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HAP_TAB_CONF - Start Tab and Process Configuration


HB01 - Create Business entity
HB02 - Change Business entity
HB03 - Display Business entity
HB11 - Create Building
HB12 - Change Building
HB13 - Display Building
HB18 - Sales mode building display
HB21 - Create Sales units
HB22 - Change Sales units
HB23 - Display Sales units
HB28 - Sales display 'Sales units'
HB31 - Create Lot
HB32 - Change Lot
HB33 - Display Lot
HB38 - Sales driven display lot
HBA2 - Change affected building list
HBA3 - Display affected building list
HBAG - Master data generation for re-scm
HBCX - Order cancellation for RE-SCM
HBF2 - Change Fit-List
HBF3 - Display Fit-List
HBIS1 - Building List Report
HBIS2 - Business entity List report
HBIS3 - Sales unit List report
HBIS4 - Lot List report
HBPF - Pre-Sales Browser (no splash)
HBPS - Pre-Sales Browser
HBR2 - Change Rules
HBR3 - Display Rules
HBS0 - (old) Create RE-SCM Sales Order
HBS1 - (old) Create RE-SCM Inquiry
HBS2 - (old) Create RE-SCM Quotation
HB_CO44 - Enhanced project scheduling


HCMWAOKOPL1 - Cost Planning


HDBC - ERP Accelerators: Settings
HDBHIER - Maintain set hierarchies for HDB
HDBS - ERP Accelerators: Settings
HDBS_ERROR - ERP Accelerators: Settings
HDBVIEWS - Analysis and generation of HDB views
HDB_APPL_SYNC - Sync Accelerator Config Entries HDB...

HDS - Initial Screen - HDS
HDS2 - HDS: Alternative Initial Screen
HDS_HELP - HDS Implementation Aids
HDS_OVERVIEW - HDS: Overview of HDS Trees
HDS_START_DIRECT - HDS Start for Parameter Transaction


HELLO_T_WORLD - Hello World
HER1 - Branch to Money Market Structure
HER2 - Branch to Foreign Exchange Structure
HER3 - Branch to Derivatives Structure
HERB - Structure call TRGF


HIER - Application Hierarchy Maintenance
HINU_ESEP_DI - E-Separation: Display Requests
HINU_ESEP_MUG - E-Sep : Assigning Users/Position
HINU_ESEP_TP - E-Separation Trigger Processes


HMC2 - DG: Specify Transport Type
HMC4 - DG: DG Classes and Letters
HMC6 - DG: Dialog Danger Label
HMC7 - DG: Dialog DG Reg-Spec PackagingCode
HMC9 - DG: Dialog Packaging Regulation
HMCA - EHS DGM: Hazard Inducer Types HMC...

HMU1 - Convert Haz.-Inducers to Substances
HMU2 - Convert Hazard-Inducing Substances
HMU3 - Convert Dangerous Goods Descriptions
HMU4 - Convert Non-DG Indicators
HMXD - DG: Hazard-Inducing Substances
HMXV - DG UN Number and Description
HMY1 - Converting Phrases in Table Fields


HOSH - Maintenance View for Table ADMI_CRIT


HPAYBR_DISP_LOG - View Legal Reports Logs
HPAYPL1 - Per period


HR00 - HR Report Selection
HR99B00_HRCSW_NFWOF - Switch Output with Form Framework
HR99S00_DAQVIEW - DAQ viewer
HR99S00_TEMSE_VIEWER - Temse Viewer
HRALEX_PROTOCOL - Log Extended ALE Distribution
HRASR00_WFC_COMP - Interactive Components
HRASR00_WFC_DRAFT - Draft for Process Start
HRASR00_WFC_DRAFTERR - Draft for Process Start with Error
HRASR00_WFC_EXCPTHND - Exception Handling: Asynchron. Call
HRASR00_WFC_PROC - Workflow Template for Sample Process HRA...

HRBAS_CHECK_INFTY - Test Decoupled Infotypes
HRBAS_GENL_MDL_BWROS - Model Browser for GenIL Applications
HRBAS_HRPDBOL_TA - Edit Infotype Objects in BOL HRPD
HRBEN0000 - Benefits Application Menu
HRBEN0001 - Enrollment
HRBEN0003 - Participation Monitor HRB...

HRCCEAU_CADV - Display of Advance pay results
HRCCEAU_PU01 - Delete Advance pay results AU (Q4)
HRCLM0001 - Claims processing data entry
HRCLM0002 - Record Claims
HRCLM0010 - Jump from IMG to maintenence views
HRCLM0015 - Display Entitlements and Claims HRC...

HRDCT_D_TABLES - Declustering Transparent Tables
HRDCT_LOAD_PT_B2 - Declustering - Initial Load PT B2
HRDCT_LOAD_PY_BR - Initial declustering
HRDCT_LOAD_PY_CN - Declustering Tools - Initial Load PY
HRDCT_LOAD_PY_IN - Declustering Tools - Initial Load PY
HRDCT_LOAD_PY_RD - Declus. Tools: Initial Data Transfer HRD...

HREFI_UPDATE - E-filing Update Infotypes
HREIC - Start Employee Interaction Center
HREIC_ADJCUST - Customizing Synchronization for EIC
HREIC_AUTHQUERY - Define Authentication Query
HREIC_CATALOG_EIC - EIC:Catalog for Evaluation Forms
HREIC_CATEGORY - EIC: Maintain Category Catalog HRE...

HRFBN0001 - Enrollment
HRFBN0012 - GB Flexbens Core Plan Enrolment
HRFBN0013 - GB Flexbens Standard Plan Enrolment
HRFBN0014 - Termination of Participation
HRFBN0041 - Jump from IMG into Maintenance Views
HRFBN0072 - Participation HRF...

HRGPBSSNORHR_GB_HEID - Number range maintenace HR_GB_HEID
HRGPBSSNORP08_HESA - Number range maintenace P08_HESA
HRGPBS_HESA_NISR_C01 - HESA NISR new records conversion
HRGPBS_HESA_NISR_C02 - Batch input for HESA NISR
HRGPBS_IN1 - CLASS Interface (TemSe or Database) HRG...

HRICP_CONSM_DEL - Deletion of Consumers
HRIDMDISPLAYLOG - HR-IDM: Display wizard log
HRINT_WF_NHXIFOLWUP - Follow up workflow for New Hire msg.
HRLDAP_MAP - Assign Query Field -> LDAP Attribute
HRMGE0010 - Offer Letter for global employees
HRMGE0020C - Change Items List
HRMGE0020D - Display Items List
HRMGE0030 - Compensation Overview (GECCO)
HRMGE0050 - Customize Office templates
HRMGE0060 - Generate Compensation Packages HRM...

HROBJ - Customizing HR
HROM - Organizational Management reports
HRPADBG_CNUM - Number Range Maintenance: HR_BG_CNUM
HRPADJP_BP_ASNPRD - Assignment period generation for BP
HRPADJP_BP_PNTASN - Tool: Retire. benefit Point Assign.
HRPADJP_BT_BOTAX - Business Office Tax List
HRPADJP_CP_ASNPRD - Assignment period generation for CP
HRPADJP_CP_BNCHK - Tool: Benefit Eligibility Check HRP...

HRRCF_ACT_CREA_2 - Wflow Customizing Follow-Up Activity
HRRCF_APPROVE_POS - Workflow Customizing for Approvals
HRRCF_APPROVE_REQ - Workflow Customizing for Approvals
HRRCF_APPROVE_REQ_2 - Workflow Customizing: Approvals (WD) HRR...

HRSFI_AR_HRP1000 - SFI Analytics Report: HRP1000
HRSFI_AR_HRP1001 - SFI Analytics Report: HRP1001
HRSFI_AR_PA0000 - SFI Analytics Report: PA0000
HRSFI_AR_PA0001 - SFI Analytics Report: PA0001
HRSFI_AR_PA0002 - SFI Analytics Report: PA0002
HRSFI_AR_PA0007 - SFI Analytics Report: PA0007 HRS...

HRTMC_ADJUST_TM_REL - Adjust Talent Relationships
HRTMC_CATALOG_TMC - TMC Catalog for Appraisal Forms
HRTMC_COMP_FOLLOW_UP - Transfer Competency Assessments
HRTMC_CONF_ASSESS - Start WD Application
HRTMC_LPA - Reporting LPA: EE Independent

HRUA_MIGRAWARDS - Migration of Awards Data
HRUA_MILITARY_LIST - Military Status List
HRUA_MILITARY_STATUS - Military Status Management
HRUA_T54 - Form T-54a
HRUCDTF0 - DME: Cancel Transfers
HRULCALCSEN - Results of Seniority Calculation HRU...

HRWAOCOMP - EWT: Compensation
HRWAOHEAD - EWT: Headcount Plan
HRWAOSTATUSQUO - Status Quo Reporting
HRWFD_EM - WFD - HCM Employee Maintenance
HRWF_SETVACANCY - Maint. WF 01000040: Create Vacancy
HRWPC_CMP_WORKFLOW - Workflow Custom. Comp. Adjustment HRW...

HR_FEED_SUBSCRIPTION - Subscribe User and Role to Work Feed
HR_LSO_AD_HOC_QUERY - SAP LSO: Ad Hoc Query (Courses)
HR_NAMESPACE - Query HR Namespace


HSMC01 - Activate Hazardous Substance Checks
HSMD - EHS: Hazardous Substance
HSMR01 - EHS: Fill Hazardous Substance Master
HSMR02 - EHS: Distribute Haz. Subs. Master
HSMR03 - EHS: Change Doc. Haz. Subs. Master
HSMR04 - EHS: Activate Phrases HSM...




HU00 - Handling units
HU02 - Creating and Changing Handling Units
HU03 - Display of HUs
HU04 - Creation of HUs with stock
HU05 - Display of HUs for object
HUCANC - Matl Doc. Cancellation of HU Gds Mvt
HUCOWA - Display Staged HUs
HUCOWE - Display Manufactured HUs
HUDIFF - Adjustment of HU Stocks
HUEX - Number Range Maintenance: HU_VEKP
HUGO - Settings for Travel Planning
HUIBD - Handling Units for Inbound Delivery
HUIND - Database Indexes for Handling Units
HUINV01 - Create HU Phys. Inventory Documents
HUINV02 - Change HU Phys. Inventory Document
HUINV03 - Enter Counted Qty for HU Phys. Inv.
HUINV04 - Analysis of HU Phys. Inv. Documents HUI...

HUMAT - Handling Units Related to Matl Doc.
HUMO - HU Monitor
HUNK - Number range maintenance: LE_HU
HUNKUMP - Number range maintenance: LE_HU_UMP
HUOBD - Display HUs for Outbound Delivery
HUP1 - HU creation in production
HUP10 - Stock: Plan HUs - General
HUP11 - Stock: Plan HUs Without Order
HUP12 - Stock: Plan HUs for Order
HUP13 - Stock: Plan HUs for Delivery
HUP14 - Stock: Plan HUs for Purchase Order HUP...

HUTRA - Display HUs for Shipment
HUVTRF - Assign HUs to a Shipment

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