SAP T-Codes

SAP T-Codes Index by E


Index of SAP T-Codes Objects


E1DY - Create/Rep. Dynamic Schedule Records


E25M - Extend Budget Billing Plan
E25T - Select BillOrder/Uninvoiced BillDocs
E2DY - Change/Display Dyn. Schedule Records


E309 - Define Air Pressure Areas
E3DY - Delete Dynamic Schedule Records


E40A - Display Sched. Recs
E40B - Change Sched. Recs
E41A - Display Portion
E41B - Create Portion
E41C - Change Portion
E41D - List of Sched. Master Recs
E41E - Delete Portion
E41F - Display MR Units E41...

E42A - Display Parameter Recs
E42B - Create Parameter Recs
E42C - Change Parameter Recs
E42D - List of Parameter Recs
E42F - Delete Parameter Rec
E43A - Generate Sched. Recs for Rec Types
E43B - Generate SRs of all MRUs of Portion
E43C - List of Sched. Recs
E43D - List of all MRUs of a Portion
E43E - Activate Meter Reading Units
E4DY - Delete Dynamic Schedule Records


E61CD - Delete Correspondence Data
E61D - Delete Budget Billing Plan
E61K - Maintain Defaults for BB Procedure
E61L - Charges Plan Active for Div. Cat. 06
E61M - Adjust BB Plans Automatically
E61PSD - Stop Payment Scheme E61...


EA00 - Test Billing of a Contract
EA04 - Maintain Specifs for PayMeth.Determ.
EA05 - Display and Release Outsortings
EA10 - Document Invoicing
EA10_AGGRBILL - Create Aggregated Bill
EA10_COLL - Create collective bill
EA11 - Budget Billing Invoicing
EA12 - Request Budget Billing Amounts
EA12IC - Req.Budg.Bill.Amts for IC (Deregul.) EA1...

EA20 - Reverse Billing Document
EA21 - Adjustment Reversal Billing Docs
EA22 - Display Billing Document
EA22_TOOL - Billing Tool
EA24 - Delete Adj. Reversal frm Bill.Order
EA25 - Create Partial Bill (Individual) EA2...

EA30 - Create Rate
EA31 - Change Rate
EA32 - Display Rate
EA33 - Mass Processing: Bill Reversal
EA34 - Mass Processing: Full Reversal
EA35 - Create Schema EA3...

EA40 - Display Print Document
EA43 - Generate SRs of a Record Type
EA44 - Delete Sched. Recs
EA44M - Mass Deletion of Schedule Records
EA45 - Create Consumption and Partial Bill
EA46 - Create Consumption and Partial Bill EA4...

EA50 - Create Operand
EA51 - Change Operand
EA52 - Display Operand
EA53 - Create Rate Cat.
EA54 - Chg. Rate Cat.
EA55 - Display Rate Cat. EA5...

EA60 - Print Invoicing Document
EA61 - Create BB Plan
EA61EX - Budget Billing Change
EA61IC - Create Budget Billing Plan for IC
EA61PS - Create Payment Scheme
EA62 - Change BB Plan EA6...

EA70 - Create Billing Cal. Value
EA71 - Change Billing Cal. Value
EA72 - Display Billing Cal. Value
EA73 - Create Gas Procedure
EA74 - Change Gas Proced.
EA75 - Display Gas Procedure EA7...

EA80 - Change Vol. Corr. Fact.Proc.
EA81 - Display Vol. Corr. Fact. Proc.
EA85 - Maintain Burning Hour Calendar
EA86 - Copy Burng Hr Calendar for One Year
EA87 - Rate Determination
EA88 - Maintain Variant EA8...

EA90 - Change Price
EA91 - Display Price
EA92 - Maintain Price Adjustment Clause
EA97 - Evaluation 1: Variants R/2 <-> ERP
EA98 - Evaluation 2: Variants R/2 <-> ERP
EA99 - Eval. of Variants EA9...

EABBP - Archive Budget Billing Plans
EABI - Billing/Invoicing log display
EABICO - Bill Correction
EABIH - Archive Billing Document Headers
EABIL - Archive Billing Document Line Items
EABR - IS-U Billing EAB...

EACCBAL - Acct Balnce Display for Deregulation
EACCMAIN - Manual Acct Maintenance for Supplier
EACOLLREV - Select Reversed Documents (SR)
EADYN - Define Dynamic Period Control
EAFACTS - Archive Installation Facts
EAIN - Billing/Invoicing log display
EALOGBI_1 - Detail display: MiniApp EMAP_LOGBI
EALOGIN_1 - Detail display MiniApp EMAP_LOGIN
EALZ - Logical Register Numbers
EAMABI - Mass Billing
EAMACB - Consumption History from Inv. Line
EAMACF - Consumption History from Inst. Facts
EAMACH - Mass Overall Check
EAMASI - Mass Billing Simulation
EAMICAG - Change AMI Activation Group EAM...

EAN1 - Create GTIN Mapping
EAN2 - Change GTIN Mapping
EAN3 - Display GTIN Mapping
EAN4 - Create GTIN Mapping with Template
EANC1 - Cond.: Field Cat. GTIN Mapping
EANC2 - CondTab: Create (GTIN Mapping) EAN...

EAOUT - Display Outsourcing for Bill/Inv.
EAOUTL - Cross-Contract Billing
EAOUT_1 - Detail display MiniApp EMAP_OUTBIIN
EAPDH - Archive Print Document Headers
EAPDL - Archive Print Document Line Items
EARDISP01 - Display Archive: Print Doc. Header
EARDISP02 - Display Archive: Print Document Itms
EARDISP03 - Display Archive: Billing Document
EARDISP04 - Display Archive: Budget Billng Plans
EARDISP05 - Display Archive: Billing Doc. Lines
EARDISP06 - Display Archive: MR Results EAR...

EASIBI - Create Individual Bill
EASICH - Individual Overall Check
EASIM - Simulation Scenarios
EASIM01 - Simulation f. Backbill. and PE Bill.
EASISI - Create Individ. Simulation
EASY - Tool:Search For/Call-Up Transactions EAS...

EATAXROUND_JP - Amount Rounding for Jap. Tax Calcul.
EATB - ISU: Turbo Billing
EATR - Mass Activity: Create Bill/Part.Bill
EAXX - IS-U Billing
EA_BSCHEXT_DISP - Billing Schema Extension Overview
EA_DOWNLOAD - Download Billing Master Data
EA_TRANSPORT - Complete Transport of Master Data
EA_UPLOAD - Upload Billing Master Data


EBAA - Connection object overview
EBO1 - Create boleto for bills
EBPMSG - Create Message in EBP for Sol.Mgr.
EBPP - EBPP - Demo
EBPP_APAR_SUPPORT - Support Transaction for Bill. Direct
EBPP_AR_CONTACTS - EBPP: Remarks Created
EBPP_AR_MATCH - EBPP: Assignmt of User to Accounts
EBPP_AR_T042ICC - Account Determination Payment Cards EBP...

EBR_CATCFOP - CFOP Category Determination -ISU
EBR_COMPROVRET - Yearly discounted IRPJ by customer
EBR_LIVICMS - Update EBRLIVICMS table for Brazil
EBR_MATCATCFOP - Mat Categ Determination CFOP - ISU
EBR_TE011BR - Quantity dependent tax determination EBR...

EBW_DQ_CS - Marketing: Consumpt. -> Delta Queue
EBW_DQ_SS - Sales Statistics -> BW Delta Queue
EBW_SS_MON - Analysis of BW Extraction Orders


EC01 - Org.Object Copier: Company Code
EC02 - Org.Object Copier: Plant
EC03 - Org.Object Copier: Controlling Area
EC04 - Org.Object Copier: Sales Organizatn
EC05 - Org.Object Copier: Distribution Chnl
EC06 - Org.Object Copier: Division EC0...

EC10 - Org.Object Copier: Personnel Area
EC11 - Org.Object Copier: Personnel Subarea
EC12 - Org.Object Copier: Employee Subgroup
EC13 - Org.Object Copier: Purchasing Org.
EC14 - Org.Object Copier: Storage Location
EC15 - Org.Object Copier: Material Type EC1...

EC20 - IS-U Front Office
EC25 - IS-U navigator
EC30 - Maintain rate data
EC31 - Display Rate Data
EC50 - Create Move-In Doc.
EC50E - Create Move-In Document
EC51 - Change Move-In Document
EC51E - Change Move-In Document
EC52 - Display Move-In Doc.
EC52E - Display Move-In Document EC5...

EC60 - Initial Processing: Move-In/Out
EC6F - Initial Processing: Move-In/Out
EC70 - Accel.Entry: Move-In / Out / In/Out
EC85 - Create Disc. Doc.
EC86 - Change Disc. Doc.
EC87 - Display Disc. Doc.
ECBWPP - Prepare Extrapolation Indexes
ECENV_BP - Data environ. for business partner
ECENV_CO - Data environ. for connection object
ECENV_DV - Data environment for device
ECHE - Assignment of Visible Components
ECHT_CUST4INBOUNDSRV - Create ECH Process for Service Oper.
ECHT_PLX_MAINTENANCE - Define Payload Extraction Attributes
ECH_DEFLT_RESOL_SAP - SAP Default Resolution Strategy
ECH_MONI - Error and Conflict Handler Order
ECH_MONI_SEL - Error and Conflict Handler Selection ECH...

ECICACC - Konfiguration Autocall & Config
ECLP1 - Create Loyalty Account
ECLP2 - Change Loyalty Account
ECLP3 - Display Loyalty Account
ECMCUST - Customizing for ECM
ECMO - Overview of ECOs
ECMR - Overview of ECRs
ECM_APP_CONF - Edit ECM App to Rep mapping (custom)
ECM_APP_CONF_SAP - Edit ECM App to Rep mapping (SAP)
ECM_APP_SETTINGS - Edit ECM App definitions (custom) ECM...

ECNC - IS-U Navigator: Customizing
ECON1 - Maintain Concession Eligibility
ECON2 - Display Concession Eligibility
ECOP - Main Program for Entity Copier
ECP_CT04 - Change Characteristics
ECP_CT05 - Create Characteristics
ECP_FUNCT_TYPE - Maintain iView function types
ECRD1 - Create Redemption
ECRD2 - Change Redemption
ECRD3 - Display Redemption
ECRD4 - Mass Printout of Redemption Vouchers
ECRMREPL - Error Handling Replication CRM/IS-U
ECRMREPLM - Error Handling Replication CRM/IS-U ECR...

ECVBP02 - Customer Data Overview
ECVCO00 - Connection object overview
ECVE - Export Resources from Web Repository
ECVM - Generate Language Version Cust. Info
EC_TUTORIAL_TCD - eCATT Tutorial: TCD Command
EC_TUTORIAL_TESTDATA - eCATT: Demo for Test Data Management


EDATEXAGGR - Export Aggregated Messages
EDATEXAGGRMON - Monitor Aggregated Messages
EDATEXDELETE - Delete Data Exchange Task
EDATEXEVENTDUE - Monitoring of Due Date of Task
EDATEXEXECUTE - Execute Data Exchange Tasks
EDATEXEXECUTEMA - Mass Act.: Execute Data Exch. Tasks EDA...

EDEREG_ANALYSE - Analyses for POD/Service Provider
EDEREG_PODGROUP_GEN - Generate Point of Delivery Groups
EDESK_CUS - Customizing in Engineering Desktop
EDESK_IPPE - Product Designer Workbench
EDM1 - Monitor Profile Import
EDX_BALANCING - EDX: Message Comparison
EDX_DEL - EDX: Delete Messages (Test)
EDX_DUMP - EDX: Save Messages with Errors
EDX_LINK - EDX: Link Document to Attachments
EDX_LIST - EDX: Message Overview
EDX_POLL - EDX: Polling List Web Dynpro EDX...


EE25 - Budget Billing Amounts
EE52 - IS-U: Change Notification
EE53 - IS-U: Display Notification
EE72 - IS-U: Change Work Order
EE73 - IS-U: Display Work Order
EE73_WM_NOTIF_1 - Detail Display for MiniApp WM_NOTIF
EE73_WM_ORDER_1 - Detail display for MiniApp WM_ORDER
EEAK - Employment equity - Canada
EEDM00 - EDM Frame
EEDM01 - Maintain Profile
EEDM02 - Display Profile
EEDM04 - Maintain Profile Allocation
EEDM05 - Display Profile Allocation
EEDM06 - Create Profile Header EED...

EEFO_CREDIT_CREATE - Front Office: Create Credit Memo
EEFO_INSTMNTPLN_CREA - Front Office: Create Installmt Plan
EEIS1 - Output Unbilled Contracts
EEIS2 - Ouput Contr.Accts w/o BB Amounts
EEIS3 - Output Portion w/o BB Amount
EENERGY_AUD_IN - Transaction for Energy Audit India
EERCH_DEL - Only Relevant for DE
EERCH_EXP - Billing Document Extraction - Export
EERCH_IMP - Only relevant for Germany
EERD_DATA_DEL - Delete Print Document Extracts
EERD_DEL - Only Relevant for DE
EERD_EXP - Print Document Extracts - Export EER...

EEWB - Easy Enhancement Workbench
EEWC - System Data Maintenance
EEWM_CU_ANALYSIS - Analyze Operations in Task Lists
EEWM_ILCH - Change Inspection List
EEWM_ILCR - Create/Extend Inspection List
EEWM_ILDI - Display Inspection List EEW...

EEXTSYNPROF - Maint. View for Ext. Synth. Prof. ID
EE_CRM_CLASS_GENER - Generate class for set type


EFAK - IS-U Invoicing
EFAKTOR - Number Range Maintenance: ISU_FAKTOR
EFCC - Print Workbench Mass Processing
EFCM - Print Workbench Form Class Processg
EFCS - Print Workbench: Form Class
EFGM - Print Workbench Mass Processing
EFGN - Print Workbench: Mass Activation
EFRANCH_CHNG - Change Franchisee Management
EFRANCH_CRTE - Create Franchisee Management
EFRANCH_DISP - Display Franchisee Management
EFRANCH_EFFC - Performance evaluation for Franchise
EFRANCH_PODL - Proof of Delivery
EFRM - Print Workbench: Application Form EFR...

EFTP - Print Workbench Mass Processing
EFTR - Print Workbench: Generate Trans.List
EFTRADM - Translation of Application Forms
EFTRADMLANGUS - Print Workbench Mass Processing
EFTRLANGVEC - Language Transport Form Objects
EFTRSL - Print Wbench Trans. for Translation EFT...

EFUD - Print Workbench: Application Form


EG01 - Create Device Category
EG02 - Change Device Category
EG03 - Display Device Category
EG04 - Create Register Group
EG05 - Change Register Group
EG06 - Display Register Group EG0...

EG14 - Create Command
EG15 - Change Command
EG16 - Display Command
EG17 - Create Command Group
EG18 - Change Command Group
EG19 - Display Command Group EG1...

EG27 - Create Device Group
EG28 - Change Device Group
EG29 - Display Device Group
EG30 - Full Replacement
EG31 - Full Installation
EG32 - Full Removal
EG33 - Technical Installation
EG34 - Billing-Related Installation
EG35 - Billing-Related Removal EG3...

EG41 - Change device info record
EG42 - Device modification
EG43 - Display device info record
EG44 - Create device info record
EG50 - Inst./Removal/Repl.: Reversal
EG51 - Installation Reversal
EG52 - Reverse Technical Replacement
EG53 - Reverse Technical Removal
EG60 - Maintain Logical Register
EG61 - Display Logical Register
EG70 - Maintain Rate Data
EG71 - Display Rate Data
EG72 - Maintain Device Allocation
EG73 - Display Device Allocation
EG75 - Create Register Relationships
EG76 - Change Register Relationships EG7...

EG80 - Create Sample Lot
EG81 - Change Sample Lot
EG82 - Display Sample Lot
EG83 - Compile Sample Lot
EG84 - Determine Lot Devices
EG85 - Draw Sample Devices from Lot EG8...

EG90 - Create repl. orders/notifications
EG97 - Perform Certification
EGCONTRACT - Number Range Maintenance: ISU_GCONTR
EGMN - IS-U Device Management
EGPB - Assign Breakpoint to User
EGR - Number Range Maintenance: ISU_DGEN
EGRID_OVRW - Grid Overview
EGW1 - Create Winding Group
EGW2 - Change Winding Group
EGW3 - Display Winding Group


EHFND_BOPF_TEST - BOPF BO Test Data Handling
EHFND_CTRL_EXPORT - Export Control Regitser
EHFND_CUST_GENERATOR - EHS Management Customizing Generator
EHFND_LISU_CREATE - Create Listed Substance BOs
EHFND_LOC_SNRO - Specify Number Range for Location
EHFND_MWB - EHSM Mapping Workbench EHF...

EHHSS_AGT_SNRO - Maintain Number Range: EHHSSAGTID
EHHSS_INC_CFG_WFTASK - EHS Mgmt: Assign users to WF Tasks
EHHSS_INC_CR_FORM - EHS Mgmt: Generate Inc. Offline Form
EHHSS_JOB_SNRO - Maintain Number Range: EHHSSJOBID
EHHSS_RAS_CFG_WFTASK - EHS Mgmt: Assign users to WF Tasks
EHHSS_RAS_SNRO - Number range maintenance: EHHSSRASID EHH...

EHIL - IS-U Tools
EHPRC_80000009 - Specify Incoming Types
EHPRC_80000020 - Specify Environment Parameters
EHPRC_80000021 - Specify Selection Criteria BOMBOS
EHPRC_80000025 - Specify Regulatory Lists
EHPRC_80000027 - Manage User Exits
EHPRC_80000031 - Specify Env Parameters for Backend EHP...

EHQL - EH&S-QM: Display Logs
EHQMC1 - EH&S-QM: Maintain Types of Chars.
EHQMNUMCODE - EHS: Maintain Number Range for Codes
EHQMNUMGRP - EHS: Maintain No.Range for Code Grps
EHQMNUMSLST - EHS:Maintain No.Range for Phrase Set
EHSAMBTAET - Medical Services
EHSAMED - Occupational Health
EHSASSIGN - Assignment Protocol to Person
EHSASSLTA - Assignment LTA Rating from Work Area
EHSASSPERS - Person list for protocol assignment
EHSBC02 - Edit Brief Consultation EHS...

EHVD - HTML Customer Overview: Select Data


EI01 - UIS: Activate Update
EI03 - UIS: Change Communication Structure
EI10 - UIS: Execute Evaluation
EI11 - UIS: Create Evaluation
EI12 - UIS: Change Evaluation
EI13 - UIS: Display Evaluation
EI14 - UIS: Settings for Standard Analysis
EI18 - UIS: Create Field Catalog EI1...

EI20 - UIS: Display Field Catalog
EI21 - UIS: Create Info Structure
EI22 - UIS: Change Info Structure
EI23 - UIS: Display Info Structure
EI24 - UIS: Create Update
EI25 - UIS: Change Update EI2...

EI30 - UIS: Simulate Document Update
EI31 - UIS: Statistics Update
EI32 - UIS: Setup of Statistical Data
EI35 - Set up stock statistics
EI44 - UIS: Rate Statistics Selection
EI45 - UIS: Rate Statistics Selection
EI72 - CO-PA: Statistical Update
EI80 - Check Document transfer COPA/BW/UIS
EIDECOM1 - Communication on Basis of Serv.Prov.
EIDECOM2 - Communication on Basis of Serv. Type
EIDESERV1 - Define Service Types
EIDESERV2 - Define Process Control
EIDESERV3 - Define Own Billable Services
EIDESERV4 - Define Third Party Billable Services EID...

EINF - IS-U Information System
EINV_AGR - Processing eFaktura Agreement
EINV_MASS - Mass update of CA with einvoice ref
EINV_NO - Number range maintenance: EINVNO
EINV_R - Process receipt file for eInvoice
EIS1 - UIS: Current Settings




EK01 - Acct Determ.: IS-U Receiv. Accounts
EK02 - Acct Determ.: IS-U Rev. Accts
EK03 - IS-U Argentinian Tax Determination
EK04 - Activ.Code Distrib.Type in Argentina
EK05 - Activ.Code Distrib.Type in Argentina
EK06 - Defaults for Acct Display BB Amounts EK0...

EK11 - Specifs: Source Item Charges in IP
EK12 - Down Payment Specifications
EK13 - Down Paym./Rec. Clearing Information
EK14 - C FI Maintain Table TFK022A/B
EK15 - Dunning Charge Invoicing
EK16 - Document Type: GI and VAT Perception EK1...

EK20 - Activate 2-Level Tax Determ. Code
EK21 - Maintain 2-Step Tax Determ. Ident.
EK22 - Payment Migration: Specifications
EK23 - Down Payment Request Payment Proc.
EK25 - Create Loan
EK26 - Change Loan EK2...

EK70 - Cust. Item Ind. -> Payment Block
EK71 - Cstmzng: Aggr. Posting of Inbnd Bill
EK72 - Transactions for Aggregated Posting
EK73 - Aggr. Bill: Trans. -> Offsetting Tr.
EK74 - Dereg. - Maintain Factory Calendar
EK75 - Conversion Int./Ext. Transaction EK7...

EK81 - Account Determ.: IS-T Receiv. Accnts
EK82 - Account Determ.: IS-T Revenue Accnts
EK92 - Create Payment Plan
EK93 - Change Payment Plan
EK93C - Combined Change of Payment Plans
EK93M - Adjust Payment Plans Automatically
EK94 - Display Payment Plan
EK94C - Combined Display of Payment Plans EK9...

EKND - IS-U Customer Service
EKS1 - PURCHIS: Statistics Update: Item Lvl
EKSR - Remove BBP from Collective Bill
EK_M100 - Defaults for Payment Medium ID
EK_R017 - Doc. Type for Stat. Fee in Argentina
EK_R100 - Def. Info. for Payment Medium ID
EK_R200 - Def. Info. for Security Dep. Transf.
EK_R201 - Def. Info for Sec.Dep.Trans. Revers.
EK_R230 - Dunning Grouping for Collections EK_...


EL01 - Execute Order Creation
EL06 - Execute Mass Order Creation
EL09 - Execute Order Creation
EL16 - Execute Order Output
EL18 - Execute Estimation
EL20 - Fast Entry
EL22 - Fast Entry With Correction
EL27 - Correction of Implausible Results
EL27_MRUNIT - Correct Implausible MRs for MR Unit
EL28 - Single Entry
EL29 - Correction of Plausible Results EL2...

EL30 - Estimate Meter Reading Results
EL31 - Manual Monitoring
EL32 - Automatic Monitoring
EL35 - Meter Reading Order Output
EL37 - Reverse Meter Reading Order Creation
EL37_WO_MRUNIT - Reverse MRRs w/o Order Creation EL3...

EL40 - Maintain Street Route
EL41 - Display Street Route
EL42 - Display Meter Reading Units
EL43 - Device Overview
EL44 - MAU Planning Meter Reading Orders
EL50 - Create Meter Reading Group
EL51 - Change Meter Reading Group
EL52 - Display Meter Reading Group
EL56 - Change Periodic Consumption
EL57 - Display period consumption
EL59 - Mass Change Meter Reading Units EL5...

EL60 - Activation EB for Individ. Install.
EL61 - Activation EB for Amount of Install.
EL62 - Deactivation of EB for Ind. Install.
EL70 - List of Implausible MR Results
ELDM - Monitoring of IDocs Processed
ELEU - Upload of Meter Reading Results
ELMRDEL - Delete Reversed Meter Readings
ELMU - Upload
ELOC - Manage Container Location
ELSIG00 - Signature Strategy
ELSIG01 - Authorization Grp Digital Signatures
ELSIG02 - Digital Signature
ELSIG03 - Signature Method for Signat. Object
ELSIG03N - Signature Method for Signat. Object
EL_MA_MRIDOC - Process IDocs with errors


EM10 - Goods Movement via Serial Numbers
EMAIL - SAPconnect Easy EMail
EMASN - IDoc Monitor for Inb. Ship. Notific.
EMC_JP - Transaction code for Japan EMC
EMDUSCRTRQ - Create MDUS Request
EMDUSCRTRQ_MA - Mass Activity: Create MDUS Request
EMDUSFORM - Edit Time-of-Use Formula
EMDUSIFACE - Edit Time-of-Use Interface
EMFOR - Monitor for Forecast/JIT Del.Sched.
EMIGALL - IS-U Migration
EMIGCMP - IS-U Migration Company Maintenance
EMIGCNV - IS-U Mig: Maintain Conversion Obj.
EMIGCOM - Compare with migration Customizing
EMIGFLD - IS-U Migration: Maintain Fields
EMIGFVA - Fixed Value Maintenance EMI...

EMJIT - IDoc Monitor for JIT Calls
EMMA - Log Analysis and Case Creation
EMMAC1 - Create Case
EMMAC2 - Change Case
EMMAC3 - Display Case
EMMACAP - Run Automatic Processes for Cases
EMMACC - Cust. Tab. Add. Data in Transaction EMM...

EMORD - IDoc Monitor for SD Orders
EMSG - Maintenance of Message Groups
EMTB - Mass Activity: Turbo Billing
EMU1 - Convert Loans to EURO
EMU2 - Reset Conversion to EURO


EN00 - Number Range Maintenance: ISU_ERDK
EN01 - Subscreens for Simple Notification
EN03 - No. Range Maint.: ISU_EHAU
EN04 - Number Range Maint.: ISU_EVBS
EN05 - No. Range Maint.: ISU_EDCN
EN06 - No. Range Maint.: ISU_EANL EN0...

EN10 - Number Range Maintenance: ISU_EWAORD
EN11 - No. Range Maint.: ISU_EZWG
EN12 - No. Range Maint.: ISU_EKOG
EN13 - No. Range Maint.: ISU_EEAG
EN15 - No. Range Maint.: ISU_EABL
EN17 - Number Range Maintenance: ISU_EVER EN1...

EN20 - Number Range Maintenance: ISU_IDETRA
EN22 - No. Range Maint.: ISU_EDSC
EN23 - Number Range Maintenance: ISU_EPREI
EN25 - No. Range Maint.: ISU_EABP
EN27 - No. Range Maint.: ISU_DEVGRP
EN40 - Number Range Maintenance: ISU_IDCDOC
EN41 - Number Range Maintenance: ISU_IDCDCI
EN43 - No. Range Maint.: ISU_EKON
EN50 - No. Range Maint.: ISU_EEIN
EN55 - No. Range Maint.: ISU_EAUS
EN70 - Number Range Maintenance: ISU_PRDOC
EN80 - No. Range Maint.: ISU_TE271
EN99 - General Foreign Trade Processing
ENBI - Number Range Maintenance: ISU_BIRUN
ENCLEAN - Number Range Maintenance: ISU_ECLEAN
ENCO - Printing / Communication
ENCONDI - Number Range Maintenance: ISU_CONDI
ENDELIVER - Number Range Maintenance: EWAEL_DELI
ENEDMCR - Number Range Maintenance: ISU_EDM_CR
ENEDMFI - Number Range Maintenance: ISU_EDM_FI
ENEDMIB - Number Range Maintenance: ISU_EDM_IB
ENEDMPRO - Number Range Maintenance: ISU_EDMP
ENEDMPROT - Number Range Maintenance: ISU_EDMPT
ENEDMSC - Number Range Maintenance: ISU_EDM_SC ENE...

ENFO - Foreign Trade/Customs: Init. Screen
ENGK - Legal control
ENGR - Periodic Declarations
ENHE_SYNCSUB - Match Up Specification Data
ENHE_SYNCUNIT - Match Up Dimension/Unit of Measure
ENIDESWD - Number Range Maintenance: ISU_IDESWD
ENIN - Number range maint. ISU_INDEXN
ENLO - Documentary Payments
ENLP - Number Range Maintenance: ISU_LOGLPR
ENNR - No. Range Maint.: ISU_LOGINR
ENOBJAD - Number Range Maintenance: EWA_OBJAD
ENPA - FT: Enjoy: Period-end Closings
ENPR - Preference Handling
ENPS - No. Range Maint.: ISU_EABP
ENRD - Number Range Maintenance: ISU_ERDMP
ENROB - Number Range Maintenance: ISU_EWAROB
ENROUTE - Number Range Maintenance: ISU_EROUTE
ENSAMPLE - Number Range Maintenance: EWAEL_SMPL
ENSERVAD - Number Range Maintenance: EWA_SERVAD
ENSL - Cockpit: Sanctioned Party List
ENSV - Foreign Trade Data Maintenance
ENTOUEXCEPT - TOU Exception Number Range ISU_TOUEX
ENVD - CIC: Data Environment Maintenance
ENVOUCHER - Number Range Maintenance: EWAWA_PGR
ENWDPL - Number Range Maintenance: EWAEL_WDPT
ENWDPPROC - Number Range Maintenance: EWAEL_WDPP
ENWEIGH - Number Range Maintenance: EWAWA_WPNR
ENWEIGHFAV - Number Range Maintenance: EWAWA_WFAV
ENWEIGHOFL - Number Range Maintenance: EWAWA_WONR
ENWK - No. Range Maint.: ISU_EWIK ENW...

ENZD - Customs Objects: Documentation/Info.
ENZW - No. Range Maint.: ISU_LOGIZW


EOLA - Master Data Tab


EP01 - Customizing: Transaction Statistics
EP02 - Customizing: Stock Statistics
EPA1 - Create Print Action Record
EPA2 - Change Print Action Record
EPA3 - Display Print Action Record
EPAR - List Print Action Records
EPDHIER - Display Hierarchy of MDT Category
EPDTYPE - IS-U MD Generator: MDT Categories
EPERS - IS-U Report Var. Maint. for MiniApps
EPFCGROUP - Price Simulation Group
EPFCGROUP_DISPLAY - Display Price Simulation Groups
EPIC_BC - Start Bank Communication Monitor
EPIC_BRM - Bank Receipt Management
EPIC_BRM_CLAIM - Claim Bank Receipts
EPIC_BRM_EDIT - Claim Bank Receipts
EPIC_BRM_POST - Claim Bank Receipts
EPIC_LOGON - Maintain Bank Comm logon data EPI...

EPLOT - Repayment on Account
EPMC - Customizing: Plant Manager
EPM_REPORT_START - Start Report With Variant
EPODSRVC1 - Create point of delivery services
EPODSRVC2 - Change point of delivery services
EPODSRVC3 - Display point of delivery services
EPOD_ARCHIVE_DL - Deleting the Proof of Delivery
EPOD_ARCHIVE_WR - Archiving the Proof of Delivery
EPPM - Number Range Maintenance: ISU_PREPAY
EPRACT - Number Range Maintenance: ISU_PRACT
EPREPAY - Amount Mgmt of Prepayment Meter
EPREPAYFREE - Release locked PPM entries
EPREPAY_RELEASE - Release locked PPM entries
EPRICE_UPLOAD - Import IS-U Prices from Excel
EPRODCUST - IS-U MD Template: Customizing EPR...


EQ01 - Field Selection: Contract (IMG)
EQ02 - Field Sel: Connection Object (IMG)
EQ03 - Field Selection: Premise (IMG)
EQ04 - Field Selection: Installation (IMG)
EQ05 - Field Sel: Device Location (IMG)
EQ06 - Field Sel: Initial Screen - Move-Out EQ0...

EQ10 - Field Selection for Property (IMG)
EQ11 - Field Selection for WDO Header
EQ12 - Field Selection for WDO Item
EQ20 - Field Sel. for Accel. Weighing Entry
EQ30 - Search Help for Parameter Recs (IMG)
EQ31 - Search Help for Portions (IMG)
EQ32 - Search Help for MR Units (IMG)
EQ33 - Search Help for Contracts (IMG)
EQ34 - Search Help for Conn. Objects (IMG)
EQ35 - Search Help for Premises (IMG) EQ3...

EQ40 - Search Help for Command Groups (IMG)
EQ42 - Search Help for Winding Groups (IMG)
EQ43 - Search Help for Device Categs (IMG)
EQ44 - Search Help for Devices (IMG)
EQ45 - Search Help for Lots (IMG)
EQ46 - Search Help for Rates (IMG) EQ4...

EQ50 - Search Help for Franchise Cont.(IMG)
EQ51 - Search Help for Print Docs (IMG)
EQ52 - Search Help for BB Plans (IMG)
EQ53 - Search Help for Billing Docs (IMG)
EQ54 - Search Help for Move-In Docs (IMG)
EQ55 - Search Help for Move-Out Docs (IMG) EQ5...

EQ60 - Search Help for Cont. Location (IMG)
EQ61 - Srch Help for BP for Cont.Loc. (IMG)
EQ62 - Srch Help for Guarantor Cntrct (IMG)
EQ80 - Check Sub-Transactions for Rates
EQ81 - Display Migration Handbook (IMG)
EQ82 - Billing Master Data Transport (IMG)
EQ83 - Check Rates (IMG)
EQ84 - Check Activities (IMG)
EQ85 - Check Statistics Groups (IMG) EQ8...

EQ90 - Task Customizing for IS-U (IMG)
EQDTRIGGERMA - Process Qty Determination Trigger
EQMANAGER - Easy Query Manager
EQPREVIEW - Display for EQ Result Set Preview
EQSBGRFCMONITOR - bgRFC Monitor with Inbound Queue


ER30 - Maintain Poli. Reg. Struc. Hierarchy
ER31 - Maintain Political Regional Struct.
ER32 - Display Political Regional Structure
ER3D - Display Poli. Reg. Struct. Hierarchy
ERCH_EXTR - Extracts: Export Billing Docuemnts
EREC01 - Transfer to FI- single cont. mode
EREC02 - Transfer to FI invoicing 3rd party
EREC03 - Aggregated Posting to Contract Acc.
EREG - IS-U Regional Structure
ERN1 - No. Range Maint.: ISU_TE227
EROD - Transfer Master Data to Route Plan.
ERONEW - Maintain Service Frequency
EROUTE - Route
ERS_IT - Number range maintenance: ERS_IT


ES20 - Create Contract
ES20C - Tab Strip for IS-U Contract
ES21 - Chg. Contract
ES22 - Display Contract
ES27 - Multiple Contract Maint.
ES28 - Multiple Contract Display ES2...

ES30 - Create Installation
ES30CONTAIN - Tabstrip: Reference Values
ES30HEAT - Tabstrip: Reference Values
ES30LIGHT - Tabstrip: Reference Values
ES30REFVAL - Tabstrip: Reference Values
ES31 - Change Installation ES3...

ES43 - Create Franchise Contract
ES44 - Change Franchise Contract
ES45 - Display Franchise Contract
ES50 - Number Range Maintenance: ISU_EPROP
ES51 - Create Ownership
ES52 - Change Ownership
ES53 - Display Ownership
ES54 - Reverse Property
ES55 - Create Connect. Object ES5...

ES60 - Create Premise
ES61 - Change Premise
ES62 - Display Premise
ES64 - Change Connection Object
ES65 - Create Device Loc.
ES66 - Change Device Loc. ES6...

ESALES_SVOFFERS - Maintain Settings for File Table
ESARA01 - IS-U Archiving: Print Docmt Header
ESARA02 - IS-U Archiving: Print Document Items
ESARA03 - IS-U Archiving: Billing Document
ESARA04 - IS-U Archiving: Budget Billing Plans
ESARA05 - IS-U Archiving: Billing Doc. Lines ESA...

ESD1 - IS-U Business Master Data
ESD2 - IS-U Technical Master Data
ESDF - Maint. of Add. Field Descriptions
ESDL - External Scheduler Application
ESDP - Maintain Tolerance Profile
ESFM_GVA1 - Grouped Value Adjustment: Create
ESFM_GVA2 - Grouped Value Adjustment: Change
ESFM_GVA3 - Grouped Value Adjustment: Display
ESFM_GVA4 - Grouped Value Adjustment: Approve
ESFM_GVANR - Number range maintenance: ESFM_GVANR
ESH_ADM_TREX_DEST - Set TREX Destination
ESH_COCKPIT - Connector Administration Cockpit
ESH_EXTR_USER - ESH Set Extraction User for Indexing
ESH_IMG - Customizing Enterprise Search
ESH_INA_SEARCH - Enterprise Search ESH...

ESIMD - IS-U Archiving: Reorg. Sim. Docs
ESPLOG - Display IDoc STOACT Log
ESR_CHK_CL - Esr Changelist Check
ESR_CHK_F7 - Esr F7 Checks
ESWTMON01 - Monitoring of Switch Documents


ETHI - Aggr. Posting Serv. Prov. CA
ETHIM - Mass Act. Aggr. Posting for ServProv
ETHIM_BW - Delta: Bill Processing by Third Prty
ETHIM_TAX - Aggregated Posting for SP with Tax
ETHI_DIS - Evaluation of DFKKTHI Entries
ETHI_SUM_DIS - Evaluation of DFKKTHI_SUM Entries ETH...

ETOUCONSASSIGN - Alloc. Consumption Pattrn to Profile
ETOUEXCEPT01 - Display and Maintain TOU Exceptions
ETOUEXCEPT02 - Create TOU Exceptions
ETOUEXCEPTPRG01 - Edit Time-Of-Use Exception Programs
ETOUEXCEPTRESP01 - Display/Maintain TOU Exception Resp.
ETOUEXCEPTRESP02 - Create TOU Exception Response ETO...

ETP_DELETE_TASKS - Deleting tasks
ETRANSF - Mass Activity - Aggregated Posting
ETRANSF_DIS - Display Transfer Data
ETRM - IS-U Scheduling


EUNLD - Delete Unneeded Billing Doc. Lines
EUPTSP - GP Content Transport


EVAL - BRE Statistics PARALLEL Mass Billing
EVE0 - Application Overview
EVKK - IS-U Contract Accounts R/P


EW00 - Conversions for the Euro
EW01 - EMU Conversion: Package Overview
EW04 - EMU Conversion: Field-Rel. Control
EW06 - EMU Conv.: Form Routines per Package
EW07 - EMU Conv.: Form Routines per Table
EW08 - EMU Conv.: Acct Determination in FI EW0...

EW10 - EMU: Load Organization Objects
EW11 - EMU: Load CO-PA Objects
EW13 - EMU: Load Conversion Info for LIS
EW14 - EMU: Load Conversion Info for EIS
EW16 - Records No. of Largest Tables
EW17 - Determine Required Database Memory EW1...

EW28 - EMU: Load CO Objects
EW29 - EMU: Load Tables for FI-SL
EW30 - FI Previous Open Item Reconciliation
EW35 - FI Previous Clearing Procedures
EW36 - FI Documents/Trans.Figures Analysis
EW38 - EMU Conversion: MM Stock Value List
EW38_HIERARCHY - Chge List Proc. for Ord.Hierarchies
EW39 - FI Open Item Selection EW3...

EW40_HIERARCHY - Multi-level List Proc.for Ord.Hier.
EW45 - FI D/C G/L Accts Analysis bef.Conv.
EW46 - MM Edit Contract Release Order Docu
EW47 - Create Standard Package
EW48 - MM Display Archived Purchasing Docs
EW49 - MM MM --> FI Balance Comparison EW4...

EW50 - MM Post Adjustment Documents
EW51 - FI S/L-G/L Reconciliation Analysis
EW53 - FI Check Customizing
EW55 - FI Adjust D/C G/L Accounts
EW57 - EMU Conv: Start Postprocess.Programs
EW58 - EMU Conv.: Conversion Programs Start EW5...

EW61 - EMU Conv.: CO Credit w.Settl.Tables
EW62 - EMU Conv.: CO Settlmnt Tables Recon.
EW63 - EMU Conv.: CO Commt Totals Structure
EW64 - EMU Conv.: CO Dwn Pmnt Totals Struc.
EW65 - EMU: CO-AA Comparison for Investmnts
EW67 - EMU: AA Summary Records Selection EW6...

EW72 - FI Subsequent Open Item Selection
EW73 - Investment Programs Adjustment
EW74 - FI Subseq.Open Item Reconciliation
EW75 - FI Subsequent SL/GL Reconciliation
EW76 - FI Docs/Trans.Figures Reconciliation
EW77 - FI Docs/Transaction Figures Adjustmt EW7...

EW80 - MM Totals Comparison MBEW
EW82 - MM Stock Value List
EW84 - List MM Differences
EW93 - EMU: Load Conversion Info for FI-SL
EW95 - EMU Conversion: Tables and Programs
EW96 - EMU Conv.: Check Conversion Table
EW98 - EMU Conv.: Check Conversion Program
EW99 - Overview of all Packages EW9...

EWA0 - EMU Conv: RE Load CO Objects
EWA1 - FI-AA: Analysis of assets w/errors
EWA2 - FI-AA: Asset before&after comparison
EWA3 - Reconcil. of critical FI-AA documts
EWA6 - Lock AA Transaction Types
EWA7 - AA Totals Record Reconciliation EWA...

EWBC - Customizing: Front Office Processes
EWBE - Customizing: Editor Step
EWC0 - RKAABR01: Order Settlement Analysis
EWC1 - CO-PA Reports Translation
EWC2 - CO Reconciliation Ledger
EWC4 - Reconciliation of Parked Docs FM
EWCF - Confirm Euro Currency Customizing
EWCK - Currency Check BKPF, KONV EWC...

EWEBIAC_ACCT_INFO - ISS Accounts Information
EWEBIAC_A_PAY - ISS Direct Debit Mandate
EWEBIAC_A_PAY_CIC - ISS Direct Debit Mandate as ESS
EWEBIAC_CALLBACK - ISS Initiate Callback
EWEBIAC_CH_MD - ISS Change Bill Address EWE...

EWF1 - Display FI/AA Adjustment Differences
EWF2 - Display Open Item Total at Key Date
EWF3 - Display Critical Documents
EWF4 - Display Clearing Proced.Adjustment
EWF7 - Delete Table EWUFI_SOP
EWF8 - Compare Index w.Transaction Figures EWF...

EWG5 - Consolidation Staging Ledger
EWHV - Generic IAC for Cluster Objects
EWIC - LCC: Provider
EWK0 - Customer Development: Find Fields
EWK1 - Cust.Development: Report Txt
EWK2 - Cust.Development: Curr.on Screen
EWK3 - Customer Development: Assign Rule
EWK4 - Customer Development: Save Selection
EWM1 - MM Fill Fields in EBAN
EWM3 - Match MM Sales Values
EWM4 - MM Purchase Order History Adjustment
EWM6 - Reconcile GR/IR Clearing Account
EWMA - IS-U Work Management
EWS1 - EMU Conv.: Check Analysis Program
EWS2 - Evaluate Archived Data
EWS3 - List of Critical Archives
EWSH - EMU Procedure Monitor
EWT0 - Change Plan Year for Chngover Pckge
EWT1 - Set Ability to be Restarted
EWT2 - Activate a Changeover Package
EWT3 - Start Forecast
EWTF - Table Selection for RESTART/NO VIEW
EWUD - EMU mass conversion in cust. master
EWUL - Currency conversion vendors
EWUM - Conversion Sequence/Server Assignmnt
EWUO - Transaction data for EMU conversion
EWUS - Maintain Largest Tables
EWUT - EMU: TA currency changeover FX/MM/DE EWU...

EWWA - Currency Select.f.Changeover Package
EWWB - Determining Ratios & Exchange Rates
EWX1 - FI Analyze: Open Items
EWX2 - FI Analyze: Open Items
EWX3 - FI Analyze: Doc. Splitting Adjustmt
EWX5 - FI Analysis: Cost Element Check
EWX7 - FI Post: Post Documents Subsequently
EWZ5 - Lock Users
EWZ6 - Unlock System
EWZA - Confirm System Settings


EXCL_TABLE - Transaction to exclude table
EXEORGCHEARM - Parameter transaction for TG01000008
EXPD - Expediting
EXPD_STNUM - Number Range Status Information
EXPG - Agent Determination
EXPL_MSS - Call the explain in a new window
EXPO_ANA - Analysis of a FOX Folder
EXPO_READ - Read & Visualize FOX Storage EXP...

EXTID_DN - External Identification Type DN
EXTID_ID - External Identification Type ID
EXTSDL - Administer the External Scheduler


E_DEREG_SYST - Deregulation: System Settings
E_JBP_CUST - Customizing JBP
E_JBP_SYST - SAP System Settings for JBP

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