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SAP AC Coding Block Tables (AC-COB)

SAP Coding Block Tables AC-COB

BAPICOBL_CI - Customer Fields in Coding Block for BAPIs
COBL - Coding Block
COBL_CUST - User-Defined Fields in Coding Block
COBL_DB_INCLUDE - Include with Additional Account Assignments for DB Tables
COBL_EX - Coding Block for External Applications (Not CO/FI)
COBL_OBJNR_EX - Object Numbers from Coding Block: External Representation
COPADATA - BDC Transfer Structure for Data Transfer to CO-PA
DKACC - Screen Fields for SAPLKACC - Coding Block Customer Fields
DKACS - Screen Fields SAPLKACS: Maintain Coding Block Subscreens
SI_COBL - Coding Block - Special Fields for RW / LO
TCOBA - Coding Block: Customer Subscreens (Header)
TCOBALE - Coding Block: Replicated Fields
TCOBB - Coding Block: Customer Subscreens (Text)
TCOBC - Coding Block: Customer Subscreens (Fields)
TCOBFIELDS - Coding Block: Field Characteristics
TCOBK - Coding Block: Components per Field
TCOBL - Coding Block: Include Screens Selection Table
TCOBM - Coding Block: Modification Numbers
TCOBN - Coding Block: Customer Fields