SAP T-Codes

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Index of SAP tables


S-32 - _
S-33 - Display table


S00 - Short Message
S000 - System Menu
S001 -
S002 - Menu Administration


S1MD - System Menu


S2KDT - Spec2000 IDoc Display Tool
S2KEVENTS - SPEC2000: Activate Event Linkage
S2L - Supply-to-Production Table


SA01 - Number range maintenance: ADRNR
SA02 - Academic Title (Bus. Addr. Services)
SA03 - Titles (Business Address Services)
SA04 - Name Prefixes (Bus. Addr. Services)
SA05 - Name Suffix (Bus. Address Services)
SA06 - Address or personal data source SA0...

SA10 - Address admin. communication type
SA11 - Number range maintenance: ADRV
SA12 - Number Range Maintenance: ADRVP
SA13 - Name format rules
SA14 - Pager Services (Bus. Addr. Services)
SA15 - Address screen variants SA1...

SA20 - Conversion of Street Sections
SA21 - Customizing Regional Structure (BAS)
SA22 - Deactivate Specific Corrections
SA23 - Address Version Regional Structure
SA24 - Limit for Duplicate List
SA38 - ABAP Reporting
SA39 - SA38 for Parameter Transaction
SAAB - Checkpoints that Can Be Activated
SABRE_PNR - Display a Sabre PNR
SACC2 - Set accessibility
SACCRESULTS - Check Results for Accessibility
SACCSEL - ACC: Select relevant objects
SACO - Analyze and Copy Scheduling Agreemen
SAD0 - (Obsolete) Address Management Call
SADC - (Obsolete) Communication Types
SADJ - Customizing Transfer Assistant
SADL_GW_SHOW - Show SADL of Gateway Project
SADP - Contact person addr.maint. init.scr.
SADQ - Private address maint. initial scrn SAD...

SAFTPT_ALTACCTS - SAFT PT: Maintain Alternate Accounts
SAFTPT_FIMD - SAFT PT: Maintain RE-FI Materials
SAFTPT_TAX - SAFT PT: Maintain Tax Master
SAFTPT_TAXMAT - SAFT PT: Maintain Tax Like Materials
SAFT_MATPRE - SAF-T Material Prefix
SAINT - Add-On Installation Tool
SAIS - AIS - Workplace
SAIS_ADM - AIS - Log Administration
SAIS_LOG - AIS - Log Analysis
SAIS_ROOT - Root Node of an Audit Structure
SAIS_SHOW_DOKU - Document Module Display SAI...

SAKB0 - Transfer of Released Data
SAKB01 - Process Exceptions
SAKB1 - Overview: Frozen Objects
SAKB2 - Usage Overview
SAKB2OLD - Usage Overview
SAKB3 - Compatibility Text SAK...

SALE - Display ALE Customizing
SALES_LEDGER_PERU - Sales Ledger, Peru
SALE_CUA - Display ALE Customizing for CUA
SALRT01 - Maintain RFC Dest. for Alert Server
SALRT02 - Maintain Events for Alert Framework
SALRT1 - Maintain RFC Dest. for Alert Server SAL...

SAMDT - Status&Action Management Design Time
SAML2 - SAML 2.0 Configuration
SAMT - ABAP Program Set Processing
SAPBC400IAS_EWT - Transaction Code for SAPBC400IAS_EWT
SAPBC400IAT - ITS Demo. Program Transaction
SAPBC400WBS_GS - Exercise 3 - 3
SAPBC405CAL - Define Flight Connections
SAPBC410A_CM - Maintain Flight Data
SAPBC410A_DYNPRO - Maintain Flight Data SAP...

SARA - Archive Administration
SARE - Archive Explorer
SARFC - Server Resources for Asynchr. RFC
SARI - Archive Information System
SARJ - Archive Retrieval Configurator
SARP - Reporting (Tree Structure): Execute SAR...

SAS - ABAP Debugger Scripting
SASAPIMG - Call Up Project IMG
SAT - ABAP Trace
SATTR - Maintain Characteristics


SB01 - Application Components
SBAC - Edit Application Components
SBACH02 - Edit SAP Application Hierarchy
SBACH03 - Display SAP Application Hierarchy
SBACH04 - Edit Component Structures
SBACH05 - Extend Application Hierarchy
SBAL_TEST_REPORT - Application Log: Internal Test SBA...

SBBPCONF - Maintain BBP Parameter
SBCA - Routing Server Administration
SBCS_ADDR - BCS: Where-Used List for Addresses
SBCS_ADRDUP - BCS: Delete Duplicate Addresses
SBCS_ADRVP - BCS: Delete Addresses
SBCS_DFRE - BCS: Delete from Dark Folder
SBCS_DLI - BCS: Consistency of Dist. Lists SBC...

SBDS1 - Displaying Open Bar Codes
SBDS2 - Open Internal Bar Codes
SBDS3 - Open External Bar Codes
SBDS4 - Open Bar Codes with Keep Flag
SBDS5 - Internal Bar Codes with Keep Flag
SBDS6 - External Bar Codes with Keep Flag SBD...

SBEA - BEAC corporate flight system
SBGRFCCONF - bgRFC Configuration
SBGRFCHIST - Display Unit History
SBGRFCPERFMON - bgRFC Performance Monitor
SBGRFCSCHEDMON - bgRFC Scheduler Monitor
SBI1 - Maintain enhanced InfoSource
SBI2 - Maintain enhanced master data str.
SBI3 - Maintain append for InfoSource
SBI4 - Maintain append for master data
SBI5 - Delete InfoObjects
SBIT - BAPI Test Environment SBI...

SBPT - Administration Process Technology
SBPT_WB - Wizard Builder
SBRAC - Catalog of Routing Attributes
SBRREORG - Routing Server Reorganization
SBRT - BCOM RBR: Test Interface
SBRT2 - Routing Test
SBRT3 - RBR Test Server - Configuration
SBTA - Test background processing
SBWP - SAP Business Workplace
SBWP_GP - SAP Business Workplace for GP


SC2_IDE - C2 Server IDE
SC2_IDE_APP_SYS - Configuration Object
SC38 - Start Report (Remote)
SCA1 - Cannot be executed directly
SCA2 - Cannot be executed directly
SCA3 - Cannot be executed directly
SCA4_D - Cannot be executed directly
SCA4_U - Cannot be executed directly
SCA5_D - Cannot be executed directly SCA...