SAP T-Codes

SAP T-Codes Index by N


Index of SAP T-Codes Objects


N10B - IS-H*MED: Maintain work station org.
N10C - IS-H*MED: Maint. asnmt WrkCntr-TMkr
N10D - IS-H*MED: Maint. plan.object classes
N10E - IS-H*MED: Maint. svc-based resources
N10F - IS-H*MED: Displ. svc-based resources
N10G - IS-H*MED: Display table N1NURSHIFT N10...

N1A0 - IS-H*MED: Create position/task
N1A1 - IS-H*MED: Change position/task
N1A2 - IS-H*MED: Display position/task
N1A3 - IS-H*MED: Create collective entry
N1A4 - IS-H*MED: Change collective entry
N1A5 - IS-H*MED: Display collective entry N1A...

N1B0 - IS-H*MED: Create Visit Sequence
N1B1 - IS-H*MED: Change org.assignment
N1B2 - IS-H*MED: Display org.assignment
N1B4 - IS-H*MED: Create task qualification
N1B5 - IS-H*MED: Change task qualification
N1B6 - IS-H*MED: Display task qualification N1B...

N1C0 - IS-H*MED: Create employee position
N1C1 - IS-H*MED: Change employee position
N1C2 - IS-H*MED: Display employee position
N1C4 - IS-H*MED: Maintain mat. consumption
N1C5 - IS-H*MED: Display mat. consumption
N1COMPCON - IS-H: Maintain Component Configurat. N1C...

N1D1 - IS-H*MED: Maint.printer f.each inst.
N1D2 - IS-H*MED: Dsply.printer f.each inst.
N1DEFVT - Prereg.Type Definition - Master Data
N1DI - IS-H*MED: Pat.Transport - Dispatcher
N1E0 - IS-H*MED: Create nursing cycle
N1E1 - IS-H*MED: Change nursing cycle
N1E2 - IS-H*MED: Display nursing cycle
N1E3 - IS-H*MED: Cycle Prioritization
N1E4 - IS-H*MED: Cycle Prioritization
N1EC - IS-H*Med: Extra services N1E...

N1G1 - IS-H*MED: Menu Service facility mgmt
N1GENPROC - IS-H*MED: Generate Procedures
N1GS - IS-H*MED: Menu care unit mgmt
N1IMSU - Customizing Transfer Manager
N1IS1 - IS-H*MED: Internet Service
N1K1 - IS-H*MED: Maintain quota planning
N1K2 - IS-H*MED: Display quota planning
N1K3 - IS-H*MED: Display OUs involved
N1K4 - IS-H*MED: Maintain OUs involved
N1K7 - IS-H*MED: Display day sched/svc.quot
N1K8 - IS-H*MED: Display day sched/svc.quot N1K...

N1L1 - IS-H*MED: Task by position
N1L2 - IS-H*MED: Qualifications by task
N1L3 - IS-H*MED: List task by service
N1L4 - IS-H*MED: Qualifications by person
N1L5 - IS-H*MED: List employee position
N1L6 - IS-H*MED: Requestable org. unit N1L...

N1M0 - IS-H*MED: Maintain subseq.srvc entry
N1M1 - IS-H*MED: Display subseq.srvc entry
N1M2 - IS-H*MED: Maintain subseq.srvc entry
N1M3 - IS-H*MED: Maintain subseq.srvc entry
N1MA - IS-H*MED: Maintain Material Asgnmnt.
N1MATV - IS-H*MED: Maintain mat. consumption N1M...

N1N1 - IS-H: Display scoring table NASCO
N1N2 - IS-H: Maintain scoring table NASCO
N1NK - IS-H*MED: Number Ranges
N1OBN - OBN Navigation
N1OT - IS-H: Define Object Types
N1P0 - IS-H*MED: Maintain service entry
N1P1 - IS-H*MED: Display service entry
N1P2 - IS-H*MED: Maintain service entry
N1P3 - IS-H*MED: Display service entry
N1P4 - IS-H*MED: Specify treatment:Maintain
N1P5 - IS-H*MED: Specify treatment:Display N1P...

N1RADCLEANUP - Delete Contents of Radiolog. Table
N1RB - IS-H*MED: Evaluation of visits
N1RECON - Reconciliation Tool
N1RK - IS-H*MED: Patient Transport Service
N1RL - IS-H*MED: Service management
N1RS - IS-H*MED: Basic medical data N1R...

N1S1 - IS-H*MED: Display task
N1S2 - IS-H*MED: Maintain task
N1S3 - IS-H*MED: Display position
N1S4 - IS-H*MED: Maintain position
N1S5 - IS-H*MED: Display qualifications
N1S6 - IS-H*MED: Maintain qualifications N1S...

N1TB - IS-H*MED: Table-Utility INT.USE ONLY
N1TC_CLEARBUFFER - Clear Treatment Authorization Buffer
N1TC_DELEGATE - Delegate Treatment Authorization
N1TC_REPORT - Evaluation for Treatment Contract
N1TC_TEST - Treatment Contract Test
N1TR - IS-H*MED: Transport List N1T...

N1US - IS-H*MED: Update Desktop Components
N1VE - IS-H: Set Up Preregistration Types
N1VK - IS-H*MED: Preregistration List
N1VL - Insur.Verification/Extension Request
N1VM - IS-H*MED Pre-registration list
N1VPP1 - IS-H*MED: Display Vital Parameters
N1VPP2 - IS-H*MED: Maintain Vital Parameters N1V...

N1W1 - IS-H*MED: Task-rel.employeeSrvcList
N1W2 - IS-H*MED: Diagnosis-rel.srvc.eval
N1W3 - IS-H*MED: List Srvc.-patient-employ.
N1W4 - IS-H*MED: Patient-rel.srvc.list
N1WA - IS-H*MED: Waiting list info. funct.
N1WL - IS-H*MED: Follow-up visit list N1W...

N1_TEST_PG - Call Planning Grid via Test Report


N201 - IS-H*MED: Create Document
N202 - IS-H*MED: Change Document
N203 - IS-H*MED: Display document
N204 - IS-H*MED: Documents List
N205 - IS-H*MED: Maint. diagn. code control
N206 - IS-H*MED: Display diagn.code control N20...

N210 - IS-H*MED: Display diagnosis groups
N211 - IS-H*MED: Maintain diagnosis groups
N212 - IS-H*MED: Display class. areas asgmt
N213 - IS-H*MED: Maintain class.areas asgmt
N214 - IS-H*MED: Displ. nurStd-basCat.asgmt
N215 - IS-H*MED: Maint. nurStd-basCat.asgmt N21...

N220 - IS-H*MED: Displ.basCat-classAr.asgmt
N221 - IS-H*MED: Maint.basCat-classAr.asgmt
N222 - IS-H*MED: Maint. diagnos. doc./case
N223 - IS-H*MED: Displ. diagn. doc./case
N224 - IS-H*
N225 - IS-H*MED: Maint.serCat-classAr.asgmt N22...

N2AD1 - ISHMED: Change Allergy Documentation
N2AD2 - ISHMED:Display Allergy Documentation
N2AN - Number Range Ext. Data References
N2APPLOG - IS-H*MED: Application Logging
N2ASPECT_DEF - Definition of Aspects
N2AZ - IS-H*MED: Maint. task - time asgmt N2A...

N2BA - IS-H*MED: Assign
N2BASEITEM - Base Item Editor
N2BN - IS-H*MED: WCA Number Range Interval
N2CALL - Test
N2CATC - Edit Categories
N2CA_NR - Cardiology Number Range
N2CHART_CUST - Charting: Customizing
N2CHECK_APP - Check Application Settings
N2CHECK_TE - Consistency Check Event Processing N2C...

N2DOKTRANS - DocCat definition transport client
N2DS_SAPFTP_CUST - Customizing for SAPFTP Cardiology
N2DU - IS-H*MED: Load and unload docdefs
N2E0 - IS-H*MED: Create docCat-SvcItem asgt
N2E1 - IS-H*MED: Change docCat-SvcItem asgt
N2E2 - IS-H*MED:Display docCat-SvcItem asgt
N2E3 - IS-H*MED: Create docCateg.- OU asgmt
N2E4 - IS-H*MED: Change docCateg.- OU asgmt
N2E5 - IS-H*MED: Display docCategy-OU asgmt N2E...

N2F4 - IS-H*MED: Extern. data module maint.
N2FD - PMD: EDM Maintenance (General)
N2FN - Number Range Ext. Data References
N2G1 - IS-H*MED: Menu Service facility mgmt
N2GA - Assign Pathway
N2GB - Pathway Library
N2GD - Treatment Pathway Definition
N2GL - Layout Processing Pathways
N2GL_CAT - Edit Categories N2G...

N2HIT - Maintain Findings Hit List
N2IMG - IMG Industry Solution Clin. System
N2IPPD_CAT - Progress Doc.: Maintain Categories
N2JCCF_RUN_TESTCASE - Execute Test Case for Java Controls
N2KA - PMD: Combobox Maintenance
N2KO - IS-H*MED: Maint. complications
N2KZ - IS-H*MED: Maint. compl.-compl. asgmt
N2L1 - IS-H*MED: OU diagnoses hit list
N2LINKDEF - Definition of Link Module
N2LIZENZ - License Management
N2MD - IS-H*MED: Basic data: medical d
N2ON - IS-H*MED: Number range OR
N2OT - IS-H*MED: Maintain OR Departments
N2OW - ISH-MED DWS: Outpat Clin. Wk Stat.
N2OX - Start OR document
N2OZ - IS-H*MED: Surgery times
N2PC - IS-H*MED: admin. docum. templates
N2PHYO - Physician Order - Initial Screen
N2PMD_TWB - PMD: Transport Workbench
N2PRZ - IS-H*MED: Maintain Procedure HitList
N2PRZ_BASIS - IS-H*MED: SPC Hit List - Global
N2RO - IS-H*MED: Surgery System
N2RP - IS-H*MED: Nursing
N2RR - IS-H*MED: Radiologie Evaluations
N2RS - IS-H*MED: Med.basic data/documentat.
N2RW - Findings Work Station
N2RW1 - Radiology - Work Station N2R...

N2S0 - IS-H*MED: Create Document Element
N2S1 - IS-H*MED: Change document element
N2S2 - IS-H*MED: Display document element
N2SMPPLANDEF - Manage Standard Measurement Plans
N2SW - X-Ray Rounds
N2T5 - (Obsolete) Copy Document Category
N2T6 - IS-H*MED: Edit Document Category
N2T7 - IS-H*MED: Edit Document Category
N2T8 - IS-H*MED: Edit Document Category
N2T9 - Obsolete
N2TBS - Text Module Management N2T...

N2UX - Application Server Utility
N2VD00 - Progress Entries Number Range
N2WD_APP - Call WD Application
N2WLD - Template Management
N2WLD_INPA - Template Management Ward
N2WLD_SURG - Template Management Surgery
N2ZO - Time definition
N2ZP - Time definition
N2_COM_SCHEMA_DOWNL - XML Profile Download for Doc Disp.
N2_F4_SIMPLETREE_ADM - Maintain Input Help as Hit List
N2_FORUM - Forum
N2_TEST_N204N - Documentation Work Station - List


NA01 - IS-H: Create Billing Statistics
NA02 - IS-H: Print Invoice(s)
NA03 - IS-H: Cancel Invoice(s)
NA04 - IS-H: Post invoices with calc.block
NA05 - IS-H: Invoice List
NA07 - IS-H: Bill.status of dischrged cases NA0...

NA10 - IS-H: Revenue Accrual
NA12 - IS-H: Invoice statistics by payer
NA17 - IS-H: Adjust services to absence
NA18 - IS-H: Revenue Accrual
NA20 - IS-H: Create CASE Selection Billing
NA21 - IS-H: Delete CASE Selection Billing
NA22 - IS-H: Display CASE Selection Billing
NA23 - IS-H: Edit Billing Document Msgs
NA24 - IS-H: Copy Case Selection
NA25 - IS-H: Billing selection via visits NA2...

NA30 - IS-H: Case Billing
NA30N - IS-H: Case Billing
NA30OLD - IS-H: Case Billing - Old
NA31 - IS-H: Change Billing Block Inpat.
NA32 - IS-H: Change Billing Block Outpat.
NA33 - IS-H: Cascade Bill Processing NA3...

NA40 - IS-H: Case-Related Invoice Overview
NA45 - IS-H: Case monitor billing
NA46 - IS-H: Compensation check BPflV '95
NA47 - IS-H: Propose charges
NA48 - Compare Charges
NA55 - IS-H: Process outpatient flat rates
NA60 - IS-H: Export data for IFA billing
NA65 - IS-H: Log transfer IFA billing
NA66 - IS-H: IFA status info transf. cases
NA70 - ÎS-H SG: Estimated Bill
NA90 - IS-H: Create Invoice Selection
NA91 - IS-H: Change Bill Selection
NA92 - IS-H: Create Collective Invoice
NA93 - IS-H: Print Collective Invoice
NA94 - IS-H: Collective Invoice
NA95 - IS-H: Provisional Invoice NA9...

NACE - WFMC: Initial Customizing Screen
NACO - Conditions for Output Control
NACP - WFMC: Define Conditions
NACQ - WFMC: Maintain Condition Tables
NACR - WFMC: Maintain Output Condition Rec.
NACS - WFMC: Assign Output Type Access Seq. NAC...

NAI1 - IT: Create Inpatient Bill
NAMB - IS-H: Ambulatory Report(AMB)
NAPRKEY - Print Parameters for Output
NAPX1 - IS-H: Maintain Readmission Case
NAPX2 - IS-H: Display Readmission Case
NAS1 - IS-H SG: Create Inpat. Bill
NAVCT685B - Output Types (Cluster)
NAVP_MANAGE - Manage Navigation Profiles
NAWF - Start Customizing Control Flow
NAZ1 - IS-H CN: Patient Billing


NB20 - IS-H: Create Organizational Unit
NB21 - IS-H: Change Organizational Unit
NB22 - IS-H: Display Organizational Unit
NB23 - IS-H: Maintain Org. Unit Hierarchy
NB24 - IS-H: Display Org. Unit Hierarchy
NB25 - IS-H: Maintain Interd. B.Assgmt. OU NB2...

NB30 - IS-H: Maintain Building Units
NB30R - IS-H: Maintain Building Units
NB31 - IS-H: Change Building Units
NB32 - IS-H: Display Building Units
NB33 - IS-H: Maintain Bld. Unit Hierarchy
NB34 - IS-H: Display Bld. Unit Hierarchy NB3...

NB40 - IS-H: Display Equipment Bld. Unit
NB41 - IS-H: Maintain Door Coordinates
NB42 - IS-H: Display Door Coordinates
NB43 - IS-H: Release Build. Structure
NB45 - IS-H: Maintain Plan. Chars Single BU
NB46 - IS-H: Display Plan, Chars Single BU NB4...

NB51 - IS-H: Delete Org. Structure
NB53 - IS-H: Release Org. Structure
NBCH - Change Hospital Structure
NBDI - Display Hospital Structure
NBP_MIG_PHASE1 - BP Migration Cockpit : Phase 1
NBP_MIG_PHASE2 - BP Migration Cockpit: Phase 2
NBP_MIG_PHASE3 - BP Migration Cockpit : Phase 3
NBP_MIG_PHASE_0 - BP Migration Cockpit : Phase 0
NBP_MIG_STATUS - Migration Status for BP
NBU1 - IS-H: Maint. Fixed Vals User Master


NC10 - IS-H Create Message Type Copy
NC11 - IS-HCM Change Message Type
NC12 - IS-HCM Display Message Type
NC20 - IS-H Create Message Segment Copy
NC21 - IS-HCM Change Message Segment
NC22 - IS-HCM Display Message Segment
NC301KK - Create §301 Message for Hlth Insurer
NCEDI - IS-H: EDI Workbench
NCH1 - IS-HCO CH: Create Case-Based Orders
NCO1 - IS-H: Transfer service to CCenter
NCO2 - HCO: Create Case-Based Orders
NCO3 - HCO: Assign Preliminary Costing
NCO4 - HCO: Status Monitoring Case-Bsd Ord.
NCO7 - HCO: Case-Based Order Classification
NCO8 - IS-H: Stat. key figure (nursing) NCO...

NCW3 - IS-H: EDI Workbench


ND01 - IS-H: Create medical record/document
ND02 - IS-H: Maintain record/document list
ND03 - IS-H: Display record/document list
ND04 - IS-H: Collect.entry of returned rec.
ND05 - IS-H: Return medical record/document
ND06 - IS-H: Create Med. Record Reminder ND0...

ND10 - IS-H: Borrow record via mvmnt list
ND11 - IS-H: Return Temp. Medical Records
ND12 - IS-H: Borrow requested med. record
ND13 - IS-H: Collect.Entry for Borrowed Rec
ND14 - IS-H: Transfer Med.Rcrds via BorrLst
ND15 - IS-H: Transfer single rec./document ND1...

NDRPAT - IS-H: Bus. Partner-Patient Rlnshp
NDV1 - Maintain Version Interfaces
NDV2 - Maintain System Releases
NDYM - IS-H: Screen Modification


NE10 - IS-H: Display Copayment
NE11 - IS-H: Maintain Copayment
NE15 - IS-H: Transfer Copayment
NE16 - IS-H: Write off Copayment Requests
NE17 - IS-H: Generate copayment
NE18 - IS-H: Post copayment back NE1...

NE20 - IS-H: Maintain Down Payment
NE21 - IS-H: Display Down Payment
NE22 - IS-H: Down Payment Overview
NE23 - IS-H: Down Payment Monitor
NEDI - EDI Workbench
NEDIIN - IS-H EDI Inbound Worklist
NEDIOUT - IS-H EDI Outbound Worklist
NEDIW - EDI Worklist
NEFE - Statistical Setup: SFIS / Versions
NEO01 - IS-H: Create External Order
NEO02 - IS-H: Maintain External Order
NEO03 - IS-H: Display External Order
NEO04 - IS-H: Ext.Order- Create Order Placer
NEO05 - IS-H: Ext.Order- Change Order Placer
NEO06 - IS-H: Ext.Order-Display Order Placer NEO...

NET100_CTM_D1 - Demo: Context Macros; Display Screen
NET100_CTM_D2 - Demo: Context Macros; Insert Image
NET100_CTM_D3 - Demo: Context Macros; Import Screen
NET100_FTA_S1 - Sol: Frame Transactions w/o Synch.
NET100_FTA_S2 - Sol: Frame Transactions With Synch.
NET100_HTM_D1 - Demo: wgateURL in Hyperlinks NET...

NEWTON - Mathematical Tests
NEW_SERP - Report Tree Maintenance


NG01 - IS-H: Create General Bus. Partner
NG02 - IS-H: Change General Bus. Partner
NG03 - IS-H: Display General Bus. Partner
NG04 - IS-H: Create Bus. Partner Employee
NG04E - IS-H: Create BP External Physician
NG04I - IS-H: Create BP Physician NG0...

NG10 - IS-H: Create Bus. Partner Customer
NG11 - IS-H: Change Bus. Partner Customer
NG12 - IS-H: Display Bus. Partner Customer
NG13 - IS-H: Create Bus. Partner Employer
NG14 - IS-H: Change Bus. Partner Employer
NG15 - IS-H: Display Bus. Partner Employer NG1...

NG30 - IS-H: Create Bus.Partner RP Employee
NG40 - IS-H: Maintain Ins. Prov. Types
NG41 - IS-H: Display Guarantor Types
NG42 - IS-H: Change Ins. Provider Relnships
NGLM - Customizing and Performance Monitor
NGM0 -


NIAPPS - IS-H: Visit Scheduling at Web - Demo


NK01 - IS-H: Maintain IV request (coll.ent)
NK02 - IS-H: Display IV request (coll.ent.)
NK06 - IS-H: Maintain IV Confm.(Coll.Entry)
NK19 - IS-H: Print request for IV - outpt.
NK20 - IS-H: Print Insurance Verif. request
NK21 - IS-H: Dun Insurance Verification
NK22 - IS-H: Generate outpatient ins.verif.
NK23 - IS-H: Generate IV f. inpatients
NK24 - IS-H: Monitoring of IV Requests
NK25 - IS-H: Monitoring Insurance Verifictn NK2...

NK30 - IS-H: Maintain Pre-Approved Ins.
NK31 - IS-H: Display Pre-Appr.IV Confmtn.
NK35 - IS-H: Maintain IV Default Values
NK36 - IS-H: Display IV Default Values
NK50 - IS-H: Create IV declaration (AT)
NK51 - IS-H: Change IV declaration (AT)
NK52 - IS-H: Display IV declaration (AT)
NKM0 - IS-H: Menu Catalogs
NKRS - IS-H: Number Ranges
NKVWS1 - IS-H: Change PPA Work Station
NKVWS2 - IS-H: Display PPA Work Station


NL01N - IS-H: Service Entry for all Cases
NL04N - IS-H: Service Entry - OU-Related
NL10 - IS-H: Maintain Service Entry
NL10N - IS-H: Case-Related Service Entry
NL11 - IS-H: Display service entry
NL11N - IS-H: Case-Related Service Display
NL20 - IS-H: Maintain prelim. service entry
NL21 - IS-H: Display prelim. service entry
NL22 - IS-H: Maintain Prelim. Entry by OU
NL23 - IS-H: Display Prilim. Entry by OU
NL28 - IS-H: Transfer Svces from PE by OU
NL29 - IS-H: Transfer srvs from prel. entry NL2...

NL30 - IS-H: Uploading of Services
NLOGEVAL - Evaluation Screen


NM00 -
NM01 -
NM02 -
NM07 -
NM10 -
NM20 -
NM30 - IS-H: HCO Int.controlling area menu
NM40 - IS-H Communication
NM44 - IS-H: Communication Menu
NMA0 -
NMCO1 - IS-H MM: Transfer Matl. Consumption
NMCO2 - IS-H MM: Data Transfer Matl.Consumpt
NMCOL - IS-H MM: List Material Consumptions
NMG1 - IS-H*MED: Menu Service facility mgmt
NMM0 - Material Requisition
NMM1 - IS-H: Create Material Req. by OU
NMM2 - IS-H: Maintain OU-Rel. Material Req.
NMM3 - IS-H: Display Material Req. by OU
NMM4 - IS-H: Collective Proc. Material Req.
NMM5 - IS-H: Create Case-Rel. Material Req. NMM...

NMND - IS-H: Reset Client
NMO1 -
NMO2 -
NMO3 -
NMO4 -
NMO9 - ISH: Customizing patient management

NMR0 -
NMS1 - Patient accounting
NMS2 - Inpatient Management
NMS3 - Outpatient Management
NMS4 - Nurse Station Management
NMS5 - Medical / Nursing Documentation
NMS6 - Medical Record Administration NMS...

NMT0 - IS-H: Basic data: srv. master data


NN1L - Menu Service facility management
NN2L - IS-H*MED: Menu Service facility mgmt
NNIH - IS-H NL: Customizing Dutch tables
NNL1 - _
NNL2 - _


NOM0 -
NOR_GL - Norway: G/L Account Line Items
NOR_GLOLD - Norway: G/L Account Line Items


NP01 - IS-H: Create patient master data
NP02 - IS-H: Change patient master data
NP03 - IS-H: Display patient master data
NP04 - IS-H: Maintain risk factors
NP05 - IS-H: Display risk factors
NP06 - IS-H: Merging patients NP0...

NP10 - IS-H: Call Case Overview
NP10D - IS-H: Call Case Overview Display
NP11 - IS-H: Create inpatient admiss. data
NP12 - IS-H: Change inpatient admiss. data
NP13 - IS-H: Display inpatient admiss. data
NP20 - IS-H: Maintain delivery data
NP21 - IS-H: Display delivery data
NP22 - IS-H: Maintain newborn admission
NP23 - IS-H: Display newborn admission
NP24 - IS-H: Maintain gen. case/case asgmt
NP25 - IS-H: Display gen. case/case asgmt NP2...

NP30 - IS-H: Maintain companion admission
NP31 - IS-H: Display companion admission
NP32 - IS-H: Maintain person assignment
NP33 - IS-H: Display person assignment
NP36 - IS-H: Create surgery (case)
NP37 - IS-H: Create surgery (visit) NP3...

NP40 - IS-H: Create outpatient case
NP41 - IS-H: Create outpatient visit
NP42 - IS-H: Change outpatient visit
NP43 - IS-H: Display outpatient visit
NP44 - IS-H: Maintain Treatment Certifs
NP44N - IS-H: Maintain Treatment Certifs NP4...

NP51 - IS-H: Maintain nurs. acuity per case
NP52 - IS-H: Display patient group per case
NP53 - IS-H: Maintain patient group per OU
NP54 - IS-H: Display patient group per OU
NP55 - IS-H: Maintain case classif.per case
NP56 - IS-H: Display case classif. per case NP5...

NP61 - IS-H: Maintain Diagn. Doc. by Case
NP62 - IS-H: Display Diagn. Doc. by Case
NP63 - IS-H: Maintain Diagnosis Doc. by OU
NP64 - IS-H: Display Diagnosis Doc. by OU
NP71 - IS-H: Maintain medical grounds
NP72 - IS-H: Display medical grounds
NP91 - IS-H: Create absence
NP92 - IS-H: Change leave of absence
NP93 - IS-H: Display leave of absence
NP94 - IS-H: Generate leave of absence
NP97 - IS-H: Create discharge
NP98 - IS-H: Change discharge NP9...

NPDRG1 - IS-H: Display DRG Data
NPDRG2 - IS-H: Maintain DRG Data
NPDRG3 - IS-H: DRG Grouping of Multiple Cases
NPFA - IS-H: Public List
NPFL - IS-H: Religious list
NPLNC01 - IS-H: Change Statistical Occ.Chrctst
NPLNC02 - IS-H: Display Statist. Occ. Chrctst
NPPR - IS-H: Nurs. Acuity Classific. Eval.
NPRT - LIS/setup/log


NR00 - IS-H: Report selection
NR11 - IS-H: Care Unit Overview (List)
NR12 - IS-H: Care Unit Overview Graphic
NR13 - IS-H: Occupancy Overview
NR14 - IS-H: Outpatient Clinic Management
NR16 - IS-H: Visit Scheduling
NR17 - IS-H: Move Appointments NR1...

NR20 - Change Planning Object
NR21 - Display Planning Object
NR22 - Maintain Available Time Slots
NR23 - Display Time Slots
NR24 - IS-H: List Planning Objects
NR25 - Create Planning Object NR2...

NRAM - IS-H: Outpatient admission inquiry
NRAU - IS-H: Inpatient admission inquiry
NRBA - IS-H: Report Ctrl. Other Basic Data
NRBG - IS-H: Report Ctrl. Business Partner
NRBL - IS-H: Report Ctrl. Service Master
NRBS - IS-H: Report Ctrl. Hospital Struc.
NRC3 - IS-H Report ctrl data exchange §301
NRCM - IS-H: Communication report control
NRCPB - IS-H: Information Clin.Proc. Builder
NRCQ - IS-H: Report control monitoring
NREDOMA1 - Change Renewable Document Management
NREDOMA2 - Display Renewable Document Mgmt
NREN - IS-H: Inquiry on discharge
NREP - IS-H: General report control
NRKV - Medical records adm. inquiry
NRMA - IS-H: Outpatient dept. mgmt. inquiry
NRMP - IS-H: Med.Nur.Evaluations Rep.Contr.
NRPA - IS-H: Patient accctg report control
NRPP - IS-H: Nurs. Acuity Classific. Eval.
NRPV - IS-H: Patient Mgmt report control
NRSM - IS-H: Nurse station managem. inquiry
NRSS - IS-H: Report contr. Other Statistics
NRST - IS-H: Report contr. govt-mandated st
NRVE - IS-H: Inquiry on transfer


NS01 - IS-H: Midnight Census Statistics
NS02 - IS-H: Geographics Statistics
NS03 - IS-H: S1 Bed Assignment Figures
NS04 - IS-H: S4 Perf. Fig. of Departments
NS10 - IS-H: Data Collection Diagnoses
NSDO - IS-H:Hospital Discharge Report (SDO)


NT01 - IS-H: Create Services in Catalog
NT02 - IS-H: Change Services in Catalog
NT03 - IS-H: Display Services in Catalog
NT07 - IS-H: Display Service Catalog
NT08 - Additional srv data Germany
NT09 - IS-H: Planned Values by Service / OU NT0...

NT10 - ISH: View Maint. Charge Catalog Asgm
NT11 - ISH: View Maint. Charge Asgmt. (No.)
NT12 - IS-H: Assign Services to SurgPrcds
NT13 - IS-H: Assign SrgPrcds to Services
NT32 - IS-H: Maintain Service Group
NT33 - IS-H: Display Service Group
NT34 - IS-H: Maintain Dynamic Srv. Groups
NT42 - IS-H*MED: Create Personnel Qualif.
NT43 - IS-H*MED: Change Personnel Qualif.
NT44 - IS-H*MED: Display Personnel Qualif.
NT45 - IS-H*MED: Maintain Material Proposal
NT46 - IS-H*MED: Display Material Proposal
NT50 - Maintain Billing Types
NT51 - Display Billing Types
NT60 - IS-H*MED: Create service spectrum
NT61 - IS-H*MED: Change service spectrum
NT62 - IS-H*MED: Display service spectrum
NT70 - IS-H: Maintain service categories
NT75 - IS-H: Maintain rules for charge prop
NT76 - IS-H: Display rules for comp.prop.
NTP1 - IS-H: Maintain model transaction
NTP2 - IS-H: Display model transaction
NTRB - Transport Building Units
NTRL - Transport Service Master
NTRO - Transport Organizational Units
NTWXPD - Progress Tracking:Networks


NV01 - IS-H: Create inpatient admission
NV02 - IS-H: Change inpatient admission
NV03 - IS-H: Display inpatient admission
NV04 - IS-H: Create quick inpatient admiss.
NV05 - IS-H: Change quick inpatient admiss.
NV06 - IS-H: Display quick inpatient admis. NV0...

NV10 - IS-H: Inpatient companion admission
NV11 - IS-H: Create transfer
NV12 - IS-H: Change transfer
NV13 - IS-H: Display transfer
NV20 - IS-H: Inpatient newborn admission
NV2000 - IS-H: Clinical Process Builder
NV2000_AMB - IS-H: SAP ACM - Complete
NV2000_AMB_BG - IS-H: SAP ACM - Workers Comp.Variant
NV2000_AMB_KV - IS-H: SAP ACM - PPA Variant
NV2000_AMB_NA - IS-H: SAP ACM - Emergency Admission NV2...

NV31 - IS-H: Maintain insurance relatshp
NV32 - IS-H: Display insurance relationship
NV33 - IS-H: Maintain insurance relatshp
NV34 - IS-H: Display insurance relationship
NV35 - IS-H: Maintain Guarantors
NV36 - IS-H: Display Guarantors NV3...

NV41 - IS-H: Create outpatient admission
NV42 - IS-H: Change outpatient admission
NV43 - IS-H: Display outpatient admission
NV44 - IS-H: Create quick outpat. admission
NV45 - IS-H: Change quick outpat. admission
NV46 - IS-H: Display quick outpat.admission NV4...

NV50 - IS-H: Outpatient companion admission
NV60 - IS-H: Outpatient newborn admission
NVT0 - IS-H: Display Contract. Categories
NVT1 - IS-H: Maintain Contract. Categories
NVT2 - IS-H: Contract Scheme - Ins. Provs
NVT3 - IS-H SG: External Contract Schemes


NWBC - Launch NWBC
NWCH02 - IS-H CH: Assign Post. Code to Region
NWCH03 - IS-H CH: Assign Post. Code to Region
NWCH04 - IS-H CH: Assign Geog. Area to Canton
NWCH05 - IS-H CH: Assign Geog. Area to Canton
NWCH06 - IS-H CH: Canton Tariff
NWCH07 - IS-H CH: Canton tariff NWC...

NWP1 - IS-H: Clinical Work Station
NWTM - Monitoring Network Dates
NWTM01 - Date type maintenance
NWTM02 - Maintain ref. fields f. date types
NWTM03 - Maintain date status
NWTM04 - Edit profile for monitoring dates
NWTM05 - Edit role for monitoring dates NWT...


NZLVCON - HR New Zealand Leave Conversion

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