SAP T-Codes

SAP T-Codes Index by S


Index of SAP T-Codes Objects


S-32 - _
S-33 - Display table


S00 - Short Message
S000 - System Menu
S001 -
S002 - Menu Administration


S1MD - System Menu


S2KDT - Spec2000 IDoc Display Tool
S2KEVENTS - SPEC2000: Activate Event Linkage
S2L - Supply-to-Production Table


SA01 - Number range maintenance: ADRNR
SA02 - Academic Title (Bus. Addr. Services)
SA03 - Titles (Business Address Services)
SA04 - Name Prefixes (Bus. Addr. Services)
SA05 - Name Suffix (Bus. Address Services)
SA06 - Address or personal data source SA0...

SA10 - Address admin. communication type
SA11 - Number range maintenance: ADRV
SA12 - Number Range Maintenance: ADRVP
SA13 - Name format rules
SA14 - Pager Services (Bus. Addr. Services)
SA15 - Address screen variants SA1...

SA20 - Conversion of Street Sections
SA21 - Customizing Regional Structure (BAS)
SA22 - Deactivate Specific Corrections
SA23 - Address Version Regional Structure
SA24 - Limit for Duplicate List
SA38 - ABAP Reporting
SA39 - SA38 for Parameter Transaction
SAAB - Checkpoints that Can Be Activated
SABRE_PNR - Display a Sabre PNR
SACC2 - Set accessibility
SACCRESULTS - Check Results for Accessibility
SACCSEL - ACC: Select relevant objects
SACO - Analyze and Copy Scheduling Agreemen
SAD0 - (Obsolete) Address Management Call
SADC - (Obsolete) Communication Types
SADJ - Customizing Transfer Assistant
SADL_GW_SHOW - Show SADL of Gateway Project
SADP - Contact person addr.maint. init.scr.
SADQ - Private address maint. initial scrn SAD...

SAFTPT_ALTACCTS - SAFT PT: Maintain Alternate Accounts
SAFTPT_FIMD - SAFT PT: Maintain RE-FI Materials
SAFTPT_TAX - SAFT PT: Maintain Tax Master
SAFTPT_TAXMAT - SAFT PT: Maintain Tax Like Materials
SAFT_MATPRE - SAF-T Material Prefix
SAINT - Add-On Installation Tool
SAIS - AIS - Workplace
SAIS_ADM - AIS - Log Administration
SAIS_LOG - AIS - Log Analysis
SAIS_ROOT - Root Node of an Audit Structure
SAIS_SHOW_DOKU - Document Module Display SAI...

SAKB0 - Transfer of Released Data
SAKB01 - Process Exceptions
SAKB1 - Overview: Frozen Objects
SAKB2 - Usage Overview
SAKB2OLD - Usage Overview
SAKB3 - Compatibility Text SAK...

SALE - Display ALE Customizing
SALES_LEDGER_PERU - Sales Ledger, Peru
SALE_CUA - Display ALE Customizing for CUA
SALRT01 - Maintain RFC Dest. for Alert Server
SALRT02 - Maintain Events for Alert Framework
SALRT1 - Maintain RFC Dest. for Alert Server SAL...

SAMDT - Status&Action Management Design Time
SAML2 - SAML 2.0 Configuration
SAMT - ABAP Program Set Processing
SAPBC400IAS_EWT - Transaction Code for SAPBC400IAS_EWT
SAPBC400IAT - ITS Demo. Program Transaction
SAPBC400WBS_GS - Exercise 3 - 3
SAPBC405CAL - Define Flight Connections
SAPBC410A_CM - Maintain Flight Data
SAPBC410A_DYNPRO - Maintain Flight Data SAP...

SARA - Archive Administration
SARE - Archive Explorer
SARFC - Server Resources for Asynchr. RFC
SARI - Archive Information System
SARJ - Archive Retrieval Configurator
SARP - Reporting (Tree Structure): Execute SAR...

SAS - ABAP Debugger Scripting
SASAPIMG - Call Up Project IMG
SAT - ABAP Trace
SATTR - Maintain Characteristics


SB01 - Application Components
SBAC - Edit Application Components
SBACH02 - Edit SAP Application Hierarchy
SBACH03 - Display SAP Application Hierarchy
SBACH04 - Edit Component Structures
SBACH05 - Extend Application Hierarchy
SBAL_TEST_REPORT - Application Log: Internal Test SBA...

SBBPCONF - Maintain BBP Parameter
SBCA - Routing Server Administration
SBCS_ADDR - BCS: Where-Used List for Addresses
SBCS_ADRDUP - BCS: Delete Duplicate Addresses
SBCS_ADRVP - BCS: Delete Addresses
SBCS_DFRE - BCS: Delete from Dark Folder
SBCS_DLI - BCS: Consistency of Dist. Lists SBC...

SBDS1 - Displaying Open Bar Codes
SBDS2 - Open Internal Bar Codes
SBDS3 - Open External Bar Codes
SBDS4 - Open Bar Codes with Keep Flag
SBDS5 - Internal Bar Codes with Keep Flag
SBDS6 - External Bar Codes with Keep Flag SBD...

SBEA - BEAC corporate flight system
SBGRFCCONF - bgRFC Configuration
SBGRFCHIST - Display Unit History
SBGRFCPERFMON - bgRFC Performance Monitor
SBGRFCSCHEDMON - bgRFC Scheduler Monitor
SBI1 - Maintain enhanced InfoSource
SBI2 - Maintain enhanced master data str.
SBI3 - Maintain append for InfoSource
SBI4 - Maintain append for master data
SBI5 - Delete InfoObjects
SBIT - BAPI Test Environment SBI...

SBPT - Administration Process Technology
SBPT_WB - Wizard Builder
SBRAC - Catalog of Routing Attributes
SBRREORG - Routing Server Reorganization
SBRT - BCOM RBR: Test Interface
SBRT2 - Routing Test
SBRT3 - RBR Test Server - Configuration
SBTA - Test background processing
SBWP - SAP Business Workplace
SBWP_GP - SAP Business Workplace for GP


SC2_IDE - C2 Server IDE
SC2_IDE_APP_SYS - Configuration Object
SC38 - Start Report (Remote)
SCA1 - Cannot be executed directly
SCA2 - Cannot be executed directly
SCA3 - Cannot be executed directly
SCA4_D - Cannot be executed directly
SCA4_U - Cannot be executed directly
SCA5_D - Cannot be executed directly SCA...

SCC1 - Client Copy - Special Selections
SCC3 - Client Copy Log
SCC4 - Client Administration
SCC5 - Delete Client
SCC7 - Post-Client Import Methods
SCC8 - Client Export SCC...

SCDN - Change Documents: Number Ranges
SCDO - Display Change Document Objects
SCDT_MAPPING - Edit Synchronization Objects
SCFB - Role Manager: Start of a Function
SCHAR - Classification browser
SCHED_ANALYZE_ACT - Activate Scheduling Analysis
SCHED_ANALYZE_DISP - Display Scheduling Analysis
SCI - ABAP Code Inspector
SCID - Code Inspector for Specified Object
SCII - Code Inspector: Inspection
SCLAS - Classification browser
SCLS - Classification Tool-Set
SCLS_TRANSP_CLASSI - Transport Classifications
SCMA - Schedule Manager: Scheduler
SCMACUS - Maintain Task Lists
SCMAPROG_CUST - Schedule Manager: Register Programs
SCMATP - SchedMan: Task List Maintenance
SCMATRANS_CUST - SchedMan: Register Transactions
SCMA_PROG_CUST - SCMA: Registrat. of Cust. Programs SCM...

SCON - SAPconnect - Administration
SCOT - SAPconnect - Administration
SCOV - ABAP Coverage Analyzer
SCP - Display and Maintain Code Page
SCPE_FA_FIELDREL - CPE-FA Field Relationships
SCPE_FA_PRIORITY - Maintain formula assembly priority
SCPE_PQ1 - Maintain Price Quotations for CPE
SCPE_PQ2 - Maintain Price Quotations for CPE
SCPE_PQ3 - Display Price Quotations for CPE SCP...

SCRAM_COPY - SAP TDMS Control Center
SCRE - Role Manager: Start of a Report
SCRK - Number range maintenance: CSCR_KEYN
SCRM - CRM-Relevant IMG in PlugIn of R/3
SCSM - Maintenance Dialog for CCMSYSAS
SCTS_RESNAME - Naming Conventions in ABAP Workbench
SCTS_RSWBO004 - System Change Option
SCTS_TRANS_PATH_EDIT - Navigation IMG -> Trans.Route Editor
SCU0 - Customizing Cross-System Viewer
SCU3 - Table History
SCU3ARCH1 - Create Database Log Archives
SCUA - Central User Administration
SCUC - CUA: Synchronize company addresses
SCUG - Transfer Users SCU...

SCWB - Correction Workbench


SD11 - Data Modeler
SDBE - Explain an SQL Statement
SDCAS_MCQ - Call MC/Q From Address Selection
SDCC - Service Data Control Center
SDCCN - Service Data Control Center
SDD1 - Duplicate Sales Documents in Period
SDHB - Test Online Help
SDME_MDB - DME: Maintenance Dialog Builder
SDME_MDB_NEW - DME: Maintenance Dialog Builder
SDME_MOB - DME: Maintenance Object Builder
SDME_START - DME: Maintenance Transaction Call
SDMO - Dynamic Menu (old)
SDO1 - Orders within time period
SDOCU - Maintain Documentation Structure
SDOK_QUEUE01 - Test Transaction for KPRO Queueing
SDPI - Number Range Maint.: SD_PICKING
SDPV - Generate product proposal
SDQ1 - Expiring Quotations
SDQ2 - Expired Quotations
SDQ3 - Completed Quotations
SDSH_CONFIG - Search Help Configuration
SDV - Document Viewer
SDV1 - Expiring Contracts
SDV2 - Expired Contracts
SDV3 - Completed Contracts
SDVK - Purchase Analysis Sales Documents
SDW0 - ABAP Development WB Initial Screen
SDW0_OLD - ABAP Development WB Initial Screen
SDWB - Service Definition Work Bench


SE01 - Transport Organizer (Extended)
SE03 - Transport Organizer Tools
SE06 - Set Up Transport Organizer
SE07 - CTS Status Display
SE09 - Transport Organizer
SE10 - Transport Organizer
SE11 - ABAP Dictionary Maintenance
SE12 - ABAP Dictionary Display
SE13 - Maintain Technical Settings (Tables)
SE13A - Technical Settings sapmseds1
SE14 - Utilities for Dictionary Tables SE1...

SE20 - Enhancements
SE21 - Package Builder
SE24 - Class Builder
SE29 - Application Packets
SE30 - ABAP Objects Runtime Analysis
SE30_OLD - ABAP Objects Runtime Analysis
SE32 - ABAP Text Element Maintenance
SE32_WB99 - ABAP Text Element Maintenance
SE33 - Context Builder
SE35 - ABAP/4 Dialog Modules SE3...

SE40 - MP: Standards Maint. and Translation
SE41 - Menu Painter
SE43 - Maintain Area Menu
SE43N - Maintain Area Menu
SE51 - Screen Painter
SE54 - Generate table view
SE55 - Internal table view maintenance call
SE56 - Table view display DDIC call
SE57 - Internal table view deletion call
SE58 - Web Dynpro Converter SE5...

SE61 - SAP Documentation
SE61D - Display of SAPScript Text
SE61_03 - Display SE61 Documents in Modal View
SE62 - Industry Utilities
SE63 - Translation: Initial Screen
SE71 - SAPscript form
SE72 - SAPscript Styles
SE73 - SAPscript Font Maintenance
SE74 - SAPscript format conversion
SE75 - SAPscript Settings
SE75TTDTGC - SAPscript: Change standard symbols SE7...

SE80 - Object Navigator
SE80_ENH - Object Navigator
SE81 - Application Hierarchy
SE82 - Application Hierarchy
SE83 - Reuse Library
SE83_START - Start Reuse Library SE8...

SE90 - Process Model Information System
SE91 - Message Maintenance
SE92 - Maintain System Log Messages
SE93 - Maintain Transaction Codes
SE94 - Customer enhancement simulation
SE95 - Modification Browser SE9...

SEAL01_IN - Transaction for create seal code
SEAL02_IN - Transaction for change seal code
SEAL03_IN - Transaction for display seal code
SEAL04_IN - Transaction for create seal
SEAL05_IN - Transaction for change seal
SEAL06_IN - Transaction for display seal SEA...

SECATT - Extended Computer Aided Test Tool
SECATT_CC_EDIT_VLSS - Edit Value Snapshot
SECATT_HIST - eCATT User History
SECOCO - Control Composer
SECPOL - Maintain Security Policies SEC...

SEEF_MIGWB - Migration Workbench
SEGW - Gateway Service Builder
SELVIEW - Selection view maintenance
SEM_BEX - Business Explorer Analyzer
SEM_CHAR_HIER - OLTP Metadata Repository
SEM_CHAR_TEXT - OLTP Metadata Repository
SEM_NAV - Business Explorer Navigator
SEND_BUHI_IDOC - Send Group Hierarchy Directly
SENG - Administration of External Indexes
SENGEXPLORER - Explorer Index Administration
SENH - Display Enhancement Information
SEPA - EPS Server: Administration
SEPA_MND_FM_CUST - SEPA MNDID Generation FM Customizing
SEPA_MND_FM_MT - SEPA MNDID Generation FM Maintenance
SEPA_NR_CUST - SEPA number range interval assign
SEPA_NR_MT - Number range maintenance: SEPA_MNDID
SEPA_RC_CUST - SEPA: Reason for Status Change SEP...

SERP - Reporting: Change Tree Structure
SESIDEMO_BO - Sesi Demo: Back Office
SESIDEMO_PL - Sesi Demo: Plant
SESIDEMO_SO - Sesi Demo: Sales Office
SESIDEMO_WH - Sesi Demo: Warehouse
SESS - Session Manager Menu Tree Display
SESSION_MANAGER - Session Manager Menu Tree Display SES...

SETB - Direct Input for BUSAB
SETHANA_ACTIVATOR - Activation of HANA set hierarchies
SET_EPM_EXTN - Sets the Extension fields for the BP
SEU_ADT_TEST_1 - For ADT test purposes
SEU_DEPTYPE - Maintain dependency types
SEU_INT - Object Browser
SEU_INT_ENH - Object Browser
SEW - Service Extension Workbench


SF01 - Client-Specific File Names
SF07 - File Name Analysis
SFAC - Field selection maintenance
SFACBOM - BOM header field selection
SFACCOM - Component assignment field selection
SFACITM - BOM item field selection
SFACMBM - Mat. BOM assignment field selection
SFACMK - Field sel. insp. characteristics SFA...

SFCMT - IMG: Structured Facts Capture
SFGDT_TOOL - Tool for Risk Objects
SFP - Form Builder
SFP_ZCI_UPDATE - Interactive Forms: ZCI Update
SFSQB - Fast Search Query Builder
SFSSETUP - Fast Search Initial Setup
SFT1 - Maintain Public Holidays
SFT2 - Maintain Public Holiday Calendar
SFT3 - Maintain Factory Calendar
SFTRACE - SAP Smart Forms: Trace
SFW1 - Switch
SFW2 - Business Function
SFW3 - Business Function Set
SFW5 - Switch Framework Customizing
SFW_BROWSER - Switch Framework Browser


SGEN - SAP Load Generator
SGEN_OLD - SAP Load Generator
SGOS - Customizing Generic Object Services
SGOSHI - Object History
SGOSM - Definition of Generic Services
SGOSTEST - Test Tool Generic Object Services
SGOSTEST2 - Test Service Components
SGOS_OBJ_DISP - Default Method of Object SGO...

SGR_OLDWORKFLOW_CUST - Store GR: Workflow Customizing
SGR_WORKFLOW_CUST - Store GR: Workflow Customizing


SH01 - Online help: F1 Help server
SH02 - Online help: Link tracing
SH03 - Call extended help
SHC_ADMIN - Manage Help Center Centrally
SHC_TRANSLATION - Translate Help Center Texts
SHD0 - Transaction and Screen Variants
SHD0_MANDT - Client Dependent Tr. Variants
SHD1 - Internal: Variant transaction call
SHDB - Batch Input Transaction Recorder
SHDG - Global Fields: Change and Display
SHDI - Transaction Variant Image Archive SHD...

SHI0 - Structure buffer: Node type maint.
SHI1 - Structure buffer: Link type maint.
SHI2 - Structure buffer: Struc. type maint.
SHI3 - Structure maintenance
SHMA - Shared Objects: Management
SHMM - Shared Objects Monitor
SHN0 - IMG Shift Note
SHN1 - Create Shift Note
SHN1_ - Create Shift Note
SHN2 - Change Shift Note
SHN2_ - Change Shift Note
SHN3 - Display Shift Note SHN...

SHOW_REPORT_R1 - Display Source for Report R_TAB...
SHOW_REPORT_R2 - Display Source for Report R_ALV...
SHOW_REPORT_R3 - Display Source for Report R_ALV...
SHOW_REPORT_R4 - Display Source for Report R_QUE...
SHOW_REPORT_R5 - Display Source for Report R_ALV_...
SHOW_REPORT_R6 - Display Source for Report R_ALV_... SHO...

SHP_DELIC - MiniApp: Incomplete Shipment
SHR0 - IMG Shift Report
SHR1 - Create Shift Report
SHR2 - Change Shift Report
SHR3 - Display Shift Report
SHR4 - List Shift Reports
SHR4_ - List Shift Reports SHR...

SHXC1 - Special Approvals Procedure


SI00 - SAP Knowledge Warehouse
SI00_DOCU - SAP Knowledge Warehouse
SI00_OLD - SAP Knowledge Warehouse
SI00_TRAIN - SAP Knowledge Warehouse
SI21 - Migration of extended help
SI22 - Create Command Files
SI23 - Init. screen of cust. maint. interf.
SI23_1 - Maintain standard release
SI23_2 - Maintain enhancement
SI23_3 - Maintain enhancement chain SI2...

SI80 - Knowledge Warehouse
SI80_BF_ADMIN - Admin Functions for BF Assignments
SI81 - Management
SI85 - Knowledge Warehouse (General)
SI86 - Management
SI88 - HTML Export SI8...

SI90 - Knowledge Warehouse: Training
SIAC1 - Display Web Objects (Old Format)
SIAC_PUBLISH_ALL_INT - Publish All ITS Services
SIAC_REGENERATE_TEMP - Regenerate IAC Templates
SIAT - System Menu
SIBU - Industry Maintenance
SICF - HTTP Service Hierarchy Maintenance
SICFRECORDER - ICF: Display Recorded Objects
SICF_INST - Activate Service During Installation
SICF_SESSIONS - HTTP Session Management: Activation
SICK - Installation Check SIC...

SIDELTA - Delta delivery of content
SIGNA - Register Signature Application
SIGNO - Register Signature Object
SIGS - IGS Administration
SII0 - Change management
SII00 - Display management
SII1 - Change documentation
SII10 - Display documentation
SII2 - Change training
SII20 - Display training SII...

SIMGH - IMG Structure Maintenance
SIMG_SPORT - IMG Business / Functional Packages
SIN1 - SAPBPT: Inbox
SINA - SAPBPT: Maintain Standard Config.
SIPT_GAPS_FI - Portugal: FI Document Number Gaps
SIPT_GAPS_SD - Portugal: SD Document Number Gaps
SIPT_SIGN_FI - Generate and check digital signature
SIPT_SIGN_SD - Generate and check digital signature
SISH - System Menu
SISTATE - Maintenance of Changes to Status
SISTATE2 - Extended Status Management On/Off
SISU - IS-U main menu
SIT0 - Translate management
SIT00 - KW: Documentation Development
SIT1 - Translate documentation
SIT10 - KW: Documentation Development
SIT2 - Translate training
SIT20 - KW: Documentation Development SIT...

SIW - Service Implementation Workbench
SIW_CHECK - Check Landscape
SI_SEL - KW: Structure Editor Link


SKEP - KEPlicator
SKNF - Maintain Configuration Groups
SKNF_SINGLE - Maintain Configuration Groups
SKPR02 - Maintain Document Areas
SKPR03 - Display Document Areas
SKPR04 - Maintaining Physical Document Class
SKPR06 - Index Activation of Document Area
SKPR07 - Monitoring for KPRO Retrieval
SKPR08 - Category for Document Class SKP...

SKWFIVC - Invalidate all SKWF Caches
SKWR01 - Taxonomy Tree Management
SKWR02 - Restore Index
SKWR03 - Classify Documents
SKWS - CM: Status Management


SL02 - PAW - Main Menu
SL100 - Change Participant Data
SL101 - Create Excel sheet for event results
SL102 - Results by tests and locations
SL104 - PAW - Deleting Results
SL12 - PAW - Survey result answer details
SL13 - PAW - Maintain Dynamic Scenarios SL1...

SL31 - PAW - Test type definitions
SL32 - PAW - Location Definitions
SL37 - Software Logistic Check (SM37)
SL60 - PAW - Test Results Overview
SL601 - PAW - Test Results Overview
SL61 - PAW - Test Results Transfer to HR
SL62 - PAW - Lookup Definition Tree
SL63 - PAW - Location Test-Catalog
SL64 - PAW - Statistical Evaluations SL6...

SL70 - PAW - Person Results Overview
SL71 - PAW - Initial Data Generator
SL72 - PAW - Enjoy Desktop
SL73 - PAW - Batch Qualification Generation
SL74 - PAW - Batch Q.- Generation Protocol
SL75 - PAW - Item Results Overview SL7...

SL80 - PAW - Item Statistics
SL90 - PAW - Cert Printing Information
SL91 - PAW - Maintain location profile
SL92 - PAW - Maintain test type profil
SL93 - PAW - Maintain Settings
SL94 - PAW - Maintain test IO profile
SL95 - PAW - Maintain User Profiles SL9...

SLAD - Maintain: Profiles and Object Sets
SLAPI - API Registry
SLAW - License Administration Workbench
SLAW2 - License Administration Workbench
SLDB - Logical Databases (Tree Structure)
SLDCHECK - Test SLD Connection
SLDHTMLGUI - Start SLD GUI in Browser
SLEI_EVT_LINKAGE - LEI Linkage Maintenance
SLEI_EVT_LINKAGE_CST - LEI Linkage Customizing
SLEI_TRC - LEI Runtime Trace
SLG0 - Application Log: Object Maintenance
SLG1 - Application Log: Display Logs
SLG2 - Application Log: Delete logs
SLGD - Display Logs with Selection Screen
SLGN - Applic.log: Number range maintenance
SLGT - Register in Central Object Directory SLG...

SLIB - Reuse Library
SLIBN - Maintain Reuse Library
SLIBP - Maintain Reuse Product
SLIB_START - Maintain Reuse Library
SLICENSE - Administer SAP Licenses
SLIN - ABAP Extended Program Check SLI...

SLLS - Translation Statistics
SLOG - Overview of Static Extract Creation
SLPP - Proposal Pool
SLXT - Translation Transport


SM01 - Lock Transactions
SM02 - System Messages
SM04 - User List
SM05 - HTTP Session Management: Monitoring
SM12 - Display and Delete Locks
SM12OLD - Old sm12
SM13 - Administrate Update Records
SM14 - Update Program Administration
SM18 - Reorganize Security Audit Log
SM19 - Security Audit Configuration SM1...

SM20 - Analysis of Security Audit Log
SM20N - Analysis of Security Audit Log
SM20_OLD - Security Audit Log Evaluation (Old)
SM21 - system log
SM21_E2E - Syslog Analysis Using E2E
SM21_OLD - Online Eval. of Sys. Log (Obsolete) SM2...

SM30 - Call View Maintenance
SM30V_BRG - Call of SM30 for View V_BRG
SM30V_DDAT - Call of SM30 for View V_DDAT
SM30_BBP_COL - Maintain Table BBP_col
SM30_BBP_COUNT - Maintain DefaultCountry for EBP User SM3...

SM49 - Execute external OS commands
SM50 - Work Process Overview
SM51 - Server List
SM52 - Virtual Machine Overview
SM53 - VMC Monitoring and Administration
SM54 - TXCOM Maintenance
SM55 - THOST Maintenance SM5...

SM61 - Backgroup control objects monitor
SM61B - New control object management
SM61BAK - Old SM61
SM62 - Event History and Background Events
SM63 - Display/Maintain Operating Mode Sets
SM64 - Manage Background Processing Events SM6...

SMAMC - AMC Recipient Table
SMAP01 - Maintain Solution Map objects
SMARTFORM_CODE - SAP Smart Forms: Target Coding
SMARTFORM_TRACE - SAP Smart Forms: Trace

SMCL - CSL: Monitor
SMCX - Matchcode OCX
SMC_DOWNLOAD_MAT_GRP - Donwload Material Groups
SMEC - Measurement Environment Check
SMED - IS-H*MED area menu (consolidated)
SMEN - Session Manager Menu Tree Display
SMET - Display frequency of function calls
SMETDELBUFF - Del. Measurement data in shared bfr
SMETDELPROG - Delete programs in shared buffer SME...

SMGW - Gateway Monitor
SMI - Memory Inspector
SMICM - ICM Monitor
SMIF - Matching Interfaces
SMI_AGREEMENTS - Maintain SMI Agreements
SMI_APPLICATION_LOG - Application log for SMI messages SMI...

SMLG - Maint.Assign. Logon Grp to Instance
SMLT - Language Management
SMLT_EX - Language Export
SMME - Output control Message Block Table
SMMS - Message Server Monitor
SMOD - SAP Enhancement Management
SMOMO - Mobile Engine
SMQ1 - qRFC Monitor (Outbound Queue)
SMQ2 - qRFC Monitor (Inbound Queue)
SMQ3 - qRFC Monitor (Saved E-Queue)
SMQA - tRFC/qRFC: Confirm. status & data
SMQE - qRFC Administration
SMQR - Registration of Inbound Queues SMQ...

SMT - Customizing Transformation Workbench
SMT1 - Trusted-Trusting Connections
SMT2 - Trusted-Trusting Connections
SMTACL - Trust Relationship Access Control
SMTACL_HIST - Change Documents for SMTACL
SMTHACTION - Execute Specific Actions in ABAP SMT...

SMW0 - SAP Web Repository
SMWS - Web Socket Table
SMX - Display Own Jobs
SMXX - Display Own Jobs
SMY1 - Maintenance of nodes for MyObjects


SN00 - IS-H: System Menu Hospital
SNBCH - Switzerland National Bank Reporting
SNC0 - SNC Access Control List: Systems
SNC1 - Generate SNC name for user
SNC2 - Export SNC name of user
SNC3 - User initial control list 3.1-4.0
SNC4 - Check canonical SNC names
SNL1 - Display NLS (character set, lang.)
SNL2 - Set NLS (character set, language...)
SNL3 - Develop NLS (character set, lang...)
SNLS - Display NLS (character set, lang.)
SNOTE - Note Assistant
SNOTE_DISPLAY - Note Assistant
SNRO - Number Range Objects
SNUM - Number Range Driver


SO00 - SAPoffice: Short Message
SO01 - SAPoffice: Inbox
SO01X - SAPoffice: Inbox
SO02 - SAPoffice: Outbox
SO02X - SAPoffice: Outbox
SO03 - SAPoffice: Private Folders SO0...

SO10 - SAPscript: Standard Texts
SO12 - SAPoffice: User Master
SO13 - SAPoffice: Substitute
SO15 - SAPoffice: Distribution Lists
SO16 - SAPoffice: Profile
SO17 - SAPoffice: Delete Shared Trash SO1...

SO20 - SAPoffice: Private Default Document
SO21 - Maintain PC Work Directory
SO22 - SAPoffice: Delete PC Temp. Files
SO23 - SAPoffice: Distribution Lists
SO24 - SAPoffice: Maintenance of default PC
SO28 - Maintain SOGR SO2...

SO30 - Business Workplace: Reorg.
SO31 - Reorganization (daily)
SO36 - Create Automatic Forwarding
SO38 - SAPoffice: Synchr. of Folder Auths.
SO40 - SAPoffice: Cust. Layout Set MAIL
SO41 - SAPoffice: Cust. Layout Set TELEFAX
SO42 - SAPoffice: Cust.Layout Set TELEFAX_K
SO43 - SAPoffice: Cust.Layout Set TELEFAX_M
SO44 - SAPoffice: Cust. Layout Set TELEX
SO50 - Rules for inbound distribution
SO52 - Deletes Address from User Master
SO55 - User consistency check
SO70 - Hypertext: Display/Maint. Structure
SO71 - Test plan management
SO72 - Maintain Hypertext Module
SO73 - Import graphic into SAPfind
SO81 - SAPfind: Free Text Indexing (Test)
SO82 - SAPfind: Free Text Retrieval Batch
SO85 - SAPfind: txt_seq_search
SO86 - SAPfind: Txt_seq_search_1
SO90 - SAPfind: shell folders service prog.
SO91 - SAPfind SO: SAPoffice Marketing Info
SO95 - Pregenerated Search Queries - Selec.
SO99 - Put Information System
SOA - SAP ArchiveLink
SOA0 - ArchiveLink Workflow document types
SOAACT - Actual Calculation of Provisions
SOAAD - ACE Account Assignment
SOAADCONT01 - Acct Determntn: Mntn Entries Area 01
SOAADCONT02 - Acct Determntn: Mntn Entries Area 02 SOA...

SOBJ - Maintenance Object Attributes
SOBL_MODEL - Model Data Object Relationships
SOBN01 - Personal data
SOBT - Maintenance Object Attributes
SOCP - SAPoffice: External Addresses
SODIS - BCS: Disclosures Communication
SODS - SAPoffice: LDAP Browser
SOEX - Express Message
SOFF - SAPoffice: Area Menu
SOHI - Object History
SOIN - BCS: Inbound Send Requests (SMTP)
SOJ2 - SAP Objects: Display Methods
SOJ3 - SAP Objects: Display Return Values
SOL - Solutions: Check Solution Paths
SOLE - OLE Applications
SOLMAP - Maintain Solution Maps
SOLPA - Solution Paths
SOMI_DS_CONFIG - SOMI DataSift Configuration
SOMI_VOC_INDEX_GEN - Voice of Customer Index Generation
SOPE - Exclude Document Classes
SOSA - SAPconnect Send Requests
SOSB - Send Request Overview (Users)
SOSG - Send Request Overview (Groups)
SOST - SAPconnect Send Requests
SOSV - SAPconnect Send Requests
SOTD - SAPoffice: Maintain Object Types
SOTG - Maintain object type groups
SOTR - Test transaction for API1 (received)
SOTR_EDIT - Editor for OTR Texts
SOUD - BCS: User Management
SOY1 - SAPoffice: Mass Maint. Users
SOY2 - SAPoffice: Collect Statistics Data
SOY3 - SAPoffice: Statistics Evaluation
SOY4 - SAPoffice: Access Overview
SOY5 - SAPoffice: Inbox Overview
SOY6 - SAPoffice: Document overview SOY...


SP00 - Spool and related areas
SP01 - Output Controller
SP01O - Spool Controller
SP02 - Display Spool Requests
SP02O - Display Output Requests
SP11 - TemSe directory
SP12 - TemSe Administration
SP1T - Output Control (Test)
SPACKAGE - Package Builder
SPAD - Spool Administration
SPAK - Package Builder
SPAK_ERROR_ANALYSIS - Detailed Package Error Analysis
SPAK_EXPLAIN - Start the Package Check Explain Tool
SPAM - Support Package Manager SPA...

SPB - SPI Service Provider Browser
SPBM - Monitoring parallel background tasks
SPBT - Test: Parallel background tasks
SPDD - Display Modified DDIC Objects
SPEC01 - Specification system: Edit template
SPEC02 - Specification system: Edit datasheet
SPERS_DIALOG - Edit Personalization
SPERS_MAINT - Personalization object processing
SPERS_REUSE_DEMO - Personalization Test Transaction
SPERS_TEST - Test personalization objects SPE...

SPFPAR - Display Profile Parameters
SPH1 - Create and maintain telephony server
SPH2 - Maintain outgoing number change
SPH3 - Maintain incoming number change
SPH4 - Activ./deactiv. telephony in system
SPH5 - Define Address Data Areas
SPH6 - Language-dependent server descrip. SPH...

SPIA - PMI Administration
SPIAPPLOG - Call Application Log
SPIC01 - Process Information Repository
SPID - Display Process Repository
SPIG - Maintain Process Groups
SPIM - Process Monitoring: Meta Data SPI...

SPL_GENERATE_DDIC - Generate additional fields
SPNEGO - Spnego Configuration
SPO0 - Data for Drag&Relate
SPO1 - Generic Transaction Starter
SPO4 - Drag&Relate Metadata: Object View
SPO4_DISP - Drag&Relate Metadata (Display Only)
SPO5 - Drag&Relate: Initial Screen
SPOV - Spool Request Overview SPO...

SPPFC - PPF: Initial Screen in Customizing
SPPFCADM - PPF: Administration
SPPFCONCREATE1 - Edit Schedule Conditions
SPPFCONCREATE2 - Edit Start Conditions
SPPFCONS - PPF: Check Consistency
SPPFCONSISTENCY - PPF: Consistency in Customizing SPP...

SPRM - Current Customizing
SPRO - Customizing - Edit Project
SPROJECT - Project management
SPROJECT_ADMIN - Project Management
SPROXSET - Proxy Generation: Settings
SPROXY - Enterprise Repository Browser SPR...

SPTP - Text elem. maint. for print formats
SPUMG - Unicode Preconversion
SPUMGVOC - Manual language assignment
SPWSE_DTEL_EXIT_REG - Exit technology
SPWSE_DTEL_MAP - call program SPWSE_DTELmap
SPXNGENAPPL - Assignment Namespace Generating Appl
SPXNMIG - Migration Proxies ESR -> MDR


SQ00 - SAP Query: Start queries
SQ00_DEL_PROT - SAP Query: Delete log data
SQ01 - SAP Query: Maintain queries
SQ02 - SAP Query: Maintain InfoSet
SQ03 - SAP Query: Maintain user groups
SQ07 - SAP Query: Language comparison SQ0...

SQ10 - SAP Query: Role Administration
SQ11 - SAP Query: Web reporting (Admin)
SQADB01 - Maintain Questions for QADB
SQADB01B - Maint. Questions for QADB Industries
SQADOKU - Maintain Documents for Review
SQASUBJECT - Maintain Subject Areas for Review
SQATOPIC - Maintain Topics for Review
SQBWPROP - BW Settings for Classic InfoSets
SQCIT - Maintain CI Templates
SQDEMO_ADHOC - Starts InfoSet Query for Ad Hoc rep.
SQF - Support Query Framework
SQF_FILE - Support Query Framework
SQLM - SQL Monitor
SQLMD - Display SQL Monitor Data
SQLR - SQL Trace Interpreter
SQLSTMT_MSS - Display SQL for abap in new window
SQVI - QuickViewer
SQ_DEMO_ADHOC - Demo: Start InfoSet Query (Ad Hoc)
SQ_DEMO_DEV - Demo: Start InfoSet Query (Dev.)
SQ_DEMO_DEVELOP - Startet InfoSet Query wth InfoSet
SQ_LEGEND - Sequence Sched.: Select Graphic Elmt
SQ_REPORT_INFOSET - Maintenance of Report Infosets


SR10 - Create City
SR11 - Change city
SR12 - Display city
SR13 - Area-Dependent Help
SR20 - Create street
SR21 - Change street
SR22 - Display street
SR30 - Create postal code
SR31 - Change postal code
SR32 - Display postal code
SRALMANAGER - Read Access Logging Manager
SRALMONITOR - Read Access Logging Monitor
SRAL_ADMIN - Technical Settings for RAL
SRAL_ALOG - RAL Action log monitor
SRAL_ELOG - RAL Error Log Monitor
SRAL_TRANS - transportation of RAL configurations SRA...

SRCN - Delete Country-Specific Reports
SRDEBUG - Activate Remote Debugging
SREFH00 - Change SAP Reference Structure
SREFH04 - Edit item in SAP Reference Structure
SRELADM - SREL: Administration
SREL_MODEL - ModelDataForBORObjectRelationships
SREP - Maintain report definition
SREPO - Repository Comparison SRE...

SRFAC_TEST_TA - Refactoring Test Transaction
SRFCCONN - Connect to Customer Sys. Using BWRFC
SRIP - Import of Training Indexes
SRM01 - Number Range Maintenance: INFREQUEST
SRM02 - Number Range Maintenance: STH_EXPECT
SRM03 - Number Range Maintenance: SRM_CONT
SRMBROWSER - Records Browser
SRMCALLMON - Monitor for Call Handler
SRMCMCREATE - Create Content Models SRM...

SRN1 - Number range maintenance: ADRCITY
SRN2 - Number range maintenance: ADRSTREET
SRN3 - Number range maintenance: ADRPSTCODE
SROLE - Export User Roles to XML doc.
SRSE - Test Search for the IMS
SRS_GM_SH - Retail Store: Display MDE Data
SRT0 - Repository Switch: PUTTB Handling
SRTERROR_E2E - WS related Runtime Errors - E2E
SRTIDOC - Inbound SOAP: Register Service
SRTLOG_E2E - SRT Error Log E2E
SRTM - Run Time Monitor Initial Screen
SRTUTIL - Tracing Utilities for Web Service SRT...



SSAA - System Administration Assistant
SSAA_TOP - System Administration Assistant
SSC - SAP Appointment Calendar (internal)
SSC0 - SAP Appointment Calendar (Employee)
SSC0X - SAP Appointment Calendar (Employee)
SSC1 - SAP (own) Appointment Calendar
SSC1X - SAP (own) Appointment Calendar
SSCA - Appointment Calendar: Auth. Maint. SSC...

SSFA - SSF: Set Application Parameters
SSFI - IAC: Test: Browser Digital Signature
SSFIDEMO_DIGSIG - Digital Signature Demo (ITS)
SSFVA - Administration of Key Versions
SSM1 - Transaction is Old
SSM2 - Set Initial Area Menu
SSO2 - Workplace Single Sign-On Admin.
SSO8 - Display Workplace Application Server
SSO9 - Maintain Workplace Applic. Server
SSPC - SAP DEFAULT Specifications
SST0 - Project Analysis in Customizing
SST7 - Complex Analysis
SSTDEMO1 - Simple Transformations Demo: Flights
SSTDEMO2 - XSLT and ST Demo: Flights
SSUC - Structure graphic: copy settings
SSUD - Structure graphic: delete settings
SSUO - Structure Graphic: Central Settings


ST01 - System Trace
ST02 - Setups/Tune Buffers
ST03 - Workload and Performance Statistics
ST03G - Global Workload Statistics
ST03N - Workload and Performance Statistics
ST04 - DB Performance Monitor ST0...

ST10 - Table Call Statistics
ST11 - Display Developer Traces
ST12 - Single transaction analysis
ST13 - Analysis&Monitoring tool collection
ST14 - Application Analysis
ST20 - Screen Trace
ST20LC - Layout Check
ST22 - ABAP Dump Analysis
ST22L - ABAP Dump Analysis
ST22OLD - Old Dump Analysis
ST22_E2E - ABAP Dump Analysis E2E ST2...

ST30 - Global Perf. Analysis: Execute
ST33 - Glob. Perf. Analysis: Display Data
ST34 - Glob. Perf. Analysis: Log IDs
ST35 - Glob. Perf. Analysis: Assign CATTs
ST36 - Glob. Perf. Analysis: Delete Data
ST37 - Global Perf. Analysis: Eval. Schema ST3...

ST62 - Create Industry Short Texts
STAD - Statistics display for all systems
STADWD - single statistical records in wdp
START_20C_TRANSFORM - Convert Set Types and Attributes
START_40_TRANSFORM - Set Types Conversion
START_AGR_GENERATOR - Adjust all SAP roles STA...

STBRG - Authorization Group Definitions
STBRG_GRP - General Authorization Group Maint.
STC01 - Task Manager for Tech. Configuration
STC02 - Task List Run Monitor
STCTRL_COPY - Copy Table Control User Settings
STCU - Assign Secondary Screens
STCUP - Table control variants upgrade
STDA - Debugger display/control (server)
STDC - Debugger output/control
STDEMO - Demo: XML / JSON via ID / XSLT / ST
STDR - Object Directory Consistency Check
STDU - Debugger display/control (user)
STEMPLATE - Customizing templates
STEMPMERGE - Mix templates
STEP10 - Export STEP Data
STEP20 - Import STEP Data
STERM - SAPterm Terminology Maintenance
STERM_EXTERNAL - Transaction STERM: External Callup STE...

STFB - CATT function module test
STFO - Plan Service Connection
STGTC - Konfiguration der Antwortzeit
STI1 - Change Documents Payment Details
STI2 - Change Docs Correspondence
STI3 - Chg. Docs Transaction Authoriz.
STKONTEXTTRACE - Switch On Context Trace
STMS - Transport Management System
STMS_ALERT - TMS Alert Monitor
STMS_DOM - TMS System Overview
STMS_FSYS - Maintain TMS System Lists
STMS_IMP - Import Queue (Web Dynpro)
STMS_IMPORT - TMS Import Queue STM...

STPFE - eCATT Foreground Scheduler
STRANS - Start Transformation Tool
STRANSLDEPTH - Classify Translation Depth
STRORG - Transport Organizer (Web Dynpro)
STRUST - Trust Manager
STRUSTSSO2 - Trust Manager for Logon Ticket
STSEC - Maintain events deadline segment
STSEC_DLV - Maintain events deadline segment
STSEC_TRA - Maintain events deadline segment
STSN - Customizing Number Ranges TimeStream
STSSC - Maintain deadline procedures
STSSC_DLV - Maintain shipping deadline procedure STS...

STTO - Test Organization
STUN - Menu Performance Monitor
STUSOBTRACE - Evaluate Authorization Trace
STVARV - Selection variable maint. (TVARVC)
STVARVC - Maintain TVARVC in Client '000'
STWBM - Test Repository
STWB_1 - Test Catalog Management
STWB_2 - Test Plan Management
STWB_INFO - Test Workbench Information System
STWB_SET - Central Test Workbench settings
STWB_TC - Test Case Management STW...

STYLE_GUIDE - Style Guide Transaction
STZAC - Maintain time zone act. in client
STZAD - Disp.time zone client
STZBC - Maintain time zones in Basis Cust.
STZBD - Display time zones (Basis Cust.)
STZEC - Time zone mapping in ext. systems
STZED - Time zone mapping in ext. systems STZ...


SU0 - Maintain Own Fixed User Values
SU01 - User Maintenance
SU01D - User Display
SU01_NAV - User maint. to include in navigation
SU01_OLD - User Maintenance
SU02 - Maintain Authorization Profiles SU0...

SU1 - Maintain Own User Address
SU10 - User Mass Maintenance
SU10_OLD - User Mass Maintenance
SU12 - Mass Changes to User Master Records
SU2 - Maintain Own User Parameters
SU20 - Maintain Authorization Fields
SU20_BTCH - Maintain Authorization Fields
SU21 - Maintain Authorization Objects
SU22 - Maintain Authorization Defaults(SAP)
SU22_HISTORY - Change Documents for Default Values SU2...

SU3 - Maintain Users Own Data
SU3_OLD - Maintain Users Own Data
SU50 - Own data
SU51 - Maintain Own User Address
SU52 - Maintain Own User Parameters
SU53 - Evaluate Authorization Check
SU55 - Call the Session Manager menus
SU56 - Analyze User Buffer SU5...

SU80 - Archive user change documents
SU81 - Archive user password change doc.
SU82 - Archive profile documents
SU83 - Archive authorization docs.
SU84 - Read Archived User Change Documents
SU85 - Read Archived Password Change Doc. SU8...

SU96 - Table maint.: Change SUKRIA
SU97 - Table maint.: Display SUKRIA
SU98 - Call Report RSUSR008
SU99 - Call report RSUSR008
SUB% - Internal call: Submit via commnd fld
SUCOMP - User company address maintenance
SUCU - Table authorizations: Customizing
SUDDIREG - Maintain UDDI Registries
SUDSCONFIG - User Defined Search Configuration
SUGR - Maintain User Groups
SUGRD - Display user groups
SUGRD_NAV - Display User Groups
SUGR_NAV - Maintain User Groups
SUID01 - Test Framework for Identity API
SUID10 - Test Framework for Ident. API (MASS)
SUIM - User Information System
SUIM_OLD - Call AUTH Reporting Tree (Info Sys.)
SUMG - Unicode Postconversion
SUPC - Role Profiles
SUPN - Number range maint.: PROF_VARIS
SUPO - Maintain org. levels
SUPO_PREPARE - Maintain Organizational Levels
SUPRES - Supplemental Reserves
SURAD - Survey Administration
SURAP - Survey: register application
SURF4 - Survey: F4 Help assignment
SURFI - Survey: set application field
SURL_LAUNCHPAD_TEST - LaunchPad Generation: Test
SURL_PERS_ADMIN - Personalization for URL Gen. Admin. SUR...

SUUM - Global User Manager
SUUMD - Display User Administration
SU_REFUSERVARIABLE - Maintain reference user variables


SVAR - Entry Point for Service Variants
SVGM - SAP R/3 Procedure Model
SVGS - View for activity in Procedure Model
SVRS_ALIAS - Anzeige Alias Objekttypen


SW10 - Delivery Verification
SWB3 - Maintain Start Conditions
SWB4 - Display Start Conditions
SWB_COND - Maintain Workflow Start Conditions
SWB_COND_DISPLAY - Display Workflow Start Conditions
SWB_PROCUREMENT - Maintain B2B Start Conditions
SWDA - Alphanumeric Workflow Builder
SWDB - Create workflow
SWDC - Workflow Definition: Administration
SWDC_DEFINITION - Workflow Builder Administration
SWDC_INTERNAL - Workflow Definition: Administration
SWDC_RUNTIME - Maintain Administrator for Runtime SWD...

SWE2 - Display/Maint. Event Type Linkages
SWE3 - Display Instance Linkages
SWE4 - Status Change Event Trace
SWE5 - Checks for Event Linkages
SWEAD - Event Queue Administration
SWEC - Event Linkage for Change Documents SWE...

SWF3 - Workflow Wizard Explorer
SWF4 - Workflow Wizard Repository
SWFC - Automatic Workflow Customizing
SWFPOWLWI - Display/Execute Work Item
SWFSLSA - Maintain Deadline Monitoring SWF...

SWH_ADM1 - Work Item Upgrade: Definition GUID
SWH_PROCESS_INFO - Demo for Process Info System
SWI1 - Selection report for workflows
SWI11 - Where-Used List for Tasks
SWI13 - Task Profile
SWI14 - Workflows for Object Type
SWI1_COND - Check Conditions for Work Items
SWI1_RULE - Execute Rules for Work Items SWI...

SWJ1 - Browser for Schedule Conditions
SWK1 - Start Work Item Execution/Display
SWK2 - Execute Object Method (SWOOBJID)
SWK3 - Execute object method (SIBFLPORB)
SWL1 - Settings for dynamic columns
SWLC - Check Tasks for Agents
SWLD - Workbench for Workflow 4.0
SWLD_INPLACE1 - Demo Embedded Inbox
SWLD_INPLACE2 - Demo Embedded Inbox (Professional)
SWLO - Display work items for objects SWL...

SWNADMIN - Administration of Notifications
SWNCONFIG - Configuration Notifications
SWNC_TCOLL_LOG - Performance Monitor Log
SWNNOTIFDEL - Delete Notifications

SWO1 - Business Object Builder
SWO2 - BOR Browser
SWO3 - Business Object Builder
SWO4 - Business Object Repository
SWO6 - Customizing Object Types
SWO_ASYNC - Asynchronous Method Call in BOR SWO...

SWPA - Runtime System Customizing
SWPC - WFM: Continue Workflow
SWPR - WFM: Restart Workflow
SWP_CHANGE_MAXNODES - Change Maximum Number of Nodes
SWRK - Administrtation using work areas
SWRP - Dummy for IAC Workflow Status
SWR_WEBSERVER - Web Server Customizing
SWT0 - Configure workflow trace
SWTFILTER - Administration: Trace Activation
SWTREORG - Reorganization Trace for Requests
SWTREQ - Analyze Workflow Trace for Requests
SWU0 - Simulate event
SWU1 - User RFC Monitor
SWU10 - Delete Workflow Trace Files
SWU2 - Workflow RFC Monitor
SWU3 - Automatic Workflow Customizing
SWU3_OLD - Consistency check: Customizing SWU...

SWWA - Maintain WI Deadline Monitoring
SWWB - Schedule WI Deadline Monitoring
SWWCLEAR_DELETE - Unschedule Workflow Clearing Tasks
SWWCLEAR_INSERT - Workflow: Background Job 'SWWCLEAR'
SWWCOND_DELETE - Unschedule Work Item Rule Monitoring
SWWCOND_INSERT - Workflow: Background Job 'SWWCOND' SWW...

SWXA - DEMO: Approve Leave Request
SWXC - DEMO: Change Leave Request
SWXD - DEMO: Delete Leave Request
SWXF - DEMO: Create Notification of Absence
SWXFTB - DEMO: Notif. of Absence Toolbox
SWXML - XML Document Selection SWX...

SW_WW10 - IAC Product Catalog for SAP Store


SXDA - Data Transfer Workbench
SXDA_TOOLS - DX Workbench: tools
SXDB - Data Transfer Workbench
SXIDEMO - PI Demo: Start of Application
SXIDEMO1 - PI Demo: Start of Application (ABAP)
SXIDEMO2 - PI Demo: Display Flight Data
SXIDEMO3 - PI Demo: Generate Flight Data
SXIDEMO4 - PI Demo: Send Booking Statistics
SXIPATT1 - PI Pattern: Program for Execution SXI...

SXMB_ADM - Integration Engine - Administration
SXMB_ADMIN - Integration Engine - All Functions
SXMB_ADM_BPE - Process Engine - Administration
SXMB_CHK_ENCKEY - Check Use of key for DB encryption
SXMB_IFR - Start Integration Builder
SXMB_ITFACTION - Interf. for Archv. and Ret. Periods SXM...



SYNT - Display Syntax Trace Output
SYSADM_CALL_DOCU - Documentation on Task
SYSADM_CALL_TA - Execute Task
SYSADM_TASK - System Administration: Task List


SZENCONFIG - Central CTS - Configuration
SZENPLUGIN - CTS - Plug-in Management
SZENTMS - Central CTS Transport Manager
SZENTMS_INT - Central Transport Manager
SZGEOCD_COSTOMZVERIF - Verify Customizing (Analysis)
SZGEOCD_GEOCD2CLS - Register Geocoder in System
SZGEOCD_GEOCDRLFLD - Relevant Address Fields for Geocoder
SZGEOCD_GEOCODERS - Assign Geocoding Tools to Countries
SZGEOCD_GEOT005 - Maintain Geodata for Countries
SZGEOCD_GEOT005S - Maintain Geodata for Country/Region SZG...


S_A0F_96000094 - Delete CRM Web Client UI Personaliza
S_A3C_38000028 - BAdI Builder: BBP_PGRP_FIND
S_A4C_68000458 - IMG Activity: BBP_EVAL_SURVEY
S_A4C_68001101 - IMG Activity: PRODUCT_SET
S_ABA_72000001 - IMG activity: _SAPA_NOTE_LANGUAGES
S_ABA_72000002 - IMG activity: _CABP_TB019 S_A...

S_B17_86000035 - IMG Activity
S_B20_88000001 - IMG Activity: SIMG_OCNG_CMOD_UEX17
S_B20_88000002 - IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUOCNGCNG9
S_B20_88000003 - IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUOCNGCNG8
S_B20_88000004 - IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUOCNGCNG2
S_B20_88000005 - IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUOCNGCNG3 S_B...

S_CGO_05000003 - IMG Activity: CRM_WFM_OPHOURS
S_CPROW_EXT_ID - Number Range Maintenance: CPROW_RANG
S_CUS_ACTIVITY - Customizing maint. obj. maintenance
S_CUS_ATTRIBUTES - IMG attribute maintenance
S_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY - IMG activity maintenance
S_CWE_15000044 - IMG Activity: CON_FAIC02 S_C...

S_DTR_07000013 - IMG Activity: SIMG_LTRM001
S_DTR_07000017 - IMG Activity: SIMG_LTBN003
S_DTR_07000018 - IMG Activity: SIMG_LTBN004
S_DTR_07000019 - IMG Activity: SIMG_LTBN005
S_DTR_07000021 - IMG Activity: SIMG_LTRM_USEXIT002
S_DTR_07000022 - IMG Activity: SIMG_LTRM_USEXIT003 S_D...

S_E17_83000009 - Process Withholding Tax Exemption Fi
S_E17_83000013 - IMG Activity
S_E17_83000030 - IMG Activity
S_E17_83000038 - IMG Activity
S_E36_82000096 - IMG Activity
S_E37_17000019 - Extended Remuneratn Lists from FI-B S_E...

S_FAD_62000042 - IMG Activity: PCUI_HPF_020
S_FID_08000185 - Payment Medium: Creation
S_FID_08000218 - Remuneration Statement Finland as El
S_FID_08000225 - SAP standard variant
S_FPD_93000007 - Address V1 Test Implementation
S_FPD_93000008 - Relationship V1 Test Implementation S_F...

S_GM1_71000030 - Audit Risk Rating Risk Factor
S_GM1_71000031 - Allow Repeat Transfers
S_GM1_71000032 - Maintain Default Values for Transfer
S_GM1_71000035 - Number range for Audit Subprocess
S_GM1_71000036 - Number range for Audit Control
S_HC2_76000010 - Creation of Instance Documents
S_HRI_55000356 -
S_HRI_55000357 -
S_HRI_55000358 -
S_HRI_55000359 -
S_HRI_55000401 - S_H...

S_IMG_EXTENSION - IMG maintenance
S_IWB - Initial Screen Knowledge Warehouse
S_J10_96000010 - SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY S_J...

S_KA5_12000001 - IMG Activity: SIMG_SD_BOS_ML91
S_KA5_12000002 - IMG Activity: SIMG_SD_BOS_ML90
S_KA5_12000003 - IMG Activity: SIMG_SD_BOS_CMOD
S_KA5_12000004 - IMG Activity: SIMG_SD_BOS_ADTBOS01
S_KA5_12000005 - IMG Activity: SIMG_SD_BOS2
S_KA5_12000006 - IMG Activity: SIMG_BOS_UC_OKYR S_K...

S_L1A_49000024 - IMG Activity
S_L4H_49000475 - IMG Activity
S_L4H_49000882 - Report for INAIL SelfSettl Extract.
S_L4H_49000900 - Customizing Activity: OHADKU230
S_L4H_49001275 - Generate DMA TemSe Files Report
S_L4H_49001552 - IMG activity S_L...

S_M5A_69000087 - CUS Transaction MSS OBN
S_MEMORY_INSPECTOR - Memory Inspector
S_MID_66000001 - IMG
S_NWC_38000003 - IMG Activity
S_NWDEMO_BP_SNRO - Number range maintenance: SDEMO_BP
S_NWDEMO_DG - Execute data generator for NW demo
S_NWDEMO_PO_SNRO - Number range maintenance: SDEMO_PO
S_NWDEMO_SO_SNRO - Number range maintenance: SDEMO_SO S_N...

S_P00_07000003 - Display Directly Assigned Costs
S_P00_07000008 - Display of Bank Changes
S_P00_07000050 - Comparison of Currency Trans Keys
S_P00_07000056 - Distribution of the bank master data
S_P00_07000057 - Distribution of the bank master data
S_P00_07000064 - Usage Level for Tax Exemption S_P...

S_R99_53000009 - Tenant Account Sheet: Screen List
S_RFIDPTAAV - Pro-Rata Asset Acquisition Value
S_RFIDPTDCAD - Pro-Rata DPR adjustment documents
S_RFIDPTDPR - Definitive Pro-Rata coefficient
S_RFIDPTPCAD - Pro-Rata periodic PPR documents
S_RFIDPTPOSTAG - Pro-Rata posting aggregation key S_R...

S_S4S_21000051 - IMG Activity
S_S6D_98000009 - IMG Activity: COM_PRD_ID_HANDLING
S_S7B_68000047 - IMG Activity: COM_PROD_DX_JOB
S_S7B_68000056 - IMG Activity: SIMG_GKFM_KF_SOURCE
S_S7B_68000059 - IMG Activity: SIMG_BRF_BADIEXPRESS
S_SE3_50000099 - Deletion of Batch Input Sessions S_S...

S_V7S_72000001 -
S_V7S_72000002 -
S_V7S_72000003 -
S_VA6_57000005 - IMG activity: GRCAC_MAINT_PARAM
S_VA6_57000006 - IMG activity: GRCAC_MAINT_CODES
S_VBS_01000004 - IMG Activity S_V...

S_WP_CACHE_RELOAD - Load Workplace Runtime Data
S_WP_LOGSYS_ON_OFF - WP Systems: Configure Availability
S_WP_USERCOUNTRY_GET - Country for Users from HR System
S_X1D_36000035 - InfoSet Query
S_X1D_36000040 - InfoSet Query
S_X1D_36000044 - InfoSet Query
S_XB3_95000001 - IMG Activity: _ISUBDBP_000016 S_X...

S_Y9D_04000048 - IMG Activity: WP_START_ARG2
S_YEP_23000002 - IMG activity: V_OIUX6_WY_REJ
S_YEP_23000003 - IMG activity: OIUX6_SN_NR_WY
S_YEP_23000004 - IMG activity: V_OIUX6_WY_REJC
S_YEP_23000005 - IMG activity: V_OIUX6_RPT_CFG
S_YEP_23000006 - IMG activity: OIUX6_WY_FRM2CFG S_Y...

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