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SAP BC ABAP Runtime Environment Tables (BC-ABA-PARAMETERS-ALL)

SAP ABAP Runtime Environment Parameters BC-ABA

ipc/shm_psize_10 - SHM Pool 10 Size
ipc/shm_psize_20 - SHM Pool 20 Size
ipc/shm_psize_40 - SHM Pool 40 Size
ipc/shm_psize_50 - SHM Pool 50 Size

SAP Syntax, Compiler, Runtime Parameters BC-ABA-LA

abap/aab_log_field_size_limit - maximum log size for individual fields in ASSERT-Log (in Byt
abap/aciinternal - Internal settings for "ACI" module of ABAP runtime
abap/activate_precompiled_header - Mode of Operation of Precompiled Header Usage
abap/alvgrid/size_nodod_MB - Restricts the size of grid data send to the frontend
abap/apg_settings - Settings for anticipatory program generation (APG)
abap/atrapath - Runtime Analysis: Generic Measurement Data Files
abap/atrasizequota - Warning when this limit is reached
abap/authority_to_catch_for_debugging - how to check the authority for catching a process for debugg
abap/buffersize - Program Buffer Size
abap/cache_area - Size of Cachebuffer (EXPORT TO CACHE)
abap/collation/icu_sortkey_factor - size of internal ICU sortkeys
abap/collation/strxfrm_min_factor -
abap/compile_mult_pass - Control multi pass compilation
abap/comp_diagnostic - Configure ABAP compiler diagnostic
abap/deferred_generation - Enables/Disables deferred generation within ABAP generation
abap/dumponerror - Generate Dump on Error Message

abap/dyn_abap_log - Dynamisches ABAP: Modus fuer die Detailaufzeichnung festlege
abap/dyn_abap_log_deletion_rows - Dynamisches ABAP: Definition der Loeschblockgroesse
abap/dyn_abap_log_storage_days - Dynamischen ABAP: Aufbewahrungszeit des Logs in Tagen
abap/editor_file - Generic Pathname for Editor
abap/extrsyn - External RSYN (for interal use only)
abap/ext_debugging_possible - To restrict the usage of extern/HTTP debugging
abap/fieldexit - Customer only: Exit on dynpro fields allowed
abap/force_local_update_task - Redirect asynchonous update task to local update task
abap/format -
abap/functiontrace -
abap/heaplimit - if this limit is reached, wp will be killed at next chance
abap/heap_area_dia - Limit of heap memory per dialog work process
abap/heap_area_nondia - limit of heap memory per non dialog work process
abap/heap_area_total - limit of heap on Appl.Server
abap/hostname_for_sapgui - Host name of an appl. server for SAPGUI-Logon
abap/hotspot_trace - Main switch for the ABAP Hotspot Trace
abap/ignore_icc - ABAP/4 Consistency Check
abap/import_char_conversion - Automatic conversion in ABAP-statement IMPORT
abap/initrc_degree - determines the degree of the initial record compression
abap/list/listparser - Enabling of parsing list structure
abap/list/printQuickInfos - Print Quickinfos
abap/locale_ctype - Character Set for the SAP System
abap/memory_inspector_file - prefix for filename
abap/message_output - Developer Traces (SAP Internal Use)
abap/no_sapgui_rfc -
abap/NTfmode - Default file-translation mode for text or binary translation
abap/objmgr/disable_gc - Object Manager: Disable Garbage Collection
abap/objmgr/msmode_sequential - Object Manager: Garbage collector in sequential mode
abap/objmgr/nodeletemode - Object Manager: no-delete mode (INTERNAL USE ONLY!)
abap/objmgr/tracelevel - ABAP Objects Object Manager Trace Level
abap/objmgr/triggerspace - ABAP Object Manager: Garbage Collection Trigger Space
abap/programs -
abap/protfile -
abap/pxa - Mode of Operation of Program Buffer
abap/pxaclients -
abap/p_a_type - P_A-Optimization Level in ABAP-Interpreter
abap/rabax_no_debug - Disallow debugging in case of a short dump
abap/restricted_statements - ABAP restricted statements
abap/restricted_stmts_trORrbx - ABAP restricted statements switch: Tracing or throwing rabax

abap/rsyntextln - Buffer Size for ABAP/4 Compiler
abap/shared_objects_size_MB - Size of Shared Objects Memory in MB
abap/sqlm/main_switch - Main switch of SqlMonitor inside kernel
abap/sqlm/roll_memory_size - SqlMonitor, initial roll area memory usage in bytes
abap/string_sharing - Switch on/off ABAP SHM String Sharing
abap/super -
abap/swap_reserve - reserve on Appl.Server
abap/table_sharing - Enables sharing of internal tables
abap/test_generation - Handling of test code during the load generation
abap/time - Time Synchronization
abap/timeout -
abap/unicode_check - Unicode check for ABAP programs
abap/use_max_bcd -
abap/use_paging - activation switch
abap/warn2error_release - Set syntax check release compatibility for warnings
abap/warnings - Reaction to Runtime Warnings
alert/ALERTS - CCMS Monitoring Architecture: filename for intermediate stor
alert/cache/size_MB - Size in MB of central cache for monitoring data.
alert/max_mtes_per_autoabap_run - Maximum MTEs processed in one autoabap run (0 ... no restric
alert/MONI_SEGM_SIZE - Number of bytes for CCMS monitoring infrastructure (in SHM k
alert/MTTREE - CCMS Monitoring Architecture: filename for intermediate stor
alert/PERFHIST - CCMS Monitoring Architecture: 24 hour history of performance
alert/TRACE - Activates tracing of CCMS monitoring infrastructure.
as4/dbmon/central_collector - Use central database performance collector for IBM i
as4/dbmon/classic - switch between classic DB monitor and plan cache dump
as4/dbmon/enable - dbmon functionality enabled ?
as4/dbmon/output_schema - Schema with database performance data for IBM i
as4/evistage2support - Enable the EVI stage 2 support
auth/authorization_trace - Trace every authority-check once for authorization proposals
auth/new_buffering - Method of storing authorizations in user buffer
auth/no_check_in_some_cases - Activation of the Profile Generator
auth/object_disabling_active - Value 'N' prohibits disabling of authorization objects
auth/rfc_authority_check - Execution option for the RFC authority check
auth/tcodes_not_checked - Disables Tcode checking for SU53 & SU56 auth analysis
Autostart - Automatic instance start on start service startup
backproc/steplevel_db_write - background processing: db-write for each step vs end-of-job
batch/altlogfile -
batch/logfile -
bdc/bdel_auth_check - batch-input: check authorisation for activity DELE when dele

bdc/protocol/errorforceend - cancel batch-input processing when log-error occurs
bdc_iob_size -
bgrfc/context_check/auth_check - activate authorisation check for RFC_CHECK_CONTEXT_ID
bgrfc/disable_integrity_check - deactivate the transactional integrity check for Units in ba
bgrfc/extern/auth_check - activating authorisation check for ARFC_DEST_SHIP_EXTERN
bgrfc/loadbalancing/auth_check - activate authorisation check for RFC_SERVER_GROUP_RESOURCES
bgrfc/supportability/auth_check - activate authorisation checks for bgRFC supportability remot
codepage/R2host - Specify codepage of R2 system / used by R2 sapgui
cpuid/before_first - Truncate After Character for computer names
cpuid/behind_last - computername behind separator character
cpuid/trunc_left - Which side to truncate computer name
cpuid/trunc_size - When truncating computer names, number of remaining c.
CPU_CORES - Processor cores used for system sizing.
csi/enable - Enable content scan interface in ICM
csi/SAP/csa_lib - Path and fille name for the external content scan adapter (s
dbms/type -
dbs/ada/maxlocks - Minimal number of MaxLocks (ADABAS)
dbs/db2/cli_trace - DB2: switch on/off CLI trace
dbs/db2/cli_trace_dir - DB2: CLI trace directory
dbs/db2/con_profile - DB2: Connection Profile for DB2 for z/OS
dbs/db2/hosttcp - DB2: TCP address of database host
dbs/db2/icli_trusted_connections - DB2: specifies the use of a secure connection
dbs/db2/planname - DB2: plan name for dynamic SAP database interface
dbs/db2/schema - DB2: owner of database objects for this component
dbs/db2/sql_trace - DB2: set SQL trace level
dbs/db2/ssid - DB2: subsystem/group attachment name
dbs/db2/ssid_standby - DB2: SSID for standy subsystem
dbs/db2/use_define_no - DB2: switch for usage of DEFINE NO
dbs/db4/allow_cancel - Allow cancel of SQL operations using 'Stop Transaction'
dbs/db4/alternate_qaqqinilib - Library that contains alternate QAQQINI file
dbs/db4/alter_table_timeout_retry - Number of attempts to access locked tables/records during an
dbs/db4/auto_dsql_schema - Auto-qualification for objects in native SQL statements
dbs/db4/concurrent_access - Enable Lockless Commited Reads
dbs/db4/connect_type - Type of primary database connection
dbs/db4/da_cache_size - Database driver cache size
dbs/db4/dbcurs_dump_curs - Initiate cursor dump on certain errors
dbs/db4/dbcurs_dump_tab - Name of the table to receive cursor dump
dbs/db4/dbcurs_keep_time_days - Number of days to keep a cursor dump
dbs/db4/dbsl_alternate_package - Switch to an alternate set of SQL packages
dbs/db4/dbsl_buffersize - Maximum number of bytes transferred per request
dbs/db4/dbsl_tablehint0 - First conditional statement hint
dbs/db4/dbsl_tablehint1 - Second conditional statement hint
dbs/db4/dbsl_tablehint2 - Third conditional statement hint
dbs/db4/dbsl_tablehint3 - Fourth conditional statement hint
dbs/db4/dbsl_tablehint4 - Fifth conditional statement hint
dbs/db4/dbsl_tablehint5 - Sixth conditional statement hint
dbs/db4/dbsl_trace - DbSl trace settings.
dbs/db4/driver_type - Database driver type used by DBSL
dbs/db4/install_no_cmtctl - Switch off commitment control for installation
dbs/db4/keep_tmp_SQLpkgs - Do not delete SQL packages for single-execution statements a
dbs/db4/max_hostvars - Specifies the maximum number of hostvars
dbs/db4/nqe_optimize_method - Optimization method used by the database
dbs/db4/ntlogonfile - Fully qualified name of the file that contains the database
dbs/db4/opticonnect - Opticonnect usage
dbs/db4/parallel_alter_instance - Override selection of Parallel Alter Lock Manager
dbs/db4/parallel_alter_tables - Allow ALTER TABLE while INSERTS occur in parallel
dbs/db4/qaqqinilib - Library that contains QAQQINI file
dbs/db4/rdbname - Name of ASP group for independent ASP
dbs/db4/single_execution_reuse - Reuse single-execution SQL statements
dbs/db4/single_execution_threshold - Maximum number of SQL statements per single-execution packag
dbs/db4/timeout_retry - Number of attempts to access locked tables/records
dbs/db4/use_data_direct - Do not use RLE data compression over the network
dbs/db4/xdn_port - TCP port used by XDNLISTEN and XDNSERVER
dbs/db4/xdn_trace_file - Trace file created by XDN
dbs/db6/ccms_maintenance - DB6: CCMS maintenance enabling
dbs/db6/dbsl_cli_trace - DB6: CLI trace
dbs/db6/dbsl_cstrace - DB6: Level of cumulative trace
dbs/db6/dbsl_dyn_notification - DB6: Generic parameter for dynamic DBSL notifications
dbs/db6/dbsl_trace - DB6: DBSL trace level
dbs/db6/dbsl_trace_deadlock_time - DB6: DBSL deadlock trace trigger interval (seconds)
dbs/db6/dbsl_trace_dir - DB6: Trace directory for DBSL Trace
dbs/db6/dbsl_trace_iocount - DB6: Number of I/O records to be traced in DBSL trace
dbs/db6/dbsl_trace_string - DB6: DBSL trace search string
dbs/db6/dbsl_trace_str_len - DB6: DBSL trace display length for string/raw data
dbs/db6/dbsl_trace_time - DB6: DBSL trace min time limit to be exceeded for tracing
dbs/db6/optlevel - DB6: Default Optimization Level
dbs/dba/ccms_maintenance - DBA Cockpit: CCMS Maintenance Enabling
dbs/dba/ccms_security_level - DBA Cockpit: Granularity of CCMS Maintenance Security Check
dbs/mss/dbname - name of database
dbs/mss/dbsl_profile - MSSQL: Enable dbsl profile trace
dbs/mss/packet_size - size of network packet
dbs/mss/par_stmt_prepare - MSSQL: Prepare parameterized statements
dbs/mss/recompile_par_stmts - Cause every parameterized statement to be recompiled each ti
dbs/mss/schema - Schema name (or sql server user name). Always SID in lowerc
dbs/mss/server - name of host machine for SQL Server
dbs/mss/update_with_updlock - MSSQL: Set UPDLOCK hint on all UPDATE SQL statements
dbs/mss/verbose - additional (verbose) trace output by dbsl interface
dbs/ora/array_buf_size - Size of input/output buffer used for array operations
dbs/ora/close_stmt_after_exec - Close SQL statement after execution
dbs/ora/register_appl_info - Register application information in the Oracle Shared SQL Ar
dbs/ora/schema - Owner of database objects for this component
dbs/ora/stmt_cache_size - Size of statement cache
dbs/ora/substitute_literals - global setting for openSQL hint SUBSTITUTE_LITERALS
dbs/ora/tnsname - Logischer Name einer ORACLE Datenbank
dbs/ora/tnsname_standby - Service Name for a Standby Database Instance (Oracle SQL*NET
dbs/ora/use_hints - Generierung von Optimizer Hints bei Oracle
dbs/ora/_retry_on_sql_error -
dbs/syb/client_attribute - Sybase ASE: set client attributes
dbs/syb/connect_timeout - Sybase ASE: connection timeout (seconds)
dbs/syb/dbname - Sybase ASE: database name
dbs/syb/fetchArraySize - Sybase ASE: server-side cursor prefetch size (rows)
dbs/syb/odbc_trace - Sybase ASE: enable ODBC trace
dbs/syb/packet_size - Sybase ASE: network packet size
dbs/syb/par_stmt_prepare - Sybase ASE: prepare parameterized statements
dbs/syb/port - Sybase ASE: database listener port
dbs/syb/schema - Sybase ASE: schema name (ASE user name)
dbs/syb/server - Sybase ASE: database host name
dbs/syb/sql_trace - Sybase ASE: dbsl sql trace
dbs/syb/tds_cap - Sybase ASE: capture tds packets
dir/account -
dir/arch/id -
dir/datafiles -
dir/dbms -
dir/executables -
dir/install -
dir/libraries -
dir/protokolls -
dir/temporary -
DIR_ATRA - Runtime Analysis: Folder Name for Measurement Data Files
DIR_AUDIT - Directory for security audit files
DIR_CCMS - Root directory for monitoring.
DIR_CLIENT_ORAHOME - Root-path of Oracle software on client side
DIR_DATA - SAP data directory
DIR_EPS_ROOT - root path for EPS file transfer
DIR_EXTRACT - directory for extract file
DIR_GLOBAL - Directory for global SAP data
DIR_HOME - home directory
DIR_ICMAN_ROOT - ICM root directory
DIR_INSTALL - installation directory
DIR_INSTANCE - Instance home directory
DIR_LIBRARY_RMT - Path to the remote kernel library
DIR_MEMORY_INSPECTOR - path for memory inspector files
DIR_PAGING - directory for paging file
DIR_PUT - Root directory for the upgrade
DIR_REORG - directory for reorganization
DIR_SERVER_ORAHOME - Root-path of ORACLE software on the database server
DIR_SORTTMP - directory for external sort
DIR_TEMP - directory for temporary datas
DIR_TRANS - root directory for transports
dynp/checkskip1screen - Activate/Deactivate check start transaction with "skip first
dynp/luw_id_format - format of luw id (used for update key)
dynpro/global_fields - Enables/disables the usage of global fields.
dynpro_language_area - Size of Dynpro Language- Dependent Load Area
em/address_space_emode_MB - Size of the address space that is reserved in the workproces
em/address_space_MB - Space reserved for user context in work processes
em/blocksize_KB - Block size for extended memory
em/global_area_MB - Size of the extended global memory area (EG) im MB
em/initial_size_MB - Initial size of extended memory pool
em/max_dump_lines - Maximum number of memory lines written to mm.dump
em/max_size_MB - Maximum size of extended memory pool
em/mm_diagmode - Dagnostic options for internal memory management
em/stat_log_size_MB - Insert into history buffer over MB used
em/stat_log_timeout - Write buffer onto disk all ... minutes
EM/TOTAL_SIZE_MB - Quota for maximum consumption of extended memory on that ser
em/use_emode_mapping - if set to true, the emode mapping (emode window) is used
em/use_sema_lock - Use OS semaphore for internal EM/ES locking
em2/implementation - Defines implementation of MM
enque/async_req_max - Max. number of subsequent asynchronous requests
enque/backup_disabled - Disables writing the backup file
enque/backup_file - Name (full path) of the backup file
enque/con_retries - Number of connect retries to the Enqueue Server
enque/con_timeout - Timeout for connect establishment to the Enqueue Server
enque/delay_jitter - Offset for enqueue/wait operations
enque/delay_log_level - Log level for delays
enque/delay_log_time - Log time for delays
enque/delay_max - Number of retries if enqueue request is rejected
enque/delay_max_refine - Maximum refine for Enqueue/wait operations
enque/deque_wait_answer - Dequeue: wait for answer of the Enqueue Server?
enque/disable_replication - Disables the enqueue replication system
enque/logging - Switch enqueue logging on/off
enque/log_file - enqueue related logfiles for all workprocesses (path)
enque/process_location - Communication between work process and Enqueue Server
enque/replication_dll - Name of the shared library for the enqueue replication
enque/replication_failed_cmd - Command string to be executed when repl. reload fails
enque/server/acl_file - ACL (access control list) file of the Enqueue Server port
enque/snapshot_timeout - Timeout of query snapshots
enque/statistics_file - Statistics file for Enqueue (full path)
enque/table_size - Size of Enqueue Table
enque/top_list_length - Length of the top lists in case of table overflows
enque/use_pfclock2 - Use pfclock2 to measure times in enqueue processing
es/blockdisclaimsize_KB - Threshold for releasing memory within an EM block
es/disclaim_coasting_time_alloc - Control EM usage against operating system
es/disclaim_coasting_time_free - Control EM usage against operating system
es/disclaim_threshold_MB - EM Memory beyond threshold will be released against OS
es/filename_prefix - prefix(path) for the ES shared memory file
es/freelist_compactor - Use more efficient usage of EM blocks
es/implementation - Defines implementation of ES/EM
ES/SHM_BASE_ADDR - Base virtual address to start allocating segments
ES/SHM_DISC_BLK_MAX - Max blocks to not disclaim
ES/SHM_DISC_BLK_MIN - Min Blocks to not disclaim
ES/SHM_DISC_BLOCK_PER_SEG - Number of blocks per seg to not disclaim
ES/SHM_DISC_SEGMENTS - Number of segments to not disclaim blocks in
ES/SHM_DISC_SEG_INIT_CNT - # of seg operations before averaged disclaim starts
ES/SHM_DISC_SEG_MAX - Max segments to not disclaim blocks in
ES/SHM_DISC_SEG_MIN - Min number of segments to not disclaim blocks in
ES/SHM_FLAGS - Internal SHM Segs settings
ES/SHM_IDLE_SEGMENT - Min segments in use to continue averaging
ES/SHM_MAX_PRIV_SEGS - Max segments for private context usage
ES/SHM_MAX_SHARED_SEGS - Max segments used for shared contexts
ES/SHM_PROC_SEG_COUNT - Number of segments to use for each work process
ES/SHM_SEG_COUNT - Maximum number of segments to use for ES
ES/SHM_SEG_SIZE - Segment size in MBytes
ES/SHM_SYS_FREE_MAX - Max num of unused seg's before returned to system
ES/SHM_SYS_INIT_SEGS - Initial number of seg's to allocate from system
ES/SHM_USER_COUNT - Number of ES users to support
ES/TABLE - Selection of ES implementation
es/use_shared_memory - Use shared memory based ext. memory (instead mmap)
es2/blocksize_KB - Block size for extended memory
es2/filename_prefix - prefix(path) for the ES2 shared memory file
es2/initial_size_MB - Initial size of extended memory pool
eu/controlled_modification - Customizing modifications on repository Objects
eu/filename -
eu/iwb/help_type - Info Workbench: Type of Extended Help (format/access)
eu/iwb/installed_languages - Info Workbench: Installed Help Languages
eu/iwb/path_mac - Info Workbench: File path for Help on Mac Platforms
eu/iwb/path_os2 - Info Workbench: File path for Help on OS/2 platforms
eu/iwb/path_unix - Info Workbench: File path for Help on UNIX platforms
eu/iwb/path_win16 - Info Workbench: File path for Help on Win16 platforms
eu/iwb/path_win32 - Info Workbench: File path for Help on Win32 platforms
eu/iwb/server_mac - Info Workbench: HTTP server for Help on Mac platforms
eu/iwb/server_os2 - Info Workbench: HTTP server for help on OS/2 platforms
eu/iwb/server_unix - Info Workbench: HTTP server for help on UNIX platforms
eu/iwb/server_win16 - Info Workbench: HTTP server for Help on Win16 platforms
eu/iwb/server_win32 - Info Workbench: HTTP server for help on Win32 platforms
exe/centralprgm - Name of the global prorgam
exe/check -
exe/disp+work - Name of dispatcher executable
exe/gbmat - file name of graphics executable
exe/gbusg - file name of graphics executable
exe/ggant - file name of graphics executable
exe/ghier - file name of graphics executable
exe/ghpgl - file name of graphics executable
exe/gmenu - file name of graphics executable
exe/gscld - file name of graphics executable
exe/gwrd - Name of gateway executable
exe/icman - Name of Internet Communication Manager (ICM) executable
exe/icmbnd - Name of external binding executable for ports
exe/j2ee - name of SAP J2EE Engine executable or batch file
exe/localprgm - Name of the local program
exe/saposcol - Path to a directory containing saposcol executable.
exe/saptemu - Name of the saptemu program
Execute - Commands to be executed before startup (Unix only)
EXETYPE - special type of executables
FN_ABAPPROT - Filename for List of ABAP-warnings
FN_ALALERTS - generic filename for CCMS Monitoring Architecture alerts
FN_ALFILTER - syslog filter parameters for alert generation
FN_ALMTTREE - generic filename for CCMS Monitoring Architecture MTE tree s
FN_ALPARAMS - limits, high-water-marks alert data
FN_ALPERFHI - generic filename for CCMS Monitoring Architecture 24 hour pe
FN_ASTAT - Application statistics filename
FN_ATRAPATH - Runtime Analysis: Generic Measurement Data File
FN_AUDIT - Name of security audit file
FN_BATALTLOG - File name for old batch logfile
FN_BATLOG - File name for joblog file
FN_BDCALTLOG - File name for old batch input logfile
FN_BDCLOG - File name for batch input logfile
FN_CHECK - File name for program sapcheck
FN_DW - File name for dispatcher process
FN_EDITOR - Generic Filename fo ABAP-Editor Backup-File
FN_ENQBCK - File name for enqueue backup file
FN_ENQLOG - File name for enqueue log file
FN_ENQSTAT - File name for enqueue statistic file
FN_EUFILE - Generic filename for development environment
FN_EXTRACT - file name mask for extract file
FN_GBMAT - File name for graphic executable
FN_GBUSG - File name for graphic executable
FN_GEN_PRGM - Generic file name for executable
FN_GGANT - File name for graphic executable
FN_GHELP - File name for graphic executable
FN_GHIER - File name for graphic executable
FN_GHPGL - File name for graphic executable
FN_GLANG - File name for graphic executable
FN_GMENU - File name for graphic executable
FN_GSCLD - File name for graphic executable
FN_GWRD - File name for gateway process
FN_GWSTARTUP - file name for gateway startup file
FN_ICMAN - File name for Internet Communication Manager (ICM)
FN_ICMBND - File name for ICM port binding programm for ports < 1024
FN_MSCSAEXE - File name for executable sapmscsa
FN_MSG_SERVER - File name for msg_server process
FN_MS_ACL_INFO - file name for message server acl file
FN_OSCOL - File name for system collector
FN_PAGE - rpag page file name
FN_PRXY_INFO - File name for security file (proxy settings)
FN_REG_INFO - File name for security file (registered server)
FN_SEC_INFO - File name for security file (starting programs)
FN_SLOG - File name of system log
FN_SPOOLDIH - File mask for device initialization files
FN_STAT - Kernel statistics filename
FN_TEMU - File name for saptemu
FT_AUDIT - File extension for audit log files (not supported)
FT_BIN - File extension for binary files
FT_DAT - File extension for data files
FT_DBE - File extension for database files
FT_EXE - File extension for executables
FT_LOG - File extension for log files
FT_PID - File extension for pid files
FT_STA - File extension for statistics file
GLOBALHOSTPATH - UNC Path to global \usr\sap directory (Windows only)
graph/help - file name of graphics executable
graph/lang - file name of graphics executable
gw/accept_remote_trace_level - CPIC and RFC: adopt remote trace level?
gw/acl_file - ACL (access control list) file of the gateway
gw/acl_mode - Mode for non existing ACL file
gw/alternative_hostnames - List of alternative hostnames
gw/close_routes - Timer to close inactive routes between gateways
gw/compatibility - Compatible to version older than 3.0
gw/conn_disconnect - Timeout to remove connections in state DISCONNECT
gw/conn_pending - timeout for pending connections
gw/cpic_timeout - Max. waiting time to establish connections
gw/deallocate_timeout - timeout for deallocate and socket close
gw/export_trace_level - Export trace level to external clients, gateways, ...
gw/external_trace_level - Tracelevel for programs started from the gateway
gw/gw_disconnect - Timeout to cancel inactive gateway connections
gw/internal_timeout - Timeout for read/write calls
gw/keepalive - Timer for check unused connections
gw/local_addr - use local address for connections
gw/max_conn - Maximum number of active connections
gw/max_overflow_size - Size of local memory area for SAP gateway
gw/max_overflow_usage - Percentage of overflow area
gw/max_sleep - Timeout for gateway reader for select
gw/max_sockets - max number of sockets for gateway
gw/max_sys - Maximum number of gateway clients
gw/monitor - Enables or disables monitor commands
gw/netstat_once - Get own IP addresses only during startup
gw/nibuf_max - number of entries in network hostname buffer
gw/nibuf_retry - timeout for 'invalid' entries in hostname buffer
gw/nifragtest - enable ni fragmentation test
gw/nitrace - enable/disable tracing for network layer (NI)
gw/reg_info - External security filename for gateway
gw/reg_keepalive - timer for check waiting registered server programs
gw/reg_lb_default - Default value for load
gw/reg_lb_ip - Define load value for specific IP addresses or ranges of IP
gw/reg_lb_level - Load balancing level for registered programs
gw/reg_no_conn_info - Security options
gw/reg_timeout - Timeout to allocate registererd programs
gw/remsh - Remote shell command
gw/rem_start - How to start remote executables
gw/req_stack_size - Gateway stack size for internal communication
gw/resolve_timeout - Timeout for net lookup calls
gw/sec_info - External security filename for gateway
gw/sim_mode - start simulation mode for reg_info and sec_info
gw/so_keepalive - Enable/disable socket option SO_KEEPALIVE
gw/ssh - Secure shell command
gw/startup - File read during startup to start external server
gw/stat - Statistic switch
gw/timeout - Timeout for connect to other gateways
gw/use_udp - enable/disable UDP port
http/security_context_cache_size - size (number of entries) of the HTTP security session contex
http/security_session_timeout - (Inactivity) Timeout for Http Security Sessions [in seconds]
i18n/bidi/logic - BIDI logic during printing
i18n/bidi/logical_number_printing - print numbers in logical order in RTL environment
i18n/export_to/code_page_attr - how to deal with INDX type tables during export
icf/accept_client_profile_level - accept client switch of profile level for internet communica
icf/accept_client_recorder_level - accept client switch of recorder level for internet communic
icf/accept_remote_profile_level - accept external switch of profile level for internet communi
icf/accept_remote_recorder_level - accept external switch of recorder level for internet commun
icf/dump_connection_info -
icf/max_handle_key -
icf/option_list - Option list for Internet Communication Framework (ICF)
icf/reject_expired_passwd -
icf/set_HTTPonly_flag_on_cookies - Set HTTPonly-Flag for Cookies
icf/shared_memory_cache_off - switch the ICF memory cache on/off
icf/ssocookie_mandatory -
icf/user_recheck - Recheck user by following requests in stateful HTTP communic
icm/accept_forwarded_cert_via_http - Accept X.509 client certificate that was forwarded via HTTP
icm/accept_remote_trace_level - Accept external switch of trace level
icm/authfile - Path and name of ICM authentication file
icm/cancel_strategy - Cancel strategy of ICM
icm/ccms_monitoring - Switch on / off CCMS monitoring of ICM
icm/ccms_refresh_rate - Time interval (sec.) for CCMS alerting information of ICM
icm/conn_timeout - Timeout for outgoing connections
icm/failover_timeout - Timeout to cancel JCo connection
icm/host_name_full - Full qualified host name
icm/HTTP/admin - Web based administration
icm/HTTP/auth - Specification of access restrictions
icm/HTTP/client/keep_alive_timeout - Keep alive timeout for inactive client connections
icm/HTTP/context_quota - Quota (in percent) for number of contexts in backend system
icm/HTTP/error_templ_path - Directory where the error templates can be found
icm/HTTP/file_access - Static file access specification
icm/HTTP/j2ee - Specification of communication with J2EE Server
icm/HTTP/logging - HTTP logging specification
icm/HTTP/logging_client - HTTP client logging specification
icm/HTTP/max_request_size_KB - Maximum size of HTTP-request which is accepted by ICM
icm/HTTP/mod - Specification of HTTP request modifications
icm/HTTP/redirect - HTTP redirect specification
icm/HTTP/server_cache - Specifies URL prefix and file system root of ICM/HTTP server
icm/HTTPS/client_certificate_header_name - Name of the HTTP header containing the client certificate
icm/HTTPS/client_key_size_header_name - Name of the HTTP header containing the cipher suite key size
icm/HTTPS/context_quota - Quota (in percent) for number of contexts in backend system
icm/HTTPS/trust_client_with_issuer - trust client with a certificate signed by this issuer
icm/HTTPS/trust_client_with_subject - trust client with a certificate of this subject
icm/HTTPS/verify_client - Require SSL Client Certificate
icm/IIOP/max_request_size_KB - Maximum size of IIOP-request which is accepted by ICM
icm/keep_alive_timeout - Keep alive timeout for inactive server connections
icm/listen_queue_len - Maximum number of requests in state waiting for connection
icm/log_level - Level for syslog writing
icm/max_conn - Maximum number of open connections at one time
icm/max_services - maximum number of ICM services (port/protocol)
icm/max_sockets - Maximum number of sockets to use
icm/max_threads - Maximum number of worker threads of ICM
icm/max_timeout_wp - Maximum Timeout in ms until ICM Worker Thread rolls out
icm/min_spare_threads - Number of worker threads ICM tries to keep free
icm/min_threads - Minimum number of worker threads of ICM
icm/P4/max_request_size_KB - Maximum size of P4-request which is accepted by ICM
icm/req_queue_len - Maximum number of requests waiting for processing
icm/security_log - Configuration of ICM security log
icm/server_port - ICM server specification
icm/SMTP/context_quota - Quota (in percent) for number of contexts in backend system
icm/ssl_config - SSL configuration
icm/stacksize_KB - Stack size of ICM worker threads
icm/trace_secured_data - Show encrypted data in ICM tracefile dev_icm
icm/wp_mpi_available - Min. number of MPIs which have to be available for roll-in
icm/wp_roll_timeout - Maximum work process blocking time
ict/exclude_compression - File extensions which are excluded from HTTP compression.
ict/max_form_fields - Maximum number of form fields allowed per HTTP request
ict/min_compression_size - Minimum size in bytes for a gzip compressable HTTP message
ict/odata_compatible_urls - Enables ODATA compatible URL mangling in HTTP parser
ict/perm_response_header - Send fixed header field with every response
install/codepage/appl_server - codepages installed on the application server
install/codepage/db/non_transp - Don't use:code page used for non-transparent db tables
install/codepage/db/transp - Don't use: Code page used in database
install/codepage/MNLS_CONVERSION - Don't translate Japanese characters to upper case
install/uid - User identification used by whole R/3 towards the operating
install/umask - mask for modifying the file permission bits
INSTANCE_NAME - Instance Identification
INSTANCE_SRVTYPE - Service type of the instance
ipc/evt_os_key_bottom - Lowest Key Number of OS Event Keys
ipc/evt_os_key_top -
ipc/sem_mon_level - semaphore trace level
ipc/sem_mon_rec - number of records for semaphore trace buffers
ipc/sem_os_key_bottom - Lowest Key Number of OS Semaphore Keys
ipc/sem_os_key_top -
ipc/shm_os_key_bottom - Lowest Key Number of OS SHM Keys
ipc/shm_os_key_top -
is/hostbuffer_timeout_invalid_entry - Set NI hostname buffer timeout for invalid entries (int. DNS
is/hostbuffer_timeout_valid_entry - Set NI hostname buffer timeout for valid entries (internal D
is/HTTP/default_root_hdl - Default HTTP handler for root-URLs ("/")
is/HTTP/lb_capacity - Set capacity of an AS ABAP for load balancing.
is/HTTP/server_header - Value of the HTTP Response header field "Server".
is/HTTP/show_detailed_errors - Form of HTTP error pages (short or detailed)
is/HTTP/show_server_header - Should the HTTP header contain the server entry
is/HTTP/virt_host_0 - Definition of virtual server for HTTP
is/HTTP/virt_host_1 - Definition of virtual host for HTTP
is/HTTP/virt_host_2 - Definition of virtual host for HTTP
is/HTTP/virt_host_3 - Definition of virtual host for HTTP
is/HTTP/virt_host_4 - Definition of virtual host for HTTP
is/HTTP/virt_host_5 - Definition of virtual host for HTTP
is/HTTP/virt_host_6 - Definition of virtual host for HTTP
is/HTTP/virt_host_7 - Definition of virtual host for HTTP
is/HTTP/virt_host_8 - Definition of virtual host for HTTP
is/HTTP/virt_host_9 - Definition of virtual host for HTTP
is/instname_encoding - Define the encoding of the instance name
is/server_name - Official name of the application server
is/server_version - Official version of the kernel
is/SMTP/virt_host_0 - Definition of virtual host for SMTP
is/SMTP/virt_host_1 - Definition of virtual host for SMTP
is/SMTP/virt_host_2 - Definition of virtual host for SMTP
is/SMTP/virt_host_3 - Definition of virtual host for SMTP
is/SMTP/virt_host_4 - Definition of virtual host for SMTP
is/SMTP/virt_host_5 - Definition of virtual host for SMTP
is/SMTP/virt_host_6 - Definition of virtual host for SMTP
is/SMTP/virt_host_7 - Definition of virtual host for SMTP
is/SMTP/virt_host_8 - Definition of virtual host for SMTP
is/SMTP/virt_host_9 - Definition of virtual host for SMTP
is/socket_buffer_size - Set the size of the send and receive buffer of a socket
is/use_uds - Switch on/off use of Unix Domain Socket (UDS) connections on
itsp/cachecontrol/maxage - Integrated ITS, max-age for its mimes
itsp/devmode/contextdump - Integrierter ITS, HTML Kontextdump erlauben
itsp/enable - Enable the ITS / Web GUI kernel plugin
itsp/ignorefromurl - Integrated ITS, remove parameter from url
itsp/MaxFrames - SAP Gui for HTML, maximum number of frames
itsp/MaxStates - SAP Gui for HTML, maximum syncronisation states
itsp/MaxSubscreenNames - SAP Gui for HTML, maximum subscreen names
itsp/MaxSubscreens - SAP Gui for HTML, maximum number of subscreens
itsp/max_eg_mem_percent - High water mark for the ITS kernel plugin
itsp/memory_check - Turn on memory check in the ITS / Web GUI kernel plugin
itsp/SAPjulep/AutoPreProc - SAP Gui for HTML, sapjulep automatic preprocessing
itsp/SAPjulep/MaxExFunctions - SAP Gui for HTML, maximum external functions
itsp/SAPjulep/MaxExModules - SAP Gui for HTML, maximum number of external modules
itsp/SAPjulep/MaxHtmlPPs - SAP Gui for HTML, maximum preparsed trees
itsp/SAPjulep/Profiling - SAP Gui for HTML, sapjulep profiling
itsp/SearchhelpResultPerPage - SAP Gui for HTML, Search help number of results per page
itsp/Security/allow_designs_from - limit access through ~design_base_url
itsp/Security/ITSAppletPSE - enable ITS's own PSE for Applet Handshaking
itsp/startokcode - Integrated ITS, allow additional okcode for start transactio
itsp/Traces/SAPagi/TraceLevel - SAP Gui for HTML, additional developer trace, agi interface
itsp/Traces/SAPalvgrid/TraceLevel - ITS/WebGUI ALV Gridview Control Trace
itsp/Traces/SAPautom/TraceLevel - SAP Gui for HTML, additional developer trace, automation
itsp/Traces/SAPdiag/TraceLevel - SAP Gui for HTML, additional developer trace, html diag
itsp/Traces/SAPdp/TraceLevel - SAP Gui for HTML, additional developer trace, dataprovider
itsp/Traces/SAPjulep/TraceLevel - SAP Gui for HTML, additional developer trace, sapjulep
itsp/Traces/SAPplugin/TraceLevel - SAP Gui for HTML, additional developer trace, itsp plugin
itsp/Traces/SAPxgdk/TraceLevel - SAP Gui for HTML, additional developer trace, sapxgdk
itsp/TreeNodesPerPage - SAP Gui for HTML, maximum tree nodes per page
ixml/dtd_restriction - Restriction of DTD processing for iXML
ixml/xml_expansion_factor - XML expansion factor for the iXML DTD restriction
j2ee/dbdriver - Database driver location
j2ee/dbhost - Hostname of the J2EE database instance
j2ee/dbname - Name of the J2EE database instance
j2ee/dbtype - Type of the J2EE database instance
j2ee/instance_id - J2EE instance ID
javascript/DumpProp - CL_JAVA_SCRIPT: Pattern for display of global Object
javascript/FrameStack - CL_JAVA_SCRIPT: size of internal call stack in bytes
javascript/Options - CL_JAVA_SCRIPT: various settings
javascript/RuntimeHeap - CL_JAVA_SCRIPT: memory usage before garbage collection
javascript/TraceLevel - CL_JAVA_SCRIPT: switch on/off trace files, "0" no "50" max.
javascript/TraceSize - CL_JAVA_SCRIPT: max. Size of Tracefiles in Bytes
jstartup/instance_properties - Path list for property files to be read at startup
jstartup/protocol - Extended trace on/off
jstartup/release - Version string for backward compatibility 640 to 620
ldap/autoregister - Enable LDAP auto registration
ldap/namingcontext - Distinguish name of SAP root node for LDAP auto registration
ldap/options - Options for LDAP auto registration
ldap/saprdn - Relative distinguish name for LDAP auto registration
ldap/servers - List of LDAP servers for auto registration
LOCALHOSTPATH - UNC Path to local \usr\sap directory (Windows only)
login/accept_sso2_ticket - Accept SSO tickets for this (component) system
login/certificate_mapping_rulebased - enable / disable rule-based X.509 certificate mapping
login/certificate_request_ca_url - URL of the certificate authority (for certificate requests)
login/certificate_request_subject - Template for the subject of a certificate request
login/create_sso2_ticket - Create SSO tickets on this system
login/disable_cpic - Disable Incoming CPIC Communications
login/disable_multi_gui_login - disable multiple sapgui logons (for same SAP account)
login/disable_password_logon - login/disable_password_logon
login/failed_user_auto_unlock - Enable automatic unlock off locked user at midnight
login/fails_to_session_end - Number of invalid login attempts until session end
login/fails_to_user_lock - Number of invalid login attempts until user lock
login/min_password_diff - min. number of chars which differ between old and new passwo
login/min_password_digits - min. number of digits in passwords
login/min_password_letters - min. number of letters in passwords
login/min_password_lng - Minimum Password Length
login/min_password_lowercase - minimum number of lower-case characters in passwords
login/min_password_specials - min. number of special characters in passwords
login/min_password_uppercase - minimum number of upper-case characters in passwords
login/multi_login_users - list of exceptional users: multiple logon allowed
login/no_automatic_user_sapstar - Control of the automatic login user SAP*
login/password_change_for_SSO - Handling of password change enforcements in Single Sign-On s
login/password_change_waittime - Password change possible after # days (since last change)
login/password_charset - character set used for passwords
login/password_compliance_to_current_pol - current password needs to comply with current password polic
login/password_downwards_compatibility - password downwards compatibility (8 / 40 characters, case-se
login/password_expiration_time - Dates until password must be changed
login/password_hash_algorithm - encoding and hash algorithm used for new passwords
login/password_history_size - Number of records to be stored in the password history
login/password_logon_usergroup - users of this group can still logon with passwords
login/password_max_idle_initial - maximum #days a password (set by the admin) can be unused (i
login/password_max_idle_productive - maximum #days a password (set by the user) can be unused (id
login/show_detailed_errors - show detailed login error messages
login/system_client - System default client
login/ticketcache_entries_max - maximim number of entries for the SAP Logon Ticket cache
login/ticketcache_off - switch off caching for the SAP Logon Ticket
login/ticket_expiration_time - login/ticket_expiration_time
login/ticket_only_by_https - generate ticket that will only be sent via https
login/ticket_only_to_host - ticket will only be sent back to creating host
login/update_logon_timestamp - update frequency / accuracy of logon timestamp
mpi/buffer_size - Buffer size for memory pipes (MPI)
mpi/max_pipes - Maximum number of memory pipes (MPI)
mpi/total_size_MB - Total memory size in MB used for MPI
ms/acl_file_admin - ACL (access control list) file of the message server admin p
ms/acl_file_ext - ACL (access control list) file of the external message serve
ms/acl_file_extbnd - ACL (access control list) file of the message server ext. bi
ms/acl_file_int - ACL (access control list) file of the internal message serve
ms/acl_info - File with access control list for message server
ms/admin_port - Administration port for external clients
ms/audit - Option to trace events into trace file
ms/comment - Short description of message server
ms/conn_timeout - Connection timeout for clients
ms/HTTP/logging_0 - Specify HTTP logging in Message Server
ms/https_port - Port where HTTPS requests arrive
ms/http_bufferln - Maximum buffer length for HTTP requests
ms/http_domain - Use client's domain for redirect requests
ms/http_enable_handler - Enable/disable HTTP handler routines called by message serve
ms/http_logging - dynamically change HTTP logging
ms/http_lookup - Lookup for SAP specific URL attributes
ms/http_max_clients - Maximum number of HTTP clients
ms/http_max_ports - Maximum number of listening HTTP ports
ms/http_port - Port where HTTP requests arrive
ms/http_timeout - Timeout for HTTP and HTTPS requests
ms/http_was_required - SAP Web AS with ABAP stack required for dispatching requests
ms/icf_info_server - name of the application to load icf information for loadbala
ms/j2ee_reconnect_timeout_p1 - Reconnect timeout for phase 1
ms/j2ee_reconnect_timeout_p2 - Reconnect timeout for phase 2
ms/j2ee_reconnect_type - Location where to store the informations
ms/keepalive - Timer for check of unused connections
ms/max_clients - Number of clients
ms/max_open_requests - Number of open requests
ms/max_sleep - Timeout for message server for select
ms/max_vhost - maximum number of virtual hosts
ms/monitor - Enable/disable external monitor
ms/nitrace - enable/disable tracing for network layer (NI)
ms/redirect_version - status code for redirect requests
ms/server_port - Message Server port specification
ms/urlmap_secure - URL for logon group information via HTTPS
ms/urlprefix_secure - URL for prefix information via HTTPS
nobuf/max_attempts - Maximum number of attempts to get the number range buffer se
nobuf/max_no_buffer_entries - Number Range Buffer Size
PHYS_MEMSIZE - Available main memory for SAP instance
rdisp/abap_user_for_sidadm - Default for mapping of sidadm to ABAP user
rdisp/accept_remote_trace_level - accept external switch of trace level
rdisp/acl_file - Access Control List for SAP GUI connections
rdisp/addump_period - Decides about TH_DUMP_SERVER_STATUS functionality
rdisp/allow_block_softcancel - Allows blocking softcancel requests if activated.
rdisp/async_dialog_timeout - timeout for asynchronous dialog RFCs
rdisp/atp_server - List of the ATP server names
rdisp/attach_disp_to_all_shm_seg -
rdisp/autoabaptime - Specifies the time cycle in seconds SAPMSSY6 is running
rdisp/autoabapuser - Specifies the user for automatic SAPMSSY6 processing
rdisp/autoccmstime - Period for running CCMS activities.
rdisp/autojavatime - Specifies the time cycle in seconds autojava is running
rdisp/autojavauser - Specifies the user for automatic AUTOJAVA processing
rdisp/autothtime - Time cycle for periodical taskhandler checks
rdisp/auto_vb_stop - DB errors will stop update task automatically
rdisp/avoidTraceInSigHandler - Avoid Kernel Tracing inside the signal handler
rdisp/bgrfc_watchdog_time - Specifies the time cycle for the bgRFC watchdog
rdisp/bgrfc_watchdog_user - Specifies the user for the bgRFC watchdog
rdisp/btcname - Name of application server that processes events
rdisp/btctime - Start Interval for Background Scheduler
rdisp/bufrefmode - Refresh Mode in Distributed Systems
rdisp/bufreftime - Refresh Interval in Distributed Systems
rdisp/build_tid_millisec_based - Build Transaction Id for transactional RFC
rdisp/calculateLoadAverage - Calculate load average
rdisp/call_system - switch on/off CALL 'SYSTEM'
rdisp/check_load - Check server load
rdisp/configurable_wp_no -
rdisp/convert_old_epp_recs - Should we convert old passport records
rdisp/core_file_size -
rdisp/cpicStreaming - Switch on/off CPIC/RFC streaming
rdisp/debug_jvm_startup - debug java vm startup
rdisp/delayed_call_interval - Time cycle for invoke of delayed functions
rdisp/delete_ddlog - Cyclic Refresh of Table DDLOG
rdisp/detailed_hook_statistic - Write detailed statistics for task handler hooks
rdisp/dev_loop - Enter developer loop during startup
rdisp/elem_per_queue - Number of Requests per Work Process
rdisp/enqname - Name of the Enqueue Server
rdisp/ext_timer_stop_delay -
rdisp/fileTableCheck - Activate file table check of NW AS
rdisp/gui_auto_logout - Maximum idle time for SAP GUI connections
rdisp/high_load_quota - Quota for the high load calculation
rdisp/http_min_wait_dia_wp - Number of waiting dialog work processes
rdisp/icm_startup_args - Additional command line parameters for ICM
rdisp/invalidate_memory -
rdisp/j2ee_error - Number of start errors before deactivating restart
rdisp/j2ee_libpath - j2ee path for shared library
rdisp/j2ee_op - internal opcode for monitoring
rdisp/j2ee_profile - alternative name for SAP J2EE Engine profile
rdisp/j2ee_start - Enable start of J2EE engine
rdisp/j2ee_start_control - control start J2EE engine
rdisp/j2ee_start_lazy - start J2EE engine after ABAP initialastion
rdisp/j2ee_timeout - Reconnect timeout for J2EE Engine
rdisp/jvm_max_no -
rdisp/jvm_pool - pooling of java vms active ?
rdisp/jvm_pool_timeout - Timeout for pooled java VMs
rdisp/keepalive - Timer for check of unused connections
rdisp/keepalive_timeout - Timeout for connection to SAPGUI
rdisp/loop_after_fork - Enter developer loop during startup
rdisp/max_alt_modes - Maximum number of alternative modes
rdisp/max_amc_receiver_entries - Size of the AMC receiver table
rdisp/max_async_send -
rdisp/max_child_procs - maximum number of processes that can be forked via popen
rdisp/max_cmdrun_time - Maximum command run time
rdisp/max_comm_entries - Maximum number of communication entries
rdisp/max_cs_delays - Max. number of delayed interrupts inside critical sections
rdisp/max_debug_attach_wait_time - Maximum hold time for work processes in DEBUG-Attach mode
rdisp/max_debug_lazy_time - Maximum hold time for work processes in DEBUG mode
rdisp/max_dynamic_wp_alive_time - Maximal alive time of a temporary dynamic workprocess
rdisp/max_file_entries -
rdisp/max_gateways - Maximum number of remote gateways
rdisp/max_hold_time - Maximum hold time of work process
rdisp/max_jvm - Configure maximal number of Java VMs
rdisp/max_mbuf_entries - Maximum number of server entries
rdisp/max_priv_time - Maximum hold time for work processes in PRIV mode
rdisp/max_sleep - Wakeup time for dispatcher
rdisp/max_slock_entries - Size of shared lock table
rdisp/max_snc_hold_time - Maximum hold time while priv SNC
rdisp/max_vb_server - Maximum number of update servers
rdisp/max_vm_debug_attach_time - Max time to wait for a Debugger attach
rdisp/max_vm_forced_sgc_time - Maximum time before starting a force SGC for a specific VM
rdisp/max_vm_priv_no -
rdisp/max_vm_priv_time -
rdisp/max_vm_sgc_lazy_time - Max. time to contribute to a shared GC
rdisp/max_websocket_connections - Size of the WebSocket table
rdisp/max_wprun_time - Maximum work process run time
rdisp/min_jvm - Configure minimal number of pooled Java VMs
rdisp/mshost - Hostname where message server is located
rdisp/msserv - Message Server service
rdisp/msserv_internal - Internal port for server communication
rdisp/ms_keepalive - Timer for check of message server connection
rdisp/ms_keepalive_timeout - Timeout for connection to Message Server
rdisp/myname - Name of the local Application Server
rdisp/noptime - Periodical nop for SAP work processes
rdisp/no_core_info - Enable/disable writing core information
rdisp/PG_FAST_REL -
rdisp/PG_KEEP - Size of keep queue
rdisp/PG_LOCAL - Size of the Local Work Process Paging Buffer
rdisp/PG_MAXFS - Maximum size of SAP paging file
rdisp/PG_SHM - Size of paging buffer
rdisp/plugin_auto_logout - Maximum time of no action for plugins (HTTP, ..)
rdisp/prevent_deadlock - Cancel sessions to prevent a server deadlock
rdisp/prio/btc - Priority class of BTC work process
rdisp/prio/spo - Priority class of SPO work process
rdisp/prio/upd - Priority class of UPD work process
rdisp/reinitialize_code_page - Reinitialize code page when processing request?
rdisp/resource_limit - Limit for resoruce check in percent
rdisp/restartable_wp - Types of work processes for automatic restart
rdisp/reverse_name_lookup - Switch on/off reverse hostname lookup in dispatcher
rdisp/rfc_max_comm_entries - Quota for use of communication entries
rdisp/rfc_max_login - Quota for logins
rdisp/rfc_max_own_login - Quota for own logins
rdisp/rfc_max_own_used_wp - Quota for own used work processes
rdisp/rfc_max_queue - Quota for dispatcher request queue
rdisp/rfc_max_wait_time - Maximum wait time after load check
rdisp/rfc_min_wait_dia_wp - Number of waiting dialog work processes
rdisp/rfc_use_quotas - Switch to enable/disable RFC quotas
rdisp/rm_max_tbl_size - max. number of entries for resource table
rdisp/rpag_file - Name of paging file
rdisp/scheduler/prio_high/max_runtime - Maximum runtime for high prio requests
rdisp/scheduler/prio_low/max_quota - Maximum quota of dialog work processes used for low prio req
rdisp/scheduler/prio_low/max_runtime - Maximum runtime for low prio requests (append s/m for sec/mi
rdisp/scheduler/prio_normal/max_quota - Maximum quota of dialog work processes used for normal or lo
rdisp/scheduler/prio_normal/max_runtime - Maximum runtime for normal prio requests (append s/m for sec
rdisp/scheduler/test/reschedule_always - For testing only: reschedule even if not required
rdisp/scheduler/timeslice_millis - Timeslice for the kernel scheduler (in ms)
rdisp/sessionTableCheck - Activate session table check of VM Container
rdisp/session_queue_limit - Limit of session queue length before stop CPIC / RFC streami
rdisp/ses_tab_max_no -
rdisp/shutdown/auto_logout - Max. lazy time for online and HTTP user during shutdown
rdisp/shutdown/disable_login - Disable login during shutdown
rdisp/shutdown/idle_wp_timeout - Max. time to wait for idle workprocesses during shutdown
rdisp/shutdown/j2ee_timeout - Max. time for J2EE server shutdown
rdisp/shutdown/load_balance_wait_time - Max. wait time for load balance refresh during shutdown
rdisp/shutdown/longrunner_timeout - Max. time to wait for longrunner (e.g. batch jobs) during sh
rdisp/shutdown/max_time - Max. time for a graceful shutdown
rdisp/shutdown/trigger_timeout - Max. time to read the shutdown trigger inside ABAP and kerne
rdisp/simulate_priv - Simulate private mode of Workprocesses
rdisp/snapshot - Configuration of server snapshot
rdisp/sna_gateway - SNA gateway host
rdisp/sna_gw_service - SNA Gateway service
rdisp/sockTableCheck - Activate socket table check of VM Container
rdisp/softcancel_sequence - Sequence of delays for the signals sent at a softcancel
rdisp/softcancel_timeout - Soft cancel timeout
rdisp/startup_time - Delay before starting the first schedule
rdisp/start_icman - start internet communication manager
rdisp/start_service_user - ABAP user to run the runlevel system startup
rdisp/system_startup_user - Specifies the user for system startup processing
rdisp/sys_info -
rdisp/tableCheck - Define internal kernal tables to be checked
rdisp/tableCheckMode - Mode for checking of internal tables
rdisp/task_limit - Maximal request queue length per session
rdisp/test_roll - Activate SAP roll test
rdisp/time_intervals - Activate/deactivate kernel time intervals
rdisp/tm_max_no - Maximum number of entries in tm_adm
rdisp/TRACE - Set developer trace level
rdisp/TRACE_COMPS - Enable/disable trace for components
rdisp/TRACE_HIDE_SEC_DATA - Set hide mode for developer trace
rdisp/TRACE_LOGGING - Switch on/off trace logging
rdisp/TRACE_PATTERN_0 - Search pattern for trace logging
rdisp/TRACE_PATTERN_1 - Search pattern for trace logging
rdisp/TRACE_PATTERN_2 - Search pattern for trace logging
rdisp/TRACE_RESOLUTION - Maximum number of time stamps in tracefile per second
rdisp/TRACE_SEARCH_LIST - List of trace file types for automatic search
rdisp/traffic_control - Connection timeout for clients
rdisp/update_max_attempt_no - Number of retries after DB errors in update task
rdisp/use_rfc_dest_lookup - Enable lookup of RFC destination for backward GUI connection
rdisp/use_snc_refresh - Should we use the SNC refresh
rdisp/use_sqlbreak - Use sql break function to cancel running sql statements
rdisp/vb2_context - Mode of update dispatching for V2 updates
rdisp/vbdelete - Delete old update requests
rdisp/vbmail - Send mail in case of an update error
rdisp/vbname - Name of the Update Server
rdisp/vbreorg - Delete uncomplete update requests
rdisp/vbstart - Perform initial update requests after start-up
rdisp/vb_context - Mode of update dispatching for V1 updates
rdisp/vb_context_sep - Separator for update context info
rdisp/vb_delete_after_execution - Delete update requests after execution?
rdisp/vb_dequeue_after_commit_error -
rdisp/vb_dispatching - Switch to activate/deactivate update dispatching
rdisp/vb_factor - Load balancing for Update Servers
rdisp/vb_included_server - List of the update server used for dispatching
rdisp/vb_key_comp - Verbuchungskey: Reihenfolge der Key-Komponenten
rdisp/vb_key_use_hostname -
rdisp/vb_lock_mode - Handling of SAP enqueues after update error
rdisp/vb_mail_user_list - List of users to receive mails in case of update errors
rdisp/vb_refresh_info - Elapsed time for refreshing update server info
rdisp/vb_stop_active - Make the update deactivation impossible
rdisp/vb_v2_start - Start v2 update requests automatically?
rdisp/verbose_level - Verbose level (for short dumps, system log, ..)
rdisp/vm_alarm_time - alarm timer for vm container
rdisp/wait_after_deadlock - Wait time for dead lock situations
rdisp/wall_entry_max_no - Size of pinwall table
rdisp/workdir - Name of working directory
rdisp/wpdbug_max_no - Max. number of work processes in SAP debug mode
rdisp/wppriv_max_no - Maximum number of work processes in PRIV mode
rdisp/wp_abap_restart - Automatic work process restart
rdisp/wp_auto_restart - Automatic work process restart
rdisp/wp_ca_blk_no - Work Process Communication Blocks
rdisp/wp_max_no - Maximum number of startable work processes
rdisp/wp_no_btc - Number of background work processes
rdisp/wp_no_dia - Number of dialog work processes
rdisp/wp_no_enq - Number of enqueue work processes
rdisp/wp_no_restricted - Number of restricted work processes
rdisp/wp_no_spo - Number of spool work processes
rdisp/wp_no_spo_Fro_max - Maximum number of spool workprocesses used for frontend prin
rdisp/wp_no_vb - Number of update work processes
rdisp/wp_no_vb2 - Number of update work processes for V2
rdisp/wp_restart_interval - Configure workprocess restart time
rec/client - Activate/Deactivate table auditing
reorg/file - Pathname for Archive Files
Restart_Program - Commands to be executed for startup and restarted on failure
rfc/cp_convert/conversion_char - default conversion character in case rfc/cp_convert/ignore_e
rfc/cp_convert/ignore_error - default whether rfc character conversion errors are ignored
rfc/disable_debugger_command_field - Disable command field during RFC debugging
rfc/enable_trfc_dbg_user_switch - Enable tRFC/qRFC user switch for debugging
rfc/ext_debugging - Activate HTTP-Debugging for RFC
rfc/option_list - Option list for Remote Function Call (RFC)
rfc/prefer_rfcdes - forces the use of the tables rfcdes contend instead of reso
rfc/reduce_tracelevel - reduces the RFC-information which is written into the WP and
rfc/set_standard_destination - for internal use only
rfc/signon_error_log - Ausgabe von Informationen bzgl. misslungener RFC-Anmeldung
rsau/max_diskspace/per_day - Maximum size of all security audit files per day
rsau/max_diskspace/per_file - Maximum size of one single security audit file
rsau/SQL-Audit/filename - Pattern for the Filenames of the SQL Audit
rsau/SQL-Audit/filesize - Maximum Size of a File of the SQL Audit
rsau/SQL-Audit/logdir - Directory for the Files of the SQL Audit
rsau/SQL-Audit/switch - Switch for the SQL Audit
rsau/user_selection - Defines the user selection method used inside kernel functio
rscp/ccc/protect - Prohibit write access to the code page converter
rscp/mbc_copy - How to handle missing double-byte characters
rscp/mbc_in_sbcs - Asian multibyte characters in singlebyte codepages
rscp/transcribe/1/codepage - intermediate code page to handle transcription
rscp/transcribe/2/codepage - 2nd intermediate code page to handle transcription
rscp/transcribe/dynp/intensify - Use highlightning to indicate transcriptions
rscp/transcribe/dynp/matchcode - Use matchcode identification to indicate transcriptions
rscp/transcribe/list/blinking - Use blinking to indicate transcriptions
rscp/transcribe/list/reverse - Use reverse video to indicate transcriptions
rsdb/cua/buffersize - CUA Buffer Size
rsdb/cua/mutex_n - Number of mutexes in CUA Buffer
rsdb/db2jcl_library - DB2: Full path name of library for JCL submission service
rsdb/dbhost - database host
rsdb/dbid - SID of the Database Server
rsdb/esm/buffersize_kb - Size of 'export to/import from shared memory'-(ESM)-buffer [
rsdb/esm/large_object_size - Expected size of the largest objects in ESM buffer
rsdb/esm/max_objects - Maximum number of objects in ESM buffer
rsdb/esm/mutex_n - Number of mutexes in ESM-Buffer
rsdb/icli_library - DB2: Full path name of ICLI client shared library
rsdb/max_blocking_factor - Split factor for FOR ALL ENTRIES queries
rsdb/max_in_blocking_factor - Max. split factor for FOR ALL ENTRIES queries (IN opt)
rsdb/max_union_blocking_factor - Split factor for FOR ALL ENTRIES queries (UNION)
rsdb/MB_CUR_MAX - Maximum bytes per character of the DBMS characterset
rsdb/min_blocking_factor - Min. split factor for FOR ALL ENTRIES queries
rsdb/min_in_blocking_factor - Min. split factor for FOR ALL ENTRIES queries (IN opt)
rsdb/min_union_blocking_factor - Min. split factor for FOR ALL ENTRIES queries (UNION)
rsdb/ntab/entrycount - number of nametabentries administrated
rsdb/ntab/ftabsize - data area size for field description buffer
rsdb/ntab/irbdsize - data area size for Initial records buffer
rsdb/ntab/sntabsize - data area size for Short NTAB buffer
rsdb/obj/buffersize - Size of export/import buffer [kB]
rsdb/obj/large_object_size - Expected size of the largest objects in export / import buff
rsdb/obj/max_objects - Maximum number of objects in export / import buffer
rsdb/obj/mutex_n - Number of mutexes in Export/Import-Buffer
rsdb/oracle_host_standby - Hostname of a Standby Database Host
rsdb/oracle_sid_standby - Oracle SID of a Standby Database Instance
rsdb/otr/buffersize_kb - Size of Online Text Repository Buffer [kB]
rsdb/otr/max_objects - Maximum number of objects in Online Text Repository Buffer
rsdb/otr/mutex_n - Number of mutexes in Online Text Repository Buffer
rsdb/prefer_fix_blocking - Set if fix blocking for FOR ALL ENTRIES is desired
rsdb/prefer_in_itab_opt - set if IN (...) shall be used for FOR ALL ENTRIES (if possib
rsdb/prefer_join - set if JOIN shall be used for FOR ALL ENTRIES
rsdb/prefer_union_all - set if UNION ALL shall be used for FOR ALL ENTRIES
rsdb/rclu/opt_level - Set optimistic cluster level
rsdb/reco_add_error_codes - add or remove DB error codes that lead to DB reconnect
rsdb/reco_ping_cmd - Syntax of the ping command
rsdb/reco_sleep_time - Influence the Sleeptime between two DB-Reconnect Attempts
rsdb/reco_sosw_for_db - Activation of a Database-Reconnect feature for Switch Over S
rsdb/reco_sync_all_server - Activation of the Synchronisation of all AppServer during th
rsdb/reco_tcp_service - TCP-Service-Name
rsdb/reco_trials - Activation of the Database-Reconnect without Restart of the
rsdb/rep/fast_touch - accelerate touch by not locking source before updating time
rsdb/ssfs_connect - Default DB Connect via secure store
rsdb/staton - Activate Extended Table Statistics
rsdb/stattime - Table Access Times in Extended Statistics
rsdb/tbi_buffer_area_MB - Size of the table buffer in MB
rsdb/tbi_dir_entries - Number of directory entries for the table buffer
rsdb/trace_modules - Database Interface Trace Options
rsdb/vmcj/codepage_compatibility - Grad der von Open SQL fuer JTS unterstuetzten Codepage Konve
rsec/securestorage/keyfile - Path to file with key for the secure storage
rsec/ssfs_datapath - Directory for the data files of the Secure Storage in the Fi
rsec/ssfs_keypath - Directory for the key files of the Secure Storage in the Fil
rslg/alert_filter_params -
rslg/local/file - Local Log File Name
rslg/max_diskspace/local - maximum size of the local syslog file
rslg/messages/flat_file - File to store or read syslog messages for SE92
rslg/write_sync_disk - synchronous write to disk of syslog messages
rspo/archive_format - Format for output data for the ArchiveLink archiver
rspo/auth/pagelimit - Activation of page limit check for spool devices
rspo/check_memory - Activate internal memory checking
rspo/default_archiver - Default device for ArchiveLink requests
rspo/devinit/datafile - Pathname for file containing device initialization
rspo/global_shm/action_list - Startup-Gr####e f##r Spool-Aktions-Liste
rspo/global_shm/job_list - Number of entries in spool system's request queue
rspo/global_shm/printer_list - number of entries in the shared memory cache of the SAP spoo
rspo/global_shm/server_list - Startup cache size for spool server cache
rspo/host_spool/answer_format - No longer used
rspo/host_spool/print - Print command for host system (access method L)
rspo/host_spool/print_answer - No longer used
rspo/host_spool/print_method - Not used
rspo/host_spool/query - Command to request the status of the print job
rspo/local_print/server - Server used for frontend printing
rspo/log/level - not used
rspo/log/level_A - Not used
rspo/log/maxerror - Not used
rspo/lpq/retries - Number of query retries until jobs go to problem state
rspo/lpq/temp_disable_slow - Time threshold (seconds) after which slow printers are deact
rspo/lpq/temp_disable_time - Duration (seconds) for which slow printers are deactivated
rspo/lpq/warn_time - If a print job query exceeds this time threshold (seconds),
rspo/novell_modifier - Not used
rspo/req_lifetime - Not used
rspo/rspoget2_daemon/exe_file - Not used anymore
rspo/spool_id/chunk - Determines the number of spool IDs reserved at one time
rspo/spool_id/loopbreak - Maximum loopcount for spool ID check
rspo/spool_id/max_number - Upper limit of spool ID number range
rspo/spool_id/use_tskh - Controls how numbers for new spool requests are created
rspo/stat/jobs - Write statistic data for printjobs into TSPJSTAT
rspo/stat/query - Write statistic data for printer queues into TSPQSTAT
rspo/store_location - Controls where TemSe stores data from R/3 spool
rspo/tcp/relay/enable - Not used
rspo/tcp/relay/hostname - Not used
rspo/tcp/relay/portnumber - Not used
rspo/tcp/retries - Number of attempts to connect to remote printer
rspo/tcp/retrytime - Delay between attempts to establish LPD communication
rspo/tcp/timeout/connect - Connect timeout
rspo/tcp/timeout/read - Read timeout
rspo/tcp/timeout/write - Write timeout
rspo/to_host/datafile - Name of file to send to host spooler
rstr/accept_remote_trace - SAP trace: pass trace to RFC server
rstr/buffer_size_kB - Size of trace internal buffer
rstr/filename - Basic name of the tracefiles
rstr/max_files - Maximum number of trace files
rstr/max_filesize_MB - Maximum size of one trace file (MB)
rstr/max_lock_try - Internal use only
rstr/stacksize - Internal use only
rsts/ccc/cache07 - Size of cache for long multibyte characters
rsts/ccc/cachesize - The size of the code page converter cache in shared memory
rsts/dd_mismatch/action - Define action for data dictionary checks in TemSe
rsts/filename - Rule for creation of TemSe directory and filename
rsts/files/root/G - Rule for building TemSe file names
rsts/files/root/L - Rule for building TemSe file names
rsts/files/root/T - Rule for building TemSe file names
rtbb/buffer_length - Size of single key buffer (partial buffer)
rtbb/frame_length - Size of Table Buffer Memory Frames
rtbb/max_tables - Directory entries in single key buffer (partial buffer)
RZ11_DOKUMENTATION - RZ11 transaction documentation
sap/bufdir_count_limit -
sap/bufdir_entries -
sap/buf_shared -
SAPARGC - number of arguments passed to the programm
SAPARGV - argument string passed to the programm
SAPDBHOST - Hostname where database is located
SAPDIAHOST - Hostname where dialog server is located
SAPFQDN - Provides the fully qualified domain name (FQDN).
SAPGLOBALHOST - Part of the share folder, to find the sapmt path
sapgui/signature_color - Set the SAP GUI signature color to be used with this system
sapgui/theme - Set the SAP GUI theme to be used with this system
sapgui/user_scripting - Enable or disable user scripting on the frontend.
sapgui/user_scripting_disable_recording - Disable the recording capabilities of SAP GUI Scripting
sapgui/user_scripting_force_notification - Prevent users from disabling the SAP GUI Scripting notificat
sapgui/user_scripting_per_user - Check user priviledges to determine if user scripting should
sapgui/user_scripting_set_readonly - Enable or disable a read-only version of SAP GUI Scripting.
saphelp -
saphelptype -
SAPLOCALHOST - Provides the hostname of the server.
SAPLOCALHOSTFULL - Provides host+domain name.
SAPMSHOST - Hostname where message server is located
SAPon - identifier for operating system
SAPPROFILE - Profile name
SAPSYSTEM - Number to identify a SAP system
SAPSYSTEMNAME - Identifier for SAP system
SAPTRANSHOST - central host for transports (Windows only)
SAPUC2_ID1 - Kernel description: non-Unicode or Unicode
SAPUC2_ID2 - Kernel description: compare SAP_UC and wchar_t
SAPUC2_ID3 - Kernel description: SAP_UC
SAPUC2_ID4 - Kernel description: compare wchar_t and Unicode
SAPUC2_ID5 - Kernel description: size of wchar_t
scsa/autocreate - create missing SCSA automatically
scsa/create_daemon/exe_file - program to allocate SCSA
scsa/shm/file - Identifier for Shared Common System Area
scsa/shm/key - Identifier for Shared Common System Area
scsa/shm/size - Shared Common System Area Size
scsa/shm/start - Start address for Shared Common System Area
sec/dsakeylengthdefault - Default keylength of DSA-PSEs
sec/libsapsecu - complete path and filename for SAPSECULIB
sec/ral_enabled_for_rfc - Read Access Logging for RFC
sec/rsakeylengthdefault - Default keylength of RSA-PSEs
service/admin_groups - Additional OS user groups authorized for system administrati
service/admin_users - Additional OS users authorized for system administration
service/datcol_command - Data collector command line
service/datcol_mandatory - Data collector mandatory for snapshot creation
service/datcol_timeout - Maximum allowed runtime for data collector
service/halib - Dynamic library for third party HA software integration
service/hardkillonshutdown - Kill instance processes during start service stop (Windows o
service/hostname - Bind specific hostname or IP address for http/https webservi
service/http/acl_file - ACL (access control list) file of sapstartsrv http port
service/https/acl_file - ACL (access control list) file of sapstartsrv https port
service/logfile - Logfiles accessible via SAP Host Agent
service/max_snapshots - Maximum number of snapshots to be archived
service/norestart - Disable automatic service restart after executable update (W
service/porttypes - Enabled webservice ports
service/protectedwebmethods - Protected webservice functions requireing user authorization
service/sso_admin_user - Additional users authenticated by client certificate authori
service/startpriority - Instance priority during system start/stop
service/status_procs - Processes monitored via status file
service/trace - Start service trace level
SETENV - Environment variables to be set before startup
slic/buffer_entries_dig_sig - Number of entries in buffer for digitally signed license key
slic/high_available - Activate high available SAPlicense
slic/netid_servers - Network ID servers for flexible license mechanism
slic/use_buffer - Enable/disable saplicense buffer usage
smc/mcon - Switch on/off synchroneous matchode writing
snc/accept_insecure_cpic - Accept insecure CPIC-connections to SNC-enabled Server
snc/accept_insecure_gui - Accept insecure SAPGUI logins to SNC-enabled Server
snc/accept_insecure_r3int_rfc - Accept insecure internal RFCs on SNC-enabled Server
snc/accept_insecure_rfc - Accept insecure RFC-connections to SNC-enabled Server
snc/data_protection/max - Limit for data protection of Secure Network Comm.
snc/data_protection/min - Min. required data protection for incoming connections
snc/data_protection/use - Level of data protection for R/3 initiated connections
snc/enable - Enable SNC-Module (Secure Network Communications)
snc/extid_login_diag - Enable login with external identity (DIAG)
snc/extid_login_rfc - Enable login with external identity (RFC)
snc/force_login_screen - Display login screen for each SNC-protected login
snc/gssapi_lib - Filename for external GSS-API shared library
snc/identity/as - Name of application server for external Security Syst.
snc/only_encrypted_gui - Enforce encrypted SAPGUI connections
snc/only_encrypted_rfc - Enforce encrypted RFC connections
snc/permit_insecure_start - Permit to start insecure programs when SNC is enabled
snc/r3int_rfc_qop - Quality of protection for internal RFCs with SNC
snc/r3int_rfc_secure - Use SNC for internal RFC-Communications
spnego/construct_SNC_name - Construct SNC name for given Kerberos User Name
spnego/enable - Enable SPNego Module
spnego/krbspnego_lib - Filename for Kerberos/SPNego library
ssf/name - Name of the external SSF security toolkit
ssf/ssfapi_lib - complete path and filename for SSF API external library
ssf/ssf_md_alg - Message Digest Algorithm for SSF
ssf/ssf_symencr_alg - Symmetric Encryption Algorithm for SSF
ssf2/name - Name of the 2nd external SSF security toolkit
ssf2/ssfapi_lib - complete path and filename for 2nd SSF API external library
ssf2/ssf_md_alg - Message Digest Algorithm for 2nd SSF toolkit
ssf2/ssf_symencr_alg - Symmetric Encryption Algorithm for 2nd SSF toolkit
ssf3/name - Name of the third external SSF security toolkit
ssf3/ssfapi_lib - complete path and filename for third SSF API external librar
ssf3/ssf_md_alg - Message Digest Algorithm for 3nd SSF toolkit
ssf3/ssf_symencr_alg - Symmetric Encryption Algorithm for third SSF toolkit
ssl/client_cache_lifetime - Lifetime of the client side SSL session cache entries
ssl/client_cache_size - Size of the client side SSL session cache
ssl/server_cache_lifetime - Lifetime of the server side SSL session cache entries
ssl/server_cache_size - Size of the server side SSL session cache
ssl/ssl_lib - Filename of the SSL library (SAPCRYPTOLIB)
start_menu -
Start_Program - Commands to be executed for startup
stat/adrec - Max. number of ad statistic records, created for one statist
stat/as_bufsize - Application staticstics: SHM buffer size
stat/as_collect - Modus for application statistics
stat/as_file - Full file name of application statistic
stat/as_level - Apllication statistics: on/off
stat/as_max_files - Number of astat-Files which can be held at a time
stat/as_max_init - Application staticstics: Number of parallel INIT-calls for a
stat/btcrec - Max. number of btc step statistic records for one statistic
stat/bufsize - Size of the work process specific statistic buffer
stat/checks - Activate runtime checks for SAP statistic
stat/clock - Clock for SAP statistic
stat/compression - compress statistic records
stat/dbconrec - Maximum number of DB connection statistic-records
stat/dbprocrec - Max. number of db procedure statistic records, created
stat/eppitemrec - Max. number of EPP subrecords for one statistic record
stat/esirec - Max. number of ESI statistics subrecords for one stat. main
stat/file - Name of the statistic file
stat/httprec - Max. number of http subrecords for one statistic record
stat/index - Write additional index(file) for statistics
stat/level - level of the sap statistics
stat/max_files - Number of stat-Files which can be held at a time
stat/normal_clock - clock type for kernel statistics
stat/rfcrec - Max. number of rfc statistic records for one statistic recor
stat/runtime_clock - SAP runtime clock
stat/smtprec - Max. number of smtp subrecords for one statistic record
stat/sporec - Max. number of spool statistic records created for one stati
stat/tabrec - Max. number of table statistic records, created for one stat
stat/tabrec_tcode - transaction code for table statistic
stat/tiintrec - Max. number of time inteval subrecords for one statistic rec
stat/trexrec - Max. number of trex subrecords for one statistic record
stat/umask - Permission umask for stat-files (Unix only)
stat/vmcrec - Max. number of vmc statistic records created for one statist
stat/webservicerec - Max. number of webservice statistic records for one statisti
Stop_Program - Commands to be executed after shutdown (Unix only)
system/description - Verbal description of the system
system/secure_communication - ssl configuration for system internal communication
system/type - Definition of the system type
system/uuid - Universal Unique Identifier of the System
term/tm_class -
transport/during_upgrade - Flag for Transportsystem to work upgrade-specific
transport/systemtype - System class (SAP or CUSTOMER)
transport/tp_logging - Usage of interface to transport program is logged in the dat
transport/use_in_memory_opt - Option to disable DB specific optimization during transport/
ucon/rfc/active - Activate RFC Service Runtime Checks
vmcj/asyncCompilation - configure asynchronous compilation for VMC
vmcj/cloning - activate cloning for java vms
vmcj/debug_proxy/cfg/allowedPorts - Line to define the allowed ports for the Java Debug Proxy
vmcj/debug_proxy/cfg/defaultPort - Line to define the default port for the Java Debug Proxy
vmcj/debug_proxy/cfg/fileName - Name of generated config file for the Java Debug Proxy
vmcj/debug_proxy/cfg/generate - Generation of config file of the Java Debug Proxy
vmcj/debug_proxy/cfg/listenport - Line to define the listen port for the Java Debug Proxy
vmcj/debug_proxy/cfg/loglevel - Line to define the log level the Java Debug Proxy
vmcj/debug_proxy/cfg/msHost - Line to define the message server host for the Java Debug Pr
vmcj/debug_proxy/cfg/msPort - vmcj/debug_proxy/cfg/msPort
vmcj/debug_proxy/cfg/waitTimeout - Line to define the wait timeout for the Java Debug Proxy
vmcj/debug_proxy/param_0 - Class path for Java Debug Proxy
vmcj/debug_proxy/param_1 - Start Class for the Java Debug Proxy
vmcj/debug_proxy/param_2 - Additional parameter for the Java Debug Proxy
vmcj/debug_proxy/param_3 - Additional parameter for the Java Debug Proxy
vmcj/debug_proxy/param_4 - Additional parameter for the Java Debug Proxy
vmcj/debug_proxy/param_5 - Additional parameter for the Java Debug Proxy
vmcj/debug_proxy/param_6 - Additional parameter for the Java Debug Proxy
vmcj/debug_proxy/param_7 - Additional parameter for the Java Debug Proxy
vmcj/debug_proxy/param_8 - Additional parameter for the Java Debug Proxy
vmcj/debug_proxy/param_9 - Additional parameter for the Java Debug Proxy
vmcj/debug_proxy/port - Listen port for the Java Debug Proxy
vmcj/enable - enable vm container
vmcj/jni_strategy - define strategy for JNI methods
vmcj/max_error_count - maximum number of errors before the vmc is deactivated
vmcj/max_inline_sleeps - Max. number of inline sleeps during VMC processing
vmcj/max_vm_heap_MB - max. vm heap
vmcj/nested_lock_loops - max loops to get a nested lock
vmcj/option/debugPortRange - Port range for VMC debugging
vmcj/option/gc/sharedWaterMark - VMC: watermark for shared garbage collector
vmcj/option/jit/sharedCodeCacheSize - shared code cache size for the VMC
vmcj/option/maxJavaHeap - max. java heap
vmcj/option/ps - poolsize for the VMC
vmcj/option/ss - Java Stack Size
vmcj/prof/directory - Directory for the VMC profiling
vmcj/prof/maxAge - Max age of VMC profiling sessions
vmcj/sgc_options - Configure VMC options for the shared Garbage Collection
vmcj/TRACE_1 - trace flags for java vm at trace level 1
vmcj/TRACE_2 - trace flags for java vm at trace level 2
vmcj/TRACE_3 - trace flags for java vm at trace level 3
vmcj/vm_auto_restart - Automatic VM restart
vmcj/vm_shared_lock_statistics - Switch on/off statistics for shared locks
vmcj/waitForVmTime - Max. waiting time for a free VM
vsi/cache/size_MB - Maximum size of mega bytes which should be scanned in memory
wdisp/add_client_protocol_header - Send header field client-protocol to application server
wdisp/add_xforwardedfor_header - Include IPaddress in headerfield x-forwarded-for
wdisp/auto_refresh - Time between configuration requests to backend (sec.)
wdisp/enable_j2ee_groups - Activate support for logon groups of AS Java
wdisp/enable_sap_hostid - Determine destination server explicitely
wdisp/group_info_location - Location from where logon group information of AS ABAP is re
wdisp/group_info_protocol - Protocol used for logon group information retrieval
wdisp/handle_webdisp_ap_header - Communicate access points to application server
wdisp/HTTP/context_timeout - Idle timeout for stickiness from external session id or jses
wdisp/HTTP/esid_support - Support stickiness of HTTP external session id for AS ABAP
wdisp/HTTP/jsessionid_tab_support - Support stickiness of HTTP jsessionid for AS Java
wdisp/HTTP/max_pooled_con - Maximum number of Web Dispatcher HTTP connections to a backe
wdisp/HTTP/max_session_tab_entries - Maximum number of different external session id or jsessioni
wdisp/HTTP/max_session_tab_logon_groups - Maximum number of different logon groups for external sessio
wdisp/HTTP/min_pooled_con - Minimum number of Web Dispatcher HTTP connections to a backe
wdisp/HTTP/use_pool_for_new_conn - Use a new pooled connection to a backend server for new clie
wdisp/HTTPS/context_timeout - HTTPS ROUTER protocol: idle timeout for stickiness from clie
wdisp/HTTPS/dest_logon_group - HTTPS ROUTER protocol: logon group for SSL-End-To-End reques
wdisp/HTTPS/max_client_ip_entries - HTTPS ROUTER protocol: Maximum number of different client ad
wdisp/HTTPS/max_pooled_con - Maximum number of Web Dispatcher HTTPS connections to a back
wdisp/HTTPS/min_pooled_con - Minimum number of Web Dispatcher HTTPS connections to a back
wdisp/HTTPS/sticky_mask - HTTPS ROUTER protocol: bit mask for stickiness of client IP
wdisp/info_timeout - Time allowed for Web Dispatcher configuration requests and p
wdisp/J2EE/group_info_location - Location from where logon group information of AS Java is re
wdisp/J2EE/url_map_location - Location from where the mapping of URLs to logon groups is r
wdisp/load_balancing_strategy - SAP Web Dispatcher: Set the load balancing strategy
wdisp/max_permission_table_entry_size - URI permission table: max. size of one table entry in charac
wdisp/max_permission_table_size - Max number of entries in URI permission table
wdisp/max_permitted_uri_len - Max URI length for an entry of the URI permission table
wdisp/max_servers - Maximum number of entries of server info table
wdisp/max_server_groups - Max number of entries of group info table
wdisp/max_server_group_name_len - Max length of group name in the group info table
wdisp/max_server_name_len - Max length of instance name in the server info table
wdisp/max_url_map_entries - Max number of entries of URL map table
wdisp/max_url_map_path_len - Max length of path name in the URL map table
wdisp/permission_table - Text file describing the URI permission table (SAP Web Dispa
wdisp/permitted_uri_char_range - Allowed URI character range for URI permission table
wdisp/ping_abap_url - URL for ping health check requests for AS ABAP
wdisp/ping_extsrv_url - URL for ping health check requests for external servers
wdisp/ping_java_url - URL for ping health check requests for AS Java
wdisp/ping_protocol - Protocol used for ping health check requests
wdisp/redispatch_foreign_sessions - Redispatch requests for stateful sessions from invalid serve
wdisp/server_info_location - Location from where server information is retrieved
wdisp/server_info_protocol - Protocol used for server information retrieval
wdisp/shm_attach_mode - Shared memory attach and creation mode for SAP Web Dispatche
wdisp/ssl_auth - Determines which X.509 certificate to present to the backend
wdisp/ssl_certhost - Hostname expected in backend system's server certificate
wdisp/ssl_cred - Name of credential file to use when wdisp/ssl_auth=2
wdisp/ssl_encrypt - SSL reencryption mode
wdisp/ssl_ignore_host_mismatch - Switch off hostname check of backend system's server certifi
wdisp/status_poll_interval - Interval for a hardware load balancer to poll Web Dispatcher
wdisp/system - Definition of Web Dispatcher backend systems
wdisp/url_map_location - Location from where the mapping of URLs to logon groups is r
wdisp/url_map_protocol - Protocol used for URL mapping retrieval
WP_ID - Work process ID (number)
__SAPPROFILE_C - source sccs id
__SAPPROFILE_CALLS - internal profile API statistics
__SAPPROFILE_CALL_LAST_NAME - internal profile API statistics
__SAPPROFILE_DEFAULT - Default profile name
__SAPPROFILE_MALLOCS - internal profile API statistics
__SAPPROFILE_n_DEFAULT - number of entries in DEFAULT.PFL
__SAPPROFILE_n_PF_FILE - number of entries in instance profile