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Index of SAP T-Codes Objects


R2RMM126 - Misc. Mass Update for Matl Master
R2RMM140 - Monitor Changed Planned Prices
R2RMM142 - Effect of recently changed price


R3A1 - Customizing Events


RAAOE - Launch Analysis Office Excel WB
RAAOP - Launch Analysis Office PowerPnt Pres
RADKFCHK - Accessibility of Archive Files
RAEP1 - Procedure for Single Records in MRA
RAEP1_VT_OLD - Procedure for Single Records in MRA
RAEP2 - Procedure for Final Results: RA
RAIDIT_DEPR - Italy Depreciation Comparison Report
RARCCOA1 - Generate CO-OM Table Analysis
RARCCOA2 - Analyze CO-OM Table Analysis
RARCCOA3 - CO-OM Table Analysis: Periods
RARCCOA5 - Simulation of CO line item summariz.
RARCCOAA - Table Analysis for CO_ALLO_ST
RARDB1 - RDB: Archive Single Records RAR...

RASRPDEL - Reorganization Single Records Proc.
RATRACE0N - Display Depreciation Calculation


RBDAPP01 - Variante for RBDAPP01
RBDAUD01 - Statistical Evaluations for AL
RBDCONCH_BCE - Consistency Check with WF Connection
RBDMANI2 - Variant for RBDMANI2 RBD...

RBPCT - List of Customer Contacts
RBT_ENH_ACT - Update of Indirect Sales
RBT_ENH_CHECK - Check Variable Key
RBT_ENH_GEN - Generation of the Update
RBT_ENH_PLAN - Update of Indirect Planning Data
RBT_ENH_REBUILD - Reorganization of Infostructure S469
RBT_ENH_SIMULATE - Comparison of Info Structure S469 RBT...


RC01_FICA - Comparison FI-FM for FI-CA Data
RCA00 - Edit Generic Transaction
RCA01 - Create Risk Object
RCA02 - Change Risk Object
RCA03 - Display Risk Object
RCA04 - Copy Risk Object
RCA06 - Delete Risk Object RCA...

RCC00 - Configuration Menu for Risk Objects
RCC01 - RO Control: Applications
RCC02 - RO Control: Field Groups
RCC03 - RO Control: Views
RCC04 - RO Control: Sections
RCC05 - RO Control: Screens RCC...

RCDEF - Definition of Risk Object
RCDEF_OLD - Definition of Risk Object
RCJCLMIG - Conversion report for free charact.
RCNPRECP - Activation of ECP Plan Versions
RCOPCA_VPROV - Generate Virtual InfoProvider PCA
RCP02 - Dummy Recipe Transaction for EH&S
RCP03 - Dummy Recipe Transaction for EH&S
RCPOTPT - RMS-RCP: Recipe Output
RCP_NR - Maintain Number Ranges for Vers.
RCP_PPMIG - RMS-RCP: Process Parameter Migration
RCV_DYN_REC_DET_HDS - Rules for Dynamic Recipient Determ.


RDART_MERGE - Merge SAFT-PT files for Portugal
RDCA - Send Vendor Documents
RDCA_WIZ - Evaluate Vendor Document Interface
RDDPRCHK_AUDIT - Customer Tables without Log
RDDTDDAT_BCE - Check Table Logging
RDMBBY01 - Create Bonus Buy
RDMBBY02 - Change Bonus Buy
RDMBBY03 - Display Bonus Buy
RDMBBY06 - Delete Bonus Buy
RDMBBYANALYSE01 - Display Bonus Buys for Promotion
RDMBBYCHECK - Check Bonus Buys RDM...

RDPT1 - List of Redemption Schedule Sets
RDPT2 - List of Redemption Schedules
RDPT3 - Delete Redemption Schedule Sets
RDPT4 - Delete Redemption Schedules
RDPT_FACTOR - Edit Drawing Factors


RE80 - RE80: RE Navigator
REAJADJMCONTROL - Adjustment Control
REAJADJMCTRLRULE - Adjustment Control Rule
REAJADJMRULECTRLRULE - Adjustment Rule and Control Rule
REAJADJMVAR - Variables for Adjustment Control
REAJAHCN - Adjustments on Contracts
REAJAHRO - Adjustments on Rental Objects REA...

REBDAO - Process Architectural Object
REBDAO0001 - AO: Applications
REBDAO0002 - AO: Field Groups
REBDAO0003 - AO: Views
REBDAO0004 - AO: Sections
REBDAO0005 - AO: Screens REB...

RECAAC - Allowed Object Types and Properties
RECAALVIMPORT - System Report ALV Variants
RECAALVTRANS - Transport RE ALV Variants
RECAARE - Archive Explorer
RECABDTSCR - Manager Subscreens in BDT
RECABT - Generate BDT Subscreen Containers REC...

REDISND1 - Create Electronic Bill
REDSLOADGEN - Generation of Program Loads
REDSRS01 - Mass Syntax Check
REDSSCCC - Set Cost Collector to 'Settled'
REDSTAXBASEBUILD - Generate Tax Items to Be Distributed
REDSTBO01 - Check Object Type Texts in TBO01 RED...

REEXACCSTGNDAT - Electr. Account Statement: Test Data
REEXACCSTGNTXT - Electr. Acct Statement: Gen. File
REEXACRCARRYFORWARD - Balance Carry Fwd for RE Accruals
REEXACRPPRV - Reverse Contracts Accruals/Deferrals
REEXACRSHOW - Display Accrual Objects REE...

REFSITE - Reference site management
REFXCN_CMPV - Contract version comparison
REFXCN_CMPVT - Contracts comparison in tab level
REFXCN_COPV - Copy version to main contract
REFXCN_DELV - Delete contract version
REFXCN_IDOC - IDOC Inbound Data Maintenance REF...

REGC0001 - Applications
REGC0002 - Field Groups
REGC0003 - Views
REGC0004 - Sections
REGC0005 - Screens
REGC0006 - Screen Sequences REG...

REISACRITEM - Accrual/Deferral Records
REISAJAT - Info System: Measure Overview
REISAJATCOSTS - Info System: Measure Costs
REISAJATEXPENSE - Info System: CEA Current Expenses
REISAJATFINPLAN - Info System: CEA Financing Plan REI...

RELINVDOC - Call transaction MRBR from Portal
RELMJL - Process Joint Liability
RELMJLAR - Archive Joint Liabilities
RELMJLARE - Display Joint Liabilities (Archive)
RELMJLCHECK - Mass Check: Joint Liabilities
RELMJLRP - Change Pers.Resp: Joint Liabilities REL...

REMCOABD - Mass Change Org. Assignment Objects
REMCOACN - Mass Change Org.Assignment Contracts
REMCOAOF - Mass Change Org. Assignment Offer
REMCOASU - Mass Change Org.Assgmt Settlmt Unit
REMIACCRUALGC - Migration of Accrual-General Contr.
REMIACCRUALLOEXE - Migration LO Accruals - Update Run REM...

REORCANCELRS - Reversal of Reservations
REORCOST - Costs of Reservation/Cont.Occupancy
REORCOSTPOSTPO - Posting of Continuous Occupancy
REORCOSTPOSTPORV - Reversal of Cont. Occupancy
REORCOSTPOSTRS - Posting of Reservations
REORCOSTPOSTRSRV - Reversal of Reservations REO...

REPORTING_AGENT - Scheduler Test Call
REPP1 - CO-OM-IS User Settings: Customizing
REP_EAPS_DATCON - Rep.Framework: Data Connector
RERAALCN - Accrual/Deferral: Contracts
RERAALCNRV - Accrual/Deferral: Reverse Contracts
RERAALCNRVIU - Accrual: Cont. Reverse Incept./Updt.
RERAALCNRVIU_PD - Accrual: Cont. Reverse Incept./Updt.
RERAALCNRV_PD - Accrual/Deferral: Reverse Contracts
RERAALCN_PD - Accr/Deferral: Contracts PstgDate RER...

RESCA - Import A-tape
RESCADVSTATUS - Status of Advance Payments
RESCAJ - Specify Adjustments for SCS
RESCAJAA - Adjustment of Assessments
RESCAJCO - Adjustment for COA Settlement
RESCAJTN - Adjustment for Tenant Settlement RES...

RETAIL_ACTIVATE - Retail Ledger: Activation
RETAIL_BLOCK - Retail Ledger: Block Company Codes
RETAIL_GB01 - Retail Ledger: Post Document
RETAIL_GCU1 - Retail Ledger: Transfer Data from FI
RETAIL_GCU3 - Retail Ledger: Transfer CO Act. Data
RETAIL_GCU6 - Retail Ledger: Transfer CO Plan Data RET...

REWBMODESTART - RE80: Start New Mode
REXAPL - PSCD Posting Log
REXCAJFRWCH - Adjustment Framework - Change Adj.
REXCAJFRWPR - Adjustment Framework - Specify Adj.
REXCAJLOCCH01 - Location for Adj.Rule and Off.Lang.
REXCAJMGRCH01 - Maintain Pass On Rates for Mrtg Rate
REXCAJMICNCH01 - LO Migration: Adj. Data - Swiss Law REX...

REYCMPPG - Meters for Participation Group
REYCPGBE - Business entity
REYCPOST - Select all CAM relevant costs
REYCROPG - Participation group
REYCSE - CAM Expense Recovery
RE_MASS - Rental Unit Mass Change
RE_RHAKTI00 - Change Object Status
RE_RHALEACU - HR: ALE Auto Customizing HR-RW/LO
RE_RHALECLEANRELA - HR: Clean Relationships RE_...


RF01 - C FI Maintain Table TBKSP
RFACTS1_BL - FACTS 1: Trial Balance
RFACTS1_FILE_SEND - FACTS 1: Send File to Treasury
RFACTS1_TR - FACTS 1: Transaction Register
RFACTS2_BL - FACTS 2: Trial Balance
RFACTS2_EDGRP - FACTS 2: Customize Edits 2,3,5 & 11.
RFACTS2_EDINV - FACTS 2: Customize Edit 6. RFA...

RFC_T_SCMA_RFC - Call Transaction in Satellite
RFEULIST - EU Sales and Purchase List
RFFMCCF_DISP - Display Fiscal Year Change Document
RFFMFG_AGINGBYFUND - Aging Report by Fund
RFFM_DOC_CHAIN - Document Chain Display
RFFVAL10 - Compare Value Date
RFHUDSP - Domestic Sales and Purchase List
RFHUPHPF - HU: Report for PHPF Declaration
RFHU_VATPROP - VAT Proportions
RFIDATAFS - Annual Financial Statement
RFIDITCVLCODE - Annual Tax Return: Customers/Vendors
RFIDKRTC_R - Create Tax Bill
RFIDKRTP_R - Processing of Tax Bills
RFIDPL19 - Exchange Difference Valuation (PL)
RFIMPECB - Import of ECB Exchange Rates RFI...

RFKKO1 - Display Documents from Requests
RFKKO2 - Display Documents from Standing Req.
RFKKO2H - Reconcile Docs from Standing Request
RFKORDPL - Processing of Internal Invoices
RFKRADEC - Declining balance Depreciation (KR)
RFKRASL - Straight Line Depreciation Korea RFK...

RFMCAO4 - Display Docs from General Requests
RFMFGRCN_RP1 - Reconciliation Analysis Report
RFMFGRCN_RP2 - Batch Reconciliation Check
RFM_DEBT_RESCHEDULE - Reschedule debt into installments
RFPM_MIGR - Migration 4.0 to 5.0
RFREXCJP_PAYMENTREPO - Payment Charge Report
RFSCD_COV - FSCD: Cluster Builder - Disp. Func.
RFTBPROT_BCE_AISFIBU - AIS Financial Accounting
RFTBPROT_BCE_AIS_BIL - AIS Financial Statements
RFTBPROT_BCE_AUDIT - Standard Variant
RFTBUH06_BPUM_DEVCL - Maintain Development Classes
RFTREY30_SINGLE_XFER - Send Planning Data to Central System RFT...

RFUMSV52 - Analysis of Deferred Tax Accounts
RFUMSV53 - Deferred Tax Toolbox
RFVATRTNMX - VAT Return (Mexico)
RFVOBJ01CS - Structure for Object Transfer
RFVPAR - Display Initialization Date
RFVSIC01CS - Structure for Collateral Transfer


RG_SAC_CALCPL - Half-Year Closing-Retained earnings
RG_SAC_CENTRAL - Closing - Centralization


RIFW - Invoice Forecasting Worklist
RISV - Setup: Retail Info System - Versions


RJB1 - External Data Transfer Workbench
RJKREBOOKING - Transfer Post Add.Payments/Refunds


RKABSHOW - Display CO Document
RKACGRID - CO Table Display
RKACSHOW - Display CO Cost Segments
RKARSHOW - Display Follow-On Documents
RKE_KA03 - Start KA03
RKE_KS03 - Start KS03
RKE_VD03 - Start VD03
RKLNT - Counterparty Risk of Netting Group
RKLSI - Overview of Collateral Provision


RL00 - Returnable packaging accounts
RL01 - Create returnable packaging account
RL02 - Change returnable packaging account
RL03 - Display returnable packaging account
RL04 - Archive Returnable Packaging Accts
RL05 - Read Ret. Pcking Accts from Archive RL0...

RL11 - RP Account Posting Entry
RL12 - Reprocess RP Account Postings
RL14 - List of account postings
RL15 - Archive Account Postings
RL16 - Read Account Postings from Archive
RL17A - RP account postings for account RL1...

RL23 - Document Display for Ledger 3A
RL24 - Matching via statements
RL24I - Statement Overview (Inbd) and Matchg
RL24O - Statement Overview (Outbound)
RL34 - Acct balances per RtnPck/acct holder
RL42 - Change External Partner Descriptions
RL43 - Display ext. partner descriptions
RL52 - Returnable packaging acct matching
RL53 - ReturnPack acct matching (display)
RL61 - Create Account Statement
RL62 - Change account statement
RL63 - Display account statement
RL64 - Archive Accounts Statements
RL65 - Read Account Statements from Archive
RL71 - Create RP Account Statements
RL71F - Issue Account Statement Messages
RL71I - Create Initial Statements
RL72D - Delete Last Statement per Account
RL73 - Display Statement Log
RL73D - Delete Statement Logs RL7...

RL84 - Archive Matching Groups
RL85 - Read Matching Groups from Archive
RLC1 - Create Condition Records
RLC2 - Change Condition Records
RLC3 - Display Condition Records
RLMFW_CUST - Settings for Release Management
RLMFW_NUM - Number Ranges for Release Management
RLMFW_OOCU - Processor in Release Management
RLMFW_ORDER - Edit Release Order


RM00 - Position of Risk Objects
RM01 - Position of Risk Objects
RM02 - RM: Position Groups
RM10 - RM: Views
RM10D - RM: Views
RM11 - RM: Portfolio Hierarchies
RM11D - RM: Portfolio Hierarchies (Display)
RMBDS1 - Archiving of Report Data
RMBDS2 - Delete Archived Report Data
RMBDS3 - Report Data: Overview of Archive
RMBDSA - Overview of Report Data
RMBDSB - Create Report Data
RMBDSN - BDS: Number Range for Runs RMB...

RMCM - Link Between Cash Mgmt and Risk Mgmt
RMD01 - FO: Derivation Strategy
RMD02 - Financial Object: Rule Entries
RMDR1 - Gen.Transaction: Derivation Strategy
RMDR2 - Gen. Transaction: Rule Entries
RMFD - Financial Object Data
RMFZ1 - Derivation of RM Part for Facilities
RMGK - Maintain Yield Curve Types
RMHWCAL - Calibration of the Hull-White Model
RMIBKKA - BCA Account: FO Integr. act./inact.
RMIFGDT - Gen.Trans.: Act/Deact FO Integration
RMIJBVT - Var. Trans.: FO Integr. act./inact.
RMIKLFZ - Facility: Activate/Deactivate FO Int
RMMDG - Market Data Generator
RMMDGSBP - Forex Swap Basis Points Generator
RMPSACTIVATEWF - Activation of Process Routes
RMPSDISPOSALOFFER - Create List of Providers
RMPSDOD_EVENTCUST - DOD: Event customizing
RMPSDOD_EVENTTYPES - DoD: Event Types for Disposal
RMPSDOD_RULEBASE - DOD: Rulebase customizing RMP...

RMRB - Dataset Management
RMRBA1 - Dataset Archiving
RMRBA2 - Delete Archived Dataset
RMSL02 - Change Label Set
RMSL03 - Display Label Set
RMSLTABLEINFO - Data Analysis Report for Labeling
RMSL_NR - Number Range for Label Set
RMSTAT - Mass Status Change
RMS_EQR_NR - Maintain Number Ranges for Equip.Req RMS...

RMTABLEINFO - RM Data Analysis Report
RMV0 - Single Value Analysis: VAR
RMVARS - Display Shifts during VaR Evaluation
RMVC - Correlations between Exchange Rates
RMVT1 - Variable Trans: Derivation Strategy
RMVT2 - Variable Transaction: Rule Entries
RMW99 - Area Menu
RMWB - Start Workbench
RMWBCUST - Workbench Settings
RMXM_BOM_CMP - Compare Bills of Material
RMXTPLAN02 - Change Trial Planning
RMXTPLAN03 - Display Trial Planning
RMXT_IMG01 - Transf. Characteristics frm Client 0
RMYC - Overview/Maintenance of Yield Curves
RM_01 - Initialize view
RM_02 - Regenerate View
RM_97 - Display of DB Logs
RM_98 - Diagnosis of BP Admin. Tables
RM_99 - Deactivate Financial Objects
RM_START - Test RM Integration RM_...


RN1_ISHMED_USER_COUN - Determine Number of
RNBPMIG_LREP - Migrate Legal Rep's Next of Kin


RODPS_ODP_IMG - Modeling Client
RODPS_REPL_SEL - Maintain Selections for BWA Repl.
ROE1 - Number Range for ROE Evaluation Run
ROIJRUHIST - Change History (Russia)
ROIJRUTREXP - Process Transportation Expenses
ROIJRUUPLOAD - Upload Carrier Invoice Data
ROLE_CMP - Compare Roles
ROS_PRESCREEN_HELP - Dummy Transaction for BSP Help
ROS_QSTN_SURVEY - Survey Cockpit for Questionnaires
RO_DEF - Define Reimbursable Orders


RP09_LOAN_INIT - Loans: Initialization (IT3,VIEKN)
RP3214GAPI0_PS - Gap Analisys
RPA0 - Info.Sys. Rec.Ledger: Presettings
RPA1 - Info. Sys. Rec.Ldgr: Report Currency
RPAM - Info. Sys. Rec.Ldgr: Report Currency
RPAN - Info.Sys. Rec.Ledger: Presettings
RPB0 - Info.Sys. Proc.: Presettings
RPBN - Info.Sys. Proc.: Presettings
RPC0 - Info. System CCtrs: Presettings
RPC1 - Info. System CCtrs: Presettings
RPC2 - Info. System CCtrs: Presettings
RPCN - Info. System CCtrs: Presettings
RPDK - Workflow for Danish Payroll
RPFIKZ_REGINV - Invoice Registration Journal
RPFIPT_PSXML - PT: Public Sector Report
RPKFDEF - Reporting Key Figures definition
RPLM_MT_REPORTING - Report-Launchpad Maint. Technician
RPLM_QI_REPORTING - Support LaunchPad- Quality Inspector
RPLSVED0 - Detailed Display Report RPLSVED0
RPMDATA - Display Portfolio Management Data
RPMTIME01 - HR Time/Rate info for employees
RPMUSER - Create R/3 users
RPM_CLNTCOPY - Client copy report transaction
RPM_DX - Data Transfer Tool for Portf. Mgmt
RPM_DX_BUCKET - Import Item from External File RPM...

RPO0 - Info. System Orders: Presettings
RPON - Info. System Orders: Presettings
RPP0 - Proj. Info System: Default Settings
RPPN - Proj. Info System: Default Settings
RPSPOR1 - Create Variant
RPSPOR2 - Assign Variant to User
RPU_T5D83_TO_T5D8S - Start Report RPU_T5D83_TO_T5D8S
RPX0 - CO-OM Information System: Settings
RPXN - CO-OM Information System: Settings


RRC1 - Create Currency Translation Type
RRC2 - Edit Currency Conversion Type
RRC3 - Display Currency Translation Type
RRICB_AD - Account Determination
RRICB_ICCA - Definie Company Code Clearing Accts
RRICB_OK17 - Account Determination
RRMX - Start the Business Explorer Analyzer
RRMXP - Initial Trans. for Excel wth Params
RRMX_CUST - Initial Trans. for Excel wth Params
RRV_FILL - Fill Bucket


RS00 - Start menu
RS09 - Transport Browser for BI Objects
RS12 - Overview of master data locks
RS50 - Old SM50
RSA0 - Content Settings Maintenance
RSA1 - Modeling - DW Workbench
RSA10 - Realtime Test Interface Srce System
RSA11 - DW Workbench: InfoProvider Tree
RSA12 - DW Workbench: InfoSource Tree
RSA13 - DW Workbench: Source System Tree RSA...

RSB2 - Data Marts Generation Center
RSBBS - Maintaining BW Sender-Receiver
RSBBS_WEB - Transaction for the RRI in the Web
RSBICA - BI Content Analyser
RSBMO2 - Open Hub Monitor RSB...

RSCATTAWB - CATT Admin. Workbench
RSCNV_MONITOR - DB6 MDC Reclustering
RSCONANA - BI Content Analyser
RSCOPY - Data Flow Copy Processes
RSCRMDEBUG - Set Debug Options
RSCRMISQ - Register Infosets for Target Groups RSC...

RSD1 - Characteristic Maintenance
RSD2 - Maintenance of key figures
RSD3 - Maintenance of units
RSD4 - Maintenance of time characteristics
RSD5 - Internal: Maint. of Techn. Chars
RSDANLCON - Set Up Near-Line Connections RSD...

RSECADMIN - Manage Analysis Authorizations
RSECAUTH - Maintenance of Analysis Auth.
RSECAUTH02 - Mass Maintenance - Analysis Auths
RSECPROT - Maintenance of Analysis Auth.
RSECSY - Mass Maintenance - Analysis Auths
RSEDIT - Old editor RSE...

RSFC - Analytic Engine - Demo Content
RSFH - Test Transaction Data Extractors
RSGWLST - Accessible Gateways
RSH1 - Edit hierarchy initial screen
RSH3 - Simulate hierarchies
RSHDBMON - HDB Monitoring
RSHIER - Hierarchy maintenance w/o AdmWB
RSHIERSIM - Simulate hierarchies
RSICUBE - Maintain/Change InfoCubes (Internal)
RSIMPCUR - Load Exchange Rates from File
RSINFO00_BCE_AUD_MOD - Customer Exits
RSINPUT - Manual Data Entry
RSINSP - Inspection Plan RSI...

RSKC - Maintaining the Permittd Extra Chars
RSLDAPSYNC_USER - LDAP Synchronization of Users
RSLIMO - BW Lean Modeler Test UI
RSLIMOBW - BW Lean Modeler Test UI
RSLPO_MASS_ACT - Aktivation of BAdI SPOs
RSLWSPVARSCREEN - Variables Screen for Var. Selection RSL...

RSM37 - Job List with Program Variant
RSMD - Extractor Checker
RSMIGRATE - Migration Project
RSMIGRHANADB - Conversion to In-Memory Optimized
RSMO - Data Load Monitor Start RSM...

RSNPGTEST2 - SAP intenal: Test Netw. Plan Control
RSNSPACE - BW Namespace Maintenance
RSO2 - Oltp Metadata Repository
RSO3 - Set Up Deltas for Master Data
RSOBIXP - Maintenance of Conversion Objects
RSOCONTENT - Administration of a Content System
RSOCOPY - Copy from TLOGO Objects
RSODADMIN - Metadata Search Administration RSO...

RSPC - Process Chain Maintenance
RSPC1 - Process Chain Display
RSPC1_NOLOG - Process Chain Maintenance
RSPC2 - Process Chain via Process
RSPCM - Monitor daily process chains
RSPCP - Process Log RSP...

RSQ02 - Maintain InfoSets
RSQ10 - SAP Query: Role Administration
RSQSI - QSI Maintenance
RSRAJ - Starts a Reporting Agent Job
RSRAM - Reporting Agent Monitor
RSRAPS - Manages Page Store
RSRCACHE - OLAP: Cache Monitor
RSRDA - Real-Time Data Acquisition Monitor
RSRD_ADMIN - Broadcasting Administration RSR...

RSSCD100 - Display Change Documents
RSSCD100_PFCG - Change Documents for Role Admin.
RSSCD100_PFCG_USER - For Role Assignment
RSSCD150 - Display Change Documents
RSSCM_APPL - Application settings SCM4.0 and BW
RSSD - Access for scheduler RSS...

RST22 - Old Short-Dump Overview
RSTBHIST - Table history
RSTCIMP - Importance of BW Object
RSTCO_ADMIN - Technical BW Content
RSTCT_INST_BIAC - Installation of BI AC Content
RSTCT_RRI - Display object or process maintenanc RST...

RSU0 - Update rules overview
RSU01 - User Maint. BI Analysis Auth.
RSU1 - Create update rules
RSU1I - Create update rules
RSU1O - Create Update Rules
RSU2 - Change update rules RSU...

RSWBO004 - Set System Change Option
RSWBO040 - Search for Objects in Requests/Tasks
RSWBO040_AUDIT_PA - Requests with PA tables
RSWBO040_AUDIT_USR - Requests with USR tables
RSWBO050 - Analyze Objects in Orders/Tasks

RSZC - Copying Queries between InfoCubes
RSZDELETE - Deletion of query objects
RSZT - Get Test Component
RSZTREE - Hierarchical Display of CKF/RKF RSZ...

RS_AWB_REMOTE - Remote AWB Staging
RS_BA_PCK_CLEANUP - Deletion of Selected Packages
RS_CONV_ACTIVATE - Activate InfoObject Conversion
RS_DS_CHECK - Check consistency request
RS_FRONTEND_INIT - Initialization of the BW Front End
RS_ISTD_REMOTE - Maintain InfoSource RS_...


RTAXMCHECK - Tax Material Check for MLAN Table
RTBSTD - Position Management for Gen.Trans.
RTDE - Retail Ledger: Del. Transaction Data
RTGDI - Direct input for routings
RTHCOC - Create Retail Object Assignment
RTHCOD - Display Retail Object Assignment
RTHCOM - Change Retail Object Assignment
RTKB - Maintain Number Range: KB_NRRANGE
RTOHC01 - Realtime customizing
RTOHC02 - Acti Realtime Overh for Business Tra
RTOHC03 - Activate Work Date = Document Date
RTOHC04 - Special Valuation Date Settings
RTOHC_REPOST - Repost Realtime Overhead
RTOHC_UPGRADE - Realtime Overhead Upgrade Postings RTO...

RTPB01 - RPUS Cntrl: Application Transactions
RTPB02 - RPUS Cntrl: Tables
RTPB03 - RPUS Cntrl: Activities
RTPB04 - RPUS struct: Applications
RTPB05 - RPUS Struct Scr Layout: Field Groups
RTPB06 - RPUS Struct Scr Layout: Views RTP...

RTREAS_OFFSET_FILE - Create Treasury Offset File
RTREAS_OFFSET_UPDATE - Treasury Offset Update Report
RTTE_SET_3XTAXDET - Enable 3.x TTE Tax Determination
RTTREE_MIGRATION - Report tree migration


RUNSCHED - Scheduler Test Call


RVITREVAL - Foreign Currency Revaluation
RVND - Create Payment Requests Online


RWBE - Stock Overview
RWBILL - Billing
RWDEL - Delete Billing Data
RWPOS_PARA - POS Sales IDOC Enqueue Control
RWPRINT - Print Billing Data
RWUF_CHECK - Check Customizing


RZ01 - Job Scheduling Monitor
RZ03 - Presentation, Control SAP Instances
RZ04 - Maintain SAP Instances
RZ10 - Maintain Profile Parameters
RZ11 - Profile Parameter Maintenance
RZ12 - Maintain RFC Server Group Assignment
RZ15 - Read XMI log
RZ20 - CCMS Monitoring
RZ21 - CCMS Monitoring Arch. Customizing
RZ23 - Central perfomance history reports
RZ23N - Central Performance History
RZ25 - Start Tools for a TID
RZ26 - Start Methods for an Alert RZ2...

RZ30 - Remote Execution of Transactions
RZ50 - Central Monitoring Config. Checks
RZ51 - Configure MTE Check Groups
RZ52 - RZ50 - Check Areas
RZ70 - SLD Administration
RZPT - Residence Time Maintenance Tool

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