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SMARTFORMS SAP Message Class - Smart Forms - Form Builder

SMARTFORMS is a standard message class available within your SAP system (depending on your versionand release level). Below is a list of all the messages available for within this class and a link to any long text associated with each message. These messages are very simple to use and can be implemented into your ABAP code using the MESSAGE statement and the following syntax.


Note the value "I" represents an information messsage but can be replaced with E for error, W for warning, S for Status/Success, A for Abend/Termination and X for exit which does not display a message and causes a runtime error. Click here for more information about SAP Messages

Message class details can be viewed directly within your SAP system by entering the object name SMARTFORMS into the relevant SAP transaction such as SE91 or SE80

Contribute (Add Comments)
Use the comments section below to add any links, information or screen shots that you feel ARE RELEVANT TO THIS MESSAGE CLASS OR ANY OF THE MESSAGES WITHIN IT. THIS COULD INCLUDE issues you have found that cause the messages to appear incorrectly as well as any fixes you have found or relevant SAP OSS notes. This information can then be found quickly, simply by searching on the message class SMARTFORMS

001 Internal error (RC = &1, FORM = &2, NR = &3)
002 Internal error (illegal structure of data storage)
003 Error when processing PDF
010 Position the cursor on a node
011 Invalid cursor position
012 To select a node, double-click on it
013 Select a window first
015 Navigation not supported for &1
016 Operation &1 not yet supported (under development)
020 You cannot switch to change mode/display mode
030 Choose a node type
031 Unable to insert event node for header or footer
032 Unable to insert event node for beginning or end of sort level
033 Specify a name for the sort term
034 Do not directly overwrite the name of a sort term
035 &1 is not a valid sort criterion
036 The field name for the operation is missing
037 The target field name is missing
038 No event is selected for the calculation
039 The field name for the calculation event is missing

040 Form must have at least one page. Page "&1" not deleted
041 &1 &2 was deleted
042 Unable to delete &1 &2
043 &1 &2 copied to clipboard
044 &1 &2 inserted
045 Unable to insert &1 &2 at the selected position
046 Clipboard contents will be deleted
047 &1 &2 already exists. Select a different name
048 The selected subtree cannot be inserted
049 Invalid drag&drop operation
050 The field name is missing for a sort criteria for resetting
051 Page protection for node &1 was reset
060 &1 copied to clipboard
061 You cannot rename standard parameters and exceptions
062 You cannot delete standard parameters and exceptions
063 &1 already exists
064 Different reference types for &1 (please correct)
065 Enter a name
070 Element & from data stream not recognized
071 Invalid file format (name space &)
072 The form type &1 to be loaded is not of the current type
073 The language of the style to be uploaded is not the current language
080 Form &1 saved
081 Error when generating form &1 (&2)
082 Form &1 activated
083 Form &1 generated
084 The inactive form is saved before starting the text
085 Preview not possible
086 Errors occurred when migrating form &1
087 Form &1 was migrated successfully
088 &1&2&3&4
090 Original language converted successfully
092 Cannot read form &1
093 There is no active version of form &1
094 Template form &1 does not exist
095 Invalid form type '&1'
096 &1 is &2. Choose &3
100 Wrong method call: &1
101 Inline editor could not be called (control error)
102 Current computer architecture is not supported

103 Error in control framework: &1
104 An error occurred while the text was being transfered to the control
110 Text module & does not exist (enter a different text name)
111 Text module & contains errors (enter a different text name)
119 The text name & cannot be blank (enter a different text name)
120 Text name & is not allowed (enter a different text name)
121 Text object & does not exist (enter a different text object)
122 Text ID &1 for text object &2 does not exist
123 Language & is not allowed (enter a different text language)
124 Cannot set the language environment for language &
125 Invalid paragraph format &1 (enter another format)
126 Place the cursor on a field
127 Enter a field name
128 Field name not allowed
129 Style & could not be assigned to the text node
130 Unable to find style &
131 Unable to find style &1 variant &2
132 Unknown format <&1> (change style name &2 in the Output options)
133 Field & is already declared
134 Field & is not allowed as free attribute (name not starting with 'S_')
135 You cannot overwrite existing field names
136 You cannot select the specified value for field group &1 more than once
137 Enter a group name for field &1
138 Group name &1 is only permitted for list boxes or radio buttons
139 The value in field &1 is only permitted for list boxes or radio buttons
150 Type specification "&1" not allowed
151 Types from type groups are not supported
152 Missing default value in constant declaration &1 (enter a value)
153 The name of the field symbol &1 must start with '<' and end with '>'
170 Graphic '&1' (object '&2', ID '&3') does not exist
180 Select a valid page format
181 The number of characters per inch must be greater than zero
182 The number of lines per inch must be greater than zero
183 The number of characters per inch should be 10 for line printers
184 The number of lines per inch should be 6 for line printers
185 Enter the name, the type specification, and the reference type
187 Error when migrating &
188 Select SAPscript forms only in the current client
189 Select SAPscript forms from any client
190 Neither name nor language -> migrating all forms!

191 No name -> migrating all forms in the selected original language!
192 Name of the SAPscript form to be migrated
193 Original language of the SAPscript form
194 No language -> migrating in all original languages!
195 Form & does not exist in language &
196 Form & was migrated to &
197 Enter a language
198 Unable to read form
199 There is no inactive version of form &
200 Form or text & does not exist
201 Form or text & already exists
202 Form or text & already being edited
203 You are not authorized to change or display forms
204 Language & is not allowed
205 Form or text & has been deleted
206 Specify a form name or text name
207 Form or text & was copied to &
208 Form or text & was renamed to &
209 No active version of form & exists
210 Error during generation of form &
211 No function module has been generated yet
212 &
213 Error when translating the texts of a Smart Form
214 &1&2&3&4
215 Types & & contain errors
216 Enter a table name for the LOOP loop
217 Unable to insert the comparison operator
218 &1/&2&3&4
219 Check executed successfully
220 Name & is invalid
221 Name & is invalid
222 Variant name & is invalid
223 Check terminated with warnings
224 The check results are no longer up to date
225 Field & has no defined value
226 You cannot combine boxes with tables
227 Caution! Same name appears twice!
228 Line not defined in template
229 Error in transport system (TADIR entry cannot be written)
230 Enter a valid field
231 Enter an address number or a field
232 Enter a person number or a field
233 Enter a paragraph or a field
234 The number of lines must be between 1 and 10
235 Enter a line number or a valid field
236 Enter an address type or a valid field
237 Enter a sending country or a valid field
238 Select 'PO box'/'Street' or enter a valid field
239 Column not defined in template
240 Specify a language or a valid field
241 Enter a graphic name or a valid field
242 Enter an object or a valid field
243 Enter an ID or a valid field
244 Enter a bitmap image type or a valid field
245 Nesting of page break protection not allowed!
246 Specify a priority or a valid field
250 A table line of type & does not exist
251 Width of line type & does not correspond to total table width
252 Table definition is correct
253 Name & already exists
254 Enter the name of the line type
255 Table is wider than window
256 Enter a name
257 One of the specified lines must start with '1' in the 'From' column
258 There is a gap in the line numbering between &1 and &2
259 Overlapping line numbers between &1 and &2
260 In line &1, the 'From' column is greater than the 'To' column
261 The line must not point to itself
262 Reference &1 does not yet exist
263 You are not allowed to refer to the other reference
264 Enter a line number and a column number
265 Boxes/Shadings are not allowed within a table
266 Tables are not allowed within boxes/shadings
267 Table/template contains no line type
268 No height specified for footer
269 Line type & contains invalid cell definitions
270 No height specified for line type &
271 No frame is activated
272 The chosen combination of activated events is not allowed
273 Table definition contains errors (please check)
274 Line type & does not contain a cell definition
279 Window width must not be initial (change window width)
280 Height/width of window & are not fully specified
281 Window definition is correct
282 Main window & on page & has wrong width
283 Height/width of window & on page & are not fully specified
284 Next page does not exist
285 Window &1 does not fit onto page &2 (width)
286 Window &1 does not fit onto page &2 (height)
287 Internal error: & neither 'INTO' nor 'ASSIGNING' filled
288 Name of the internal table must be specified
289 Comparison operator missing after &
290 &1 portrait format not possible
291 &1 landscape format not possible
292 Two main windows are not allowed
293 A page without a main window cannot point to itself as next page
294 Statement in context not permitted
295 No new page allowed in secondary window
296 No new page allowed in table
320 This operation is not allowed for event nodes
325 You cannot create here
326 You cannot cut here
327 You cannot copy here
328 You cannot insert here
329 You cannot delete here
340 You cannot use the Cut function with this table type
395 Notes for translation see long text
400 Style & does not exist
401 Style & already exists
402 Style & is already being edited
403 You are not authorized to change or display styles
405 Style & was deleted
406 Specify a style name
407 Style &1 was copied to &2
408 Style &1 was renamed to &2
409 Style & was saved
410 Not necessary to save, style & was not changed
411 Saving style & was canceled
412 Style & was not saved
413 Style &1 has no inactive version
414 Style &1 has no active version
415 Style &1 is correct
416 Style &1 contains errors
417 Action canceled
418 Style &1 was activated
419 Style &1 is already active
420 Unable to find main variant of style &1
421 Unable to find variant &2 of style &1
422 Variant &1: Create/Delete/Rename is only allowed in the main variant
423 Select a valid variant
424 You cannot delete the main variant in this way
425 Variant &1 already exists
426 To change the variant, use the menu
427 Navigation not possible
428 Parameters I_STYLE_VARIANT and I_STYLE_LANGUAGE are not specified
440 This paragraph format is flagged as default paragraph for the style
441 Unable to find paragraph format &1
442 Enter a new paragraph name
443 Paragraph &1 cannot be renamed because name &2 exists
444 Enter a value and a measurement unit
445 The tabs & are not unique
446 Paragraph format &1 already exists
447 Character format &1 already exists
448 Paragraph format & has tabs although it is not left-justified
450 Unable to find font &
451 Enter font and font size
452 These attributes are printer-specific
461 Paragraph format &2 refers to character format &1
462 Enter a new character format name
463 Character format &1 cannot be renamed because name &2 already exists
480 Unable to find node &1
481 You can include/copy only paragraph and character formats
482 Invalid format name &1
488 Window &1: Form Painter was switched off (see long text)!
489 Units of measurement reset (see long text)!
490 Parameter &1 has unauthorized value &2
491 Reference for line type &1 is not allowed in the Table Painter
492 Line interval for line Type &1 is not allowed in the Table Painter
493 Width of line type &1 excedes table width
494 Line height must be greater that 0!
495 Type &1 does not exist
496 Type &1 is not allowed in this context
497 'To' must not be less than 'From'!
498 Unknown table type cannot be processed in the Table Painter
499 Window &1: Form Painter cannot be called (see long text)
500 The width of input field & must be less than/equal to the maximum length
590 Only the old internal form can be displayed (error in table &1)
591 For tips, see long text
600 Characteristic &1 does not exist (enter valid characteristic)
601 Value &1 is invalid (enter a different value)
602 Invalid operator &1 (enter "and" or "or")
603 The type of value &1 is invalid (enter type-specific value)
604 Initial characteristic is not allowed (enter valid characteristic)
605 Initial value is not allowed (enter a different value)
606 Enter a characteristic first
607 Characteristic &1 and value &2 are not unique (use search help)
608 Value &1 does not match characteristic &2 (enter different value)
609 Characteristic &1 is not unique (use search help)
610 No search help available
611 Fields within fields are not allowed
612 Type specification required