SAP Project System Tables

SAP Project System Tables and their relationships within the data dictionary

Below is a list of Project system related SAP database tables and how they are related to each other.

Project system tables
ARKOPF - Archiving run header data
       VSKOPF - Version: Header - general data for a
             RSTHIE - BRST structure of the hierarchy table
                   PSDYRH - LDB PSJ: Dummy structure under RSTHIE
             PROJ - Project definition
                   PSDYPD - LDB PSJ: Dummy structure under PROJ
             VBAK - Sales Document: Header Data
                   VBUK - Sales Doc.: Header Status and Administrative Data
                   VBKD - Sales Document: Business Data
                   VBAP - Sales Document: Item Data
                         VBUP - Sales Document: Item Status
                         VBKDPO - Sales document: Business item data (POSNR > 0)
                               FPLA - Billing plan
                                     FPLT - Billing Plan: Dates
                         PSDYVB - LDB PSJ: Dummy structure under VBAP
                   PSDYVK - LDB PSJ: Dummy structure under VBAK
             PRPS_R - Project Hierarchy Reporting Structure
                   PRTE - Scheduling Data for Project Item
                   PSMLST - Milestone I/O Table
                   PSTX - PS Texts (Header)
                   PLAF - Planned order
                   PSMERK_PRPS - Characteristics for Summarization for WBS Elements
                         KBED04 - Capacity Requirement Recs for Planned Orders (LDB)
                         RESB04 - Reservation/dependent reqs for plan order (LDB)
                   PSDYPR - LDB PSJ: Dummy structure under PRPS_R
             AUFK - Order master data
                   AFKO - Order Header Data PP Orders
                         AFPO - Order Item
                         AFFL - Work order sequence
                               ACT01 - Activity for LDB 01
                                     AFAB01 - Network Relationship (for LDB) - 01
                                     MLSTD - Milestone I/O Table
                                     PSTX1 - PS Texts (Header) for Activity (1)
                                     AFFH01 - Order PRT Data (for LDB) - 01
                                     KBED01 - Capacity Requirement Records (for LDB) - 01
                                           KBEZ - Additional data for table KBED (for ind.req/split)
                                            &n KPER - Additional data for KBEZ (person split in days)
                                           AFRU02 - Order Confirmations (for LDB) -02
                                     RESB01 - Reservation/Dependent Requirement for LDB-01
                                           PSDYOK - LDB PSJ: Dummy structure under RESB01
                                     AFRU01 - Order Confirmations (for LDB) - 01
                                     PSMERK_ACT - Charactersitics for Summarization for Activity
                                     PSDYNV - LDB PSJ: Dummy structure under ACT01
                   AFIH - Maintenance order header
                   PSDYNP - LDB PSJ: Dummy structure under AUFK
             IMTP - Investment programs
                   IMPR - Investment Program Positions
                         PSDYIP - LDB PSJ: Dummy structure under IMPR
                   PSDYPG - LDB PSJ: Dummy structure under IMTP
             PEGOB - Peg (master data of the CO object)
                   PEGQTY - Assigned pegging object quantities
                   PSDYPEG - LDB PSJ: Dummy Structure Under PEGOB
             ELM_PS - Additional data for hierarchy nodes (LDB PSJ)
                   JSTO - Status object information
                         PSTAT - Condensed status display
                         JCDO - Change Documents for Status Object (Table JSTO)
                         JEST - Individual Status per Object
                               JCDS - Change docs. for system/user status (table JEST)
                   ONR00 - General Object Number
                         RPSCO1 - Summarization Table for Project Reporting
                         RPSQT - Summarization table for project reporting (quants)
                         EV_PARAM - Object parameters for earned value analysis
                         EV_POC - Earned value analysis: percentage of completion
                         EV_VAL - Earned value analysis: earned value
                         COBRA - Settlement Rule for Order Settlement
                               COBRB - Distribution rules for sett. rule for order sett.
                         BPHI1 - Cross-hierarchy data Control
                         BPTR1 - Object Data Control
                               BPGE1 - Totals record total value Control
                                     BPVG1 - Table Generated for View BPVG1
                                     BKHS1 - Header - Unit Costing (Control + Totals)
                                           HEAD10 - SAPscript: Text Header
                                              LINE10 - SAPscript: Text Lines
                                           BKHT1 - Texts for CKHS
                                           BKIS1 - Individual calculation/verification item gen.
                                              BKIT1 - Texts for CKIS
                                           BKIP1 - Periodic Values for Unit Costing Item
                               BPJA1 - Totals record for total year value Control
                                     BPVJ1 - Table Generated for View BPVJ1
                                     BKHS2 - Header - Unit Costing (Control + Totals)
                                           HEAD20 - SAPscript: Text Header
                                              LINE20 - SAPscript: Text Lines
                                           BKHT2 - Texts for CKHS
                                           BKIS2 - Individual calculation/verification item gen.
                                            &n BKIT2 - Texts for CKIS
                                           BKIP2 - Periodic Values for Unit Costing Item
                               BPPE1 - Totals Record for Period Values Control
                                     BPVP1 - Table Generated for View BPVP1
                               BPIG1 - Budget Object Index (Overall Budget)
                               BPIJ1 - Budget Object Index (Annual Budget)
                         COKA1 - CO Object: Cost Element Control Data
                         COKP1 - CO Object: Primary Planning Control Data
                               HEAD11 - SAPscript: Text Header
                                     LINE11 - SAPscript: Text Lines
                               CKHS1 - Header - Unit Costing (Control + Totals)
                                     CKHT1 - Texts for CKHS
                                     HEAD12 - SAPscript: Text Header
                                           LINE12 - SAPscript: Text Lines
                                     CKIS1 - Individual calculation/verification item gen.
                                           CKIT1 - Texts for CKIS
                                     CKIP1 - Periodic Values for Unit Costing Item
                         COSP1 - CO Object: Cost Totals for External Postings
                               COVP11 - CO object: Line items with doc. header (by period)
                                     COEPD11 - CO object: Unvaluated ln. item settlement w/status
                                           COEPBR11 - CO Object: Valuated Line Item Settlement
                               COVJ11 - CO object: Line items with doc header (by year)
                               COVO1 - CO Object: Open Items for Line Items (w/o doc.Hdr)
                         COSPD1 - CO object: External cost totals - calculated
                         COSPP - Transfer of Order in the COSP Table to the Project
                         COKS1 - CO Object: Control Data for Secondary Planning
                               HEAD13 - SAPscript: Text Header
                                     LINE13 - SAPscript: Text Lines
                         COSS1 - CO Object: Cost Totals for Internal Postings
                               COVP12 - CO object: Line items with doc. header (by period)
                                     COEPD12 - CO object: Unvaluated ln. item settlement w/status
                                           COEPBR12 - CO Object: Valuated Line Item Settlement
                               COVJ12 - CO object: Line items with doc header (by year)
                               COVO12 - CO object: Fxd price agreement commitment ln items
                         COSSD1 - CO object: Internal cost totals - calculated
                         COSSP - Transfer of the Order COSS Table to the Project
                         COKR1 - CO Object: Control Data for Statistical Key Figs
                               HEAD14 - SAPscript: Text Header
                                     LINE14 - SAPscript: Text Lines
                         COSR1 - CO Object: Statistical Key Figure Totals
                               COVPR1 - CO object: Stat. key figure line items by period
                               COVJR1 - CO object: Line items stat. key figures (by year)
                         COSL1 - CO Object: Activity Type Totals
                               COVPL1 - CO object: Activity type line items by period
                               COVJL1 - CO object: Line items for acty types (by year)
                         COSLD - CO object: Activity type sums - calculated
                         COSB1 - CO Object: Total Variances/Results Analyses
                               COVPB1 - CO object: Variance/accrual line items by period
                         COSBD1 - CO object: Sums of variance/accrual - calculated
                         ANIA1 - Depr. simulation for invest. projects
                               ANIB1 - Invest. projects: Depr. simulation analysis report
                         ANLI1 - Link table for capital investment measure -> AuC
                         FMSU1 - FM totals records for financial data
                               COVFP1 - CO object: Financial data line items with doc. hdr
                         TPI031 - CO Objects: Date of Last Interest Run
                   EKKO - Purchasing Document Header
                         EKPO - Purchasing Document Item
                               EKET - Scheduling Agreement Schedule Lines
                               EKKN - Account Assignment in Purchasing Document
                               EKBE - Purchasing Document History
                   EBAN - Purchase requisition
                         EBKN - Purchase Requisition Account Assignment
                   FPLAPS - Billing plan for PSP network plan
                         FPLTPS - Billing plan for PSP/network (dates)
                   LIKP - SD Document: Delivery Header Data
                         LIPS - SD document: Delivery: Item data
                   PSMERK - Characteristics for summarization wo.classificatn
                   DRAD - Document-object link