SAP T-Codes

SAP T-Codes Index by U


Index of SAP tables


UAAT - Change Log
UAATR - Reorganize Change Log
UABATIMP - Create Batch Import Variant for PDCE
UACGS1 - Assignment Price Type and Variant
UACGS2 - Additional Business Transaction Cat.
UACGS3 - Assignment Derivations CO-PA
UACOCOMAP - Mapping Fields: Remote <-->SEM
UACOCOMAPOTYP - Assignment ObjectTypes: Remote<->SEM
UACOCORFC - RFC Destinations Concurrent Costing UAC...

UAGC - Group Costing
UAIPPE1 - Import iPPE: Assignment Types
UAIPPE2 - Import iPPE: Assignment Type Fields
UAIPPE3 - Import iPPE: Assignment Links
UAIPPE4 - Import iPPE: Assignment Link Fields
UAMO - Product Design Cost Estimate
UASE16N - Table Display
UAST - Costing Solutions: Structure Maint.
UAST_SE11 - Parameter Transaction to SE11 Call
UAUPLCMD - Control R/3 Upload in Costing Engine
UAUPLMAP - Mapping R/3 Upload in Costing Engine
UAUPLTYPE - Create Upload Types
UAVMR - Registering Evaluation Methods
UAVNA - Value Network Analyzer
UAVPA - Activation of Planned Price Release
UAVPL - Maintain Price Type and Control
UAVPR - Settings of Planned Price Release
UAVSD - Maintain Strategy Derivation UAV...

UA_ABGRIR_C1 - Activate Transaction-Based GR/IR
UA_ACTIVATE_DELTACAL - Activation of Delta Costing
UA_ALV_REPORT - Display Costing Data
UA_BATIMP - Create Batch Import Variant, PDCE
UA_CE_REPORT - Costing Engine Analysis
UA_DATABASIS - Define Data Basis UA_...


UBC1 - Customizing UBC_CSP
UBC2 - Customizing UBC_CSP
UBC3 - Import Bill
UBC4 - Create Batch Input Sessions
UBC5 - Communication - Service Billing
UBC8 - Delete Batch Input Sessions UBC...

UBDC - Business Domain Lib: Remote Systems
UBDH - Business Domain Lib: BD Hierarchy a
UBDS - Business Domain Lib: Log onto BD
UBD_BW_GEN_CLASS - BD Lib: Class Gen. for BW Objects
UBD_LIGHT - BD Lib Light: Register Methods
UBIW0 - Information System


UC00 - SEM-BCS: Configuration Menu
UC01 - BP: Convert Forms of Address
UC03 - BP: Convert Marital Stat. TP03 TBO27
UC08 - BP: Convert Legal Forms
UC09 - BP: Conversion of Legal Entities
UC14 - BP: Conversion of Address TP14 tb009
UC15 - BP: Conversion of Functions
UC16 - BP: Conversion of Department
UC17 - BP: Convert industry T016 tB023
UC17A - Convert industries
UCBPUM - Select tables to be converted
UCBPUM_DEVC - Select tables to be converted
UCBPUM_DOM - Selection of domains to be encoded
UCBPUM_E - Sel. of tables not to be converted
UCBPUM_FUN - Selection of modules to be revised
UCBPUM_FUNC - Selection of modules to be revised UCB...

UCC0 - Initialize Control Tables
UCC1 - BP conversion: Initial CBP Customiz.
UCC2 - BP conversion: Cutomizing
UCCC0 - SAP Cons: Customizing Comparison
UCCC1 - SAP Cons: Display Cust.Comparison
UCCHECK - Unicode Syntax Check UCC...

UCD01 - Custom Data Types
UCD02 - List of All Generated Models
UCD1 - Delete converted partners
UCD3 - Delete matched partner
UCDL0 - Delete Cons Area-dependent Settings
UCDMODELTYPE - Display Data Types of Model UCD...

UCF01 - Applications
UCF02 - Method Categories
UCF03 - List of Method Settings/Cons
UCF04 - List of Method Settings/Plan
UCF05 - Flexible Upload: Method Categories
UCF06 - Currency Translation Keys UCF...

UCGEN - Select tables to be converted
UCH01 - Integr.of References in Cust. Tables
UCH02 - List Customizing Settings
UCH1 - Display logs
UCH2_1 - Determine data elements
UCH2_2 - Determine tables
UCH2_3 - Usage of Fields to be Converted UCH...

UCL21 - Log Types
UCM01 - Data Basis: Change RFC Destination
UCMON - Consolidation Monitor
UCMP0 - Set Cons Area in Perm. Parameters
UCMP1 - Users with Authorization Check
UCMP2 - Set Cons Area for All Users
UCMP3 - Set Permanent Parameters UCM...

UCNOTA - BP: Convert general memos
UCNOTR - BP: Convert role category-dep. memos
UCNOTZ - BP: Conversion of Role-Dep. Memos
UCNUM1 - Maintain Number Range Intervals
UCON0 - Contact Management
UCON1 - Administration of Distribution Lists
UCONCONF - Unified Connectivity Configuration
UCONMON - UCON relevant Statistic Records
UCONPHTL - Phase Tool Unified Connectivity
UCON_CHG_DOCUMENTS - Change Documents for UCON entities UCO...

UCP1 - Convert TR Partner to CBP
UCP11 - General code conversion
UCP2 - Convert Relationships
UCP2_3 - Conversion FI fields to relat'ships
UCP3 - Match: Selection without partner
UCP3_2 - Match selected partners UCP...

UCRLST - List of Totals Records
UCRRFC - Virtual Cubes: Destination BW->SEM
UCS01 - Task Categories
UCSL1 - Information Messages in Logs
UCSSG0 - Generate Selection Screen
UCSTC - Correct Task Status
UCSTI - Information for Status Management
UCU1 - Conversion: Project definition
UCU2 - Conversion: Module > Time period
UCU3 - Conversion: Definition time period
UCU4 - Conversion: Control
UCU5 - Conversion: Sequence definition
UCU6 - Conversion: Def. fields for conv. UCU...

UCWB - Consolidation Workbench
UCWB01 - SAP Cons: Data Basis
UCWB02 - SAP Cons: Consolidation Area
UCWB_FLD - Master Data Maintenance
UCWB_INT - Master data maintenance
UCWD_INT - Start Monitor from WebDynpro UCW...

UCXI000 - SEM-BCS Inbound: SMT Mapping
UCXI001 - SEM-BCS Inbound: SMT Mapping
UCZ11 - BP: Conversion of relationship type
UCZ12 - BP: Conversion of applications
UCZ2 - BP: Convert grouping TPZ2 TB001
UCZ3 - BP: Conversion of role categories
UCZ7 - BP: Conv. of relationship categories
UC_AREA_GENERATE - Generate Objects for Cons Area
UC_AREA_GEN_LIST - Display Gen. Objects for Cons Area
UC_DISPLAY_HIERARCHY - Display Hierarchies with Attributes
UC_MAINTAIN_UCM0000 - Mapping Info Object <-> Field Name
UC_STAT0 - SEM-BCS: Performance Statistics
UC_WATCHDOG_PROTOCOL - List of Transaction Data Log UC_...


UD96 - Revenues Increasing Budget
UDM_AUTOWRITEOFF - Automatic Write-Off of Dispute Cases
UDM_BP - Collections Mgt Business Partner
UDM_BP_GRP - Change Business Partner Segment Data
UDM_BP_PROF - Assign/Change BP Collection Profile
UDM_BP_SPEC - Replace Collection Specialist
UDM_CASE_CREATE - Create Dispute Case UDM...