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Index of SAP T-Codes Objects


I009 - Location/AccAsst No. Range (ILOA)


I18N - Internationalization


IA00 -
IA01 - Create Equipment Task List
IA02 - Change Equipment Task List
IA03 - Display Equipment Task List
IA04 - Display PM/SM Task List (A,E,T)
IA05 - Create general task list IA0...

IA10 - Display Task Lists (Multilevel)
IA11 - Create FunctLoc Task List
IA12 - Change FunctLoc Task List
IA13 - Display FunctLoc Task List
IA15 - Task List Original Change Docs
IA16 - Cost Maintenance Task Lists IA1...

IA21 - Evaluate Task List Change Documents
IA24 - Archiving of PM Task Lists
IA25 - Deletion of PM Task Lists
IA29 - Display Task Lists
IAC_FLIGHT - Flight Example Program
IAOCPRA - Log Entries for Cockpit (cProjects)
IAOCPRB - Marking of Errors Manually
IAOCPRC - Delete and Clean Up
IAOM0 - Business Scenario Translator
IAOM1 - Maintain Controlling Scenario
IAOM2 - Maintain Controlling Integration IAO...


IB01 - Create Equipment BOM
IB02 - Change Equipment BOM
IB03 - Display Equipment BOM
IB05 - Change Equipment BOM Group
IB06 - Display Equipment BOM Group
IB07 - Assign Equipment BOM to Plant IB0...

IB11 - Create Functional Location BOM
IB12 - Change Functional Location BOM
IB13 - Display Functional Location BOM
IB15 - Change FunctLocation BOM Group
IB16 - Display FunctLocation BOM Group
IB17 - Create FunctLoc. BOM Plant Assignmnt IB1...

IB51 - Create IBase
IB52 - Change IBase
IB53 - Display IBase
IB54 - Change Two Installed Bases
IB55 - Display Two Installations
IB56 - Expand IBase IB5...

IB61 - Create Installed Base with Reference
IB80 - Change Documents for Equipment BOM
IB81 - FunctLocation BOM Change Documents
IB90 - Equipment BOM Number Ranges
IB91 - FunctLocation BOM Number Ranges
IBANMD - Generate IBAN
IBI2 - Plant Maintenance Batch Input
IBIP - PM: Batch Input Utility
IBIPA - Transaction for BAL of IBIP
IBNR - Processing IBNR Reserves
IBR01 - Enter Broker Report
IBR02 - Broker Collections Acct Bal. Display
IBR03 - Broker Desktop
IBR04 - Clarify Broker Report
IBR05 - Display Broker Report History
IBR06 - Display Customers For Broker IBR...

IBSPI_RFCDEST - RFC Destination IBS-PI Functions
IBSSI_RFCDEST - RFC Destination for IBS Functions
IB_COM_CUST_01 - IBase: Customizing IBase Category


IC00 -
IC37 - SM37 for Incremental Conversion Jobs
ICKF - Customer-Specific Key Figures
ICLAPPTOPC - File from Appl.Server to Frontend
ICLARCH - Archive Claim Data
ICLBP101 - Create Retailer
ICLBP102 - Change Retailer
ICLBP103 - Display Retailer
ICLBP11 - Create Repair Shop ICL...

ICM1COND - Change Condit.Maint. of Remuneration
ICM1CONDB - Change Condit.Maint. of Valuation
ICM1CONDC - Create Condit.Maint. of Liability
ICM2COND - Change Condit.Maint. of Remuneration
ICM2CONDB - Change Condit.Maint. of Valuation
ICM2CONDC - Change Condit.Maint. of Liability ICM...

ICNV - Incremental Conversion
ICON - Display Icons
IC_LTX - Remote Part of Launch Transaction
IC_LTXE - Remote Part of Launch Transaction


IDAR_CONDGEN - Condition Maintanance Argentina
IDBK - Maintain Books
IDCFM_FRAM_DICHECK - Consolidate Assignment Check
IDCFM_FRCR_1 - Capit. Reserve Reconciliation
IDCFM_FRIM_CREATE - Record Impairment
IDCFM_FRIM_DISPLAY - Display Impairment
IDCFM_FRIM_EXPERT - Manual Input of Expert Values
IDCFM_FRRF_CUCHECK - FIFO Reevaluation Customizing Check IDC...

IDDH - Used Prenumbered Forms Report
IDHU_DOWNP_VAT - Down Paymnt - Recalculate Tax Amount
IDIN_ASSETBLK - Asset Block Data
IDIN_FIAA_TAX - Tax Area for Asset Block calculation
IDIN_FIAA_TRGR - ID Transaction Group for IT report
IDLB - Maintain Document Lots and Books
IDMIMG - Key Mapping Customizing
IDMX_MONTHREPORT - Monthly Invoice Report (Mexico)
IDM_INTEG_CUST - Customizing of SPML Configuration
IDM_INTEG_CUST_I - Maintain SPML Configuration
IDOC - IDoc: Repair and check programs
IDPH1 - Currency Diffs for Partial Payments
IDREPFW_EVN_MGMT - Rep.Framework:Management of Events
IDREPFW_IMPORT - Rep.Framework:Import of Settings
IDREPFW_REP - Reporting Framework - Start
IDREPFW_RUNINR - Number range maintenance: IDREPFWRID
IDSAUZAK - Zakat Levy Declaration
IDSAU_TD_AGTL - Tax depr. KSA - Asset Group Totals
IDSAU_TD_MAIN - Tax Depr. of Fixed Assets (KSA)
IDVD - Void Unused Prenumbered Forms
IDX1 - Port Maintenance in IDoc Adapter
IDX2 - Meta Data Overview in IDoc Adapter
IDX5 - IDoc Adapter - Monitoring
IDXP - Monitor for Message Packages
IDXPW - IDoc Package Wizard


IE00 -
IE01 - Create Equipment
IE01_ISU_C - Create Equipment
IE02 - Change Equipment
IE03 - Display Equipment
IE05 - Change Equipment IE0...

IE10 - Multiple Equipment Entry
IE20 - Replacement Equipment Search
IE25 - Create Production Resource/Tool
IE31 - Create Fleet Object
IE36 - Display Vehicles
IE37 - Change Vehicles
IE4N - Equipment Installation and Dismant.
IE4NCGP - Maintain General Settings for IE4N
IE4NORG - User-Group-Specific Settings
IE4NUSR - User-Specific Settings
IECS - Technical Objects
IEQCM1 - Change of Equipment History
IE_RCT_SUBMIT - Transaction to execute RCT program
IE_RCT_UPDATE - Transaction to update RCT Response


IF00 - Production Resources/Tools
IFCU - Consumption Transaction
IFW_DELETE - Invoice forecasting deletion
IFW_FORECAST - Invoice forecasting run


IGN1 - Create Policyholder
IGN2 - Change Policyholder
IGN3 - Display Policyholder
IGN_SEARCH_APPLIC01 - Create Search Application
IGN_SEARCH_APPLIC02 - Change Search Application
IGN_SEARCH_APPLIC03 - Display Search Application IGN...


IH01 - Functional Location Structure
IH02 - Reference Location Structure
IH03 - Equipment Structure
IH04 - Equipment Structure
IH05 - Material Structure
IH06 - Display Functional Location IH0...

IH10 - Display Equipment
IH11 - Display Functional Location
IH12 - FunctLocation Structure
IH18 - Ref. Location List (Multi-Level)
IH20 - Where-Used List Time
IH22 - Where-Used List Time Interval
IHB0101 - Account Holder In-House Cash: Create
IHB0102 - Account Holder In-House Cash: Change
IHB0103 - Account Holder In-House Cash:Display
IHC0 - Payment Order Browser
IHC01 - Cross-Bank Area Orders
IHC02 - Reverse Additional POs from Currency
IHC1ED - Create External Payment Order
IHC1EP - Create External Payment Order
IHC1EP_MUL - Manual Ext. PO for several recipient IHC...


IK01 - Create Measuring Point
IK01R - Create Reference Measuring Point
IK02 - Change Measuring Point
IK02R - Change Reference Measuring Point
IK03 - Display Measuring Point
IK03R - Display Reference Measuring Point IK0...

IK10R - Transfer Data from Ref Measuring Pnt
IK11 - Create Measurement Document
IK12 - Change Measurement Document
IK13 - Display Measurement Document
IK14 - Collective Entry of MeasDocuments
IK15 - Take Up Measurement Reading Transfer IK1...

IK21 - Collective Entry of MeasDocuments
IK22 - Collective Entry of MeasDocuments
IK31 - Create MeasReading Entry List
IK32 - Change MeasReading Entry List
IK33 - Display MeasReading entry list
IK34 - Collective Entry of MeasDocuments
IK41 - Display MeasDocs From Archive
IK51 - MeasReading Transfer Structure
IK52 - MeasReading Transfer History
IK71 - Create Meas. Document in Internet
IK81 - Create Linear Reference Pattern
IK82 - Change Linear Reference Pattern
IK83 - Display Linear Reference Pattern
IKKW - Valuation Variant Generic Object
IKKZ - Costing Variant Generic Object


IL01 - Create Functional Location
IL02 - Change Functional Location
IL03 - Display Functional Location
IL04 - Create FunctLocation: List Entry
IL05 - Change Functional Location
IL06 - Data Transfer From FunctLocation IL0...

IL10 - Reusability of Historical Labels
IL11 - Create Reference Location
IL12 - Change Reference Location
IL13 - Display Reference Location
IL14 - Create RefLocation: List Entry
IL15 - Change Reference Location IL1...

IL20 - Change Functional Location
IL21 - Heal from INHB
ILMAPK - Audit Package Maintenance
ILMAPT - Audit Package Template Processing
ILMARA - Audit Area Processing
ILMAUT - Call Audit Trail Wrapper Report
ILMDOWLB - Download Browser local reporting ILM...


IM00 - Investment programs
IM01 - Create Investment Program
IM02 - Change Investment Program
IM03 - Display Investment Program
IM05 - Reassign Measures/Approp.Requests
IM11 - Create Investment Program Position
IM12 - Change Investment Program Position
IM13 - Display Inv. Program Position
IM20 - Ongoing settings for inv. program
IM22 - Change Investment Program Structure
IM23 - Display Investment Program Structure
IM24 - Create Investment Program
IM25 - Create Investment Program
IM27 - IM: Open new approval year IM2...

IM30 - Change Supplement to Inv.Prog.Pos.
IM31 - Display Supplement to Inv.Prog.Pos.
IM32 - Change Budget of Inv. Prog. Position
IM33 - Display Budget of Inv.Prog.Position
IM34 - Determining Default Plan Value IM
IM35 - Change Plan on Inv. Program Position IM3...

IM40 - Change supplement on operative objs
IM41 - Display suppmt on operative objects
IM42 - Change budget operative objects
IM43 - Display budget operative objects
IM44 - Determining Default Budget Value IM
IM48 - Change return on operative objects IM4...

IM52 - Process budget distribution
IM53 - Display budget distribution
IM54 - Investment Program Reorganization
IM64 - Transfer from Old Investment Program
IMA0 - Appropriation Requests
IMA1 - Create appropriation request
IMA11 - Individual Processing
IMA12 - Individual Processing (Planner)
IMA13 - Individual Processing (Web Trans.)
IMA1N - Create Appropriation Request IMA...

IMB0 - IM Summariz: Replicate hierarchy
IMB1 - IM Summariz: Replicate curr. values
IMB2 - IM Summariz: Replicate entities
IMB3 - IM Summariz: Current values in file
IMB4 - IM Summariz: Entities in file
IMB5 - IM Summariz: Values from file IMB...

IMC0 - IM Summarization: Execute Report
IMC1 - IM Summarization: Create report
IMC2 - IM Summarization: Change report
IMC3 - IM Summarization: Display report
IMC4 - IM Summarization: Create form
IMC5 - IM Summarization: Change form IMC...

IMD0 - App.req: Execute report
IMD1 - App.req: Create report
IMD2 - App.req: Change report
IMD3 - App.req: Display report
IMD4 - App.req: Create form
IMD5 - App.req: Change form IMD...

IME0 - Execute Inv. Program Report
IME1 - Create cap.inv.program report
IME2 - Change cap.inv.program report
IME3 - Display cap.inv.prog. report
IME4 - Create layout set for inv.prog. rep.
IME5 - Change layout set for inv.prog. rep. IME...

IMI0 - CI Management Info System
IMIG - Incremental Migration
IMKBUD - Original Budget = Current Budget
IML1 - Define Long Text Templates
IML1W - Define Long Text Templates - Word
IMLX - Define Long Text Templates
IMLXW - Define Long Text Templates - Word
IMP - Start of Mass Processing
IMPBA3 - Plan/Budget Adjustment (Projects)
IMPBA4 - Plan/Budget Adjustment (Orders)
IMP_CUST - Maintenance Mass Processng Customzng
IMP_TRIGGER_NUMBERS - Number Range Maintenance: IMP001 IMP...

IMR1 - Values for Capital Investment Prog.
IMR1_ALV - ALV Reporting Investment Program
IMR3 - Delete Whole Capital Investment Prg.
IMR4 - App.Req. w/o Distrib., w/o Variants
IMR5 - App.Req. w/ Distrib., w/o Variants
IMR6 - App.Req. w/o Distrib., w/ Variants IMR...

IMSL - Set language for text
IMV1 - Changes to Investment Programs
IMV2 - Changes to CI Program Positions
IM_ARCR - Archiving of Approp. Requests
IM_ARDE - Delete Archived App. Requests
IM_ARMA - Admin. of App. Request Archives
IM_AVCHANA - Monitor Avail.Ctr. for Inv.programs
IM_AVCHANA_ORD - Monitor Avail.Ctr. for Inv.programs
IM_AVCHANA_WBS - Avail. Ctrl Monitor for WBS Elements IM_...


IN01 - Create object link
IN02 - Change object link
IN03 - Display object link
IN04 - Create FunctLoc Object Link
IN05 - Change FunctLoc Object Link
IN06 - Display FunctLoc Object Link IN0...

IN15 - Change FunctLoc Object Network
IN16 - Display Object Network for FunctLoc
IN18 - Change Object Network for Equipment
IN19 - Display Object Network for Equipment
IN20 - Object link number ranges
IN21 - Create Object Network
IN22 - Change Object Network
IN23 - Display Object Network
IN24 - Multi-Level FuncLoc Network List
IN25 - Multi-Level Equipment Network List IN2...

IN30 - Number Range Maintenance: NetwAttr
IN31 - Create Network Attribute Values
IN32 - Change Network Attribute Values
IN33 - Display Network Attribute Values
IN34 - Network Attribute List
INEX - Initial Data Entry of ExtractINSTSET
INM_DFM_CUST - Synchronization customizing
INM_HCG - Generate Hana Content
INOT - Create SM/PM Notification IDoc
INSO - Area Menu for Insurance in BDT
INSO0001 - BDT Control: Applications
INSO0002 - BDT Control: Field Groups
INSO0003 - BDT Control: Views
INSO0004 - BDT Control: Sections
INSO0005 - BDT Control: Screens INS...

INTERV - Installn Interval for Backlog Set
INVADV01 - Payment Advice Note Dialog
INVDOC01 - Bill Dialog
INVDOC02 - Bill Dialog - Sales Tax Statement
INVMASSPROC - Mass Act: Bill/Paym.Adv.Note Proc.
INVMON - Inbound Bill Monitoring
INVRETPER - Define Retention Period INV...


IOCI_FCON2 - OCI:Convert HTML Field Values
IOCI_FCONV - OCI: Convert HTML - SAP Field
IOCI_FUNCM - OCI: Conversion Functions
IOCI_ORGU - OCI: Assign Catalogs to Order Type
IORD - Create SM/PM Order IDoc


IP00 - Maintenance Planning Menu
IP01 - Create Maintenance Plan
IP02 - Change Maintenance Plan
IP03 - Display Maintenance Plan
IP04 - Create Maintenance Item
IP05 - Change Maintenance Item IP0...

IP10 - Schedule Maintenance Plan
IP11 - Maintain Maintenance Strategies
IP11U - Rescheduling of Maintenance Plans
IP11Z - Maintain Cycle Set
IP12 - Display Maintenance Strategies
IP12Z - Display Cycle Set IP1...

IP20 - Maintenance plan number assignment
IP21 - Maintenance item number assignment
IP22 - Maintain number range: OBJK_NR
IP24 - Scheduling overview list form
IP25 - Set deletion flag for maint. plans
IP30 - MaintSchedule Date Monitoring
IP30H - Mass Schedule Maintenance Plans
IP31 - Maintenance Plan Cost Display
IP40 - Add Service Plan for Purchasing
IP41 - Add single plan
IP42 - Add strategy-controlled plan
IP43 - Add multiple counter plan
IP50 - Create ref. for maint. contract item
IP51 - Maintenance contract item lists
IP62 - Material Where-Used List: Task Lists
IPCS - Maintenance Planning
IPM2 - Change Permit
IPM3 - Display Permit
IPMACT - Calculate and Post Accruals
IPMADCONT01 - Accrl Acct Detmn: Mntn Entry Area 01
IPMADMETASGL - Act Dtmn: Define Simple Set of Rules
IPMARCHPREP - Preparation of the Archiving Run IPM...


IQ01 - Create Material Serial Number
IQ02 - Change Material Serial Number
IQ03 - Display Material Serial Number
IQ04 - Create Material Serial Number
IQ08 - Change Material Serial Number
IQ09 - Display Material Serial Number IQ0...

IQ10 - Change UII
IQ11 - Display UII
IQM1 - Create cond. records qual.notificatn
IQM2 - Change cond.records qual.notificatn
IQM3 - Display cond.records qual.notificatn
IQM_CM_CONFIG - IQM Information Consistency
IQS1 - Create Notification - Extended View
IQS12 - Process Task
IQS12_EWT - Process Task
IQS13 - Display Task
IQS13_EWT - Display Task
IQS2 - Change Notification - Extended View IQS...


IR00 - PM Resource Planning Menu
IR01 - Create Work Center
IR02 - Change Work Center
IR03 - Display Work Center
IRF2 - Optimal Rotable Float: Initial scree
IRF4 - ORF: Maintain Ess. Code Table
IRF5 - ORF: Batch Processing
IRF6 - Batch Processing Report
IRFC1 - Profiles for Single Item Calculation
IRFC2 - Profiles for Batch Processing IRF...

IRMPOL - ILM Policies
IRM_CAT - IRM Policies
IRM_CUST - IRM Customizing
IRM_CUST_BS - IRM Customizing (Business Suite)
IRWCCUST - ILM Cockpit Reporting Customization


IS00 - Number range maintenance: ISMP
IS01 - Solution DB - Create/Display/Change
IS02 - Text Indexing for Solution Database
IS03 - Number range maintenance: ISOL
ISAESCR86EKES - Aggregate Vendor Confirmations
ISAESCRME84MD07 - Start MD07 via Report
ISAUTO_MRNB - Automotive Revaluation
ISAUTO_OMRM - ERS Customer-Specific Notifications
ISAUTO_SICASN1 - Create Inbound Delivery (Web)
ISAUTO_SICASN2 - Update Inbound Delivery (Web) ISA...

ISBROK_ACTBAL - Broker Balance Display
ISCA - Define Symptom Type
ISCB - Define Solution Type
ISCC - Define Symptom Categories
ISCD - Define Solution Categories
ISCDTOOL12 - Internal: Payt Plan Simulation Test
ISCDTOOL13 - Internal: Payt Plan Tables Display ISC...

ISE0 - Funds Management
ISHN1 - Create Shift Note
ISHN2 - Change Shift Note
ISHN3 - Display Shift Note
ISHN4 - List Shift Notes for Tech. Objects
ISHR1 - Create Shift Report for Techn. Obj.
ISHR2 - Change Shift Report for Techn. Obj. ISH...

ISIPI_CP - Consignment processing (Web)
ISIPI_CS - Display current schedules (Web)
ISIPI_ESP - External Service Provider Service
ISIPI_OEPM - Ordering packaging material (Web)
ISIPI_POD - Proof of Delivery
ISIPI_PUL - Display current pickup sheets (WEB) ISI...

ISJP_CR - Invoice Summary Processing
ISJP_MD - Master Data for Invoice Summary
ISJP_PR - Invoice Summary Printing
ISJP_SNRO - Number Range for Invoice Summary
ISJP_STR - Invoice Summary Status Report
ISJP_VA - Maintenance of Virtual Accounts ISJ...

ISMCA00 - Account Assgt for Main Transaction
ISMCA01 - Account Assgt for Sub-Transaction
ISMCA03 - Derive Transaction from IS-M
ISMCA04 - Derive Document Type from IS-M
ISMCA05 - Derive Document Type from IS-M
ISMCA06 - Derive Document Type from IS-M ISM...

ISNR - Number range maintenance: ISDB
ISP4 - Text
ISSR_DSUMB - Transfer Stat. Rep. Data
ISSR_GEN_TOPINCL - Transaction to generate top include
IST01 - Generate Phone Number Reconnect File
ISTCA00 - Account Determ.: IS-T Receiv. Accnts
ISTCA01 - Account Determ.: IS-T Revenue Accnts
ISTCA10 - IS-T Account Display: Specifications
ISTCA31 - Cash Desk: Specifications
ISTCA32 - Cash Desk: Specifications IST...

ISUBDMARK - Configuration marker function
ISUCC - CIC customizing menu
ISU_BOL_BROWSER - Browser for Business Object Layer
ISU_BOL_TREE - Utilities BOL Tree definition
ISU_CRM_IL_REMOTE - Dummy for Remote IL Access
ISU_IL_MODEL - Utilities genIL-model definition ISU...


IT00 - Test IAC
IT01 - Maintain IDES path for Internet
IT03 - Test IAC: internal development
IT12 - Test IAC language-dependent
IT13 - Test IAC: language-independ template
IT18 - Test IAC: start service via call TA
IT19 - Test IAC: Call Trans Skip Screen
IT50 - IAC Test Includes
IT5200 - ITS Test Transaction with S Message
ITAGCYCALL - Call Agency Coll. with Activity
ITAGCYCOINS - Agency Collections: Coins Shares
ITAGCYCOMMCTRL - Agency Coll.: Commission Monitoring
ITAGCYCOSTCTRL - Agency Collections: Cost Control
ITAGCYCUST - IMG Activities for Agency Coll.
ITAGCYSUBCOMMCLR - Agency Coll.: Clear Stat. Comm. ITA...

ITBLIST - Italy Black List Declaration
ITC_ORG_MAPPING - Define iTime Clock Org Mapping
ITMF_NF_ACCT - Accounting Nota Fiscal Writer
ITMOBILE00 - Test Transaction for Mobile Devices
ITMOBILE01 - Test Transaction for Mobile Devices
ITMOBILE02 - Test Transaction for Voice Input
ITRBX - Test IAC for sapjulep Rabaxes
ITS150_DES_1 - ITS150: Design Changes
ITSMOBILE_CERT_VOICE - ITSmobile Voice Certification
ITSR00 - Foreign Trade Declaration (Generic)
ITSR02 - FTRD Customizing Check Report
ITS_DOCU - ITS SAP Script Documentation
ITVAT_D - VAT report for Italy: detailed list
ITVAT_M - Monthly VAT report for Italy
ITVAT_Q - VAT quarterly report for Italy
ITVCL - Vendor Customer List (Italy)
ITW5200 - Wrapper for it5200


IUEEDPPLOTAALC2 - Distribute Aggr. Paymnt from Billing
IUEEDPPLOTAALC3 - Allocate Payment to Distr. Lot
IUEEDPPLOTAALC4 - Process Distr. Lot (Rev. and Reset)
IUEEDPPLOTAALC5 - Process Distribution Lot
IUID_GENERATE - Generation of Internal UIIs
IUID_MAN_MAINT - Create IUID Change Messages Manually
IUUC - maintain tables for IUUC
IUUCAT - Analysis Tasks
IUUC_ACTIVATE_UC_MOD - Activate unicode conversion mode
IUUC_CMP_TAB_ENTRIES - compare # tab entries in snd/rcv sys
IUUC_CONTROL_UMG - Prepare IUUC mode for Unicode conver
IUUC_CREATE_MT_ENTRY - Create Mass Transfer ID IUU...


IW00 -
IW12 - Document flow list
IW13 - Material Where-used List
IW20 - Quality Notification No. Assignment
IW21 - Create PM Notification - General
IW22 - Change PM Notification
IW23 - Display PM Notification
IW24 - Create PM Malfunction Report
IW25 - Create PM Activity Report IW2...

IW30 - Notification List (Multi-Level)
IW31 - Create Order
IW33 - Display PM Order
IW34 - PM Order for PM Notification
IW36 - Create PM Sub-Order IW3...

IW40 - Display Orders (Multi-Level)
IW40N - Operation Cost Overview
IW41 - Enter PM Order Confirmation
IW42 - Overall Completion Confirmation
IW43 - Display PM Order Confirmation
IW44 - PM Order Collective Confirmation IW4...

IW51 - Create Service Notification-General
IW52 - Change Service Notification
IW53 - Display Service Notification
IW54 - Create Service Notification-Malfn.
IW55 - Create Activity Report
IW56 - Create service request IW5...

IW61 - Create Historical PM Order
IW62 - Change Historical Order
IW63 - Display Historical PM Order
IW64 - Change Activities
IW65 - Display activities
IW66 - Change Tasks IW6...

IW70 - Orders Overall Network Scheduling
IW72 - Change Service Order
IW73 - Display Service Order
IW74 - Change Contract for Serviceable Item
IW75 - Display Serviceable Item Contract
IW81 - Create Refurbishment Order
IW8W - Goods Receipt f. Refurbishment Order
IWBK - Material availability information
IWP01 - Audit Package Handling
IWP_AREA - Define Audit Area
IWP_CALLBACK_DEFINE - Define Callback Destination
IWP_COMPARE_AREA - Compare Audit Area with Meta-Data
IWP_CREP - Content Repos. Retention Warehouse IWP...

IWR1 - Create / Change Revision
IWR2 - Display Revision
IWWW - Create Service Notification (WWW)


I_GRAPH_MONITOR - Monitor for Jobs

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