SAP T-Codes

SAP T-Codes Index by P


Index of SAP tables


P0000_M10_CL0_PBS - Generate Qualifications/Qual. Groups
P0000_M10_CL1_PBS - Convert Certf./Lic. to Qualification
P0000_M10_CL2_PBS - Out-of-Field Report
P0000_M10_CL3_PBS - Select Certificates/Licenses
P0000_M10_CL4_PBS - Check Qualif./Certif. Consistency
P0000_M10_EEO_PBS - EEO-4 and EEO-5 Reporting P00...

P01A_CU01 - Copy/Delete Entitlements
P01A_CU02 - Copy/Delete Benefit Types
P01A_FO01 - Pension Adjustment
P01A_FO02 - Pre.program DME
P01A_FO02A - Mass Print/Status of Pension Rights
P01A_FO02B - General Statement P01...

P06_AVGL - Pay Scale Progression
P06_AVGS - Managemnt of Promotion Process Steps
P08_M08_CMEC - Child Maintenance DEO
P0G1 - Copy entries for garnishments


P16B - Salary packaging (web)
P16B_ADMIN - Salary packaging
P16B_TEST - Salary Packaging (test mode)
P16B_WFCUST - Workflow: Salary packaging ESS
P16_LRCAS - Labour Relations Case File
P16_LRCONF - Lab. Relations Configuration P16...

P1B1 - Transfer hiring data for applicant
P1B2 - Transfer hiring data for applicant
P1B3 - Transfer hiring data for applicant
P1B4 - Transfer table T588Z, infotype 4000
P1B5 - Transfer opt. archive for applicant
P1B6 - Transfer hiring data for applicant P1B...

P1H0 - K32 form correction
P1H1 - Monthly tax return: self-check sheet
P1OA - Transfer Settings for Opt.Archiving
P1Q0 - Increment Progression


P201 - Transfer T514D/V from Client 000
P2HM - HB2 - Change Personal Data
P2R0 - Letter of appointment
P2R1 - Release letter of appointment
P2R2 - Accept letter of appointment
P2R3 - Verify and hire applicant
P2R4 - Print letter of appointment
P2R8 - Display letter of appointment P2R...


P301 - Billing Error Analysis
P301D - Billing Error Detail Analysis
P3PR - 3PR Reconciliation Workbench


P4Q0 - Termination & Redundancy Organiser


P5DB4 - Constr. Ind.: Maintain Constr. Sites
P5P1 - Addition of IT0122 to T588B
P5Q0 - Obsolete: Do not use


P6Q0 - Termination and redundancy workbench


PA00 - Initial PA Master Data Menu
PA03 - Maintain Personnel Control Record
PA03_MENUE - Access PA03 from payroll menu
PA04 - Maintain PA Number Ranges
PA05 - Number Range Maintenance: RP_COIFT
PA06 - Number Range Maintenance: PD_SEQ_NR PA0...

PA10 - Personnel File
PA20 - Display HR Master Data
PA30 - Maintain HR Master Data
PA40 - Personnel Actions
PA41 - Change Entry/Leaving Date
PA42 - Fast Entry for Actions
PA48 - Hiring from External System
PA51 - Display Time Data
PA53 - Display Time Data
PA61 - Maintain Time Data
PA62 - List Entry of Additional Data
PA63 - Maintain Time Data
PA64 - Calendar Entry
PA70 - Fast Entry
PA71 - Fast Entry of Time Data
PA97 - Compensation administration - matrix
PA98 - Compensation Administration
PA99 - Compensation Admin. - Release Report
PAAH - Call Ad-Hoc Query
PAC0 - PC Editor: Initial screen
PAC0001 - Applications
PAC0002 - Field Groups
PAC0003 - Views
PAC0004 - Sections
PAC0005 - Screens PAC...

PAD_LEAVG_NOTI - Trigger for PersonelLvgNoti
PAD_LEAVG_NOTI_SETUP - Initial SetUp for PersonelLvgNoti
PAEP1 - Procedure for Single Records: PA
PAEP2 - Procedure for Final Results: PA
PAEPBM - Procedure for Final Results: PA
PAEPBM_RATIO - Ratio Key Figues: Final Results
PAFN - DADSU: Number range processing
PAJP - Call Reporting Tree - Japan
PAKG - Adjustments workbench
PAKY - Adjustments Workbench (excl. adjust)
PAL - Printing Assistant for Landscape
PAL1 - Create Sales Representative
PAL2 - Display Sales Representative
PAL3 - Maintain Sales Representative
PAL4 - Create Buyer
PAL5 - Maintain Buyer PAL...

PAM00 - Create PAM Requirement
PAM01 - Create Pools
PAM02 - Maintain Pools
PAM03 - Graphical Operational Planning (PAM)
PANP - Number Range Maintenance: HRPKBUNUM
PAOCF_EC_CALL_SLG1 - Call application Payroll integration
PAR1 - Flexible Employee Data
PAR2 - Employee List
PARA - Print Paremeter Group
PARDB1 - RDB: Archive Single Records
PARDB2 - Delete Archived Single Records
PASR - HR Administrative Services (DAB)
PASRPDEL - Reorganization Single Records Proc.
PASR_AWC_RP_FILLCUST - Fill Customizing for Reports
PASR_DAB_HISTORY - Delete History Data
PASR_DPF_CREATE - Create Personnel File
PASW - Partner Inheritance Switch PAS...

PAT1 - Personnel Administration Info System
PAUX - Adjustment Workbench
PAUY - Adjustment Workbench (retro proc.)
PAW1 - Who is who
PA_CASHFLOW_PROPOSAL - Customizing Help for Loans PA
PA_CFTYPMAP_GE - Map PA Flow Type to CF Flow Type
PA_FILLFTYPEMATCH - Fill Assignm. Table for PA Flow Type
PA_FILLUTYPEMATCH - Proposal Generation for PA Cash Flow


PB00 - Recruitment
PB04 - Number Range Maintenance: RP_PAPL
PB10 - Init.entry of applicant master data
PB20 - Display applicant master data
PB2A - B2A Manager
PB2A_GB - GB B2A manager
PB2A_REORG - B2A Manager Reorganization
PB2A_RTI - GB B2A manager for RTI
PB30 - Maintain applicant master data
PB40 - Applicant actions
PB50 - Display Applicant Activities
PB60 - Maintain Applicant Activities
PB80 - Evaluate vacancies
PBA0 - Evaluate advertisements
PBA1 - Applicant index
PBA2 - List of applications
PBA3 - Applicant vacancy assignment list
PBA4 - Receipt of application
PBA5 - Recurring tasks: Print letters PBA...

PBCX - Cust. Account Assign. Reference (MM)
PBCY - Cust. Account Assign. Reference (FX)
PBCZ - Cust. Account Assign. Reference (DE)
PBC_WIZARD_OM - Activate PBC Functions in OM
PBC_WIZARD_OM_CS - Client-Dependent Activatn PBC in OM
PBR1 - Responsible persons' addresses
PBW1 - Career Center
PBW2 - Application Status
PBW2_TC - Application Status
PBW3 - Internet scenario for applicant
PBW3_TC - Internet scenario for applicant
PBW4 - Assigned Applicants: OBSOLETE PBW...