMC - Hierarchy Framework Scenario: Scenario Attributes
T77OMFRAS - Hierarchy Framework Scenario: Definition
T77OMFRAST - HR Navigation Framework Scenario: Definition Texts
T77OMIA - Hierarchy Framework: Interaction Tool Attributes
T77OMIA_C - Hierarchy Framework: Interaction Tool Attributes
T77OMICON - Hierarchy Framework: Icons to be Displayed in Icon Legend
T77OMICONT - Icon Texts to be Displayed in Icon Legend
T77OMIFDET - Hierarchy Framework: Interface for Detail Objects
T77OMIFGT - Interface of General Tree-Overview Object
T77OMIFGTC - Composite Definition: Interface of a Tree-Overview Object
T77OMIFOVE - Hierarchy Framework: Overview Object Interface
T77OMIFSTA - Hierarchy Framework: Status Object Interface
T77OMIFTIM - Hierarchy Framework: Period Object Interface
T77OMKEY_A - HR-OM: Genrating Array Types for Column Concept
T77OMKEY_C - HR-OM: Generating Column Names for Column Concept
T77OMREGIS - Definition of Requests in Hierarchy Framework Scenario
T77OMREG_C - Composite Definition: Requests in Hierarchy Framework Scen.
T77OMREG_T - Text Table for T77OMREGIS
T77OMSCEN - Service for Organizational Management
T77OMSCENF - Definition of Scenario Groups
T77OMSCENT - Service for Organizational Management
T77OMTABS - Hierarchy Framework: Definition of Tab Pages
T77OMTABST - Tab Index Texts
T77OMTABUS - Scenario-Specific Tab Page Usage
T77OS - Structure Search
T77OS_EXT - Structure search
T77OS_TRX - Advanced Structure Search per Transaction
T77OT - Catalog Texts
T77PA - Plan Versions per Aspect
T77PQ - Authorization Profiles
T77PR - Definition of Authorization Profiles
T77PR_WA - Structure for Excluded Structural Profiles
T77PS - Authorization Profile Texts
T77RO - Definition of Proxy Profiles
T77RP - Substitute Profile
T77RQ - Text for Substitute Profile
T77S0 - System Table
T77S1 - Menu: Functions
T77S2 - Menu: Services
T77S3 - Menu: Screen Modifications
T77S4 - Menu: Dynamic Menu Texts
T77S5 - Menu: Dynamic Menu Functions
T77SC - Customizing: Grouping Entries in T77S0
T77SO - Structurally-Dependent Object Types
T77ST - System Tables
T77TC - Classification of Tasks
T77TD - Texts for Task Classification
T77TR - Transport Lock for Infotypes and Subtypes per Object
T77TT - Profiles for RHDESC20 Texts
T77UA - User Authorizations
T77UU - User Table for Batch Input
T77VA - Relationship Characteristics
T77ZA - Additional Conditions for Time Constraint 3
T77ZC - Check Table: Additional Conditions for Time Constraint 3
T77ZR - Infotype 1001 Time Constraint (Target Object Type-Dependent)
T77ZT - Text Table for Additional Conditions - Time Constraint 3
T77ZZ - PD XPRA Control
T787I - Infotypes for Standard Object Types
T787O - Text Table: Standard Object Types
T787T - Text Table: Infotypes for Standard Object Types
T787U - Text Table: Subtypes for Standard Objects
T787V - Text Table: Relationships for Standard Objects
T788E - Check Table for Allowed Standard Relationships
T788O - Check Table for SAP Standard Object Types
T788T - Check Table for Standard Object Infotypes
T788U - Check Table Subtypes for Standard Objects
T788V - Check Table for Standard Relationships
T78NR - Prefix Numbers for Standard Object Types
T78NRI - Prefix Numbers and Number Intervals for Standard ObjectTypes
TASK_ATTR - Task Attributes (Method Context)
TBARBUTTON - Information on Buttons in Grid Toolbar
TEXTBUF - Object Text Buffer
VHRT1002 - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
VHRT1016 - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
VHRT1017 - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
VHRT1061 - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
VHRT1222 - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
WFLOWCUST - Switch in Table T77S0 Group WFLOW
WPLOG - PD Infotype Work Area
WPLOG_EXT - PD Infotype Workarea (Extended Object Key)
WPLOG_LONG - Structure WPLOG with Additional Character-200 Field
WPLOG_OLD - WPLOG with VDATA Old Length (Rel. 2.2/3.0/3.1)

SAP Structural Graphics Tables BC-BMT-OM-GRF

HRNSPACE_SYSID - HR Namespace Check: System Selection
HRTABDEVC - Table for Transferring Fields to RH_TABDEVC_POPUP
T777NAME1 - HR Namespace: Table Entries
T777NAME2 - HR Namespace: Table Entries from Non-SAP Systems
T777NAME2C - HR Namespace: Software Components of the Systems
T777NAME2P - HR Namespace: New Table Entries
T777NAME2S - HR Namespace: Required Entries for Systems
T777NAME2T - HR Namespace: Log CVERS of Systems
T777NAME2U - HR Namespace: Administrators
T77GA - Design description (status-oriented)
T77GB - Toolbox Description
T77GC - Contexts for Graphics Applications
T77GD - Data Set Description (Objects)
T77GE - Tool groups
T77GF - Definition of Object Data
T77GG - Designs for Graphical Structure Display
T77GI - Data Sets for Graphical Structure Display
T77GL - Design Description (Type-Oriented/Relationships)
T77GO - Toolboxes for Graphical Structure Maintenance
T77GR - Data Set Description (Relationships)
T77GS - Tool Set Description
T77GT - Definition of Tools
T77GU - User-Specific Graphical Editing
T77GV - Definition of Relationship Data
T77GX - Design Description (Type-Oriented/Objects)
T77LC - Application Context Names
T77LE - Tool Set Names
T77LF - Names for Object Data
T77LG - Design Names
T77LI - Names for Data Sets
T77LO - Tool Box Names
T77LT - Tool Names
T77LV - Texts for Relationship Data
T77LV - Texts for Relationship Data
T77LV - Texts for Relationship Data
T77LV - Texts for Relationship Data

SAP Organizational Plan Tables BC-BMT-OM-OM

CUSTOMREC - Structure (No + String) for Customer Fields (OrgPublisher)
ESSSYSMSG - Message Texts for MiniApp System Messages
ESSTELEFON - HR-ESS: Telephone Number (Area Code&Number, Extension)
ESS_ENGINE - Personalize Web Search MiniApp: Search Engines
ESS_NEWS - Structure for Personalizing News Display
ESS_STOCKS - Structure for Personalizing Stock Price Display
ESS_WS - Personalize Web Search MiniApp
GMFAVORITE - Generic Role Manager: Favorites
GMICON - Generic Role Manager: Icons for Node Keys
GMITEM - Generic Role Manager: Item Structure for Tree
GMRELAT - Generic Role Manager: Child-Parent Relationship
GMSPECICON - Generic Role Manager: Special Icons
GMSPICON - Generic Role Manager: Special Icons
GMSTRUC - Generic Role Manager: Definition of a Structure
GMSTRUCI - Generic Role Manager: Structure Information
GRM_TYPES - Generic Role Manager: Data Elements Used
HRMATRIX - Structure for Matrix Maintenance
HRSIMPTREE - Node structure of a simple tree (Report SAPTREX3)
HRUSMWBFCH - User-Specific File for Hidden MDT Function Codes
IMWBFCD - Include for Manager's Desktop Function Code
INDX_ESS - Employee Self-Service (ESS) Settings
MWBEVDEF - Transfer Structure for Manager's Desktop Evaluation Paths
MWBFCDDEF - Transfer Structure for Manager's Desktop Function Codes
MWBFCDSTR - Structure for Function Code Hierarchies
MWBFCDTAB - Structure for Function Code
MWBITEM - Tree Control Item of Manager's Desktop
MWBUPDITEM - Update Item for Structure Tree Manager's Desktop
ORGCHECKB - Structure for Setting Check Boxes in Tree
ORGCOLCON - HR-CA Tree framework: Line content
ORGNODECON - HR-CA Tree framework: Column content
ORGPUBREC - Org. Publisher (Timevision) Record
T779M - Matrix Types
T779T - Texts for Matrix Types
T77GMFO - Generic Role Manager: Object Type-Specific Functions
T77GMFS - Generic Role Manager: Function Codes
T77GMFSC - Generic Role Manager: Function Codes
T77GMLSRFC - Generic Role Manager: Logical System -> RFC Destination
T77GMOTYPE - Generic Role Manager: Object Type Icons
T77GMOTYPT - Generic Role Manager: Object Type Texts
T77GMS - Generic Role Manager: Definition of a Structure
T77GMSC - Generic Role Manager: Definition of a Structure
T77GMSCT - Generic Role Manager: Evaluation Path Texts
T77GMSG - Generic Role Manager: Definition of a Structure Group
T77GMSGC - Generic Role Manager: Definition of a Structure Group
T77GMSO - Generic Role Manager: Primary Object Types for List
T77GMSOC - Generic Role Manager: Primary Object Types for List
T77GMST - Generic Role Manager: Evaluation Path Texts
T77MWBBWS - BW System Data for Manager's Desktop
T77MWBD - Evaluation Paths in Manager's Desktop Framework
T77MWBDT - Texts for Evaluation Paths in Manager's Desktop Application
T77MWBDTC - Customer-Specific Texts for Evaluation Paths in MDT
T77MWBFCC - Customer-Specific Override for Manager's DT Function Codes
T77MWBFCD - Function Codes for Manager's Desktop
T77MWBFCH - Function Code Hierarchies for Manager's Desktop
T77MWBFCO - Object Type-Dependent Function Codes for Manager's Desktop
T77MWBFCT - Texts for Manager's Desktop Function Codes
T77MWBFHC - Customer-Specific Arrangement of FCodes in MDT
T77MWBFTC - Customer-Specific Text for Manager's Desktop Function Codes
T77MWBK - Customer-Specific Evaluation Paths for Each Category in MDT
T77MWBKS - Evaluation Paths for Each Category in Manager's Desktop
T77MWBS - Manager's Desktop Scenarios
T77MWBSC - Manager's Desktop: Scenario-Specific Settings
T77MWBT - Text Table for Manager's Desktop Applications
TREECOLPER - Column Permutation
TREELEGEND - Entries for HR tree framework legend
TREE_OBJEC - Structure objec with Node Key for Tree Control
TREE_STRUC - Structure struc with Node Key for Tree Control
USRTREECOL - User-Specific Column Permutations per Array Type
USRVIEWCOL - User-Specific Column View
USRVIEWTAB - User-specific Tabstrip View

SAP SAP Business Workflow Tables BC-BMT-WFM

ACTOR_TEXT - Actors with relevant names
AKTIVITEM - Activities After Receipt of Work Item from Message
BDSCHKF20 - BDS: File Name for Last Check-Out
BDSCHKO20 - BDS: Check Out Data for Physical Information Object
BDSCONT20 - BDS: Table for Document Contents (Import/Export)
BDSLOIO20 - BDS: Instances of Logical Information Objects
BDSLOIOT20 - BDS: Descriptions of Logical Information Objects
BDSLOPR20 - BDS: Attribute Values of Logical Information Objects
BDSLORE20 - BDS: Outgoing Relationships of Logical Information Objects
BDSLORI20 - BDS: Incoming Relationships of Logical Information Objects
BDSPHF20 - BDS: Files of Physical Information Objects
BDSPHHR20 - BDS: Outgoing Hyperlinks from Physical Objects
BDSPHIO20 - BDS: Instances of Physical Information Objects
BDSPHNM20 - BDS: Use of Target Anchors in Physical Objects
BDSPHPR20 - BDS: Attributes of Physical Information Objects
BDSPHRE20 - BDS: Outgoing Relationships of Physical Information Objects
BDSPHRI20 - BDS: Incoming Relationships of Physical Information Objects
BDSRE20 - BDS: Relationship Instances
BDSREPR20 - BDS: Relationship Attributes
BDS_CON020 - BDS: Link Table Default for Undefined Class
NODETEXT - Structure for saving node text
OJDAT - SAP objects: data
OJDATM - SAP objects: methods data
OJDEF - Objects in the SAP System: definitions source
OJDEFL - Objects in the SAP System: definitions load
OJDEFS - Objects in the SAP System: definition source
OJFIELDS - SAP objects: field list
OJINT - SAP objects: internal fields
OJKEYM - SAP objects: methods key
OJTL - SAP objects: time stamp
RSWB_COND - Structure for conditions
RSWB_COND1 - Structure for conditions
RSWB_COND2 - Structure for Conditions (indiv.fields)
SACTION - Structure for Activity Selection Because of WF from Message
SAPFORMS - SAPforms Container Variables (Every Data Element Type)
SAPI_SHEAD - Workflow API: Header Structure
SAPI_SMSG - Workflow API: Message Structure
SBF_RU_USAGE_XML - Buffer for Report SBF_RU_USAGE_XML_FILE_EVAL - obsolete
SBPTCAPTN - Header and Icon of a Tray
SBPTCINFO - Administration Table for Trays
SBPT_AFTCO - FWWP: Parameters After Command Execution
SBPT_ARCON - FWWP: Configuration of Area Object
SBPT_BEFCO - FWWP: Parameters Before Command Execution
SBPT_CHINF - FWWP: Information About Effects of Data Change
SBPT_CMNDS - FWWP: Command Definitions for Class
SBPT_COMM - FWWP: Meta Information for Creation of Command Objects
SBPT_CVCEL - FWWP: Information About ALV Cell Currently Selected
SBPT_DICON - FWWP: Configuration for Desktop Item
SBPT_DUMMY - FWWP: Structure for Dummy Objects
SBPT_FAKEY - FWWP: Key Structure for Favorites Folder
SBPT_FAVAR - FWWP: Favorites Folders of a User
SBPT_FAVIT - FWWP: Favorites in a Folder
SBPT_FCONF - FWWP: Configuration for Command Object
SBPT_FWCON - FWWP: General Configuration Data of Framework
SBPT_FWLAY - FWWP: Layout Information for Initialization of Framework
SBPT_ITCON - FWWP: Configuration for Individual Application Object
SBPT_ITDSC - FWWP: Information About Selected Objects
SBPT_LICON - FWWP: Configuration of List Area
SBPT_LIVAR - FWWP: Variant Control for List Output
SBPT_METNA - FWWP: Metadata of Navigation Area
SBPT_NACON - FWWP: Configuration Data of Navigation Area
SBPT_NODE - FWWP: Node Structure of Tree
SBPT_SDEMO - FWWP: Structure for Metadata of Demo Workplace
SBPT_SELAR - FWWP: Area Selection (in Dialog)
SBPT_SMIME - FWWP: Transfer of MIME Objects
SBPT_SNAHE - FWWP: Structure for Header Description of Navigation Area
SBPT_SOBIN - FWWP: Linkage of Object Reference to Index
SBPT_STAND - FWWP: Standard Structure for Workplace (Area Display)
SBPT_STRAD - FWWP: Add Entries in Navigation Area
SBPT_STRUP - FW WP: Update of Navigation Area
SBPT_SWORK - FWWP: Display Objects Last Processed By a User
SBPT_WB - Wizards: Screen structure for Wizard Builder
SBPT_WB_L - Wizards: Structure for list of existing wizards
SBPT_WILST - FWWP: Demo - List of Work Items
SBPT_WRKON - FWWP: Meta Information for Processed Objects
SIN_WF_INF - Includes class-spec. attributes for integrated inbox
SIW_WF_INF - Includes class-spec. attributes for integrated inbox
SOBJTYP - Structure with Object Type
SPAEVTINST - ESI Event Instance: BO Root Node ID + Event Data
SPA_ESI_PROXYMAP - List of Assignments ESI Object <-> ABAP Process Proxy
SPA_MASS_EVENT - PoA Mass Event (For Multiple Object Instances)
SRVNAMVALS - Name Value Structure for Query String
SWABINDEF - Workflow Binding: Definition Structure
SWABINEDIT - Workflow Binding: Editor Structure
SWABINTEXT - Workflow Binding: Texts in Binding Editor
SWABINTYPE - Workflow Binding: Binding Types Structure
SWACHGDATA - WF: Change Data, User, UTC (Date + Time), Language, Rel.
SWACONEDIT - Workflow Binding: Editor Fields Container Instance
SWACONEXTV - Workflow Binding: List of Name/Value Pairs
SWACONSREF - Workflow: Dictionary reference of constants
SWACONST - Workflow expression: Value of a constant
SWACONTED - Metadata for Control of Container Editor Dialog
SWACONVAL - Workflow Expressions: Container Element Value
SWAERROR - Workflow Expressions: Error
SWAEXERROR - Workflow Expression: Error
SWAEXPDEF - Workflow Expression: Definition Attributes
SWAEXPEDIT - Workflow Expressions: Editor Structure
SWAEXPREF - Workflow Expression Reference (Type Information)
SWAEXPRINF - Structure for Describing a Container Expression (Def.+Run.)
SWAEXPRQAL - Name/Value Pair with a Property of an Expression
SWAEXPSTRU - Workflow Expression: Structure
SWAEXPTYPE - Workflow Expressions: Expression Types
SWALINEDIT - Work item title: Edit structure
SWAMESG - Message Collector
SWAOFFSLEN - WF: Character strings - offset/length of sub-string
SWAREFNMTB - Nametab for Reference Structure of Container Element
SWASTDTYP - Workflow Standard Data Types
SWASTRTAB - WF: Display string in 255-character lines
SWASYSTFLD - WF: List of system fields with categorization
SWA_ELEM - Element list
SWA_EXPRES - Workflow: Container expression (runtime and definition data)
SWA_E_PROP - Container Editor: Element Properties
SWA_FLAGS - Workflow Container: Flags
SWA_MSGLIN - Text line for message
SWA_NAMES - Workflow: Name and Description of Container Elements
SWBCOUPLNG - WF: Transfer structure for rules/start condition/linkage
SWBCURREF - Structure for a value field with currency reference
SWBDEFAULT - Default Values for a Transaction, a Program, an FM
SWBFINDITM - WF: Structure for Searching for Items in Container Tree
SWBOCXCNI - Condition structure: Container OCX items
SWBOCXCNT - Condition structure: Container OCX presentation
SWBRULEBIN - WF: Runtime Representation of a Rule
SWBRULECOM - WF: Client-specific start conditions
SWBRULECOU - WF: Connecting Condition/Context to Event Linkage
SWBRULEHDR - WF: Header Table for Managing a Rule System
SWBRULETXT - WF: Language-Dependent Texts for Rules and Rule Systems
SWBSAPDFLT - SAP Default Values for Prog./Trans./FMs (Applic.-Specific)
SWBTESTCUR - Test Table for Currency Translation
SWBUSRDFLT - Default Values of SAP User for Prog./Trans./FMs
SWB_ANLSYS - Workflow Condition Editor Result Analysis
SWB_COND - Structure for conditions
SWB_COND_S - Structure for conditions
SWB_ERROR - Structure for Handling Errors
SWB_LDATA - Structure for conditions
SWB_LDAT_S - Structure for conditions
SWB_LKEY - Key for Workflow Condition Line
SWB_NODES - WF: Node Structure for Container Tree
SWDAAGNT - Ad Hoc Agents: Technical and Detailed Names
SWDAAGNTS - Ad Hoc Agents
SWDAFAGNT - All Agents of Step with Error Indicators
SWDAGUID - Structure for 32-Byte GUID for Use in BOR
SWDAHEAD - Ad Hoc Agents - Header Table
SWDANOTES - References to Notes for Ad Hoc Agents
SWDAOBJCTS - Relationship Between Object Type and Task Groups
SWDCIMNODE - Workflow Definition: Include Structure for Nodes (Def.)
SWDCOMPEVT - Old Structure for Terminating Events
SWDD_DEMO - WF: Screen Structure for Demo Application-Specific Profiles
SWDFACTION - Form Types and Actions
SWDIAPIAGT - Agent for Workflow
SWDIAPINDA - Node and Agent in Workflow Log
SWDIAPINOD - Node in Workflow Log
SWDIAPI_PR - WF: Name Value Pair
SWDIAPI_WI - WF: Work Item
SWDIBINDEF - Workflow definition: Include structure for binding
SWDICHGLOG - Date, Release and User upon Creation and Change
SWDICNTIDX - Container Index
SWDIDSTEPS - Step Properties for WF Definition (Not Runtime)
SWDIEVNTS - Workflow Definition: Include Structure for Nodes (Runtime)
SWDIFORMS - Workflow Definition: Include Structure for Forms
SWDIFUNC - WF Definition: Function Module/Method
SWDIGLOBAL - Include Structure for Cross-Version Data
SWDIHEADER - WF: Include Structure for Header Data
SWDILEVNTS - Local Events
SWDILINES - Workflow definition: Include structure for lines (runtime)
SWDILOG - Internal Log of Changes to Workflow Definitions
SWDIMETHOD - Workflow definition: Include structure for secondary methods
SWDIMLINES - Workflow definition: Include structure for lines (def.)
SWDIMNODES - Workflow definition: Include structure for nodes (def.)
SWDINODES - Workflow definition: Include structure for nodes (runtime)
SWDINODES2 - Workflow Definition: Include Structure for Nodes (Runtime)
SWDIOBJCTS - Relationship Between Object Type and Task Groups
SWDIPREDITORS - Header Data for Application Profile for WF Builder
SWDIPRHEAD - Header Data for Application Profile for WF Builder
SWDIPROPTS - Properties
SWDISFORM - Workflow Definition: Include Structure for START Forms
SWDISTEPS - Workflow definition: Include structure steps (runtime+def.)
SWDITASKS - Tasks Referenced Directly from Workflow Definition
SWDIWFCONT - Workflow definition: Include structure for container
SWDIWFCTXT - Workflow definition: Include structure for container texts
SWDKFUNC - Workflow Definition: Key for Function Module/Method
SWDKOBJCTS - Relationship Between Object Type and Task Groups
SWDKPROPTS - Workflow Definition: Key for Attributes
SWDPCMD - Web Activity: Possible Functions
SWDPCMDT - Web Activity: Possible Functions (Text)
SWDPEXCP - Web Activity: Possible Exceptions
SWDPEXCPT - Web Activity: Possible Exceptions (Text)
SWDPGRPHDR - Web Activity: Log Group
SWDPGRPPRT - Web Activity: Log of a Log Group
SWDPGRPTXT - Web Activity: Log Group (Text)
SWDPHEADER - Web Activity: Transmission Protocol Header Data
SWDPOPERS - Web Activity: Transmission Protocol Operations
SWDPPRCMD - Web Activity: Possible Functions Within a Log
SWDPPRCMEX - Web Activity: Exceptions Within a Function
SWDPTEXTS - Web Activity: Long Texts for Transmission Protocols
SWDRULES - WF: Rules according to which binding is defined
SWDSBINDEF - WF Definition: Bindings
SWDSCNTIDX - WF Definition: Container Index (Where-Used List from 610)
SWDSCONDEF - WF Definition: Conditions
SWDSCONT - WF Definition: Container (from 610)
SWDSDSTEPS - WF Definition: Definition-Relevant Steps Only
SWDSENTRY - Entry in Undo-Redo Stack
SWDSEVNTS - WF Definition: Events
SWDSEXPR - WF Definition: Expressions
SWDSFORMS - WF Definition: Forms
SWDSFUNCS - WF Definition: Functions
SWDSGLOBAL - WF Definition: Cross-Version Basic Data
SWDSHEADER - WF Definition: Basic Data
SWDSLEVNTS - WF Definition: Local Events
SWDSLOCKS - Lock table
SWDSMETHOD - WF Definition: Methods
SWDSMLINES - WF Definition: Lines
SWDSMNODES - WF Definition: Nodes
SWDSPROPTS - WF Definition: Properties
SWDSSTEPS - WF Definition: Steps
SWDSTASKS - WF Definition: Tasks
SWDSTEXT - WF definition: Language-dependent texts
SWDSWFCONT - WF Definition: Container (Up To 46D)
SWDSWFCTXT - WF Definition: Container Text (All Releases)
SWDURLDEF - Wizard-Driven Definition of URL
SWDUSSTRIP - WF: User-defined tab page in WI display
SWD_ACONT - Step Container
SWD_ADHEXT - Ad Hoc Workflows
SWD_ADH_ID - Ad Hoc Object: Key Field for BOR
SWD_AEVNTS - Display Structure Events
SWD_AFLOW - Complete Workflow Definition
SWD_AGENT - WF: Detail screen for agent assignment in WF editor
SWD_AHEAD - Header Data for Workflow Definition
SWD_ALINES - Workflow Definition: Interface for API (Lines)
SWD_ALOCEVT - Local Event
SWD_ANCHOR - Node and Insertable Tasks
SWD_APIXML - Structure for XML Output of Workflow Log
SWD_API_AG - WF: Agent
SWD_API_LG - Workflow Log
SWD_API_LN - WF: Lines
SWD_API_ND - WF: Nodes
SWD_API_PR - WF: Name Value Pair
SWD_API_TS - Tasks
SWD_API_WIS - Work Items
SWD_APROPTS - Attributes, Internal Display
SWD_ASTEP - API: Step Definition
SWD_BINDEF - WF Definition/Runtime: Bindings
SWD_BLOSTR - Workflow definition: Block structure
SWD_BUFKEY - Key for Workflow Definitions in Shared Buffer
SWD_BUTTON - WF: EATAB buttons for screens
SWD_CASE - Workflow Definition: STEP/LOOP Step Type 'CASE'
SWD_CDYNP - Workflow definition: EATAB for customizing
SWD_CHKLST - Checklist as Tree Structure
SWD_CLIP - Clipboard
SWD_CNTELE - Internal Representation of a Container Element Definition
SWD_CNTIDX - WF Definition: Container Index (Where-Used List from 610)
SWD_CNTKEY - Container Key
SWD_COMBO - WF: Structure for COMBOBOX for domain fixed values
SWD_CONDEF - WF Definition/Runtime: Conditions
SWD_CONT - WF Definition: Container (from 610)
SWD_CONTLI - WF: Container List Item - Entry in Container List
SWD_CONTWU - WF: Where-Used List for Container Elements
SWD_CUSTOM - WF: Customizing
SWD_DATA - Workflow Definition: Help Structure
SWD_DEADLN - Workflow Definition: Internal Events (Deadline)
SWD_DECIS - Workflow definition: Structure for user decision
SWD_DECSN - Workflow definition: Manual decision
SWD_DEXETYP - Workflow Type and Description
SWD_DF14T - WF: Application component
SWD_DPROPS - All Properties
SWD_DYNDEL - Workflow definition: EATAB for deletion dynpro
SWD_DYNEVT - Workflow definition: EATAB for assignment exist./new events
SWD_DYNSUC - Workflow definition: EATAB for assignment event -> function
SWD_DYUTIL - Workflow definition: Help screen fields WF editor
SWD_EDITOR - Workflow Definition: Editor Control Structure
SWD_EDYNP - Workflow definition: EATAB for expressions for deadlines
SWD_EOTYPE - Object Category and Object Type for Events
SWD_ERROR - Workflow Definition: Error Checking a Workflow
SWD_EVENT - Screen Structure for Triggering Events
SWD_EVENTS - WF: Subsequent events (results, events, exceptions, ...)
SWD_EVNTS - WF Definition/Runtime: Events
SWD_EXCEPT - Workflow Definition: Internal Events (Exceptions)
SWD_EXITS - Program Exits
SWD_EXPR - WF Definition: Expressions
SWD_F4PARA - For Input Help and Check: Allowed Expressions/C. Elements
SWD_F4_PROP - Display Structure for Attributes
SWD_FDYNP - WF: Structure for search in workflow definition
SWD_FLDNAM - Workflow Definition: Field Names
SWD_FNCTNS - WF: Functions as pushbuttons on work item display
SWD_FNDTSK - WF: Structure for Search Function in Workflow Explorer
SWD_FORK - Workflow definition: Step type 'FORK'
SWD_FRAME - Workflow definition: Group box texts
SWD_FSTEPS - Hit List of Search for Steps
SWD_FUNCS - WF Definition/Runtime: Functions
SWD_HDYNP - WF definition: EATAB header definition
SWD_HEADER - WF Definition/Runtime: Basic Data
SWD_HRS1205 - Copy of HRS1205 (Last Active Version)
SWD_HRTEXT - Query Abbreviation and Name of Workflow Template
SWD_HTMLCO - WF: Title and Command When Click for HTML Viewer
SWD_IADACT - Workflow Definition: Secondary Methods (Internal Structure)
SWD_ICON - Icon and Text
SWD_IEVENT - Workflow Definition: Internal Events (Results Step)
SWD_IEVNTS - Workflow Definition: Events in Workflow Builder
SWD_IF - Workflow Definition: Step Type 'IF'
SWD_IFDYNP - Condition
SWD_IFLOW - Complete Workflow Definition
SWD_IFUNCS - Functions
SWD_ILOCEVT - Local Events as Internal Table
SWD_IMETHD - Workflow Definition: Secondary Methods (Internal Structure)
SWD_INSERT - Workflow definition: EATAB selection workflow task
SWD_INTKEY - Workflow definition: Internal key structure for WFDKEY
SWD_IPOSMT - Workflow Definition: Secondary Methods (Internal Structure)
SWD_IPREMT - Workflow Definition: Secondary Methods (Internal Structure)
SWD_IPROPTS - Attributes, Internal Display
SWD_ITASKS - Tasks Referenced Directly in Workflow Buffer
SWD_LDYNP - WF: Request loop index for graphical step log
SWD_LEVNTS - WF Definition: Local Events
SWD_LEVTTYPS - Workflow: Rec Types for Workflow Event Receivers
SWD_LINES - WF-Runtime: Lines
SWD_LLINES - WF: Lines for presentation without EPCs
SWD_LSLINE - Workflow Definition: Line ID
SWD_LSTNOD - Workflow Definition: Node ID
SWD_MESSAG - Workflow definition: Message structure
SWD_METHOD - WF-Definition/Runtime: Methods
SWD_MLINES - WF Definition: Lines
SWD_MNODES - Workflow Definition: Node Table (Definition)
SWD_MOTYPE - Object Category and Object Type for Methoden
SWD_MTHDS - WF: Secondary methods already used
SWD_NAVCOM - Command Structure
SWD_NAVPRO - Navigation Tree im Workflow Editor
SWD_NAVSTK - Navigation Stack for Workflow Builder
SWD_NAVSTR - Navigation Tree im Workflow Editor
SWD_NLINES - Workflow Definition: Interface for API (Lines)
SWD_NODEIDS - Node IDs for Navigation
SWD_NODEKEY - Workflow Definition: Node Key
SWD_NODES - WF-Runtime: Nodes (Part 1)
SWD_NODES2 - WF-Runtime: Nodes (part 2)
SWD_NODETAB - Tabs for Node Types
SWD_NTYPES2 - Node Types
SWD_NTYPE_SS - Subscreen Definition
SWD_NXTDIA - Next Text to Be Displayed in HTML Control
SWD_NXTNOD - Workflow Definition: Subsequent Node during Activation
SWD_ODYNP - WF: Screen Structure for Configuration
SWD_OPTION - Screen Structure for Personalization
SWD_OSTYP - Object Category/ESI Service and Object Type
SWD_OTHERS - WF: Other fields
SWD_OTYPE - Object Category and Object Type
SWD_PDYNP - Print View
SWD_PERSON - Personalization Structure for Workflow Builder
SWD_PRAFI - WF: Work Items
SWD_PRAPI - WF: Application-Specific Profiles: Relevant References
SWD_PRKEYS - WF: Key structure for application-specific profiles
SWD_PROFILE - Workflow Profile
SWD_PROPS - Possible Properties of a Workflow Definition
SWD_PROPTS - WF Definition/Runtime: Functions
SWD_PROTCL - Settings for XML Data Transfer
SWD_PRREPS - Report and Variant
SWD_PRSPRF - Workflow: Persistence Profile for Business Workflow
SWD_PRVARS - Variables
SWD_PRWF - WF: Structures for checkboxes for printing WF def.
SWD_REASGN - Workflow Definition: IOTAB Reassign Event
SWD_RECUSD - WF Definition : WF Templates Last Used by a User
SWD_RESULT - Workflow Definition: Internal Events (Results)
SWD_RETURN - Workflow Definition: Error Message
SWD_REVIEW - Display Review Workflows
SWD_REVWFS - Review Workflows
SWD_RSTREE - Workflow Definition: Node Structure for Tree
SWD_RTYPES - Workflow: Rec Types for Workflow Event Receivers
SWD_RULEAT - Rule Attribute
SWD_RUSED - WF Definition : WF Templates Last Used by a User
SWD_SAFLAG - WF: Search Area Structure (FLAGS)
SWD_SAOBJ - WF: Search Area Structure (Object Method)
SWD_SAOPT - Workflow Explorer Program Settings (Search Area)
SWD_SARE - WF: Search Area Structure (Storage in Program)
SWD_SAREA - WF: Search Area Structure (Storage in Cluster)
SWD_SBIND - Workflow definition: Binding (runtime+definition)
SWD_SCONT - Workflow definition: Container
SWD_SCRLEXP - Correlations
SWD_SCUST - Step Customizing
SWD_SDYNP - Screen Structure for Step Definition
SWD_SELECT - Workflow definition: Help structure for dynamic select
SWD_SETYPE - Type & Category of Objects in Persistent Object References
SWD_SEVNTS - Events for Rule-Based Workflow
SWD_SFLOW - Structure for a Workflow Runtime Representation
SWD_SFUNCS - Workflow Definition: Program Exits (Runtime)
SWD_SHEAD - Workflow definition: Basic data (runtime+definition)
SWD_SLEVNTS - Local Events and Exceptions
SWD_SLINES - Workflow definition: Lines (runtime)
SWD_SMETHO - Workflow definition: Secondary methods (runtime+definition)
SWD_SNODES - Workflow definition: Node table (runtime)
SWD_SPROPTS - Runtime Structure: Attributes
SWD_SRTTSK - WF: Data for Sorting Tasks in WF Explorer
SWD_SSEL - Workflow Definition: EATAB Choose Step/Operator
SWD_SSTEPS - Workflow Definition: Steps (Runtime + Definition)
SWD_STBIND - Workflow Definition: Binding for Steps (Temporary)
SWD_STEPS - WF-Definition/Runtime: Steps
SWD_STEVTS - Triggering Events
SWD_SUCCES - Workflow definition: Internal events (results)
SWD_SUPIF - Available and Supported Interfaces
SWD_SWIML - Swimlanes
SWD_TASKS - WF: All tasks in steps of workflow definition
SWD_TDYNP - Workflow definition: EATAB for technical data
SWD_TECH - Global Switch for Workflow Builder
SWD_TETYP - Node Type in Detail (with Texts)
SWD_TEXT - WF definition: Language-dependent texts
SWD_TLINES - WF: Lines with text
SWD_TRANSL - Workflow definition: Translation
SWD_TRECOL - Workflow Explorer: Structure of Tree Columns
SWD_TREE - Example structure for simple tree OCX
SWD_TREEIT - Example structure for simple tree OCX
SWD_TREOPT - Workflow Explorer: Personal Setting - COLUMN Tree
SWD_TSKHIE - WF: Environ. determination: Tasks in parent-child hierarchy
SWD_TSKLST - WF: Explorer Task List
SWD_TSKSEL - WF: Extended task selection
SWD_TSTCS - SAP Transaction Codes (Structure)
SWD_TS_HEAD - Tab Page Buttons for Steps
SWD_TS_STEP - Tab Page Buttons for Steps
SWD_UNDO - WF: UNDO function of Workflow editor
SWD_UNTIL - Workflow Definition: Step Type 'UNTIL'
SWD_USCUST - WF: User Settings Workflow Editor/Log
SWD_USELST - WF: List of task and node IDs for where-used list
SWD_VERSION - Workflow Header for Version Display
SWD_VERSNS - Versions of a Workflow
SWD_WEBFCT - Functions for Web Activity Depending on Logs
SWD_WEBROC - Router Classes for Web Activity for Each Log
SWD_WFCONT - Workflow definition: Container
SWD_WFCTXT - Workflow definition: Container texts
SWD_WFDKEY - Key Structure for All Workflow Definition Tables
SWD_WFDKEY_F4_DEBUG - Copy of 'SWD_WFDKEY' with Additional Search Help
SWD_WFDWIZ - Workflow Definition: Key Structure for all DB Tables
SWD_WFPERS - Workflow: Persistence Profile for Business Workflow
SWECDEXIT - EXIT Parameter for Events from Change Document
SWECDFIELD - Combined field restrictions for change document
SWECDOBJ - Events for Change Document
SWECDOBTYP - Assignment change document/workflow object types
SWECDVALUE - Field (Values) for Event Linkage
SWECONT - Aggregate container for mass processing of events
SWEDATETIM - Structure for Dialog Box 'Delete event log'
SWEDATTIM - Table for Date and Time Entry
SWEDUMEVID - Dummy Structure for the Event ID (Return SWE_EVENT_CREATE)
SWEEDIT - Workflow Events: Edit Fields
SWEEVTID - Event ID Structure
SWEFLAGS - Dummy Structure for Free Flags from SWE
SWEHRFLDS - Dummy structure for HR-ORG fields (not yet transported)
SWEINSTCOU - Instance Linkage Event - Receiver
SWELCF - Selection Criteria for Selective Logging
SWELCFG - (Switch On/Off) Administration Data Event Log
SWELOG - Table for entries of the event log
SWELOGDYWP - I/O Table for Screen Detail Display Event Log
SWELTS - UTC Data for Event Log
SWEQADM - Administration Data for Event Queue
SWEQCONT - Collection of persistent event containers
SWEQCONTS - Generic Event Container Element
SWEQJOB - Event Queue: Administration Data for Background Jobs
SWEQOPTS - Event Queue: Options
SWEQSHBUF - Event Queue: Administration Data in Shared Buffer
SWEQUEUE - Event Queue for Temporary Storage of Triggered Events
SWETYPECOU - Type Linkage Events - Receiver
SWETYPEENA - Type Linkage Events - Receiver: Activation Table
SWE_BOR_OT - Data for decribing a business object type
SWE_CCINI - Consistency Checks in Event Manager: Initialization
SWE_CD_TST - Test of Event Triggering via Change Documents
SWE_LOGDUM - Event Log: Dummy Receiver ID For Callback On Error
SWE_RECEIV - Event Receivers
SWE_RECINF - Event Receivers: Further Informationen
SWE_SELREC - Structure for Selection By Receiver
SWE_SIMREC - Receiver for Event Simulation
SWE_S_EVT - Structure for Events in Event FM
SWF2_AGNT - WF: Wizard for Dynamic Agent Assignment at Runtime
SWF2_D0105 - WFP: Dynpro fields for SWF2 dynpro 0105
SWF2_D0113 - WF: Agent assignment for circular
SWF2_D0114 - WF: Structure for dynpro 114
SWF2_D0121 - WF: Structure for Wizard dialog with dynpro 121 in SWF2
SWF2_D0122 - WF: Structure for SWF2/122 (entering a task)
SWF2_D0124 - WF: Structure for Wizard dialog with dynpro 121 in SWF2
SWF2_D0125 - WFP: Enter Workflow task/Workflow pattern
SWF2_D0126 - WF: Structure for Wizard dialog with dDynpro 126 in SWF2
SWF2_D0127 - WF: No. of notification agents for circular
SWF2_D0129 - WF: Data fields for screen 129 (single-step task entry)
SWF2_D0134 - WF: Enter linkage WF message
SWF2_D0135 - WF: Structure for dynpro 135 in FuGr SWF2
SWF2_D0136 - WF: Wizard for entering termination data
SWF2_D0137 - WF: Rename container elements
SWF2_D0138 - WP: Operations on attachments
SWF2_D013X - WF: Structure for Wizard Screen 132
SWF2_D014X - WF: Structure for Wizard dynpro 127
SWF2_D0150 - WF: Screen 150; Enter work item text.
SWF2_D0151 - WF: Screen 151: Data for task description
SWF2_D0152 - WF: Enter report name for wizard
SWF2_D0153 - WF: Enter variant for report
SWF2_D0154 - WF: Select folder (wizard)
SWF2_D0160 - WF: Texts for selection 1 from 10
SWF2_D0161 - WF: Fields for wizard screen 161
SWF2_D023X - WF: Structure for Wizard Screen 132
SWF2_RECEI - WF: Static recipients for mail/fax
SWF3_D011X - WFP: Structure for dynpros 115/116
SWF3_D0120 - WF: Fields for administration interface
SWF7_D0100 - WF: Display Workflow definitions without tasks
SWF9_D0133 - WF: Structure for wizard screen 133
SWFAALVITM - Workflow: ALV Structure for Work Items in Reporting
SWFARACTIO - Line Type for Range Tab of Action
SWFARCRDAT - Line Type for Range Table of the Creation Date
SWFARCRTIM - Line Type for Range Table of the Creation Time
SWFARCRTMP - Line Type for Range Table of the Creation Time Stamp
SWFARCRTTS - Line Type for Range Tab of Work Item Creation
SWFARDHSTA - Row Type for Range Tab of a Work Item Deadline Status
SWFARNODID - Row Type for Range Tab of Node ID
SWFARPRIO - Line Type for Range Table of a Work Item Priority
SWFARRHTSK - Line Type for Range Table of a Task
SWFARWISTA - LIne Type for Range Table of the Work Item Status
SWFARWITYP - Line Type for Range Table of a Work Item Type
SWFARWI_ID - Line Type for Range Table of a Work Item ID
SWFASPRIO - Structure for Priority/Langauge/Text of Priority
SWFAWRKITM - Workflow: Work Item for Reporting
SWFBINDDB - Binding Definition, DB Interface
SWFBINDING - Binding Definition (Main Memory Representation)
SWFBINDING_DB - Binding Definition (Persistent Representation)
SWFBNDBASE - Workflow Binding: Binding Fields up to 6.10
SWFBNDCORE - Binding Defintion: Main Part
SWFBNDCORE_DATA - Dataflow Definition: Core Part without Key
SWFBNDCREF - Reference Structure Binding Rows <-> Basis Element Used
SWFBNDCSTRU - Line Structure for Binding Context
SWFBNDDATA_NEW - Dataflow Definition - Data Part (Persisting)
SWFBNDINFO - Information About a Binding Operator
SWFBNDKEY - Workflow Binding: Key Fields Binding
SWFBNDKEY_NEW - Workflow Binding: Key Fields Binding
SWFBNDOPER - Workflow Binding Operation and Qualifier
SWFBNDOPER_SCR - Display Structure for Binding Options
SWFBNDOPT - Options for Setting Parameters of the Binding Editor
SWFBNDSCR - Binding Definition Display in ALV
SWFBNDSOPT - Personal Settings for the Binding Editor
SWFBNDSUPL - Workflow Binding: New Binding Fields from 6.20
SWFBND_OPCONF - Visibility of Binding Operators
SWFBOOLCMP - Relational Expression (Page in Condition Tree)
SWFCANODES - Automatic Customizing (Workflow): TREEV_NODE, Text80
SWFCHECK - Structure for Creating Different Cont. Elems Using Their Def
SWFCLOG - Automatisc Customizing (Workflow): Log Table
SWFCLOGO - Automatic Customizing (Workflow): Output for SWFCLOG
SWFCNODES - Automatic Customizing (Workflow): Objects with Node_ID
SWFCNREFST - Structure for List of Element References
SWFCNTBUF - Container & Shared Objects: Instances to be Buffered
SWFCNTBUFLIN - Structure: Container Buffer Element
SWFCNTBUFMON - Container and Shared Objects: Update Monitor
SWFCNTBUFREF - Structure: Container Buffer Element Reference
SWFCNTHEADXML - Metadata of Container for XML Serialization
SWFCNTRKEY - Key Structure for Container Instance Management
SWFCNTVERR - Error Structure - Container Verification
SWFCNT_SKEY - Key Structure for Element Persistence
SWFCNT_SVAL - Value Part of Persistence Structure
SWFCNT_TSTRUCT - Data Type Name or Object Type Name
SWFCRESULTS - Customizing Check Results
SWFCTASK - Automatic Customizing (Workflow): Control Table
SWFCUNODES - Automatic Customizing (Workflow): TREEV_NODE, Text80
SWFCURRBUF - List of All Currency-Dependent Attributes of an Object
SWFDBNDEXP - WF Definition: Structure for Def. Binding with Expression
SWFDCLSMTH - Workflow Definition: Method + Object Reference (Container)
SWFDCMPINF - Information on Compatibility of Elements
SWFDCMPSTR - Structure for Compatibility Test of Container Elements
SWFDCNTSDT - Container Editor: List of Standard Data Types
SWFDCRLCBN - Correlation: Binding for Each Components
SWFDCRLCMP - Correlation: Relevant Components
SWFDCRLCMPOBJ - Correlation: Object Components of a Correlation
SWFDCRLHCN - Correlation: Parameter (XML Container)
SWFDCRLHCT - Correlation: Parameter Texts (XML Container)
SWFDCRLHDR - Correlation: Header Data
SWFDCRLHDT - Correlation: Texts
SWFDCRLHEADER - Correlation: Header Data (Structure)
SWFDCRLKEY - Key of a Correlation
SWFDCRLTEXT - Correlation: Texts
SWFDCWIZ - Create Wait for Event with Wizard
SWFDDBCMP - Components with DDIC Reference
SWFDDICINF - Information About DDIC Data Type
SWFDDICTYP - DDIC Data Type Description
SWFDEDTOPT - Container Editor: Options
SWFDELMDEF - Workflow Container, Internal Runtime Structure for Element
SWFDELMDEFXML - Serialization Structure for one Element (Definition)
SWFDELMDEF_P - Persistence Structure for Container Elements
SWFDETOKEN - Workflow Internal: Token, Used by Expression Parser
SWFDEVENA - Activations for Event Linkages
SWFDEVINST - Event Linkages with Instance Reference
SWFDEVLNK - Event Linkage
SWFDEVPRPS - Event Properties (Internal)
SWFDEVRCKY - Event Instance Linkages: Receiver Keys Per Client
SWFDEVTHND - Event Handler Structure (FM/Method)
SWFDEVTKEY - Key for an Event Linkage (Type Linkage)
SWFDEVTYP - Event Linkages Without Instance Reference
SWFDEXPVER - Test and Verification of Expression Package SWF_EXP
SWFDLACTIVATION - Workflow: UI formatted task set activation
SWFDLASSIGNMENT - workflow: UI formatted task set assignments
SWFDLCONFIG - Workflow: Deadline configuration
SWFDLCONFIG2TASK - Workflow: Configured tasks for special deadline handling
SWFDLCONFIGURE - Configure deadline
SWFDLJOB - Workflow: Active jobs for special deadline handling
SWFDLJOBMON - Workflow: Deadline job monitoring
SWFDLOGCMP - Log Manager: Components of a Log Type
SWFDLOGHDR - Log Manager: Headers for Log Profiles
SWFDLOGPRO - Log Manager: Log Profiles
SWFDLOGPRT - Text Table for Log Profiles
SWFDLOGTYP - Log Manager: Log Types
SWFDLTASKSET - workflow: UI formatted task set
SWFDNAMIDX - Secondary Index to Search for Elements Using QName
SWFDNPORST - Structure for Name - POR Pairs
SWFDPOR - Persistent Object Reference (IBF Local)
SWFDRRECTP - Line Type for Range Table of Receiver Type (Events)
SWFDSTEP - Line and Step
SWFDVSTRU1 - Verification Structure 1 for Workflow Expression Evaluation
SWFDVSTRU2 - Verification Structure 2 for Workflow Expression Evaluation
SWFDWISTAT - Workflow: Status of Work Item - Texts
SWFDXMLKEY - Container: Key for XML Table (DEFINITION)
SWFELEMTXT - Container Element Text
SWFEXEC - Pointer to any Executable Unit: Method, FB
SWFEXECPOR - POR to any Executable Unit: Method, FB
SWFEXECTOK - Workflw Expression Evaluation: Byte Code for Expresn Machine
SWFEXNSMAP - Assignment Between Abbreviation (Alias) and Namespace
SWFEXPCONF - Configuration for Instance Buffer of Expression Factory
SWFEXPFBUF - Buffer Entry in Expression Management
SWFEXPSTRU1 - Test Structure, Append Enhancement see SWFEXPSTRU2
SWFEXPSTRU2 - Test Structure with Append Enhancement
SWFEXPVSCR - Display Structure for Test Cases
SWFIBFSBC - Workflow: BOR Structure for Short SIBFLOPRB
SWFIBFSBO - Workflow: BOR Structure for Short SIBFLOPRB
SWFICLSKEY - Key Attribute of Class
SWFIMPLIDS - Structure for Implementation ID
SWFINSTLIN - Line Type for Container Instance Management
SWFLTRP - Flight trip
SWFMIG_INST_DATA - Process instance data
SWFMIG_REF_EVNT - Events of Workflows
SWFMIG_REF_MESG - Process Migration : Messages referred by Work Items
SWFMIG_REF_TASK - Standard tasks referred by Workflows (ccBPM)
SWFMIG_WFDID - Table for storing WFD_ID of Workflow generated for ccBPM
SWFNAMSTR - Name - Value Pair, Value as String
SWFPFCONF - Configuration of Measuring Sections
SWFPFMSECTION - Defined Measuring Sections
SWFPFMSECTIONT - Text for Defined Measuring Sections
SWFPFRUNTIME - Data for Runtime Collector
SWFPOWLSFORMOBN - Workflow - POWL: Structure for OBN for Notification of Abs.
SWFPOWLSOBJECT - Workflow - POWL: Structure for Objects
SWFPOWLSSUBSTITUTE - Workflow - POWL: Structure for Substitutes
SWFPOWLSSUBSTITUTION - Workflow - POWL: Structure for Substitution
SWFPOWLSUSER - Workflow - POWL: Structure for User
SWFPOWLSWIHEAD - Workflow - POWL: Structure for Work Item
SWFPRXGEN - Structure for Generating XML Proxy Attributes
SWFPSTRUCT - Structure for Testing Decimal Places and Currencies
SWFRCMPEVT - Workflow: Result Structure of Terminating Event
SWFRCNTNEL - Name of Container Element with Associated Reference
SWFRCNTPRP - Container Internal: Persistent Properties of Container
SWFRCNTRST - Structure of Container for Management of Includes
SWFRCNTRSTXML - Structure of Container for Management of Includes
SWFRCNTXML - Container: XML Runtime Data
SWFRCNTXMLS - Container: XML Runtime Data as XSTRING
SWFRCRLHEADER - Correlation Runtime: Instance Header Data
SWFRCRLINST - Correlation Runtime: Instances
SWFRCXSTRU - Structure for a Workflow Exception
SWFRELEMED - Container Instance Editor: Element
SWFREVRSLT - Return Structure for Event Handlers
SWFREVSIM - Event Handlers in Simulation
SWFREVTCNT - Container: XML Runtime Data
SWFREVTPOD - Process Observation: Transfer Event to PO BAdI
SWFREVTPOQ - Process Observation : Event Queue
SWFREVTPOX - Process Observation: Enhancements for Queue
SWFREVTSTD - Standard Container Elements of Event Manager
SWFREVUPD - Event Data for Creation in V1 Update
SWFREVUPDX - Structure for Transfer of Several XML Containers to V1
SWFREXTPROC - Workflow: Relation Between Work Item and External Process
SWFREXTPROCTYP - Workflow: Permitted Process Types
SWFRLCMPOP - Relation: Relational Operator <-> Implementing Method
SWFRLERR - Workflow Log: (Error) Messages
SWFRLERRD - Workflow Log: Data of Table SWFRLERR
SWFRLKEY - Workflow Log: Key
SWFRLKEYM - Workflow Log: Key with Counter
SWFRLMSG - Workflow Log: Message Data (T100)
SWFRLMSGD - Workflow Log: Data of Table SWFRLMSG
SWFRLOTR - Workflow Log: Message Data (OTR)
SWFRLSBCOD - Byte Code for the Evaluation of a Condition
SWFRLSCLIN - Comparison (Lines of Condition)
SWFRLSCMAP - Error Handling for Comparison Operator
SWFRLSCOND - Condition
SWFRLSEID - Expression with Unique Local ID
SWFRLSINFO - Information About a Relational Operator
SWFRLSOPER - System Table: Standard Comparison Operators
SWFRLSRID - Structure with Rule ID and Local Unique ID
SWFRLSRMAP - Assignment of Result Expressions for Outcomes of a Rule
SWFRLSRSYS - Rule System in Business Rule Repository
SWFRLSRULE - Rule in Business Rule Repository
SWFRLSUC - Workflow Log: Actions
SWFRLSUCD - Workflow Log: Data of Table SWFRLSUC
SWFRLSWBED - Regel in SAP Business Rule Repository
SWFRP0KEY - Workflow Container: Key (WI_ID!) for XML Table
SWFRPCCLRO - Workflow Process Data: Cluster with Read-Only Attributes
SWFRPCCLWR - Workflow Process Data: Cluster mit Changeable Attributes
SWFRPCDAT - Workflow Process Data: Complete Data Part
SWFRPCSDA1 - Workflow Process Status: Data II
SWFRPCSDAT - Workflow Process Status: Data I
SWFRPCSKEY - Workflow Process Status: Key
SWFRPCSTAR - Workflow: Process Step in Status of a Process Unit II
SWFRPCSTAT - Workflow: Process Step in Status of a Process Unit I
SWFRPROCTR - Workflow: Process Data (Default Table)
SWFRRSTST - Workflow: Remote Service -Table for Automated Test
SWFRSEXTPROC - Structure for Relation Between Work Item and Ext. Process
SWFRSREMAC - Workflow: Assignment of Action to Method to Be Executed
SWFRSTP - Workflow: Step Data (Default Table)
SWFRSTPC3A - Workflow Step Data: Cluster3A - Write After Start
SWFRSTPC3B - Workflow Step Data: Cluster3B - Write After Execution
SWFRSTPC3C - Workflow Step Data: Cluster3C - Write After End
SWFRSTPCL1 - Workflow Step Data: Cluster1 - Read-Only Attributes
SWFRSTPCL2 - Workflow Step Data: Cluster2 - Write-Often Attributes
SWFRSTPCL3 - Workflow Step Data: Summary SWFRSTPC3A, C3B, C3C
SWFRSTPCL4 - Workflow Step Data: Cluster4 - Deadline Monitoring
SWFRSTPCL5 - Workflow Step Data: Cluster5 - "Other" Data
SWFRSTPDAT - Workflow Step Data: Complete Data Part (Cluster Total)
SWFRSTPKEY - Workflow Step Data: Key
SWFRULESCR - Internal Structure to Display Condition
SWFRUNCONT - Workflow: Context for Log and Trace
SWFRUNSCTS - Workflow: Times for Log and Trace
SWFRWLCEVT - Workflow - Worklist Client: Work Item Events
SWFRWLCEVTADM - Workflow - Worklist Client: Work Item Events Admin.
SWFRWLCWIID - Workflow - Worklist Client: Event for Work Item
SWFRXMLKEY - Container: Key for XML Table
SWFRXMLSTR - Container: XML Structure
SWFSIBFLPORB - LPOR for Container Serialization
SWFSLSAPPLCUS - Deadline Service: Application Customizing
SWFSLSAPPLCUST - Deadline Service: Description of the Application
SWFSLSCNT - Deadline Service: Data Container
SWFSLSDEADL - Deadline Service: Deadline Table
SWFSLSDEADLTRC - Deadline Service: Deadline Trace
SWFSLSDLIV - Deadline Service: Time Interval of Deadlines
SWFSLSINDX - Deadline Service: Index Table for Temporary Data
SWFSLSLOCKDL - Deadline Service: Temporarily Locked Deadlines
SWFSLSRSDL - Deadline Service: Periodic Deadlines
SWFSLS_ALERTDL - SLS: Create Deadline with Callback-Type Alert
SWFSLS_APPLKEYSTR - SLS: Application Key of Deadline
SWFSLS_CHANGED - SLS: Deadline Data to Be Changed
SWFSLS_CREADL - SLS: Create Deadline
SWFSLS_CREAEVTDL - SLS: Create Deadline with Callback-Type Event
SWFSLS_DLINCL - SLS: General Deadline Data
SWFSLS_DLPACKAGE - Deadline Package of Deadline Service
SWFSLS_DLTRACE - Description for a Deadline Trace of the Deadline Service
SWFSLS_PERIODIC - SLS: Specific Data for Periodic Deadlines
SWFSLS_TRC_CTX - Deadline Monitoring Trace: Application Context Structure
SWFSLS_TRC_EXT - Deadline Monitoring Trace: Trace Filter Enhancement Struct.
SWFSLS_TRC_OPT - Deadline Monitoring: Select-Option-Fields for Trace Runtime
SWFSWRDECIALT - Alternatives of a User Decision
SWFSWRSAGENTS - Workflow: Work Item + Agents
SWFSWRSATTACH - Workflow: Structure for Attaching Attachments
SWFSWRSATTID - Workflow: ID of an Attachment to a Work Item
SWFSWRSATTOBJ - Workflow: Structure WI + SOFM Object (Attachment)
SWFSWRSBASE - Workflow : API Basic Data Such as User, Language...
SWFSWRSCONT - Workflow: Structure WI + Container
SWFSWRSDEADL - Workflow: Deadlines
SWFSWRSDECIKEY - Workflow: Alternative to a User Decision
SWFSWRSDECISION - Workflow: Texts and Alternatives to a User Decision
SWFSWRSFORWINFO - Workflow: Forwarding Information for a Work Item
SWFSWRSIMSG - Internal Format to Display Message in Trace
SWFSWRSMETHOD - Workflow: Methods for a Work Item
SWFSWRSOBJECT - Workflow: Objects for a Work Item
SWFSWRSRESUBMIT - Workflow: Resubmission
SWFSWRSRFCSYS - System Handler: Assignment System ID - RFC Destination
SWFSWRSSELCONTROL - Workflow: Control Structure for Selections
SWFSWRSSTATUS - Workflow: Status of a Work Item
SWFSWRSTEXTAPIRES - Display Table for Testing Text API
SWFSWRSVERSION - Workflow API: Version, Relaease Info
SWFSWRSWIAGENT - Workflow: Work Item/User Assignment
SWFSWRSWIATT - Workflow: Structure with Attachment Details
SWFSWRSWIATTCNT - Workflow: Structure with Attachment Details + Content
SWFSWRSWIPOR - Workflow: Structure WI + POR
SWFSWRSWITEXTS - Workflow: Texts for a Work Item
SWFSWRSXAGT - Workflow: Workitem + Agent (for RFC Calls)
SWFSWRSXCNT - Workflow: Structure WI + Container STREAM
SWFSWRSXDEC - Workflow: User Decisions (for RFC Calls)
SWFSWRSXMET - Workflow: Workitem + Methods (for RFC Calls)
SWFSWRSXOBJ - Workflow: Work Item + Objects (for RFC Calls)
SWFSWRSXTXT - Workflow: Work Item + Text Row (for RFC )
SWFSWRSYSTEM - Workflow System Handler: Assignment ID for Remote Dest.
SWFTAGSTRU - Structure with Tags for Output Format of a Data Object
SWFTRCACONF - Configuration of a Trace Component
SWFTRCCHGHEAD - Trace: Changes to Trace Header
SWFTRCCONF - Trace: Logical Time/Date with Texts
SWFTRCDATA - Trace: Generic Part of a Trace-Data-Entry
SWFTRCDISP - Display Structure for Trace Catalog Entry
SWFTRCDISPDATA - Trace: Generic Part of a Trace-Data-Entry
SWFTRCDISP_TREE - Tree Display Structure for Trace Catalog Entry
SWFTRCDKEY - Trace: Key Structure for Application Data
SWFTRCENTRY - Trace: Generic Part of a Trace Entry
SWFTRCFDAT - Trace: Generic Data Part for Application Filters
SWFTRCFKEY - Trace: Key Structure for Application Filters
SWFTRCHCOND - Trace: Lines of a Hierarchy Filter Condition
SWFTRCHEAD - Trace: Trace Header Data
SWFTRCHFILT - Trace: Hierarchy Filter (Line)
SWFTRCIDSTRUC - Trace: Structure with Trace ID
SWFTRCID_TREE - Trace ID Structure with Node Key for Trace Catalog Display
SWFTRCLPNT - Trace: Definition of a Logical Date/Time
SWFTRCMSG - Message Structure for Message Display
SWFTRCPCONF - Trace: Configuration of Application-Specific Persistence
SWFTRCSELOPT - Trace: Serialized Select-Options for an Element
SWFTRCSFILT - Trace: Generic List with Select Options for a Field
SWFTRCSTAT - Status of Trace Instance
SWFTRC_CMP_FIL - Filtering Dialog Global Component Activation
SWFTRC_DEMO_CONTEXT - Workflow Trace Demo
SWFTRC_DEMO_OPTIONS - Workflow-Trace Demo
SWFTRC_WF_CTX - Workflow Trace: Application Context Structure
SWFTRC_WF_EXT - Workflow Trace: Enhancement Structure for Trace Filter
SWFTRC_WF_OPT - Workflow Trace: Select-Option Fields for Trace Runtime
SWFTSTRUCT - Structure for Tunneling SIBFLPORBs Through BOR Container
SWFUSTACKENTRY - Entry in Undo-Redo Stack
SWFUTLINST - Line for Generic Workflow Instance Administration
SWFUTLPOR - Persistent Object Reference
SWFUTLRANY - WF50 - Generic Line Type for Selection (Any)
SWFUTLRC32 - WF50 - Generic Line Type for Selection (Char32)
SWFUTLTROPT - Workflow Utilities: Transport Options
SWFUTRPROP - Workflow: Property (Name/Value) for Transaction Context
SWFVDO - Object Default Visualization
SWFVDOV - Object Default Visualization Parameter
SWFVGO - General Object Visualization
SWFVGOP - General Object-Visualization Parameters
SWFVGT - General Task Visualization
SWFVGTP - General Task-Visualization Parameters
SWFVGVTP - General Visualization-Type Parameters
SWFVO - Object Visualization
SWFVOV - Object Visualization Parameter
SWFVPARA - Visualization Parameters (Name Value)
SWFVT - Task Visualization
SWFVTV - Task Visualization Parameter
SWFVVTP - Visualization Type Parameter
SWFVW - Worklist Clients
SWFVWVT - WLC - Visualization Type
SWFWSCBDB - Basis URL of Callback Dialog (Web Service Execution)
SWFWSCBDEX - Type and Path of Individual Callback Dialog
SWFWSCBDPATHS - Callback Dialog Type and Relevant Path
SWFWSCBDURLS - Callback Dialog Type And Relevant URL
SWFWSCHIMPL - Structure for Changed Implementation
SWFWSCHINTF - Structure for Changed Interfaces
SWFWSCHPORT - Structure for Changed Ports
SWFWSCMLBOXF - Listbox Field for Callmode of Web Services
SWFWSCS - Call Stack Structure for Web Service Maintenance
SWFWSDLPTS - WSDL Port Type Element
SWFWSDLS - Row Type fo WSDL Import
SWFWSDLSRVS - WSDL Service Element
SWFWSDYNIFWSDLMET - Screen Structure for Detail View of Service Interface
SWFWSDYNIMPLDETAIL - Screen Structure for Detail View of Service Implementation
SWFWSDYNIMWSDLMET - Screen Structure for Detail View of Service Interface
SWFWSDYNINTFDETAIL - Screen Structure for Detail View of Service Interface
SWFWSDYNPORTDETAIL - Screen Structure for Detail View of Service Port
SWFWSDYNWSDLUPLOAD - Screen Structure for WSDL Upload
SWFWSEXEID - WebFlow: GUID of a Work Item Execution
SWFWSHANDT - Handler Customizing for Web Service Execution in Workflow
SWFWSIFMET - Interface Meta Data for Web Services
SWFWSIFPARTS - Interface Part
SWFWSIFWFDTPROP - Web Service Interface: WebFlow Deftime Properties
SWFWSIFWFPROP - Web Service Interface: WebFlow Properties
SWFWSIFWFRTPROP - WebService Interface: WebFlow Runtime Properties
SWFWSIFWSDL - WSDL Meta Data for Web Service Interfaces
SWFWSIMMET - Implementation Meta Data for Web Services
SWFWSIMPL - Web Service Implementation (with Meta Data)
SWFWSIMPLBAS - Screen Structure for Binding Basis Data
SWFWSIMPLPBIND - Binding of an Implementation Part
SWFWSIMPLR - Structure for Implementation with Object Reference
SWFWSIMPS - Service Implementation (Old Persistent)
SWFWSIMPSELS - Display of Import Selection
SWFWSIMWFDTPROP - WebService Implementation: WebFlow Deftime Properties
SWFWSIMWFRTPROP - Web Service Implementation: WebFlow Runtime Properties
SWFWSIMWSDL - WSDL Meta Data for Web Service Implementation
SWFWSINTF - Web Service Interface (with Meta Data)
SWFWSINTFBAS - Screen Structure for Interface Basis Data
SWFWSINTFR - Structure for Interfaces with Object Reference
SWFWSINTFRFC - Web Service Interface (with Meta Data)
SWFWSINTS - Service Interface (Old Persistent)
SWFWSLOGT - Log Tree for the RFC Interface for the Workflow System
SWFWSPARBIND - Binding of Individual Message Parts
SWFWSPARTS - Message Part
SWFWSPIFQ - Search Structure for Web Service Search Helps
SWFWSPIMPL - XML Cache for Web Services - Implementations (Bindings)
SWFWSPINTF - XML Cache for Web Services - Interfaces
SWFWSPOMET - Port Meta Data for Web Services
SWFWSPORT - Web Service Implementation (with Meta Data)
SWFWSPORTBAS - Screen Structure for Interface Basis Data
SWFWSPORTR - Structure for Ports with Object Reference
SWFWSPPORT - WebFlow XML Cache: Web Service Ports
SWFWSPTIST - Time Stamps for Web Service Cache
SWFWSSELDYN - Screen Structure for Selection of Web Service Definitions
SWFWSSELS - Selection of Services for WebFlow
SWFWSTASKSEL - Selection of Tasks for Web Services
SWFWSTSCPL - Display of Service Task Linkages
SWFWSTSSRVCPL - Service Task Linkage
SWFWSVALS - Structure for Storing Values with Simple Types
SWFWSWSDLTITEM - Item Structure for the Tree Display of a WSDl Import
SWFWSWSDLTIUPD - Update Structure for Item of a WSDL Import Tree
SWFWSWSDLTNODE - Node Structure for the Tree Display of WSDL
SWFWSWSDLTSEL - Structure for Selected XML Cache Definitions
SWFWSWSDLTSELR - Structure for Selected XMLCache Definitions (With Object)
SWFWSWSIMPMES - Web Service Definitions: Import Messages
SWFWSWSIMPTREENODE - Node for the WS Import Tree
SWFWSXSLTMES - Messages from the XSLT Processor (for Meta Class)
SWFXST - System Table: Assignment XML Schema simpleTypes DDIC Types
SWFXST_DATE_TIME - XML Schema Data Type dateTime
SWF_ACTSUB - Workflow: Active Substitute
SWF_ADM_GMP_ALV_STRUCTURE - Display Structure of ALV for Suspended WF
SWF_AGENTS - WF: Agent for display in dynpro
SWF_ALLTSK - WF: Table for tasks (detailed presentation)
SWF_ALM_MSG - Workflow : Alert Monitor Message Structure
SWF_APP_LOG_CONTEXT_S - Context Structure for Displaying App. Log.
SWF_APP_LOG_EXT_MSG - Enhanced Message Structure for Message Log
SWF_APP_LOG_MESSAGE_S - Message Structure for Application Log
SWF_APP_NODE_MSG_REL - Strucure for App Log Tree Display: Relation Node -. Message
SWF_BRF_BINDING - Binding Definition (Source - Target)
SWF_BRF_CONTEXT - General Specifications for Workflow
SWF_BRF_PARAMETER - General BRF+ Parameters
SWF_CASE - WF: Create Multiple Condition
SWF_CASETB - WF: Table for Conditions (Create Multiple Condition)
SWF_CATIDS - Object Categories
SWF_CCMS_MSG - CCMS: Structure of a Message
SWF_CCMS_SUBSCREEN - CCMS: Subscreen Structure
SWF_CHGDTA - Change Data (Create + Last Change)
SWF_CLSEVT - Workflow Definition: Object Type, Class, Event
SWF_CLSJOB - Workflow: Relation Class/Job Type
SWF_CLSMTH - Workflow: Object Type, Class Name, Method
SWF_CLSTX - Workflow: Class Name with Short Text
SWF_CNTUIM - Container Editor - Update Item
SWF_CNT_WI_KEYSTRUCT - Line Structure for the Mass Loading of Work Items
SWF_COMMON - WFP: Joint field definitions (mainly for reference)
SWF_CONTDE - WF: Create workflow container element
SWF_CONTOP - WF: All Information for Creating a Container Operation
SWF_CONTRL - WFP: Structure for creating process control steps
SWF_CRFORK - WFP: Information for creating parallel section
SWF_CRLINST - WFP: Structure for Creating Correlation Step
SWF_CSTLST - WF: List of views/clusters used in WF customizing
SWF_CTNODE - Container: Node Structure for Tree Display
SWF_DBDATA - Workflow: Generic Structure for Persistence
SWF_DBDATA_HEADER - Workflow: Structure for Header
SWF_DBDATA_HEADER_ARCHLIST - Workflow: Structure for Header (Worklist)
SWF_DBDATA_HEADER_EVENT - Workflow: Structure for Header (Event Item)
SWF_DBDATA_SWWCNTP0 - Workflow: Structure for SWWCNTP0
SWF_DBDATA_SWWWIRET - Workflow: Structure for SWWWIRET
SWF_DBDATA_SWW_CONT - Workflow: Structure for SWW_CONT
SWF_DBDATA_SWW_CONTOB - Workflow: Structure for SWW_CONTOB
SWF_DBNAME - Workflow: Table Name
SWF_DBREAK - WF: Activate/Deactivate Debugging/Breakpoints
SWF_DECSN - WFP: Table for user decision
SWF_DR_CLS - Workflow: Assignment of Definition and Runtime Classes
SWF_DTAFLO - WFP: Binding between WF container and task container
SWF_DTYPES - Workflow Container: Convert Data Type to Schema
SWF_ERRXML - Workflow: XML Representation of an Error
SWF_EVENT - Workflow: Buffered Event
SWF_EVTBIN - Triggering Events and Associated Binding
SWF_EXCPS - WF: Exception
SWF_EZDEFN - WFP: Structure for simplified Workflow definition
SWF_FLGEXC - Workflow: Flag + Exception
SWF_FORMS - Possible DDIC Structures for Selection from Container
SWF_GMP_DATE_DISPLAY - Display Instances with Missed Deadline and Errors
SWF_GOTO - WF: Jump in Wizard Flow
SWF_HEADER - SAP Extension: Header
SWF_IBFIND - Workflow: List of Object Types as Search Result
SWF_IFAPPR - WFP: Fields for interface type "Approvals"
SWF_IFBLCK - WFP: Create condition
SWF_INBIND - Initial Binding (Target = Workflow Container)
SWF_INSADR - Workflow: Instance Management User/Address
SWF_INSDAT - Workflow: Instance Management User/Date Object
SWF_LINES - WF: Structure for texts
SWF_LOGCTX - Workflow: Log Context
SWF_LOGDAT - General Log Data
SWF_LOGKEY - Key of Log Entry
SWF_LOGPEX - Existing Log Profiles with Name
SWF_LPORB - Workflow SIBFLPORB (Spec. Domain of CATID)
SWF_MAIL - Workflow: Send Help Variables for Mail
SWF_MEMORY - WFP: Structure for transport of task ID and Workflow ID
SWF_MLOBJ - Workflow: Relation Mail/Work Item
SWF_MTHPRP - Workflow: Properties of a Method
SWF_MTHRES - Workflow: Result of a Method
SWF_NAMVAL - Workflow: XML Representation of a Container Line
SWF_OBJECT - WFP: Workflow Pattern complete object with describing texts
SWF_PARMBIND - Workflow: XML Parameter Representation
SWF_PATREP - WFP: Fields for Workflow Wizard Repository
SWF_POPCON - WF: Control table for display of "What's new?" dialogs
SWF_POPKEY - WF: Key for "What's new?" dialogs
SWF_POPORD - Sequence of "Tips & Tricks" Popups
SWF_POPSCR - WF: Screen structure for "What's new?" dialog
SWF_POPUP1 - Popups for "What's new?" Display
SWF_PROCES - WF: Control Wizard Process
SWF_PROPTS - Name Value Pair
SWF_PRPXML - Workflow: XML Representation of Properties
SWF_QSTATE - BPE: Status of Inbound Queues
SWF_RECEIV - WF: Event Recipient/Receive Step
SWF_RECKEY - WFP: Key fields for recovery operations
SWF_REPORT - Wizard for Reports in Workflow
SWF_REP_LIST - Output List SWI13
SWF_RETDEA - WF: Structure for deadline monitoring nodes
SWF_RETMUL - WFP: Internal table as return value for n branches
SWF_RETURN - Workflow: Method Exception
SWF_RUN_ERRE_FREQ - Statistics Data for SWWERRE
SWF_RUN_ESI_MODIFY - Workflow: Modify for ESI
SWF_RUN_MON_01 - Workflow: Monitor for Background Steps
SWF_RUN_MON_01_ALV - Workflow: Monitor for Background Steps (ALV)
SWF_RUN_MON_CONF - Workflow: Configuration Runtime Monitoring
SWF_SDECSN - WFP: Create user decision
SWF_SEOELM - Meta Information of a Class for Container Elements
SWF_SHCTL - Workflow Container: Schema Conversion Control
SWF_SLS_TRC_DAT - Trace Data Records of Component Deadline Monitoring
SWF_SLS_TRC_SEL - Deadline Monitoring: Selection Conditions for Trace Start
SWF_SMODID - Workflow: Modeid/Requesterguid
SWF_SOLMAN_RSTASK - WF SolMan: Range for Tasks
SWF_SOLMAN_SCUST - WF SolMan: Status Customizing
SWF_SOLMAN_SEVERR - WF SolMan: Number of Events in Error Status
SWF_SOLMAN_SF4TASK - WF SolMan: Tasks for Input Help
SWF_SOLMAN_SWIID - WF SolMan: Work Items
SWF_SOLMAN_SWIPTS - WF SolMan: Number of Work Items for Each Task
SWF_STEPAD - WF: Process Step - EXTRAS
SWF_STEPCO - WF: Process step - CONTROL
SWF_STEPEX - WFP: Structure for exceptions
SWF_STGUID - Workflow: GUID of Step Definition
SWF_STPXML - Workflow: XML Representation of a Step
SWF_SUPCLS - Workflow: Inheritance Relationships of Objects
SWF_SWITCH - WF: Create Switch
SWF_SWITCHR - WF: Table with SWITCH Outcomes
SWF_SWITCHTB - WF: Table for Conditions (create switch)
SWF_T100MS - Structure for T100 Message
SWF_TASK - WF: Detailed information about task
SWF_TRC_ACONF - Trace: Configuration of Trace Components
SWF_TRC_CMP - Workflow-Trace: Components
SWF_TRC_CMP_CONF - Client- and Component-Specific (De)Activation Trace
SWF_TRC_CMP_CONF_DISP - Display Global (De)Activation Trace
SWF_TRC_CMP_TEXT - Workflow-Trace: Components
SWF_TRC_CONF - Trace: Configuration of Logical Trace Times/Dates
SWF_TRC_CONT - Trace: Container Table
SWF_TRC_DEMO_DAT - Trace-Data of Workflow-Trace Demo
SWF_TRC_DEMO_SEL - Trace-Selection of Workfow-Trace Demo
SWF_TRC_HEAD - Trace: Catalog
SWF_TRC_HFILT - Trace: Hierarchy Filter
SWF_TRC_PCK - Workflow-Trace: Packages
SWF_TRC_PCK_TEXT - Workflow-Trace: Packages
SWF_TRC_SELOPT - Trace: Hierarchy Filter
SWF_TRC_TEXT - Trace: Configuration of the Packages and Their Times/Dates
SWF_TRC_WF_DAT - Workflow-Trace: Data Entries
SWF_TRC_WF_SEL - Workflow Trace: Selection Conditions for Trace Start
SWF_TRFCID - Workflow: ID of tRFC Entries
SWF_TRIGG - WFP: Create event creator/user
SWF_TSKDSC - WF: Description of single-step and multistep tasks
SWF_TSKXML - Workflow: XML Representation of a Task
SWF_TSKXML - Workflow: XML Representation of a Task
SWF_TSKXML - Workflow: XML Representation of a Task
SWF_TSKXML - Workflow: XML Representation of a Task
SWF_TXTTAB - Workflow: Language-Dependent Texts
SWF_UNIT_CONF - Workflow: Workflow Unit Configuration
SWF_UNIT_IO_MON - Workflow: EATAB for Workflow Test Monitoring
SWF_UNIT_MON - Workflow: Unit Monitoring
SWF_USRPRP - Workflow: Attributes of a User (Mail)
SWF_UTL001 - Workflow: Strucure for Reading BOR Object Types
SWF_UTL002 - Workflow: Auxiliary Structure
SWF_UTL_EXCP_STRUCT - List of Exceptions for Object Instances
SWF_UTL_OBJECT_STRUCT - List of Object Instances
SWF_UTL_PRSKEY_STRUCT - List of Keys for Persistence Profile
SWF_UTL_TABLE_STRUCT - Structure for Massloading of Table Data
SWF_VERIFY - Structure for Verification of Units
SWF_VERTAB - Table für Workflow Verification Objects
SWF_WFDEF - WFC: Structure for simplified Workflow definition
SWF_WFDKEY - WFP: Key of Workflow definition for export in INDX
SWF_WFPCON - WF: Control table for single actions in a release
SWF_WFPDSC - WFP: Language-dependent description texts
SWF_WFPREC - WF: Recovery information for Workflow Wizards
SWF_WFPREL - Internal Processing Structure
SWF_WFPTAB - WF: Basis information about Workflow Wizards
SWF_WIDESC - Workflow: Work Item Description
SWF_WIHXML - Workflow: XML Representation of Work Item Header
SWF_WIRCV - Workflow: Recipient of a Work Item
SWF_WIRESULT - Workflow: Result of a Work Item
SWF_WIRESULT_MANUALLY_COMPLETE - Workflow: Result of a Work Item (End Manually)
SWF_WIXML - Workflow: XML Representation of a Work Item
SWF_WIZARD - WF: Control Wizard Screen
SWF_WIZBTN - WF: Buttons on wizard navigation bar
SWF_WIZDEF - WF: Wizard definition for wizards w/o WF support
SWF_WIZRUN - WF: Runtime structure for wizards w/o WF support
SWF_WIZSCR - WF: Screen Control for Wizard Screens
SWF_WSEXPPARA - Export Parameter for Web Services
SWF_XCLELM - WF: Elements excluded from automatic binding
SWF_XMLACC - Data Definition for Access to an XML Attribute
SWHVABS_V - Workflow: Demo for Process Specific Info System
SWH_ABSENCE - Workflow: Demo for Workflow Infos
SWH_STR001 - Workflow: Structure (Flat)
SWI1205 - Structure for Workflows (WF and WS)
SWI2SELDAT - WF: IO structure for workflow for object type
SWICOMP - Structure for Reading the Comp Using Dev. Class from TDEVC
SWICOMPK - Structure for Reading Comp ID from DF14L
SWIMESSAGE - Task Analysis Message
SWISLAPCOM - Selection für Application Component
SWISLDEVC - Selection for Package
SWISLEVT - Selection for Events (BOR)
SWISLMET - Selection for Methods (BOR)
SWISLOTYP - Selection for Object Types (BOR)
SWISLTASK - Selection for Tasks
SWITASKTAB - Structure for data transfer of task IDs
SWITASKTYP - SWI: Radiobuttons for task type
SWITSK - Structure of Tasks for Analysis
SWITSKAL - Structure for Output for Task Analysis
SWITSKALYS - Structure for Task Analysis
SWITSKC - Structure for Task Analysis with Dev. Class and Appl. Comp
SWITSKD - Structure for Task Analysis with Development Class
SWITSKDB - Structure of Tasks for Reading from TADIR
SWITSKDOC - Structure for Documentation of Report RSWI_TASK_ANALYSIS
SWITSKP - Structure for Task Analysis with Properties
SWITSKPD - Structure of Tasks for Reading from HRS1201
SWITSKT - Structure for Task Analysis with Name
SWITSKTD - Structure for Task Analysis with Name
SWIUSERTAB - Structure for data transfer of user names
SWI_DURATION_QUANTILS - Work Item Quantiles for Working Hours and Wait Times
SWI_DURATION_STATISTICS - Work Item Averages for Working Hours and Wait Times
SWI_DURATION_TIME - Work Item Working Hours and Wait Times
SWI_DURATION_TIMETABLE - Work Item Working Hours and Wait Times
SWI_ERRO_H - Work item error diagnosis: Header structure for ALV
SWI_ERRO_I - Work item error diagnosis: Item structure for ALV
SWI_FINISH - End day and end time of work items
SWI_FLOW_I - WF: Structure for report RSWENABLEEXECUTE (ALV)
SWI_FREQ - Frequency of instantiation for tasks
SWI_MEAN - Structure for average processing period for tasks
SWI_OBJECT - Generic objects in work item container
SWI_PARAMS - WF: Structure for Selection Screen Parameter
SWI_QUAN - Structure for limit of processing period
SWI_REA_NR - Work item error diagnosis: Cause frequency (top-level)
SWI_REA_WI - Work item error diagnosis: Top-level WIs by cause
SWI_STATUS - Work item status
SWI_TASK - F1 help in task environment
SWI_TASK_H - WF: Structure for report RSWENABLEEXECUTE (ALV)
SWI_TIME - Structure for list output of length of work items
SWI_UNIT - Attributes of individual work items
SWI_WF_EXT - Private structure: Workflow task, external container
SWI_WF_INT - Private structure: Workflow task, internal container
SWI_WIDEAD - Info system: Work items with deadline data
SWI_WILIST - Work items to be processed according to agent and deadline
SWI_WITIME - Processing times of a work item
SWI_WITYPE - WIS: Selection of work item types
SWI_WS_EXT - Private structure: Workflow template, external container
SWI_WS_INT - Private structure: Workflow template, internal container
SWJPCDEF - Container Definition for Parameter Condition
SWJPCNT - Container Definition/Values for Parameter Conditions (XML)
SWJPCOND - Parameter Condition (Parsed)
SWJPCONT - Container Instance for Parameter Condition
SWJPCTXT - Container Definition for Parameter Condition (Text Table)
SWJPHEAD - Header Table for Parameter Condition
SWJPHTXT - Parameter Condition (Text Table)
SWJSCONT - Container Instance (Separate) for PPF
SWJ_CONT - Container Instance (Separate) for PPF (XML)
SWJ_OBJ - Type & Category of Object Types (Based On WF Domains)
SWJ_PCOND - Structured Data Type for Parameter Condition
SWJ_PDEFLT - Default Values
SWJ_SHEAD - Parameter Condition: Data Structure
SWL0ATTR - WL: Screen structure WI display
SWL1DYN - WLC: EATAB for SWL1 main screen
SWLACTISTR - WLC: Structure for collecting data from Activity Wizard
SWLACTVDY1 - WLC: I/O table for selecting object source
SWLACTVDY2 - WLC: I/O table for selecting object type
SWLACTVDY3 - WLC: I/O table for selecting object
SWLACTVDY4 - WLC: I/O table for description of activity
SWLACTVDYN - WLC: I/O table for activities
SWLAHO_INF - Structure for information on ad hoc objects (for display)
SWLATTRDYN - WLC: I/O table for attributes
SWLBUTTDYN - WLC: I/O table for buttons on screens
SWLCREMABO - WLC: Table for remote worklist subscription
SWLCS - WLC: Reduced container structure
SWLCTREE - WLC: Example structure for treeOCX
SWLDATES - Work Item Date
SWLDECISTR - WLC: Possible results of process
SWLDESCDYN - WLC: I/O table for task description
SWLDNOTTAB - Structure for Note Info for the Display of Notes
SWLDOCOBJS - WF: Keys of Docu Objects (SE61)
SWLDYNVIEW - WLC: I/O table for views/substitution
SWLDY_LIST - Structure for the Work List of a User for Screen Display
SWLEXCLUDE - Contains Functions of the Work List Client to be Deactivated
SWLFBASHOW - Display of WIM log entries in workflow log
SWLFORWDYN - WLC: I/O table for forwarding
SWLIAG - Workflow Inbox Setting for Role
SWLICLS - Workflow Inbox: Classes for Work Item Selection
SWLICLST - Workflow Inbox: Classes for Work Item Selection/Texts
SWLICUSTOM - WLC: Task-specific columns in inbox
SWLIGL - Workflow Inbox: Logical Systems for All Users
SWLIR - Workflow Inbox: User Refresh Runtime
SWLLOGHIST - History of a Work Item
SWLMERGEI - WF: Counterpart of SWWW_T_MERGE_ITEM in Type Pool SWWW
SWLMETHDYN - WLC: I/O table for method selection
SWLMETHMEN - WLC: Names for secondary methods
SWLMETHODS - Method List for Work Items
SWLNEW_AGT - Screen Table for Information on New Agents
SWLNOTEKEY - Key of a Note
SWLNOTETAB - WLC: Structure for displaying attachments
SWLNOTE_ID - Complete Key of Note
SWLOBJDISP - WLC: Structure for object display
SWLOBJECTS - WLC: Structure for Displaying Objects and Notes
SWLOBJTDYN - WLC: I/O table for objects
SWLOBTDISP - WLC: Structure for object display
SWLPOSAGTS - Screen Table for Information on Possible Agents
SWLPRICDYN - WLC: ATAB for priority change
SWLPRIODYN - Integr. inbox: I/O table for changing priority
SWLRESLDYN - WLC: I/O table for result buttons
SWLSCUSTOM - WLC: EATAB expression description for dynamic columns
SWLSNOTTAB - Structure for Note Informtion for the Selection
SWLSRV1 - Test: Physical Service in PCD
SWLSTATICO - WF: Icons for work item status
SWLSTATUS - Status, Status Text and Status Icon for Work Items
SWLSUBMDYN - WLC: I/O table for resubmission
SWLSYSINFO - Remote System Information
SWLTASKS - Task Key and Task Name
SWLTASK_S - Structure only with Task Key
SWLTERMDYN - WLC: I/O table for changing deadlines for work item
SWLTEXTDYN - WLC: I/O table for texts on screens
SWLUSERDWI - Structure for setting WI-relevant fields of SWLUSERDYN
SWLUSERDWP - Structure for setting WF log fields in SWLUSERDYN
SWLUSERDYN - WLC: I/O table for user-specific parameters
SWLUSERPAR - WLC: Structure with user-specific parameters
SWLWIID - WLC: Structure for work item ID
SWLWIURLS - Worklist with URLs
SWLWI_AGTS - Screen Table for Information on WI Agents
SWLWI_AUTH - Structure for saving the administration authorization
SWLWI_DISP - Structure for information on work item (for screen display)
SWLWI_EVEN - Data for subsequent events of a step
SWLWI_LIST - Structure for the Work List of a User with Additional Info
SWLWI_NOTE - Data for Note of a Work Item
SWLWL_EDIT - Help Structure for the Data for Manipulating the Work List
SWLWL_STAT - WLC: Structure for status text and status code
SWLWP1 - WF: Work Item Structure for Workplace
SWLWP1_C - WF: WI Structure for Workplace (Only Comparison Fields!)
SWLWPCHLOGSYS - Changed Logical System
SWLWPCNDES - Names of Container Elements
SWLWPCNDSC - Describes Container Definition to Be Generated by RFC
SWLWPCONXL - Container Instance Struct. w/ Ext. VALUE Field (Server-Side)
SWLWPCUBUF - Screen Structure (Customizing Handler)
SWLWPDYNCT - Screen Structure for Work Item Controller
SWLWPDYNCU - Screen Structure (Customizing Handler)
SWLWPDYNRHCU - Screen Structure (Customizing Handler)
SWLWPHANDT - URLs for Workflow Launch and Callback Handler (Ext. Service)
SWLWPHANDTUPD - Update of Handler Table (New Definition Release)
SWLWPHAUPD - Update of the Handler Table (Central WP Customizing)
SWLWPHDISTGMES - Web Service Definitions: Import Messages
SWLWPHDISTMES - Web Service Definitions: Import Messages
SWLWPHND - URLs for Workflow Launch and Callback Handler (Ext. Service)
SWLWPHREAD - Read Structure for Customized Handler
SWLWPLOGSY - Logical System
SWLWPLOGSYS - Logical Handler System
SWLWPLOGSYSSEL - Logical System Relationships
SWLWPLR - RFC Destinations for Logical Systems
SWLWPMSGS - Message with Code and Text
SWLWPP1 - Push Request
SWLWPS - Workflow: External Services
SWLWPSDESC - WebFlow Services (for Task Generator)
SWLWPSS - Service Description (Old Persistence)
SWLWPSSIG - Workflow: Parameters for External Services
SWLWPSSIGT - Workflow: Parameters for External Services: Texts
SWLWPSST - Workflow: Parameter for External Service
SWLWPST - Workflow: External Services Texts
SWLWPSTEXT - Workflow: External Services Incl. Text
SWLWPSYSALVEDIT - Editing Structure for Logical Handler Client
SWLWPSYSEDIT - Editing Structure for Logical Handler Client
SWLWPTASKGENMES - Messages By Task Generation
SWLWPTASKLH - Task and Relevant Launch Handler Master
SWLWPTDSC - Describes Task to Be Generated by RFC (on Server Side)
SWLWPTSSID - Task Linkages for WebFlow Services
SWLWPTWIT - Structure for Work Item Texts
SWLWPTYPST - Type Structure for Container Definition (New Container)
SWL_ACTIBF - WLC: Action within process folder
SWL_ACTION - WLC: Action within process folder
SWL_AGENTS - Screen Table for Information on Possible Agents
SWL_BUTTON - WLC: I/O table buttons for screens
SWL_CONFIG - WLC: Inbox configuration
SWL_CTITLE - WLC: Column title for task-specific inbox
SWL_CUSTOM - WLC: Task-specific columns in inbox
SWL_C_NOTE - Structure for the Notes of a Workflow in Container
SWL_DECA - Decision Options
SWL_DYNCO - Dynamic Columns
SWL_DYNCUS - Customizing the Dynamic Columns
SWL_DYNINF - WLC: Text lines
SWL_D_AGTS - Screen Table for Information on Deadline Agents
SWL_EX_CVH - Workflow: External View on Log Data: Header
SWL_EX_CVI - Workflow: External View on Log Data: Items
SWL_E_AGTS - Screen Table for Information on Excluded Agents
SWL_HLPSTR - WLC: Help structure
SWL_LOG_LINK - Node Connections in Workflow Log
SWL_METHOD - WLC: Secondary methods
SWL_MSGS - WLC: Structure for Displaying Messages
SWL_NOTKEY - Key of a Note ("NAME" of the SAPSCRIPT Object)
SWL_N_AGTS - Screen Table for Information on Notification Agents
SWL_OBJ - WLC: BAdI: Object Reference
SWL_OBJATT - WLC: BAdI: Default Attribute of an Object
SWL_OB_ATT - Default attributes for objects
SWL_OUTBOX - WLC: I/O Variables for Workflow Outbox
SWL_OUTB_ATTR - Workflow Outbox: Additional Attributes
SWL_PMRCVI - WF: Display Structure Reduced for Chronicle View (Item)
SWL_PM_AVH - Workflow: Display structure for agent view (header)
SWL_PM_AVI - Workflow: Display structure for agent view (item)
SWL_PM_CVH - Workflow: ITAB for reduction of WFM Logtab
SWL_PM_CVI - Workflow: Display structure for chronicle view (item)
SWL_PM_OVH - Workflow: PM display structure for object view (header)
SWL_PM_OVI - Workflow: Display structure for object view (item)
SWL_PM_STD - Structure for output of work item history
SWL_PM_WIH - Structure for inclusion of WIM logging
SWL_POBSP - I/O Screen Table for Specifying Object Type / Object ID
SWL_P_AGTS - Dynpro table for information on possible agents
SWL_RETURN - WLC: Error structure
SWL_SHOW_LOG - Workflow Log Data
SWL_SINOBJ - WLC: Workflow-relevant fields from structure SINOBJ
SWL_STATUS - Status Texts for Work Item Status
SWL_STPTAB - Workflow: ITAB for reduction of WFM Logtab
SWL_STREEN - WLC: Node Structure for Simple Tree
SWL_STRFCD - WLC: Structure for excluded functions
SWL_STYLES - Styles for HTML generation
SWL_ST_TRA - WLC: Transition of work item
SWL_ST_TRN - WLC: Transition of work item
SWL_SUCCES - WLC: I/O table for 'End work item'
SWL_SYSTEM - WLC: System-specific parameters
SWL_TASK_D - Task description in text form (structure for the text)
SWL_TIPS - WF: Tip in HTML Format: Head and Body
SWL_TREEIT - WLC: Structure for simple tree OCX
SWL_WI2OBJ - Workflow: Relation of Work Item to Object
SWL_WI2OBL - Workflow: Relation of Work Item to Object
SWL_WI2OBS - Workflow: Relation of Work Item to Object
SWL_WIDYNC - WLC: BAdI: WI and Customizing of Dynamic Columns
SWL_WIDYNV - WLC: BAdI: WI and Values of Dynamic Columns
SWL_WIFUNC - WLC: Assignment of dialog functions to function modules
SWL_WIHIST - Structure for output of work item history
SWL_WIOBJS - Object References for Work Item (WI_OBJECT_ID, WI_GROUP_ID)
SWL_WL - Attributes of the User's Work List
SWL_WLHEAD - Key Fields (of Entries) of a Work List
SWL_WL_ALT - Attributes of User's Work List (corresponds to SWWWLHEAD)
SWNKCAT2MSG - WF Notif: Key Structure for Table CAT2MSG
SWNKCATEGORY - WF Notif: Key Structure for Table Category
SWNKDELPROVI - WF Notif: Key Structure for Table DELPROVI
SWNKDELSCHED - WF Notif: Key Structure for Table SWN_DELSCHED
SWNKFILTER - WF Notif: Key Structure for Table SWN_FILTER
SWNKFILTPAR - WF Notif: Key Structure for Table SWN_FILTPAR
SWNKFILTVAL - WF Notif: Key Structure for SWN_FILTVAL
SWNKNOTIFTSTMP - WF Notif: Key Structure for table SWN_NOTIFTSTMP
SWNKREMAP - WF Notif: Key Structure for Table SWN_REMAP
SWNKSUBS - WF Notif: Key Structure for Table SWN_SUBS
SWNKSUBSVAL - WF Notif: Key Structure for SWN_SUBSVAL
SWNODE - WF: Reference structure for node number
SWNSATTACH2 - Notification and Attachment
SWNSCATEGORYT - WF Notif: Category with Text
SWNSCOLSCHED - WF Notif: Schedule for Selection (Structure)
SWNSDELSCHED - WF Notif: Schedule for Delivery (Structure)
SWNSFILTAPPLKEY - WF: Key for Filter Time Stamp
SWNSFILTER - WF Notif: Filter Including Time Stamps (Structure)
SWNSFILTERT - WF Notif: Filter with Text
SWNSFILTSETTINGS - WF Notif: Filter Values (Structure)
SWNSFILTVAL - WF Notif: Filter Values (Structure)
SWNSLINK - WF Notif: Attachment Description
SWNSNOTIF1 - WF Notif: Notifications (Structure)
SWNSNOTIFDETAILS - WF Notif: Details of a Notification (for BSP)
SWNSNOTIFEXIT - WF Notif: Notifications for User-Exit (Structure)
SWNSNOTIFSUBS - WF Notif: Notification and Corresponding Subscription
SWNSNOTIFSUBS1 - WF Notif: Notification and Corresponding Subscription
SWNSNOTIFTSTMP - WF Notif: Time Stamp for Sending a Notification
SWNSORIGINKEY - WF Notif: Structure for Origin Key
SWNSPARAM - WF Notif: Generic Parameter
SWNSSUBS - WF Notif: Subscription Basic Data (Structure)
SWNSSUBSPAR - WF Notif: Subscription Values
SWNSSUBSPAR1 - WF Notif: Subscription Values (Internal Table)
SWNSSUBST - WF Notif: Subscription with Text
SWNSSUBSVALUES - WF Notif: Structure for Subscription Parameter Values
SWNSTXTLANG - WF Notif: Object Text in a Language
SWNSUSER - WF Notif: User Attributes
SWNSVARI - WF Notif: Description of a Variable of a Message Element
SWNSVHELP - WF Notif: Key and Value of a Value Help (BSP)
SWNSVIEWSTRUC - WF Notif: Structure with Information about View Cluster
SWNSWEEKDAYS - WF Notif: Week Days for Scheduler
SWNUWLSITEMTYPE - Structure with the UWL Item Type
SWNUWLSPROCCAT - Structure with Process Category
SWNUWLSUSER - Structure with User and Language
SWN_ATTACH - WF Notif: Attachment Description
SWN_CAT2MSG - WF Notif: Assignment Category, Message Template
SWN_CATEGORY - WF Notif: Category
SWN_CATEGORYT - WF Notif: Category, Text
SWN_COLSCHED - WF Notif: Selection Schedule
SWN_COLSCHEDT - WF Notif: Collective Schedule, Texts
SWN_DELPROVI - WF Notif: Deliverer
SWN_DELPROVIT - WF Notif: Deliverer, Texts
SWN_DELSCHED - WF Notif: Schedule for Delivery
SWN_DELSCHEDT - WF Notif: Schedule for Delivery, Texts
SWN_DELTYPE - WF Notif: Delivery Type
SWN_DELTYPET - WF Notif: Delivery Type, Texts
SWN_FILTER - WF Notif: Filter
SWN_FILTERT - WF Notif: Filter, Texts
SWN_FILTPAR - WF Notif: Filter Parameter
SWN_FILTPART - WF Notif: Filter Parameter, Texts
SWN_FILTVAL - WF Notif: Filter Values
SWN_MSG2PART - WF Notif: Assign.Message Template Parts to Message Templates
SWN_MSGTMPL - WF Notif: Message Template
SWN_MSGTMPLT - WF Notif: Message Template, Texts
SWN_NOTIF - WF Notif: Notifications
SWN_NOTIFINT - WF Notif: Notifications (Internal Tab.)
SWN_NOTIFTSTMP - WF Notif: Time Stamp for Notifications
SWN_PARTTMPL - WF Notif: Message Element
SWN_PARTTMPLT - WF Notif: Message Element, Texts
SWN_REMAP - WF Notif: Handler Assignment
SWN_REMAPT - WF Notif: Handler Assignment, Texts
SWN_SCENARIO - WF Notif: Scenario
SWN_SCENARIOT - WF Notif: Scenario, Texts
SWN_SENDLOG - WF Notif: Send Protocol
SWN_SETTINGS - WF Notif: General Settings
SWN_SETTINGSS - WF Notif: General Settings
SWN_SETTINGSST - WF Notif: General Settings, Texts
SWN_SETTINGST - WF Notif: General Settings, Texts
SWN_SIBFLPOR - WF Notif: Local Persistent Object Reference
SWN_SIBFLPORB - WF Notif: Local Persistent Object Reference, BOR-Compatible
SWN_STATISTICS - Statistics for Read, Saved, and Sent Notifications
SWN_SUBS - WF Notif: Subscriptions
SWN_SUBSPAR - WF Notif: Subscription Parameters
SWN_SUBSPART - WF Notif: Subscription Parameters, Texts
SWN_SUBST - WF Notif: Subscription, Text
SWN_SUBSVAL - WF Notif: Subscription Values
SWN_TIMESTAMPS - WF Notif: Time Stamp
SWPCMPCONT - Component Container of WFM
SWPCMPINST - Instance of WFM Instance Management for Components
SWPCOMPEVT - Structure for Terminating Events
SWPCONSTAT - WFM: Consistent Status
SWPEXCACT - WFM: Actions that Follow an Exception
SWPLEAFINST - Instance of WFM-Leaf-non-WIM Component
SWPNODE - WFM: Node Properties and Node Hierarchy at Runtime
SWPNODELOG - Workflow: Instance Data of Nodes of a Workflow Execution
SWPSTEPLOG - Workflow: Instance Data of Steps of a Workflow Execution
SWPTRCDAT_S_CMP - Trace in WFM: Component Data
SWPTRCDAT_S_FACTORY - Trace in WFM: Data from WFM Factory
SWP_ADMIN - Customizing Workflow Runtime System
SWP_ADM_US - WFM: Administrator(s) for a workflow instance
SWP_CB_WI - Workflow Manager: Calling back workitem (requester, res, ret
SWP_CEVENT - Workflow: Object Event which Ends an Activity/WI
SWP_COMPAT - Workflow runtime: Compatibility matrix (line) f. num. op.
SWP_DEADLN - Workflow: Deadlines of an Activity: Name, Date, Time
SWP_EXCLOG - WFM: Log Statement for Exceptions
SWP_EXECQU - WFM: Structure for Execution Queue
SWP_FNODES - WFM: Node Properties and Node Hierarchy at Runtime
SWP_HEADER - Workflow Instances: Header Data of a Workflow Execution
SWP_INSTLINKAGE - WFM: Event Instance-Linkage
SWP_INTERN - Workflow: Internal structure definition, please do not use!
SWP_JOIN - Workflow instances: Join node of a workflow execution
SWP_LOCEVT - Local Event
SWP_LOGTAB - Workflow: Internal Table for Display: Node/Step Log
SWP_NCONDT - Workflow: Condition for a Node
SWP_NODE - WF: Node of a workflow instance
SWP_NODES - WFM: Node Properties and Node Hierarchy at Runtime
SWP_NODEWI - WF: Work items for nodes in a workflow definition
SWP_NXTNOD - Workflow manager: Next node in workflow definition
SWP_RETURN - Workflow Manager: Structure for Return Codes of a Work Item
SWP_SEVNTS - Container Element, Instance, Event for SWP1_WORKFLOW
SWP_SNODES - WFM: Node Definition (Without WFDKEY)
SWP_SUSPEN - Workflow instances: Suspended work item callbacks
SWP_TYPELINKAGE - WFM: Event Type Linkage
SWP_V_HEAD - Workflow: Header structure of a workflow (WFM priv.)
SWP_WIRTM - WF: Runtime data on a work item
SWP_WI_REQ - Workflow: Identification of a Node Instance for WI_REQUESTER
SWRAGENT - Role Resolution Result
SWRNOPROXY - Customizing: Proxy Exceptions
SWRPREDREL - Relation Between Work Item and Predecessor Work Item
SWRPREDREL_SIMPLE - Relation Between Work Item and Predecessor Work Item
SWRSAGENT - Processors
SWRSAGENTLOC - Processors (Local Users)
SWRSAGENTNAME - Workflow: Name of Agent
SWRSATTACH - Work Item: Attachment Details
SWRSATTACHCNT - Work Item: Attachment Details + Content
SWRSDATETIME - Workflow: Date/Time/Time Zone/Timestamp (Deadline)
SWRSDHSTATTEXT - Workflow: Text of Deadline Status
SWRSLANGU - Workflow: Language
SWRSMERGE - Structure for an HTML merge item
SWRSMSGT100 - Text Message
SWRSMSGTEXT - T100 Message
SWRSOAPATS - Attribute Data for SOAP
SWRSOAPHDR - Data for SOAP Header
SWRSOAPMET - Data for SOAP Method
SWRSOAPPEX - Extension for SOAP Parameter
SWRSOBJECT - Workflow: Structure for Objects (POR + Attribute)
SWRSOBJTYP - Structure with Object Type
SWRSPOR - Workflow : Persistent Object Reference
SWRSPRIOTEXT - Workflow: Text of Work Item Priority
SWRSPROFTX - Substitute Profile
SWRSSUBSTITUTE - Workflow: Substitutes (with DEST_ID)
SWRSSUBSTITUTION - Workflow: Substitution (with DEST_ID)
SWRSSUBSTPROF - Substitue Profile (with DEST_ID)
SWRSSYSTEM - Workflow: Assignment of System ID to Destination
SWRSTASKTEXT - Workflow: Text of Task
SWRSUBS - Substitute
SWRSUBST - Substitute
SWRSUSER - Workflow: User Name
SWRSUSERNAME - Workflow: Name for User
SWRSWIAGENTS - Workflow: Work Item/User Assignment
SWRSWIHEAD - Workflow: Work Item Header
SWRSWIHEADDTL - Workflow: Work Item Header with Detailed Information
SWRSWIKEY - Workflow: Key of Work Item in System
SWRSWISTATTEXT - Workflow: Text of Work Item Status
SWRSWITYPETEXT - Workflow: Text of Work Item Type
SWRURLRT - URL at Runtime (Header Data)
SWRURLSG - URL at Runtime (Segments)
SWRWEBSERV - Customizing Web Server
SWR_ATT_HEADER - Header for Attachments to Workitems
SWR_ATT_ID - ID of an Attachment to a Work Item
SWR_BPML - Workflow: BPML Document
SWR_BPML_DOCU - BPML Documentation Elements
SWR_BPML_XELM - BPML Structure for List of XML Elements
SWR_CONT - Container (name-value pairs)
SWR_DEADL - WAPI: Deadlines
SWR_DECIALTS - Alternatives of a User Decision
SWR_DECIOPTS - Properties of User Decision
SWR_EPAR - Structure for HTML Event Parameters
SWR_EVTQ - HTML Event Parameter Query
SWR_EXAGN - SAP Extension: Agents
SWR_EXBND - SAP Extension: Binding
SWR_EXCTL - SAP Extension: Control
SWR_EXHDR - SAP Extension: Header
SWR_EXIF - SAP Extension: IF
SWR_EXOPR - SAP Extension: Container Operation
SWR_EXOPT - Output Options for BPML Conversion
SWR_EXSTP - SAP Extension: Step
SWR_FREQ - WAPI: Frequency of instantiation of tasks
SWR_HEADER - Header Entry Structure for Attachment
SWR_LHURL - Table for Launch URLs for Work Item ID
SWR_LSTACT - WAPI: Last Action on Work Item
SWR_MESSAG - Workflow Interfaces: Messages
SWR_METHOD - WAPI: Structure for methods
SWR_MIME_S - Transfer structure for a MIME object
SWR_MSTRUC - Workflow interfaces: Message structure
SWR_OBJECT - WAPI: Structure for objects
SWR_OBJ_2 - WAPI: Generic Structure for Objects (After 4.6)
SWR_PDEFCTL - Control Parameter for the Export of a Process Definition
SWR_PIDAT - Process Instance Data for Wf-XML
SWR_PROPER - Workflow: Property (Name/Value)
SWR_RCREATMP - Structure for Range Table for Creation Time
SWR_REQHDR - Wf-XML: Request Header
SWR_RWILED - Structure for Range Table for Duration in UTC
SWR_RWIPRIO - Structure for Range Table for Priority
SWR_RWITEXT - Structure for Range Table for Work Item Texts
SWR_STRUCT - Various fields
SWR_SUBSTPROFILE - Substitute Profile
SWR_S_MIME - Structure for MIME object
SWR_TIMINT - WAPI: Time interval
SWR_TSKDSC - HR task ID and name
SWR_TSKFLT - Task filter
SWR_TXTLIN - Workflow interfaces: Text line
SWR_VALUE - WAPI: Name/values for transfer of any data
SWR_VERS - Workflow: Versions of a Task
SWR_WIADDATTR - WAPI: Additional Attributes of a Work Item
SWR_WIAGENT - WAPI: Work Item/User Assignment
SWR_WIDETL - WAPI: Work Item Details
SWR_WIDTL - WAPI: Detailed Information About Work Item
SWR_WIHDR - Work Item Structure
SWR_WIPR_E - Export structure for user exit in work item preview
SWR_WIPR_I - Import structure for user exit in work item preview
SWR_WIPTS - Number of work items per task
SWR_WISTAT - Workflow interfaces: Work item status
SWR_WITYPE - WAPI: Work item type
SWR_WIUSER - WAPI: User + Work Item
SWR_WIUSLA - WAPI: Work Item + Language + User
SWR_XSTEP - Internal XSLT Data Exchange for BPML Conversion
SWTAREQTRACE - Workflow: ALV Structure for Request Trace Reporting
SWTDFILTER - Workflow: EATAB for Trace Filter
SWTDISPLST - Display list
SWTRQTRACE - Workflow: Trace Table for Requests
SWTR_SEL - Workflow: Trace entry
SWT_ACT - Actions that can be carried out in workflow trace
SWT_ACTT - Description of actions in workflow trace
SWT_FILENT - Workflow: New Filter for Trace
SWT_FILKEY - Workflow: Key for Filter
SWT_FILTER - Workflow: Filter for Trace
SWT_HANDLE - Complete workflow trace
SWT_LOG - Workflow: Trace entry
SWT_LOGCAT - Workflow trace catalog
SWT_LOGDAT - Workflow: Trace data
SWT_LOGENT - Workflow: Selections in a workflow trace
SWT_LOGTXT - Text for technical trace
SWT_REQTRACE - Workflow: Trace Table for Requests
SWU5TREITM - Item for Tree Control for Selection of Attribs of Obj. Types
SWU5_DYNP - Chronology of generated program objects
SWU5_WEB - WF: Structure for function module SWU_DIALOG_WEB_ENABLING
SWU7_D0100 - SAPForms: R3F form and form type
SWUATTRIB - Attribute of Object Type and Path
SWUDFOL - SAPforms: Parameters for reading hidden folder
SWUD_D0100 - WF: Create new CATT procedure or use existing procedure
SWUELMATRB - Object Container Element und Attribute of Object
SWUELMATTR - Container Element and Attributes (If Object)
SWUFORMTRC - SAPforms: Trace management
SWUGRETURN - Message during generic object service
SWUI_FORM - Container contents for form data container
SWUI_START - IOTAB for 'Start Workflow'
SWUMEXSTRU - Structure Internal Table in CL_SWF_UTL_MULTI_EXEC
SWUNUMBER - Definition Structure for Number Assignment
SWUOCHKF - SWUO: File Name of Last Checkout
SWUOCHKO - SWUO: Checkout Data for a Physical Information Object
SWUOCONT1 - SWUO: Table for Document Contents (Import/Export)
SWUODTYP - OI: Selection of Document Classes
SWUOLINK - OI: Structure of Link Item
SWUOLOIO - SWUO: Instances of Logical Information Objects
SWUOLOIOT - SWUO: Descriptions of Logical Information Objects
SWUOLOPR - SWUO: Attribute Values of Logical Information Objects
SWUOLORE - SWUO: Outgoing Relationships of Logical Information Objects
SWUOLORI - SWUO: Incoming Relationships of Logical Information Objects
SWUOPHF - SWUO: Files of Physical Information Objects
SWUOPHHR - SWUO: Outgoing Hyperlinks from Physical Objects
SWUOPHIO - SWUO: Instances of Physical Information Objects
SWUOPHNM - SWUO: Use of Target Anchors in Physical Objects
SWUOPHPR - SWUO: Attributes of Physical Information Objects
SWUOPHRE - SWUO: Outgoing Relationships of Physical Information Objects
SWUOPHRI - SWUO: Incoming Relationships of Physical Information Objects
SWUOPROP - OI: Properties of Document
SWUOPRWF - OI: Properties of Workflow
SWUORE - SWUO: Instances of Relationships
SWUOREPR - SWUO: Attributes of Relationships
SWUOSELE - OI: Structure of PHIO's Selection Box
SWUOTATR - Attribute of Object Type
SWUOTREITM - OI: Structure of Link Tree Item(s)
SWUOUSET - OI: Personal User Settings
SWUO_CMD - WF: Description of a command object
SWUPEVTCB - Indicator (Event Relevant?) and Callback Routine
SWUPMTAB - Properties of BOR Method (Subset of SWOTLV)
SWUPROGIN - Include name of a program
SWUPTRECRD - Coordinates in Tree Control
SWUPTRIM - Tree Control Item For Report SAPTREV*
SWUREPPRAM - WF: Assignment of report to selection
SWUTIUNIT - WF: Unit of Time for Deadlines
SWUTYP2ADR - SAP Forms: Map form type to proxy mail address
SWUWEBNAMS - Web-enabling: Namespace and related
SWUWEBTR - Workflow: Web-enabling - Data structure for screen
SWU_ADHOC - WF: Data for workflow ad hoc start
SWU_CCFUNC - WFCC: Possible Functions
SWU_CCPROP - WFCC: Check Properties
SWU_CHKF - SDOK: File Name of Last Checkout
SWU_CHKLST - Structure for checklist
SWU_CHKO - SDOK: Checkout Data for Physical Information Object
SWU_CNTKEY - Key for container tables
SWU_CONT1 - SDOK: Table for Document Contents (Import/Export)
SWU_CONTD - WF: Container definition with exclusion flag
SWU_CREAEV - Structure: Indicators for wizard - Event creation
SWU_DBGTRC - Workflow: Dynpro Structure for Trace Level and Debug Mode
SWU_DBSTR - System Table for Structure Persistence Settings
SWU_DECIOPTS - Properties of User Decision
SWU_EVCREA - Dynpro Fields for Triggering Events
SWU_FLAG - Indicator
SWU_GENOBJ - Generic Services: Linked Objects
SWU_ITEM - WF: Tree control items
SWU_LOIO_D - Logical Info Objects in Workflow
SWU_LOPR - Workflow: Attribute Values of Logical Information Objects
SWU_MSG - Message components
SWU_ORGTIM - Time Stamp for Last Buffer Synchronization of ORG Environ.
SWU_PERIOD - Period duration for transmission of R3F messages
SWU_PHF - SDOK: Files of Physical Information Objects
SWU_PHIO_D - Physical Info Objects in Workflow
SWU_PHPR - SDOK: Attributes of Physical Information Objects
SWU_PHRE - SDOK: Outgoing Relationships of Physical Information Objects
SWU_REPORT - Key figures for reports
SWU_REPSC - Return values (params, sel. options, etc.) of report scan
SWU_SELECT - Structure for choosing tasks
SWU_SNODE - Node Structure of Tree Control (Simple)
SWU_START - Structure for starting tasks
SWU_STEPS - List of Nodes
SWU_STRNAM - Structure Description
SWU_STRPOR - Internal POR for Structure in WF Container
SWU_TEST - SWU: Verification of container
SWU_WFFILT - Filter for Debugging
SWU_WFSTRT - Shell for Starting Workflows
SWU_WLSCAN - Date and time of last work list scan for R3F transmission
SWWADDRKEY - Key for office address object (BOR type ADDRESS)
SWWARCFLAG - Indicators for Work Item Selection in Archiving Programs
SWWARCHEAD - Selection Data from RSWWARCA
SWWARCH_A - Structure for type WORKITEM_AI_REC from FG SWWX
SWWARCH_C - Structure for type WORKITEM_CONT_REC from FG SWWX
SWWARCH_D - Structure for type WORKITEM_DEADL_REC from FG SWWX
SWWARCH_E - Structure for type WORKITEM_EI_REC from FG SWWX
SWWARCH_F - Structure for type WORKITEM_FLOW_REC from FG SWWX
SWWARCH_Z - Structure for type WORKITEM_AIRET_REC from FG SWWX
SWWARCLI_I - Dependent Work Items in Archive List (For ALV Output)
SWWARCLI_T - Top-Level Work Items in Archive List (For ALV Output)
SWWBINDEF - Obsolete 6.1/ Workflow Runtime - Save Bindin...
SWWCNTP0 - Workflow Container: XML Database (P0)
SWWCNTPADD - Workflow Runtime: Persistence for Additional Container (XML)
SWWCOMMIT - Dummy Structure for Flags of SWW FMs
SWWCOMPEVT - Structure for Terminating Events
SWWCUSTOM - Workflow Runtime: WIM Customizing Data
SWWDEADDAT - Entry structure for deadline data for SWW_WI_CEATE_SIMPLE
SWWDEADLIN - Structure for Parameter Transfer for SWW_WI_DEADLINES_CHANGE
SWWDECLINE - Structure for text lines for decision popup
SWWDHSTEXT - Workflow: Status Texts for Work Item Deadline Status
SWWEI - Workflow Runtime: Work Items of Type E (Event Items)
SWWERRESTA - Workflow Runtime: IO Tab for Job Display
SWWFBATEXT - Workflow: Short Texts for WIM History
SWWFEAMETH - Permitted methods/FMs for WI depending on status/type
SWWINDX - Obsolete 6.1/ INDX Table for SWW Internal Runtime Constructs
SWWJOBCONF - Workflow: Configuration Background Processing Using Job
SWWLOGCNTX - Workflow: Context for Log
SWWLOGHIST - Workflow Runtime: History of a Work Item
SWWLOGPARA - Obsolete 4.6/ WIM Log Table: Actions on WIs - Parameters
SWWLOGSCTS - Workflow: Times for Log and Trace
SWWMETHCAL - Structure for passing inform.for method call (e.g.SWOTMULTI)
SWWMETHODS - Method List for Work Items
SWWOPMODE - Workflow: Operation Modes for Workflow
SWWOPMODETXT - Workflow: Operation Modes for Workflow
SWWORGTASK - Workflow Runtime: Assignment of WIs to Org. Unit/Task
SWWOUTBOX - Workflow Outbox (Work Item - Processor - Timestamp)
SWWPARALST - Structure f. Parameter Transfer f. SWW_WI_LOG_PARAMETERS_XXX
SWWREPSTATUS - Table for Status of Workflow Runtime Background Jobs
SWWREXECTX - Workflow: Import Parameters for Execution (RFC)
SWWRUNMETH - Obsolete 6.1/ Workflow Runtime - Save Methods
SWWSCRTPAR - Workflow: Interface of FuBa SWW_WI_CREATE
SWWSDATTYP - Workflow: Structure for Range Tab
SWWSDEADL - Workflow: Deadline
SWWSMTHEXI - Workflow: Submethod for Work Item Available
SWWSTATEXT - Workflow: Status Texts for Work Item Status
SWWSTATUS - Workflow: Properties of a Work Item Status
SWWSWIDEAD - Workflow Runtime: Deadline Data for Work Items
SWWSWPRET - Obsolete 6.1/ Workflow Runtime - Save Modele...
SWWTSKGUID - Workflow: Unique ID for Workflow Task (WS/WF)
SWWTYPTEXT - Workflow: Type Texts for Work Item Types
SWWWF2DEST - Workflow: RFC Destination for Workflow
SWWWIAGENT - Workflow Runtime: Agents for Execution of a Work Item
SWWWIDEADL - Workflow Runtime: Deadline Data for Work Items
SWWWIDEARC - Deletion Information for Work Item Archiving
SWWWIDH - Workflow Runtime: Deadline Monitoring of Work Items
SWWWIEXLST - WI list for execution via the WFM
SWWWIHEAD - Workflow Runtime: Header Table for All Work Item Types
SWWWIMULTI - Structure for transfer of WI list
SWWWIRES - Return parameters for callback/call to/from WFM
SWWWIRET - Workflow Runtime: Return Values of Method Call
SWWWITEXT - Workflow Runtime: Work Item Texts
SWWWLHEAD - Structure for transferring work item to WLC
SWWXWISELD - SWW: Structure for Displaying WIs for Selection
SWW_ACTSTA - Workflow: Work Item Status Action
SWW_ACTTAB - Workflow: Method Calls for WIM
SWW_APISTA - Workflow: API Call Stack
SWW_ARC - WF: Total of All Archived Data for a Workflow Instance
SWW_AS_BO2WI - Archive.Info.Sys./Workflow: Field Catalog SAP_BO2WI_001
SWW_AS_O2WI - Archive.Info.Sys./Workflow: Field Catalog SAP_BO2WI_001
SWW_BTCSYS - Workflow: Batch-Relevant System Fields
SWW_CCMS_CHCKRES - CCMS: Result from Consistency Check
SWW_CCMS_WICHCKRES - CCMS: Result from Consistency Check
SWW_CEVENT - Workflow: Runtime Representation for Completing Event
SWW_CHEAD - WF: Structure for Delta Determination of Work Item Header
SWW_CLSREQ - Workflow: Relation Class/Request
SWW_COMEVT - Workflow: Structure for Persistence of Completing Event
SWW_CONT - Workflow Runtime: Work Item Data Container
SWW_CONTOB - Workflow Runtime: Work Item Data Container (Only Objects)
SWW_DAT_STATE - Workflow: Internal Status of Data of a Work Item
SWW_DBSTAT - Workflow: Status of Database Image
SWW_DBTRNS - Workflow: Allowed Transition for Persistence Class
SWW_DEF_STATE - Workflow: Status of Definition Components
SWW_ENQPRP - Workflow: Enqueue Properties
SWW_EVENTCRL - Workflow: Correlations for Events in Workflow
SWW_EVENTS - Workflow: Events in Workflow
SWW_EVTDAT - Workflow: Data for Event Receiver
SWW_EXCDAT - Workflow: Exception
SWW_EXECTX - Workflow: Import Parameters for Execution
SWW_EXEIRT - Workflow: Runtime Structure for Interrupted Execution
SWW_FBACTX - Workflow: Context of Function Module
SWW_HIST_H - WF: Structure for ALV List RSWWHIDL
SWW_HLPSTR - Workflow: Communication Structure for WIM
SWW_INT_STATE - Workflow: Internal Status of WI Inst. (Without Persistence)
SWW_METDAT - Workflow: Result of Method Execution
SWW_MONCND - Workflow: Monitoring RSWWCOND
SWW_MONCND_ALV - Workflow: ALV Structure for Entries
SWW_OBJPRP - Workflow: Name/Object - Attribute
SWW_PROPER - Workflow: Name Value Pair
SWW_PROPS - Workflow: Start Properties of a Work Item
SWW_REORG_WI - Workflow: BAdI - Reorganization von Work Items
SWW_REQACT - Workflow: Relation Request Type Authorization Activity
SWW_RETURN - Workflow Runtime: Return Values of Method Call
SWW_RITRCU - Trace Structure for URL
SWW_SEMCTX - Workflow: Semantic Context of Work Item
SWW_STAMTH - Workflow: Methods on Work Item
SWW_STATRA - Workflow: Transitions of Work Item Status
SWW_STAT_CRT - Workflow: Created Workflows
SWW_TACT - Activities for Authorization Check for Workflow 3.0
SWW_TASKCUST - Workflow: Task Customizing
SWW_TICKET - Workflow: Ticket for Workflow System
SWW_WI2OBJ - Workflow Runtime: Relation of Work Item to Object
SWW_WI2TOPWI - Workflow: Relation Work Item -> Toplevel Work Item
SWW_WIAGNT - Workflow: Agents for Execution of a Work Item
SWW_WIDATA - Workflow: Data of a Work Item
SWW_WIDEAD - Workflow: Structure for Deadline Data of Work Item
SWW_WIENQU - Workflow: Enqueue Stack
SWW_WIEXCP - Workflow: Structure with Exception per Work Item
SWW_WIHEAD - Workflow: Structure for Header Table of All Work Item Types
SWW_WIHEXT - Workflow: Extension Work Item Header
SWW_WIMCTX - Workflow: WIM Context
SWW_WIPROP - Workflow: Properties of Work Item
SWW_WIREGISTER - Workflow: Registration of a Work Item
SWXATTRVAL - Attribute values objects
SWXDOCKEY - Key objects of type MS_WORD and MS_WORDDOT
SWXFORMABS - Form: Notification of Absence
SWXFORMKEY - Key Structure for Notification of Absence
SWXFORMTST - SAPforms Container Variables (Every Data Element Type)
SWXML_ATTR - XML Document: Attribute
SWXML_CHG - XML Document: What Has Changed
SWXML_CONT - WF: Table for Saving Containers as XML
SWXML_DKEY - XML Document: BDS Access Key
SWXML_NITM - XML Document: Node Item (Entry in Node Table
SWXML_OBJ - XML Document: Object Key
SWXML_TEST - XML Test Structure for DDIC - XML Conversion
SWXSFLQU - WebFlow Example: Flight Request
SWXTDNAME - Text document name for object types MS_WORD and MS_WORDDOT
SWXTRABOOK - Flight Bookings and Offers
SWXTRAREQUEST - Travel Request
SWX_ESI_ABSENCE_DATA - Data part of notification of absence (without key)
SWX_FLAUX - WebFlow Demo: Help Data
SWX_MSWORD - Reference fields for object types MS_WORD and MS_WORDDOT
SWYDYNCONT - Screen Container for Flow Logic Construction
SWYDYNP - Screen Attributes
SWYDYNPCNT - Assignment: Container Element to Screen Field
SWYDYTC - Attributes of Table Control for Flow Logic of Screen
SWYFORM - Form Runtime Attributes
SWYFTRANS - Relationship: Task to Form Transaction
SWYMODUL - Screen Module
SWYPDATA - Description of DATA/FORM Statement
SWYPRFPRM - Description of Parameter Transfer
SWYPROG - Program Attributes
SWYTSKATRB - Task Attributes
SWZAI - Header Table for all Properties of a Work Queue
SWZAIELEM - Structure of Line in a Work Queue
SWZAIENTRY - Object Table for Work Queues (Entries)
SWZAIRET - Return Values of Method Call of a WQ Line
SWZDUMRES - Dummy Structure for Work Queues
SWZEAENTRY - Workflow: Input/Output Tab for Worklist Entries
SWZEAHEADER - Workflow: Input/Output Structure for Worklist
SWZELES - Structure of Line in a Work Queue incl. Status Attribute
TETYP - Workflow Definition: Node Types (Central)
TETYT - Workflow editor: Node types (texts)
TOJMB - Objects in the SAP System: methods
TOJMT - Objects in the SAP System: method descriptions
TOJRB - SAP objects: return values for methods
TOJRT - Objects in the SAP System: return value texts
TOJTL - Objects in the SAP System: object types with definition
TRCTRLEVT - Events That Can Be Triggered by Tree Control
TRCTRLPAR - Parameter for Controlling Properties of Tree Control
TSWOOBJTYP - Structure with Object Type
TSWS - Business Workflow: Definition of Views
TSWST - Business Workflow: Texts for Views on Work Items
TWFAT - Workflow: Transition Table - Lang.-dep. Rule Texts
TWFFP - Workflow: parameter for process function modules
TWFNS - Workflow: control table status transfers (next status)
TWFNS1 - Workflow: transfer rule next status: rules for PRCTP
TWFNS2 - Workflow: control specifications of the proc. funct. module
TWFNSD - Workflow: Control table status transfers (data section)
TWFNSK - Workflow: control table status transfers (key section)
TWFPC - Workflow: internal process type class assignment
TWFPT - Workflow: process type directory
TWFPTK - Workflow: process type: key section
TWFPTO - Workflow: process type directory (without client)
TWFQU - Workflow: General settings
TWFRL - Workflow: role definition for object types
TWFRT - Workflow: Description of link roles
TWFS - Workflow 3.0: Folders - Views of a User
TWFSA - Workflow: transfer rule: actions in current status
TWFSA1 - Workflow: transfer rule: actions: rules for curr. PRCTP
TWFSAD - Workflow: control table: actions curr. status (without clnt)
TWFSAK - Workflow: control table: actions current status (key sect.)
TWFSY - Workflow: Systems and clients that are workflow partners
TWFTT - Workflow: Process types - language-dependent description
TWFTX - General Texts For Workflow
VTWFNS - Change document structure; generated by RSSCD000
VTWFSA - Change document structure; generated by RSSCD000
VWFAS - Change document structure; generated by RSSCD000
VWFPRC - Workflow: Internal table for WFPRC change documents
WFAS - Workflow: Process linking
WFAS1 - Workflow: Process linking: transfer table for process FMs
WFAS2 - Workflow: Process linking: transfer table WF_COMMIT
WFASD - Workflow: Process linking (data part)
WFASK - Workflow: Process linking (key part)
WFERR - Workflow: Error in processes
WFIUT - Workflow: Processes "in UPDATE TASK"
WFMESSAGE - Workflow: Message
WFNV - Workflow: Table not to be used (only LIKE definition)
WFPRC - Workflow: Process object: Definition
WFPRC1 - Workflow: Defaults for creating processes
WFPRCD - Workflow: Process object: Definition: (data part)
WFPRCK - Workflow: Process object: (key)
WFPROCTYP - Workflow: process type incl. description
WFQUE - Workflow: Queue for background processing
WFRECEIVER - Workflow: Link: Recipient (object SOOD role RC)
WFSTACK - Workflow: Stack
WFSTO - Workflow: Work list
WFSYST - System Structure with System Fields for Container Elements
WFTEST - Workflow: Test structure
WFWINEXE - Workflow: Call Windows Program
WSPARAM - WebFlow Service Parameter Structure (Runtime)

SAP Monitoring & Reporting Tables BC-BMT-WFM-MON

SWF_PF_PROC_DEF_BPMN_S - Business workflow process definition (BPMN)
SWF_PF_PROC_DEF_S - Business workflow process definition for process facade
SWF_PF_PROC_INS_S - Process Facade : Process Instance (Output Structure)
SWF_PF_REL_EVT - Relevant events of workflow for process facade
SWF_PF_SCOPEOBJ_DEF_S - Business workflow scope object definition for process facade
SWF_PLOG_DEADLINE_DATA - Workitem deadline data
SWF_PLOG_DETAILS_DATA - WF: Technical log details data
SWF_PLOG_ERRORS - WF: Technical log errors data
SWF_PLOG_EXT_PROCESS - List of External Processes for Work Items
SWF_PLOG_MESSAGE_DATA - Workitem message\error data
SWF_PLOG_SHOW - Workflow Log Data
SWF_PLOG_TRANS_DATA - Workflow log transformed data
SWF_PLOG_UWL_ACT_LOG - Log History Entries for UWL
SWF_PLOG_UWL_HEADER - Workflow Header for UWL
SWF_PLOG_UWL_ITEM - Workflow Items for UWL

SAP Runtime Tables BC-BMT-WFM-RUN

SWFDEBUG - Workflow Debugger: Breakpoints
SWFDEBUGCOUNTER - Workflow Debugger: Breakpoint Instances Counter
SWFDEBUGF4HELP - Empty Table as Basis for Search Help (swfdebug)
SWFGPACDEPLOY - GP Activity Within a Deployment Run
SWFGPACDESC - Description of a GP Activity
SWFGPACIINFO - Status Information of an Activity
SWFGPACISTATS - Structure Action Status
SWFGPACKEY - Key Fields of the Activity of a Guided Procedure
SWFGPACTION - Key Fields of the Action of a Guided Procedure
SWFGPACTIVEACTION - Running Action Instance
SWFGPACTIVITIES - Relation Between GP Activities and GP Processes
SWFGPACTIVITY - GP Activity in Where-Used List
SWFGPAGENTROW - GP Agent Structure
SWFGPAPI - Structure for Transferring the Guided Procedure
SWFGPCONF - Configuration Guided Procedures
SWFGPDEPLOY - Guided Procedures Deployment-Run
SWFGPDEPLOY_RANGE_CATEGORY - GP: Range Tab Line Structure for GP Category
SWFGPDEPLOY_RANGE_DATE - GP: Range Tab Line Structure for Deployment Date
SWFGPDEPLOY_RANGE_RESULT - GP: Range Tab Line Structure for Deployment Result
SWFGPDEPLOY_RANGE_TECHNAME - GP: Range Tab Line Structure for Technical Name of a GP
SWFGPDEPLOY_RANGE_TIME - GP: Range Tab Line Structure for Deployment Date
SWFGPDEPLOY_RANGE_UNAME - GP: Range Tab Line Structure for Deployment User
SWFGPDEPLOY_RANGE_WFTASK - GP: Range Tab Line Structure for Workflow Tasks
SWFGPDESCRIPTION - Descriptive Fields of the Guided Procedure
SWFGPGENOBJNUM - GP Generation Number Assignment
SWFGPGENOBJS - GP: Generated Data Objects
SWFGPIIDS - Process Instance Structure
SWFGPIINFO - Process Instance Structure
SWFGPKEY - Key Fields of the Guided Procedure
SWFGPLABEL - Label Definition
SWFGPPROCESS - Guided Procedure: Process Key on Appl. Server
SWFGPRELVERS - Versioning Information from Generated Data
SWFGPREUSE - List of Reusable Objects for GP
SWFGPROLE2AGENT - Assignment Between GP Role and User
SWFGPROLEASSIGN - Assignment Between Role and User List
SWFGPROLEDEF - Guided Procedures: Role Definition
SWFGPROLEINST - Guided Procedures: Role Instance
SWFGPROLEUSERS - GP: Role with Names and Users
SWFGPROLE_NAMEST - Structure of Role Names
SWFGPSTEPTEXT - Step Text of an Action
SWFGPSTGUID - GP: GUID of Step Definition
SWFGPSTORE_ALV - Display Structure for Table 'SWFGPSTORE'
SWFGPSWUS - Field Catalog Structure for SWUS
SWFGPTASKREUSE - GP: Task Including Reuse
SWFGPWFDEFREUSE - GP: Workflow Definition with REUSED Indicator
SWFGPWFKEY - Workflow of Guided Procedure Created
SWFGPWULACDEF - Where-Used List of Activities in Workflow Definitions
SWFGPWULACINFO - Activities Used in Workflow Definition
SWFGPWULDATOBJ - GP Where-Used List for Generated Data Objects/Contexts
SWFGPWULFLOWS - GP Where-Used List for Generated Workflow Definitions
SWFGPWULTASKS - GP Where-Used List for Generated Single-Step Tasks
SWFGP_XML - Structure for GP XML
SWFSWP_HEADER_ALV - UI Structure for Stopped Workflows
SWFTSISPK - TSI: Service Provider Key
SWFTSITSTDATA - TSI: Test Database Table
SWF_TST_EVENT_ITEM - Event Item of an Exit Run
SWF_TST_EVENT_ITEM_RULE - Unit Test: Exception Rule for Exit

SAP Workflow Modeler Tables BC-BMT-WMD

SWFMOD_ACTION - store temporary information about action for a workflow
SWFMOD_COMP_INFO - Name + type + desc of container elmts for a WS...ID
SWFMOD_COMP_LIST - Component ID and TYPE (ex: WS , 13200029)
SWFMOD_COMP_TMPL - Templates and components for the workflow modeler
SWFMOD_DTEL_VAL_TXT - Possible values and texts for a data element
SWFMOD_ELTTYPE_VAL_TXT - Possible values and texts by elt type (DTEL or Field ref)
SWFMOD_FOLDER - Folders for components, templates and user workflows
SWFMOD_FOLDERT - Folder text
SWFMOD_INPUT_RULE_PARAM - Contains all input parameters for a rule
SWFMOD_MAPPING_KEY - Mapping between tree node key and modeler key
SWFMOD_RANGE_FOLDER - Range structure for folder
SWFMOD_RANGE_FOLDERID - Range structure for folder
SWFMOD_TRANSPORT_DATA - necessary data for transport UI
SWFMOD_TROBJ - Structure for transport
SWFMOD_USER_WKFL - User specific workflows (created in modeler)
SWFMOD_WF - WF structure => Template or Component