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N10B - IS-H*MED: Maintain work station org.
N10C - IS-H*MED: Maint. asnmt WrkCntr-TMkr
N10D - IS-H*MED: Maint. plan.object classes
N10E - IS-H*MED: Maint. svc-based resources
N10F - IS-H*MED: Displ. svc-based resources
N10G - IS-H*MED: Display table N1NURSHIFT N10...

N1A0 - IS-H*MED: Create position/task
N1A1 - IS-H*MED: Change position/task
N1A2 - IS-H*MED: Display position/task
N1A3 - IS-H*MED: Create collective entry
N1A4 - IS-H*MED: Change collective entry
N1A5 - IS-H*MED: Display collective entry N1A...

N1B0 - IS-H*MED: Create Visit Sequence
N1B1 - IS-H*MED: Change org.assignment
N1B2 - IS-H*MED: Display org.assignment
N1B4 - IS-H*MED: Create task qualification
N1B5 - IS-H*MED: Change task qualification
N1B6 - IS-H*MED: Display task qualification N1B...

N1C0 - IS-H*MED: Create employee position
N1C1 - IS-H*MED: Change employee position
N1C2 - IS-H*MED: Display employee position
N1C4 - IS-H*MED: Maintain mat. consumption
N1C5 - IS-H*MED: Display mat. consumption
N1COMPCON - IS-H: Maintain Component Configurat. N1C...

N1D1 - IS-H*MED: Maint.printer f.each inst.
N1D2 - IS-H*MED: Dsply.printer f.each inst.
N1DEFVT - Prereg.Type Definition - Master Data
N1DI - IS-H*MED: Pat.Transport - Dispatcher
N1E0 - IS-H*MED: Create nursing cycle
N1E1 - IS-H*MED: Change nursing cycle
N1E2 - IS-H*MED: Display nursing cycle
N1E3 - IS-H*MED: Cycle Prioritization
N1E4 - IS-H*MED: Cycle Prioritization
N1EC - IS-H*Med: Extra services N1E...

N1G1 - IS-H*MED: Menu Service facility mgmt
N1GENPROC - IS-H*MED: Generate Procedures
N1GS - IS-H*MED: Menu care unit mgmt
N1IMSU - Customizing Transfer Manager
N1IS1 - IS-H*MED: Internet Service
N1K1 - IS-H*MED: Maintain quota planning
N1K2 - IS-H*MED: Display quota planning
N1K3 - IS-H*MED: Display OUs involved
N1K4 - IS-H*MED: Maintain OUs involved
N1K7 - IS-H*MED: Display day sched/svc.quot
N1K8 - IS-H*MED: Display day sched/svc.quot N1K...

N1L1 - IS-H*MED: Task by position
N1L2 - IS-H*MED: Qualifications by task
N1L3 - IS-H*MED: List task by service
N1L4 - IS-H*MED: Qualifications by person
N1L5 - IS-H*MED: List employee position
N1L6 - IS-H*MED: Requestable org. unit N1L...

N1M0 - IS-H*MED: Maintain subseq.srvc entry
N1M1 - IS-H*MED: Display subseq.srvc entry
N1M2 - IS-H*MED: Maintain subseq.srvc entry
N1M3 - IS-H*MED: Maintain subseq.srvc entry
N1MA - IS-H*MED: Maintain Material Asgnmnt.
N1MATV - IS-H*MED: Maintain mat. consumption N1M...

N1N1 - IS-H: Display scoring table NASCO
N1N2 - IS-H: Maintain scoring table NASCO
N1NK - IS-H*MED: Number Ranges
N1OBN - OBN Navigation
N1OT - IS-H: Define Object Types
N1P0 - IS-H*MED: Maintain service entry
N1P1 - IS-H*MED: Display service entry
N1P2 - IS-H*MED: Maintain service entry
N1P3 - IS-H*MED: Display service entry
N1P4 - IS-H*MED: Specify treatment:Maintain
N1P5 - IS-H*MED: Specify treatment:Display N1P...

N1RADCLEANUP - Delete Contents of Radiolog. Table
N1RB - IS-H*MED: Evaluation of visits
N1RECON - Reconciliation Tool
N1RK - IS-H*MED: Patient Transport Service
N1RL - IS-H*MED: Service management
N1RS - IS-H*MED: Basic medical data N1R...

N1S1 - IS-H*MED: Display task
N1S2 - IS-H*MED: Maintain task
N1S3 - IS-H*MED: Display position
N1S4 - IS-H*MED: Maintain position
N1S5 - IS-H*MED: Display qualifications
N1S6 - IS-H*MED: Maintain qualifications N1S...

N1TB - IS-H*MED: Table-Utility INT.USE ONLY
N1TC_CLEARBUFFER - Clear Treatment Authorization Buffer
N1TC_DELEGATE - Delegate Treatment Authorization
N1TC_REPORT - Evaluation for Treatment Contract
N1TC_TEST - Treatment Contract Test
N1TR - IS-H*MED: Transport List N1T...

N1US - IS-H*MED: Update Desktop Components
N1VE - IS-H: Set Up Preregistration Types
N1VK - IS-H*MED: Preregistration List
N1VL - Insur.Verification/Extension Request
N1VM - IS-H*MED Pre-registration list
N1VPP1 - IS-H*MED: Display Vital Parameters
N1VPP2 - IS-H*MED: Maintain Vital Parameters N1V...

N1W1 - IS-H*MED: Task-rel.employeeSrvcList
N1W2 - IS-H*MED: Diagnosis-rel.srvc.eval
N1W3 - IS-H*MED: List Srvc.-patient-employ.
N1W4 - IS-H*MED: Patient-rel.srvc.list
N1WA - IS-H*MED: Waiting list info. funct.
N1WL - IS-H*MED: Follow-up visit list N1W...

N1_TEST_PG - Call Planning Grid via Test Report


N201 - IS-H*MED: Create Document
N202 - IS-H*MED: Change Document
N203 - IS-H*MED: Display document
N204 - IS-H*MED: Documents List
N205 - IS-H*MED: Maint. diagn. code control
N206 - IS-H*MED: Display diagn.code control N20...

N210 - IS-H*MED: Display diagnosis groups
N211 - IS-H*MED: Maintain diagnosis groups
N212 - IS-H*MED: Display class. areas asgmt
N213 - IS-H*MED: Maintain class.areas asgmt
N214 - IS-H*MED: Displ. nurStd-basCat.asgmt
N215 - IS-H*MED: Maint. nurStd-basCat.asgmt N21...

N220 - IS-H*MED: Displ.basCat-classAr.asgmt
N221 - IS-H*MED: Maint.basCat-classAr.asgmt
N222 - IS-H*MED: Maint. diagnos. doc./case
N223 - IS-H*MED: Displ. diagn. doc./case
N224 - IS-H*
N225 - IS-H*MED: Maint.serCat-classAr.asgmt N22...

N2AD1 - ISHMED: Change Allergy Documentation
N2AD2 - ISHMED:Display Allergy Documentation
N2AN - Number Range Ext. Data References
N2APPLOG - IS-H*MED: Application Logging
N2ASPECT_DEF - Definition of Aspects
N2AZ - IS-H*MED: Maint. task - time asgmt N2A...